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The Girl(s) From Brazil

One of my recent previous posts reminded me of those weird feelings that I've had (over the years)
in relation to Angela Merkel. The feeling being that she could potentially be the spawn of Nazi (Third Reich) Adolf Hitler. Feelings that first arose in 2013. The reason for my suspicions, were first born in the psychology of the 'elite' (who run this planet) and myself pondering the question: If the elite could bring back Hitler or a version of him - would they do it?  I'm sure you can guess my answer to this self posed was the affirmative. I've assumed that if they 'could', then they 'would' - in fact, I thought they most certainly would.

It's all in their psychology and the amusement that is gained from such activity, all while spinning it under the very noses of the people that ultimately vote and support them.  Nose thumbing of the most devious and sickest kind etc.

That's the background.

Netanyahu...yes, he seems to know already. (wink, wink)
What's his other hand doing...pulling the strings?

I did actually verbalize these feelings (re: Merkel/Hitler), at my place of work, only to be vilified and ridiculed. This something that I'm only too familiar with, particularly within the last decade or so. I also verbalized this 'feeling' through (establishment mouth-piece) The Daily Mail (aka The Daily Fail) comments section, and two of these comments are posted below, both from 2014. I have posted these to demonstrate that this is not some new idea (of mine), and not one that I've suddenly pulled from my ass. 

I've noticed that this 'very idea' (Merkel/Hitler) has gained traction within the last year or so, and with the EU referendum vote now only months away (for UK dwelling people), I thought that now would be the best time to revisit this very issue. I was able to glean some things (in this post) from a thread that was posted on ''.  Redneck and Dagored are to be congratulated on their digging regarding this area, so I have borrowed some things, it certainly made this post easier to form!
Daily Mail, June 2014 (posted by horseloverphat)
Shicklgruber (Hitler's real birth surname)
Bread and Circuses Special...The World Cup. 
Merkel's subjugation of Europe, a work in progress and following in her father's goosesteps?

The on-going 1,000 year Reich...

"The eyes Chico...they never lie"
(left) Merkel, (right) babies

Merkel and Hitler at 38 years old

If you can't see the resemblance via 'The Fuhrer'...try now comparing her to Hitler's Mother?
Try 'unseeing' this image...go on, just try and without resorting to psychotropic drugs!

Old jowl cheeks...which one, you cry?  Both, of course!

Angela, Klara & Adolf (3 peas in a pod)
Merkel & Hitler, both coincidentally have/had an admiration for the works of Wagner.

Angela Merkel was born in the D.D.R., the Communist portion of Germany in 1954. Her biography says she was born on July 17, 1954, and that she is the daughter of a Lutheran minister from an East German-controlled church. Recently, however, Soviet KJB archive files reveal an entirely different story. Stasi GDR files indicate that she was born on April 20th, 1954, and details of her birth were included in the records of the German Dr. Karl Klauberg. Klauberg was one of the Nazi "death doctors" convicted by Soviet courts and imprisoned. When he was later recognized as a brilliant scientist, he was released after seven years and was recognized as the father of artificial insemination.

Dumb ass response number 1:  
"She can't be Hitler's daughter, he died in 1945 and she was born in 1954!"
News of Hitler's death, 'may have' been greatly exaggerated, you understand. It was perhaps a 'useless eaters' news special. Stories of Nazis escaping to South America have done the rounds for decades!  How else would a film like The Boys From Brazil ever come about, it's because it has its basis in reality or a type of reality. (the issue of frozen sperm, also needs to be appreciated, whereby the donor's life or death state, is not even relevant.)

That's where 'The Boys Girls From Brazil' comes in - not that any of this is fantasy, you understand.

Look at Levin's resume...looks like he's been a valuable source for the controllers!
 The combined theme...demonic (artificial) insemination and (mass) mind control

Artificial insemination was first practiced in the late 19th Century (1884). Anyone with even a modicum of history, will know that the Third Reich and Dr Josef Mengele were carrying out these types of biological experiments before, during (and likely after) the war years...cloning, twinning etc.

