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Hollywood - The Jet Repulsion/Propulsion Laboratory

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10th Jan
Oh dear, France - what have you done! Judge a person by the company they keep.
Why is this bitch comparing "dating issues" with "industry rape"? What a water muddying WHORE.
Catherine "ROMAN POLANSKI" Deneuve! What an evil BITCH!
She is so closely associated with "child drugged sodomy rape" Polanski - that anything she has to say IS LESS THAN WORTHLESS.
Do you think women like her are suitable persons for addressing this issue? NO, is the obvious answer.
"And Satan Calls the Turns" - "And Satan Leads the Ball".
Polanski's Rosemary's Baby was about "Faustian deals" being made to gain progress in the Hollywood film/TV industry!
Satanic Jew Polanski is a "mentor" of her's  - always has been. Both are abuse apologists, predators, and satanists.
She did her part for "lesbian propaganda" via Tony "homosexual/911 programmer" Scott in vampirical "The Hunger".
Roman "Fearless Vampire Killers" Polanski - his film with the "paedo film director" (MacGowran) -
from The Exorcist - and via US psychological warfare, Blatty.
Such esteemed company you keep, Catherine!
Cannes - Canaanites - Canis. The Jewish/Masonic Sirius/Dog Brotherhood.
Jews pull her strings - they put all that food and all those awards on her table too!
The film industry CANNOT be allowed to regulate or evaluate itself - it is too far gone - hence these types of apologist cover-ups.
October 2017. California artist Marianne Barnard has come forward with new accusations against director and convicted child rapist Roman Polanski, alleging that he sexually assaulted her when she was just 10 years old.
March 2017

This was never about "hitting on women" - it's about institutionalised film industry abuse and abuse of power!
If finding this sort of abuse is considered "puritanical" - then I'm the biggest puritan in the world!
Deneuve is just SICK, and a Zionist Jew industry pawn. Obviously Hollywood's "Me Too" club is also unsuitable for addressing these issues, I do understand that. They're hypocrites too. I'm calling-out HYPOCRITE Denueve, and her overt defence of paedo rapists, and her (industry backed) water-muddying. She is one of the least qualified to make statements in respect of this issue.
Brigitte Lahaie (Thanks go to JP).

Move aside Deneuve - you have ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBILITY. You are the OLD GUARD.
Time to clear away these COMPLICIT industry LIARS. These crimes ARE NOT sex crimes, as many erroneously believe!
They are crimes of VIOLENCE.

It never rains - it pours!
James Franco...
From one Franco to the next!

11th & 12th Jan

Franco Zeffirelli is NOW implicated, allegations of being a persistent ABUSER. (link)
Are those "adopted Zeffirelli men" - adopted as children or lovers?
That's who Bruce Robinson parodied in his film "Withnail and I" - via Uncle "Zeffirelli" Monty (Griffiths).
Bruce Robinson's film has scenes (with Marlowe, the "I" character) that sound EXACTLY like what happened to Schaech.
"Burglary" - as in forced anal sex (effectively rape).
Zeffirelli - another SODOMITE/HOMOSEXUAL and abuser - wow, what a surprise! With "Nail" and "Eye".

