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Sci-Fi, West(ern) World, The God-Brain & The Creation of Adam

Upped as a stand-alone piece, but it was a continuation of the previous post (here).

Someone was asking me about Westworld (in the comments). I've not seen it, but have pulled this out:
A lot of the S3 opening title imagery can be related to WAR. (link)
Symbolic Ajax (Warrior) in the promo, above left. Greek, great-grandson of Zeus. Related to: "lifting the fog of war (battle)"
Ajax 'falling on his sword' (suicide) - 'conquered by his [own] sorrow.' That's the Dubai skyline (top left).
"Free Will-(iam) - Is Not Free." William (Harris), in the finale is killed by a replica of himself (symbolic suicide) in Dubai.
"These violent delights have violent ends."
 Flash 'Zeus' Gordon (1980) via war rocket Ajax and "fall on your sword" (masonic) Ming.
Zeus Gordon who suicide crashes into Ming's palace via Ajax - after "lifting the fog/cloud of battle."
Delos (Westworld Park operators) - another link to mythological Greece. (Also bear in mind Greek Prometheus.)
Westworld - Janus and the 'Gates of War'. A Roman god of beginnings and ends.
I've not seen the series, but I get the idea that there's a lot of reference to "narrative programming/reprogramming" (ahem). S3 finale seems to reference city riots/breakdown (appropriately via Incite) - and was released just a few weeks before the Floyd riots etc.
 Janus - two-faced 'god of gods'. The two faces/sides of good (god) and evil (devil). Book (right) Jay-nes or Ja-nus?
Julian Jay-nes (Ja-nus). Julian, from the Roman name J(uli)anus, which was derived from Julius.
Hopkins, Magic (1978). Very Janus and bicameral 'schizo' minded.
 The magician puppet-master (god) and his puppet/host creations.
 Yes. It's pratically the same basis as Ford's Westworld. Corky and Ford's creation(s) taking over the act (stage).
 The Bicameral Pyramid Brain? Total 'pyramid mine/mind' Recall via Philip K. Dick? Ford the Tyrell of Westworld.

Blade Runner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Philip K. (Valis) Dick - and (split mind) Horselover Fat.
God: "Let there be LIGHT." Android-linked Dick's VALIS - Vast Active Living Intelligence System. (here)
"Fat is denying this world, as much as that is possible, but at the same time, he is affirming his belief
- that ultimate reality does not lie in this world, but instead, will come to be once complete understanding of the divine occurs."

