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Class & Grace - Moloch/Baphomet Barry - Sandy 'Monarch Butterfly Effect/Owl' Hook - Bohemian 'Owl' Grove

Just putting this in as a stand-alone.


Reddit's loss is everyone else's gain. Nobody else has made this (Sandy Hook) link, not that I know of.
The Class & Grace (shot) - Barry 'Moloch/Baphomet' Obama. Believed to have been taken in Chicago.
Anons found this on her Instagram a/c - shot linked to the same date of Trump's inauguration, Jan 20, 2017.

This "hexing" reference was also linked to everysilversea's (an aide?) Instagram account too.
Class & Grace - Grace & Class. Is there something deeper here to (those potential code-words) "Class & Grace"?
(above left) Grace is capitalised, like a name - as opposed to the virtue. The very first image given by "class & grace" googling.
Obama channelling Baphomet/Moloch and in transient glam-style. It's the sick elite that's behind (satanic) gender bending.
"8 years, No scandals, No misbehaviours - (well) - Just class & Grace."

Class & Grace - Grace & Class
Sandy 'Monarch/Butterfly Effect' Hook - Grace/Grove Owl - Anderson 'Mockingbird' Cooper.
Years ago I said that Grace McDonnell's (alleged) "owl" drawing was suspect. A Connecticut link to Skull and Bones.
I said the writing resembled a stylised form of the word "grove". Could there be something to this?
Sandy 'Monarch/Butterfly Effect' Hook. The linked film that references paedophilia and mind control!
Kabbalah Kutcher - industry 'rent boy' made good. Isn't that right, pretty boy? His whore, Mila Kunis, donates to Planned Parenthood!
The exact same concept that Sandy Hook was linked to - The Butterfly Effect
Below left, Dylan 'Butterfly' Hockley's parents - the boy and family that allegedly lived opposite (shooter) Lanza.
The (gay) Color Purple (color of mind control), butterflies, and Monarch mind control (actual species, above right).
"Over the Rainbow" (song, and sodomite/mind control propaganda piece) was also majorly attached to Sandy Hook.
I previously stated that Sandy Hook completely stinks of a (masonic) Dunblane type situation.
Potentially a dignitary-based paedophile ring, but solely sold as a mass the Dunblane massacre was.
Over the Rainbow via Sandy Hook (see label) and Getting Your Gun (mass mockery).
Think gun control. The shooting did lead to increased control laws, primarily assault weapons, and more checks.
Dunblane led to stricter gun laws. Two new Acts were passed, outlawing private ownership of most handguns in Britain.
The paedo bear. Sandy Hook and Dunblane. Dunblane, the whole thing was linked to (elite paedo) Speculative Freemasons.
Dunblane was (imo) also linked to Blair's New Labour. Obama himself being a type of US version of Blair.

Sandy Hook/Aurora all happening under Obama's tenure. There were more of these (FF) events under Obama, than any other.

Clinton/Abedin-linked, paedo Weiner, and his laptop...the IG Report (14th June) - "CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN."
Imagine if this was all about Trump et al - they'd be singing about it from the rooftops on all channels.
It's there and next to Clinton Foundation...and this is the FIXED (redacted) version of the report. We need to see it all.
Those folk who still think Hollywood, and the Liberal Left is all OK. They'll need psychiatric help when the truth comes out.
They'll see how they've empowered the abuse, torture, and murder of children - via their wanton worship of these monsters.

Harvey Weinstein has donated thousands of dollars to Clinton throughout her political career. He maxed out donations ($5,400) to Clinton's failed 2016 presidential campaign and gave more than $30,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee between Clinton's campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and more than 30 state Democratic parties.
The Hollywood mogul has also given at least $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

(cf, see Flynn's code) Clinton Foundation Hillary with Abedin, and Hollywood satanist, Weinstein via Planned Parenthood.
Are those bird statues on (Clinton and Hollywood linked) Epstein Island renderings of Moloch?
The building shell is decorated in the colours of the Zionist/Rothschild Israeli flag. 666 talents of gold Sol-omon's Temple.
Weinstein's first feature release for Miramax (later bought by Disney) was formerly banned - video nasty/slasher The Burning.
You know, The Burning - like FIRE. Look where the (triangular evoking) shears are placed around the head.
Planned Parenthood - as a giant, realised form of sacrifice to fiery Moloch...there are no coincidences:
Planned Parenthood, Satanism, FIRE (Crowley ritual grade signs), Sacrificed Babies, Hollywood, & Deep State.
Also consider this symbolically. Satanist, Gloria 'I had an abortion' Steinem, who celebrates the murder of unborn children.
She did that - "aborted babies and fire sign" - in association with Planned Parenthood! These people are sick!
Ritual abortions/soul cracking were aspects of Crowley linked magick. See his disciple L Ron Hubbard (abortions).
Crowley's kabbalistic magick is derived from Jewish mysticism (Rabbi Loew) - so you can bank this connect too.

