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Back To The NY 9/11 - Paris Friday 13th - Future

MK-Ultra, Monarch, Paperclip, Bluebird, Nazi-based Mind Control, Corporate Hollywood, TV and MSM.

Have separated out the following from the previous 'Orlando/Cox' post, so I can expand if I need to etc. It works well as a 'stand alone' post and should assist in general understanding. Should be read in conjunction with the Orlando/Cox post (titled 'Thanks').

How 'Zionist-Nazi-Intel' based Hollywood, TV, News and MSM, brainwash entire societies, and right under their unsuspecting noses! At the end of the day people, none of what I write about, could or would transpire without the MSM's duplicity. This really NEEDS to be understood (that is all politics aside!). These 'elite' based activities require the very current of Corporate film, TV and MSM/media to enact and enable these games. Personally, I feel that we have been subject to decades and decades of programming from these said 'nefarious' entities. Without the MSM onboard (as the elite's propaganda arm), none of this transparent crap would EVER gel. The MSM in one sense (particularly via news media), ARE the ultimate gatekeeper.

Just so you get some background, I'm a researcher who thought that Sept 11, 2001, was a type of false flag event. I actually thought this AS I WATCHED IT UNFOLD LIVE and in REALTIME. I'll never forget the feeling I had, when I strolled home from work on that very same day back in 2001. It all happened just shy of my 32nd birthday, so there it is, I never bought into the official narrative, not even from day one. This doesn't make me unique or special, I just thought you might like to know the historical background.

Fix It Here...The Big (Orlando) Fix.
 Virus removal? More like virus launching!

"There's no business like show business..." 
Casting call central...was it 'Latino night' or 'B-movie actor night' at Pulse?
Another with an acting background. This is the guy who said that he blocked the exit door at the club. Someone edited Burbano's IMDB page (after the shooting event) to include his presence in Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up (2015 music video), but he is not in it. Strange that such a video exists though!
Backstage, casting calls, actress/singer, Fox News intern etc...all this reminds me of Eric 'Fox News/911' Shawn! A firsthand witness to 9/11 (wink, wink). Carter, mentions 911 (call) during the interview.

Allow me an excursion into 9/11, mass media (programming) and Hollywood mind control:

Fox News (again) and 9/11 predictive programming...Wanted: Eric 'Fox/Cameo Actor' Shawn!
Shawn (Fox News, 'terror/war' reporter) whose only cameo role was in (WTC and Tower resonant) Gremlins II (with a 9/11 cipher) and who (11 years later) directly reported for Fox News on the morning of 9/11! Shawn, also claimed to be one of the few that saw the first plane hit the WTC (see Naudet 'intel' Bros clip). 9/11 images above/below (we see it done twice), takes place in front of Clamp (Trump) Regency Trade Centre (Tower).
Regular readers will be aware of my opinion (and historic work) on Fox's Murdoch and his '9/11-WTC' cipher loaded' 20th Century Fox film/TV output. The (911/WTC') Simpsons, (911/WTC) X-Files & The Lone Gunman, Pushing (WTC/Jet) Tin, Fight (collapsing Twin Towers) Club, Home (WTC/911) Alone 2, Die Hard series (WTC/911), (911) Big, Working (WTC) Girl, Wall (911/WTC) Street  etc etc. His connection to Hollywood's (Zionist) Arnon 'mass 9/11 programmer' Milchan (Regency Pictures) also deserves a mention.

Home (WTC/911) Alone 2 director, Chris Columbus, wrote the (911) Gremlins film...wink, wink.
We're led into the above (Eric Shawn) 9/11 references after 3 channels are switched Dracula
Ch 11 (two towers), a cnbc channel with no number and Ch 9. The segue (to Eric 911 Shaw) is overlaid with Rambo dialogue "to survive war, you've got to become war".

First few minutes...Gremlins 2
Clamp (Tower, Trade Centre) immediately followed by the 9 and 11 clock hands. Daniel Clamp is a parody of Donald Trump! Tower resonant Trump cameos in Home (WTC/911) Alone 2.
Clamp's book/biography is called "I Took Manhattan." Gizmo's Chinese keeper (who says "Television is for fools") dies and soon has his building demolished. Move along, nothing to see...

Group mind media terrorist(s)...Spielberg (and Dante):
Hollywood and Nazi mind control, anyone? Zionist/Nazi Spielberg and Kubrick (get your cognitively dissonanced head around that!) were a virtual partnership of sorts, imo. It was Kubrick that married into (via Christiane Harlan) the extended family of the Nazi's most successful film propagandist, Veit Harlan! Kubrick's brother-in-law, Jan Harlan (Kubrick's wife's brother), was also his main producer. Come on Kubrick fans, if I am lying, why don't you tear me down? Why would a holocaust promoting Jew like Kubrick, marry into a Nazi linked family that made (Jew killing) propaganda? Was it to build bridges or was it to continue in a similar (mass propaganda based) vein? My money is on the latter!
911 programmer Kubrick (see WTC monolith, ground zero), who married into the (Nazi propagandist based) Harlan family. Nazi Monarch (mind control) referencing Illuminati/Weishaupt Kubrick. I hope you all haven't forgotten about '9/11 G W Bush' and the family's historic connections to the Nazis (see Prescott). 'Obama youth' use the Hitler youth 'hand sign' (elemental grade sign, fire), again it's another Illuminati ritual symbol.
Think '4th wall'...4th Reich,  Zionist/Nazi based mind control via the cinema screen. The 'mind wash' scene! (Clockwork Orange). Beethoven's Ninth, Ode To Joy, the Nazi's nationalist anthem, now the anthem of the (Nazi) EU. The film was from Warner Bros, or should that be (Zio-Nazi) Werner Bros?

Kubrick only uses 'non-tilted' swastikas, so he can utilise both the Nazi aspect, and also the 'sun wheel' resonance (see Hindu/Buddhist) from where the symbol is ultimately derived. The sun being a 'literal' clockwork orange. The Orlando shooting happened in Orange County and on Orange Ave. All that and with rainbow overload! Kubrick's Clockwork Orange (also metaphor for the sun), is known for 'Singin' In The Rain', sun and rain = the rainbow. The film opens with differing coloured titled cards evoking the same. Kubrick has multiple references to 'the rainbow' in his output.

I wouldn't immediately write-off the Gremlins 2 'nazi' evoking disc catalogue/number either. The film heavily features 'scientists' (including a set of twins) and a 'genetics lab' run by Dr Catheter (taking the piss) aka Christopher Lee. It also has a small skit that replays the dentist chair ("Is it safe") scene from Marathon 'nazi' Man. Not forgetting the multiple instances of Slayer music, the nazi referencing Slaytanic Wehrmacht.
Nazi propagandist Jo...will fill you in regarding Veit Harlan!

Nazi genetic scientist 'Mengele' (who escaped to the Americas and actually died in 1979) was also an Illuminati asset, the Rothschild Illuminati movement was born out of Bavaria. Gremlins 2, Slayer (who we just mentioned), wrote a song about him, Angel of Death.
British Intel 'Crowley' wrote pro-Nazi propaganda for the Fatherland publication, his OTO group was also originally born in Germany. This Harlan propaganda film (Jew Suss) was used to stir up mass hatred, hatred that led to mass murder! It was seen by over 20 million people.

Kubrick, also said to Raphael, make sure that all traces of Jewishness are expunged from the EWS story/script. Hence Raphael referring to him as being a 'self loathing' Jew. 

Lewis was told by his source what A Clockwork Orange was about:
The mind-control experimentation conducted by Dr. Ewen (MKULTRA) Cameron at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal, between 1957 and 1963, and the Remote Neural Monitoring facility that operated out of Fort George Meade. The CIA were funding controversial research programmes into electronic brain stimulation. Burgess (author) got involved with the CIA while working as a Colonial Service education officer in Malaya in the 1950s. Contacts revealed that this research was also linked to Fort Bliss, a location where Paperclip Nazis where sent after the war. 'Bliss' terminology is used in the book and film.

"Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures!"
The Eye and Pyramid (Illuminati master symbol). I recently mentioned that this Kubrick film was accused of inciting copycat type violence (in reality). Orange County was the setting for the Orlando shooting and the club is situated on South Orange Avenue.

In reverse engineering the past (which I'm part doing here) you can get a type of  insight into the present/future:
Oh look, one of Veit 'Nazi' Harlan's descendants (his son) acting as an apologist and in front of Kubrick's oft used 'Illuminati master symbol', the eye and pyramid! (from 'In the shadow of Jew Suss'). Spielberg's 'Swindler's Mist' would conveniently leave out the deal that saw Kastner (Schindler's Zionist boss), sell-out hundreds of thousands of (non Zionist) Jews to Nazi Eichmann.

Third eye, Illuminati master symbol (with Tower), in Back To The Future, Spielberg/Zemeckis
The Third Eye shop, the same one that is Blast From The Past (2015) the year 2000 ending 'almanac'.

"There are certain aspects of Keneally's (Schindler's Ark) book which Spielberg omitted from the movie. Keneally mentioned that Schindler worked for the powerful Hungarian Jew Rudolf Kastner. Nowhere will this information be found in Schindler's List because in 1944 Kastner helped Eichmann deport hundreds of thousands of Jews to Auschwitz, in return for favorable treatment for Kastner's Zionist cronies.
The fact of high level cooperation between Nazis and Zionists was too embarrassing to be included in Spielberg's pro-Zionist film." (Michael A Hoffman)
HIgh level cooperation between Nazis and Zionists....hmmm?

Spielberg being an Ashke-nazi Jew (Russian/Polish extraction), Kubrick was Ashkenazi too.
The actual Germanic term 'Nazi', originates from a shortened version of (the German for) National Socialist.

Disney did a lot for this particular vehicle...the beetle/bug, see Herbie.
Gremlins II was connected to Zionist Spielberg's Amblin, the original film (Gremlins) also contained a 9/11 subliminal-cipher via the (Nazi funded) VW Beetle, the Sept 11th (resonant) radio. Here it is:
Spielberg's Gremlins: Sapphire (birthstone for September) XI (11th number), dial between 9 and 11.
The whole 'Gremlins' idea was sourced from Roald 'MI6/Military Intel' Dahl (The Gremlins was his first ever children's book and written for Disney, 1943). Spielberg has just done Dahl's BFG.

The VW Beetle was commissioned by Hitler, to be designed by Porsche, the same Porsche who have the iconic '911' model and for quite a considerable time (1963).

Christopher 'Gremlins 2' Lee (who we recently linked to monarch type mind control via those Wheatley films) would feature in Burton's film version of Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Burton's Batman had a '9-11' door subliminal and a 'monarch' (cinema/theatre) reference. Recently deceased Purple Prince who did the Burton Batman soundtrack, would sing out: '“I got to go back to America. I got to get ready for the bomb. Osama bin Laden, get ready to bomb. America you’d better watch out. 2001 hit me." He did this in Dec, 1998 at a Dutch concert.

Dahl/Disney, the mythical gremlin creatures originally damaged British war planes (aircraft), at the time of the battle with the Nazis, sometimes causing them to crash! Damaged/crashing aircraft and 9/11.

Disney worked with (Paperclip SS/Nazi Party member) Werner Von Braun on three (space related) educational television films, promoting the space/rocketry program. The first of these films pulled in 42 million viewers, (unofficially) the 2nd highest rated TV show in US history.
Nazi/Nasa Von Braun was credited with creating the Nazi V2 and the Saturn V (Apollo) rockets.

 Recall that Crowley protege Jack 'OTO' Parsons would invent the 'solid fuel system tech' that would ultimately lead to powering these same Saturn V/Apollo rockets. Nasa's hierarchy was/is riddled with masons.
Paperclip...Nazis escaping to the US, at the end of the war.

It's not my fault, but there is a Gizmo 'paper clip' (drawer) escape scene within Gremlins 2!
That 'NAZI/N4Z1' DVD disc number encode, might not be such a reach, the 'drawer' images overlap!
Gizmo also constructs his Rambo (war resonance) 'bow and arrow' using a paper clip. That's the Manhattan skyline on the disc's background image. The WTC features in the opening title shots. although that's not particularly unusual for a film set in Manhattan, but what of the rest?
22-711, I have previously linked the '711' encode as a type of  '911' encode. Sept (as in Sept-ember) means 7 and it was originally the 7th month. An 11 (WTC 1&2) shaped building and building 7 collapsed.

