Monday, 11 October 2021

More Revelations?

Picking-up from the end of my previous post covering Sept., etc. Sorry for repetition of certain elements:

Early Sept:
ISIS has been 'reborn' via the Zio-US - just as I predicted. See Afghanistan fall-out. All too predictable.
POS/NWO Ardern in New Zealand just assisted with an inside job ISIS event - involving a 'lone actor' (their words).
Sept. 3. Chaperoned by (the masonic) NZ Police (he was closely monitored 24/7) - and I'm sure you can work-out the rest.
This is why the event was over after about 60 seconds. Countdown Supermarket. It cannot get anymore blatant.
The stage is set. Recall there was an NZ 'inside job shooter' called Brenton Tarrant (Mar. 2019) - another obvious set-up.
Hence the 'inverted 666' (the links to Israel/Mossad/Freemasonry) and all via The Ides of March (see 666 Trump).
666 (inverted) via Ides of March, 2019. 666 down-under (inverted/upside-down), geddit? 666 Solomon's (Jew) Templars.
'Sharpie' (Australian) is a term for a type of skinhead. See so-called white supremacist shooter, Brenton '666' Tarrant.
666 'Ides of March, 2016' Trump, Hurricane 'Black Magic Marker/Sharpie' Dorian (Sept. 2019), & Hurricane IDA (IDES).
The MARK-er of the Beast via 666 'Ides' (Zionist Antichrist) Trump...Mr New York & Warped Vax via Cull-Man.
Who'd have guessed? A one in a thousand year event. Hurricane Ida.
With the West Coast on fire and the East Coast flooded - is this trial by fire and water?
 Above, see previous post. Has the 'man-made climate change' narrative just had a massive reboot? (sarcasm) Who'd have guessed?
It's coincidence that the (masonic/Rockefeller) UN dropped its massive climate change report in the middle of all this. Ahem.
 I wonder if 'dove-linked' U.S. scientific-oceanic body, NOAA (Noah), and its acronym - is also trying to tell us something?
9/11 Emmerich's The Day After Tomorrow sold the concept of rapid 'global cooling'. A type of dark winter.
The Rothschild Illuminati/NWO have their key symbol on the back of the US $ bill - NWO 'eye and pyramid'.
  Also see (Monolith linked) Oblivion (2013) and Deep 'Lucifer Clarke' Impact (1998) - the latter via celestial impact.
Quaid (see The Day After Tomorrow) was lead in Dreamscape (1984). It opens with a nuked NYC via the Twin Towers.
You might recall that his brother, Randy (see Independence '9/11' Day,) was black-balled by the Hollywood Illuminati.
 A la Deep 'Twin Towers' Impact. Bay's Arma-911-gedon via Bruce 'Die 9/11 Hard' Willis. Also see Bay's Pearl '9/11' Harbour.
9/11 arguably had elements of the disaster movie. Some have read it that way, at least. The genre being a language the - 
US audience very much understands. Perhaps why elements of it have been inter-woven within illuminati sponsored events.
The Simpsons - see 9/11 and Trump pres. predictive programming. 9/11 Lone Gunmen, Day After Tomorrow, 666 Fox.
 The 1995 Illuminati: New World Order cards and 9/11:
Rothschild's Illuminati JEW World Order. See $100 dollar bill, $20, $10, $1. Your Rothschild (so-called) monetary system.
Even '666 Divoc', erm, I mean '666 Covid' gets a look-in via the 20/20 (Jackson) Mask. It looks like Biden's eyes.
 Satanic Israel's Supreme Court building - it is the Rothschild Illuminati's key power symbol -  the eye & pyramid.
 See Fox's (Jewish) The '666' Omen. Masonic-Jew satanist, 666 Groening. Mr 'Illuminati' Simpsons via Zionist Fox.
I'm still proud to say that I've never watched a single episode of (rancid Fox's) The Simpsons. :)
The same Fox/Fox News that likes to closedown all talk regarding Zionist agitator George 'POS/BLM' Soros.
Literally ALL US mass media is Zionist-Jew fomented predictive programming and/or trauma-based programming.
Those yet to understand this and those who still wallow in this programming -  are victims of trauma-based mind control.
Exact same types are now entirely at the mercy of (satanic) 'big tech'. They've never understood the philosophy of either.

Bear the following (from earlier) in mind:
"Because apochryphal stories are a means by which oligarchical powers are able to exert influence over the masses." Desborough

Revelations (Bible) - is their Illuminati (Sanhedrin) tool/predictive program for mass destruction:
"According to said Master Plan, the mythology of Revelations will be followed like Tinker-Toy instructions. (The elite's apochryphal story 'par excellence' for exerting mass influence, as per Desborough.) A time of tribulation will come first, after which survivors will be made "one" via a post-tribulation "rapture" spawned by the technical sorcery of having their brain pleasure centers titilated MAGNETICALLY so that we all will cum together (vax, 5G, etc.). Those who are thus epiphanized will become nothing more than (hive mind hardwired - 
serfs and transhumanist) humanoid servo-mechanisms." The Carnivals of Life and Death (My Profane Youth, 1913-1935). Downard
Now see this '666' (buy/sell mark) one-world govt. predictive programming special: Early Warning, 1981. (mirror)
Quote: "The end result will be a one-world monetary and govt. system that we alone will control.
We could present the devil himself as a world leader - and the people would accept him." (See vaxx father, 666 Trump.)
 It might just be the most accurate predictive piece (in respect of what's unfolding now) out there.
I couldn't help notice that Early Warning featured George 'Buck' Flower - of They 'Elite Mass Programming' Live.
Overlaps on acid. Flower, the elite stooge who shows the awakened infiltrators how reality is controlled via elite mass media (ahem).
He notably featured in Back to the (911 Struck Tower) Future.
 From a previous 2020 post:
Biden's 'Dark Winter' language (also see 2001 bio-terror sim,) multiple mentions late 2020 - same timeframe as:
FireEye, SolarWinds, SUNBURST. Consider in respect of corona-l solar activity & (power-outing) solar CMEs. Supply chain.

Volcanic & seismic activity at heightened levels. Perhaps tied-in with sun cycles/GSM/magnetic activity. See Iceland/Alaska.
 Also notably 'La Palma' - La Cumbre Vieja (volcano). Island known for the very debatable mega-tsunami. Evokes Rev. 8:8.
 (Linking Revelation to major earth catastrophe via celestial, and meteorological changes, etc. See Comyns Beaumont, et al.)
Canary in the (apocalypse) coal-mine? The BBC largely popularised the Canary Island mega-tsunami idea, see Horizon.
NOT predictions, per se. I'm merely outlining (MSM) narratives/realities that have some potential. (consider HAARP/Cern).
 Canary Islands, meaning Isle of Dogs. Reflected in London via Canary 'Pyramid' Wharf located on the Isle of Dogs.
It remains to be seen if Canary 'Dog' Island eruption is a precurser to a larger one - or if the worst is already over.
It is NOT a small volcano - the entire island is a volcano! Technically two. North part extinct - south part active.
The potential issue is the island's spinal fault-line caused via 1949 post-eruption quakes(s) plus heated groundwater. Transcript:
None of this is 'debunked'. This IS their nature. The fault-line also exists - eruption or no eruption. The issue is 'when'?
Broke-back Mountain. BBC doc. presented a worst case scenario. It doesn't discount all potential outcomes. A partial slide, etc.
Oct. 12 (Crowley's birth date). I watched the original airing of this in 2000. I haven't forgotten. I still vividly recall it.
Rebuttals to their findings have since transpired, but ultimately they're all just competing hypotheses.
Note, the potential for sea-water to enter into the eruption equation (causing explosion) is also very high.
Activity could rise on the ridge (more cones/flows) and spread - as they're supplied from the same magma plume(s).
McMurtry - who exactly described the tsunami phenomenon (2000), that was then seen in 2004 (Indonesia).
McMurtry may be the doc. source that led to many people being saved (2004) - he described the wave drawback, etc.
Update Sept. 21 - Etna volcano (Sicily/Italy) has now just popped - here. Chile with a 6.4 quake. Anyone checked Yellowstone?
Update Sept. 28 -  La Palma eruption continues to intensify. Integrity of island now very much an increasing issue.
I've noticed there's a concerted effort to down-play its (established) potential instability. 'A great, fiery red dragon':
1971 eruption. The beast/dragon (satan) - see Revelation. The volcano (again) sounds similar to the above - and as of now
On surround-sound it's like Lynchian black lodge doom-ladened pressure. Hellishly otherwordly & hypnotic. Devil & sulphur.
With the fault-line (crack) issue, I'm now starting to get: "release the crack-en" vibes. A subject of recent posts.
Templar infused Columbus made the Canary Islands his last port of call before sailing to the 'new world' (Americas).
This doesn't mean that anything will definitely happen, but it can't be completely ruled-out either (or elite foul-play).
Which happens to be the Feast Day of San Gennaro (U.S.). Celebrating St. 'Volcano Eruptions' Januarius. Hmm?
Celebrated in Manhattan, N.Y. Legend has it that the saint was beheaded at the (Land of Sulphur) Solfatara crater, near Pozzuoli.
La Palma - the palm (tree, derived from hand). Januarius - attributed with 'palms' (hand) - and patronage of volcanic eruptions.
Vesuvius (see ruined Pompeii). Note, colonial Bulwer-Lytton's 'Isis Cult' first appeared in his (linked)  The Last Days of Pompeii.
I'm now a bit freaked-out by the 'release the kraken/crack-en' stuff. I linked the meme to a dream I had (July 2020 post).
A dream about a 'sea monster' - one where I awoke as it made landfall. I 'real-time' blog posted it. See it all here.
(For potential Seattle-linked vulcanism see Mt. Rainier [Tacoma], one of the decade volcanoes. Also see Kenneth 'UFO' Arnold.)
I have only mentioned this again because it was very unusual for me to blog post about any dreams that I've had.
This dream was vivid. That combined with the 'release the kraken' NHL news (that same morning) and my linked - 
subject writing on this blog at the time (see link above) - all made for quite a heady mix. Just putting it out there.
Things got headier still when 'release the kraken' was subsequently used (Nov/Dec 2020) by Sidney '2020 election fraud' Powell.
Biblical Revelations via Release the Kraken (Crack-en). A McCracken (McKraken) was tied to the mysterious monoliths.
All linked to the Zio-masonic Q psy-op. The 'Trump is saviour' quasi-religious psy-op with a: "watch the water" meme.
Some link the Canaries to Atlantis (legendary sunken island, Greek Plato). Pillars of Hercules (Straits of Gibraltar), ATLas mtns., 
ATLantic, etc. King Atlas - holds-up the world globe (mind) via spine, Atlas vertebra holds-up your skull (world globe).
Joe Versus the Volcano. POTATUS Biden & the masonic UN GA. Agenda 21 etc., WHO plandemic UN. Biden: "will we suffer -
the merciless march of ever-worsening droughts and floods, more intense fires & hurricanes, longer heatwaves & rising seas?"
The Lucis (Lucifer) Trust office in New York was formerly located at 666 United Nations Plaza.
The '666' Omen director, Jew Donner, followed it with Superman (1978), see the San Andreas quake via nuke.
Mike Hodges part-directed/screenplayed (corporate famine referencing) Damien: Omen II (1978). His Flash Gordon (1980) - 
opens with (masonic) Merciless Ming hitting earth with freak weather/natural disasters - linked to augmenting the population.
On the flipside, even a minor incident with the volcano might well lead to mass panic. Based on what's already established.
I've noticed since that it's all gathered steam on mass media platforms, and that religious apocalypse types abound.
Sept. 17 saw a notable quake in Carson, Los Angeles. Volcanoes and (linked) celestial phenomena.
 666 deceivers NASA/JPL's recent mention of 'Apollo class' near earth asteroid (closest on Sept. 22nd) named 2021 NY1
666 deceiver - Antichrist Trump's NY Babylon Tower (as seen in The Devil's Advocate) is adorned with images of Apollo.
Apollo released the "black bolts of plague" upon Greece and made them sick (Homer). Also see Apollyon/Destroyer Rev 9:11.
666 NY Trump & BLACK MAGIC MARKERS - via weather & MODIFICATION. Ahem. Hurricane Dorian post SEPT 2019:
 Pulp 'homo' Fiction (see 666 case) was a 'black magic marker' via syringe injection and homo-scientologist, Travolta.
Hexxing Cube Warp Speed Vax, Trump. The Church of Satan's top degree is Maga/Magus. MAGA, Trump.
666 Trump's BLACK MAGIC MARKING (Sharpie) via (modified, ahem) hurricane models and maps:
It (Dorian) all began Sept. 1. 2019. Exactly 2 years to the day before Sept. 1. 2021's Hurricane 'NY' Ida
Think: 'weather modification'. Note, the "Modified" and "Modification" terms (ahem).
(Dorian was destined to trash Florida, massive preps were made, but somehow it parked/stopped over the Bahamas.)
Black magic marking via 666 'deceiver' Trump and (modified) weather/hurricanes. A permanent marker.
Hurricane IDA via IDES. International Disaster Emergency Service via Churches of Christ. (link)
"BEWARE the Ides of March." Caesar (see soothsayer warning) and his assassination date (via the Senate) 44 BC.
See Ides of March, Templar 'Christ-Church, NZ' Tarrant. Mr 666 Down-Under. Ides of March (delegate), 666 Trump.
 Zionist Anti-Christ, 666 (Roman Ides) Trump. The Trump-ets of Revelation. The Babylon whore (aka Rome) riding the beast:
The 'Little Horn' Trumping Beast (elephant republican) via Daniel(s) and (Babylon whore/harlot) Revelations.
 Illuminati black pyramid Vegas shooting happened under Trump. Talking of Satanic USA & all recent things (cabbalist) 666:
666 Nation. The US Zionist Jew Mass Media Matrix (aka MIC) - always delivers. 666 and Sept. 1 (again).
 Recall (FRAUD) terror bombing 'Boston Marathon' (Apr. 2013). The finish line was located at 666 Bolyston St. Ahem.
 Illuminati via Boston Joggers - 666 and Sept. 11 markers? See Sept. 11 via 666 and Illuminati cards.
 Patsy, Dzhokhar 'Boston' Tsarnaev (green carded 2007) became a naturalized U.S. citizen on Sept. 11, 2012. Ahem.
You might recall that two of the 9/11 planes departed out of Boston. One being Flight 11 which hit the N. Tower.
As you can see. In terms of mass media programming and (Illuminati induced) terror false flags - we're in a lot of trouble. 
Anyway, the sick Zionist Jews - the main cheerleader and key instigators of mass 'goyim' abortion. Vomit.
See 'depop' Ginsburg/Steinem, etc. 666 vax, 'depop' Gates' father was a former head of Planned Parenthood Abortionhood.
 RANCID Zio-U.S. FEMINISM. Pop. control, medical experiments, and (badly disguised) sacrifices to (Judaic) Moloch.
Women's reproductive health is at the core of this? Clearly not. Depopulation of goyim races is. (See POS Ginsburg).
Foetal cell lines used in the creation of US big pharma so-called Covid warp(ed) vaxxes (gene tech). Ahem.
 Antichrist birthing...
The Return to Zion - aka Aliyah. The film that ends with the Antichrist (child) holding the US president's hand.
The comet aspect is perhaps a throwback link to Exodus - leading to their escape from the Egyptians.
"Turning man against his brother" - see huge levels of U.S. political/cultural polarisation in very recent years.
Solomon's 666 Templars/Templers via (King of the Jews & Babylon Cyrus) Donald '666' Trump. Prophecy Coin.
It was Devil's Advocate, 666 Trump who recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital - December 6. 2017.
666 Solomon constructed the 'first Temple' - then sacked by Egypt. Masonic lodges are based on this Temple.
Babylon Cyrus (after Israelites being captive for 70yrs) ordained building the 'second Temple' (sacked by Rome, 70 AD).
"To fulfill 70 years." - the first year of the reign of Cyrus, coincided with the 70th year of the Israelites' removal. (see Ezra).
 Biblical scholars claim that this 'first return' (after 70 years) was prior prophecised by Jeremiah.
Rothschild-linked Balfour - his declaration leading to neo-Israel (1947, UN partition). 1947 to 2017 (coin) = 70 years.
Cyrus represents the 'Return to Zion' (of Jews) via second Temple which began under his rule. (Dying at age 70).
Trump seemingly represents similar. A 'Return to Zion' coin and replete with Temple rebuilding (third Temple).
 Trumpeting Place, Cyrus/Trump (see coin) - the trumpet. The Trump-ets of 666 Revelation. Also see Trump-Pence (word play).
Most basalt is volcanic rock. The dove and olive branch, as per coin - see Genesis/Noah's flood and the ark.
Dove and olive branch - aside typical peace symbolism, etc. = a new start, a new creation (post-destruction).
For the third Temple to be ultimately rebuilt, it would require the removal/destruction of the 'occupying' Al Aqsa mosque. 
I see the third Temple issue as a type of trigger event (to come). A major aspect of their ongoing 'Great Work'.
As featured in conspiracy staple I Pet Goat (2) series. Showing a bombing of the location. Refs. to war. etc.
 See 9/11 Bush and (Jewish written) The Pet Goat (read during the attack). Masonic-Jew baphomet/goat (mockery).
At this same time/location, Bush claimed to have seen Flight 11 hit the N.Tower (from his limo TV) - a known IMPOSSIBILITY.
Marvin P. Bush (brother) was on the board of directors of Securacom, which maintained security for the World Trade - 
Center Towers up until September 11, 2001. They oversaw (linked) United Airlines and Dulles Int. too (ahem).
 It's masonic "Dark to Light" Trump and via masonic-Jew mind control psy-ops. See retarded Q-Anon zombies.
I wonder if masonic Jew-slave, 666 Trump, had any role in outlining (war on terror) narratives - that were to come? Sarcasm.
Hell, as if setting-up the entire 'Warp Vax' programme via (liability free) big pharma - isn't a massive giveaway. D'oh!
Yes, this is MASS MOCKERY of the worst kind. It's called dosing the goyim with barely veiled predictive programing.
Anyway, in terms of war - we have to put Iran top of the pile. I've made that clear many times. As have the parties concerned.
 Not forgetting Russia/Ukraine via (evil) NATO. War with China is another concern. Tensions via (US proxy) Taiwan continue to escalate.
 He tried to ignite war with Iran, helped further fuck-up Syria, and wanted Venezuelan regime change? What a fail.
What's really odd is how second Temple Cyrus (a Persian/Iranian) is revered both by Jews, and Iranians alike.
A saviour type (practically a messiah) to the Israelites, and the ruler archetype for Persian/Iranian power.
Second Temple Cyrus was born in present-day Fars Province, Iran. His alleged tomb based in Parsagadae, Iran.
I Pet Goat 2 suggests bombing of the Temple Mount location, but couldn't an earthquake also acheive the same?
Note, 'masonic square-like' aircraft bombers in I Pet Goat II are (covert) STEALTH planes. Perhaps worth considering.
Yes, things have moved-on with Trump/Satanyahu, but the wider narratives are not affected - they continue.
Trump is ever-present and constantly hovering in the background of things. Still a major force.
Syria vs. Israel also still has potential (via disputed Golan Heights). Syrian Assad - born on Sept. 11 (1965).
Recent Satanyahu news:
Monday, Sept. 13. Planes falling out of the sky? Yeah, I'm sure it was just a mere accident. Nothing to see. LOL.
Rather convenient. Wouldn't you say?
As for Biden:
6uild 6ack 6etter...6iden. 2020 ÷ 666 = 3.0330 (Vote 6iden). ILLUMINATI Impostor. He's certainly got some neck on him!
See video. If they can fraud the entire 2020 election, do 9/11, etc. Then this stuff (above) is mere child's play.
Trump, June 11. 2019: "A 'dummy'. He's a different guy. He looks different than he used to." (mockery of the MSM sheep).
Thanks go to Joe McCafferty for the Biden impostor pics assist.

