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Bowie - From Kether to Malkuth

 Bowie, Station to Station

You might remember, the very recent Twin Peaks post (that I lost), which 'synchronistically' did have quite a lot of Bowie content.  Some of those elements have now been put into this Bowie post.
If you're not familiar with Twin Peaks, and I do mean familiar, then it would be probably wise to skim those parts for now (the aspects that don't directly involve Bowie, at least). Once you've familiarized yourself with Twin Peaks (although that does take some time) those parts then might be more appreciable.

Well, the Paris event forced me back into writing and now the death of Bowie, has done likewise.
I've always had a peripheral interest in Bowie, more so in recent years due to his rare associations with David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Lost Highway). His track Ashes to Ashes (and video) being one of my personal highlights, I'm a sucker for well produced 'melancholy 'music. :)

This is more of an update (Re:Bowie) than a totally new post, much of what I've written about Bowie (in the last few years) was produced long before his recent death.  Feel free to peruse earlier work, which 'synchronistically' fits into this latest post, like a glove, although I can't say that I'm that surprised!

There has been a massive upswing in this type of research, since Bowie's passing (yes, I've noticed) and some of it is very similar to what I have previously written. Crowley, Tree of Life, Tarot, Kubrick etc etc...all covered by myself and long, long ago.  Special mentions go to The Mask of God (who has been doing likewise, and for a number of years) and also Peter Koenig who has covered this same area and extensively.

Death, Bowie...& Davy Jones

Final Track - Lazarus

Penultimate Track - Blackstar

"Jones" is the anglicized spelling of "Jonah," as in the Bible's "Book of Jonah," whose boat, headed to Tarshish (on Spain's Atlantic coast), was blown out to sea passing Gilbraltar.

Davy Jones (the name/term itself) literally relates to 'Death' clear can these things get?
 Somebody just went to their 'locker'...was it Davy Jones, by any chance?

Davy Jones's Locker, is an idiom for the bottom of the sea: the state of death among drowned sailors and shipwrecks. It is used as a euphemism for drowning or shipwrecks in which the sailor(s)'s and/or ship(s)'s remains are consigned to the bottom of the sea (to be sent to Davy Jones' Locker).
 The origins of the name of Davy Jones, the sailors' devil, are unclear, with a 19th-century dictionary tracing Davy Jones to a "ghost of Jonah". Other explanations of this nautical superstition have been put forth, including an incompetent sailor or a pub owner who kidnapped sailors.

Davy Jones (Bowie) as The (Sailor's) Devil (baphomet/the beast)
The Devil in Miss (Mr) Jones...anyone?

 19th-century dictionary tracing Davy Jones to a "ghost of Jonah"
 Davy Jones (Bowie) entering 'his own locker'...the wardrobe.  He doesn't come out of the wardrobe at the start, the girl under the bed does, she, representing death.  It is Bowie in his 'Station To Station' outfit who enters the closet at the climax, he only enters the wardrobe.
So far, I've not seen anyone make reference to Bowie's real name and these ongoing I to be the first to pierce this aspect, there is much to be found?

Linguists consider it most plausible that Davy was inspired by Saint David of Wales, whose name was often invoked by Welsh sailors, and Jones by the Biblical Jonah

Davy Jones & Ghosts of Jonah...How about all those 'dead' Whales (Wales) washing up on UK beaches? Jones, is etymologically speaking a name of Welsh (Wales) origin.
"Some claim that..."Jones" is the anglicized spelling of "Jonah"

Origin of the name Jonah:
Derived from the Hebrew yōnāh (dove). The name was borne by a Hebrew prophet (Jonah) famous for being thrown overboard in a huge storm and being swallowed by a great fish for disobeying God. He was deposited unharmed upon the shore three days later. His personal history is recounted in the Old Testament book of Jonah. 

Jones (Bowie), Jonah & Jonas...the Storm
All concurrent and overlapping phenomena, names and memes...and all in recent weeks!
Bowie/Jones, Jonah (via Whales/Wales) and (Storm) Jonas.

Greek, Jonas possibly originates form the Greek word Ίωνας (Ionas), a member of the Greek tribe (Ιωνες) Iones or Ionians, who colonized western Asia.  It is the Greek transliteration of "Jonah" (as in the Old Testament Book of Jonah). The Hebrew version of the name means Dove; That is because word 'jonas' comes from the Greek word οιωνός, (pronounced: e-oh-nos) which means "sign", because in ancient Greece it was believed that birds were sent by gods as a sign to people. From this it is assumed that the name Jonas means a peaceful being. As a variation of Jonah, it can be considered to mean 'accomplishing', and a 'gift from God'.
David (beloved) Jones (gift from God).

The raising of Lazarus is mentioned only in the Gospel of John
Even Bowie's real surname 'Jones' can be related to St John aka John The Baptist.

Decapitated skull in Bowie's previous and related video Blackstar...likely evoking John The Baptist, who was beheaded (see pics, above).  St John, being one of the main patron saints of Freemasonry.
Echoes of this in Christ inspired 'Merry Christ-mas, Mr Lawrence'. Christ & St John?
Ending: Lawrence tells him that Yonoi had given him a lock of Celliers' (Bowie) hair (the head) and told him to take it to his village in Japan, where he should place it in a 'shrine'. This is somewhat comparable with what happened to the 'enshrined' head of John The Baptist!
Bowie played opposite Christ, as Pontius Pilate (left) in Scorcese's Last Temptation of Christ.
Dafoe plays Christ, Bowie and Dafoe would also share the screen in The Hunger (1983)
 Christ-Antichrist Dafoe
 Dafoe...developing the Christ meme, Last Temptation & his intro shot from Platoon.
Platoon: "Guy's (Elias/Dafoe) in three years, he thinks he's Jesus fucking Christ or something."
We also meet Elias in 'the underworld' and via the 'resurrected Chris(t)' aka Charlie Sheen.

Christ 'an archetypal' Hanged Man (dying god) an aspect of the major Tarot
The Hanged Bowie Man...rotating upside-down and crossing/bending one leg...Glass Spider Tour

  Blackstar - Lyrics."I can't answer why (I'm not a gangster). But I can tell you how (I'm not a flamstar). We were born upside-down (I'm a starstar). Born the wrong way 'round.
 These words come after the crucified 3 scarecrows scene, with words alluding to Christ. (see below)
The Blackstar video features a girl very reminiscent of Sarah (Connelly) from the film Labyrinth.
Bowie plays Jareth, an inter-dimensional travelling wizard of the Labyrinth.
The video for Blackstar ends 'seemingly' with a reference to the architecture of the Labyrinth.
The girl carrying the severed head (Major 'St John' Tom) destined for the shrine.
The 'triple' crucifixion
  "On the day of execution, on the day of execution (crucifixion)....Something happened on the day he died. Spirit rose a metre and stepped aside (spiritual ascension, beyond flesh)."
The Raising of Lazarus - Last Temptation of Christ (see the clip, in this Dafoe/Bowie film)
In respect of Bowie, I would say that we should perhaps view the 'Christ' as a more archetypal type of character, rather than a literal one, although similar aspects do still apply.

The Raising of Lazarus or the Resurrection of Lazarus is a miracle of Jesus, in which Jesus brings Lazarus of Bethany back to life four days after his burial.
Bowie (Jones), of course, would be cremated 4 days after his own death.
Lazarus, literally translates as 'El has helped', 'God has helped'. El 'Canaanite (canis/dog)' 
Bowie's likely a reference to 'death (his own) and symbolic rebirth (raised Lazarus)' 
'Raising' also being very much an aspect of Freemasonry (mystery religion), particularly in respect of the 3rd degree, where the 'blindfolded' candidate (a stand-in for Hiram/Osiris) would be 'raised' from the coffin (spiritual death) and into the light (spiritual rebirth).  Implying a type of symbolic (and likely actual) transformation of the spirit.

Freemasons Secrets: Spiritual Universality Begins in the Holy Books
Our Creator, no matter what you call Him within your own religious beliefs...God, G_d, Jehovah, the Supreme Architect, the Almighty, the Great I Am, etc., loves all his children...each of which He created and chose to place on earth

Bowie: "I'm the great I am (I'm a blackstar)"
Space Oddity debuted in '69...he died aged 69 and from 'Cancer', its astrological symbol being 69.

 Ruled by The Moon...69's Space Oddity was played during the Apollo 11 missions...
...the landing on the moon occurred on July 20th, 1969 and in the same sign of Cancer.
I (horseloverphat) was born in 69, I popped out a couple of months after the moon landings. :)

Space Oddity debuted in '69...he died aged 69 and from 'Cancer', its astrological symbol being 69.
"Look up here, I'm in heaven" (Bowie, Lazarus)
 The same 'cancer/69' symbol that forms the 'keystone' of the masonic Royal Arch of Heaven.
  Cancer (cause of death), 69 keystone (age of death)...and "up in heaven" (the royal arch)

Born in Capricorn, died in Capricorn and via Cancer...As Above (cancer), So Below (capricorn)
 "Look up here, I'm in heaven"
 Under The Sea...Davy Jones' Locker (symbolic death)
Don't worry too much about deciphering all the info above, I've used it to make a point.

 The Jean Genie or The Gene Jeanie
Chorus first line: "The Jean (Gene) Genie lives on his back"...
Double Spinal Serpent, Double DNA Helix, The Tree & The Hermetic Caduceus

Lazarus, Bowie decided to wear the exact same outfit that he wore for Station to Station (1976)
This is crucial, it was via the track (and album) Station to Station that his links to Crowleyism, Tree of Life & Kabbalah became most overtly apparent. The black outfit with white stripes, perhaps conducive for astral travel. Remember, this is the specific outfit he wears when he enters a wardrobe at the climax of his final video, it's likely yet another allusion to his astral/dimensional travel.