Weinstein, Epstein, Steinem - JEWS/JUDEANS - and that is what I call accuracy.
Even Church of Satan founder - Anton 'Fire' LaVey - was of Jewish descent.
Reinstated by JUDEANS via one of the last Kings of Judah. What demographic also historically sacrificed their first born?
Moloch is also comparable with Cronus/Saturn (Satan) - who devoured his own children.
In H.G. Wells' novel The Time Machine (1895), the antagonists were futuristic creatures called 'Morlocks' who routinely ate childlike 'Eloi' (which suggests he was making a Biblical analogy). Aldous 'LSD/Alice in Wonderland/Disney' Huxley, along with his brother Julian, was tutored at Oxford by ('Open Conspiracy' writer) H. G. Wells, the head of British foreign intelligence during World War I. The same Oxford that would produce the Isis Cult (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn).
MASS ELITE FOMENTED MIND CONTROL (via media/govt systems) is the obvious implication.
Mass media based conditioning, recreational/antidepressants drugs (narco hypnosis etc).  Which is what we effectively have.
Their books were NOT written as exposés, but as elite guidebooks! Jesus, it's so simple it's actually almost funny.

How about serial pederast - "A DRUG DEALING PEDERAST, ACTUALLY" (see Se7en) Kevin 'Epstein' Spacey?
It's alleged that he attended Bohemian Grove, but has now been expelled. Filming his sex escapades there, a strict no-no.
House of Tarot. Crow-(ley) of Elysium.
I don't think so, Kevin. Speak for yourself. The Usual (paedo/satanic) Suspects via Bryan 'Twinkie/Paedo' Singer.
Satanic MSM/Hollywood just programmed everyone with dumb, theatrical satanism, but some know what real satanism is.

Remember that Crowley's great nephew Nathan Crowley worked as production designer on the Batman films.
"Get a GPS on it so we can start to figure out how to bring it down." (Sandy Hook paedo ring, gun control agenda, or both?).
Strike Zone 1. The Dark Knight Rises...the film was also linked to Aurora - aka a 'dawn' - as in a Golden Dawn!
Dark (K)Nights and Aurora/Dawn (Sun) Rises.
It was Crowley who was instrumental in organising the modern incarnation of the (Oxford) Isis Golden Dawn Cult.
We go from 'Aurora/Golden Dawn' Batman to Superman - via NXIVM's Allison 'Isis/Superman' Mack.
Golden Dawn 'flying rolls' (practices/philosophies) - XIV being magickal (inscribed) Talismans & Tablets.
Batman - the franchise that has MONARCH CINEMA/THEATRE as an aspect.
Monarch and the Purple Joker....Jack 'The Shining Monarch/Baphomet' Nicholson also played the Monarch-linked Joker.
Broke-back (homo) Mounting (Mountain), Ledger. He's linked to Hanged Man imagery in Batman.
Oh look, it's the sacrificed Monarch "why so serious/sirius" Joker. Which one? Why BOTH of course!
Mind control of Jokers, Holmes/Ledger (micro), and mind control of the watching and dosed masses (macro).
Born into the industry Mary-Kate Olsen was linked to Ledger's death. She's a 'twinned' MK-Ultra mind controlled zombie!
Ledger's final two films were The Dark Knight, and Dr Parnassus. Tarot, The Joker (Fool), and The Hanged Man, respectively.
Heath 'Joker' Ledger/Godfather III. In his last film (suspect Gilliam's) Dr Parnassus, he's posed as hanged Vatican banker, Calvi.
We've all seen the spate of recent hangings. Bourdain, sister of Queen Maxima, Spade, Bennington, Cornell, etc.
Hanged (suicided) from Black Friars (Black Brothers) Bridge, and with bricks (masonry, geddit?) in his pockets.
It's used in Godfather III, via Keinszig. Calvi, a banker/accountant type who used ledgers. Heath 'Calvi' Ledger.
The most recognisable tarot deck was by Rider-Waite, a member of the Golden Dawn, as was the deck's illustrator.

