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The Masonic Rainbow Connection

 Regular readers will no doubt be aware that recently I've been heavily discussing the tarot and that 'the hanged man' has very much been a part of this recent research.  Of course, a current development (since I last posted) has been the death of actor Robin Williams, who as we know, supposedly hanged himself.  Williams had actually featured quite a bit (in recent months) particularly in relation to the 'lightning flash/flaming sword of creation' that I written so much about lately, his aspect coming via The Fisher King (where Williams is seen as 'the fool' by 'the tower' with the 'flaming/shining' sword.

Williams inside the Hollywood matrix...most of which I did, before he died.
I couldn't give a damn if this offends people, the sledgehammer cultural imperialism of Hollywood mind control (and its multi-billion dollar muscle), literally has no foil. I'm sorry to have to say this, but most humans have literally no concept of how deep this 'mystery religion' mind control goes or even what it really is.  Me...I'm still just trying to break it all down.

The Fool's Pathway...777 & The Lightning Tree (Flaming Sword) of Life

The 9/11 'Awakenings' Williams Fool, The flaming 'WTC' sword and the 777 lightning flash of creation...with Jeff '9/11 Big Lie-bowski/WTC Kong' Bridges.
 (In the straight-forward sense 'the sword' will primarily relate to Arthur and excalibur)

 Awakenings & The Big Lebowski...9/11 x2
Of course...the title The Fisher King will evoke Jesus aka 'the fisher of men' 
Jesus is an archetypal 'hanged man', as is Osiris.

Genesis 3:24
 "So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life."

Eden, the tree (of knowledge) and the flaming sword (bottom right)
Crucified Christ, top left.

According to the Bible, a Cherub (or the archangel Uriel in a some traditions) with a flaming sword was placed by God at the gates of Paradise after Adam and Eve were banished from it (Genesis 3:24).  Eastern Orthodox tradition says that after Jesus was crucified and resurrected, the flaming sword was removed from the Garden of Eden, making it possible for humanity to re-enter Paradise. 

Lightning strikes the top...
 Trees of Life
(far left) man crucified on the tree ala Christ

The Lightning Tree

Not forgetting the tarot Tower overlaps...the lightning struck crown (head/kether)

9/11 Awakenings (Williams) & The 9/11 Big Lie-bowski (Bridges)
Marshall (Awakenings) would also direct Hanks in Big (part written by Anne Spielberg), which also has 9/11 elements, I've already covered that!

Marshall's Big
The Big 'rainbow ride' at Zoltar's tarot fairground, which takes place on 11th September 1987 The milk carton that leads to the '9 to 11 age group' meeting and a building that transforms! 

The rainbow will be a motif throughout Williams' career!

 9/11 Awakenings...Robin 'The Hanged Man' Williams with Robert 'The Hanged Man' De Niro, recall we raised De Niro as the hanged man in recent posts!
  The Hanged Max Cady Man...Cape Fear (suspended via the ankle)
Robin & Robert were the two actors who both visited John Belushi on the day/night of his death.

Williams as The Fool of the tarot...

The Fisher Fool King...Orion the 'veiled' grail cup in the sky (Orion as a cup/chalice, see previous posts). Williams posed as the fool of the front of 'the lightning struck tower' aka the WTC and with the flaming/shining sword.  Pinocchio. wish upon a star etc, perhaps the canis (fool's dog) aspect.

 The Fool (and his dog/canis) vs Orion (and his dog/canis)

The Latin Vulgate translated kesil′ as “Orion” in Job 9:9 and Amos 5:8. Most translations imitate the Latin Vulgate in viewing kesil′ as referring to Orion.

 kesil: stupid fellow, dullard, fool. Original Word: כְּסִיל. Part of Speech: Noun Masculine Transliteration: kesil. Phonetic Spelling: (kes-eel') Short Definition: fool.

 The Fisher King was a 'Tri Star' release (the winged pyramid/head)...evoking the 'tri star' belt of Orion.  Gilliam's The Life of Brian was one of Orion Pictures first releases.

The Fisher King topically has 'suicide' aspects...two failed attempts are shown (one is Bridges' own).

