Wednesday, 11 September 2019

007 Sheriff Pooper Pepper's - Lonely Hearts, Diamonds, Spade's-Club Bond.

9/11 - 18th Anniversary.
The Age of Horus - reaches adulthood.

Attention. This is tough content. Do not read if easily offended. Thanks.

The Thelemic 'Book of Law' (Sgt Pepper Crowley's bible) was written via the Giza/Geezer Pyramid, Horus, and 666.
Sodom/Pyramid, masonic 33° Crowley (body/arms/head) shaped as penis/glans - background  'star' is the sphincter/asshole.
Horus eye/pyramid. OTO 11th°: 'Oh, how superior is the eye of Horus [sphincter] to the mouth of Isis! [vagina]'. (666 Luxor Crowley).
The satanic secret of 'sodomy' is reserved for the highest 11th° degree. Didn't you know?
Crowley's Boy of red lips: How the fond ruby rapier glides and slips [penis]. 'Twixt the white hills thou spreadest for me there; [ass]

 St John's Revolution/Revelation #9 - The EMI 'Antichrist Thorn' Bea(s)tles. (See Thorn:EMI).
 Homo Jews and homo EMI. The Hellish - Crowley: 'Do What Thou Wil(s)t' - Sodom Apple O-Men Queens.

Jewish dominated - Great 'Sodomite/Fag' Britain:
"Masonry is a Jewish institution...Jewish from beginning to end."- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
John Lennon׃ "Show Business is an extension of the (sodomite, masonic/luciferian) Jewish religion."
 Erecting phallic columns via Mary-line/Abbey Road (St John's Wood), Men-Love Ave. and up the Old Dirt Road.
Masonic 33° Past 'SEX-tant' Masters via 'Love Me Do/Love Me Doo' - and with a mouth organ.

 Temple Black (Shirley), the Pyramid, and masonic #2 Crowley's penis via (homo) Lonely Hearts and horn blowers.
Sgt 'Pyramid' Pooper & HELL(p) - Meat the Beatles, Get Back, and Cum Together via the Ring-O (ass) Star(r).
Fixing A-Hole. Men-Love, Lennon. Satanic '666 Crowley PENIS/Dung' Beatles via (sodomite/masonic) OTO & grade signing.
A dozen or so Freemasons on the cover. 3 ranked 33° (Crowley, Marx, Wells). 3 OTO adepts. 3 Temples (3rd Temple).
Sgt 'Lucifer' Pepper - via McCartney's & (Eton homo) Fraser's Indica Mason's Yard. Right next door to the 33° Supreme Council.
The Importance of Being Eton: "...arrogant pricks, closet homosexuals, members of a corrupt Masonic order..."
Eton homo Fraser's Swinging London. Macca's (linked) International Times shut-down due to running homosexual contact ads.
Luci-LSD. Macca's first LSD reference was via Queen (a snooty fashion mag.) owned by Etonian, Jocelyn 'royalty' Stevens.
 Mason's/Lucifer's Yard. Where the Beatles' link to the (satanic elite) Gettys were made - likewise with OTO, Ken 'Lucifer' Anger.
Antichrist Beatles. Winged (Crowley) Beatle, McCartney. Mr (homo) Apollo. The ultimate CORPORATE ELITE musician.
 Sgt. (military) Pepper. EMI (Beatles) was of the military and led by (homosexual Jew) Sir Joe Lockwood. Homo Jew, manager Epstein.
Lockwood partnered with (Jewish) Thorn Electrical Industries (see, 'Jewish' O-men 2) during EMI's rise. (Thorn:EMI).
So many Jews and sodomites! Homo 'apple' Fraser was one of the first UK celebrity types that died of AIDS (1986).
AIDS. Yes, mass homo sympathy schmaltz via the complicit 'sodomite industry' has certainly aided them. Rainbow poofs.
Apple bottoms. AL-BUMS spinning at the masonic rate of 33 1/3. The ROTTEN Lucifer Sodom Apple(s).
The (jail sodomised) Punks, likewise. EMI Sex 'Penis' Pistols with their 'Bollocks' via God Save the Queen (poof, not the monarch).
Anarchy in the UK, by EMI's Dark Side of the Moon (ass) producer, Pink 'rainbow pyramid' Floyd (EMI).
Legendary 'filth and fury' interview - the Pistols were stand-ins for Queen (EMI), arranged by EMI Jew, Eric 'Killer Queen' Hall.
Penis Pistols managed by Jewish homo, 'masonic chaos' McLaren, who also popularised (LGBT icon) Boy 'tranny' George.
Homo, Julian 'Sex Pistols/Randy Donut Hole' Temple directed (homo) Culture Club's 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me'.
Filmed at Dolphin 'elite abuse linked' Square (see Carl 'Harvey Proctor' Beech, initially abused by his military step-father, etc).

