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The Exorcist - Satan, Serial Killings, Child Abuse and Hollywood-MSM Monarch/Mkultra Mind Control - Part 1

A continuation and related post in respect of 'Eyes Wide Shut - The Paedo Files'
I dedicate this post to the memory of researcher 'David McGowan', may he rest in peace.

The Exorcist...Satan and the 'child abuse' subtext

I've shown you the 'paedophilic subtext' of Kubrick's 'horror' The Shining, 
now let's look at the mother of modern horror cinema...Friedkin's The Exorcist
Within the body of the film The Exorcist (by Jewish Willy Friedkin) there appears to be a huge (potential) 'child abuse' thematic running throughout...albeit subliminal and veiled. There is also a seeming homosexual subtext too, at least that is what can be argued.

 We already mentioned a few aspects about Schumacher's The Lost Boys (see previous post), the film with Corey Haim and Feldman (both industry based paedophile sex abuse victims), Exorcist's Jason 'Father Karras' Miller's son was Jason 'Lost Boys' Patric. Miller's younger son (Joshua) is seen in Hallowe'en 3.

Feldman searched for one-eyed Willie in The Goonie (which had a homoerotic flavour)
The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English
No disrespect intended to either 'Corey', but the term 'corey' is Cockney rhyming  slang for the 'penis' (morning glory/corey).

"I aint got a man..."

One or two examples are a bit weak, but most are on point.
"You're history buddy"...putting the beaver (heterosexuality) into the 'homoerotic' postered closet.

 Schumacher was accused of overt 'homoerotcism' during his stint on Batman. Recall that Val 'Anal Intruder/Top Gun' Kilmer and George 'Friend of Dorothy' Clooney (gay) featured in those films.

 In 2006, Clooney said in an interview that in Batman & Robin he played Batman as gay. "I was in a rubber suit and I had rubber nipples. I could have played Batman straight, but I made him gay." Walters then asked, "George, is Batman gay?" To which he responded, "No, but I made him gay. (wink, wink)

Male bats exhibit the highest rate of homosexuality among mammals. (batty boys!)

Buttman/Boning...remember Bruce Wayne's Grandfather founded Yale/Skull and Bones.
Yale Boners get tapped...tap that ass, boner.
Batman (with morning glory?), Dick...and (wrong way) Boners
 Skull and Bones #322 (Yale)
We mentioned Batman TDKR in respect of the Sandy Hook and Aurora events. 
Bat(e)man: "That whole (masonic) Yale thing...closet homosexual"
It's Batman/Bat(e)man. American Psycho Bateman has a 'homoerotic/cottaging' moment (with Luis Carruthers) in the toilet at The Yale Club. Christian 'Batman/discovered by Spielberg' Bale.
Bat(e)man...Bone, Bonest, Meat...all euphemism for the penis
"It's hip to be (on the) square." Ellis, the author of American Psycho is very likely gay. American Psycho is full of narcissistic/homoerotic elements and moments.

The '666' Omen would soon follow The Exorcist, The Omen's Donner (director) and Bernhard (producer) would also do likewise on The Goonies (see gay subtext in previous post) and both would also work on The Lost Boys, with Donner as executive producer and Bernhard as producer. Damien Karras would get possessed at the close of the film, Donner's The Omen 'son of the devil' was Damien Thorne.
Anyway...The Exorcist, interesting that quite a few people have posited that Father Karras may have been a homosexual, there is even a potential link to both him and Father Dyer being gay. Karras is ethnically a Greek, to go 'Greek' a euphemism for homosexuality.
"Bottoms (asses) up, man. Whoa!" The Lost Boys. 
In previous post, we also discussed the heavy homoerotic overtones in Schumacher's The Lost Boys.

 Like father (Jason Miller), like son (Jason Patric)
Karras is compared to Sal Mineo, who was one of the first openly gay actors in Hollywood.
Dyer waxes lyrical while playing the piano, in what seems like a Liberace reference and he makes reference to many leaving the church, due to their homosexuality. It's the 'all knowing' Regan/Demon who directly accuses Karras of being a homosexual (see the Exorcist novel). Liberace was one of the earliest members of Lavey's Church of Satan and a personal friend of his.
 Karras and Dyer could even be in a (hidden) relationship of sorts!
"Give me the butt. Come on." a potential 'double entendre' and one relating to a cigarette (aka a fag).
It wouldn't be such an issue, save the fact that Dyer is putting Karras to bed, there is also a love heart on the wall. The Exorcist was edited by Norman Gay, lol.

Regan reading Photoplay: Big Trouble In The MacNeil Marriage! Father walks out etc...
An absent father figure, Chris MacNeil (actress) and Burke (her film director), yes Hollywood personnel (and related) are the central characters of The Exorcist film. Chris is what most would call a celebrity.

Talking of celebrity. Mia 'Rosemary's Baby' Farrow used to be married to Woody 'Paedophile' Allen.
Golden Globes 2014, when known and admitted pedophile Woody Allen was given a touching tribute by the Hollywood award show, Allen’s son 'tweeted' to the world, “Missed the Woody Allen tribute - did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7?”

Jodie Foster played the part of a prostitute in Woody Allen's comedy Shadows and Fog
 Some think that Jodie (lesbian) Foster might've been 'pimped' by her own mother Brandy.
Foster has some very questionable content in her career, which began as a very small child. Jodie began acting in commercials at the age of 3.
Jodie 'Lolita/Hooker' Foster...the top shots are publicity photos that were arranged by her mother.

  Foster was infinitely more sexual as a child actress, than she has ever been as an adult. Bottom centre, is Foster with Nastassja Kinski. Kinksi would go full frontal nude in the film To The Devil A Daughter, she was likely 14 years old (possibly 15 at the oldest) and this constitutes child abuse.
 Her father Klaus was an incestuous paedophile who regularly raped his eldest daughter Paolo (from age 5), Klaus also claimed in his biography (shortly before his death) that he had spent a whole week in bed with Nastassja, Klaus also makes mention of sexual activity with his mother and his sister. Nastassja claims that he tried it on with her too (abuse repressed?), she has since backed up Paola's claims.

Bugsy Malone (1976) as Tullulah 'child' Belle (seemingly singing about being a prostitute)
'South of heaven' is mentioned in the lyrics, a euphemism for hell.

After fleeing the US because of child rape charges, some of the industry’s most famous names came out publicly in support of Polanski and demanding the criminal charges be dropped. Some of the more recognized names included Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein, Martin Scorsese, Jodie Foster, Whoopi Goldberg, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Darren Aronofsky, Jonathan Demme, Stephen Frears, and hundreds more that can be found at the OhNoTheyDidnt blog.

Scorcese's Taxi Driver, written by Schrader, he made The Exorcist prequel Dominion. I think that Taxi Driver may have formed some of (Catcher In The Rye) John 'Reagan shooter/Jodie Foster made me do it' Hinckley's mind control we're getting potential Regan/Reagan overlaps!
Both these films will make reference to the butterfly, Taxi Driver via underage hooker Foster.
Dominion opens with a Nazi scene, there was Nazi related dialogue in the original film.
Monarch (butterfly) and hand...monarch hand-ler?

Taxi Driver De Niro, also featured in Alan 'Bugsy Malone' Parker's Angel Heart, as Lucifer. Foster seems to have played a 'child prostitute' in Taxi Driver and Bugsy Malone, both released in 1976.
Jonathan 'Corman' Demme, directed Foster in Silence of the Lambs, it doesn't have the overt 'butterfly' motif (although butterfly is mentioned by Lecter) it has the Moth (death's head/skull and bones). It relates to systematically abused Buffalo Bill (who has the Nazi swastika bedspread), the same man who has a sexual identity crisis (abuse led to sexual identity issues).

Schrader's American Gigolo...
 Reeve and Travolta, both suspected of being homosexual.
 Caine and Reeve (Deathtrap)...Caine on Gere:
 Putting £30,000 adverts in the London Times (1994) to declare to the world that you're not gay...likely means that you're gay.

In 1989, Jodie famously played a rape victim in the film The Accused. Lesbian Jodie would feature alongside Top 'Gay' Gun star Kelly 'lesbian' McGillis. The Accused would also feature Steve 'The Gaynies/Goonies' Antin, as one of the rapists, Antin's brother Robin founded The Pussycat Dolls.

Butterfly Effect, former Pussycat Doll (MK-like programming links, cats/dolls) Ashley 'butterfly effect' Roberts is the daughter of former Mamas & Papas drummer Pat Roberts.
...see John 'Mamas & Papas' Phillips and daughter, for incest abuse. He was only one of the designers of the entire 60s music scene, from Monterrey and beyond!

The Butterfly Effect...

The Butterfly Effect. A plot which evokes aspects of MK/monarch programming...
Ashton 'masonic square and compass' Kutcher. 
Kabbalistic Kutcher, who attended the funeral of Rabbi Philip Berg (in Israel 2013), the founder of the Los Angeles-based Kabbalah Center. 'Masonic monarchs' Madonna and Britney Spears were also in attendance. Burial was at the same site where Kabbalah 'godfather' Luria is also located.

Buffalo Billy, Silence of the Lambs: Lecter: "Was it a butterfly?" Clarice: "Yes, a moth'."
 As certain experts maintain...suicide rates after gender reassignment, are virtually the same! It is, therefore, not the universal panacea, that the MSM are ramming down the collective throat!

I stand by my claim that transgenderism is a mental illness, as is my human right, one that is possibly (in some cases) connected to systematic child sex abuse. Children are now being lined-up for this!
LGBT campaigner Foster, did school through (Nazi Skull and Bones connected) Yale (death's head).
Jodie's father, Lucius Foster, "a US Air Force colonel from a wealthy family", left his wife, Evelyn 'Brandy' Almond, before Jodie was born.

Talking of military links and the butterfly...The Major, butterfly collecting from his childhood.
 Two Exorcist prequel films were made (Schrader and Harlin versions), above butterfly image is from Harlin's The Beginning, see how this ties-in with Foster's Silence of the Lambs imagery (below), Butterfly and 'death head'. Lambs writer Thomas Harris, is likely intel connected, possibly CIA.

Dominion makes heavy reference to the butterfly, as does Harlin's prequel version 'The Beginning'.
Jodie 'paedeo prostitute' Foster...and the butterfly (moth). Foster was connected to insidious Disney too, she featured in Freaky Friday and Candleshoe with Christopher 'Wicker Man/007' Lee etc.

'Hide and Seek', was the climax scene of Foster's Silence of the Lambs, at Buffalo Bill's.
Robert 'Monarch' De Niro, Dakota Fanning...Hide and Seek (2005) Monarch programming!
With MK'd 'monarch' Dakota 'child star like Jodie' Fanning (Emily Callaway)...the monarch butterfly that leads to her (programming memories) cave.
Monarch/Butterfly wearing Dakota 'mind controlled' Fanning...
David 'Charlie' Callaway (De Niro) the 'monarch hand-ler' (David/Charlie split alters)
Emily's imaginary friend 'Charlie' is an aspect of David's (De Niro) own programmed psyche.
It is this aspect of David, that tortures and programmes Emily Callaway. (a generational cycle)

The US's largest butterfly center (in Georgia) just happens to be called Callaway, the real family apparently attend Bohemian Grove. (cough, cough). Monarch butterfly, see top left.

'Butterfly' Dominion was director Paul Schrader's first major movie in two decades. He came onto the project following the death of director John 'Manchurian Candidate' Frankenheimer in July 2002. Yup, even the original director heavily links to mind control! Frankenheimer will be mentioned again later and it will be heavily in respect of mind control.

