Monday, 6 November 2017

The Hollywood Jewish Gay/Paedo Mafia

Warning! - EXTREME CONTENT. A revisit to my "Hollywood: The Cinema of Sodomy" post from 2016.
That post is absolutely huge (see here) - this one should be more manageable in light of recent events.

I tried to warn readers of the LGBT (PAEDO) MAFIA and their complete destruction of America (and beyond) in July 2016. Recent events have pushed this concept of mass "Hollywood" degeneracy to the fore. Harvey "sodomite programmer" Weinstein, Kevin "homosexual/pederast" Spacey, Dustin "homosexual" Hoffman, and of course, all the other accompanying Hollywood whores.

Hollywood - The Judaic Sodomite/Paedo Capital of the World.
No mention of total SODOMITE KHAZAR JEW domination of media, so little has actually changed in this regard. The same is true of the UK (Jew-K). Just like the USA, it's a sodomite Illuminati/Khazar Rothschild controlled entity. They are "the Jews who are not Jews" - the Synagogue of Satan, and with their Luciferian, and totalitarian one-world dystopia. The Illuminati isn't solely Khazar Jew of course, but this is ultimately about "mass media systems" - something which has become increasingly important in terms of their success over the ensuing decades. The former IS the preserve of the insane Khazar powers - not even they would dispute that, and neither do they.

Watch as I completely destroy (mistaken for entertainment) "corporate mass media programming" (and related) - for the satanic/sodomite vomit that it ALWAYS has been. You won't find this sort of research ANYWHERE else. Why? Simple, I've been this way re: Khazar mass media for more than 16 years. I've been dissecting and evaluating this very thing since then. I cannot say the same for ANYONE else. If there are others, then I've not come across them. All I see are folk completely buried within Khazar corporate mass mind control, and responding to it like Pavlovian dogs. I've never seen any other appreciable reaction (save it getting worse), and neither will I. I compare this outlined phenomenon to a type of media induced "mass hysteria" - a very real part of the "cult of celebrity" sickness that infests the group mind. The "cult of celebrity" is currently the world's most DANGEROUS religion - a religion (involving worship) is EXACTLY what this is. At the centre of this religion is the "Luciferian" doctrine (totalitarianism). Don't let dumbed-down sheep tell you otherwise - that's a mental slide so they continue to partake in the ongoing Khazar "satanic circus".

Goyim (sheep) mass programming aka CULTURAL SHIT via the Khazar Synagogue of Satan.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes that the dumbed-down sheep (aka viewing public) has made is treating "mass media/Hollywood/TV" output as "stand-alone" pieces. They've never been stand-alone pieces. It is ALL very much linked. A longterm agenda has been in operation, and very likely since (sodomite) Hollywood's inception. A drip by drip effect, like a frog being slowly boiled in water, are ways that could be used to describe the collective and ongoing phenomenon. Obviously these media pieces (films, TV etc) that I've dissected still function as typical stand-alone storytelling devices, and for what are obvious reasons. I'm not interested in that though. What I'm doing is showing you how the typical storytelling device (both past and present) acts as the host carrier for the "warped/sodomite" agenda signal. (I have previously done similar with "mass media" and 9/11.) A barely veiled programming agenda that is coded in various (but appreciable and palpable) ways! Please understand this! Get your head out of the typical narrative and look through it all with different eyes etc. You have to throw-off the shackles of your own programming (via Jew/Sodomite mass media) in order to SEE, or at least have a chance to.

Mind control programming via Hollywood...programming the 'DUMB mass' through Jew sodomite propaganda.
Elijah "Ring Lording/Hollywood Paedos" Wood:
"They're really getting us with the fiction." (4th wall example, right there!)
Harvey Weinstein was an "executive producer" on this very film. Tarantino linked Rodriguez directed. Serial sex pest "Usher" features, as does Danny "4 rapes, but Scientology will probably get me off the hook" Masterson.

Casey (Wood), have you ever considered that the 'alien theme' is a form of stealth cover for the (actual and real) nefarious aspects, ones that are employed via this culturally imperialist form of mass media/propaganda? What better way to terrorise the 'group mind', than using attacking aliens as the cover (like the sci-fi based predictive programming of 911). Similar seems to have happened with Hollywood mass "sodomy" programming. Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the TURD Kind", being an example. Close "gay-contact "via turds, devilish (phallic) towers, and rainbows. Propaganda utilised to enact mass societal 'sodomy' programming by stealth, and also by increasingly overt means. All achieved by wrapping it up (film/TV output) inside coded 'alien' schtick, and various other methodologies.

 Where do all these movies come from? They come from vast corporate propaganda organs (aka Hollywood studios) with ties to intelligence (including military intelligence, CIA Nazis/Pentagon etc). Likely overlapping with 'mystery religion/Illuminati' based bloodlines, their corporations and linked private investors. Sci-fi's Robert 'OTO adept' Heinlein is mentioned in Casey's (Wood's) 'faculty' conversation.

A controlled release? Sorry Elijah, this isn't just about protecting. Certain (and likely many) senior Hollywood figures ARE (gay) paedophiles.  I don't believe that Wood was protected from all of this abuse, regardless of his claims, abuse seems to be the price of entry. Wood debuted via Spielberg/Zemeckis "Back to the Future 2".

Like Feldman, he has been linked to some of the biggest names in corporate Hollywood.

When I was growing up (decades ago), I used to think it very strange that there was NO REAL RESEARCH into TELEVISION/FILM, and its effects on the mass audience, and the mass mind. 
It is now clear to me (and has been for some considerable time), as to the WHY?

The US of GAY
I mean the above, in the corporate media programming sense, not a slight against all decent Americans.

It's (Weinstein groupie) Tarantino who gives a lengthy 'total gayness' monologue in respect of Top Gun.
 In the film "Sleep With Me" (see below).
If you want a summarised account of how this "homosexual programming" has been secreted/employed -
then this is the clip you need to watch and digest.

"You want subversion on a massive level..." 

The Faculty: "They're really getting us with the fiction."
The sodomite Hollywood "modus operandi". Queen-tin Tarantino - Top "Gay" Gun.
I just mentioned his links to "The Faculty's" Rodriguez. He's heavily linked to "Bender" too. Homosexual filmmakers (like Tarantino) from 'gay mafia' Hollywood, and with a license to brainwash entire sections of society with gay crypto-stealth programming! Notice how reference is first made to the spine.

Let's see how this functions in respect of Hollywood's wider output - it's an ongoing phenomenon. Note,  there are very unpleasant references to "scat/faeces phenomena" - apologies, but the material led me that way.
This post was a very difficult and troubling one to write, so please understand that.

American "ASS" Pie/Wedding - up the aisle via a RING
It works similarly to the saying 'taking her up the aisle' (marriage and sexual), a type of double-entendre. American (Wedding) Pie 3, Pie (vagina), up the aisle (slang doggy-style, ass) and via a 'ring' - wedding. Directed by a Jesse (effeminate/homo), co-produced by a Bender. A 'Cheek' featured, as did a 'Stif(f)-ler', who goes into a 'gay bar' and he's in and out of closets...hmm?
Jim's finally taking her up the aisle (via a ring).

Looks like the American Pie/Wedding stuff really is homo-resonant, as I was intimating, look at this!
American Ass Pie, Stif(f)ler (S.W. Scott) - who just happened to appear in CHAD'S WORLD.
A pilot put out by GAY industry PAEDOPHILES (and investors) of Digital Entertainment Network (DEN). Scott played Chad's brother's boyfriend. It's simply just sodomite/pederast propaganda (mind control) posing as entertainment. Part of the investor set-up (a type of front) was linked to their potential access to these boys.
DEN implicated in the systematic abuse of young male minors - convicted paedophile Marc Collins Rector et al.
Jews, Bryan 'sodomite' Singer, and David 'sodomite' Geffen (linked to Spielberg) were both original investors in DEN.
Jew Singer likely worships Jew Spielberg. Singers 'Bad Hat Harry' productions is lifted from Jaws (Jews).
"The Usual (Sodomite/Paedo) Suspects"
Chad's (sodomite) World was actually filmed at the same mansion where "abuse parties" were being held in reality! These are the same activities that Bryan "Twinkie/sodomite" Singer (top right) was also implicated in - sodomising young boys by dangling fame carrots, or with threats of violence and right under their noses.

This is all tied to the Michael Egan accusations - see documentary "An Open Secret" (2014).
Bryan Singer's Accuser Names Three More Alleged Sex Abusers - Variety.
Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard have been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys in lawsuits filed Monday in Hawaii federal court, sources confirm to Variety. Ancier is the former president of BBC Worldwide America and also served as head of programming for Fox, NBC and The WB. Neuman, the former president of Disney TV, previously worked for DEN Network (Chad's underage gay World) which was headed by (paedo) Marc Collins-Rector who was cited as being involved in the sexuality activity at the heart of plaintiff Michael Egan’s original lawsuit. Goddard heads a design firm in Los Angeles which has created theme park attractions for Universal Studios. “It’s not about money, it’s about disarming these pedophiles,” Egan’s mother Bonnie told reporters. Re: Haim, and Feldman, it's claimed both abused by Marty Weiss.

This KHAZAR JEW dominated industry is RIDDLED WITH THEM (paedophiles).
Disney = MASS SATANISM posing as wholesome family entertainment. I absolutely HATE Disney, always have.

The Weinstein scandal has just been unleashed too. Weinstein is appropriately from QUEENS (queers).
The two key films for Weinstein's career are - The Crying (Tranny) Game, and Pulped Ass Friction.
Two recent Harvey linked mega-storms.
Of course, Kevin "attempted child rapist" Spacey was heavily linked to Bryan "twink" Singer.
"The Usual Suspects", was one of Spacey's breakout roles, for which Spacey won his first O-scar.
The other defining role is "American Beauty" with it's (Lolita) child sex angle, mixed with homoeroticism and a Nazi flavour. All aspects which seem to closely link to Spacey's own real life. American Beauty was authored by a homosexual. Kevin has had cottaging incidents that went awry. Spacey's name is on the Epstein "Lolita Express" lists, along with Bill Clinton, and Chris "poof/5th Pink Element" Tucker. One of Spacey's early roles was "Working Girl" (slang, prostitute), a Mike Nichols film. Nichols was another sodomite film director, but posing as a straight man. Working Girl's lead Melanie Griffith at 18, dragged 12 year old Tatum O'Neal to an opium fuelled orgy.
Kevin "Queening/Gay" Spacey via the seat and The Queen. The monarch who is married to "Phil the Greek".
Kevin must've felt right at home sat there!

The "Queens linked" Weinstein Bros. Their releases (Miramax and Weinstein Film Co.) are some of the films that I heavily dissected in my 2016 'Cinema of Sodomy' post. Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs/Sods" and "Pulped Ass Friction". They were involved in The Crying (Tranny) Game, Hallowe'en reboots, Asspocalypse Now - Redux, Inglorious Bas(h)terds, etc. The Weinstein's got started through the music business - promotions etc. Their first Miramax release was Rockshow (1980) with (dung resonant) Beatle Paul McCartney (and Wings).
In September 2009, Harvey Weinstein publicly voiced opposition to efforts to extradite Roman Polanski from Switzerland to the U.S. regarding a 1977 charge that he had drugged and raped a 13-year-old, to which Polanski had pleaded guilty before fleeing the country. Weinstein, whose company had distributed a film about the Polanski case, questioned whether Polanski committed any crime, prompting Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley to insist that Polanski's guilty plea indicated that his action was a crime, and that several other serious charges were pending.

I will not apologise for posting their filth, by creating/promoting this output, they're automatically 'fair game'. All these degenerates give/take it in the ass in exchange for Zionist $$$, they sell the masses out as the result. They become sodomite programme assets and are subsequently involved in mass indoctrination.

Orange Queers (Fruits, homosexuals etc)
See how "interchangeable" it all is - sick Khazars have been building their sodomite empire (via mass media) for decades.
Oranges/Fruits aka homosexuals/gays/lesbians (orange queers)
Yes folks, 'Orange is the New Black' is corporate LGBT programming, jailhouse (no)cock, unless you include Laverne COX. A bit like BBC's  'Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit' (lesbian). A Fruit (gay/lesbian).
Jason "Camp Stories" Biggs from "American Ass Pie" (the series linked to Chad's World, via Stifler) features in OITNB!
American Gay Ass Pie also links to Eugene "(Penis) Goon" Levy, the (shit) 'Pop - Schitt's Creek' (ass channel) man.
Sick Jew, Levy plays SW Scott's father in the iced "Goon" film series (goon, penis edging). "Commit to the Creek."
Catherine "Schitt's Creek" O'Hara was in Orange County, with "ACDC/Fruit" (gay) Jack "Rusty Trombone Ass" Black.
"A Clockwork (666) Orange" scene in queer '666' Black's Tenacious D. Orange is the new (& old) mind control.
Tom Hanks' son (top left), 'orange vision' Colin - he's also in "Rusty Trombone Ass" fruit/ Tenacious D, and OC series.
Jenji 'degenerate Khazar Jew programmer/OITNB' Kohan. Her father was big in Hollywood/TV.

Tranny CoxSquat & Coif/Cough: "Squat, spread your cheeks and cough" (anal cavity search, OITNB).
Squat and curl out (hair fork coif) a brown one. Squat & Fork Coif/Fuck Off. (Sick Khazars, mass mockery).
Prison/Jail linked, Alex - C(l)ock-working Orange Fruit "Queer" Man - Brown-eye Stabber - with "milk".
As QUEER (homosexual) as A Clockwork Orange, see sodomite/paedo Jew, Stanley "Lolita" Kubrick.
Orange Juice/Orange JEWS. Burgess's book was based on MKULTRA experiments out of Fort Bliss/Fort Meade.
Likely sodomy and sexual violence type based programming, and for operative use in wider society - especially the film.
Some have claimed that Burgess's collaborator CIA Howard Roman likely wrote most of the (mind control) text.

"Don't you want to go where the (gay) rainbow ends?"
ACO - opens via a withdrawal from the "eye" and with "milk" - and to the tones of the "Mary Queen" (poofs).
At the milk (cum) bar a woman sings a section from Beethoven's "Ode to Joy". More like "O-d to Joy".
Willy (William) of Orange is a key to all this - the homosexual King, with his "Mary Queen" (slang).
Jacobite/Jew funded (Orange Jews) King who stole the British Crown. The Dutch financial core ultimately moving to GB.

Jail resonant US footballer/actor O.J. Simpson - "the (orange) juice
- had a gay father who was also a drag queen.

The God 'Orange Queer' Father:
Sodomite Brand-O, and Tang-O.  
Wasn't it Brand-O, who was one of the first to sodomise (using butt-er) a woman on film, Bertolucci's  Last Tang-O In Paris?  The scene (not even in the script) was allegedly the idea of Brando. He massively fell out with Bertolucci as a result of this film. Ass bandit Brand-O, also played the lead in (Kubrick linked) One-Eyed Jacks (penis), and Superman's father in Dick 'O-men' Donner's film. 
Deliverance (directed by Boorman/Bore-man), released just a few months before Tango, and where Ned (Superman - Otis) Beatty took it up the ass - a literal camp climaxThis makes Super-O-Men, Brando & Beatty a type of interrelated 'butt brother' team. Deliverance, with Ronny 'Bogomil/buggery Uphill Copping' Cox, Burt 'am trans, smoked backdoor bandit' Reynolds, & Jon 'pretty mouth/Jolie' Voight. Written by James Dickey, he features in the film with deputy, Arthur Queen.

Update June 2018. I hate to say I told you so, but I did tell you so! CDAN blind that revealed Dickey.
It's definitely James 'Deliverance' Dickey. An incestuous paedophile/paedophile, sodomite, and animal fucker.
No wonder they have ass-fucked Beatty (aka Chubby, semi-hard) squeal like a pig!

With mountain/mounting men, written by a Dickey, and directed by a Boorman. (Pig)Boar-man/Bore-man. 
Writer Dickey played Sheriff Bullard, and a character called Arthur Queen was his deputy. 
Dick-ey and The Eye, Is that a canoe in your pocket?

Ned "Purple 'Horny/One-eyed (penis)' People Eater" Beatty. 
Buggered Beatty via "ring lord" Saturn.
Title based on the (extremely suspect) song - "He said eating purple people, and it sure is fine". (lavender boys). With lavender boy, Neil Patrick "Burt Reynolds' Gay Kiss" Harris (as Willy Johnson), Shelley 'Lolita/Camp Climax' Winters, Thora "Molly Johnson/The Hole" Birch, Molly Cheek, Peggy "Cherry Pie/Quincy Color Purple Jones" Lipton. Gay icon Little "Dicking, Tutti Frutti Good Booty" Richard, and a Chubby Checker - the "Twist" man. Purple Beatty is often called "chubby" by Burt "smoked 'am trans' back door bandit" Reynolds in Deliverance. Twisting with a 'chubby' (semi-hard). The 'Purple' 50s song contains actual elements from Little Dicky's "Tutti (gay) Frutti"! Sheb Wooley who wrote and performed the song also features in the film.

More like - Brando: 'Last Tang-O In Gay Paree'!
Schneider is correct of course, these people are degenerates, mass programmers who are operating to undermine morality, decency, sexual wellbeing and health. This is why they had to 'trick and deceive' you into doing the scene. She even tried to commit suicide in the following and ensuing years, she died at 58. Brand-O had suicide issues with his own family! It's been alleged that he molested his daughter. "Orange man" Brando's The Godfather/Last Tango were both released in 1972, about 7 months apart. Deliverance (written by Dickey) was dropped in the middle of those two releases, and A Clockwork (queer) Orange on the cusp of 1971/72.
Godfather Orange "gay" Men...
Orange Tang-O Brando heavily relates to orange(s) in these clips...even orange peel in his mouth when died.
Godfather Pacino made (gay/trans resonant) "Cruisin'" and "Dog Day Afternoon" in the 70s.
Brando's 'Ass-pocalypse Now' co-star, Duvall , as the "Ring Cycling", chopper based Kilgore, with his helmet sitters.

Apocalypse "Ring Cycling/Asshole of the World" Now
A-gent Orange - Orange Gents. Tango/Sodomy - Bald Orange Queer Men, Brand-O and Crowley.
Tango'd, via cheeks and oranges...
You know when you've been TANGO'd (sodomised) by a (bald) Orange (gay) Man via the Cheeks!
See how 'orange man' prominently leads with his groin (behind him). 
This is stealth/crypto programming. See the fruit (queer) stall in the background.
Tango'd via the cheeks (a la Brand-O) and gay kiss...An orange fruit man crush.
This ad was eventually banned (due to public copycat cheek slapping, no joke!) replaced with:
The 90s UK advert with (former Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers footballer) Ray 'BUTCH' Wilkins doing voiceover! 
Butch - gay related. Bald OTO sodomite Crowley designed the original positioning for Chelsea's stadium/ground.

Later ads featured James 'US Chat Show' Corden, I'm sure he is another (poorly veiled) 'crypto-homosexual'.

As QUEER as a (clockwork) ORANGE. Last (SODOMY) TANGO in Gay Paree via (queer) Brand-O.
Corden is an industry pincushion and fluffer. These adverts are GAY, POOF, HOMO, SODOMITE, FAGGOT-RIDDEN.
Corden and a room full of orange queer men aka "gingers" (slang, queers). An "orange crush", literally. Creepy stuff.
Perhaps that's why he was linked with Dick Griffiths of "With NAIL and EYE" fame. The "I fuck arses/cottaging" film.

God-Orange-Father. Dick Wagner Ring Cycling, punching orange men, and via humped fags (camel cigarettes).
Now you know why Talia Shire, "orange punching fag man" Sonny's/Sunnies wife.
Played male resonant 'Adrian' aka the "Pet Shop Girl Boy" - in ring punching via (Greek, man/boy love) creed of Apollo, and via "brotherly love" Philly, - in "Rocky". Rocky being played by "Tango" Stallone.
Dick Wagner's (gay) rainbow (ass, mount) ring.

