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Lolita - The Shining - A Clockwork Orange - Comparisons

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Mansion & Overlook...similarities.

The escorted tour of the properties....the house & the hotel.

The abusers (Mason/Humbert & Nicholson/Torrance) a partnership. (The Shining documentary)

The Haze's bathroom...Humbert/Mason pushes open.               The 237 Bathroom...Jack pushes open.

Bed knobs...literally. Note the arch (the shining)and the sloped ceilingv(Lolita) that echo each other and the curtain that hangs from the left hand side.  Jack's reflection is in the same place as Sellers' on the poster. Dromes (cigarettes) are Camels (dromedary)...Humped, Hump-bert innuendo.

The 'all seeing eye' and Humbert posed in the 'Osiris risen' sign 'hermetic order of the golden dawn'

Alex as 'Osiris Risen' (per Golden Dawn nox sign) in a set designed to look very much like a pyramid (without a capstone aka 'the great work' and the seats resemble pyramid bricks) with the cine lens @ the apex, as the all seeing eye/sun/sirius and symbol of 'the great work'.

                             Trollies and eggs (eggie-weggs) to the each beast's bed...eggs sunny side up!

The Shining 
Wendy: I made them just the way you like them, sunny-side up.
Jack: Nice.

A Clockwork Orange 
Psychiatrist: Good.  You can do whatever you like with those.
Alex: Eggie-wegs.  I would like to smash 'em, pick 'em all up and throw... aw, fuckin' hell!



Let's not 'overlook' the Colorado tracing board...

The Overlook 'masonic' tracing board (1st degree) and the pillars (2 visible/duality)...I included 'jacob's ladder' (Awakening of Jacob, soundtrack) from the lobby and it is seen a few times (see below).  The 'driftwood' sculpture serving as the 'masonic' altar.  This is the same 'staircase'  (angels ascending) that we saw Jack tumble from after Wendy batters him.  In fact, we see Jack lying at the base of the stairs and that evokes 'death' from the masonic apron.

The wooden tripod (Lewis) from which the perfect ashlar suspends...a rendering of the monolith 'perfect ashlar'.

           Jack at the base of the 6 steps from the masonic the piano a rendering of the coffin?

I mean this is hardly a new phenomena, finding barely veiled masonic propaganda within popular film and from popular director's...remember Brother Spielberg's apron homage in Jurassic Park and Har-ford's re-enactment of the 'death & rebirth' of Osiris/The Sun. (below)

Har-ford (Indy Jones -  Crystal Skull) the death & rebirth of the sun/hiram abiff (out of darkness and into the light) his refrigerator coffin.

The Lolita tracing board and the 3 pillars...Strength, Beauty & Wisdom and central to the 'tree of life'.
Lolita and the 3 pillars...about to be approached by a Mason (from the left, aka Humbert).

Supernatural Dream (pic @ Hallorann's) & Lolita's Afro like hat.
They both resemble nimbus or halos.

Lolita on the 'stairway to sirius' - 'jacob's ladder' her own tracing board.

   Is that an echo (A Clockwork Orange) I can hear or see?

Independence(s)...July 4th & 1776

Hey...that's the 1776 reference that Landis ("See You Next Wednesday") evokes in Trading Places, The Heritage Club. (see Manhattan Working post for more).

"On 1 May 1776 Weishaupt formed the "Order of Perfectibilists". He adopted the name of "Brother Spartacus" within the order."

"Has it ever occurred to you that I have agreed to look after the Overlook Hotel until May 1st?"

Humbert : Quilty
Quilty : What, what?
Humbert : Are you Quilty (guilty)?
Quilty : No, I'm Spartacus.

Quilty : Say , you Jack Brewster? Are you?
Humbert : You know who I am.
Quilty: What's that? That's 3, 3-love.  (33 cypher) shit, I'd never have guessed!

Stanley IS Spartacus...
Some allege that a Rothschild funded and fomented the Bavarian Illuminati. (see Juri Lina).
                Spartacus....or if we want to be accurate - Osiris Slain (hermetic order of the golden dawn).

Quilty : Listen, Captain, why don't you stop trifling with life and death? (death & rebirth)

Both films work on a a moebius strip, the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning...the alpha & the omega.

Lolita....we start with the 'fogged out' shot and we see it again right at the end a kind of loop, due to the fact that the end IS the we get a cycle.  Humbert looks like he has been cast as 'the fool' in this one.

In The Shining we start out with Jack (The Fool) driving through misty mountains and end with him in the 'fogged out' maze and then comes his death & rebirth and therefore we get another cycle.

I haven't the foggiest idea.

Both films reference the tale of the 'minotaur' & the 'labyrinth'

All the barely veiled 'sexual references' references from Lolita... 

"What was the decisive factor? My garden?"
(No...I think it was Lolita's 'garden' that swung it!) Lolita's 'cherry & pie' explanation needed.
Uncles and paedophilia, eh -  'see you next Wednesday'.  Fill her explanation required.
The innuendo just keeps coming (oops! even I'm at it!)
Was this before all the mayonnaise?  Eating his pork?
No comment...I mean really, there is no need!

