Tuesday, 1 June 2021

The Greatest Thing That I've Ever Seen or Heard...

 Hello. This is NOT a return to blogging. I'm RETIRED. Am just sharing something with you.
I only caught this recently. My way of paying homage to the LIVING LEGEND that is "Sasha" (Mr Alex Coe).
I didn't think something like this was possible. A realtime 'live studio' (with strings/percussion, etc.) on-stage.
Plug these videos (in two parts) into your home TV/sound system. You won't regret it.
It's only the most accomplished LIVE performance by ANY ARTIST(S) in musical history.
Mr Phat wouldn't be uploading this (on his blog) - if it wasn't. I was literally "blown away" by it. Still am.



The EPICNESS of this event - cannot be overstated enough. If only I could've been there!

I have tended to think that nothing could top Lynch/Badalamenti (sonically) - 
but this is just streets ahead of anything that they've accompliished with musical sound (and live!)
 This is what EARS were created for. I'm not even sure if this can be bettered. I doubt it.
THANK YOU, Alex Coe (Sasha). The best thing that ever came out of Wales (UK).
Rarely do I consider anyone to be "a genius" - but this very humble man is just exactly that.
Massive respect also goes to Charlie May (on keyboards, and Sasha's mentor), and all who performed.

William Coombes/Combes was witness to their attendence. It's alleged that he was subsequently murdered.
MONSTERS. PURE EVIL. Who has worshipped these monsters - as though they were a superior species? I haven't.
Still, good news about Prince Philip, though. May he rot in pieces. Will he come back as a "virus"? Ahem.
In 1988, Prince Philip said he would like to: "reincarnate as a deadly virus to solve overpopulation."
 Re: Canada, not so much blanket 'overpopulation' - but the eradication of certain peoples/races deemed unfit/problematic.
Greeked Philip was ASS-FUCKED by (paedophile/Savile linked) Lord Mountbatten (Mount Bottom) - as was son, Charles.
Paedo, Mount Bottom. Those kids in all those Irish children's homes will testify to that - those that are still living.
Hence why the IRA blew-up that (homosexual paedophile) POS Mountbatten on that boat in the late 70's.
(We know that Andrew Windsor was a key aspect of Zionist Maxwell/Epstein's Mossad paedo blackmail traps, and worse.
We already know that he [Andrew] was involved/privvy to abuse at certain military-based schools in the UK.)
The British tolerate these degenerates? Thank f**k I got away from my home nation. It IS rancid - and always was.

 The removal of an indigenous sub-species via Imperialists. The INFERIOR races. THEIR words, not mine.
They sound just like the Zionist Jews, who in full public view, genocide an indigenous race over decades. 
See Palestinians. And all under a type of self-annointed superiority and 'god delusion' banner. SNAP!
Zio-British Imperialism (aka native genocide) & RANCID Christianity (via the Catholic/Anglican/United Church) (By Kevin Annett. He's worked years on this!) 
This has been known about for decades, but covered-up. Same with the mass sterilisation programmes too.
Catholic and C. of E. - the (sick) Christendom church (vomit) and Zio-British owned Canadian authorities.
The mass murder of children by BRAINWASHED (so-called) Christians. Priests, nuns, RCMP, etc.
There are dozens of MASS GRAVES. Above book (see PDF link) is banned in COLONIAL CANADA. 
I can't imagine why? Ahem. Doesn't Canada lecture the world on their superior human rights? Oops!

"When God is on our side we can commit any crime. We're absolved individually from that crime by believing that we have a higher sanction. And that's the danger of religion. In that it allows people to do that. It allows them to kill without a shred of conscience." 
Kevin Annett.

Queen Elizabeth II, was Canada's Head of State for 44 years during the tenure of the Indian school (death camp) programme.
It was Elizabeth Windsor's (Saxe-Coburg) grandfather, George V, who enforced the B.C./Canadian federal acts for:
1. Making attendance in Indian residential schools (aka death camps) compulsory for all native children 7 years and older.
(Forcibly ripping the children away from their parents for indoctrination, torture/experiments, and/or extermination.)
2. Sterilization Law - allowing the legal sterilizing of any inmate in an Indian residential school.
(Forcibly shutting-down their future lineages. School heads/principals sanctioning these monstrous acts.)

Going further back we can also see the delberate use of biological warfare (also used in Indian schools) by the British Imperial powers. Sociopath Amherst was primarily under the aegis of George III. The use of smallpox infected blankets (etc.) and similarly with in(n)oculations that would dose them and then ultimately kill them (thru deliberate lack of any treatment, as per the schools). 
See this SOCIOPATH British Imperial attitude in all its ugly glory.
A MONSTER. Amherst, the first British Govener General in the territories that eventually became Canada.
The former Commander-in-Chief, North America. Former Crown Govenor of Virginia. Former Govenor of Quebec.
Recall that paedophile Lord Mountbatten, was made Supreme Allied Commander (S.E Asia) during WWII.

Clearly and obviously - the British monarchs (et al) have always had a major hand in deliberately destroying these peoples.
Ah, yes. The delights of (sociopath) colonialism and the innate superiority complex. Also see Jews/Zionist Jews.
It's the Zionist Rothschilds, that were and are, the TRUE OWNERS of (so-called) British monarchy and the Bank of England.
 Oh, look. It's Imperial sociopath and masonic sodomite, SIR Edward Bulwer-Lytton. Subtle, not!
Mr "The PEN-IS - mightier than the sword." (masonic sodomites)
"If we, the superior race, take the land of other races..." Same M.O. as the Zionist/Ashkenazic Jews (Rothschild's Israel). Ahem.
One of the key schools where this type of genocide happened was (C of E) St. Georges, Lytton.
Named after the esteemed masonic/rosicrucian sociopath, Edward. Annett obtained a witness statement from a former dorm supervisor at Lytton school in 2002. Extract: "Look, son, you seem to think the winners have to answer for their crimes. We're the Anglican Church of Canada for god's sake. Who's ever going to think that we murdered children."  
(see 'Even War Criminals go to Church' - page 314, Murder by Decree).
It's no wonder that the modern British Crown and the Rothschild dynasty have been near constant bedfellowes!
The gaining of satanic/impostor Israel (synagogue of satan, 1948) was all via Zionist Great Britain. See Rothschild/Balfour/Milner.
IMHO, Freemasonry (satanic Jewish kabbalism) penetrated the Vatican aeons ago. They serve the purposes of the Rabbis.
 Pope John XXIII (1958-1963), who had connections to OTO/Freemason Rampolla (a former Vatican Sec. of State, 2nd in power to the Pope) via Radini-Tedeschi. Also see Vatican II upheaval under this same (Talmudic Illuminati owned) Pope John XXIII. (That's how you shape modern Vatican policy via satanic/Judaic Freemasonry and Crowley's masonic-sodom OTO. My emphasis). Author Heimbichner alleges that Popes John XXIII (his masonic cross, above), Paul VI, and John-Paul II were all Thelemic (OTO-linked) assets.
Outwardly CATHOLIC, crypto-JEW Weishaupt (agent of Rothschild), chose the Egyptian pyramid as the Illuminati's symbol of power.
1770: Mayer Amschel Rothschild draws up plans for the creation of the Illuminati and entrusts Ashke-nazi Jew, Adam Weishaupt, a Crypto-Jew who was outwardly Roman Catholic, with its organization and development. The Illuminati is to be based upon the teachings of the Talmud, which is in turn, the teachings of Rabbinical Jews. It was to be called the Illuminati as this is a Luciferian term which means, keepers of the light. It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild who convinced Weishaupt to wholly accept the Frankist Cabbalist doctrine and who afterwards financed the Illuminati. Rothschild had given Weishaupt the task of re-establishing the old Alumbrado movement for the Cabbalist Jews. (Juri Lina's - Under the Sign of the Scorpion).
SS Nazi, Dr Mengele (linked to Canada/Americas) was a high-end operative of the (Talmud-based) Rothschild Illuminati.
WWII was primarily an Illuminati production for the purposes of creating the sociopath state of modern Israel.
That resultant paradigm shift (neo impostor Israel) for ultimately bringing about WWIII (a la masonic Pike's three wars).
Lucifer Pike via Zionist 666 Trump.
Revelations (Bible) - is their Illuminati (Sanhedrin) tool/predictive program for mass destruction:
"According to said (masonic elite's) Master Plan, the mythology of Revelations will be followed like Tinker-Toy instructions (happening now). A time of tribulation will come first (see: Covid, 3rd Temple issue is the main trigger - leading to world war), after which survivors will be made "one" via a post-tribulation "rapture" spawned by the technical sorcery of having their brain pleasure centers titilated MAGNETICALLY (see: *vax/5G/BlueBeam) so that we all will cum together. Those who are thus epiphanized will become nothing more than humanoid servo-mechanisms (automaton golems a la the rabbis)."
The Carnivals of Life and Death (My Profane Youth, 1913-1935) - James Shelby Downard
  COVID becomes DIVOC. Backward writing, Saturnic Cube Jews.
Transcribed as ‫ק‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ב‬ ‫י‬ ‫ד‬ in Hebrew and it actually means something. It means - 'possession by an evil spirit'. (link)
Trump's son-in-law, Zionist Jew Kushner, was linked to 666 Fifth Ave. ownership (during 666 Trump's tenure).
WARP (lucifer-ase) vaccines and 666. Mr Vaccine, Zionist and King of the Jews, 666 Trump. 666 Microsoft and WHO, Gates.
Opioid epidemic (see Afghanistan) Purdue-linked Arthur '666' Sackler (Jew) was key in developing the Pfizer brand.
 A former FDA commissioner (Jew, Gottlieb) also happens to be on the board of directors for Pfizer. Ahem.
666 vaccine Pfizer, 'Big Pharma' sociopaths. Pfizer criminal history: "Pfizer has been a 'habitual offender,' persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results. Since 2002 the company and its subsidiaries have been assessed $3 BILLION (yes billion and not million) in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards."
The speed at which this so-called vaccine(s) has been rolled-out should have set the alarm bells off for most folk. 
It's all so forced and heavy-handed (uber coercion) that I actually find it as embarrassing as I do horrifying.
The 'bread and circus' NBA used to have its flagship store at 666 Fifth Ave.
You might recall that I did a 'Black Swan' post linked to Kobe '666' Bryant. He was buried at CORONA Del Mar.
666th game and 666 workout, Kobe. His (symbolic?) death happening on the cusp of the US Covid outbreak early 2020.
 See 'Black Swan' post for more on the symbolic marker(s) aspect and how it all links to the wider psy-ops.
All these events being inter-linked and key parts of the mass ritual processing of the (hypnotised) group mind.

"TRUST THE SCIENCE?" How? When no discussion on the issue (due to strict narrative control) is tolerated by tptb?
Science is not a faith-based issue (that's scientism) - actual science is an empirical data and peer review process.

Quote: The virus and panic also leading to mass vaccinations which is where the real danger lies. (4 Feb. 2020)
 *Note, Graphene Oxide nano-particles have been found in significant quantities within the so-called vaccines.
Graphene Oxide - a substance that is able to acquire powerful magnetic properties within the organism. It also generates 'thrombi'. Also note the 'magnet phenomenon' that's been doing the rounds in recent months. Covid-Wuhan, the province where 5G was rolled-out.

All the pieces are falling into place - you'd have to be blind, dumb, and/or insane not to see it.
Weather manipulation and (linked) ECO-COMMUNISM (elite fomented climate change propaganda) are major aspects -
of this obvious war against humanity. It will pay to be aware of the ongoing pressures on the global supply chains.

The primary purpose of my article was to inform Israeli students that archaeological evidence clearly refutes the biblical claims that Israel is theirs by divine right. A secondary purpose was the debunking of the elitist and odious claim promulgated by proponents of British Israelism that the Caucasian population of Britain and America is descended from the Davidic bloodline. The British Israelite movement derived its initial impetus from the attempt by the Crown to improve Victoria's popularity by falsely claiming that she was of the Davidic bloodline. Archaeological excavations in the Holy Land have clearly demonstrated that the lives and deeds of King David and Solomon, as depicted in the Old Testament, are apochryphal stories written during a much later era, in order to justify the dominance of the Levites over Judean affairs. In a similar manner, much of the Lebor Gabala - an Irish history compiled by Celts and early Christian monks, also is largely apochryphal. Because apochryphal stories are a means by which oligarchical powers are able to exert influence over the masses.
After my Israelite article was posted on this website, an explosive article by Jewish scholar Ze'ev Herzog appeared in the October 29th. issue of Ha'aretz. Entitled "Deconstructing the walls of Jericho", the article began: "Following 70 years of intensive excavations in the Land of Israel, archaeologists have found out: The Patriarchs' acts are legendary, the Israelites did not sojurn in Egypt or make an exodus, they did not conquer the land. Neither is there any mention of the empire of David and Solomon, nor of the source of a belief in the God of Israel. These facts have been known for years, but Israel is a stubborn people and nobody wants to hear about it. The great united monarchy [ of David and Solomon] is an imaginary historiosophic creation, which was composed during the period of the Kingdom of Judea at the earliest Perhaps the most decisive proof of this is the fact that we do not know the name of this kingdom.""'
M.A. Hoffman II claims that Dee fused devotion to Judaism with the material advance of the fortunes of Protestant empire in laying the groundwork for the rise of (Zionist aligned) British Freemasonry. John 'Freemasonry/Empire' Dee was under the aegis of (symbolic Isis) Elizabeth I. Who was succeeded by (Jacobite ideology progenitor) James I. Elizabeth I and James I (James VI) were first cousins, twice removed. They shared a common ancestor in Henry VII. It was, of course, James I, who sponsored the KJV bible that became a key standard bearer of Western theocracy. The first English bible translation was under (C of E) Henry VIII, the second translation under Elizabeth I, leading to James I's 3rd translation (KJV). Another major step in cementing British-Israelism. 
The Bible - the world's most read book.
"Because apochryphal stories are a means by which oligarchical powers are able to exert influence over the masses."
Desborough continues...
 "That the European Oligarchy and the Order of the Dragon should also promote British Israelism is not surprising when one considers that British Israelism was created by occultist, astrologer and spy John Dee, the father of modern freemasonry." (Dee, obtaining his Lucifer daemon magick/communication, aka Enochian calls, from and under the direction of leading kabbalist Rabbi Loew, Prague. The same Judaic kabbalist magick system employed by Bulwer-Lytton protege, 666 Crowley.)
 The above also supported by Heimbichner...
"The essence of Freemasonry can be traced to the current of ancient Sumeriam worship of 'Shaitan' (Satan). This current was given shape in ancient Egypt and Babylon, but ironically was most effectivley preserved from disintergration through the ORAL TEACHING OF ITS RABBINICAL HEIRS (see cabbala/kabbalah) in the form of the 'traditions of the ancients or elders'. It (the rabbinical oral teaching/kabbalah) was gradually commited to writing by Rabbis and became known as the Babylonian Talmud and the Kabbalah. This formalized religion of bureaucratic oppression (Talmud) and pagan gnosis (Kabbalah) became known after 70 A.D. - as JUDAISM."
 (Craig Heimbichner, Blood on the Alter). This IS the very system (kabbalah) that underpins Freemasonry. (my emphasis)

Judaism - the religion of the 'double-mind'.

Babylonian Talmud
(British-Israelism. Spot the identical Jewish and British attitudes towards so-called inferior races, ahem.)
 "Only the Jews are called human, the goyim are called animals."
(Baba Batra 114b, Jebamot 61a, Keritot 6b and 7a.)
"Even the best of the goyim (Gentiles) must be killed."
(Avodah Zara 26b, Tosefoth.)

"The property of the Gentiles is like a masterless desert; anyone who takes it has thereby acquired a right to it."
(Baba Batra 54b.)

"Humanity is blessed solely for the sake of the Jews."
(Talmud, Jebamot 63a.)

"God's name is not profaned if a Jew lies to a Goy."
(Baba Kamma 113b.)
"All Jews are born the children of kings."
(Shabbat 67a.)