The Soviets were even more intrigued when they discovered Dr. Klauberg had preserved frozen samples of the sperm of Adolf Hitler. Dr. Klauberg then brought the youngest sister of Eva Braun (Hitler's wife), whose name was Gretl, to Eastern Germany, and the result of the experiment produced not a biological son of Hitler, but rather a daughter. Amazingly, Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889, and Angela Merkel was born on April 20th, 1954. Angela became a custodian of the Catholic Church through its connections with the East German Lutheran Church. Once a German Pope would take the Roman throne, Angela Merkel was to also take her 'potential' biological father's position as German Chancellor. On April 20th, 2005, Joseph Ratzinger gave his first Mass (and speech) as Pope Benedict XVI, (16th), precisely on the 116th birthday of Adolf Hitler, note that Ratzinger (who was a member of Hitler Youth, whether willingly or not) was elected on the 19th. Then, Hitler's 'potential' biological daughter, Angela Merkel, was elected Chancellor of Germany on November 22nd, 2005

    Boys From Brazil...I just happened to notice a weird date coincidence, the first date on the Mengele list of 94 (above), the death of Doring, in Germany (Deutschland) happens on November 22nd, 1978.

There's even a potential encrypted giveaway/echo in the birth of the first IVF baby!
 UK, July 1978 (Louise Brown)...which almost coincides with the release of The Boys From Brazil (October 1978). 
Brown = Braun (German word for Brown)

The Browns aka The Brauns...Hitler's wife/lover & surrogate (cough, cough)
"Dr. Klauberg then brought the youngest sister of Eva Braun (Hitler's wife), whose name was Gretl, to Eastern Germany, and the result of the experiment produced not a biological son of Hitler, but rather a daughter."

Angel-a to Angel (early 1960's)

Angel of Death, Dr Mengele using 'Weiss' and in respect of being a medic, Dr Weiss (White), part-time dentist. (below) Laurence (Boys From Brazil, Mengele hunter) Olivier as Nazi 'Der Weisse Engel' (The White Angel), aka Dr 'Is it safe' Szell (dentist), Marathon Man, 1976. 
 Both these Daily Mail news reports make reference to The Boys From Brazil (with pics).
The film itself had some 'implied' South American 'jungle' scenes, but they were not physically shot there.

The Angel of Death (aka Mengele). The Deaths Head a feature on SS uniforms.
A staple of conspiracy related theory, Paperclip, Dr Green, Nazis escaping to the Americas, at the end of the war...Gehlen (CIA) Von Braun (NASA) etc.
Metal outfit Slayer (Angel of Death, about Mengele) used the line "sadist of the noblest blood" suggesting that Mengele was a type of elite bloodline...I've noted that the lead singer Araya (which connects to aristocracy/noble and Aryan, as in race) was from Chile (South America). Slayer also used an Olivier line from The Boys From Brazil, 'feeding on the screams of the mutants he's creating'.
Slaytanic Wehrmacht - Sept 11, 2001 aka 9/11.
Jew Rubin (the real power behind Def/Death Jam) produced Slayer's seminal LP, Reign in Blood. 
Rubin is head of 'American Recordings' - who released the above. Jews run/own US hip-hop, and always have!

Fritz Springmeier on Mengele:
"He was taking programming into the world of science. In January 1945, when it was very clear that the Nazis were going to lose, the Illuminati smuggled him out into the West where he continued doing programming. I have worked with a number of his mind control victims. One of his victims, a lady here in this area, was actually in a concentration camp with Mengele. As a child she was experimented on and watched those horrors and had mind control done in the concentration camps. And then she was smuggled via the Ratline actually through your country, Canada, came through the Catholic Church collaborators, brought her through Quebec and then to Portland. Mengele continued his mind control here in the States." 

"He was in the Illuminati. His family is Illuminati, but I don’t have any knowledge of him doing it prior to the War. Of course, I don’t know the whole story there. But there was some reason as to why he was chosen for the position that he received. There may be more to the story than I know." 

It's Stanley "Illuminati Jew" Kubrick - Spartacus was Kubrick's big-time Hollywood break-out.
'Spartacus' was also the code-name of Illuminati progenitor Weishaupt! Ashke-NAZI, Jewluminati.
Illuminati was ultimately fomented by (Frankist/Cabbalist Jew) Mayer Amschel Rothschild - Weishaupt was his agent.
Yes, even Stanley "911 Monolith" Kubrick referenced this 'Paperclip' type thing, in his Dr (Nazi/Von Braun) Strangelove. 
Dr 'Nazi, Atomic/Nuclear War' Strangelove - to (atomic resonant) Manhattan and (atom bomb-centric) 'ground zero'...
The Goyim (apes) Odyssey via 9/11 "2001" - and all under the yoke of Zionist/Ashke-NAZI propaganda. 
The Overlook '9/11' Monolith Hotel. Don't forget the fluoride in the water from Jack D (masonic) Ripper.
Ashke-NAZI/Zionist - Stanley "Nazi Veit Harlan/Goebbels" Kubrick. 
Jew Kubrick intermarried into the Harlan dynasty, the filmmakers of the Nazi 3rd Reich. Harlan made the most anti-Semitic film in world history. Veit's niece was Kubrick's third wife, and his nephew Jan, was Kubrick's producer. Kubrick was Steven 'mass 9/11 programmer' Spielberg's mentor - hence that dreadful propaganda piece of his called Swindler's Mist! Kubrick wanted to make (his own Holocaust film) The Aryan Papers, but canned the project.