  The stereotypical/classic (hyper-masculine) butch-homo moustache look. See Freddie 'God Save the Queen' Mercury (Hermes).
The OTO Beast-les: "I'm fixing A-Hole where the rain gets in....I'm filling the crack(s) that ran through the door..."
"Quietly turning the backdoor key." (Backdoor/asshole via a phallic/masonic key - written over Harrison's penis/groin.)
A backdoor key. The Dick Star-Key. Ring-O Starr's actual real name. Ring-O also originally married a Cox (Cocks).
Just like Jim 'military industrial complex' Morrison. The 'back' Doors (via LSD). A Backdoor (anal) Man.
The Snake Rider, Back Door Man via Willie Dixon (Dick-son) and Wang Dang Doodle. 7 inch or 12 inch?
STAB to Ring-O Starr. McCartney introduces Ringo as Billy Shears/Shakespeares. Willy Shake-spear(es) - sexual innuendo.
 The 331/3 (masonic/anal) groove. 'Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,...' a la stabbed Caesar (Shakespeare).
Ring-O 'COCK-er' Starr. Ringo's 'With a Little Help...' Famously covered by Joe 'Something's Cumming On' Cock-er (EMI).
 Billy Shears/Willy Shake-speare. Hence, Jane 'Henry 8th' Seymour in Macca's Live and Let Die, & Baron 'Willie Shakespeare' Samedi.
Not forgetting (black Jew/Israelite descended) Yaphet 'Royalty/Queen Victoria' Kotto, and Yoko 'Japanese aristocracy' Ono.
Paul 'Jet/Wings' McCartney linked to 007 Roger Mo(o)re & Sheriff 'revolver' JW Pepper via Live and Let Die.
 10 Pepper-band fingers playing on the Fender (guitar)...literally. The 8th Bond film and the 8th Beatles LP.
 Mr Big/Kananga's cavern dwelling: 'Oh, an underground monorail.' Cavern dwelling Beatles: 'Oh, an underground monaural (band).'
 Louisi(ana) in the Sky with Diamonds. Sgt/Sheriff Pepper's Lonely Hearts (life) and Spades (death/black) Club(s) Brass Band.
Picture yourself in a boat on a river. Picture yourself on a train in a station. Mr Kite. Made the bus in seconds flat.
A spade's club.(afro-american). Filet/Fillet, a cloth band/headband of Soul. Fillet of Sole - 'Sole' - alone/lonely (solitary/Solitaire).
Solitaire, Jane 'Willie Shakespeare' Seymour. It's dying/resurrected Baron 'Willie Shakespeare' Samedi (Saturn-day).
Continuous Entertainment. Live and Let Die opens with a brass band funeral. Pepper LP cover shows a brass band funeral.
Fillet of (Rubber) Soul. Fillet sign has decorative touches resembling the drum. The plant arrangement on either side likewise.
A Filleted Soul (stabbed) and into a coffin. Macca's tombstone (below). 'Names (epitaphs) is for tombstones, baby.'
Ring-O drum. 1 ONE IX  HE DIE. 1 ONE IX = 11/9 Euro-date, aka 11 Sept (Sept 11). Two faces (prosthetics).
Live/Die. The 'Paul is dead/alive' & 'prosthetics' thing, etc. Voodoo (living dead), what better conduit?
Mr Big's face-removal is preceded by Bond being lowered by a trap door via the Live and Let Die (spade's club singer).
The only example of a Bond theme being performed within the body of any of the films. First film not to use John Barry music.
'Spades, James, every one. ' Black suit cards, and a 'Spade's club(s)' in the black Afro sense, as per the film's narrative.
 The Live and Let Die double-decker bus becomes a single-deck bus - like the single deck bus/coach of MMT.
 Magical Mystery Tour. Black carnations symbolize mourning and, therefore, death. Spades for grave-digging. White suits.
 (The core of Magical Mystery Tour was shot between 11 September and 25 September 1967. 11 Sept like the drum.)
White Suits - Magical Mystery Tour - BOXING Day. Boxed-up like a corpse? An - A Paul Corpse.(Apple Corps.)
Sgt 'grave' Pepper was released 26 May 1967. Magical Mystery Tour exactly 7 months later 26 Dec. 1967.
Baron 'Saturn' Samedi (centre coffin), voodoo god of cemetaries, the man who cannot die.
 Abbey 'Beetle/Beatle' Road. 28IF. John leads in a white suit. Paul out of synch and barefoot a la burial. Churches/Abbeys.
Last month saw the 50th anniversary of this shot (8 Aug. 1969). 50th anniversary record re-release 27th Sept. 2019.
Fillet of Soul x2. Harlem & New Orleans' 'brass band'. The band leaders wide stride pattern evokes Abbey 'Beetle' Road.
Opening, Abbey Road-style VW Beetle on N.O. funeral brass band St. A funeral band that turns into a rock n roll band!
After playing the morose 'Just a Closer Walk with Thee' - the band then breaks into New Second Line (Joe Avery's Piece), ahem.
 Beetling/Beatling via Fillet(s) of Soul - New Orleans & Harlem. Four instances of the German Beetle. Hamburg Beatles.
 Red Beetle/Beatle around the side of N.O. Fillet of Soul for the 2nd funeral (cop Strutter). Coffin passes-by.
The Orleans funeral brass band that then turns into a rock n roll band - a la Pepper 'funeral' Beatles.
2nd funeral scene (above) which leads to Mr Big via 'Live and Let Die' club track (via the trap-door) and his two-faced unveiling.

On 17 April 1954, Ringo's mother married Harry Graves. Graves, an impassioned fan of big band music and their vocalists.
On Christmas Day 1957, Graves gave Ringo a second-hand drum kit (with bass drum). Yaphet 'Mr Big' Kotto featured in Drum.
N.O. Fillet of Soul basement like the underground cavern of the (overground) Pepper burial cover. Recall the Revolver booth, Harlem.

'Big Apple' Jet Wings - 'Sept 11' Macca was at JFK, Queens, NY. on 9/11/01. 1 ONE IX.
Live and Let Die - via Twin 'Sept 11 CIA' Towers. Jet Wings Macca via 'Sept 11' - and 'Destruction in Art' via 'Sept 11 DIA' Yoko.
Lennon met Ono, 9th Nov. 1966 (9/11 Euro-date) and via 'Apple/Sgt Pepper' Fraser's linked Indica. Crazy!
Tishman was the construction manager for the Twin Towers. He did the same for 666 5th Ave.

Mason's Yard. Pepper cover, Fraser art-directed, Blake/Haworth staged the scene. Haworth worked on OTO Anger's Lucifer Rising.
Pepper all came out of Supreme 33° linked Indica. Macca, Fraser by his exhibits. Dunbar, Miles, and (Apple) Asher - Indica owners.
Dunbar married to Marianne 'Lucifer Rising/Stones' Faithful. Connected Asher the brother of Macca's former girlfriend Jane.
Karl 'masonic Sirius' Stockhausen, who is on the Pepper cover, talked about 9/11 being the greatest ever work of art:
(Sept 16 2001) "I said that such a plan (Big NY Apple 9/11) appeared to be Luci-fer's greatest work of art.
Of course, I used the designation - "work of art" to mean the work of destruction personified in Lucifer."