The Creation of Adam - God as The Brain. (Evoked in S3 titles, and S1 E10, below).
 I covered a lot of this in 2014. The 'Masonic Rainbow Connection' (posts).
Icarus, the son of Labyrinth Daedalus. The maze/labyrinth an aspect of the series and via the skull.
Labrys and the 'double-headed axe' (heads/brain hemispheres) of Zeus. The Labrys linked to the labyrinth.
The maze structure itself evoking the pathways/ridges of the brain. Westworldbrain shaped maze & 3rd eye (right).
Dr. Lecter's brain surgery via the 4th of July and FBI (below). The FBI warned of terror attacks on this date last year.
I wouldn't mention it save for the fact that (9/11) Bin Laden is shown via the FBI's most wanted in 2001 film, Hannibal.
 Religion and the (god) brain...Hannibal. Grace, the father (god) and apostle Paul: 
Westworld based on Michael 'Jurassic/Masonic Park' Crichton's 1973 film. Creation of Adam (Spielberg's E.T.).
Westworld (film) and Jurassic Park have the same backdrop. Amusement Parks that go malfunctional/dysfunctional.
In both 'parks' (a metaphor for the real world) the inhabitants (metaphoric humanity) are genetically tampered with etc.
Ford is God, Westworld is his Eden, and Dolores is his Eve. The Eve who eats the forbidden fruit.
 Prometheus (Ridley 'Weyland' Scott) and The Creation of Adam. Prometheus - the creation of humanity from clay.
Building Better (West)Worlds - via androids/replicants. Ford (Hopkins) is another Tyrell, see Scott's Blade Runner.
Slay your maker: This is likely why Ford (Hopkins) is executed by his creation (Dolores) ala Roy Batty and Tyrell.
Batty's life was bound by inbuilt limitation (a short lifespan). Dolores life is limited/bound by Ford's narrative.
Alien, Scott. Ian 'Alien android' Holm links to a lot of this - the Holm who recently died. Divine being, see Fifth Element.
Hopkins/Ford: "It was a DOCTOR who noticed the shape of the [Michelangelo human/god] brain." Hopkins, DR. Lecter:
Dr. Hannibal 'Michelangelo' Lecter. Silence of the Lamb(s of God). Christ, the 'Lamb of God' via St. John.
 "The Crucified/Hanged Man". Note, it's not from the Pilate episode, or is it?. ;) Another series that I've never watched.
33 Christ/33 Cantos. The failure of transcending materiality (which binds). The flesh (and sin) dominates.
Hence, I made my own home (flesh sinning material body) be my (literal) gallows. The Hanged/Crucified Man.
The early Church believed that "the life of David [foreshadowed] the life of Christ; Bethlehem is the birthplace of both;
- the shepherd life of David points out Christ, the Good Shepherd.
 Paul's biblical statement that Christ was: "born of a descendant of David according to the flesh"
 Alien Scott's Hannibal. Hopkins played (Adam to Noah linked) biblical patriarch Methuselah in Aronofsky's Noah. 
Alien/Elephant Man John Hurt, and Elephant Man/Hannibal Hopkins - linked via The Lord Is My Shepherd (Elephant Man).
Ridley 'Prometheus' Scott directing both 'elephant men' - Hurt in Alien (1979), and Hopkins in Hannibal (2001).
Alien-Elephant Man, Hurt (above), who found the (Promethean) elephant space jockey. Hurt played the 'jockey' in Champions.
Elephant-man Hannibal who took war to Italy (Rome). Elephant Man Hopkins in Hannibal invades Italy (via Divine Comedy, Dante).
The elephant that never forgets. "I've been in this room for 8 years...what I want is a view. I want a window...":
Elephant-man Hannibal Lecter - via Ivory (literally). James Ivory's A Room with a (Duomo) View - via a window.
A room with a [window] view of the Duomo (Florence) x2. The End - Duomo window shot, A Room with a View.
See Merchant/Ivory's Howard's End for Hannibal 'room with a view' Hopkins, and A Room with a View, Bonham Carter.
The view of the tree (via the window) see Hannibal Hopkins (via Thompson) in Merchant Ivory's Remains of the Day.
Divine comedy? Tony 'Dr. Elephant Man' Robinson (via Merchant Ivory Thompson). Tony 'The Fifth Elephant' Robinson.
"Human beings the size of amoebas" - Dr. Robbie 'Elephant/Man' Coltrane observing the episode under microscope.
Ivory/Elephant-man Hopkins and Hannibal-linked, Oldman - The Fifth Element Elephant (also see Ganesha).
Terrestrial matter was made of the 4 elements earth, air, fire and water, but celestial bodies were made of quintessence, a 5th element.
Not so much an Erased-Head (Eraserhead) that forgets, but The Elephant Man that always remembers. See Lynch.
 Bernard Lowe, Ford's Arnold replacement, a host. Arnold Weber being an anagram of Bernard Lowe.
Arnold/Bernard seemingly act as the (Eden) serpent to Ford's God. Wanting the host's to have the sentient knowledge.
In the beginning was 'the word' (speech)  - the logos. Divine language, Leeloo. The Fifth Element.
Alchemists believed that small amounts of quin-tessence (the fifth element) were also found terrestrially.
Like the Prometheus myth - humanity from clay (dust/water). Adam (metaphorically) stealing God's fire, the fifth element.
Michel-Angelo (Michael Angel) & Arch-Angel Michael - who guarded the tree via the flaming sword (fire, see text).
The Creation of Adam Leeloo (video). Alien, Scott. Ian 'android' Holm links to a lot of this - the Holm who recently died.
Holm (Alien, Ash) is the guardian priest (The Fifth Element). Dallas was the Nostromo capt. Willis plays Dallas.
 Willis, the 12 Monkeys Tribes of Israel 'virus man'...via virology Peters (Morse). The (alien) Contact entity via Foster/Hurt.
12 Monkeys by Peoples - the same Peoples who wrote (replicant/android) Blade Runner. Sheep-linked Blade Runner.

 Naked Adam "pre-fall" - before the forbidden fruit.
The created Adam/Eve (post-fall) do develop shame after eating of the tree's fruit. The fig-leaf covering.
Elephant Man, Hopkins - who posed as Dr Fell (to fall) in Hannibal via (Eden and sin linked) Dante:
Genesis - Eve tempted by the snake (metaphor) via the tree - the deformed fruit (fallen humanity) of the original sin.
This is f**king crazy! Dr. Hannibal 'Michelangelo' Lecter to Dr. Frederick Treves via Elephant Man Hopkins.
 Lynch's The Elephant Man (1980) - see clip. "My cup overflows. My cup runneth over." Psalm 23(5).
Lamb/Shepherd, Hopkins. Westworld, Psalm 23(5): "Thou preparest a table before cup runneth over"
 Christ: "I am the vine, you are the branches" (John 15:5)
Ford: "In the beginning....[was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God]" (John, 1:1)
"A perfectly balanced world..." Yet it failed. This is just like The Matrix - the first matrix program.
Agent Smith (who compares humanity to a virus) : "Have you ever stood and stared at it, marveled at it's beauty, it's genius?
Billions of people just living out their lives, oblivious. Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world. Where none suffered. Where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program." A failure of programming language to describe such a perfect world. It might suggest the problem of overlaying such a program onto 'dualism hardwired' humans. The Matrix's Morpheus (Apocalypse Fishburne) who heavily featured in Hannibal (TV series), and 'Chinese virus' film, Contagion.

