Monday, 25 July 2016

Shutter Island

Expanding on Shutter Island. I will soon make the blog 'selected readers/members' only, I'm still gathering names. I'm not going over recent events, terrorists, shootings etc. There are examples of these events everyday, and it is all just going over the same old ground anyway! If you don't yet appreciate that Corporate MSM (media) is a form of global cancer, then I don't really know why you're reading this!

I just happened to recently catch a viewing of Scorcese's Shutter Island (on 16th July) or Shut-(ter) Eye-land and for the first time. A film that I immediately recognised as playing into these same types of 'nazi mind control' themes.

Set in 1954, which is inside the Paperclip window and the related mind control programmes. There's a 'twinning' aspect with (DiCaprio) Daniels/Laeddis. 'Butterfly Nabakov's' Lolita Haze was called Delores, Delores (pain/sorrow), is the name of Daniels' wife. DiCaprio featured with De Niro, in (abuse oriented) This Boy's Life (1992), he played Toby Wolff and the story is set in 1955! It was De Niro that hand picked DiCaprio to feature and from 400 actors.
Lolita/Foster pictured with 'the butterfly' in Scorcese's Taxi 'assassin' Driver (with 'monarch' Hide & Seek, De Niro), we've already tied her to the 'nazi thematic'. Is Shutter Island an avatar for Plum Island (off Connecticut, aka mind control central), the same Plum Island mentioned in Foster's Silence of the Lambs (SOTL). A Connecticut Yankee in the Court of King Arthur, is the book that Ellie Arroway reads (who Foster played) in Nazi Contact.

Lecter: "Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center, sounds charming."

Jack, The Shining (apt nazi pupil): "All work and no play makes Jack a Dull(es) boy."
With Kubrick and Harlan's nazi links, King's Shining/VW driving Apt Nazi Pupil (Jack) and Paperclip on US soil, then why not? It was the German Adler (with double eagle reference) on which he wrote this text! The one we also related to Jack writing Apt (Nazi) Pupil, as King did in reality.

Human animals most likely, at least at some point. SOTL has heavy 'bird resonance', Starlings, Terns, Pigeons (breeding deep/high rollers etc). Bill kidnaps a Senator's daughter (political), Travis (Taxi Driver) Bickle was primed (or primed himself) for a political assassination hit. Could the famous 'mirror scene' ("You talking to me") also be a potential mind control based aspect? I've noted the Reagan assassin 'Hinckley' and the Jodie Foster links in earlier posts. John 'assassin' Hinckley, was allegedly linked to the US Nazi Party (some claim he was a member). At his trial, mention was made of Hinckley meeting up with a Nazi ideologue. Some researchers have mentioned author Thomas Harris, being linked to the CIA.

Mind control-ville...

Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter: "Was it a butterfly?" Starling (Foster): "Yes, a moth."
The 'butterfly' reference dropped as they first approach 'the Island' and by the undercover doctor.
Ruffalo plays the duplicitous fake sidekick, he's really an undercover doctor. Ruffalo, would feature in Fincher's Zodiac, the serial killing film which I recently wrote about, and in respect of 'nefarious authority' programming.
Scorcese was involved with a filmed 'Madam Butterfly' production in the mid 90s. Directed by (none other than) Frederic 'Sarkozy' Mitterand (gay), the subsequent French politician who was allegedly implicated in paedophilia. Oliver Sarkozy is currently dating one of the 'programmed' Olsen 'twins' (wink, wink).

I just mentioned (German, Adler aka Eagle) via The 'monarch' Shining. There is an Adler Hollywood link, that might be of interest, Stella Adler. Among her early students were Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, Elaine Stritch, Mario Van Peebles, Harvey Keitel and Candice Bergen. Others to pass through her doors include : Nick Nolte, Salma Hayek, Eric Stoltz, Deidre Hall, Sean Astin, John Charles Jopson, John Ritter, Cybill Shepherd, Michael Richards, Benicio del Toro, and Mark Ruffalo. She was descended from Jacob 'Yiddish Theatre' Adler aka The Great Eagle.

The title "Shutter Island" is an anagram of both "Truths and Lies" and "Truths / Denials"
'RUN' is also a familiar command for running (computer) programmes.

Bottom line is this, the 'Island' creates programmed assassin\killers for black-op type functions. Daniels (DiCaprio) is drawn into an elaborate charade (from the outset), in that Wicker Man type way, everyone is in on it, except himself! The 'Medea' wife theme (a la True Detective), is likely his programming framework. The framework that will (unsuccessfully) be used to attempt to manipulate him into becoming a programmed killer. Daniels already underwent the same process 9 months prior (see head scar), that mission also failing, we see the very next programming attempt, one which also fails. This is why he HAS to be zombified at the close, it is his choice (he knows he is being set-up) and he choses the lesser of two evils (die a good man, rather than living like a 'programmed' monster etc).

Dr Naehring to Daniels: "And wouldn't you agree, when you see a monster, must stop it"
Which is exactly what Daniels does, he stops the monster.

There are 'Oz' and 'red shoes' type overlaps too. DiCaprio (who once played Toby Wolff) also references the wolf (raised by wolves) another potential German/Nazi link. He was in (Scorcese's) the Wolves of Wall St, it was certain Wall St connections that helped fund Hitler (see Anthony Sutton, Thyssen etc). Jack Torrance (The 'nazi' Shining) plays the 'wolf' when he is terrorising his wife and child. DiCaprio gets strong 'bear resonance' from his Oscar turn in The Revenant, ' the bear' another Germanic symbol. Paedophilia is also linked via bears (Teddies), as noted in The Shining.

Shutter Island really had big 'Silence of the Lambs' overlaps (lambs/wolves - slaughter), both in terms of content and personnel. There was even a scene that copied Starling's (Foster) asylum corridor walk, one which Daniels takes. Nazi/Moth (Butterfly) resonant SOTL/Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine), his death's head (totenkopf) moth (in nature) invades bee hives (the collective hive/hive mind). Buffalo Bill/Levine played Shutter Island's 'SS/Nazi-like' warden (see below). Levine also featured in the 'mind control' resonant remake of the Manchurian Candidate.

It's 'moth/butterfly' Buffalo meets 'chasing butterflies' Ruffalo!
Nazis, Butterflies (moths) and Monarch...Teddy and Ted
(Re: Buffalo Bill) Yes, a moth. The 'totenkopf' (death's head, nazi resonant) moth
Death's head to Death's Bed(spread, swastika). Below, transformed moth/butterfly-like wings/imagery
Alter personality, mannequins etc

"Our Billy wasn't born a criminal, Clarice. He was made one through years of systematic abuse."
Years of systematic 'nazi-based mind control' abuse. Lecter also (obliquely) mentions sodomy during this chat. Lecter himself was irreparably traumatised by the Nazis, Hannibal Rising, they fed his sister to him (1944). It's all 'seemingly' inter-related, even connecting to Lecter and Red 'phoenix' Dragon.
Nazi 'Red Dragon' Norton and Nazi 'Red Dragon' Fiennes.
Red Dragon's Keitel will link to paedophilia (Foster, Iris' pimp) and the butterfly via Taxi Driver.
Fiennes, with his death's head (totenkopf, a la the moth/SS imagery), and where Fiennes featured with Ben 'Nazi Shutter Island' Kingsley. Norton took the lead role in American (nazi) History X, it was offered, but passed over by Joaquin Phoenix.

Recall that Red Dragon (2002) was a remake of Michael Mann's Manhunter (1986). The same 'Manhunter' that closed-out with In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, by IRON BUTTERFLY (Nazi/monarch mind control)! Mann would have both Levine (Buffalo Bill) and Noonan (Tooth Fairy) in his film Heat (DeNiro). In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, meaning In The Garden of Eden (creation).
Wiki shows the GERMAN cover and it was recorded at LONG ISLAND (wink, wink).

 Iron Butterfly perform and in respect of a serial killer and his death climax.