Lolita strolls in the living room in her nightgown as Humbert and Charlotte play chess. Charlotte says, "You're going to take my Queen!    "That was my intention, certainly."    ( shit!)

The the X & Y sex chromosomes of the male species.

There is a similar 'phallic' reference like this in The Shining via Winnie The Pooh & the 'firetruck'.

A suggestive pose...with the phallic like bannister.

Lolita 'the nymphet' posing as Ariadne 'the water nymph'...statue from Stourhead Grotto/Underworld, the Lord & Lady Lyndon Estate from Barry Lyndon.

Quilty (EWS)...but in fact, it may be more bedspready imo.  Monarch-like sex slave complete with the appropriate ONI (Office Of Naval Intelligence) reference and all taking place on a quilt/bedspread that evokes the 'Overlook'.  

Quilty's monologue...

"You know this house is roomy and cool. You see how cool it is.

I intend on moving to England or Florence forever. You can move in.

I've got some nice friends who could come and keep you company.

You could use them as pieces of furniture.There's one guy who looks just like a bookcase.

I could fix for you to attend executions. How would you like that?Just you there, and nobody else,
just watching, watch."

"You know this house is roomy and cool."  (Mentmore. EWS, Rothschild)

"I've got some nice friends who could come and keep you company."
Some nice friends...all the best people.

"You could use them as pieces of furniture.There's one guy who looks just like a bookcase."
Great idea, but they could be used as tables too.  (Also factors in the Korova Milk Bar)

"I could fix for you to attend executions. How would you like that?Just you there, and nobody else,

just watching, watch."

We were given a 'nod' to Mandy's fate via the position she was placed in the Ziegler bathroom...she was posed just like the 'dead gook' (flipped) from FMJ.

It's his birthday....hey no shit, it's his rebirthday, in front of a representation of the sun.

Head turners.

 To the end of the rainbow.

The masonic inspired (tessellated) 3 pillars and/or 3 phalluses (of Osiris), one seems a bit droopy.  Note the 'O' in the 3 lOlita's...for the total 'sex magick' pay-off, 3 phalluses for 3 holes.  It's called 'Strange-Love' because it's goddam ABUSE!

    The 'rainbow' chart (left) and the lolly-eaters (lolitas) and EWS rainbow - menage a trois.

Lolly-eater - Lolita (phonetics).  (above left) Note - the woman in purple her lolly/loli (phallus) is drooping like the Strangelove poster.  Note - the left hand 'rainbow' chart (ACO) featuring 'The Blow Goes'...word play.

"Me so horny...Me love you loong sucky, sucky. "  FMJ

Thanks to 'the mask of god' blog for that composite.

Born To Kill (llik, backwards)....Born To Llik...Born To Lick.  Sex (Born To Lick) & Death (Born To Kill)

Peace symbol = piece = slang for penis. "Born to llik peace"  "Born to lick piece".
I didn't even bother with the 'helmet' allusion either!

Heartman (love men?)

Hartman : Do you suck dicks? (multiple times)
Hartman : Bullshit! I'll bet you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!
8 Ball : Oh, shi-i-i-t! (laughs) This  baby-san looks like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.
Donlon : Hey! Hey! Me want suckee.

X amount of 'sucks' in the script.

The phallus & gun & death...death & re-birth.

Sex after death (sniper death precedes the following) It is saturated with sexual connotations.

DONLON : Hard core, man.  Fucking hard core.
JOKER (narration) : We have nailed our names in the pages of
history enough for today. We hump down to the Perfume River (possible euphemism) to set in for the night.
JOKER (narration) : My thoughts drift back to erect nipple wet
dreams about Mary Jane Rottencrotch and the Great Homecoming Fuck Fantasy.
I am so happy that I am alive, in one piece and short. I'm in a world of shit . . . yes.
But I am alive. And I am not afraid.  (echoed in the closing dialogue of EWS)

Note - 'dreams' is referenced here, as is Pyles dialogue 'I'm in a world of shit' echo to the
incident when Pyle deflects Joker's quote and/or a recall reference within the 'dream sense', mentioned just prior. I think Hartman uses the term first though, in an earlier rant.
[Most of the above occurs with the Mickey Mouse Club theme.]

I know I talk a lot of cock, but seriously...

The missing phallus of Osiris (golden phallus) after Set chopped him up into little pieces and which Isis gathered together (minus the phallus) and procured the virgin birth of Horus.
Jack in his role as SET or SET(H)

"In a key episode in the conflict, Set sexually abuses Horus. Set's violation is partly meant to degrade his rival, but it also involves homosexual desire, in keeping with one of Set's major characteristics, his forceful and indiscriminate sexuality.  In the earliest account of this episode, in a fragmentary Middle Kingdom papyrus, the sexual encounter begins when Set asks to have sex with Horus, who agrees on the condition that Set will give Horus some of his strength."

Jack (Set/Typhon) & Danny (Horus/Apollo, one and the same)....with Wendy (as Isis).


One of These Days - Pink Floyd....The monarch butterfly.

Lolita author Nabokov....
I'm Jack's complete lack of surprise.


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  2. (photo credit to JFR @ KDK12).

    This scene always syncs well, to me, with The Shining as Wendy brings a tray of food to Jack (who is sleeping).

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