The Chinatown 'Manhattan' building project alongside the Twin Towers...Gremlins 2
One Gremlin (is born) and pops out onto the drawing.
Gremlin footprints are heavily predominant over the Twin Towers, same Gremlin in the shot below.
Spielberg/Zemeckis' 'Back To The Future' series was also very 9/11 and 'struck Tower' resonant, all previously covered. Below, 'Trade Centre' Clamp battles/shreds a gremlin with WTC (picture) in the background.
The Movie Police...Leonard Maltin parodies himself. The 'police' concept obviously evoking the 911 emergency number. Anyway, if there is any 'movie policing' to be done around here, it's by me!
Best image I could get...two examples of '116' and rotated to give '911' (date/police/emergency).
Gremlins 2 also features the 'Twins' from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the film which featured the 9-11 exploding truck and underpass.

Gremlins 2 (Clamp Trade Centre Tower), it almost looks like two towers fused together. Marla Bloodstone (character) can literally be translated as 'high tower' (Greek, Marla) and 'sacrifice' (relating to bloodstone), if we're inclined. The planet/sphere in a vice/grip aka Clamp, like the 'sphere' at ground zero.
The Attack of the Octopus People (as seen briefly in the film) likely plays into similar elite dominance themes (octopus/secret govt, many hands etc).

The film climaxes with the Gremlins getting electrocuted with multiple bolts of lightning inside the Tower...
this plays into the 'lightning struck tower' (tarot and 911) themes that I've often covered.

Marty McFly (shouting): "I have to tell you about the future"
Back To The '911 Struck (Twin) Tower(s)' Future...Flux capacitor is a rendering (of part) of  the (zig-zagging lightning struck, 777) tree of life, the bottom 4 spheres.
Biff's Tower is used in the sequel, 'biff' meaning to 'strike'.  Osiris, masonic Hiram (A)Biff, resides on the 27th floor, 'the tower' pathway #27 on the tree of life. The Tower/penis of Osiris/monument overlaps.
The Tower (tarot) also relates to the phallus, the phallus of Osiris likely overlaps, Osiris aka (masonic) Hiram (A)-Biff. A symbolic version is depicted in the DC monument. Notice how the Clock Tower and White House (front) are virtually identical, more on that and Obama later!  A Devils Tower is used in Close Encounters, one heavily relating to a 'replica tower building' electrical lineman (Dreyfuss).
The Twin Towers also briefly feature in the sequel (see TV window). Watch the scene, the screen scrolls upwards a couple of times, evoking the falling WTC hanged man.
119/911 Twinning...climax, '9 and (flaming) 11' into the cinema, alongside the 'struck (clock) tower'.
There's 'twinning' with the sequel, as Marty and Doc meet there own past selves, in the same setting. The 3rd film in the series runs for 119 minutes.
Travelling 'back to the future' (original film) to the year 1985, we soon run into the VW 'Libyan terrorists'. The sequel mainly uses a 2015 timeline, a large part of it replays the 1955 events from the original film, including the (1955) 'clock tower' time travel scene climax.
This 1955 'clock tower replay' scene ends the sequel, but the original film's immediate and following 'Libyan' aspect, is not tacked on this time (Doc was saved in the first film, so there is no need). We just get a 'To Be Concluded' segue/card. The Libyans will be evoked in the viewers memory though. The 'To Be Concluded...' phrase has an 'arrow' pointing to where the Libyans 'drove by' in the original film.
Presidents are a major staple of the BTTF series mythos. Part 2 was released on 22 Nov. '89, JFK assassination day. Recall that one of the 'black' Goldie Wilson (mayoral) progeny, has a '2016 For President' meme relating to (2015 set) BTTF 2. Obama being the black POTUS in our 'real' (now past) 2015 timeline. 44th Pres. Obama will occupy the White House for all of 2016.

Obama connects to Nov 12 1955 (BTTF, Libyan terror) via Nov 12 2015 (and Libyan terror). On Aug 4th (216th day, 6*6*6) Obama will be 55 years old, that's in the year 2(0)16. (6*6*6) again. 3rd October 2016 (or sundown from the 2nd) will see the start of the Jewish New Year, 5,777. 777, the kabbalist cipher relating to the tree of life, lightning flash of creation....we're back to (the lightning struck) BTTF again. 

 The span between the earliest and latest years (1955 to 2015) on the dashboard covers 60 years.
Back To The Future Day ('marked' 30th anniversary date, '85 release) was Oct 21, 2015, that was the date when the (1989) film characters went into the '2015 future' ('89 sequel). If you read this blog regularly, you might remember that I mentioned the approaching 'Back To The Future day' late last year, obviously before it happened, I mentioned it a few times in various post around that prior time. I was half expecting something to happen, but was drawn by the 21st date, not the rest! That is now rectified. I vaguely recall saying, that if the series related in some way to 9/11, then some of the other aspects (2015 timeline), might also do likewise,

No one else has made the following discovery...

Back To The Future '9/11 USA' - Back To The Future '9/11 France' (Fri Nov. 13)
Obama’s Nov. 12, 2015, ABC News interview was the day before Paris' 911 (Fri Nov. 13, 2015) terror. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Libya (ISIL) claimed responsibility for these same attacks! ISIL forming 13th November 2014, exactly one year before the Paris terror event.

Like a 'Struck Clock(work) Tower' ...Nov 12, 1955 versus Nov 12, 2015. Wink, wink.
Look familiar? The White House (front), where Obama gave the November 122015 ISIL speech.
Obama's 'ISIL/Libya' related terror speech (given the day before Paris terror), fell on the exact 60th anniversary of the 'BTTF' Clock Tower lightning strike. (a hypothetical 60 yr span)
Barry uses ISIL, so that he can keep to the 'Libyan terrorist' part of the script, Donny. :)

June 16, 2015, Trump formally announced his candidacy for president of the USA in the 2016 election, seeking the nomination of the Reps. He gave the Rep. nomination acceptance speech (19th Jul) from a Trump Tower.
The (Sorcerer's) Apprentice, Donald 'You're Fired' Trump.  Donald 'The Tower' Trump...The Tower (card 16) is one of the major arcana aka TRUMPS.  The 'struck' Tower Trump (le feu du ciel) 'Fire of heaven'. Donny, is a literal 'walking tarot card' (lol), even 'the crown' gets a look-in via his funny hair! 
As seen in Back To The Future 2 (in year 2015). We could also compare Biff 'Tower' Tannen to Trump, a la Gremlins 2, Clamp/Trump. Trump actually bought John (BTTF) DeLorean's sprawling (434 acre) New Jersey estate in 1999, after he went bankrupt, it's now a golf course.
Talking of trumps and cards...the Illuminati (card game).
The game has a bit of a track record...wink, wink. Trump also cameos in Home (WTC/911) Alone 2.

'DYSTOPIC' 2015 alternate timeline, BTTF 2:
An absolute classic, inspired stuff. This video (from youtube) is on the right track! :)

The 'dystopia' is actually starting to emerge...IN OUR REALITY! 
Gun toting locals firing at each other (and authority figures) and some in marauding groups. Dallas, Baton Rouge etc. Strickland plays a 'Marshall' in BTTF 3. Is 'martial (marshall) law' just around the corner (in reality, USA)? Dallas was on 7/7/16 (777).

BTTF (original) which featured Libyan terrorists/nationalists a la Paris Fri 13.
The day following this Obama speech, Paris' 911 aka (Fri) Nov. 13, 2015, happened. The 'Libyan terrorist' aspect, worked for 1985 film's setting, tensions between US and Libya at the time were stretched. It also potentially and subliminally works for Paris, Nov 13 2015 (with the original/sequel's timelines, the Libyan terrorists, plus Obama's related and 'date specific' realtime speech). Likewise, it functions for NY 911, with the original/sequel and its 911 (ciphers), terrorist (in the generic sense) and struck Tower (WTC) themes.

Using the film's 1955 timeline and reflecting it with our own reality, Nov. 12, 2015 technically marked the 60 year anniversary, of the end of Marty's original existence in 1955. His final day being Nov. 12 1955, when he travelled BTTF. Oct/Nov 2015, Oct 1985 and Nov 1955, are all timeline aspects in BTTF 2.
Paris did a '9/11' 10 year memorial with Twin Towers in 2011..."Never Forget"

Satur(n)day 12th Nov (1955)...13th Nov (very next calendar day) as noted, is analogous to Paris' 9/11 aka Friday 13th Nov (2015). Doc Brown (Lloyd, Fri 13th, The Orphan) and George McFly (Glover) have both featured in 'Friday 13th' related film releases! (see Paris' 911 post). Gremlins' Corey Feldman was in the same Friday 13th release as Glover (The Final Chapter).
Yes, I've previously tied the (masonic infused) Friday 13th film series with 9/11 too, notably via Jason Takes Manhattan, and also Part 3, where there is a Twin Towers (magazine image) 'death link'.

The 30th anniversary computer game release was 10/13/15 (Thurs 13th October). A date that relates to the 'original' Templar suppression, Fri 13th October (1307) in Paris, France. All which I linked to the 'Paris 911' event (last year).

"Sacre Bleu!" (French)
Oh, La, La...Ooh, La, La!
(the time resonant almanac that expired in 2000)

Paris, Fri 13, Nov: Two Jewish brothers, Pascal and Joël Laloux owned the Bataclan for more than 40 years before allegedly selling it on Sept 11th September, 2015. Then there was (mysterious) 'Matthew' who claimed to have survived 'NY 911' and also being shot at the Bataclan Massacre. 'Matthew' was rescued by a Le Monde (media) journalist who happened to be filming from across the street. (wink, wink). Recall the French Naudet brothers (911 Tower strike 'street' film) and their French Canal+ TV link. In my Paris 9/11 post, I linked Superman 2 with the French terror event, it featured terrorists in Paris (Eiffel Tower), France.

Late 2015 (Oct, around the BTTF 2 timeline!), about a month or so before Paris 9/11, Zemeckis, the director of Back To The (911/Tower) Future, would release a Twin Towers based film. The Walk, based on the story of Paris dwelling and 24-year-old French high-wire artist
The 'Neptune like' tower tridents (bottom left), Neptune and trident featured at the BTTF dance.
Philippe Petit's walk between the Twin Towers of the WTC on Aug 7, 1974. The Walk was dedicated to the victims of the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Levitt and the Tower(s), Petit/Petite, French, meaning small. Fox, the petit(e) actor aka Calvin Klein (Klein, meaning small). Same type of clothing outfit and Marty with the 'struck clock tower' via the 9 & 11 ciphers.

Model citizens, tower(s), bottles and wires...The (911) Struck Tower(s) via The Wire
The assembly of the method. 40 years later and related in more ways than one!
Zapped 'Back To The Future' via the cinema...Assembly of Christ (The Walk, cross/crucifix)
Cinema, Christ, The Walk, The Cross (x2)...there is 'walking (hoverboarding) on water' in BTTF 2.
Elmo's (St. Elmo's fire) is next door (right), an electro-luminescent corona discharge in the air during thunderstorms
Goddess Nike (winged/flight), companion of Zeus (lightning bolt/tower), goddess of the Styx (water).
That's also the exact same cinema where all the Gremlins 'assembled' at Christ-mas (Gremlins).
Yes, the exact same 'wrecked' cinema (BTTF) was also used (wrecked) in Gremlins! It was Snow White when the Gremlins finally attended. Earlier showing, "Watch The Skies" (wink, wink). Gremlins 2 soundtrack featured "Bombers In The Sky" (Thompson Twins).
'Back To The Future's 'Hill Valley' (Courthouse Sq) is the exact one used for the town in (Sept11/911' encoded) Gremlins! Gremlins actually featured it before BTTF did.
Courthouse Square aka Mockingbird Square...Snap! BTTF square (paths) evokes the flux capacitor.
Mockingbird/Courthouse Sq, the Gremlins film town location, Manhattan (Clamp Tower) the sequel's location. The clock tower presently sits on the Universal Studios backlot because it was originally built to be used as a courthouse in the 1948 film, “An Act of Murder.” (now out of print and largely forgotten).