Michael Mann, who made The (Nazi) Keep (1983)
The Keep featured Apt Pupil Nazi, McKellen and Scott 'Silence of the (Nazi) Lambs' Glenn,
FBI Crawford, who leads the search for Buffalo 'nazi/moth' Bill. Glenn plays Hermes in The Keep, Foster played Iris (the female Hermes) in Taxi Driver.
Glenn, Glaeken Trismegestus (a rendering of Hermes Trismegistus) is 'twinned' with The Keep dwelling Molasar (Set/Satan), whose facial features were sculpted to resemble Glenn's. Immortal Glaeken casts no shadow, Molasar is Glaeken's shadow-self, one that he defeats (in the keep abyss) with his staff (caduceus). It's seemingly implied that he is granted mortality as the reward/result. Glaeken initially sets off from Greece (ala Greek Hermes) and awakens at the exact moment that Molasar's 'seal' is broken (being herme-tically sealed) by the Nazis. The seals are 'tau cross shapes', the tau to which Hermes and the caduceus staff relates. Glaeken even has green (emerald) blood, evoking Hermes' green emerald tablet. Glenn starred in 'The Right Stuff' (Nazi Von Braun space travel), did they mean 'fascism'?

Ian (Nazi Apt Pupil/The Keep) McKellen, would also play Richard III in a Nazi Third Reich/fascist version of a play/film of the same name, see gifs. Brian 'Lecter/Manhunter' Cox would appear in McKellen's original hit play version, it toured for six years to sell out crowds.

The Nazi referencing Boys From Brazil Chile/US, Slayer, would record a version of this 'Iron Butterfly/In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' tune (Less Than Zero, soundtrack). The same Slaytanic Werhmacht that penned 'Angel of Death' (Illumi-Nazi Mengele) all via masonic-Zionist Rubin's Def/Death Jam label. The latter Slayer song's lyrics actually contained dialogue from The Boys From Brazil.

Openly gay McKellen, played Gandalf in Lord of the Rings (possible sexual connotations), and The Hobbit.
A butterfly/moth attends Gandalf and 'eagles' (a nazi symbol) are subsequently summoned as a result.

Iron Butterfly & Heavy/Heaven Metal, their first '68 album was named Heavy.

Recall Burgess/Kubrick, A Clockwork (Nazi) Orange (mind control). The novel was published in 1962, we've previously mentioned the Mk-ultra, (Nazi) Paper-clip and Fort Bliss links:

Heaven metal? More like heavy metal!
Alex, re: Beethoven's 9th (music).

Steppen-WOLF were the first to use the lyric 'heavy metal' (Born To Be Wild, 1968), a wolf link.
"I like smoke and lightnin'. Heavy metal thunder. Racing in the wind. And the feeling that I'm under."

Could that (Born To Be Wild) verse be programming oriented? The tune featured in Easy Rider, which starred Jack 'The Shining' Nicholson, the film was co-written by Terry 'Dr (Nazi) Strangelove' Southern. Southern features on the Sgt OTO Pepper cover, along with Burroughs. Easy Rider, riding easy on the chopper (penis).

Are you Fonda (fond of) riding the (penis) chopper?
Corman would feature in Silence of The (Nazi) Lambs, as FBI director Hayden Burke.

An early use of the term in modern popular culture was by writer William S. Burroughs (who was an OTO adept!). His 1962 novel The Soft Machine includes a character known as "Uranian Willy, the Heavy Metal Kid." Burroughs's next novel, Nova Express (1964), develops the theme, using heavy metal as a metaphor for addictive drugs: "Heavy Metal People of Uranus wrapped in cool blue mist of vaporized bank notes—And The Insect People of Minraud with metal music."

Burroughs' texts seemingly and potentially allude to very suspect (mind control) related ideas and concepts. Euphemisms, Ur-ANUS, Uranian Willy (ass/penis), insects/bugs (human brain), drugs.

Nirvana, Over The Rainbow via the butterfly (OZ based mind control) and a bug-headed creature.
CIA linked Burroughs was a sodomite and an OTO practitioner, he even links to 'grunge metal' gods, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. I've read things about Cobain, and linking him with strange sexual practices (likely sodomy based) ones potentially involving Burroughs.
It's Dave 'Nirvana' Grohl at the 11th Chrysalis awards, the butterfly. What's was good for Kurt (mind control), was good for Grohl and Novoselic. Nirvana, evoking a 'disconnect, non-self/emptiness' state of mind.

In a recent post, I showed Nic 'WTC/911' Cage at one of these events and with the Monarch butterflies (a caged monarch). Cage would star with Manhunter's Joan 'Dollarhyde' Allen, in 'identity switching/twinning' Face/Off (she played Eve Archer). The film with Eve's '11th Sept' subliminal diary, that Cage (terrorist Castor Troy) reads. She has featured in the Bourne series of films, mind control programmed assassins, Bourne/Damon who escaped the Nazi's in Private Ryan. In the Bourne series, Manhunter Allen, featured with Silence of the Lambs', Scott Glenn, respectively they played CIA Deputy Director and Director, the Nazi flavoured CIA. Allen began her acting career in 1977 with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company via John Malkovich.

 Some think Courtney Love is another programming victim, her (intel linked) father (Hank Harrison) could potentially be a programmer. He links to the (CIA) Grateful Dead, another mind control resonant act.
OTO Burroughs was referenced by David 'Videodrome/Mass Mind Control' Cronenberg in his film, Naked Lunch. Cronenberg's early career was apparently inspired by Kenneth 'OTO' Anger. Easy Rider's Dennis 'Blue Beetle-bug Velvet' Hopper (his father was OSS/CIA), has also been linked to OTO Anger. Nazi 'US' Paperclip was under the aegis of the OSS.

Butterfly, Angel of Death, Mengele and the Psyche/Soul/Butterfly
Ron Patton - Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control

Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Atlantic label 7" single, had 'Soul Experience' on the B-side.
The Satanic aspect comes from Blake's Red Dragon (painting) and its link to biblical Revelation.

Dollarhyde: "You are privy to a great becoming..."

Manhunter: Red Dragon, Wings...Red Dragonfly (overlaps)
It's interesting that (Manhunter/Red Dragon) Dollarhyde aka Tooth Fairy, uses 'film media' as an aspect/methodology of his serial killing activities. His red wings are evoked at death, as Iron Butterfly play.
Notice the overlapping and similar (wings/transformation) imagery for both serial killers.

  Will 'Manhunter' Graham:
"You think that what you do will make you into something different. You are becoming. What is it you think you're becoming? The answer is in the way you use the mirrors. What do the mirrors make you dream you're becoming?" (trauma/mirror programming and becoming/transformation).

Transformation, becoming and metamorphosis...MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra and Monarch
Lecter (SOTL): "The significance of the moth is change (metamorphosis). Caterpillar into chrysalis or pupa, from thence into beauty. Our Billy wants to change, too."

Some researchers even claim that Mengele was not only Illuminati (launched/funded by Rothschild), but that he could've been of the Rothschild bloodline itself, the same has been said of Hitler.
Slayer, Angel of Death: "sadist of the noblest blood."

The In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida LP was the first ever album to be awarded platinum status. It was the biggest selling album for the year 1969, in the USA. It has sold over 30 million copies.

The German single and recorded via Long Island
The Hamptons is a massive celebrity hangout, is this so they can be near to programming central?
Even Julianne 'Hannibal/Lecter' Moore, has a Montauk cottage, the same Moore who got (Montauk/Eternal Sunshine) Mark 'Shutter Nazi Island' Ruffalo back onto the Hollywood bandwagon!

 Bringing us nicely back to 'chasing butterflies' via Shutter (Plum/Montauk/Long) Island
Former Orion executive, Medavoy, was also involved in producing Shutter Island, his film company (Orion/Osiris) produced the 'mega hit' SOTL. SOTL's Egyptian linked theme, comes from aspects being set in Memphis (seat of the original Memphite Kings). Chasing butterflies...
Shutter Island, Max (The Exorcist/Diving Bell & Butterfly) Von Sydow (not Von Braun!) plays the 'Paperclip' resonant 'nazi mind control' linked overseer, Dr Naehring. The 'diving' bell-end (penis) and the (monarch) butterfly programme. I recently linked The Exorcist series to the 'butterfly/monarch' theme (including the original), one even via Paul 'Taxi Driver/Exorcist Dominion/Cat People' Schrader, Dominion also had a big Nazi theme too! Nazi's via Karl, are mentioned in the original. Exorcist author Blatty worked for the CIA and as a senior USAF psychological warfare expert...wink, wink.
Ben Kingsley as Dr Cawley (the 'mind controlled assassin' programmer). Leo (German ancestry) DiCaprio aka Daniels, there are 'nazi flashback' scenes that relate to his character (WW2, Dachau). his head Dr Cawley (Kingsley), right inside his HEAD! That's where all the nazi-based experiments take place. I also noticed tower/lightning type resonance.
I noted a 'statue' of sodomy based 'Pan' (at Cawley's), shown at the moment of Daniels' first (migraine) breakdown and with accompanying 'lightning flash' imagery (all mind control related stuff). He is then dosed with pills. In mk-ultra circles, the sodomy employed is said to impact the spinal base nerve endings, causing light flashes in the victims brain response.