Tang-O/Brand-O - Ass-pocalypse "Ring Cycling" Now
Godfather Orange Men and (Nam, Agent Orange Sun and Choppers) Apocalypse Now - Coppola.
The 'one-eyed' bald orange/fruit sodomy gods at the end of the brown river. OTO sodomite Crowley.
The (Back) Doors (13, LP) and Crowley? 

Brand-O, who featured in Ass-pocalypse Now. (Agent) Orange Queer Men and Purple/Lavender Boys.
Orange and Purple Haze via Lancing 'chopper' Johnson (Bottoms) just before Color Purple Clean's death.

With a 'Lancing 'dogging' Johnson' (lancing penis, Sam Bottoms) who gets busy with his chopper (machete), and Color Purple - Larry 'Death Wish 2, sodomy rape' Fishburne. A speared chief and a chef who gives head, literally via the lap. Attacking choppers with the Dick Wagner Ring Cycle, and the helmet sitters with "balls blown off" dialogue.

Bombing the Village People (gay), slit eyes, and 'hairy' surfing. Play-boy bunnies (rabbit dirt hole) with choppers. All three 'rabbit dirt hole/chopper' Playboy bunnies have potential name resonance: Cynthia Wood, Colleen Camp, & Linda B.Carpenter (wood). That's Camp, who was in - "dump-pipe surfing/tearing ass up the tube" - Die Hard 3. With Pulped Ass Friction's "quarter pounding/bolt up the ass" Jackson, & linked Bruce "Brown-O/5th Pink Element/Twinkie" Willis, and Irons.
Sodomy resonant Brand-O, at the end of the brown Nung/Dung river, via an impassable bridge (Do-o Long, perineum).
Organ playing, and slit-eye "GI, fuck you's". We're informed we're literally "In the asshole of the world".

The Faculty: "Everyone is getting hung up on the science part, which has nothing to do with it.
They're really getting us through the fiction."

From Lancing 'hairy surfing/ring' Johnson (Sam Bottoms, above) - to his 'hole probing' brother Joseph Bottoms.

The (probed) Black Hole. 'A journey that begins where everything ends'. Released same year as Apoc' Now, 1979.
Bottom(s) ring/hole brothers, with Psycho stabber/plughole, and bird/pecker stuffing, Perkins.

"Hairy (ring) surfing via helmet sitters, Bottoms, rings & Johnsons/choppers".

"Big Banging and Probing Hairy Black Holes via Peck(er)ing (Hawk-ing)"
Non-fiction too. Stephen "sodomite/Horus" Hawking - Iron-side. "Probing hairy black (ass) holes." (mass mockery)
No wonder Eddie "poof/tranny" Redmayne played him. Sodomite "The Big Bang Theory" (series) is the same!
A Big (Fuck) Bang via probing the hairy black (ass) hole. Cambridge sodomy, par for the course.
Time - spent probing and big banging with hairy, dark (rabbit/worm) holes? (Lewis 'paedo" Carroll).
Time. "I'm late". It's "Alice Hawking in (sodomy) Wonderland" - black, rabbit, & (phallic) worm holes.
Fall down the Alice/rabbit dirt hole and wave "bye-bye" to the pussy. Sagan/Nagas - the (phallic) serpent via worm holes.
Crowley's "law of reversal" - Sagan = Nagas. Worm-hole Sagan certainly liked his "stars" - and "probing" too.
"Everyone is getting hung up on the science part, which has nothing to do with it."
Another phoney Khazar JEW - Carl 'sodomite' Sagan. Jew sodomite programmer Zemeckis made the film.
Robert "biffing the shit" Zemeckis. (see Back to the Future). The "Rogering Rabbit" (dirt contact) & hole man.
The "Bending" (ass-worm/penis hole) space. Hail Sagan/Satan. "Warping" man, (and mentally) via wormholes (geddit?)
Nolan's "Interstellar" is heavily linked to Sagan's (ass) Contact - where Nathan (related) Crowley is also a factor!
Probing and 'rim surfing' dark holes around Saturn (Satan/Sagan) aka "the ring lord". Ass barrelling with Cooper.
Below left, the "ass wormhole" (with pie, below) at the sodomite OTO apex. Sagan's "space probing" Voyager, groin.
Purp-EL Sagan as "sodomite" 666 Baphomet/Pan - OTO and Crowley. Sagan was heavily influenced by Sci-fi OTO Heinlein.
 Sci-fi author Isaac Asimov's son (David) is a known chronic paedophile and he was charged.

 As a result of its enormous influence on the elite, the OTO has inaugurated and cemented the transformation of the masses -- working in Hollywood, the corporate business world and within the US government
 -- spreading the "energy of Satan" across the planet, in the words of 'Frater Aussik 400' 
(Kenneth Grant), outer head of the OTO.

 Jack 'sodomite' Rabbits...

Pulped Ass "666 case" Friction. Tarant-homo: "You want SUBVERSION on a MASSIVE level."
Rabbit "Slim(s)" Twisting Time (dirt) Hole - Ass Twisting Time via Vega. (gay Travolta). Where's Chubby Checker?
The next best thing to a "twisting (dirt) asshole based" time machine (watch). Spending time up/down the ass/star hole.

"Turd/Third Vega Contact" via rings, wormholes and Sagan/Nagas (phallic snakes). Lesbian Foster, homo Hurt etc.
Sagan "surfing" the "purple/homosexual" ass-(worm)hole. No wonder this promoted act have this linked branding.
Lavender/Purple sodomy promoters.
Sagan worked/advised on (sodomite) '666' Kubrick's "go Greek" Homer/Homo-erotic "2001: Odyssey".
Via a "one-eyed" Cyclops called HAL, and a moon (ass) watching ape - who throws his "boner" into (a) space.
A hard, rock monolith buried deep in a moon (ass).
The probed "rainbow eye" (ass) star-gate via the moon (ass). Film based on the book by (homo/paedophile) A C Clarke.

Jupiter (Zeus) "go Greeking" via the Homer-erotic Odyssey and "mount O". Novel was "Saturn" (Satan, ring lord).

NAMBLA (man/boy love, abuse) was linked to Harry "OTO" Hay! A sodomite LGBT icon.
Man/boy love? Why that sounds just like (phallic rockets to the moon) 'go Greek' Apollo.

Disney (barf!) - who bought out the Weinstein's Miramax for $80 million, after the success of "The Crying Tranny Game."
This was Disney's very first non-cert U release, all films before were certified for universal audiences.

Apocalyptic hairy Bottoms' brother, Joseph, and his "Black (Bottoms) Hole'"
Perkins' probed 'Black Hole' - to the Bates Psycho stabber and eye/hole.

Stabbing - and the twisting plug hole/eye - chocolate/blood, with "ANL" trading Crane.
Dead stuffed "fruit cellar/recess" Mother, with hollowed-out eyes. "Eye Striking - Striking the Eye(s)"

Pecker Bates uses "peeper holes" too. There's also a "stuffed rabbit toy" in Bates' childhood room.
OTO sodomite Gay-Z's protege - "Isis/Illuminati" Rihanna - Bates Ho' Tel, not Motel.
"Screw this shit" - ahem. Bates Motel (series). Chocolate and blood, peeper hole/stabber Bates.
Bates, played by Freddie "Chocolate Factory" Highmore - he prefers stabbing men & busting bathroom rings.
I had already linked 'Psycho' to 'The Sixth (666) Sense' in my 'Cinema of Sodomy post'. I saw this in the last few days.
Hitch-COCK (2012) - "opening" dialogue - after intro. Peepers, gouged eyes, and (overdrawn) climaxing (sexual reference).
The biopic is based around Psych-O. Hitchcock (to gay Perkins): "You can call me Hitch, but hold the 'cock'."
666th Sense - "twisting hole" Toni (6th Sense/Hitchcock) Collette! Popping the balloon (knot) etc. See expanded post.
Pulped Ass, Willis co-starred. Scarlett "Iron poof Man/Randy donut hole" Johansson, also featured in Hitch-cock.
666 (Ass) Park Avenue - the brown spiralling stairs. "Orange/Bender" O'Quinn - a John(son) "666 sodomite" Lock(e).
666, 777, "slashed eye" Lock(e)s, Orange, & Benders. Quentin "Mr Orange/Bender-linked" Tarantino's Pulped 666 Ass.
Arbogast - Stabbed/slashed eye just like '666' Lock(e), with Bates as tranny "fruit cellar/recess" stabbing mother.
Marion "666" Crane -  OKAY "Psycho". 666 Lock(e) "Pulped Ass Friction".
Where gay Travolta "twists" down the slim dirt rabbit hole - "Gay Paree, quarter pounding with cheese" via linked Jules.
Marion (aka Mary) Crane, Phoenix, stuffed birds (mother) etc - aka "peckers". Plugged eye holes & hollowed-out eyes.
Tenuous, but worth mentioning a potential "999/666" encode via the police plate/car that pulls-up behind her.!topic/alt.movies.hitchcock/ugjfSb-KZ0E

Psych-O, first ever film to show a toilet (shitter). The "dumped it out" dialogue is from earlier during her car ride.

Plugged black (eye) holes - stabber Perkins, 'The Black (eye, twisting) Hole' probing man via Bottom(s).
The "stretched eye'" and the "twisting/spiralling hole" at the climax.
From Joe Bottom(s') probed black hole -  to the next. Apoc. Now's Sam "chopper/Lancing Johnson" Bottom(s).

Sexually unsatisfied ass: "I'm Army Specialist Zach Johnson on AFVN...dedicated by the fire team at An Khage - Satisfaction."

More like "Sat-ass-faction"! Brown river surfing (and hairy surfer) Lancing 'chopper' Johnson (with Bottoms).
With a dancing Color Purple Clean/Fishburne, the Death Wish 2 sodomy rapist. Willard "busted balls/choppered in t-bones" Sheen, not forgetting Tango sodomy/Brando (Kurtz/gary), and a President Johnson. That's a lot of 'unsatisfied' Johnsons! Followed by - Psy-War-Op 'Wagner Ring Cycling' with Lancing Johnson, choppers, helmet sitters, tearing ass, and bombing the 'village (gay) people'. Chopper "Ride of the Valkyries" via (Alberich's) 'serpent and tail chasing' Ring - and a mount (mountain/mounting).

Martin "Coppola" Sheen's son Charlie is a known paedophile and sodomite! He likes Two and a Half Men!
 Air Cav: "Cashed-in its horses for choppers (penises) and gone tear-assing around Nam looking for the shit."
Yup - out of it's typically understood context it reads just like the sodomy act- choppers, tearing ass, and shit.

Ring cycling (Wagner)...via the village (gay) people - slit eyes.
Sitting on helmets (glans) via choppers (penises), and not getting your balls blown off dialogue.
There's Color Purple Fishburne - the "pink vision, brown hatter" - Death Wish 2, sodomy rapist.
It even featured (chopper-based) R Lee 'donut Drilling Sgt/world of shit' Ermey, from Full Metal (Nam) Jacket.
Helmet (glans) sitters are receivers - it's the other person who literally gets his balls blown off!
"That's a roger, Big Duke. OK, we're going in. We'll come in low out of the rising sun.
A mile out, we'll put on the (ring cycling) music." Lance Johnson (Bottoms): "Music?"
Those hellish slopes and hills.
Dicking with the Serpent/Snake "chasing tail" Ring - Valkyrie Ring Cycling, (Nazi linked) Wagner.
Their PBR boat gets dropped into the (as described) 'hairy' delta passage of the Nung/Dung River.
Mooning/Ass via Valkyrie, Zach Johnson is the exact same name as the "Satisfaction" DJ in Apocalypse 'Valkyrie' Now!
Wagnerian linked "Cruising Tom" - Bryan "Twink" Singer's Nazi "Valkyrie". One-eyed Dick Wagner Ring Cycling, again.
Apocalypse "Chopper Valkyrie Ring Cycling" Now - What about The 'back' Doors?
Back Door Man to Moon-light Drive...both sodomy resonant, with 'the butterfly' (Monarch)
On the self-titled debut Doors (LP) "Back Door Man'" and "The End", open and close side B.
Written by Willy Dixon (Dick-son). Howlin' 'trans-forming, gay moon-ass' Wolf and 777 a la sodomite Crowley!
The End (an end, penis), The Doors, penis/snake-riders on the shit storm, back door men..."I'm a back door man, oh yeah". No wonder (military-industrial-complex based) Morrison originally sang with his BACK facing the crowd - The (Back) Doors. Jim aka Top Gay Gun Kilmer, and Kyle 'bloody donut/Twin Peaks' MacLachlan, both featured in Oliver (4th July, with Cruising meat donut hole plugging) Stone's, The Doors. The other two (Whaley and Dillon) will likely be queer cock jockeys too. Martin Sheen in Coppola's Ass-pocalypse Now, and Charlie 'degenerate' Sheen in (gay) Stone's Platoon. Charlie is briefly seen in Ass-pocalypse. Mr Sheen(s), do they like shining/polishing cocks? "Charlie don't surf?", yeah whatever! Might as well throw in huge lashings of Agent Orange! Ass-pocalypse, was originally a George 'Star Gay Wars' Luc-ass vehicle.
'Solo Ford' is named Col. Lucas, and Brando/Kurtz is named after the Star Wars producer, Gary - a term for the ass!

Darth 'Crowley' Vader...the veiled da'ath (tree of life) star is Sirius, the anatomical asshole. Crowley, the Oz wizard king.
Vader ends up cremated (a la Crowley) in Ewok wood-based munchkin land aka Endor. Yes, Kurtz and Vader are obviously Crowley avatars! Vader, a composite of Strange-loving, Jones, and queer Clockwork Orange, Prowse.

If this is random nonsense, how come 'orange fruit man' Coppola wanted 'dirt tunnel digging' The Great Ass-cape's Steve McQueen (queen/queer) in the lead? Coppola also wanted to originally film the jungle scenes in (Oz) North QUEENS-land? Hell, even their failed efforts relate to the same sodomy based programme!

Sexually unsatisfied ass and "star fucking".
The Rolling "Apocalypse Now" Stones - "Star-Fucker" via McQueen (& fruits, see lyrics), and Doo-Doo (shit)
"Star-Fucker" - both in terms of the shape and the personnel (stars)! The "Doo-Doo" (b side) needs no further comment.
"Yeah! You're a star fucker, star fucker, star fucker, star fucker, star. (repeat, repeat)
Yeah, Ali McGraw got mad with you. For givin' head to Steve McQueen."

Hitch-cock, Psych-O, via the chocolate/blood twisting plugged/eye hole and peeper stabbing...
 Peepers, eye gouging, and (sexual) climaxing.

Executive produced by Asspocalypse, Coppola...and back into the asshole of the world!
Going down the dirty brown pipe and gouging eyes - The eye peepers.
Evil is right behind you...Justin "Lavender/Dodgeball" Long.
Peeper in the gouged eye hole - 'peeper' a childish term for a penis, yes what a surprise - not! Peepers - penises and eyes.
A choppering 'batty-man' - corn(holing), eye gouging & sliding down a brown pipe. Sequel had a phallic 'post puncher'.
The director of these films (Salva) is a convicted (gay) paedophile, he abused and filmed the (child) star of Clownhouse.
A film with a Ringmaster, executive produced by Roman Coppola. Queer bait, Long, cameo'd in Jeepers Creepers 2.
It had a bus full of "ring/hoop dunkers" (basketball team). It also featured Ray "Twin 'corn' Peaks, demonic incest" Wise.
Top left, Salva (a protege of Francis 'chopper ring cycling ride' Coppola) is still making films & working with children!
"Jeepers Creepers", a song, slang expression and minced oath euphemism. Mincers, homosexuals.
Scat-man Crothers, aka choppered brown Dick O'Hallorann, The Shining (WB), sings it in The Cheap Detective (1978).  
"Jeepers Creepers" song (with eyes and peepers) was written for a Warner (sodomite) Bros. film of the same name. 
Starring Dick Powell who has to sing it to a race horse so that it can be ridden. Porky Pig sings it in the cartoon.

Lavender/Color Purple Sodomites
Jeepers Creepers - Justin 'eye gouged/brown pipe' Long (see prior gifs) was in 'Live Free or Die Hard' with (gay) Willis.
Long, also in uber-gay (lavender) Dodgeball, and he also featured in the 2016 release called (gay resonant) Lavender.
Lavender Boy, Long with (paedo) Salva. The "eye gouging" with peepers man, and via a brown pipe.
Long, in (lavender) Dodgeball is called "queer bait" - by the suggestive sounding Rip Torn. Cough, cough.

Sodomite victims and assets - Stiller, The Rock, Hart, Long etc. All are ass bandits for the cause!
Director Thurber did "Dodgeball" (lavender/starfish), and "Central Intelligence" (Big Johnson, banana bender penis)
"Grab Life By The Ball(s) and Take A Big Johnson."
Dodge "Donut" Ball. Lavender Long, with Ben "Lavender Wall of Gaylord Focker" Stiller.
Below, "What We Do Is Secret" via "Weepy Donuts & Herr-man" (Psycho remake) - well, not anymore it isn't!
Dodgeball - Vince "Swinger/Psycho, Weepy Donuts exit " Vaughan - "eye hollowing, mother/bird stuffer/plugger" Bates.
Ben "Homo Icon" Stiller, eat the "Dodgeball" donut hole aka the (gay) ass, and with horns (see pic behind).
Dodge "Lavender/Purple" (Donut) Ball. Go "Balls Deep" into the (Jamaican/Brown) Starfish, Asshole.

Purple Vipers - gay snake cocks and with Donkey's (asses). "Let me ride the donkey" (gay ass)

The Lavender - Poo-lander. He has a cameo in "Orange (queer) County" too. He likes an orange Balls model.
Mass homosexual mind control via sodomite/Jew/paedo Hollywood, and (gay) corporate fashion - 4th Wall.
Back to Dodge "Lavender" Ball. Pumping Iron (iron/poof), Lavender wall, the "666" Okay (sodomy gesture).
Lavender Wall of a Stiller/Gaylord and via (ass) Fockers. With homos God-orange-father De Niro, & Tootsie Hoffman.

Rainbow ribbons, meeting/meating your parents - incest flavour too. Hoffman got started via Mike "homosexual" Nichols.
Mary Queer Poof - Arrested 'homo' Development. The Magic 'poof' Circle magician.
Ring punching Heavyweights. Camp Twinkie Pizza via Hot-Dogs.
Stiller's Tropic Thunder. Booty Sweat - Tap Into Some Ass. Cumming Soon. Bust-A-Nut via Gay Monks up Satan's (Anal) Alley.
 Broke-back Mounting. Iron 'Poof' Man, Downey Jr, up Satan's Ass. Iron, via Queens & AC/DC.
An Iron Poof Man, A one-eyed, Randy donut-hole (ass) exit man. Just like Mary/homo Stiller's 'Dodge-donut-ball'.

Barely veiled, mass 'sodomite/deviant' corporate programming badly disguised as humour - or whatever.

Ben - Camp, Gaylord Focker, Poolander, Wonder Poof, Mary, Balls-Deep Starfish, Twinkie, Donut, Wang Pizza - Stiller.
There's Something About Mary (mary queen, poof) - and via the androgynous name Cameron. Cock Pizza. Hmmm?
The following is an interesting linked scene - pepperoni (phallic sausage) pizza and Stiller's penis. Wang pizza (again).
Look where Stiller places the slice. The pizza triangle is also a yonic symbol. Cheese toppings and Come-t. (stars/moon).
Pizzagate - Podestas/Clinton. Bill Clinton is all over (paedo) Epstein's Lolita Express flight lists.

Phallic sausage/pepperoni. Even the term "pizza-gate" is potentially sexually suggestive in the 'entrance' sense.
People that "Libtard SJWs" worship, the (paedo) Clintons! No wonder SJW's also support (paedo) Hollywood and sodomites!

The Hollywood Gay Mafia...
What you did in private may have been your business, but what you've done in PUBLIC thru programming is everyone's goddamn business - you sick, filthy fucking KIKES.
Oh look, 'sodomite' Brand-O just happens to be one of them! Merv 'tarot/Wheel of Fortune' Griffin.
The wheel/ring of fortune, it used a word play game element from 'Hang Man' (the hanged/hung man).
It was "gay Paree" Tango Brando (out of these men) who was Griffin's longterm lover.