Meanwhile the Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption continues to intensify. It's all getting a bit The Devil at 4 O'Clock.
The goings-on have certainly picked-up since the previous post and my mention of it, as has wider interest.
There has been talk of land deformation at the north of the island - citations of a 10cm rise.
Coincidentally or not - "10cm" is considered the ideal 'birthing crown(corona)' during child-birth/labour.
If you were looking for more Revelation-type flavour - then the above (birthing aspect) might just qualify.
Alaska just recorded another significant quake (6.8), just a day after tremors hit Hawaii. CME's and much more.
With things as crazy as they've been recently - who knows what's to happen, if anything? Hard to rule anything out.
 Daniel, Revelation and Archangel St. Michael (San Miguel) via La Palma:
Note how Tenerife (a Canary Island) has St. Michael fighting a (dragon) volcano on its Coat of Arms.
La Palma's full name is: San Miguel de la Palma. St Michael de la Palma. Revelation Marks & Sparks (a joke for UK readers).
Twice mentioned in Daniel. "Michael, the great prince, the protector of your people, shall arise" (Daniel 12:1).
 (Daniel-linked) Revelation - where archangel St. Michael and his angels, do battle with the dragon. Stuff to ponder.
So, what other key story has been running recently and in concert with the (Spanish) volcano developments?
Distraction Propaganda and/or Subliminal Washing - and timed perfectly? ZION Petito and LAVA Laundrie:
Lava - translated into Spanish = Laundry/Wash (Laundrie). Note the key dates match - and exactly?
Sept. 11 for the missing report (see volcano eq swarm). Sept. 19 for the body discovery (see eruption start date).
 Zion (Outdoor), they supposedly visited Zion Nat. Park. (Brian) Laundrie (Wash), brian/brain-wash?
Lava Laundrie and Zion Petito - via Florida, N.Y., (target zones) and Wyoming (body, see Yellowstone). Hmm?
Tsunami La Palma. The lower part of her Zion t-shirt arguably resembles the image for a water wave (see emoji, etc.).
 Rumours talked of her being pregnant (birthing pains, Revelation), but the (supposed?) autopsy showed otherwise.
A flipped image (left). The 'No' from 'No Fake' is partially obscured.
It looks as though the Laundrie/Petito case could be some type of a psy-op LIE. One that was heavily bought.
More suspect posts and via Brain 'Lava' Wash. A hot (earth's) crust and boiling lava via Mr Lava Man? Groan!
You start to wonder if they're 'real people' (as we understand) - or types of avatars in some sort of (complicit) media construct!
Why does she use his surname? Typically you'd write: "Brian hikes barefoot...". Is it possible she didn't write it?
A trip that began in (tsunami linked) New York and ended at Yellowstone (see legendary caldera/supervolcano, etc.).
Another point of interest is Laundrie and Petito's (now infamous) 911 police bodycam of their dispute. Moab, Utah.
 Mono-lith (single film). Same/near place where the first mysterious 'Monolith' installation was found, late Nov. 2020.
  The monolith was supposedly then covertly removed by four residents from Moab, 27th Nov. 2020. 
Back then I extensively talked about this and the overlaps with Jew Kubrick's NY Sept. 11 resonating, 2001:ASO., etc.
 Monolith-Pyramid(s). Utah (Moab) monolith was apparently discovered by men surveying for bighorn SHEEP. Ahem.
666 Trump (little horn) did a 9 & 11 counting sheep hotel advert for beds (sleep), 2010. 2001:ASO ends via a hotel bed.
9/11 Ground Zero & Monolith (Hotel). The human apes/sheep surveying the monolith and Ground Zero pit/crater (below, left).
Your Eyes Wide Shut (first screened at 666 5th Ave.) via 2001 and The Overlook Hotel (Hilton Monolith), see The Shining.
See 'Release the Kraken' post. 9/11 & 666 (via death) Kubrick. Note monolith links to artist John McCracken (Mc-Kraken).
In 2001:ASO - the 'moon monolith' (magnetic anomaly) is found in the 'Tycho Crater' - a real impact crater. Overlaps:
 Tycho crater is thought to be one of the youngest major lunar impact craters. Tycho was almost an Apollo mission (here).
Scandanavian basalt (igneous/volcanic) was used for the monolith seen in the actual film. Deep 'Twin Tower' Impact, Clarke.
The large dark patches (lunar maria) seen on the Moon, are vast basalt plains from ancient volcanic eruptions.
Clarke's fictional 'Spaceguard' (see Rama novel) acted as the prototype for real asteroid/NEO tracking projects. SETI, etc.
You might recall that NEO Oumuamua (Hawaii, hot spot a la the Canaries) has been a factor in recent years - see Clarke's Rama.
I shouldn't have to point-out that the 2001:ASO monolith(s) - magnetic, radio-emitting machines - were a type of alien artifact.
Some of this potentially ties into Project Blue-Beam (alien invasion false flag) - perhaps linked to vaxxes and 5G, etc.
All quite odd. I had to mention all this due to lava Laundrie/Petito's 'Moab', NY/Yellowstone, and 'Sept. 11' connects, etc.
Well, all that plus the ongoing volcano 'crack' island via the two exact matching dates (Sept.11 & Sept. 19). 
La Palma eruption starting on the (NY, US) Feast Day of St. 'Volcano Eruptions' Januarius. He of the palm (la palma).
MOAB (acronym) 'mother of all bonbs'. Lucifer Clarke's 2001 (novel) ends with detonation of an orbiting nuke warhead.
"Mr. Zwirner (who reps McCracken's art via his gallery) said confidently: “Of course the [Utah] piece is by McCracken!
He’s come back to help us with the transition,” (allegedly) referring to events in Washington." (source NYT). Since retracted.
Note, Clarke's '2001 monolith' ultimately derives from his short story The Sentinel, written for a 1948 BBC competition.
The exact same BBC who produced the Horizon programme Mega-Tsunami: Wave of Destruction (Oct. 2000).
The exact same BBC who also informed viewers that WTC building 7 had collapsed - before it collapsed. Ahem.
BBC brand (and Hilton) is referenced in Kubrick's 2001:ASO. Kubrick, the Nazi propaganda linked (see Harlans) Ashke-nazi Jew.
Biblical Moab. See destruction of (sinful) Sodom and Gomorrah supposedly via God (Genesis).
Moab was the son/grandson of Lot (via his daughter, incest). The same Lot that escaped Sodom and Gommorah.
Lot's wife was infamously turned into a 'pillar of salt' (salt/ba-salt). Some think it might be a metaphor for the destruction of the cities via volcanic eruption/earthquake (sulphur/fire/brimstone rhetoric, etc.). Whereas others (Sept. 2021) think that it could've possibly been the result of a meteor/asteroid impact. This is how you potentially connect Moab (also see Laundrie/Petito) to the issue of destruction.
If you want a corny Petito/Laundrie link to the 'Dog' (Canary 'Dog' Island) then see (linked) Dog the Bounty Hunter.
 Brain Wash (Brian 'Lava' Laundrie) & Small Talk (Gab Petitio):
 Re: Moab Monolith linked McCracken: "He’s come back to help us with the transition."
Moab, Utah linked Petito and Laundrie - the transit. It was her vehicle. A Transit Connect with an all seeing eye.
Pass over (passing over), perhaps as in (symbolic) death. It can relate to celestial bodies - see transit of Venus, etc.
Long Island based Petito with major 'Monarch Butterfly' imagery. Monarch mind control? Zion/Illuminati pyramid-eye, Petito.
Pump-Kin. Monarch/MKULTRA mind control likely utilises 'paedo abuse/incest abuse' based families. Pumping-kin.
Snap! As seen via Long Island based, Martha 'Motha-Monarch' Stewart. The butterfly & pumpkin. Also see Silence of the Lambs.
Go see Monarch Martha's Monarch Butterfly CRAFT PUNCH (here). Another Martha monarch ref. - here
Butterfly/Moth, Silence of the Lambs via (linked) Plum Island and (child abused Buffalo Bill) Nazi-based mind control. Ahem.
Martha's (May 2021) website link on Monarch breeding populations in US and UK. Are they really talking about butterflies?
Ahem. One might suspect that both families Petito/Laundrie are heavily involved with the Monarch/MKULTRA programmes.
Let It Be (tattoo) evokes The 'Masonic/Sept. 11 linked' Beatles, the pop-culture birthing band whose rise started via Germany. 
Tavistock Beatles. Previously I've heavily connected the Monarch programme to Long Island, NY. Petito was from Long Island. 
I linked it to Nazi-type mind control (see Illuminati Mengele), etc. Petito's mother now has a German/Jewish name, Schmidt.
I thought it warranted mentioning. Monarch (MKULTRA), Nazi mind control, Montauk, Long Island (NY), etc. (here)
Fledgling Hollywood producer (masonic-linked) Roy 'OTO/Snuff' Radin, see Son of Sam (previous post), was Long Island based.
 'Cell phone' issues have been a notable and raised aspect with the Petito/Laundrie case (see above text).
Monarch elements were clearly seen with Sandy 'Butterfly/Over the Rainbow' Hook, and possibly pyramid Vegas shooting too.
Monarch via Sandy 'Butterfly' Hook. Juxtaposed 'winged' Monarch (with a WW2 ref.) via Illuminati MGM Black Pyramid, Vegas.
666 Gates and (Saudi) Al Waleed were the owners of the Mandalay Bay top floors. Blue-bird Twitter, Al Waleed. 
Petito, from Blue Point, Long Island. Went to Bayport-Blue Point High School. Her autopsy by Dr. Brent Blue.
Monarch-linked and a BLUE overload. Note the blue butterfly. Her imagery is also heavily linked to wings.
Gabby 'Monarch' Petito - was in a video about Sandy Hook called Irreplaceable, 2013. Seen in the video and film credits.
Sandy 'Over the Rainbow/Butterfly' Hook: "Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly..." It's all Monarch/MKULTRA. Oz, see MGM.
Hollywood Monarch. Sandy Hook was ref. in Batman:TDKR, the superhero series that heavily features the Monarch Theatre. Ahem. 
Aurora Shooting (see patsy, Joker Holmes) took place at a midnight screening of (Sandy Hook/Monarch-linked) Batman:TDKR.
"Letter combination MK." BBC German-Jewish Monarch x2. Royalty and Mind Control via Epstein, Giuffre, and  'handler' Allred.
Recall A.G. Barr's Jewish father's fictional (ahem) novel about 'sex slavery in space'? Epstein linked via Dalton school.
Zionist Rothschilds, German/Bavatrian founders of the Illuminati (see Juri Lina). Try reading the above metaphorically.
As if they're referring to the (abuse) monarch prog. Dynasty has always been close to German/UK royalty. (purple monarchs).
Epstein's source of money was Robert 'Mossad' Maxwell (see daughter), who faked his own death via the Canary Islands.
Some background on Nazi/CIA Project Monarch via Illuminati Mengele and butterflies...
Illuminati Nazi, Mengele. "Monarch to the kingdom of the dead." 9/11 linked Slayer, see Angel of Death (Zionist Def Jam)
They're butterfly linked via Iron Butterfly (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida) which came-out of (Nazi mind control) Long Island.
 Ashke-nazi Illuminati programmer, 9/11 Kubrick - see Monarch/Twinning, The Shining. Big on rainbow programming too.
Camp climaxes via underage 'butterfly' girls, Lolita. The 'Monarch' Shining. See Kubrick and Nazi propagandist Harlans.
A squatted Monarch (poster) via sun light-flash. Light flashes from Rothschild Monarch sodomy/coccyx impact etc.
It's Ashke-nazi Kubrick's sodom and rape fantasy A Clockwork Orange (pure MKULTRA) that features the (Nazi) cinema of torture.
Project Bluebird (Monarch-linked) was launched and CIA approved on the anniversary of Hitler's birth, Apr 20 (1950).
A walk thru a Rothschild mansion in a butterfly mask from Rainbow 'paedo Oz' Fashions via an MK orgy and a (homo) Cruise?
 To the sounds of 'migrations' - see Monarch 'sun' butterfly. Eyes Wide Shut. Oh, look. 'The Butterfly Effect' (via rape) Rothschilds.
MIC Morrison (see Rear Adm. father). The Monarched Back-Door Man (see homo Cruise) via the Elektra Butterfly & Roth(s)child.
The (Monarch Back) Doors - linked to Copolla's Apocalypse Now. The balls & helmet-sitting via chopper, and (Dick) Ring cyclers.
Monarch & sun (migrations). Sleep/hypnosis programming cues via butterflies. Back-door (ass) via Willies & Wangs (penis refs.).
Named via LSD Doors of Perception, masonic Huxley. A homosexual linked to Hollywood - MGM, Disney, etc. (see sodom Alice)
Butterfly Cruise showed us the pickle-filled meat/donut-hole trick (via buns & Willie) in Jew Stone's Born on the 4th July.
Nicholson, (euphemism) who choppers the toilet door in (Monarch) King & Illuminati Kubrick's The 'scat-man' Shining
Jewish mogul Cowell used to polish (shine) Jack 'Head' Nicholson's chopper/axe (penis) on the set of The 'Monarch' Shining.
A Willie, a Wang, and the Back-Door. Would that be the (military) Monarch Back-Door to Hell? See Monarched Shining Nicholson.
Chopper chase: "I'm cummin, Dan. You can't get away. I'm right behind ya." Posed as sodomy-trans Baphomet in final shot.
Monarch Nicholson is further Monarched via 1989's Batman (Buttman), with homo Monarched Prince. All sodom Warner Bros.
Alice/Choc. Factory/Buttman Burton, close to Depp. Fred Krueger was the man of his dreams via Spring-Wood, butterflies, & a Nancy.
Also see Edward 'Butterfly' Hands. Wrong way boner, Batman/Buttman. The Monarch Bruced batty-man (homo) via young Dick.
One of the more obvious victims. None are largely in control of their own minds. They're effectively slaves, as are you.
MonarC Lambs, Carey. Mass mind control of the subjects and the hypnotised by mass media sheep is a full-time job.
The more you empower (their) mass media - the more you empower their control and reach. How's that working-out? Oops!
U.S. mass media has increasingly concentrated into the hands of the few. Ultimately for mass psy-ops and hive-mind programming.
 Vlogger, Monarch Petito and Instagram star Mariah 'Montauk' Sunshine Coogan's final Instagram photos, below.
 Long Island Petito at 'The Monarch' restaurant (Ogden, Utah) and Coogan's last post at 'The Montauk' restaurant (Scottsdale, AZ.).
Monarch & sun. Both sold as social media influencer types. Both final Instagram shots resonate (linked) mind control markers.
Scottsdale/West Hollywood, Montauk Coogan, was one of six (so-called Instagram stars) killed, Apr. 2018.
Zionist US is global champion in degenerate/satanic psycho-sexual, sodom and trans programming via mass media. No contest.
Dickie-linked Thomas Ripley. Homo sociopath faker. A symptom of the cult of celebrity. mr-ripley-sociopath-for-instagram-age
Instagram, part of Zionist Zuckerberg's MIC/Darpa Faecesbook empire. Rancid Freemasonic-Jew, socialist/globalist media filth.
Masonic-Jew Illuminati master symbol 'eye & pyramid' (darpa). A symbol (in one aspect) that is the penis tip glans/eye.
 How appropriate. Meta (Death) via sick, programming masonic-satanic Zionist JEWS. See BLM POS, Zionist Jew, Soros.
Divoc (Covid reversed), Hebrew word meaning possession by an evil spirit. Great reset, vaxx promoting, transhumanist MIC filth.
Platforms like Tik-Tok merely demonstrate the inherent mass mental illness (via programming) - that's now legion in Zionist US.
The seeds of which were planted long ago via (masonic-Jew, sodom-based) traditional U.S. mass media. (see Jew Hollywood/TV)
These social media addled children are not the lost generation per se - they are the children of a (brainwashed) lost generation.
Pe-TIT-o. Found near Grand Teton - literally meaning big tits/nipples (yes, really). Pe-tit-o (small) arguably evokes small tits.
TRANS via 'abuse' Buffalo Bill. See Martha's V. Gay Head (light), & Ginger-bre(a)d Cottages via Camp. Homo slang-code.
 (Phallic) Gay Head, it was naturally kept by earth-mover Dick (just retired). Lens care by Woody Wood-ward (wood). here
Lesbian, paedo-chic Foster. Demme followed Silence of the (Monarch) Lambs with homo propaganda piece Philadelphia.
 Check the overlaps/connects. Linked via (suspect) restaurant refs. too. Plum 'Silence of the Butterfly-Moth/Lambs' Island.
Totenkopf moth (death's head). The (masonic-Zion) skull and bones & Nazi reveal. Recall butterfly Carey's MonarC Lambs.
Manhunter (Lecter via Cox) would use Long Island Iron Butterfly (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida) at its close via the Tooth Fairy.
Man-hunting, man-eating (cannibal, also see Montauk and Deep Throat-linked homo Bruced Jaws), etc. Codes for homosexuality.
Foster, see skull/bones Yale. Paperclip CIA Nazi, Erich Traub, headed-up Plum Island. Lecter author Harris is CIA affiliated.
Pizza Obam-a (a-moab) & Martha's Podesta. Monarch Petito/Laundrie did get matching finger 'vine tattoos' before their journey.
Minority Ldr. Chuck 'Zionist' Schumer's cousin, Amy 'not funny' Schumer, is heavily linked to Martha's Beach Plum Inn
Plums (aka balls). Beach Plum linked, Maggie 'Buttefly' Nixon. It just goes on and on: "No child left dry..." (sexual allusion).
Nixon & 'Guadalupe' Island (2015), also see butterfly Guadeloupe. Sea of Hope (2017) with Obama via (Martha's) masonic Kennedys. 
Shark linked a la Montauk/Martha's. It's volcanic Guadalupe Is. (Mexico's Cali. Peninsula). Phonetic double Butterfly Guadeloupe
Caribbean volcanic archipelago a la Spanish Canaries. Guadeloupe Is. Mexi-Spanish named via 'Our Lady'. See tsunami Fatima, etc.
Some say Montauk Coogan was a rebranded Maggie 'Obama' Nixon (Hollywood connected). Obama linked via Martha's Vine-yard.
Below, this is the same Nixon, circa Feb 2016. It appears to be a GoFundMe plea for help (psych issues, etc.). 
 Robert 'Hollywood/TV' Nixon. See matriarch soap queen, Agnes. Connected/wealthy types need to publicly plead for funds?
Could butterfly Nixon have had a programming breakdown (see above). Been rebranded, and then been disposed of (as Coogan?)
Or. Is it a front for a potential coded message buried in her mythology (heavily oceanic, etc.). It's Thailand linked (tsunami 2004).
"No child left dry." Nixon of Q psy-op fame. We've arguably seen similar type coding with Long Island butterfly Petito/Laundrie.
Gabby 'Monarch' Petito - recall the Sandy 'Monarch/Butterfly/Rainbow' Hook related video? Friends of Dorothy.
Butt-er Fly. Sodom Rainbow Oz programming (see Nazi Fleming) - "Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly..." (monarch/bluebird).
The Ashke-NAZI Rothschild based Monarch mind control system - that utilises sodomy - impacting the victim's spine base.
Sandy Hook via (masonic/satanic) Newtown. Connecticut - (mind control) Stepford-ville. Pump-kin (familial paedo abuse)
It just on the opposite side to (mind control) Long Island. Long Island Sound is the body of water between them. 
I've said for years - Zio-US mass media (mistaken for entertainment) is the Monarch/MKULTRA prog. - gone (increasingly) public. 
Taxi 'butterfly' Driver was heavily linked to mind control thru (programmed patsy) John Hinckley. Over the Rainbow.
Barely teen Foster played (rainbow) Iris, a child hooker in Taxi Driver, followed by a (quasi hooker) role in Bugsy Malone.
Paedo-fest Bugsy Malone was scored by Paul 'Muppet Rainbow Connection' Williams. The disassociation and homo anthem.
Paedo bait, Monarched lesbian Foster. It's called whoring your children into the Illuminati Monarch/MKULTRA programme.
See Hollywood/TV, mass media etc. For the purposes of degenerating & mind controlling the worshipping masses.
Taxi 'butterfly Foster' Driver via Scorsese and (Monarch handler) De Niro. See Scorsese's Shutter 'Butterfly/Montauk' Island.
His Cape 'rape' Fear with underage girls via drama (ahem). Taxi Driver, Schrader - see military Monarch Handler, Exorcist IV.
Shutter Island, Nazi Monarch experiments film with trans Buffalo 'Butterfly/Moth' Bill from Silence of the (Monarch) Lambs.
Right near The Hamptons - that's where celeb folk like the (monarched) satanic Kardashians holiday/get programmed.
The phallic lighthouse via the secret caves (sexual allusions). Light flashes from Rothschild Monarch sodomy/coccyx impact etc.
We just mentioned trans Buffalo 'Butterfly/Moth' Bill. MARY-land, Bill. Here's trans Butterfly Bruce - aka Caitlyn (vomit).
jurASSic PARK 'butterfly effect' Spielberg's Bruced Jaws linked to Montauk, & Martha's Gay-Head via (Dick/Hooper) Woods Hole.

