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Mystery Religon Allstars - Matthew 'Osiris' McConaughey, Jim 'Sirius/911' Carrey, Keanu 'Sirius/911' Reeves...via The Sydney '777' Shooting & MH370 777

Mystery Religon Allstars

Matthew McConaughey & the Lincoln MKC advert...reviving the Egyptian Gods, this being Osiris (aka the model for the masonic hiram abiff, the masonic hanged man).

Thanks to Uncle Bingo for putting me on to this commercial....otherwise I might have missed it!

"I think that's (Ol' Cyrus) Osiris"...word play, Osiris the immortal Egyptian god-king...

...who absorbed the aspect of Apis (the sacrificial bull) via become Osiris-Apis...the 'horned' Apis bull was a manifestation of Memphis dwelling Osiris. Osiris IS the horned bull god. Likewise Isis (wife of Osiris) took on 'cattle resonance' by being fused with Hathor. The Apis (Osiris) Bull would be ritually sacrificed at the age of 28 (usually via a well), the age at which Osiris (an archetypal hanged/fallen man) was said to have been vanquished by Set.

Apparently these ads were unscripted. Of course, the ad still works in the straight forward sense using Ol' Cyrus, but this is just too close (phonetically & symbolically) and I believe that something else is likely being implied on the subliminal.

Give 'em their dues...these 'mystery religion' folk who populate media, certainly have skills!


Watch the commercial again, but now with these above images and with the
Ol' Cyrus/O-siris phonetics in mind!

The 'Osirian' Lincoln Lawyer & his Lincoln...with the cross

The Hanged Man's symbolism points to divinity, linking it to the Passion in Christianity, especially The Crucifixion; to the narratives of Osiris in Egyptian mythology, and Mithras in Ancient Persian mythology and Roman mythology.

The Arnon 'Mossad/Intel' Milchan linked....

A 9-11 Time To Kill...via Samuel 'Die 911 Hard' Jackson, the 'thematic' Hanged Man of A Time To Kill...presiding Judge is Omar NOOSE. (geddit?) Jackson will again be posed as the hanged man at the close of the film Lakeview Terrace...including the overlapping leg aspect, as seen in the tarot card.

 The same Samuel L...aka Zeus from Die '911' Hard With A Vengeance
The carefully timed station clock and the Lightning Struck Tower(s) via Zeus

Matthew 'True Detective' McConaughey...and heavy crucifix/hanged man (Jesus/Osiris) thematic, from the get go! The earlier Lincoln Ol' Cyrus/Osiris is still relevant here...the advert evokes his character Rust 'Crucifix' Cohle from True Detective.

Hart: Ask you something? You're a Christian, yeah?
Cohle: No.
Hart: Well, then what do you got the cross for in your apartment?
Cohle: That's a form of meditation.
Hart: How's that?
Cohle: I contemplate the moment in the garden, the idea of allowing your own crucifixion. (the hanged man, self sacrifice)
Hart: But you're not a Christian.

The Hanged (Cross) Man 'tarot' and The Garden

The Hanged Man & Eden (Tree of Knowledge/Sephiroth)

In all of these archetypal stories, the destruction of self ("the idea of allowing your own crucifixion", shown above) brings life to humanity; on the card, these are symbolized respectively by the person of the hanged man and the living tree (the garden, Eden, tree of knowledge) from which he hangs bound.

The ritually slaughtered and bound body (opening episode)...was found at the base of a tree.

From the same above scene...
Cohle: "We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self, this accretion of sensory experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody when, in fact, everybody's nobody."

Materiality (the physical world) as a temporary probably being implied here. Everybody's 'no-body' (literally having no body) the immortal soul that resides in the mortal flesh.

Esoterically, the Hanged Man is the human spirit which is suspended from heaven by a single thread. Wisdom, not death, is the reward for this voluntary sacrifice during which the human soul, suspended above the world of illusion, and meditating upon its unreality, is rewarded by the achievement of self-realization. (the unreality of the material world...which IS illusory, according to this text...this is what is being implied!)

