Friday, 17 June 2016

Thanks...The Orlando Big Fix and Jo 'Fix' Cox

Thanks for all your comments, but I won't be changing my mind about continuing with anymore full, lengthy and detailed posts (save what's in this one). I am still thinking about re-upping the archive, but no decision as of yet.

Update...archive is now available, but not only that, now I've got sucked back in to writing...arrrghhh!
I tried to leave these events alone and wanted to stay off this sort of writing for a while, if only because it's such a labourious process! I've been gearing up for the EU Referendum vote for quite some time and have been closely following the entire thing. The shooting on Thursday, coupled with the recent Orlando event and anticipation form a few readers, means I have to make at least some sort of contribution, it would be a little obtuse of me not to. Apologies for the recent outbursts, but I've put a lot of new work into the blog, in recent months, and am due a break.

I've just had to witness (along with you guys) two massive 'elite' paradigm-shift moves via Orlando and Birstall/Batley, both of which are using a similar MO, basically a form of 'post-event' MSM induced mass psychosis. These events have dealt me a bit of a blow. Readers may have noticed, from the several recent posts (currently not available), that I was angling on LGBT issues and mass 'mind control based' shootings and serial killings, but not directly relating to each other (but as separate entities). It's almost as if the elite read my blog! I even mentioned the fact, that over the last decade or so, it's the 1% and LGBT community that have seemingly made all the global gains, and likely to the wider groups expense.

So, the shooter featured in 'The Big Fix'...yeah, well played elite guys, you sure know how to run these societal wide mind control programmes, I'll give you that. You sure know how to drop in those winks, that we can ALL see from the corner of our collective eye...oh yes! You also sure know how (along with the criminal MSM) to allow acquaintances, former wives/girlfriends and relatives to influence/twist a 'realtime' fit a pre-set (waiting in the wings) agenda. 

There's simply too much to list in respect of Orlando...much relating to 'professional victims/minority rule champions' aka the LGBT community, the (obligatory) 'rainbow' meme, a shooting that makes no logistical's basically endless! Mateen, seemed to have had as much time as he wanted, fronting things via social media, texting between various folk (including his current wife/handler) and calling the police a few times, I'm surprised he had enough time to even carryout the shooting! Didn't we also get briefly dosed with the 'obligatory' 2nd shooter aspect that HAS to accompany these shooting incidents (until it got rinsed down Orwell's memory hole of course, as the criminal MSM took full control of the narrative?!).

"The truth is deep beneath the surface. "(yeah, but not that deep! My emphasis)
"Explosive" - Mateen claimed he had an explosive device.

The Orlando Pulse Club wounded, clip is shown further down:
FIX FIX FIX FIX FIX! (subtle, not!) The Big Fix and Fix It Here. Where's Jimmy Savile?

Mateen's IMDB page has been scrubbed/sanitized! This is your nefarious Hollywood, Intel, Govt and MSM at work! His first and only acting role (wink, wink) as a CIA & FBI CONTRACTED HITMAN! He supposedly plays himself in the other releases. I had to get this from a web archive link! Here is the elite's santized and new Actor 1984, a la Orwell...the novel about state control and the double-mind. We just mentioned Orwell's 1984 'memory hole', Mateen's old Imdb page just went down there!

In dreams...

"Where all our dreams come true..." This is referenced at the beginning of the clip
These people are actually carrying (so called) wounded people back towards The Pulse!

The Orlando shooting is a Gladio type media hoax fake-out, the whole event seemingly is! MSM onboard and likely Crisis Actor ridden. Talk about inducing the double-mind, peddling truth when it's actually the ultimate lie! I'm not going to go into full detail, it is OBVIOUS! The mockery of the masses is also clearly off the scale! A multipurpose event, one purpose being an attack on the 2nd amendment rights and to pressure reform. The Boston Bombing event attracted similar 'hoax/fake/staged' claims, David McGowan wrote a brilliant lengthy piece on that particular event.

Other recent related phenomena to consider are the Aurora Batman-TDKR (cinema) shootings and Sandy Hook, both events can also be related to 'cinema' and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises!
Batman-The Dark Knight Rises linked Sandy Hook shootings...the Sandy Hook map.
2nd amendment - gun control reform events etc.
The Sandy Hook label, Garland and 'Get(ting) Your Gun'. 
Sandy Hook shooting had a subsequent 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Garland' related song.
Orlando, The Rainbow(s). One appeared over the Pulse club 2 days after the event! (bottom left)

'Over the rainbow' with the 'friends of (Oz) Dorothy' (aka gays) the colo(u)r purple
Purple/Violet Pulse
Rainbow Head...Orlando's Pulse hero and Mr Stars and Stripes (Hansen)
There he is pictured at a film festival...wink, wink.
Yeah...and a casting call!

A FAKED event (with actors) and ultimately in league with MSM News etc!

Note (at times) the distinct 'purple/violet' hue that floods the video footage. This is likely due to the 'red and blue' lights of the emergency services etc. Red and blue (+ white) are present in the British and US flags.

