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Full Metal Jacket & SE7EN

 I've noticed something of a relationship between FMJ and Fincher's movie SE7EN...not least the fact that R Lee Ermey acts in both movies and that both films contain a good deal of 'suffering' oriented entertainment, references to 'hell' are plentiful in both.  John Doe is dispatched by a pistol bullet at the climax, virtually begging to be shot and 'the sniper' is ultimately dispatched by a pistol bullet and is begging to be shot.  John Doe even spends a little while playing a 'sniper' when he encounters Pitt & Freeman at his certainly plays as a 'sniper' scene.

Wrath & Judgement...rolled into one.

During the first murder in SE7EN 'gluttony' (which is appropriate in respect of Pyle.)

    "Somebody had a problem with the 'fat boy' and tortured him to death. Simple"

Somebody (Hartman) had a problem with the 'fat boy' (Pyle) and tortured him to his death - suicide.Simple.

The Wrath of Hartman.

Which is exactly what we see him do to Pyle...torture him to his own suicide death. He calls him 'fat boy' 'fat body' etc throughout, forces him to eat a donut and even chokes him at one point (which evokes Danny's choking from The Shining) Pyle even acts child-like later (thumb sucking etc) in this first fact, Hartman stops Pyle choking himself with his own hands (which really resonates with Jack and 'I think he did it to himself' claim) and demands that he uses his (Hartman's) hand to do it... we actually see the abuser 'Hartman' do it, like 'Jack' probably does, even though instructed to choke himself!)  Certainly seems to be some deliberate  inter-play between the Danny & Pyle choking aspects.

The barracks at Parris Island are on a floor that is numbered SE7EN or 7.

Is there a film that Ermey has been in...where the 'number 7' doesn't get's number 3?  The moment the edit visually cuts to him in the Huey...he says SE7EN.

Two Dead Chef's...

One Dead Chef

 Another Dead Chef

Take the SE7EN 'gluttony' murder scene and link it with Alex's coming suicide attempt in A Clockwork Orange...the link is 'spaghetti sauce' and the almost identical way some of the shots are played.

Viddy this my little droogies.

Only other thing I could find was this....'33' sigil in both films, SE7EN has the pyramid in the shot too.
The 'prostitute' touting for business, is she being greedy (too beaucoup)?  The 'Greed' murder scene at Eli Gould's apt.

This could be from a 'masonic' sense the special conferred 33rd degree and/or the 32 vertebrae of the spinal column that lead to the 'temple of wisdom' the skull, the 33rd.

 33 Cypher

Apocalypse Now...shouldn't be left out we can see from the shot of Willard in his room before he gets given 'the mission'.  The 33 just to the left of the top of his head...which would be appropriate.

I realise that it is a Vietnamese Biere that was popular at the time..but it does make an excellent veiled reference, which is probably the point.

                A composite I did to highlight this 'spinal concept'....2001 Discovery & Eraserhead.
                The spinal cord & sperm cell.

SE7EN...'33' from the TV channel, there are 3 obelisks (phalli of Osiris) to the right of the pyramid and I think a bird-like statue in front (perhaps Horus the Hawk). The only book title that is clearly visible is called 'Ornament' and this seems like a nod & wink, to pay mind to those 'ornaments' in this shot.  The rectangular pics are interesting, but I'm not calling them monoliths.

FMJ...'33' from the beer commercial, the 'Hynos' wording is an advert for a 'toothpaste'...which we've seen noted in Kubrick works and possible fluoride references.  The prostitute/whore referenced in both works...SE7EN it's appropriately via lust.

                           "Me so horny...Me love you loong sucky, sucky. "  FMJ

 Thanks to 'the mask of god' blog for that composite.

Born To Kill (llik, backwards)....Born To Llik...Born To Lick.
Sex (Born To Lick) & Death (Born To Kill)

Peace symbol = piece = slang for penis. "Born to llik peace"  
"Born to lick piece".
I didn't even bother with the 'helmet' allusion either!


Hartman : Do you suck dicks? (multiple times)

Hartman : Bullshit! I'll bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!

8 Ball : Oh, shi-i-i-t! (laughs) This  baby-san looks like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

Donlon : Hey! Hey! Me want suckee.

X amount of 'sucks' in the script.

The phallus & gun & death...death & re-birth.

Sex after death - Death & Re-birth

Sniper death precedes the is saturated with sexual connortations.

DONLON : Hard core, man. Fucking hard core.

JOKER (narration) : We have nailed our names in the pages of history enough for today. We hump down to the Perfume River (possible euphemism) to set in for the night.
JOKER (narration) : My thoughts drift back to erect nipple wet dreams about Mary Jane Rottencrotch and the Great Homecoming Fuck Fantasy.  I am so happy that I am alive, in one piece and short. I'm in a world of shit . . . yes.  But I am alive. And I am not afraid.  (echoed in the closing dialogue of EWS)

Note 'dreams' is referenced here, as is Pyles dialogue 'I'm in a world of shit' echo to the
incident when Pyle deflects Joker's quote and/or a recall reference within the 'dream sense', mentioned just prior.  I think Hartman uses the term first though, in an earlier rant.

                                  [Most of the above occurs with the Mickey Mouse Club theme.]

Freeman's monologue at the end of SE7EN..also has a philosophical similarity to Joker's imo.

"Ernest Hemingway once wrote, 'The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.' I agree with the second part."  (he thinks the world is shit too, but worth fighting for.)

End FMJ...

Fade to a musical monolith "a red door painted black" for the rebirth, synchtastically enough performed by the Stone(s).

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