Kingsley, who notably featured/narrated in Spielberg/Harlan's version of Kubrick's A.I. (The Shining 'teddy' paedo/rent boy overlaps), Swindler's Mist, Harem (Kinski/monarch mind control heavy) and Zemeckis' WTC film, The Walk. Talking of The Shining, teddy bears, Dan/Daniel and paedophilia, DiCaprio is called Teddy Daniels.

'Eyes Wide Shut' link...Zio-Nazi Kubrick's EWS aka Traumnovelle (Dream/Trauma Story)
Harford/Cruise wears the 'butterfly' resonant mask and is seen with 'butterfly imagery' in the (Germanic) Wolf-gang Amadeus Mozart (requiem) coffee shop scene. The same scene where he reads about the sacrificed (high-end fashion model/sex slave) Mandy. The same Mandy that links to (Germanic named) Ziegler, the Illuminati honcho.

Cat/Kitten programming...with purple overload!
The inlaid ritual mask design resembles the shape of a butterfly...monarch/butterfly
Kubrick...Steven 'Zio-Nazi/Illuminati' Spielberg's mentor.
The Purple Ones via Zio-Nazi Werner Bros.
Eyes Wide Shut, the Illuminati 'monarch system/elite sex slave' documentary film. Sex slaves that link to the world of high fashion (a la Neon Demon). The stylised ritual orgy at the (Illuminati progenitors) Rothschild mansion, features Red Cloak, who (according to the film) is also a high-end fashion designer (see the Lucky To Be Alive newspaper). 'Model Mandy' is the victim at this orgy.
Interesting content in the above piece, including 'sexual habits and rape' in respect of butterflies.

OTO (sodomite) 'Nazi propagandist' Crowley, Moonchild, rituals @ the Villa aka The Butterfly Net. 
SS/skull imagery (see right lettering). Actual 'butterfly chaser' (with net) 'Lolita' Nabokov, versus Lolita 'butterfly' Zio-Nazi Kubrick and the literal 'moonchild' (starchild, as seen at the close of 2001, written by homosexual Clarke). Surely you recall the 'boner' throwing monkey/ape? Phallic Nazi rockets to the moon (ass) via 'the eye' a la Jonathan 'paedo/Simon Cowell' King!

High-end fashion models and mind control...purple programming overload!
Refn, who did the 'Osiris' Lincoln ad(s) with Texas 'Illuminati assassin' Chainsaw, McConaughey. It's the original Texas Chainsaw film (which was connected to real elements of mafia/organised crime, Brownstone), that is the entire basis for Refn's film-making inspiration. The film series that links to Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein, even SOTL's Buffalo 'moth' Bill is related to the Gein mythos, as is (heavy bird resonant) Psycho. Elle 'Neon Demon' Fanning's sister Dakota, was in (monarch butterfly) 'Hide and Seek' with De Niro, playing his 9 yr old daughter.
It opens with De Niro finding (The Color Purple director Spielberg's ex-wife) Amy Irving, dead in the bath tub. It was 'split-mind monarch' De Niro, who murdered her, there are clear abuse/programming overtones (monarch butterflies, dolls, caves, split/twinning etc) in respect of father/daughter.
Elle's sister Dakota, did the Jodie 'butterfly/moth' Foster 'Taxi Driver' paedo-chic photo shoot, with Keanu 'Neo(n)/Sirius/Knock Knock paedo/Lolita' Reeves.
The Eye and the Pyramid/Triangle...I wonder if Refn is also from a Nazi-based background?

Cat/Kitten programming (Cat People)...the master symbol of the Illuminati 'eye and pyramid'.
You know, like his cinematic hero...Stanley 'Zio-Nazi-Harlan-Illuminati' Kubrick. 
Cock-work Orange, one-eyed phallic pyramid and stabbing/piercing the 'brown-eye' (see below)
Recall that C(l)ock-work Alex destroys the 'cat lady' with Makkink's giant sculpture penis.
Mak-kink...Butterfly 'grinding/crushing' Penis Mill. These are the only two images on his wiki page.
Highly suggestive 'monarch-resonant' imagery via Dutch (aka the orange men) Makkink, and also connected to A Clockwork Orange mind control.

Another Kubrick (sodomite) groupie...Ben Wheatley, any relation to Dennis 'Crowley' Wheatley?
Are you getting a 'Cock-Work' High (phallic) Rise? The phallic 'High Tower'. 'Eye and pyramid' Jeremy 'M-Butterfly' Irons (irons aka poofs), the 'Miller' and Tom 'homosexual' Hiddlestone. Yes Tom, that transparent and quietly desperate hook-up with 'monarch' Swift, only fools dumbed-down sheep, Eton buggery is the norm. He just won male 'Rear (ass) of the Year', must've been all those block votes from his sodomite-ladened industry! The film opens with Hiddlestone 'spit roasting' and 'doggy-style'. Is that a Danny 'sodomised' Lloyd (Shining) reference beneath him, in front of the elevator and mirroring? Produced by a 'Thomas' (penis) and written by a 'Jump' (fuck), principal filming took place in Bangor (banger). All in league with StudioC-anal....hmmm?

Anyway, Refn's Bronson, was a type of homage to Kubrick's (eye and pyramid) A Clockwork Orange. The film about 'nazi cinema mind control' and linked to the 'real' MK-Ultra experiments. When Bronson is released and returns 'home' for the first time, the scene is very similar to Alex returning 'home' after his treatment/incarceration.

'Winding' like Clockwork (geddit?)
Ultra-violence, which is arguably what Refn's Neon Demon contains, fetishized ultra-violence. The sort of stylised fetish that homosexual Tarantino made popular.
Tom 'Battyman' Hardy. I wonder if prisoner 'perma-caged' Bronson, was a black-op type (mind control) experiment of sorts (a la Alex Delarge), there are 'twinning' (male/female) aspects at play in this film.
I recently linked a character called 'Bronson' to Nazism, see previous post. The real (actor) Charles Bronson featured in 'mind control' based Telefon. Russian deep-cover programmed sleeper agents all over the US, spies so thoroughly brainwashed that even they did not know they were agents, and can be activated only by a special code phrase: 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening'. The phrase is referenced in Tarantino's 'Death Proof', note via character 'Butterfly' (below).

Death P(r)oof and Inglourious Bas(h)-terds 
Death's Head (totenkopf/sig rune/lightning). Not forgetting Inglourious (Zio-Nazi-fest) Bas(h)-terds.
Lawrence Bender (produced), Michael (F)ass-bender featured etc. Death Poof, under Grind-house too, Planet Terror starred Josh 'Gooning/Gaynies' Brolin.

Telefon (mind control assassin) Bronson, famously appeared in Winner's Death Wish films.
Monarch and mind control (ending, Death Wish II). The close has Bronson undercover at a psychiatric linked hospital. There's an electrocution of Nirvana (gang thug), ring resonance, radio resonance and an out of place prolonged shot of the Hollywood sign. A "putting up buildings" theme and we end with Bronson's shadow superimposed on the 'Monarch building'. Jimmy 'Crowley/OTO' Page did the soundtrack, Matrix (mass mind control), Morpheus/Fishburne also featured. Bronson also starred in Winner's 'The Mechanic' (a clockwork/mechanical assassin), with Air-Wolf star Jan-Michael Vincent. Bronson gets Nazi resonance from the Dirty Dozen, let's hope that the latter isn't another sexual euphemism. Tarantino called 'Inglourious Bas(h)-terds' his Dirty Dozen.