A Vegas 'Harvest' Shooting via Golden Dawn (Sunrise)
Christopher 'Dunkirk' Nolan is the director of these Batman reboots...Dark Knights (a la Templar Knight, Crowley)
Oh look, Monarch via Dunkirk and (false flag/inside job) Vegas.
The sacrificed Monarch via Vegas and the master symbol (illuminating pyramid) of the Illuminati.
Crowley's own magickal systems were influenced by the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor (Light/Sun).
Funnily enough, Batman Nolan's Dunkirk featured Harry 'One Monarched Direction' Styles - the Old-Man-Lover. :)
Tying-in to WW2 and Nazis. Nazis like Josef 'Monarch/Illuminati' Mengele...aka monarch to the kingdom of the dead.
OTO/Isis-Oxford (sodomite) 'Nazi propagandist' Crowley, Moonchild, rituals @ the Villa aka The Butterfly Net.
SS/skull imagery (see right lettering). Noble blooded Nazi, Josef 'SS/Monarch/Illuminati' Mengele.

Moon Children - 'Sandy Hook' Lanza & 'Aurora/Dawn' Holmes both struck around the birth/phase of NEW MOONS.
Aurora was just after (witching hour) midnight. These (inside job/deep state) shootings overlap in so many ways.
Interesting anomaly. adam-lanza-said-to-have-died-a-day-before-sandy-hook-shooting-conspiracy/

Link all this to Parsons (Green), Crowley, Hubbard, Liddell (Lidl), Mother of Satan/Isis and the (dawn resonant) tube bomb.

The UK had it's 7/7 Terror Event in 2005, and via Trains, the Underground...and (mind control) Tavistock Square!
Liddell Mathers' and Crowley linked Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn Isis Cult - NXIVM via Allison 'ISIS Foundation' Mack/Raniere.

Recall Sept. 2017, the Parsons Green tube bomb, London. Early morning attack and a couple of hours after dawn.
Parsons, 666 Crowley, Hubbard, Lidl (Liddell), Isis, and Satan.
The Isis Babalon Cult - Golden Isis Dawn (co-founded by Liddell Mathers) formed out of Oxford, UK.
OTO Crowley, (rocket/tube man) OTO Parsons, and Hubbard. Scotland Yard's Mark Rowley (Mar KRowley) headed the case.
Peter Crowley via pyrotechnic Parsons (left). Parsons via Hubbard (right). Carpet burns (a sex based in-joke/mockery).
 Liddell, Parsons, and (Isis) Mother of Satan. Red-headed woman (below, top left) playing the symbolic 'Scarlet Woman' (Babalon).
Golden Dawn, Liddell MacGregor 'ISIS' Mathers - LIDL/LIDDELL - ISIS - Alice (in Wonderland) Liddell.
Underground tube tunnelling like the Alice rabbit. GD/Isis SLM Mathers (left) was related to Alice Liddell (Wonderland's Alice).

SL(i)M Shady/Mathers. He's giving (implicated) Bob 'POS' De Zero a run for his money. I wonder why? (sarcasm).
She (Hillary) wasn't supposed to lose! They never thought they'd lose control. For the first-time since Kennedy - they have.
The political and celebrity elite caught-up together in all sorts of debauchery and sickness.
A Baphomet 666 (satanic) Roll/Role Model...triple-split (Alice) Rabbit Mathers/SL(i)M Shady/Eminem.
"Fuck Trump" De Niro - was Lucifer in (fallen) Angel Heart - with 'Faustian dealing' singer, Mickey 'poof/transsexual' Rourke.
Devil's (K)Night, Shady. Mathers' Golden Dawn 'Isis Cult' out of Oxford, where Bill 'Rhodes/Rothschild' Clinton schooled.
Obama - the rising sun (golden dawn). 666 Lucifer, son of the morning (dawn).
Illuminati (satanic) Rothschild couple - Owl: Baron Guy de Rothschild. Y-Head (Horns): Marie-Hélène de Rothschild.
Rabbit Eminem, and Bill with Rachel 'Guinness dynasty/Epstein' Chandler (she was married-off to the elite).
Handler/Chandler is a goddamn CHILD TRAFFICKER. Supplying children for abuse! Go see this link. It's CLEAR.
Luckily someone got shots from her Instagram - it is now DELETED. Wink, wink. The kids look drugged!
SICK FUCKING WHORE. She uses her fashion casting couch as a 'front' to obtain these children for sick abuse.
Rabbit/Eminem linked Rachel Chandler - wedding white rabbit. Guinness estate (Pyrford) featured in The '666' O-men.
8 Mile - dirt tunnel hole fuckers - via White Rabbit, and Warren County linked Eminem. Molok(o) Orange Queer.
Rabbit (brown) eye-stabber with milk. Hey, Eminem. You still down with (hom)O-bama via the Big Gay mass debate? :)
I bet Shady Rabbit likes landing his pink rocket on a nice "black moon". Keep taking the purple pills via rainbows.
Focus, two friends (F/M). Likely Rachel Chandler, and Elton 'Brown Dirt Cowboy/Oz/Butterfly/Alice' John.
Why so vocal? It's because he's implicated in the wider satanic/elite paedo conspiracy. That's that cleared-up.
The satanic/elite paedo conspiracy that's operated right under the very noses of the useless eater (sheep).
The sheep who are completely brainwashed by the 'cult of celebrity' and related complicit MSM (programming).
Murder 187 via 'connected' (and likely clown/CIA linked) MS 13

