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Super Bowl 2012 & 2013 - Willem 'Osiris' Dafoe vs Madonna 'Isis' Ciccone

Just a little ditty to pass the time away...The Super Bowl Rituals and including this year's recent 'half-time ad'
 note: there are some re-hashed elements from other posts for the purposes of context etc.

I've got a Super Bowl 'mash-up' using 2012 & 2013 that I know you're gonna love.


Full Ad

Teaser Ad

Some history on the 'Faustian' pact & it's Germanic (like Mercedes) origin.
Germanic like the Bavarian Illuminati & groups like OTO.

 Fire/Water (ignis/aqua) 13...Earth/Air (terra/aura) 3168

 Fire 13

Dr Faustus - Christopher Marlowe
Dr  007

The Tragicall History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus, based on the German Faustbuch, was the first dramatised version of the Faust legend of a scholar's dealing with the devil. While versions of "The Devil's Pact" can be traced back to the 4th century, Marlowe deviates significantly by having his hero unable to "burn his books" or repent to a merciful God in order to have his contract annulled at the end of the play. Marlowe's protagonist is instead torn apart by demons and dragged off screaming to hell. Dr Faustus is a textual problem for scholars as it was highly edited (and possibly censored) and rewritten after Marlowe's death.

Some researchers claim that Dr Faustus was modelled on Astrologer to the Court of Queen Elizabeth I...Dr John Dee (cypher 007) , he of enochian magick fame.  There are also claims that Marlowe's subversive dig at the Queen & her 'occult' circle via this book, may have led to his mysterious murder.

 The Ad

I don't want to get bogged down with too much 'theatrical satanism' I've skipped some obvious elements like the 'discarnate spirit' that enters the building (in the teaser) and the obvious Rolling Stones track 'Sympathy for the Devil'.  None of that requires any further explanation imo.

The 'hell hound' (teaser) is probably referencing the 'demon familiar' aspect or the 'heightened senses' of the animal kingdom in respect of detecting etheric entities etc.

First stop is Napoleon House...which has prescience in itself, in respect of Napoleon.

Napoleon's 'Little Red Demon'

Those who sought to control elemental spirits through ceremonial magic did so largely with the hope of securing from the invisible worlds either rare knowledge or supernatural power. The little red demon of Napoleon Bonaparte and the infamous oracular heads of de Medici are examples of the disastrous results of permitting elemental beings to dictate the course of human procedure. 

They found an appropriate place for the potential 'deal'.

A few notable shots...

For fun you can spot all the 13 references within the ad

So mote it be!

Could be a baphomet/pan inspired ring

The 'masonic' bretheren get a look in...surprise, NOT!

An eye for an eye (Horus/Ra/Osiris)

The Chi Rho used in the ad has different symbols to the norm (a 3 and an hour glass shape)...usually its the Alpha & Omega (Christ the beginning and the end)

Looks like the hour glass timer has merkaba's inside of it....above and below, the union of sexes etc



From The Complete Book of Magic Science (unpublished).

The above figure is a complete and faithful representation of a magic circle as designed by mediæval conjurers for the invocation of spirits. The magician accompanied by his assistant takes his place at the point formed by the crossing of the central lines marked MAGISTER.  The words about the circle are the names of the invisible intelligences, and the small crosses mark points at which certain prayers and invocations are recited. The small circle outside is prepared for the spirit to be invoked, and while in use has the signature of the desired intelligence traced within the triangle.

 The Chi Rho Cross in Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (The Sun)

(the following text is from the link at the bottom)

Osiris is the archetypal resurrecting god – a symbol of regeneration, akin to the power of the Templar in the text. So the Templar is symbolically the same as Osiris on Earth. No wonder that Christ is called the ‘good shepherd’ – as was Osiris who was called the ‘good god.’

So here I was tracing back the image of the skull and crossbones back into ancient Egypt and even Mesopotamia. It should have been no surprise, as this is the home of the ancient and original Shining Ones. And yet, amazingly there was more to come. I turned my gaze even more laterally and found another symbol related entirely to both the skull and crossbones and the Egyptian influence.