The roots of Western paedophilia lie in the secrets of the Talmud...? (See Heimbichner, Blood on the Altar)
"If a grown man has intercourse with a little girl less than three years old, all agree that it is not considered a significant sexual act, for having intercourse with a girl when she is less than three years old is like putting a finger in an eye."
(Ketubot 11b. Steinsaltz English translation)
These quotes above ARE the writings of a sociopathic and hate-filled belief system! How can anyone argue otherwise?
It's the West's fundamental religious traditions that have insisted upon a dichotomous division of mankind into the elect and the reprobate. This largely originating from the Jewish belief (aka mass propogated lie) that they are 'chosen'. (This all ultimately institutionalised via the Roman Catholic Church., C of E, and other forms of organized religion. Now primarily led by US Zionist-Christianity. The US being heavily subordinate to all things Israel and Judaism - religiously, politically, economically, and culturally enslaved.) A self-annointed 'superiority' that seemingly allows them to wreck and destroy 'carte-blanche' - and without impunity (see West Bank, etc.). And that folks IS the crux of the ongoing tragedy. If I DO NOT believe in the 'God of Israel' and the 'supremacy of Jews/Judaism' (which is my human right), then ALL OF THIS (their religion/belief/chosen status, etc.) is reduced to complete and utter nonsense. It is all rendered meaningless and carries no weight. None.

"Colonization is civilization..." masonic-sodom's Bulwer-Lytton (sociopath).
America was colonized in a much similar way - the indigenous wiped-out by these same Zio-Imperialist forces. Oops.
It's Zionist-owned and Judeo-Christian America (US) that sponsors the Zionist fomented genocide in Israel/West Bank. 
US military wrecking in the Mid-East (on satanic Israel's behalf) is an extension of this same type of Zio-Imperial sociopathy.
This is primarily why US presidents are so closely linked to the European monarchy bloodlines. The same ilk.
America/Canada/Aus. - are literally built (via sociopathy) upon the BLOOD OF THE MURDERED INDIGENOUS. 
Your nations are effectively mass grave sites - and at the behest of the "might is right" club (the so-called superior).
This is again all propped-up on the altar of (rancid) Judeo-Christianity. Nuns/priests murdering (so-called heathen) children.

 It's First Native (via Canada) genocide cheerleader and opium king-pin, the insane Bulwer-Lytton. Mr 'Superior'.
Cambridge-linked Bulwer-Lytton's Isis cult movement - was out of Oxford University. Oxford's Isis magazine - the UK's oldest independent student magazine. Isis, the Oxford river and their local name for the river Thames.
Isis - the whore goddess of Judeo-Luciferian Freemasonry. Balfour and Rothschild - see Rothschild's satanic/genocidal Israel.
It's the USURY Rothschilds (et al) that own/control your central banks! How's that working-out for USA? 
The general public doesn't understand macroeconmics - by deliberate design! A feature of controlled destruction. Oops!
666 Crowley (via 'colonial' SIR Bulwer-Lytton), Mr Masonic Sodom.
D.H. Lawrence was one of Huxley's homosexual lovers. Excerpts from Dope Inc. (EIR)  
The Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn. The Penis via a 'helmet' (Bulwer-Lytton literary cover, also see spermo-gnosis).
The 'Pen-is' mightier than the sword via masonic-sodom, Bulwer-Lytton, and sodom-OTO Crowley (penis initial). 
The arch enchanters (sex magickian's) wand. (Penis) Sorcery via the master-hand (see Lytton's Richelieu prose). Ahem.
ALL filthy kabbalist/Sabbatean-Frankist scum. Redemption thru sin. (Also see related: "do what thou wilt.")
Saturn-day black cube satanists (saturnists). Jacob Frank (Leibowicz) stressed that the 'sex-magick' Zohar (Book of Radiance) was the most important Judaic/Kabbalist text. Sodomy rites exist at the highest echelons of these Judaic-masonic systems - satanism and sodomy (see kabbalist OTO). The Talmud derives its mentality mainly from older ocult lineages and kingdoms of pagan priestcraft, including Egypt and Babylon, all important sources for the (masonic-sodom) OTO.
 "Israel MUST make sacrifices to Satan (their god)..." (their OWN words, not mine)
The Judaic M.O. - "The evil impulse is good, and without the evil impulse Israel cannot prevail in the world."
Which is why so much time, energy, and effort is put into cultivating so much global evil through their conduits.
Imagine if the Jew S of A had spent the last few decades sanctioning (satanic) Israel - instead of Palestine?
TOXIC VICTIMHOOD - please see the champions of this phenomena via holohoax programming, etc. - The Jews.
 The LIE of 6 million Jew victims. Repetition is key in programmimg. An endless wall of Zionist Jew PROPAGANDA.
They knew it would be 6 million - and all along. What lucky guess work and multiple times - in advance. Ahem.
I wonder if these satanic Jews are 'group mind' control freaks and seek to dominate mass media? Can anyone help? ;)
Shoah Business. It's not as though they've made an entire 'mass Goyim guilt tripping industry' out of the holocaust hologram.
 I wonder if these same Jews have completely programmed the US mass mind via full-spectrum dominance? ;)

Anyway, it's hard not to argue that the crucifixion and transubstantiation (communion, see catholicism) metaphorically/symbolically contains the elements of what these insane monsters perform in their actual sacrificial rites! The drinking of blood and the eating of flesh. The latter IS what has been described by some survivors (of these rituals) at the hands of these fiends. The 'grail cup and blood' - possibly containing the symbolism of their (related) ritual menstrual blood drinking 
(the cup representing the womb, see star-fire and the scarlet woman/isis whore, Crowley's 'gnostic catholic mass' OTO.).
 The religion of LUCIFER/SATAN (their god). See Rabbi Loew & masonic John 'monarchy' Dee. The latter the father of Empire.
The god of the Zionist Jews & (Jewish) Luciferian Freemasonry. Freemasonry = Jewish/Babylonian kabbalism.
Dee's Freemasonry = a basis of British monarchy & empire (see Queen's cousin, the masonic Duke of Kent, UGLE). Dee, the likely first key source of British-Israelism (see the soon to follow perpetuated Jacobite lie called 'the divine right of Kings' - KJV, James I). Satanism (via Freemasonic Anglicans & Babylonian kabbalist Jews) being the common factor to both. Who'd have guessed?
Lucifer - the god of Talmudic-masonic Jews via Baphomet Pike.
“All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabala and return to it; everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of the Illuminati, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint Martin and others is borrowed from the Kabala; all Masonic associations owe to it their secrets and their Symbols”. Pike

"Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end." 
- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise
 Son of SAMAEL - Jewish TALMUDIC arch-angel/demon:
 Excerpt from EIR (top left)
 *"I, David Berkowitz, have been chosen since birth, to be one of the executioners of the cult..." (a wider cult)
Participant and wider-cult fall-guy, Berkowitz, describes the subject in a very accurate and succinct way.
*His Jewish mother (Broder) birthed David via an adulterous relationship with (Jew) Klineman. Within days (and for unknown reasons) the child was given-away to another Jewish couple, the Berkowitzes who were middle-aged and childless. David Berkowitz didn't know that he was adopted until circa 1974, around the age of 21. Berkowitz-linked John 'Wheaties' Carr - aka the rapist and suffocator of young girls (see Breslin letter, very likely not penned by Berkowitz) - who seemed to work cult group aspects in both NY and North Dakota (Minot). There are claims that John had been involved with the occult even while at high school. It was said at this time that he possessed photos of cadavers. John, whose sister worked as a Yonkers police dispatcher (ahem), was was found suicided (likely by the cult, Feb 1978) in Minot. This happened in a civilian apartment on an Air Force base. On his hand written in his own blood was '666' (note, this aspect has been largely ignored by authorities). 666 - aka Crowley's (aka the great beast's) kabbalist cipher. Satan in human form. The Carr family (who were upto their necks in the cult) were instrumental in having Berkowitz arrested and having him pinned as the lone S.O.S killer. They actually received reward monies for helping in this type of charade/fit-up of (chosen) scapegoat, Berkowitz. John's brother, cult member Michael, is to believed to have originally ensnared Berkowitz into their satanic cult, yet he died Oct. 1978 (suspiciously killed via crashing his automobile). It is believed by some that the parent of the S.O.S group (likely Process/OTO) was based in England. Crowley's disciple, sodom Parsons, did much to expand Thelema through the west coast (see his Cali. Pasadena lodge) which was tied to literary and Hollywood types.
 Hollywood OTO
According to authors such as Craig Heimbichner (Blood on the Altar), Martin P. Starr (The Unknown God), and John Carter (Sex and Rockets), Dennis Hopper and John Carradine, were both members of Parsons’ Agape Lodge #2 of the OTO, alongside, actor Dean Stockwell, and science-fiction writer, Robert Heinlein. Scientology/sci-fi Hubbard was also linked, and likely Ray 'sci-fi' Bradbury too. Patriarch John Carradine read one of [Aleister] Crowley's poems at the inauguration of the Agape Lodge No. 2 in 1935. According to Gregory Mank in Hollywood’s Hellfire Club, John 'OTO' Carradine and John Barrymore (grandfather of 'messed-up' Hollywood Drew) were also members of the so-called "Bundy Drive Boys," who engaged in such practices as incest, rape and cannibalism.
 The book alleges that (son) John Drew Barrymore (father of Drew) had an incestuous relationship with his half-sister Diana. David Carradine of Kung Fu/Kill Bill fame, died in what arguably appeared to be a ritualistic murder, 2009. David Carradine's last wife (#4) declared on court documents that he had an ongoing incestuous relationship with a 'very close relative' (possibly daughter, Calista) that was causing her and their marriage much harm along with his 'deviant and potentially deadly sexual antics'. His last wife and two daughters from previous marriages are Scientologists. Scientology-satanist Hubbard was formerly close to (Hollywood OTO) 'sodom' Parsons. David's half-brother was Robert Carradine, he tried to kill both himself and his wife in 2015, via crashing his car (head-on crash). His wife, Edith Carradine, claimed that four months after the dangerous crash that she confronted the 63-year-old actor about the accident, and says he 'confessed to me and our two children that he deliberately drove into the truck to kill us both.' (link)

The Parsons books (Carter's Sex and Rockets; & Pendle's Strange Angel) note that the stimulus for the California Agape Lodge #2 ('agape' - brotherly love, ahem) came from a visit to the Vancouver branch of OTO, in which (English expatriate) Wilfred T. Smith met Crowley. Smith was soon sending money to Crowley for the Hollywood OTO. It was Smith who registered and incorporated The Church of Thelema (Lodge #2) at 1746 North Winona Boulevard in 1934. With Parsons in the background, Smith asked Crowley's permission to form a branch of OTO under the name Agape Lodge. This is the same Lodge where (satanist) John Carradine read a Crowley poem for its inauguration (1935). Parsons took-over this OTO lodge (from Smith) in 1943. It was the main lodge of the OTO in America.
Snuff (film) is believed to have been an element of at least one of these S.O.S killings (certainly Moskowitz/Violante was, but probably more). Potentially with cult links to Broadway connected promoter, fledgling Hollywood producer and millionaire, Roy Radin (his showbiz father was Jewish). Much of his wealth was earned via the production/staging of large benefit shows for police unions & associations (many of them likely masonic affiliated) throughout the country. Radin was found dead (hit) at masonic aged 33 (May, 1983). Shot on (masonic) Fri. 13th (see Paramount masonic series). A KJV bible was found near his body, open at Isiah chp.22.
It's photographer (and potential snuff cameraman) Ronald Sisman - another cult-linked member who was also hit (Halloween 1981, link) who's the likely connect to producer Radin. The latter allegedly having a penchant for sick videotapes (see Melonie Haller). Radin may have been high-up in the cult (snuff and drugs, here). Radin-linked Sisman (another likely Jew) allegedly had a tape of one of the murders and was going to go rogue (see, M.A. Hoffman II; Maury Terry). Terry’s information included reports of satanic activity at Radin's Ocean Castle mansion - drugs and polymorphous sexuality (and videotaping). David Berkowitz himself was known to have visited Ocean Castle at least once, and the same applies to the Sisman residence.
Robert 'Rosemary's Baby' Evans (coke fiend & former Paramount head, deceased) was at this time tied-in with Radin and Lanie Jacobs aka Karen 'Medellin cocaine' Greenberger (another likely cult linked member since convicted of Radin's murder, as was Mentzer) via financing The Cotton Club (film). And Robert 'Rosemary's Baby' Evans  (Jewish, born Robert J. Shapera, a higher cult member?) very likely ordered Radin's hit. Godfather Evans (who only had 45% of the film) made $2m offers to Radin (to buy him out), but they were refused (ahem). It was Radin who put together the film's $35m financing deal in the first place, not Evans! Jacobs/Greenberger and Evans were also lovers. Two witnesses told police that Evans was involved in the murder. Radin, Sisman, and Greenberger were all tied to the (Berkowitz) S.O.S wider cult. Jacobs/Greenberger (thru cocaine) and Radin also had ties to L.A., perhaps an aspect of the west-side of the cult-linked activities. (There is a belief that the US S.O.S HQ was based out of Venice, L.A.) 
Big-shot Evans was also an aspect of the (Manson linked) L.A. Polanski/Cielo clique (with Cass Elliot, John/Michelle Phillips, Frykowski/Folger, Nicholson, Evans, etc.) John Phillips was a known incestuous child rapist, and very likely another celebrity cult satanist. It's alleged that Polanski's film pal Frykowski and (his girlfriend) the coffee heiress Folger were both low-level Process initiates. Bill Mentzer was thought to be a more advanced rank in the Process, as was also believed of linked Lanie Jacobs/Greenburger. Both were eventually sent-down for (alleged OTO) Radin's murder. Bill 'Manson II' Mentzer (cult hitman) was an operative link between the L.A. Manson cult and the N.Y. S.O.S cult, very likely an aspect of both. The same applies to Robert 'Rosemary's Baby' Evans, but in a higher type of capacity. In his 1971 book, The Family, Ed Saunders/Sanders described how in 1968 Manson was involved not only with the Process but with a chapter of another cult known as the OTO (Ordo Templis Orientis), whose headquarters were in the Blythe. The leader of this particular OTO chapter was Georgina Brayton.
Jewish Levi-n wrote Rosemary's 'satanic Jew' Baby (via Scottish/Jacobite witches linked to Broadway/showbiz, the Castavetes/Mercatos). And we come full circle. A major inspiration for Jewish-born Berkowitz's own descent into dark fetish and satanism - he was captivated by it (see satanic paedophile Jew Polanski and Jew Evans' Paramount film). Also Polanski & the Process linked Manson cult (the latter cult also linked to child porn/drugs, etc). Polanski was also known to have a penchant for making/filming violent S & M pornography (a la Radin) - some which feat. his soon to be sacrificed wife, Tate (see Hal Lipset). Hoods and leather aprons (see Jewish Freemasonry) were also found in Polanski's Cielo loft. Mar. 1977, Polanski (43) is charged with drugging, raping and sodomising a minor (Gailey/Geimer, 13) under the guise of a Teen Vogue photoshoot, soon after which he then fled the US. Was there a bigger reason behind the Cielo massacre? Beyond programming the mass group mind with satanic content via exposure (a real functioning objective), could satanic-Jew Polanski's rise in Hollywood/showbiz also be connected to 'cult sacrifice'? Just as showbiz hungry (and 'sacrificing' new cult-member) Guy Woodhouse is in his film? Tate, who's seen briefly in the film, was the daughter of an Army intelligence officer, and was an initiated witch herself via Alex 'Crowley devotee' Saunders. Was Berkowitz a literal born and raised (satanic) Rosemary's Baby?
Manson/Tate-LaBianca killings culminated on 10 Aug. 1969. S.O.S ended via Berkowitz's arrest 8 years later, 10 Aug. 1977.
"There is no doubt in my mind that a demon has been living in me since birth. As a child, I was fascinated with suicide. I thought about throwing myself in front of cars. I was out of control. I was obsessed with “Rosemary’s Baby.” I felt like it was speaking directly to me. I stayed in my closet. I ran from the light into darkness, as the Bible says. If people don’t have a clue about spiritual things, they’ll say, ‘Well, this guy is nuts.’ The Devil can manifest psychologically. The demons are real. I saw them, felt their presence, and I heard them. You get into a state that is so far gone, your own personality is dissolved, and you take on these demonic entities … It was like another person was in me … doing a lot of directing. I struggled, but things became overwhelming. I lost my sense of myself. I was taken over by something else, another personality." Berkovitz
Jew, Anton LaVey (Levy/Levi), who arguably featured/advised in/on the film, formed the (sodom) Church of Satan in 1966 (Year 1, Jewish Rosemary's Baby). Recall that Church of Satan minion, Susan Atkins, did claim that she murdered Tate, although Tex Watson eventually stated otherwise. Coincidentally or not, the (official) S.O.S murder spree (late July 1976) began barely one month after the US release of (Jewish written/directed/produced) satanic film The Omen (late June, 1976). It premiered via the UK 6/6/76. A film, that coincidentally or not, featured demonic dogs via 'raising demonic children' - and which did much to put satanism, (kabbalist) '666'  and linked Revelations (elite predictive programming) into the public consciousness. A significant cultural impact - just like Jewish written and Jewish directed/produced, The Exorcist, that came shortly before it. (See former USAF Psychological Warfare Policy Chief, Blatty.) Also see, spree/serial killers Rolling & satanic Dahmer's palpable connects (involving altered states) to Blatty's The Exorcist III.
Satanic Warner Bros. 666 5th feat. in the sequel. Original is still in the top 10 grossing films of all time (adjusted).
The $666.66 (forbidden) Apple I was released in the same timeframe as The '666' Omen (masonic Apple, July 1976). Zio-US Hollywood/TV (satanic Jew dominant programming) being one of the key jewels in the masonic-satanic crown - largely for the purposes of satanically occultizing and degenerating the hypnotized (cult of celebrity brainwashed) worshipping masses. Walt Disney was a masonic homosexual paedophile, but that's never gotten in the way of their insane expansion or their control of typical Western childrens' psyche. The folk who readily consume this filth (satanic Jew programming) and who (cognizantly or not) empower them further. All resulting in a mass lowering of human vibration - globally. The latter being the entire point! You ARE being satanically and ritually processed on a grand scale.
Anyone for some Idiocracy?
"U.S. had become a place where ENTERTAINERS and PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES were MISTAKEN for people of importance."
Ha. Difficult not to agree. And Heinlein himself passed-thru Parsons' California OTO lodge. Parsons, a protege of Crowley.
OTO/Thelema have arguably had a devastating effect on the development of modern US culture, especially pop/counter-culture.
Hence why this culture is now so thoroughly bankrupt, degenerate, ultra-violent, hyper-sexualised, occultized, and dysfunctional.
They've had a huge influence on Hollywood, TV, music, recreational drug use, sexual perversion. The list goes on. 
Zionist Hollywood and Zio-US TV  - IS satanic programming - its mass expansion in recent decades has done nothing - 
but strengthen their hand - particularly in respect of the group mind via the 'cult of celebrity' worshipping masses.
The cultural landscape that's been induced seems to have immersed the nation in a type of collective form of hybristophilia.
The infantile state of US culture (and others) truly bears the hallmarks of Crowley's prophesized 'aeon of Horus' (the satanic child).
 Aeon of Horus - represents the energy of Satan (Set-An) that will permeate the earth during the present cycle. (see US culture, etc.)
OTO Grant. Masonic Sirius - star of Isis and Set (Satan). The star of Freemasonry - 666 Solomon Templars.
Son of Sam began late July 1976 (a very hot summer) dovetailing into the (Sirius/Canis) 'dog days' of summer period.