High-level cooperation between Nazis and Zionists:
"There are certain aspects of Keneally's (Schindler's Ark) book which Spielberg omitted from the movie. Keneally mentioned that Schindler worked for the powerful Hungarian Jew Rudolf Kastner. Nowhere will this information be found in Schindler's List because in 1944, Kastner helped Eichmann deport hundreds of thousands of Jews to Auschwitz, in return for favourable treatment for Kastner's Zionist cronies."
"The fact of high-level cooperation between Nazis and Zionists was too embarrassing to be included in Spielberg's pro-Zionist film." (Michael A Hoffman). Get your cognitive dissonance-centric heads around that!
Spielberg, whose output has grossed over $10 billion at the box office. There is no limit to mass stupidity!

 The Angel-a of Death...Angela (aka angel)
(Hitler's elder half sister was also called Angela)

Angela also an anagram of... Klara Mengele

Merkel has been called the "Iron Chancellor", a reference to Otto von Bismarck.

West Germany or Argent-ina?
With two small offsets, we potentially get...The Girl From Argentina
This one (above) refers to Eva (not Gretl), so take your pick.  If something like Merkel being the daughter of Hitler, has been actually carried out, it is obviously going to be a minefield in terms of unpicking.  Even more so with the chaos at the ending of WW2.

Recall that the OTO was formed out of Germany...Kellner/Ruess (between 1895-1900)
The two, were powerful Freemasons...Crowley would eventually join them in 1910. We know that Crowley was involved in playing 'both sides' during the World Wars, pro-Nazi propaganda for The Fatherland and operating with British Intel MI6 etc.
A.A. (Crowley's select group that was linked to OTO) elemental grade sign, Water.
A.A...Astrum Argentum...Silver Star (Argent-um/Argent-ina. geddit?)

Some researchers have even claimed that Churchill's famous V (for victory) hand sign,
may have been suggested by Crowley, as a type of foil to the Nazi (Zelator) Salute?

Water (feminine) to Fire (masculine)
 Fire Grade Sign
The name Merkel comes from the Latin Markel, and means of Mars or warlike.

Olivier played a 'Nazi hunter' in the above, but played a wanted 'Nazi doctor' in Marathon Man.
 Censored for years in West Germany, not available in full until 2009. Yeah, I can't imagine why?

The Muslim hordes unleashed onto Europe...the biggest movement of people, since WW2. 
Who is the 'pied piper' behind this toxic mess...answers on a postcard please?!

While I'm one the subject of Muslims...
Note, that The Boys From Brazil was a Lew Grade production...I've mentioned him a few times before,
particularly in reference to 'foreshadowing/predictive programming' of the 9/11 terror event.
Ashkenazi Grade's 'ITC' television company (forerunner of ITV) was formed on this very date, Sept 11th 1958.
They've altered this founding date in very recent years, but I grabbed a hard copy before then! :)
 Grade's dealings with Arnon '9/11 Israeli Intel' Milchan and particularly his film The Medusa Touch, which Grade bankrolled, even before it went into full production (see Christopher Bollyn). You can find my 'Grade/Milchan' posts if you use the blog search function. Milchan was tight with Shimon Peres et al. 9/11 Pres Bush...and the Bush 'crime family' that did much of their dealing with Nazis, see Prescott. Then there's the 'Germanic' sourced, Nazi flavoured  'Skull & Bones' to consider too. 

Ira 'The Boys From Brazil' Levin's...Rosemary's Baby

What have you done to its eyes?
(S)he has his (her) Father's eyes
In a related sense, The Boys From Brazil's, Gregory Peck (Mengele)...was previously the 'surrogate father' of the devil's baby in The Omen (the kabbalist 666).

Germany was flattened and obliterated at the end of WW2. 
They were NEVER meant to rise and dominate Europe again, but they have...& even stronger than before!
It's clear that what they couldn't achieve through warfare - has been achieved via the vehicle of the EU.