There will be a 'clock face' (also seen in Trading 'WTC' Places' etc) that shows the hands at 9 & 11.  (as seen by Jeff Bridges)

Jeff 'WTC Kong' Bridges
 Two attacking planes not shown in the movie, but they're on the promo?

The gorilla/ape meme ala Kong...connects to Williams via Koko

The Fisher King
The WTC towers will also be shown, not that that is unusual for a film set in Manhattan

 The lightning struck WTC Tower(s) seen in Godzilla
WTC Tower and the 9/11 clock/watch....both aspect also seen in Trading 911/WTC Places!

The Lightning Struck Tower, as featured in Back To The (911) Future
The Flux/Lux (light/lightning) Capacitor (also as an aspect of the tree of life/sephiroth)
Back To The Future's...9/11 aspects are shown in earlier posts

 In the sequel Back To The Future 2 (Spielberg/Zemeckis), we'll get the ACTUAL 
'lightning struck tree' (near the films' close)

The same type of 'lightning struck tree' that we find in Spielberg's Poltergeist! 

These next two gifs are 'subliminally' referencing the same thing 'The fool on the tree'
Robbie grabbed by the tree and later grabbed by clown/fool
 The 'lightning tree' (of life) that Robbie gets sucked into! 
This occurs during an Oz-like hurricane storm.

 The clown/fool and the 777 fool's pathway along the tree of life

The lightning tree of life pathway of the 777 fool

For a recent take on this 'lightning tree' phenomena, see The Hunger Games 2 : Catching Fire!

Clearly the 'mocking jay' is a rendering of the firey 'phoenix/bennu' rebirth/resurrection etc. The rainbow coloured phoenix and the arch(er)

 Mythology cites that the phoenix's neck resembled all the colors of the rainbow, it is commonly depicted with rainbow imagery and don't forget the connection to the astronomical sirius.

Although white to blue white in color, Sirius might be called a rainbow star, as it often flickers with many colors. (rainbow bridge etc)

Greenpeace...Sirius & The Rainbow

 You might recall the following from Carpenter's Dark the previous post!

TALBY  You know, Doollttle, if we're going into the Veil Nebula, we may actually find a strange and
beautiful thing: the Phoenix Asteroids.  They should be passing through there about now...

DOOLITTLE  Phoenix Asteroids?  Never heard of 'em.

TALBY  They are a body of asteroids that make a complete circuit (sothic/sirius cylce is also a complete circuit) of the universe once every 12.3 trillionyears.  The Phoenix Asteroids... From what I've heard, Doolittle, they glow... glow with all the colors of the rainbow.  Nobody knows why.  They just glow as they drift around the universe.  Imagine all the sightsthey've seen in the time they've been travelling -- the birth and death of stars, things we'll never see.  The universe is alive, Doolittle.  I thought it was all empty, but it isn't.  In between the stars, it's seething with light and gasses and dust. (ether/aether)  There are little pebbles drifting around, planets no one on Earth has ever seen... No one but the Phoenix Asteroids...

The Hunger Games Lightning Tree
Lightning strikes the tree @ Midnight (12 O'Clock) or metaphor for the crown of the human head, at the 12 O'Clock position?

Hunger Games...
 The lightning tree (crown) and this a potential reference to the brain beetles (of the head) as seen in Indiana Osiris Jones and The Temple of Doom, the Domed Temple (aka Head)?

The Head @ 12 O'Clock

Spielberg/Lucas...The Temple of Doom/The Domed Temple (head)
All foodstuffs consumed can be related to the human brain.  The scarab being the thalamus, the snake, the serpent-like spinal stem (leading to the reptilian complex)
the dessert 'chilled monkey (human) brains'

 The serpent/reptilian brain

 The 'alien' reptilian complex

Yes...even the 'eye soup' (the internal eye of horus)

Bugs and the head/brain...

The Hunger Games clip above also relates to the 'Dome'...the human head is a literal dome! 

 The Hanged Man...Hunger Games 2
Path 23 on the kabbalistic Tree of Life...see earlier work. 

 The Hanged Tree of Life Man/Christ

 Biff (Back To The Future) "Make like a tree and get outta here."

The human body as the tree of life...