 "There is no god but man." (Crowley). Echoing the serpent's promise in Eden - that ye shall know as gods.

 The Talmud derives its mentality mainly from older ocult lineages and kingdoms of pagan -
 priestcraft, including Egypt and Babylon, all important sources for the (masonic-sodom) OTO.
Quote: "Interviews conducted with a Process member a few years ago have categorically linked David Berkowitz and other “Son of Sam” killers to the (satanic) Process Church, or to some faction thereof (implying Chingon/4P, my emphasis). Thus, there were OTO members (current or lapsed) involved with nefarious activities in New York City at the time of the Son of Sam murders. And there were some familiar faces at OTO gatherings who could also be found at producer and theatrical agent Roy Radin’s home on Long Island (Radin, a suspected OTO member). For instance, including one young woman - a student at one of the Brooklyn schools of higher learning - who took her occultism very seriously, and who introduced the author to Roy Radin one afternoon when the latter was looking into the possibility of filming occult rituals. (Roy Radin figures prominently in Maury Terry’s theory of a nationwide network of Satanic killers, of which “Manson II” was a member.) None of this means that the OTO itself was officially involved in anything illegal. 
How does one separate the acts of the organization from the acts of its members, particularly when what we are speaking of is essentially a secret society?" Peter Levenda - Sinister Forces
 S.O.S Cult: "Satanic practices, including the teachings of Aleister (OTO) Crowley and Eliphas (Baphomet) Levi..."
There are homosexual links. Michael Carr was apparently homosexual, that said, sodomy is not limited to males.
These satanic groups allegedly had as many female adepts as there were males. It's believed females executed some murders.
Wheat Carr, who took Police dispatches (fingering Berkowitz via the parking ticket charade) was surely a cult asset.
Above, the letter found after Berkowitz's (likely arranged) arrest. "And the sparrows still sing in the morning." (ahem)
Some letters were likely written by the wider cult. OTO ciphering via one of the letters? 666 Crowley-Baphomet's sodom-cult OTO.
Baphomet - famously rendered by (kabbalist/satanist) Eliphas Levi-(athan). Levi's Goetic Circle as used by the S.O.S cult.
A (Crowley/Levi infused) S.O.S ritual crime scene. Demon '(chubby) behemoth' (see, the elephant). Elephas, Latin (elephant).
 Elephas (disco shooting). Eliphas 'Baphomet' Levi. BERK-aial & Amas-arac (a sam, a car - Sam Carr).
Levi "sons of SAM-ael" (Talmud). Hebrew letters surrounding the baphomet head/inverted pentacle (right) represents Levi-athan.
Carrs' father, Sam (and sons), lived right near Berkowitz - which literally made Michael & John (in another aspect) the sons of Sam.
"To 1966! The Year One! God is dead! Satan lives!" (see Jewish, Rosemary's Baby)
 The Sigil of Baphomet is the official insignia of the Church of Satan
Formed by Jew, LaVey (levy/levi), 1966. Likewise, The Process Church (UK) was established same year, 1966.
The (linked) Process Church of the Final Judgement hoves into view. The Sabbatical Goat of Mendes/Baphomet.
Alleged HQ for the NY S.O.S cult was a burned-out church/mansion (Westchester) - part of the former Warburg-Rothschild estate.
(Zionist) Bavarian Rothschilds ultimately launched the Talmud-based Illuminati (Mayer-Amschel). OTO being an offshoot.
Another key S.O.S meeting/ritual site was nearby Untermeyer Park. Samuel Untermeyer, descended from (German) -
 Bavarian Jews, and believed to have been a member of New York's (kabbalist/sex magick) Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn sect.
Another alleged ritual site was Van Corlandt Park (see Dutch Van Corlandt family). David McGowan mentioned counter-culture musician David Crosby as a descendent of the Van Cortlands. Crosby was linked to the Phillips/Cass Elliot clique. Crosby's father, Major Floyd Crosby was stationed in Haiti in 1927 alongside Captain Claude Andres Phillips, whose son "Papa" John Phillips (an incestuous abuser) was associated with Charles Manson (as was Phillips linked Cielo Melcher).
 OTO, formed out of Germany by (Freemasons) Kellner, (Illuminati/Golden Dawn) Reuss, & (Blavatsky/Bavrian-linked) Hartmann, et al. 
Bavarian Illuminati revivalist, Reuss, initiated Crowley into the OTO (1912). Both were linked to the Golden Dawn.
Crowley was accelerated thru the higher OTO degrees (by Reuss) and given authority over the UK, English speaking world, etc.
The Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn was formed via three members of the German-linked SRIA (Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia).
The masonic SRIA's structure was derived from the 18th-century German Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross.
The SRIAm (A for "America") was chartered by the masonic SRIA (England) in Philadelphia in 1878. 
It reformed in 1889 as, SRIUS, (Societas Rosicruciana in the US. Note, masonic sirius). It reformed again as SRIA, 1912.
Recall that the (Crowley/Mathers) Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn utilised the same (masonic) degree system as the SRIA.
Saturn/Satan, Masonic-satanic Sirius. It hangs in all masonic lodges. M.A. Hoffman II. Secret Societies & Psychological Warfare.
 S.O.S cult Carr Bros. via Rochester, and (former Rochester-based) Ken 'Hillside Strangler' Bianchi:
 (Oh, look. It's NY Gov., Mario 'devil sign' Cuomo - father of the POS Cuomo Bros., NY Gov. Andrew & CNN's Fredo/Chris.)
Mob guys, who'd have guessed? John Carr, the rapist and suffocator of young girls. See Double-Initial (Alphabet) murders; Nov '71 to Nov '73. Bianchi was a Rochester ice-cream vendor at the time. Ahem. Bianchi relocates from Rochester to L.A. in Jan. 1976. Just prior to the S.O.S killings. The Hillside Strangler murders (Oct. '77 to Feb. '78; with cousin Buono) began barely two months after Berkowitz's arrest (Aug. 77). 1977 was quite an active year - in cult terms. We know Berkowitz referenced Crowley/Levi as key inspirational (satanic) sources linked to his group. Was there an OTO connect to Bianchi & Buono's activities? 
See OTO & Devil's Gate, sodom/antichrist Parsons via Hoffman.
From M.A. Hoffman's ground-breaking book (obtain a copy). No copyright infringement is intended.
Just like Berkowitz (Italian linked, see Falco), Bianchi was quickly given-up for adoption soon after birth.
OTO Parsons, who allegedly slept with his mother. It's claimed a film of them (having sex) was found in his magick box.

 Baphomet Crowley's Liber Oz aka BOOK 77 - OTO mission statement/primary maxim. Do what thou wilt, Man is God, etc.