Bob 'Schrader's Taxi Driver' De Niro

Taxi Driver/Cat People Schrader's Dominion and monarch hand-ler...snap!
Dolls and programming...Charlie (David's alter) is Emily's (Fanning's) 'amnesic' programmer
Monarched Emily's (Fanning's) doll...with programmer Charlie (David/De Niro)
The 'caged cat' which Emily (Fanning) loves...more monarch programming allusions.
Final shot (theatrical release) Emily and the spilt (monarch) personality (two heads)
Fanning and Foster...two monarch peas, in a pod.
Taxi Driver, Fanning channeling Foster as the 'lolita hooker'
Yeah, I'd never had guessed! Twinned monarchs...traversing the generations.
Move along, nothing to see, all obviously just coincidence and artistic license! (sarcasm)

It is clear (to me), that many films are not much more, than an collective of 'overt documentaries' on monarch type industry programming. The 'on-going' programming of the ACTUAL actors/actresses that feature in them (Foster/Fanning/De Niro/Kinski etc) and the subsequent programming of 'wider society' who are infected by these agents and via the host (Hollywood). Yes, I'm calling film/pop stars 'mind controlled' industry assets. You cannot and will not progress within the Zionist/Masonic Hollywood/TV system, unless you are subject to the master programme, they are ALL sell outs and of the worst and most degenerate kind. Pity then, that most of the 'dumbed down' sheep have made them their heroes and superiors...being ignorant of such things (as outlined above), is no excuse either, follow these 'marionettes' at you and your children's peril.

Jodie 'Taxi Driver' Foster...stranded and without parents, that's Disney-esque in the extreme!
 Foster's 1976 release The Little Girl Who Lived Down The Lane, also has paedophilic overtones (from Martin Sheen) and we eventually discover that Foster (13 yrs old) jumps into bed with her formerly disguised father (via masked Mario), near the close...that folks, is incest. Is that another 'paedo-bear' example in the above shot?

 Hotel New Hampshire...Foster, Kinski (The Lesbian Bear), Rob Lowe
 Incest (between Foster/Lowe), Lesbianism and sodomy...are all aspects of this film. 
We've already mentioned the nature of Kinski's own upbringing by her paedophile father Klaus. Rob Lowe is no stranger to this sort of thing either, see his sex tapes from 1988.

 Kinski, film ‘Cat People’ has themes of incest, as well as having suggestions of kitten programming.
Thanks to pseudooccultmedia for some aspects and content.
Schrader's Cat 'Kinski' People, kitten programming allusions? Jerry 'Zionist/Top Gay Gun' Bruckheimer. Malcolm 'Clockwork Orange/Cat Lady' McDowell...Alex 'cinema mind control' Delarge..."what a beautiful feline, I'm happy again." 
777 Kether to Malkuth...David 'Crowley/Kabbalah' Bowie.
Ziggy 'Lightning Struck Tree of Life' Bowie...Jerry 'Lightning Struck Tree of Life' Bruckheimer
The Zionist/Jewish Kabbalistic Tree of Life/Sephiroth and Lightning Flash of Creation

Zio-Masonic/corporate MSM brainwashing of the USA and beyond
Zionist: Zeta Beta Tau was founded in 1898 as the nation's first Jewish fraternity.
Zionist/Masonic Brothers include(d) Jerry 'Top Gay Gun' Bruckheimer, Harold 'Ghostbusters' Ramis, Michael 'Disney CEO' Ovitz, Jack L Warner (President Warner Bros), Samuel 'Fox' Rosen, Samuel 'MGM' Goldwyn, Doug 'Sony Music CEO' Morris etc etc. The usual 'mass mind control and degenerate media creating' Zionist sociopaths and their agents.

Homosexual Zionist/Kabbalist propagandist Bruckheimer with Miley 'Butterfly Monarch' Cyrus and Nic 'National Masonic Treasure/Monarch' Cage.

Fifteen young men—among them Herman Abramowitz, Aaron Levy, Bernhard Bloch, David Liknaitz, Isidore Delson, Louis S Posner, Aaron Drucker, Bernhard Saxe, Bernard Ehrenreich, Herman Sheffield, Menachem Eichler, David Swick, Aaron Eiseman, Maurice Zellermayer, and David Levine—gathered at the Jewish Theological Seminary on this date (12/29/1898) to found the organization. The society was called Z.B.T., which referred to the first letters in the Hebrew phrase "Zion Be-mishpat Tipadeh", which translated means "Zion shall be redeemed with judgment"

Zionist Jews (and agents) controlling the 'mass mind'
Zionists also have control of the UK based 'behemoth propaganda entity' aka the (paedo) BBC
The same BBC that owned 'conspiratainment purveyor' David 'masonic/controlled opposition' Icke.
David Icke and BBC 'sun worship', Frank 'cocaine and hookers' Bough. Nick 'child porn apologist/my wife set up Zionist BBC Childline with Zionist Rantzen' Ross (but found fuck all on Savile), bottom right.

Icke was inside 'paedo central' aka the BBC and he said nothing for all that time!
His entire 'reptilian' theory is a badly rehashed version of 'paedo' Clarke's Childhood's End (see also The Visitors). Icke, the researcher whose 'reptilian schtick' helps ensure that any alternative investigations into the 'elite', are never taken seriously. His former wife was an Illuminist Witch.
Pamela Leigh Richards: Magic is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in Conformity with Will. (yes, right out of Crowleyian lore). Oh look...the 666 hand signal.
This from his ex-wife's blog...
Icke lives on the 'paedo masonic ridden' Isle of Wight, a 'wight' being a spirit. Note three 6's, below.
Do not 'buy in' to his Crowleyian 'new age' propaganda, the man is an elite sponsored gatekeeper!
His 'people's voice' channel fraud was in connection with Russell 'Katy monarch Perry' Brand.
Fabian/Masonic/Hollywood Brand with fellow 'brother mason' Icke
Get Him (to the) go 'Greek' sodomy, note Brand's body position relative to Hill.
The horned (masonic) baphomet/pan, god of sodomy...Brand is likely a homosexual. 
It also featured homosexual 'rap icon' Poof 'sodomite' Daddy.
Brand with Scientologist (Crowley based) and homosexual Tom 'Eyes Wide Shut' Cruise.
Baphomet (sodomite) Brand

Eyes Wide Shut Kubrick...Baphomet 'The Shining/Sodomite' Nicholson

Kubrick - who used Rothschild's Mentmore Towers (mansion) for the elite orgy exterior shots.
Russell "Masonic/Goldsmith-Rothschild" Brand. 
Brand is a Fabian - they have a wolf in sheep's clothing as a logo!

His "33" tattoo. Looks like a "fellow craft" type of masonic grip/handshake
His ex-girlfriend Katy "mind controlled" Perry is a member of (masonic) Disney's "Club 33"
Brand's "Masonic boots" (BBC, 2007). BBC = 223. Skull n Bones =322.

Folk with a memory will know, that he first emerged from Big 'all seeing masonic eye' Brother
Brother Brand and the 'eye and pyramid'. Icke heavily associated himself with this man and yet he cannot spot his blatant 'masonic/illuminist' credentials?

David 'masonic' Icke...on the Grand Master's throne inside the lodge!
David 'kerrching ££££££' Icke with his 'virtual' corporate tours at corporate Wemb-ley. (lol)

David 'freemason' Icke exposed...we've got him bang to rights!
The man Icke and his associates tried to accuse me of plagiarism (a few years ago), it was unfounded bullshit on their part, my work goes far beyond anything Mr BBC/£££ Icke ever produced!
'Masonic BBC' Icke is a gigantic Zionist/BBC fraud. See his latest sycophant video worshipping 'monarch victim' and Zionist asset Prince. He was also involved in manipulating Arizona Wilder for this same elite! What did Icke actually do about rampant paedophilia at the BBC, he never exposed it, perhaps he was actually involved in it himself? BBC is 'intel' and you NEVER leave 'intel'.

Zionist/Jewish 'double agents' working for Rothschild's Zionist Israel...the folk who brought the WTC 9/11 hoax to the masses...these are the 'creators/authors' of mass mind control etc
Like I said...Zionist 'masonic' scum (working against the collective interests of the wider USA), these are also clearly the same people, who are agents for the ongoing 'monarch programme', where's the gas ovens when you need them? There are still folk out there that wonder why the 'Jews' have been expelled from every goddamn place that they ever occupied?

Bobby 'monarch' De Niro knew all about Milchan's dealings...Pollack featured in Eyes Wide Shut

Foster appeared in Roman Polanski's film Carnage. (2011) 
 Foster and Kinski...recall the Thelemic Hex (evoked in Interstellar, Nathan Crowley etc)
 Kinski's film debut was via Wim 'Room 666' Wenders, his film Wrong Move (1975).
Zionist propagandist 'holohoax kabbalist Jew' Spielberg is pictured, right. He used Devil's Tower in his Close 'demonic' Encounters.

Do What Thou Wilt...the Saturnian (satan, overlaps) Hex and Seal of Solomon.
Based on Dennis 'Crowley/Thelema' Wheatley's book. The mausoleum (featured in the film's finale) was built by (masonic) Francis Dashwood, the notorious leader of the Hellfire Club (whose attendees included the likes of Benjamin Franklin), the usual degenerate upper classes! Yes, it's the same location.

To The Devil A Daughter...
“An excommunicated priest sets up a satanic cult that only looks Catholic on the outside. He convinces a man to sign over his daughter's soul so that she will become the devil's representative on earth on her eighteenth birthday, but as that day nears, the man seeks the help of an American occult novelist to save his daughter, both physically and spiritually.“ 

I wonder if Widmark was put in the cast, due to his resemblance to Klaus Kinski?
 Curiously, Wheatley never recounted details of the lunch (with Crowley) at which he was presented with his specially inscribed copy of Magick, but he had two favourite stories to tell of Crowley. One concerned a magical ceremony he performed when he was an undergraduate at Cambridge in which he caused the Master of John's to break his ankle; the other concerning the invocation of Pan in a Paris hotel in the days before WWI.

Before the finale at Hell Fire (West Wycombe mausoleum)
Moonchild (demonic child) inducing ritual copulation...via 'demonic' Astaroth (for Catherine/Kinski) who is invoked into the (inverted crucifix) golden mounted figure. 'Twinned' Margaret concurrently copulates with Father Michael (Lee). Twinning being an aspect of Monarch mind control.
A dream sequence to the finale. Springmeier states that Astaroth (Astar, Ashtareth, Ashtaroth, Astarte, Ishtar) is one of the, “Principle demons that are popular to place into Monarch systems.”
 The butterfly...To The Devil A Daughter (at Catherine's supposed safe house form the cult). 
Right, 'incestuous child abuser' Klaus Kinski and the butterfly.
Kinski and dolls

 Occult 'ritual high magick' seeping into popular culture...mixed with mk/monarch programming.
 Moonchild (Liber 81 - The Butterfly Net)
Homunculus - also relates to OTO Parsons/Hubbard 'Babalon Working' and the nuclear tests etc.
L Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame - a satanist/chaos magickian who considered himself a successor to Crowley. 
The Butter-fly-Net
It seems that they just love making (barely veiled) films about satanism, child sexual abuse and mind control!

Looks like incest paedo bait...child-woman (another Monarch?)
The 1982 film release Butterfly, which featured former child star Pia Zadora, concerned father-daughter incest, it also starred Orson Welles and Stacey Keach.