From a consideration of all these ancient and secret rituals it becomes evident that the mystery of the 'dying god' (hanged man) was universal among the illumined and venerated colleges of the sacred teaching. This mystery has been perpetuated in Christianity in the crucifixion and death of the God-man-Jesus the Christ. The secret import of this world tragedy and the Universal Martyr must be rediscovered if Christianity is to reach the heights attained by the pagans in the days of their philosophic supremacy. The myth of the dying god is the key to both universal and individual redemption and regeneration, and those who do not comprehend the true nature of this supreme allegory are not privileged to consider themselves either wise or truly religious.  
TSTOAA, Atlantis and the Gods of Antiquity, Manly Hall
None of this is to suggest that 'materiality' is totally irrelevant...far from it. It is appreciating the nature of this 'materiality' (in the greater scheme of things) that seems of import.

Here comes....Jim 'Sirius/Hanged Man' Carrey:

How amusing and synchronistic is it, that Jim 'Sirius/Anubis/Hanged Man' Carrey would parody this very same series of adverts via Satur(n)day Night Live. Sirius (the celestial jackal) that follows Orion/Osiris in the night sky?

The celestial Dog (sirius/anubis) & Shepherd (orion/osiris)

Jim SIRIUS Carrey...Orion is the celestial abode of the soul of Osiris!
Carrey is regularly associated with 'the dog' especially via his film output, including 23, where he plays a dog catcher.  The Mask is another that references the dog heavily...its sequel included Loki/Dog and Loki's Torch is a name for Sirius itself.  Carrey is all 'dogged out' via film!

Truman (True Man) begins to 'see' that all is not as it seems, 
this happens from Days 10,911 and 10,912 (DVD chapters 8-16)

A Richard Luke Rothschild worked as a co-producer on The Truman Show...personally I think he is from the Rothschild family bloodline, but I'm not certain.  He also happened to be 2nd Assistant Director for the sequel to the 666 Omen (film)...Damien Omen 2.  The latter (if he is related) would be very, very apt.

 "Your number's still 911?"
Note the strange hand gesture (two falling fingers) after the 911 dialogue!

 'ACE' Ventura - Pet Detective...The Fool (Orion) & his 'Sirius' Dog
The Fool & His Dog...Orion (Osiris) & His Dog (Sirius)
As below. "As above, as it is in the below, it will be on earth."

The Fool & The Joker/Jester

Jesus/Osiris...each are both archetypes of The Fool & The Hanged Man

 Jim '911' Carrey...
Joel 'The WTC Wiz' Schumacher would direct both The (911) Number 23 & A (911) Time to Kill

 These 'thematics' are clearly an on-going phenomena, as I've pointed out many times here. They continue, even after the event!

More WTC 'falling tower' resonance...In Living Color
The WTC (mentioned) and two collapsing Towers in this clip (see end).  I know this references the first attack, but it is interesting nonetheless.  Carrey starred with Virgina 'born on 9/11' Madsen in 23...where there is a 9/11 thematic. Truman finds the 'sirius' spotlight and Madsen walks the 'sirius stairway' in 23 to Dr Sirius.

The 9/11 (8.55) clock in Liar, Liar...

 ...chasing 'Tower Air' (airplane) on the staircase at the airport

In Living Color...The eye in the pyramid (Osiris/Horus)

 Carrey's 23 (The Number 23)
 How much time has Carrey spent  talking about illuminati related issues?

Isis is also heavily related to Sirius (just as Anubis is) Sirius IS the star of Isis. (Sept, Sopdet, Sothis etc)

Raising Osiris via Sirius (who pushes at the spine of Orion/Osiris, celestially raising him) and via the Number 23 (23 degrees of the Djed Pillar aka the symbolic 'earthly' spine of Orion/Osiris, a replay of the celestial version). Isis 'raising' Osiris in the mythological sense, but the exact same theme...As Above, So Below.

Sirius/Anubis the Dog of Orion/Osiris

Jim '23' Carrey as The 'multiple' Hanged Man (suspended via the ankle & neck)...On the kabbalistic Tree of Life (Sephiroth) Path 23 is the path of The Hanged Man.  

Recall his scene from Bruce Almighty at Niagra Falls....Niagra translating as 'neck' aka Neck Falls (hanging).  The theme here being that Bruce is publicly humiliated (aka hanged in public) and he is literally 'fallen'....just as the Titans were (fallen) by the Gods.

The 'masonic' hanged man, who is suspended via the cable-tow.
Osiris (The 'archetypal' Hanged Man) who (imo) is infused into Hiram Abiff, the dying god of the masonic fraternity! The accacia sprig (Christ's crown of thorns) is also another massive indicator of the same.  The 'dying god' overlaps are legion.