The BBTF Hill Valley Square/Courthouse is the literal 'MOCKINGBIRD' SQUARE. It is the same location for all 3 films: BTTF, To Kill A Mockingbird and Gremlins. Also in Jim 'Truman Show' Carrey's 'Bruce Almighty'.
Finch, Mockingbird, Bluebird (below)...all bird related. Birds even 'peck' (see Gregory), let's all McFly! 
Peck-ing with the (Nazi) Eagle:
Peck, of course, would memorably play (against type) the Nazi Reich's scientist, Dr Josef Mengele, in (Zionist Jew) Lew Grades produced 1978 film, The Boys From Brazil (creating test tube baby Hitlers). Peck was also the surrogate father of a demonic baby in (Spielberg collaborator) Donner's The Omen. 

Lovely Nazi music...via the Reich and Nasa (Nazi)
Both clips (one way or the other) reference the 'sun cross/wheel'

Was Reinhard 'Nazi' Gehlen, the true founding father of the CIA? 
 We've noted many 'mockingbird' references and overlaps via film. CIA based Operation Mockingbird, the infiltration of mainstream media by the intelligence agencies CIA, NSA, FBI etc. This is EXACTLY what I've been trying to get through to you all!

Mockingbird, mass infiltration of MSM/Hollywood/News etc by Intelligence agencies...
Bluebird, an mkultra related mind control project originating from the 50's, it morphed into Artichoke.
In his summary of Bluebird, Dr. Ross describes unethical experiments conducted by psychiatrists to create amnesia, new identities, hypnotic access codes, and new memories in the minds of experimental subjects. Ross also mentions the links to 'Operation Paperclip Nazis' in respect of research. Some of the above (imo) also needs to be understood in respect of the mass audience.

Talking of 'bluebirds' and mass audience/communication...
The Twitter 'mountain bluebird'. Reducing communication to meaningless 'celebrity oriented' fluff and (limited by characters) 'soundbites' that can barely scratch the surface of any given (complex) issue. Yet more 'infantilized' media and (peer pressure based) celebrity driven mind sewage. Another ideal mass mind control device, imo.

Mind reading/mind control...
Remember Nazi/SS Paperclip von Braun? Braun (meaning Brown) Doc, Back To The Future 3!
Doc tells Marty that his family, von Braun, arrived in the US in 1908, but changed their name to Brown as a result of WWI (slightly deviated, Wernher von Braun actually moved after WW2). In 1955, von Braun became a naturalized citizen of the United States. Disney/von Braun's 'Man In Space' TV films began in 1955. BTTF's main timeline is set in 1955, Operation Paperclip ran 1945 to 1955.

"Mein Fuhrer, I can walk..."
Kubrick would reference Operation (Nazi) Paperclip via his film Dr Strangelove, played by freemason Sellers. Voice of Darth 'Nazi Empire' Vader (Earl Jones) would also feature. Sellers said, "Strangelove was never modelled after Kissinger—that's a popular misconception. It was always (Paperclip Nazi) Wernher von Braun."

BTTF's Dr/Doc Brown and Dr Strangelove, both represent Wernher von Braun.
Von Braun's (Doc Brown) amplifier. Spielberg/Zemeckis would use (Nazi linked) Kubrick's cinematic motif 'CRM 114' in Back To The Future, this motif was first used in Dr Strangelove.
They'll be links to '2001:ASO' too (see above), which involved Nasa/Nazi's, as did US Apollo missions. The orbiting nuclear station, the one that is transformed from the ape/monkey's bone.

Hindu/Nazi Sun Wheel/Swastika (potential) location type resonance, Universal lot. Recent shot, no idea how long the design has been there.

Bluebird (sign), starting point of (Doc von Braun's theorised) 'back to the future' time travel journey. 
Blue Bird Motel (building), end point and where the car dissolves into the future, after the tower strike.

Project Bluebird and Oz 'rainbow' programming.

Somewhere over the rainbowblue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?
If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?

Bill (Cruise) at Ziegler's, a German name and meaning 'tiler/tyler' (a la masonry), he is a type of Illuminati head honcho (just like Jew Pollack was in real life via Milchan!). Did you know that (Valkyrie Nazi) Cruise's former 'God' aka L Ron (Scientology) Hubbard, died in a Blue Bird motorhome (1986). Cruise had his own Blue-Bird (Scientology) bus/motorhome, which he used while his 'Silver Screen' (aka cinema) bus was also being built. 'Gay Cruise' featured in (gay 'Brian 'Nazi/Apt Pupil' Singer's Valkyrie.

"Hitler was involved in the same black magic (thule etc) and the same occult practices that my father (Scientology, L Ron Hubbard) was. The identical ones. Which, as I have said, stem clear back to before Egyptian times. It’s a very secret thing. Very powerful and very workable and very dangerous."
L Ron Hubbard Junior

I wonder if Scientology Tom's 'Blue Bird' was old Ron's former motorhome, Tom's just moved into Ron's former Scientology base, 'Saint Hill Manor, UK', so he has a habit of following in his ghostly footsteps.

Project Blue Bird was the first known codename for the narco-hypnosis-behaviourist-trauma mind control experimentation undertaken by US intelligence agencies in the immediate aftermath of WW2.
A key part of Lee Harvey Oswald's intelligence legend was created at the Bluebird cafe in Yamato, whilst he was stationed at the U-2 and MK-ULTRA base otherwise known at Atsugi.

Shirley 'paedo bait' Temple, Blue Bird and The Wizard of Oz (which she was linked to star in)...
B&W/Color (like Oz). Note that it was produced by Jaws connected Darryl F Zanuck, his son Richard D Zanuck, produced Spielberg's Jaws. Darryl (who actually produced a film about the Illuminati progenitors, the Rothschild banking dynasty, 1934), ironically died of 'jaw cancer' and Richard died at 77 (2012). Richard was instrumental in launching both Spielberg's and Tim Burton's careers. Blue Bird, directed by Walter Lang. German director Fritz Lang, was actually Walter's distant uncle. Fritz was offered the opportunity to be supreme Fuhrer over the German film industry, but he instead fled Germany. (Ashkenazic duplicity cannot be ruled out though, not imo).

Somewhere over the rainbowblue birds fly...

Notice how the film uses both (bluebird/blue bird) spellings, like the song!  There is some sort of connection to 'disassociative' states in respect of this song, imo.
'Twinned' Marty wears a 'rainbow cap' in the sequel (taken from the head of his double), wears it on '237 Street' (BTTF 2). Rainbow 'blue-bird' Cruise, is also a member of Club 237 (via EWS), rainbow and 42 resonance via MI:2.
“Vote Yes on (proposition) 237” to “Legalize Bionics.”
Bionics, the study of mechanical systems that function like living organisms or parts of living organisms. Biff actually has bionic implants in his brain. We're in potential mind control territory and I mean that in the macro and micro sense.

Kubrick's '237' and 'CRM 114' both in BBTF series. A '237' (42, Shining/rainbow connection) poster features in the alleyway, where he wears the rainbow cap. No other 'synchronicity' researcher has found this, I've checked. There is 'Oz(y) Wizard' graffiti at the school (original film). He first meets/hits the 'scarecrow' (a la dreaming Dorothy/Oz) when he initially travels back in time. Mr Sandman (bring me a dream) plays when he first goes into (1955) town. Doc Brown and Doc Marvel (Oz) also have some overlaps. Script writer Bob 'Dorothy' Gale, is another potential nod. The codes '237', '42' and '114' (in respect of communication via TV) are also seen in Spielberg's Poltergeist, as is Hotel/Motel room no. 217 (The Shining, book). The word Poltergeist being 'German' and literally meaning 'noisy ghost/spirit', one that is troublesome, a bit like Gremlins, hmm?

Kubrick's 2001:ASO film (ground zero monolith) has title cards that collectively sum 777.
The 777 Lightning Struck (Tree of Life) Flux Capacitor...Back To The Future via The Cinema
To the finish line. Mockingbird (Sq), Elite, Bluebird, Western Auto '9'...opposite the struck (clock) tower.
The time travel road strip, a 'gull-winged' car leaves a flaming '11' from the tyres (auto related).
4X4 (a grid-like number ref). Check-out that number grid, right. Many would term the post-Sept 11 Iraq War...a Gas (Oil) War.

The resonant and kabbalistic '777' number grouping, can be seen in BTTF 2, via 7up.
777 via the 3 pillars, we get the literal 'lightning struck tree' at the close of BTTF 2.

The lightning cable is pinned from the Clock Tower side, to the post on the 'split' between Elite Barber Shop and Blue-bird Motel, that's the critical contact point location. It actually looks like there is someone else in the passenger side too, but hard to be sure.
In-between '9 Western Auto and Ruth's Frock Shop' (far right) a US Army recruiting board/entrance.
Ruth, (as a noun) means a feeling of pity, distress, grief and relating to sorrow, compassion, remorse.
Delorean/Delores etc...also has its etymological root in 'sorrow', it is also the source of Lolita, Loli/Lola. 
I covered this before with BTTF, the mkultra/mind control related Project Bluebird that began in the early 50's, BTTF having a timeline set in 1955.

Mass creation/infiltration of MSM, Hollywood, News etc...Gremlins 2: Attack of the Octopus People (wink, wink)
Who can they mean? The fact that '9 and 11 channel hopping' Grandpa Joe/Dracula gets a 'news anchor' job after the climax, is likely another nod and wink, imo. It's Dracula that leads us outside the tower to the '9 and 11' subliminal ciphers (Eric 'Fox' Shawn etc).

Fox: Very first film about 'time travelling' back to the past, was (see wiki) released on Sept 11, 1921.
Imdb, shows a different date. Emmett J. Flynn...directed the first film about 'past' time-travel, released Sept 11. The time-travel takes place via a blow to the head. BTTF's Emmett "Doc" Brown/von Braun, Ph.D, is the inventor of the first time machine, which travels via 9/11 (Sept 11, ciphers) and struck towers. (huge thanks to Uncle Bingo!). Emmett Brown, invented time travel after a blow to his head! Twaining/Twinning, it's got it all! Emmett J, Fox (a la Michael), time travel, a lightning struck tower, 9/11 etc. BTTF 3, the character of Clara Clayton (Steenburgen) is in reference to Clara Clemens, Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain's daughter, third film set in 1885, Twain's book published 1889. BTTF: "Variety applauded the performances, arguing Fox and Lloyd imbued Marty and Doc Brown's friendship with a quality reminiscent of King Arthur and Merlin". 80+ mins and 8 reels (88), Court and Courthouse Square. William Fox (producer), who founded 20th Century Fox, now owned by Murdoch, the same Fox/Murdoch, that I've implicated in mass 9/11 predictive programming via film/TV!

Overlook(ing) Monolith Hotel/WTC Ground Zero, Kubrick...Overlook Hotel, time travel via 1921 (The Shining).

In the Carl Sagan novel Contact (which BTTF's Zemeckis went on to film), the protagonist, Eleanor Arroway, is reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, specifically the scene where Hank first approaches Camelot, when she finds out about her father's death. The quote "'Bridgeport?' Said I. 'Camelot,' Said he." is also used later in the book, and the story is used as a metaphor for contact between civilizations at very different levels of technological and ethical advancement.

A Connect-icut Yankee In King Arthur's Court(house)

The lightning struck tower
Hank secretly manufactures gunpowder and a lightning rod, plants explosive charges in Merlin's tower, then places the lightning rod at the top and runs a wire to the explosive charges. He then announces (during a period when storms are frequent) that he will soon call down fire from heaven and destroy Merlin's tower (a la The Tower, aka fire of heaven, tarot), then challenges Merlin to use his sorcery to prevent it. Lightning strikes the rod, triggering the explosive charges and levelling the tower, further diminishing Merlin's reputation. (Twain's book).

Disney's Unidentified Flying Oddball (also known as The Spaceman and King Arthur and A Spaceman in King Arthur's Court) is a 1979 film adaptation of Mark Twain's book. Disney’s A Kid in King Arthur’s Court (1995), likewise.

The world's very first live TV drama was broadcast, Sept 11th, 1928. 

BBTF's 'nazi referencing' Zemeckis, would also make a version of Sagan's Contact, the film where the 'alien plans' (wink, wink) are sent via a TV broadcast, the broadcast of Hitler from the Berlin games. The first use of TV broadcasting for the XI Olympics (Olympus).
'The plans' suggested that you needed to think like a 'Vegan' (Vega system alien), but 'vegan' (dietary, a type of vegetarianism) could apply. Hitler was a vegetarian towards the end of his life (thats the myth)...'think like a vegan' (plans, vegan, a Hitler tv broadcast etc), but I'm reaching a bit.

