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The Lost 777 MH370 - Update

A quick MH370 update...I am doing very little at the moment, so threw this small thing together...after hearing the recent news etc.

Ascending Jacob's Ladder via Oz & The Lost 777

Jacob's Spinal Ladder to 777 Heaven

Jacob's Ladder is alluded to in Lynch's Mulholland Drive via Lost's Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) who plays the hitman Joe Messing, the bungling hitman (Joe/Jacob) who escapes via 'ladders'.  

The Tree of Life (itself) contains the aspects of Jacob's Ladder.  
Lost's Jacob (Joe) and his a show that references the 777 aircraft.

 Lost & 777
Most peoples first experience of tragedy involving a 777 came via FICTION...the TV show Lost.
The fictional 777 Flight 815 that crashed on 'The Island' after departing from Sydney, Aus (Oz).

Which all evokes the 'LOST' MH370 Boeing 777 from March 2014....'The Winged 777' (x2)
  So, Lost referenced disaster with the 777 model, long before it ever happened in REALITY.  TV series Lost also referenced Aus (OZ) as would the MH370 incident.  OZ being thematically important to all things 77(7) & Crowley.  Book 370 has references to the Indian Ocean.

Liber OZ (aka Book 77) Crowley's Thelemic mission statement for man.
TV series Lost had an episode called 'Enter 77'. 

The 777 Flight of OZ... Asiana OZ-214
Crashed 777 on 7/7 (Korean Time, 6/7 US Time)) where the flight originated from, there were 77 Korean passengers on board (out of 307 passengers) and the plane was 7 years old. This was the first ever (fatal) crash (hitting a seawall) of this particular model that resulted in fatalities since its entry to service in 1995.  Flight number OZ-214. This was the 6th July 2013 (in the US) about 8 months before MH370 vanished.

Soon followed by the downing of Malaysia 777 MH17...777 MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur, 777 MH17's destination was Kuala Lumpur.  Looks like 'three' crashed/downed 777's (with fatalities) within virtually one year! 6th July '13, 8th March '14 and 17th July '14.
They've (Boeing) built about 1,300 777's since 1993.

Asiana 777 OZ-214 'lost' its tail section...and had the first 'factual' 777 fatalities.
Oceanic 777 (815, out of Oz/Aus) lost its tail section...and had the first 'fictional' 777 fatalities via TV series Lost.

The '77' number pairing (and 777's + water), recently made me recall this film from the 70's.
A 747, Flight 23, a watery demise & 77...Lee 'Mulholland Drive' Grant features.

Not forgetting Sea God 'Neptune' (the crown/kether) via the Malaysian Trident...
777 Lightning Flash of Creation via Back To The Future (which also featured the neptune)
Interesting that 'Pluto' (sirius/abyss/da'ath) has also been heavily in the recent MSM news too!
The (Clock) Tower/Crown that is struck evoking the 777 lightning flash of creation
You may think that stuff like Back To The Future is totally irrelevant, but it is far from it, in fact. Back To The Future's Spielberg has had a relationship 'of sorts' with Lost's 'co-creator' JJ Abrams, and for a good number of years, their first exchange was decades ago.

The meeting of Spielberg & JJ Abrams

They met when Abrams was a teenager, over aspects involving 8mm films etc (if I recall correctly!).  Abrams has since been involved in some Spielberg projects (including the appropriately titled Super 8) and recently Abrams was involved with close Spielberg associate Lucas and the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars 7...The Jedi/Djed(i) series.

OZ (Aus) would soon get another dose of '777' via the Martin Place terror/hostage event...
and I couldn't help but notice some 'triple 7' references from MSM news, December 2014.  
The Lindt coffee shop is in and around the area, where many parts of The Matrix (1999) film were shot, including the woman in the red dress and Neo's (Keanu 'Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves) training programme, as examples. "Buckle up Dorothy, cos Kansas is going bye-bye" Cypher & OZ.

News from 30th July 2015 (wreckage seemingly found on the 29th)
MH370 is in the news again....wing component debris (believed to be from a 777) has been found in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Reunion Island...I said last year that the MH370 incident was far from over, so let's see what transpires...I was firm in my belief that it would be found.  Nothing concrete yet, but interesting nonetheless. See 'Flight(s) of Oz' post (from last year) for more on all things MH370 & 777.  Last year I specifically mentioned the 'heavy' rebirth aspects that were connected to MH370, including 'the abyss'(tree of life/sirius/da'ath), 'the phoenix' (rebirth/sirius) and 'orion' (osiris, god of rebirth/resurrection), all overt aspects of the recovery mission.  The fact that debris has now washed ashore at a place called 'Reunion' also adds to the potent mix, in the event that this turns out to be from the plane.