Klaus Kinski, Roman Polanski and Nastassja...
Nastassja, would feature in Polanski's Tess...
She is believed to have had a “relationship” with a then 43 year old Roman Polanski when she was 15, pictured above filming ‘Tess’. Nastassja and Sharon Tate share the same birthday, Sharon turned 18 when Nastassja was born.
 Kinski is synchronistically linked with occult ritual sacrifice as she and her "lover" end up in Stonehenge, where she asks, "Did they sacrifice to God here?" and lays on an altar-like stone. He responds, "No, to the Sun I believe, it was a Pagan temple." She is then captured by authorities and the rising sun is shown shining through the standing stones, highlight the solar/stellar symbolism. It is then described that she was hanged (evoking Polanski's own wife Tate, who was killed/roped).

MKULTRA victims and in plain sight...Hollywood films ARE MKULTRA
 Degenerate Klaus is clearly not talking about the 'winged' variety!
Nastassja...the caged bird/kitten/cat

Schrader's Cat People (opening)...we view some sort of sacrificial ritual going on (what's new, is she ever involved in anything else?), where a beautiful woman is put in front of a large, growling cat. 
Nothing is said, but you don't get the sense that this whole thing is not about the woman being used as food. We fade from the woman's face to another face, this time belonging to Irena (Kinski).

Illuminati 'mind controlled' sex kittens

Gay 'OTO' Z's protege 'Illuminati' owned Rihanna...
A 'mind controlled' artist...'controlling minds' of the youth (sexual programming)
Monarch programming, the butterfly and sex kittens.
“The media has said some stuff about my dad and me being too close and too cuddly for a father and a daughter. For me and my dad it’s not weird at all.”
The caged kitten/bird, nothing to see, move long...all coincidence, right folks? (wink, wink)
 Caged Monarch/Butterfly Programmed Dolls...
Boxed/Caged like a Barbie Doll...Butterfly programming motif (left, debut mix-tape)
Discovered/bigged-up by Lil Wayne aka Lil Gay-ne
Caged Cat/Leopard People...multiple 'alters' Roman Zolansky etc (subtle, not!)
 Pyramids and all seeing eyes...
MK'd Minaj & Carey, American Idol feud...inbetween is Keith 'Nicole Oz Kidman' Urban...
Recall previous post, Nicole 'Rainbow/Eyes Wide Shut' Kidman's father and satanic child abuse.

 Nicki to Mimi...Gilded Cage Carey...
Oz, rainbows, butterflies and dolls
 Mariah 'Mimi (alter) MonarCh Butterfly/Leopard' Carey.

Her former 'MonarC' label settles the issue. Note above that it says MonarC LAMBS.

 Butterfly/Leopard Cat Mimi...
Britney 'Disney mind control' Spears
 Katy 'MK'd Monarch/Cat/Caged Bird' Perry
 Lady 'Caged Monarch Butterfly Cat' Gaga

It's not just female celebs either...Shia 'monarch' Laboeuf
Sigur Ros...the band's song 'Nothing Song' featured in Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky. Featuring Tom Cruise aka David 'my entire cryonic life is made from popular culture' Aames
The caged bird...with overt heavy paedophilic overtones...Sia - Elastic Heart
Sia: "I anticipated cries of pedophilia" (but went ahead and made it anyway, wtf? Sick bitch!)
Ignorant people who defend this stuff 'under art' need locking up and/or psychiatric help!
'I apologize to those who feel triggered by Elastic Heart, my intention was to create some emotional content, not to upset anybody.' (triggered, a mind control term)

An overt video about monarch based mind control...Shia 'Disney' Laboeuf

No wonder we've publicly seen Labeouf have some kind of breakdown.
The masonic death's head and pyramid...Transformers, it has all sorts of masonic based encoding secreted in the film from 33, 322, Saturn, The Cube/Hex etc, the typical stuff.
The sequel had scenes set in Egypt, at the pyramids of Giza. Spielberg executive produced.
The sequel was also promoted on the Luxor Pyramid, with sphinx and Osirian phallus/obelisk
There are videos on youtube of Labeouf and his programming/breakdown etc

It's all the same type of programming imagery (anyone who says otherwise, is either blind, stupid, both or a part of the programme itself!) because they've all be 'literally' programmed using the same type of 'monarch' methodology! It's almost as though, the controllers now have this programme operating like a McDonald's menu, all is now standardised!

 back to Butterfly/Leopard Cat Kinski

"We are an incestuous race" 
Gods in 'transforming' human form that the tree of life/sephiroth?

Paul (McDowell) tells sister Irena (Kinski), that they can only mate with their own kind (half cat/half human), for if they don't, they transform and end up killing their lovers. Only by practicing incest are their transformations kept at bay. A near incest scene between Paul/Irena is shown.

Malcolm 'incestuous Caligula/Clockwork rapist' McDowell...more brother/sister incest

The Elite (Egyptians) preserving bloodlines via incest...sound familiar? It is the only feature film produced by the men's magazine Penthouse. "At Capri, Caligula finds that Tiberius has become depraved, showing signs of advanced venereal diseases, and embittered with Rome and politics. Tiberius enjoys swimming with naked youths and watching degrading sex shows that often include children and deformed people." Again, sound familiar?

Capri (the island) has long been a popular location for wealthy homosexual men.
"Drusilla tries to find Caligula a wife among the priestesses of the goddess Isis, the cult they secretly practice (I might've guessed! My emphasis. Crowley's Golden Dawn was an aristocratic Isis cult). Caligula wants to marry Drusilla, but she insists they cannot marry because she is his sister. Instead, Caligula marries Caesonia, a priestess and notorious courtesan after she bears him an heir. Drusilla reluctantly supports their marriage. Meanwhile, despite Caligula's popularity with the masses, the Senate expresses disapproval for what initially seem to be light eccentricities. Darker aspects of Caligula's personality emerge when he rapes a bride and groom on their wedding day (typical McDowell film territory) in a minor fit of jealousy and orders Gemellus's execution to provoke a reaction from Drusilla."

Cat People...
 John Heard (Oliver, the head zookeeper) he ties Irena (Kinski) to a bed to, to carry out the sex act that will cause her to revert (into a cat). It implies that Oliver sees Irena (a caged cat) at the close.
John '911' Heard...911 via Big, 911 via The Pelican Brief and 911 via Home Alone 2. Funny that Heard should feature in a film about 'transforming gods/humans', when in Big he features in the (9 to 11 yr old) 'transforming' skyscraper scene, with Tom '911/WTC' Hanks, who got 'transformed' by Zoltar on 9/11/87!

Even in Scorcese's/Schrader's Taxi Driver...the WTC is shown
Mulholland Drive carried a veiled 'incest' theme via Beatrice Cenci, the painting hangs prominently in Betty's apt, there is also the infamous lesbian scene too. Why does Billy Ray 'Mulholland Drive' Cyrus, blame Lynch for his own daughter's descent into public degeneracy and debauchery?

Nastassja's programming breakdown/issues (disassociation) live on TV...

FFS...Nastassja's film career, is seemingly and potentially, a literal living diary of her 'monarch-like' abuse by 'connected' Hollywood personnel and her own father! Nastassja has referenced (in recent years) that she suffers from narcolepsy, which is cited in respect of programming and mind control.

In the film 'Harem' she plays a young girl who is kidnapped (via a drugged drink) in New York by an Arab Sheikh (Ben Kingsley) and transformed into a sex slave in his harem, she originally fights him and tries to escape before the (almost obligatory) 'Stockholm syndrome' defense kicks in.
Alain 'Harem/Mulholland Drive' Sadre...he's produced for Polanski, Bitter Moon and The Pianist.

Harem, note the 'caged liberty woman' (her name is overlaid) and see Nastassja and the 'cat' (cat people) being handled, then listen to the 'female rape-based' radio dialogue, as Kinski is introduced.
Sadre's Mulholland Drive has 9/11 aspects...Sadre's Harem opens with shots of the Twin Towers.
Coincidentally (or not) Kinski also briefly featured in Lynch's Inland Empire.
 Mulholland '911' Drive, Beverly Hills '911' Cop II & '911' Traffic.
Recall, that 'twinning' is also a thematic of David 'Twin Peaks' Lynch's Mulholland Drive, as is the Lightning Struck Tower via Silencio.

We mentioned Watts and Kidman in the previous post. Lynch is known for Twin 'incest' Peaks.
Lynch, would cite the 'hermetic maxim' (as above, so below) via Twin Peaks. (more on that later)

 As above, so below
Mulholland Drive, was the location where Polanski drugged and raped an underage was at Jack 'Baphomet' Nicholson's house. Jack himself, appropriately being a product of incest. Recall, he reads the 'incest' referencing Playgirl magazine in the lobby of the Overlook (Kubrick's The Shining). Nicholson was also earmarked for the lead role as (incestuous) Caligula, but it went to McDowell.
Didn't Jack have some sort of sexual interest in Twin Peaks' Lara Flynn Boyle? Yes, is the answer.

The Exorcist, directors who were approached before Friedkin included Stanley 'Illuminati'/Lolita Paedo Chic' Kubrick, Bonnie and Clyde's Arthur Penn, and The Graduate's Mike Nichols. Jack Nicholson was up for the part of Father Karras, before Jason Miller landed the role.

 A quote from 'To The Devil A Daughter'
“She obviously doesn't know what's going on so I can hardly tell her that her dad's in trouble with a bunch off Satanists.”, which is an interesting 4th wall type of synchronicity.
 Lee puts a herb-like substance (probably something specific) on a gold plate of Baphomet as part of the ritual where Margaret (who Catherine/Kinski is twinned with, both are abused in occult ritual orgies) will give birth to a demonic child.

Polanski's Rosemary's Baby...To the daughter (Rosemary) a devil (her baby)
A drug/dream sequence...sold out to a Satanic group and for ritual 'demonic' copulation.
Is the demon LaVey and did he technically advise? Yes, is the likely answer, lie-fest Hollywood cannot be trusted in this regard...always go with the legend. June (6th month) 1966, "hail satan...the year one", LaVey's COS formed in 1966.
Rosemary and Baphomet via Levi's book. (Levi/Levy/LaVey)
Polanski has Rosemary arrange the scrabble letters to write All Of Them likely doubled as a 4th wall example, relating to Polanski and his circle!

Sharon Tate: A Life, Ed Sanders
 Tate (coffin) Polanski's Fearless Vampire Killers...Tate (magick circle) Alex and Maxine Saunders
Hollywood Doll programming...Tate (center)

Rosemary's Baby is a 'virtual' stylised celluloid version of the Crowleyian 'moonchild' ritual
Polanski's overtly satanic Rosemary's Baby would have Guy (Rosemary's husband) as a small time actor and one who is looking for advancement. It is Guy that does a deal with 'the cult', symbolically sacrificing Rosemary and their child, in exchange for fame etc. The film director Burke Dennings in The Exorcist, Jack MacGowran (coincidentally or not) worked extensively with Roman 'Rosemary's Baby' Polanski. Nine people died during the making of "The Exorcist". Most notably, Jack MacGowran (Burke Dennings) and also the woman who played Karras' mother.

In 1966 Roman Polanski cast him as the gangster Albie in Cul-de-sac, before creating Professor Abronsius (pictured below) in The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) especially for him.
The Fearless Vampire Killers also featured Polanski's wife Sharon Tate (her father, a US Lt Colonel, intel linked) , who would be killed (supposedly) by the Manson Family in 1969. MacGowran's last film was The Exorcist (1973), he died before the film's general release. Connected too, in 1963, he married Aileen Gloria Nugent, daughter of the Irish MP for South Westmeath and Senator of the Irish Free State, Sir Walter Nugent

The Sexorcist...