Foster was out of Yale (linked to Nazi flavored Skull and Bones) and a military family.
The 'death's head' (a la nazism, Bush etc) was an aspect of her Silence of the Lambs film, death's head moth (totenkopf, as seen on the skull/death head promos). Buffalo Bill and Nazism, likewise (below). Perhaps Bill, was a victim of this type of programme, Nazism and moth/butterfly (echoing monarch-like mind control).
Nazi Contact, she's with James 'Videodrome/TV mass mind control' Woods aka 'the video word made flesh.' (a la John, Ch1 v14).
Below, Hitler in a ballerina dress and with swastika (Videodrome). 'Harlan' (a character in the film) was the technician who dosed Renn (Woods) with the videodrome mind control signal, is this a nod to 'CRM 114' Kubrick, Jan Harlan and related Veit?
CRM 114 (via accumulator helmet/John 1:14), Harlan, Kubrick, Film/TV as mind control
Hitler/Nazi, just as he (Woods) slips in Videodrome's (reality warping) mind control signal video tape! 
Brian/Brain O'Blivion! "Your reality is already half video hallucination, if you're not careful, it will become total hallucination."

Nazi Contact also featured 'Illuminati resonant' Matthew 'A (Sept 11th) Time To Kill' McConaughey.
He boards a Nazi U-boat in U-571 (for most of the film). The film where they substitute Americans finding the Enigma machine, when it was actually the British. Above, 'Illuminati' Texas Chainsaw 4.

McConaughey's 'A Time To Kill'...was a type of retelling of To Kill A Mockingbird!
(See Jackson, Long Kiss Goodnight, for the 9/11-WTC plot in a nutshell!).
Director Schumacher's film Bad Company (one of the last, if not THE last to be filmed inside the WTC), plays directly into these same 911 terror themes! Phone Booth has a double '9 and 11' script reference.

Schumacher is a sodomite. Limp Bizkit's 'Chocolate Starfish (shitty ass hole) and the Hotdog (penis) Flavored Water' album, plays directly into the sodomy theme. If Schumacher's Bad Company, was the last major film to be made at the WTC (and with an Afghan terror plot), Limp Bizkit's "Rollin" MUST have been the last major music video shot there, filmed from the top of the South Tower!

"Rollin - Air Raid Vehicle" (giant wink, wink)
Twin Towers and a 'vehicular air raid' with a 'skeleton guitarist' (death)..."Rollin'" video received the award for Best Rock Video at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. On September 10, 2001 (one day before the Twin Towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack). Music video links to Ben 'Zoolander' Stiller (via cameos), who removed the WTC images from his Zoolander film (released two weeks before the attacks). Zoolander, the film about 'mind controlled' fashion models and which had a homage to 9/11 Kubrick's 2001 (monkey/bone scene).

Anyway (Sept 11th) 'A Time To Kill' Jackson, would feature in Spielberg's Jurassic Masonic Park. From one struck tower to the next...Die Hard 3, Lightning Struck (lightning bolt Zeus) Tower(s).
Subliminal Synchro Sphere's 'Mr 911/WTC' aka Samuel L Jackson (see A Time To Kill, Die Hard 3, Exorcist 3 and Long Kiss Goodnight). Die Hard series also featured planes and towers.
Jackson caught in the 911/WTC MSM matrix...this Manhattan station shot is soon followed by a mass explosion. There are other Die Hard related cipher/aspects that I haven't included, see other posts.

  I could go on all day like this, but what's the point! The 9/11 mass ritual is of huge import, the event has seen the world go to the precipice, ever since it happened! Nothing has been the same since!

Bringing us all the way to...Back To The Present Future...literally!
Jackson featured in a 10th June, 2016 limited release called 'Cell', it makes reference to the terms 'pulse', 'mass shootings' and 'cell phones' (a la Orlando). Orlando has already been compared to 911.
This was released two days before the Pulse shootings occurred.

It also featured John 'Pushing WTC Tin' Cusack.
Overlaid plane passes thru the WTC. A Li, A Lie.

Aircraft and lies...MH370, we've done the Ju Kun (joking), Jet Li(e) 'expendable' body double:
"One of the MH370 passengers who boarded with a stolen passport looked like Mario Balotelli", Abdul Rahman said Monday. A Mr Ali (A Li/A Lie), and Balotelli, Balo-tel-li, tell lie.

Cell, is based on a King story. After the closing credits have finished, the catalyst signal (pulse) from the movie plays for approximately 5-10 seconds, with no image, as if attempting to convert the audience. (imdb)
A 'pulse' which travels through the phone (cell) network turning people into blood thirsty creatures.
Jackson would play a Jimmy GATOR in Hard Eight and a 'purple' infused Mace Windu in Star Wars.
King can be linked to the Nazi/Paperclip aspects via Apt (Nazi) Pupil. A young boy (Todd/Renfro) comes into contact with (Kurt/McKellen) an ex-Nazi war criminal (living in the US), Todd is eventually schooled by the Nazi. In the novella, Todd finally becomes a spree shooter who suicides himself. Imo it plays like a form of veiled Nazi based mind control etc (a schooled 'apt pupil'). There is also a part where Todd finds an injured 'blue jay' (a blue-bird) and kills it. The Apt Pupil film was made by (gay) Bryan 'X-Men gender bending programmer' Singer, the director who has been linked to alleged organised sex attacks on young men/boys. Gay 'Apt Nazi' McKellen featured in the X-Men series. I've mentioned Brad Renfro before, I think he was a subject to some of this type of programming, RIP.

Bryan (Apt Pupil) Singer's cousin Marc Singer (aka Donovan), led the resistance in (80s TV series) V: The Visitors. The (lizard) Alien invaders that link to (masonic) Sirius. It had a 'hybrid' star child aspect too. It was simply a rehash of Kubrick collaborator, A C Clarke's Childhood's End, with its 'Overlord' (aliens). It's literally where David 'gatekeeper' Icke got his entire 'reptilian' theory from, lol.
The (Alien) Vistors symbol (left)...the Nazi Swastika
The story (V) remains a Nazi allegory, including the Swastika-like emblem used by the Visitors and their SS-like uniforms. There is a Visitor youth auxiliary with obvious similarities to the Hitler Youth and Visitor broadcasts mimic Nazi-era propaganda. In addition, direct figure analogies are used, such as the senior Visitor scientist, Diana, who is a direct analogue of Dr. Josef Mengele.

People have theorized that the novel Jack Torrance is writing in The Shining, is actually Apt Pupil! Here's how:
In Apt Pupil (the book), the high school counsellor mentions a hotel room number, 217. Room 217 of The Overlook Hotel (The Shining, book) is featured heavily, it's the same room number where King and wife stayed one night in 1974, The Stanley Hotel. Kubrick uses 237 in the film. This was the actual hotel stay that inspired King to write The Shining!  In Jack's new (Overlook) writing project/book, there is a character named Denker. Arthur Denker is Nazi Kurt's alter ego in Apt Pupil! Finally, in the afterword of Different Seasons (which originally featured the Apt Pupil story). King (a literal monarch) says he wrote Apt Pupil right after writing The Shining. Kubrick's film will reference 'the monarch twins/disassociative Danny' and imo other (psychic) forms of mind control and also (veiled) incestuous child abuse. Jack drives a (Hitler/Porsche) VW Beetle and uses a German typewriter called Adler (meaning 'eagle', a Nazi and US symbol). See this shot from The Shining, below.
Monarch relates to the butterfly. We also get a mirror (programming) and another 'eagle' reference.
It's the same mirror that we see (later) when (abused) Danny is 'disassociating' with the lipstick and knife.
'Twinning' has also been connected to the 'Project Monarch'. The 'twins' do not even feature in King's book. I've found butterfly references in Lolita, Eyes Wide Shut and Full Metal Jacket. I also found the 'Monarch' cinema/theatre reference in Batman (1989),  as well as the '9-11' door and where Nicholson played The 'purple' Joker. There are incest/sodomy overtones in The Shining, ones relating to Danny.
A cross-fade and overlay...the German Adler/Eagle typewriter, it has a small 'eagle' above the name. When he's not writing 'The Adventures of Jack, The Dull Boy' he must be writing 'Apt (Nazi) Pupil.
Stovington (High) was sourced from the book, their emblem was the 'eagle'. Eagle Films was a subsidiary of Kubrick's Hawk Film, it would produce daughter Viviane's 'Making of The Shining'. Danny wears the Apollo 11 sweater, Apollo's 'lunar lander' was called 'Eagle' (Armstrong: "The Eagle has landed").
Higgins' book/film of the same phrase evoking the Nazis, but perhaps just as relevant is that the plot centres on kidnapping Churchill. This ultimately fails and the climax ends with a rogue Nazi shooting Churchill dead, but it turns out to an impersonator/double, the real Churchill is safe. Now we're in 'faking' the Apollo moon landings territory, that being a staple of Kubrick conspiracy theory.

I just happened to recently catch a viewing of Scorcese's Shutter Island (on 16th July) or Shut-(ter) Eye-land and for the first time. A film that I immediately recognised as playing into these same types of 'nazi mind control' themes.

Set in 1954, which is inside the Paperclip window and the related mind control programmes. There's a 'twinning' aspect with (DiCaprio) Daniels/Laeddis. 'Butterfly Nabakov's' Lolita Haze was called Delores, Delores (pain/sorrow), is the name of Daniels' wife. DiCaprio featured with DeNiro, in (abuse oriented) This Boy's Life, he played Toby Wolff and the story is set in 1955!
Lolita/Foster pictured with 'the butterfly' in Scorcese's Taxi 'assassin' Driver (with 'monarch' Hide & Seek, De Niro), we've already tied her to the 'nazi thematic'. Is Shutter Island an avatar for Plum Island (off Connecticut, aka mind control central), the same Plum Island mentioned in Foster's Silence of the Lambs (SOTL). A Connecticut Yankee in the Court of King Arthur, is the book that Ellie Arroway reads (who Foster played) in Nazi Contact.

Lecter: "Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center, sounds charming."

Jack, The Shining (apt nazi pupil): "All work and no play makes Jack a Dull(es) boy."
With Kubrick and Harlan's nazi links, King's Shining/VW driving Apt Nazi Pupil (Jack) and Paperclip on US soil, then why not?

Human animals most likely, at least at some point. SOTL has heavy 'bird resonance', Starlings, Terns, Pigeons (breeding deep/high rollers etc). Bill kidnaps a Senator's daughter (political), Travis (Taxi Driver) Bickle was primed (or primed himself) for a political assassination hit. I've noted the Reagan assassin 'Hinckley' and the Jodie Foster links in earlier posts. John 'assassin' Hinckley, was allegedly linked to the US Nazi Party (some claim he was a member). At his trial, mention was made of Hinckley meeting up with a Nazi ideologue. Some researchers have mentioned author Thomas Harris, being linked to the CIA.

Lecter: "Was it a butterfly?" Starling (Foster): "Yes, a moth."
The 'butterfly' reference dropped as they first approach 'the Island' and by the undercover doctor.
Ruffalo plays the duplicitous fake sidekick, he's really an undercover doctor.
Scorcese was involved with a filmed 'Madam Butterfly' production in the mid 90s. Directed by (none other than) Frederic 'Sarkozy' Mitterand (gay), the subsequent French politician who was allegedly implicated in paedophilia. Oliver Sarkozy is currently dating one of the 'programmed' Olsen 'twins' (wink, wink).

The title "Shutter Island" is an anagram of both "Truths and Lies" and "Truths / Denials"
Bottom line is this, the 'Island' creates programmed assassin\killers for black-op type functions. Daniels (DiCaprio) is drawn into an elaborate charade (from the outset), in that Wicker Man type way, everyone is in on it, except himself! The 'Medea' wife theme (a la True Detective), is likely his programming framework. The framework that will (unsuccessfully) be used to attempt to manipulate him into becoming a programmed killer. Daniels already underwent the same process 9 months prior (see head scar), that mission also failing, we see the very next programming attempt, one which also fails. This is why he HAS to be zombified at the close, it is his choice (he knows he is being set-up) and he choses the lesser of two evils (die a good man, rather than living like a 'programmed' monster etc). There are 'Oz' and 'red shoes' type overlaps too. DiCaprio (who once played Toby Wolff) also references the wolf (raised by wolves) another potential Nazi link. He was in (Scorcese's) the Wolves of Wall St, it was certain Wall St connections that helped fund Hitler (see Anthony Sutton, Thyssen etc). Jack Torrance (The 'nazi' Shining) plays the 'wolf' when he is terrorising his wife and child.