 Raiders of the Lost Ark,,,Snakes (spinal serpent), backbone (ditto) & wings (aircraft)

The Caduceus (an aspect of hermes) & The Tree of Life (Sephiroth)
George McFly as the upside down 'Hanged Man'  literally throughout 
(not forgetting the 'broken' window TV, that synchronistically shows the WTC)

Ledger, like Williams...played 'the fool' and 'the hanged man'

It would be Fisher King director Gilliam who would make Dr Parnassus and that latter film references 'the hanged man' (and the lightning flash/pillars of the tree) via Heath Ledger, who himself died during filming! This demonstrates the fact, that this phenomena (tarot/mystery religion etc) traverses individual stand-alone media (as in a single film).

Ledger will also be seen 'suspended upside down via the foot (ala the hanged man) in Batman The Dark Knight, his penultimate film...Dr Parnassus being his final one.

 Dr Parnassus...lightning, the pillars and The Hanged Ledger Man (in shadow)

  The Hanged Men...Life of Brian

 The same Gilliam 'Fisher Grail King' from Monty Python...
...who used the archetypal hanged man aka Jesus, as the basis for the Life of Brian/Brain...which also showed the struck tower and the crucified mass at the close.

 The Tower also features in The Fisher King...where the grail resides.

One fool, to the next...
The Fool & The King will be an aspect of the film, Williams tells the tale and with The Fool bringing wisdom to the king,

The Fool...again

Another flying ship & fool

The Fool & Egg (Zero/0, Ouef)

Williams The Hanged Man

 Weird Coincidence: Robin Williams Family Guy 'Suicide' Episode Airs Before Actor's Death 

(This episode was aired by the BBC...the same BBC that is up to its own neck, via its own employees, in paedophilia and enabling paedophiles, even on its own premises!)

Not forgetting this too...

You might recall that Harrison 'Osiris' Ford...also had recent 'hanged man' resonance via Star Wars 7. Damaged via the Millenium 'Horus' Falcon. Osiris is an archetypal hanged man, as is Jesus.

Harrison Ford in Oz. Whistling an Oz tune in Working Girl, which heavily featured the WTC.

The phrase 'Over the Rainbow' is thought to be used in mind control techniques Monarch, MKULTRA etc (see Fritz Springmeier)

Interestingly Williams and Ford would both 'try-out' for the role of Jack Torrance in Kubrick's The Shining...known for its myriad of rainbow and 42 references. (and a monarch reference via the twins)

The 'monarch' connection...Williams with the 'actual' monarch butterfly
This of course is a potential link to mind control...the monarch system.  To many, these concepts are not exactly new and many also relate such concepts to 'over the rainbow' and 'rainbow type programming'.  I had already mentioned Williams in regard to the concept of the rainbow, it featured very heavily in his career.

This is where things get a bit weird...there seems to be a vague connection between the film The Fisher King and the 1991 Luby's shooting (the 3rd largest body count shooting in US history), which was carried out by George Hennard.

Shades of Aurora?
This shooting occurred about 1 month after the film's official release.  The above suggests that Hennard had seen The Fisher King not long before he carried out the shooting!

None of this would be relevant, but for the fact that a 'restaurant shooting' (similar to Hennard's) literally forms the basis for the film's actual plot!

For more on these types of film/shooting overlaps see the following post:

In the Sandy Hook shootings 'Over The Rainbow' was an accompanying motif.

 Then there was this (retrospectively speaking) 'gun referencing tune' from Oz's Dorothy/Judy on the Sandy Hook label

The Rainbow Connection
The Green (frog) Man ala Osiris and the Canine ala Canis/Sirius...with the rainbow

Alice Bailey said a Rainbow Bridge (antahkarana) guided by sirius exists as a connection (Rainbow Connection) between the lower and higher self and the earthly and astral planes.

Dorothy on the road to Oz with Toto (canis/sirius) Over The Rainbow, is a similar take.

See The Jackson's form a literal 'rainbow bridge' in this 1981 piece Can You Feel It.
The opening shows us the '42 Foot thick Utah Rainbow Arch' and closes with the peacock (associated both with the phoenix and the rainbow).