Presidential pardon? Could that translate as a request, not so much a net result? Master P (rapper) did make a public plea to Obama (here), in respect of pardoning C-Murder (who's Master P's actual brother!). C-Murder (Corey Miller) is currently serving a life sentence for the 2002 beating and shooting murder of 16 year-old fan Steve Thomas. Yeah, with a name like that (C-Murder, child murder?) who could've possibly imagined? Brother Master P was given a Certificate of Special Recognition for his Youth, and Homeless charity work, presented by (democrat) Maxine 'US House of Reps' Waters (who Q has mentioned). Master P (Percy Miller) also hosted a 2010 public event with Michelle Obama. Miller was also an early supporter for the candidacy of Illinois senator and subsequent U.S. president Barack Obama. All potentially very suspect and overlapping stuff.
The D's advantage has been a virtual monopoly on the black vote demographic. A sizeable voting block.
"Who exposed the pedo network within H'wood? You can’t answer the above but will laugh once disclose details."
Is Q suggesting it's someone black? You might think so in the context of this post. "Will laugh" - a comedian?

187? Two members of D12 were killed. One was (friend) Proof, who first video debuted via "Age Ain't Nothing but a Number".
The (underage propaganda) track linked to underage Aaliyah, written by underage/paedo, sex slaving, fiend R. Kelly!
Her partner at the time of her (plane crash) death was Damon Dash, co-founder of (OTO Gay-Z linked) Roc-A-Fella.
Two weeks before death, Damned Queen Aaliyah, travelled New Jersey to (Montauk linked) East Hampton, NY.
- to visit Dash at the house he shared with (Abramovic linked) 'Zionist Def/Death '666' Jamming' Gay Z.
Are you getting it yet? Normalising satanism, sodomy, and paedophilia (via MSM) is a long-term/full-time job!
It's 'spirit cooking' Abramovic who's involved with the creepy Podestas/Pedostas (see wikileaks emails).
John being the former Clinton Chief of Staff, and Hillary's 2016 campaign chairman.

"You can’t imagine the size of this." Q

Return of the She-Devil. Satanists Gay-Z, and MK'd Beyonce canvassing for (lesbian) Hillary 2016. What a fucking tragedy! :)
Gay-Z through gritted teeth: "If you don't win, Hillary. We're ALL FUCKED!" :)

One degree of separation - Hillary and Ray 'Eminem' Chandler (via Emimikareh). We saw her earlier with Bill on Epstein's plane.
Hillary styled for Teen Vogue by Emimikareh - who looks to be professionally linked to (model agency) Chandler.
Chandler originally posted this Nov. 30, 2013. Emimikareh then seemingly re-posts it Nov. 8 2017. That was election day.
Ray 'photographer' Chandler. Teen Vogue Shoot? It's all gone (satanic/paedo) Roman 'Geimer/French Teen Vogue' Polanski.
I just noticed (fashionista) Sabine Getty, on that list (right), she is married to Mark Getty (co-founder of Getty Images).
The grandson of J P (666/Omen) Getty Sr. Elite Getty Sr died on the release date of The O-men (06/06/76).
Recall the Guinness owned/abandoned estate (Pyrford) was used in The O-men film - the Thorn residence.
The same Guinness dynasty that Ray Chandler married into. O-men & Thorns, demonic sodomy via Dick 'willying' Donner
Guildford featured in The O-men - where Getty Sr lived up until his death. Son, Getty Jr helped fund OTO Anger's Lucifer Rising.
Mark Getty's father, JP Getty Jr, was key in funding UK 60's counter-culture satanists/luciferians (and the UK Tory Party).
See (Beatles linked) John Dunbar, Peter Asher, Barry Miles, OTO Anger, Stones linked (witchy) Pallenberg, etc.
Sodomite/paedo, Kevin 'Epstein' Spacey was playing JP Getty Sr, in 'All the Money in the World', as the allegations broke.

Joe (Bronfman) Hagin has been a Republican White House feature since the days of Reagan...20th June.
Another one bites the dust. The Bronfman influence gets everywhere - doesn't it? (link)
Basit (Sara Bronfman) Igtet, supports a school in Cambodia to assist in the non-proliferation of child prostitution.
 (Yeah, right. The actual reality will be the exact opposite! Elite philanthropy is code for legitimised and institutionalised abuse.)
It's obviously implying Epstein's Island - the CDAN blind, below. Yes, and with an alleged NXIVM link.