My post from last year also made clear reference to the 10 Year Reunion of the TV series Lost...
Reunion and Malaysian Flight 370 via Lost...8 days after the plane vanished.
 this 'Reunion' occurred 8 days after MH370 went missing...right in the heart of the entire story, and its unfolding!

Fuselage on The Island 'beach'...Lost (The Island) & Reunion Island

Jacob...Ageless protector of Lost's The Island

Life, Death. and Rebirth (all relevant to my themes, my emphasis)...existed in the heart of the (Lost) Island. The true cause of the plane's off-course deviation and arrival to the Island's airspace was Jacob.

The Island acted like a cork, preventing darkness from spilling and covering he world. 
The stone cork was a physical plug for the energy contained in the heart of the Island.
Removing the cork (as Desmond did) caused extreme volcanic and seismic activity.

Reunion Island goes volcanic...days after the 'suspected' missing aircraft component is found!
Renunion, is mainly composed of one active (one of the world's most active) and extinct volcanoes.
That's the MH370 Boeing 777.
Reunion...just coincidentally happens to have a '777' reference via its population!
Note, more recent population counts give a higher number, but you can find dozens of references for the 777,000 pop. size. Basically, it likely acts as a convenient kabbalistic aspect. Cough, cough.

In other UK news, 31st July saw members of the Bin Laden family killed in a plane crash...a kind of 'car fest' type plane crash (see pics).  The 1st August saw a stunt plane crash at an event called CarFest. Both have been aspects in MSM, alongside the potential MH370 news!  
Yes, a fairly active week for all things in the aviation world.  Both Osama's father (Mohammed) and brother (Salem) were killed in plane crashes.

Please note, I'm not being deliberately flippant here (re: deaths etc), I am merely condensing the news 'memes' into a cognitive and semi-related stream form. A type of 'macro overview' of the media sphere and its overt and persistent content, please appreciate that.

Lost...Jacob's Scales
Evoking the 'Scales of Ma'at' (The Weighing of the Heart)
The stone cork was a physical plug for the energy contained in the 'heart' of the Island.
Recall Jacob's Egyptian theme 'tapestry'.

...the winged sun disk and eye of Horus (evoking the internal winged brain and thalamus/pineal.)

 The Ankh...given to Hurley by Jacob.  Jacob was also heavily connected to the Egyptian statue of Taweret, which held the ankh in both hands.  The ankh, the symbol of life and death, also used by the Egyptians to tether sheep (shepherding).

Lost, The Island...The stone cork is covered with ancient 'hieroglyph' script...
"Embrace that which the Balance (scales of Ma'at) hath weighed, let a path be made for the Osiris in the Great Valley, and let the Osiris have light to guide him on his way." (the afterlife, the candidate after passing the test of the scale/ma'at,  my emphasis).

'Scales of Ma'at' (The Weighing of the Heart) Lost had 'candidates'...many of them!
The candidate being judged...the heart (left scale) and the ma'at feather (right scale), Anubis as the guardian of the scale, Thoth as the scribe...a test to pass, to reach Osiris in the afterlife.
The Shining...the ending photo shot & the related (heart swallowing) dog/bear-like ammit.
Jack 'judged' rendered like tipped scales (a la Ma'at) the women behind provides the feather and heart. The two elements that are weighed on the scale of Ma'at.  Jack also adopts the sign for 'as above, so below' (maxim of Hermes aka scribe Thoth), as seen in the Tarot Devil.

Lost...another 'stone cork' inscription reads...

"He hath reconciled the Two Fighters (Horus & Set), the guardians of life.
(Good vs Evil, Horus vs Set, Light vs Dark etc, the balancing agents, my emphasis.  The internal battle of light/dark inside each human. The Lost scale has a black/white stone on each side.)

Egyptian Ladder to The Gods (Heaven)

The Ladder of Horus & Budge describes, both Gods of the ladder.
Horus & Set 'raising' Osiris via the ladder

The Number 23...Atef Crown & Djed (of Osiris)
23 degrees (23.5) is the angle of the Djed Pillar (symbolic of the 33 segmented spine of Osiris and also the celestial action of Sirius/Dogstar/Anubis raising Orion/Osiris, literally pushing at his spine, as seen in the night sky). 23 degrees was also the angle that the Egyptian atef crowns were set to.  

23 degrees is the 'axial tilt' of Planet Earth.

Lost's 777 Oceanic Flight 815 (out of Oz)...left from Gate 23, Jack Shephard's seat number is 23. 23 passengers survived in the tail section of the plane.  Room 23, Dharma group experimented.

Jack (Anubis/23) Shephard was one of the candidates.