Talking of HOMOSEXUALITY and ABUSE - it's Stan "mass homo programmer" Lee.
X-Men "gender bending" mass propaganda via JEW Hollywood, Iron "POOF" Man etc.
You may think this output is entertainment - but I tend to see it as a form of 'barely veiled/coded' deviancy programming.
Hot-dogging with the pink weiner/wiener.
I recently mentioned him (Lee) in respect of (paedo) Brian Peck, & linked suspected gay paedophile Bryan "Spacey" Singer.
Paedo Peck who was employed by (paedo) Charlie Sheen on Anger Management.
When not abusing people, they're  programming the "dumb mass and children" with homosexual/gender bending propaganda!
IRONS (poofs), QUEENS (queers) & ACDC (swing both ways). Gay "Iceman" for a frosty (cum) finish.
The (sexually) Randy "donut" (asshole) exiting - Iron "POOF" Men. Iron = Poof/Gay. Jackson aka the "quarter(s) pounding" man.
Iron "poof" Man & "Trying ring-O and real hard."
(Jackson - also heavily marked with "9/11" ciphering via A Time to Kill, Die Hard 3, Exorcist 3, & Long Kiss Goodnight.)
Jackson - the Snake Planer, Shaft-ing, and Black Snake Moan, man. He likes snake-shafting Ring-O.
He's a "bad mother fucker", literally - maybe he had more success with fucking his father!?
Pulped Ass Friction's - Ring-O is Mr Orange (Fruit/Queer), Roth. Mr Tin "Sheriff's badge" Star (the asshole).
Not forgetting - Jack Rabbit's Slim "twisting dirt hole" - via gay "Greased, Back Doors Crying" Travolta -
& the clockwork "ass watchersButch/Capt Koons/Cheeks. :)
"As 'queer' as a Clockwork Orange." Mr Orange Fruit Queer & "Pump (k) in" the Ring-O (Ass) Starr.
From 'Ring-O' to the 'Sheriff's Badge'. It's Orange Queer, Sheriff Roth. "Coming Soon" via the "rusty Sheriff's badge".
Hollywood - The JEW. S. of GAY.
FRUIT cellar, hollow-eyed mother/bird stuffer, Psych-O. Perkins and his Tin Star 'Sheriff's Badge''.
You can call me "Hitch" but hold the "Cock". Gouging eyes, peeper holes and overdrawn climaxes (See Hitch-cock, 2012).
The "eye" stabber/gouger/striker and plugger via plated "ANL trading", Crane. Chocolate/blood, plugged, twisting eye holing.
The plugged "twisting black (sphincter/eye) hole" - via PECKERS (birds-women/cocks) & BOTTOMS (ass, and actor).
"Hairy Black Holing" just like Stephen "pecker" Hawk-ing - the "Big Banging" and "probing hairy black holes" man.
Psych-O stabber "peeper holes" Perkins, probing The Black Hole & via Bottoms.
He wouldn't hurt a "fly" - but he might just unzip them - ahem!

Political Psych-O, Donald "phallic Towering" Trump - and Shit-Holes.
Trumping (to fart) via the Shit-Hole. (African) Black shit-holes, allegedly.

Hollywood - The Cinema (Sin-ema) of Sodomy.
The US of GAY.

Hairy Black Holing with "pecker" Hawk-ing - the "Big Banging" and "probing hairy black holes" man.

Look what else popped-out today! Prof. Ironside - Stephen "probing hairy black holes" Hawking.
I wonder if his favourite planet is Ur-anus, or does he prefer the "rings" of Saturn/Satan?
Anal-lise This! What ideas could they be? Hawking (selling) sodomy as science?

So, why does the same Hawking article also drop a reference to the "Twin Towers"? Almost desperately so:
It's the "11th September" - Theory of Everything:
Choo, Choo. Cambridge "bum boys" - what, what. Stephen "cheek twitcher" Hawking.
Top comment - LOL.