NXIVM Group President Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters – are members of Bill’s charitable organization, the Clinton Global Initiative. Membership is by invitation only and requires at least a $15,000 donation per person for one year. Also worth adding, is that NXIVM's Mexican affiliate is headed by Emiliano Salinas, the son of  Mexico's former president.
(It's now alleged that he's very recently cut all ties with ESP/NXIVM). It's no wonder they don't want that Mexican wall built!

If Epstein was channelling Island girls with sensitive/valuable intel to NXIVM (perhaps using a selection process) -
- then this would concentrate sources (for Bronfman/Raniere) into a powerful collective pool, giving them major leverage.
The other girls seemingly being passed-off onto connected elite types and other friends of the foreign supplier to the Island.

"Others that knew big secrets would end up as a wife to friends of the foreign born convicted child molester (perhaps Nader)
- where they still remain." Epstein girl, Ray 'Guinness/White Rabbit' Chandler - please stand-up. She's been married-off.

Hillary Rodham Clinton in Wonderland...Rodham or Rod Hams? Q specifically referenced this.
Lewis 'paedo' Carroll - The dirt tunnel White Rabbit and the Mad (Mercury/Hermes) Brown Hatter.

Barry O'Bummer/Michael - flew to Palm Springs immediately after the 2017 inauguration. With their two best gay friends.
Their first vacation as private citizens since coming to office.

Obama was fucking useless as's not even about whether you like Trump or not.
Do you recall Eminem's constant slating of (joke POTUS) G W Bush? Exactly! Hip-hop talks loud, but says nothing.
At least (sodomite) punk made an actual statement, sad though it was. Hip-hop is a tragedy of epic proportions.
"Hey, bitch! I wrote STAN!" Ummm, you mean you ripped-out a Dido sample and called it your own (lol).
We've just seen a major step to a denulcear North Korea, and a real chance of peace for the first time in 70+ years.
If Eminem goes missing - send a search party up Obama's ass - they'll likely find him wedged-in there. :)
Baphomet Obama in Wonderland...
It's Nancy's boy aka Johnny 'mad (brown) hatter' Depp...Mr Willy Wanka. He likes 'gloop' stuck in his chocolate pipe.
You still channelling Kenneth 'OTO' Grant, Johnny 'Edward Monarch Hands' Depp? It's Barry and first-ladyboy, Michael. :)

One-eyed love via Tim 'homo' Burton - Mr 'Monarch Cinema/Choccy Factory' Battyman (queer). Gotham or Got Hams?
It was (gay) color purple 'Butterfly Prince' who soundtracked Burton's original Batman film.
Is it time to travel down the rabbit dirt hole, and to wave goodbye to your pussy? Is Obama playing the Queen?

"But we better give (Alice) Obama props..." White Rabbit Eminem
Faggot Confirmed. Batman/Batty-man/Batty-boy = the gayest super hero franchise ever created.
Battyman/Battyboy - is from West Indian culture - and where rapping/toasting evolved from. Batty-rider.
Camp Rabbit Robin with Dr Gay/Dre. Batman? More like Buttman. Dick Grayson or Dick Gay-son.
"Comin' out my Closet." Scat 'Shit On You' Eminem is a homosexual/sodomite and always was. A wrong-way boner (lol).
The entire (US) super hero genre (Queens/ACDC Iron 'poof' Man, etc) is nothing but Hollywood SODOMITE MIND CONTROL.
That's why folk like (paedo) Jew, Bryan Singer are so heavily involved, along with (Jew gender benders) Shuler/Donner.
The (Zionist) shit-hop genre is similarly inclined - from Poof Daddy, Gay-Z, to Lil' Gay-ne, and LL Cool Gay, etc.
It's no wonder that Eminem wants to "FUCK TRUMP" - that's what homo/sodomites like to do with men! :)

New World Ordering - sodomite Rabbit/Eminem. I already covered his link to Elton 'Butterfly/Monarch' John.
"Imma gonna draw a line in my hand - saying this is my right one. You're either FOR or AGAINST."
So, who's for this (LYING) POS faggot that is Rabbit Eminem? A suspected child abuser and satanist?
They're ALL simply elite marionettes (puppets) who've done the Faustian deal for fame - which means - selling YOU out!
Defending Obama, the former 'faggot' POTUS (with a tranny wife), who is up to his neck with the paedo/satanic Clintons.
Remember, it was Bronfman-linked, Interscope Iovine (via UMG) that was the major power behind Eminem.
(Homo) Iovine who co-produced 8 Mile. The film with (now deceased) Brittany 'Alice/Monarch/MK-Ultra' Murphy
The same Interscope that Rachel Chandler also Instagram referenced (via Eminem, below) in suspect posts.