 "Satanists...They aren't ignorant peasants or semi-illiterate natives...ranks are filled with doctors, lawyers, businessmen..."
Scientology linked Processians. Elements of the (Nazi-infused) Process Church (UK ex-Scientologist formed, see DeGrimston/Moore and Scottish co-founder, Mary Anne MacLean) were also believed to have been a large aspect of the cult (Manson was linked to Scientology/the Process Church, too). Sam Carr (father) is said to have come from Scottish descent. MacLean was the real power behind The Process and its subsequent forms (along with connected Jew, Michael Mountain). The Process and S.O.S cult both connected (sacrifically) to police-linked German Shepherd dogs. (I also recall reading many years back that there was a German Democratic Party link to the Process, perhaps a type of sponsorship/funding connect.) Military linked (via West Germany), satanic Dahmer potentially had a contact to Processians (satanic Process Church) via member Brother John Paul Ranieri. Note, Jewish Blatty (Mr Exorcist, who also wrote/directed Exorcist III, a film Dahmer obsessed about) was a former USAF Psychological Warfare Policy Chief, and former Head of Intelligence in Beirut, with the latter he likely ran a mind control operation. (Note, Sirhan 'RFK' Sirhan's father went to the American university of Beirut.) Recall, programmed Mark David Chapman (Lennon's alleged assassin) was sent to Beirut via the (complicit) YMCA at around this time (1975).
See, OTO Parsons (linked to Israeli intel), Crowley (MI5/MI6) and linked L Ron Hubbard, who was Naval Intel (ONI).
DOG-ma (am-God) and Ritual High Magick via (masonic) Eliphas 'Baphomet/Satan' Levi.
Recall that OTO orignated out of Germany via Freemasons, as did the (Rothschild/Weishaupt) Bavarian Illuminati. Nazi (ashke-nazi) occult elements were also noted aspects of the S.O.S group. The Westchester cult was (allegedly) spawned: "as far back in the early 1950s, courtesy of a Nazi-sympathizing doctor (and Freemason) who traveled from England to north Yonkers in the postwar years. It started as a ritual magic club that specialized in sex with children and drug dealing, and it grew from there. The heavy satanism came later—but they were doing stuff long before Berkowitz came along. It was well organized, and they had some big connec-tions in Yonkers and Manhattan." (see Maury Terry). The cult's English and Nazi-sympathising progenitor, known as Mr Real Estate, was the likely overall director of the cult. Who also probably provided the access to the ritual sites in Untermeyer Park, etc. (see Ashkenazics Golden Dawn, Untermeyer, and Warburg-Illuminati Rothschilds estate), areas less than a mile from Berkowitz and the Carrs. Berkowitz has claimed that Mr Real Estate aka Moloch, and the Nazi-infused satanic Process planned the series of shootings in spring 1976 (see The Ultimate Evil). Moloch, see Judean chilld sacrifice, and also Zionist Epstein's island op. Moloch overlaps with 'The Wicker Man' (a la SAM-hain) - Wicked King Wicker (see Berkowitz/cult letters, and he lived-off Wicker St.). The S.O.S cult set many arson fires.
Note the following pictures...Masonic-Judaic Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn, Jewish abortion champion, satanist Gloria Steinem:
I've previously noted that the catalyst for (Rothschild's) satanic neo-Israel's creation, Hitler, utilized OTO/Golden Dawn linked elemental grade-signs in his public speeches (particularly the 'fire' sign and 'zelator' sign). Mengele was also allegedly an Illuminati adept. 
Crowley wrote pro-Nazi propaganda - see The Fatherland, etc. Holo-caust and Hex-star marked victims - Sacrifice by Fire:
Michael Carr was a mid-level Scientologist (see Crowley/Hubbard/Parsons), a counsellor, and a photographer/illustrator (a link to snuff filming Sisman?). A witness also claims to have seen Michael at a Process Church meeting in Chicago. There was apparently a type of studio at the Carr residence. Berkowitz had the phone number for the Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater (Fl.) - a facility owned and operated as a major training center by the Church of Scientology (another satanic cult). The only work devoted entirely to The Process is William Sims Bainbridge’s Satan’s Power: a Deviant Psychotherapy Cult, published in 1978. The very first sentence of the opening chapter of the book reads: ‘this book is an analytic ethnography, a psycho-history of a Satanic Cult  [Bainbridge 1978, p.1]’. (link)
 The Hex (Jewish/Moloch) star and the Swastika (sun wheel) -  symbols that are both linked to Freemasonry.
Below, Process-Foundation with Gvr. George Wallace. Freemason Wallace was shot by a (likely programmed) German, Bremer.
Bremer, the inspiration for (Jew) Schrader's Taxi Driver, (political hit) Travis '.44' Bickle, see linked Hinckley/Reagan. 
 The Process formed out of (upper-class) Mayfair, Balfour Place, with its accompanying 24hr Satan's Cavern coffee bar.
Ex-Scientologist formed, satanic Process - one original founder was Michael Mountain (see above) aka Hugh Bernstein.
The Process went underground circa RFK's assassination. On May 28,1966, a young Palestinian immigrant (Sirhan-Sirhan) fascinated with the occult had attended his first meeting of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) at the society’s Akhnaton Lodge in Pasadena (above, Freemason and Process-linked Wallace was AMORC). AMORC was one of the many splinter groups that broke off from the SRIA in England; they had OTO and Golden Dawn connections. 
Jerusalem born (1944) and he hit at 4:44 (kabbalist-Jew ciphers). His suspect writing: Illuminati and the Jew Hex.
In March 1968, Sirhan-Sirhan was in Pasadena - where he lived with his mother, some blocks north of where Jack Parsons had lived in the 1940s and 1950s - attending a meeting of the Theosophical Society’s Adyar Lodge. (That same month, the Process set up shop on South Cochrane Street in L.A.) A few months later, Sirhan-Sirhan would be arrested for the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy (at the Ambassador Hotel, L.A.). RFK was driven to the hotel by Jewish film-maker and (mind control) 'Manchurian Candidate' directing, Frankenheimer. Note, Sirhan-Sirhan was likely the programmed patsy a la Oswald. (Update late Aug. note Sirhan's parole issue just got an airing.)
The Kennedys have always been masonically owned (see RKO Joseph). SIMPS for the European monarchs.
Michael 'Process' Mountain, son of Britain's (masonic Jew) Sidney 'Baron' Bernstein - who started Granada TV in the UK
Granada, the longest and most successful of the original ITA franchises (from 1954). Sidney Bernstein was also a psychological warfare specialist during WW2. He was in charge of making the propaganda films that led the US into entering WW2. A type of urban legend exists in respect of the Granada studios being built on the former site of 22,000 pauper's graves. Son, Michael 'Bernstein' Mounatain, and his presence in founding of the (satanic) Process Church - goes some way in explaining how the group had such access and such support from major celebrity figures.
Masonic Granada TV, Jew Bernstein, & Granada-linked (crypto-Jew) homo/paedo-satanist, Jimmy 'Beatles compere' Savile.
The British Invasion of The Beatles would quickly follow in the aftermath of the masonic ritual killing of JFK. 
In 1962, Jewish Bernstein's Granada became the first television outlet to screen The Beatles for the British television audience (or the world). Interesting then, that his son should go-on to help found the Process Church. The Beatles, who also had links to the Process (see below), aka the group so heavily tied-in with (programmed via Scientology/Process) Manson and the Cielo crowd, etc. Helter-Skelter/White Album linked, Manson's Family. Bernstein's UK independent TV rival, (Jewish) Lord Lew Grade, was also heavily involved with The Beatles. Grade's Northern Songs/ATV owned the entire Beatles backcatalogue not long after the group disbanded. 
The Beatles, the pop group whose rise came thru via Germany. 'Hell(p)" - Golden Dawn/OTO grade signing Beatles:
The 'Do What Thou Wilst (sic)/Thelemic' Beatles, who were managed by Jewish homosexual Epstein, and whose record company (military linked-EMI) was headed by Jewish homosexual (and likely Freemason), SIR Joseph Lockwood. SIR Paul McCartney's International Times publication (linked to his Masons Yard 'Indica' occult bookshop) was closed due to running homosexual contact ads. Indica - right in the shadow of the Masonic Supreme Council 33 building, London.The Process was originally formed in Mayfair, 2 Balfour Place, W1 (1966). Previously occupied by actor Richard Harris. "Showbiz - an extension of the (masonic/satanic) Jewish religion", see Lennon/McCartney (NYT mag. Maureen Cleave, July 1966). Recall that a key part of the cult's Eastern HQ (meaning both S.O.S & the Process) was based out of the former (and then abandoned) Warburg-Rothschild estate, Westchester, NY. Claims regarding Andre Rand, who was said to have offered the unlucky 7 missing kids of Staten Island to the Process Church for them to be sacrificed on its unholy altar and to be possessed himself. Only one body was found and Rand never admitted to any guilt. (link) See Cropsey (film), a legend also linked to the beginnings of the (degenerate) Weinstein Bros.' film careers. Note, the satanic Weinstein Bros. originated their Miramax film co. via Paul 'OTO' McCartney's Wings (1980, see Rockshow). There was a potential link to the S.O.S cult (involving Wheat Carr, sister) and Staten Island. See, Reeve Rockman issue (who allegedly met with John Carr in N. Dakota) and Veronica Lueken, Cinotti, etc.
Western HQ - Venice, California.
From earlier: "Bill Mentzer was thought to be a more advanced rank in the Process, as was also believed of linked (cocaine) Lanie Jacobs/Greenburger. Both were eventually sent-down for (alleged OTO) Radin's murder. Bill 'Manson II' Mentzer (cult hitman) was an operative link between the L.A. Manson cult and the N.Y. S.O.S cult." According to Terry, Mentzer came thru via Cass Elliot's entourage (late 60's, likely via Pic Dawson, her paid boyfriend) and was also associated with (heiress and drug-linked) Folger. It's alleged that Polanski's film pal/drug dealer, Frykowski, and (his girlfriend) Folger, were both low-level Process initiates. Cielo victims Frykowski/Folger being a major aspect of the Cass Elliot (et al) clique. Allegedly, a big chunk of Gibby Folger's trust fund (and an even bigger chunk of the Folger family fortune) was invested in real estate managed by the father of fellow trust fund baby, Harrison 'Pic' Pickens Dawson III (Elliot's paid boyfriend). Dawson II (Pic's father), a real estate banker and heir to a massive real estate fortune himself, was a long time friend and Wall Street associate of Alfred Hunt Howell (alleged Mr Real Estate). Allan Carr managed Cass Elliot, the same Carr who was also a client/investor (in various projects) with Dawson II. It's believed that Carr paid Pic Dawson to be (obese) Elliot's boyfriend - until her suspicious death (at Beatle-linked Nillson's London flat) in July 29 1974. That's exactly 2 years before the first official S.O.S shooting. Allan Carr, who also worked closely with Roy 'snuff/OTO' Radin, as did Sisman-linked Mickey 'Judy Garland' De Vinko (also Judy's drug supplier). 'Pic' himself was (allegedly at one time) a bodybuilder who posed for 'muscle mag' photos taken by (homosexual OTO satanist) Anger and (Radin linked photographer) Sisman. Get your head around all of that! (source)
 Bill Mentzer (Manson II) very likely satanically ritually murdered Arlis Perry, and assisted by Stanford campus security guard, Crawford (Oct. 1974). Oct. 12 (1974), Crowley's birthday, and John Carr's. Oct. 12, 1969 was Charles Manson's arrest date. Mentzer likely led the Perry operation. Perry, from Bismarck, ND., and not far from Minot (John 'USAF' Carr cult territory). Berkowitz alleges she was hunted, stalked and slain from ND. to Stanford, Ca. She had only been there a few weeks. It's believed that she attempted to convert (satanic) Process Church members back in Bismarck, and was marked as a 'suppressive person' (see Scientology). A Process cult allegedly operated out of a house opposite Arlis' grandmother's home. Crawford (former USAF), who claimed that he found Perry's body, killed himself when police closed-in to arrest him after DNA profiling in 2018 linked him to the murder.
I think Mentzer (sandy hair man) was the 'other' security guard. Above, pages 1059/60 (left) & page 14 (right) 'The Ultimate Evil'.
Crawford was originally eliminated on the palmprint (likely Mentzer's) from the large candle inserted into Arlis' vagina.  
Cousins Ray and Mike worked-out at Gold’s Gym in Venice, Ca., as did (hit-man) Process William. So did Arnie Schwarzenegger.
William/Bill Mentzer's brother-in-law, William Rider, was Larry 'porn' Flynt's former bodyguard, he was also a bodybuilder
It was Rider who eventually testefied against Mentzer in his (Radin) trial. Jewish Mentzers.
Larry Flynt, in 1978 was shot by a neo-Nazi, Joseph Paul Franklin, another likely cult-linked/mkultra asset.
Fred 'never married' Cowan (Army vet.), linked to Jack 'Berkowitz' Cassara's work-place (Neptune Moving), and who may have - 
been the link to (Army vet.) Berkowitz finding residence at the Cassara home, yet another neo-Nazi, bodybuilder, and spree killer.
In prison, Gary Evans (serial killer) befriended Berkowitz over their mutual interest in bodybuilding. (Code for homosexuals)
OTO's highest degree (11th) centres on ritual sodomy. Satanism and sodomy - have always gone hand-in-hand.
Hence, why Zio-satanic Jew S. of A. has been the biggest player in terms of normalising this demonic LGBT filth.
I wonder if cult-folk like (photographer/video-man) Ronald Sisman, were also used for (illegal) gay porn production?
Porn/snuff Sisman was hit Halloween, 1981. Less than two weeks later (NY mafia-linked) mainstream hardcore porn & torture porn progenitor (see Deep Throat/Texas Chainsaw), Joseph Peraino Snr, was hit Nov. 13, 1981. He survived this attempt on his life. 
Less than two months later Peraino Snr was hit again on Jan. 4, 1982. Again he survived (likely due to his body-mass), but his son, Louis, was shot and killed. I find the timing/location of the hits and the nature of their (overlapping) businesses of interest.
Deep Throat (1972) was the Peraino film company's first release. Peraino Snr.'s Bryanston Dist. Inc. was also behind Devil's Rain (1975), which featured Church of Satan LaVey (and his wife). Jew satanist LaVey also acted as the film's technical adviser. 
Louis Peraino (killed in the 1982 hit) was one of the film's producers, but credited under the pseudonym of James V. Cullen. 
Masonic-satanic cults, masonic-satanic Hollywood, and inter-linked mafia elements combine to 'mass occultize', transform and degenerate American popular culture, and therefore do the same to the - 'monkey see, monkey do' - hypnotized masses. PROCESSED - and literally. Sex and ultraviolence are now being purchased and consumed as though they're typical products - just like a burger or soda-pop. A type of induced commidification of degeneracy - and badly posing as a form of (so-called progressive) popular culture. Devil's Rain, 33° freemason, Ernest Borgnine, starred as leader of a satanic coven. The film was also the debut of (homosexual & mogul fluffer) John Travolta. The film where he began his (satanic) Scientology journey. Scientology Travolta (allegedly) sexually serviced male Jewish TV personnel to get his role on Welcome Back Kotter (1975). The Kotter show was where Melonie Haller found fame. The woman who was drugged, raped, abused, and videoed at Jewish/OTO Radin's Hamptons mansion (Apr. 1980). Video-taped by Canadian, Ronald Sisman.
Mike and Ray's high intensity training was marketed under the acronym "HIT". Neither Ray or Mike made it to 50 yrs.
See 1980 Mr Olympia Mentzer vs Arnie controversy. Arnie's father was Nazi SS, but Arnie's mentors were ashke-nazi Jews. 
Jews, Sidney 'Joe' Gold (a likely closet homo) and Joe Weider. The Jewish-Canadian Weiders controlled US bodybuilding.
 An Unauthorized Biography: Arnold, by Wendy Leigh. Having arrived in the United States under the patronage of the body builder Joe Weider: "Arnold immediately took posing lessons from Dick Tyler. The music picked for his posing routine - Strauss’s Thus Spake Zarathustra." The Nietzschean (Nazi) ubermensch/superman (also see Nietzsche's The Gay Science). Music as featured in (homo-satanists) Clarke and Kubrick's 2001. Also see - Nazi propaganda linked via the Harlans, (ashke-nazi) Jew Kubrick. 
Oscar 'homosexual' Heidenstam - was the Father of British bodybuilding, see NABBA & Mr Universe.
Jimmy 'Mecca' Savile - by 1966 was President of NABBA (Nat. Amateur Body-Builders' Assoc.), and was until early 70s.
Above, German-royalty linked Savile (as NABBA Pres.) handing Arnold Schwarzenegger his first Mr Universe title 1967.
The title that would be his ticket to the US and ultimately lead to worldwide fame. Bachelor Savile was primarily homosexual.
Allegedly, when Arnie came to the UK in the early 60s, he was heavily involved with (Beatle-linked) Savile and Wag Bennett (top left).
"It was given and accepted that (body-builders) supported themselves by catering to the tastes of wealthy gay men ." link
Schwarzenegger also posed nude for homoerotic photographer, Robert 'snuff' Mapplethorpe, at least three times in the 70's. 
Some cite degenerate homosexual Mapplethorpe as being an aspect of the S.O.S cult - largely in respect of snuff production.
Homosexual satanist and serial killer...Jeffrey Dahmer. His 'neuro-scientist' father was from German/Welsh ancestry.
Jeff (left) & brother. Yeah. Move along, nothing to see. It's not as though he dedicated his entire life to Satan or anything. ;)
Military linked via West Germany (joined upon his father's urging), satanic Dahmer potentially had a contact to (the satanic) Processians via former member Brother John Paul Ranieri. It's claimed that Dahmer's father also had a serious interest in 'hypnosis'. Ranieri also knew and formerly associated with (USAF linked) John 'S.O.S' Carr. Former 'rent boy' and Processian Ranieri seemingly counselled Dahmer in some way (code for a handler?). Homosexual Dahmer, yet another serial killer and former body-building enthusiast, and one who may have been a former aspect of a political-elite 'rent boy' operation himself (see access to the Whitehouse and VP story). Dahmer's very first victim, Hicks, was hit over the head with a dumbbell weight. Two soldiers attest to having been raped by Dahmer while in the army; one of whom stated in 2010 that while stationed at Baumholder, Dahmer had repeatedly raped him over a 17-month period. While another soldier believes he was drugged, then raped by Dahmer inside an armoured vehicle in 1979. Dahmer served in Germany from 1979-1981. His attributed 17 killings spanned 1978-1991. Recent info (via someone he allegedly served with) has claims that Dahmer was linked to five murders in Bad Kreuznach, West Germany (near the US base). Murders that also allegedly involved a high-ranking US Army officer. MK-ULTRA, Jeff?