Shutter Island had big 'Silence of the Lambs' overlaps (lambs/wolves - slaughter), both in terms of content and personnel. There was even a scene that copied Starling's (Foster) asylum corridor walk, one which Daniels takes. Nazi/Moth (Butterfly) resonant SOTL/Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine), his death's head (totenkopf) moth (in nature) invades bee hives (the collective hive/hive mind). Buffalo Bill/Levine played Shutter Island's 'SS/Nazi-like' warden. It's Ruffalo meets Buffalo!

Nazis, Butterflies (moths) and Monarch...Teddy and Ted
Yes, a moth. The 'totenkopf' (death's head, nazi resonant) moth

"Our Billy wasn't born a criminal, Clarice. He was made one through years of systematic abuse."
Years of systematic 'nazi-based mind control' abuse. Lecter also (obliquely) mentions sodomy during this chat. Lecter himself was irreparably traumatised by the Nazis, Hannibal Rising, they fed his sister to him (1944). It's all 'seemingly' inter-related, even connecting to Lecter and Red 'phoenix' Dragon.
Nazi 'Red Dragon' Norton and Nazi 'Red Dragon' Fiennes.
Fiennes, with his death's head (totenkopf, a la the moth/SS imagery), and where Fiennes featured with Ben 'Nazi Shutter Island' Kingsley. Norton took the lead role in American (nazi) History X, it was offered, but passed over by Joaquin Phoenix.
Former Orion executive, Medavoy, was also involved in producing Shutter Island, his film company produced the 'mega hit' SOTL. Exorcist, Max Von Sydow (not Von Braun!) plays the 'Paperclip' resonant 'nazi mind control' linked overseer, Dr Naehring. I recently linked The Exorcist series to the 'butterfly/monarch' theme, one via Paul 'Taxi Driver/Exorcist Dominion' Schrader, Dominion also had a big Nazi theme too!
Ben Kingsley as Dr Cawley (the 'mind controlled assassin' programmer). Leo (German ancestry) DiCaprio aka Daniels, there are 'nazi flashback' scenes that relate to his character (WW2, Dachau). his head Dr Cawley (Kingsley), right inside his HEAD! That's where all the nazi-based experiments take place. I also noticed tower/lightning type resonance. I noted a 'statue' of sodomy based 'Pan' (at Cawley's), shown at the moment of Daniels' first (migraine) breakdown and with accompanying 'lightning flash' imagery (all mind control related stuff). He is next dosed with pills. Kingsley, who featured in Spielberg/Harlan's version of Kubrick's A.I. (The Shining 'teddy' paedo overlaps), Swindler's Mist, (Kinski/monarch mind control heavy) Harem and Zemeckis' WTC film, The Walk. Talking of The Shining, teddy bears, Dan/Daniel and paedophilia, DiCaprio is called Teddy Daniels.

While Mark Ruffalo was filming Shutter Island (in 2008), his younger brother Scott, was shot in the head and died after a week in hospital. Although initially it was believe to be suicide, it was soon deemed murder by an L.A. coroner. Shaha Mishaal Adham (one of two at the shooting scene) claimed that Scott wounded himself, she was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, but was soon released without charge.  She was subsequently found dead in 2012 (suspected OD), Adham, was the daughter of a wealthy Saudi business man. Actor Mark, did actually move himself and his family away from Hollywood and out to New England, after this incident. Overall, TPTB seem to want this shooting designated as a suicide event.

Mark Ruffalo, also featured in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is another heavy 'mind control' resonant film, relating to Montauk, which happens to be connected to the Plum Island area.
The (nazi resonant) VW Beetle (and the brain bug/thalamus, nazi-based mind control). On 26 May 1938, Hitler laid the cornerstone for the Volkswagen factory in Fallersleben, the VW Beetle was his brainchild.
Illuminati (Truman mind/world control) Carrey, featured with DiCaprio's Titanic co-star, Kate 'phoenix' Winslet.  

Pushing the 'internal and eternal sun spot' via the winged (vw) brain beetle (thalamus), in the mind.
The Winged Beetle Brain
Germanic OTO overlord Crowley, and the 'Winged Brain Beetle' (Khepera, kheper meaning to come into being). The musical Beatles (the most successful pop act of the entire 20th century) began their rise via Germany, Hamburg (the 'My Bonnie' record release being pivotal). Sgt 'OTO' Pepper, Adolf Hitler – was modelled and visible in early photographs of the montage, positioned to the right of Larry Bell, but was eventually removed. Original Beatle Sutcliffe (who had just left the group), had a brain aneurysm/hemorrhage in Apr 1962, while still in Hamburg. The underground (Cavern Club) dwelling Beatles/Beetles, there's a VW Beetle on the (Cefalu) Abbey Road cover. One thalamus makes the V, two combined gives the W (double V). Carrey featured in Schumacher's film, '#23' (W, 23rd letter). 

The thalamus (brain, bug/beetle shaped) and joined via massa intermedia (manipulated via mass media).
Brain/memory (mind control) erasure via Lacuna (meaning a missing link/gap). Note, I've not even seen this film! Meet or Meat Me In Montauk? Sexually related mind control programming? The VW badge has a sexual ambiguity in it's design.

Elite (mind control based) author/programmer 'Ira Levin', gets a look-in via Montauk. His (gay resonant) Death Trap, has Michael Caine's character living in Montauk. Levin wrote Boys From Brazil, Rosemary's Baby, The Stepford (Connecticut) Wives and ('global mind control' resonant) This Perfect Day.

It's US, mind control central. Look how this ALL inter-relates and overlaps!
There's Bridgeport, top left (Nazi Contact/A Connecticut Yankee etc) and New Haven, where Yale's (Nazi) Skull and Bones fraternity resides. I even wonder if the Shutter Island film's 'fire' theme, relates to the nearby Fire Island (bottom left). Is nearby Greenport, a potential subliminal link to Dr Green aka (Nazi) Dr Josef Mengele?

Shutter Island or Cape Fear? Even Max Cady had sig rune tattoos, with degenerate abuse his forte.

Shutter Island, Connecticut, Plum Island, Montauk and Lighthouses.
Montauk House minus the lighthouse

This whole geographical area heavily connects to Spielberg's career, from Jaws (Frank Mundus) to Close Encounters (Jacques Vallee). 17th Century (C17) Pirate, Captain Kidd was said to have buried treasure at the foot of the Montauk Lighthouse site around 1699, at two ponds which today are called "Money Ponds."

Jaws, Quint: "One time, I caught a 16-footer off Montauk."
George 'Star Wars' Lucas might also link to this (Montauk concept), see Preston 'Montauk' Nichols.

Making 'programmed serial killing monsters' on Nazi Shutter (Plum/Montauk) Island, at this rate we'll segue into 'bodies on the beach' with Jaws (a serial killing monster machine) and the Long Island Serial killing monster (Craiglist Ripper, still unsolved)...wink, wink. Many will have seen the images of the 'Montauk Monster', imo it's likely a related 'media' elite/programming based in-joke, echoing the programme. It's the authorities who might potentially be making real human 'Montauk Monsters'. (see below)

The Secret Cave and The Old Lighthouse

Skull and bones (death's head, but also notably a masonic symbol too), the old lighthouse, the secret caves (see Shutter Island), a C17 pirate (one-eyed Willie, sexual overlaps) like C17 Montauk/Lighthouse Kidd. It's The Goonies via Werner Bros and '666' Donner & Spielberg.
Iron Pyrite (Pirate) aka Fool's Gold...SOTL/Lecter: Louis Friend/Iron Sulfide/Iron Pyrite
There are also sexual (inc. sodomy) overtones at work here, imo. Below, Iron/Templar cross imagery.
Goonies, both 'goon' and 'gooning' have male sexual connotations, Goon and Dock (penis & docking), there's Brolin pulling one off (image above), via One-Eyed Willie (a euphemism for the penis) and As(s)-toria. Boys seeking (pirate) one-eyed Willie's booty (ass). It also features 'industry gay paedo victim' Feldman, the film is full of barely veiled homosexuality. Recall, Lethal '911' Weapon and Conspiracy 'mk-ultra' Theory, Donner, also produced The Lost (Gay) Boys with '911' Schumacher. WTC/911 referencing Gremlins 2/Home Alone 2 writer, Chris Columbus, did the Goonies script.

Mont-ana or Mont-auk? Why would Lecter use Louis Friend (iron sulfide/fools gold), as Bill's codename, was it a clue? Why would the authorities (FBI etc) want Lecter (a serial killing machine) residing on Plum Island (wink, wink, all jokes aside and phoney offer or otherwise)?
SOTL, Nazi/Yale, Connecticut/Contact Foster, Plum/Shutter Island overlaps. What's the betting that Lecter, already knew that the US authorities (using CIA/Nazi based mind control) were behind the creation of Buffalo Bill? This is likely why Lecter mocks authority, in the way that he does.

We could link 'Iron Pirates' to the Nazis, iron crosses and with skull and bones overlaps, we already have the killer with the totenkopf (death's head) moth, Nazi decor and a related (nazi) Plum Is. link. An 'iron' can also relate to sodomy, slang 'an iron/poof' aka a homosexual. Lecter: "Did he sodomise you" (which he mixes with Buffalo Bill chatter). Lecter intimates that Bill has sexual identity issues (gay/transexual). Was Bill ultimately being used/programmed for a political like hit/purpose (re: the Senator)?

Nazis in Connecticut...the Southbury, Connecticut Nazi tale.
Newtown, wink, wink (location of the Sandy Hook shootings), is also relatively close by. A Sandy Hook location featured in Nolan's Batman: TDKR.

In November 1937 residents of the farming outpost got word that a man by the name of Wolfgang Jung had purchased 178 acres (0.72 km2) in the town (Southbury). Residents looking into his plans discovered that he was a member of the German American Bund, an organization of ethnic Germans living in the United States who supported Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Its leader, Fritz Kuhn, was considered the leading anti-Semite in the country. Word soon got out that they were in fact planning to build their largest training facility in the country. Residents objected by calling a town meeting and set up a zoning department with one simple rule, no military activity excluding the United States Army. The law was adopted December 14 and the Bund stopped work and eventually sold the land. In 2012 a documentary was created entitled 'Home of the Brave: When Southbury Said No to the Nazis'.

Ok, so we heavily covered Nazis, Paperclip, Mind Control, 9/11 and MSM/Hollywood predictive programming, as we saw with Back To The (911, lightning struck tower) Future.

Interesting then, that the X-Files' episode DPO (s3 ep3), which potentially contains references/ciphers for 9/11, is preceded by an episode called Paper Clip (the Nazi/US op)?
 Paper Clip: Mulder and Scully, from secret government records, find that a Nazi scientist  (part of Operation Paperclip) may have been responsible for creating a race of human-alien hybrids.
The mining facility is named for Dr. Hubertus Strughold (played by Walter '007/Nazi' Gotell, a Nazi from Boys From Brazil, the one Mengele attacks!), he's based on a real-life (Paperclip) German scientist who was employed by the United States after World War II. "Paper Clip" concludes a three-episode storyline, carrying on from the second season finale "Anasazi" (as a nazi, anagram) and the third season premiere "The Blessing Way". The creators of the series likened themes of the episode to the Star Wars trilogy, perhaps DPO and 3PO is a phonetic link.

Chris 'Masonic' Carter & 20th Century (Desert Rommell) Fox proudly presents...
Interesting, that the new recent X-Files series (Jan 2016) started with (episode 1) 'My Struggle', which translates as Mein Kampf. The new series ended with My Struggle (pt2).  Relaunch episode 1 (My Struggle) was soon followed (the very next day) by the Fox Mulder, 2001/monolith referencing episode 2, Founder's Mutation, genetics/birthing/psychics etc.

At the close of (2001 linked) Founder's Mutation, Fox TV would then segue into the premiere of their new series Lucifer (Lucifer Morningstar, his full name), although personally I've not viewed any of it. I think the timing of this 'TV show' overlap, is likely to be deliberate. Fox's show potentially being 'subliminally linked' to Clarke's 2010, and the Lucifer/Jupiter concept. I cover this same concept in more detail below. Lauren German, plays Lucifer's sidekick Chloe. Zionist/Nazi/ZBT Werner Bros are involved in the series, as is Jerry 'Zionist/ZBT/Lightning Struck Tree' Bruckheimer.