We see the 'rainbow bridge' beginning at 3:52 and the 'rainbow arch' at 3:58.

Michael would be associated with the 70's Oz film The Wiz, which heavily featured the WTC complex (see below) as part of  the Emerald City.

From earlier writing, some may recall the Sept 11th 1957 Rainbow Road to OZ show (preview segments from the film aired on September 11, 1957) and a dog that died on Sept 11th 2001...
the police dog Sirius!  All playing into this subliminal mix.

Williams and The Rainbow
The Williams 'fool' (eggs via Mork and the penguin) and the rainbow connection
The Rainbow Arch(er) geddit! (see Hook image above) 

 Petition to rename San Francisco's Waldo Tunnel after Robin Williams

Williams being 'an archer' also is an aspect of The Fisher King
 The Rainbow Head (where the rainbow ends) & The Grail (The Fisher King)

Spielberg/Lucas' Indiana Jones series would directly reference 'the grail' in the third episode Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (which featured River 'rainbow' Phoenix).  This Indiana Jones series also seemingly contains veiled references to 'the tree of life/sephiroth'.

Raiders of the Lost Rainbow Arc (Ark)
 The Poltergeist 42 Rainbow Connection House

 The biblical Ark/Arc x2....and the rainbow

The Ark & The Covenant (Genesis, God's promise etc)
The Ark of The Covenant (Raiders of the Lost Ark/Rainbow Arc, Ark of God etc)
The rainbow being the actual 'sign of the covenant' from God.

Genesis 9:11

The Masonic Rainbow 
 (the all seeing eye, blazing sirius star, sits under the rainbow)
There is also the The (Masonic) International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG). 

The same apron we found secreted inside the 'Masonic/Jurassic Park' museum entrance!
The park run by Richard 'Hanged Man' Attenborough (see previous work)
(left) A fallen lizard King (T-Rex) at the base, (right) a fallen Abiff/Osiris King at the base.

The Royal Rainbow Arch

Spielberg's Poltergeist in Oz...
Tangina ascends the stairway to sirius (jacob's ladder) and Steven says "So, what side of the rainbow are we working tonight?" (Munchkins song Wizard of Oz) Someone scripted that timing perfectly imo.

Harvey Keitel featured in Reservoir Rainbow Dogs (Judy Garland Associates did the catering!)

 ...the multi-coloured heist film from Tarotino (lol)
Keitel plays Mr White...being 'White' he would naturally contain all the colours of the rainbow!

 Played Lt. Gene Hunt (Harvey Keitel) in the US version of Life On Mars
 , Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow" is played throughout this series.

 Ashes to Ashes and Life On Mars (two TV shows) are both tracks from musician Bowie
The Starman 'Over The Rainbow'...David (Rain)bowie Man
We saw Starman (Jeff Bridges) with Rainbow Williams earlier.

That is Harvey 'Taxi Driver' Keitel who was the pimp for Iris (played by Jodie Foster)
Iris is the goddess of the rainbow!  Foster travels the 'rainbow chakra' wormhole in Zemeckis' Contact.

 Keitel also played 'the fool on the precipice' (beginning and end) in Ridley Scott's debut
The Duellists

Keitel was actually earmarked for the role of Ziegler in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut...some scenes were even shot, but he got replaced and Pollack took the role.  The same film and same Ziegler that relates to 'the rainbow'. (Where the rainbow ends etc).

Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange & The Shining will also heavily reference 'the rainbow' I've already shown.

Milich's daughter (Leelee Sobieski) shares the same birthdate as Judy Garland (June 10)
We have two rainbow to the human head (internal rainbow chakras to the crown) and 'over the rainbow' in relation to mind control (monarch etc).

Where the rainbow ends...

Where the rainbow ends...the reptilian complex/thalamus (the internal eye)
Ridley Scott's Alien (AL can mean light)

 Rainbow Heads!

 Alien heavily referenced 'the egg' did Williams (as an alien) in Mork & Mindy.
Rainbow Williams and the alien egg

We covered inside Rainbow Fashion's and The Crown Chakra (of Milich) in the previous post.