Here comes - Yaphet 'Sirius-Boxer Sonny' Kotto!
Sonny Boy, Kotto's childhood nickname. Kotto's acting break via The Great White Hope, a boxing play. Sonny 'boxer' Liston.
Sonny 'boxer' Boy, Boxing 'White' Day, and Pepper boxed burial. Great White - see the shark, and Jaws. Alien Parker, Kotto.

Recall, the core of Magical Mystery Tour was shot between 11 September and 25 September 1967.
Also recall Macca at JFK airport on 9/11/01, and Sgt Pepper, 9/11 Sirius Stockhausen.
"Yaphet 'royalty' Kotto grew older with a purpose to establishing himself in the film industry, and revolutionized the image of Afro American men on screen forever because he claimed the ‘Elders’ of the Sirius Star System who sent him to earth wanted a change in the image of Afro American men. He claims his birth is that of an Avatar. The divine descent into human form." WTF? Here.
Some might even recall a 'Sirius' dog (dog star) that died on 9/11.
 Sept 11/911. CIA/DIA Twin 'struck' Towers via Construction/Deconstruction in Art - and literally.
Live and Let Voodoo Pepper Tarot. The High Priestess (Seymour) & her Twin Pillars (masonic Boaz/Jachin).

 007 MI6/CIA Secret Agent(s). Jet 'McCartney/Bond' Wings, via the 'phallic' Struck Tower(s), & 'destructive' Twin Tower 9/11.
The Tower also symbolises an ejaculating penis. Note how the card reading starts. 'A man cums. He cums quickly.' Pan-Am.
007 Bond 'jets' into JFK, NY. Where 'Jet Wings/007/Spies Like Us' McCartney was on the very morning of 9/11/01.
 Zoom shot of CIA/South Tower is about 50 secs after card reading. 'Tarot of the witches' deck. DIA/9-11 Destruction in Art, Ono.
Readers will know of my writing re: NY Towering Trump, Donny. The walking tarot card. He likes swing states and Camp David.
Satanic Jew, Lord Grade owned the Beatles' back catalogue from 1969, Northern Songs. Media mogul, Lew 'ITC Sept. 11' Grade.
Grade's ATV and Sony merged and owned the catalogue. 1995, Macca-linked Peter 'Indica' Asher became VP of Sony Music.
Baron Samedi (Geoffrey 'The Wiz' Holder). Joel '9/11' Schumacher's film version had the Twin Towers as the Emerald City.
Holder featured in (Woody 'paedo' Allen's) Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* before this Bond film.
Bond is compared to 'The Fool'. Paul 'Fool on the Hill' McCartney. The Fool did the original Pepper cover.
Revolver booth Bond draws the Fool seconds before seeing Mr Big for the first time, who then gives the revolver 'waste him' order.
John & Yoko - The (Naked) Lovers and (revolver) Death. They lived at the NY Dakota (Rosemary's 'Farrow' Baby). 'All of Them Witches'.
Bond screenplay by Tom 'Rosebud' Mankiewicz. It also features an actor from 'Shaft'. 1st Bond film to use the word shit.
Yoko 'Bottoms/Cox' Ono. "Jew-Jew (Ju-Ju) Eye-ball" - from Cum Together. JuJu, as in a type of witchcraft.
 Similar hat style (bowler/brown derby). Sept 11 linked MMT. "The Magical Mystery Tour is DYING to take you away."

A crushed and bloodied Beetle (VW) is seen via a supposed suicide at the beginning of (Lennon/Ono Dakota linked) Rosemary's Baby.
We get the story of head witch Adrian Mercato's near death via the entrance and lobby - just as with Lennon's actual death.
  God is Dead! Satan Lives! Written and directed by (satanic) Jews. LaVey's CoS formed 1966. DIAS Sept 11th 1966.
"To 1966! - The Year Is One!" I consider this to be an industry 4th wall example.
The story is built around Rosemary and 'actor' Guy. An actor seeking advancement thru satanic cult membership! Roman Castevet claims to be the son of a Broadway producer (that would be Adrian) who worked with such figures as Forbes Robertson, Modjeska, and Minnie Fiske. Mention is also made of him knowing legendary actor and (Jerusalem Lodge 197) Freemason Sir Henry Irving, the main inspiration for Stoker's Dracula character. The film's supporting cast is made up of a variety of established 'old school' Hollywood names. DIAS Ono, and Lennon, also occupied the 7th floor of the Dakota, a la the (witchy and entertainment linked) Castevets. Rosemary's (demonic) Baby was due to be born 28th June 1966. On that day in "reality" - the Beatles would play their penultimate live show in LA. The very next day (29th) would be their last ever live tour show at Candlestick Park, SF.

Tony 'Pepper cover' Curtis featured in 'Rosemary's Baby' - the 'voice' of the Baumgart character blinded by the cult.
"Blinded by the cult" - am I talking about Rosemary's Baby witches, or the victims of Beatlemania (cult mass mind control)?
Sgt Devil's Pepper via Rosemary's 'satanic Dakota' Baby. All of them Witches.
Guy places the 'All of Them Witches' book on top of (OTO Crowley/Anger linked) Kinsey's sexual volumes (sex magick).
Of course, let this post be testament to the mass (and covert) sexual programming of society via satanic/sodomite Jew Hollywood.
All of Them Witches - a 'tail chasing' creature in the shape of a ring. Paedo Kinsey visted Crowley's Abbey with OTO Anger.
 Next to Sammy 'Satanist' Davis Jnr's bio 'Yes I Can'. Davis, a member of LaVey's 1966 born church of (homo) Satan.
One of the Castevet coven was played by (degenerate) Ryan O'Neal's mother, Patricia. For Farrow/O'Neal, see Peyton Place.
Farrow involved with the Beatles via India. It's known that satanic Jew Polanski and (military intel linked) 'initiated witch' Tate, visited (Beatle) Indica late 1966 and on several occasions. The Indica linked to the Supreme Council 33° (Jewish/satanic freemasonry).
The Woodhouse and 'witchy' Castevet apartments (Dakota) are joined by a broom cupboard.
Peppering the Brown-eye (hind-quarters) via Witches, (phallic) Bed-NOBS and (phallic/yonic) Broomsticks.
Bed(k)nobs Lansbury's grandfather was leader of the Labour Party (UK). Her children were linked to Charles 'Beatles' Manson.
Wicker/Wicca Man Christopher '3 witchy nipples' Lee, and Ekland, both featured in Man with the Golden Gun.