Glass cat, the 'catatonic' daughter character, who was sexually assaulted in the first film (then played by another actress) and viciously gang raped in the sequel. With a 'MONARCH' writ large ending, these things have to be considered. Robin Sherwood, who played Bronson's daughter Carol (above right), would never work on another film again. It is rumoured that the original cinematographer and his crew left the film early on, due to these squalid scenes.

Winner's Death Wish II, imo is an example that pushed the (mk-ultra/monarch) envelope with its prolonged 'gang sodomy/rape' ultra-violence a la A Clockwork Orange. I remember the controversy at the time regarding those graphically repulsive scenes. These Death Wish II (monarch/mkultra) aspects equally relate to 'macro' (societal wide) mind control and psychological degradation. That is why I have mentioned the controversy, it's a 'frozen in time' moment in the history of Hollywood mkultra, another degeneracy expanding example. My enduring memory of this piece of filth, was that it was a squalid and grubby film, an early example of torture porn. The sort of torture porn that is now a common place staple. When are folk going to realise that 'Hollywood mk-ultra' is a progressively ongoing and realtime phenomena, before or after 'snuff TV' becomes a reality!? (Thanks to Uncle Bingo, for the info and connect. Bingers does it again!).

Bronson's mind control sleeper film, Telefon/Telephone, featured Patrick 'Clockwork Orange' Magee (below) from Kubrick's mind control based film. He's the one who tortures (mind controlled) Alex/McDowell with Beethoven, post his Nazi Ludovico treatment. Kubrick the 'monarch twin' evoking director.

When Clockwork Alex arrives at the house (shown below), a lightning/thunder storm is in progress. Soon after, Alex is drugged and falls asleep.

Kubrick's Barry Lyndon is also linked, pro-homosexually speaking, as is homosexual Clarke's 2001. The only two characters in the entire Barry Lyndon film, who showed any genuine modicum of feeling and or respect, for any another human being, were the two homosexual officers. The scene where Barry steals one of their horses and dispatches. Everyone else (by comparison) was shown in a negative behavioural light. Kubrick, another (hidden, now exposed) sodomite and clearly a 'mass media' sodomite programmer.

Pulped Ass Friction
Surely you remember Rhames/Wallace (with Butch/Willi-s) getting sodomised by 'Zed', Z 'sleeper/lightning' in Pulped Ass Friction? I also think Rhames is another homosexual. Willis was born in West Germany, to a German mother and military father. Mr 'cleaner' Wolfe (Keitel) also features.
Riding the chopper, Willi-s may not have got sodomised in that gimp scene, but he still literally 'sat on' and 'took' sodomite Zed's (super gliding) 'chopper' (penis) bike (Geddit?). "It's a chopper baby"

The Sodomy Key, OZ, Pan, Z/77. Butch/Willis also went 'in the ring' for Wallace, where he was supposed to go down. Gay (scientologist) Travolta spent time with Mia Wallace, down (sexually resonant) jack-rabbit's slim 'twisting hole'. Tarantino's works are crammed full of various euphemism-based 'crypto-veiled' homosexual propaganda.

Yeah, fucking via (Gay) 'Pride' (geddit?). Feel that sting big boy, says Butch (gay term)

Friends of Dorothy, Judy Garland Associates also work on 'gay' 'No-talent-tino' films. He even featured in The Muppets Wizard of Oz aka Sodz.
Pulped Ass Friction, had Tim 'Rainbow Reservoir Dogs' Roth as Pumpkin/Ring-o (pumping the o-ring). Roth played Mr (clockwork/nazi) Orange in Reservoir Doggy-style. Pulped Ass Friction, even Stoltz as Lance is suggestive. Lance, the one who supplies the 'needle/prick injection' for 'gay scientologist' Travolta and via a 'black magic' marker, and I don't necessarily mean just the pen! (Scientology being Crowley magick linked). I bet the Reservoir Dogs cast spent time arguing over who got the Mr Pink role, although the film tried to show otherwise! Tarantino (Mr Brown-eye), originally planned to shoot the film on a budget of $30,000 in a 16 mm black-and-white format, with producer Lawrence Bender playing a police officer chasing Mr. Pink, "ooh chase me."A 'bender' chasing Mr Pink, why didn't they cast Tom 'gay scientologist' Cruise, was he over qualified?

Pelham 123 was one of the first films to use colour-coded characters. Tony 'Top Gun' Scott did the remake with Travolta, there is very suggestive dialogue in Scott's film, particularly via Travolta.
Gay innuendo overkill...check-out the script excerpts.

Cock-pit Goosing with Cock-tail 'Cruising Pink Team' Cruise via Top 'Gay' Gun

He's right on Cougar's tail. No way, Goose. He'd have fired already. He's trying to piss us off.
Maverick, get down here and get this asshole off me. Easy, Cougar. Bring him back. Hard right.
Help me engage.

I'm looking! Got him! He's on our tail! Coming hard!

Don't worry, Goose. Two of your snot-nosed jockeys...did a flyby on my tower at over 400 knots!
I want somebody's butt! I want it now! I've had it! God damn it! That's twice! I want some butts!

Frank TJ Mackey (Magnolia): "Respect the cock!" Cock Fighting School.

He's gonna get behind us! I'm not leaving my wingman. I'm on his tail.
I'm going for it. I'm going for the shot right now. Roger, engage!
I've got radar lock. I'm taking a shot! Fire! -Bingo! Wash that sucker!

 Stay with him, Mav! Take the shot! Nail him! Ice, I can't get a tone.
Shoot, Maverick! I can't get him off my tail!

Go get him! He's going for the hard-deck (dick). Let's nail him first, Mav! No way, Jester. You're mine.
Jester's dead, yee-haw! Get your butts above the hard-deck (dick)...and return to base immediately.
Yes, sir. Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby. Sorry, Goose, but it's time to buzz the (phallic) tower. [Sonic boom] Yee-haw! Ha ha! Great balls of fire!

We did. We got Jester.
Below the hard-deck (dick) does not count.
Hard-deck (dick), my ass. We nailed that son of a bitch.
Iceman: You guys really are cowboys.

Iceman: Top 'Gay' Gun to Top 'Nazi Anal Intruder' Secret!

Engage, damn it! He's on our tail! Watch out! Shit, we just flew right through his jetwash!

He's on us! He's on our tail! Shit! You haven't lost him! He's still with us!
What are you doing? You're slowing down! I'm bringing him in closer.

Haul your ass! I'm engaged with five! I'm in deep shit!

My 'No-talent-tino' version: "You know what Pulp Fiction is about man? It's about brainwashing dumb filmgoers with degenerate sodomite based propaganda and sexualised forms of fetishized ultra-violence. It's my job, I have to do it cos I'm up to my neck with the Zio-Nazi, Hollywood/MK-ultra (paedo/sodomite) mafia. I had to suck and fuck a lot of executive cock to get to where I am. It's all done under the guise of so-called typical entertainment, we do it cos the masses are dumb fucking animals and we hate them all. Hell, most of them can't wait to pay us to brainwash them and make us filthy rich in the process, go figure?"

Take that you degenerate ass whore! :)

Tarantino probably jacks-off watching Top 'gay' Gun, no wonder he did that homage via the film 'Sleep With Me' (shown above). Death Poof was originally titled Thunder Bolt. Pulped Ass Friction also had the scene with the 'watch stuck up the ass', which is where (Cock-work Orange) Alex suggest placing the 'watch' during his final psyche test. These guys like spending 'time' there, geddit? There's also the '666 and sun' reference in both Pulp and Clockwork . Pulp Fiction/Death Proof with thunder bolt Sam 'Zeus/Jules' L Jackson.

Tim 'Reservoir/Pulp/Nazi' Eli 'Zio-Nazi' Roth via 'No-talent-tino'.
Inglourious Bas(h)-terds, Nazi Mind Control (4th wall in-joke)...swastika forehead a la Manson
Inglourious (Zio-Nazi) Bas(h)terds, copycat 'induced by degenerate media' violence, just like A Clockwork (Zio-Nazi) Orange. A case involving torture, crow bars, eating cat faeces etc. Sodomite 'No-talent-tino' (lol) had similar outcomes with his co-scripting of Stone's Natural Born (Copycat) Killers, dozens of examples of (media induced) copycat violence followed that release. His (likely mk-ultra based) sexual fetishization of ultra-violence (with 80s high-end corporate style advertising chic) is of most concern. Most of us know that Juliette Lewis is a monarch mind control victim, we've seen Cape 'paedo/ultra-violence' Fear, with monarch De Niro. How equally amusing and sick it is, that there are millions of people that think 'No-talent-tino' is a cinema legend! Sad and brainwashed 'cult of celebrity' victims.

