Friday, 15 January 2016

Hello Russia - привет России - privet Rossii

 A shout out to all my Russian getting loads of internet traffic from that part of the world. I have much respect for Russia, as a nation. 
Many thanks Comrades and best of luck to you all. :)
Привет всем моим русским посетителей. :) Это хорошо, чтобы увидеть многие приехали из вашей части мира. Надеюсь, что вы все найдете что-нибудь использования здесь. Желаем удачи всем вам Товарищи там и спасибо за посещение. У меня есть большое уважение к России , как нация. ( Horseloverphat )

Privet vsem moim russkim posetiteley. :) Eto khorosho, chtoby uvidet' mnogiye priyekhali iz vashey chasti mira. Nadeyus', chto vy vse naydete chto-nibud' ispol'zovaniya zdes'. Zhelayem udachi vsem vam Tovarishchi tam i spasibo za poseshcheniye. U menya yest' bol'shoye uvazheniye k Rossii , kak natsiya. ( Horseloverphat )


  1. I'd prefer a little more synchromysticism and a little less conspiracy theory - the two don't sync. I suspect that it is the weakness for Conspiracies that have kept Russia socially backward for the last 130 years. The Enlightenment never got further than Voronezh! UFO.
    South Park 1989 B5?2's ponder on this

  2. I'd prefer it...if you went away and wrote your own blog and stopped leaving loaded and naive comments here. The two don't synch? Blindness and stupidity are clearly your forte. Socially backward? Oh, the irony.

    1. Jake Kotze argued in 2008 that the conspiracy view of global events and culture was passé.
      I don't have a blog but I wrote up a piece about the Big Lebowski and tarot a while ago

    2. social inequality - Russia ranked 38

      corruption perception index- Russia ranked 136

      Human Rights Index - Russia ranked about 150

      Gender Rights - Russia ranked 61

      Internet freedom - Russia ranked 30/47

    3. The Green Party (et al) are nothing but a useless eater propaganda organ and I view them with contempt. The fact that the 'Greens' do not appreciate that corporatism is destroying the planet, means I laugh them out the door!

      Gender rights...who gives a fuck? It's not gender rights it's sexual based propaganda (from a small minority) to normalize degeneracy and an attempt to use minorities to preach to the wider masses. It is anti-democratic and the LGBT community have a ridiculous amount of MSM presence, but very small is skewed beyond belief.

      You really hate Russia don't this why you're posting this propaganda here?

    4. Jack Kotze is entitled to his fluffy view of the world...but I will never subscribe to his way of thinking. This (elite funded MSM mass programming) phenomena is not a fashion is a real ongoing issue. In my eyes, this makes him a type of cheerleader for the elite...and someone who fails to truly understand, how this nefarious propaganda operates.

    5. Saying that something is 'passé' does not automatically make it so. One person thinks that the conspiracy view of global events and culture (culture? call it what it is, mass degenerate MSM brainwashing) is passé. What is his evidence to back-up this claim exactly? Are we supposed to simply just believe this statement?

      Anyway you slice it...he is wrong, at least imo.
      What is his view on Hollywood and MSM/News Media being under the control of the same corporate entities...or has he totally ignored this obvious and blatant conflict of interests?

    6. Gender rights is a women's issue thing.

      With your rare mind and significant contribution to this powerful new art from its a shame to see you go the way of Ezra Pound. Be seeing you.

    7. Be my guest...please disappear and never return. Women's issue thing? WTF are you talking about you MSM brainwashed fool. "Gender rights is a women's issue thing" erm, the male species is a 'gender' too!? You cannot even get the most basic of things right! Keep investing in the MSM and keep turning a blind eye to Hollywood paedophilia, the stuff that is under your nose and in plain sight. Lots of women are involved in paedophilia too, or is that too politically incorrect for you to digest?

      Ezra Pound was correct about the Federal I wouldn't entirely dismiss him. You probably think the Federal Reserve is a state controlled body/bank.