Paper Clip episode links to The Lone Gunmen characters, the spin-off series whose pilot episode would feature a (remote controlled) Jet aircraft being flown into the WTC Twin Towers, but narrowly missing. This episode was shown 6 months before 9/11 happened. All courtesy of 'group mind media terrorist' Rupert Murdoch and Fox TV, (Friday 13th/10-13) masonic Chris Carter and the Pentagon, CIA, FBI etc.

The '9-11' video game that leads Mulder and Scully to DPO (Giovanni 'Scientology' Ribisi)
"Virtua Fighter 2" game is initialed D.P.O. - as in Darin Peter Oswald, the only survivor of the lightning strikes. The notations place D.P.O. here at the time of the incident.

Later in the episode...DPO revives a heart attack victim:
DPO:  Don’t worry, Mr. Kiveat. I’ve seen how they do it on TV.
(DPO places his hands on KIVEAT and jolts him with electricity. Machine begins beeping.)
EMS 1: Wait …. we got a rhythm. How the hell…..? (looks at DPO)
DPO: (grinning) Rescue 911.

DPO aka Giovanni Ribisi, fought the Nazi's in Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan

Star Wars and the Nazi overlaps...Vader (vader/vater, Dutch/German, father, the fatherland)
Emperor 'blitzkrieg/lightning' Palpatine
Lucas' stories (and imagery) clearly always evoked and referenced Nazism via the Galactic Empire
Regular Lucas collaborator Spielberg and his protege JJ Abrams...Star Wars VII

Star Wars Lucas (and Spielberg) would heavily reference Nazis via the Indiana Jones franchise.
Hitler (above left, Last 'Grail' Crusade) was also in The Empire Strikes Back as (nazi) Admiral Ozzel (Michael Sheard). On screen, Adolf/Ozzel (Sheard) played Hitler five times and Himmler three times, also Goring's double. His first film role was as a WW2 German officer. Sheard also had a bit part playing a Nazi U-Boat Captain in the original Raiders of the Lost Ark. Julian 'Game of Thrones' Glover would also do likewise in both films, playing US/Nazi Donovan in Last 'Grail' Crusade and Imperial (nazi) General Veers in Empire (shown below).
 BBC connected Glover, played Hermann 'SS General' Fegelein (one of Adolf's inner circle) in (1973 film) Hitler: The Last Ten Days. In 2014 he played an old man in Nazism horror thriller Backtrack. Empire Strikes Back General/US-Nazi Glover, was in the same school class as David 'Vader' Prowse! It was Glover's former classmate Vader/Prowse, who death choked Nazi Sheard, Empire's Admiral Ozzel.
Older UK folk will recall him and the show. Hitler/Sheard memorably played Mr 'tyrant/iron rule' Bronson in BBC's Grange (SS) Hill, joining the show in 1985. The badge is supposed to be a GHS acronym (Grange Hill School), but it's often been mistaken for SS and can visually work that way. Overlapping with Bronson, was Michael Cronin who played GHS' (PE teacher) Mr 'Bullet' Baxter, an actor/author whose first novel Against The Day (part of a trilogy) was set in a Nazi occupied England.

SS and Schools...It's Back To The 'Nazi/von Braun' Future, with tyrant Principal (S.S.) Strickland!
S.S. Ger-wald Strickland/Strict-land, Discipline. Do I detect more 'Nazi' flavouring?
Gerald (ger-wald) 'rule of the spear'...Nazi 'spear of destiny', anyone? The spear figures in the legends of Parsifal/Holy Grail. At this point, are we now supposed to start thinking that '88' (HH) represents Heil Hitler, and that the 'lightning tower' event is blitzkrieg and sig rune related!? Lightning, in the mystery religion sense, tends to numerically relate to 7 and 7's. (overlapping/diminishing 7's etc)

I even wonder if ZZ Top, who featured in BTTF 3, are related to the 'lightning struck tower' theme. Their resonant logo, the 'two zees/zeds' and the 'top' (crown). It also potentially suggestive of 'Oz'.

Nazi SS...totenkopf/death-head, Vader's Germanic looking helmet:

JJ Abrams. (Star Wars 7) "The Force Awakens Villains Inspired By Nazis"
Yeah...what if the Empire's work was unfulfilled, and imagine what would happen if they all went to the Americas and then started working together, eh? Wink, wink!
Spielberg and Lucas are arguably the most successful US film-makers of the last 40 years.

Oh look, the USA has just very recently been turned into Nazi-land and Wehrmacht Central!
I'm not sure if this recent series is supposed to be a 'fictional series' or a 'reality based' documentary.
Amazon (the Americas, Nazi escape destination) and The Man In The High Castle.
The Man In The High Castle Tower, Philip K Dick aka Horselover Fat. 
(Philip, Greek 'lover of horses'. Dick, from Fat, German)

To be continued...

Oy vey! Zio-Nazi mind control via ze eye (pod) and zinema vill follow orderz and vill comply! :)

Indulge me. With Kubrick's 2001, we have a monolith which is shaped like the dimensions of a cinema screen (our modern TV's are more shaped like this now). We have the term 'mono-lith', literally translating as a 'single (mono) unit of film (lith)'.

Passing through Kubrick's 2001 'monolith' led to (Bow)man's transformation (manipulation):

2001, transforming the (apes/useless eater) mass via the (monolith) cinema propaganda screen.
Mono (singular/one) Lith (a type of photographic film process). The single film screen.

If we couple this with the 'Star-gate' (that's where the monolith leads man) and break that down, we could arrive at a literal 'earth bound' star-gate (albeit removed from the film's actual context). Star, as in film 'star' aka celebrity/Hollywood personnel, the very people who are involved in what I am actually writing about!

"As above, so below" 
(the basic maxim, as it is in the heavens above, so it will be below, on earth)
Worshippers at the 'space-time travel' star-gate, in the 2001/mono-lith 'Church of Cinema.'

"My God, it's full of stars."
As most films literally are, full of stars! These words were Bowman's last transmission. The quote is in relation to 2001 author Clarke's book, he was the first to posit the (geo-stationary) satellite and coverage of the entire planet (using just three of them), FULL earth coverage. The same 'tech' that enabled Murdoch to build his Sky TV and News International network etc. Clarke was using 'email' (script/correspondence with Hyams, circa '84) 15+ years before most people typically were.

2001:ASO 'IS' a 'religious film', writer Clarke even said so. Recall the 'CRM-114' code in BTTF, also the DeLorean crashing back into 1985 and the 'space-time travel' cinema, a (former 1955) cinema that is now a church (in 1985!). Even I'm blown away by how much related sense this all makes, and I'm writing it!

The 'gate' is our immersion within that 'celebrity world' and through the single screen TV and/or film. Are these people (celebrity/film personnel) not worshipped like 'gods', clearly they are, and the objective know it! It's what I've been terming 'the cult of celebrity', a kind of mass religion, the biggest and with far more dedicated and fanatical adherents. Anyone who doesn't appreciate that 'celebrity' is a type of religion (one that has undergone recent exponential expansion), clearly have no concept of the dynamics of worship. I think there is some merit to this idea, at least something to posit and consider.

"Don't you want to go where the rainbow ends?" Bowman's journey (odyssey) represents man who has been 'transformed', transformed by the rectangular, multi-coloured (rainbow) light show aka TV/Film (mono-lith/single film, decades of them).

All via the 'eye', which is a heavy motif during the journey and in an 'eyeball' shaped craft (with iris/pupil window), one which disembarks from a (Discovery) ship that resembles  an 'eyeball on a stick/spine'. Hell, the area around the eye is even known as the orbit.

Iris aka 'goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods'
The ultimate 'cinema gnosis trip' via the 'eyeball'...a la 'one eyed' Hal.
Hal, voiced by (Douglas) RAIN and with BOW-(man).

The eye at 'Monolith' ground zero via the CBS 'eye'...Sept 11, 2002, first 9/11 anniversary:
Also evokes the 'circling of the Saturnian' Kaaba/Cubed Brick...or is it Kaaba-Kabbalism?

The WTC radial zone was based on the Kaaba at Mecca, the same Mecca that had the 11th Sept 2015 event, the event I actually 'semi-predicted' and in realtime, before it happened (2015, Elul 29 and Shemitah, I stated either the 11th or 14th, it ended up being the 11th), not that anyone noticed, of course! How many of these so-called researchers have made a hit like that? Literally none is the answer! I picked up on the cycle of 7's and we were approaching the third (7) of the Elul 29 cycle (years 2001, 2008, 2015), giving us 777 . 777 is also encoded into 2001's (film) title cards. Regular readers will know of my huge 777 back catalogue over recent years.

Even when I hit the bullseye, no one notices! What a world! Go back to your amusing pet videos, selfie nonsense and degenerate reality TV.

"The thing's hollow — it goes on forever — and — oh my God! — it's full of stars!"

This isn't uttered in the original film, it is in the sequel 2010, just a 'voice over' at the start. The above quote is from the 2001 novel, it relates to moment of Bowman, being sucked inside the monolith (the book's star-gate) after finding it on Iapetus (moon). He is transported to an unknown star system and shown other interplanetary sights etc. In the 2010 novel (post his 2001 transformation), the aliens are using Bowman as a probe to learn about humankind. 2010 (book and film), the monolith(s) relate to planet Jupiter (lightning Zeus) and a "Great Black Spot" which is, in fact, a vast population of monoliths. They increase at an exponential rate, which appear to be eating the planet. By acting as self-replicating 'von Neumann' machines, these monoliths increase Jupiter's density until the planet achieves nuclear fusion, becoming a small star (named Lucifer, light bearer, a type of second sun). Before the explosion occurs, we see the crew leaving Jupiter, to make an escape. There is a scientific belief (in certain circles) that Jupiter could possibly be a 'failed star', the sun being its binary partner.

The real year 2010, saw a (disappearing/reappearing) cloud/belt anomaly around the same area as the (analogous 2010 film's) Great Black Spot.
Above, film 2010 , Jupiter and the monolith/black spot anomaly
Recent news (July 2016) saw this photo published, the aurora/light at the pole.
Jonathan Nichols from Britain's University of Leicester and principal investigator of the study. "It almost seems as if Jupiter is throwing a firework party for the imminent arrival of Juno."

Considering the 'JUPITER' news in the last few days and a (Juno) 'probe' etc, this was a good time to mention these 'novel and film' dynamics! Earlier we mentioned the (2001/2010 linked) X-Files and TV series Lucifer.

Juno Probe (Juno, daughter of Saturn, wife/sister of Jupiter aka 'lightning bolt' Zeus). Plenty of 'pregnancy' related myths in respect of Jupiter (same is true of Saturn), birthing/rebirth/probe etc.

The epithet 'Lucina' is particularly revealing since it reflects two interrelated aspects of the function of Juno: cyclical renewal of time in the waning and waxing of the moon and protection of delivery and birth (as she who brings to light the newborn as vigour, vital force).

Pregnant teen Juno, chooses a failed rock star and wife to adopt her unborn child. From Jason Reitman (written by Devil Cody), Reitman's father directed Ghostbusters, which has 911/WTC ciphering elements.
A pregnant Juno, unborn (star's) child and a failed (rock) star. (as Jupiter is called!)...geddit?
"There is a scientific belief (in certain circles) that Jupiter could possibly be a 'failed star'."

Rebirth, The Odyssey, Zeus/Jupiter, lightning bolt/flash (of creation), 2001 and 777 (gematria).
'777' lightning flash (of creation) that we linked to Back To The Future. Star-gate being 'the abyss' (non-corporeal).

Juno, looks similar in shape to the flux capacitor, perhaps the (related) nuclear symbol too. The latter having similarities to the symbol of choronzon (abyss/tree of life). Y-shaped chromosomal potential?
Juno, Jupiter/Zeus (lightning), Pluto-nium and Reset. Jupiter/Lucifer aka the 'light' bearer.
In Clarke's 2010 (book) Jupiter's core is made up of solid diamond, the same Jupiter that is soon turned into 'Lucifer' (star) via the monoliths, a literal 'Luci in the sky with diamond(s)'.