The Saw IV Hanged Man...
Eric 'Hanged Man' Matthews...his original name was intended to be Eric 'Hanged Man' Mason
Matthews (Mason) suspended from the neck and via a broken ankle/foot thematic.

Matthew 'Texas Chainsaw' Vilmer, who has symbolic qualities ala The Hanged Man (see his robot leg, suspended at the ankle via the bent the hanged man).


McConaughey & Zellweger both went on to become A listers soon after this 1994 (limited) release....McConaughey rose via his first lead in 'A (911) Time To Kill' & Zellweger rose via 'Jerry Maguire'. McConaughey's agents did try to get this film shelved, after his rise! hopefully you all followed that fairly easily or are you Dazed & Confused already?

McConaughey & Affleck...Dazed & Confused (via Led 'Tarot/Crowley' Zeppelin)

Led Zeppelin - clip from Dazed and Confused ( Song Remains the Same ) 
A Richard Linklater, isn't that what we're doing here, linking things but later?
Please read the top and bottom line...Ben 'Dazed & Confused' Affleck
 Ben 'Pearl 911' Harbour...
 Affleck is linked to 'Arma-911-geddon' too and all via Bruce 'Die 911 Hard' Willis.
 Leaving on a jet plane...

Ben 'Dazed & Confused' Affleck...

This is clearly a reference to the 'founding fathers' and to Washington's 'masonic affliation'...although this apsect does tend to get overplayed in conspiracy circles.  I've posted Washington's 'Masonic Apron' here many times, particularly via Jurassic/Masonic Park and the 'museum entrance' (a flipped masonic apron) from Steven 'Alien' Spielberg. The 'alien' word is thrown in, perhaps to evoke the 'Sirius (dog star) worshipping brotherhood' aspect aka Freemasons 'celestial brothers'. The 'dollar bill' aspect is conspiracy 101 stuff, so I won't bore you with that.

 The anubis/dog hand gestures are a regular occurence in the film and it promos (see dvd cover)
Anubis 'the black dog/jackal' Lord of the Dead/Underworld/Embalming...the film title Dazed & Confused is lifted from Led Zepp...'The Hermetic' Led Zepp IV opens with the track...Black Dog (sirius/anubis).

 Anubis....the Egyptian Pluto.
Jim 'Sirius' Carrey...will feature with both Sirius (spotlight/dog) & Pluto (dog) in The Truman Show.  Sirius aka 'the dog star'.

Sirius (between the pillars) the star is sacred to both Anubis & Isis

Robert 'Led Zep' Plant's 'symbol' is 'the Egyptian feather of maat'
Maat is very much an aspect of Isis...the Matriarch or Ma'at-riarch.   

 Jimmy 'OTO' Page

 Babalon 777/77...A.A. (Crowley's Astrum Argentum/Silver Star aka Sirius)

 The 'fifth symbol' that is connected to Led Zeppelin IV (aka untitled) 
is via Sandy 'Battle of Evermore' Denny

 "Beyond that nothing is known about it" (I beg to differ!)
Choronzon...demon of the abyss (tree of life) or perhaps an aspect of 'the shadow self'
We've tied this to the 'nuclear symbol' too...via Twin Peaks, Back To The Future and 777 Unstoppable.

Sirius/Pluto/Da'ath...all occupy the same sphere on the tree of life, the sphere that resides over the abyss.  Choronzon (it is thought) is the dweller in this abyss.

 The anubis/dog hand gestures are a regular occurence in the film and it promos (see dvd cover)

Anubis aka The Celestial Jackal (sirius/dogstar)...from OTO's Crowley/Grant
Well...we had Linklater's Dazed & Confused earlier referencing Led 'Crowley' Zepp, so I think this is fair game tbh.  Jimmy 'Zep/OTO' Page's affiliation to these concepts/groups is well known.

Linklater's latest film Boyhood will feature a character in the lead by the name of Mason...
it is 'the literal journey of a Mason' (geddit?).

In Dazed & Confused...there appears to be a vague/synchronistic link to the missing MH370 777 aircraft...the one that supposedly went missing near Oz/Aus.
The Dazed & Confused 'globe' has superfluous elements that shouldn't really be there.
There is a landmass to the left of Oz/Aus...which is very 'synchronistic' with the known general search area that is still being currently employed.  Previously I've mentioned this area in respect of Lemuria & Crowley (via his book 777 & book 370, which tie-in with actual aspects of the missing Malaysian plane and even some of the search areas of the Indian Ocean.