      Take your anti-Russian agenda and get out of here. The things that you accuse Russia of...could apply to literally any nation on this why chose Russia, eh?

      I already told you...Kotze is wrong and his opinion doesn't affect me and my work in any meaningful way. Ironically, what's really 'passé' is you and your warped perception.

    8. Hate is your word, after enduring one tragic century, no one would wish to see that proud nation endure another one as farce.

    9. I have no hatred of Russians or their culture.
      I would be great to discuss Kubrik and Russian Histrory with you and your comrades but right now the explosion of conspiracy theories is doing my head in.

  3. I love your work, horselover phat. Today, I came to see if you posted anything on MH370. Pilot turned up.

    February 10th, 2016 |

    I thought this event was a hoax when it happened. I can't wait to see what you have to say about this.

    1. Hi, Id. Yes, I've had a look at that story regarding the pilot, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      This is a real strange one..,but how could I not notice the following:

      The Asia News Network noted that the article's source describes itself as "an American Jewish Zionist newspaper based in Tel Aviv and dedicated on covering biblical archeology news and other mysteries around the globe."

      With 777 being a kabbalistic (and biblical) cipher, as well as the number of the plane and with 777 being directly connected to 'the mysteries'...I find this story even more intriguing.

      I might add it to the post body soon.
      Thanks for the comment and best wishes.

    2. Hello again Id.

      I've added this MH370 story to the 'Ripples in the fabric of spacetime' post. Many thanks for your contribution, one that I likely would have missed, but for your comment.

      Certainly is a very strange one and also accompanied by many realted 'synchronistic' elements.

      Thanks again. :)

    3. horselover phat, as usual, we never heard about MH370 again. My opinion is when the cabal wants to stir up chaos and demonic power, they resurrect these old stories which were previously generated for chaos magick. They have used San Bernardino 2 times, Christopher Dorner & the last fake shooting. Philadelphia is story in itself. It is referred to in Revelation as being the church which is neither hot or cold.

      I use your articles in some of my posts. Thanks for your posts.

    4. Yes, I think there is something in what you say in regard to events getting 'marked/charged' with mystery religion ciphers and cues. Then of course, there is always the 'calling card' aspect that sometimes must accompany the cabals influenced events.

      I keep having to fend off an idiotic commenter, who thinks that there is absolutely no relationship between popular culture and world's 'passé' apparently! Considering MSM popular culture and MSM News are generally created and controlled by the same corporate entities...I don't think he could be further from the truth, even he tried!

      Thanks Id, hope the articles (or aspects of them) help.
      Thanks for your comments.

  4. I listened to the Trump Aipac speech 2 days ago & became enraged. His love or obsession with Israel makes me gag. Lies about 911 & blame put on Palestinians for Israeli violence. What are your thoughts?

    LIVE Donald Trump AIPAC Policy Conference Speaks AMAZING SPEECH! BELIVE ME! Full Speech HD! YEY! O brother [Israeli trolls are all over this video.]

    1. Hi Id...fuck 'em all. If the dumb US population want to suck on Israeli cock, there is not much you can do. That's all the US ever does (same with the UK too) anyway. These Zionist sociopaths control the group mind through the mind control of MSM (which people erroneously call neutral information). As long as the masses keep sucking on the teat of MSM, then it's business as usual for the Zionist Illuminati. The control of literally all information is probably their greatest asset and strength.

      I think the best you can do, is to try to disentangle yourself as much as possible, from Zionist state control (self sufficiency type things). I wish there were other options, but it seems to be the only viable alternative to Zionist hegemony.

      Who will save us from the stupidity of the 'mind controlled' masses? I said back in November that Trump would sweep to victory...I could see it all shaping up back then. It's all been so predictable, a bread and circuses special.

      Best wishes and don't let the bastards grind you down.


    1. Hi...good video, a very smart General indeed. The Zionist Jews (Rothschild, Oppenheimer etc) are the bloodlines of the ancient Egyptian priestcraft, they are its modern day incarnation. Thanks for the link, best wishes.


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