Man With the Golden Gun [Roger Moore, trying out a gun]: "Also lost his trigger. It is housed in the butt. Squeeze it.
The sights are a bit off. You have five fingers. The butt is balanced for the pressure of three. That's why you were one inch too low."
Bottoms Up and Roger Mo(o)re - some of the scenes were shot in 'phonetically resonant' Phuket Bay.
Wicca/Whicker Man, Gold-gun (gold member) Lee was actually Fleming's step-cousin.

Wicca - 'to bend'. SWitchcraft eye-holing and Get Bach. We all live in a (phallic) yellow 'USS Wayne' rainbow submarine...
 Sphinx, Pyramids, yellow submarines, and Ring-O's wife, Bach, feature in (under sea Octopus-sy's garden) Spy Who Loved Me.
This 'Rogering Moore' Bond film was kabbalistcally released on Ring-O's birthday, 7/7/77.
 Rogering More Pussy Galore! Spy XXX Bach, and hubby Ring-O's Octopus-sy's Garden Under the (Atlantis) Sea. Wet pussy gardens.
(Octo)Pussies (with eggs) and Sacrificial Rings via Apple Ring-O, his wife, hard-core 'Triple X' Bach/Back.
10 armed Kali via Octo-pussy and HELL(p). Jew directed Help! was a direct spoof of the Bond films.
The 'watery lotus' Kali. The watery Lotus being the car in (related) The Spy Who Loved Me. Car boats x2.
Apple Ring-O's first wife was called Cox (Cocks), linked Yoko Ono's first husband was Tony 'Bottoms' Cox (Cocks).
Moon-raker, with (prickly) Holly Good-Head. Ring-O was close to drummer Keith 'The Who' Moon. Moon via a Roger, as in Daltry.
A Pin and Ball Wizard. Sniffing balls from (gay) Soho, down to (gay) Brighton via a pin and with a twist.
 Witchy Ono's Destruction In Art (DIAS) 'Pyramid/Eye' via Sept. 11. A three day run from 9-11 September, 1966.
The Apple of my masonic pyramid (ass) eye...via Sphinx/Sphincter/Bottoms Ono, Cox/Cocks, and Albert's homo 'ring piercing.'

Ring-O Starr (and the Beatles) were interested in making 'Lord of the (ass) Rings' - linked to Camp Climax, and 'eye/pyramid' Kubrick.
 Orange (queer) Brown-eye stabber and with 'milk'. See Bed-nobs. The lavender, 'bent rainbow cock' lolly-eater (Lolita).
Birthing Lucifer/Satan babies via 1968, Jews Kubrick and Polanski. Lucifer birthing in 2001 sequel, 2010.
9/11 Kubrick worked on Bond films. Jimmy 'paedo/showbiz/royalty' Savile acted as the compere for The 'Crowley/Sodomite' Beatles.
 Dick Ringo Starr. Much of Starr's career has been built around his 'sacrificial ring' - see HELL(p) and O-Men's, Bugenhagen/McKern.
Ring Lord Saturn/Satan. LOTR series via Peter 'Sodomy Song' Jackson. It's The 'Willie' Goonies via 'Ring Lording' Astin and 007.

Corporate 'one-eyed Willie' Spielberg was a major 'Sept 11' and (related phallic Tower) predictive programmer - via his output.
 Spielberg and Dick 'O-Men' Donner's The 'booty pirate' Goonies. The cop a boning key of one-eyed - Jolly Rogering, Willie.
Tom 'Rosebud linked' Mankiewicz even wrote scenes for The 'One-eyed Penis' Goonies, and War 'back-door' Games. 
 007 Mankiewicz scripted Dick 'O-Men' Donner's Superman, with (Pepper cover) Marlon 'Tango Sodomy' Brand-O,
- and Christopher 'Rosebud Houseman' Reeves. Beatling, Dick 'Beatles' Lester directed Superman II.
John 'Too Much Johnson/Rosebud' Houseman also mentored Robin 'rosebud' Williams, same year as homo Reeves (1973).
Rosebud/Kane, Too Much Johnson, Houseman. The Naked (phallic) Gun, and  'camp fire' storyteller via Spivey Point (The Fog).

 Here cums the son. Templar, Rogering '007' More: "No point going in half-cocked..."
A Double 007 - Sheriff Pepper/Chief Brody HALF-ASSED autopsy - via  Louisiana and Sportsman's Paradise. 007 0 981.
Not so much a knife Filleted Soul/Sole (fish) via 007/Louisiana, but a knife filleted Tiger Shark via 007/Louisiana.
A Closet Encounter of the Turd Kind via the colon and a Dick (Hooper), Dreyfuss. A (phallic) Devils Tower rainbow man.
Before performing the autopsy they leave Brody's wife, played by Garry (slang, shitter) behind at home.
Barrelled twisting blood hole via a phallic pistol - 007 Roger(ing) Mo(o)re. Camp Blood. Lucifer ass-bonding.
Stabbed Tiger '007' Shark. 'It's got a 'Deep Throat'. 'End of the - barrel my ass.' Jaws featured Gay Head lighthouse.
R. Soul (Rubber Soul), Sgt. Pooper, Revolver, Hap-penis is a warm gun, Lennon/Beatles. A sex (penis) pistol.