 The Mystery of Flight MH370...more like The 'Mysteries' (as in religion) of Flight MH370!
Book 777 & Book 370  'versus'  Boeing 777 & MH370
Crowley, 777 & Oz (Liber Oz)...777 & Aus

All relating to the (kabbalistic/mystery religion) 777 theme that I've been writing about extensively and for a while now.  See those posts for more.

Although while I'm on the 777 topic....what about this recent development!? This event has happened while I've been forming this post. More activity from Aus/OZ...this time via a suspected terrorist 'gunman' and in Sydney. Alongside the Aus/OZ MH370 777...this is another massive event for the Australians.

Are these photo shots deliberately disseminate aspects of Mystery Religion within media?
When I looked at the early reports...why was 'triple 7' aka '777' also an aspect of this shooting in Oz? The scene of the crime is very near to part of Channel 7's estate!

The above very much reminds me of WTC 'building 7' and the 777 doors/windows previously spotted. 

777 via WTC 7 (New York) & 777 via Channel 7 (Sydney)

 MATRIX PROOF! Film Shot At Sydney Hostage Crisis! 
Thanks to Enterthe5t4rz (youtube) & Trixie (Icke forum) for the connection.

 The same The Matrix (out of Ma'at, Isis) that referenced 9/11/01 via Neophyte's passport

Keanu 'Sirius' Reeves...
The same Neophyte that is a member of the band Dogstar (Sirius, star of Isis/Anubis)

The Matrix (Osiris/Sirius-Dogstar)  The celestial sky (Osiris/Sirius-Dogstar)

The Matrix - Osiris, Sirius-Dogstar & Lepus

 Welcome to the desert of the real...As above, so below


MH370 connecting to Aus/Oz via a 777 (cipher)
Martin Place shooting connecting to Aus/Oz and again via a 777 (cipher)

What are the chances?  Negligible imo!
Matthew 'Osiris' McConaughey...featured in Fool's Gold (the tarot fool and his quest for gold) and that was primarily filmed in Oz/Aus. The Fool's pathway (on the tree of life) is the starting point of the 777 lightning flash of creation.  Previously we tied Heath 'The Joker Fool' Ledger to this area via Perth...Heath 'Multiple Hanged Man' Ledger.

McConaughey picks up 'celestial' resonance via Robert 'Back To The 911 Future' Zemeckis' film Contact, featuring opposite Jodie Foster...the film relates to 'aliens' in the star system of Vega.

 A stop off at Sirius FM...check.

 You can use the brilliant star Sirius – and the star Vega – to imagine the direction our sun and solar system are traveling through space. The sun in its orbit is traveling away from Sirius and toward the star Vega.  The Sun's path on the Milky Way...the solar apex, both stars map the journey of the sun

 The Lyra of Orpheus/Apollo...Lyra 
(I raised the lyre/orpheus/apollo in the previous post...via Billy 'Back To The Future' Zane)

 Zemeckis' Contact was released when the star of Vega was at its peak (back in early July 1997) and this was clearly a deliberate and symbolic act.  We travel the 'rainbow chakra' wormhole in Conact.
Contact will have aliens inserting 'contact tech' into TV broadcast signals...cough, cough!

McConaughey will revisit similar themes (wormholes and contact) in Nolan's latest film Interstellar.  The same Nolan whose film 'Batman TDKR' is linked to the Aurora shooting from 2012.

 McConaughey recently picked up the Oscar for Best the Texas-linked
Dallas Buyers Club...this was 6 days before the MH370 incident.

Ptah/Osiris/Sokar (Oskar)...The Golden Oscar

PTAH- SOKAR - (anagram, OSKAR)
From the Old Kingdom, he quickly absorbs the appearance of Sokar and Tatenen, ancient deities of the Memphite region. His form of Sokar is found contained in its white shroud wearing the Atef crown, an attribute of Osiris. In this capacity, he represents the god of the necropolis of Saqqara and other famous sites where the royal pyramids were built. Gradually he formed with Osiris a new deity called Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. Statuettes representing the human form, half-human, half-hawk, or simply in its falcon form will be systematically placed in tombs to accompany and protect the dead on their journey to the West.  Ptah's symbols are the 'djed' and 'the bull' (memphis/apis). An ancient Egyptian name for Memphis, Hikuptah, which means "Home of the Soul of Ptah".