Visual metaphor...
 Where The Rainbow Ends...The Head/The 'lightning struck' Crown/The Brain

Eyes Wide Shut 'the hotel' and Alan Cumming as the receptionist! (see Cruise's rainbow bag)
Alan Cumming who went on to play in OZ related Tin Man as Glitch.

More cinematic Masonic musings...from the Hollywood Lodge
From one hotel to the next...

Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel

"It's 25 inches of reinforced granite masonry, is it not?"

The masonic square & compass. A swastika (another masonic emblem) is also employed. What many may have missed re: Keitel scene, is that the word 'masonry' will be uttered during it (a detail of the escape through masonry, geddit?)...yes very crafty! 3 bunk beds on either side 3/3. Keitel possibly has a rendering of the all seeing eye (sirius) on his chest, it is hard to tell.

Cross Keys Freemasonry....and another popular masonic emblem.

"The Key," says Doctor Oliver (Landmarks I, page 180), "is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry.

The typical masonic checkerboard floor is also overly used throughout.

As said by Agatha near the film's close...

“Whence came these two radiant celestial brothers (celestial brotherhood, the sirius worshipping brotherhood) united for an instant as they crossed the stratosphere or our starry window — one from the East and one from the West?”
Scottish Rite partly originated out of the Council of the Emperors of the East and West. The Sovereign Council of Emperors of the East and of the West, was one of many hauts grade and ecossaise bodies operating in France. A freemason is said to travel from the West to the East, that is, from darkness to light. (East where the sun rises). the fool, seen from the beginning and at the end. Zero/Zero. It is Zero's journey that is effectively unfolding in this film.
The older Zero will be played by F Murray Abraham, who featured in 'masonic Mozart' (magic masonic flute) film Amadeus.

Boy With Apple...The Edenic angle (Adam/Adam Kadmon) and the serpent/apple bearing tree. another masonic connection, Propaganda Due out of Italy, Vatican connected etc. This is not a stretch, considering all the other masonic content! The hand gesture looks like the 666/OK handsign..should be December 1666, not 1669! Hoytl known for his work with 'light & shade' the black and white motif denoting dualism ala the checkered floor.

Tilda Swinton aka Madame (templar/masonic) Baphomet/The Devil and with a touch of The Hanged (Wo)Man. The image of Swinton has been horizontally flipped.

So Brother Anderson it is then....

 Appropriately the pose of Baphomet (and the tarot Devil & Magician) visually shows the hermetic gesture sign of  'as above, so below'!

 Here is an up and coming 'masonic' release...late August 2014

The first hermetic maxim..."as above, so below" as per Hermes/Thoth/Mercury and the Emerald Tablet...and one of mystery religion's most venerated gods! The film seemingly only has 3 cast the triple switch-hitting Thrice Great Hermes.

It has got the Eiffel Tower on the promo...Eiffel was a freemason, of course and he also provided the structural framework for the 'masonic' Statue of Liberty aka Isis.

Miles of twisting catacombs lie beneath the streets of Paris, the eternal home to countless souls (Hermes scribe of the judgement of souls, my emphasis). When a team of explorers ventures into the uncharted maze of bones, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead. A journey into madness and terror, As Above, So Below reaches deep into the human psyche to reveal the personal demons that come back to haunt us all.

The Emerald Tablet

In the Egyptian drawings of him, Thoth carries a waxen writing tablet and serves as the recorder during the weighing of the souls of the dead in the judgment Hall of Osiris--a ritual of great significance. Hermes is of first importance to Masonic scholars, because he was the author of the Masonic initiatory rituals, which were borrowed from the Mysteries established by Hermes. Nearly all of the Masonic symbols are Hermetic in character.

More masonic resonance...from the trailer:
Hermes/Thoth...just had to be there somewhere! Is that a rendering of the sun, next to the god?

The Hex aka Seal of Solomon

There is clearly a reference to the masonic hanged man too...the cable tow around the neck and with hood/blindfold aka hoodwink. The hex aka seal of solomon (shown above) can also be seen.

They throw in a Templar Knight...for good measure!

I'm certainly leaning towards this being a masonic movie...cough, cough. :-)

Hell...and I haven't even seen it yet!!!