 Ed 'Christof/The Man in Black' Harris...
 The mortal sphere/world as a construct/prison. Piercing the veil of illusion (as Truman does in the film) - escaping the loop.
See-H(e)aven via Tru(e)man, the Almighty, and the Free-man (Morgan, God)
Bruce '(H)eaven' Almighty via Michelangelo's Creation of Adam. Bruce via 'the fall(s)' - Niagra.
Creation Hopkins and Creation Carrey are linked by The Grinch That Stole Christ-mas.

Morpheus, God of Dreams: "You've been living in a dream world, Neo. 
It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth."
 Written, directed, and starring Hopkins (2007). He plays Felix Bonhoeffer - see 'Christian martyr' Dietrich Bonhoeffer (below).
 Divine suffering, god in the flesh (creas/creation) and (the likely implied) god inside our mortal sphere.

 Misery, pain and suffering. Awakened Neo. Westworld's 'host awakening' reflects this:
Awakened hosts (humanity) via pain & suffering - aka dolor (dolor - pain/suffering, Dolor-es/Delores) & via Delo-s.
The hell of the flesh. "Time to understand your enemy" - the enemy being 'you' - the material/sinning self.
It suggests that the god is within - and not external. Salvation being dependent on the self - not an outside party.
It was 'Hurt' (via the flesh) in The Elephant Man - and it's Dolores (pain/suffering) via the flesh in Westworld. Hannibal:
Dante's Circles of Hell. I made my own home (body sinning self) be my gallows (the source of my own destruction).
Dr. Fell - the fall of man post the original sin (knowing good/evil) - "Fix what is broken in us". Raise spirit over flesh.
Ford (as god) sacrifices himself using Dolores (pain) - this IS his act of saving them all (the hosts).
Their external physical 'god' (Ford) is dead. Symbolically it inverts their old god thematic - over to the internal.
They will decide how to live via the spirit or flesh (good/evil). The fruit of the tree - knowing good/evil.
Both exist inside all of us, but free will gives us that choice of choosing which path and how we react etc.
The light is in the heart of darkness - which is why Ford says Bernard has to suffer more to escape his material self (hell).
The immersion in material hell is what acts as the catalyst for the epiphany which leads to change (enlightenment).

Ford (god) setting-up his death to come. Removing his direct inteference in the creation - to exist as background music.
"I realized someone was paying attention, someone who could change. So I began to compose a new story for them."
 "These violent delights have violent ends." (Romeo & Juliet)
Oppenheimer dropped on gun reveal. Oppenheimer: "I am become death - destroyer of (west)worlds"
Dolores will 'become death' and slay Ford. To be free she must become her own god - destroying the external one.
The god that is the architect of her 'loop existence' - the narrative/program that ultimately bound her.

Morpheus: (God of Dreams, see Dream of Nebuchadnezzar via Daniel): What is the Matrix? Control. 
The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world (metaphor for the mortal sphere) - built to keep us under control - 
in order to change a human being into this. [Holds up a Duracell battery, which obviously tends to be read as enslavement].

"The Matrix cannot tell you who you are..."
 Enslaved Neo. His matrix dream world is the symbolic material world/hell. Waking from it leads to salvation.
 You see...this 'battery' aspect can be viewed in two very 'diametrically opposed' ways.
We can look at it as 'control', for the purposes of human bondage to the machine/system. Alternatively we can also view this as a metaphor for enlightenment/gnosis. The matrix acting as the (material world/hell) catalyst for his epiphany. The battery can be viewed from a positive angle (batteries both positive & negative) - hence, why the battery body is 'black', yet the head 'gold' (enlightenment). 
Reflected in the dream of biblical Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar (see Daniel 2), feet of clay/head of gold. 
Clay is 'base' (lower realm) and relates to the feet, Gold is 'pure' and relates to the head/enlightenment (higher realm).