SIN-EMA/CINEMA. Cumming soon...a film with a tail-twisting climax. Anyone for 'Shaving Ryan's Privates'? Man eating?
Her-man Melville's, Moby 'Sperm Whale' DICK was a major influence on Jaws.  Gregory 'Ahab/O-Men' Peck.
Linked, satanic O-Men,  Dick 'one-eyed Willie' Donner was involved in 'whale riding' Free 'Jesse' Willy.
Jew, Steven '666' Spielberg. Deep Throat - Jaws, and The Devil in Miss 'Reemed' Jones. Dick Nixon & Water-gate (via the sea), literally.
 Private Dicking. Stiffs, blows, hairy bottom cases, and full moons (asses). Hairy/Harry 'gay icon' Reems.
Reem - to bore wider holes. Lovelace, aka Linda Sue Bore-man. Recall 'camping' John 'Deliverance sodomy' Boor-man, 1972.
See how interchangeable this mass sodomite Hollywood programming is. I can do this breakdown at will, and off the cuff.
 It's sodom Dickey's 'Deliverance Camper' - Ronnie #2 Cox. Dick Jones (Robocop). P K Dick's Cohagen via Iron Arnie and Ironside.
Toilet #2 Trading in orange Queerhoven's Robocop. "Iron butt, boner, asshole." Yup, the three things required for sodomy.
Beverly Uphill Copping, Cox. Lt. Bogomil (buggery). Bent Banana (ass-pipe) tail-pipe probing via a rear Axl/axel 'trick'.
'Orange agent' Eddie 'Toilet Trading Places via a bum/ass' Murphy - with (rosebud Mankiewicz's Drag-netting), 'stay poofed' Aykroyd.
Stay Poofed, Aykroyd even has a 'battered eye' in the toilet promo shot above. This is how the film was originally marketed.
The orange queer Duke traders settle their $ bet in the toilet. Maybe somebody did really: "tear Aykroyd a new asshole"?
This is some real crypto-Freudian type shit! It's not easy quantifying/defining what this is, but I'm sure some can follow.
'It's got a Deep Throat'. Jaws/Jews. Jew, Dick 'barrel my ass' Dreyfuss helped with Jew Reems' 1973 obscenity court-case!
Reems' successful case was handled by Jew, Alan 'Epstein' Dershowitz!
Sean S. 'Camp Blood' Cunning-Ham(s). Mr Friday 13. Mr Hairy Bottoms via Reems, stiffs and full moons.
'Jump the shark' - via Jews, Fonz/Winkler, Hein(y), and (Queens born) Howard 'Private Parts/rear' Stern. Jump, to fuck.
As in 'White Men Can't Jump' (fuck) - via a Woody and ring/hoop dunking. Think Magic Johnson.
  Sit on it, Cunning-hams. Family jewels in chocolate, shark jumping, Winkle(r). 'Back-Draft' Howard, Henry 'Wind-Cheater' Winkler.
Hairy, full-moon bottoms via stiffs, Sean S. Cunningham. He helped seed/launch both porn and horror.
The latter via Wes 'Hills Have Eyes' Craven, Mr Freddie 'Nancy's boy/Jesse boy' Krueger, via Spring-Wood.
Friday 13th series implicated in 9/11 predictive programming. See Part 3, and Takes Manhattan.
Masonic Friday 13, Final Chapter - with Corey 'one-eyed Willie' Feldman. Jason and 'Camp Blood' chopper eye-stabbing.
'Ass-dogged' Feldman of 'Chopper/Pop-eye' sik (sick) balls fame - via Dick 'Jaws' Dreyfuss, in Lard Assing, Stand By (Behind) Me.
Is this why Dick (Hoop-er) sees the popped-eye of the fisherman when probing the boat hull in Jaws?
A film by Jew, meat-heading, Rob 'shitty pipe dreams' Reiner. Shitshank Redemption, with worm-holing Freeman.
 Shit pipe 'rosebud' fantasies...via jailhouse rocking and digging dirt tunnels. The schmaltz suckers have been mind raped.
Now you know why satanic Jew, Stephen 'The chopper/cock Shining' King also penned as Dick Back-man (Richard Bachman).
It was Shitshank Reiner's father, Carl, that wrote (iron box) Richie 'Rosebud' Petrie for the Dick van Dyke Show.
Dick van Dyke was famously in Chitty, Shitty, Bang-Bang. A 'Vulgaria' story by Ian '007' Fleming, with Goldfinger.
Tom 'Rosebud linked' Mankiewicz did write/influence a lot of these 007 'Roger Mo(o)re' scripts.

The Devil's Tower in Miss Jones's Rosebud...
Speaking of 'rosebud' shit pipe busting fantasies. Robin 'Spielberg' Williams was linked to Orson Welles and 'rosebud'.
Orson 'Too Much Johnson/Rosebud/Big Homo (Br)Ass Ring' Welles. Mrs Dragfire, Frisco rainbow tunnel, Williams.
666 Steven 'Devils Tower' Spielberg's first film - 'tail-end' Amblin' debuted with Otto 'Rosebud' Preminger's Ski-doo.
Skidoo was co-written by Rob 'shit pipe dreams' Reiner.
Citizen 'Rosebud' Kane by Her-man Mankiewicz, who was Tom 'Live and Let Die' Mankiewicz's uncle.
Preminger, with both a Rosebud film, and a Skidoo film. Rosebud, a sled (a snow-mobile). Ski-doo, a snow-mobile.
 A Rosebud via a chopper and the O'Tool(e). Skidoo and sexual sledding a la Citizen 'Rosebud' Kane.
Apple/Lennon/Ring-O linked Nilsson soundtracked Skidoo. His last soundtrack was for 'iron/oil' Pop-eye (rosebud Williams).