 Legend has it (although it's denied), that Anton 'Church of Satan' LaVey...acted as a consultant on Polanski's film version of Ira 'Boys From Brazil' Levin's Rosemary's Baby. It is also suspected that he might've also played the role of the 'demonic creature' that ritually inseminated Rosemary (a moonchild type of ritual). When in doubt...go with the legend.

 Grade sign 'Fire'...LaVey and Hitler
It's a fire and water special...

It is said, that even in Hitler's circle there was mention made of 'moonchildren', probably through the related (occult) Thule type stuff that they dabbled in, some say that this is the exact same magick that underpinned Crowley/Parsons/Hubbard's systems...I know L Ron Hubbard Jr, stated as much, in an interview he gave.

Hitler Youth & Obama Youth (snap)
You know this sign, it's shoved in the collective face at every opportunity, from Obummer (who hobnobs with these clowns) to Gay-Z, Be-gone-cey, Kunt-ye West, Rihanna, , legions of other (low vibrational) 'rappers' and 'filmstars' etc. 
 OTO Gay-Z's 'The Blueprint" (meaning plan) LP - was released on Sept 11, 2001 (aka 9/11).
Dumb Americans (and beyond) have made these people multi-millionaires! There is no limit to MASS STUPIDITY!
Hell, with all these 'gay' rappers...perhaps they've all been reading Mein Camp?
Grade Sign of Zelator & the Nazi salute (A.A., OTO, Golden Dawn)
The Great Work, for the Zelator, defined: “to obtain control of the foundations of my own being.” 
By “foundations” is meant the Automatic Consciousness.
“The ‘Zealous Student’ whose first duty was to blow the Athanor (furnace) or fire which heated the Crucible of the alchemist.” 
Automatic Consciousness or a puppet on a string? The 'great hypnotic', as Adolf was known. 

Grade sign 'Fire'
 Fire and furnace...naturally leads one to the Holocaust and the ovens.
 Whether you believe any of this or cannot be denied that these 'magickal signs' that I've shown, are literally everywhere and throughout mainstream popular culture...this aspect is not even remotely debatable. Current 'popular culture' is absolutely saturated with them...and you need to be asking yourself, why?

I could've expanded and added on the 'OTO Beatles' too (who rose out of Germany in the early 60's), 'grade sign' Help! and 'Sgt OTO/Crowley Pepper' and the links to Rosemary's Baby/Polanski etc, but I just can't be bothered! I've included them regularly in other post.?

 The (masonic) swastika. The symbol connects to sanskrit (Hindu) and has been used by many ancient cultures (incl neolithic) from India, Persia, Asia, Greece, Navajo Indians etc. According to Kveldulf Gundarsson, it is: "the sign of the sun’s strength as the unstoppable whirling might of Will. It is one of the holiest and oldest signs in the world, known in almost every tradition" 

The Swastika (Sun Wheel) and (Jewish) Masonry...
- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
Royal Arch Freemasonry: "For the good of Masonry generally, but the Jewish nation in particular."
“At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.”
 - Benjamin Disraeli, Jew, Prime Minister of England.

Makes you wonder if Hitler was a Zionist Jew (masonic) puppet, doesn't it?
Interesting...that TV companies, have recently been falling over themselves to release product related to Nazism, not their defeat of course, but relating to the Nazi's having won WW2 and in the US.
 Horselover Fat creator and my namesake, Philip K Dick's The Man In The High Castle is one such example. Amazon have already had to remove promo posters depicting Nazi symbols, after complaints!  Amazon (South America, geddit?) and Nazi's as the victors...what company would be more suitable, eh?
Does that Amazon logo contain the devil's tail? Corporate sociopath Bezos runs his warehouses like a concentration/work camp!
Bezos's real father was Ted Jorgensen, the surname deriving from Danish/German/Norse.

I've got to be careful here, or I'll segue into PKD, and onto 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' - clones/replicants etc...which easily ties-in to Dolly the 'real' cloned sheep etc! 

 Like father, like daughter...
Ferdinand Porsche designed the VW Beetle - the man behind the Porsche 911.
 Merkel and Germany's recent VW crimes. 

When history (time) repeats we notice?
77 year span

Look who it is...
"Your father was ultimately the creator of the state of Israel" (and Benny knows it!)
 Hitler wanted a (dictatorial) united federalist state of Europe, and (dictator) Merkel is heading up the latest incarnation under the banner of the EU.

(thanks to mattmarriot, for the video assist)

 Don't forget to cast your ballot in the soon to come 4th Reich referendum.