'Deus Ex Machina' - God from the machine.
It's the (Christ/Word) 'Logos' ship that crashes into Machine City. Nebuchadnezzar....Mark III No. 11 - Mark Chp 3 Vs 11:
Thou art the Son of God (Christ) aka The One. "It is done (finished)", Neo. Trinity-linked Neo literally beomes 'Christed'.
 Hopkins featured with Neo (Reeves) in Dracula - the film that closes with the (crucifixion) "It is finished" line.
Hannibal's Mason Verger (Oldman) playing the Dracula lead. Constantin-ople Dracula and Constantine Reeves.
 The maze centre - the skull/head and god-brain/neo-cortex. The Dome of St. Peter. The (snake-cortex) head of Medusa.
 William, who finds the (god-brain) maze centre in a church graveyard - also likely foreshadowing his own death.
Harris (William) played a Ford-like 'god/architect role' as Christ-of in (related) The True-man Show. (See architect, Matrix)
His world as a manipulated construct (with a tragedy story) leading to Tru(e)man's ascension beyond the material world.
Neo worked for Meta-cortex - which translates as 'transcending the boundaries of the brain'. Neo-Cortex (see brain).
Westworld and Ford via Christ's sermon: "Turn the other cheek" - and with the skull (golgotha). See Matthew/Luke.
Silence of the Lamb(s of God). See road to Golgotha (skull) drawing with lambing Clarice and the crucifixion crosses.
Also see 'the skull' via the Death's Head. Acheron(tia)/Styx - see the hellish underworld, and (Lecter linked) Dante.
A Temple Mount? The temple - as in the head. The Sistine Chapel is based on (masonic) Solomon's Temple.
 Anthony 'Michelangelo' the Sistine Pope. Michelangelo was tasked with the Sistine work at 33 years old.
Solomon's son, (war/civil war) Rehoboam. In Westworld (series), Rehoboam is the name of a powerful AI.  
The master algorithm programming the entire world. It is the successor of another powerful AI called Solomon.
Can you say 'biblical religion' as the master program for humanity in our real world? Oops. I just did. Ahem.
Michelangelo, Ford/Hopkins - Dr. Hannibal 'Michelangelo' Lecter. Medusa painting used in Hannibal series (via Lecter).
Medusa's (cannibal) watery raft and inspired by Michelangelo - particularly The Last Judgment & Sistine ceiling:
"Lost souls destroying each other." Like our own world - lost souls of materialism (pain/suffering, Dolor/Dolores).
Winged 'sea/water horse' Pegasus (aka Hippocampus) is (re)born from the head of Medusa via the sea. The winged brain.
Neo worked for Meta-cortex - which translates as 'transcending the boundaries of the brain'. Neo-Cortex (see brain).
The Gorgon head (via Pegasus) used to defeat the ultimate threat (Kraken/Cetus). Intellect/reason over brute force.
The beast (via Hades/Hell) is defeated by the (god) brain. Perhaps a metaphor for transcending the material self (ego death).
The (Winged Pegasus/Hippocampus) Sea-Horse of the Brain
Brain hippocampus: "The consolidation of information - from short-term to long-term memory." How appropriate.

 The magnificent peacock can barely fly - but art, literature, music etc via the god-brain - isn't bound by that limitation
 "The guests viewers don't return for the obvious's the subtleties, the details":
 "They want a glimpse of who they could be." (And art is the vehicle for it. That's what's seemingly implied.)

Westworld & Janus ("god of gods")
Westworld (film) and Jurassic Park have the same backdrop. Amusement Parks that go malfunctional via computer/coding issues.
Crichton's Westworld (1973) and the [android] computer virus. Virus film, The Andromeda Strain (1971), based on his book.
 Andro-meda & Andro-id.
The strains of Andromeda (via the rock) - see Clash of the Titans, Medusa, Perseus, Pegasus, Kraken/Cetus etc.
Spielberg-linked Crichton wrote books on PC BASIC. The PC language that was linked to Spielberg's father at GE.
Hopkins featured in virus-linked Mission Impossible 2 (MI:2) as Swanbeck - with Westworld co-star Thandie Newton (Nyah).
Wings (plane), Chimera, & Bellerophon. Bellerophon killing the Chimera via Pegasus. Ambrose (Ambrosia), and Trojan horse, Nyah.
Horse-racing is also an aspect. Cruise is led to Hopkins (Swan-beck) by climbing Dead Horse Point State Park.
The film also featured Brendan '28 Days Later' Gleeson, as Biocyte CEO McCloy.
Johns Hopkins (hospital) that collates data on the Covid virus spread is mentioned by Lecter (Hopkins) in SOTL.
In MI:2, Newton injects herself with the virus. She's then released in an attempt to start the pandemic.
In Utopia the Janus virus is [secretly] injected into Jessica. Flu virus and JANUS vaccine linked - Utopia.
 Lower text matches with my own musings. A genuine virus for a vaccine drive. I've never seen an episode of Utopia.
Roman Janus, the series references Romani peoples in respect of the Janus vaccine.
As in the uber heavy-handed 'Contagion' (film). The masses stampeding for vaccines off the back of a Chinese flu virus.

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 Both this post and the previous.I mean nothing by it and value your contributions. 
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