The Lightning-struck Christ...777 is also a number attributed to Christ
 We've seen various 'Christ flavoured' Bowie aspects, and the Lazarus track obviously and immediately evokes Christ again too and this being Bowie's last release, makes it seem significant.

The Tree of Life, Lightning-struck Christ...& The '777' Lightning Flash of Creation

Watch Bowie 'hand gesture'...Kether to Malkuth @1m 52secs (top/crown to bottom/earth)
This from film 'Christ-iane F' (live footage)

Bowie, The lightning bolt & Zeus...
 Elysium is an obscure name that evolved from a designation of a place or person struck by lightning, enelysion, enelysios. This could be a reference to Zeus (Jupiter), the god of lightning, so "lightning-struck" could be saying that the person was blessed (struck) by Zeus. 

In a flash...The Prestige (2006)
 Lightning-struck, Bowie's intro (as Tesla), The Prestige...conducted himself well, didn't he? (lol)
(thanks go to anon commenter, who put me onto to this.)

Nathan 'Nolan' Crowley as production designer. In the book that the film is based on, Angier, with the help of the acclaimed physicist Nikola Tesla, develops an act called "In a Flash", in the film it's called 'The Transported Man'. This film represents yet another example of Bowie's burgeoning 'dimension hopping' activities. The story follows Angier (Jackman) and Borden (Bale), rival stage magicians/illusionists. 

I've just literally watched (The Prestige, on 4th Feb) for the first time, I couldn't help notice (overall) there was a distinct 'self-sacrifice/hanged man' theme (both Bale and his wife, are hanged) and throughout. (I was also very much reminded of Cronenberg's The Fly film, with the transported man element, which also in The Fly, ultimately leads to the protagonists destruction., reaching too far etc). I've mentioned and shown Christ-ian Bale's 'Christ and Hanged Man' evoking thematic many times before, from The Machinist to Terminator Salvation (and various others, Nolan's used the theme in Batman (with Bale), too. 
Abracadabra (used by stage magicians) Abrahadabra (used by A Crowley, Book of Law)

Jackman & Bale begin their magician careers working for Milton The Magician (Jay)
 The Prestige & Magnolia...Ricky 'Masonic Magnolia' Jay and the curtain/veil.
  Opening of the veil (again). Masonic farewell (and ring) given as the TV curtain pulls open!

Magnolia's TV show, 'What Do Kids Know?'...begins with 'masonic' references and cues!
It is the 33rd season of this show and this episode will be broadcast at 3:30.

Bowie/Tesla's lightning-machine, that Angier (Jackman) uses for his 'transported man' 
The lightning-struck man, inside the lightning-struck Tower...The Prestige (Tower Theatre, LA)

After watching, I can now spin some 'mad shit' about the 'Mulholland Drive' (Lynch) connections.
The Crowned, Lightning-struck Tower...Tarot 
 The Tower (theatre)...used for The Prestige (Pantages) & Mulholland Drive (Silencio)
The scenes (see above) for Pantages Theatre, (where both rival magicians perform 'some' illusions) is the exact same one that Lynch used in Mulholland Drive, The Tower (theatre), the inside of  Silencio!

Tower Theatre in LA. Silencio and appropriately with the Magician and someone dying on stage!

 The Lightning-struck woman, Magician & Silencio (Pantages/Tower) - Mulholland Drive
Both films also reference the concept of 'twinning, doubles and doppelgangers'
 The concept of 'the box' is strong in The Prestige (under the stage) and Mulholland Drive (blue box)
The blue box (MD) is Silencio in microcosm, a stage in a box...see Mulholland Drive post for more.

 The blue box that was discovered inside Silencio (The Tower/Pantages) 

"No one cares about the man in the box"
 Telsa (Bowie) "My dear Angier, you will find what you're looking for in the box"
Angier to Borden/Fallon "Were you the one who went into the box?"

Mulholland Drive, dream composite Rita, who went into the box, literally. (The Tower aka Pantages)

Jackman's wife will fall into a box and die, in the early part of the film

It was Nathan (Aleister's great nephew) Crowley, who scouted this 'Tower' location for The Prestige.
Bowie will 'synch' to more 'Lynch & lightning' via his association with Twin Peaks.
The lightning bolt, in mythological terms, being attributed to 'king of the gods' Zeus (Jupiter)
Jupiter, also of course, being the central to the narrative of Kubrick's 2001.

 Bowie - Quicksand  (Hunky Dory, 1971)

Space Oddity/Space Odyssey 'overlay'

Space Oddity/Space Odyssey...the latter of which, begins as a silent (no dialogue) film.

 David Bow(ie)man - Space Oddity, David Bowman - 2001: A Space Odyssey
Lazarus video, Bowie in bed, can be compared to the 'old' Bowman in his bed at the end of 2001
 Bowie-man's Major Tom will experience a circuit breakdown/error, Bowman will experience a (faked via HAL) circuit breakdown/error via the AE35 unit,

 The 'related' endings of both song and film...first up 2001:
The re-birthed/reincarnated Bowman/Starchild (designed to resemble Bowman), floating 
'far above the world'...there's no dialogue given (the World Riddle theme plays), but if we refer to the book, it ends like this: The starchild  looks at the earth and thinks 'there was a lot of work that needed to be done.'  Kubrick originally intended to have the starchild set off all the nuclear bombs on earth, ending the cold war, but this was rejected and they went with this.  Overall, there seems to be a theme that suggests 'a necessary transformation of the human species' (work to be done etc).
Bowie-man, floating 'far above the world'...the 'planet earth is blue' lyric therefore might make more sense if we consider 'blue' in a context removed from the actual colour. Blue: (of a person or mood) melancholy, sad, or depressed. (feeling blue).  In this context, the endings can be seen as comparable.

The term 'Odyssey' of course, evokes Odysseus and his quest, The Odyssey - Homer (Greek)
Bowman (himself), clearly being an avatar for Odysseus, hence Odyssey.

Blackstar Monoliths?
Hermes (Greek)/Thoth The Emerald 'One Stone' Tablet and The Monolith (One Stone)  
Homer's - The Odyssey: Zeus fulfilled Helios' demands where he caused a shipwreck during a thunderstorm in which all but Odysseus drowned. He was washed ashore on the island of Ogygia, where Calypso compelled him to remain as her lover for 7 years before he finally escaped upon Hermes (the great-grandfather of Odysseus) telling Calypso to release Odysseus.
The (Hermetic Golden) Dawn of Man...2001:ASO, the lightning bolt & Jupiter (Zeus)
The 'horned sun' also evokes the 'crown' aka 'kether'
 A Space Odyssey to 777 (kether to malkuth) via The Tree of Life...
777 kabbalistic gematria, in 2001 title cards
Crowley, Bowie (both pose as Osiris risen, Golden Dawn, elemental grade sign)
Crowley (as protege of Bulwer-Lytton) helped form the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
  Station to Station aka Sphere to Sphere (Kabbalistic Spheres/Stations)
777 'zig-zag' lightning bolt flash of creation, that travels the tree.
Kether to Malkuth...Kether (lightning struck crown/head) down (falling) to Malkuth, Earth.

Kether aka The Crown (Tree of Life) & The 'Original' 2001 Monolith aka Crystal Crown

Original monolith...'crown' added 1977 (cough,cough), for the Crowned Queen. Seeing as Bowman symbolically travels from Malkuth (earth) to Kether (crown) via the Monolith, what could be more appropriate?

Duncan (Bowie) Jones' debut...Moon
A reference (in both) to the potential dominion of the moon over earth?
 Jones' film concerns a story about cloned astronauts dying and being replaced on the Moon, evoking aspects of Bowie's (Crowley inspired) Blackstar video.

Paying homage to Kubrick's 2001: ASO
Paying homage to 2001 sequel...2010

Talking of Moonwalkers, Monoliths & Apes (Monkeys)
Moonwalker Jacko & 777

 Your Not Alone: Michael Through a Brothers eyes
"Michael was the seventh child with seven letters in his first name and '7' was his favourite number. So, numerically,his name is '777'. That's the Jackpot there. The Lucky 7s. A number that appears only once in the bible. There's alot that can be read into a name. That's the power of its sound and interpretation; the story it can tell and memories it can evoke.  But '7' was central to his identity. He wore jackets with '7' sewn into the arm. When he doodled on paper, '7' was tagged all over it ......." 

 The 'Edenic' Tree of Life was guarded by angels (cheribim) and their (flaming) swords
 A composite Archangel 'Hod' Michael?
Fire via the 777 flaming sword
  Michael & Egypt
Bowie's wife Iman, would play Egyptian Queen 'Nefertiti'... Michael Jackson's Remember The Time

Bowie, Crowley & Egypt
 Bowie (and Crowley) as Osiris (Risen) & Bowie as The Sphinx 

Crowley's A.A. (Astrum Argentum/Silver Star) the star 'IS' Sirius, as is the Bowie pentacle.