The Deep 'Throat' Jaws.
The Deep/Jaws. Peter Benchley x2, and Robert Shaw x2. The Jaws promo evokes phallic and vagina dentata imagery.
Bruce, the Jaws shark's nickname. A name historically associated with homosexuality. A queer hammer-head.
Bruce 'Philadelphia/homo' Springstein, Bruce 'iron man' Banner, Butch/Nancy Bruce 'Pulped Ass Friction' Willis, etc.
 Jaws + Deep Throat. Your Anus (Uranis) Pictures via sexploitation, The 'screwing' Dick-tator, and 'Deep Jaws' (1976).
Deep Blue Sea (1999). The Deep (film 1977) had 'opium/morphine' as a major plot-line. As did Live and Let (shark) Die.
Robert 'Jaws/The Deep' Shaw was a 007 Bond villain in From Russia With Love.
Jaws' Quint, Mr Submariner via sub-torpedoed USS Idianapolis. The bomb(s) via Enola Gay, a Fatman and a Little Boy.
Syd Cain, designed the watch, an assistant art director for (sub, Spy Who Loved Me) Kubrick, and a prod. designer for Hitch-cock.
Psycho was the first film to show a toilet (shitter). My, how far we've come since 1960. Janet 'Curtis' Leigh.
Poof Hitch-cock, & gay Perkins. 'ANL trading' and plated Crane via struck eyes and the (stabbed) plugged eye hole. Leigh was in
'camp fire' via rosebud Houseman, 'The Fog' with daughter Jamie. Halloween, the bo(o)gey-buggery man & 'closet eye-stabbing' film.
Bird-stuffer, Pecker (master) Bates. Fruit cellar recess, hollow-eyed mother. You can't drag her away - said tranny Perkins.
Slashed-eye via tranny Bates, Arboghast (Balsam), featured in (color-coded) Pelham 123, with Robert 'Jaws' Shaw.
The 'Jaws' (villain) joined 007 in 1977. The submarine film with Ring-O's wife, Bach/Back, with Air on a (massonic/knicker) G-string.
Jaws, Hoop-er: You screw-around with these (compressed-air) tanks and they're gonna blow-up. Innuendo in a removed context.
Robert '007/Jaws' Shaw. "Little [phallic/sodomite] brown eel swims in-and-out of the hole." (via rope/knots).
Live and Let Die. 007 Rogering Mo(o)re chair fishes off the back of a boat (a la Quint/Shaw) and in the vicinty of sharks.
The GREAT WHITE Hope (Boxing) - see Pepper boxer Sonny Liston, and 'Sonny Boy' Kanaga/Mr Big, boxer Kotto.
Live and Let Die ends with a 'shark scene' and 'compressed-air' exploded 'Mr Big' villain. Like the ending of (related) 007 Jaws.
A compressed-air 'shark gun' pellet.
Roy 'All That (J)Azz' Schieder killing the shark with his rifle/gun and hitting the compressed-air tank.

Still in progress...
Cpt. Hook, crocs/gators, and time. Peter 'sodomy' Pan. Butter-hook, crocs/gators, and time (watch).
Oysters - Walrus and Carpenter. I Am the Walrus with Eggs. Alice 'in dirt hole' Wonderland. Lewis 'Pepper' Carroll.

 Sgt. Anal Pooper...Back-Door Keys:
I'm not through with 'backdoor key' Harrison, yet! Even Harris/'Arris is a slang term for the ass.
The OTO Beast-les: "I'm fixing A-Hole where the rain gets in....I'm filling the crack(s) that ran through the door..."
Linked 'She's Leaving Home': "Silently closing her bedroom door...." via the pointed/phallic finger.
"Quietly turning the backdoor key." (Backdoor/asshole via a phallic/masonic key - written over Harrison's penis/groin.)
See Pepper cover. Notice how he is next to gender-bender/drag icon - Marlene Dietrich.
OTO Anal Crowley concealed between the Temple - Do(o)rs. O-Scar 'homo' Wilde behind Crowley. Dietrich, to the left.
 Dietrich - Male first name, meaning master key, pick-lock, a key that can open all doors.
Fixing A-Hole, Backdoor (penis) Key, Harrison, next to (Master Key) 'drag icon' Dietrich.
All with OTO sodomite Crowley between the Temple Do(o)rs. Diana Dors' father headed a masonic lodge.
Is that a canoe in her/his dress? See arrow. I call that the Dietrich penis bulge. She/he dresses to the right. :)
With a name like Dietrich - she/he just had to have a (penis) key somewhere - and we've found it.

Pepper cover, art-directed by Eton homo, Indica/Supreme Council 33°, Fraser. It's ALL just coincidence, right readers?
The head of EMI (Lockwood) being a homosexual also has no bearing on anything. Or their homo Jew manager. Ahem.

More coincidental findings (sarcasm) - diagonally mirrored/scryed Pepper. See 33° Crowley's 'Magick and Theory in Practice'.
Masonic/OTO Pepper Pyramid. A Penis rose(bud) flower bed. Ring-O Drum/OTO lamen, two OTO Crowleys at the apex.
Gay rights/liberation icon - Harry Hay - was also a member of (sodomite) OTO. An organ-ist. No comment.
It's alleged that OTO have had an enormous (yet largely hidden) role in influencing US popular culture.
If this is in fact the case, then you've actually been getting primarily programmed (via exposure), and not entertained, per-se.
The programming is the primary driver. Entertainment is the packaging by which to sell the (nefarious) programming & rinse it thru.

Harrison formed Handmade Films, the name coming from (underpants based) toilet paper via suggestive (witchy) Wookey Hole.
(Sexual) Scrubbers, The Missionary (position), (sexual) Privates on Parade...With Nail and Eye, the "I fuck arses" - cottaging film.
 Bruce 'With-Nail & Eye' Robinson. "G'day Bruce, via Oz/Aus. (Monty 'homo' Python). More like G-(d)ay Bruce. Ahem.
I Fuck Arses. Two Queens. Forced to Camp. Cottaging via homo actors. Butter-drips from (gay) crumpet(s). Poof on acid.

 The Beatles and Weinstein...
Harrison's Handmade also UK distributed (degenerate abuser) Weinstein's first feature film, The Burning (1981).
Is that Billy SHEARS, The Burning? Or is it a scissor sister/brother?

