Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Coming Soon...Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive & Eraserhead

'Coming Soon' now 'Coming Never' come in the near future! (when I get over the loss!)

Please direct any complaints to  They are the reason that you won't ever get to see this extensive piece.  Their blogger interface has destroyed all my former (almost completed) work. is not fit for purpose and I have found this out, at great expense to myself.

See latest blog post for more...Sorry everyone.


I'm currently putting together a centralized post on Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive & Eraserhead.
I'll be tackling Lynch's 'hard to penetrate' media and overall it will be as a form of 'Esoteric Analysis'.
David Lynch is my favourite film director and I've been following his output for more than 30 years, so I see this as a labour of love, not a chore.  Lynch, the 'Francis Bacon' of celluloid, and I mean that in both senses, the artist and the Elizabethan hermeticist.

There are shed loads of typical 'standard narrative' interpretations of Lynch's work...especially in respect of Twin Peaks (due to return 2016/17), but I will be unlocking its secrets, by going beyond the limited plot/narrative...which is something that HAS to be done, if you want to gain any kind of real understanding of the themes, ideas and aspects at work.

I've noticed (over the years) that Twin Peaks, tends to leave many viewers scratching their collective heads (true for Eraserhead, too), the surrealist elements, generally confounding and confusing them etc.  I hope with my post to come, I will be able to help in that regard.

I will be explaining the whole (complex) lodge mythos, the convenience store scene, garmonbozia, under the sycamore/red room, what happened with Major Briggs, what happened with Cooper (at the climax), Laura's redemption and much, much more.

Be on the lookout, the bulk of the analysis is already should be posted in a few weeks or so, secret diary permitting. :-)

To keep you busy, there is always my extensive MD post, from a few years ago...Mulholland Drive



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    1. I wish I had better news, but the post has disappeared and been overwritten by this useless google blogger interface...the 'draft' has been overwritten with this preview, the one that I made here!

      I wish I had never 'previewed' it now...if I hadn't, I would likely still have the 'post body'!
      To say that I am gutted, is a massive understatement!!! I imagine, that you'll be gutted too.

      Don't think I can bounce back from this one...don't think that I even want to.

      Thanks for your interest.

  2. Alright! Glad to see you're back!!

  3. Very much looking forward to reading.

  4. I have a new addiction! Your posts are thought provoking and complicated, yet simple enough for someone like me to understand. Your hard work is truly appreciated. Can't wait for Twin Peaks!

  5. I feel for you. I have begun studying occult traditions last couple of years or so, and I came across this. I decided to revisit twin peaks first before I read this substantial blog on it... well, I watched Twin Peaks, came back and see this sad affair. Chin up mate, persistence. The Great Work must go on :) x