Blackstar, It was Crowley (with WB Yeats etc) who formed the Isis-Urania based Golden Dawn
ISIS...wink, wink.  Not likely a reference to the terror based group, but to the 'goddess of mystery religion'.  I think Donny misunderstood Bowie's reference.
Bowie as 'the trickster' is potentially a link to Hermes (hermetic) aka the trickster god.
 The book that Bowie holds (with the black star) is likely a reference to the universal book of knowledge aka The Tarot, which some claim originated from Hermes/Thoth.  The pentacle (itself) being a suit of the Tarot minor arcana.

To find in the BLAZING STAR of five points an allusion to the Divine Providence, is also fanciful; and to make it commemorative of the Star that is said to have guided the Magi, is to give it a meaning comparatively modern. Originally it represented SIRIUS, or the Dog-star, the forerunner of the inundation of the Nile; the God ANUBIS, companion of Isis in her search for the body of OSIRIS, her brother and husband. Then it became the image of HORUS (note, Hero word root, is out of Horus/Heru, Heroes being a popular Bowie track) , the son of OSIRIS, himself symbolized also by the Sun, the author of the Seasons, and the God of Time; Son of Isis, who was the universal nature, himself the primitive matter, inexhaustible source of Life, spark of uncreated fire, universal seed of all beings. It was HERMES, also, the Master of Learning, whose name in Greek is that of the God Mercury. It became the sacred and potent sign or character of the Magi, the PENTALPHA, and is the significant emblem of Liberty and Freedom, blazing with a steady radiance amid the weltering elements of good and evil of Revolutions, and promising serene skies and fertile seasons to the nations, after the storms of change and tumult.
 Morals & Dogma, Ch. I, p 15 

 Chinese Astrology, 2016 will see The Year of the Monkey, from Feb 8th

  The monkey (aka Moonwatcher) and the struck crown

 Davy Jones x2 & The Monkee reference...'They Made A Monkee Out Of Me'
 Bowie: “In answer to your questions, my real name is David Jones"
 the singer wrote to his first American fan in 1967. 

 With Bowie's passing, both Davy Jones' are now deceased.
 In one sense, The Monkees were seen as the US answer to the UK Beatles (beetle/scarab/khepera).  The Beatles, who released Sgt Crowley 'OTO' Pepper and 'grade sign' Help!

Pepper Pyramid, The Law of Reversal.... ("f") Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods. 
Posting this again, for purposes of understanding and appreciating the wider context.
3 Crowley's, The Beatles...homage to Crowley & OTO (hidden in cover, diagonal mirror shot)
A real Magickal 'mysteries' Tour...note, I discovered both these Beatles aspects way back in 2006/7.
The underground dwelling (Cavern, club) Beatle (beetle/scarab) and via Germany (OTO's source)
Hermetic Golden Dawn 'magickal grade signs' Help!

Bowie: “‘Nobody’s going to make a monkey out of 'you' said my manager.”

Ah, but they did Davy, in the 'Where Are We Now?' video...the 'monkey puppet' suit'
Some others have made a 'monkey' out of you on the day you died.

"Cheer up, sleepy Jean. Oh, what can it mean. To a daydream believer, and a homecoming queen".
To Davy Jones' (Bowie/Jeffries)...literal 'Daydream' in Twin Peaks. "a dream, we live inside a dream"

"People say we monkey around"...Twin Peaks (film) Fire Walk With Me & Judy...
Bowie's part may be small, but it is a crucial role and (imo) a crucial part of the entire show's mythos.
(top) Bowie (Agt Jeffries) mentions a 'Judy' in his double-negative claim about specifically not mentioning her. At the close of the film, a 'seemingly' random 'blue monkey' is shown for a few seconds, with a barely audible voice uttering the name Judy (most will miss this, is very feint), which thematically connect the two scenes.  There's a deeper aspect to this 'Judy' theme, involving Josie's sister (Seattle, where Bowie found the ring) and the owl ring, but never made it to the cinema (see missing pieces).  Blue Monkeys, also feature in the Wizard of Oz, Bowie/Jeffries wears red shoes.
'Over-travelled'...yes via the ether and the inter-dimensions (Jeffrey name, means district, traveler or peaceful) Imagine being stuck in a elevator with Lynch & Bowie! Although, an elevator probably wouldn't be the best location, see FWWM.

  Lynch & Bowie...Lynch would direct the Elephant Man film, Bowie would feature in the Broadway play. When Lynch's film was generally released on October 10 (10/10) 1980, Bowie was on his Broadway run as Merrick.  Bowie would also provide music for the opening/closing credits for Lynch's film Lost Highway (1997). Bowie (Ziggy from Mars), Lynch (Jimmy Stewart from Mars).

Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me...Bowie's 'WTF' scene:
Bowie: "It was a dream, we live inside a dream!"
 This film scene (Feb 16th) is 8 days before Cooper leaves for Twin Peaks, arriving on 24th Feb.
 The above clip (which some may find impenetrable) took place in the Phila-delphi-a FBI Offices.

Delphi - Greek Oracle  (Twin Peaks uses elements of both Delphi & Dodona)
An oracle was a person or agency considered to provide wise counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods. As such it is a form of divination.
 The important oracles of Greece were Pythia, at Delphi, and the oracle of Dione and Zeus at Dodona. In Greece the old oracles were devoted to the Mother Goddess. Dione is translated as "Goddess", and given the same etymological derivation as the names (lightning bolt)  Zeus, Diana, et al.
Diana, her major pilgrimage centers were Ephesus and Nemi, the Sacred Grove (Glastonberry, my emphasis). She was Dione, Diana Nemorensis, or Nemetona, Goddess of the Moon-grove.

Oracle Diōnē (the feminine form of Diós, genitive of Zeus, PIE,"godly", literally "heavenly"), 
who represents the earth-fertile soil, probably the chief female goddess of the PIE pantheon. 
Pie heaven...literally! (PIE, Proto-Indo-European)

 Delphi, Oracle, Dreams, Future Pre-cognition and The Ear.
Phila-DELPHI-a...the oracle and dreams.  The whole scene makes references to dreams, Cooper's initial dialogue telling Cole about the dream he had mentioned. This infers that Cooper had dreamed that this 'event' would happen (previous details he must've mentioned to Cole), that Bowie would show up (note how Cole, says "I know"), hence why Cooper looks for him via the CCTV etc, and it unfolds. Not forgetting Bowie's dialogue "A dream, we live inside a dream!". That's the basic set-up, although it is much more detailed a 'scene', overall (with the convenience store people and Bowie's inter-dimensional travel), but it takes a long time to explain. 'Phila', from Philae, Egypt, site of a venerated Ancient Egyptian Temple, said to be one of the burying-places of Osiris.

 "the earth-deity might acquire an oracular function (oracle), especially through the process of incubation, in which the consultant slept in a holy shrine with his ear upon the ground"
Not Jeffries, but Jeffrey (MacLachlan, Agent 'Dream' Cooper) in Lynch's Blue Velvet, 'ear upon the ground'. As mentioned, Jeffrey means district, traveler or peaceful. This was about 3 years before Twin it's the incubation period.  He is the oracular function aka 'dream oracle' (via Delphi) of Twin Peaks, he has several pre-cognitive dreams/episodes in the show. Blue Velvet also famously features 'In Dreams' by Orbison and has similar Peaks-like settings and motifs.  

The finding of the 'ear' in Blue Velvet & the dream (that starts with the ear) in Twin Peaks ("break the code/dream, solve the crime"), are both instrumental in unraveling the larger mystery. Kyle (Jeffrey/Cooper) seems to be Lynch's main 'dream oracle' he has similar experiences in Dune.

Twin Peaks - Pilot/Episode 2 (Cooper's dream, it features the exact same ear!)
Suddenly, Lynch exclaims, "I know what we need"! Lynch then proceeds to carefully pull from his pocket, the prop severed ear from Blue Velvet. The ear was apparently in his pocket the entire time. With no explanation as to it's meaning or significance, Lynch very carefully partially submerges the ear into the center of the pile of dirt (ear, ear-th and earth-deity geddit, my emphasis) and the closeup is filmed. (I think we know the meaning and significance now, my emphasis).
We see the ear in the dirt/earth (at start) and Cooper's will be 'the ear' (of Cooper) that gets whispered into (by Laura) giving him the name of the killer. Start/Finish is book-ended with an ear. 

The Lightning Struck (Black Lodge) Twin Peaks, Bowie featured in the film Fire Walk With Me.
 Bowie 'seemingly' accessed the (Egyptian Sycamore) 'lightning tree' lodges, which the film implies.
It also implies a form of inter-dimensional (astral-like) travel...which Bowie (Jeffries) experiences.
 Missing Pieces: He instantaneously travels from Buenos Aires (elevator, after checking in at hotel) to the elevator in the Philadelphia FBI office...and is again sucked back into the 'ether' via 'electricity' after a few minutes. He then returns (via the ether) to the Buenos Aires Palm Hotel.

 Bowie, gesturing at Cooper: 
Who indeed? Considering what happens to Cooper a few weeks later (see below). 
In the shooting script, it is revealed that this day (Feb 16th '89, Jeffries/FBI offices) is also the first anniversary of the death of Teresa Banks (given as 9th Feb, in some places).
Cooper 'struck crown'... on return from 'sycamore lightning lodge'...and possessed by Bob (demon)
Implying that he failed in his Lodge quest (imperfect courage, running away from his doppelganger/etheric double), and is now a 'possessed' asset of the Black Lodge.
 I think this is all very suggestive of Bowie having pre-cogniton of what will happen to Cooper, after he enters Black Lodge. Jeffries' timeline is screwed up too, disappears for 2 years, confused about time, mumbles May 1989 (when it's Feb 1989) etc. Bowie (Jeffries) seems to know that there is an issue with Cooper's identity or future identity. He found the ring at Judy's and was transported to the 'convenience store' (observed) and then 'followed' them, as he says.  Cooper (thru previous dream/dreams) was exposed to Jeffries in someway, it's possible that Jeffries is a Black Lodge asset. 'Possessing' Cooper (dreams being a part of this dynamic) may have been the Black Lodges' ultimate objective all along, hence why Cooper is sucked into the case and meets this particular fate.  Windom Earle, operating under the aegis of the same Black Lodge, is the one who sucks Cooper into Under The Sycamore, setting him up, by manipulating Annie, All conjecture (on my part), of course.