From Hawking "Big Banging via Hairy Black Holes, and 11th Sept" to "9/11 Tower Trumping & Shit-Holes":
Baaaaaaaaa!!! Trump's 2010 commercial for "beds".
11/9 (2016) - the actual month/day he was elected (Nov 9th). He wore the same outfit as seen in the 2010 commercial!
Recall that he purchased "Back to the '911 struck tower' Future" linked Delorean's Bed-minster estate.
(Also see Trump in Home "WTC" Alone 2, see previous post).
Bedminster/Lamington (below). Purchased exactly one year after 9/11/01. Delor(ean) = pain and suffering (Delor).
Is it the White House, Trump/Delorean's Estate, or the (struck) Clock Tower?
Struck Towers that lead to a "future" FIERY 9/11
9-11 FIRE and into the "cinema" via "Rev John Crump" or "Donald John Trump"? The Delorean Bed Minster or Minister?
"You're Fired" - The (Sorcerer's) Apprentice.
Back to the "Biff/Trump/Delorean" Future 2 - "You're Fired"
Trump's "struck Manhattan tower" via electrical fire - and only a few days ago. Card 16 (XVI).
I was calling Trump a "walking tarot card" around two years ago!
He announced his presidency run - 16th June, 2015. That's the BTTF 2 (future) timeline year.
Biff/Trump and their "phallic" towers. Baby Got Back (to the Future).
The Tower (trump card). Here also is a key to the mystery of sex. The tower is supposedly filled with gold coins which,
showering out (ejaculating) in great numbers from the rent made by the lightning bolt, suggesting potential powers.

Biffing/Striking/Punching the "shit" via the "pink surfingrogering rabbit time/dirt tunnel".
Pink surfing with Foxy Marty/Mike, & Ooh, La, La aka G(r)ays Almanac. Doc-(king) with Brown.

With a "shit Biffing" Thomas and via "the rogering rabbit/eye stabber" Lloyd - aka Doc(k) Brown.
Back to the "Atomic/Plutonium" Future.

The Enola Gays Atomic/Plutonium Manhattan Almanac.
The Enola GAY.  This aircraft also featured in the 2nd bomb attack on Japan. A Fat Man and a Little Boy.
See the "linked" atomic "Manhattan Project." Little Boy's (Hiroshima linked) USS Indianapolis was found Aug 19, 2017.

Announced presidency run June 16 2015 - his 'wiki page' for the campaign uses the (Trinity) July 16, 2015. New Hampshire  shot.

Atomic-nuclear (Manhattan HQ) Towering Biff/Trump.
The final instalment - Back to the Future 3 - featured the (atomic/nuclear) Bockscar.
Bockscar (Train) - as in Boxcar (phallic) Willie. The Nagas-aki (nagas/snake) bomb.
Bock (ram/male-goat) and Scar. "Bock" can also translate as "to jinx". Bock is also a colloquial term for 'Lust' (German).
Doc Brown was a 'von Braun' (Brown) - as in Werner 'Nazi/Apollo' von Braun.
A Bockscar/BOKscar/Boxcar Train at the end of the line/tracks
Atomic/Manhattan Trump - via the HoBOKen "end of the tracks" train crash (Sept 2016). "Hoboken Vegas shooter" (June 2016).
The Trump "Vegas Shooter" - from Ho-BOK-en. Linked to 'ground zero' Manhattan (Project).
I recently mentioned the strange link with the two Vegas hotel shooting events (2016 & 2017), see previous post.
'BBC Robot Wars' and hearing voices, Sandford boy. The Hoboken train crash - 11th Jan 2018!
The (Trump-linked) young man/kid from Hoboken.
The "Ho-BOK-en" link to the "Little Boy". The 'NJ Hoboken' ultimately gained its name from Hoboken, Antwerp.

I've mentioned a few of these aspects before, but I've fashioned them a bit differently this time. Crazy, isn't it!?
Recall that "bock/bok" also relates to male-goats (kids).
The "little boy" (Kid) from Hoboken. The following is the very first line! (here)
Michael - just like "end of the line, uprooted tracks" Bockscar/BOKscar Train rider - "little" Michael J Fox.

Yes, even crazier!
A different example. Hoboken - Little Boy, TIME, and 1955! (here). Fox in the 3rd film wears the atomic vector shirt.

1955, TIME-Travel, radioactive plutonium, (Manhattan 9/11) struck towering, & the Atomic (Bockscar) Kid (Little Boy).
Two Explosive 'Ground Zero' based Skyscraper Manhattan Projects.
 The Manhattan borough had at least 10 (Manhattan Project) sites, all but one still standing.
They include warehouses that held uranium, laboratories that split the atom, and the project’s first headquarters -
a skyscraper hidden in plain sight right across from City Hall.