The 777 Lightning Bolt Tree of Life Capacitor...kabbalistic spheres and the planets. Capacitor is the bottom 4 spheres. Planet Pluto(nium) in the (hidden 11th sphere) sirius/da'ath position and abyss. Neptune features at the Enchantment Under The Sea. There are also 88 known (star) constellations.

The Assembly of (the tree of life) Christ
To assemble, put together (geddit?). 777 (in one aspect) does actually relate to the (tree of life) Christ.

Jupiter/Lucifer and the '2nd Sun' (two suns)
Late 2015 timeline, Marty's multiple (two) ties were brown and yellow with rising (twin) sun motifs.
Marty (Jr.) and Marlene McFly (both played by Fox) are Marty McFly and Jennifer's future fraternal twin son and daughter in Part 2. Although (in a way) they were actually both sons/suns (Fox playing both, Marlene being a male cross-dresser!).

Binary sunset (twin sun) resonance in Lucas' original Star Wars (Tatooine or Tattoo-ing? An indelible copy...boom, boom). There was also '2nd sun' resonance at the climax of the more recent Interstellar.
Not a water-walker like Marty, but a Sky-walker. Luke from 'light', Luke was 'twinned' with Leia, a type of potential Apollo/Artemis twin composite. The divine twins of mythology who come into the world, male and female, to restore it to order.”

Twin stars/suns, 2010 (film climax, above). I first started looking at the Jupiter/2010 (reality/film) overlaps back in the early 2000's. My first exposure to this (Project Lucifer) was via (the legendary) William M Cooper and his links to Naval Intel. Anyway, there was an event involving the Galileo space probe, which was deliberately plunged into the Jovian atmosphere, 21 Sept, 2003. The probe containing nuclear material (RTG/144 plutonium 238 pellets,491/4 lbs), who knows what effect the probe's plunge has had on the planets internal atmosphere? All bases must be covered, this is what I am doing here, I'm not predicting! Please understand that.

Fast-foward to 19 October 2003...less than a month later.

What's of great interest and extremely significant is that in the acknowledgements of Clarke's 2010, he alludes to a communication he got from NASAs Dr. Walter Jastrow who openly admitted that his Lucifer Thesis was of great interest to the Agency - with regards to the Galileo Mission which was then a proposed exploration of Jupiter. To be exact. This brilliant concept has been taken seriously, and may provide one of the best motives for the projected Galileo Mission. This was five years before (circa 1984) NASA launched Galileo. Clarke's 2010: Odyssey 2 novel (1982), Hyams 2010, film version (late 1984).  Galileo, which was launched on October 18, 1989, carried by Space Shuttle Atlantis, on the STS-34 mission. Galileo arrived at Jupiter on December 7, 1995, after gravitational assist flybys of Venus and Earth, and became the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter. The 2010 film, has a running-time of 116 minutes, Clarke references 'Sept 11' and an asteroid (explosion) sinking Venice (via the destruction of Padua and Verona, Year 2077), in his Rendezvous With Rama (1973). Galileo, was a lecturer at the University of Padua, Ver-ona can be connected to 'settlement over'.

Galileo, slingshot around Jupiter a la Clarke's 2010 (novel).

Almost ten years earlier (before Galileo's plunge) – in July, 1994 (and 10 years after Hyams/Clarke's 2010 film) –equally dramatic black markings had suddenly appeared in Jupiter’s atmosphere (below).  Then, the cause was crystal clear: the impact of some 21 pieces of a stunning celestial object named “Comet Shoemaker/Levy 9.” It was this same Galileo probe that recorded the actual impact.
Comet plunge: 21 pieces and (Levy) 9.
Galileo plunge : 21 Sept, 9th month. (The date also resonates the Sept' equinox).

We currently have solar powered 'Juno' probing around the same planetary location in 2016. Clarke's Childhood's End was shown as a sci-fi series late 2015, and linking to the 'lucifer' concept. Both Lucifer and Jupiter (Zeus), can also be linked to the 'lightning bolt'.

Jupiter/Lucifer planetary and symbolic entity overlaps...2001, 2010, Childhood's End, all penned by Clarke.
 The main character Karellen is clearly Lucifer (devilish composite) played by Charles Dance
When the Overlords first make contact, they do so by occupying (various) bodies of the dead, a kind of possession that allows contact, but without full revelation. Mankind needs to be processed, before full acceptance and full revelation. Regardless of the facts, the elite programmers like to do these lucifer/devil/satanic type composite overlaps, understand that I already appreciate the differences.

"As we wait to see our Guardian Angel" 
(HGA, holy guardian angel a la OTO/Golden Dawn)
Karellen's first word to humanity is..."Hell-o"
 It takes 15 years for the Overlords to make their appearance before mankind.  It seems that a certain 'processing' of the masses is necessary, before their unveiling (hence 15 years).
Baphomet (benediction) and 'programmed' (by mass media) children
The aspect with the children (telepathy/enhanced powers etc) is evocative of The Midwich Cuckoos, Village of the Damned. Carpenter's 1995 film featured Superman Reeve and Scientology Alley.

Now see Michael A Hoffman...from his seminal 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare':

British intelligence asset Arthur C. Clarke, through the command dogma embedded in his immensely influential “science fiction” work, Childhood’s End, attempts, through self-fulfilling futurism, to make inevitable the end of serendipity and wonder, after sufficient processing (processing of the masses, see above) by modern technology and mental viruses. (likely implying exposure to MSM content and programming, my emphasis).

The virus embedded with the ritual murders of John F. Kennedy and the victims of “Unabom,” are in the tricksy, punning lingo of the Hermetic fraternity’s Camelot, “once-and-future” tales possessing the intention of self-fulfilling prophecy; what I term, “inevitabilism.” This inevitabilism is disseminated within literary and cinematic representations, sometimes as part of the genre and imagery of science fiction, (“sci-fi”).

Heimbichner, a contemporary of Michael A Hoffman, Hoffman being the most accomplished elite researcher in the entire field, the man is a giant among men.

From Blood on the Altar -  Craig Heimbichner
"Nor is it an accident that much of science fiction has propagandized our culture with Thelemic and Kabbalistic (as we've seen with kabbalistic Kubrick, my emphasis) themes. Heinlein's books, such as 'Stranger in a Strange Land' are pivotal, but the highest initiate within the genre is probably Arthur C Clarke, who has been called a 'prophet in his own future'. Clarke created a mass psychological test of the hypnotic trance-state of the populace by prophesying the gradual acceptance of the rule of Satan (or Satanic/Luciferic energy, my emphasis) in Childhood's End, a novel in which the (demonic) repellent-looking Overlords come to be accepted by the people of the earth as their inevitable leaders."

Childhood's End (via Sky)...
Milo: "The Golden Dawn (jupiter/lucifer/venus, son/sun of the morning) comes shining from the eyes of God...want to hear what I found in this text, the Corpus Hermiticum?" (book links to more esoteric mystery religion).

Series implies procreation between 'gods and man/woman'. The mother (of hybrid star child) is impregnated (a la biblical Mary) by the Overlords. The 'star child' (a la 2001 and The 'masonic/sirius' Visitors)

 Illuminati 'all seeing eye' overload...and with 'conspiracy 101' resonator the $ bill.
Multiple instances of the 'illuminti' eye and pyramid (the usual and typical stuff).
Jennifer: "I see all...I am all."
Yes, the 'all seeing eye' literally, this scene also uses a 'triangular' piece of mirror/occulus. 

 Four Season's 'hotel bedroom' evokes the Renaissance (rebirth) 'hotel bedroom' in Kubrick/Clarke's 2001. Recall that the 'pyramid' (of the illuminati overlords) was the original 'monolith' in Kubrick's film.
Two instances of a single 'guest' in a hotel room with a bed, one facing a 'veiled' alien (demon) the other facing a 'veiled' alien (monolith machine), each scenario acting like an interface.

Where Jupiter and Saturn Meet
Cassini and Saturn (2001/2010, Saturn/Jupiter, in the film and book). Many seemingly like to link Saturn with 'demonic' Satan, I'd get in trouble if I didn't mention it! Saturn was the original 'relevant planet' in Clark's 2001 novel, it got changed to Jupiter in the film. Cassini is carrying the PU-238, like Galileo. The chosen mission ending involves a series of close Saturn passes, approaching within the rings, then an entry into Saturn's atmosphere on September 15, 2017 to destroy the spacecraft. Mission ending at the time of summer solstice in Saturn's northern hemisphere (Cassini Solstice Mission). Again, the decision for doing so is given as not wanting to endanger/contaminate nearby moons. Hmmm?


I'm doing this post because so much weird shit has been happening, and it seems to be increasing. Orlando, Grimmie, Jo Cox, Dallas etc etc...the reality curtain is seemingly being increasingly pulled back! This mainly centres on the US, understand that I am aware of this, even though I don't live there!

Recall this from earlier...
On Aug 4th (216th day, 6*6*6) Obama will be 55 years old, that's in the year 2(0)16. (6*6*6) again. 3rd October 2016 (or sundown from the 2nd) will see the start of the Jewish New Year, 5,777.
All those numbers 666, 777 can be related to Kubrick (2001), the Tree of Life and kabbalism etc. I've lost count of the number of times I've told you about them! Illuminati 'Weishaupt' aka Spartacus, was lodge ordained in 1777. All the events in recent years, with the '777' aircraft, there's the 7/7/7 dated 'Live Earth' (electrical concepts) gig, the 7/7/7 dated 7 New Wonders of the World event, where the '777' Christ (Brazil) was one of the chosen and the Giza pyramid was given honorary status, the masonic adage 'order out of chaos' summing 777 in gematria etc, etc...

Recall the weird links to the recent 'Paris 911'...
Like a 'Struck Clock(work) Tower' ...Nov 12, 1955 versus Nov 12, 2015. (Day before Libyan Paris)
The White House (front), where Obama gave the November 122015 ISIL/Libya speech.
We've just reversed engineered recent history (Nov 2015) and found a missing Obama link.

Hollywood have a kind of track record with 777 and November 12
The 'unstoppable' 777 (train) via Nov 12...from Tony (Beverly Hills '9/11' Cop 2/Enemy of the '9/11' State) Scott. Didn't the 'lightning' Delorean get pushed by a train in the 3rd film?

BTTF, Lightning Struck Tower and 777 Lightning Flash of Creation 
Tree of life/flux capacitor, a version of which is in the car and at the front of the clock tower. The lightning bolt travels from the top/crown to the bottom/earth, the Hebrew values of the letters of the paths it takes, summing '777'. We also noted the distinct White House (front) similarities and 'phallic' tower overlaps.
The (A)Biff/Osiris 'phallic tower'.
Washington Monument, tends to get 'struck by lightning' about once a year, it is protected by 8 lightning rods.

16th July 2016...Fill The Mall (Christ). 
'changes' has been rotated and is upside-down. Pic has got that 'as above, so below' resonance.

An encode that also relates to the Christ, the '777' concept, as I've mentioned here many times before. 16th July was also the Apollo 11 launch date, it was also the 'requested without fail' release date for Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut, it HAD to be released on this day, that was a part of the agreement (apparently), non-movable. Trinity was the code name of the first detonation of a nuclear weapon, conducted by the United States Army on July 16, 1945, as part of the Manhattan Project. The event that some have termed 'the creation and destruction of primordial matter'. The test was conducted in the Jornada del Muerto (journey of the dead man) desert about 35 miles (56 km) southeast of Socorro, New Mexico. It occurred on the 33 (degree) parallel. The device used 'PLUTONIUM', yes just like the BTTF 'flux capacitor', which used weapons grade plutonium!
33 (and plutonium) and Lone Pine. Like the 'single' Freedom Tower that now replaces the Twin Towers. 12th November (1955) is the 316th day of the year, there are 49 (7*7) days left remaining until the end of the year. 49, a number we saw in Orlando, it is also apparently the mystical number of Venus (another planet equated with lucifer, son/sun of the morning/morning star).

We had the (A)Biff/Osiris (phallic) Tower (BTTF2, Biff Tannen). Above, the 'lone pine' and '33', pine(al) and 'pinecone' via Osiris and his spinal staff, the pineal gland/third eye stuff again. 33, potentially relating to the 'crown/skull/pineal' and the 33rd degree (via the spine to the skull).