 Lightning Struck Crowns...Palmer & Bowie

Under The Sycamore Tree of Life & Death...inside the Lightning Lodge
 The Sycamore...the (Isis) Egyptian tree that stood between the worlds (earth & the ether)

 Twin Peaks, The (Flaming) Sword & Tree...via the secret society-based Bookhouse Boys

The Flaming Sword and The Lightning Flash...are the exact same concept.  
 Twin Mountain 'Peaks' a rendering of Twin Peaked Mt Olympus, where Zeus cast lightning.
The river (reflected sticks/styx) that the bodies are found along and in, evoking 'The Styx'. After Leland/Bob places the body in the Styx (river) he is quickly absorbed into he underworld, nearby
...and with 'under the sycamore' being the underworld. (Hells Canyon, Hell/Hades)

 Twin Peaks lodge(s) opening: "Where Jupiter (Zeus) & Saturn meet"
Jupiter (Zeus) 'the lightning & floor pattern' and Saturn 'the flyby & Saturn model' 
Saturn (aka Cronus/Cronos) and related to death and time (time being manipulated in/by the lodges)
 Lynch's lightning bolt (motif) first appeared in his 1977 film...Erase-RHEA-d
'Lightning Struck' Laura's 'Redemption'...receiving the Ambrosia of Zeus/Jupiter (the gods)
 Afterlife mass that plays in above scene, inside the lightning tree lodge...The Ambrosia-n Singers
Garmon(am)b(r) of the gods, both positive (white lodge) and negative (black lodge)
 The MFAP (dwarf) eating the (negative) cubed ambrosia/nectar...cube-like corn
The Odyssey...again.  Recall 2001:ASO, the 'monolith' as the emerald tablet/table of Hermes.
 A green (formica) table(t)...spread with Ambrosia (garmonbozia)...with a rosy-red dwarf
Calypso spread the table(t) (with ambrosia) and 'set it by Hermes'.  
Is the table(t), a symbolic rendering of the Emerald (green) Table(t) of Hermes? 
The fact that MFAP mentions these odd details, makes them all the more charged and relevant. 
'As above, so below', that features on Hermes' Table(t), is referenced by the Log Lady.
The above scene takes place in another dimension (ether, non-material). The 'convenience store' people (Black Lodge entities) travel by the ether & electricity...the table is made of (for)mica, mica being a substance used in electronics etc. It looks like 'the owl ring' could've been possibly made from the table, there is a missing circular piece, and in one aspect, the 'ring' acts as a device for traveling the dimensions, as seen with Bowie (Jeffries) and Isaak (Desmond). It is also a 'convenience store' because it also acts as a 'convenient' place to 'store' their gathered garmonbozia (a transmutable form of psychic pain/suffering, energy)

 Cooper's Dream (shown earlier, Episode 2)
Calypso, the term, also refers to a 'dance'...MFAP (dwarf) is after all...a 'dancing man' (Calypso)
The etymology of Calypso, meaning "to cover", "to conceal", "to hide", or "to deceive"
Secrets/ hide/conceal, note the 'covering' statue behind him. 
She's filled with secret-ions, as Laura was, on the night of her death., from 3 men.

Calypso (myth) was female, so we have to consider Laura being an avatar for Calypso too.
Her (Calypso) name means καλύπτουσα το διανοούμενον, i.e. "concealing the knowledge", 
(see nose tap) which combined with the Homeric epithet δολόεσσα, meaning subtle or wily...
...justifies the hermetic character of Calypso and her island. 'καλύπτω' is derived *ḱel-, making it cognate with the English word Hell. It is also 'doubles' as an allusion to Laura's cocaine use.
Hell, Black Lodge, Under The Sycamore, the Twin Peaks 'Hades/Underworld'. Bob, soul devourer.

It was Calypso that held 'Odysseus' for 7 years and Zeus who ordered Hermes to make her release him. Cooper (Odysseus) is likewise 'trapped' in the Lodge. 

FWWM, The timeline is skewed here (understatement), this is all 'vision based' precognition about Dale Cooper. This is Annie as she appears at the end of the TV show, which happens (in our timeline) a few weeks after Laura is killed (this is the future bleeding into the present). The bad Cooper is the possessed one (Black Lodge/Bob), who escapes at the series climax, hence the good Dale being 'trapped'. Annie advises that Laura write this statement in her diary, the diary that gets pages torn out/part destroyed, perhaps the ones that relate to Cooper, from this scene!  The reasons being obvious, Black Lodge are ultimately trying to possess Cooper (as previously outlined).  Yes, it is a mind-f*ck, but a decipherable one.  Just bear in mind that the timeline is not always a linear one.

  The 'spinning' Wheel of Fortune (Fate)
The 12 tree/house of the glastonberry zodiac...The Wheel relates to 'kaph' (the hand, palm, palm-er). Fortunes, of course, commonly read via the palm. (right) The 3 Fates of the (spinning) Wheel.

Where 'lightning' Jupiter (Zeus) and Saturn (Cronos) meet, Saturn in Red 'lightning' Room.
Aeschylus, Eumenides 334 ff (trans. Weir Smyth) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.) :
"This revenge upon the murderer is our right, spun for us by the Moirai (Fates), the ones who bind the world."

Laura is 'tied and bound' (at the cabin) before her it Ronette.
  3 Fates (Moirai) of The Wheel, who measured, spun and cut, the thread of life:
Moirai (origin of Moira) relate to the '3 fates'...Twin 'Lightning' Peaks was about the fate of Laura
...her closest friend was Donna, who was played by Moira Kelly in the Twin Peaks film!
The Moira-i watched that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws, might take its course without obstruction. Donna (Moira) will (generally) oversee Laura and her last 7 days.

 3 Fates (Moirai) of The Wheel, who measured, spun and cut, the thread of life:
 Lakhesis, whose name means "Apportioner of Lots" measured the thread of life. Atropos (or Aisa), whose name means "She who cannot be turned," (turning) cut the thread of life. Clotho was responsible for spinning the thread of human life.
 Atropos 'cut' the thread of life...Atropos, root of atrophy, to wither/decay etc
 Clotho 'spun' the thread of human life, Lakhesis 'measured' the thread.

 One-armed man as a composite Atropos...cutting Laura's thread (to tear, torn)
Atropos relates to 'the unturnable', one-armed man will do a protracted turn, he will not be denied.
 "The 'thread' will be 'torn' (cut) Mr Palmer, the thread will be torn." 
The one-armed man, is (precognitively) telling Leland/Bob (and Laura) that she will be killed (her thread will be torn). 

This is why he mentions her literal 'death mask' (her death to come, see pilot eps)
 The stillness of her face, the other mask seen, is another reference to this fact, imo.
Leland/Bob is ultimately trying to possess Laura, this is his aim, but the One-armed Man (aka Mike) wants Laura's (accumulated) pain and suffering (garmonbozia/creamed corn), which he receives upon her death (Bob has been stealing it, as is mentioned).  The 'garminbozia' is consumed by the Lodge dwelling Mike (one-armed man and dwarf), a form of consumable 'pain and suffering' that they exist on...evoking Ambrosia (food of the Gods).
Bob as a type of Clotho...hence his 'cloth' death bag
The victim's letters (lots) might be a nod to Bob as Lakhesis, the 'apportioner of lots'
Earle, possessed by Black Lodge and with Bob's cloth death bag
 The subsequent 'spiders' (Leo) perhaps a nod to 'spinning' (a la Clotho and spider webs). 
Leo's spider trap, hangs via a thread, his life literally hanging via a thread.

 In short, Black Lodge Bob ultimately wanted to possess Laura (he's also been stealing Mike's garmonbozia from the store), but the Lodge superior hierarchy (Mike) won't allow this, they require her 'garmonbozia' (her psychic pain/suffering, collectible on death, as shown above) and force Bob to kill her, thwarting his plan. On death, Laura's fate is then decided by the gods, not the Black Lodge. Bob (after his subordination), then ultimately becomes part of the scheme to possess Cooper and he does.

Elysium (Greek afterlife/paradise) is an obscure name that evolved from a designation of a place or person struck by lightning, enelysion, enelysios. This could be a reference to Zeus (Jupiter), the god of lightning, so "lightning-struck" could be saying that the person was blessed (struck) by Zeus.

The close of FWWM, implies that (afterlife) Laura is inside the 'White Lodge' (blessed by Zeus).
"Later Circe, mentions to Odysseus that a flock of doves are the bringers of ambrosia to Olympus."
Requiem music from Ambrosia-n Singers and Cherub-ini...via Angel/EMI Classics

Good Dale, Laura & 'angel' with the dove-like wings, bringing the food of the Gods (Zeus/Jupiter)

The Lynch, Bowie & Fincher...777 Connection

Twin Peaks...was co-produced by Propaganda Films, David 'Se7en' Fincher was one of the founders of the company and Twin Peaks was one of their early successes. They also produced both Lynch's Wild At Heart and Hotel Room (TV series). Fincher's sister featured in an episode of Twin Peaks (as Louise Dombrowski). 