'Boogie (Bougre/Buggery) Fagnolia Nights' Anderson is another 'masonic' SODOMITE brainwasher/programmer and Wahlberg was likely his bitch. No wonder Wahlberg is linked to the Ted (paedo bears) series, no wonder Anderson visited and met with 'sodomite' Kubrick. Anderson did fill Fagnolia with large amounts of Freemasonry linked content and with gay Cruise!
Wahlberg's Dirk Diggler, was a type of John Holmes composite, Val 'Battyman/Templar/Top Gay Gun/Top Secret Anal Intruder/Back Door Man' Kilmer played Holmes in (the Boogie Nights) comparable Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland, via the brown dirt (time resonant) rabbit hole/tunnel.

"Football, it's a man's gay-me.' 
Dicking with 'O-men' Donner & Oliver 'JF-Gay" Stone via Werner Bros. 
Any Given Sun-Gay, with Al 'Gay Cruising/Sirius Dog Day(s) Sex Change' Pacino
Life is a contact sport...cough, cough. A spread-eagled player in the 'ring'. Grid-Iron, the 'iron' term slang and homosexual related. Yet another '13' reference, something that constantly pops up, which you may have noticed. Wood(s) provides the support, as (phallic resonant) Mandrake: "Perfect. Fuck. Ok stay here and get... butt fucked by 12 Neanderthals. Bitch." Lead, Al "Crusin' God-orange-father" Pacino.
Football scenes shot at the Orange Bowl (fruits), where else!?

"The six inches in front of your face (man's penis)...Now I can't make you do it. (it's not forced)
You gotta look at the guy next to you. (check him out) Look into his eye(s). (brown eye)
Now I think you are going to see a guy who will go that inch with you. (a willing gay partner)
You are going to see a guy who will sacrifice himself for this team.That's a team, gentlemen." (take one for the team)

Stone and Donner have outdone Schumacher with their overt and heavy gayness!
This is what happens when 'Zionist masonic sodomites' collectively rule the Hollywood propaganda machine!
Oliver "JF-Gay" Stone could very likely be a closeted sodomite, I suspect he is.
Willie/penis (faggy Bacon/porking) "ass fucked" O'Keefe. JFK had the queening sodomite party scenes too.

It's the faggy shower scene (100% GAY), don't drop the comes the GAY-TOR!
Like I've already stated....Hollywood led homosexuality programming and on a mass level.
(with masonic symbolism)
The Eye of Horus/Sirius...anatomically it's the 'one eyed' sphincter/asshole
Popping the brown eye (asshole)...the 'eye', the 'helmet' (bell end) and 'balls'
[Steamin' Willie, lined up behind wrong lineman] McKenna: "Hey, unless you're gonna kiss me, get your hands off my ass."
Poof 'Get Him Greek' (sodomy) Daddy was marked for Foxx's Steamin' Willie (steamin' penis) role.
They've got to get Icke groupie and conman Brand aka Aldous (to the) Greek for his cum-back tour!
Get Him to the Greek (style). Up-Hill with "toilet sex" Jonah - from behind, and with Baphomet horns.
The "ass fucked" all singing, all dancing....crap of the world.
Jew-luminati collaborators - 666 sodomite synagogue of satan. Def Jam (Death Jam) was formed by Jew, Rubin.
Simmons is a useful "black face" to front their JEW "homo mind control" empire. OTO Gay-Z is another front.
Those folk who thinks this is ONLY a "white homo" issue need to wake the fuck up, and FAST!
Ring/Hoop dunkin' Lakers. Sodomite Poof 'Get Him Greek (style)' Daddy to LL Cool Gay:
These UNCLE TOMS like to front about the "white man" - but none will mention their owners the "Jew man".
LL Cool Gay, took the role that was earmarked for Ving 'Pulp (gay ass fucked, Wallace) Fiction' Rhames!
Cool Gay featured with 'the sharks' (again!) in Deep Blue Sea, released the same year.
Any Given Sun-gay, would feature NFL's hall of fame players, 'faggot referencing via script' Dick But(t)-kus (dick and butt), and Warren Moon (moon, to show your ass). Onomastic/toponomic (names/places etc) type 'word game play' are key areas for 'stealth programming' by our Illuminist/MSM programmers! Jim 'Strokes' Brown(eye), also happens to feature, "I don't get strokes motherfucker, I give them" (wink, wink).
The Templar Knights, 13 & 33, the eye(s), sodomy and Templarism...the brotherhood of buggery!
With Zionist Donner on-board (as per) the obligatory 'hell, the devil, and 666' are all referenced!

17th Century (C17) Pirate, Captain Kidd was said to have buried treasure at the foot of the Montauk Lighthouse site around 1699 (Gardiner's Island is also cited in respect of Kidd), at two ponds which today are called "Money Ponds." Spielberg's Jaws also heavily links to (lighthouse) Montauk.

Spielberg was bankrolled by Sid Sheinberg (head of Universal) after seeing "Amblin''" - Spielberg's first film.
 Silver Phoenix award. The (masonic) phoenix - a symbol for androgyny (male/female).
A "tail end" film with a guitar case that contains (among a few other things) Milk of Magnesia - used for colonic cleaning by homos - and a novel (City and the Stars) by Arthur C Clarke, the paedo/sodomite author and programmer.
Sheinberg's wife (Lorraine Gary) played Ellen Brody in Spielberg's Jaws. Even the term "Gary" is slang for the asshole.
Steven 'Rosebud' Spielberg's Amblin' opened as a double-bill with Otto 'Rosebud' Preminger's Skidoo.

Rosebud via Citizen 'phallic pleasure dome erecting' Kane. The rosebud is an industry coded term for the asshole. 
Spielberg owns a rare Rosebud sled from (homo) Welles' Citizen Kane. (more on that later)

Spielberg and Donner...The Goonies.
Kids - One-Eyed Willy’s ancient pirate treasure caves are underneath the Lighthouse Lounge restaurant!
 Skull and bones (death's head, but also notably a masonic symbol too), Mountauk Kidd/Kids.
A C17 pirate (one-eyed Willie, sexual overlaps) like C17 Montauk/Lighthouse Kidd.the old lighthouse, the secret caves (see Shutter "eye piercing" Island).  It's The Goonies via Werner Bros and '666' Dicky 'Banana Split/Free Willy/SunGay' Donner & Color Purple Spielberg. Moby Dick-ing with Dick Donner (exec-producer), Free Willy, it had a child protagonist called Jesse (an English slang term for a homosexual). A Jesse (Jessie/Jessy) who rides around on a big Willy (penis).
Again, it was set in As(s)-toria, Oregon, just like 'one-eyed Willy' film The Goonies.
Michael 'Reservoir Sods/Dogs' Madsen featured too.
Iron Pyrites (Pirate) aka Fool's Gold...SOTL/Lecter: Louis Friend/Iron Sulfide/Iron Pyrites.
Skull n Bones flag, let's all have a 'Jolly Roger' (sexual euphemism).
There are also sexual (sodomy) overtones at work here, imo. The phallic lighthouse and (burger) meat between two buns (ass). One-eyed Willy's 'copper boning phallic key' alonsgside the buns. There's Brolin pulling one off (image above), via searching for One-Eyed Willie (a euphemism for the penis). Boys seeking (pirate) one-eyed Willie's booty (ass). Skull and bones (boning). Ass tearing Ass-toria, there is a Astoria in QUEENS, NY. and an Astoria in Oregon/Oreg(i)on.
Dick '666 O-men' Donner and Steven '666' this The Goonies '666' gesture?
Feldman is no stranger to horror, he featured in (masonic) Friday 13th Part 4, via violent eye stabbing and Camp Blood.
Goons, Gooning and Goon Docking - all potential slang penis (and docking) related concepts, the docks for a "hello sailor'' flavour. Chunk sucking on a (fruit) banana. Chunk is the one who gets locked in a closet with the 'stiff' - an adult stiff, one who falls all over him. Gooning, (slang) prolonged sexual arousal, penis edging etc. Obviously a "goon" is also a foolish/stupid person or a thug, but the term is also penis related. Peter "Strangelove/Pink Panther/Any Old Iron" Sellers was a literal a "Goon". Another Goon, Bent-ine, had a children's show called (infant toilet resonant) "Potty Time".
The Chester (child molester) 'copper (cop a) boning key' of One-eyed Willie. Jolly "one-eyed" rogering.
It's even shaped to resemble a penis - the shaft and glans/head! Is the 'doubloon' the symbolic asshole/eye?
Yup, using the booty doubloon and eye to line up the 'rocks'...get your rocks off.
Cannon (beach) and rocks. Point Break and (gay) werewolf/vampire film Twilight were filmed here.
It's also seen in Spielberg's film 1941.

The film opens with the jail and the Fratelli's breakout. Robert "Die Hard, chopper-based Big Johnson" Davi.
Prison slang

Chester Copper-pot was the last to search (dig tunnels) for one-eyed Willie's treasure. Copper pots/pans tend to have copper-bottoms. Rum, sodomy and the lash, Jolly Rogering, skull and boning. Burying the treasure (family Jewels/genitalia) in the secret place, the latter being another potential sexual euphemism. There really are Masonic-Templar-Pirate links from historical reality, there are seemingly sodomite links too.

Even (sexually suspect) O-men Donner's 'The Banana Splits' (banana benders) had a related Island segment, it was called Danger Island...wink, wink! Segment was based on HB's Jonny Quest (a questing Johnson). It had a group of (jolly rogering bum) Pirates too and 'head-hunters' (cough, cough). I suspect that even the Banana Split linked H.R. Pufnstuf (Poof and Stuff, sodomy) is related. Its opening was filmed in Big Bear. It featured Jack 'Artful Dodger' Wilde, a likely (mkultra/paedo) industry victim! Danger Island featured Air Wolf/The Mechanic's Jan-Michael Vincent (linked to "dirt tunnel digging King", Bronson), another who is likely an mkultra/paedo industry victim.

Phallic, much?
The (punk/jail ass receiver, punks) Dickies recorded the Banana (bending) Splitters theme.
Bent bananas. Ho, ho, ho...more mockery via the sodomite elite!

Alphy's "Teen" Soda Pop Club (Hollywood) has been suspected of being an abuse and drug linked location.
The Alumni of the club includes Alyssa Milano, Tori Spelling, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Scott Grimes, Sean Lennon, Bobby Jacoby, David Faustino, Stacy Ferguson aka "Fergie", and many more. 
Feldman and monarch (butterfly). Family Jewels aka 'cock and balls' via sodomite/satanist Gene 'gay Kiss' Simmons.
Chopper (dog/penis) and sik balls...wink, wink. (Stand By Me). Chopper aka Pop-Eye.
Chopper dogging the ass (of Feldman) and with (vomiting) sik balls, Castle Rock (tarot/Tower), Brownsville, O-reg(i)on.

Purple/Lavender Scream QUEEN - Jerry 'Scream//Stand By Me' O' much?
Jerry O'Corn-hole. On my Gaydar and in terms of a 1 to 10 scale, he's an 11. This one goes to "11".
No wonder he dated Sidney (a name with more male connotations, than female) in Wes 'Gay' Craven's Scream 2, with Jada 'Scientology' Smith, and O-men, Warner. The series linked to Children of (paedo) God, Rose 'Weinstein' McGowan. Craven made "kiddy fiddling/murdering monsters" popular thru (gay) Krueger. Elm St. sequel is perhaps the 'gayest' horror film ever made. 
Spring-wood via the man of your dreams (swoon!). Produced by Robert 'Weinstein/New Line' Shaye. 
Shaye is a major crypto-sodomy programmer. Gay Elm St. 2 director, Jack Sholder, edited Weinstein's first feature The Burning.
Jew Shaye's New Line and Jew Weinstein were both involved in Lord of the (ass) Rings, the Peter 'Sodomy Song' Jackson film(s).
Four boys looking for a "stiff". River 'Children of (paedo) God' Phoenix featured with Jerry in 'Stand By Me'. He died on Hallowe'en outside Johnny "Nancy's boy, Elm St" Depp's (co-owned) Viper Club. The Phoenix family's original surname was actually "Bottom". In an interview not long before his death, River claimed that he was sexually active as a very young child. O'Connell is a literal real 'Scream QUEEN'. The (Weinstein linked) 'Scream' film (via Woods-boro, burrowing wood and a Cox) featured 'monarch child star/victim' Drew (Feldman/Haim linked) Barrymore (lesbian), a 'god daughter' to Spielberg. Drew is another name example that relates to androgyny (male/female). That's all reminded me of Nancy Drew, and the related Hard-y boys. Stand By Me also featured Kiefer 'Lost Boys' Sutherland. Lost 'gay' Boys Haim was linked to 'Iron Man' Downey Jnr (and then partner Jessica Parker), who housed Haim when he first came to Hollywood. Haim died in 2010, and was living at Oakwood Apts, near the Warner Bros. lot in LA.
Seeing as though Rob "Spinal - Tap, Tap, Tap - Shit" Reiner has made a career off the back of crypto paedo sodomy.
 I'd say that the above is very likely deliberate, even if it is out of context. This IS the sick Khazar modus operandi.

S-Cream Queens
Ryan 'mass gay programmer' Murphy...(uber gay) Glee and Scream (poof) Queens. 
How many 'male teen asses' did you get to plough Ryan? Spinal ass-tapping related, Jamie Lee Curtis features.
Cannon 'Goonies' beach is seen in the Twilight series, it's Twilight's Taylor 'rent boy/gay' Lautner - Lavender Scream Queen!
Servicing cock, one Hollywood mogul at a time. Raining Purple - Lavender Lautner, the Twilight werewolf transformed by the full moon/ass. Female Twilight star 'Stewart' is obviously a lesbian, She featured with lesbian Foster, Forest 'Tranny Game lover' Whitaker and Jared 'pretty gay boy' Leto, in (gay) Fincher's 'gas filled/injection' Pan-ic Room.

"Little Lord (sodomy) Fauntleroy" aka Christopher "5th Baron Haden" Guest. Upperclass "ass bandits".
One of Guest's earliest small roles was in (sodomy linked) "Death Wish" with "dirt tunnel king/queen" Bronson.
"Bent For Rent" - Spinal "ass/banana" Tap. Director, Rob Reiner (imo) is likely to be another homosexual, it would also explain his direction/presence in Spinal (ass) Tap. Recall that Spinal Tap, Harry "Leave it to the Beaver" Shearer (aka Smalls), also voiced 'queen Burns', and OT(T)O in 'The Gimpsons'. OTTO likes the tracks 'Iron (poof) Man' and Purple Haze/Gayze.

Deep Purple must've been "QUEERS" too (or at least assets) - Richie "gay Rainbow" Blackmore.
I see early links with Blackmore to Joe "sodomite/loon" Meeks. Whitesnake (penis) are linked too. 
Ritchie "Purple, Rainbow, Bent Out of Shape" Blackmore. 
Deep Purple later recorded an LP called "Bananas". That's the Velvet 'banana' Underground covered too, as you'll see. 

Rob/Carl Reiner's Pink Stars. Carl was best friends with Mel "Blazing Ass Saddles" Brooks.
Walk of Fame. Pink Stars and 'sodomy/trans resonant' Baphomet/Pan. Purp-EL, Saturn/Satan - Lord of the Rings.

These "sodomite Khazar Jews" have collectively fucked you over via their (sick, not funny) so-called comedy:
The roast of Rob "sodomite/paedo/ass tapping" Reiner - they're NOT JOKING. The Color Purple.

Reiner's father, Carl - passing around a very young Rob, to be abused by other connected/celebrity folk.
Franken was in "Toilet Trading Places", banana/baggage handler linked to Orange/Banana "ass fucked" gorilla, Beeks.
Most of you didn't give two-hoots to the idea that Trading Places was part of "Hollywood Jew/911" mass mind control!
Literal (financial) "Traders" in the toilet & a "Bum" (Agent Orange, banana bending, hill copping, tail-pipe probing, Murphy).
And all linked to Clockwork Orange (queer) Reporting. From John "SYNW - 2001: 'A go Greek' Odyssey" Landis.
Cumming to save the world - via "bustin'"
Don't discount it, the remake is a "gender bending" fest. Meat/Meet-Balls, Jew Ramis also wrote for (dirt holing) Playboy.
Stay Poofed with a diet of Twinkies (boy teens) and cream bustin'. White "fudge-packers".
 "Bustin' makes me feel good" - GAY Parker, Jnr. "Orange (queer) County" Ramis & Bill "Orange/Die Hard, Dick" Atherton
Parody shirt. Keymaster & gatekeeper (key/lock, sexual) euphemisms abound via tall phallic/obelisked buildings.
New York, New Amsterdam - Orange Brotherhood Jews. Pyramid Giza (Gozer/Geezer, male worshippers.)
Caddyshacking, Bill "dirt tunnel with gopher (gozer)/choccy turd eating" Murray, & Drag-net, Orange trader Aykroyd.
Below, "camp mallow, door swing" dialogue to Stay Poofed on the "phallic tower" - & the busting mallow/CUM shot.
The traveler has cum. 'Stay Poofed' Phallic Ejaculating/Busting Tower Creaming. Vulgu(u)s (Latin, masses, populace).
"Cumming to save the world...via 'stay poofed' and bustin"
Gooning Schitt's Creek, Levy was an associate/friend of Ramis. As was 'stay poofed' Ghostbusting, director Reitman.
Crossing-streams (Robot Chicken). Ivan "Private Parts" Reitman produced "gouged eyes, peepers & climaxing" Hitch-cock
Twinky busting, Orange Ramis wrote (gay) John "Orange Trading Man" Landis' Animal "666/beast" House. 
Jerry "ass bandit/anal intruder/Purple (gay) Ghost" Zucker is also linked to (queer) Landis.

Sodomite "Banana Bender" Reiner's "Stand-by (Behind) Me" (via Jew, King).
Lard Ass? More like larding/greasing the ass! A 'pie' eating contest that's ironically won by a Lard Ass! 
Stand By Me. It had to be an 'ass' related name (via lavender/purple) for the crypto-gay elements to work!
Lard Ass via greasy oil (castor) and eat the 'purple pie' (gay ass) and climax with a (gay purple) blueberry facial finish. 
It's Willy 'Gordy cock leeching' Wheaton who recounts the 'tale/tail'. Gordy's father is Phys. Ed. man from (gay) Elm St 2.

Raining Purple/Lavender...
The Lavender Goonie boys also featured 'industry gay paedo victim' Feldman (as Mouth).
The film is seemingly full of crypto-veiled and sexually suggestive homosexuality.
Mouth and the 'pearl necklace' (slang, cum) in his 'purple ensemble' (Jacket/Prince T-Shirt).
Not sure what to think with Feldman's paedo claims - he's spoken up, I'm just not sure of his ultimate motivations.
Sean 'Lord of The Rings' Astin: "We gotcha you now one-eyed Willy, we're coming up right behind you."
All as "ring lording" Astin places the copper boning (cop a boning) 'penis' key into Willy's hole, and "go west" (gay).
Astin's first words in the film are: "Oh, bummer." (bummer, old English slang, homosexual) and in the bedroom.
Even in the typical 'homosexual sense' some of the overt stuff is very suspect.
Chunk (Cohen), who left acting in the very early 90s is another likely homosexual.
Is this a pink (gay) cum-shot (visual euphemism)...the Mr "stiff" Chunk pink facial?
Note the "pizza" in his other hand - a potential mogul 'pizza-ass' in his case. Phallic 'pizza-gate' Pepperoni, again.
Very suspect ad! As(s)toria - Queens & O-reg(i)on. Astor - etymology from "star" (Greek, 'Astarte', like the elite Astors.)
If they didn't make suspect films about young 'gooning' boys, one-eyed Willies, seeking pirate booty and passages, with huge doses of crypto-veiled sodomite imagery/dialogue, I wouldn't be writing this.
Young guys sniffing for one-eyed Willie/Willy.
Finding one-eyed Willie's "real deep" hole or passageway. Digging tunnels and caves via the one-eyed Willie.
Sean "Ring Lord, and the Gooning one-eyed Willie seeker" Astin

Peter "Lord of the Rings/Lovely Bone(s)/Two (phallic) Towers/Sodomy Song" Jackson (thanks to Uncle Bingo.)