 Exorcist III (Legion). Dahmer victim (posed) and Ancient of Ancients imagery as seen in his favourite film.
The kabbalist Ancients image (imo) implies a real form of spirit possession via the adepts aerial head and kabbalist 'ain sof'.
The head aka Kether (the Crown/Corona), the entrance point of Creation, or the Reception Point (aerial receiver).
Further amplified by the Gemini possessed 'old people' (his vessels for ritual murder) being accessed via radio-signals.
At this point - we're not even sure where the line is drawn re: fiction or fact. Ultimately, though, there may be no line.
The film caused Dahmer to disassociate. (Note a potential connect to satanist Tony Podesta and his sick 'homage' art-work.)
Dahmer's detailed satanic altar (below, left). There was clearly a bigger philosophy to his murderous work.
 Military psy-ops, Jew Blatty's Exorcist III. Crowley's Liber Oz, kabbalist (satanic) Ancient of Ancients (image), Eliphas Levi sigils.
Another key satanic military psy-ops operative is (ex-Church of Satan) Temple of Set (Satan) founder, Lt. Col. Aquino.
Satanic military psy-ops. EM, ELF, Microwave, Voice To Skull (V2K), etc. (Consider 5G and vax implications too.)
(Jews) Blatty/Friedkin's The Exorcist, has a link to the Zodiac killings (see Jan. '74 and final confirmed 'Exorcist-Mikado letter'). 
Sent just weeks after the film's release (a trigger?). Blatty's Exorcist III further ehoes this Zodiac link (via Gemini's possession-based killings) in Father Dyer's hospital slaying. 'Mikado' - spelt as 'Zikado' - is an anagram of 'zodiak'. Misspelling Zodiac and the filmic Exorcist/Mikado letter: "Saterical" (sic) "Comidy" (sic). Exorcist III via film-based (and Christmas linked) "It's A Wonderfull (sic) Life", and presented Zodiac mocking style. The film's dream scene evokes Grand Central Station - which has the 'reversed zodiac' ceiling.
 Jew/military psy-ops Blatty was close to (Freemason Jew) Groucho 'Mikado' Marx, the comedian. See his Freemason brother, Harpo Marx, whose schtick was pulling the "masonic sign of silence" (see Horus/Harpo-crates). Masonic-satanic JEWS. In one episode of the popular You Bet Your Life series, hosted by Groucho Marx, (military psy-ops) William Blatty was a contestant and walked away with a prize of $10,000. When asked what he was going to do with the money, he stated he was to take some time off  to work on a novel. That novel was the acclaimed inspiration for the movie The Exorcist (link). 
"Eureka! I have found it!" The Zodiac-linked 'Eureka card' (Dec. 1990) also connects to Groucho 'Mikado' Marx and Christmas (see the snowman). The original Exorcist being released Christmas 1973. The 1990 Eureka card's appearance being linked to the release of (satanist film-maker) Fincher's Zodiac film, 2007. Its public existence was unknown prior to this. (Recall that the 'Exorcist letter' was seemingly linked to the release of Friedkin/Blatty's original film.) Film releases and accompanying calling cards. The Blatty written/directed Exorcist III, heavily tied to satanic serial killer Dahmer, was released Aug. 17, 1990. A mere few months before Eureka:
Just prior to the (Jan '74) Exorcist letter and some two weeks or so after the release of The Exorcist, a caller claiming to be Zodiac called the S.F. Police (and media outlets) stating that they had murdered a woman and placed her body in a church. No crime was ever discovered though. It evokes S.O.S and Cali. linked Arlis Perry, who would be ritually murdered in a church, Oct. '74. A killing possibly linked to Cali. cult and S.O.S Manson II/Mentzer. The Eureka card contained a Xeroxed copy of two keys (P.O box keys) linked on a chain and eventually traced to Chester Klingel. Xerox was founded in Ro-chester, NY. (the S.O.S hotbed) and Xerox photocopying (as used via the Eureka card) was invented by Xerox's Chester Carlson. Linked 'zodiac keys' via Chester(s) and (Xerox) Rochester. Exorcist 'Gemini/Zodiac' III. Chester, slang - 'child molester'. It's plausible, if not probable, that Dahmer was abused as a child, most likely his father. In the televised Zodiac call to Melvin Belli (Oct. 1969), hoax or not - the caller identified as 'Sam'. 'Sam' was also used as an alias for Chester Klingel before he was identified as the owner of the Eureka photo-copied keys (link). Recall that Processian Ranieri, who was familiar with John 'S.O.S' Carr, was also familir with Dahmer. Previously I've connected (these) Blatty/Friedkin novel(s)/film(s) with MK-ULTRA, Monarch, actual serial killings/killers, barely veiled child abuse ("is there someone inside of you?" via the penis and balls, etc.), and micro-macro Hollywood mind control. Do recall that the female protagonist in The Exorcist is a film star. These are clearly more than just films for the sole purposes of entertainment. Coincidentally or not, Key Bridge is the location of the decapitated black boy (see Dahmer and his fascination with young black boys/men and their decapitation) who's found murdered by Gemini early in the film (Exorcist III). Blatty's Exorcist III (via Crowley's Liber Oz) & Dahmer:
 "It's A Wonderfull (sic) Life" (above right). Exorcist III, Father Dyer's slaying and total (phlebotomy) blood draining.
Exorcist III Dahmer, himself, was a former trained phlebotomist. He also tried to inject chemicals into some victims' brains.
In New Jersey (Dec. 1979) there was a ritual double-murder that contained similar elements. Likely OTO connected.
It's A Wonderful Life, which feat. a satanic Barrymore. A film set in Westchester County (of all places). Story is loosley - 
based on A Christmas Carol. Carol (Marren, from Brooklyn, NY), Christmas (Dec. 16), OTO, & drained blood:
Anyway, the serial killer in Exorcist III (Gemini) roughly parallels (former phlebotomist) Dahmer. Both killed 17 people, both did their killing near a Catholic university. The "Exorcist" Gemini killer near Georgetown University, Washington D.C., and Dahmer near Milwaukee`s Marquette University. The film's release (Aug. 1990) also overlapping with  his crimes. Ten of the seventeen victims' deaths happening after Exorcist III's release (last victim murdered July 19. 1991). Dahmer told Detective Dennis Murphy, to whom he made his confession, that he had bought a videocassette of the film and watched it two to three times a week for six months. Spree killer, Rolling, on his crimes & Exorcist III: "The murders were like being in a movie - a horror movie. Gemini the puppet master was pulling the strings and I was the possessed leading actor." (Danny 'Gainsville Ripper' Rolling). Rolling watched Exorcist III on the week of his murder spree. Exorcist III, Gemini (Satan) literally carries-out his murders by remote possession of the living (the hospital's old people). Fudge packing at the chocolate factory (ahem). Re, Dahmer: "The 24-year-old bodybuilder (victim, Oliver Lacy) was lured to Dahmer's apartment for a photoshoot like the other victims. He was also drugged, strangled, and dismembered." A security camera (filming) was also an aspect of Dahmer's apartment, but for reasons unknown. Was Dahmer's military medic unit connected to 'military intel'?
See satanic propagandist and military-linked programmer, Jewish Blatty, and 'cruising' William 'mkultra' Friedkin (Jew).
See Paul 'Exorcist' Bateson (also ex-Army, another formerly stationed in West Germany) and 1977-78 'NY gay slayings'.
(Killer Heidnik is another via W.Germany.) Bateson plays a hospital tech. scanning the brain of (demon) possessed Regan.
Dahmer's father was a neuro-scientist, The Exorcist Bateson (alleged serial killer) trained as a neurological radiological technician.
Mein Kampf Camp. Satanist and 'muscle-boy aficionado' (aka homo-sodomite) J. P. Getty. Pumping Irons (poofs).
Getty died 6/6/76, same day as the premiere of Jewish Donner/Seltzer's (satanic) The '666' O-Men
J. Paul Getty Jnr (his son) would be patron to Kenneth "OTO/Gay" Anger - who would make Lucifer Rising (linked to Manson Beausoleil). Lucifer Anger was also likely aligned with (if not a member of) The Process. He may well have also been involved with underground gay porn production. With Getty's patronage, OTO Anger was hosted by (art dealer and Etonian homo) Robert 'The Beatles' Fraser at his opulent London dwelling. Body-building hunks - an interest for women and homosexual men. Arnold would also for a time live with a gay man (a sugar daddy) - John Dixey, a British businessman. From the Process and bodybuilding linked Mentzer(s) to Process and bodybuilding linked, Savile. Mr Uphill Love, Mr Gay News, Jimmy. 'Djinn'll Fix It':
 Oh, look. Sodomite and paedo-satanist, 'Mr TV/Pop' Savile - interviewed and featured in The Process magazine (Sex, 1969). Ahem.
The Process was co-founded by Michael 'Bernstein' Mountain, his father's station did launch the Beatles via TV.
Just like SIR Jimmy, SIR Paul McCartney also gave an interview in The Process magazine  - the 'Fear' edition (1969).
McCartney, then dating/living with Jane Asher (1964-66), whose father (Dr. Richard 'Munchausen' Asher) was involved in - 'sleep/hypnosis, etc.' (mind control?). He apparently killed himself Apr.1969
Process founder Mary Ann MacLean. Freemason, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Profumo-linked MacLean (if the above is accurate). 
Dr 'sleep' Asher lived at 57 Wimpole St. Linked Dr. Stephen 'Profumo' Ward's residence was in the next street, 17 Wimpole Mews. 
Ward was close to (Profumo) models/prostitutes Keeler & Rice Davies. Dr. Ward was found dead (via supposed suicide) in 1963. 
Both Ward/Asher arguably died under mysterious circumstances. Ward, who as a doctor had high-end clientele, - 
mixed with a young Prince Philip at socialite parties. Philip was then a junior officer in the Royal Navy. 
Ward was close to the (Nazi-sympathising) Astor/Cliveden Set, too. Much speculation, but interesting nonetheless.
Occultist Ward, very likely mind controlled (honey-traps) Keeler/Davies. Berkowitz references Ward in The Ultimate Evil. Why?
On page 114 (The Anatomy of Witchcraft, by Haining), Berkowitz (or someone) underlined the following passage: 
The shade of Aleister Crowley looms large in the area, but his excesses pale into insignificance compared to today’s devil worshipers."
Sgt. 'Crowley' Pepper. Processians allegedly used to frequent McCartney's occult bookshop Indica, which was on - 
Mason's Yard (see below) - and mere yards from the Masonic Supreme Council 33° building, London SW1.
Freemasonry aka 'The Craft' (witchcraft). Faithfull (then Indica Dunbar's wife) who starred as Lilith in Lucifer Rising, had an Austrian mother and Jewish grandmother, appeared in an issue of The Process, the 'Death' edition. Mick 'Lucifer' Jagger also featured on an issue cover. He was originally earmarked for the Lucifer role in Anger's film. Jagger's younger brother, Chris, featured as a High Priest in Lucifer Rising. An (underage) 17 year old boy was found shot to death in Keith Richards' bed at his Westchester County palatial home (via Anger and Lucifer Rising linked, Pallenberg), Sept. 1979. That's S.O.S cult territory. It's doubtful it was suicide. German-linked Pallenberg (from a German/Italian father, and German mother) was connected to Crowley and Anger linked filmmaker, Donald 'OTO' Cammell. 666 5th Ave. linked Exorcist II:
1977. Rospo 'Exorcist II' Pallenberg is of the same family as (satanist) Anita 'Lucifer Rising' Pallenberg.
Rospo was involved in (sodom) Deliverance (1972), written by incestuous paedophile/homosexual, James Dickey.
What a small satanic world. Faithfull and Pallenberg were both very likely Process Church assets.
Lucifer Rising. Storyline: Egyptian gods summon the angel Lucifer - in order to usher in a new occult age.
Special effects by Wally Veevers. he worked on (satanic-Jew, 666 Donner's) Superman and (satanic-Jew, 666 Kubrick's) 2001:ASO (see Lucifer-birthing linked sequel, 2010). Pallenberg (and Getty Jnr.) funded OTO Anger's Lucifer Rising (note Manson-Beausoleil), and provided backing vocals (with Faithfull) on The Stones' Sympathy For The Devil track (when Anger worked with the band in London via satanist Getty Jnr's patronage). She first dated band founder Brian Jones, and then Keith Richards. She also had relations with Jagger, and had three children by Richards. Michael Cooper (the Stones' personal photographer) took the Sgt. 'Crowley' Pepper cover shot (via Robert Fraser) at his London studio. Cooper would also do camera/photography work on Lucifer Rising.
Art dealer and 'connected' Etonian homo, Robert 'Sgt Crowley/Pepper' Fraser, was a key drug provider for the Stones and their entourage. Beatles, and Scientology/Process-linked Charles Manson also contributed a stream-of-unconsciousness rant for this same 'Death' issue, calling death: "total awareness, closing the circle, bringing the soul to now." link "It was through John (Dunbar) that Paul met the art dealer Robert Fraser (son of a wealthy banker), and became involved in starting Indica Bookshop and Gallery, and was introduced to a demi-monde of writers, jazz musicians and junkies. It was also from the Indica that Paul helped fund and launch the underground newspaper, International Times." link (Int. Times was closed-down due to its running of homosexual contact ads.) 
Eton homo Fraser, drug supplier who art-directed Sgt. Pepper. Indica connected & linked to OTO Anger, Burroughs, and Hopper.
Homosexual Eton - with its quasi Hasidic (Jew) dress code. JEWISH (sodom) Freemasonry, The Beatles & the 33°.
Jimmy SAVILLE (sic) see process mag. A type of alter-ego? Saville (sic) was used on police records when he was questioned -
 about the Yorkshire Ripper case. His bite impression was also taken. Crimes happening in the UK, and which included the period of the S.O.S killings in the US. Savile had contact with Ripper Sutcliffe when he had a presence at Broadmoor. Sutcliffe, like Savile, was another who had an early interest in body-building (ahem). Both were from Leeds, perhaps they could've crossed-paths via the Mecca (after-hours body-building) clubs? Two Yorkshire Ripper attacks happened very close to (royalty) Savile's Leeds flat. First victim found in Prince Philip Park. Savile was apparently introduced to the German/Rothschild-linked royal fold by (homo-paedo/German descended) 'WW2' Mountbatten (1966). Ahem. Mountbatten allegedly had a penchant for young Indian boys. Victor Rothschild was a key WW2 MI5 operative and linked to the homosexual (and likely paedo) Cambridge spy-ring. Crowley an Intel asset in the war years. 
Naval Intel, Hubbard. Crowley and OTO-linked Scientology Hubbard's HQ was based in the UK (East Grinstead).
 "Black magic is the inner core of Scientology..." L Ron Hubbard Jnr. (black magick a la Crowley & Nazi Thule)
Ron Jr: "The one super-secret sentence that Scientology is built on: "Do as thou wilt." That is the whole of the law. From black magic, -
from Alistair Crowley. It means that you are a law unto yourself, that you are above the law, that you create your own law."
Crowley and OTO-linked, satanist Hubbard. See OTO Parsons and Scientology/ONI Hubbard (Babalon Working, etc.)
Sodom Parsons and Hubbard utilized the Enochian Calls for their Babalon ritual (see Rabbi Loew, Dee, Crowley, etc.)
Operating Thetan ('satan' spoken with a lisp = thetan)
'PROCESS-ing' linked Scientology: "His (L Ron Hubbard) own secret life, which was deeply involved in the occult and black-magic. That involvement goes back to when he was sixteen, living in Washington. D.C. He got hold of the book by Alistair Crowley called The Book of Law. He was very interested in several things that were the creation of what some people call the Moon Child (see OTO Parsons and Hubbard, Babalon 'Crowley's moon child' Working). It was basically an attempt to create an immaculate conception - except by Satan rather than by God. (A type of Rosemary's Baby, my emphasis). Another important idea was the creation of what they call embryo implants - of getting a satanic or demonic spirit to inhabit the body of a fetus. This would come about as a result of black-magic rituals, which included the use of hypnosis, drugs, and other dangerous and destructive practices.

He started me out by mixing phenobarbital into my bubble gum, when I was 10 yrs. To induce deeper trances in order to practice the black magic and to get an avenue to power. The explanation is sort of long and complicated. The basic rationale is that there are some powers in this universe that are pretty strong. As an example, Hitler was involved in the same black magic and same occult practices that my father was. The identical ones. Which, as I have said, stem clear back to before Egyptian times. It's a very secret thing. Very powerful and very workable and very dangerous. Brainwashing is nothing compared to it." (L Ron Hubbard Jnr., 1983).

 "Satanists...They aren't ignorant peasants or semi-illiterate natives...ranks are filled with doctors, lawyers, businessmen..."
Other phone numbers in Berkowitz's possession - an exclusive country club in Long Island's Hamptons area: the Montauk Golf and Racquet Club. Two other numbers listed were to the Long Island summer residences of Yonkers doctors; these were not office numbers. (Radin's Ocean Castle was on Long Island. His mother was based in the Hamptons). Another number was that of a private residence in East Hampton, another belonged to an unlisted telephone in West Babylon, Long Island, and a final number was listed to a private home on exclusive Shelter island, Long Island. There was, simply, no legitimate reason for Yonkers postal clerk David Berkowitz to possess these telephone numbers. Moreover, he didn't list any names next to them.
Oh, look. Claims that the SOS satanic cult network had links to British Columbia, Canada. (source EIR, link)
The Ultimate Evil (pg.530) - Maury Terry
Moving-on to more recent issues in Canada...
Re: Freemasonry. Page 355. Witness statements. Read the statements (if you can stomach the harrowing details) from the witnesses and see the major hand of rancid Freemasonry at work. (Note also 'bikers' aka 'masonic-satanic' Hell's Angels, as noted in the just prior and alleged John Carr statement re: Canada). Witness #1 (given as Annie Parker, Feb. 2006) - a daughter of a prominent Freemason and newspaper editor. Rape/torture/snuff involving the Pickton Bros. (Willy, a serial killer, subsequently convicted Dec. 2007), a CBC TV cameraman, and linked to RCMP supply. Some of the more startling claims implicate Lions-Gate Films in snuff movie production (the Vancouver company formed late 90's), and Eddie Murphy in a double-murder. It's alleged that the farm was used to rape & kill victims - and filmed surreptitiously - for the purposes of compromise/blackmail traps (and snuff production). Brother, Dave Picton, was said to be involved in a film studio set-up that was attached to the farm's barn where events were held, Piggy's Palace. 
It's likely that Willy Picton (a la Fred West) was a key participant who was then used as the fall-guy for the wider op. 
(Note, some of the former witness #1 details, incl. Lions-Gate aspects, are seemingly corroborated by witness #7, see excerpts. The latter claims to have been an undercover CSIS field agent (intelligence) sent in to infiltrate the Bros. farm (likely latter 90's). He also implicates former Canadian PM, Paul Martin, in goings-on at the Pickton Bros. farm. Martin served in former PM Pierre Trudeau's cabinet, the father of current PM, Justin).
Lions-gate, founded in Vancouver by Frank Giustra (1997), who is now linked to Epstein 'blackmail' Island connected Clinton. 