Anyway, Fincher would go on to make 'Se7en' his breakthrough film. Se7en also has '777' markers (from the tree of life) and Brad 'Se7en' Pitt would go on to feature in Malick's The Tree of Life.
Seven Years in Tibet, Pitt & Lucky Number Slevin (7), Freeman. 
"As the soul climbs the seven steps of Purgatory it is cleansed of the seven mortal sins, and it then ascends through the seven spheres of the Ptolemaic universe."

David 'Tree of life/Twin Peaks/777' Bowie did the closing credits 'track' for Fincher's Se7en. 

 Gwyneth 'Se7en' Paltrow  (head delivered in a box at 7pm) would go on to feature in Sliding Doors, where she catches/misses the all important '777' numbered electric tube train.

Potter...The lightning struck crown (via the sig rune)
 Potter & 777
777 (343) - Diagon(al) Alley is the centre of 'wizarding London'
7*7*7 (=343)...the diagon(al) zigzagging alley (pathway) lightning flash, Kether to Malkuth
The 27th chapter is called The Lightning-Struck Tower, a reference to the Tower card. In the chapter, catastrophic events take place. The Tower shows lightning strikes attributed to Zeus. The 27th path on the tree of life is the tower path.  Rowling is clearly familiar with the TOL and its pathways.
Half-Blood Prince & The Tower....J K CRowleying...via 777
Lightning-struck Tower/Crown...Tarot (card 16),
The Book...16th July 2005...1+6 (7), July (7), 2+0+0+5 (7)
777 and The 'transforming' Tower (Royal Crown Castle) with 70 fans and at the stroke of Midnight, 12 O'Clock (the crown).  The London Premier for the film was on 7/7 (2009) 

The Lightning Struck Tower & Fallers
At the end of the film, Professor Snape (Rickman) kills Professor Dumbledore (Gambon) by firing him of a tall tower. As Dumbledore falls, the camera follows him vertically down in slow motion. 
This is an ironic parody from Die Hard (1988), where at the end John McClean (Bruce Willis) throws Hans Guber (Alan Rickman) off a tall tower and the camera follows him down in the same slow-motion sequence. 
 777 in Die Hard...alongside the Nakatomi Tower
Potter...Sirius Black...The Black Star (literally), The Dog Star, The Black Dog Star...
 The 777 lightning flash that passes through the Tree 'veil of Da'ath/Knowledge' ( sirius/pluto)
  Gary 'Sirius' Oldman...777 (7/11/7...7*11=77 & 7). 
Oldman played a 'masonic preist' (Mason Verger) in Scott's Hannibal.  
The lightning flash that journeys through the sphere of Da'ath/Sirius, the 11th hidden sphere
 Oldman, in the Batman series...where related Nathan Crowley is the production designer

Gary 'Sirius Dog' Oldman and David 'Sirius Dog/Starman' Bowie

 The Celestial Dog/Anubis/Sphinx (Sirius)

The Egyptian Quabalah (Kabbalah) sets the number 9 with ANUBIS, the DOG-GOD of the Underworld, the navigator of the Souls through the land of death, dominion of SET (Number 10). 

Oldman as Dracula (anubis armour pic)

Dracula was a Coppola co-production with Osiris Films. Anubis, The Celestial Dog aka Sirius

Bowie Vampire The Hunger ankh blade etc...
Originally it represented SIRIUS, or the Dog-star, the forerunner of the inundation of the Nile; the God ANUBIS, companion of Isis in her search for the body of OSIRIS, her brother and husband.
Dog-Star brothers...Where Oldman featured opposite Keanu 'Sirius/Dogstar' Reeves
 The 'Sirius' Brothers...Gary & Keanu.  Oldman was getting his 'sirius' resonance as far back as 1992 (via Dracula/Anubis), later he would play Sirius Black.  Reeves' Dogstar band formed in 1991. Reeves aka Neo, 'the Christ-like One'

Neo, Christ & St John

Original mission statement...Dracula
 DRACULA:  The Order of the Dracul...the Dragon (aka Draconis) ancient society pledging my forefathers to defend the church against all enemies of Christ.

Coppola's Dracula opens in Constantin-ople (a la Constantine, who it is named after)
Vlad (Oldman/Dracula) defends the Church against the Muslims, kills hundreds and impales people to die slow horrible deaths in the name of  (hanged man) Christ. 

BISHOP:  She has taken her own life.  Her soul cannot be saved.  She is damned.  It is God's Law.
DRACULA:  Nooo!  Is this my reward for defending God's church?
 I renounce God!  I shall rise from my own death (resurrection) to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness!
 Dracula's sword  stabs at the altar cross, blood pours from the cross, 
Dracula fills a chalice with the blood and drinks it
DRACULA:  The blood is the life and it shall be mine!
The Bloody Red Cross...Oldman drinks a type of blood communion/grail  
Oldman's Dracula co-star (Reeves) would play Constantine, in the film of the same name. 

Reeves had a Jesus/Christ-like role in The Matrix...Neo. See him crucified and the "it is done" dialogue ("it is finished"), Christ (Gospel of St John) his last words on the cross... 
After Neo becomes blind (Matrix Revolutions), he can see the supposed real world in gold light.
Inferring a form of enlightenment...from a lower perception to a higher functioning one.
The cross, "it is done/finished", Matrix 'mouth'...aka Deus Ex Machina (god from a machine)

  Interestingly....Oldman (Dracula) at the climax will also utter Christ's words "it is finished"
Dracula: "Where is my God? He has forsaken me. It is finished. Give me peace."
First part of quote is lifted from Matthew 27:46 & Mark 15:34, 'it is finished' from John 19:30.  

Dracula & St John...
This statement ("It is finished") is traditionally called "The Word of Triumph" and is theologically interpreted as the announcement of the end of the earthly life of Jesus, in anticipation for the Resurrection.  These last words of Christ, are seen as a quote of victory, not dereliction...a magnum opus complete!

The ship that crash lands in Machine City...Christ aka The Logos.
In Christology, the concept that the Christ is the Logos (Greek: Λόγος for "word", "discourse" or "reason") has been important in establishing the doctrine of the divinity and morality of Jesus Christ and his position as God the Son in the Trinity (Trinity character) as set forth in the Chalcedonian Creed.  The concept derives from the opening of the Gospel of John, which is often simply translated into English as: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." In the translations, "Word" is used for Logos (λόγος),

So Gary...who else is a member of the Sirius/Dog Club?

Diamond Dogs...Dog Star Sirius A & B 
 Diamond Dogs, Halloween Jack dwells on top of an abandoned skyscraper ("Manhattan Chase", aka One Chase Manhattan Plaza) in a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.
 Talking of Dogs, Post-apocalyptic Manhattan and Sirius
The 9/11 Sirius Dog (Run)...Sirius aka Dog Star, Canis Major, Sothis, Sopdet, Sept.

 How about this for a recent 'synch echo' and from Oz (Aus)? Article from 10th Sept, 2015.

 Anyway...The 2001 Monolith Hotel (@911, Ground Zero) & The 2001 Monolith (Kubrick)
"See the great white star, over Battery Park." 
Yes, that's in the vicinity of the WTC & WFC, the WFC buildings resemble the hieroglyph for Sirius.
While it is uncertain what the song is really about (like other Bowie songs), the lyrics make oblique reference to life in post-9/11 New York. However the video clip tells a surreal story using lenticular-postcard like images of a spaceship almost crashing into the modern American heartland.  
 Bowie would of course, be the opening act at The Concert For New York City (9/11 Benefit gig), (Oct 2001) which was organised by Paul 'Crowley Winged Beatle' McCartney.

The only 'direct' 9/11 (date) link, that I can relate to Bowie is via his duet with Bing Crosby:
Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy..recorded at Elstree, London, 11th September 1977.
Peace On Earth...which was an actual aspect of Kubrick's Dr Strangelove

Channeling Sirius...literally:
Bowie initials, resemble the 'phallus/two balls', that are present in 'Sirius/OTO' Crowley's signature, as seen on Sgt 'OTO' Pepper. Crowley and Bowie were each cremated and both with little fanfare.

Sirius=seirios (Greek)"burning" "Under the moonlight, the serious (sirius) moonlight"

“Serious moonlight,” according to Nile (a river in Egypt, lol) Rodgers, was Bowie referencing Rodgers’ habit of calling a particularly good groove or track “serious.” Bowie once called the phrase as his attempt at an “Americanism.” Nicholas Pegg offered the mad and quite possibly accurate theory that Bowie was referencing an Aleister Crowley poem, “Lyric of Love to Leah,

” whose lines include “let us dance beneath the palm/moving in the moonlight” and later “come my love, let us dance/to the moon and Sirius!” I.e., the Sirius Moonlight. 

"Every man and every woman is a star"
Liber Oz, Book 77

The Loft on Sirius/XM had a David Bowie Channel recently and in memory of him.
 Put on your 'red shoes', Let's Dance via The Nile (producer Rodgers) and in Oz.
The canicular 'hate and heat' aspect (a la dog days) perhaps accounted for, 'seirios = burning' 
The Let's Dance single 'b side' was Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

One of Bowie's biggest commercial successes, ironically carries an anti-consumerist flavour!