Meet (Meat) The Feebles - 'Phallic Towers' Ring Lording Jackson's - 'Sodomy Song' (note the helmet/glans).
The actor singing the "Sodomy" song, Devenie, was in the series Almighty Johnsons & Jackson's Braindead.
"Sodomy" song's in Braindead. Played on an organ as mourners wait before the embalming scene (where Jackson cameos).
In LOTRings: The Two Towers, Jackson plays a spear-throwing defender of Helm's Deep. (Ahem.)

Gooning/Ring Lording, One-eyed Willie, Astin. The Freemason - Randy via the (masonic) "One-eye".
Donner's 'The Goonies' - Digging (dirt) tunnels via one-eyed Willies.

Charles "Death Wish sodomy rape/Great Escape" Bronson was linked to "Goonies, Donner" from the outset.
Dirt tunnel Dicking/Willying - with McQueen, Dickie "Rogering/Pinkie-Brown" Attenboro', James "homo" Garner etc.

Does demonic Dick "Gooning/Willying" Donner have any overt suspect releases that relate to adult/child sex? Yup.

The Great Ass-cape's "dirt tunnel digging king" Bronson, and with Sybil, a 15 year old girl. He's a porn novel writer.
Donner's - Lola (from Lolita), aka Twinky (cream filled young gay ass), and with Sybil (Greek, snake holing).
Donner's first film release "X-15" (that featured Bronson) even referenced "666". O-men via Thorns.
Under 16 (she's a child), and he's the older man, at 38. Angel O Demonio. Immediately before 'demonic' The O-men.

Donner aka Schwartzberg's 'The O-men' franchise even spawned 'IRON Maiden's' "666, Number of the Beast" LP.
Singer Dick-in-son, channels sodomite Crowley thru the LP, particularly via title track & Hallowed Be Thy Name.
Oz linked (Jew asset) Osbourne, wrote Mr Crowley, and it featured Randy R(h)oads (no comment!).
Iron Maiden, formed by "West Ham" fan (aka the Irons) Steve Harris ('arris). Forever blowing (iron hammer) bubbles. The "go West" - Hams (buttocks) - "come on you Irons." Donner went "cottaging" via Fulham in The '666' Omen. The scene at Bishop's (bashing) Walk with Moby Dicking/Mockingbird Peck(er), and an "impaled" Troughton. It could've been worse, he could've gone for the 'phallic gunning' Gooners aka Arse-(a)nal. Currently managed by effeminate Arse(ne) Wenger, or is it Wang-er? David Seaman (phonetics) was a legendary, longtime former goalkeeper.
The masonic FA are up to their necks with institutionalised child abuse within the game.

666 "OTO" Crowley (below, as pan/baphomet aka the penis) his sodomite "Hymn/Him to Pan":
 Rocket to Ur-anus. "Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus (asshole) to the (vagina) Mouth of Isis!". Anal OTO XI.
666/Sodom: "Give me the sign of the open eye (asshole), the token erect of thorny thigh (penis)."

Dicking with 'Gooning/Banana Splitting/Twinky' Donner, and his Lethal Weapon.
O-Ring and O-Men via Thorns...the "666" demonic asshole. Released 6/6/76.

O-Men via a Mocking-bird and a Moby Dicking, Peck(er).
Talking of the "demonic" - The Exorcist's father Karras (Miller), was the father of Jason "Lost Boys" Patric.
There were "Willi, and child abuse overlaps" in Exorcist (with Linda 'screwed-up teen' Blair). See other posts.
Patric was compared to Jim "Back Door Man" Morrison in The Lost (Pan) Boys. Fr. Karras (Miller) to Sal "gay" Mineo.
One-eyed Willy riding via a Jesse (homo) and 'gooning' penis/boner keys - in association with "rosebud" Spielberg.
Lost "OTO" Boys - Two Coreys. A "Corey" is also a slang term for the male penis - 'morning glory' (corey/erect penis).
The female love interest was "Star" (the starfish) played by a Jamie (male resonant name).
Lost Boy, Corey "I Aint Got A Man" Haim, who places the beaver (pussy) in the closet.
Frog Bros. - "frogs" the sex-change resonant creature. Spielberg's 'JurASSic PARK' had "frog DNA" causing sex changes in dinosaurs.

Chris "Spinal Ass Tapping" Guest, has a longterm writing partner - Eugene Levy, the Goon and Schitt's Creek man.
Chris "Big Bottom/Hell Hole" Guest, and Eugene "American Ass Pie/Goon/Shit Creek" Levy - an ideal pairing!
Goon, Curious "banana spanking monkey" George, Levy & Spinal Tapping, Electric "Big Bottom" Banana, Guest.
Goon, Levy as Dr Glatt. Iced (hockey) stick gooning and homosexuality - there's "orange" fruit elements too.
Goon (face) and beat your fist. Goon and lick the (phallic) finger - coming soon. Hard (stick) Gooning - Glatt's Back.
Oh look, it's Seann W. "Chad's Gay World/Gooning '69' Glatt" Scott. 'Shit Creek' - Levy plays Goon Scott's father.
Scott's films "Mr Woodcock" and "Balls Out: Gary (ass) the Tennis Coach" immediately seem suspect.
Stif(f)ler - "American Ass Pie", gay closet man. Goon (2011), with O-men, Schreiber, and Am. Pie/Shit Creek, Levy.
S W Scott from Cottage Grove (cottaging). The Usual (homo/paedo) Suspects...Collins Rectum and Twinkie Singer, etc.
Below, Levy's Gooning & Schitt's Ass Creek.
Sodomy and incest are fun? Jew sodomite programmer Levy played (Crowley) in "Stay (666 Channels) Tuned".
Pop-ping "shit creek" via the incestuous ass, and a money shot ($). The Rose(bud) family - with O'Hara.
Goon (sequel), and Schitt's Creek (series), are the last two current film/TV releases from "faggot" Levy.

The Schitt's/Shit Creek segue to Shitty, Shitty, Bang, Bang.
Ian "Chitty/Shitty, Bang, Bang - 007" Fleming. Dahl scripted Chitty. With a 'Dick' and a 'Dyke' - & blow my "toot", sweet.
An "old banger" via a Dick, Dyke, & a Sally
007/Fleming linked phrase "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang" - is a 'sex act' euphemism.
 Chitty/Shitty Banging Mr Dick Van Dyke - and the ROSEBUD (asshole) via children.
 See how they've woven it in as a kid's middle name...the acronym is for useless eater consumption only!
Dick (Richard) 'ROSEBUD' Petrie...whose birth certificate is kept in an IRON (iron hoof/poof) box.
Carl 'IRON BALLS McGinty' Reiner - see his film The Jerk (off). Reiner was also close to Mel 'FAGGOT' Brooks.
 The Rosebud aka the rectal opening....more on 'Rosebud', Citizen 'sodomy' Kane, and related Spielberg, later.

 Episode written by (sick) Carl Reiner....father of paedo/sodomite Rob 'Spinal Ass Tap' Reiner! There are no coincidences!

Rob's childhood sodomy via Carl 'Dick Van (Rosebud) Dyke' Reiner, and his fellow industry connected abusers.

Even Spielberg's Jaws featured a "007" license plate being pulled from a shark's COLON!
007 Bond godfather (Queens born) Broccoli also produced "Chitty" (1968). "Vulgaria" location should've clued people in.
The 007 "gay rogered more" spiralling, (ass) barrelled, blooded twister hole. (sorry, I know what you're thinking!)
Eton/Cambridge, Bond. For Your (Golden-eye) Only, Moon-raker, Thunderball(s), Dr No. (as in number) 007 etc.
Dr John "No. 007" Dee was linked to the same type of magick that sodomite "666 Crowley" utilised. Ass Bond-ing.
Like the 'Psycho' blood/chocolate - plug/eye example. Chitty Dahl also wrote a "Kiss, Kiss" (Bang linked) book.
Paedo Gary 'shitter' Glitter's visits to Dahl, - a part of the sick joke. Drag-on via Wales:
"Child-catching Chitty" scripting & "Chocolate Factory" Dahl, shared writing duty with (666) O-men writer Seltzer -
for the (extremely resonant) "Willy 'fudge mounting/chocolate tunnel' Wanka" (1971) film, based on his book.
Gloop (aka a sticky substance) stuck in "purple" Willy's chocolate pipe, salty nuts, trans Mike Teevee (TV), etc.
Dahl, was also known for "unexpected tail twisting climaxes" (ahem) - Tales/Tails of the Unexpected.

Lucas (1986), the Haim/Sheen film by O-men and "Willy Wanka/Wonka" co-writer, Dick Donner linked, David Seltzer.
It was allegedly on the set of this film that Haim was sodomised by an older man.
Lucas producer, David Nicksay, has been mentioned (as has Sheen). Nicksay has also been involved with Bieber.
Lucas was the debut of Jew actor Jeremy Piven, another who's recently been embroiled in sex abuse allegations.
Piven is very close to the "Cusacks". Note, the text above - "far too young".
Jew, (unfunny) Louis C.K. - another who recently has been implicated in sexual abuse/inappropriate behaviour.

Brian "Pederast/Holes/X-Men" Peck and Bryan "Twink/Rector/Spacey/X-Men" Singer.
It was alleged paedophile, Charlie Sheen that employed known pederast Peck on "Anger Management".
 Two and a Half Men. Sheen was living with (gay) Jon "Pretty In Pink" Cryer, and a young boy. Cough, cough. Pink Ring-wald and Faggot Cryer - aka Pretty Pink Duckie/Ducky - Duckies, Queer Duckies (slang, homosexuals). Director John Hughes got a major start via Shuler/Donner - her "gender bending" resonant Mr Mom. Paedo Sheen was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Ferris, a wheel/ring, Ferrous, 'iron', Bueller 'hill dweller'), as was 'convicted paedo" Jeffrey Jones. Jones was in Burton's Beetlejuice, and "Alice/Willy Wonka" Burton was also linked to "Pee Wee" - Reubens, another arrested for child porn.
Brian "Pederast Pecker, Holes" Peck. Digging holes/tunnels with kids (see spade), via (sodomite) Disney.
Holes, featured Batty-man linked "Eartha Kitt" (slang, to shit), Henry "family jewels in the chocolate/sit on it" Winkle-r -
and Jon 'Deliverance sodomy' Voight. Peck was very close to DiCaprio via Growing Pains (wink, wink).
Peck also allegedly has links to Dan 'paedo' Schneider of (paedo) Nickelodeon fame.
DiCaprio is obviously a (lying) homosexual - Bob 'paedo' Villard did a lot of publicity work for the (young) DiCaprio.
Gay Jew, Jon "Swinger" Favreau (from Queens, ahem) was involved in Iron "poof/acdc/donut hole" Man series.
Just like Val "Top Secret Anal Intruder/Back Doors" Kilmer, then - the Top "gay" Gun, Iceman (iced via jizz/cum).
Kilmer, as Nick "Tutti 'good booty' Frutti, gay Paree, Gey Hotel" Rivers. A Jerry "OJ" Zucker film.
Stan "X-Men, IRON (poof/donut exit) Man, etc" Lee - is a SODOMITE/gender bending programmer.
X 'gender bending/homo' Men, with (sodomite) Ian "Ring Lording/Apt Nazi (Renfro abused) Pupil" McKellen.
Where the SODOMITE rainbow ends - via (sick) mass corporate Hollywood propaganda.
The Donners are heavily involved with the (gender bending/homo) X-Men series with alleged gay/rapist Singer!

Update 2019.
4 more victims come forward citing rape/abuse at the hands of Bryan 'SODOMITE PAEDOPHILE' Singer!

BRAD RENFRO was clearly mixed-up in all this criminal debauchery at the hands of connected industry satanists and sodomites. Recall that Renfro debuted via Joel 'SODOMITE' Schumacher.
Also, please stand-up BRYAN 'Spacey' Singer! The Super-QUEERO mass programmer of children!
 Singer could've been collared while making Apt Pupil, but everyone was shutdown by this sick industry.
Ian 'Ring Lord' Mckellen, was Renfro's co-star in Apt Pupil - Ian 'SODOMITE' McKellen. (SICK).
So, why did Renfro spiral into drugs, drepression and self harm. I think we have the answer!
Where are the A-List? Where is the cry of paedophile rapist from the Neo-Liberals that champion (sick, satanic) Hollywood? That's right, they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. That said, it is now extremely likely that Michael Egan (another victim) was telling the truth about singer and the DEN circle! Not that I doubted him.

Hollywood and corporate entertainment is nothing but (largely crypto) satanic deviancy programming on a mass scale.
Paedophile rapist Singer has filled his (sick) children's content with homosexual affirming mind control!
(Sodomite) McKellen features in Peter 'Sodomy Song/West Memphis 3 defender' Jackson's LOTR series. They all promote SODOMY!
Th West Memphis (satanic) 3 are GUILTY...they murdered, mutilated, and sexully assaulted three 8 year-old boys!
Sick Hollywood helped get these child murderers freed. Peter 'sodomy' Jackson, Johnny 'homo/satanist' Depp, etc.
(Likely sodomite) WM3 Damien 'O-Men' Echols was/is an Aleister 'Sodom/666 OTO' Crowley fanboy.
West Memphis 3 - Damien '666 Crowley' Echols and Case File 93050-666. Child sodomy was suspected in this case!
Thing is, Jewish Amy Berg directed "West of Memphis" along with Peter 'Sodomy Song/Ring Lord' Jackson (and Echols!).
Berg directed Hollywood abuse based "An Open Secret" (WTF?) immediately after making WM3 apologist vomit West of Memphis!
  Bryan 'An Open Secret' Singer likely worships Jew Spielberg.
Singers' 'Bad Hat Harry' productions name is lifted from Jaws (Jews).

Spielberg/Donner (Schwartzberg) and the 666 Beast...Synagogue of Satan Sodomites.
Paedo Singer with Dick '666 Damien/O-Men Satanic Sodomy' Donner (Schwartzberg) and 'Mr Mom' Schuler (Donner's wife).
The sick production duo who help seed mass deviance and sodomite/gender bending propaganda via Jew Singer.
 Jew, Dick '666 O-Man/Men' Donner - the satanic (homo) banana splitter with a lethal weapon.
Is that why Donner's The 'one-eyed Willie/Penis' Goonies (via Rosebud Jew Spielberg) is full of crypto-paedophilia?
The Omen's Harvey Bernhard also worked on (likely paedo) Schumacher and Donner's the Lost 'OTO' Boys.

Gooning O-Men, Lethal '911' Weapon, and Conspiracy 'mk-ultra' Theory, Donner.
He produced The Lost (Gay/OTO) Boys with '911' (gay Batty-man) Schumacher.
WTC/911 referencing Gremlins 2/Home Alone 2 writer, Chris Columbus (Templar resonant), did the Goonies script.
Below, Iron/Templar cross imagery (Templars & sodomy, 'iron' slang for gay). Donner's 'Any Given Sungay' is homo/Templar resonant too, via "one eyed helmets/glans", the "orange (fruit) bowl", popped eyes, etc.
Plum Island. "Plums" are also a slang term for the "testicles".
When the Goonies find (One-eyed Willie's) treasure map in the so-called  'sexual torture device attic', some are seen playing with purple lights.
Lost 'OTO' Boy. Feldman resonates 'purple/lavender' and with (gay battyman/incest) Prince's Purple Rain.
The Walsh's house (the main one in the film) is next-door to this 'purple' house.
 Lavender (a pale tint of purple) is/was heavily connected to homosexuality, and even before 'pink' popularly was.
Lavender boys, a lavender convention, lavender marriage etc, mauve (similar) was likewise historically.
Brolin stealing the pink bike. He has a love interest - a girl called Andy/Andie (a name more associated with males).
Transient Andy/Andie played by Martha 'River Phoenix' Plimpton, daughter of Keith Carradine, the familial patriarch John Carradine (actor), was an OTO (Crowley influenced) sodomite. The latter being close friends with (patriarch) John Barrymore. Transient actress Drew is an ancestor and goddaughter to (rosebud) Spielberg.
It's Brolin who suggests that you've have to play the 'bone organ' (boner, male organ/penis) to get out of one-eyed Willy's lair.

Mr Pink and Purple Nice Guy 'Ass Sex' Eddie...the Lavender (up)Hill Mob man/men.

The Lavender (up)Hill Mob...
With Star (Gay) Wars' Obi Wan Kenobi aka Alec 'fag' Guinness, and Stanley 'hollowing the way'. Guinness, as Dutch Holland (the orange fruit man), smuggling gold via phallic (Eiffel) towers.
The film was via J. Arthur Rank, a euphemism/slang for masturbation.
Recall we connected Die Hard 3 to the 'Lavender Hill Mob' via the alternate ending. With Willis, Irons and Jackson.

The lavender/purple ones...Star 'Gay' Wars.
Mace Purple Windu (wind-u via the mace), Sam 'Ring-O/Donut Exit/Iron Man' L Jackson, with his sabre via Lu-cas.
Lucas was originally attached to Coppola's Ass-pocalypse "ring cycling" Now.
Darth/Da'ath, the sirius star (tree of life) link and the anatomical anus, the Empire striking your back.
Orange man Luke had to dump his Death Star proton torpedo (via a trench) and into exhaust/exit hole in Star Wars (1977).
Some of it via (underpants) Wedgie/Wedge. The Oedipal 'darth/da'ath' star trench:
"Wedge! Pull out! You're not doing any good back there!" "Negative, negative, it didn't go in!"
(Wedge had to pull out at the last moment). Cont: "Luke, at that speed do you think you'll be able to pull out in time?"
S & M, Darth 'Dark Helmet' Vader via Space-balls, and the campest droid (C-3PO) in the entire sci-fi universe.

"Luke, I am your strange-loving, orange queer, father. Join the back-side, and together we can rule the gaylaxy."
Vader, a Kubrick composite of Strange-loving, Earl 'Zogg' Jones, and queer Clockwork Orange, Prowse.
Where's Tarkin, aka Peter "more pushing for the" Cushing, the Hammer-ring via 'Top (Anal Intruder) Secret', man?
Jones, is in Orange Landis' - "Randy 'sexual chocolate' via Queen's Boulevard & Arse-nio/Sem(m)i" - Coming To America.
Vader uses a "psychic choke" (grip/strangle). Dr Strang(l)e-(g)love. Egypt, formerly Khem, black.
Kubrick's pioneering SFX man was Douglas Trumbull, father Donald did effects for (gay) Wizard of Oz, and Star Wars!
Picken's rides the phallic 'Hi There' (gay linked) bomb in the nuclear climax - to the strains of "We'll Meat (sic) Again".
C(l)ockwork Orange (fruit) McDowell rides the Makkink giant penis (Cat Lady, killing the pussy scene) - in a way that echoes Pickens' phallic bomb riding climax.
"Hi there!" Strange-loving. Was the following book some kind of 'gay/homosexual' code manual?
"Hi There!", Gay Head and a Glee Club? (Very, very suspect, but I've not read it)

"Hi there!" can be taken either way, as the opening to a monologue leading to dalliance, and it was also used as a greeting for homosexual activity, at least (allegedly) for a time. The "Hi There!" book (above) helps further cement this idea. In the book that Dr Strangelove was based on "Hi There" was called Lolita! Dear John was a phrase used when leaving a lover. Strange-love (sodomy). "Hi There" (homosexuality) and Dear John-son (the penis). Don't forget that Easy 'chopper/penis' Rider's Terry Southern, co-wrote Dr "Iron/Pink Sellers" Strangelove.

Carl (Turd Contact/Snake, Bending Time, Wormholer) Sagan - "Probing" and "Hi There!" (ahem).