 A family that have been employed to sexualize your children, promote narcissism as a virtue, mass body dysmorphia etc.

Nazis promoted a type of physical perfection (Aryans). That's child's play compared to modern 'image fascist' Ashke-nazi mass media.
"Chasing Butterflies" with homosexual DiCaprio, who starred opposite Mark 'Eternal (Montauk/Carrey) Sunshine' Ruffalo.

Meet/Meat me in Montauk. Many of DiCaprio's film's connect to Long Island (both overtly and/or covertly).
He was industry paedo bait himself (just like Foster) during his days on Growing Pains (ahem).
The experiments are in his (DiCaprio's) head - he's Monarch programmed via sodomy (lighthouse/caves/eye piercing).
DiCaprio, who is of part German descent. He even speaks German in (Nazi mind control experiments) Shutter Island.
Also see his Titanic co-star, Kate 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless (Monarch/Montauk) Mind (Control)' Winslet.
Monarched Winslet and 'trauma twinning' via Heavenly 'Butterfly' Creatures - and (sodomy song) Ring Lord, Jackson.
Another Monarched Carrey - this time it's Jim, Mr Truman (Surveillance) Show, and not Monarched Mariah Carey.
Monarch & sun(shine). I could go-on like this and almost indefinitely. But what is the point? Imo, it's all very clear.
Acting is predisposed to the disassociative state and/or (type) of split personality. It's what they do.
Want to see a REAL direct victim of this rancid U.S. Monarch/MKULTRA system? Then see here.
Regular and thorough readers will already know that I previously outed The Banana Splits as a deviant show.
Programming Splits (geddit?). Sodom/homo cues, hyper-sexual kids, and Danger 'Head-Hunter' Island via rape fantasies, etc.
The (Sodom Ring) O-Men. Note the heavy involvement of (homo-paedo Jew satanist) Dick '666' Donner (now dead, yay!).
Dick 'Banana' Donner (Schwartzberg) was also close to Jew homo-paedos Bryan Singer, and Mr (anal) Rosebud, '666' Spielberg.
There's decades of this warped output. See Donner/Spielberg's rancid homo children's epic - one-eyed Willy, The Goonies.
Yup, looks like a rendering of the Monarch Butterfly. Who'd have guessed? Banana-bender Dickies via Punks (homo slang). 
See (Nancy-linked) The Sex 'Penis' Pistols and their Bollocks (Virgin Branson) via God Save the Queen (homos & monarch).