Little Boy via Enola Gay, and Fatman via Bockscar.
Atomic Trinity Lynch - "Little Boy (via fire, Truman & giant), Fat Man (via desert Dune), & Trinity Gadget (white sands desert)".
Lynch's Dune (which featured atomics) opened in the Year: 10,191 - uttered by Virginia "Sept 11" Madsen, the Manhattan terror date.

Manhattan Project/Little Boy linked USS Indianapolis was found Aug 19, 2017. The ship that left in the hours after Trinity.
Less than two months earlier (25th June) Twin Peaks: The Return (eps 8) heavily featured the Trinity bomb (gadget) explosion.
There was also a ManhattanNew York skyscraper (linked to Trinity Bob/Coop) which featured the 'glass box'.
The "surveilled" glass box that (likely) featured the Manhattan/Trinity "entity/experiment". Long Lines rumoured NSA surveillance.
The Twin Peaks "Manhattan Tower" is likely CGI'd. Possibly modelled on the former AT&T Long Lines Tower.
Bell (telephone) linked AT&T. The Tower was a major "long distance telephone switching station".
The (Trinity linked) Convenience Store had a "telephone box" outside. Bell-shaped switches involving electricity also featured in S3.
Twin "atomic Trinity" Peaks - lodge ether transport via "electricity" and "telegraph lines/utility poles".
Twin Peaks: "fireman/giant" Tower Theatre (L.A.), Manhattan Project-ed 'Trinity' Cinema & "bell-shaped electrical switches".
AT&T/Bell Long Lines - the first long-distance L-carrier coaxial link in 1936 connected Philadelphia and New York City.

Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer, and innovator who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone and founding the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1885.

Liberty Bell, Philly. Where "Phil(ly) Jeffries" was electrically flashed to Cooper/Gordon - FWWM.
Phillip (Greek, lover of horses), "Philly/Filly" phonetics linked to horses, Jeffries linked Judy 'white horse' etc, etc.
 Bowie, aka electric Tesla 'transported man'. He left Philly via (electrical) intercom ether travel. S3 'machine/bell' Phil(ly) Jeffries.
Phones were an electronic transit device in The 'Trinity/911' Matrix. Bowie - primarily a radio rock star and recording artist.
Western Electric HQ in Manhattan. The Longlines Manhattan Tower (Church & Thomas St) - a telephone exchange or wire center building which contained three major 4ESS switches used for interexchange (long distance) telephony. The first digital electronic toll switches introduced by Western Electric for long-distance switching. My Prayer (church).
Western 'Manhattan HQ' Electric served as the primary supplier to (Bell linked) AT&T from 1881 to 1996 (Telephony etc).
Electricity and telegraph-lines/utility poles are a means of lodge spirit aether travel.
A Western Electric stylus//platter. The Radio Station track that was broadcast, and the broadcasting "radio-active/atomic" woodsman.
The "My Prayer" and radio-active woodsman's broadcast that was listened to via transistor radios.
Made possible by the "transistor" (inside the atomic vector, above) invented at Bell and manufactured by Western Electric.
The 'Western Electric via Bell' 9A Reproducer (diamond) - reproduction a la "birthing" - Laura, a counter creation (of Bob, egg hatch).
Part 10 "July 16, 2017" was just over a month before "Little Boy/USS Indianapolis" was found (Aug 2017).
The introduction of the 33​1⁄3 rpm vinyl LP "album" in 1948 & 45 rpm "single" in 1949 led to a new multi-speed record player with the required smaller-tipped "microgroove" stylus. Sapphire and diamond (CRYSTALS) then became the standard stylus tip materials.
"Chryst-a (Crystal) Bell" (another recording artist) plays Tammy 'blue rose' Preston. Chryst/Christ aka The Trinity.