The Exorcist author Blatty was CIA and a military psychological warfare chief (a la Aquino)
If this doesn't put the author into the world of potential MSM based 'mind control', then nothing does!
The film opened on December 26th, 1973. It caused widespread hysteria when released. Reports of fainting, people being institutionalized, and at least one miscarriage. It clearly had a massive cultural and psychological effect on the mass audience, perhaps an echo to Blatty's 'psychological warfare' background and activities. I'll mention Friedkin's potential links to 'mkultra/monarch' later in the post body.

Burke is regularly a visitor to the household, lonely and he's got nothing better to do.

The film is set in Washington and we know that Chris MacNeil moves in exclusive circles, dinner at The Whitehouse and for just five or six people.

 I shouldn't have to mention that 'the bed' is the object on which most sex and most sexual abuse takes place...this should be a given, if not, then consider this a timely reminder.
Winged Pazuzu...who adopts the 'as above, so below' pose. An Assyrian demon, Assyria (name) is born out of Sirius, the dogstar (all seeing eye) of the masonic brotherhood, it hangs in all lodges.
The eye, astronomically it's 'sirius', physiologically it's 'the 3rd eye' and anatomically it's the 'anus'.

Crowley: "Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus (anus) to the Mouth of Isis (vagina)!"
OTO XI degree

 Pazuzu/The Devil/Androgynous Baphomet/Pan, the sodomite Templars and (sodomy) god Pan.
Baphomet (in one aspect) is also the 'penis' (see Crowley, attitude of pan/baphomet).
 Hebrew, Samael is a figure in Talmudic lore and Lilith, a female demon in Jewish mythology. Regan demon is a composite of Samael/Lilith representing the androgynous baphomet. Baphomet/Pan is associated with Saturn, Saturn ruled by Capricorn (the goat) and Pan being Saturn's innermost moon.

2012 Olympic opening ceremony 2nd act (after 'the dark satanic mills') was Pan-demon-ium
Talking of Rings, Pan, Babylon, Jerusalem (British Israelism), Nimrod, Witches, J K (C)Rowl(ey)ing, Satanism, Bel (Bells, tubular or otherwise), The Exorcist, Underworld, Danny 'Masonic' Boyle and 'The 2012 Zion/Illuminati Olympics'. It featured Mike 'Tubular Bells/The Exorcist' Oldfield. The record that would also launch Richard 'Illuminati' Branson's 'Isis-based' corporate/plutocratic criminal entity aka Virgin. Virgin's being the ideal ritual candidates.

  The 2012 London Zion Illuminati Olympics
The 'rising' androgynous (male/female) masonic phoenix
The 'masonic' gender-bending shemale (Eurovision 2014) Conchita (female) Wurst (sausage/cock)
Co-written by Charlie Mason.

Zionism/Illuminism run amok...are you doubting Britain's satanic/illuminist credentials!?
It also had music from insidious Disney's Bedknobs (penis) and (penis) Broomsticks (between the vulva). See this excellent breakdown...Disney's occult bedknobs and broomsticks
 Angela's grandfather was George Lansbury, a UK politician and former Labour Party leader.
The film with 'connected' illiuminist witch Angela 'Manchurian Mind Control' Lansbury, her own daughter (Deirdre) was wrapped up with Charles Manson's Family and from the age of 12! Familial mind control, literally! Manson and his followers lived at the end of the street, near where Angela and her children lived. It is alleged that Angela gave Deirdre a hand written note, giving her permission to spend time (as a minor) with Manson and family. Sex and drugs were clearly a major aspect of the (state sponsored and mind control based) Manson clan, so quite why she gave the permission is yet another mystery. The Man(son)churian candidate, a 'magickal mystery tour' literally, coined by Manson for the bus travelling journey, named after the 'OTO Beatles' album of the same name.
Sgt Pepper mirrored diagonal, a la Crowley. Between Diana 'Fluck' Dors and Shirley 'child star' Temple Black. Temple surrounded by cock! Temple and Templar Crowley, are the only people (other than the Beatles) who feature on the cover more than once, there are two of Crowley and three of Temple (she is also hidden behind Lennon, see unaltered cover). This likely carries symbolic relevance (imo), 'three Temples' also evokes the Zionist/masonic 3rd Temple goal/myth. The 'cloth doll' is also Shirley Temple. Crowley the former head of the Order of Oriental Templars (OTO). Kenneth 'OTO/Crowley' Anger claimed (as a child) that he once danced with Shirley Temple.
Temple Black's first visit to MGM (at 11/12 years old) resulted in producer Arthur Freed exposing himself to her, at the same time (in another office) her mother was being sexually harassed by Louis B Meyer. There was talk of Temple Black starring in The Wizard of Oz, but it went to Garland.
The above clip just goes to show how long these Hollywood degenerates have been processing wider society with 'barely veiled and overt' paedophilia based content.

As an adult she was: appointed delegate to the UN in 1969 by President Nixon; named Special Assistant to the Chairman of the President's Council on Environment in 1972, elected to the board of directors of Walt Disney Productions in, 1974, appointed American Ambassador to Ghana in 1974, named Chief of Protocol for the State Department in 1976 and named U.S. Ambassador to Czechoslovakia in 1989 by George H. Bush. (all very suspect establishment connections and figures, my emphasis)

Diana Dors was a visitor to the cottage on Lord Astor's Cliveden estate where Christine Keeler and Steven Ward used to party. She also had links to organised crime the Kray Twins etc.

Diana Dors the 'British Marilyn Monroe' (Monroe, who is also cited in mind control). The codes are believed to contain masonic ciphers. Dors and her husband Lake, have been implicated in sex/drug fuelled orgies at their home (minors present). A home that 'potentially' functioned as front for blackmail control, using two-way mirrors and cameras etc. A woman named Chloe Black (in recent years) has alleged that Dors and Lake, sexually abused her when she was a child. Black supposedly had an affair with (Dors and Lakes') youngest son Jason, where these claims eventually came to light.

Strange deaths surround the man (fan) who obtained some of Dors' belongings in 1992, he was the basis of the 2004 CH4 'missing £2m' documentary. Two years following the programme, he was battered to death (dying later in hospital) by his lodger, who would also be subsequently found dead, while awaiting prosecution for his attack. The lodger at one time acted as a 'session drummer/musician' for acts like The Police.

There are too many Beatles links to list, their role in (Tavistock based) 'mass mind control' shouldn't be overlooked either. Theodor W. Adorno (Tavistock Institute) has been cited as the writer/owner of the Beatles catalogue. However, in terms of ownership, I can only find Lew 'Zionist/TV Mogul/911 Medusa Touch' Grade as being connected via his ATV and the related later Sony deal.

Medusa...Gorgon of Terror
 Telekinesis or (TV) Telly-kinesis? The Med(USA) Touch, the United States.
Medusa, gorgon of terror...9/11 'Tower' terrorism, USA. Recall that Grade would bankroll Zionist Hollywood/Intel asset Arnon '9/11' Milchan via this film. Some have commented that Grade may have been the access point, for British stars' looking to get into Hollywood.

The Beatles 'catalogue'...virtually every song that Lennon/McCartney penned...Lew Grade
Grade's ATV had owned the Beatles catalogue since buying Northern Songs in 1968, around 17 years sole ownership. The Adorno stuff likely has much merit, but on its own it also helps deflect from the direct Zionist ownership!

Catcher in the Rye and Wizard of Oz 'standard programming'
Mark 'mind control/Catcher In The Rye' David Chapman links to Lennon's (Rosemary's Baby) Dakota death. Following the murder, Chapman underwent dozens of assessments by different psychiatrists. He described his anger toward his father who had regularly abused his mother, his identification with Holden Caulfield and with Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz, and his conferences with the "Little People", an imaginary set of people with whom he interacted and from whom he took guidance. He also provided a list of other celebrities he had thought about killing.

Conspiracy Theory, from Richard 'The Omen 666/Goonies/Gaynies/Lethal 911 Weapon' Donner. Mel '911 Patriot/Lethal 911 Weapon' Gibson from Oz (Aus), Julia '9/11 Pelican Brief' Roberts.

Chapman was clearly (imo) programmed by establishment based authorities and intel etc. There are links involving his wife, an Israeli charity, the YMCA (used by intel) etc. The Catcher in the Rye (ergot of rye = LSD) is a framework for mind control, Salinger was likely intel.
Chapman later told journalist Jack Jones that he had told his "Little People" he intended to go to New York and kill John Lennon and they begged him not to, saying "Please, think of your wife. Please, Mr. President. Think of your mother. Think of yourself." Chapman says he told them his mind was made up, and that their reaction was silence. Not long before Lennon’s murder, Chapman had approached occult filmmaker Kenneth 'OTO/Crowley' Anger and offered him a gift of live bullets.

The Road To The Abbey...Abbey Road
Kenneth 'OTO/Crowley' Anger with Alfred 'child rapist' Kinsey at Crowley's Abbey in Cefalu.

Just days after Lennon was felled, Anger’s long-delayed final cut of Lucifer Rising made its New York debut, not far from the bloodstained grounds of the Dakota Apartments.

The Beatles would rise in the immediate aftermath of Hiram 'JFK' Abiff's assassination. The Beatles band members were/are also likely (establishment pawns) 'MK agents' but used as a 'front' for dissemination purposes and for the mass (counter culture) control/degeneracy of society via media.
Yoko Ono was likely a 'handler' of Lennon's, she coming from an extremely wealthy and connected aristocratic Japanese dynasty.

Crowley...the 'literal' Wizard of Oz (Liber '666' Oz)

Chapman identified with Holden (CITR) and Dorothy From Oz
David 'Wizard of Oz' Lynch...his Mulholland '911' Drive also contains heavy Oz elements
Wild At Heart would make reference to child abuse via Lula (her Uncle, who raped her).
Lula, played by Laura 'Spielberg's Masonic Park' Dern, Sailor played by Nic 'Coppola dynasty' Cage, the 'snake skin jacket' wearing, Snake Eyes/Ghost Rider star.

'9/11' Face/Off 'twinned' with Scientology Travolta 'Cage man'...Israel 'Crowley' Regardie's Tree of Life, Cage and the butterfly. Cage was of course, married to Lisa 'Scientology Presley' the daughter of the Jewish King of Rock n Roll aka Elvis. Cage does an Elvis turn in Wild At Oz Heart.
From the 'brilliant' pseudooccultmedia blog, see link, Cage and Monarch.
"Returning to Nicolas Cage, I can remember a few years back on a plane I saw 'Ghost Rider' (also starring Eva Mendes), another comic book adaptation that wasn't particularly engaging but did contain a lot of occult symbolism and demonology, even explicit references to the Qabalah (Israel Regardie's 'Tree of Life'. I remember noting as I had recently acquired it at the time, though still not read). And the theme of being enslaved for the rest of his life by Lucifer/Satan (or whoever, I can't remember specifically) after making a deal with, it may resonate with his own life (he also has those flaming chains, in most of his films he will in some way or another be a 'light bearer' with a torch or whatever), he has the Luciferian flaming Ghost Rider skull tattooed to him (among other tattoos like apparently a lizard wearing a top hat but I can't find pictures worth including here)."

Nic 'monarch butterfly' Cage's...Kick Ass
Monarch Moretz? Hit Me Baby One More Time (violence/minors). The Color Purple (crown chakra)
This 'purple' programming aspect will be raised later in respect of the the Purple Gay One (Prince)
Pushing the child sex agenda...Giant Cocks & Cunts, all uttered by a uber violent child.
Moretz is supposed to be playing an 11 year old girl and her mother was ok with it all?