O-Men Dick Donner's (Monkees-linked) Banana Splits recorded via 'rainbow' Decca. UK div. infamously didn't sign The Beatles.
The "Here we come/cum," Head Monkees. Turned-on Monkee Head - via Jack 'Monarch' Nicholson, The Shining chopper man.
 Men-loving (Pink) Banana Benders...homo Fruits (Apple). The (Underground/Cavern Dung) Beatles. Cum Together:
Recent 'Get Back' (ahem) was via Ring Lord, Sodomy Song, Jackson. Dick Star-Key 'Ring-O'. Mr Thomas Tank (wank).
Middle-earthing ring lords via mounts. Orange Tolkien's Rings/Two 'phallic' Towers/Dildo Baggins = homo programming.
Have a (Ring-O) Banana via the BBC. The Jimmy Savile-linked British Buggery Corp. Sodom Savile was Beatles compere. 
Manager Brian Epstein was homosexual, as was their label EMI/Capitol head, Sir Joseph Lockwood. Tommy Tank (wank/nut).
Stoke Man Devil(le) 'Spinal Injuries' sodom Savile. Stoke = bent (homo). Bent/Homo Man Devil, literally.
Savile Row's Tommy Nutter. A Nutting Thomas (penis) via Dick and his Ring-O Starr. Savile, a disc (dick) jockey. Cocks & Rings:
Ring-O/O-Ring. It Don't Cum Easy. All played-out stuff over the trademark. Imprinting via mass media is the objective. key mentions McCartney's Fool on the Hill in his early abuse/rape trauma programming via an adult male. - cites Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl in MK rape programming. Debra Wing-er played Wonder Girl.
Winger is married to (Kubrick/Spielberg linked) Arliss 'Butterfly' Howard, the pederast from I Know My First Name Is Steven.
Abuse film linked to (Long Island via Germany) Alison 'NXIVM' Mack. See butterfly/Winger Howard, Monarch Kubrick's FMJ
Closet E.T., Winger, see (homo) An Officer and a Gentleman with 'boot camp' homo Dick Gere via mayonnaise, Tush (ass), & Cock-er.
3rd highest grossing film of 1982 - behind Rosebud Spielberg's (closet/trans 'rainbow' gaylien) E.T. and (transvestite) Tootsie. Ahem.
 Up (Ass) Where We Belong. Cock-er & Ring-O 'Ass' Starr...With a Little Help From My (Tommy Nutter Tank) & Friends.
Trans-closet E.T.'s EllioT - played by a Thomas, he also played Hitch-Cock's 'trans-closeted' Master Bates in TV Psycho IV

Dick 'Ring-O' Star-Key (via Cox, 1st wife). Wife XXX Bach feat. with Roger More (Moore) in se(a)men tube Spy Who Loved Me.
Remember (homo) Soho/Brighton via Roger (Daltrey) and his pin & ball-sniffing Tommy - via camp with pervert (ass) Moon?
Made by homos Russell & Stigwood, cinematography by Dick Bush, and featuring 'easy chopper rider' monarched Nicholson.
Military Back Door to Hell, Jack. Tommy was made via Hemdale who made Stone's (uber suspect) Platoon. See his The (Back) Doors.
Apocalypse Now via monarched The (Back) Doors & choppers. Asshole of the world to (Gary 'shitter' Kurtz) homo Brand-O.
 Full Metal Jacket via hooker Papillon (butterfly). Monarch via the Joker lead (see Monarch Theatre, Batman/Buttman).
Ermey. The PSY-OP chopper and roger man from Apoc. Now via Lances (Bottoms), helmet sitters, balls, & Dick (Wagner) Rings.
Full Metal Jacket via the helmet. Ermey & Pyled privates donut drilling & (posed) nailed ram sphinxes - nailed sphincters.
Camp CLIMAX, (Nazi) Kubrick. World of shit, blown toilet (head), Pyle. He gets his donut hole thoroughly drilled - literally.
Imagine my surprise. The ass fucker from James 'homo/paedo' Dick-ey's Deliverance, see Boor-man film. Bore (drill). 
Train-driver McKinney, Back to the Future 3. The rear (coco) shunt train via a bridge to Frisc-O & reaching 'the point of no return'.
Deliverance, with homo-icon Burt 'Am-Trans smoked back-door bandit' Reynolds, and Ronny 'penis resonator' Cox (Cocks).
Cox, "the (homo) banana in your tail-pipe man" from Beverly (Up)Hills Cop. Robocop's DICK 'No.2/Iron Butt/Asshole' Jones.
2001 co-creator Clarke was a homo/paedophile. A go Greek, homer-erotic Odyssey via a camp one-eyed cyclops (HAL) & bow-man.
'Brown-eye stabbing', 'probing via sphinx-ters', 'men's big milk facials via cat/pussy killing', etc., see A Clockwork (Queer) Orange
Pickle-puffer Cruise showed us the plugged & pickle-filled meat/donut-hole trick (via buns) in Jew Stone's Born 4th July.
Hamburger Hill. Stone's JFK (Camp St. JF-Gay) via jailed Willie O' (rent boy) & (elite) ass fucking. See star-fucker, Jew Milchan. 
 Camp St. to Camp 'chopper' Blood. Porked Bacon feat. in Friday 13th. His wife featured opposite homo Cruise in 4th July.
4th July, see 'swallow the (phallic) worm' via Willy 'Cruise Control' Dafoe, the: "put your mouth on this" and suck my joint -
(phallic gun blower) worm-turner - via res-erected (Two and a Half Men) shiner Sheen and sodom Alice's White Rabbit (Platoon).
The Worm, Dafoe. The (Penis) Lighthouse. One-eyed peckers (seamen gulls), Thomas x2, wood-chopper, closet tugging, etc.
Willy Stone's big break - O-scar winning homoerotic screenplay Midnight (ass stab) Express (1978) via 'Bugsy Malone' Parker.
Just as 'respect the cock' Cruise ('penis, penis, great big erect penis', virgin Kovic) cannot 'get it up' with women in 4th July.
Jailed Willy/Billy Hayes cannot 'get it on' with his girl, see (repressed) heterosex glass screen scene, Stone's Midnight Express.
SHAG-Mahr (sexual slang, Shag-more), homo overload and linked 'ass stabbing' refs. Que(e)relle, Brad 'homo icon' Davis.
Randy (slang) ass stabbed, Quaid, who was raped by a teen as a boy. Davis, sexually abused by his parents (mainly mother).
Back-doors via (big) Jobs - see Jobbing: "Everybody loves Ring-O," (f)Ass-Bender. Mr 'iced' (Harris) Ha(i)rry Hole via The Snowman
Stone did 'Deep Throat' Dick in Nixon (man-eater Hopkins). And the Bush (via Dick, Cheney) in W. (one-eyed Willy, Brolin).
See Parker/Stone, Evita (monarch Madonna). Ride Around Sally (via the weeping eye), Parker. 'Sally' - jail term for a homo pro.
Parker's climax to (uber suspect) Bugsy Malone with butterfly Foster is cream-pie facials (via Dandy Dan's) suggestive splurge gun(s).
Also see, Jew Puttnam. Kubrick originally filmed (Nazi) Dr Strange-love to climax this way (creampie fashion), but changed it.
This is some sort of advanced, centralised, inter-linked, psycho-sexual and quasi-Freudian type programming based phenomena.
Like Kubrick's A Clockwork (Queer) Orange, Stone's Midgnight 'Homo' Express contains a (Freudian?) pussy-killing scene.
Like Midnight 'ass stab' Express, Kubrick's ACO has a heterosex repression scene - post Alex's nazi cinema programming.
Batman & FMJ Joker linked Modine feat. in Stone's (via Dick 'O-Men' Donner) homoerotic and orange-heavy Any Given Sunday
Stone did The (Monarch Back) Doors with Kilmer, who feat. with Cruise in landmark homo piece, Top 'Gay' Gun.
(Monarch Back) Doors - linked to Copolla's Apocalypse Now. The balls & helmet-sitting via chopper, and (Dick) Ring cyclers.
Hairy surfing. If not for bad weather, Wonder Woman (Carter) would've been one of the (Apoc. Now) chopper PlayBoy bunnies.
 As if by magic - Carter pops-up in news cycles while I've been writing in respect of her. I've only just noticed. LGBT+?
Butterfly Cruise and (Wonder Girl) Butterfly 'Winger' Howard - the only two actors that both worked with Kubrick and Spielberg.
 Stone's entrance into film came via child-rearing friend, (homo-paedo) Kaufman, see his Troma (Trauma) link to The Goonies.
Gooning Dick 'O-men' Donner worked on (homo) Schumacher's (two Corey penis) Lost Boys via Jim 'Backdoor' Morrison.

The Old Lighthouse - The Secret Caves (sexual programming euphemisms). Jolly 'Cop-A-Boner' Rogering:
 You know, satanists Dick 'Banana-Split' Donner & Rosebud Spielberg's (homosexual) One-eyed Willy (penis goon) film.
Film's lead was Lord of the (saturnic/satanic ass) Rings, Astin. Sodomy Song, Jackson, see Heavenly 'Monarch' Creatures.
King, a monarch (see The 'Monarch Twin' Shining). Remember these two? The (industry abused) Corey/Penis Twins.
Chopper and si(c)k balls (Spinal 'Ass' Tap, Reiner & King's Stand By Me), Meatballs, Family Jewels, one-eyed Willy, Corey
A turn as CAMP blood chopper Jason, which climaxes with the choppered eye, masonic-homo Friday 13th IV
For more Dick via a Corey and a Willy - see Donner's Free Willy. A Jesse/Jessie (homo) who rides a big Willy.
Dick's Banana Splits. A Drooper who always plays with his TAIL (Latin source, penis). A homo elephant with phallic trunk.
How about a banana in your trunk (ass/rear) or unzipping your banana (homo penis)? See 60s/70s TV show.
Dick 'Banana Splits' Donner, close to Charles 'Monarch' Bronson (see sodom Death Wish No.2). A cream-filled Twinkie?
 Homo banana bender Dick Donner/Bronson's Twinky/Child Bride (1969). It's Donner linked (Jew film-maker) Bryan 'paedophile' Singer (see homo X-Men) who hosts/hosted Twink pool parties. Ahem. Twinky via Dick to Bronson and Thomas, Dick, & Hairy (Harry):
The Great Escape, Bronson and Willie Dickes are the dirt-tunnel digging kings/queens (monarchs). The Nazi camp story.
 Rosebud (homo) Dickie Attenboro' as Roger. With Mr Butterfly (Papillon) Steve McQUEEN. Cinematography by Fapp, yes really.
Warner '666' Bros. made a 2019 film of this rancid show - appropriately it was made into a horror piece. The Chopper (Penis).
These two films are linked via wikipedia - imo not just via animatronics. Ahem. Old Nic Cage(d), of the paedo Copollas.
Willy (penis) in dirt-hole Wonderland (see Alice sodom programming, paedo Carroll). Cage(s) and Hit Girls.
Monarch 'Lecter' Ratner (abuser) - who's directed nine or so Mariah 'Monarch' Carey music videos. Who'd have guessed?
Unless you understand what they've done via earlier mass media covert programming - you won't understand how we got here.
The damage to the group mind via this mass sodom-centic output (wilfully absorbed by the public) is immeasurable.
How about Jewish Syco/Psycho Cowell's (see The 'chopper-cock/Monarch' Shining) homo/transient boy bands:
Closet boy, banana-bender, OLD MAN (Mogul) LOVER. Take That, and I don't mean the homo boy-band! XXX Factor.
"Love doesn't choose ages." Styles. How about a duet with (closet) R "Age Aint Nothing But A Number" Kelly?
Being passed around like a handbag to homo industry bigwigs for a ploughing? And yet he calls that love? What a freak.
Jewish mogul Cowell used to polish (ahem) Jack 'Head' Nicholson's chopper/axe (penis) on the set of The 'Monarch' Shining.
Old Man Lover, Monarched Styles must love chopper Cowell's (rainbow) Crinkl(e)y 'pink blobbed' Bottom via a Thomas and TV.
Blobby. In association with the BBC (British Buggery Corp) and Noel 'tranny/cross-dresser' Edmonds.

Jewish (masonic) homosexual, 'So Macho' Cowell via Jewish (masonic) homosexual 'BBC/EMI' King. King - a monarch x2.
Paedophile King was a big-mover at EMI - linked to finding/managing Genesis, 10cc, (paedo-linked) Bay City Rollers, etc.
Cowell's father, Eric, also worked for EMI and was a member of the board. It was Eric who got him The 'Monarch' Shining gig.
You cannot have already forgotten the XXX Cowell-linked homosexual pop slave - Harry 'Monarch Butterfly' Styles?
All JEWS. From one King and Monarch (see The 'chopper' Shining) to the next. It's paedo Jonathan 'Monarch Butterfly' KING.
Masonic Kipling, King, and The Butter--Fly 'Monarch' That Stamped via (masonic) Queened Solomon - 666 via 999.
Yes, a King is a literal monarch, but this (above) is clearly signifying so much more than that simple understanding.
King, a type of mentor to Cowell (EMI). You need the SUN (see The 'Monarch' Shining) to accompany the Monarch - here it is:
Note his presence at (uber suspect) Decca - who we mentioned earlier via The Banana 'homo' Splits, Sun King Beatles, etc.
Decca founder and big-wig Sir Edward Lewis recruited King as his personal assistant (wink, wink) and "talent spotter".
A blatant homosexual - established from the beginning of his output. See Everyone's Gone to the Moon via Summer's COMING.
Round, Round, must be the butt cheeks for the (homo) moon/ass via Greeked and pederasty linked Apollo.
Pink phallic rockets trips to the (hairy) moon. I Don't Want To Be GAY, Monarched x2 King. Yeah, right.
Other track linked with Apollo Mooning - via EMI Oddity, transient David 'closet' Bowie(man) - see homo Kubrick/Clarke's 2001.
Everyone's Gone to the Moon being played was cited (by child victims) as a prelude to abuse by King.
Oh, look. Jonathan 'homosexual paedo' King and The Rocky (Tranny/Chopper) Horror Show (original theatrical prod.)
 Anyone in the least bit surprised? Yeah, I thought not. The original stage show LP with homo Tim 'TV (sh)IT' Curry. 
God Save the (Queened & Nancied) Sex (Penis) Pistols via punks. See homos M.Butterfly McClaren & butterfly Virgin Branson.
King's UK Records was first ran by (BBC linked convicted paedophile) Savile-linked, Chris Denning. Imagine my surprise.
There may well be a connection involving King, Savile, and Eric Cowell via the Walton Hop (disco, abuse front).
Just to cap it all off - monarched King's The Butterfly That Stamped (double LP) - first and last:
The 'ass' Moon and The Loop of Love (anal ring) via SHAG. The latter being English slang - to fuck.
See this following clip from Parkinson (1981) with King - It is very revealing. Hear his take on mass media.
 He's not joking. Now hear this and try not to be sick. Satan's Ultimate Weapon Of Mass Destruction:
 Monarch King @ Decca, EMI, and BBC - to Monarch Cowell via BBC/ITV, and EMI., etc.
 XXX Factor, ITV. Recall - TRANS via ABUSE - Buffalo Bill in Silence of the (Butterfly/Moth) Lambs?
 "Our Billy wasn't born a criminal, Clarice. He was made one through years of systematic (sexual) abuse
Billy hates his own identity (due to aforementioned abuse), you see, and he thinks that makes him a trans-sexual."
It's ABUSE via (complicit) mass media that your children are exposed to - a main cause of this induced trans phenomena.
Micro/macro. Moth Bill via direct abuse (a hands-on victim). This is programming abuse via the linked industry's sick propaganda.
 Imagine my surprise. I noted that Anna 'UK soap's first lesbian kiss' Friel played the mother in this LGBT propaganda. 
Hell, I thought homosexuals were against conversion therapy. Mass media IS homo/trans conversion therapy (for straights).
If forcing homosexuals into conversion is wrong - then what I'm outlining here via mass media must be uber wrong!
Oh, look. Surprise, surprise. A JEW (Steiner) promoting man/boy love - aka CHILD RAPE. Pan P(a)edo-sexuals.
Sodom Pan-Baphomet via the 'Peter Puffer' (Penis) Pipe. Ideal for brainwashing (unsuspecting) children into sodomy.
Just like "Eat Me" Alice in (Sodom Dirt-hole) Wonderland. Sodomy, no need for the 'pussy' - wave bye-bye. Alice queens.
 (Effeminate Donkey) Ass Nailing with Tail (penis). The Rogering Rabbit dirt-hole via Poo(h). Poo(h) gets stuck via Nancies.
It's NOT GOOD NEWS if you're a huge fan of all things Disney. You're a programmed degenerate - knowingly or otherwise.
I've loathed all things (sodom) Disney since childhood - so for me it's not a problem in writing this.
U.S. of Gay to the U.S. of Pedophilia. How about Children's 'boy lover' Day 2021 via rancid US MIC fronters, Google?
 Love hearts via the (Masonic G) boy lover spiral. Saturn/satan. See G-Mail (G-Males) for the masonic-Jew sodom apron.
Not forgetting satanic Apple via homo Big Jobs (turds), Freemason Aliced Wozniak (Oz), and current sodomite Tim Cook.
The G-Male masonic apron and eye that rests over the masonic groin (penis). The Brotherhood of Buggery.
I wonder why child abuse/paedophile rings are majority connected to all things (Jew) Freemasonry? (sarcasm)
I wonder why corporate and Zionist USA is exactly the same!? I'll just leave this here: BARE Necessities.
Masonic-Jew, Kipling. Mr '666' Penis, masonic-satanist and kabbalist, sodom Pan-Baphomet, OTO Crowley.
Go Greek, transient Orlando. "Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus (asshole) to the Mouth of Isis (vagina)." OTO Crowley
American, Harry 'OTO' Hay was the father of U.S. gay liberation - and a champion of man/boy love (NAMBLA) Oops.
Hence Disney in Gay Paree (Paris). I'd only go to Disneyland/Disney World for one reason. To burn it down.
Didn't you know that (masonic-homo) Walt Disney abused young boys? He ruined the lives of so many. And still does.
See what Disney's 'princess programming' has psychologically done to girls. Pass the sick bag - this one is full.