This separate and more obscure image also closely resembled the skull and crossbones and over it a ‘holy war’ has raged for decades.

The symbol is now commonly known as the Chi-Rho – so-called because it is composed of the Greek letters chi (X) and rho (P).

The war over these two letters is fought between Christians and historians; between fundamentalists on both sides and yet both sides are missing the point.

The Christians claim that the Chi-Rho form the first two letters of Christ (Cristos) and the historians claim that the symbol can be found hundreds if not thousands of years before Christianity and was therefore usurped by them. I needed to look into this to discover the origins, meaning and why it so resembled the style of the skull and crossbones.

An identical symbol to the Chi-Rho has been found inscribed on rocks dating from 2,500 BC Sumeria, and was interpreted as ‘a combination of the two Sun-symbols’ – symbols of the ancient shining ones.
It was also used on the coins of Ptolemeus III from 247-222 BC, as well as being an emblem of the Chaldean sky/sun god and has the definition ‘Everlasting Father Sun’ (From An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols

monogram Chi-Rho

According to Sir Flinders Petrie - the Egyptologist - the monogram Chi-Rho was the emblem of the Egyptian god, Horus, thousands of years before Christ and is therefore a link between Horus the savior, and Christ the savior. I had already noted on several occasions the links between these ancient characters and so this was highly believable and conclusive. [2]

To others it is in this second century B.C. where the secret of the monogram lies with the Greek Ptolemy’s who are said to have ‘borrowed’ it from the Africans. In this scenario the Greeks called their version of Horus, Herecles or Hercules and applying the Greek Xpnc (Chres) to him. This suddenly gave the ancient Horus the title of Lord, Chrestos, and inevitably ‘Christ.’ This, if true, shows again the direct link between Horus, the Chi-Rho monogram and Christ.

Indeed many European scholars have actually identified Heracles or Hercules as none other than an emblem of Jesus Christ. I had to bear in mind that the name Heracles, is related to Hero and Hu, which means, ‘shining,’ but are also related etymologically to Christ, showing that these titles of the Messiah are directly derived from the word Heru which is of African origin and can be found the world over as a word for the sun.

But there were even more links, as I discovered. The Greek title Christ is, like Heru, also derived from an Egypto-African word Karast, and Kristos or Christos is the KRST (Karast). Karast is a person who is anointed (enlightened or shining) as a Heru (Hero) during his or her own lifetime. It is only when deceased that one receives the great term ‘a KRST’ or Ausur

This Ausur is none other than Osiris, the same Egyptian god I found with the skull and crossbones symbol with the flail and sceptre. 

Osiris, Chi Rho, Skull & Bones

 Hero/Heru...behold a pale horse
The Return of the Hero....The Aeon of Horus

Also comes from the word HERU (Horus). He was the original hero. When people celebrate they chant "Hooray," which is also the name of the sun-god, Horus.

The anointing, in the physical sense, (as the anointing also applies in the spiritual sense,) derived from the body or cadaver being anointed with spices, oils, and resins to preserve it. The body is then wrapped in bandages, placed in a coffer, which is then placed upright to symbolize resurrection. It was believed that in the plural, the Herus (Heroes) or Krst’s (Christs) would rise again to save the world as fully divine beings and thus become the ‘once and future king.’ It seems then that this tradition came out of Africa, through Egypt and into Greek and Christian legend and brought with it the original symbols of Osiris.

So, amazingly we have a link between the Chi-Rho and the symbol of Osiris – god the father of Horus or Christ. No wonder that a philological and historical war rages and that Christianity refuses to accept this remarkable link.

So, I wondered, what do the Christians believe this Chi-Rho to derive from? Well, I found that it goes back to Constantine and was an amazing propaganda device to establish the new Roman, and therefore to become, Catholic Empire.