Chandler with (Bunny) Rabbit Eminem. Marki Shkreli is on this post - a hairstylist for Vogue (internationally).
Oh look, an East Hamptons link via (Chandler's) Bunnies. A paediatric center. (Note, I inset the Eminem bunny shot.)
Healthcare Center or industry/elite programming/mind control related? That picture imagery is uber suspect.
Recall the previous post on all things Montauk/Martha's Vineyard (right near the Hamptons).
Mind control 'Stepford' central, Connecticut, the other side. Obama-linked (Nixon/Schumer) Beach Plum Inn (Plum Island).
Also recall the recent plane crash death of the 'architect to the stars' off the Hamptons (Martha's is opposite, further east).
Not forgetting (plane crash) West Hollywood-linked (Instagram) Coogan, last pictured at The Montauk restaurant (Scottsdale, AZ.).
The Spades were from Scottsdale, AZ. Kate Spade worked for the Clinton Foundation in Haiti.
Andy Spade's creepy Instagram. A Serbian film (paedo-chic homage), a fiery owl (think moloch), and the white rabbit.

Wonderland Hillary...
We found one degree of separation between Hillary and (handler) Chandler via the Teen Vogue shoot and her styling.
"You can’t imagine the size of this." Q. That was given in relation to the Nixon/Alefantis picture (below).
Sarah 'Beach Plum Inn' Nixon (in red) and with Pizza Man (Alefantis). Beach Plum Maggie Nixon with 'fingers' Obama.
Googling "Obama" and "Maggie Nixon" gave the following picture. Satanic Abramovic & James 'fingers/paedo abuser' Franco.
Notice the band aids on this fingers. Nixon's grandmother was the Queen of Daytime Soap.
How about a direct Hillary/Podesta link and between James 'Pizza Man/Jimmy Comet' Alefantis? Then read on.
Comet "CONNECTI-CUT AVE" Ping Pong. Cooking with (Abramovic linked) Tony and John 'fingers' Podesta.
Connecti-CUT. Left-hand path (evil) a la Crowley. Thelemic Osiris/Isis 'chopped into 14 pieces/phallus' magick.
The Osirian phallus is eaten by a fish - likely a euphemism for sex - literally swallowing the phallus.
June 2016. Maggie 'Guadalupe White Sharks' Nixon. Linked posts Mom, Maggie, & Alefantis...see 3_ringcircus connect.
That's not the only reference. Obama/Maggie, same girl, and the earlier b&w (Martha's V) Beach Plum Inn shot.
3 Ring Circus. A very, very suspect sounding name. Getting told Obama was next Pres. before he even announced.
Yes, you were collectively brainwashed by Mockingbird MSM - they knew that was coming, hence his assured claim.
Why was Maggie Nixon (via Hollywood linked father Robert) using GoFundMe for a Thailand trip? paedo Thailand?
(Full pic, here). We know they do not want for money. Why are there details about her fragile mental state included in it?
Trump has been using the term "covfefe" and often. There is a Thai island called Kho Phi Phi. (See Cinema of Sodomy, post).
Obama is also linked to Maggie 'Beach Plum' Nixon via Sea of Hope - a doc. film written/directed by her father Robert Nixon!
Annie Opel - one of Maggie's Thai 'GoFundMe' donors - was involved with Sea of Hope.
Sea of Hope - film tagline: "No child left dry..." and in association with True Blue Films, geddit? (sex/porn).
Narrated by Max Kennedy - the actual son of Robert F Kennedy! Finn Kennedy involved too. WTF is actually going on here?
What's the Kennedy clan doing mixed-up with (Obama linked) Nixon's film? As the World Turns = Agnes Nixon and JFK!
JFK Jr was (allegedly) killed in a plane crash just off Martha's Vineyard - where Nixon's Beach Plum Inn is located!
Here's that letter linking Jimmy 'Alefantis' Comet, Podesta Bros., and Hillary.
That's Clinton, the 'spirit cooking' Podestas, and 'pizza man' Alefantis all linked and via a singular letter.
We've got 'pizza man/homo' Alefantis connected to the Obama-linked Nixons, and Beach Plum Inn, too!
Cooking with the Fratelli (pepperoni pizza) Bros? What's this - a homage to The 'paedo/pizza' Goonies?
Jimmy 'Alefantis' Comet, his former (sodomite) lover Brock, and with Lynn Forester de Rothschild.
(Pic, Sept 15, 2015) Alefantis might well be a Rothschild, as many have been alleging. The shot is at a Rothschild home.
Hillary is closely linked to L.F de Rothschild. Remember that Bill was a Rhodes/Rothschild scholar at Isis Oxford.
Oops - something has gone very, very wrong. Did someone lose control of the White House and the narrative?
L.F de Rothschild is in Epstein's black book (among other Rothschilds) - as is daughter Hannah.