Laura's crystal ball/orb via arm over 'magnetic earth'. Magnets are also a feature of the gramophone stylus head.
Note the Fireman's "horn/funnel/arm" and gramophone "horn/arm". "It's in OUR house now." (White Lodge in control).
PEnnsylvania 65000 - Telephone number of a Manhattan Hotel - the Hotel Pennsylvania,
the owner claimed it to be the oldest continuing telephone number in New York City (via Bell). Ring-ring:
Telephone - PEennsylvania 65000 (Manhattan). The "crystal stylus/platter", Leland/Bob, (possessed) Sarah, Laura's (orb) picture.
Bell(s), telephones & rings x2.
Pennsylvania, like Fire Walk With Me - electric (a)ether travel and the Liberty Bell. Gas (petroleum ether) Stations.
Sarah was "infected/possessed" around the cusp of when "transistor radio" was exponentially increasing into homes.
Transistors were also commonly used in telephony and exchanges (Bell etc).
Alexander Graham (Gray-ham) Bell. In late 1963, Bell installed its first (exchange-based) electronic transistor switching system
Radio receivers are also linked to crystals. "6-5000" Leland/Bob went "gray". Bluebird 6-5000 music written by Jerry Gray.
Leland/Sarah 6-5000 hotel, that leads to - "Where we're from the birds sing a pretty song and there is always music in the air."
Ringing and clicking (fingers) a la (Bell) phones. Hotel based Coop, post-dream - grabs the telephone.
Pilot reality - Sarah hears of Laura's death after telephoning Leland/Bob at the hotel, & via (atomic) Truman.
HMV gramo-phone (like the Fireman's), Manhattan '6-5000' Hotel (by Gray), Bluebird and Fox Trot.

"Great Scot/Great Scott"

Scot Alexander Gra(y)-ham Bell who patented the first practical telephone and who founded AT&T in 1885.
Gray vs Alexander Gra(y)ham Bell (link)
Gray(s), Bell, Western Electric - transistors, gramophones/crystal-electromagnetic turntables, music, bluebirds...
It was a "Gray" that actually co-founded "Western Electric" - a man and company both closely linked to Bell.
 Atomic cowboys and indians - "Western and Electric" flavoured "Back to the Future 3"
Electric/Atomic "rock n roll" Marty originally found Doc via the 1955 telephone directory/book.
Fox's Trot, Blue-birds (Hotel/Motel), and Grays. 1885 was the timeline for "Hill Valley Telegraph' linked BTTF3.
Bell who founded the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) in 1885.
Twin Peaks S3 "Manhattan Long Lines Building" is linked to AT&T (Communications Inc) -
the latter founded 1984, and with a Bedminster HQ! John "Bedminster" Delorean:

Grays - like the BTTF 2 'Grays Almanac'. Bluebirds, Bells x2 (ring-ring), Telephones, Electricity, (6-5000 Manhattan) Hotel/Motel:
TWIN 'Bluebird-linked' Hotels and Motels - "Smell those TWIN (BLUE) PINES and (Douglas/Dougie) FIRS"
Fox, Twin Pines, and Bluebird! It's Back to the (TWIN Radio-active/Terrorist, Manhattan Project) 9/11 Tower Future.
Into the "Radio-active/Atomic" Projected Cinema (Atomic Kid) via Bluebird, and the "Electric Lightning Struck" Tower.
Lynch's Mulholland Drive (which used The Tower Theatre, with lightning) - William Mulholland, born Sept 11 (9/11) 1855.
Back to the Atomic/Plutonium Twin Pines/Peaks Future-Past. A Western Electric turntable dropped the Peaks Platters tune.
Radio-active - in TWO ways. Broadcasting and Atomics. Atomic Kid, Marty/Fox the creator of electric rock n roll.
Twin Lightning Struck (Atomic) Towering
Twin "Zig-Zag Lightning Struck" Manhattan (BOB) Project Peaks
Blue Rose
Robert "BOB" Oppenheimer was the wartime head of the Los Alamos Laboratory and is among those who are credited with being the "father of the atomic bomb" for their role in the Manhattan Project.
It's alleged that "Jet Propulsion Lab" Parsons (who is an aspect of Twin Peaks' mythos) had something to do with Manhattan Project Trinity via Jumbo. The "bottle-shaped" experiment at Ground Zero. Jack "Mother of Abominations" Parsons.
 Radio-active Trinity & Jumbo (experiment). Jumbo, like "elephant greys" (Elephant Man/Men).
Green Trinitite
Parsons' (alleged) atomic Trinity experiment was also referred to as the (Crowleyian moon-child) "man(n)ikin".
Babylon (Mother of Harlots/Abominations). Sarah Palmer "mother" of the "whore/harlot" Laura.
Jumbo Experiment, Manikin/Elemental/Experiment/Mother - Japan and America. Experiment via the Trinity Convenience Store.
The Convenience Store was an aspect of the Manhattan (Trinity) Project explosion. The store where we saw the "Formica Table".
Formica laminate is a laminated composite material invented at the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the United States in 1912. Originally used to replace mica in electrical applications.
Indianapolis 'Crystal Skulling/Roswell' Jones - as the (fridge bottled/sealed) Parsons nuclear infused "experiment/man(n)ikin/mannequin/elemental".
Green (Atomic) Formica Tables - "CRYSTAL skulling" Indianapolis 'atom bomb/Roswell' Jones, via the Teapot/Ivy MIKE tests.
As well as atomic bomb blasts, both "media" also link to Ros(e)-well (alien greys/blue book) and "electro-magnetism".
1947 Roswell - to Jeffries/Bowie - "radio rock-star" who was born 1947, the same year Babylon/Moonchild Crowley died.
"Formica" Westinghouse Electric was founded by George Westinghouse in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1886.
The firm became active in developing electric infrastructure throughout the United States. (link)

A 'lightning struck' crown and a (cracked) 'struck bell'.

The Return often spent time in Las Vegas.
Recall in a previous post how I mentioned the two "same shaped" Vegas hotels (Mandalay/Treasure Island) both linked by "shootings" - mass shooting via Mandalay/Luxor Black Pyramid (Harvest), and the Trump attempted assassination via Treasure Island, with Hoboken, Sandford.

Part 7 on the one-year anniversary of Trump, Treasure Island. S3 scenes were all shot before any of these events.
"There's A Fire Where You Are Going"
They just happened to show both these hotels and edited sequentially back-to-back, and with a glimpse of the Luxor.
Eps 11, Coop's Vegas ride to the scene where he narrowly avoids being shot (he's bearing 'treasure') like Treasure Is. Trump.
Oddly, "ZZ Top" (and horses) were both an aspect of Back to the "end of the line/Bockscar" Future 3, and Twin Peaks S3 (Eps 15).

Hoboken based 'Vegas Sandford' - HoBOKen "boxcar train crash" (Sept 29, 2016) 3+ months after Trump/Vegas attempt.
Twin Peaks S3 'Vegas' casino is the Silver Mustang - a silver/grey horse that you might put in a paddock.

A "Sleeper" a literal "ZZ(zzzz) Top" - Peaks S3  'eps15' with "ZZ Top" - just after (character) Steven shot himself (suicide).
It's "They Live" (We Sleep) Cable 54 asst. director, Holly Thompson (Foster) who gives Coop his casino coins!
Peaks icon "Laura Palm-er" was killed inside a boxcar train. Hoboken boxcar crash had "one death" (there's a body all right).

The "Y-shaped" hotels - Y-shaped like the Back to the Future "flux capacitor".
This just came out today referencing the Vegas shooting.