Lost's Jacob...In Joel 'The Wiz (Oz sequel)' Schumacher's The Number 23
 Mark 'Jacob's Ladder' Pellegrino...also featured in The Number 23, he played Kyle 'JACOB' Flinch, shown above with Jim 'Sirius/Truman' Carrey.  That's three potential references to Pellegrino and Jacob (Ladder) and all via different media.
Mark 'Jacob/Joe Messing' Pellegrino...also featured in Lynch's Mulholland Drive (above), recall his escape via ladders, shown earlier.  He plays the role of a hitman and supposedly murders Camilla, on behalf of Diane (Naomi Watts, shown above with Joe/Pellegrino at the OZ inspired Winkies cafe). Mulholland Drive is the film that featured 'The Tower' (the actual Tower Theatre, Los Angeles) for the internal 'Silencio' scene, the 'literal' lightning struck Tower.

Winkies (shown above) is also the same location, where we are introduced to Dan ("I had a dream about this place") who 'coincidentally' also played Dharma Phil in Lost! 
Lost's Dharma Phil & Jacob (Pellegrino) both sat inside Winkies.

The Lightning Struck 'Crown' Tower...Mulholland Drive
Silencio is the real 'ACTUAL' Tower Theatre in LA
 Mark 'No. 23' Pellegrino (Jacob/Joe) in a film that features the 'literal' Lightning Struck Tower.
Lynch's Twin Peaks, featured the Lightning Struck Sycamore (tree) at its climax.
Lynch having a clear penchant for the 'zig-zag', from Eraserhead to Twin Peaks and onwards.

Ascending the (moving) stairway onto Tower The Truman Show
Ascending Lightning Struck Jim/Jack/Jacob's... ladder/stairway to Heaven (via Sea/See Haven, where show is set). Carrey played 'God' in Bruce Almighty. 

Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to the DNA of a child.

23 Ladder Men...Jim & Jacob

Truman '23' Burbank...'The world as a staged set'

Walt was held at Room 23 by the Others some point after they took him off the raft. According to Ben, Jacob (Mark '23/Mulholland Drive/Lost' Pellegrino) wanted Walt there because he was important and special.

 Jacob/Pellegrino wanted Walt in Room 23
Now see this...Room 23 (Lost) & Jacob...Jacob & The Number 23 (again!)

The 'Jacob' message features in Room 23 (The Number 23)
The Room 23 video is a reference to The Ludovico Technique (Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange)

I've shown Kubrick's Jacob's Ladder(s) here on many previous occasions.

The Shining...via Jack (Jacob) and 237 (2*3*7 =42, the rainbow connection)
The film contains numerous references to I've shown before.
 The Awakening of Jacob (Jack x3, Torrance, Nicholson & Jacob)
 The rainbow & the ladder (Jacob track plays inside room 237/42)

The composition is loosely based on the Bible passage mentioned above (Genesis 28:16), therefore trying to resemble being in the desert on a ladder to heaven, while the angels are ascending and descending.

 Angels, ascending and descending the ladder/ this Masonic Tracing Board.
Full Metal Jacket...Moses climbs Jacob's (Sgt Hayes') Ladder...ascending & descending
Cruise (Bill) Eyes Wide Shut...climbing the stairway/ladder to "Where The Rainbow Ends"
 He next ascends the stairs (above)...after this quote. The 'spinal ladder' to the rainbow (head)
A visual hammer the point home (albeit, subliminally and obliquely)
42 'The Rainbow Connection' -  Level 42

 Lost - Over The '42' Rainbow  (There was a Rainbow Drive-In, too)
Lost, 42...Mega Number.  Hurley's ticket, he features in 'the rainbow' clip above,

From one '42 rainbow head' to the next...Eyes Wide Shut to Mission Impossible 2
Scientologist Cruise...Hubbard (Scientology) claimed to be a close associate of Aleister Crowley
 Level 42  is the exact same location that Dr Nekhorich (see below, Mr 'Rainbow Fashions' Milich) injects himself with the virus (we're shown this in a later flashback).  
We even see the 'rainbow spectrum' multiple times inside the building on Level 42, when Hunt ('Rainbow Ends' Cruise) destroys the virus.  All of the above takes place in OZ (Australia).

'Milich/Dr Nekorvich' Šerbedžija vs 'Hunt/Dr Harford' Cruise...via The '42' Rainbow
Mission Impossible 2 (2000) v Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Dr Harford's name was based on Harrison '42' Ford's own name, hence Har-Ford.