 More camp blood. Camp fires and Cropsy 'anal' Bo(o)geymen via sodomite Jews and sodomy programmers, the Weinsteins.
Carry On Camping. Camp Blackfoot, Camp Stonewater, sex with a Sally via camp fires. Campers via Devil's 'shit' Creek.
A total 'camp' fest. And folk wonder why the Weinsteins were involved in The Crying (Tranny) Game, & Pulp(ed) 'ass' F(r)iction.
Weinsteins, via Lord of the (ass) Rings, too. The 'camp' Burning co-written by Weinstein's former gopher Brad 'homo' Grey.
Edited by Sholder of gay Elm St 2 fame. Homo Jesse and Nancy boys via 'the man of their dreams' and Spring-wood.
Miramax/Weinstein's first foray into the industry coming via Paul 'Live and Let Die' MCartney and Wings - via (1980) Rockshow!
What a small, masonic/satanic Jew entertainment world. Jet Wings, Masonic Paul '11 Sept - 9/11/01' McCartney.
Jews owned/controlled The Beatles - homo Epstein, to Lew '11 Sept' Grade, to Sid 'US' Bernstein, to Sidney 'Hitch-cock' Bernstein.
Weinstein Bros. first release for Dimension/Miramax - horror on 11 Sept - via Liverpool's Clive 'OTO/Sodomite' Barker.
Satanic cube Hellraising. 'Will end on earth'. Masonic, sodomite, Jew Hell on Earth via Twin Towers and 11 Sept/Sept 11.

If mass media didn't brainwash/influence people - billions and billions of $ wouldn't be spent on corporate advertising. D'oh!
USA and UK are both slave colonies of the satanic/masonic, Khazar Jews. This is beyond any reasonable doubt.
Miramax were also involved with Python-linked 'The Secret (masonic) Policeman's Other Ball', US distribution.
Harrison's & Handmade financed and made Python's 'The Life of Brian', and 'Hollywood Bowl' gig (also see The Rutles).

 S-cream QUEENS, CLOSET Bo(o)gey/Buggery Men, & SWINGERS (Schwing both ways).
The horror genre - one of the most fertile genres for mass crypto-sodomy programming via satanic/masonic Jew Hollywood.
Camp Weinsteins were heavily involved in the Halloween franchise. Talking of camp fire 'Anal stabbing Bo(o)geymen' via film.
It's 'orange queers' - Queening Mike 'Austin Powers' Myers via Dana 'Halloween II' Carvey.
 The Bo(o)gey/Buggery Man is Cumming - and via Closet Eye-Stabbing. Spinal Tap Curtis, daughter of ANL trading Crane/Leigh.
Harrison was also connected to (Liverpool linked) Mike 'sodomy/Wayne Camp-bell's Queen World' Myers, 007 spoofing.
Austin 'Peter Asher' Powers. The same Peter 'McCartney' Asher who was a co-owner of Indica. Mike 'Wayne's Queen World' Myers.
Dr Pinky Evil. Myers just featured in Bohemian 'Queen' Crapsody. USS Wayne, anyone, via The Spy Who Shagged Me?
Peter 'Indica' Asher's father was Dr. Richard Asher who was a practitioner of sleep hypnosis. Oh, dear.
Indica was owned by John 'Faithful' Dunbar, Barry 'McCartney biographer' Miles, and Peter 'McCartney/Austin Powers' Asher.
It's also a place where Lucifer/OTO Anger spent considerable time, and where (satanic) Getty progeny sponsored UK artists.
Indica Macca dated, and was briefly engaged to, Indica Asher's sister, Jane. All circa 1963-68. Macca lived at the Asher house.
In 1968, Asher headed-up Apple Corps A&R department, where he signed James Taylor (to Apple), and went on afterwards to produce acts such as: James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Cher, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John, Diana Ross, Kenny Loggins, and even Robin Williams. Asher went on to become VP of Sony. The same Sony/ATV (see 9/11 Grade) that owned the Beatles back catalogue.
The Ashers claim to be descendants of Richard III (Plantagenets). Or is it Dick the Turd? Anyone for (willy shaker) Billy Shears?
Peter 'Apple/Indica' Asher was also a part of the group that opened the Roxy Theatre (LA, West Hollywood), which premiered
- The Rocky (Tranny) Horror Show (musical). The US show that led to the film. An uber transsexual propaganda piece.
Myers featured in John and Yoko: A Love Story (1985) in an uncredited role as a delivery boy.

Mike 'Canada' Myers and the Beatles have a strange and mysterious connection.

 Myers’ parents were from Liverpool. During the war, father Eric Myers was in the Royal Engineers and his mother Alice (known as “Bunny”- likely a sexual allusion) was a ranking officer in the Royal Air Force, and later became an aspiring actress. After marrying in 1955, the couple emigrated to Toronto a year later. Eric Myers died on Nov. 22nd, 1991 from Alzheimer's. Mike has a brother named Paul (Paul McCartney has a brother named Mike) and were born in Toronto and hold dual citizenship to Canada and UK. (source)

Perhaps most curious in this tale is an interview Mike Myers gave to GQ in 2002.
During the filming of the third Austin Powers film, Goldmember. According to a story on UltimateClassicRock:
Chopper rides with Backdoor Key, Harrison? George left him on the helicopter that day? Myers was about 14 months old!?
Worringly, in the film, known (BBC paedo) Wilfred 'dirty old man' Brambell (as Macca's g'father) was on that chopper. Ahem.
Canada/Liverpool Myers: "I can't really speak of it." Why not, though? And why did Myers say that they'd never met? This all seems like coded speak. Harrison surely wouldn't be this familiar if he didn't know Myers. Dr Pinky/Frickin'/#2 Evil. 'Friggin' - an English word for masturbating, and it is also used as a euphemism for 'fucking'. (See homo Sex Pistols, Friggin' in the Riggin'). 'Four of fish and finger pie' is another sexual euphemism. Was Wayne's Queen World Myers (as a youngster) initiated into something - if you catch my drift? Toilet humour/007 spoof/Beatles, Myers. Toilet-paper via underpants and Wookey Holes, Handmade Harrison. Very odd.
A hairy Wookie/Wookey (hole) and Harrison? It's all gone Star 'homo' Wars. Cock-pit Han(d) Solo and Chewy :)

Mike Myers was born in Ontario. Paul 'OPP Badge' McCartney...CANADA. Colonial Canada. Another masonic marker?
Masonic '777'. 13th Oct. aka 'masonic/templar' 10-13. Pepper/Indica was next-door to the Supreme Council 33°. Mason's Yard, Macca.
Have the dumbed-down/ignorant masses been 'completely played' by satanic/masonic Beatlemania? The mold for popular culture/mass media. Hoodwinked via the 'cult of celebrity' (idol worship) and obliviously been satanically programmed by exposure? Yup.
The 'working class' Beatles made to look like organic talent etc., but completely engineered by the masonic aristocratic elites.
The 777 Winged Beatle/Beetle. McCartney/Crowley. The (satanic/masonic Jew) kabbalist 777 tree of life lightning bolt.
Willy Shaker, Macca. Anyone for Shaker-speares' 'Hamlet' and melting flesh/faces via Crowley McCartney's false nose?