Epstein mixed in Royal circles and Prince Andrew was clearly implicated in his op. Blackmail trapping Epstein's wealth was primarily supplied by (Zionist Jew and newspaper tycoon) Robert Maxwell. The funds being largely illicited from the (stolen) Mirror Group pension fund. Masonic DeMolay, Clinton, a RHODES scholar out of (Isis) Oxford. See Bulwer-Lytton, Rhodes his initiate and the Crowley Isis Cult via Oxford. Lions-gate, who went on to become the biggest mini-major studios of recent times. Their early output being considered too controversial (too degenerate, my emphasis) for the typical majors. Their first major success was (coincidentally or not) Amerian Psycho (2000). They were also behind the torture-porn Saw franchise. American Psycho, a homo-erotic film with an investment/stockbroker who liked filming, chopping-up prostitutes and cannibalism. Giustra started-out at investment/brokers Merrill Lynch in the late 70's. Raising billions for investors. Art imitating life? See link for claims regarding Giustra's wife, Lionsgate and Greek Life Productions in respect of the Pickton farm. His former wife, Alison Lawton, linked to UNICEF, children's & AIDS charities (Africa) and Bill 'Epstein' Clinton. She was (is) very likely involved in setting-up charitable fronts for obtaining victims (and/or child sextortionist trainees for blackmail, etc.) from the third world under the (predictable and typical) guise of benevolence.
 (note, some of the links are now since defunct)

666 Solomon Templars - (Satanic) Freemason Bikers - Hell's Angels Demons:
(Horus) Sons of Widow (Isis). Hiram's (aka Osiris's) Masonic-Satanic Helpers.

 "Politicans connected to Hell's Angels, connected to freemasons, oddfellows, illuminati, witches, warlocks, satanists, police, my "friends". Judges that put the media ban on this are in league with them as well too."
In this link from 15 years ago (here, beware extreme content) mention is made by someone who did business at the farm, (who gave a series of interviews to the police) of having been introduced to Willy Pickton by a Freemason (who claimed to be a close friend of 25 years to Pickton). Read the grisly conclusion of their own investigation at the link. This was all before Pickton was tried and convicted. The writer actually assumes (erroneously) that Pickton would 'get-off' - with help from the usual compromised authorities.
PLEASE BE WARNED. The contents of those witness statements are some of the most harrowing stuff that I've ever read. And I've read a lot. It's still greatly troubling me now. It very much reminded of the Fred West situation. Torture and snuff fiend, Freemason and Scottish-linked, West. Farm-linked West was linked to other child abusers/murderers - James Gallogley (a church elder in Scotland), and Alexander Gartshore, the latter also a paedophile Freemason. West's Cromwell St. property was also feet from a Seventh Day Adventist Church - the properties was partially connected. West alleged he was involved with and claimed he had the protection from - the highest court body in Scotland (COPFS). (A group from COPFS that was involved in making paedophile abuse films, he referred to them as 'the untouchables'.) COPFS being a Crown instituted body. The monarch (on the advice of the first minister) appoints the head, the Lord Advocate. 
Scottish paedophile and Tory MP, SIR Nicholas Fairbairn (tied to paedophile rings with SIR Peter Morrison, and likely 'paedo/homo' Elm Guest House) was the deputy to the Lord Advocate, COPFS (1979-1982). (Fairbairn, a highly promiscuous gay liberation activist, and yet another with murky links to the Paedophile Information Exchange.) See Fairbairn, who was once Scotland's youngest Q.C., and victim Susie Henderson (whose degenerate paedophile father was a prominent Scottish Q.C., and close friend of Fairbairn) who was raped/abused from age 4. Anyway, it's also claimed that West had a link to Thomas 'Dunblane' Hamilton, another Freemason (one who had actually corressponded with the Queen) and yet another case that was absolutely coated in a foul masonic stink (incl. inquiry, Lord 'Freemason' Cullen), and what may have actually been a paedophile abuse cover-up event sold as a mass shooting. Hamilton allegedly attended abuse parties with a police inspector and acted as a driver for the ring. See 'the speculative society'. Just putting it out there.
 Freemason (and paedophile) Brother Frederick Walter Stephen 'Fred' West (29 September 1941 - 1 January 1995), was an English serial killer known to have been in full-fellowship with at least one English Masonic lodge, the Gloucestershire Round Table Lodge.
 Freemason (and paedophile) Brother Thomas Hamilton: "This House notes that Thomas Hamilton, the perpetrator of the hideously distressing slaughter committed in Dunblane on the 13th March 1996, had enrolled in Lodge number 1413 of the Masonic Order at Garrowhill in 1977. He had been granted his firearms certificate in 1977 (same year as his masonic membership) and had stopped attending Lodge meetings in 1986."

From a former post...linked to NXIVM and the Zionist-Jew, Bronfmans (agents of the Crown, see Canadian bootlegging):
SIR Robert Havers Q.C, (then Att. Gen.) defends non-prosecution of SIR Peter 'paedo-PIE' Hayam.
SIR Robert (who became a Lord) being the brother of BARONESS Butler 'Royalty- SIR Savile' Sloss.
Oh, look. It's former Canadian High Commissioner, SIR Peter 'paedo' Hayman. UK's top diplomatic rep. in Canada (1970-74).
Geoffrey Dickens (MP) named Hayman as a 'paedophile' in the House of Commons (1981).
An Attorney General involved in major (Zionist linked) paedophile cover-ups? Sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it? 
If only I could squeeze-in Prince Andrew with all of this, somehow? (sarcasm). British-Israelism to US-Israelism.
You can thank the (UBER ZIONIST) POS Trump admin. for how the above turned-out. Also see Acosta.
Hence, why Donald 'the fix' Barr was installed (by Zionist Trump) to take care of the Zionist loose-ends. Ahem.
DALTON SCHOOL. Their 'Epstein is dead' fairytale seems to have flummoxed most of the MSM grazing sheep.
The SAME sheep that think institutionalising paedophilia is some type of nonsense conspiracy theory. Ahem.
You'd almost think these degenerates would be too busy destroying indigenous Palestinians (under their superior 'chosenite' banner) to find the time to carry-out all this child abuse, entrapping, and global terror. But somehow they manage it.
Oh, look. It's (Jew) Epstein and (Jew) Barr's sick and perverted school, Dalton.
Um, I thought children lacked the capacity to give consent?
Paedophilia training as a part of the cirriculum? Who'd have guessed? Take a bow, Zio-Thelemic USA. 
Maybe son, William 'POS' Barr (fmr. Attn. Gen. of Zionist Trump's admin), can pen the sequel to his father's Space Relations?
It could be about (Zionist fomented) child sex slavery involving NY children's schools - with links all the way to the top of govt., industry, and mass media? It could be titled: "Business As Usual".
Zionist HOMOSEXUAL and PEDERAST - AKA - 666 Donald 'Zionist POS' Trump's actual (former) MENTOR. Ahem.
 It's JEWISH Roy 'Freemason' Cohn. Mr Zionist 'blackmail traps' via child rape (see linked Trump's A.G., paedo Barr.)
(Homo Cohn-linked, Crispo, yet another HOMO PAEDOPHILE, rapist & satanist. Crispo, likely cult-linked via The Process).
Jew Cohn, carried-out many of these sick paedo traps at the N.Y. Plaza Hotel. I wonder which Zionist POS now owns that? :)
Have all the Trump-turds just left the building? Your political hero is a (Zionist-owned) masonic sodomite and paedophile. Oops.
(The United States of America is COMPLETELY FUCKED due to its 'love affair' with all things satanic Judaism.)
Homo Cohn was involved in entrapping homosexual-tranny, J. Edgar 'FBI' Hoover, the latter liked young boys. Who'd have guessed? The same detective, Jim Rothstein (see Cohn's confession/interview), who believed that (homo) sacrificial murderers, Crispo/LeGeros, had a connection to the Smiley Face Killer murders (same type of M.O.). (Convicted homo muderer) LeGeros, had a father who worked for the (Masonic-Zionist) UN. (The Rockefeller UN was born out of the quasi-Masonic League of Nations.) Note, the (S.O.S) Carrs' home-based answering service, as an aspect, took calls for the LUCIS (LUCIFER) TRUST. Luciferianism/NWO being the barely veiled religion of the satanic (masonic-Jew) UN. Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey as the publishing company to disseminate the books of Bailey and (Isis cult) Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. At one time, the Lucis (Lucifer) Trust office in New York was located at 666 United Nations Plaza. It's alleged that sodomite/murderer Crispo (who was linked to ashkenazi paedo, Cohn) made his fortune selling art to Baron Heinrich Thyssen-Bornimisza, the nephew of (Nazi) Fritz Thyssen. Fritz Thyssen, of course, is known for his role in helping to fund Hitler's Nazi Germany - and all in-league with (US-Zionist/Ashke-NAZI) WALL STREET (see Anthony C. Sutton). People like Prescott 'masonic Skull & Bones' Bush were also heavily involved in the former. 
(Yawn. Ever get the feeling that they play both sides? Sarcasm.)
Hitler, you know, the TRUE FATHER of (Rothschild's) satanic Neo-Israel. Ahem. Masonic Golden Dawn/German OTO.
 Hitler, the young Austrian painter whose art-work so impressed the JEWS. 
Jewish ancestry Alfred Rosenberg was his ideologue and (Mein Kampf) mentor.

Nazis (National SOCIALISTS), also see masonic-Jew Communism via Jew agent - masonic 33 Bro. Marx (Levy/Levi).
Masonic NEW JEW WORLD ORDER. Marx: "Thus will the promise of the (satanic) TALMUD be fulfilled."
"It'll be possible for JEWISH RULERS to abolish private property ...and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state."
(See WEF Jew and Rothschild lackey: "own nothing/reset" Schwab, and current 'commie' US under Zionist Biden. Note, Biden's latest Jewish CDC head, Walensky, who's usurped the supreme court by extending rent moratorium. Jewish Fink fronts 'linked' Blackrock).
Where's GERMAN '666' Masonic/Zionist Drumpf/Trump - AKA - the King of (satanic) Rothschild's  Neo-Israel?
If POS Trump is your 'saviour' - then you're already totally f**ked. He's a (Jew-slave) freemason and paedophile.
I mean, it's not as though the JEW S of A is a masonic-satanic shit-house of Zionist MIC, Tech, and mass media. (sarcasm)
Not forgetting MIC Microsoft, and other tech global narrative enforcers like (mass mind control) Twatter and JEW-tube.
Transhumanist filth. You'd have to be blind, dumb, insane, and/or thoroughly programmed not to notice this obvious state of affairs.
 Quote: "2 billion + users says that I'm correct that they're a type of "sheep" - a very dangerous type imo."
AMERICAN HELL. Now 3 billion + users. The tragedy. Faecesbook = MIC Pentagon/DARPA 'LifeLog' gone public.
Master symbol of the Zionist Illuminati. Oh, look. It's masonic-Illuminati DARPA via masonic tubal-cain Faecesbook.
The same DARPA that was approached by Peter Daszak of (US company) EcoHealth Alliance who wanted to - 
put (gain of function) coronavirus into bat-caves 18 months prior to the Wuhan outbreak. Capability and intent.
He corresponded with POS Fauci - in respect of the origin of outbreak. Read that as helping maintain the cover-up.

 Father of British (Satanic) Freemasonry and British-Israelism, Dr. John 'Monarchy/Demonic Talmud' Dee:
"The British Israelite movement derived its initial impetus from the attempt by the Crown -
to improve Victoria's popularity by falsely claiming that she was of the Davidic bloodline." 
Brian Desborough
Quote from the beginning of the post body (June 1st):
"There are dozens of MASS GRAVES. Above book (see PDF link) is banned in COLONIAL CANADA."
Who'd have guessed? Article via the GERMAN-linked, degenerate Queen 'POS' Victoria:
"Efforts to erase indigenous culture"? Um, it was a DELIBERATE Crown policy - way beyond a mere effort.
Colonization is civilization? ALL happened on CROWN owned land. Ahem.
Um, it looks as though Zio-Imperialist (masonic-soaked) colonialism = MASS GENOCIDE.
Early/Mid-August Update
From My Dec. 2020 Post:
Arguably the US's destruction has since rapidly sped-up. War with China is also gathering more steam.
Now factor in the Zionist USA and the recent (deliberate) ABORTION in Afghanistan.
USA has the greatest military in the world? I've always told you that that's always been bullshit. Satan's forces.
The Jew S of A's mission that was all predicated on the back of ZIONIST FRAUD 9/11.
Note that the Zio-US is now shifting their former reasons for invading Afghanistan. It was based on lies.
If (linked) Iraq 2.0 was based on the LIE of WMD's - then why can't the Afghan occupation be likewise?
Tens of thousands from these regions will now flood Jew S of A and its LAPDOG land (aka Europe).
Years ago I outlined how Jew S of A has ACTIVELY been destroying Europe via these Zionist fuelled and fomented wars.
Europe is a NATO-US puppet - hence why they blindly follow and empower US hegemony - and at their own expense.
It remains to be seen as to what will now happen in the Afghan region - as a result of this US foreign policy madness.
The stage is being set for what I described in Dec. 2020. The 20th anniversary of inside job 9/11 now hoves into view.
(Note, MSM just dosed viewers with a 'faux' D.C. bomber terror threat. With a Tim McVeigh-esque type hue.)
  Quote: "It's ALL connected. As you'd expect for an ongoing, globalist based, Zionist one-world conspiracy."
The JEWISH Architects of Global Communism and Socialism.
 JEW World Order..."The dissolution of OTHER RACES..."
JEW Levy to JEW Marx/Levy. (See Jan 2018 post, Zionist Trump). They like advertising their collective crimes!
Quote: "That's why Jew. S. of A. has scattered races far and wide via the (FAKE) war on terror."
Millions have entered (and ruined) Europe over the last several years. The US Southern border is also at bursting point.
See Zionist Soros' BLM & Hate Whitey. Now thousands of (collaborating) Afghans & families (and others) will enter US. 
Biden's cabinet is circa 75% Ashkenazi JEW. Congress is also crawling with these dual-national Israeli demons.
 "Abolish private with state resources."
Now see rent/mortgage moratorium (illegally extended by CDC Jew, Walensky) under Zionist-commie Biden, Zionist/WEF "own nothing" Schwab, and Jewish Fink's property gazumping Blackrock. The USURY Jews (see 0% money, Fed. Jew Greenspan). The Zionist Federal Reserve concurrently engineering USA's financial collapse via debt/currency printing desbasement, etc.