I've previously mentioned the "Y-shaped" imagery below. Including the RADIO VLA, not far from Trinity 'ground zero'.
Radio-active x2, & electro-magnetic "disks/discs" x2 via Ros(e)well - Paul "Atomic Indianapolis/Micro-soft" Allen.

Trinity produced radioactive glass (from the fused desert sand) aka "Trinitite".
Silicon, Silicadesert sand, atomics, and micro-chips. Albuquerque linked "Microsoft" (Altair Basic Allen) near to Trinity site.
This is the water, and this is the "well" via the "blue rose". Micro-chips, desert sand/silicon, and "crystals".
Albuquerque 'Micro-soft" and Altair Basic (Allen) - the first programming language for personal computers.
Ground Zero, VLA "radio contact", 'electromagnetic disc' Roswell, & (Trinity) USS Indianapolis 'electromagnetic disk' linked Micro-soft.
"I am the ARM." - "Where we're from...there is always MUSIC in the air." - "Let's Rock."
The first working silicon/germanium transistor via Bell Labs Jan 1954.
The first commercial silicon transistor via Texas Instr. in 1954, - Gordon 'Bell Labs" Teal, an expert in growing crystals of high purity.
Twin "Platter Disc via Radio, Radioactive Manhattan Project & Roswell" Peaks. Indiana 'Magnetic Disc Roswell/Crystal' Jones.
The Magnetic/Magnetite Antenna Crystal Skull via Caltech (3rd eye overlaps).

The first practically implemented transistor invented in 1947 - Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley. (1947, like Roswell).
The (Indy) "Mike Test Blast" used significant refrigeration. Indy's "nuke fridge", and Han's carbonite coffin/fridge.
The box? The "Indiana(polis) Atomic Ice Box/Jumbo Bottle" (manikin/experiment), or the "Roswell" grey?
Crystal derives from Latin for "ice" (frozen water crystals) - similar in appearance to the hard quartz skulls.
Indy Ford builds an exploding 'fridge/ice maker' called (nuclear evoking) "Fat Boy" in (insect antenna resonant) Mosquito Coast.
Crystal (radio-active/Roswell) Skull is also linked to "ant-enna and for-mica" (For Mike) - via Formica/Ants!
Texas Instruments (Dallas) & Industrial Development Engineering Associates (I.D.E.A.), from Indianapolis, Indiana,
were behind the unveiling of the Regency TR-1, the world's first commercially produced transistor radio.
Bring-on "Alien Ant Farm" via 'moon-child' Mike (Jackson) and "Are you OK, Annie?" - Twin "How's Annie?" Peaks.
Michael "Indiana" Jackson! In her last eight years, Anna "Crystal Skull" Mitchell-Hedges lived in Chesterton, Indiana.

Formica - invented at Westinghouse Electric Corp. (Pennsylvania).
Recall that the Fire Walk With Me - (electric) "Philly, Pennsylvania" scene was interspersed with the "conv. store/formica" scene.
MICA- The mica group of sheet silicate (phyl-losilicate) minerals includes several closely related materials having nearly perfect basal cleavage. All are monoclinic, with a tendency towards pseudohexagonal crystals, and are similar in chemical composition. The nearly perfect cleavage is explained by the hexagonal sheet-like arrangement of its atoms. Used electrically for capacitors/insulators.
Recall that Trinity produced radioactive glass (from the fused desert sand/silicate/quartz) aka "Trinitite".
Atomic desert/des(s)ert "green for-mica Tables" x2. Electrical usage formica/mica.
Twin Peaks 'convenience store' Table via Trinitite Trinity, NM. Indiana 'Atomic Doom Town' via NM and Mike/Teapot.
The Mitchell-Hedges (quartz) 'crystal skull' is also known as 'The Skull of Doom' - Temple (head) of Doom, geddit.
Donald "Delorean/Biff" Trump - 7/11 (7 = Sept). There were Gray/Grey type beings in Crystal Skull.
It's Grays (Millennial terminating) Almanac - from "Blast from the (atomic Manhattan) Past" shop that ties all this -
Back to the 'struck 9/11 tower antenna' Future! 10:04 (10/4 radio copy). Western (auto) Electric.