What news of the Saxe-Coburg's, umm, I mean the Windsors?
 The common ground of the 'Elite' and the 'Nazis', two sides of the same coin, bed-fellows.  Edward VIII abdicated because he was a Nazi-type (both by birth and his own personal intent), same goes for the Cliveden Set 'aristos'. The Wallis-Simpson angle, another useless eaters special. Nazi-types and the Royals, they don't just simply have 'much in common', they are of the same breed, and both equally obsessed with bloodline purity etc. Araya, Aryan, Ary-stocracy (noblitity), all from the same etymological root.

 If Germany's Merkel is a stand-in for Adolf, there must be a Churchill, to act as the foil.

And there is...
'Sold Out'? Does that mean the book has sold out (stock) or Boris has 'sold out' on the EU or UK?
 22nd February 2016

Cameron, just sent back from negotiating (aka given his orders) with the EU, 
he is clearly meant to evoke the weak and spineless Neville 'appeasement' Chamberlain.

 Cameron has often been compared to Chamberlain...but an even weaker leader than him!

The Bilderberg EU is a stinking mess and its demise is not a matter of if, but when.
The whole EU project is one of the biggest threats to political freedom that has ever existed.
A giant federal superstate, one without any true democratic underwriting or representation. To call it anything other than a giant  'fascist dictatorship' (headed by Germany, with France in the standard lapdog role) would be disingenuous.

The situation with the Muslim hordes (fomented by Merkel) in mainland Europe, is another absolute disgrace and an on-going one.  Over the last few months, I've had to witness a giant Europe-wide 'brainwashing programme' led by MSM, the likes of which I've never seen. Entire European nations (populations) and their dissent to such nefarious activity (Islamification of mainland Europe) has been handled like a state-wide 'mind control programme'. Orwell's 1984 (about life in 1948) has nothing on these types of current developments!

This is the kind of level of 'brainwashing' and 'state control' that some are having to tolerate:


From what I've been observing, it looks like mainland Europe is quickly descending into chaos and on track to tearing itself apart. We'll be lucky if a wider 'civil war' doesn't break out across the continent and directly as a result of Merkel's insane policy, and where is the accountability?


  1. Reminder of Last Prophet's words from 2010, exposing Angela Merkel shortly before her mother died:

    TRUTH hidden in plain sight
    This commandment if the Illuminati religion is maximally fulfilled by minimally hiding the truth-.
    Simpley relabeling it is the ultimate form to fulfill that reduction.

    NO actress plays Angela Merkel's mum, Gretl Braun alias Herlind Kasner: WHY exposed worldwide first
    Unlike Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler's fake deaths, the script didn't have Gretl commiting suicide.
    But just like Eva and Adolf, the script forced Gretl to never show under her name in public until 1990.
    The reason: to later fulfill illuminati religion's fourh commandment (openly tell it to the cattle):
    the script had her without any disguise at the side of her daughter Angela at the moment that she would step on stage to become the first woman in History chanceller of Germany.

    End Times Reductionism: Morphing Merkel to Adolf Hitler: It takes ten seconds to get it:

    Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton are half-sisters and both daughters of the fuherer of the III Reich.
    Exposed 2013 worldwide first by Last Prophet:
    They are also.first cousins once removed to to the illuminati supreme leader, the fuherer of the IV Reich, Alexander Adolf Hitler.

    1. Thanks for the link to the video...I'll pop it into the main post body. Thanks.

      It's not enough on its own, but it is a useful addition.

      "Openly telling the cattle"...yes, that's what I call 'revelation of the method', which Hoffman (Michael A) terms as an advanced form of mass/group mind control. Telling the 'useless eaters' their plans, using ever increasing subtle and not so subtle (sometimes sledgehammer)forms of propaganda, usually films, TV shows, news media etc. Creating a form of the 'double-mind' in the observer group...

      We're certainly living in the 'revelation of the method era, which has been my main point, ever since I started this blog...everything is already in plain sight and has been for a very long time...which (imo) evokes H G Wells' The Open Conspiracy...that type of thing.

      Thanks for the contribution and for being first to comment.
      Best wishes.

    2. What I've that virtually no one has referenced the 'mystery religion' groups (OTO, AA, Golden Dawn etc) and their seeming influence on all of this.

      Imo, their presence is everywhere throughout this Nazi stuff (Thule, is related!) and most of the other aspects that I've included. Masonic Obama, Obama Youth using Hitler Youth ritual 'grade signs' and all the dumbed-down US kids following these 'rappers' who are also utilizing these same methods (and en masse).