Mozart's "The Magic (Flesh) Flute" was on the record disc, as was Chuck "scat" Berry's "Johnny B Goode".
I'm just surprised it wasn't "My Ding-A-Ling", surely a missed opportunity that slipped thru their fingers. :)
Chuck "Back to the (Biffed Shit) Future" Berry, dingle/dangle Berry. Water-sports and coprophagy aficionado. He even filmed women/girls defecating via cameras in the toilets of his restaurant!

Carl "2001/Nagas" Sagan to Stanley "2001/A Clockwork Queer Orange" Kubrick. Bending space, worm/snake holing.
The novel came from MKULTRA (CIA) research - the film took realtime/real world MKULTRA further via its release.

Queer Moon/Eye Stabbers - with Milk. Clock-work (Time) Orange Queers/Marys, & Lavender Boys.
"Split multiple" - Mathers, Slim Shady, & Eminem - aka (8 Mile) "RABBIT". A Dr Dre/Gay protege.
Rabbits - aka the sexually resonant dirt holers - see paedo Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
Eminem, "The Great White Hope" - that's a "ring punching" reference. Strangeloving Jones was in the film.
Purple/Lavender Pills, and "scat classic" b-side Shit On You?
Poof Daddy, LL Cool Gay, Gay-Z, Lil' Gayne, etc. Another Khazar JEW industry with their pincushions and fluffers.
Never has a "genre" made so much noise, yet said so little. Most are simply just "neo" Uncle Toms. Harsh, but fair.

Orangebrown-eye stabbing queer, Kubrick. "Don't you want to go where the (gay, Cruising) rainbow ends?"
Sodomy programming with children. Hence, the (gay) rainbow to the dirt hole rabbit (Lewis 'paedo/sodomite' Carroll).
Nicole "Rabbit (dirt) Hole" Kidman, played (toilet, I'm late) Alice, in 'Eyes Wide Shut'. EWS (J-EWS).
Fall down the Alice 'rogering rabbit' (dirt, ass) hole/tunnel.
Wave "bye-bye" to your pussy (sodomy). Going to where the "gay/sodomite" rainbow endsPurp-EL, EWS. 
Rabbit Hole, Kidman/Alice 'Thru the Looking Glass'. Stepford Kidman is on the "toilet" in the opening of EWS.
As I've said for years - Eyes Wide Shut, Alice (Kidman) is a mind controlled elite sex slave, one of the orgy circle girls.
Reality, Alice/Kidman's father was allegedly a filthy & evil MKULTRA programmer & child abuser!

EWS, "SEX" with kids. Pic (above) is seen on Bill's return from the (Rothschild mansion) elite orgy.
Alice/Oz programming on the "micro level" for the Rothschild (et al) assets aka controlled human slaves - torture/programming from infancy. Whereas on the "macro level" it's mainstream degenerate/sodomy programming for the sheep, programming mistaken for 'cult of celebrity' entertainment. It's very possible that Carroll and Baum, didn't solely author these works. The same would be true of "Potter" (chosen Illuminati programmer) Rowling. Potter being a more modern rendering of this occult control. They are just figureheads for the hardcore programming - a name attached to rinse it through the public domain. What intelligence would call a type of "front" - Rowling the face of the Potter "brand". I would say the same of the (OTO) Beatles, and most corporate entertainment personnel. They've all simply just done the deal, like the many before, and those yet to come. The Khazar Jew induced "cult of celebrity" and the hysterical worship of plastic fame - keeps the grazing cattle amused, but wallowing in their wilful ignorance.

From Playboy (rabbit dirt holing) to The Shining, Playgirl (gay) incest child rapist - Easy 'chopper' Rider, Jack.
Peter "Strange-loving/Lolita/Pink Cat" Sellers was the first man on the cover of (dirt holing) Playboy.
The second was Burt "Deliverance/Boogie-Buggery Nights/Am Trans Bandit" Reynolds!
The Easy "chopper/penis" Rider to "choppering" (incestuously abused) kids, via "rainbow" 237 and 42.
Jack, also choppers the 237/42 Scat-man, and the toilet doors. Here's a "Johnny" via choppered doors.
Jack, the Randy "juicy fruit/hoop dunking" Cuckoo man.
Tail chasing kids with a chopper (penis) to a rear-based, snowy "coming" climax. "Wait till they get a load of me."
Purple Joker/Batty-man, Jack - posed as sodomy resonant "Baphomet/Pan" at the close.
The Shining, where (gay) Simon "Syco/Psycho" Cowell worked as a runner, & where he polished Jack's axe/chopper (cock)

Barry "Ass-paddling/pounding" Lyndon - Orange queers (banana upHill Copping) Berkoff, Stone, and Magee feature.
Homo 'Freddie and Johnny' at the lake. A relationship shown in the most positive light. Tow/Toe plugging O'Neal. This scene is preceded by Barry kissing Grogan on the mouth, a display of emotion missing from his affairs with women. A scene that wasn't in Thackeray's novel. Like Ass-pocalypse Now - cocked-pistols demanding "Sat-ass-faction" (see duel).

Camp Climax - a sodomite ass climax via girls. Stanley "Gay Spartacus/Donut Drilling" Jew Kubrick.
Driving carefully in the ring/hoop (ass) with 'child sex' Lolita, via a camp climax, and a Mason.
With masonic Gooning - "Any Old Iron", Pink Cat, Sellers. Lolita's - Bed/Clare Quilty, Trans, humped, fag man.

 Clarke's comment of October 17th 1964
"Stanley has invented the wild idea of slightly fag robots (monoliths) put our heroes at ease‟.
Not forgetting the "uber camp" Greek, one-eyed (phallic), Homer-erotic, Odyssey Cyclops aka HAL.

"Heterosexuality represented limitation and incomplete development." (full journal article)
There's the sodomite elite and their "superiority via faggotry" core belief! 2001 (film/novel) is crypto-sodomite brainwashing.

"Everyone is getting hung up on the science part, which has nothing to do with it.
They're really getting us with the fiction."

Kubrick and his fellow Illuminati/Synagogue of Satan associates and their degenerate, satanic orgies.
Linked to a Nazi propaganda dynasty, unheard of free-reign at Werner Bros., patronage and orgies via satanic aristocrats.
Romani hills. There's a "backwardsRomani(an) Orthodox Divine Liturgy at the (EWS) Rothschild mansion (robot) orgy.

I've mentioned Kubrick's links to Venetian aristocracy before. The (Rothschild linked) masked ball is Venetian flavoured.
Have all Kubrick apologists left the building? Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini and David Rothschild married in the 70's.

The strange-loving "Hi There, High School!" Glee Club - and Gay "head". Literally.
VOMIT! Recent TV show 'Glee' (from sodomite Ryan Murphy) is homosexual mass propaganda on acid! They've not been changing hearts and minds FFS, they've been poisoning and brainwashing them, and with this over processed, insipid and shiny packaged homosexual-led mind control! Murphy's more recent offering 'The New Normal' series (trying to make abnormality normal!), is just as guilty in this regard. Fuck these faggots and their 'hetero-hating' propaganda pieces, this isn't about homosexual acceptance whatsoever, what they're doing is promoting homosexual dominance, as if 'sodomy' is an actual virtue, one that should be shouted from the rooftops!!!

Oops! I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

Glee's Mark "Puck" Salling. Oct 2017, he pleaded guilty to possession. Thousands of images on his computer.

Star 'Gay' Wars
Luke is 'Oz Dorothy' (not Leia, as shown above), he's the lead, it's his journey. Orphan/raised by his Aunt/Uncle in a farming/rural remote setting a la Oz Dorothy. 'Gay/camp droid' 3PO is the Tin 'chopper' Wood-sman, Chewy is the Lion, R2 is Toto etc. Alec 'Lavender (Up)Hill Mob' Guinness as the 'scarecrow' or that could be Han Solo, Ford does whistle an Oz tune in Working Girl. Vadar/Anakin as the Oz Wizard, he is unveiled as a Crowley avatar in the 3rd Jed-eye film, the Ewoks are the munchkins. Frank 'muppet' Oz would voice Yoda. I've previously linked Yoda to Templar/masonic magick. Note that the 'Rainbow Connection' song is also a big part of the Muppet mythos. Gay muppet propaganda aimed at children, likewise with Sesame Street.

Indiana 'paedophile' Jones, Lucas and Spielberg, with Kasdan. (1978)
Kasdan wrote Empire Strikes Back, Raiders, Jedi, Force Awakens etc. Kasdan's son directed Orange County!

Brainstorming session, Indy and Marion's relationship. Harris-on Ford starred in '42' aka the rainbow degree connection.
Gay Cruise's Eyes Wide Shut character (Harford) was based on Ford's name.
This was still referenced in the film (note, child), but in less overt way.
Why do Lucas (and Spielberg) have these warped ideas, is it because 'paedophilic relationships' seem normal to them?
Or is it a way to insert 'barely veiled' paedophile linked propaganda into the body of their work?
One-eyed Willy, booty trapping/seeking 007 Data (Goonies), featured in Temple of Doom which also had another Willie. Not pirate one-eye, but Indy's girl -  'Willie Scott. Shia 'monarch victim/transforming' LaBoeuf was in Crystal Skull.  River 'Children of (paedo) God' Phoenix played a young Indiana Jones.

Is Indy banging some of his students too?
Karen 'Marion' Allen was in Landis' Animal House, which also contained 'paedophilic' aspects (the Mayor's 13 year old daughter with Tom 'gay' Hulce) and instances of the '666' cipher too. See 'gay' Landis and Spielberg's record when it comes to working with children, particularly note the death of two child actors on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

The Color Purp-EL.
The (Khazar Jew) Synagogue of Saturn/Satan - The satanic RING Lord.

Plum Island, plum is a type of 'deep purple' colour.  Spielberg would direct The Color Purple, the color/colour that we heavily relate to mind control. We recently mentioned Purple 'monarch butterfly/Batty-man' Prince.
Alice 'lesbian/Jew linked' Walker, another 'hetero hating & male hating' piece of cinematic LGBT propaganda.
It featured Donner's Lethal '911' Weapon's Danny Glover, & JEW Whoopi 'Polanski drugged anal rape apologist' Goldberg.
Not forgetting Ass-pocalypse 'ring cycle' Fishburne. Look how they overtly lie about their own sexuality.
Oprah "Harpo/Harpocrates" Winfrey, who also features, is another 'poorly veiled' lesbian/satanist.
The film was produced by Quincey 'Illuminati' Jones, known for his work with Michael 'Monarch/Pan' Jackson.
It's a (sodomite/monarch) Werner 'Zio-Nazi' Bros film, like The Gaynies (Goonies).
Jew primed Aunty Toms. Remember folks, it was Khazar JEWS that fomented 'black face' cinema etc.

The "sodomite" purple ones - Recap.
Spielberg linked Jew - Zemeckis.
Another phoney JEW - Carl 'sodomite' Sagan. Jew sodomite programmer Zemeckis made the film.
"Biffing/punching the shit", Zemeckis (see Back to the Future). The "Rogering (Alice/Time) Rabbit" (dirt/worm) hole man.
The "Bending" (ass-worm/penis-hole) space. Hail Sagan/Satan. "Turd CONTACT of the Close Kind."
"Everyone is getting hung up on the science part, which has nothing to do with it. 
They're really getting us with the fiction."

Jur-ASS-ic PARK(ING) - "a turd encounter of the close kind" - with contact, and a lilac berry (link).
Spielberg/Zemeckis' 'coprophagy/shit play' obsession:
Back To The Future...shit punching/biffing.
'Biff-ing the back-end of the shit truck', turd/terd nudging etc. In front of the Zeus 'C(l)ock Tower'
Sequel: Pink surfing down the dirty (time/ass) tunnel to 'biff-ing/punching the shit'. TIME tunnel.
Linking to a sexually resonant magazine/almanac, and rainbow flagged Delorean. Note, coprophagic Biff, shit eating.
D.Jones, Davy Jones' locker and his 'enchanted under the sea' bottom. Chuck "SCAT" Dingle Berry - earth or dirt angel?
Zemeckis/Spielberg. Biff turns the Zeus C(l)ock Tower into Biff's phallic Tower in this sequel. Hiram/Osiris A-Biff.
Chuck Berry, water-sports & coprophagy (shit) aficionado - filmed women/girls defecating in his restaurant toilets (see here).
Jew - Goyim 'mass mind control'. Holocaust movies - vomit, barf, heave. Only JEWS got hurt in WW2, no one else.
I wonder why Spielberg sanitised Schindler's links to ZIONISTS & their (death camp) deals with the Nazis? (Sarcasm).
What did Jewberg think about his mentor (sodomite) Kubrick, marrying into the Harlan Nazi propaganda dynasty?


Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism (aka Jewish cultural Marxism) Is Corrupting Our Future - Ben Shapiro
After decades of crypto-homosexual programming, the Jewish Hollywood sodomites soon went overt.
Phila-delphi-a - "brotherly love", Delphi, "the Greek snake hole". Homos, Hanks and Washington.
Spielberg regular Tom "Gump, Apollo, man/boy love" Hanks. Jews, brainwashing Americans (Goyim) with homosexuality.
Philadelphia, Springsteen is the same, a homo Jew posing as a straight man.
Zemeckis' Forrest Gump (slang - take a dump) and "biffing/punching the shit" (yes, again!)
No wonder Sally 'back door bandit - ring-O - shit hammering - Sybil, Greek snake holing' Field played his mother!
His Roger Rabbit ('88) is sandwiched between Back to the Future ('85), & (time tunnel, shit biffingBack to the Future 2 ('89).

The Rogering (ass) 'dirt tunnel hole' White Rabbit - "Portable Holes". Yes, holes that can be "ported" into! (word play).

The "rogered" rabbit (timedirt hole tunnel to -- the BTTF2, pink surfingshit biffing, time tunnel it's the same tunnel.

Rogering tunnels, ported into (ass) holes, a Jessi(ca), a baby called HER-MAN? Mount Hollywood. Spielberg's Amblin.
BTTF's Doc Brown (Lloyd) featured as "stabbing eyes" Judge/Fudge Doom in Roger Rabbit (see further below).
Rogering Rabbit (BTTF2) seen at Blast From the Past (shop), previously the masonic 3rd (Turd) Eye.
Mischa "666th (Twisting Stairs/Hole) Sense" & MKULTRA Barton's - Orange "Queer" County (O.C). death.
The G(r)ays Almanac, and a 'Zeus' lightning linked flux capacitor that channels into the "moon" (sphere, tree of life).
Who PLUGGED the Rogering Rabbit? Mockery on acid, it's clearly about an ass-fucked rabbit.  Gary, and (howling) Wolf.
Look at the image, (subtle, not!) Plugging and raising a rogered hare/rabbit via the dirt hole & on a penis.
The plot involves Gone with the Wind (hey what, really? No!), and it's Jew director, David O Selznick.
Orange Kubrick is mentioned on The Crying (Tranny) Game 'wiki' page. The Weinstein film that led to Disney's buy-out.
Moaner 'white rabbit Hoskins' Lisa, director, Neil Jordan. A friend of Odyssey Kubrick, and from the beginning.

"Biffed shit time tunnel" Future's - "brown-eye-stabbing, Rogering Rabbit" Lloyd. Greek Odyssey, mooning sodomites.
Crypto-Jew Hoskins was in & directed Rainbow, (with orange buster Aykroyd). Super (gay) Mario via sewer pipe warping too.
Mari/Mary-O. Biker cap, moustachioed, Mario - mooning with donks via Greek, Homer-erotic 'pink Princess Peach' Odyssey.
Pink Cowboy '(es)Sex Queen' of Moon-tana. Any Seat 50c. Michael J Fox or Michael 'Gay' Fox?
When you're "mind raping" huge populations via JEW controlled mass media (how I describe it) - all this is to be expected.
Color Purple, Spielberg: Marty (Fox) gets called Calvin Klein (after the gay Jewish fashion designer) via his gay/purple underwear. Even Lorraine wears purple/lilac. The US has millions of men wearing underpants with the name of a gay man on them! Hell, and I didn't even mention the 'retro incest' aspects of these scenes with his mother!
Pink surfing in (up)Hill Valley, he did meet the Oz scarecrow when he first time travelled.
He's pictured with Elijah 'Lord of the Ring(s)' Wood in the sequel, inside the retro Cafe 80s.

Coming out of the closet...
(Note: In The Lost Gay Boys, we see Haim place a 'stuffed beaver' in the closet, gay programming etc.)

Fox 'wolf surfs' in Teen 'gay' Wolf. Scott (Michael J Fox) and soon to be rebuffed, Boof, end up alone in the closet.
Scott gets rough when they begin making out, accidentally clawing (female) Boof's back.
When he returns home (after coming out of the closet), he undergoes a strange transformation.
He discovers he is a werewolf (gay). He is 'turned on' by the 'full moon' (ass). 42, the gay rainbow connection.
When Gay Fox "moon transforms" - the "Beavers" (pussy) will literally NOT get stuffed (lose).
Dunking in the "ring hoop" via 42, and the transforming moon (ass).
The beaver (vagina) mascot logo used in the film was the Oregon (O-region, ass) State Uni Beavers's logo.
Remember Heather 'donut queen/pounded Ring-O' Graham from earlier (see expanded Cinema of Sodomy, post).
She's not with 'purple underwear' Calvin 'Fox/Marty' Klein, but Chris Klein! Sally "backdoor bandit" Field too.
Teen Wolf. As a (gay) werewolf, Fox is happiest/most virile when he is dunkin' in the ring-O/hoop!
The Beavers were no good until one sampled the transforming gay moon hoop. The last game is against the 'Drag-ons'.
He wears '#42' - the rainbow connection in Teen Wolf. Likewise in (pink surfing tunnel) BTTF 2, he wears a 'rainbow cap'.
We see 2*3*7 (42) on the same street that he wears the rainbow cap, after the sun and rain (rainbows).
He cross-dresses/gender bends/drags in the 2015 timeline, as his future daughter.
Teen Wolf, released Aug 23, 1985, debuted at No. 2 in its opening weekend, behind Back to the Future (two in a row, see below). The Old Lighthouse (Beacon).
 He confides his gay/werewolf secret with Stiles - aka "Born 4th July", Steve 'cruising meat, donut hole plugging' Boyer (Levine).
O-Ring Boyer/Levine, same guy that he 'wolf surfs' with. The entire transforming werewolf phenomenon,
is nothing but a euphemism for men transforming into homosexuals and/or sodomites.
Orange Fruits aka homosexuals.
Remember, it was Eric 'Orange Werewolf Fruit Brute/Pulped Ass Friction' Stoltz, that originally played 'Teen Wolf' Fox's Marty McFly role. Ginger (queer) Stoltz would also play a literal 'fly' in The Fly 2. Teen Wolf soundtrack - "Shootin' for the Moon" (hoop/moon-ass) by Amy Holland. There is an actor who features called Jay T-arses (the coach) and a character called 'Chubby' (semi-hard) and a Vice Principal called 'Rusty Thorn', directed by Rod Daniel.
Fox actually facially resembles Stoltz, when he 'werewolf' trans-forms, I think it is deliberate.
Back To The Future. Yes, the GAY programming has continued and continued and continued...hence:
You have to be GAY to get the role, full stop! This mass gay/sodomite programming is probably MAKING some men GAY! Like I said, TV/Film tells people what to think, what to wear, what to do, what to eat, etc etc etc. It can influence sexual response too (imo) and that is EXACTLY what it is doing and via mass stealth sodomite exposure and programming. What do you think the effects might be, if all folk ever see or watch, is gay men and lesbian women, and with mass crypto-veiled sodomy? All needs to be considered (including child programming) and all in-league with sodomite scripting and imagery?