Lone Pine Mall to Fill The Mall...
I noted the 'Orphic (serpent wrapped) Egg' (with phallic monuments almost penetrating it) and an 'Ouroboros loop' in some promo material. 77 connects to OZ (made of two 7's), 77 connects to the Pentagon degree location and 9/11 plane #77, floor 77 connects to the (911) South Tower strike, 7/7 terror in London (777, if we add 2+5, 2005). 7*7 (49 days) relates to the phoenix and the death/rebirth of the reincarnated soul. Crowley equated (phallic) Pan with OZ and number 77 etc etc. Dallas shooting happened on 7/7 too!

'End of Watch'...forget the literal 'Police' connotation, it also has potential in respect of time (watch).
Again, this is proof of nothing, I am merely rinsing through the data and applying my media sieve!
7 years of service and ended 7/7. I just call them as I find them!!! His image was the first from left.

"77 is the Mark of the Vengeance of Lamech, descendant of Cain, the first murderer, and father of Tubal-Cain, the progenitor of Hiram Abiff, according to Luciferian Masonic mythology.  Moreover, Washington, D.C., capital of New Atlantis, is located along the western 77th meridian, along W 77 degrees, 00 minutes, and 33 seconds."

Lamech lived to the age of 777 years (the only biblical appearance of this number).
Lamech said unto his wives, Adah and Zillah, “If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.” - Genesis, 4:23-4

Christ-ine and Cain(e), she is on the list of speakers...on the 'potentially' encoded '777' date.
It is literally an 'Assembly of/for Christ'...seemingly the biggest one ever.

The 'To-get-her' 'Christ/Jesus' event is under the website address of
Salvation Is Free...Free Admission (7.16.16). BTTF via Satur(n)day 12 Nov.

I am just putting this together and off the cuff, so please understand I am writing things as I find them and am trying to cover all bases! We're back in the fucking Twilight Zone, again!!!

Satur(n)day 16 July.
The Colo(u)r Purple...mind control and rainbow connected (including LGBT), as per!
Well, there is all this 'phallic/hole' symbolism going on, the 'Mall' term is derived from an alley!!! :)
Pall-Mall, the mall (mallet/hammer) the hammerhead and balls! Tubal-Cain (two balls and a cane). It's what we should expect from 'mason DC'! Maybe Marty McFly will show-up in his rainbow cap? :). I just hope it's not a potential echo of 'kill them all' (Fill Them All)!

(Re)Set or Re: Set & Osiris (monument)...I wonder if Horus will show-up and save the day or will it be 'penis seeking' Isis? Many will be aware of the Jesus/Horus overlaps. 
Blue + Red = Purple

Do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill
Fuck it...let's have both and swallow a giant 'purple' one! The Wachowski Bros' did! :)

Who knows what any of it means, in respect of the latter? Whether the upcoming 'Christ/Jesus' event is just 'symbolic/ritual' theatre type stuff or a form of mockery, I just don't know? Whether it keys into actual reality (with some aspects that I've written), or 'twilight zone' type weirdness or potentially something more sinister, is anyone's guess? Perhaps there is nothing to it whatsoever, all is currently unknown. Juno any better, cos I don't? (ha, ha!). Again, I'm just covering the bases, and in a time when so much is happening out there. There have been many instances of '777' related phenomena, especially in recent years. I've mentioned many of them in the past, some events have been significant, whereas others have been more mundane and are seemingly just a symbolic '777' type marker point. The Mall event could just as easily fall into this latter category.

Update 17th July...Together Event.
There were a few reports about lightning strikes hitting (washington monument), but the pics are very poor, there may have been a few of these very small strikes, certainly nothing major though. There was certainly lightning in the general vicinity though, which is interesting enough in itself, see pic.
Courtesy of the Nasa/Nazis :)

The event was actually halted early, due to the excessive heat (sirius, dog day related, perhaps?), which is a bit ironic. The 'sun god' putting away the disciples of Christ, and in full view of the Osirian penis.

Since writing this, we've had the 'marauding truck' in Nice (Bastille Day, France), some of which I've mentioned in the (That's All Folks, post) comments section.
Based on true (terror related) events, Idris Elba and with Madden, as Michael Mason.

Also an 'attempted Coup' in Turkey, which is still unfolding/in progress. Orlando, the UK referendum and other bits and bobs, already feel like they're ancient history, such is the pace of things! Phew!

All the plagiarists, idea thieves and copycats out there, I know who you are and what you're about. You take Horseloverphat's research and try to call it your own, not a moments consideration for the true origin of your work!

My SHIT LIST...youtubers:


All three of you are plagiarists, idea thieves and copycats. Not one of them will respond to any comments that I make to them, a wall of silence. And we all know what that means, eh folks?
I even tried to reach out to these people, but when your EGO is as inflated as theirs, I can't really expect a reasonable response. They won't respond because they've been caught out! If I can see and decode these sort of 'media' things, as effectively as I do, catching them was a walk in the park!

Polarization Nation Media, really takes the biscuit, his recent video posts are laced with "no one is at my level, in uncovering this sort of media". Of course, I just laughed to myself. If he isn't stealing all my CRM ideas, Videodrome concepts, or the Pulp '666' Fiction Briefcase, or whatever, then he's trying to claim that his work on Back To The Future, is UNIQUE!


  1. Fantastic work, absolutely great. It's something I'll have to read through a few times. The connections between Obama, ISIL, Libya and BTTF are really fascinating. Great stuff, thanks alot.

    1. are a legend. To be the first to comment on this, imo, makes you a giant among men.

  2. Oh, and I wonder if the music video for the Spice Girls '2 become 1' has any significance, as in the two towers becoming one monolith. The backgrounds in the music video (from 1996) are of Times Square. One of the writers of the song is Richard "Biff" Stannard. Biffco is his production team. The song was a big 'HIT'.! Released in UK on 16 December 1996, so there's your 911 numbers, and in USA on 25 July 1997 (777 is there somewhere). Biff Tannen from Back to The Future?

    smashstuff from icke forums.

    1. I've considered that song/video before, I picked it up somewhere else, can't remember where now? Maybe it was over at Icke's? Yes...2 'becoming' 1 and the Manhattan skyline, all rather strange in hindsight. Some of the musical releases soon before, and around 9/11, are really crazy! I've seen quite a few of them over the years.

      Thanks smashstuff, top man.

  3. I guess I might be a little late with this one, but the first movie about time travel was released on a 9/11.

    1. And in comes Bingers, with a full house.

      That's the sort of spot that I'm looking for, great stuff. Time travelling via Sept 11th and 1921.


      Talking of Bingers, I note Crosby in the 1949 remake. :)

    2. Now added to the post body, thanks Bingo. I noticed a resonant link via Emmett, which (tbh) is quite a rare name (even more so when coupled together with time travel!) and I also noted Fox/Murdoch. I also noted time travel via 'a blow to the head', like we learn from BTTF, it's how Doc invents the capacitor. There might even be Arthur/Merlin overlaps too, see Variety.

      Many thanks, truly a great find.

  4. What jumps out at me most is the bit about the hanging scene in the movie inspiring Katharine Hepburn's brother Tom (a name which means "twin") to hang himself. That and the 88 when I saw it was 80+ min at 8 reels, lol.

    What really hits me is that the picture is based on a story by Satan admirer, Mark Twain,( ) wherein a man travels to the past after a strike to the crown, making it one of those "all a dream?" type stories, like a lot of the Kubrick/ Zpeilberg propagandas we all once enjoyed so immensely.

    A quote from the Twain (I keep writing "Twin") book's wiki I linked you: "...introduces an idea Twain was toying with at the end of his life involving a duality of the "self", composed of the "Waking Self" and the "Dream Self"

    Looking back at the '21 movie version, I'm only now appreciating that it's the court(house) of King Artur (Excalibur/Flaming Sword in the Stone), plus there's mention of a car manufactured by Nazi golden boy, Hank Ford.

    So you are certainly welcome, and of course, thank YOU, Phat. Always a pleasure.

  5. I did see that snippet on the hanging and Hepburn, I thought it very strange tbh, Some great stuff in this comment. Remember I noted all 'the hanged man' stuff in BTTF a good while back, some of it relating to the clock-tower. 3rd film almost did a full hanging of McFly. I like the 88 link too, not seen or read anything about this film(s)/book, didn't know about it until you mentioned it.

    Yes, yes...of course. The other Arthurian overlaps. Seeking the Grail, drawing the (flaming) Arthurian sword from the stone, to gain the (luciferian) crown, tree of life and (struck kether/crown) 777 overlaps. I had a graphic and text on that a good while ago too. The Camelot court of King (Osiris) Arthur, the court/courthouse has some potential. Hiram 'Osiris' Abiff, We had (A)Biff in the series.

    Old Ford was an anti-semite (as you know), he used to go on about the Protocols of Zion, I think? He did have time for Adolf, as you mention.

    "Never The Twin (Twain) Shall Meet"...duality/doppelgangers, you like it?

    Thanks for all this Bingers, major contributions and stuff to think about. :)

  6. Another excellent post, have you seen the number 88 on the dylan roof shooting in charleston, he was wearing a shirt with 88 on it, then another picture of him on the beach with 88 written on the sand. Knowi g these are goverment ops, what couls be the reason for putting this number out there

    1. Thanks anon, never really looked at Roof that closely, interesting number links though. I recall writing that Roof's beef was a result of Trayvon Martin. The same Martin case that I linked to masonry (via father), the tree of life and 'the hanged (trayvon) man'. All aspects that accompanied the event.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. "In Clarke's 2010 (book) Jupiter's core is made up of solid diamond, the same Jupiter that is soon turned into 'Lucifer' (star) via the monoliths, a literal 'Luci in the sky with diamond(s)'"

    No doubt, in the deep atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn may contain diamond pieces sized float in the fluid helium and hydrogen of these planets and, at low altitudes, even falling a rain of liquid diamond, many scientists agree with that.

    1. Yes, there really might be some truth to it all. Time will tell.

  8. Awesome work as usual.

    I noticed in the "End of Watch" picture, the number 42 as in #420, a number related to the rainbow, Jupiter, and "The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything."

    And a thought on twinning/Twain-ing, re Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee...:
    Emmett J. F lynn
    Michael J. F ox/Fox Film

    This is fun to play with.

  9. Shutter Island -- are you sure you aren't talking about the Isle of Jersey? I could have sworn I read about a horrid statue of Pan while researching the Haut de la Garenne child abuse case.

    It actually sounds exactly like what you discussed... high level child abuse networks, drugging, mind control, and even directly linked to Lord Jacob Rothschild. Did I mentioned that the Isle of Jersey was under Nazi occupation during WWII?

    Yeah, seriously disturbing.

    Regarding Dylan Roof -- Loren Coleman's blog (I think) mentioned that his name, 'Storm Roof,' was likely an english version of 'Sturmruf,' the "Storm Call" of the Nazi stormtroopers.

    I agree that this stuff is centered on the US, and I would also recommend keeping an eye on the 'Christian Dominionists.' I've watched from inside Christianity as they have taken over, and I think you are pretty close to the mark that it's "kill them all," regardless how much they talk about 'love,' 'peace,' 'reconciliation.'

    1. Hi AW...yes, I know what you're talking about, Bill Maloney's Jersey film (Sun, Sea and Satan), I saw the Pan (sodomy) statue in that video too. This is EXACTY what you're referring to. Yes, I'm aware of the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands, I've visited the Island's in the past,

      Your link/connection is worth considering. I have since added some more Montauk/Plum Island/Shutter Island overlaps, posted after your comment. Shutter Island is (imo) directly referring to Montauk (that's the lighthouse aspect) and very nearby (nazi) Plum Island. Have a look at the expanded aspects, I'm sure you'll agree. It also ties-in with Silence of the Lambs and (believe it or not) The Goonies (ak The Gaynies).

      Thanks for the comment.

    2. Oh, guess who put on the "reset2016" event... wait for it... PULSE


  11. It has been interesting to notice that you are uncovering more and more layers in the programming system.

    In the link you mentioned above, it links to another page, when Hitler took out his supporters/henchmen in order to feel safer in his dominion. Quoting from the page: The Night of the Long Knives began on June 29, 1934 and continued into the next day. Soldiers from the SS and Gestapo hunted down and arrested the SA leaders. Nazi political opponents like Gustav Ritter von Kahr (who had stopped Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch) and former Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher were also arrested.

    Hitler then gave a speech explaining away his actions on July 13, 1934. I looked up the date, yep, it falls on a Friday, smacks of Knights Templars all over again.