The Zio-Nazi cinema treatment...
"Sit like a horrorshow cooperative malchik in the chair of torture, while they flashed nasty bits of Ultra-Violence on the screen." An aspect of this includes a mass desensitising type process etc
Alex's description is EXACTLY what recent and modern cinema-goers have been doing, en masse and for decades, and in a exponentially increasing way. The torture chair, is the chair that you sit in when you go to your real actual (horrorshow) cinema. Where they flash nasty bits of Ultra-Violence in front of you!
Alex, undergoing 'mind control' at a psychiatric hospital (opens with Nazism)..."It's a sin."
Bronson, at a psychiatric hospital...'It's a sin." (Pet Shop Boys)

Pet Shop 'Sinning' (Rent) Boys.
Pet Shop Boys, caged animals (boys), both Tennant and Lowe are homosexuals,  The group are also linked to (corporate) high fashion, they were from the outset, with their overt religious-like designer worship. They appear to be typical industry assets.

Clockwork McDowell, would feature with 'caged' Nastassja Kinski in Schrader's Cat 'incest' People (1982), whose themes overlap with Refn's Neon Demon (cat/kitten programming). The same Schrader who is linked to the butterfly via Taxi Driver and Exorcist Dominion.
Here's (monarch) Nastassja in June 2016, 'Let's Dance', Germany...the colo(u)r purple!

ILM - Illuminati

Spielberg collaborator Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic(k). Kubrick's FX man Donald Trumbull (who was tied up on Spielberg's Close Encounters) was approached to do the Star Wars effects work, he would advise Lucas to use his assistant Dykstra, for his franchise. ILM was born out of all that.

Industrial light and magic(k)...Neon, advertising etc
Atomic number 10, analogous to the 10 spheres of the sephiroth/tree of life

Don't you want to go where the rainbow ends...the crown/head, the purple chakra (mind control).
Where the rainbow ends...with high fashion models...Eyes Wide Shut

Don't you think that it is a bit ironic, that it's 'homosexual men' who dictate/influence what 'heterosexual women' should be wearing? The (literal) full spectrum dominance of gay men in women's high fashion, has seen the models become increasingly masculine and likewise their bodies increasingly resembling those of pre-pubescent boys (typically no hips, bust, curves or bottom etc). I think Coco Chanel mentioned something along these lines in the past. Gay men, effectively imprinting their own sexuality into the female form. I actually think that these designers HATE real women and always have. I've noticed that in recent years, some of these 'so-called' models are actually what objective people might consider 'ugly'. Elle 'Neon Demon' Fanning fits into this type of mould, she is not by any measure classically beautiful, she is quite ordinary and if you walked past her in the street, you'd barely notice her.

Eyes Wide Shut, the film with the 'paedo bait' Lolita (Rainbow Fashions) and a child's bedroom with the word 'SEX' (barely hidden) written over the bed. The same child who likely gets abducted (by the elite cult) at the climax of the film.

Neon Demon featured Christina 'Purple' Hendricks...
Shouldn't it be Hendrix, and not Hendricks? Purple Haze!

Neon - Neo-n - Neo. It's Keanu 'Masonic Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves, the name for the element 'Neon' is derived from 'neo' (new). Knock, Knock...was his torture porn turn, and a film with very distinct paedophilia overtones. Regardless of how the bed rape scene is set up, it still comes off as a form of paedo affirmation. Zio-Nazi Roth and his filthy degenerate output posing as entertainment, when it's all (corporate) mind control reinforcement based.

Eyes Wide Shut Cruise, would feature with Mark Ruffalo, in Mann's Collateral, as a hitman. It has scene aspects that appear to be directly lifted from Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. Taxi cab bribes, trip to a Jazz Club etc.

While Mark Ruffalo was filming Shutter Island (in 2008), his younger brother Scott, was shot in the head and died after a week in hospital. Although initially it was believe to be suicide, it was soon deemed murder by an L.A. coroner. Shaha Mishaal Adham (one of two at the shooting scene, the other likely being her boyfriend) claimed that Scott wounded himself, she was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, but was soon released without charge.  She was subsequently found dead in 2012 (suspected OD), Adham, was the daughter of a wealthy Saudi business man. It is likely that the bullet was shot some distance away from Scott, not immediately beside his head. Actor Mark, did actually move himself and his family away from Hollywood and out to New England, after this incident. Overall, TPTB seem to want this shooting designated as a suicide event.

Mark Ruffalo, also featured in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is another heavy 'mind control' resonant film, relating to Montauk, which happens to be connected to the Plum Island area.
The (nazi resonant) VW Beetle (and the brain bug/thalamus, nazi-based mind control). On 26 May 1938, Hitler laid the cornerstone for the Volkswagen factory in Fallersleben, the VW Beetle was his brainchild. A literal 'beetle people's car'.
Illuminati (Truman mind/world control) Carrey, featured in Eternal Sunshine with DiCaprio's Titanic co-star, Kate 'phoenix' Winslet.  Talking of the phoenix, DiCaprio would replace River (Children of Paedo God) Phoenix in Total Eclipse, after Phoenix died during the making of this 'homosexual' film. In an interview Phoenix revealed paedophilia within his family group, and claimed he lost his virginity at aged 4 (Details magazine '91). He died (Halloween '93) outside Depp's Viper Club, the same Depp that starred in What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (Who's, more like!) with DiCaprio. They featured with Mary Stuart (Stepford Wives) Masterson. Carrey would featured in Joel (Gay Battyman/Lost Gay OTO Boys) Schumacher's film, '#23' (W, double vee), which had a Dr Phoenix. The Truman Show is also full of numerous '23' references.

Vav, vav, vav (666) or 3 Illuminati pyramids, one missing the capstone (rebuilding the third temple)?

It does appear that Clementine (Winslet) wears a butterfly hair clip, it is hard to be certain, left pic is fan art that likely references this. Clementine is also a form of 'orange-like fruit'. A Clockwork Orange Sun and mind control.
Clementine...Orange, much?

The Eternal Orange Clockwork Sun...
Mechanical human brains...mind erasure, (nazi-based) programming and manipulation
Ludwig Van, from Hludwig, literally meaning 'famous war'. WW2, Nazis and the swastika 'fire/sun wheel'
"Viddy this my brothers...the ol' in-out, in-out (sex) and ultra-violence aka trauma programming"
Too many overlaps (via various media and concepts) for it to be coincidental.
Kubrick's CRM 114 is used in Back To The Future (Time Travel/Montauk), the film with Courthouse Square (with Project Bluebird overlaps), which is also used in Carrey's Bruce Almighty (with 77 reference). After lightning struck the Clock Tower on 12th Nov, there were 49 days (7*7) left remaining in the year.
It's also called Mockingbird Square (relating to the Gregory Peck-er film, Peck-er aka Moby Dick's, Cpt Ahab) a potential link to Operation 'OSS-Nazi-CIA' Mockingbird. Buzzing the (cock)tower, the square also featured in Top 'Gay' Gun, the Cruise/Cruising gay resonant film from Tony 'gay' Scott and Zio-Nazi Jerry 'gay, lightning tree' Bruckheimer. Cat 'incest' People producer and (jolly rogering) 'Butt Pirates of the Caribbean' producer Bruckheimer. The 'masonic/templar' series with Elm Street's Johnny 'Nancy's boy' Depp, as Sparrow. "Who killed Cock Robin? I, said the Sparrow." Disney had Jay Wolpert write a script based on the Pirates of the Caribbean, which producer Jerry Bruckheimer rejected, feeling it was "a straight pirate movie". Yeah, clearly not gay enough, eh Jerry!!! Us Brits used to call the Nazis 'Jerry or Gerry'.
So (nazi) S.S. Gerwald Strickland (Back To The Future, School Principal) relates to the Courthouse and through both films. He plays Tom 'Stinger' Jardian in Top 'gay' Gun, the commanding officer of the USS Enterprise. Cruise is in 'club CRM 114' via the Eyes Wide Shut hospital, C (wing) Rm (room) 114. Top Gun/BTTF both feature the 'buzzed/struck' Tower.