The Lancing "Ginger Fruit Brute" from "Pulped Ass Friction" - Fly/Zipper Man Stoltz
Bog-danovich, Mask (1985) with Jur-ass-ic Park's Laura 'dino shit fisting' Dern and Eric 'pulped ass friction/fruit' Stoltz. Yes folks, via the town of Azusa (Azz-usa/user) no less and with (ass) 'Moon-struck' Cher aka Rusty (Stoltz's mother). Dead Ring-er (for Love), Cher via Meat 'chopper rider/Tranny Rocky Horror' Loaf. Mask, a biker gang (skull and bones Turks) and with chopper riding Sam 'gay moustachioed' Elliot. Ginger (queer) Rocky/Stoltz meets blind Dern/Diana at a 'camp' where he recites about a Greek myth (going Greek) and where rainbow colors (Rocky/Diana communication) are an aspect. It has characters called Stickman and Bone. Recall that 'orange fruit' Stoltz would follow Goldblum and play Brundle in The Fly 2. The phrase like flies on shit, springs to mind

Makes you wonder about 'Jur-ASS-ic Park', doesn't it?
Opening the brown Jur-ASS-ic 'doors'. Named after the Jura 'mountains and mounting'. Jura from 'curse'.
I've also called it Masonic Park in the past - after the Jewish/sodomite brotherhood - via the secreted museum apron.

Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
“Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords & explanations are Jewish, beginning to end.”
Jew-ASS-ic "doorway and (split) eye" Park. The Masonic/Jewish Brotherhood of Buggery. The Apron is worn over the groin.

The door that Laura "over the rainbow" Dern passes through. To the T-Rex Saurus (sore ass).
Cinematography by "Myers Bogeyman/Buggeryman" Cundey, who also worked on Back to the 'Biffed Shit' Future.

With Dickie 'dirt tunnel digger' Attenboro', Mr Brighton 'gay' Rock/Cock aka Pinkie Brown, by Graham 'homo' Greene. 

Brighton, a giant glass and steel pierced donut/doughnut
Gay Brighton, even the recent (2016) construction of the new viewing tower, evokes the penetrated ass.
Brighton is the 'gay capital' of the UK, even the councils and local govt are over-run with homos.

The "Rosebud" - the puckered asshole - Eyes Wide Shut/Citizen Kane. (see 2016 post).
Citizen "Rosebud" Kane. Welles, who utters "Rosebud" via his hairy hole (mouth) & with a busted white snow-shaker. Erecting a (phallic) pleasure dome (penis/glans) in the city of Xanadu via Kane. "Rosebud" (term) in actual reality was a reference to the "anal sphincter" of actress Marion Davies (see Hearst, Welles, & Mankiewicz). Mankiewicz was also heavily involved with Dick Donner.
A burning rosebud end-ing. Kane's childhood slip-sliding snow sled, via child actor Buddy Swan.
It would be 'ass parking' Room 666 Spielberg - that purchased what was thought as the only remaining "Rosebud" sled. In 1982, film director Steven Spielberg bought a "Rosebud" sled for $60,500; it was one of three balsa sleds used in the closing scenes and the only one that was not burned.
After the Spielberg purchase, it was reported that retiree Arthur Bauer claimed to own another "Rosebud" sled.
The Usual (sodomite promoting) Suspects! Kubrick and "Nipped in the (rose) Bud" (flower shop name).
Kubrick seemingly references the nipped "Rosebud" (ass) with Cruising Tom in (rainbow) Eyes Wide Shut.
Seen just before the (tapper/boner) Yale 'gay abuse' scene. A "nippy" Rosebud - like the icy one in Citizen Kane.

 Phallic (Zionist Jew) Homo Faecesbook. Masonic Two Ball Cane/Cain/Kane - The Penis and Balls.
Programming via PC, (computer/politically correct), TV (television/transvestism) and Trannies (radios/transsexuals).

Recall 'Masonic' Spielberg's General '666' Electric mainframe father. Anti-human tech via satanic, Zionist Jew S. of A.
Slipping and a sliding (see sled) up the satanic rosebud (666 asshole) with an (elite) pleasure dome (penis/kane).
Erecting masonic phallic (penis) Canes/Cains/Kanes via Orson 'Rosebud/Ass Ring' Welles. Satanic sodomite industry programming.
Close(t) Encounters of the Turd Kind. One-eyed Willie, Spielberg and his linked LGBT icon, Robin 'pop-eye/rainbow queer' Williams.
 Schmaltz on acid. Cocaine career, rosebud Williams. Williams' rise was via Happy Days/Gays. Jew, Henry 'sit on it' Winkle(r).
Mr family jewels in the chocolate, Fonzie. The 'bored' Frisco rainbow/homo Williams tunnel by Cal-Trans.

 Cum in Orson...via eggs and LGBT symbolism. Gay Space. Orson - Mr Rosebud/Big Ass Ring - Welles.
Williams, hand-picked by John 'Too Much Johnson/Citizen Rosebud Kane' Houseman - Welles' right-hand man via Mercury.
It's no wonder that this complicit POS (Williams) killed himself. Brainwashing kids with satanic Jew sodomy. Vomit.
I care not that I am destroying your childhood memories. Memories that were fashioned via deviant Jew programmers.
Look at how SUBVERSIVE this (sodomite Jew/Hollywood) psycho-sexual mass programming is - and how long established.
Hollywood programmer, Zionist 'Mossad 9/11' Milchan is referred to as the 'star-fucker'. Likely implying anatomically. Ahem.
Rosebud (ass) pleasure doming (via the penis glans) and erecting a (phallic) tower in Xanadu via Kane, and a snow shaker.
Rosebud/Kane linked 'The Big Ass Ring' got made via Apocalypse 'Asshole of the World/Ring Cycle' Now connected Hickenlooper.
Ass-pocalypse Now & Heart of Darkness both parodied in (Mary, Stiller's) Tropic 'Ass Tapping/Satan's Anal Alley' Thunder.
The Big (Br)Ass Ring, about an old political advisor to Franklin Roosevelt, a homosexual named Kimball Menaker. Ahem.

It's "Yale, skull and boning" Batman.
Batman/Batty-man/Buttman - via Got Ham(s). Poison "Rose-Bud" Ivy - the pink rosebud rear end/tail.
Uma "Jack Rabbit Slim Twisting (Ass) Hole" Thurman played her in (gay) Schumacher's "Batman & Robin".
 With ice-jizzing Mr Freeze - Arnie, the "pumping iron" man. George "friend of Dorothy" Clooney, as Battyman.
A Homer-erotic, 'go Greek' "Rose-ass-bud" via Burns (burning rosebud). Donut holes and "duff" (slang, ass).
Rosebud "Queen" Burns is voiced by Harry "Spinal Ass Tapping" Shearer - aka the OT(T)O "iron man".
Yeah, cos it's not about the ass sphincter - (sarcasm). Oops! Ramones (jail ass) punks did the music.
Well, well, well...what have we here? Voo-DOO Doughnuts/Donuts and the (sodomite) Gimpsons -
via the Devil (donut) Asshole. O-Reg(i)on and Port-land. As usual "asshole resonant" Oregon pops-up!
Sodomy and Satanism. Do you think the Voodoo/Simpsons donut seller looks "gay'? The real shop owner clearly is!
I bet it WASN'T female tail, but male donut (ass) hole! The "male tail chasing" - Mr "Pink Cat" Daddy.
Graveyard, Baron "Saturn-day" Samedi - noted for disruption, obscenity, debauchery etc. Linked to the "snake" too.
The snake (penis) and the donut (asshole) via Voo-DOO, and (ring lord) Saturn. "I got VD (an STD) in Portland".
Fruit loops, voodoo dolls, cum in pink (sexual) boxes, magic (donut) holes, rainbow sprinkles, pentagram/stars.
 Pink Donut (Ass) Holes need Penis filling! It's the 'cream filled' Voodoo homosexual "COCK N BALLS" (donut).
Looks like someone already "outed" these sodomite/LGBT satanists already! Good work whoever you are!
"Voodoo sorcery" has been connected to (Crowley linked) "Goetia: Lesser Key of Solomon" (black magic) etc.
"Little Boy Lover" blue spiral. Probably best to keep children away from this sort of establishment.
Very, very suspect signage - flipped, just like a well trained satanist would!
Processing dumb sheep with sick and overt "sodomite food porn". Yes, food porn is a real issue, see Pizzagate.
 I didn't just destroy homo-Homer "Rosebud Burns" Simpson for the fun of it! They like their donut holes tickled!

Rosebud Kane
Pinkie Brown, Attenborough
Oh look...Pinkie/Brown 'gay Brighton' faggot - Dick 'Rogering dirt tunnel asscape/swinging ass parking' Attenborough, who featured in OT(T)O Preminger's "Rosebud" film 1975. With O'Toole (the tool and the O). And Peter "Merv Griffin rent boy" Lawford. I see Kim 'Sex in the Shitty' Cattrall in the cast list too, she was dogging and porking via Lassie in Porky's (Phorkys/Phorcys, going Greek - sea god) the sex comedy! Porky's whoring place was based over water. It's was 'Sex in the Shitty' star Sarah Jessica Parker that dated 'Iron poof Man' Downey Jnr.
Dickie "Rosebud/Jur-ASS-ic PARK(ING)" Attenborough:
"Welcome to Jur-ASS-ic Park: "Why didn't I build in (gay/lgbt/trans resonant) Orlando? I'll keep an eye (the eye) on it.
Maybe it'll swing south (swinging twister/storm) like the last one. Start the tour program. Hold onto your butts."
Dicky 'dirt tunnel' Attenborough (burrow) was clearly just another typical homosexual, in that all too familiar UK 'board-treading' tradition. His Gandhi (Kingsley) was in Shitter 'butterfly' Island, the sodomite doctor.
They arrive at the Island via a 'chopper'. Crichton, wrote Jur-ASS-ic PARKing, and the screenplay for "Twister" - cough, cough.
Dickie's brother (paedo/homo) BBC's  Attenborough introduced colour TV via BBC 2.

Fairy Twister Tails and Friends of Dorothy...The (gay) Rainbow Road. There's no place like homo.
The 'witchy' Red Shoes and spiral - a la (queer duck) Hans Christian Andersen's The Red (Demonic) Shoes & spiral stairs.
The "Oz dogging" Dorothy (windy) "Twister" and the related "Yellow Brick (Prick) Spiralling (Sphincter) Road."
"Friends of Oz Dorothy" - homosexuals, sodomites etc. Over the (Gay) Rainbow with the uber-camp chopper/woodsman.
Nazi 'Oz' director Victor Fleming also made (suggestive) "Gone With The Wind" in a similar timeframe.
The (Twink) Twister Hole. Would go well with Twinky Donner & Rosebud Spielberg's "Gooning" one-eyed Willie boys.

Jews completely dominate the (related) Valley Porn Industry too (see ownership).
Ron "OSS" Jeremy is a Jew. It's undoubtedly helped them with programming in the (related mainstream).
 I'm positing that these Hollywood films are a form of "sick sodomy porn", but without the direct images.

The crafty 'butter-fly/monarch link' and via masonic-flavoured 'chaos theory'.
"Dino shit fisting" Dern, and Goldblum - he's literally a 'butt-er' (via ass) and a 'fly' (via Brundle).

Laura 'rainbow/Oz' Dern - Wild at Heart with Oz fairies (gays), and with Nic 'Coppola' Cage. 
'Over The Face/Off Rainbow' (below) with Cage and (gay) Travolta. Nic "Coppola" Cage.
The Faculty, 4th Wall:
"Everyone is getting hung up on the science part, which has nothing to do with it. They're really getting us with the fiction."
Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the 'TURD/SHIT' Kind", the gay rainbow. Aliens or Gay-liens?
Spielberg's UFO film did have Dick (electrical lineman) Dreyfuss building a phallic shaped (tarot) tower, literally mounting/mountain the devils 'phallic' tower. The shit highway to hell via a devilish tower and a kind of turd contact! Dreyfuss, aka Jaws' 'Matt "barrel my ass" Hooper, narrator of Reiner's (resonant) Stand By Me. Gay abuser Spacey is supposed to have sexually harassed the son of Dick Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss himself has just seen allegations from the past surface. It's believed he's gay, or at least bisexual.

Talking of Spielberg and "close turd encounters", and Candy Pink transformed (G)A(y)liens, it's Goldblum.
Candy Pink - Earth/Dirt "Donut Ass" Girls Are Easy - it featured Jur-ASS-ic 'shit man' Goldblum.
A Julian Temple film. Temple was key in the (jail ass) "Punk" scene - with the Sex Pistols and their accompanying "bollocks".
Julie 'I Want To Be Gay' Brown - aka Candy Pink. With transformed 'blue gaylien' Goldb(l)um, fly/donut hole/shit man.

Piercing/exiting the "Randy" donut ass ring. Just like in "Iron (Poof) Man 2" - with one-eyed Fury, and Downey Jnr.
The ACDC, Iron (Hoof/Poof) Man via Queens (Queers) and "randy" donut holes.
Rainbow Donut Dirt Girls. Dump your 'dna stew' into the shit...sodomy. Jeff (Dirt 'Randy Donut Ring' Girls) Goldblum.
With 'pink transformed' Gay Banana Tailpipe Man, Wayans, and Jim "Agent Orange/Man in the Moon/Ass" Carrey.
We saw the brown (sexually resonant) Randy donut ass ring in, Dope (2015) and via "Bottom(s)" dwellers.
Poof Daddy, Pharrell "Happy/Gay brown hatter" Williams, and Forest "Crying Tranny Game" Whittaker involved.
The randy donut ass - just like Lavender/Purple Dodgeball - sodomite Stiller, purple snake cock and starfish.

Dodge 'donut' Ball, featured Vince "weepy donut, Psycho" Vaughan. Donut Goldblum features with Vaughan in JP series.

We already covered 'biffing the shit' in Back To The Future.
Vincent "uber queen" Price played original lead in The Fly. This is Goldblum - "like a Fly on shit":
Goldblum's 'close turd encounter' : The (zipper) Fly's 'vomit/cum glazed, ring donut, via orange crush man'
Disgusting, yes. Jeff - Satanic Mr Frost - Goldblum. Glazed/Iced/Frosted (satanic) ring donut asshole and via ejaculate.
The zipper-fly - (earth/dirt) candy pink trans-formed, Randy O donut hole girl. The (ass/O stabbing) satanic froster.
JurASSic PARK - with Sam 'Iron Randy Donut Exit/Ring-O' L Jackson, & 'satanic' Sam '666/O-Men' Neill. Satanic sodomy.
A 'turd encounter' of the 'close kind' and this one involves 'contact'. Laura 'shit fisting/gay Oz rainbow' Dern.
"Ladies and gentlemen last shuttle leaving for the dock leaves in five minutes." (shit docking)
Recall: "Everyone is getting hung up on the science part, which has nothing to do with it."
The Triceratops shithorn and eye. Lilac (ass/dangle/dingle) berries, anyone? 
From (gay) The Color Purple Spielberg. Laura 'Oz' Dern. It HAD to be LILAC, right folks?
Talking of a (Jurassic) world of shit...'Jur-ass-ic World' and Vincent 'Donut/World of shit' D'Onofrio
D'Onofrio (Jurassic World), taking place in the same Jurassic Park universe/island, but 22 years later.
That now makes "The Players' Goldblum and D'Onofrio, Jur-ass-ic linked 'donut and shit' brothers.
Drilling the donut hole, & ramming sphinxes/sphincters, obliquely removed, yet literally! (I know - it sounds crazy!)
Sgt Donut driller Ermey, was a 'ring cycling' chopper man in 'Apocalypse Now', with the flying helmet sitters! 
Kubrick's 'Full Metal Jacket' - with "nailing" troops (checking nails), and suggestive push-ups. Private(s) Pyling/Piling.
Initially, the 'gay Paree' troops are lined-up like ram sphinxes/sphincters, sphinx (grip/strangle), literally from 'sphincter'.
Sphinxes in Clockwork (queer) Orange - outside, after killing the (pussy) cat lady, huge milk facial & linked cock ride.
Alex rides big cock & kills pussy - he only comes with men & via sphinxes/sphincters. "Coming Soon" - brown-eye stabber.
Iron (poof) and Wood (hardness) - the weapon that they bunk with and literally marry. Goodnight, Ladies.
FMJ: "Blowing your head with a phallic rifle - into a world of shit", is followed by the "me love you long time" whore.
Joker, Battyman Modine. Well, "shit world" D'Onofrio did also play Holland Dale "Pooh-Bear" Monty (poo/pooh shit).
In The Salton Sea. With "Iceman" aka Val - Top Gay Gun/ "In Deep Shit"/Anal Intruder/Battyman - Kilmer (above). 
It also featured R Lee 'Sgt donut drilling' Ermey from Full Metal Jacket (also just seen, above)! 
 With Luiz 'Gay Pelham/Fagnolia' Guzman, and Meat 'batty man/chopper riding/Rocky tranny Horror' Loaf.  
Also with B.D (Tranny) Wong from Jurassic "shit' Park. Film produced by Frank 'Shawshank shit pipe busting' Darabont. 
Shitshank/Top Gay Gun, Robbins - jail housing rocking, digging dirt tunnels with a hammerhead, & shit pipe busting.
The shit Player(s). That links 'shit world brothers' D'Onofrio and Robbins via 'shit pipe/pooh bear" Darabont.
I think Mr Pooh's (D'Onofrio) nose is destroyed by meth, so maybe it's also suggestive of how he ingest drugs - anally.
Vince "Drilled donut hole" D'Onfrio featured in (jail resonant) "The Cell" with Vince "weepy donut exit" Vaughan.

Tim "shit pipe busting" Robbins to Christopher "Poo(h) Bear' Robin.
Shit/Poo(h) Bear and (boy) Nailing the Ass.
The word "penis" is taken from the Latin word for "tail".  Sometimes women are called 'no tails' (lacking a penis). 
Disney animated shot on the right. ('Tail' also a slang term for the ass, as we've shown throughout already). 
Piglet 'for porking', Tigger for 'tiger' cat programming. A.A. Milne - "A.A." was sodomite Crowley's Silver Star.
Yeah, sounds crazy, but then that's typical for this sort of research and for the personnel that link to it.
Amado Crowley (although his true lineage is disputed) claimed to have been present. I would say that there's very likely to be some truth to it. Milne did work for "MI7b" during WWI - a military propaganda outfit. It's known that Crowley, Fleming, Dahl, and Milne all worked for British Military Intel, as did "friend of Israel", degenerate media pioneer, and paedo/satanist, BBC Savile. Note, Rothschild controlled British Intel MI5 has the (masonic sodomite) "eye and pyramid" as its insignia. Through public school systematic sodomy - the elite have ensured an endless supply of suitable personnel for the control of UK - controlling its wealth, its political system, the intelligence agencies, the law, and the hereditary powers.

MTV (Empty V)
Visual metaphor...the empty 'honey pot' (well known slang, vagina). Honey-traps are a related term.
Poo(h) stuck in the (sexually resonant rogering rabbit) dirt tunnel/hole. Just like Dahl's Chocolate Fuctory - and 'Gloop' (aka a sticky substance) stuck in Willy's brown chocolate (ass) pipe. 
There's also 'poo(h)sticks' via a bridge from House at Pooh Corner. Kenny 'Danger Zone/Top Gay Gun' Logg-ins wrote the song "House at Pooh Corner", which was originally recorded by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (dirt ring).

I recall watching Winnie (at the cinema) when I was a child. Even then (at 6 or 7), I thought it strange that a child's bear was named after 'SHIT'! As I've already previously stated, I've always found Disney creepy and even at that age! Media like Alice in Wonderland is also similarly suspect (as shown), as is the cartoon Popeye. So is Scooby (scat/shit) Doo via Shaggy, Bugs "trans" Bunny, and likely Peter Pan. Spielberg did direct Pan resonant, Hook (barb).

A 6 inch retractable claw/hook/barb/penis...for your middle toe (hole). Demon-strated by the "O-men" beast man, Neill.
Jur-ASS-ic PARKING: Barb-asol...phonetics, Barb (hook) and the Asol, (asshole). DNA stew in the shit.
Shaving cream, the thick and rich 'DNA/embryo stew' - it screw/enters via the 'bottom', and the can literally ends up in the brown mud/shit. Hell, and you wondered why the raptors were 'smart enough' (wink, wink) to open doors!
Screwing the barb-asol (asshole) with DNA via the bottom, no wonder this fat and 'obviously' gay actor is laughing!
Gooning Goonies - The "rich stuff" (a la Barb-Asol) via the one-eyed Willy (penis)

Tyrannosaurus - Tyranno-sore-ass - Try-anal-sore-ass Rex:
Toilet trading...(Jur)ASS(ic) PARK-ING.