Which way to OZ...?
Rainbow Fashions (Eyes Wide Shut). Under & Over The Rainbow with Milich's underage daughter (Sobieski)...she shares the same birth date (June 10th) as Judy 'Oz' Garland

Eyes Wide Shut, The Rainbow (lights) & 237 (2*3*7 =42, the rainbow connection)
The 'eyes' that contain the 'iris' (Iris, goddess of the rainbow, the female Hermes/Thoth)

Eyes Wide Shut...Cruise travels to the Somerton ritual orgy, in his Rainbow Fashion's costume.
  The Hanged Man-(dy)...Self Sacrifice a la 'The Hanged Man'..."Stop. Take me, let him go"
Judgement (a la Thoth/Hermes, scribe of Ma'at Scales).  Led away by a ringer for Thoth.
The Ma'at Feather is 'the ostrich'...Mandy wears an ostrich 'nimbus' crown.  Cruise (Bill) wears an Ermine cloak, Ermine (Hermine) out of Hermes(Thoth).  Bill & the 'billed' Ibis/Thoth)

 Cruise as the Hanged 'God' Man...the film did feature the Bible, primarily Book of Job.
 The Hanged/Suspended Man
The Hanged/Suspended Mission Impossible 2, opening (bent left leg)...when Hunt (Cruise) reaches the summit he receives orders from Anthony 'Hanged Lecter Man' Hopkins!
Cruise was The Hanged 'Tower' Man (suspended via the ankle) in MI:Ghost Protocol

Alex's (A Clockwork Orange) room number in the prison where he is held before being removed for the Ludovico Technique is 23.  Path 23 on the Tree of Life is The Hanged Man. (Hanged, a broken neck/spine, but also 'potentially' a moment of self realization leading to wisdom.)

The Hanged wo-Man, features in the film, The Number 23. The Hanged Man (dressed as a woman, features in Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, Alex cell 23)

Jim (Jack) Carrey, Pellegrino (Jacob) and Fox (Jack)...are all members of Club 23
Jack '23' Shephard...Lost

Psalm 23 "the lord is my shepherd" (Carrey & the Dog Star)

'Truman/23 Dog Catcher Carrey' & Fox are also both 'charged' with the 'Anubis/Sirius/Canis' (Fox/Jackal/Dog) meme. Pluto/Sirius/Da'ath occupy the veiled sphere 11, Tree of Life.

The Fool & His Dog...'Osiris' The Celestial Shepherd of 'Anubis'
Orion (Osiris) is the celestial 'shepherd' of 'Sirius/Dog Star' (Anubis).

Lost...another Jacob (Jack), another ladder?
 What was Jack Shephard's occupation? He was a spinal surgeon a la Louis (Jacob's Ladder)
The Red Cross (Rose Cross) and the 'spinal' Caduceus of Hermes (Thoth)...Fox (Shephard) would even go on to feature in the new Alex Cross series of films!

The Tree of Life, The Human '33' segmented Spine to the Crown, Caduceus & Chakras
Jack/Jacob's Spinal Ladder...

Buddhism...The 33rd degree or vertebra (spine) represents the culmination of the work. The Trayastrimsa (literally meaning 33) heaven symbolizes the level of Consciousness achieved by one who completely awakens the Divine Mother Kundalini (spinal serpent).  In the story, the Buddha leaves the Earth and visits his mother, who is in this Heaven of the 33 Gods. Once there, he teaches the Dharma to them.

 14. The Trayastrimsa (33 versed hymn-form) is the spine; for there are 32 'karûkara' of that (spine), and the spine itself is the 33rd: therefore the Trayastrimsa (stoma) is the spine.
 Satapatha Brahmana According to the Text of the Madhyandina School (Sacred Books of the East Vol 44)

Dharma, the '33' segmented spine and 'spine surgeon' Jack
Dharma (Buddhism) a type of cosmic law belief etc. Some regard Dharma as 'the ultimate truth' (which also applies to Ma'at.)  Ma'at-thew 'Anubis' Fox. There are 42 principles of Ma'at.

The Fool & his Dog, Jack Shephard 'the alpha/omega' via the 'tree' canopy.

The 'Seven Rung' Ladder & The Tree (of Life)

777 Lightning Pathway 'begins' at (1) Kether to (2) Chokmah...via Path 11 'the fool's path'
777 via The Tree of Life & Aircraft



I'm not sure if people will believe, that I've not seen a single episode of the TV series Lost!?
I do have the Lost Encyclopedia, though...just so u know that I'm not just pulling it out of my ass.


Latest...2nd Aug
Rather 'synchronistic' that the latest 'Island' debris piece just so happened to be (or claimed to be) part of a domestic ladder...considering the prior content that I've been writing.

Perhaps, someone called Jacob, will soon be along to claim it as their own. ;-)