 Talking of Disney, (homo) FAIRIES, (pirate) Booty and Capt. 'Pan' Hook's 'jolly boner rogering' penis, etc.:
The Crowned Monarched King of Pop. Just like (paedophile) J.M. 'Pan' Barrie - he liked abusing children:
 Peter Pan, Wizard of 'bluebird' Oz (see The Wiz), Alice in Wonderland, etc. All key MKULTRA sodom programming texts.
(Monarched) Prince was one of his main 1980's rivals. Purple/lavender, homo boys/fairies. Closet Gary-linked, Jackson.
They like Fairy-Tails. Queens. Ahem. Let's just say they went shoulder to shoulder...via Monarch x2. (see Monarched Giuffre).
Monarch Nicholson was a product of incest. Homo Monarch Prince, as a child, was sexually active with his own sister.
Nicholson in The 'Monarch' Shining, is seen reading (Alice dirthole bunny) PlayGirl with the parents/child incest content.
In 1955, two years after Playboy's launch, (sodom) Hefner famously made the decision to publish a short story called -
 The Crooked Man, about a dystopian future in which heterosexuals were oppressed by homosexuals. (who'd have guessed?)
US super-hero output is homosexual programming on acid. See Iron 'Poof' Man, No. 2 via the randy donut hole, etc.
Got-Ham, Kelly. Butt-man via (homo) Monarch super-queeroes. Your kids act-out and copy this filth on TV, film, music, etc.
Closet homosexuals x2. Monarch 'butt-er fly' brothas. Chocolate (Ass) Factory, big package Kelly, via Gay(e).
R 'Closet Trapped/Butterfly' Kelly (paedo/abuser) penned You Are Not Alone. Closet, monarch Jackson's final U.S. No.1.
Monarch Jackson's New Jack SWING - 'In the (Brown-eye) Closet' - was supposed to have been via Monarch/Bluebird Madonna:
Monarched Madonna via Bluebird. Desperately Twinning (MK-slaves) kabbalist Madonna & Jew Arquette.
Arquette featured in possibly the most homoerotic film of all time - closet homosexual Tarantino's Pulped Ass Friction.
Closet Jackson, linked to (Closet Turd Encounters) Hook Spielberg's 'rainbow' E.T. The x-dressing, coming-out closet (g)aylien.
Spielberg's E.T. finger dildo goes well with his One-eyed Willy "cop a boner" penis key via O-Men Dick. For kids of all ages.
Drag closet E.T. via a Thomas (EllioT). The drag CLOSET BOY (Master-Bates) from Psycho IV. See homo Hitch-Cock.
Trans-Closet E.T. famously trounced (Closet buggeryman, Psycho linked Halloween) Carpenter's homo The 'chopper' Thing (a penis).
Smokey and the (Ass) Bandit - one of "ANL" Hitch-Cock's favourite films. The Am Trans back-door (ass) bandit film.
Deliverance mounting-men buggery, Hooper Reynolds. Dick 'Am Trans in 2014, literally' Feller (Fella) did music. Ahem.
Dickey's Deliverance - with Bill 'ass rapist' McKinney. He featured in Back to the Future 3, as the train-engine driver
Ginger beered/beard via ZZ Top. A Mary (Clara) and an 'Iron hoofing' Doc(k) Brown. 'Pink surfing' and 'Biff the shit' via a Thomas
No wonder McKinney appears. The rear (coco) shunting train via a bridge to Frisc-O & reaching 'the point of no return' (ahem).
Tommy Tank. A Butt-Ram feat. in BTTF 3. McKinney, see Kubrick's 'DONUT drilling Sgt.' via Nailed Ram Sphinx-ters. (MGM).
Closet bedroom hole, Ars(e) MGM. Made same time as his Trans-Closet 'E.T.' With meat-hook tranny leat-HER FACE, Hooper.
Man-eaters. See Deep Throat man-eater 'Hooked Tiger' via Hooper (Dick), Bruced Jaws. The MGM  tigered lion/sphinx (see here). 
Ass Park, Rosebud (anus) Spielberg's sick a-sexual film. Screw bottom DNA stew via barb-ASSHOLE (barbasol) shaving cream.
Shaving Ryan's Privates. Butterfly Effect. It's 'shit fisting' jurASSic PARK via (Fly glazed donut) homo Goldblum - aka Mr FROST.
TV Dorothy, Gaylord, Bruced Hoffman. Hook/Eye via Jolly Roger se(a)men. Rosebud, cum in Orson, pop-eye, Puffer Pan Williams.
The (Zipper/Butt-er) Fly orange crush donut Froster, Jews Goldblum/Cronenberg. See Randy Donut Hole, Earth Girls Are Easy.
You'll see the (Iron Man No.2) Randy Donut (Ass) Hole via 'dwelling in the Bottoms,' later. Via butterfly TV Bruce Jenner linked Tyga.
The transient frog dna leading to sex-changing dinosaurs - whose dna was gleaned from an amber fly (orange queer fly).  
Bruced, Laura 'Dorothy'd' Dern. O-Men, Neill. Rosebud Dickie, the Roger man from the Willy Dickes dirt tunnel film. Ahem.
M. Butter-fly, Cronenberg. His The 'homo' Fly, made via homosexual Jewish mogul, Mel Brooks. The Blazing Saddles (Asses) man. 
I Believe I Can FLY. It's Got-ham Shitty via (monarch) Bruced Buttman & Dick, closet Kelly:
Closet Kelly: "(Sun) Monarch landed on his BUM/ASS." (and hers). Literally. Industry sodomy-based Monarch mind control.
Hell, why didn't Monarched Kelly and Carey get together to do a Sandy 'Monarch Butterfly' Hook chairty single? Pffft. 
"Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum....Mr (Closet/Neverland) Sandman"
I could segue into homo programmer Carpenter's Halloween - the cumming closet buggeryman (bogeyman), etc. See other posts.
2016 (homo) Closet Monster via CLOSET Rossellini. See Blue 'friends of Dorothy' Velvet via shit-fisting/butter-fly Dern.
 The (homo Hitch-Cock) Psycho linked film, with Spinal (Ass) Tap connected transient 'scream queen' Curtis, & Hook Castle.
See Xmas With The Kranks - putting up/erecting Mr Frosty (euphemism) etc. Climax has the PUSSY traded for a CRUISE.
CLOSET stabbing Jessie/Nancy, Curtis. Jamie & Lee (primarily male names). She/He likes ANYTHING BUTT LOVE (anal).
The conjoining of male/female a la the (satanic/talmudic) MASONIC JEWS. Jachin - male, Boaz - female:
TV/Lemmon fruit, homo JEW fathered, Curtis-Schwartz. See JEWISH Santa Inc. for more Jew hate posing as art. 
TV (homo) Lemmons via Jew Hollywood/TV. Poof Lemmon, Garry'd via Glen and Ross. (below, link)
 Jew-Stink, CNN. The abuser Cuomo Bros. More homo Lemon FRUITS via Jews. Toilet-trader/cottaging, Lemon. (here)
 Kranks via deviant Aykroyd, see (Toilet) Trading Places via bums, & big Twinkie Ghostbusters - busting makes him feel good.
Curtis's mother, the TRANNY STABBED 'ANL plated' victim via (homos) Perkins & Hitch-Cock, plugged-eye TV Psycho.
Toilet trading, Jessied/Nancied, Curtis. Mrs Spinal 'Ass' Tap via COTTAGING JEW Guest & Rosebud/Shits Creek, JEW Levy. 
 Closetting H20 via camp chopper blood, Miner. With her 'ANL plate' mother. Psycho, first film to show a 'shitter' (toilet).
 Faggot Myers. I actually grabbed a copy of rebooted (closet buggeryman) Halloween (2018), for research. Wow! It's simply - 
 one of the worst films that I've ever seen (possibly the worst). Beyond awful. I'm now using the disc as a drinks coaster. :)
That said, at what point do you realise that the ENTIRE JEW 'mass media industry' is totally and completely WARPED?
It is the BLIND WORSHIP of all things 'Jew cult of celebrity' (sodom Hollywood/TV) - that has led to this HELL.
I'm all monarched-out! It is literally ENDLESS...and we're beyond fucked (imo). There is seemingly no going back.
Understand that the powers that construct this (mk-ultra laced) popular culture mass media - also provide your NEWS.
With Halloween fast approaching, I wonder if there's a potential message in the final Monarch Petito shot? Trick or treat?
A 'Happy Halloween' shot via The Monarch, but on August 26? Two months prior? This really doesn't compute.
It's likely that Petito didn't post the (untagged) Monarch shot via Instagram. Someone is likely keying a message, imo.
Sept. 11 for the missing report (see volcano eq swarm). Sept. 19 for the body discovery (see eruption start date).
La Palma eruption starting on the (NY, US) Feast Day of St. 'Volcano Eruptions' Januarius. He of the palm (la palma).
Time will tell if any of this actually means anything. So, let's just see. Note, COP26 starts Halloween.
The 'man-made' climate change agenda lie - which is clearly elite sponsored wealth redistribution - rebranded neo-feudalism.
"Let It Be" tattoo - evoking (mind control) The Beatles, lyrically connects to 'Mother Mary' (aka Our Lady, see below).
Just to note - Laundrie's body was allegedly found Oct. 20.
The masonic elite's master-plan: "the mythology of Revelation will be followed like Tinker-Toy instructions." (Downard 1913-35)
 Earlier we covered La Palma, Tenerife, and St. Michael (San Miguel) via apocalypse Daniel:
Coincidentally or not - Sept. 19 is also the feast day of  Our Lady of La Salette - see linked (Portugese) Fatima:
There just happens to be a 'Fatima' name reference on (St. Michael) La Palma - very near to the current eruption site.
Our Lady of Fatima (link): All connected to the awful Illuminati Vatican - Sister Lucia - Sister Lucy (Luci-fer). Light-bearer:
Our Lady of Fatima seemingly channelling Rev: 8:8. Revelation, the beloved book of the masonic mystery schools.
Light-bearer, Our Lady Liberty (via masonic France). The U.S. Nat. Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette is in Attleboro, Mass.
From my POV this is likely more elite sponsored religious mass mind control posing as prophecy. See Desborough.
When it comes to predictive programming - The Bible (put together by oligarchal powers) is likely the mother of them all.
Psy-ops. I am already completely bored by the: "Jesus is coming" loons that have exploded since this began. Yawn.
Fatima events are linked to Oct. 13. The Papal masonic-Templar suppression date (the original Friday 13th. Paris, France). 
'Faux terror' in Paris/France via masonic Fri. 13th - see Friday 13 Nov. 2015. Linked to predictive computer game, Battlefield 3.
France, who in recent history saw the burning-down of Notre Dame (Our Lady). The day 666 Trump was in Burns-ville.
France is home of (watery) Mont San Michel (St. Michael's Mount) nicknamed "St. Michael in peril of the sea".
Originally Mont Tombe (tomb). Legend has St. Michael instructing a bishop to build a church there - hence the name.