Spielberg's Hallmark style, insipid and treacle fuelled propaganda may fool you, but he clearly has a preoccupation/obsession with faeces, shit, turds, stools, toilets etc. Mentor Kubrick was similarly inclined.

Pulped Ass Friction - Trying "Ring-O" & real hard. The 'Gay Paree' linked 'quarter-pounding with cheese' (ass) hitman.
Original film had 'gay icon' Jackson. The 'fag smoker' (Ring-O/Iron Donut exit/Quarter pounding) butt man.
The guy who protects the perimeter fence, to stop Dinosaurs busting the electric ring.
Purple Mace Wind-U, "hold on to your (faggy) butt". The action was situated on a literal 'Cursed Monster Island'.
Gender changes in Jurassic Park. The (orangey) amber mosquito is also a 'fly' - mosquito literally means 'little fly'.

Jur-ASS-ic PARKING, faggy butt, Jackson - The "Down South" Shafting Black Snake Moan/Man.
 Snake Planer. The "Queening, ACDC, Iron Poof Man" linked "Randy Donut Hole" one-eyed "exit" man.
Die HARD 3 (with Irons), Zeus, go Greek - "and shove a bolt up your ass" via (man/boy love) Apollo. Purple Mace Wind-U.

Montauk via Jaws, Eternal Sunshine, Shutter Island, and potentially and symbolically some others. (see expanded post).
Geographical area (Montauk/Martha's Vineyard etc) heavily connects to Spielberg's career, see Jaws.
Even the sequel Jaws 2, featured a prominent lighthouse ,which was specifically constructed for the film.
Opposite Montauk Point Light (which is near Plum Island) is Gay Head Light? So combined with The 'lighthouse' Goonies - that's Gay Head, one-eyed Willie, and his 'cop a boning' penis key, with phallic lighthouse, meat/buns/ass, and secret caves/crevices. All with 'gooning' young As(s)toria boys via the Docks ("ooohhh, hello sailor"), and seeking the booty of Willie. Goon and docking, penis docking, butt pirate overload. Like I mentioned, Goonies Donner produced (gay) Schumacher's The Lost (gay) Boys. Why are there all these 'homosexually loaded' references filling these works (Goonies is a children's film), albeit in a stealth/cryptic manner? Jaws' Amity Mayor aka Larry Vaughan (pic above left, but obscured), played opposite James Brolin (father of Goonies Josh) in 'family serial killing based' The Amity-ville Horror (1979), with Super-O-men Donner's Lois Lane (Kidder).
The film/house was set on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Appropriately it's situated near Babylon.

Iron Pyrite or Iron Pirate?
Mont-ana or Mont-auk? Why would Lecter use Louis Friend (iron sulfide/fools gold), as Bill's codename, was it a clue? Raspail and Bill were gay lovers, 'irons' aka poofs/homosexuals (butt pirates). Why would the authorities (FBI etc) want Lecter (a serial killing machine) residing on Plum Island (wink, wink, all jokes aside and phoney offer or otherwise)?
SOTL, Nazi/Yale, Connecticut/Contact Foster, Plum/Shutter Island overlaps. What's the betting that Lecter, already knew that the US authorities (using CIA/Nazi based mind control) were behind the creation of Buffalo Bill? This is likely why Lecter mocks authority, in the way that he does. Was Bill ultimately being used/programmed for a political like hit/purpose (re: the Senator)?
We could link 'Iron Pirates' to the Nazis, iron crosses and with skull and bones overlaps, we already have the killer with the totenkopf (death's head) moth, Nazi decor and a related (nazi) Plum Is. link. An 'iron' can also relate to sodomy, slang an 'iron/poof'. Lecter: "Did he sodomise you" (which he mixes with Buffalo Bill chatter). Masonic Pirates and sailors a la 'Rum, Sodomy and the Lash' (relating to bygone British sailors). Red-rum and sodomy were aspects of The Shining, the latter being veiled. Incest/paedo linked Nicholson "choppers the meat-packing Scatman" in The Shining, he also "choppers the red-rum toilet door". SOTL - Lecter intimates that Bill has (abnormal) sexual identity issues (gay/transexual), hence his skin suit made from large/voluptuous slaughtered females. Jodie 'Yale' Foster:
(Nazi) Death's Head/Skull, Sex and Death, Dali's 'In Voluptas Mors' (Voluptuous Death).
Demme was a protege of Roger Corman, Corman (who featured in SOTL) would often use Nazi imagery in his B-movie output. The (germanic/nazi resonant) Skull and Bones (Russell Trust) HQ is at Yale, Connecticut.

Nazis in Connecticut...the Southbury, Connecticut, Nazi tale.
Newtown, wink, wink (location of the Sandy Hook shootings), is also relatively close by.
A Sandy Hook location featured in Nolan's Batty-man: TDKR.

Newtown, Connecticut (mind control central)

Dylan, our beautiful butterfly...Connecticut, Stepford Wives, husbands and children:
Sandy Hook and the Hockley's via the color purple (mind control) and butterflies (monarch), with Over The Rainbow (Oz programming) accompaniment. This is ALL media-driven make believe a la 'purple/rainbow' Orlando!!! Put the Hockley's in a search engine and see how much 'purple' pops out! A Sandy Hook location was featured in 'Batty-boner-man' (TDKR) and even the Aurora shooter was linked to the purple/monarch Joker via the same film.

Evan Treborn (Kutcher) and his friends, Lenny and siblings Kayleigh and Tommy Miller, suffered many severe psychological traumas that frequently caused him to black out. Traumas include being coerced to take part in child pornography by Kayleigh (Amy Smart) and Tommy's father, George Miller (Eric 'Pulped Ass Friction//McFly/The Fly' Stoltz). Time-travel is also an aspect of this film.
Dylan Hockley and The (purple programming) Butterfly Effect, why is he being linked (see right) to this phraseology?
The original film starring (masonic/kabbalah Kutcher) contained paedophilia links! It's all just another giant (micro/macro) monarch-fest, both the film and Sandy Hook. Kutcher via Demi 'Willis' Moore, Amy Smart is another with heavy 'purple' symbolism, she is always wearing it. They're ALL monarchs in actual reality. It seems that, literally, the entire US film/TV world is made up of these types of people. I hate to think of the devastating effects that all this (mk-ultra/monarch etc) is having on the wider societal mass mind, but it obviously won't be positive or healthy (just look out your window). Your celebrities (who've done the Faustian sell-out deal) are all a part of a gigantic corporate 'sodomite/paedo-based' abuse system aka Hollywood. This is MASS SICKNESS, writ large and with billions of people drinking it up and worshipping at its altar, children included. Paying good money to facilitate, expand and cement 'mk-ultra/monarch' as a real operational force. Who'd have thunk it?
Ashton "That 70s Show" Kutcher - here's his "That 70s Show" co-star, Masterson!
We mentioned him at the start via "The Faculty" and Elijah Wood.
Danny "4 alleged violent rapes" Masterson (Nov, 2017). A SCIENTOLOGIST! Scientology = satanism.
Demi Moore is a lesbian, so what was Kutcher doing with her? We've known that Willis is a homo for some time.
Ashton "Masonic/Kabbalah" Kutcher - another sodomite mogul rent boy. Chuck Lorre is a homo programmer.
Pretty Pink Duckie boy - Cryer, with a straw up his asshole (donut hole), a stick in his ass.
"Meeennnn." You were never in to them, Pinky. Meaning women (see above). It's always been homo mogul cock and ass.
Faggot Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen, the latter with a known interest in extreme child pornography!
Righteous 'Butt' Brothers. Stroking the phallic gay (clay) cock. Swayze was a known closet faggot, Moore is a lesbian.
Color Purple, Ghost Goldberg is another lying lesbian and satanist - just like Color Purple, aunty Tom, Oprah.
Patrick 'Ghost fag & drag' Swayze. He played a paedophile in (faggot) Donnie 'rabbit dirt holing' Darko.
Rabbit holing Dark-O was played by Broke-Back Mounting (Mountain) faggot, Gyllenhaal.
Paedophilia - which is a key aspect of (kabbalistic) Kutcher's The Butterfly (Monarch) Effect.
The Sandy (Monarch) Hook - Butterfly Effect. That's the 'monarch' species, see pic below.
It even appeared during post-event interviews, this one with 'GAY' Anderson 'CIA/Operation Mockingbird' Cooper.
Recall CIA (Nazi/Mockingbird) Cooper, also showed a (Connecticut) resonant Owl by Grace.
It's the (occult elite's) Bohemian Grove symbol. Grace is written in type that resembles a stylised form of 'grove'. 

Shutter (Nazi) Island, Ruffalo and Elijah 'Eternal Sunshine/The Faculty' Wood. (wood, slang penile erection).
Interesting that 'Eternal Sunshine' also featured Maniac's (split mind serial killer/mannequin) lead.
The Sin City serial killer and BTTF 2 debutant - Elijah 'Frodo/Ring Destroying/Paedo referencing' Wood.
Wood, destroying rings, split mind serial killing maniac, and Hollywood paedophilia?
Wood/Frodo had a very close relationship (film and reality) with Gamgee aka Sean 'Goonies/Gaynies' Astin.
Both would debut on film via Spielberg releases. The Goonies, the 'one-eyed Willie, booty/ass pirate' film - via the lighthouse and As(s)toria. Gandalf being played by sodomite McKellen, the 'ring' and (butterfly resonant) Nazi regular.
Elijah "They're really getting us with the fiction" Wood.

Ring Lording with Wood via (Phallic) Towers...with Sean "Gooning, one-eyed Willie" Astin etc.
Peter 'sodomy' Jackson. The ring gets destroyed via the usual, all is potentially sexually suggestive.
We have the Gandalf/McKellen butterflies, is this is the Frodo cocoon?
Wood (Frodo) being cocooned (via spider Shelob) in LOTR: The Return of the King (a monarch).
Is his father Bilbo or Dildo Baggins?  Is his 'condom' comment a Freudian slip?
The Freud's, of course, have recently been busted as a paedophilia based family (see Clement and his surviving wife, who clearly has normalised the concept!).

Talking of Monarch, sodomy rings/shit pipes, and Kings.

Shitshank, jail house rocking & digging dirt tunnels with a hammerhead. "Shitty pipe busting dreams" and via "Red"
Morgan "phallic Worm-hole" Freeman. Tarantino - Top Gay Gun' scripting etc: "You want subversion on a massive level."

Jewish, Stephen "IT" King. The 2017 hit film. King wrote Shawshank "shitty pipe busting fantasies" Redemption.
Jewish Reiner adapted King's "Purple Pie Lard Assing" Stand By (Behind) Me, and King also penned The Shining etc.
Shit pipe busting, Top Gay Gun's Tim "stars/moon helmet, Merlin" Robbins.
He replaces "Goose" (pinch the buttocks), & behind Cruising 'mooning' Tom.
Spinal Ass Tapping, Reiner wanted to make Shitshank, with Cruise and Ford.
Reiner's (phallic) Castle Rock produced Darabont's film, with Reiner acting as his mentor.
The Faculty: "Everyone is getting hung up on the science part, which has nothing to do with it."
Said the Lavender (up)Hill Mob man, Guinness aka Star Wars' 'sabring' Obi Wan Ke-nobby. Mooning the ass.
With prison set "The Green Mile"  it's a potential King/Darabont (scat resonant) ass/moon double.
With "Moon/Ass Brown Pie". Sam "Iron (Queens Swinging) Man, Moon, Moon Pie" Rockwell, and Morse.
If suggestive "moon, pie, and cheeks brown facial" - functions in a slang and euphemistic type sense, then this works.
Morse, is the Zemeckis/Sagan "Third/Turd Contact" man (via rings/wormholes) met by Ellie, lesbian (Alicia/Alice) Foster.
Rockwell debuted as Randy via Coppola linked paedo Salva's (ring-mastering) killer 'Clownhouse' (1989).

Casey or Gacy? Salva, who directed eye-gouging, brown pipe sliding, battyman choppers and peepers - 'Jeepers Creepers'.

Scat-man Crothers sings "Jeepers Creepers" in The Cheap Detective. In Stanley 'camp climax/world of shit' Kubrick's film version of King's The (monarch/paedo) Shining - the brown SCAT-MAN (Dick O'Hallorann, Crothers) is choppered by Jack. Jack also choppers the toilet door. Orange queer Kubrick's 'toilet scenes' are one of his major motifs. The Shining's Jack Nicholson and the Scatman (Chef) featured together in (pecker resonant) Cuckoo's Nest, and with the "ring/hoop" dunking "juicy fruit" Chief. A film that was the vehicle of Michael "Streets of San Francisco" Douglas - via father Spartacus Kirk, Kubrick's key backer. Anyway with all that in mind, I also think the "IT" film(s)/book are also potentially very "faecally/anally" resonant. As a "subliminal" idea - it's a done deal!

Enter The Sewer Pipes and Float - via Monarch/King, again!
Just like Super "sodomite" Mario Bros. and entering the "warping" sewer/shit pipes. Don't forget the rainbow road.

The stereotypical (moustache/biker cap) gay-me character. "U R Mr Gay", with pink princess peach, star chasing, etc.

A Killer Clown? One tends to think of (masonic child killer/rapist) John Wayne "33" GAY-cy.

A SEWER, SHIT PIPE, a prominent RED GAS BALLON KNOT, FLOATERS, The 0 Fool (clown/pennywise).

"You'll float too."
Right, literally holding the red (ass) balloon knot - with a 'sore ass' reference.
We saw the 'subliminal' (gas) red popped balloon (knot) and sodomy stairway in "The 666th Sense".
Haley J Osment. The "Sex-Ed" banana bender, bagel ring bathroom/butt boy via a 'go Greek' Odyssey, & a transexual hooker.

The "IT" (1990) miniseries clown was Tim "Rocky Tranny Horror" Curry, a typical industry queen.
The "IT" miniseries was directed by Carpenter's "Hall-O-wiener", Wallace.
The Bo(o)geyman, a term whose origin is linked to Bogomils/Bougre, and BUGGERY. The Psych-O "orange stabber" Myers.
Sixth Sense's other child star, "Mischa OC Barton" - who not long ago suffered a breakdown, before her reprogramming.
 Orange County and Mary-land are names derived from (faggot) Dutch/UK linked royalty - the (queer) Orange Kings.

Sorry that it's been so thoroughly filthy, but I had to do this to demonstrate how this phenomena functions.

I've just read about a UK based "homosexual couple" who adopted a baby girl.
They only had her a short while, and yet one of these HOMOSEXUALS has already battered her to death!
A "diva" and "satan" he labelled her. Oh, the irony.

The two most globally protected planetary species - Khazar Jews and sodomites. Criticism will not be tolerated.

Vegas Shooting Psy-Op
UK MONARCH (collapse) and a US mass shooting. (same timeframe)
Orlando (trans-resonant name) was a "gayfest" shooting Psy-Op - via purple, the rainbow and 'The Big Fix'.

The Vega/Vegas (star) and "master symbol" of the Jew-luminati (eye/pyramid). It cannot get any more blatant!
The "Eyes Wide Shut" shooter (see released pics) would've been a "patsy".
Manderlay, referenced just prior by (Jew ancestry) Boris "UK govt" Johnson, a sodomite Bullingdon Bum Boy.

It's the Khazar JEW-luminati - Egypt in Vegas.
Harvest 91. Transforming the masses (via linked monarch) and in more ways than one. (2nd Amendment).
We never did hear again about that women who got the massacre warning 40 minutes prior to shooting.
Multiple witnesses have since turned up dead too, probably the ones who were citing "multiple shooters" (ahem).
Satan/Lucifer & Sodomy. Ass fucking has ALWAYS been a satanic action, that's why it's in the secret/top degrees!
The "TRANS-forming" - Sphinx (Sphincter, Ass), and Obelisk (Cock) via a pyramidal Giza/Geezer (man).
A (gay) '666' Spielberg linked franchise. These same "sick satanic Jews" also effectively control your NEWS CHANNELS!

I'll tell you what I'm really getting bored by - those dullards who still think Kubrick was exposing,
and not an active part of the mass mind control of society. Cult of celebrity victims - still in and under "awe".
Kubrick filled his work with Illuminati master symbology in order to expose? On what planet does that make sense!?
Recall "donut (ass)hole drilling" and "nailing/ramming sphinxes/sphincters" from earlier - Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket.
The "eye and pyramid' - Illuminati master symbol. Illuminati Weishaupt (aka Spartacus), & Illuminati Spartacus Kubrick.

Judy Garland was pawed and propositioned for sex by bosses at MGM, which allegedly included Louis B. Mayer.
The "bow-haired" effeminate Lion (Leo/Sphinx) is one of the (gay) Oz characters.
The Lion/Sphinx - "the grip" aspect is also reflected in the Masonic "Lion's (Sphinx) Paw Grip".
MGM Presents - Black Pyramids via '2001:ASO' Kubrick (MGM) & Luxor, (MGM) Vegas. 'Sodomite Sin City'

Stars, Black Pyramid, Sphinx, & Luxor/Lux/Luci-fer, a la 2010 (Lucifer), sequel to Kubrick/Clarke's 2001 (MGM).

"Stanley has invented the wild idea of slightly fag robots (monolith machines etc) put our heroes at ease‟.
Leo (Lion/Sphinx), Jupiter aka Greek Mount O' Zeus, Lucifer's Star, Phoenix SAL (androgyny, and a Sally, effeminate).

Recall 2001 linked, Carl "Hail Satan/Sagan" & "Vega" turd/third 'Contact' via rings, stars and worm-holes from earlier. Kubrick's 2001 FX man, Trumbull, also did FX work for Close Turd Encounters via devilish phallic towers.

The Wheel/Ring of Fortune is "kabbalistic pathway 2(00)1" (Twenty-one). 666 via the Vegas roulette wheel.
The "Ass Gripping" (Ring) Wheel of Fortune - via probing the rainbow eye, Greek Odyssey, & one-eyed Cyclops, HAL.
Directed by Monarch linked, Mr "666Orange queer "paedo/homo chic" Kubrick, aka Mr Ramming 'donut drilled' Sphincters.
Spot the "GRIFFIN" on the X Wheel/Ring. The "phallic" snake/serpent alongside the wheel/ring.
Full Metal Jacket - World of shit and donut drilled Pyle is called LEO-nard (Leo/Lion).
Ram (again! Aries), Hermetic Pan, Gripping Ring/Hole, & Moon. A "whirlpool" machine beside the hole too.
2001. The Heywood Pink Floyd (Tycho, dark side of the moon/ass via the rainbow pyramid) ramming moon trip.
2061: Odyssey Three (1987), featured a sympathetic pair of gay male lovers, Floyd's oldest and closest friends.
Talking of "ass gripping" rings/wheels - it's sodomite Merv "Ring/Wheel of Fortune" Griffin.
 Yup - and he helped brainwash America with his Freudian-like homosexual programming - like they ALL do!
Don't you want to go where the "Cruising" rainbow (gripping ass ring/wheel/eye) ends?
The rainbow wheel/ring to the probed (iris) rainbow eye - 2001.

Kubrick, Khazar Jew - The Synagogue of Satan. 9/11/2001.
The "transforming" black monolith/rock. Terror programming the GOYIM/APES thru JEW "mass media".
The "rainbow eye" star-gate (to parthenogenetic rebirth) - IS the asshole. The hole that Bowman probes.
A "go Greek" (homosexual) Odyssey. Made in association with A C (sodomite/paedo) Clarke.
It was Clarke via "Rendezvous with Ram-a" who mentioned Sept 11th (2077), and a fireball sinking Venice.
Kubrick, who died 666 days before Jan 1 2001. In the months after 9/11, I KNEW that Kubrick's film was linked to it!