Beetle Brain Bugs

Pushing the 'internal and eternal sun spot' via the winged (vw) brain beetle (thalamus), in the mind.
The Winged Beetle Brain
Germanic OTO overlord Crowley, and the 'Winged Brain Beetle' (Khepera, kheper meaning to come into being). The musical Beatles (the most successful pop act of the entire 20th century) began their rise via Germany, Hamburg (the 'My Bonnie' record release being pivotal). Sgt 'OTO' Pepper, Adolf Hitler – was modelled and visible in early photographs of the montage, positioned to the right of Larry Bell, but was eventually removed. Original Beatle Sutcliffe (who had just left the group), had a brain aneurysm/hemorrhage in Apr 1962, while still in Hamburg. The underground (Cavern Club) dwelling Beatles/Beetles, there's a VW Beetle on the (Cefalu) Abbey Road cover. One thalamus makes the V, two combined gives the W (double V). 

Autopsies tell all kinds of thing...wink, wink
Brain seizures and a 'winged beetle' tattoo...hmmm? (thanks to recent anon commenter)

2010 release, Sympathy For Delicious (Mark Ruffalo's directorial debut), was dedicated to Scott.
Mark Ruffalo would feature with Laura Linney and Noah Emmerich, Jim 'Truman Burbank' Carrey's screen wife and best friend. Small world, eh?

Two (Brain) Golden/Shining VW Beetle Bugs
Montauk/Truman Carrey featured in Schumacher's film, '#23' (W, 23rd letter), where he visits a Dr. Phoenix and Dr. Sirius. "W" which phonetically is 'double u/you' potential 'twinning' overlaps.

In recent years, Carrey has covered 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings'. Interesting imagery, internal child/external adult, splits, doubles, a fractured mind (left).
 Smashing Pumpkins, smashing heads, pumping your kin, butterfly/monarch, assassin/bullet. Combined with 'Creep' by Radiohead (geddit?). The monarch butterfly likely navigates vast distances using the sun, using a kind of internal chemical magnetic compass. Enough about Carrey and the butterfly, otherwise I'll segue into Mariah 'Butterfly/Monarch victim' Carey.
Spaceman Antenna and Astronaut Helmet Radiohead
Jim 'Truman-Sirius-Radiohead' Carrey...24hr a day 'sirius light/lite' satellite TV coverage
Jim 'Sirius/#23/Truman Show/Cable Guy' Carrey
Twinning/Splits a la Monarch?
Some have remarked on Nicholson's and (Great Gatsby) DiCaprio's similarity, calling him Jack's son etc.

DiCaprio and Nicholson, Scorcese's The Departed
Yeah, Hell's Angels!
Purple/Violet resonance too...from Purple Joker Jack.

"Well, if it's just folks running around hearing voices and chasing after butterflies..." Shutter Island
Butterfly Carrey/Kate (Titanic 'phoenix' Rose) Rainbow head 77, 'eternal rain' and Bruce Almighty, lol.
Montauk 'time-travel, Carrey hasn't aged a bit, but Winslet looks ancient. :)
Titanic, Jack and Rose aka Kate 'Eternal Sunshine' Winslet
Butterflies, 20's party hedonism and twins...The (Shining) Great Gatsby at The Overlook Ball.
Set in the summer of 1922..."Can't repeat the past? ...of course you can!"
Summer, 1921...They're even wearing similar outfits! Partying with "all the best people".
Partying 20s style like it's the 4th of July
Ullman: "Four presidents, movie stars..." Wendy: "Royalty?" Ullman: "All the best people"
Leo did that in Titanic too, dining and hobnobbing with the major aristocracy, even JJ Astor.
The two Jacks (Torrance/Dawson): "Best goddamned bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. Or Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, for that matter." :)
A mix of Jack(s) and Daniels (Drink, Torrance, Dawson, Teddy and Danny). King (author, royalty) and Monarch (twins)

"Wait till they get a load of me..."
While originally named after the Monarch Playing Card Company; a name of the factory which contributed to Joker's birth in 1951 (50s, tarot 0 fool/card), and used to contribute to the nature of Batman and the Joker being mirror images of each other for the film (twinning/mirror images). The theatre became a prominent part of Batman's origin mythos for the comics and games. The Colour/Color Purple (mind control) and Batman/Batty-man 'gay boning'. Skull and Bones (Bonesmen/Boners) is an aspect of the Batman mythos, Bruce Wayne's ancestor founded the Yale fraternity (of Germanic origin), at least according to the 60s TV series! Recall the subliminal incest/sodomy aspects that relate to Joker Jack and (son) Danny in The (Nazi) Shining.

The Shining...hearing voices and chasing after butterflies:
Monarch project and the butterfly. We also get a mirror (split/programming) and 'eagle' reference (nazi symbol), segued with the 'German eagle' Adler typewriter. It's the same mirror that we see (later) when (abused/sodomised) Danny is 'disassociating' with the lipstick and knife. Not so much QWERTY (typing pad), but QWEERTY (queer/gay). Christopher Latham Sholes invented the first practical typewriter and the 'qwerty' key layout, the first letter they successfully typed was 'W' (23).

The Yellow (Nazi VW) Beetle pushing the shining sun and on the way to the monarch/twin hotel.
The Shining brain beetles and TV/Mass Media/Mass(a) (Inter)media. Jack, TV and inside the bug.

The thalamus (brain, bug/beetle shaped) and joined via massa intermedia (manipulated via mass media).
Brain/memory (mind control) erasure via Lacuna (meaning a missing link/gap). Note, I've not even seen this film! Meet or Meat Me In Montauk? Sexually related mind control programming? The VW badge has sexual resonance in it's design.

Montauk Monarchs?
Mind Control...Lacuna, New York, Long Island and Montauk.

Elite (mind control based) author/programmer 'Ira Levin', gets a look-in via Montauk. His (gay resonant) Death Trap, has Michael Caine's character living in (Hamptons) Montauk.
Levin wrote Boys From Brazil, Rosemary's Baby, The Stepford (Connecticut) Wives and ('global mind control' resonant) This Perfect Day.

It's US, mind control central. Look how this ALL inter-relates and overlaps!
There's Bridgeport, top left (Nazi Contact/A Connecticut Yankee etc) and New Haven, where Yale's (Nazi) Skull and Bones fraternity resides. I even wonder if the Shutter Island film's 'fire' theme, relates to the nearby Fire Island (bottom left). Is nearby Greenport, a potential subliminal link to Dr Green aka (Nazi) Dr Josef Mengele?

Shutter Island or Cape Fear? Even Max Cady had sig rune tattoos, with degenerate abuse his forte.
Shutter Island, Connecticut, Plum Island, Montauk and Lighthouses.
Montauk House minus the lighthouse. 
This 'Eternal Sunshine' house disintegrates in the film, echoing DiCaprio's disintegrating home in Shutter Island. DiCaprio starred in (masonic) Boyle's film, The Beach.

Koh Phi Phi...meaning 'Island' and through a 'Shutter' (camera lens/photo).
It's all gone Montauk! Parallel Universe(s) and Time-Travel. Not just any old Island, but a Thai one!

Thai/Tie Island and via the Shutter...literally! The Beach - Shutter Island - The Beach.

Boom, boom! Both Island's (in each film) are also considered to be 'forbidden' and their existence is carefully guarded.

DiCaprio and Long Island
The Great Gatsby is a 1925 novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that follows a cast of characters living in the fictional town of West Egg on prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922. The story primarily concerns the young and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby. DiCaprio played "The Great Gatsby" in the 2013 film. In 1929, Nick Carraway, a World War I veteran, is receiving treatment for alcoholism at a psychiatric hospital. In the summer of 1922, Nick rents a small house in the North Shore village of West Egg, next to the mansion of Gatsby, a mysterious business magnate who often holds extravagant parties. DiCaprio is literally a 'Gatsby', a 0.0000001% type, that's in reality, he is nouveau aristocracy.  Some of this stuff even connects to William Randolph Hurst, who DiCaprio played in Scorcese's Aviator.