 Upsidedown cross...Mr Sirius (Reeeves) plays Constantine

The story goes that Constantine had a vision before a great battle and was told that with the symbol of the Chi-Rho, which they called the Labarum, he would gain victory – ‘By this sign, you will conquer.’

Using the new Labarum as his battle standard, which would relate to everybody, Constantine took the field and the Empire was ‘born again.’ In fact, the Christians had been using this symbol secretly as a sign of their faith and Constantine (or somebody who advised him) simply picked up on the fact that this symbol and the whole savior process was as ancient and widespread as I am outlining here – and according to some – it was used to plunder the treasuries of the pagan temples. 
Amazingly, on the coinage during and after Constantine’s death, we see the Laburnum or Chi-Rho (image right), underlined with the serpent – a symbol used throughout time and especially by the Gnostics for wisdom and the enlightenment process.
Strangely, just as the biblical term, Elohim, is a plural word used for God, and in reality means the Shining Ones,’ the X part of the monogram is also plural (X=10) and is the number of Yahweh. Chi also has another meaning – ‘Great Fire’ or ‘Light’ or even ‘Shining.’
The P (Rho) part is more difficult but has been related to ‘Pen’ (pen means, ‘head’) in etymology thus implying that the loop on the top of the P is a head, in the very place that a skull would be on the skull and crossbones.[3]
[One thing is sure, Rho stood for ‘Pater’ or ‘Patah’ (the Egyptian god Ptah), which is ‘Father.’ Together they therefore make ‘Shining Father’ (Dyaus Pitar) – which later became the Roman ‘Jupiter’ (Hu Ptah=father sun) – the Roman version of the Greek father-god Zeus.]

I found that the symbol of the skull and crossbones then, stretches back over thousands of years and relates entirely to the ancient ‘Shining Ones’ – and directly to Osiris, the Egyptian version of the original ‘Shining Father’ incarnated on earth. Not only that, but geographically it goes right into the heart of original Shining territory. 

But, I again had questions: Why the X?
I believe that the X marks the spot in more ways than can be imagined. It is the crossing point of the two dual energies and it is the centre where the true enlightenment is engaged – where the two opposites meet. With the upright world axis running through the X we also have a dividing line, but it is also a six-pointed symbol and is akin to the Star of David or Seal of Solomon, which is also an ancient symbol with much the same meaning. The six points are important, as they reveal the seventh point and most holy – the centre of the X. 

 Cross of Nero/St Peter

 Osiris Slain (The Cross) Golden Dawn LVX Sign

Willem Dafoe

Who better to play this 'luciferic' role currently than
Willem 'Christ/Anti-Christ' Dafoe...who also pops up as a subliminal Osiris/Jesus (Christ/the dying god) in Oliver Stone's Platoon...his 'break-out' role.


Not forgetting 'the green man' apsect too.

Osiris, Horus & Set...Elias, Chris & Barnes.
Let battle commence...

  Barnes is Elias' Osiris...and the child of those two (as he says it) is Chris (Christopher/Christed/Charlie Sheen)

Chris (Sheen) : "The war is over for me now, but it will always be there, for the rest of my days, as I'm sure Elias will be, fighting with Barnes for what Rhah (Ra/Re) called possession of my soul (ba). There are times since... I've felt like the child born of those two fathers."

 (Ra, the Sun God symbolized the creation of every living soul. He's talking about Chris' soul and the battle between 'set' & 'osiris' for it!  Set was depicted standing on the prow of Ra's night barque spearing Apep in the form of a serpent)

"I've felt like the child born of those two fathers." 
Which is the Egyptian trinity mythos in a nutshell.  The virgin birth from Isis...Barnes is Set, murders Elias, who is Osiris and the eventual offspring, via Isis, is Horus...Chris(Christed)/Sheen.
Horus (Sheen) then goes on to avenge the death of Osiris (Dafoe) by battling with Set (Barnes)....who he subsequently kills...completing the entire myth cycle!!!
Just prior to the death of Set (Barnes) by Horus (Sheen) there is a fire fight and most of the platoon are blown into unconsciousness.  When Horus (Chris) awakes the first thing he sees is...