McConaughey's Apis/Osiris Bull

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Next Generation is a rather squalid little film, with prolonged violence against women throughout...but then, I thought that when I first saw it many years ago, it is nothing to do with me being sensitive etc...I've seen extensive amounts of the horror genre, anyway I digress.

Wait...that is not all. Why is McConaughey (Vilmer Sawyer) travelling around in a 'wrecking vehicle-truck' with ILLUMINATI written on its door!
(This scene about 17 mins into the film.)

Wait...there is more, why is this following scene in the film and what is being implied? Around the one hour mark, just before I think.

 While prepping for another infamous dinner scene...
Darla blames Vilmer's new job for his psychotic behavior, Jenny asks what type of job involves killing random people. Darla's explanation doesn't disappoint:

Darla (memeber of the slaughter family, Vilmer's girlfriend)
Well, I really shouldn't be telling you this, but you know how you always hear these stories about these people who run everything but nobody knows who they are, right? Well, its true. I mean, I never would have believed it, but its all true. I mean, who do you think killed Kennedy?

Jenny (Renee Zellweger)
The government?

No, that government stuff is bullcrap. It's these people and they've been doing this type of thing for like a thousand or two thousand years... I forget which. And nobody, and I mean nobody, knows their names. And that's who Vilmer works for.

Putting the two aspects clearly implies that Vilmer (McConaughey) works for the Illuminati.  The film implies that a secret Order of the Illuminati exists (mainly via the Rothman character, Vilmer's boss)...and that the 'slaughter family' are a part of that programme.  There is also dialogue that references the FBI...and the fact that they might be listening in, to what unfolds at this location...yes all very odd, but a great way to drop in some truth (via cognitive dissonance), if you're that way inclined!

The 'blazing masonic star' (pentacle) hangs over the Sawyer (Slaughter) Family home doorway,
this is specifcally 'sirius' the 'blazing star' that hangs in the lodges.

 Perhaps the most relevant thing that springs to mind (re: the above) is the tale of Henry Lee Lucas...from Texas (the Chainsaw place!) who claimed that he was a part of a larger occult operation called The Hand of Death.  Basically the premise is that Henry worked for a nationwide 'satanic' network...with links to the authorities.  Charles Manson has apparently made reference to the Hand of Death cult it's not just Henry's word.

 Illuminati Wrecking (Crew) ala Vilmer?

"I'm going to teach you the beauty of pain and you're going to be my slave for the rest of your life." ---Viola Lucas to her son Henry Lee (shades of MK mind control)

Dave McGowan's - There's Something About Henry

Ottis Toole...Henry's killing partner.

 Could Henry have been telling the truth about being a contract killer? And if so, did the contracts he was receiving have some kind of government connection? Though Henry never broaches the subject in his book, the training camp as he describes it clearly had military connections. And Henry has explicitly stated that the cult included among its members various prominent persons, including high level politicians. Could this be the reason for the actions taken by Governor Bush in June of 1998?

Rothman...who clearly has 'French links' via his use of the language and his reading of Le Rothman an avatar for a 'Rothschild' (who have a large presence in France) type...the 'staple bloodline' of many conspiracy circles....a major Illuminati front family...Roth-man & Roths-child?

Rothman's 'raison d'etre' appears to be rather cryptic and mysterious...
"I want these people to know the meaning of horror."

From watching the is implied that 'to know the meaning of horror' should have been in 'the spiritual sense' and not the 'physical' that we've been viewing and been subjected too.  Make of that what you will...this is Rothman's actual claim, not mine.  This might be why Rothman's stooges kill Vilmer (McConaghey) at the climax...afterwards Rothman's limo picks up Jenny and he drops her off at a police station.  Although one might be led to think, that these may not be 'standard' police, but compromised ones...hence the FBI (authorities) 'watching/listening' aspects, mentioned earlier.  The earlier scene with Darla (and a body in her car trunk) and the police (who almost notice) might also play into these themes.

We can widen this Rothschild aspect, by looking at a couple of other films, that have been released over the years...these being the 'Illuminati flavoured' Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick) & The Ninth Gate (Polanski), films that I've already compared and covered quite extesnsively.

Just so we know we're on the right page...we should recall 'The Hanged Man' from Polanski's 1999 release, the same year as Eyes Wide Shut.  We get 'The Hanged Man(dy)' from EWS via the self sacrifice/redemption scene at the ritual...I've shown it countless times.