Moretz has publicly supported LGBT equality rights. She considers herself a feminist, and has turned down film characters who are overtly sexualized. (hmmm, Kick Ass, anyone?) She took on the role of a teenage prostitute in The Equalizer because her character "felt so real", rather than a mere "plot device". (yeah, whatever! It's all very Josie Foster, isn't it?).
And the sheep lap it, after film, after film.

Cage would also feature with Joaquin 'Scientology,The Master/Children of God' Phoenix in Joel 'Lost OTO Boys/Corey Haim/Brad Renfro' Schumacher's 'elite-based and snuff referencing' film 8mm.
That's Joel 'Sept 11th A Time To Kill/911 Phone Booth' Schumacher.

The 'Incestuous' Manchurian Candidate vs Twin 'Incestuous' Peaks
 In Richard Condon's novel, the relationship between Mrs. Iselin (Lansbury) and her son Raymond Shaw is more explicitly incestuous, complete with a bed scene. The film-makers wanted to include that element, but reduced it to the less-than-motherly kiss that Mrs. Iselin (Lansbury) plants on Shaw's lips. Mrs. Iselin is the US operator responsible for controlling Shaw, who was "brainwashed" in Manchuria to be an unwitting assassin whose programming is triggered by a Queen of Diamonds playing card. When he sees it, he will blindly obey the next suggestion or order given to him and never have any memories of those actions. Lansbury's real 2nd husband was named 'Shaw' and both children carry his surname.
Lynch's scene clearly evokes the Manchurian Candidate...via near incest and Queen of Diamonds.
We know Laura and her father have sex, but why the reference to 'Manchuria' mind control in this scene, Ben with daughter Audrey? One Eyed Jack's (penis) recruits 'schoolgirls' via 'uber wealthy' Ben Horne and his dept store perfume counter, Jack's also provides drugs. The 'cherry pie' clearly doubles as a reference to the female virgin. Is Audrey's stay at One Eyed Jack's a 'stylised' version of a type of sex slave programming and was she a victim at the hands of her father (like Laura), Ben did also sleep with Laura? The mask(s) evokes Eyes Wide Shut.
"Just like her daddy (Ben) did to me" (I'll take that as confirmation of the above!)
Manchurian Candidate, it is implied that Lansbury (Iselin) was also abused by her own father.

Manson follower Lynette Fromme...supposedly tried to shoot US President Gerald Ford in 1975.
Nixon 'stand-in' Ford, had NWO cheerleader Nelson 'WTC' Rockefeller as his Vice President (cough, cough).
Two attempts were supposedly made on Ford's life in the space of less than 3 weeks. Nixon was, of course, narrowly defeated by (later assassinated) JFK in the 1960 US presidential election.

That said, regarding Lansbury, there are too many 'film life' and 'real life' overlaps for all this to be mere coincidence, particularly when you factor in the Manson link. Overall, Lansbury comes across as an occult-type covert programmer/operative (of sorts).
Technical adviser on The Manchurian Candidate was MK-ULTRA programmer, William Jennings Bryan, who has links to Candy Jones, Sirhan Sirhan (amongst many other notables) and including the Boston Strangler, who (on film) would be played by Tony 'Rosemary's Baby' Curtis (blinded Baumgart), husband of Janet 'Psycho' Leigh.

Beyond this, the film came out the year before the Kennedy assassination and the overlaps are only too clear imo. The Manchurian Candidate also happened to feature Janet 'Psycho' Leigh (Lee) and Laurence Harvey (Harvey). Clay 'connected gay degenerate' Shaw was an aspect of Stone's JFK conspiracy film (see EIR's Permindex). Oz-wald patsy was shot by Jack (Oz slippers) Ruby. Leigh's Psycho, another film with a heavy (mother/son) incest subtext. JFK's father, Joseph Kennedy, was the co-founder of one the original 'big 5' Hollywood Studios, that being RKO Pictures. Joe also acted as as an alcohol importer (bootlegging during prohibition) on behalf of the British establishment.

 Manchurian Candidate 'presidential nominee' Ben K Arthur...the King Arthur/Camelot overlaps.
 The 'mortal' head wound of King Arthur/Camelot King Kennedy (see King Kill 33)
"What really went on between Monroe and the Kennedy's and who really pulled the trigger on JFK?"
Twin Peaks...the Arthurian Camelot (Castle) 'head wound'. (Garland 'Oz' Briggs)
Leland 'incest/demon mind controlled' Palmer...did his own Frank Sinatra impression in Twin Peaks.
In The Manchurian Candidate (novel), Mavole is depicted as rapidly 'chewing gum' just before Raymond (under mind control) starts to strangle him. In Twin Peaks, it is the trigger phrase "That gum you like is going to come back in style." that reveals Leland (Raymond Wise) as the killer.

Frank 'Manchurian Candidate' Sinatra was married to Mia Farrow, he gave news of their separation while she was filming Rosemary's Baby.  In an interview with Manchurian Candidate director John Frankenheimer's wife, RFK was staying at their house during his presidential candidate campaign, which Frankenheimer was filming. Frankenheimer also apparently drove RFK to the Ambassador Hotel the night he was 'supposedly' shot by Sirhan 'Illuminati' Sirhan.
 Illuminati, Illuminati, Illuminati. The 'hex stars' and 'saffire' a possible Crowley/OTO link 'star sapphire' (sex magick). Sirhan Sirhan lived in Pasadena, Parsons' OTO lodge was based in Pasadena. Sirhan records the events at the Ambassador Hotel prior to shooting Senator Kennedy in four pages of handwritten notes. In astonishing detail, he recounts the various people that he encounters on a hand-drawn intricate floor plan of the Ambassador’s Hotel’s ballroom. All which kind of shows that the official random/compulsive nature of the Sirhan hit, is total 'useless eater/sheep' type bullshit.
 "Let us do it, do it..." Black Magic. MK-like controlled assassin/patsy programming?

The night before the RFK assassination (June 5th 1968), Bobby Kennedy went to a dinner party at Cielo Drive with Sharon Tate (Manson victim), Roman Polanski, Abigail Folger (Manson victim), John 'Manchurian Candidate' Frankenheimer and (according to some) Mama 'Cass' Elliot. Polanski & wife Tate were also invited to what was supposed to have been the (RFK) after-party, the one that was due to occur, but for his shooting. Manson victims Folger (coffee heiress) and Frykowski (who worked with Polanski on his Polish films) were said to be regulars at Elliot's home. Michael Caine alleges that Elliot introduced Manson to him, at a party he attended with Sebring (victim) and Tate. Polanski apparently wanted Tate to abort their child, but she refused, it is alleged that he then flew to London and began an affair with Michelle 'Mamas & Papas' Phillips.
Dennis 'Blue Velvet' Hopper was briefly married to Michelle Phillips, Hopper's father actually worked for the OSS (pre-CIA). Above, Hopper (in hat) with Kenneth 'Crowley/OTO/Thelemite' Anger (far right). Anger connects to Manson via Bobby 'Manson' Beausoleil, who featured in Anger's film Lucifer Rising. Dennis Hopper: "They had fallen into orgies, sadism, and masochism and bestiality, they recorded it all on videotape too. The LA police told me this." Previous Cielo Drive owner/occupier Terry Melcher (who knew Manson): "The murders had something to do with the weird film Polanski had made, and the equally weird people who were hanging around the house. I knew they had been making a lot of homemade sadomasochistic-porno movies there with quite a few recognizable Hollywood faces in them."

I happened to recently read Miles Matthis' take, on the Manson murders being totally faked.
Unfortunately, I found the piece to be very loaded and deliberately misleading. Matthis positing that 'so many' actors were involved, meaning that it had to be a media constructed 'acted' event, was embarrassing in the extreme. What would you expect to find in the Hollywood Hills ffs, did he think he'd find a group of road sweepers? His total palming-off in respect of Satanism, was equally flawed too and smacked of a total lack of fundamental knowledge in this regard. Matthis' 'closed mindset' totally fails to appreciate, that most of the personnel involved in these crimes are (combinations of) 'occult, intel and media' and sometimes a combination of all these aspects. Thumbs down on Matthis and his Manson piece, that's my opinion.

In the foreword to Vol 3 of Peter Levenda's Sinister Forces, Paul Krassner writes about the "porn flicks" that the LAPD allegedly discovered in the loft of the Cielo Drive slaughter scene:

90069 - 969 (Saturn), event happened on Aug 9, 69
We also have to allow for the fact that 'the Manson family' may have been mind controlled patsies.
Illuminati freemason Sellers and John 'incestuous rapist/programmer' Phillips! Sellars' former wife Britt Ekland would feature in The Wicker Man. All of them witches etc.

The 'umbra' aka shadow spirit...
Zion 2012...Peter Pan, Hook, Mary 'Witch' Poppins, J K (C)Rowl(ey)ing, The Child Catcher (Fleming/Dahl MI6), The Exorcist (theme) respect of the NHS, children's hospitals and care homes? Aren't those the places where the Zio-Illuminati get most of their 'goy' victims from? Let's all celebrate children and their health via fantasy and horror? (Degeneracy is clearly GB's national sport). Most athletes are drug cheats and most sponsors are 'soulless' corporate slave drivers.
Julie 'Poppins Witch' Andrews...she was married to Blake 'Illuminati Sellers' Edwards.
An insidious Disney Legend, she missed out on the children's special 'Bedpenis & Broomcocks' role, which went to Lansbury.

There are 666 references within the Exorcist series...
Nimrod, Nebu, Nabo, Nebo...Bel and Nebo were the names of two principle gods in Babylon.
Nimrod has been associated with the term 're-bel' (hebrew, rebel) and he built the Tower of Babel (see Zion, Kapoor's Babylon Tower).

Syria...Palmyra Temple of Bel (Baal). It's been in recent news via Isis

 'Under the moonlight, the (masonic) SIRIUS moonlight' 
(sirius, star of isis, the song is based on a Crowley poem)
Thelemic Bowie's music featured heavily in the Olympic opening ceremony, including Rebel, Rebel. 
In the Bible, the angel Satan/Lucifer is said to have fallen to earth like a 'bolt of lightning'. The myth of the war in heaven and the battle between the forces of Lucifer and those of Michael, the latter being the angel who struck down Lucifer, casting him down onto the matrix of the earth.

Lucifer/Michael - The Exorcist (Dominion)

 The fallen winged angel (swan)...aka Lucifer
 Luciferic Page = OTO
Former '666 Crowley Bolskine dwelling' Jimmy 'OTO' Page. Zoso flipped graphic a potential 'oto' encode.
Zoso - Dragon Rouge - Red Dragon (invocation/pacts etc)
Back masking (reversal) in Led Zepp material is a given...oh how they've collectively laughed at those who have tried to raise this issue.