 "The deer is considered by some Christians to be a symbol of Christ."

Sgt. Elias: I love this place at night, the stars. There's no right or wrong in them. They're just there.

The film was marketed with the tag line, "The first casualty of war is innocence," an adaptation of Senator Hiram Johnson's assertion in 1917 that "The first casualty of war is the truth."

And the truth is, that the name Hiram relates to Hiram Abiff/Osiris...Hi-ram, the Hi-rama etc.

 Platoon...distributed by ORION, constellation of Osiris

The death of Osiris (Elias) is avenged by Horus (Chris)...Set (Barnes) lies dead.

Now just to really convince any doubters of the filmakers intent...we have this scene from earlier.

A re-enactment of Set (Barnes) 'gouging' Horus' (Chris) left eye...
The 'eye' that Horus lost in his battle against Set. 

 Chris Taylor: He killed him. I know that he killed him. I saw his eyes when he came back in.
Chris Taylor: Proof's in the eyes, man. When you know, you know. You were there, Rhah, and I know what you were thinking.

Rhah/Ra...with the staff of Ra in one hand.

Francesco Quinn (son of Anthony) who played Rhah/Ra has already passed on in real life.

Ra/Rhah Egyptian Sun God...he is often seen on the 'solar barque'.

Recall the 'staff' had an outing in Brother Spielberg's and Brother Lucas' 'Egyptian inspired' Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Indy aka Apocalypse Now's Colonel Lucas and a main Hollywood player for the archetype of Osiris...just like Dafoe.

And to further underline the point that we dealing with all things Egyptian...we have the following.

Cued from a setting Sun (Ra/Re)...into the 'underworld'

King: Your 'highness' has arrived
Rhah: What you doing in the underworld, Taylor? (while holding a statue of 'the goddess')
(Taylor/Horus & Rhah/Ra in the Egyptian underworld!)
King: Well, this here ain't Taylor. Taylor been shot. This man here is Chris(t). He been resurrected.
 (cut str8 to Elias/Osiris after the word resurrected)

The King describes the resurrection of Chris(t)/Osiris

Oliver Stone's sequel...  

Reborn on the 4th of above, so below, Remember!!!

Reborn 4th July 1921...'as above, so below'...just like the synch.

 The 3rd in the trilogy...Heaven & Earth...Heaven (as above)...Earth (so below) 


Recall this from an earlier post...?

 Osiris Slain

 In Egyptian mythology...there is the journey to the underworld where
the rod/device (adze/ahnetjer) to “open the way/mouth” is used to open
the mouth of the ‘black serpent’ (blackhole/wormhole).

Opening of the mouth/way/wornhole Platoon.

"Then the worm has definitely turned for you man?"

The 2nd in the trilogy.

Willem also turns up in this film...and look what he is doing, when we first meet him!

"Fuckin A! You know when you're really drunk on this mescal shit...[he drinks and then swallows the worm] is when you swallow the worm and you don't even know it!"

Tom/Kovic does it too...

Down The Worm Hole


Willem/Elias as Jesus/Osiris

 "Elias, get your men ready.  He's in three years and thinks he's Jesus fucking Christ!" (Osiris)
"He's a troublemaker. - Elias is a water-walker." (Jesus awalking on water, but really Osiris, the dying god)
He's 'crucified' when we first get to see him...fitting for his role as the 'dying god' (Osiris)

 He is resurrected  temporarily, before finally taking his place as the 'dying god'

The Ka leaving Elias' body. 
The Ka was the Egyptian concept of vital essence, that which distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person, with death occurring when the ka left the body.

On The Cross. (Tau) Nimbus = Crown of Thorns

Dafoe as Osiris Slain/Dying God/Jesus

A 'switch-hitting' reversal for Dafoe...this time with the deer and aborted rebirth (the deer representive of Christ, as we saw earlier in Platoon...this time in Anti-christ).