9/11 was the opening salvo of this current paradigm's race to enact the NWO (Jew World Order).
It ALL makes sense when you accept (as I have done since 9/11/2001) that the Jew S of A attacked itself on 9/11.
Even their official 9/11 narrative (aka LIES) primarily cited SAUDI ARABIANS (not Afghanis) as the perps!
The same SAUDI ARABIA that is currently destroying Yemen (with USA's blessing) - and with Western weaponry.
The degenerate (Jew) UK has been involved with these ongoing US foreign policy directives (aka insanity) - more than anyone.
The same 'MIC lie machine' that sold you out on 9/11 - now sells you out re: the covid plandemic. Surprise, surprise.
"US Most Warlike Nation in History..." (what an honour)
"Years ago I outlined how Jew S of A has ACTIVELY been destroying Europe via these Zionist fuelled and fomented wars."
Back of the net! Posted Jan 2018 - link.
If I hear one more soundbite about USA and its (so-called) superior HUMAN RIGHTS - I'm going to vomit!
Just know that US Troops have killed and maimed more Afghan women and children than the Taliban ever could!
$2T+ spent, 240,000+ dead, many more injured and millions displaced. What a (deliberare) Zio-US clusterfuck!
The Allies have been left humiliated and NATO has now surely just signed its own death warrant.
American exceptionalism? How can that concept still have any legs? Currently the US is concerned with FEMINIST rights in Afghanistan - I mean, who'd have guessed (sarcasm)? What next? Worry about the rights of Afghan homosexuals?
"In God GAY We Trust.Update Mide Sept. Yup. It seems I was correct, again!
Below, brainwashed by Zio-American 'cult of celebrity' programming - mass whoredom is the new progressiveness. Vomit.
That's the irony. Females have clearly been more ruined/programmed by pornography/hypersexualisation than males have!
Mass manipulation of sex energy (via mass media) for the purposes of degeneration (an elite M.O.) is totally lost on them.
US feminism is a RANCID CANCER - no wonder others want to protect their impressionable women from this filth.
The United States of Whoredom & (linked) Hybristophilia...mass psychological disorders promoted as a culture.
Look at them all (above). No, I do not want to FUCK YOU. They're all advertising their fuckability factor - barf!
Sad narcissists! If US-led feminism stays any longer in Afghanistan - they'll soon have them making 'progressive' burqa porn. ;)
I support any nation that fights (Zio-US fomented) blue-haired feminist insanity, sexualising kids, and LGBT brainwashing.
Progressive? Jew-fomented American popular culture is PURE SHIT. Literally all of it. Backward, squalid and infantile.
Same with Zio-US race issues (see Soros' BLM, wokism etc.) - retarded! Hate Whitey. Induced for divide and rule purposes.
The Zio-US has NO RIGHT to enforce their COMPLETE DYSFUNCTION on the rest of the world. None!
 The JEW. S. of A. White Supremacy? Yeah, right.

Head of CDC Rochelle Walensky, JEW. Head of Pfizer Albert Bourla, JEW. Chief Medical Officer of Moderna Tal Zaks, JEW. Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky, JEW. AstraZeneca Chairman Leif Johansson, JEW. #1 Astrazeneca Shareholder Larry 'BlackRock' Fink, JEW. Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel, JEW. Biden's Biggest Donor Donald Sussman, JEW. Sanofi Pharma Chairman (France) Serge Weinberg, JEW. President/CEO of Novavax Stanley Erck, JEW. Vice President - Kamala Harris - married to a JEW. ALL of Biden's children married to JEWS (also see Trump's Jew married children). Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen, JEW. Attorney General Merrick Garland, JEW. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, JEW. Chief of Staff Ron Klain, JEW. President of CNN Jeff Zucker, JEW. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, JEW. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, JEW. Klaus 'WEF/Own Nothing' Schwab is the grandson of Louis de Rothschild. And this is just merely scratching the surface! Keep blaming China - Jew-owned, American DUMB FUCKS!
Jack Otto - (Zionist-Jew fomented) US Communist Subversion Rules:
A/ Corrupt the young. Get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial & destroy their ruggedness.

B/ Get control of all means of publicity. Thereby: i) get peoples' minds off their governments by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books/plays and other trivialities. ii) Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping-on about controversial matters of no importance...(1946)

The Khazarian/Zoinist Jew Mafia:
Apply the above to what's unfolded. See his incredibly accurrate expanded video from circa 2007/08. A MUST view:
An entire nation absorbed by EVIL - a slave nation of the Rothschild Khazarian Zionists and their corporations.
20+ years I've been at this - and only now do I become aware of Jack Otto! He was so on point! RIP, Jack.

The Jew S of A ARE the number one cause of destroyed human rights throughout the world via perpetual 'lie based' warfare (also see Palestinians). It's no wonder that the (owned) EU is panicking about the potential mass migration fall-out (see the mess the Jew S of A made in Syria, etc.) Walls are already under construction in neighbouring nations to protect themselves from this Zio-US fomented insanity. It's LONG past the time for the rest of the world to ISOLATE the warmongering USA/Israel and protect itself from this wilful Zionist madness. The rest of the world also needs to insulate itself from Zio-US driven cultural Marxism (aka blatant insanity) and its rancid popular culture. The US cries about human rights, faux racism, homophobia, faux feminism, etc. - and with mass public marches - yet we've see NONE marching to stop US warmongering! None! And it's not by chance, but by design. 
Afghanistan (and chaos) - "where empires go to die." 
Fuck your 13 dead US soldiers. The enforcers of the satanic Zio-US's MIC. 13 less soldiers of SATAN.
I'd wager that the Kabul airport explosions were US launched. The 'face saving' US retaliatory strike = more bullshit. 

 One-Armed Global Banditry...from Dec. 2020:
My Dec. 2020 post also FORETOLD massive incoming inflation - and (as usual) WELL AHEAD OF THE CURVE.
Quote: "Insert Stimulus Funds = hyper-inflation and the dollar's destruction as the global reserve currency."
The USA is back to pre-pandemic economic levels? Yeah, right. By printing trillions in monopoly money? LOL!
There will be nothing transitory (see criminal Fed) about this unfolding HYPER-INFLATION via currency expansion.
I knew about (and partly understood) Weimar hyper-inflation when I was still a child (circa 10 or 11 yrs)!
The masses are clueless. Check-out my prediction(s) on the stock markets and compare to what has unfolded. Melt-up.
The US Air FARCE. Biden's Afghanistan troop pull-out via 9/11. The 9/11 20th anniversary. 11-09 (11th Sept).
Please note - the Zionist United Nations have done nothing in the face of this obvious Zio-US imperialism. Nothing.
Note, satanic Israel launched military strikes on both Syria and Palestine during the unfolding Afghan chaos.

Strange COHENcidences...even the newsreader is a POS (lying) Jew. Lying POS Regev, a Satanyahu lackey.
 These agents (dancing Israelis) appeared on Israeli TV - they said they were: "there to document the event". Ahem.
Recall the Israeli 'art students' (explosive) Gelatin B who had a studio on 91st floor (Tower 1). More cohen-cidences.
Anyone who still believes the official narrative is a complete dumb-fuck of the highest order. Mentally ill.

Talking of Rothschild's satanic Israel, POS Satanyahu...and (controlled) planes falling out of the sky:
Move along, nothing to see. Ahem. Corruption linked to (Hollywood) Arnon 'mass 9/11 programmer' Milchan.

 "Controlled Demolition" - both the Towers (also see debris removal company) and the US economy:
 9/11 (masonic) Twin Towers - symbol of finance and world trade, ahem - and built by Jew, John '666' Tishman.
 Fortune '9/11 & US $ Deficits' International (1987) and The 'Global Currency' Economist (Jan, 1988).
Death & Rebirth. The Masonic Phoenix - reborn and rising-up over the destroyed $ monetary-system ashes. Order out of Chaos.
Re: Afghanistan: Is 'NWO Reset puppet' dementia Joe using the buck idiom - in more ways than one? $$$$$$?
 Stopping the buck. Potential twilight language type stuff on his auto-cue. A dollar (buck) collapse under Biden?
POS 9/11 Blair. Re: Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal. Interesting turn of phrase (unstable currency) via Western leaders.
Symbolically, the fall of Kabul (and the US imperialist forces) was complete by 15th August 2021.
A date that is also the 50th annivesary (15th Aug. 1971) of the closing of the gold standard window.
The closing of which - has led to this paradigm's MASS MONETARY PONZI SCHEME (aka US debt/war economy).
Quite fitting for the 'imperialist' Jew S of A which now sits on the cusp of complete monetary destruction.
Dark Winter approaches - will there be US blackouts? No-one wants to work or pay rent, etc. Ripe for the taking.
These ongoing moratoriums should now been seen as a type of Democrat gerry-mandering (buying votes).
The Zionist elite (using Communist plays) have mobilized the US underclass to help them enact the final push.
With Covid 2.0 (Delta) unfolding, and the potential for more US inside job terror attacks - things look uber bleak.
Time did tell! I always knew that if a vaccine was produced within a ridiculously short time that it would be BOGUS.
They have to get these filthy injections into the sheep before the timeframe reveals that they're harmful/deadly.
I would NEVER take a US corporate pharma's poison. US pharma = EVIL. They'll never get access.
Covid medical tyranny (as I outlined from the beginning) a major key aspect (and also a type of cover) for this mass financial destruction and linked depopulation agenda and control via their so-called vaccines.
 My thoughts/feelings very soon after (inside job) 9/11 happened. These thoughts are more than 20 years old!
And I'm still waiting for the (Zionist mass media) hypnotised majority to free themselves from their stupor!
Anyone want to challenge me on this long established opinion?
 Dark Winter approaches - will there be US blackouts? Predictive programming (9/11) Fox? 9-1-1 s5 opener:
666 Fox. Worth considering. Note Rolling Stone "Dead Watts" (watts/electrical power units). Just covering bases.
With previous (satanic infused) predictive programming form in mnd:
Illuminati 1776 - 9/11 via 666. See boardgame and cards. All just coincidence? Right, folks? ;)
Illuminati Black Pyramid (boardgame) vs. Illuminati Black Pyramid (MGM Vegas shooting).
Vegas - Sin '666' City. This happened under (666) Donald 'Iluminati - Enough is Enough' Trump. Snipers?
Trumped via Cards (geddit?). See tarot 'The Tower' (trump) in respect of both Donald Trump and 9/11.

 The Trump(ets) of 666 Revelations. Trump - "to deceive, to cheat, to fabricate, to mock":
666 Antichrist deceiver, Trump. Mr 'WARP' Vax via corporate pharma and 666 Gates, etc. The saturnic/satanic cube.
The Warp Vax via Cull-Man. He just made a major rally appearance (see MSM) with resonance...more 'Twilight Language'?
"CULL" (Man)
'When people cull animals, they kill them, especially the weaker group members in order to reduce/limit their number.'
 Cull-Man (Culling-Man) via 666 Zionist Antichrist, Trump. The father of the so-called 'warp vax' (gene tech).
Not what you'd really want to see - if ya think there's a nefarious (depop.) aspect to this corporate pharma roll-out. Ahem.
Trump and Cull-man via 666 to (murderous) Cull-en and 666 via Trump Tower. The Devil & The Tower:
The 666 Beast & The Whore (Harlot) via Revelation(s) and Daniel(s). The Babylon Whore Riding the Beast:
Revelation 666. Buying and Selling via 'The 666 Mark' isn't a new thing to the Jew S of A. Super (666) Mark It.
The US Buying and Selling 666 (Machine) Beast and the (computer/calculator) "304" (HOE/Whore):
The US Corporate Beast. General '666' Electric via 666 (barcodes/cash registers) and six, three score and six (6 60 6).
A.G. Bell (see AT&T), elite Jacobite Freemason and homosexual sodomite. Mr Telephone. Zionist CNN's parent = AT&T.
666 & 304 'beast marking via tech' NCR were bought-out (1991) by Lucifer/Bel(l)/Baal & masonic 666 linked, AT&T:
The US Corporate Beast via satanic/masonic AT&T, Lucifer/Lucent Tech (RFID chip), and (Kushner/Tishman linked) 666 Fifth Ave.
 I wonder why Damien '666 Antichrist' Thorn was the head of a large multinational corporation - Thorn Industries? (sarcasm)
Oh, look. It's Mr Computer - Bill '666/Warp Luciferase Vax/Epstein' Gates - 06 06 06 Body Interfaced Digital Currency.
 666 Microsoft via Dr 'Rolling Stone #666' Gay & (homo) Iovine's Beats (Beast). Beats bought-out by (masonic 666 Lucifer) Apple.
 US Corporate Hell
. Masonic-sodom, homosexual Steve 'Big Jobs' and Freemason Wozniak - 666 (Lucifer-Satan) Apple.
ALL OF THEM - are nothing but transparent Zio-US fronts/cut-outs for their murderous and satanic MIC-based Empire.
The Apple $666.66 machine (above) was released July, 1976, and very soon after the release of The '666' Omen (June, 1976).
Daniel's dream and the apocalypse. He who foresaw (the beast) Little Horn - see 666 Antichrist, Donald 'Little Horn' Trump.
US Babylon (Empire) - Built on substances (iron & clay) that poorly mix? Worth considering. Multiple metaphors:
 Divided/Polarised USA. It's (Daniels whore-harlot linked) 666 Zionist Trump who's 'The Father' of the Warp Vaxxes.
Israel, at the forefront of the virus response. COVID becomes DIVOC. Backward writing, Saturnic Cube Jews.
Transcribed as ‫ק‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ב‬ ‫י‬ ‫ד‬ in Hebrew and it actually means something. It means - 'possession by an evil spirit'.
The barcode linked vax certificate. Satanic Israel and the "Tav Yarok" - green pass. TAV in Hebrew means Mark.
Tav - last Hebrew letter (Omega, Greek equivalent). Meaning mark, sign, omen, or seal. See Cain, Gen. & Ezekiel.
Metallic Particles (Iron?) for Mixing with (Clay) Humanity?
Recall the 'graphene oxide' issue. Japan found 'black particles' in the Moderna jab. Moderna (aka MRNA) use now suspended.
You won't be seeing this article or this information on CNN, Fox News, etc. Yes, Fauci lied to Congress (see Rand Paul).
Just as you won't be hearing about Tony 'Gain of Function' Fauci and his former AZT (AIDS) death treatment push.
 A whistleblower has cited the Military World Games (Wuhan, beginning Oct. 18, 2019) as an origin of outbreak.
Event 201 - linked to WEF & Gates - a high-level pandemic exercise via New York, same date Oct. 18, 2019. Ahem.
NIH restarted gain of function work at Wuhan in Dec. 2017, after it had been banned in the US since 2014.
Fauci's POS wife works for the NIH. The same NIH that was also key in green-lighting the (666) Pfizer vax. Ahem.
Former FDA commissioner, Jew Gottlieb (now on Pfizer's board,) is currently angling his vax at children.
 Masonic and 'transient' Baphomet/PAN. As in: "PAN-DEMON-ium" & "PAN-demic".
Dr. FRAUD-CI - who promised an incoming: "surprise outbreak of an infectious disease" (Jan 2017) - and "no question."
Dr. Baphomet via Moderna. From the (masonic) hidden-hand to the WRONG (jabbed) arm. Masonic-Jew Hoodwinks:
Switcheroo. Oops! "Move along, nothing to see." (video)
Mark-linked Revelation was written in Greek. The Greek word for hand is the same as the word for arm.
"Pandemic of the unvaccinated?"
Israel is the most vaccinated nation with circa 90% of the (eligible) population fully vaccinated. Circa 25 to 27% of the population has now had their booster shot. They've found that the fully vaccinated are 8 times more likely to be reinfected with covid and 7 times more likely to get the Delta variant versus the non vaxxed. Israel also found that natural immunity from the original covid (via the recoveree's antibodies) is 13 times more effective than the Pfizer vax.
Above - from my Dec. 2020 Post (Release the Kraken). Vax injuries and mutations via vax/gene tech.
Israeli hospitals have been majority full of the vaccinated - not unvaccinated. With a 90%+ fully vaxxed pop. how could they be anything else! CNN (et al) with their: "pandemic of the unvaccinated" narrative - are currently LYING.
Delta via the Deltoid. Classing the part-vaccinated/vaccinated as 'unvaccinated'. Delta, the sleep wave pattern. Ahem.
Clearly the US big pharma (so-called) mRNA vaccinations - ARE NOT EFFECTIVE. It doesn't stop transmission.
That doesn't make myself: "anti-vax" per se. It simply makes me: "anti things that don't work!"
There are tens of thousands of vaccine linked deaths and hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of adverse reactions, etc.
That said, I can tell that many of the masses are no longer buying this vax BS. See MSM comments sections, etc.
Many are rejecting the mandates - none moreso than medical staff themselves. MSM remains silent.
I'm beginning to wonder if this entire (uber transparent) Covid shit-show has been designed to fail.
Is the 'World Military Games' element (mentioned prior) a marker? With all things leading to WW3? Time will tell.