 Let's Dance...There is certainly a questioning of 'materialism/consumerism' from a general and aboriginal seems to make reference to the enslavement that it might potentially bring. The dreamed aspect, via the aboriginal girl and boy, is likely important too, once the red shoes are put on (Dorothy, red shoes in Oz and Bowie is in Oz/Aus) and Dorothy was 'dreaming' when she visited Oz. 'No place like home' and at the close, that is where the aboriginals return to. The red shoes are both 'put on' and then 'trampled in the exact same setting and with the same people, so it's likely an 'imagined/dreamed' section of the video. Dream-time/dreaming is actually an aspect of aboriginal beliefs, customs and myths.

Let's Dance? We might as well 'Rock' too! (Twin Peaks)
 The 'Let's rock'...'dancing' dwarf man. Well, Bowie (Jeffries) did meet-up with him in the film.
(Dorothy's) Red Shoes in Oz (Australia). (Jeffries) Red Shoes & Judy (Oz) TP
Toto is (Canis/Sirius) connecting to the Sirius Rainbow Bridge (Over The Rainbow) see Alice Bailey.
Put on your 'red shoes' and mention 'Judy' (Garland, Oz). Garland Briggs also in Twin Peaks.
Bowie: "A dream, we live inside a dream" (a la dream journeying Dorothy, Oz) 
 Lynch...Wild At (Oz) Heart and the red shoes/over the rainbow

Red Shoes Bowie...The (Sirius) Starman and Over The Rainbow

 Notice how the barren/dilapidated room in the Blackstar (video)
 ...also evokes the barren/dilapidated room (above convenience store, Twin Peaks FWWM).
The Black (Sirius) Dog (Star?) Runs At Night...from Bowie's Fire Walk With Me 
Recall the Sirius dog run from 911.

Ledoux: "I saw you in my dreams"
 True Detective...Reggie 'Black Stars' Ledoux

Black Star - True Detective, Crowley
Directions to the church with the 'Black Minister'...7 miles & 49 (7*7) = 777
Was the Rev Theriot, a barely veiled thematic link to Crowley aka Therion? It is Rev Theriot who makes the dialogue reference to the 'widow's sons/widows sons' (Freemasons)
Black Stars Rise...with Oscar winner McConaughey
You can see them (black stars) swirling up and around the vortex

True Detective & Twin Peaks...
The closing episode (TD) very much reminded me of the climax of Twin Peaks...both charged 'tree/forest' locations (Corcosa/Glastonberry Grove) and both with a 'portal' to another dimension...recall in Twin Peaks that FEAR and LOVE opened the door/portal to the Lodges. In TD (Corcosa) this place of 'epic pain and suffering' also had a portal appear, perhaps as a result of this uber concentration of spiritual blackness etc. (pain and suffering opens the door/portal).  The Interstellar wormhole was related to Saturn...the Twin Peaks 'wormhole' relates to Jupiter/Saturn.
Cooper & Cohle will both be wounded (in the abdomen) via a knife blade at the close of each.
 McConaughey plays a 'Cooper' in the 'wormhole' related Interstellar.
 Twin Peaks & True Detective..."You Know Corcosa?"

Twin Peaks' Major Garland UFO (X-Files) Briggs' interrogation after his return from the ether.
A Carcosa 'type' reference buried within the mythos of Twin Peaks, amazing what you can find!
Briggs (imo) made it to the White Lodge, spiritual perfection. Briggs aka Don S Davis' (RIP) absence from the 3rd season, will be a huge loss, his story arc is of utmost import.
 In Carcosa...Black Stars rise

Another Black Star & 777. Jay 'OTO' Z's protege Rihanna:
Rihanna, as Umbr-ella
Anubis, the DOG-GOD of the Underworld, the navigator of the Souls through the land of death,
Anubis is also the shadow (aka Umbra).

 Black Stars (geddit?) in Oscar Row...The Oz-car Statue (based on Ptah/Sokar/Osiris)
Crowley, Liber Oz: "Every man and every woman is a star." 

 The Christ & Crucifixion Overlaps...
 Lincoln, Rust 'Christ' Cohle & Osiris (The Bull). Wordplay, Ol' Cyrus - O-siris

Tropic Thunder...
 Matthew 'Lincoln' Mcconaughey & Osiris (via association)
 McConaughey as 'the penis/pecker' of Osiris?

The Lazarus/Osiris (resurrection) Connection - Tropic Thunder
 There is a reason that Osiris (Sgt) is decked out as being 'Black' (beyond the film's narrative)
The Osiris-Apis sacrificial Bull was commonly black in colour...Lazarus for the 'raising/resurrection' aspect a la Osiris and for some Christ overlaps.  Note, Sgt Lazarus is also from Oz (Aus).

The Black 'sacrificial' Memphis King (Osiris) evoking Dr Martin Luther King, the black 'King' man who was killed in Memphis. 
 Elvis 'The King' from Memphis and via Sun Records, born on January 8th...the same birthday as David 'Lazarus' Bowie. Oh look, it took place (2013) on Martin Luther (Memphis) King Weekend!

""Every man and every woman is a star."  
"There's a starman waiting in the sky..." Lightning Bolt of 7 Stars
 Belgium's MIRA Public Observatory has registered a group of stars "in the vicinity of Mars" in the shape of Bowie's iconic lightning bolt makeup – first featured prominently on the cover of Aladdin Sane. It's probably the most fitting tribute to the space-obsessed musician his fans could ask for. "Referring to his various albums, we chose seven stars," MIRA's Philippe Mollet said in a statement. "Sigma Librae, Spica, Alpha Virginis, Zeta Centauri, SAA 204 132 and the Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis."

 'Lazarus' Bowie and 'Lazarus' Rickman both died from cancer at the age of 69...within a few days.
Diamond Dogma
Matt Damon, played Loki...the Norse called 'Sirius' Loki's Torch 

Bowie as Lazarus, with arms placed as 'Osiris Risen' (crossed arms)
The blindfold (imo) likely references 'spiritual blindness', Bowie's button eyes might suggest a type of 'seeing' beyond, like we saw with Neo (Matrix, blindfold).
Is Their Life On Mars? Hermetic 'Mars' Bowie & Matt (Mars Hermes-orbiter) Damon
Saving Private Mark Watney (Damon, The Martian), abandoned alone on a planet (as in Interstellar)

Lazarus Mars Bowie/Lazarus Mars Damon...Damon played Hugh Mann (Hu-man) in Interstellar.
below: Lazarus Damon, with 'Tropic Thunder' Lazarus McConaughey 
 Dr Mann was a noted scientist and leader of the Lazarus missions through the wormhole.
With Jessica 'Tree of Life' Chastain, as Murph. She has a 'Mars' thematic, from The Martian, Veronica Mars, her birth in Mar(ch), to Crimson Peak etc. (Thanks go to the recent anonymous commenter.)

The wormhole, black hole, singularity, black star(s)
 McConaughey...True Detective (vortex/wormhole/black stars)
Jodie Foster, Contact (vortex etc) which McConaughey also featured
Interstellar (McConaughey) The wormhole
 Interstellar, the black hole/singularity/Gargantua, which McConaughey also travels
Wormhole (tear in time/space) from McConaughey's Contact, which feature Jody 'Elysium' Foster
 Blackstar (blackstar and eclipse)
Bowie's Blackstar...a dent in the fabric of space/time?
Twin Peaks, a literal tear in the 'fabric' of space/time? 
Where Jupiter (Zeus) & Saturn (God of Time) meet, messages to/from deep space via lodges.

Lightning-struck Damon (Zeus/Elysium) was part of Ares3 (Ares, sired by Zeus) in The Martian, 
  In Greek mythology, Elysium was a section of the Underworld. The Elysian Fields, or the Elysian Plains, were the final resting places of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous. 
Elysium is an obscure name that evolved from a designation of a place or person struck by lightning, enelysion, enelysios. This could be a reference to Zeus, the god of lightning/Jupiter, so "lightning-struck" could be saying that the person was blessed (struck) by Zeus.

Lazarus Dr Mann (Damon/Loki) featured with Lazarus/Snape Rickman (Metatron), in Dogma.
 Metatron's Cube Of Space...The Tree of Life & The 777 Lightning Flash of Creation
'O' in Metatron & Dogma looks exactly like '2001 space station wheel'. (a sun wheel).
 The cubed-brick...Kubrick
Among the new Smithsonian holdings are an early draft of the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey. The two of them, director (Stanley Kubrick) and novelist (Clarke), are conspiring to make what Kubrick describes in a letter to Clarke as a “really good science fiction movie,” because they both know that there is no such thing—not yet. 

As they worked together, conjuring up the novel and the film, correspondence reveals a preoccupation with “the Cube” (later transmuted into the Monolith). Responding to Clarke’s suggestion in 1966 that the Cube communicate directly with the man-apes who would one day populate the film, Kubrick instead advocates an enigmatic presence: “We see only the hypnotic image appear and the spellbound faces of the man-apes.”

X-Files (Season 10) has just returned to the screens, 14 years after the series finished in 2002.
Pic from one of my first (now primitive looking) posts

First episode aired on 24th Jan (2016) and a run of 6 episodes has been scheduled. It didn't take long for something of note to appear and in the 2nd episode (Founder's Mutation), Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey got an airing (I connected these two aspects way back in some of my earliest posts, see pic above), also briefly shown, was a related clip from Planet of The Apes.
Maybe they should make an episode that references the TV show (and its Lone Gunmen spin-off) and the impact that its had on conspiracy circles, but in reality.  They did predict (shadow) the WTC-9/11 event and a full 6 months before it happened.  Yeah, fat chance!