Ground Zero (Manhattan) - the struck 9/11 broadcasting ANTENNA North Tower. Literal TV destruction via TV.
Atomic Indiana - Harrison "Manhattan, Working Girl/Babylon Whore" Ford - and via the (9/11) World Trade Centre (1988).

One-armed - just like "disc record players and single (crystal stylus) arms".
He flies around in the Millennium "Atomic" Falcon - via Han(d) Solo (one-arm), and has brushes with BOB-afet.
The Millennium "Atomic/Radio-active B-29" Falcon. (Little Boy - Enola Gay/Fat Man - Bockscar 77).

After the war, (Fat Man) Bockscar returned to the United States in November 1945 and served with the 509th at Roswell Army Air Field (yup, Roswell!), New Mexico.
Antenna Indiana(polis) Jones, from Roswell interrogation scene - to his rocket train to Atomic Doom Town, NM. (Crystal Skull).
The Crystal 'antenna' Skull - Arthur C Clarke - author of (monolith) 2001: Space Odyssey. His "Rama" referenced Sept 11 (2077).

Radio-Active "Ground Zero" 2001 Millenium Monolith/Hotel. A 2001 radio-emitting monolith. A North Tower broadcasting antenna.
The hotel on "Church Street". Trinity Church, and Trinity Place are close to Manhattan WTC ground zero.
The (overlook) hotel on the edge of the 9/11 pit. The film's petrified monolith aka the pre-historic transformer.
The monolith that is shaped like the dimensions of a cinema screen - the Mono-lith (lith, photography) Star-gate.
The 2001 (Millennium year) renaissance hotel based Monolith that Bowman passes through at the film's climax.
THE (monkey/ape) primate 2001 Monolith - Han (Indiana) has his primate Chewwy. In-Diana, in (the) moon (goddess).
Nuclear Ice Fridge/Frozen Man - Millennial 'Star-gating' Han. Star Wars (1977) linked The Empire Strikes Back (1980).
The petrified/frozen monolith (Han/Ford). Placed in there by atomic "Strange-loving" Vader (Earl Jones/Zogg), not Indiana(polis).


  1. More about "hysteria" in France (from a former porn star) ? Traduce that:
    About Deneuve, the "witch" (a simple example coming at my mind):

  2. dunno if you've come across this reference but the whole "owls aren't what they seem" bit is possibly a reference to the power lines...

  3. A fantastic trail of findings. Just that small bit of info on the Formica makes a world of sense to me. I always associated insects with electricity in David Lynch pictures. While I do hear those who say the image on bad Coop's ace of spades (motörhead) card resembles the Owl Cave symbol seen on the green formica ring, for me I instantly thought an ant's head, like the ones seen in the last episode of Lynch's 2002 animated series, DumbLand

    Ants kept coming up for me last year, at one point literally so; at the end of May, when the heat was really building up to a heavy rain. Drones and would-be gynes who were trying to branch away from their colony had managed to find their way into the house and were driving me bonkers with the sound of their nuptial flight attempts. Needless to say, it was a bug hunt, man. Good thing it only lasted a single night, and I guess I'm somehow proud to say the alates I created test tube setups for are all alive and well.
    The event was not long after discovering a decently informative channel on YouTube about ant-keeping, so I had some freshly equipped idea of what was going on. It was also after seeing for the first time Saul Bass's only feature film, Phase IV, which I think made the situation a little more unsettling.

    Given the context of everything else, I get why my thoughts would now be going back to a movie that sort of feels like it actually existed

  4. Why call it a "her", we can clearly see it's a man pretending to be a woman.