Hell Or Bust, 1996. David '777/666/Crowley/Kabbalist' Bowie...died in 2016 (6*6*6=216)
The 777 'lightning struck' (a la Babylon Tower) alien/god man who fell to earth...a la Lucifer
 John 'Mamas, Papas and Kids' Phillips coordinated The Man Who Fell To Earth's soundtrack, including composing Devil's On the Loose. Bowie's mask a work donated to H.R.H. Prince's Trust for auction (sold for £1,200.). Prince 'Dracula/Savile' Charles' representatives sent out plain white masks to over 1,000 celebrities. 'Hunger vampire/Cat People' Bowie's mask (#56) was unpainted, with the following handwritten remark "Your pretty face is going to hell, Bo '96" on the reverse, and 666 stenciled on the forehead. Wasn't Bowie's father a promotions officer for Dr Barnado's, a charity set up to care for vulnerable children? The official mascot of Barnardo's is a bear called Barney (oh look another bear and patronage from the 'satanist' Queen). 
 They've also worked in conjunction with Sarah's Law/Sarah Payne (paedo protector Murdoch's 'elite ignoring' paedo drive), we picked up on the 'masonic' markers (via his The Sun) in the last post. Why did his News Of The World have access to Milly Dowler's phone? Was she being used in (mind control) paedo sex traps, ones that connected to Zionist loving Murdoch? Why did Dowler's father have a heavy interest in S&M/bondage sexual activity, could he be implicated in offering up his own daughter and why did he lie to police about his whereabouts on the day of Milly's death? Is Levi Bel-lfield a killer and masonic fall guy and why did he have contact with Sarah Payne's father, Michael (deceased at 45, poor guy)? Walton-on-Thames has been implicated in respect of 'organised paedophilia' relating to the likes of BBC Jonathan 'Simon Cowell paid my bail' King (see Walton Hop).

Mike '666' Oldfield and Tubular 'The Exorcist' Bel(ls)
6th (day) of the 6th (month) @ 6pm and on Satur(n)day
How overrated is this musical is mediocre and that's at best!? We can also blame the makers of the film (The Exorcist) for unleashing that bearded twat Branson (and Oldfield) on the world!

Bel Ringing via 666
 The performances are to mark the release of a digitally-enhanced version of the album. They are scheduled for 6pm on 6 June - a reference to the number of the devil - and are taking place in Milan, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, Japan and London, where the 29-piece Hand Bell Ringers of Great Britain will showcase their tribute. The British Music Experience at the O2 arena will host the event, where visitors can try bell-ringing. Oldfield, 56, the Reading-born multi-millionaire producer, told the Standard he doesn't want the horror movie link to put families off bringing children, who will be admitted for free. He said: "I hope the kids will come and families won't be put off by the 666 thing." (don't worry Mike, parents and their children just love kabbalistic satanism, they really can't get enough, my emphasis). Oldfield lives in the Bahamas with his wife Fanny (she who receives the tubular bell-end) and two sons. Tubular Bells has sold 17 million copies. (does he pay taxes?).

 Notice the 'baphomet' symbolic overlaps...Regan from an examination scene. (see below)
Regan demon is a composite of Samael/Lilith representing the androgynous baphomet.
Reverse/anti-clockwise Saturn, the demon uses reverse speech (a la Crowley's Magick & Theory), law of reversal. This symbol (above) was later adapted by the Church of Satan in 1(969) and officially named the Sigil of Baphomet. The speed of planet Saturn is (supposedly) 9.69 km/s. 
Biblical Methuselah lived the longest of any man, 969 years and died just before the biblical flood, he is likely an archetype for Saturn (Cronus/old father time/death/the reaper etc), the pre-deluge period being the 'Saturnian age'.
Looks like ole Saturn. Scientology/Satanist Hubbard, who thought himself to be the Beast 666 incarnate.
Hubbard's son, L Ron Jnr:
969 is also a potential encode for the kabbalistic/satanic 666.
 96.9f is given as a temperature reading (one out of five temps that are shown) for Regan. If we want to be really severe, we could easily say that the term 'red light' could also relate to sex.
Saturn...time (Cronos), cube (via the hex/pole) and rings.
 The Saturnian 'Hex' was a major motif in the sequel Exorcist II (The Heretic)
 A key scene of a sleepwalking Regan about to wander off a rooftop was filmed in New York atop 666 Fifth Avenue (where Warner Bros. offices were then located).
Burton features, and he featured opposite Lee 'The Omen' Remick (released 6/6/76) in The Medusa Touch, which had a Lucifer link. The Omen remake was released 6/6/06, these kinds of (kabbalistic/satanic) markers/overlaps are common.

The Exorcist cont...
DR. KLEIN: Well, I'd say her vocabulary's rather extensive.
CHRIS: Well, what, for example? I mean, give me a for instance!
Klein shrugs. No reply.
CHRIS: Hey, come on, I'm grown-up. What'd she say? I mean specifically, Doctor.
DR. KLEIN: Well, specifically, Mrs. MacNeil, she advised me to keep my fingers away from her goddamn cunt.
CHRIS: She used those words?
DR. KLEIN: She used those words. Look, I doubt that she even understood what she was saying.
CHRIS: Yeah, I guess. Maybe not. You don't think a psychiatrist-?
DR. KLEIN: The best explanation is always the simplest one. Let's wait. Let's wait and see. In the meantime try not to worry.

"The best explanation is always the simplest one."
Yes, that Regan was telling the truth about her sexual abuse...hence the protestations about interfering with her genitalia. Friedkin has dressed up/buried this 'child abuse' theme under the garb of satanism.
The 'C' word...more specific to the British than an American. British film director (and regular MacNeil visitor) Burke uses this 'C' word term.

I did find a butterfly link in The Exorcist, it features in Regan's bedroom.
Recall in the previous post the 'monarch' (butterfly) mkultra type aspects.
 There is a heavy butterfly reference in the 2004 prequel, Exorcist: The Beginning, directed by Renny (Long 9/11 Kiss Goodnight, Die '911' Hard 2) Harlin.
The death of the Major (Exorcist: The Beginning). The prequel centres on Merrin's early life.
 Father Merrin (Sydow), The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, check. The film would 'interestingly' also star (Roman Polanski's wife) Emmanuelle Seigner. It's about a man trapped in his body, which he compares to being in an old-fashioned deep-sea diving suit with helmet. Others around see his spirit, still alive, as a "Butterfly". Trapped (caged), butterfly...hmmm.

We identified Blatty's (CIA/Intel) military/psychological warfare credentials earlier...
The following is all thanks to the recent commenter...Hobus (many thanks)
Dr Jolyon West was mentioned by Springmeier, in relation to his mkultra and monarch work!

Director William Friedkin went to some extraordinary lengths to abuse the cast. He fired off guns behind the actors to get the required startled effect. He was said to have slapped one actor (Father Dyer) across the face before rolling the camera. He even went as far as to put Linda Blair and Ellen Burstyn in harnesses and have crew members yank them violently, both suffered injury.

From the guys over at '' (brilliant work fellow researchers!)
A tweet-like (on the mkultra subject) from the man (director Friedkin) himself!

Friedkin's Jewish wife (since 1991), Lansing, is former CEO of Paramount Pictures, and when she was the president of production at 20th Century Fox, she was the last woman to head a Hollywood movie studio. In 1996, she became the first woman to be named Pioneer of the Year by the Foundation of the Motion Picture Pioneers, and she was the first female movie studio head to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Back to Hollywood McNeil and The Exorcist.
Cut to party...a sexual reference from Burke and while playing pocket billiards.
Burke is sitting by the astronaut, the one Regan delivers the 'your gonna die up there' message to.

Burke ends up in a physical tussle with (so called) Nazi Karl...which ends the following way:
What's for dessert? Cue Regan in bed, followed by Burke leaving and pointing upwards
 Pointing upwards and 'fuck it' (is this another clue?)
Immediately followed by Regan and the astronaut (who was sitting next to Burke, earlier)

During a later scene (Regan and crucifix) the possessed Regan will use Burke's voice.
In this scene, Regan forces her mother's head into her genitalia (oral sex) and Burke (above) is the one who complains about their being an alien pubic hair in HIS drink. All this seems related to Burke and his (hidden) potential abuse activity with Regan.

The astronaut looks puzzled and Regan begins to urinate on the floor.
The astronaut who was just earlier sitting with Burke...Burke the man who is literally 'gonna die up there', as we later discover. Was this message meant for Burke, who has only just left?

Keep in mind an ongoing 'sexual' subtext...
CHRIS: Is it coming out Willi/Willie? (willie, slang penis, and coming out/exposed)
WILLIE: Yes, I think so.  Chris: Good.

Immediately on the back of this dialogue, the following happens...and it's Regan's bed shaking again!
We hear Regan screaming along with a constant crashing sound. Chris rushes to Regan's room.
REGAN: Mother! Mother! Mother!!!!! Mother help!
CHRIS: Oh my God!
REGAN: Make it stop! What's wrong!! I'm scared!!!
Chris jumps on the bed to comfort Regan and they both sit screaming as the bed continues to rapidly jump around.

 The doctors make their way to the MacNeil house...
 "Make HIM stop! He's trying to kill me!"

 Sex, sex, sex and more sex...

Burke's death...
 The window in Regan's room that Burke was thrown out of.

CHRIS: What the hell do you mean going out and leaving Regan by herself! What are you kidding her window's wide open...
SHARON: Well, when I went to get the Thorazine I had him (Burke) to stay with her and... Oh, I should of known better.
CHRIS: Yeah, well I guess you should've.
Chris hangs up her jacket and the doorbell rings.
CHRIS: Hi Chuck, c'mon in.
CHUCK: I suppose you've heard.
CHRIS: Heard what? Chuck takes his hat off and holds it to his chest.
CHUCK; You haven't heard. Chris turns around to face him and looks baffled.
CHUCK: Burke's dead. (Short pause) He must of been drunk. He fell down from the top of the steps right outside, by the time he hit 'M' Street he'd broken his neck.

PSYCHIATRIST Now when I touch your forehead, open your eyes.
We fade back with a full face shot of Regan, with two fingers wiping her brow.
We stay fixed on Regan's full mug shot.
PSYCHIATRIST Are you comfortable Regan?
PSYCHIATRIST How old are you?
REGAN Twelve.
 PSYCHIATRIST Is there someone inside you? (sexual allusion)
 REGAN Sometimes. (possible confirmation of above)
REGAN I don't know. (repressed via abuse)
PSYCHIATRIST Is it Captain Howdy?
REGAN I don't know.
PSYCHIATRIST If I ask him to tell me, will you let him answer?
We now get a view of the whole room. Chris and Dr. Klein are also present.
REGAN I'm afraid.
PSYCHIATRIST If he talks to me, I think he'll leave you. Do you want him to leave you?
We get a close up of the psychiatrist.
 PSYCHIATRIST I'm talking to the person inside of Regan now. If you are there you too are hypnotised and must answer all my questions. Come forward answer me now.

A framed picture of Regan drops to the floor. We switch to a close up of Regan who is growling like some kind of animal. Chris and Dr. Klein both cover there nose and mouth as if a foul stench is circulating the room.
PSYCHIATRIST Are you the person inside of Regan? (alluding to an abuser)
Regan's eyes are fixed on the psychiatrist. Her arm is propped up like a cobra ready to strike.
PSYCHIATRIST Who are you? (request for identity of said implied abuser)
Regan's hand drops and grips the psychiatrists scrotum, squeezing like a vice. The given symbolic answer, it is the male genitalia that is the 'person' (object) inside of Regan, as she is clearly demonstrating. The psychiatrist screams in pain.

Dr. Klein grabs Regan and pulls her away. Regan falls back and screams extremely loud.

Demonic possession and sexual abuse overlaps...Twin Peaks

 "I was just a boy...he opened me and I invited him and he came inside me...when he was inside I didn't know, and when he was gone, I couldn't remember." Notice how this can function on two levels (sex and possession), Leland's demon (Black Lodge Bob) has just left his body, it is Leland (under Bob) who systematically rapes his own daughter. Note, this also plays into monarch/mind control, abuse and amnesia etc.

Of all rituals of human sacrifice and ritual injury, the ritual of blood sacrifice is arguably the oldest in the world. It is sometimes deliberately misleading when the argument is presented that human sacrifice is as old as the first civilizations. It is true that humans have been killed as part of sacred rituals for thousands of years. However, it is equally true that certain methods of killing have been reserved for specific deities for an equally long time. The rituals of sacrificing a human being for the purpose of their blood, including rituals associated with self injury in order to cause blood loss has been the primary domain of worship of the Mother Goddess for nearly ten thousand years.