That's right KUBRICK AUTOMATONS - your filmmaking god/guru - was a filthy JEW PAEDO/SATANIST!
Better start getting your shit together - you've been completely mind fucked by a homosexual psychopath.
The sick sodomite elite didn't get this far by having a clued-up audience - they KNOW that you're DUMB.

Was I correct and more than two years in advance? UPDATE - JULY 2018.
 Read it and weep - "cult of celebrity" victims. Read it and weep - those (dumb asses) who thought Kubrick fought the elite.
You've ONLY ever understood these sick fucks via propaganda from their own implicated industry - aka GATEKEEPING.
Enty cites Kubrick as being worse than (sick) Polanski. Iron Sellers a total degenerate child rapist too.
The same CDAN/Enty that outed NXIVM Mack and nearly 6 years in advance!
What was I saying about being "fucked-over" by satanic, JEW Paedophiles? Sellers and Kubrick were both JEWISH.
Kubrick's Lolita, Iron 'pink cat poof' Sellers - who played a Merkin Muff-ley in Kubrick's Dr Strange-loving.
A merkin is defined as "a man who dates or marries a gay or bisexual woman so that the woman can pretend to be hetero".

In the ring/hoop with Lolita and via camp climaxing (underage anal sex). That's the girl that sick Kubrick/Sellers abused!
2001 author Clarke was also a known homosexual paedophile. Underage Sri Lankan beach boys were procured for him.

The Gay Science...
Hail Satan via HOLLYWOOD JUDAISM and the 4th wall declaration of their god (sodomite Satan).
 "God is dead" - a la Neitzsche, and (sodomising satanist) Polanski's Rosemary's Baby. 1968 birthing of demonic babies.
The Nietzschean Superman and Zarathustra via Kubrick's 2001. Rosemary's Baby was one of Kubrick's favourite films.
Now, what sort of people would promote and appreciate the death of God? Satanists, perhaps! D'oh.
"God is dead" was via Nietzsche's The GAY Science. Satanism and sodomy.
Funny how 'Anti-Christ' Nietzsche and 'satanic paedo Jew' Kubrick (via Zarathustra) both had NAZI leanings.
It's the Jews that rejected Christ, and it's accepted that they had a major hand in murdering him.

The Judaic Synagogue of Satan...via Rothschild's Israel. The Saturn (Satan) and Hex worshipping Jews.
The Old Testament is a retelling of the Age of Saturn (Satan). EL (elohim) aka Saturn/Satan - the ring lord.
The Synagogue of Satan. The SICK Jew mindset in respect of the GOYIM. A doctrine of evil intent.
You may have been fooled by these Jewish degenerates, via mass sympathy programming, but others are not so  unfortunate!
Jewish mass mind control freakery (they literally own it all) means you live in a mass media world built of their LIES .

UK, same day. Priti "ISRAEL" Patel, UK Govt. The Union of JACOB. Theresa MAYER.
Filthy JEWS interfering in the government apparatus of a foreign nation. Hey, what's new?
It was the UK (and Rothschild) that was behind the "Balfour Declaration" - a mistake the world is still paying for.
It's suspected that Patel was canvassing for Israeli money to launch a leadership bid. What do the JEWS want in return?
Isn't this like what JEW USA (and it's propaganda arm) have said about Russia - interfering in their electoral process?
Yup. A "Patel" as a leader of the UK government - not a snowball's chance in hell. She couldn't possibly have won ANY public vote.  Oh, and don't you just love these Jewish (schizoid) double standards. Oy vey!

Weds, 8th Nov, 2017.
The MOCKERY continues.
Apparently, "sheep" (aka elite primed, dumbed-down humans - via mass media) can identify celebrities. :)
That's just about the limit of their innate abilities, though.

Theresa May-ers - JEW-nited Kingdom.
"Drag stories in UK nursery schools" - imported from the centre of JEW sickness, the US of Gay.
Panto season has arrived early - there's never been so many potential "ugly sisters".
Fairy Tails - VOMIT. Winnie the 'coprophagic' Pooh? Peter "sodomy" Pan? Paedo Lewis Carroll?
Keep these MONSTERS away from your children.
This is not about TOLERANCE, this is about SEXUALISING very small children.
These freaks are ONLY interested in glamour - not womanhood. That's why they look like 60 year old hookers!
Their entire look is from sick JEW showbiz - that's where the "drag act" ultimately came from, as did black face cinema.
I would remove my child if they attended one of these "sick" schools. The LGBT agenda is for sexualising kids.
Jew fomented "mass cultural Marxism". Oh, and you look like a bloke in a dress. Why lie, right?

UK again, Justin "HOMOSEXUAL/PAEDO" Welby - The Archbishop of Cunterbury.
THIS IS MASS CHILD ABUSE! Get your children out of these schools. Welby is sodomite elite.
They can wear (gay programming) superhero attire too - I can't imagine why?

Welby likes seeing little boys in dresses and tutus - why am I not surprised?
I suppose it's fitting that I end the post with some "Bishop bashing".

GENDER is not an issue that is to be decided upon. GENDER is determined GENETICALLY.
You CANNOT think yourself into GENDER - it is ordained by GENETICS. You're male or female. The End.

Why do they have the satanic/kabbalist "666" as part of their phone number?
SICK LGBT programming of the most NEFARIOUS kind - and for brainwashing your children!
Interfering in the sexual health of small children - why are they obsessed with kid's SEX LIVES?
"Some surveys suggest as much as half 
of the public secretly identifies as LGBT to some extent."
Illuminati created Cultural Marxism (Levyism) run amok. What happened to academia, the role of education?

What about the public's HUMAN RIGHT not to have satanic SODOMY, & RUG MUNCHING promoted as VIRTUES!?
This is how you enforce MINORITY RULE - LGBT, & JEWS - minorities telling you what and how to think!

28th Nov
Frankist/Cabbalist, Jew Rothschild fomenting the Illuminati - the Illuminati sponsoring Jew Marx/Levy.
Jewish Freemasonry interwoven in it all. Frankist/Cabbalist Weishaupt, Marx/Levy, and Lenin.
Weishaupt was a descendant of Jewish converts to Christianity. See "In the Shadow of Hermes", Jüri Lina.

“I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize this library was made by the first Soviet government, whose composition was 80-85 percent Jewish” - Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

“Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.” - Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

“At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.” - Benjamin Disraeli, Jew, Prime Minister of England

“The B’nai B’rith are but a makeshift.  Everywhere that Freemasonry can admit that it is Jewish in its nature as well as in its aims, the ordinary lodges are sufficient for the task." - Rabbi Edgar Magnin

I didn't think that I'd need to explain, but. To those people who are too DENSE to appreciate that this entire piece is SERIOUS, and not SATIRE. I have deliberately written this in a "mocking" type format - as a type of foil to the way that we are collectively "mocked". (Some of us have been aware of the dangers of sick mass media since 9/11! Do bear that in mind.) Mocked by those who produce corporate mass media, and therefore, those that ultimately control the group mind. Touche.


  1. Well done! Very few people get this and very few want to be woken up to the reality of it. Thanks.

    1. It's all so transparent that it's actually mind blowing. Imo, once seen it can't be unseen. Appreciate that you've indicated your own awareness in this regard. I think it's TOO easy to follow, but that's me. I see it on a archetypal level now - that, and all mixed with the sickest and darkest humour. Thanks for commenting.

    2. Thank you. So many people are afraid to expose the JQ. I think the dam is now bursting though, finally.

    3. Hi, no worries. I go where the data takes me, which just happens to be the door of the stinking 'synagogue of satan' aka Zionist Jews.

      There's very little real courage in this world, Spaghetti. What I see are people - literally on a permanent basis - cowered by wealth, power, celebrity, media and authority. In respect of the those listed - I say: "fuck them all". I don't know why so many allow their minds to be owned by corporate media etc. Corporate media are WRONG about everything, fuck the Jew Khazar mafia. Hopefully their days are numbered, but I'm not counting on it - the sheep really have to get their shit together.

      Hell, those LIBTARD Hillary automatons (SJW's etc) are a fucking disgrace. Thick as concrete shit. No wonder paedo Jew Hollywood supports the paedo Clintons so much. SJWs support Khazar Jew mind control, child abuse, and satanic Jew religious supremacy.

      The sodomite Jews have completely DESTROYED the American people and its body politic.

      Thanks for your support.

  2. It's funny how you don't mention the award winning movie 'Spotlight' and the Roman Catholic Gay/Paedo Mafia who protect all their kiddie fidling clergy from getting sent to jail or defrocked.
    Although you did mention the CIA which was founded by high level Roman Catholics.
    But the Roman Catholic Gay/Paedo Mafia is another (w)hole big sick post I guess?

    1. A disappointing response, but hardly unexpected. This is about HOLLYWOOD, direct abuse of personnel, and the wider mass societal abuse thru cultural imperialist JEWISH propaganda. I don't think it's "FUNNY" in any regard. I don't find this subject area a source of amusement.

      I don't see the Vatican operating 6 gargantuan corporate media entities - and pumping out these form of collective sodomite sewage! Do you? I see a completely SODOMITE JEW dominated creation via Hollywood, and linked corporate TV. One that won't allow any real or appreciable forms of criticism. The masses cower for fear of being labelled an anti-semite. The TRUTH is NOT, and never will be a form of anti-semitism. The truth is not "homophobic" either. I will not be cowered in the face of this sickening Jewish driven sodomite/paedo agenda.

      The Vatican has their role, but one that is irrelevant to the overall point of the post herein. The fact that you "solely" dwelt on an irrelevance is disappointing.

  3. Oh, so a HOLLYWOOD Oscar winning film about the Roman Catholic Gay/Paedo Mafia is irrelevant to your post about pedophilia and Hollywood?
    And Rupert Murdoch is hardly a Jew, I think you will find that he is a Roman Catholic.
    And you write about a disappointing response?
    Take your hoodwink off your eyes and have a good look around "Horselover".
    Maybe "Horselover Phat" is not such a good name to have when writing about such stuff.
    That innuendo could go either way, too;-)

    1. Murdoch is a CRYPTO-JEW you complete CUNT. Why are you deliberately being this fucking naive? You've been taking advanced lessons, yes?

      Murdoch was heavily involved with (PAEDO) A C Clarke - paedo/sodomite Kubrick's associate.

      This is about JEW HOLLYWOOD. There is NO ROMAN CATHOLIC HOLLYWOOD. If so - then please furnish me with ALL THE DETAILS. You cannot, of course. Even the pontiff weats a skull cap and preaches from the JEW bible.

      Hollywood can be DEFINED by OWNERSHIP. There is only ONE DEMOGRAPHIC that fits this scenario.

      Get the FUCK OUT OF HERE. Go worship sodomites and kiddy fuckers. JEW BOY.

      You've got "Az(z) in your username. Bride's Azz?

      Stay away from here. Take you Zen "synchro-mysticism" and put in Hollywood's favourite place.


    2. I'm from the UK. CUNT Murdoch literally owns UK mass media. You'd do well to understand that not everyone is as DENSE and ILL INFORMED as you are.

    3. This is your SICK take.

      I write a post about JEW SODOMITE/PAEDO Hollywood - and your response is:
      "Hey, what about a few Roman Catholic priests? Look at this film made by (Jew/paedo/homo) Hollywood."

      The Jews are beyond criticism, are they? Beyond any form of questioning and no matter what the situation? Why are you so desperate to shoe-horn in Catholics, when this is a Jew-centric post?

      It won't work here, a smart person would've known that. What does this say about you?

  4. The truth as above, spinning like a toy top r.e.m and saccade everyone's eyes.

  5. I'd rather be a C#NT than a toxic f#cking asshole like the reflection of the toxic shit you spew out here you sick turd.
    You probably were jerking off all the time you were writing this post.
    And don't worry I won't be back to your twisted blog that you should have shut down when you said you were going to because nobody was reading it...I wonder why they weren't?
    You should join forces with The Celtic Rebel, you'd both get off on each other's garbage.
    I won't be back, so write what you like here about me in your comment section you sick horse-loving prick.
    But feel free to lurk around my blog to flog some material for your dead horse of a blog.
    And no one is beyond criticism especially you sicko.
    Anyway I'm off to spend time with my Gay/Jewish/Hollywood mates.
    Have a nice life HLP and maybe you should get some HeLP?

    1. intermingling contextual continuum Celtic Rebel is one and Faustus Crow is two


  6. Fat, Brizdaz has a point. Criticism makes us stronger. The tone and use of foul language detracts from your message. To shine forth is key. 87

    1. No, he doesn't have a point, and neither do you. He chose to ignore the gargantuan Jew/Khazar elephant in the room. He was effectively trolling this post.

      My use of language has absolutely nothing to do with it. You CANNOT dress-up this phenomena, in language other than the type that has been pre-defined by this very form of propaganda in itself. The whole thing largely functions on this sick form of deviant sexual archetypal programming.

      It goes with the territory, as I have previously explained in the original post body. I'm not the one producing this subliminal filth, I'm the one decoding it and demonstrating it.

      I think that covers it.

    2. Criticism makes us stronger does it? Then by all accounts, Dennis, you are a useless retard who never adds anything meaningful to the conversation, and sadly may never understand the natural, beneficially healthy release of telling someone "fuck off" for trying to control how other people express themselves. You're welcome.
      Though I will admit, from what I've seen over the years, Phat has become more pro than ever when it comes to handling drivel and provocation, and I think it's partly thanks to your allowing him so much practice. Seriously, please stop saying that same thing. You repeating it to no avail only proves that approach doesn't work. In case you didn't notice, you actually got me cursing now, goshdarnit.

    3. Indeed. Dennis is all fluff, there is no substance. I appreciate your support Bingers, I really do. I have always found your contributions most valuable. Good to see you're still around.

  7. You #triggered the SJW syncbookers with this one. Perhaps Misty Greer could read your post in her underwear and then it might be considered art as opposed to what Darren and Dennis want to paint it as. Hypocritical, delusional, lmfao.

    1. Re: "triggered". Yes, I think so too. And the hypocrisy of these people is also unbelievable. They certainly don't want that "light" shone on this area - no matter what is potentially apparent, or readily apparent. Lost sheep - more victims of Jew Hollywood mind control - weak. Thanks for your support I appreciate it.

  8. Outta the Infra Geosmin and supra straight to the peyote and fungal mushroomed psychonautics benimeth.�� �� by invader zim, liber null.

  9. I was always curious why someone like Peter Jackson was given the OK to helm such a huge project like Lord of the Rings, considering the poor taste of his previous films. Now I'm pretty sure it was because of that very poor taste, and a lot of something to do with this

    1. Good find, Bingers - as per. I never noticed this. Have added it. Many thanks.

    2. You're right about Jackson not having the prior CV before his Ring Lording franchise was launched too. He's clearly just simply another sodomite asset of the industry. Do Tolkein fans not realise that it's all about sodomy?

  10. Please check this out ASAP
    Seattle is the target for the upcoming nuclear false flag. The "Emerald City."

    1. I saw some of the stuff, but I don't think there is enough to go on. That said, these really are the craziest times, so who knows?

  11. Hello
    I wanted to share this with you

    Weinstein hired ex-Mossad agents to silence accusers

    alexa working for cia

    1. Hi...

      Not that surprised by any Mossad links. Jew filmmaker Pollack was heavily involved with Mossad too. As have others. In fact, Weinstein, for whatever reason, actually harassed Pollack while he was laying on his deathbed in hospital. The family had to take steps to have Weinstein removed.

      Filthy Khazar scum, Jew monsters posing as humans. They are a CANCER.

      Thanks for the info appreciate it. Weinstein was another from QUEENS, NY. That's a "switch-hitting" place if there ever was one.

    2. One of the biggest Hollywood Mossad assets is agitator Zionist Jew, terror and "Hate Whitey" programmer, Arnon 'Regency Pictures' Milchan. Pollack was linked to him.

  12. What are you going to do to save the children?

    1. Sorry, but you're not very bright are you? What do you think I've been doing here? Shining a light on the sick "cult of celebrity" that the masses are so engrossed in. The very thing which they actually POWER by their mindless and thoughtless consumption. Mass ignorance is what keeps this mass form of physical and psychological abuse on the road, and ever expanding.

      It's no wonder I struggle with the masses, when I get ill thought out comments like this.

    2. Anon. Your spam comments will be removed. You're either a faggot, Jew, both, or an asset of them. Run along now.

  13. hp I wouldn't even bother typing back to these idiots with the asinine comments... "save the children" comment? fuck off. those idiots prolly work at langley. got nothing else to do. this hollywood pedo uproar is a whitewash similar to the mlbs steroid scandal. get ppl to think things are actually being done about it when in actuality it's stronger than ever. when I seen harvey jewstein in the headlines I didn't bother to look into it... it's all a crock of shit. fuck hollywood.

    1. Well said, Tok. I don't suffer fools gladly. Yes, it is a giant pile of excrement. It is what it is. I'd rather it wasn't, but then I've been fighting them since 9/11. I'm well honed on this now. Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it.

  14. Chameleons seek camouflage and hiding in Bimini Atoll and Bikini Atoll amongst Squamish and Stawamnus, lil'wat first band nation. or the Feminine Hagia Sophia.
    steganalysis type observance turned into steganography.

  15. Mongolophile aka mongoloid maggot - GTFOOH.

  16. Your evidence is poor. Your research is poor. You deliver no or small sources. Your hate language is aweful and it was really annoying for me to read your text. Can you formulate one single correct sentence without cursing? And this stuff with the names is also poor writing. Total waste of my time at all!!! I hate gays who have not outed themselves to themselves. Yes I mean you horselover. And you are the one with the coprophilia problem.

    1. He's back's the KHAZAR POOFTA with his SPAM.

      You really showed me the error of my ways with this comment, HOWL. Go away, you poor mind-bombed sap. I know EXACTLY what I am doing. That is what clearly GALLS you and people like you.

      Talking of "poor". That was a very, very poor, and transparent attempt at Freudian projection towards the end of your comment. When in doubt - just "do the flip". Weak, tragically weak. But that'd be you in a nutshell - as we both know.

      Run along now little man, leave this to those that can. If you don't like what you're reading - then kindly "F**K OFF". There's a good chap.

  17. Watch justin bieber yummy, John pedesta is on video. Is justin exposing Hollywood?
    Also Adams Shift is involved in a pedophile ring, including a hotel called standard hotel. Search for Max Spiers, he exposed Aquino head of satanist church who brought this religion to USA military branches. Also acused was accused of being a pedophile.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Nah. Bieber is a victim/perp. A homo-paedo's wet dream. A NAMBLA poster fantasy child.
      This little transient boy/girl has been deliberately promoted by the Khazar scum. I'm sure he's regularly serviced many homo industry cocks. Bank it. Bieber = all singing, all dancing crap of the world stuff. Just awful, simply awful. Hence his marriage into that dumb Hollywood family of the Baldwins. Jew mass media entertainment is satanic infused cultural sewage. Hollywood = Sodom and Gomorrah.

      Adam Schiff you mean? Yes, I covered that monstrosity of a so-called human being in other posts (see link). Some related to Q-Anon, incl. the Standard Hotel (as you mention). Q-Anon being a Zio-masonic psy-op for the mentally challenged and perma-mind raped brigade. I SHIT on Q-Anon. Just so we're clear. Q-tards are some of the saddest and most lost SHEEP of all, and not by chance. :)

      Yes, Temple of Set, Lt. Col. Aquino. Mr Psy-op to Mind War. I've covered Aquino a few times before. A programmer/abuser involved in the Presidio Base child abuse case with his satanic wife, etc. Aquino, a former colleague of Churh of Satan (SET-On), LaVey. The US military IS satanic, full stop. No wonder the top brass is full of satanists.

      Thanks again for your contribution.

    2. BTW. Trump is a paedophile too. We KNOW that he was a part of the Epstein/Mossad paedo blackmail trapping programme. Hence, implicated Barr, implicated Acosta, and implicated Dershowitz being major aspects of his shit-house admin. Trump is a JEW owned POS. An overt, Zionist loving psychopath for POTUS. What could go wrong?