    3. Bill Clinton was a Rockefeller stooge, via Rhodes (another Rothschild agent) and Clinton's mentor (Quigley) promoted the destruction of the middle classes (for elite hegemony). The Rockefeller's literally owned Little Rock, Arkansas (and their political system) and used their muscle to roll Bill through there.

      Hillary is a rabid and dangerous criminal lesbian, but I thought that was common knowledge already.

  2. Fucking brilliant !

    Whenever I've see that pic of AM its been ringing bells. You're absolutely correct.

    Genetics seems the obvious reason but I'm not sure if its not an insight into something even stranger. But who knows.

    Great stuff :-)



    Horseloverphat comments at the bottom of this blog post are echoed in a comment i left here only days ago. The synchronicity of me stumbling onto those comments is truly charming. May be a sign that i too should start my own blog. Thanks again for paving the inroads...

  4. and there was me thinking that i was alone in seeing the undeniable likeness of merkel to hitler.

    1. Yes indeed, and it's so goddamn bat-shit crazy, that it's just bound to be true.

  5. Where do you place the great
    Along with the Clues Forum
    Ground braking research on the art of fakery hidden everywhere in today's modern world and yesterday's world.

  6. Fakery? Merkel is CLEARLY the genetic offspring of Hitler, there is nothing 'fake' about is REAL. Sorry, but I don't see the relevance of this comment? There will be nothing fake about the oncoming collapse of the EU either...the resultant chaos and civil war will be REAL. This is all too real.

  7. I don't doubt what you wrote about Merkel at all.In fact I've read almost everything you have here and at The Mask of God blogspot in the last 5 weeks.Enjoyed every word.I have thought for years,maybe even before Liberty Forum,ancient enemies of man wrestle for control most all the time.Personally I think jews are ancient and dangerous.
    Anyway I like Clues Forum alot too and have been fan probably since its beginning.
    Sorry about the misunderstanding.

    1. Hey sorry, it is me who should apologise. I think your initial comment was a 'general one' and not necessarily specific to this post. The misunderstanding was worries and thanks for visiting and commenting. Yeah, I think I've picked up things here and there from the Clues Forum...some good minds and insight over there.

      Thanks and best wishes.

  8. General question: What are your thoughts on this video?
    Note that this is a part of a series, but I thought this one was particularly interesting.

    1. Some symbols I noticed:
      Project Monarch Butterfly
      Over the Rainbow
      White Rabbit
      Eraserhead Chicken Picnic

    2. I watched it...and had a WTF? moment. Not sure what to make of it. It has all the qualities of a children's programme, but with somewhat twisted and disturbing adult content. Clearly it is meant for adults...but God knows what a watching child would think. I noticed a few of those symbols you listed too.

      I'm putting together a piece at the moment that will include monarch and over the rainbow. Let's just say that Nicole 'Eyes Wide Shut/Over The Rainbow' Kidman's father (Antony Kidman)...will be a feature. Be on the lookout.

    3. I linked to that one specifically because of the Love Cult. Shades of Eyes Wide Shut and its respective Love Cult. A lot of the lyrics to the song in that video sound sexual. Seems like it's all a commentary on how our culture views love as a commodity and uses it to justify sinister acts, just as Eyes Wide Shut was a commentary on.

    4. Imo...Eyes Wide Shut, is a virtual documentary about the 'Monarch rainbow programming' system of the elite. The creation of mkultra-type sex slaves that are used and abused by the elite. Alice is one of these victims and is 'owned' by the cabal. Harford's daughter may well have been abducted by the cabal at the close of the film and in league with Alice(it is suggested, at least). My next post will cover all this.

      Re: Love Cult...there is no love in Eyes Wide Shut, the women act like zombie-robots (a disconnect) and the sex scenes contain no erotic elements whatsoever.

      Thanks for your comment.

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  11. Dublinsmick has done a lot of work on this particular subject:
    Could Angela be male?

  12. Thank you very much for sharing information that will be much helpful for making coursework my effective.

  13. Hlp. Clap, clap, clap. Standing ovation good. Simply flooring stuff. History channels conclusion to Hitler in south America, with other Nazis was ... yes. Rotm for sure.

    The struggle up next is for the soul of the world though. The elite deserve nothing less than complete eradication. They think the same of us.

    1. Thanks, Eugene.

      It HAD to be written. The moment I saw/heard what Merkel was doing/saying - I knew the game was afoot.

      Yup. It's us or them.

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