And then there is this -  "a suspicious plan via nukes" - buried inside this:
 'New World Order' referencing computer game Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis - U.S. released Oct. 29 2009.
Recall: "The potential issue is the island's spinal fault-line caused via 1949 post-eruption quakes(s) plus heated groundwater."
And: "This doesn't mean that anything will definitely happen, but it can't be completely ruled-out either (or elite foul-play)."
Elements of I Pet Goat II may also relate to the Tsunami issue, but I'm not covering that here.
Not forgetting Fox's predictive The Simpsons:
Mid October. Dosing the sheep... potential foreshadowing?
Let's (obliquely) mention declaring a 'national emergency' and with 'military help' - then cut to the La Palma volcano. Ahem.
Delta variants? Would that be in respect of (fraud) Covid via the deltoid/shoulder or the (played-out?) volcano issue?
This is the same Psaki (above) that was caught referring to "the vaccinated" - as being "marked".
Foreshadowing? Mass media driven PSY-OP LIES? They're not exactly a new thing! Here's a recent one.
George Floyd - 911 (police brutality) via the 8:46 choke. See brutal 9/11 and first plane strike (Flight 11) @ 8:46 a.m.
Twin Cities, Minneapolis. 'This is the picture that's gonna make white people say': "These cops have gone too far.":
Frazier caught red-handed (via Zionist Facebook) helping to (shadow) construct the George Floyd LIE, 14th May. A Rehearsal.
Eleven days later - 25th May, 2020 - she is then supposedly recording (with same imagery) the death of George Floyd!
The MASONIC soaked George Floyd mass media psy-op. The Zionist fomented HATE WHITEY special.
TOXIC VICTIMHOOD - a la the (we're victims) Zionist Jews. They've galvanised them with the same victim methods.
A Prince Hall party. Hey, why not give her a (Zionist Masonic-Jew) Pulitzer Prize citation? Oh, they already have.
A huge, masonic-Jew STINK? Where's their benefactor? Zionist George 'BLM' Soros? Christ, this is just too easy.
Imagine say that you had a friend that was kicked-out of one bar, you might assume that the bar is the problem.
Now understand that they've been kicked-out of 109 bars - you'd rightly assume that it's THEY that are the problem.
"Easiest to manipulate." Indeed, black thugs bought as oppressed victim-heroes (via Jew MSM) is the only evidence you need.
They champion a (Jew owned) rancid music genre that is effectively the soundtrack of criminality and gangsterism (see hybristophilia).
There is nothing more dangerous than a Jewish enabled and empowered Negro. See Zionist BLM, mass media, hip-hop, etc.
 Hence the hand of Jewish freemasonry over all these issues. The SAME hand that empowers the LGBTQP+ minority
 "Brothas in da hood." (the masonic-satanic, sodom-Jew brotherhood)
ALL these people and cases above = MASONIC JEW FICTION via complicit mass media for the purposes of mass psy-ops.
Don't forget Kobe Bryant death psy-op - the black mamba chopper man (mandingo) via hoop-dunking (mockery).
Zionist-Jew puppeted mass media suckers - there is one born every minute. The Zio-USA is built out of them!
And just think, all along you always had 'free will' - in not to partake. There are no excuses. Well, not anymore at least.
Updating Nov. 7
"There is nothing more dangerous than a Jewish enabled and empowered Negro. See Zionist BLM, mass media, hip-hop, etc."
 Satanic hip-hop genre. Above, from the previous June 2021 post. I did say that it's all now completely out in the open.
Should've guessed that there'd be (Monarch-linked) fireworks. See V:Vendetta. Remember, remember the 5th of November:
 Fiery Nov. 5? World Tsunami Day. A Neptunian enchantment under the sea? What's this? Back to the 'Biff Shit' Future
"Great Scott!" Day 1 - As(s)troworld Tour:
A pink surf down the erotic Ooh, La, La (rogering rabbit) time tunnel to 'Biffing the shit via Thomas' & docking with Brown?
(Up)Hill Valley. It's time to grab your G(r)ays Almanac. We may reach third (turd) base via balls and some swing batter.
Closet homo, Michael J. Fox, who went trans-Jenn(d)er in Spielberg/Zemeckis' BTTF #2. The 9/11 linked franchise.
The exact same birthdate of Kris 'Butterfly Effect' Jenner (66). The whorish ASS/BUTT obsessed Illuminati family.
BTTF: A literal Car-Dash-(ian) via Blue-Bird (see Monarch and film). Butterfly Effect via shit-fisting, Spielberg's JuASSic PARK.
Monarch Scott. Homo/tranny 'deep throat' Bruced Jaws via Long Island? Butterfly Bruce TV Jenner or the shark film?
POTUS BTTF. Deep Throat and Dick (Nixon/chopper Dreyfuss). A Nancied Reagan. An L BJ via Johnson (see Kennedy). 
Bruced Jaws - the 'Deep Throat' man-eater Tiger via Dick, the Hooper via Woods Hole (Martha's). See linked Tyga.
Time Warped. You thought no-one was more 'ass obsessed' than the K's & Jenners? They're relative newbies. Trans-Jenn(d)ered:
 Mount O. via the Greeked Ring(s). It's (Camel) HUMPED FAGS, TV Bruce. Father of the Rosebud/Rock Bottom, Jenners.
1976 Olympian, Bruce. 1976 Rocky, tigered Stallone, the ring-puncher via (Greeked) creed of Apollo & pet shop BOY, Adrian.
Gay Head, Jaws: "I got cut. I got hit by a vampire (via swinging)." A sweet TV vamp from transexual Transylvania, no doubt.
Swinging from behind, Jaws. Homo Jew  'Monarch Butterfly' King launched the orig. stageshow  (tranny-chopper) Rocky Horror LP.
Bruce via 'the chopper', see Benchley's cameo. Jaws No.2 - the (phallic) lighthouse & layed-cable (junction). Bruce swallows a chopper.
Stuff your friggin head (penis) in there. The (homo) man-eater Tiger/Tyga via Deep Throat and Woods Hole, Hooper/Dick.
How has America allowed itself to be completely dominated by these degenerate 'sodom' monsters? Not by chance, but design.
Why is homo-paedo film-maker, Jew Singer's Bad Hat Harry named via sodom Jew Spielberg's homo PORN epic, (Bruced) Jaws?
 Camp fire Thomas can't get it up with a (crabs) woman. Catch something via a wife's holiday roast & hooks sinking into meat?
Radio-trannie-active with shit biffing via Thomas, Back to the Future. Anyone for MOCKING-BIRDS (mocking women) Square?
Tranny-bashing (radio) via swing batter, Jaws? Se(a)men tube 'tigered' Indianapolis via 'little boys' and Enola GAY? Mr 'iced' Rosebud:

It's not as though Mr 666 advertises his (O-Men) satanic-sodom preferences thru his output, etc. (sarcasm). A sick industry.

 Filled (ass) cheeks via Rosebud. They don't think they're smarter than their brainwashed fan base (millions) - they know they are. 
A little brown eel - in & out of the hole via a se(a)men's knot. Orca for some Her-man Moby Sperm Dicking. Quint's Porker Bruce.
Jaws - digging-out BOTTOMS (hulling ass) via slammin' ROCKS (balls). Mr Popped-eye via a hulled bottom, Hooper/Dicked, Gardner.
Dick 'Hooper' Dreyfuss, the chopper (aka pop-eye) and si(c)k balls dog man via 'one-eyed Willy' Corey. (Lard ass King's, Stand By Me.)
Muck-Fly-ed. Anyone for an earth/dirt angel via a Chuck 'scat' Berry link? D. Jones' shit-biffed se(a)men's bottom locker/closet?
Gary'd (shitter) via Indiana (Doc/D Jones) and Jaws female lead. Like Kubrick he likes to lock-wood via a Gary (see 2001).
 2014 Rebels: How about split Jenners 'Rocking the Bottom/Ass' via a 'Cheek Filling' and the ANAL 'Rosebud'? Birth control.
Rosebud, Spielberg. BTTF #2. The film refs. the population bomb via Blast From the Past, formerly Nancy's 3rd/Turd eye shop.
The "bum, bum, bum, bum...." eye sprinkling (closet) sandman film with bionic implants (via 237) and plastic surgery motifs. 
Lyon Est., BTTF. Kylie's former BF, Tyga (see cat programming,) feat. in Dope via Bottoms dwelling and the Randy Donut Hole.
Splits and Rock Bottoms - we're back to one-eyed Willy Spielberg-linked 666 O-Men Donner and The Banana (homo) Splits.
No wonder Nov. 5 1955 Kris was married to Bob 'O.J.' Kardashian. Tranny/drag O.J. 'orange queer' via Rocking-Ham(s) & Brown.
Rock Bottom. 'Go West' (homo). Is Khloe 'Ass' Kardashian (see Rosebud Rose) the daughter of (transient) O.J. Simpson?
Amber 'Orange' Rose-bud. See Amber fly - jurASSic PARK. Now you know why (linked) Blac Chyna has PIERCED CHEEKS.
MARY-land Pizza PECKER/TOOLS. The scene where Michael GAY Fox (the ooh, la, 'conversion' surfer) is in drag.
 Remember monarch-y HRH Prince Andrew used 'Pizza Express' (ahem) for his alibi via "blue butterfly & chains" MK Giuffre
UK readers see Frank Brun-O/Brown-O via the Star(r) & Pecker (black & decker), Gooning HRH, Collins, & Uphill Savile (here).
Ring punching Brun-O, was married to a Mooney (baring ass), promoted by a Duff (buttocks/ass). IRON 'Hoof-Poof' Mike:
 'Go' West Hams (aka 'the irons') supporting, Hammersmith, Bruno. Hammer-smithing Iron hoofs. See Iron hoof, Arnie.
Tyson, the 'iron' ring puncher via a (likely) gay trainer and a (likely) gay manager. Who'd have guessed? (link)
Cat-skilling homo D'Amato, a mentor of Ali. Float like a Butterfly, Ali. Like Iron Tiger Mike - linked to (monarch) King.
Rocky is homo programming on acid (covered before). We can only guess as to what's inferred by: "eye of the tiger".
Squaring the circle/ring (sodom masonry). Boys, boxing Queensbury & O-Scar Wilde. feasting-with-PANTHERS-boxing-&-gay-rights/
In terms of 'ring punchers' - the worst case I can think of is Gary Stretch. Who's worked with Oliver 'sodom' Stone. Ahem.
This is very much a TRANS-atlantic issue (US/UK), the interchangeable language has been ideal for warped programming.
Spielberg did one-eyed Willy/Penis via sausage pizza boys in Cop A Boner, The 'penis' Goonies with Jessied Willy, O-Men Dick.
Homo-paedo sausage pizza via the Devil's Tail (ahem). Ass-tearing As(s)toria. Dick Wang, Ring Lord Astin, 'chopper' Corey.
Don't discount this - soon you'll see how Butterfly Scott's music fest relates to (homo) Spielberg's (paedo/transhummanist) A.I.
A film made for (homo programmer) 'child camp climax' monarch Kubrick's memory. The orange boot camp donut driller.
Don't forget to bring your jurASSic PARK 'lunchbox' (penis). "Houghton/Houston, we have a (Monarch) problem..."
From one Monarch via death to the next. The Butterfly Effect: Death via Houston's Travis 'Monarch Butterfly' Scott.
The earlier imagery linked to Butterfly Bruce Trans-Jenn(d)er (Caitlyn) via butterfly Kylie. Butterfly Effect & Stormi Weather.
 Monarch Butterfly shoulder, Travis Scott. Recall black Monarch Butterfly shouldered Jackson, and Prince? Happy Halloween.
Pump-kin. The ink is still wet on the (Monarch) Petito case. Then along comes Travis 'Monarch Butterfly Effect' Scott: 
Eye/Pyramid - pyramidal triangle/delta via the 3rd (palm) eye(s). Anal: Earth, wind, and fire. Ass, Goose-bumping, Scott.
Petito/Laundrie, matching vine tatts. See Kylie/Scott butterflies. Monarch 'puppet-doll' Scott. Terror via Nov. 5 music festival.
Former BF Tyga. Pussy Cat Doll (cat/tiger/doll prog.), Ashley 'Mamas & Papas' Roberts put out a Butterfly Effect LP (2014).
Another music fest sacrifice via monarch? See Monarch link via Illuminati Vegas MGM music fest shooting, Oct 1. 2017.
Butt-ers via the Flies. Masonic POS, panthered Tupac linked to MGM via his shooting & Friday 13 death. Played-out crap.
(K)Illuminati Tupac via Nov. 5. Tupac, caput reversed (to expire). Ma(k)iaveli = 'I am alive'. CAT MGM sphinx-ters & cock.

Juiced 2Pac? A No.2 Pac-ker, like the rest. The linked 'beef' via (Poof Daddy) Biggie Smalls. Name means large underpants. :) 
Rap's 'sagging pants' (worn below ass) passed down from prison homosexuals as a sign of their availability to other males.
   Aliced via (cat Panther) mother, MGM No.2 Pac(ker) rose via Sex Packeting & Dung-y linked Digital 'Hump Dump' Underground.
Marlon 'homo' Wayans was very close to MGM homo No.2Pac. Wayans family heavily linked to (monarched) homo Murphy.
It was Marlon's brother Damon who played the homo banana-man (for the tail-pipe) in monarch Murphy's Beverly Uphills Cop.
Marlon's Haunted House. Monarch BUTT & FLY ref. via ASS of 'scatting' Cedric/Williams. Connecticut/monarch TV control.
The film is homo-programming on acid disguised as a comedy. Hence Marlon/Johnson getting literally (ghost) butt-fucked.
Rosebud Spielberg's MGM Poltergeist feat. the fleshy 'closet bedroom orifice'. It's also the source for the MGM lion's roar
MGM group chairman is now (homo Krueger/tranny Leat-Her Face) De Luca, alleged abuser of an underage girl with Stallone.
'KITTY porn' Rocky Stallone's son, Sage Moonblood, died Friday 13 July, 2012. Masonic Friday 13, a la MGM Tupac.
Nov. 5, Monarch puppet Scott (via Nov. 5 Kris) was due to play (hell-hole) Vegas after the Houston event. Now cancelled.
Route 91 Harvest via (MGM) Illuminati Pyramid via Illuminati Las Vegas card, (J.A.) Aldean, etc. Murder/Murda:
 Illuminati MGM - monarched via Illuminati MGN (Mirror Group Newspapers). Mossad/Zionist, Wang Maxwell's former UK rag.
Talmudic satanist Jew, Maxwell - (symbolically) buried at Mount of Olives (Israel) for kabbalistic and ritual purposes (see segula).
Warped Jewish dominated programming IS kabbalistic satanism - using amulets, magic numbers and conjuring evil spirits, etc.
(Fake) death via Canaries (see fake death, Nov. 5 linked Tupac). (Fake death) Epstein linked Ghislaine via monarched x2 Giuffre.
Ghislaine 'POS JEW' Maxwell was always involved in Zionist sponsored blackmail traps (via Mossad father). Groomed for it.
Mockery: This is why her FIRST job - was learning programming code (mind control ops) via a WANG (penis).
It's very likely that the Mirror pension fund money stolen by fat Bob, is/was the source of Island Epstein's funds.
Recall Butterfly Effect Sandy 'Monarch/Over the Rainbow' Hook shootings, and Monarch Joker Aurora via film.
The homo-rainbow 'Pulse shooting' via (actor) Omar 'The Big Fix' Mateen. The 1984 (video short) contracted CIA/FBI hitman.
Monarch Petito "Let It Be" tattoo - the Sept. 11 linked musical Beatles. First getting together to record, Sept. 11 1962, etc.
Butterfly Effect Monarchs via Death/Murda and Volcanoes? Monarch Petito (see Sept. 11) linked to the swarm/eruption dates.
 Lava-Laundrie, Brian. The pyr(e)midal Canary volcano. Transit & Other-Side. Scott & Petito linked via Monarch and Halloween.
Nov. 5 Tsunami Day. A volcano? Recall that the eye/pyramid via his flyer seemed to reference the palm/hand.
The eye, her pyramid necklace, delta tatt. Head evokes film A.I. (A via the eye). Butterfly Effect Spielberg via Monarch Kubrick.
The male hooker & young puppet boy film via deathly meat carnivals. Man-Eater Bruced Hook Jaws (via Montauk), Rosebud Spielberg. 
Butterfly puppet-doll Scott. Note, The Butterfly Effect (film) is linked to familial paedophilia/porn, mental black-outs, etc.
20 yrs after A.I. film. A.I. processed (internet etc.) flesh-robots (humans, carnival astroworld) arguably re-enact A.I.'s Flesh Fair.