Beacon Towers! Leo's (Gatsby) place, a lighthouse is a literal 'beacon tower'.
Jay Daniels or Teddy Gatsby @ the Beacon Lighthouse Tower

Or is it with Richard, Jay or Teddy via The Beach? (Boyle's film)
All 3 films are beachside oriented, if only Titanic had one at the climax, Jack might still be alive! The (Boyle) Beach Island that slowly turns DiCaprio (Richard) mentally unstable, including hallucinations and fantasy/reality confusion, just like Shutter (Beach) Island. It's all rather 'group mind control' resonant on that Thai (Manchuria-like) Island and with 'cult leader' Sal (Swinton). The Beach also depicts shark attacks (a la Jaws), including fatal ones. A boat accident did endanger the lives of several crew members, during filming, including director Danny Boyle and Leonardo 'Titanic victim' DiCaprio. No one was seriously hurt.

Jaws: "Well, this is not a boat accident...!"
This whole (Long Island) geographical area (Montauk etc) heavily connects to Spielberg's career, from Jaws (Frank Mundus) to Close Encounters (Jacques Vallee).
Jaws author Benchley, was apparently inspired by the 1964 news story of Mundus, catching a Great White off the shore of Montauk Point, Long Island, New York. Jaws was a landmark both culturally and in corporate film-making. It would lose out to (psychiatric/mind control based) One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (lead Nicholson won best actor) for the 1976 Best Picture Oscar. Nearby Connecticut, was also referenced that year, with the release of The Stepford Wives.

Benchley, set the Amity town on Long Island (Hamptons area), but Spielberg used Martha's Vineyard for the film, his Amity was also an 'Island' (fictionally located in New England). Amity, Long Island (NY) and small Island 'mixing' (wink, wink). Jaws' Ben Gardner (another avatar for Mundus/Quint) played by Craig Kingsbury, might relate to Gardiners Island (same geographical location), it sits between the two forks of the Montauk/Plum Island peninsula.

"A portable shower or a monkey cage? Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies..."

Matt 'DiCaprio' Hooper. It was 'allegedly' in South Africa, not off Montauk or Martha's Vineyard! :)

Jaws, Quint: "One time, I caught a 16-footer off Montauk."
Gardiners Island even vaguely resembles the shape of a large shark (from above), at least imo.
George 'Star Wars' Lucas may also link to this (Montauk concept), see Preston 'Montauk' Nichols.

Making 'programmed serial killing monsters' on Nazi Shutter (Plum/Montauk) Island, at this rate we'll segue into 'bodies on the beach' with Jaws (a serial killing monster machine) and the Long Island Serial killing monster (Craiglist Ripper, still unsolved)...wink, wink.  Many will have seen the images of the 'Montauk Monster', imo it's likely a related 'media' elite/programming based in-joke, echoing the programme. It's the authorities who might potentially be making real human 'Montauk Monsters' (see video below).

Spielberg's war comedy, 1941. Murray Hamilton and Lorraine Gary from Jaws would also feature. Christopher Lee, we recently connected him to 'occult mind control programming' via To The Devil A Daughter and The Devil Rides Out (based on Dennis 'Crowley' Wheatley's books). Lee also featured in Burton's heavy sodomite resonant 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', based on Roald 'Military Intel' Dahl's children's book. Jaws' Richard D Zanuck (and his company) would produce Burton's film and via Werner 'Zio-Nazi' Bros. One-eyed Willy Wanka/Wonka, salty nuts and semi-sweet. chocolate chimney stacks, Gloop stuck in the chocolate pipe, packing fudge in the pounding room etc. Dahl's BFG, with huge old men reaching into children's bedrooms imagery, is Spielberg's latest release.

Death and beaches (via Nazis) also featured in Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, aka Matt 'Jason Bourne' Damon, who is originally pulled out of the sea (another programmed mind control assassin).

17th Century (C17) Pirate, Captain Kidd was said to have buried treasure at the foot of the Montauk Lighthouse site around 1699 (Gardiner's Island is also cited in respect of Kidd), at two ponds which today are called "Money Ponds."

The Secret Cave and The Old Lighthouse

Basketball Diaries, dialogue could read in various ways, considering the approach we're taking.
The Basketball coach (played by Bruno Kirby, who links to De Niro) is a paedophile, who tries to illicit sex from Jim (DiCaprio). Jim has a fantasy where he is seen killing his classmates with a shotgun with bloody results. All the former resonates aspects of mind control programming.

 Skull and bones (death's head, but also notably a masonic symbol too), Mountauk Kidd/Kids, a C17 pirate (one-eyed Willie, sexual overlaps) like C17 Montauk/Lighthouse Kidd.the old lighthouse, the secret caves (see Shutter Island),  It's The Goonies via Werner Bros and '666' 'Free Willy' Donner & Spielberg.
Iron Pyrite (Pirate) aka Fool's Gold...SOTL/Lecter: Louis Friend/Iron Sulfide/Iron Pyrite
Skull n Bones flag, let's all have a  'Jolly Roger' (sexual euphemism)
There are also sexual (sodomy) overtones at work here, imo. The phallic lighthouse and (burger) meat between two buns (ass). There's Brolin pulling one off (image above), via searching for One-Eyed Willie (a euphemism for the penis). Boys seeking (pirate) one-eyed Willie's booty (ass). Skull and bones (boning).
The 'copper (cop a) boning key' of One-eyed Willie, it's even shaped to resemble a penis!
Chester Copper-pot was the last to search for Willie's treasure. Copper pots/pans tend to have copper-bottoms. Rum, sodomy and the lash, Jolly Rogering, skull boning and boning, burying the treasure (family Jewels/genitalia) in the secret place, the latter being another potential sexual euphemism. There really are Masonic-Templar-Pirate links from historical reality, there are seemingly sodomite links too.

Goonies also features 'industry gay paedo victim' Feldman (as Mouth), the film is full of barely veiled homosexuality. Recall, Lethal '911' Weapon and Conspiracy 'mk-ultra' Theory, Donner, also produced The Lost (Gay) Boys with '911' Schumacher. WTC/911 referencing Gremlins 2/Home Alone 2 writer, Chris Columbus (Templar resonant), did the Goonies script. Below, Iron/Templar cross imagery (Templars were accused of sodomy practices, 'iron' slang for gay).
Plum Island, plum is a type of 'deep purple' colour.  Spielberg would direct The Color Purple, the color/colour that we heavily relate to mind control. We recently mentioned Purple 'monarch butterly/Batty-man' Prince.
By Alice 'lesbian' Walker, another 'hetero male hating' piece of cinematic LGBT propaganda. It featured Donner's Lethal '911' Weapon's Danny Glover, and Whoopi 'Polanski anal rape apologist' Goldberg. Oprah Winfrey who also features, is another 'poorly veiled' lesbian. The film was produced by Quincey 'Illuminati' Jones, know for his work with Michael 'Monarch/Pan' Jackson. It's a (sodomite/monarch) Werner 'Zio-Nazi' Bros film, like The Gaynies (Goonies).

When the Goonies find (One-eyed Willie's) treasure map in the attic, some are seen playing with purple lights. Feldman is dressed as Capt Hook (Peter Pan, Pan and sodomy). Plums are even a slang term for 'balls/nuts'. Lavender (a pale tint of purple) is heavily connected to homosexuality, even before 'pink' popularly was. Lavender boys, a lavender convention, lavender marriage etc, mauve (similar colour) was also related historically in the same regard.

Geographical area (Montauk/Martha's Vineyard etc) heavily connects to Spielberg's career, see Jaws.
Opposite Montauk Point Light (which is near Plum Island) is Gay Head Light? So that's Gay Head, one-eyed Willie and his 'cop a boning' penis key, with phallic lighthouse, meat/buns/ass and secret caves/crevices. All with 'gooning' young As(s)toria boys via the Docks ("ooohhh, hello sailor") and seeking the booty of Willie.  Butt pirate overload. Like I mentioned, Goonies Donner produced (gay) Schumacher's The Lost (Gay) Boys. Why are there all these 'homosexually loaded' references filling these works (Goonies is a children's film), albeit in a stealth/cryptic manner? Jaws' Amity Mayor aka Larry Vaughan (pic above left, but obscured), played opposite James Brolin (father of Goonies Josh) in 'family serial killing based' The Amity-ville Horror (1979).
The film/house was set on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Appropriately it's situated near Babylon.