The Rothschild chateau/mansion...The Ninth Gate & Eyes Wide Shut
Mentmore also featured as Wayne Manor in Batman Begins.

 Both 'ritual orgies' took place inside a Rothschild Mansion/Chateau!
Both have 'satanic' overtones too...666 Polanski and 666 Kubrick via 1999.
These scenes are key to the unfolding narrative.  The Ninth Gate which featured Rothschild's 'Château de Ferrières' and Eyes Wide Shut at 'Mentmore Towers' (the scene of the ritual orgy).  Note, this is actually implied via Kubrick's EWS, the internal scenes are from Elveden Hall, external shot is Rothchild built Mentmore Towers.

Of course...both films will also reference 'The Rainbow' (which seemingly has links to mind control aspects) aka the royal arch of heaven. EWS via 'rainbow fashions/where the rainbow ends' and Ninth Gate via the closing journey on the way to The Ninth Gate (or where the rainbow ends).

Yes...Harford (Cruise) & Corso (Depp) also drive the same vehicle model and colour too!
 Recall this from earlier...OTO's Crowley & Grant?

 Depp, The Ninth Gate, Polanski, OTO & Kenneth 'OTO' Grant
(left) Kenneth 'OTO' Grant....(right) Johnny Depp

Grant's Ninth Arch 'versus' Depp/Polanski's Ninth Gate...clear overlaps via multiple films?

The Ninth Arch or Ninth Gate?  Polanski's film will take the viewer through '9 gates/doorways' during the opening title sequence.

With all the above 'occult, mystery religion, kabbalistic and ritualistic' aspects in mind...some might find it 'interesting' that Kubrick would meet his future wife (Christiane) via an actual masked ball!  (This would be 1957, I think.)

On the set of Eyes Wide Shut...
 Life imitating art...or art imitating life?
Christiane's account of her first meeting with Kubrick:
"I met him at a studio, and then he went to an enormous masked ball where I was performing. He was the only one without a costume."
  A masked ball...a bit like this one from 1972, a Rothschild masked ball ala Eyes Wide Shut!
A mirrored invite (backwards/reversed etc) at Rothschild's 'versus' a backward incantation/prayer in Eyes Wide Shut.

  Life imitating art...or art imitating life?

Pollack as 'masonic' Ziegler...and the masonic 'eye' apron.
Executive producer of Sliding '777' Doors...with Gwyneth 'Kabbalah' Paltrow of the 'giveaways' (imo) that we're dealing partly 'in fact' (as opposed to fiction) is that Kubrick cast a 'fellow director' as one of the 'secret society' honchos, that being Pollack as Ziegler. A 'typical' actor could've been in the role (originally it was Harvey Keitel) but this was changed...and Director/Producer (occasional actor) Pollack was in the role. Pollack, who has subsequently been outed as having massive ties to major Hollywood producer Arnon 'Israeli Arms/Mossad Double Agent/Peres' Milchan.

Milchan...situated between Peres & Netanyahu.  A mossad agent...and 'group mind' media terrorist, hmmm?  Israeli art students cited in connection to 9/11...hmmm?

Now we can tie Hollywood types to Israeli intel and beyond...and that some act (or have acted) as double agents.

The same Milchan who produced (and likely funded) McConaughey's first lead role in film, 

A (911) Time to Kill...see, it's a small world, eh?

Eyes Wide Somerton, a hat tip to the original settlement of Hu Gadarn, a druidic link and regarded as the Cymric Abraham. Gad (Gadarn) was a name of Hermes (Thoth)...the operative 'masonic godman'.
 A master of ceremonies...sits on his 'masonic throne' with the double headed masonic eagle/phoenix. (the '33 crown').  The actor in this scene (Red Cloak) is Leon Vitali, who was an associate of Kubrick for a long time, since Kubrick's death Vitali has acted as an overseer on restoration of film/sound aspects of Kubrick's work.

 Gad (Gadarn) was a name of Hermes (Thoth)...the operative 'masonic godman'.

The Hanged Man(dy) & Thoth (Hermes) scribe of judgement...Bill x2 (geddit?)

Kubrick would hit the Hollywood bigtime via Spartacus (the hanged man) and he got the job on Friday 13th, another key 'masonic/templar' switch-hitting date. (Templar suppression etc)
Synchronistically/appropriately...'Spartacus' was the 'actual' codename of legendary 
Illuminati 'front man' Adam Weishaupt!