John 'Chicken man' Podesta - an obvious reference to underage boys (chickens) and 'cocks'.
Alex 'Bunny Man Art' Podesta - any kind of relation, guys? Very probably. Bunny Tales, or Bunny Tails?
What a fucking weirdo (see here). Does he masturbate sitting in his own shit? MK-Ultra (Alice) sodomy abuse/programming.
What's on this Come-t menu?
New-cummers via drilling - 5 fresh & 4 surviving pizzas (kids) from the previous month. 30% discount on severe torture.
Bitcoin - a Brock 'paedo' Pierce connect.
Linked to (paedo) DEN/Chad's 'underage' World/Rector-Collins, & Singer/Ancier/Goddard/Neuman.
Twinkie Singer, the Shuler/Donner linked director. Dick '666 Willying' Donner, directed The 'Fratelli Pepperoni Pizza' Goonies.
Sodomy and Transient Baph(c)omet via (paedo) Pizza. Baphomet 'Pan Pizzas'.
Ping-Pong (shows) being linked to Thai sex performances and Bangkok (banging cock).
Ha, it's no wonder they wheeled-out Hillary to counter the pizza-gate revelations. So would you - if you were her!

Transient Baphobama...
Jimmy 'faggot' Comet (Alefantis) posted this shot of Obama playing ping-pong with a young boy.
He is clearly connected to the White House, Obama, and Hillary (as shown).
Hillary writing to Alefantis and in respect of the Podesta 'cooking' Bros. is nothing to worry about. ;)
Big Cheese via Bucks (Rams) Fishing & Camping, Besta 'boy lover' Pizza, and a Baph(c)omet Pinged Ponger.
Opposite is Beyond Borders (Haiti linked charity), & suspect sounding bistro Ter-asol (phonetics), Hillary was pictured there.
Yeah...there's nothing suspect about any of this. It's all just a remarkable coincidence. ;)

Chad's (underage gay) World was produced by Brock 'Bit Coin' Pierce. Brock 'former child movie star' Pierce.
All also linked to Hollywood asset (rent boy/actor/DEN-linked) Seann 'closet cock sti(f)fler' William Scott.
Scott is linked to Jew sodomite programmer, Eugene -  Stay (Crowley 666) Tuned/Schitt's (ass paddling) Creek - Levy.
Marc 'inter-state child trafficking paedo' Collins-Rector. The Egan-linked twink pool party abuse.
Steve 'Trump' Bannon. "(Brock) Pierce brought in Steve (Goldman Sucks) Bannon." (see, IGE)
Ol' Sloppy Steve...majorly linked to Brock 'Disney/DEN/Chad's World/Paedo/Bit Coin' Pierce.

Alefantis' Baph(C)omet (Goat) Ping Pong Pizza - based on Connecticut Ave. DC.

Nancy ( Pelosi and Goat Hill Pizza  - situated on Connecticut St. SF.
Nancy "$200 million" Pelosi
We saw Tony 'Dahmer' Podesta with Comet Pizza Alefantis, here he is with (Goat Hill-linked) Pelosi.
Pizza 'Culkin' Underground...Mr Bapho(met)-Bunny...likes Goat Hill (euphemism) and Bottom of the Hill Pizza (euphemism).
Mr Bapho-Bunny - underground burrowing/tunnelling - Pizza Boy, Culkin. Virtually born into the industry.
Macaulay 'Pizza Box - Bunny Ears' Culkin. Neverland, Paris 'Pan' Jackson, who was actually born into the industry.
Jackson is the alleged daughter of Mark 'Oliver' Lester. Dickens (Dick-ins) & the O Twist (consider that for a moment).
Discovered by John 'Mr Mom' Hughes - who got a start via (X-Men) Shuler, Singer-linked wife of Dick 'Twinky' Donner.
Sodomite Crowley Enochian keys. He likes dirt holing and ramming via Goat Hill (Pizza) & usually starts at the Bottom.