Iron Pyrite or Iron Pirate?
Mont-ana or Mont-auk? Why would Lecter use Louis Friend (iron sulfide/fools gold), as Bill's codename, was it a clue? Raspail and Bill were gay lovers, 'irons' aka poofs/homosexuals (butt pirates). Why would the authorities (FBI etc) want Lecter (a serial killing machine) residing on Plum Island (wink, wink, all jokes aside and phoney offer or otherwise)?
SOTL, Nazi/Yale, Connecticut/Contact Foster, Plum/Shutter Island overlaps. What's the betting that Lecter, already knew that the US authorities (using CIA/Nazi based mind control) were behind the creation of Buffalo Bill? This is likely why Lecter mocks authority, in the way that he does. Was Bill ultimately being used/programmed for a political like hit/purpose (re: the Senator)?
We could link 'Iron Pirates' to the Nazis, iron crosses and with skull and bones overlaps, we already have the killer with the totenkopf (death's head) moth, Nazi decor and a related (nazi) Plum Is. link. An 'iron' can also relate to sodomy, slang an 'iron/poof'. Lecter: "Did he sodomise you" (which he mixes with Buffalo Bill chatter). Masonic Pirates and sailors a la 'Rum, Sodomy and the Lash' (relating to bygone British sailors). Red-rum and sodomy were aspects of The Shining, the latter being veiled. Lecter intimates that Bill has (abnormal) sexual identity issues (gay/transexual), hence his skin suit made from large/voluptuous slaughtered females. Jodie 'Yale' Foster:
(Nazi) Death's Head/Skull, Sex and Death, Dali's 'In Voluptas Mors' (Voluptuous Death). Demme was a protege of Roger Corman, Corman (who featured in SOTL) would often use Nazi imagery in his B-movie output. The (germanic/nazi resonant) Skull and Bones (Russell Trust) HQ is at Yale, Connecticut.

Nazis in Connecticut...the Southbury, Connecticut, Nazi tale.
Newtown, wink, wink (location of the Sandy Hook shootings), is also relatively close by. A Sandy Hook location featured in Nolan's Batty-man: TDKR.

Newtown, Connecticut (mind control central)

Dylan, our beautiful butterfly...Connecticut, Stepford Wives, husbands and children:
Sandy Hook and the Hockley's via the color purple (mind control) and butterflies (monarch), with Over The Rainbow (Oz programming) accompaniment. This is ALL media-driven make believe a la 'purple/rainbow' Orlando!!! Put the Hockley's in a search engine and see how much 'purple' pops out! A Sandy Hook location was featured in 'Batty-boner-man' (TDKR) and even the Aurora shooter was linked to the purple/monarch Joker via the same film.

Evan Treborn (Kutcher) and his friends, Lenny and siblings Kayleigh and Tommy Miller, suffered many severe psychological traumas that frequently caused him to black out. Traumas include being coerced to take part in child pornography by Kayleigh (Amy Smart) and Tommy's father, George Miller (Eric 'Pulped Ass Friction/Marty McFly' Stoltz). Time-travel is also an aspect of this film.
Dylan Hockley and The (purple programming) Butterfly Effect, why is he being linked (see right) to this phraseology? The original film starring (masonic/kabbalah Kutcher) contained paedophilia links! It's all just another giant (micro/macro) monarch-fest, both the film and Sandy Hook. Kutcher via Demi 'Willis' Moore, Amy Smart is another with heavy 'purple' symbolism, she is always wearing it. They're ALL monarchs in actual reality. It seems that, literally, the entire US film/TV world is made up of these types of people. I hate to think of the devastating effects that all this (mk-ultra/monarch etc) is having on the wider societal mass mind, but it obviously won't be positive or healthy (just look out your window). Your celebrities (who've done the Faustian sell-out deal) are all a part of a gigantic corporate 'sodomite/paedo-based' abuse system aka Hollywood. This is MASS SICKNESS, writ large and with billions of people drinking it up and worshipping at its altar, children included. Paying good money to facilitate, expand and cement 'mk-ultra/monarch' as a real operational force. Who'd have thunk it?

It even appeared during post-event interviews, this one with Anderson 'CIA/Operation Mockingbird' Cooper.
Recall CIA (Nazi/Mockingbird) Cooper, also showed a (Connecticut) resonant Owl by Grace, it's the (occult elite's) Bohemian Grove symbol. Grace is written in type that resembles a stylised form of 'grove'. 

Shutter (Nazi) Island, Ruffalo and Elijah 'Eternal Sunshine' Wood. (wood, slang penile erection).
Interesting that 'Eternal Sunshine' also featured Maniac's (split mind serial killer/mannequin) lead, Sin City serial killer and BTTF 2 debutant, Elijah 'Frodo/Ring Destroying/Paedo referencing' Wood. Wood, destroying rings, split mind serial killing maniac, and Hollywood paedophilia? Wood/Frodo had a very close relationship (film and reality) with Gamgee aka Sean 'Goonies/Gaynies' Astin, both would debut on film via Spielberg releases. The Goonies, the 'one-eyed Willie, booty/ass pirate' film, via the lighthouse and As(s)toria. Gandalf being played by sodomite McKellen, the 'ring' and (butterfly resonant) Nazi regular.

The ring gets destroyed via the usual, all is potentially sexually suggestive.

We have the Gandalf/McKellen butterflies, is this is the Frodo cocoon?
Wood (Frodo) being cocooned (via spider Shelob) in LOTR: The Return of the King. Is his 'condom' comment a Freudian slip? The Freud's, of course, have recently been busted as a paedophilia based family (see Clement and his surviving wife, who clearly has normalised the concept!).

Not Clement, but Clementine...Wood and Eternal Sunshine of the (monarch butterfly) Spotless Mind

Winslet featured opposite Leo (Shutter Nazi Mind Control Island/Chasing Butterflies') DiCaprio in Titanic.

Mind control programming via Hollywood...
"They're really getting us with the fiction." (4th wall example, right there!)

Casey (Wood), have you ever considered that the 'alien theme' is a form of stealth cover for the (actual and real) nefarious aspects, ones that are employed via this culturally imperialist form of mass media/propaganda? What better way to terrorise the 'group mind', than using attacking aliens as the cover (like the sci-fi based predictive programming of 911). What better way to outline and describe the nefarious activities, ops and plans, that intel-ridden Hollywood performs on its personnel (who then infect wider society), by wrapping it all inside coded 'alien' schtick?

 Where do all these movies come from? They come from vast corporate propaganda organs (aka Hollywood studios) with ties to intelligence (including military intelligence, CIA Nazis/Pentagon etc). Likely overlapping with 'mystery religion/Illuminati' based bloodlines, their corporations and linked private investors. Sci-fi's Robert 'OTO adept' Heinlein is mentioned in Casey's (Wood's) 'faculty' conversation.

A controlled release? Sorry Elijah, this isn't about protecting. Certain (and likely many) senior Hollywood figures ARE (gay) paedophiles.  I don't believe that Wood was protected from any of this abuse regardless of his claims, abuse is the price of entry.

When I was growing up (decades ago), I used to think it very strange that there was NO REAL RESEARCH into TELEVISION/FILM, and its effects on the mass audience and the mass mind. It is now clear to me (and has been for some considerable time), as to the WHY?

Shutter Island? After all this decryption, I really should've called it Shitter Eye-land.


28th July
Remember this from the start of the post?

"I've noted the Reagan assassin 'Hinckley' and the Jodie Foster links in earlier posts. John 'assassin' Hinckley, was allegedly linked to the US Nazi Party (some claim he was a member). At his trial, mention was made of Hinckley meeting up with a Nazi ideologue. "

I just discovered in the last 24 hours, that they're releasing MK-ULTRA (criminal govt asset) John 'Taxi Driver/Reagan Shooter' Hinckley! Looks like he's going back to his main handler, that being HIS MOTHER. All very Norman Bates.

Barred from interviews? Oh yeah, just incase someone asks him about being an 'mk-uktra' mind controlled programmed patsy/assassin, they'll want to avoid those sought of questions. :)