Banana-bender (Sex-Ed) 'bagel butt/tranny hooker' Pizza-boy, Osment, the: "I see dead people" boy via (666) Sixth 'paedo' Sense.
Bruced and Butched, 'ring puncher' Willis. Another military closet homosexual deviant out of West Germany (ahem).
Osment, the (Bi)Curious 'Banana Spanking Monkey' George boy via Thomas, Forrest Gump/Dump, likely paedo Hanks.
Pretty boy, Jude Law, the homoerotic Dickie via Thomas Ripley. A film that ends with two homos cruising to Greece.
Willying Spielberg, Lolita Kubrick, Scott, Jenners/K's, etc. - all are linked to butterfly/monarch, adult/child hypersexualisation, - 
trans-jenn(d)er-ism, stealth sodomy programming, faecal fetishism, LGBTP+ (coded or otherwise,) etc. Tsunami in mind:
Back to the '9/11' Future Spielberg's A.I. (2001) features a flooded NY and Twin Towers. 9/11/2001 A.I. monolith Kubrick.
 The impact crater-linked (moon) monolith. A.I.'s flooding is via rising sea levels wiping-out coastal cities. Our Lady, Liberty.
Back to the '9/11 Struck Tower' Future - a film with a Neptunian 'enchantment under the sea' based ending. See A.I.
World Tsunami Day, Scott's Astroworld, Houston. "Astro-" - meaning: "pertaining to stars or celestial bodies, space flight..."
See Deep Impact, Spielberg/Clarke. Jurassic 'Butterfly Effect' Park even refs. the celestial impact angle - re: dinosaurs.
Also see Kubrick-linked The Spy Who Loved Me via sub-marine (underwater) and the sinking of neo-Atlantis.
9/11 Die 'Twinkie Tower' Hard Willis, who we just mentioned, see impact based x2 Arma-Twin Tower-geddon and The 5th Element.
1988, Die '9/11' Hard via Run DMC - like a DMC run via Blue-Bird DeLorean & 9/11 Back to the (88) 'struck tower' Future.
Die Hard, a film that is heavily Japanese-centric. Tsunami Japan. Tsunami, a Japanese word meaning: harbour wave.
Strictly, a "tidal wave" driven by the alignment of the sun, earth, and moon. 2001:ASO opens with a sun-earth-moon alignment.
Swarm Sept 11., eruption Sept. 19. Dates linked to Yellowstone, 911 MoabLet It Be (Our Lady Mary) Petito, see Moab monolith.
Recall earlier? NY (US) and 'volcano eruptions' St Gennaro via Sept. 19 & palm (La palma)? L.A. and New York Die Hard:
The exact same name - Gennaro. A franchise that is heavily linked to 9/11 (Sept. 11) predictive programming! WTF?
The 'Big Johnson/Little Johnson chopper' original - struck tower via terrorists film - always made a point of her Gennaro name.
Gennaro/Januarius - see 'Janus'. The Roman god of beginnings and ends. See GATES of War and virus Utopia/Westworld.
 JuASSic PARK also refs. Gennaro (the toilet lawyer). The 'chaos/butterfly effect' (using water) refs. rain in Central Park, NY.
Odyssey-linked Oblivion (destruction) via 9/11, Monolith, Clarke and impact Rama (God). Oblivion, see 'Tet' (God of Israel).
Monarch Kubrick. The 9/11 NY Monolith (Hilton) Cubed-brick. NY was underwater early Sept. 2021. What a mind f**k!
It was via Paris Hilton (of the hotel dynasty) that butterfly effect Kim Kardashian gained her initial exposure.
Also recall that linked Kanye West has a production credit on Jay-Z's 9/11/2001 released The Blue Print.
Oh, look. It's everyone's favourite Masonic-psy-op lawyer, Ben 'George Floyd/Trayvon, etc.' Crump via Cornerstone, Floyd.
Twinned 911 Police brutality via the 8:46 choke. Noah? Is psy-op, multi-tasking masonic Crump expecting a flood?
Multi-psy-op (Jew-owned) FREEMASON, Crump, also has his masonic hand in the (jogger, ahem) Ahmaud Arbery case.
Butterfly effect Floyd's phoenix tattoo chest - the transient fiery winged birth of order out of chaos (chaos theory/butterfly effect).
Butt-er Flies via the windy twister - see homo Oz/Ass Park. Prick injections? How about a: "Prick/Cock in the neck/throat"?
I doubt it was the first time (lol). The MASONIC POLICE turn-up to add more (sexual) mass mockery to the proceeedings.
Trayvon's father, a masonic district Grand Master (ahem). Kanye West dropped $2m to (masonic) George Floyd's daughter, et al.
Masonic Jay-Z donated. West just did a Sunday Service tribute to the victims of 'butterfly effect' Houston via Monarch Scott.
Do recall (fraud and likely masonic-linked) Darnella Frazier who we caught foreshadowing the psy-op via Faecesbook.
Houston George 'Butterfly Effect' Floyd's infamous porn scene with Houston's Kimberly 'Monarch Butterfly' Brinks.
A lower back (monarch) butterfly tattoo - very much like Mariah 'Monarch Butterfly' Carey, seen earlier.
She may have got a prick in her neck, but I don't know. Probably, but I haven't seen the porn scene.
Houston, we have a (masonic Monarch) problem. See Houston Monarch Butterfly Effect Scott's Houston Astro-world, etc.
There was the use of: "I can't breathe" - via news reports in respect of Monarch Scott's event a la Floyd.
A 'porn scene' Kim - takes us back to the (Hamptons/Long Island) Bruced Kardashian/Jenners and all things butterflies.
It was just prior to this Nov. 7 update that I mentioned all the black masonic psy-op stuff. A Prince Hall party, etc.
 "Astro-" - meaning: "pertaining to stars or celestial bodies, space flight..." The 'head' also evoked 'Medusa' from my POV.
Then I went and checked 'Butterfly Effect' lyrics - and yes, Medusa does get mentioned. See her cut head.
 Monarch Butterfly 'Medusa' Effect, Scott, as the Monarched Bruced Batman via Medusa (Cardi B).
In pop culture she's linked to 'the kraken' sea-monster who brings watery destruction. The winged head via Medusa.
Sexual allusions aside. The winged thalamus/thalami is the brain's reptilian aspect, literally the snake head.
 Corpus C./Thalamus arguably resemble 'a butterfly'. Hippo-campus (spring, well) Poseidon's linked winged Pegasus sea-horse.
Winged-head Perseus. The device used to defeat the (almost indestructable) kraken - the last Titan (according to film).
St. Jude (see Jude Law) the Patron Saint of Hope and impossible causes. Hal(l)ey (Osment), arguably evokes the celestial comet. 
Going a bit far, but I thought I needed to mention this.
Remember, remember the 5th of November....Rosebud Jenners & the Nancied (Closet) Turd Eye via Blast From the Past:
It wasn't the Assembly of Christ that 'blue-bird' Michael GAY Fox car-dashed into - but the ASSembly of Kris via Bro. Crump

 "And don't it make my brown-eyes - BLUE." XXX blue. Blue-eyed, Crystal 'Dorothy' GAY-le via Dick Leigh. Windy twister Oz.
Lyon vs. Tyga. Splits via Rock Bottom (2014). BTTF No.2, Mc-Fly lived as a split via 'biffed shit' linked (up)Hill Valley (2015).
BTTF didn't use Gayle's 'blued brown-eye' track, but did use the: "bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum...", bummer sandman.
BTTF opens with (homo) Kubrick's CRM-114 motif - amplified. Rev Jim and Rev. J (Crump) via trans-forming TV/cinema?
Driving test. Taxi via Kubrick. Script: Take a stab at eye colo(u)r, brown-eyes via no.2, pain/hurt, earth weight, etc. It's all linked.
Red the Bum (Ass), literally...via es(SEX) XXX Cinema - (up)Hill Valley. Bum-Flower feat. in (swinging) Orgy American Style.
Jaws 19 is also shown. Bruced via father (homo 007 tail-sting baddy), George McFly/Glover played Warhol The (back) Doors.
It's Red(ding) the Bum via BTTF: "bum, bum, bum....", bummer sandman. Halloween closet Buggeryman Cundey, see BTTF.
Hook Castle as (closet homo icon) Myers. The same Castle who directed (cinema and sodom sex linked) The Seat Filler. Ahem.
Buggeryman Carpenter's debut film was financed by Deep Throat Bryanston (mafia Peraino). See Hooper tranny Chainsaw.
Deep Throat, Jaws. (via Dick, Hooper). First line in his Chris (colon) Columbus scripted 'One-eyed Willy' Goonies: "Oh, bummer!"
Everyone's favourite Jewish rosebudding bottom-dweller. I mean director. Nov. 5 1955: Get Back to the 'Biff shit' Future:
Ooh, I wonder why this (coded) shit heap corporate chain were involved with free Ass-troworld tickets? Butter-Flies:
Monarch Scott, Rosebud (ASSHOLE) Jenners, and RAISING 'SODOM GLANS/DOME' via (PENIS) CANES/KANES
Erecting/raising your cane/kane & pleasure dome via the no. 2 rosebud (hairy hole) and busting your snow-shaker (glans/dome).
The (sodom) worm-hole via Eyes and A (W)Hole. See worm-hole, Freeman, Shitshank's shit pipe dreams man, etc.
Chicken Canes. Don't you want to Rock 'Jenner' Bottom via a rosebud cheek infusion and hammer their 3rd/turd eye?
To say that the Jenner/Kardashian degenerates are not : "all about ass" - would be to deny obvious reality.
Move-a (Amber) Rosebud. Slip/slide on the rosebud (sled/asshole) to a burning iced rosebud climax. It's The Big (br)Ass Ring.

 Too much (Johnson) PENIS via Rosebud Welles? Don't worry - that Big Ass ring/star will stretch. Fruity (Lime) Turd Man:
MEDUSA Touch, star-fucker, (br)Ass Ring, JEW Milchan. The Greeked snake head (euphemism) via the turd eye and hardness.
Where's there's muck - there is br-ass. Homo Rosebud Welles' butter and flies link comes from the incest film Butterfly (1982).
Stick your (raised cane) sodom penis all the way up Schitt's (No.2) Creek via the Rosebud, incest and sick Hollywood/TV JEWS.
Linked Raising Kane (splits film) via "closet Sissy Carrie & Dressed to Tranny Kill," Nancied De Palma. See closet Spielberg.
Too Much JOHNSON, via Rosebud/Raised 'pleasure dome' Kane, Welles? How about some Mo(o)re-Head via a Mary Kane?
Mo(o)re-head played Rosebud Welles' mother MARY (a Mary Queen). The double-DICKED Endora/More-Head via Bewitched.
I don't know if you've noticed, but there is no separation between (Jew) Hollywood/TV and Porn Valley. One and the same.
Erecting/raising your cane/kane & pleasure dome via the No. 2 rosebud (hairy hole) and busting your snow-shaker (glans/dome).
Sick, sodom, Canadian JEW Levy. Like Jew Spielberg, Kubrick et al - it's ALL about COCKS, SHIT and the ASS.
Rosebud Levy linked himself to 'Goon' (iced penis gooing), as Rosebud Spielberg did via with The 'willy/penis' Goonies.
"Nipped in the (Rose)Bud" Kubrick, (see Cruising Tom EWS,) linked to deviant pink Sellers - Tranny (radio) Goon man.
This Spielberg linked FREAK. The: "cum in Orson" via eggs man. Frisco Rainbow Tunnelling, Pan-Hook, Rosebud Wlliams.
He played 'pipe smoker' POP-EYE via se(a)men and iron (spinach) with Olive OIL. Monarch The 'chopper' Shining's Duval.
He made it big via Happy Days. The: "sit on it" Dick Cunning-Hams show via family jewels in chocolate, Jew Winkler.
Cruising Tom (rainbow EWS), he sees a male stiff - then walks past Nipped in the (Rose)Bud to gay/scat mockery - 
and via a rose-linked lap dance. Then to quasi-coitus interruptus via the female hooker. He can't even score at an orgy. 
A cruised cane (penis) via chicken & Ass-troworld-linked Raising 'Rosebud' Cane? See Citizen 'Nipped (Rose)Bud' Dildo, Cruise
Masonic Turd degree. Raising sodom Two-Ball & Cain (Cane/Kane) PENIS via mass media mind control, JEW Zuckerberg.
Tubal-Cain - a legendary masonic worker/smither of metallurgy, particularly IRON. Iron tool, two-ball & penis man:
Faecesbook. Penis & Life-LOGGING. Masonic "Thumbs-up" via a US Zionist Jew (Middle East) control freak platform?
Citizen 'Homo Ass Fucking' Kane - darling of so many Hollywood/TV directors, producers, film schools, etc. I wonder why?
Are they yet to work-out that the entire film and its content are OBVIOUSLY nothing but a form of cryptic sodomy? ;)
Spielberg's father originally worked for RCA (His Master's Voice), also linked to Dartmouth mainframe that led to BASIC
Programmers. One-eyed Willy Spielberg's adopted daughter is NOW making porn? Colour me SHOCKED.
 Nevermind the Bollocks/Bullocks: "You ARE The A Man..."
 Raising (Penis) Cain, homo De Palma. Mr Closet-Sissy Carrie via scat King. Mr Nancied TV Bobbi via Tranny Caine:
Dressed To (Tranny) Kill via CAINE. Michael 'TV Bobbi' Caine. Raising TV Bobbi's Caine/Cane/Kane via a (sexual) NANCY
I wonder why Dressed to (Tranny Caine) Kill opened via an ATTACK on heterosexuality? See the VD man.
See TV Caine in Miss Congeniality with the 'CRUISE Control' castrated (male) Bullock. Dress-up SALLY (tranny), Sandra.
 Cruised Speed Bullock, THE MAN via Mr Swing Batter (Ruck), Easy 'chopper' Rider, closet Dorothy'd Hopper.
Aliced/Dorothy'd Matrix, Reeves. See the Jewish Trans-chowski Sisters via Larry 'helmet sitting via choppers/rings' Fishburne, etc.
 Mr CON-GENE-iality, DOP was Kovacs. See Easy 'chopper' Rider (Speed Hopper), Jesse'd Free Willy No.2, Jack(ed) Frost, etc.
Mustang SALLY via tranny FBI. The ridden Sally & weeping eye."Blowing the (back) doors off" via Jobs, Nancied TV Caine.
Hence why masonic-sodom NASA (see homo Apollo/Greeked mooning) had a 'Sally Ride' as first US woman in space.
 Punked, Nevermind the Bullock(s) Sandra - heavily linked to a Jesse (homo). Sexual donuts via Sally'd/Jesse'd Bullock, see film.
No.2 sequel climaxed via a DRAG club and a bull-dyke side-kick? A transexual club with the Tina'd dyke singing Proud MARY.
Proud Mary Brownsville BULLOCK Turners. Bullock as (homo) Big Bird. Bruced Buttman, TV Caine. Bruced/Gary'd via Jaws IV.
Mr Congeniality No.2 with star-dating, Capt.'s log, cling-on cruiser, Willy SHATner. Mr closet stabber Myers
On the Jolly Roger 'booty' ship: "There's a cannon in my port-hole!" MARY and closet monster, homo Shat-ner/Myers.
 Boo/closet Mary has a 'door scarer' called Randy Boggs. One-eyed closet Monsters Ink via randy bog-door scares & Marys.
Dress-up Sally Rides to Proud 'Ride Bottoms' Mary. Proud 'Homo' Mary (Queens)..."Stoke and Ride The Bottoms of Her":
Ride her Mary'd bottom via seamen. Just when you think it can't get anymore ri-dick-ul-ass. Check the (related) chronologies out!
Worm Turners. Rising Bad MOONS, Ooh POO Pah DOO (aka shit), & the PIERCED (Roger More linked) 'golden-eye' ass-Bond.
Creedence, as used in Blue Mooning (homo Landis') American Werewolf, trans-formed men via full-moons (bottoms/asses).
Tranny Sandra Bullock, see one-eyed cyclops (penis) Minions via QUEENS & thrones/seats, as Scarlet Overkill (rosebudding).
With Hamm(s). Queened 'back-stabbing' refs. via balls. Bearded TV men characters, etc. Homo banana obsessed, Minions.
This CHILDREN'S output is beyond sick. Sodom Universal via French homosexual animators (ani-maters).
WOODY WOOD PECKER (a blatant woody/wood penis/pecker) is still sodom UNI-versal's official mascot.