Examples of the Mother Goddess to whom human beings were (are) sacrificed
Cybele (Turkey/Anatolia 2100 BC)
Inaana,Ishtar (Mesopotamia 2000 BC)
Anat (Mari, Syria 2000 BC)
Isis (Egypt 1900 BC)
Astarte/Ashtoreth (Phoenicia/Syria 1500 BC)

There are three primary drivers in ancient rituals of human sacrifice for blood: The ceremony of blood as the food of the gods, Blood as the seat of the soul/wisdom and duty/atonement. Blood as the food of the Gods/Goddess: The connection of the Mother Goddess fertilizing the lands and life, in turn being nourished by the sacrificed pure blood of innocents is an extremely old belief.
(thanks to dogman via chrisspivey)

Twin Peaks - Black Lodge and 666.
If TV/film-makers didn't put these kabbalist/satanic ciphers within the body of their work...I wouldn't be finding them! The Black Lodge 'garmonbozia/ambrosia' eating demonic entities feed on psychic pain and suffering (garmonbozia).

Twin 'Mt Olympus/Lightning Bolt Zeus' Peaks, in Greek mythology, the word ambrosia is used in replacement for blood (food of the luciferic god and adherents). Nevertheless, there exists numerous stories whereby fresh living blood from a slain innocent (Laura etc), is seen as necessary to the goddess (Isis/Cybele/Ishtar/Inaana/Ashtoreth etc) in order to maintain her favour.
 Rosy Red and Ambrosia...sacrificial blood, via green table(t) Hermes, the 'winged messenger' operative god of mystery religion and freemasonry (Black/White Lodge combined = black/white tessellated masonic lodge). The TV series also makes direct reference to the Hermetic (Hermes/Green Table-t) maxim 'as above, so below', the fundamental basis of all magick.

The Exorcist - Dr. Barringer - Clinic Director
Peter Masterson (Walter, husband of Joanna Eberhart, Ross), the actress Mary Stuart Masterson is his daughter and she appeared with her father in The Stepford Wives as one of the Eberhart's daughters. 
 Walter, of course, is involved in selling-out his wife to the Men's club, which he joins. Stepford based Connecticut, Connecticut is seemingly a bit of a mind control/mkultra hot-bed (in reality).

We noted mind control overlaps in the Sandy Hook event, see previous post.
Connecticut in fiction and there a difference?

This wont be the only Exorcist/Stepford overlap, Regan (Blair) would feature with...
Louise 'Stepford Husbands' Fletcher in Exorcist II (The Heretic), which had a mind control theme via hypnosis. The Stepford Husbands was a 'made for TV' movie, where she played the leader of the Women's Club. 'Stepford Fletcher' would feature with (remake) 'Stepford Walken' in Brainstorm (another with mind control as a theme) directed by Doug '2001/Close Encounters' Trumbull.
Twin Peaks' Sheriff Truman (above), Louise Fletcher would feature with Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (mental illness etc)
Angela 'Jessica Fletcher' Lansbury was earmarked for Nurse Ratched, Kesey (author) is himself cited in respect of mind control and LSD via the Merry Pranksters (all a bit Manson, wouldn't you say?).

More doctors...Barringer Clinic
"Guilt and the body being invaded"...says the doctor, who featured in The Stepford Wives.
" some alien intelligence...a spirit, if you will"
"An alien pubic my drink (aka spirit)" (geddit?)

DR. KLEIN: We still think the temporal lobe... CHRIS: Oh. What are you talking about for Christ sake! Did you see her or not?
She's acting like a fucking out of her mind psychotic or a split personality or... (split/dissociated personalities aka DID, can be related to ritual abuse and mind control).

 Finding the crucifix under Regan's pillow...
No one confesses to having placed the crucifix, could Burke have used it (on Regan) and placed it there afterwards? You'll see how this might work in a moment.

Kinderman's visit
Americanized spelling of German Kindermann, or Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a schoolteacher, literally ‘children man’. (children and man)
KINDERMAN " baffling. The deceased comes to visit, stays only twenty minutes, and leaves all alone a very sick girl. And speaking plainly Mrs. MacNeil, as you say, it's not likely he would fall from a window. Besides that, a fall wouldn't do to his neck what we found except maybe a chance in a thousand." (suggestive of the fact, that Regan/Demon could have done it).

KINDERMAN: Incidentally, just a chance in a million, I know; but your daughter - you could possibly ask her if she saw Mr. Dennings in her room that night?
CHRIS Look, he wouldn't have any reason to be up there in the first place.

Interesting comment, we DO know that he was in that room and that he was the sole minder of the child. No explanation is given as to why he would be present in Regan's bedroom, he was probably meant just to be a house sitter.  From the POV of assuming that Burke's a sexual abuser of Regan, we can speculate that he may have been 'sexually' interfering with her.

KINDERMAN I'll come back when she's feeling better. Kinderman exits and Chris closes the door an locks it. She holds her hands to her mouth and slowly walks away.
The following happens immediately after 'Burke referencing' Kinderman leaves...
We suddenly here a crash from Regan's room, followed by loud voices.

REGAN Please! No!
MALE VOICE Do it! REGAN Please no! MALE VOICE You bitch! Do it! Do it!
Chris races up the stairs and runs to Regan's room.
REGAN No! Please! No!

Yet another example of Burke being mentioned (Kinderman's reason for calling) and Regan reacting (again) in an overt sexual frenzied way. Previously, similar had happened when Burke's death was announced inside the MacNeil home.
Chris opens the door and sees objects rapidly flying around the room. We hear a last gasp scream from Regan until Chris turns to Regan and covers her mouth with horror.
REGAN/DEMON Let Jesus fuck you!
Regan has the crucifix gripped in her hand and is plunging it into her bloodied vagina. There are fresh cuts all over her face, streaming with blood.
REGAN/DEMON Let Jesus fuck you! Let him fuck you!!!
Chris runs over to Regan and tries to pry the crucifix from her hand. They struggle for the crucifix. Regan then grabs Chris' head and pushes it into her bloodied crotch.
 REGAN/DEMON Lick me! Lick me!
 Chris' face emerges covered with Regan's blood. Regan slaps her mother and sends her flying to the floor. Chris screams in pain. Sharon and Willie race up the stairs.
The door closes by itself being held shut by a chair. They both bag on the door to help her. Chris looks up to see that Regan's wardrobe is moving toward her. Chris scurries out of the way. We turn back to Regan who is sitting with her back to us, but she has spun her head in a 180-degree angle, facing backward (Chris). Chris looks up at her.

REGAN/BURKE: Do you know what she did, your cunting daughter?
 Chris turns away and screams, bursting into tears.

 At this point in the proceedings and on the back of all the 'sexual' elements of the above scene, it is made clear that the dialogue is directly relating to Burke (as well as Regan/Demon).

This likely why we hear Burke's obscenity (cunt/cunting), which makes yet another appearance.
Burke seemingly and 'ironically' directing his accusation at Regan, for what she has done.

Regan's use of  the word 'cunt' may also play directly into this same 'Burke abuse' theme.

  "A fall wouldn't do to his neck what we found...except maybe one chance in a thousand."
 The scene also makes a direct visual link to Burke's death, his twisted around head and push (fall) from Regan's bedroom window. Knowing what we do now, could Burke have used the crucifix (sexually) on Regan and then placed it under her pillow? This makes sense in the overall scheme, as Regan/Demon is reliving a Burke abuse scenario, one that she was subjected to.

 When Burke was left alone with Regan, this is likely what happened between him/her (sexual abuse) and then his head was twisted all the way around, then pushed out of the window.

Linda Blair would soon descend into drugs (cocaine), B-movie and straight to video releases...we can only speculate on her exposure to Hollywood monarch-type programming, but it is very likely, imo.
Linda Blair's Hell On Wheels...Roller Boogie. The film was from Irwin 'Halloween' Yablans and his Compass 'Hallowe'en' International pictures (with Joseph Wolf).
Hallowe'en, the film series funded by Moustapha Akkad (Akkadian).

After the fall of the Akkadian Empire, people of Mesopotamia eventually coalesced into two major Akkadian speaking nations: Assyria in the north, and, a few centuries later, Babylonia in the south.
The same Assyria that The Exorcist's Pazuzu originated from, the main antagonist in The Exorcist horror novels and film series, created by William Peter Blatty. Blatty derived the character from Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, where Pazuzu was considered the king of the demons of the wind, and the son of the god Hanbi. Hanbi was also the progenitor of Humbaba, the lion featured 'god' connected to forests and birds.

Ellen 'The Exorcist' Burstyn recently featured in Nolan's Interstellar, as Cooper's (McConaughey) daughter. The one he visits in hospital at the films close, the scene which references 'a 2nd sun and a new home' a la 2010: The Year We Make Contact...the exploded Jupiter aka Lucifer (2nd sun). It should also be noted that Nathan Crowley (Aleister's great nephew) was production designer for Interstellar and other Nolan works. It was McConaughey (Interstellar's Cooper) that worked for the 'Illuminati' in horror sequel 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Next Generation'.

Continued in Part Two...


  1. Quite dark for sure. Synchros aplenty. Shine forth brave souls. 87

    1. It reflects the darkness that corporate MSM promotes...they certainly don't need any help in that regard. This MSM degeneracy is now full-blown and a part of the fabric of (so called) normal everyday life...masonic degeneracy as an art form.

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      Also Maury terry is a mis-information agent but you can only see their if you add in these parts along with leanord lake and chat-ng the temple of SET many many parts I cannot explain you've gotta dig up this stuff yourself also I am writing this anonymous because these things are still happening and I cannot put myself in danger all of this is extremely un-safe to speak about I hope this message find you well and good luck with the tips I added to the puzzle and from those things much more is to be revealed. Also that man bent into a circle symbol was a favorite of mann-ray and Hodel also the naked woman making a skull was a art expo peice by mann-ray

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    5. little legend. Thanks for the back-up...these goons are so screwed-up, anything and everything is done to ignore or 'give a free pass' to Zionists and their ongoing societal crimes. They're only getting infuriated because I tear them (Zionists and their degenerate media) new assholes and at the drop of a hat. :)

  7. That is great work Horselover,thanks.It is so clear.I honestly think that Jewish Willy Friedkin and all the others from this old movie were bragging in vague vulgarities about their movie.I have wondered since I saw the movie(1973) about a peculiar sentence now answered:There seems to be an alien pubic hair in my drink.

    1. Hi Skinny...apologies that I have only just responded. Yes, I think it works on two levels, a reference to a 'specific' sexual activity with Regan (perhaps implying oral). Also, when I linked those two individual scenes together alien/drink and (body invading) alien/spirit (alcohol being a spirit) a massive penny dropped in my mind too. I don't think it was coincidence, at least. FWIW, I've never seen anyone raise or decode that aspect from the film. These deviant Jewish/Zionist (goy hating) film-makers clearly think they are mentally superior to the masses, that they brainwash with their degeneracy. There is seemingly an in-built type of 'mockery' (of the profane) going on too. Well, I call BULLSHIT on this...these Hollywood Zionist programmers are easy to deconstruct (imo). Once you are able to pull the flimsy veil away and understand their warped mindset, it's like shelling peas. Thanks for the positive feedback, I agree on it being 'clear' too...coincidence theorists haven't got a leg to stand on, imo.