Thanks go to Blog of the Caverns for some of the following content. Note I've not seen Crowley/Alchemical Wedding.

 Aristocrat based EMI was formed and headed by a homosexual/sodomite...Sir Joseph Lockwood. Homo EMI.
EMI, '666 Crowley' Bea(s)tles - EMI, Iron 'Crowley 666 Beast' Maiden. Iron = POOF.
Bruce - the homo resonating first name - Dick-in-son presents Crowley. Iron 'poof' Maiden are/were linked to Crowley/OTO.
 It was Thorn:EMI when homo Iron Maiden released their self-titled debut LP. See Thorn Ind. (in sodomite) The '666' O-Men.
Winged Dick-inson (a pilot) joined Iron Maiden for the Number of the 666 Beast release. Inspired by The 'Thorn' O-Men 2.
Crowley (2008 film). The Bogie/Bogey 'buggery' Man is cumming, and immediately before (sexually resonant) Fanlight Fanny.
Simon 'queen on acid' Callow - as Haddo/Crowley. Callow, more homo than a pink, penis flavoured, cock-shaped lollipop.
Uber faggot Callow featured in (masonic Mozart) Amadeus - with Tom 'homosexual' Hulce, & Beetlejuice, Jeff 'paedo/homo' Jones.
Terry 'phallic Python' Jones was initially the one who wanted to produce this filmic Crowley bilge. Monty 'Beatle Harrison' Python.
Small masonic/homo world. Julian 'Python' Doyle ended-up directing the Crowley film. Likely another homo/sodomite too.

 A Hard Day's Night and Crowley/Alchemical Wedding - Willy Shaker, Hamlet x2 - via EMI, Beatles and EMI Iron Bruce.
Recall from earlier: "The 'Paul is dead/alive' & 'prosthetics' thing, etc."
Melting flesh...via a false nose. There's PAEDOPHILE Wilfred 'dirty old man' Brambell (above right/below left).
Steptoe - Rag n Bone men. Any old IRON. Peter 'Any Old Iron/Poof' Sellers. See Ring-O & iron/pink cat Sellers in The Magic Christian.
 That military uniform (partially shown, right) with epulets - also looks very similar to the Pepper military outfits.
McCartney hand-picked Brambell for the role. During his lifetime it was widely known that Brambell was not just a closeted gay man but also a paedophile who holidayed in Thailand and Jersey in order to have sex with boys. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. Don't forget that prolific BBC paedo Sir Jimmy 'Jersey' Savile was also a compere for The 'Crowley sodom' Beatles.

 "Oh, that this too, too solid flesh would melt."
 Templar, Rogering '007' Moore was certainly a closet homosexual, of that I have no doubt.

Not sure if it's relevant, but the very first scene strikes me as being quite strange. SONIC Death via UK, US, & Canada.

"Masonry is a Jewish institution...Jewish from beginning to end."- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
Lennon: "Showbiz is an extension of the [masonic/satanic] Jewish religion."
Still in progress.


  1. Wow, epic connections man, excellent work! There's a huge Beatles push happening in the latest crop of propaganda nonsense coming out of Hollywood right now, with Lucy In The Sky, Yesterday, Once upon a time in Hollywood, etc. Looking forward to seeing what else you uncover!

    1. Hi, I've not noticed any recent Beatles push, but then I've got my head down most of the time. I'm sure you correct in what you say. :)

      I will have to have a look around and see what's out there. I noticed the recent Abbey Road anniversary in news items, but that's all. I will check-out those titles you suggested. I think one of them listed is the Tarantino 'Manson' film. A film that I'm happy not to see. His films are unadulterated mk-ultra shite.:)

      Thanks for the comment and pointers. Cheers anon.

  2. You are incredible, HP. Grew up watching and rewatching James Bond and Jaws. Never saw all of the connections between the two. Hats off to your master eye. So happy to see you posting again. Hope all is well.

    1. Hi Fist.

      Yeah, me too. I know both of these films inside-out. Like you, I watched them multiple times while growing up. Live and Let Die holds the record for the most viewed film in UK broadcast history (1980).

      I put this post together to pass some time away and to share these findings etc. Thanks for the comment, appreciate you dropping in. Challenging content and a challenging per. Understand that I do this deliberately. :)

      All the best to you and yours.

  3. Great and very funny blog Horselover,you cheered up my evening for me in light of all the crap i'm having to endure from the putrid msm on this 18th anniversary of the mass murder of 3000 people by deep state/Mossad/CIA/Masons etc etc and then tens of thousands more,with no end in sight. I noticed in yesterdays Daly(Toad)mail they had lots of photos of the days following 911,and guess what? nearly every photo was filled with a purple hue! I could not believe it,and worse still no one seem to notice or make a comment about it! Mind control right in there faces! How depressing.Take care!

    1. Hi, Mike.

      Very perceptive of you to notice the slight change in tack. Only slight, though.:)
      A little more light-hearted this time around and politically calorie controlled too.

      Another year goes by and it's the same old, same old. If anything the masses are increasingly going backwards (while elites motor forward) and are getting more base and even more ignorant. If such a thing is possible! These (elite) people create 'reality'. By the time the sheep have worked-out that they've been lied to by these sociopaths - they (the elite programmers) have already moved-on in creating the next (faux) reality or realities. There is too much comfort in LIES and IGNORANCE. This is the default setting for most human beings, unfortunately. I don't see this changing anytime soon, if ever.

      Yup, it is depressing. Thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated. All the best to you.

  4. So much resentment. Breathe in all the worlds suffering, breathe out nothing but cool blue goodness. Compassion for all sentient beings! 87