  First episode of "The X-Files" to air after September 11 2001 was the 9th season premiere on 11-11-2001...the start of the baby William story arc, was this 11-11 date referencing the 11-11 doorway death & rebirth? Only now (Jan 2016) have we just arrived at season 10.
I raise this (11-11 and double starchild aspect) because Kabbalistic Kubrick's 2001:ASO 'sirius stargate/wormhole' sequence, takes place across a span of exactly 1111 seconds (11 11).

Founder's Mutation...X-Files, Season 10, Ep 2 (aired 25th Jan 2016)
In the episode's powerful closing sequence, we see Mulder's vision. It begins with him and William watching Stanley Kubrick's epochal 2001: A Space Odyssey, and climaxes with William abducted in a manner eerily similar to Mulder's own sister. Before the dream's troubling end, however, there's a lovely scene between Mulder and William in which he offers his son several interpretations of 2001's black monolith. "Some people think it represents our first contact with aliens," he says, "Other people think it represents the beginning of human knowledge." (A father flailing about, trying to satiate his child's natural curiosity.) Then he hits on the quite affecting truth of the matter: "I think one day you'll probably have your own ideas about it."

Yes, I (horseloverphat) went through a similar experience with my own father, when I was about 9 or 10 years old.  Gathering around the TV set with him, becoming intrigued, asking questions etc. :)

 Fox’s Monday tandem of “The X-Files” and “Lucifer" is all linked!
On US TV stations, this '2001 referencing' X-Files episode was immediately followed with a debut episode of  the new series Lucifer.  Which leads us straight to 2001 sequel, 2010 (Clarke, Hyams).
We shouldn't be too surprised (imo), the X-Files 'star child' story, had accompanying aspects/visuals that clearly referenced the biblical book of Revelations (St John).
2010, Clarke's name for Jupiter (Zeus), the ignited new 2nd Sun, is Lucifer (the light bearer)
Clarke published his novel 2010: Odyssey Two in 1982. Hyams (in LA) was writing the screenplay in 1983 and began communicating with Clarke (in Sri Lanka) via the then-pioneering medium of e-mail. The two would discuss the planning/production of the film almost daily using this method.
How's all that for a related and connected media stream? 
 The 'pilot' episode of Lucifer, which followed on the back of the '2001-Monolith' X-Files episode, also had a scene where Bowie's track Fame was played, when Lucifer enters a club.

X-Files 'Duchovny' would also feature in Zoolander (which was released about 2 weeks after 9/11).
Stiller made the executive decision to digitally remove any backgrounds that originally contained the Twin Towers in the background skyline. Stiller defended his decision to erase images of New York's World Trade Center Towers from the film, saying he did what he thought was appropriate at the time.

A timely mention for the Zoolander film, because the sequel is about to drop.

Zoolander (with its mind control theme) and 2001: A Space Odyssey 'homage'
Zoolander - 2001:ASO - @40sec Monkey scene (with bone) and computer as the monolith.
The black oblong keypad, may also be a monolith reference.

(sorry, could only find foreign language version)
Bowie just also happens to feature in Zoolander too.  

Zoolander/X-Files Duchovny, was another to feature in Lynch's Twin Peaks, as FBI 'cross-dressing' Agt Denis(e) Bryson and it looks like he might at least cameo, in the soon to come return of Twin Peaks, set for early 2017.  


David 'Twin Peaks' Bowie visited the Blitz Club to recruit Steve Strange and three other Blitz Kids for his 1980 video "Ashes to Ashes". Strange was the host of  the new romantic 'Blitz' (club)
Blitz aka Lightning

 There is currently a Berlin Blitz Club (not directly linked), that also makes reference to Bowie

The Blitz ‘Z’ logo was designed to incorporate a lightning bolt to illustrate the German definition of the word ‘Blitz’ and serving as nod to Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. (Bowie had a Berlin period, 70's)

Space Oddity's 'Major Tom' also featured in the 1980 Bowie hit, Ashes to Ashes.

 UK 'new romantic pioneer' Steve Strange, featured (below,top right) in the memorable video.
Strange died Feb' last year (his own ashes to ashes moment)  and died (of all places) in Egypt.
 Strange would perform at the opening night of Bowie's (2013) V&A retrospective 
'David Bowie Is'. And it seems David Bowie is a fan of the latest offering from the creative auteur born Steven John Harrington (Strange) in Newbridge on May 28, 1959. Taking a surprise phone call from Bowie on the red carpet at the V&A.

Strange (a huge Bowie fan) , would form Visage with Midge 'Ultravox' Ure...
note the front cover of Ultravox's track Hymn, the masonic square and compass.

 January 2016...and ongoing
 Of course, it hasn't quite hit the worst 'single' day point drop in Dow Jones history
(D Jones, yes I know D Jones, lol)

A Fool & his money... That was in August 2008...via the Capitol Hill Fools 
...and it just happened to be 777 (points)
The Fool, who travels the '777 lightning pathway' from Kether to Malkuth.

I've been predicting the next incoming financial crash for the last few years (since 2008, tbh), I had been awaiting on the 2007/08 one since 9/11 and had virtually given up on it by 2006, but it soon followed. I haven't referenced 'finance' through my blog here, but if you really want to see the archived evidence (about the global economy and over the last few years), then you'll have to find my 'horseloverphat' name that I've used in the Daily Mail comments's all there. 
I've reproduced a few of my comments (some of the finance ones) that relate. :)

I've done this (slight deviation from the norm) so that you can all get a handle on my 'global finance' musings from the last several years...I've never sought to include it before, it may be of interest.

 Yes...and today we've reached that 'further down the line' point!
(above, 2011) I'm still waiting for an answer on this one!
Alan '0% money' Greenspan (I told you've I've been following this for years!)
The over-capacity issue (now standard in 2016)
 (above) Late this my "I told yo so" moment?
(above) Dec might notice that I'm consistent in my comments!
 (above) May 2014...heading for 2008 (but worse this time)
 Both of these (above/below) from June 2014. Oh, how quickly things can change, eh?
I was writing Merkel, as spawn of Hitler (Shicklgruber, Hitler's birth name) in June 2014, long before the Exodus (I mean migrants flooding Europe!). I was verbalizing this even earlier, 2013. 
My work colleagues thought I'd gone insane! (oh, the irony).

Herr Angela 'I've totally lost the plot' Merkel...OTO?
Mystery Religion workings in plain sight. Why is Merkel always pulling the OTO elemental grade sign 'water'? OTO (oriental templars) formed in Germany by Kellner/Reuss, before Aleister '777' Crowley joined, we're already aware of Crowley's work for pro-Nazi publications (Fatherland etc) 
Feel free to peruse the Daily Mail archive for my mad financial ramblings...wink, wink.Now, when this thing hits (which it will) any talking head media types that say "we never saw this coming" you will know that they are lying! All DM comments can be verified.

Follow the S&P line from 2013 high and (imagine) forwarding to this point (2016)...basically the upward line is even steeper than 2013 (around about 2,100pt mark before 2016 new year) look at the obvious pattern that is apparent since 1997...there is only one-way that this market is heading and I don't need to tell you, it is blindingly obvious! With the even steeper line since '09, the fall should be more severe than the previous ones. Hard to 'unsee' this data once you've observed it.

The '777' traveling Fool

D(ow) Jones...Bowie's 'financial bonds' anyone?
Bowie...The Fool & The Diamond Dog
You can see the Fool's 'yellow sun' just behind Bowie's shoulder (middle pic, see right).

 In other inter-planetary news...
Not a 'Blackstar' but a 'Planet X/Planet 9'?

 Two scientist from Caltech have claimed that they have 'theoretical' evidence to the existence of a 
9th planet.  Note, that this planet has not yet been physically observed.  Caltech (Pasadena), was a huge aspect of (Crowley protege) Jack 'OTO' Parsons and his rocketry work...he and his group were heavily connected to Caltech, particularly via GALCIT, Parsons' OTO lodge was situated in Pasadena
Note, one of these scientists is Mike Brown, you'll see him again soon.
Kip 'Contact/Interstellar/Wormhole' Thorne was another also heavily connected to Caltech.

The news has certainly brought the 'Planet X' fiends from out of the woodwork, I can actually remember when the 'Planet X/Nibiru' phenomenon was at its height, way back around 2002/03 via Nancy Lieder etc.  It generated a lot of conspiracy noise back then, as I can clearly recall.

 The hypothetical planet is supposedly beyond (recently demoted) Pluto, Pluto being the planet that occupies 'Da'ath/Sirius' (hidden 11th sphere) on the tree of life and an aspect of crossing (X) the abyss.  Planet 9 (Planet X) Mike Brown, 'synchronistically' is well known for the significant role he played in the demotion of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet.

The Planet 9 'space oddity'...


Just when I thought things couldn't get any weirder, they suddenly do!
 It's Caltech's Mike 'Planet 9/Pluto demoting/and now Europa' Brown...he's been busy
Reality vs Science Fiction...Reality:

Yes, Brown again...and see how this ties-in to 2001:ASO, 2010: The Year We Male Contact and the monolith. This from late Oct, last year (2015).  The Cassini Mission, Jupiter moons etc.