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    2. HI, there's not much to be found about this film on the web. Details, summaries and comments are thin on the ground. I will be on the lookout for it though, thanks for the comment and pointers.

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    1. This 'monster' I'm building? Maybe you really are as dumb, as the comments that you're making. The monster (as both you and I know) is Zio-Illuminati MSM/Hollywood, News and TV, the 'monster' that I am able to pick apart and deconstruct' and at will.

      You see, I'm not building anything...I'm merely tracking and collating the 'painting by numbers and uber cliched' operational approach, action and (potential) influence of this said nefarious entity. This entity has full spectrum dominance and launches its wares in a cultural imperialist manner. The day this 'group' overtly states that they deliberately fill their output with 'masonic/illuminist propaganda, symbolism, mind control, gender bending, child sexualisation etc and give the reasons, as to why? Well, let's just say that these actions, might go someway in influencing my future writing. So, until then, then.

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  11. What's your favorite of these films?

    1. Sorry, favorite in this specific post or in an overall sense?

    2. In an overall sense. You've covered a lot of films. By the way, a little something I've noticed. You were talking about parties in The Shining. I was rewatching and I remembered the part about the Donner Party. And then I realized something. That last photograph, a picture of a party, can be read as another Donner PARTY. Also brings to mind Richard Donner, who directed The Omen, which partly inspired The Shining.

    3. Haneke's The Seventh Continent...that is my current favourite. I really, really like his 'Benny's Video' film too...another genuinely stunning and profound piece of work. In terms of 'breaking a film down' for the purposes of research, in the way that I do here, then I'd say Mulholland Drive.

  12. "Reading The Friedkin Connection the autobiography of William Friedkin (French Connection, The Exorcist). Because of all my recent discoveries around Leonard Cohen & Strieber, and my comment to Ann Diamond about enjoying reading Hollywood bios & wondering what if anything was true in them, as I began the book I thought to myself, “I wonder if there will be any clues that Friedkin was an MKULTRA subject?” There’s a short prologue and then Friedkin begins his story, on page 9, with birth. On page 11, he describes his first experience of seeing a film: “An enormous black rectangle came alive with a blinding white light and a loud blast of music. The comforting darkness was shattered by words I couldn’t read. My instinctive reaction was to scream at the top of my lungs. I clutched my mother’s arms; I couldn’t breathe.”

    (Interesting side note, I just re-watched Wim Wenders The End of Violence, in which the movie producer played by Bill Pullman explains that he became a filmmaker because of how movies terrified him as a child: ie, he wanted to do the same to others.)

    On page 14, Friedkin writes: “I discovered that people, especially young people, liked to be scared. Many years later, Dr. Louis Jolyon West, then head of Neuropsychiatric Clinic at UCLA [& with only a small exaggeration, of MKULTRA], explained to me why he thought people enjoy suspense and horror films. You’re in a dark room with dangerous, life-threatening events happening before your eyes, but as a viewer you’re in a safe place, removed from what’s happening on screen.” [ie., dissociation]. ‘A safe darkness,’ he called it.”

    I had a hunch and checked the contents page: sure enough, Friedkin uses the phrase “A Safe Darkness” for the title of chapter 13 of the book. A clear homage to his “teacher.”

    (A possibly trivial detail, West, who if we discount the foreword is the first public figure Friedkin names in his narrative, is listed wrongly in the index on page 13.)

    Immediately after name-dropping West, Friedkin describes a bully he knew at school called Joel Fenster. In his account, he finally turns on Fenster and overpowers him. “I had the distinct impulse to end his life, and I felt it would make me happy if I did.” "

    1. Hi Hobus...this is EXACTLY the sort of valuable information that I'm really looking for, I am impressed with this comment. I will have a look through this in more detail soon, you've raised some very interesting 'potentially connected' facts. Many thanks for the detailed comment and information, hopefully this won't be a one-off and you'll contribute again. :)

    2. I immediately recognised the name Dr Jolyon West...if I recall correctly, he is cited in respect of being a long term MKULTRA/Monarch programmer. I recall Springmeier mentioning his name and activity in some of his research. I never forgot Fritz's work (I never would), I was reading and absorbing his info in the early 2000's...and never to be forgotten, I don't do forgetting. :)

      Hobus...this Exorcist (Blatty/Friedkin) information that you've brought here is 'priceless' stuff...I've put in a few aspects to the post body. It was literally a walk in the park doing this, such was the way it perfectly slotted into the existing piece. Many thanks for your superb injection, of this (all too) relevant information. Friedkin's tweet is the cherry on the cake, I can hardly believe that he posted it!!!

    3. To clarify, Friedkin didn't tweet the link about "Clues to Friedkin as MKULTRA", rather he liked a tweet by the author of the piece, which was itself startling enough, admittedly. There are equally significant clues, possibly, in the ties between Friedkin and "serial killer" Paul Bateson:

    4. Hi. Yes, as I understand, Friedkin 'tweet liked' the author/link to the 'Clues' piece in question. That is how I understood it, I think we're singing from the same hymn sheet? Thanks for the confirmation, clarification is all important and accuracy is a must. Thanks again.

  13. So the Kardashian freak show rolls out a purple Lambo gift to Blac Chyna one day before Prince's demise - and one day before that there was also the death of WWE star Chyna, which was likely planting the drug overdose side of the Prince story.

    BTW, I 'accidentally' ended up watching the terrible "Daddy's Home" movie (Wahlberg/Ferrel), you should skim through it if you have time, bizarrely in literally every scene it features heavy, heavy use of purple, and there are references to Monarch, sexual implications in kids drawings, etc. the usual Hollyweird bull####.

    1. Yes, I noticed that WWE death too. I mentioned 'monarch stuff' and wrestling in my previous post. Wahlberg was in the Ted (paedo bear) series of films too, Ferrell was in the 'mind control models' film Zoolander. Note, that these are both comedies, that is an ideal genre for them (like sci-fi) for disseminating their propaganda (some of the sickest, in fact). Wahlberg connects to Zionist pop NKOTB (brother Donny) and not forgetting the awful Marky Mark 'persona'. All this stuff is definitely interconnected, this is how they operate.

      Thanks for the useful comment and pointers, appreciate it.

  14. You're great. Thanks for drawing straight lines and connecting dots.

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the support, it's my pleasure. I have tried to make the posts easy to understand and follow...thanks for the feedback, it all helps. :)

  15. Another great read... A lot of similarities in the film black swan (regarding exorcist).... Might as well throw the professional in there too. I also plan on checking out seventh continent soon. Thank you & on to part two!

    1. The actress Portman is very likely a monarch-type mind control victim...most, if not all of them least one way or another. She's in the masonic-based and luciferic Star Bores series. She acted as a child (a hit child, geddit?) in Besson's Leon (The Professional), all compete with typical industry 'paedo-chic' (like a virgin, a pro = a hooker) and the adult/child relationship...the usual MSM led degeneracy that millions know and love. Besson is a shit-sucking Zionist-Freemason and likely sodomite, although I should drop the 'likely' aspect.

    2. Re: The Seventh Continent...don't expect the usual over stylised type of Hollywood is so far removed form that, it occupies a totally different universe (thank god!). It is Austrian and with English subtitles. Hell, all the former, are probably the main reasons as why I think it is such a superior piece of film-making. Benny's Video is another must...Haneke's 'glaciation trilogy' is the greatest trilogy ever submitted to celluloid. It's not for everyone though, many will be bored shitless by it...although I take some kind of comfort from that, tbh. :)

    3. Pseudo Occult Media has done an extensive post on likely monarch victim Natalie Portman. Another great piece of research from that website.

  16. Another REALLY interesting fact about William Friedkin is that he directed a videclip for Laura Brannigan for the song "Self Control" in the eighties, maybe the most MKultra/mind control video I have ever seen (and it was the eighties, when this thing maybe was not as famous as now). It may be seen also as an "Eyes Wide Shut" trailer, it´s really similar to the movie! Have you see it? It´s a really disturbing video (and lyrics) for a 80´s pop song, you can see it here

  17. you make some interesting points but this is layed out in such a way that it's just an endless string of ramblings jumping from one conclusion to the next. I came here to read about the subtext of the exorcist which is what the title suggests this is about. you discredit the informstion you are providing by presenting it like this. you are almost becoming David icke in the sense that you are discrediting theories by presenting them in a completely nonsensical rambling fashion.

    1. You cannot even read the post TITLE correctly! What a complete tool.

      QUOTE: "I came here to read about the subtext of the exorcist which is what the title suggests this is about."

      Post Title: "The Exorcist - Satan, Serial Killings, Child Abuse and Hollywood-MSM Monarch/Mkultra Mind Control - Part 1"

      Where is this "title" of which you write suggesting that this is SOLELY and ONLY about "THE SUBTEXT"? " Subtext" isn't even mentioned in the post title.

      That's right DUMB-ASS - there is NO TITLE that makes that sole claim. Is reading text and understanding the basics beyond your remit? It certainly appears to be the case.

      And I should listen to a CLUELESS ANONYMOUS COWARD on this issue - because?

      GTFOO - this is ONLY rambling from your POV, and ALL due to your own IGNORANCE and lack of understanding. Much of this work has been years in the making.

      This two-part post is (imo) relatively easy to follow, crammed-full of relevant information, mind control content, mass psychology, programming, (some) subtext elements, other relevant links etc, etc. I've not yet seen anything that even gets anywhere near to the degree of breakdown that I've employed. What does your complete lack of mental ability (in respect of all this) say about you?

      Go FUCK OFF and read Empire or Rotten Tomatoes or another one of those SYCOPHANT and BULLSHIT review sites. There is NOTHING for you here. KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS - DON'T ADVERTISE THEM.

      Now - clear off.

    2. I'd have posted under the moniker of "ANONYMOUS COWARD" if I had written your comment too. It's no surprise that you've hidden your identity. I will chew you up and spit you out before you know what is happening. That's what I do with mental pygmies like yourself. You clearly have NO IDEA who you are responding to at this blog. If you did, you would not have just EMBARRASSED yourself, and so PUBLICLY.

      There is NOTHING WRONG with the LAYOUT. These LIMITATIONS in respect of your understanding - are your OWN (self imposed). 60,000 monthly readers says - YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. Where is your blog with all this stuff broken down and with tens of thousands of monthly readers? Oh yes, that's right - YOU DON'T HAVE ONE.

      Next time you find stuff that you know VERY LITTLE ABOUT - try engaging your tiny brain first. I'm not here to be lectured by AMATEURS and THE WILFULLY IGNORANT. I never suffer fools gladly.

  18. A fantastic breakdown of the Exorcist sir! and the rest of the blog is great to,your sarcasm and writing style is very witty and entertaining keep up the good work!

  19. William Friedkin also directed the video for Laura Branigan´s "Self Control", one of the most MKUltra music videos I have ever seen in my life!!! Have you seen it?

  20. I've been arguing with Exorcist fanboys about the SA subtext for years: apparently paedophilia is a modern thing and in the 1970's there was nothing sinister about a middle-aged man sneaking into a 12 year-old's bedroom at night!!!

    One thing that's always bothered me about 'The Exorcist' is why Blatty made Chris MacNeil a movie star? The intention of the book and film was supposedly to move horror away from a gothic fantasy land and place it in the 'real' world. Why then give the main character a lifestyle completely unrelatable to the audience, unless it was to signal something about the film industry?

    As an aside, there's an interesting moment in the Blatty-penned 'Pink Panther' sequel 'A Shot in the Dark' (Sellers/Edwards again) in which a bomb goes off in Clouseau's apartment: there are mounted butterflies on the wall and a screen with playing card motif in the next room...