Both Horus and Osiris were resurrected by Isis with help from Thoth after being killed by Set the evil brother of Osiris. In one legend Osiris’s body is cut into pieces and scattered throughout Egypt, Isis set out to look for the pieces and she was able to find and put together 13 of the 14 parts, but was unable to find the 14th and most important part, his penis, instead, she fashioned a “phallus out of gold” and sang a song around Osiris until he came back to life. Thus Osiris was resurrected and so it was that Isis conceived Horus. Due to this experience, Osiris became Lord of the Dead, and the Afterlife.

If you've seen the film, then you'll certainly remember this part...a real eye waterer!!!  Let' just say something happens to Dafoe's private parts!

Back to...Born On 4th July

The Golden Phallus of fashioned by Isis

The Passions of Isis and Osiris (Christ)

From Christ to the Madonna...

Of course this is all 'par for the course' when it comes to The Super might recall Madonna's homage to ISIS in last years half-time event (2012).

She's got

Madonna's Kabbalah name is Esther...meaning STAR.

 Esther 'The Star'...ISIS/Sirius

 The Targum[10] connects the name with the Persian word for "star", ستاره setareh, explaining that Esther was so named for being as beautiful as the Morning Star. In the Talmud (Tractate Yoma 29a), Esther is compared to the "morning star", and is considered the subject of Psalm 22, because its introduction is a "song for the morning star".

The morning star...aka lucifer/venus.

"Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
But what's confusing you
Is just the nature of my game
 Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails
Just call me lucifer"

 (sympathy for the devil)


  ISIS (Madonna) with her GREEN MAN (Cee Lo Green, geddit?) aka Osiris

The guys running these horror-shows must be laughing their asses off at the 'sheep-like' profane public!  This is probably why the 'crook & flail' (think shepherd) are key icons to the Egyptians and their followers

Osiris 'the green man'

She (ISIS) transformed herself into a bird (note Madonna's wings) and so adeptly stimulated Osiris so that he ejaculated the magical "Semen of the First God" into her.

Among the Egyptians, Isis is often represented with a headdress consisting of the empty throne chair of her murdered husband (note Madonna squatting above an empty thrown), and this peculiar structure was accepted during certain dynasties as her hieroglyphic. The headdresses of the Egyptians have great symbolic and emblematic importance, for they represent the auric bodies of the superhuman intelligences, and are used in the same way that the nimbus, halo, and aureole are used in Christian religious art. Frank C. Higgins, a well-known Masonic symbolist, has astutely noted that the ornate headgears of certain gods and Pharaohs are inclined backward at the same angle as the earth's axis. The robes, insignia, jewels, and ornamentations of the ancient hierophants symbolized the spiritual energies radiating from the human body.

 Immaculate like Isis...the virgin of the world.

Swing low sweet chariot...waxing & waning moons on the shoulders (card), appropriate for moon and star goddess Isis

Tarot : The Chariot....It succeeds by attacking from the side, rather than straight on.
Madonna's chariot enters from the we view it.

The Chariot is Key Seven of the Major Arcana, it represents the possibility of traveling through the mysteries of the universe. It also evokes the seven gates of hell that Inanna passed through, required to partially disrobe at each one before finally being presented to the Queen of the Underworld, her own sister, Ereshkigal.

The Chariot has many allusions to the kabbalistic Ma’asei Merkavah. According to Waite, the figures (lunar crescents) on the charioteer's shoulders are supposed to be the Urim and Thummim which were divinatory tools often used by the Israelites for guidance during times of war. Waite describes the charioteer as conquest on all planes — in the mind, in science, in progress, and thus able to reply to the riddles of the sphinx, even though he is not of priest and thus unable to answer to the High Priestess.

 The danger of this card is well illustrated by the myth of Phaëton (meaning 'shining' and 'morning star' venus/lucifer) Among other things, this story illustrates the danger of reaching too high, unprepared. (Icarus)

 Madonna's Sex Book

The High Priestess (ISIS) rises from the throne...between the pillars, the veil behind her.