Also see (rogered) QUEEN via transient Hermes/Mercury 'Lady Gaga' - as in 'Radio Gaga' (Trannie Gaga).
Laddy/Laddie Gaga. Like Sally/Jesse Bullock - these creatures were born MALES. See Dressed to (TV Gaga) Kill - here.
Another obvious one: Cameron 'Mary'd' Diaz (see Cock/Wang pizza, cum hair, etc.) via deviant homo Jew, GAYLORD Stiller
 Mary - a substitute for a gay man's (Cameron) given name, used with affection or familiarity by another gay man.
The magic poof-circle, Dodge 'pizza & cock' Ball, Stiller.  See film for: balls deep into the brown starfish (asshole).
Queens linked, homo Glaser/Glazer, Stiller. Drill-bit, Wilson, in the (homo) David R. Soul (arse-hole) role - Starsky & Hutch.
Mary'd, Cum-a-batch (Poolander No.2). His mother feat. in BBC's The (Penis) Worm That Turned skit, (see cruised worm Dafoe). 
Tranny 'worm turning' via (masonic) Diana 'F(l)uck' Do(o)rs. As homo/feminist (cucked male) predictive prog. it's mad!
 Something recent? Batter, Balls, Gary (Ass) & Dick via multi WILLIAM(S). Homo Willy Smith:
  KING DICK via 'Pink-It' WILLY and BALLS. Go love courting via the Balls & Gary. Here CUM the Men IN Black:
Batter (Cock) & Balls. White Castle. Is it the Williams Bros.? BJ, Billy/Willy-Jeaned/Gened via the (lesbian) King? Swing-ball?
In and out of closets, Stiffler. COTTAGE Grove Sean 'WILLIAM' Scott. Mr Iced (Penis) GOON via Schitt's Creek, Levy. 
Get your RANDY BALLS & DICK-HEAD out via the GARY. Randy 'ass stab' (Quaid). No.2 Seed? MARY-land (Penis) 'Head'.
See Midnight 'ass stab' Express, via Dandy cream Parker & (ring punching) Gary Stretch linked homo programmer, Stone.
Balls & Gary'd: "the shitter is full", SHAG-mahr Turkish stab, Randy. Mr 'Broke-Back (Homo) Mounting' via saddle-riders.
Bruced Jaws 3, brother 'Nancied Reagan' Dennis, gets ass injected into homo Martin Short via a 'Cruise booking' - InnerSpace.
I should note SWINGING TIGER Woods via IRONS. A sand-man, more bogey-hole inclined than birdie. Gary Playas.
TRANS World Sport? The Trans-Atlantic (wood & iron swinging) Ryder Cup was founded by a 'SEED' entrepreneur.
Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden. UK BBC golf - see Tee Party ALICED Peter (Alliss), BRUCED Critchley, & Ken BROWN.
Not forgetting a Steve Rider. Also see Bruced & gay Larry'd BBC Generation Game, scoring via the doors, etc.
Meddling with kids Savile (BBC). Blue (Penis) Peter via seamen and badge is also suspect. A pervy Peter Purves, a Singleton, etc.
Recall TV 'Garry'd' Lemmon (via TV Curtis), and linked cottaging/toilet-trading homo, CNN Lemon?
Brass PORN Balls. Both film promos represent the same thing. Balls out (with penis imagery) via the Garry/Gary.
Alec 'Shooter' Baldwin with his fired 'sex pistol' (also see Foley) via brass porn balls and the Garry. TV Lemmon.
Dog Day 'sex change', Willy 'Pop-Eye' Friedkin (homo) Crusin' Pacino as DICK Roma. Bruced via Altman. Homo Spacey.
XXX Pawn/Porn Shop - see homo Tarantino's ring-punching Bruced via chopper and ass-fucked Wallace, Pulp(ed) Ass Friction.
 Garry (Shitter) & Dump, DICK Roma (Pacino): "You ever take a dump made you feel you'd just slept for twelve hours?"
Garry'd "Fucking Faggots" via Death of a (Willy) Fuckin' Salesman, 'cock and porn balls' Baldwin.
BUMS via the HARRIS ('arris/arse/ass). Cock-sucking and (Garry) abuse via SITS. John Willy'd, Williamson/homo Spacey.
Stephen Baldwin in "sit on it" Dick Cunning-Ham's Back-Ass-Draft via Axe (chopper, Ad-COX) and chopper Thing, Russell.
Ad-COCKS, Glenn, see 'man-eaterSilence of the Tranny Lambs via Griffith linked (homo) Philadelphia, Demme.
Homo abuser Spacey appeared in (homo Nichols') Working Girl (slang, prostitute), with Johnson'd Griffith & Alec Baldwin.
Viced Johnson, Griffith, played the Body Double pornstar 'TV Holly Body' via closet/TV De Palma & (gay FGTH) Johnson (Holly).
ANL, TV Hitch-Cock linked (The Birds, pecked eyes) mother Hendren. Rear 'Corey' Window based (homo) XXX Body Double.
The doubled XXX Pornstar x2, Holly Body. Likely TS/AIS Johnson'd Griffith, and the actual pornstar. See John Doe/Dough.
Now check this! Baldwin linked Spacey was (stiff) John Doe in Se7en. RUST vs. LUST and Prop Gun Shooters.
Eldorado (NM). Baldwin Eldorado via (fired penis/gun & balls) Glen-Garry. El Dorado via gun, (ferrous/iron) Rust. You're Fired!
Rust vs. Lust. Baldwin shooting is somekind of warped /played-out psy-op? What's in the box? Penis & balls, or head?
 Bruced /Willy'd Glen-GARRY, 'John Doe' homo Spacey & Shooter Baldwin. Bruced Brandon 'Se7en Shooter Massee' Lee.
John Doe (Dough) aka "a stiff" (erection & corpse). John Dough, the Friends of Dorothy, Baum, Ginger/Queer-Bred Man.
Brass Balls Pawn/Porn. Jon Dough, was also a LUSTY prolific male PORN STAR. A well-hung, closet hanged STIFF via 'pills'.
See Se7en & pills via  PRIDE. Jo(h)n 'Gingerbred' Dough, a closet suicide. Homo abused as a child. Abused Laura 'XXX' Palmer.
Lust killer boner via Leland (Orser & Palmer). Orser, see The Bone(r) Collector. Female Leland Palmer. Doe, see female animals.
Closet Blue Velvet set in Wilmington, NC. Where Brandon 'Massee' Lee was shot. Let's Go Brandon, Biden, see Wilmington, Del.
Se7en via Fincher, see Frosted Twin 'Sheryl LEE' Peaks via Friends of (Closet Stabber) Dororthy, Blue Velvet, Bang-Bang Lynch.
Iconic stiff, XXX Laura. Found by 'fly-fishing' Nanc-e. Mr Nancee Kelly XXX porn via (Shitty, Shitty, Bang-Bang) Dick Van Dyke.
Porn Nancee Kelly died by hanging/suicide a la Dough. Nancied XXX Nance was also previously married to the 'LOG lady'.
'John Doe' Spacey, via Glen-GARRY Foley. Director of Pull-Man written eps. Lynch/Fincher Twin 'One-eyed Penis Jack' Peaks.
Spank Nance also likely died by suicide. The fight outside the "donut shop" (cause) - is surely more industry type mockery.
Twin Peaks (tits) via Cherry Pies (young virgins), donut ass holes, Frost, & Hooker teens via fruit closet  Horn(e)s & One-eyed Jacks
 Pimp Emory, the banker who refuses a pornstar pornographer a loan in 'porn' Boogie 'Big Cocks/Ring-O' Nights. See Peaks' Graham.
Brandon 'Bruced' Lee shooter, Lust Massee, feat. in Wilmington Lynch's Willy Pull-Man & Gary'd Lost 'Apple of Sodom' Highway.
Closet Dorothy, Nanc-E/Nancee porn suicide, King Cruiser, Lynch. Aliced Pull-Man via porno DICK Laurent is DEAD (a Dick stiff).

The 'Bummer' Sandman. Closet Sodom Bo(o)geyman - a la stabber Myers. CUMMING via the homo closet & stabbed eye.
Coming-out Closet, E.T., Closet Beast Hole, Poltergeist. Rosebud/One-eyed Willy Spielberg's Amblin. Surprise, surprise!
The anally abused/abuze(ki)d boy metaphor - see The 'Iced Chopper' Shining, Dick Back-Man (King) & camp climax, Kubrick.
A Closet & Come Spine Tingler. A (sodom) chase up Jacob's spinal ladder via cum, Heine-man (male ass), & closet homo Larry.
Just like faggot icon Myers (Vorhees & Kreuger), Larry is a badly disguised metaphor/avatar for a (cumming) closet homosexual.
"Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum....Mr Sandman. See Metal Up Your Ass (via shitter), closet Metallica.
Frisc-O Metal Up Your (Stabbed) Ass, to Ride the (Sodom flash) Lightning, to a Mastered Puppet. Off to Pan, homo-Neverland.
Frisc-O, Cali.: They're "CUMMING for your CHILDREN" - and in more ways than one:
Oh, look. Sodom conversion therapy for your children. They've already dosed and converted the (oblivious) adults via MSM.
The SAME adults that worship these JEW MONSTERS like Spielberg and ALL THINGS Jew Hollywood and linked TV.
See kids content like (Closet) Monsters Inc. via the one-eyed cyclops. A Mary who can't find the pussy via the closet.
California has single-handedly destroyed the world (see linked homo big tech). The war was lost without a shot being fired.
You got homo-glam Motley Cruise (Crue's) latest album? You like (Cock) Smoking in the Boy's (Toilet Trading) Room?
Nancy/Jessie Craven's The (Anal) Hills Have Eyes, (Dingle)Berryman, feat. as the principal in the Cruise/Crue's toilet-trading video.
It was a cover of a BROWNS-VILLE station track, ahem. FAG smoking via Browns-ville (see Bullock/Turner) & the shitter
Deviant Jew, Family Jewels, Simmons (homo Paul Stanley). See the the Kissed iced chopper climax via the shitter, Why Him.
A film via sodom Jew, Mary/Gaylord/Poof Stiller and linked - (up) Jonah's 'Greeked/Toilet' Hill. Surprise, surprise!
It also featured Ass Monarched via punked jail, Cedric (Haunted 'homo' House). They like IRON(Gay) BARS (ahem).
Cocked Guns n Roses? A phallic (sex) pistol-gun via the (REAR-Axle) Rose? A literal 'DUFF (ass) ROSE' via McKagan.
See homo banana tail-pipe, rear-Axel via Cox (Beverly UpHills Cop). Axel for the rear, Foley for the penis (see here).
Randy sexual chocolate via Queens Blvd., and buns, fag Murphy. The joint-smoking, toilet-Trading Places Bum, see Landis.
 BRUCED WILLY Ax(e)l Rose. Is he straddling - Izzy Stradlin? Need a Slash? Linked to Pumping Iron(s) man, T2 Arnie. 
(Rear)-Axl 'BRUCED WILLY' Rose fronted for JOHNSON'D and (IRON Man) 'swing both ways' ACDC.
See Iron 'Poof' Man No.2 via Randy Donut Hole exits. Climax is via a Gary, a little Prick, a Queens Iron Man, and ACDC.
Homo Larry/Gary 'shitter' Shandling. Pink 'Rocket QUEENS' GNR - via WILLY Gunning (rear) Axl ROSE, DUFF, & SLASH.
My content that's written here is SICK - because this masonic-Jew dominated mass media industry is SICK.
Fuck this! I need a break. And so probably do you.
Sorry, I haven't had time to read or respond to any comments on this post yet.
This is very challenging writing (understatement). I will get to it as soon as I am able. Thanks.

Update - Jan 15th+. Tsunami via volcano eruption news:
A major event via Tonga (archipelago). US West Coast, etc. I see a DOG link to Canis/Canary. Underwater nuke?
I have been totally "out of the loop" for blogging for around a month. Apologies.
A 5.8M volcanic earthquake and a large archipelago landslide - as mentioned re: La Palma (in this post body).
  As described below - we just saw similar via Hunga Tonga.Video here.

All those folk (in recent months) who scoffed and eye-rolled about volcanic/siesmic (or otherwise) induced tsunamis, etc.
Take a bow.