It's Aziz - 30 (Pizza) Minutes or Less/Get Him (to the) Greek - Ansari, & Russell - Big (masonic eye) Brother - Brand.
Bottom of the (Jonah) Hill and Baphomet Brand-O.
A double-bill for alleged sexual abuser, Aziz - 'Get Him Greek (Style)' - Ansari, serving pizza at Goat Hill.
Via child-lover butterflies (a monarch) and the boy-lover spiral. Goats, horns, and kids. Up-hill Gardening.
Get Him Greek (style) = up the ass. Masonic/satanist Russell Brand, & with Poof 'pink team' Daddy (hip hopping bunnies).
Bang Pizza. It's ALL linked! TWINKIES - tweenie kids/boys for sodomite/homos. Just like Bryan 'Twinkie/Twink' Singer.
Enjoy the little things (who can they mean?). Pizza man, Jesse (gay/Jessie Jew boy) Eisenberg, and Woody 'Twinkie' Harrelson.

"Fucking Twinkies - where are they?". "Twinkies have an expiration date." (Yeah, they age into adults).
And guess who else was involved in producing (Jew) Fleischer's - pizza-man resonant - '30 Minutes or Less'?
It's Dainty, lavender Gaylord Focker/Fucker, Poo-Lander, (Jew) Ben 'Pizza Penis/Dodge-balls' Stiller.

Go Balls Deep into the (Jamaican) Brown Starfish (Asshole). Stiller feat. in (sodomite) Limp 'starfish' Bizkit's Rollin' (video).
There's a 'hot dog' element to this too. See Bourdain and Obama discussing hot dogs and using ketchup past aged 8.
Fred 'Choccy Starfish' Durst was made Vice-president of A&R at Iovine's Interscope, after the lack of success of their debut -
 "Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$" (As QUEER/BENT as a Three Dollar Bill). It's called (sodomite) industry pre-selection.
Limp Bizkit served as an opening act for Faith No More ('97). The group's keyboardist Roddy Bottum (rodding the ass, yes seriously) later recalled: "That guy Fred Durst had a really bad attitude. He was kind of a jerk. I remembered he called the -
audience faggots [even though he's one himself, my emphasis] at one show when they booed him. Not a good scene."
Pauly 'Son in Law' Shore played a PIZZA deliveryman in Limp 'Stiller' Bizkit's "N 2 Gether Now".
WTF? Double-meaning, their 'secret orders' in respect of ordering/requesting pizza. Pizza Knights via the helmet and the A-List.
Ben 'pizza' Stiller, & Roman - Salva's paedo Clownhouse - Coppola. His cousin Schwartzman, Pulped Ass Friction, Avary too.
Pizza Knights - "they cum and go" - they lance a lot. David Siegel/Scott McGehee (a faggot pairing). They're ALL likely faggots.
Gaylord 'starfish' Focker Stiller had Dustin 'Tootsie' Hoffman in his 'Meet/Meat the Fockers' series, & Bob 'Fuck Trump' De Niro.
Bill 'Meat-Balls/Tootsie/Ghostbusters' Murray was in "Fucking Twinkie/Twink" Zombieland.
Zombieland/USA, mockery of the sleeping sheep/zombies who populate it, and while they programme you with sodomy.
Oh look, Ghostbusters...and munching on big Twinkies (via fag smoke). The Stay Poofed (Puffed) film.
Busting (via Twinkies and balls) makes me feel good. "The traveller has come (cum)."
Oh look, Twinkie Woody with Weinstein cock jockey and fluffer, Lawrence, and Amy 'Beach Plum Inn-linked' Schumer.
When her parents divorced Amy and her mother moved to Long Island. The Nixon linked Inn is on Martha's (Obama) Vineyard.
Hoop dunkin' - Woody 'True (paedo spiral) Detective" Harrelson. Inside Amy Schumer? Urrgh, no thanks.
He even did that girl, Beth, "up the ass" - in True 'Satanic Senator Tuttle' Detective.
It's Senator Tuttle Schumer, with Baphomet Barry, and (Queens based) Harvey 'satanist/abuser' Weinstein.
Chuck Schumer is the first cousin of Amy Schumer's father. A family descended from Ukrainian Jews.
Chuck Schumer's daughter wed Shapiro, who was an economic-policy adviser for Hillary's presidential campaign.

"You can’t imagine the size of this." Q
(It's certainly bigger than that Ghostbusters Twinkie!)'s very simple. THEY ARE ALL SODOMITE, SATANIC, PAEDOPHILES - or assets of them.
One's who programme the masses. You're all being brainwashed by sodomite/paedo/satanic (Jew) Hollywood.
And that folks, is why I call Hollywood - THE CINEMA OF (SATANIC JEW) SODOMY.

What would make me laugh - would be folk coming here defending their (tragic) political/entertainment heroes.
Oh, no! Not Eminem! Oh, no! Not Johnny Depp! Oh, no! Not demi-god Obama! LOL.
I CANNOT stress enough how brainwashed (by the 'cult of celebrity') the majority are. It's an epidemic.