Re: FDA Pfizer approval: The 'approved' vax is Comirnity, not Pfizer. Comirnity won't be available till later this year
Pfizer is still EUA (emergency use authorization) and experimental. You've typically been misled by MSM.
Ivermectin, etc. All other (effective) treatments HAD to be destroyed - otherwise EUA wouldn't have applied!
 Update Mid-Late Sept: I''l just leave this here...
 MIC assets and global narrative control enforcers like Faecesbook/IG/Twatter/Jew-Tube will soon eliminate this video.

In other news...late July 2021
SODOM ZIO-USA and the SATANIC-JEW "CULT OF CELEBRITY" (see former post here)
Who'd have guessed that (trouser) 'Fly' man, Kelly, also loves abusing young (underage) teenage boys via buns? ;)
CLOSET boy via the HANK(E)Y CODE & CRUISING....via '(South) Ass Park':
A Gay(e) and snake-linked al-BUM. Fudge-packing at the chocolate factory? Is he channeling Jeff 'homosexual' Dahmer?
33 (masonic) chapters via his big package...Kelly's 'Trapped in the (Homo) Closet' tells a story of a one-night stand - 
which sets off a chain of events, gradually revealing a greater web of lies, sex and deceit. (hmm, sounds familiar?)
These are the celeb folk that the (programmed) dumb US masses worship and adore...furnishing them with millions, etc.
Zio-US SATANISM 666 & HOMOSEXUALITY (SODOMY). Male anal sex IS the top degree in these masonic-Jew systems.
Yeah, "fuck your kids" - and in more ways than one. Filthy, satanic, homosexual/paedo deviant.
Just look at the untold damage that (Zionist fomented) degenerate hip-hop has wrought on the US group mind!
Corporate hip-hop was born via these satanic Jews (not blacks). See Def Death '666' Jam's Rick 'satanist' Rubin(stein).
These sell-out artists are marionettes/pawns of higher powers - for the purposes of processing the hypnotised masses.
 Gay-Z, LL Cool Gay, Dr. Dre Gay, Poof Daddy, closet-boy Eminem, etc. - ALL HOMO assets for the cause.
Media that is chock-full of Jewish cabbalism/witchcraft, overt satanic & sodom markers, masonic-Jew symbolism, etc.
 This IS the MASONIC RELIGION (aka popular culture) that the U.S. masses (and beyond) are completely absorbed by.
POS Eminem was linked to one of the former Epstein (underage) girls, 'paedo island' Ray/Rachel Chandler-Guinness.
C-Handler - Child Handler. Hence the Midland Agency for procuring children under the guise of modelling (ahem).
Zio-US fomented mass media is the main conduit for spreading mass satanism (via worship/imprinting) and linked sodomy.
"Showbiz - an extension of the (masonic-sodom/satanic) Jewish religion..." Closet Kelly: "Flying...thru that open (back) door."
A flying, closet trapped, chocolate factory, got-ham shitty battymnan, hoop-dunking, dirt-hole bunny.
 "Prosecutors allege that the singer (Kelly) coerced the second boy to have sex with others, which he often videotaped
Prosecutors added that they have a witness who claims Kelly made her download child pornography involving boys." (link)
 Closet Brothas
Michael 'Pan-homo' Jackson also had a penchant for young boys. Homo-paedo Kelly penned Jackson's final US number 1.
"You Are Not Alone". Indeed, they were literal 'brown-eye closet' brothas in the hood (masonic-homo brotherhood).
Recall that (satanic) Scientology arranged Jackson's marriage to (lesbian) Presley - to cover for his homosexuality.
I wonder why Zionist Soros' Marxist BLM (see masonic Floyd psy-op) is onboard with all things homo/LGBT?
Recall hoop-dunking Kobe '666' Bryant - whose (likely ritual) death was on the cusp of the US outbreak.
See Mandingo Kobe's 'Big Package' (a la closet Kelly) via his black mamba chopper (sexual mockery).
Planet Rock Cock:
Just in. Afrika Bum-Batter and in a similar R 'closet' Kelly vein, but pending. Devil horn signing a la 'closet' 666 Eminem.
August: "A lawsuit alleging child sex abuse has been filed against hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa and the organization he formed, the Universal Zulu Nation (UZN). The suit, filed in the Bronx Supreme Court by the alleged victim’s lawyers, claims that Bambaataa sexually abused and repeatedly sex-trafficked a 12-year-old boy (known only as John Doe) to other men in exchange of money over a four-year period from 1991." Multiple victims (see Hassan Campbell, Ronald Savage, etc), and allegations first came to light in 2016, and note that another POS rapper, KRS-One, at that time heavily defended (suspected) homosexual paedophile, Bambaataa.  
Planet Rock Cock, Bambaataa. One wonders if KRS-One himself is similarly inclined (probably), and perhaps he was groomed by homosexual Bambaataa in the early days, standard industry M.O. In respect of the latter, homo Gay-Z (who was heavily linked to Def '666' Jam) was probably similarly groomed by his mentor (masonic-homo) rapper Big Daddy 'Prince of Darkness' Kane. 
The masonic eye - the penis/glans eye and the anus.
 It's a masonic G thang via brothas in da hood (sodom brotherhood/freemasonry). Gay-Z's mother came-out as lesbian.
"Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus (anus) to the Mouth of Isis (vagina)." 666 Masonic-Sodom Crowley.
Suspected homosexual paedophile Bambaataa was also notably a mentor of Queen 'Lesbian' Latifah.
I wonder how it feels to sell-out/programme your own (black) race in exchange for (Jew) promised fame and riches?
 Corporate Rap - totally outed for the masonic/satanic-soaked, homosexual psy-op that it is - and has always been.
 Masonic Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn elemental/grade signing. Jewish cabbalist-satanist Rubin's Def '666' Jam (Def American).
Oh, look. It's 9/11 via Def '666' Jam & 'Beastie' Rubin. A 9/11 Blueprint (Jay-Z) and 9/11 God Hates US All (Slayer).
It wouldn't be so resonant, but for the fact that (Jew) John '666 Fifth Ave.' Tishman built the Twin 'masonic pillars' Towers. 
Rockefeller (Roc-a-Fella) Towers. 666 Tishman died in his Westchester, N.Y. home, 2016. N.Y. 'Son of Sam' cult territory.
 On 9/11, it was (Jew) Larry '666' Silverstein (Mr. 'Pull It') who owned/leased the (666 Tishman-linked) WTC complex.
Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn via (Jay-Z) Rocawear-linked Ciara. Puppets of the masonic-satanic, industry Jews.
It's ALL ROTTEN. It's called brainwashing the sheep with (barely veiled) satanism under the guise of popular culture.
Someone should also check-out (Jew promoted Aunty Tom) Oprah 'Lesbian' Winfrey's African (grooming) school.
Black Lives Matter? The nation should've collectively marched to ban this filthy and satanic (black fronted) genre.
No point covering the newer genre output - this phenomena is all now completely out in the open.
 It's not a new thing. This Zio-US fomented rancid programming/mind control has been decades in the making.
The archetypal whore to copy. The Jewel in the Masonic U.S. Whore Crown. Jew Kabbalist & Lucifer/666 Madonna.
"A woman! So ugly on the inside that she couldn't bear to go on living if she couldn't be beautiful on the outside." John Doe
What a fucking Jezebel mess. The corporate sponsored (Jew industry) pied-piper of mass female degeneracy.
Desperately Seeking Validation! Like virtually ALL American women ruined by the (satanic Jew) cult of celebrity.

The US of GAY. An entire nation literally raised on (Zionist fomented) corporate 'cult of celebrity' brainwashing.
 EMPTY V (MTV) - AN EMPTY VAGINA. How fitting for Zio-US mass sodom programming posing as entertainment.
Homo MTV just had their 40th anniversary - launched Aug. 1. 1981.
No wonder iconic homosexual producer, Trever Horn, launched homosexual MTV via his Buggles track.
Also see MTV's 'Moon Person' - a masonic ASS-tronaut via (homo) Apollo. Phallic rockets to the moon (ass).
It's never been about equality - it's always been clearly about homo/LGBT superiority. Helps with depop. too. Ahem.

This and other RANCID forms of Zio-US fomented popular culture imprinting (see corporate Hollywood/TV/Music/Internet, etc.) has brainwashed and destroyed the minds of literally millions across this planet. A giant conduit for the worship of degenerate criminals posing as musicians/celebs etc., most of whom are actual homosexual satanists, child molesters, traffickers, and former criminals. I ALWAYS tried to inform that the 'cult of celebrity' was one of the most destructive and evil forces ever created. Barely anyone has been able to resist. All that the hypnotised masses have seemingly done - is empower it all decade after decade. And here we are.

Heinlein: "There seems to have been an ACTUAL DECLINE  in RATIONAL THINKING. The United States -
had become a place where ENTERTAINERS and PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES were MISTAKEN for people of importance."
This is how easy it is to take-apart this Zio-US corporate propaganda (satanic programming) posing as entertainment.
And 'in-advance' of the scoop. Satanic-loving Jew. S. of A. = the Sodom capital of the world.
Jack Otto: "Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial & destroy their ruggedness.
Thanks for the ASSIST, progressive China: "ban sissy men & discourage unhealthy attention to celebrities."
This is REAL PROGRESSIVENESS. (Note Japan/S. Korea have been heavily influenced by US cultural mores.)
Real progressiveness means you become aware of this ongoing degenerating cultural mess  - and do something to correct it.
Faux progressivesness (see Zio-US, liberalism/feminism, etc.) means you double-down, expand it and it gets worse.

Early Sept:
ISIS has been 'reborn' via the Zio-US - just as I predicted. See Afghanistan fall-out. All too predictable.
POS/NWO Ardern in New Zealand just assisted with an inside job ISIS event - involving a 'lone actor' (their words).
Sept. 3. Chaperoned by (the masonic) NZ Police (he was closely monitored 24/7) - and I'm sure you can work-out the rest.
This is why the event was over after about 60 seconds. Countdown Supermarket. It cannot get anymore blatant.
The stage is set. Recall there was an NZ 'inside job shooter' called Brenton Tarrant (Mar. 2019) - another obvious set-up.
Hence the 'inverted 666' (the links to Israel/Mossad/Freemasonry) and all via The Ides of March (see 666 Trump).
666 (inverted) via Ides of March, 2019. 666 down-under (inverted/upside-down), geddit? 666 Solomon's (Jew) Templars.
'Sharpie' (Australian) is a term for a type of skinhead. See so-called white supremacist shooter, Brenton '666' Tarrant.
666 'Ides of March, 2016' Trump, Hurricane 'Black Magic Marker/Sharpie' Dorian (Sept. 2019), & Hurricane IDA (IDES).
The MARK-er of the Beast via 666 'Ides' (Zionist Antichrist) Trump...Mr New York & Warped Vax via Cull-Man.
Who'd have guessed? A one in a thousand year event. Hurricane Ida.
With the West Coast on fire and the East Coast flooded - is this trial by fire and water?
 Has the 'man-made climate change' narrative just had a massive reboot? (sarcasm) Who'd have guessed?
The Rothschild Illuminati/NWO have their key symbol on the back of the US $ bill - NWO 'eye and pyramid'.
  Also see (Monolith linked) Oblivion (2013) and Deep 'Lucifer Clarke' Impact (1998) - the latter via celestial impact.
Quaid (see The Day After Tomorrow) was lead in Dreamscape (1984). It opens with a nuked NYC via the Twin Towers.
The Simpsons - see 9/11 and Trump pres. predictive programming. 9/11 Lone Gunmen, Day After Tomorrow, 666 Fox.
 JEW World Order. See $100 dollar bill. $20 bill. $10 bill. $1 bill. Your Rothschild (so-called) monetary system.
Even '666 Divoc', erm, I mean '666 Covid' gets a look-in via the 20/20 (Jackson) Mask. It looks like Biden's eyes.
Go check-out (satanic) Israel's Supreme Court building - it is the Rothschild Illuminati's key power symbol (eye/pyramid).
 See Fox's (Jewish) The '666' Omen. Masonic-Jew satanist, 666 Groening. Mr 'Illuminati' Simpsons via Zionist Fox.
The same Fox/Fox News that likes to closedown all talk regarding Zionist agitator George 'POS/BLM' Soros.
Literally ALL US mass media is Zionist-Jew fomented predictive programming and/or trauma-based programming.
Those yet to understand this and those who still wallow in this programming -  are victims of trauma-based mind control.
Volcanic & seismic activity at heightened levels. Perhaps tied-in with sun cycles/magnetic activity. See Iceland/Alaska.
Also notably 'La Palma' - La Cumbre Vieja (volcano). Islands known for the very debatable mega-tsunami. Evokes Rev. 8:8.
Canary in the (apocalypse) coal-mine? The BBC largely popularised the Canary Island mega-tsunami idea, see Horizon.
Note, these ARE NOT predictions. I am merely outlining (MSM) narratives/realities that have some potential.
It remains to be seen if the Canary Island eruption is a precurser to a larger one - or if the worst is already over.
Update Sept. 21 - Etna volcano (Sicily/Italy) has now just popped - here. Chile with a 6.4 quake. Anyone checked Yellowstone?
POTATUS Biden & the masonic UN GA. Agenda 21 etc., WHO plandemic UN. Biden: "will we suffer the merciless -
march of ever-worsening droughts and floods, more intense fires and hurricanes, longer heatwaves and rising seas?"
The '666' Omen director, Jew Donner, followed it with Superman (1978), see the San Andreas quake via nuke.
Mike Hodges part-directed/screenplayed (corporate famine referencing) Damien: Omen II (1978). His Flash Gordon (1980) - 
opens with (masonic) Ming bombarding earth with freak weather/natural disasters - for the purposes of augmeting the population.
Sept. 17 saw a notable quake in Carson, Los Angeles. Volcanoes and (linked) celestial phenomena.
 666 deceivers NASA/JPL's recent mention of 'Apollo class' near earth asteroid (closest on Sept. 22nd) named 2021 NY1.
666 deceiver - Antichrist Trump's NY Babylon Tower (as seen in The Devil's Advocate) is adorned with images of Apollo.
Apollo released the "black bolts of plague" upon Greece and made them sick (Homer). Also see Apollyon/Destroyer Rev 9:11.
666 NY Trump & BLACK MAGIC MARKERS - via weather & MODIFICATION. Ahem. Hurricane Dorian post SEPT 2019:
666 Trump's BLACK MAGIC MARKING (Sharpie) via (modified, ahem) hurricane models and maps:
It (Dorian) all began Sept. 1. 2019. Exactly 2 years to the day before Sept. 1. 2021's Hurricane 'NY' Ida
Think: 'weather modification'. Note, the "Modified" and "Modification" terms (ahem).
(Dorian was destined to trash Florida, massive preps were made, but somehow it parked/stopped over the Bahamas.)
Black magic marking via 666 'deceiver' Trump and (modified) weather/hurricanes. A permanent marker.
Hurricane IDA via IDES. International Disaster Emergency Service via Churches of Christ. (link)
"BEWARE the Ides of March." Caesar (see soothsayer warning) and his assassination date (via the Senate) 44 BC.
See Ides of March, Templar 'Christ-Church, NZ' Tarrant. Mr 666 Down-Under. Ides of March (delegate), 666 Trump.
 Zionist Anti-Christ, 666 Ides Trump. Talking of Satanic USA and all things (cabbalist Jew) 666:
666 Nation. The US Zionist Jew Mass Media Matrix (aka MIC) - always delivers. 666 and Sept. 1 (again).
The sick, Zionist Jews - the main cheerleader and key instigators of mass 'goyim' abortion. Vomit.
See 'depop' Ginsburg/Steinem, etc. 666 vax, 'depop' Gates' father was a former head of Planned Parenthood Abortionhood.
 RANCID Zio-U.S. FEMINISM. Pop. control, medical experiments, and (badly disguised) sacrifices to (Judaic) Moloch.
Women's reproductive health is at the core of this? Clearly not. Depopulation of goyim races is. (See POS Ginsburg).