Gene of Isis (Genesis)


DNA (writing) composite with Dagaz rune

DNA Helix - Dagaz Rune - Djed Pillar (Osiris) - The Spine

Isis Virgin of the World

Like ISIS...touched for the very first time.

The 'veil of ISIS' (concealing her mysteries)...hence the wedding dress in the video.

Masonic Madonna

My show
Is a journey
The journey of a soul from darkness to light
It is part cinematic musical theatre.
Part spectacle and sometimes intimate Performance art.
But above all its a journey
From darkness to light
From anger to love
from chaos to order.

  Madge "From darkness to light"

Madge "from chaos to order."
Motto of the 33rd degree

So madge it be

 The Egyptian God of Silence. Harpocrates is Greek for the Egyptian Hoor (or Heru) -paar (or par/pa) -kraat (or kraath) and means "Horus the Child."

Don't get your apron strings in a twist!

M.I.A....Mason-puppets In Action

Flipping the bird...did you not see Madonna's wings?

In certain tarot decks the victor (in this case Madge) signifies the re-gene-rated man, for the body of the chariot is a cubic stone.  The man in armour (as per card) is not standing in the chariot but rising out of the cube (which Madge does too), thus typifying the ascension of the 3 out of 4 - the turning upward of the flap of the Master Mason's apron. (see MIA)
TSTOAA - Manly P Hall

From darkness to the 'Shining' light...

The following would be best read in conjunction with these previous posts...and ISIS/Madonna we feel very at home in respect of these.


Gang Bang

 I made a decision,
I would never look back
So how did you end up
With all of my jack?

So how did you end up with all of my Jack?
Paradise (para=near, dis=god) Motel (Hotel), The Sphinx, late 70's/early 80's decor, The bottle of Jack Daniels, The 'redrum' door, Number 7 (23-7)...the river of blood.

THE SHINING...'the awakening of jacob (jack), jack's rebirth, jack's/jacob's ladder and the dna helix'


Madge's ladders...just like the ones seen in Kubrick's The Shining, also a version of the masonic 'lewis'.

Ladder...another one like this is also seen in the Gold Ball Room

Your DNA is comprised of 23 pairs of chromosomes - 22 of which are your autosomal chromosomes, and 1 pair of which is your sex chromosomes (x/y).

The tour is called MDNA. (which also has a drug angle)

23 & 7 = 237

"Hair of the dog that bit me"

"Which room was it?"

Madge 'channeling' Kubrick's The Shining

Anyway...from that Stanley Khufu-brick and Isis Madonna mash-up to this mash-up!

How about we get Isis (Madonna) to get it on with Osiris (Dafoe) 

The King & Queen of Egypt together...just like their tombs inside the great pyramid are.

The Happy Couple...before SET trashed their relationship, lol

Gene of Isis (Genesis)...the adam & eve/osiris & isis cross-over.
The serpent/tree of life/dna aspect etc.

Isis gets jiggy with Osiris and as usual, Willem's 'penis' gets the treatment.

 Deja-vu anyone?

Due 2013...Ha, ha...perhaps yet an 'in-joke' regarding Willem's 'penis'
An odd 'John(son) Thomas' aka an 'odd penis'.  Hardly surprising with all the abuse it gets!

In John Carter (Willem as Tars Tarkas) is working that 'Green Man' (Osiris) angle

Willem on set (John Carter) with his 'doppelganger'...wink, wink. 

 "Its not easy being green"
Willem in Spider-Man

Willem plays Norman Oz-born CEO of Oscorp (Oz-corp)

Oz = Oz-iris
Corp = body

The body of Osiris

How about Willem's recent ad campaign via UK televison?  Willem is the voice of the Polar Bear.
Bird's Eye...The eye of Horus (the hawk)

Willem as The Hunter (Orion/Osiris)



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