Science-Fiction...Jupiter (aka Zeus, Greek equivalent) Ignition:
Science Fiction...2001 sequel, 2010: Year We Make Contact (released 1984, the book in 1982)
Background: Upon arriving at Jupiter, the crew detect signs of life on its seemingly barren moon Europa. They send an unmanned probe down to Europa to investigate the unusual readings, but just as it finds the source, a mysterious energy burst destroys the probe and its data. The "burst" then flies toward Jupiter. The Soviets believe the burst was simply electrostatic build-up, but Floyd suspects it was a warning to stay away from Europa.

Reality vs Science Fiction

 "A separate study has also pinpointed an area on Jupiter's moon, Europa, which may be an ideal place for future missions to look for alien life."
 cassini mission europa enceladus
(note, they've been using the OSIRIS spectrograph for sample study from Europa)
Study suggests life most likely to exist in Europa's so-called 'chaos terrain'.

Ending: Following Jupiter's ignition, the final message (sent by HAL via Bowman/monolith) 2010
Note, that it advises not to land on Europa. ('EXCEPT EUROPA')
The Monolith residing in the primordial swamp of Europa...waiting for intelligent life to evolve
 The ending final 'monolith' shot...2010
Reality vs Science Fiction, who won? I think we'll have to call it a draw.

There is an indirect link that can bring this all the way back to Twin Peaks again.  I've featured it here a few times before.  The 'something wonderful' clip from 2010. There's a Dr Heywood Floyd who features in 2001/2010 'the mission overseer' and he visited the moon to deal with the 'alien' monolith anomaly. There's a Dr Heyward in Twin Peaks and his wife is Eileen Heyward (Mary Jo Deschanel), it is she (as former Betty Bowman) who receives this message from David Bowman.

The Heywood/Hayward connection...
Twin Peaks' Dr Hayward is in the final scene of Twin Peaks, where Cooper smashes his 'crown'. 
 Bowman will visit/message Betty (Eileen Hayward/Deschanel, above) who was his wife in 2010. 

Of course, from the film's pov, this is referring to the (soon to come) Jupiter ignition into a 2nd sun, but we should also perhaps consider this from a 4th wall (subliminal programming) perspective. The scene itself is an example of a literal 4th wall experience.  Just before Bowman cuts-in on the newscaster, the report is about the President declaring a National state of emergency. Betty is told 'something wonderful' will happen and the advert that cuts-in after Bowman disappears, also mentions "for those that never outgrow the wonder".

 David Bow(ie)man...David Robert 'Hayward'/Haywood' Jones (Bowie's full birth name).
 Heywood, Haywood, Hayward & Hayward. IMDB gives 'Haywood', some other places 'Hayward' and some say that it isn't even a part of his real name, either way it is out there, nonetheless.

Yes...there's been plenty going on out there in the media-sphere :)

Black Holes, Planet 9, Blackstar (cover art), Bowie...'ripples in the fabric of spacetime'?

 Feb' 11th 2016

“We have detected gravitational waves. We did it,” said David Reitze, executive director of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo), at a press conference in Washington.
The announcement is the climax of a century of speculation, 50 years of trial and error, and 25 years perfecting a set of instruments so sensitive they could identify a distortion in spacetime a thousandth the diameter of one atomic nucleus across a 4km strip of laserbeam and mirror.

Brown, well known for the significant role he played in the demotion of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet - See more at:
Brown, well known for the significant role he played in the demotion of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet - See more at:
Brown, well known for the significant role he played in the demotion of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet - See more at:
Brown, well known for the significant role he played in the demotion of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet - See more at:, well known for the significant role he played in the demotion of Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet 


  1. Hey, don't forget to wrap in Interstellar - I feel this one ties the whole lot together - Black Star/2001, wormhole out by Saturn. Matt McConnaughey starring as (Joe) "Cooper" or JC; also starring John Lithgow as the father and Matt Damon as Hugh Mann (human) - the leader of the Lazarus missions. Not to mention the robots/Monoliths.

    1. Hi anon, not sure if you're still out there, but I've just re-watched Interstellar. I had only seen it once and even that was pretty much just a cursory viewing.

      On this watch...I was literally blown away and rarely does that happen. I've had my share of viewing sci-fi films over the years and this one is an absolute gem, a truly remarkable piece of work (this is meant in the general critic sense).

      I've picked up on so many things, connections and synchs this time around too, I'm looking forward to incorporating more of it into my work. I now concur with your thoughts on this tying things together more.

      I really enjoyed The Prestige too and I'll be fitting in Inception soon, as well. So, many thanks for rattling my cage about these films and Nolan in general, much appreciated.

    2. Haha, glad it rattled your cage, now you know how we feel when you tip us off to this stuff! You’ll probably agree that the past few years, and in particular the last 6-12 months has been the most synch'y that it has ever been in popular media; there is enough material centred on Bowie/Nolan/Interstellar/Mars/Saturn to fill a lengthy book.

      I forget who coined the phrase (it might have been you!), but I do believe that the “composite character” that we see in actors/directors is a strong clue to the narrative. All the actors/directors mentioned in your article exhibit these characteristics very strongly. For example, and I haven’t watched it myself, but Jessica Chastain also has a movie called Crimson Peak in which she appears to be representative of Mars, which although not set on Mars is another related addition to her composite character. And I very strongly believe that Inception was Nolan’s confession, just as The Shining was for Kubrick. It will be interesting to see just how big a confession it was as I doubt that Chris Nolan has given us his masterpiece yet.

      On reflection, I'm not so much sure that Interstellar "ties" them together as I put it, but rather the interconnections between popular media, in particular the Christ/antichrist/resurrection/ascendancy narrative is now so busy and hurried, that it permeates most media output, and certainly all of the major releases – and not just movies of course, but TV, music, and the news; for example, the past two days major news headlines here in Australia have featured separate stories about massive “galactic attractors”, and “colliding black holes” – all Black Stars of course and certainly not “news”, and the music industry is littered with them.

      You briefly mentioned the ‘Oscar’s too white’ narrative in your article which was a strong news story for several weeks during the Bowie drama - I think you may have underplayed this – it really is about the “Black Star not getting enough recognition”, and for the past few months the propaganda media wants us to focus all our attention there, albeit in utter ignorance. I suspect that the syncs are just going to keep getting stronger on this topic, because it doesn’t seem to be finished!

    3. Just seen your Interstellar updates, got me thinking about True Detective and the name Rusty Cohle.

      Rust is a form a plant blight - clearly a strong theme in the Interstellar plot, and with its Mars association through iron, rust creates holes. Cohle clearly means black, so Rusty Cohle could be read as Black Hole/Black Star!


  2. Hi...yes, I've covered most of those aspects in my other blog posts, I might slip those in, as this is still a work in progress. Thanks for the useful comment. McConaughey was in Contact too (another film with a wormhole/stargate theme) he played a type of religious guru.

    I noticed X-Files returned very recently too, I've not seen any, but I do know there is a 2001 theme in the 2nd new episode. I think it concerns a dream and the monolith, involving Mulder & starchild William. I've connected those two things before, in some of my first blog pieces.

    Thanks for being the first to comment.

  3. NP, I love your work its incredibly interesting and insightful.

    You should take a deeper dive into Chris Nolan's work as a collective portfolio - my belief is that he was "hired" to take over after the death of Kubrick, as the primary director of the agenda narrative. Nolan literally says as much to us with his Inception movie which I believe is a forwards confession of his coming life's work.

    Try watching Inception again from the prism of a "confession", where Cobb is Nolan seeking redemption, it's an incredibly different movie!

    I think its also worth bringing in The Prestige movie by Nolan which is also dealing with the controlled reality theme - in which Bowie played Nicola Tesla - the "father of electricity/lightning?", and the inventor of a machine for the "transported man", which is certainly a metaphor for resurrection or ascendancy. I always found the "transported" terminology in the movie to be somewhat misplaced where we would normally use "teleported", and the casting of Bowie in this role was certainly awkward and contrived, very much a wink in the matrix!

    This is a great post, looking forward to the updates!

    1. Hello again, thanks for the kind words and support.
      I've not seen Inception (in full, yet), I put it on one time (for about 20-30 mins) and had to turn it off (something came up) and I have yet to go back to it, crazy as that might seem. I've not seen The Prestige either and know very little about it. I will try and give these two Nolan films a look-over, when I can. It looks like there are a few more Bowie 'film aspects' still to be accounted for which I've not looked at, so I'll look deeper into those too. I'm not the prolific film watcher, like many people might first assume, I'm fussy and difficult to please (generally) and most TV I find to be vacuous and unsatisfying...but hey, life goes on.

      Anyway you slice it with Bowie always tends to be an interesting journey.

      Thanks for the pointers and support.

  4. Hi, I'm Daniel from Brazil and I really appreciate your work. Could you please take a look at this video and these photos to help me recognize the symbols in this brazilian museum?
    This museum is called "Museu do Amanhã" (Museum of Tomorrow), and it seems to be loaded with symbolism. To me, it seems that they intend to make that place to be some kind of "Church" of the globalist ideas with all it's symbolisms, transhumanism agenda, environmental agenda and the like.
    It struck me even harder when I read this post of yours that said that the monolyth in 2001 originally was supposed to be a cube and they have at least 2 black cubes in there (the third one is filled with imagery from Earth, so ends up on not being as black as the other two). There isn't much that I can give you for you to take a look and see what you can find, but this 22 minute video will probably show enough to give you an idea of the place, at least visually, and see the symbolisms thet were inserted in it.

    video (mainly for you to be able to see the inside of the museum):

    front of the musem:

    back of the museum (is that sculputure realated to 2001 on a symbolical level?):

  5. Black hole that's where the economy is heading. Please take precautions all. Good stuff as usual horsephat.

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