Red + Blue = Purple

Hansen, Mr Stars & Stripes: "What brought us to Orlando, huh?"
(a flag and a false flag)

Eh? What kind of thing is that to say considering what's supposed to have happened. Perhaps it was the elite state-sponsored, intel ridden, MSM collaborating, Crisis actor filled mission that you were all assigned to? Maybe that was the motivation. I've seen the 'stars and stripes' clown on the MSM, he appeared by himself in some interviews. The national flag shirt, a powerful symbol and operating on an archetypal level.

When the 4X4 drives away with the injured, it is driving towards a wall of stationary police cars with no possible route through. The edit is cut so that this doesn't become an issue. Why are the injured being carried, when it's generally advised not to physically manhandle trauma victims and wait for professional (vehicular) medical help. The hospital is only supposed to be just a few minutes away. The scenes of people carrying the injured past the camera (in conveyor-belt fashion) also look stagey and heavy-handed. None of it really rings true.

'Wants to keep rescue effort SECRET'?
The colo(u)r purple (lead girl). Scratch the surface and there is nothing underneath, there is only surface. Keep the rescue operation a secret? Related 'tweets' deleted, but only after questions started being asked about those involved!? (above news story, added 28th June).

Students shadowing the officers of Orange County (which soon led to the biggest mass shooting in US history) versus (Naudet bros) shadowing the Engine 7, Ladder 1, Lower Manhattan Fire Dept, which soon led to the biggest terrorist (911) event on US soil! Hmmm?

Orlando's Mateen vs 911 Naudet Bros...
Mateen played a CIA and FBI contracted Hitman in video short, 1984.  He wears the NYPD shirt in the infamous 'selfie shot'. (2011-2016) He worked for G4S International Securities and Defense Contracting.

The 'disappearing' Naudet '911' Bros (The Spymasters), likewise have their intel connections. They just popped up again in the shadow of France's 9/11 event (wink, wink). Mateen and the Naudet Bros seemingly have similar employers, if you catch my drift! The Naudet's were apparently linked to Canal Plus TV (France) and one (Jules) filmed the first tower strike from Canal Street.
Before the recent above release, they did a film called The Presidents' Gatekeepers (2013). After their infamous 9/11 documentary they virtually disappeared, and since that film milestone, their resume has been very, very thin (low profile). I'd guess that they've always been employed and sponsored by intel, likely connected before and as you can see, most certainly after!

While I'm on the subject of France, don't forget the Char-LIE Hebdo event...the shot that clearly missed! Not forgetting conveniently placed Dr Hebdo aka Patrick Pelloux and preparing via drills.
Shades of 9/11 FEMA and UK 7/7 with drills. One of the first at the scene, Pelloux was an 'actual' writer for the (masonic linked) Charlie Hebdo publication. He even has film acting credits to his name, another 'hall of famer' in the IMDB club! The 'masonic infused/dated' Friday 13th (911 type) event would later follow.

Seeing as this is a public 'elite' open air ritual of sorts, there's our magickal Calderon.
Cauldron/Caldron/Caldaria being the etymological root of 'Calderon' and also relating to a tinker. Tinker, to fiddle with, change and improve etc. There's the main showman Mr Stars and Stripes, again!
In the Welsh tale of Branwen, the Cauldron of Rebirth is a magical cauldron in which dead warriors could be placed and then be returned to life (hoax/crisis actors, my emphasis), save that they lacked the power of speech. It was suspected that they lacked souls. These warriors could go back into battle until they were killed again. In Wicca and some other forms of neopagan or pagan belief systems the cauldron is still used in magical practices. (wiki)

I've mentioned in the past that the same (elite, sociopathic, intel ridden) 'anti-human' corporations that make Hollywood entertainment, also make/provide our MSM News media! Disney are the parent of ABC.

Which I've termed as a potential insane type of conflict of interest. How much have ABC been involved in the coverage (including interviews with these Crisis actors) of these Orlando events?

"It is not crazy to assess news events to see if they're real or not, and in the United States, as well as overseas. In fact it's kind of crazy not to." (Naomi is the shit! What a legend.)

"Somewhere over the rainbow...dreams come true"
Orlando, Disney and Dreams

D-Day...7th June. Officially WW2 D-Day (1944) fell on the 6th of this actual month.
D-Day involved forms of 'deception' against the enemy, Mateen's date is wrong by 1 day.
Mateen's abode and (masonic) Disney 'purple' calendar...I shouldn't have to remind regular readers, that Disney paraphernalia and the like, is regularly linked to mk-ultra type mind control. Lennon killer, Chapman, being one such example.
The Disney Mickey Mouse club is (and has historically been) a hotbed for mk-ultra and celebrity programming. Mind controlled 'monarch' victim Britney Spears, being the most overt example, others include Aguilera and Timberlake.  I don't call them 'insidious' Disney for nothing!

The Orlando (Disney, again!) related 'gator story' fell across the news during the fallout of the LGBT shooting.
The Magic(k) Kingdom...Disney. Gator or Gay-tor?
Orlando based LGBT shooting meets Orlando (Gator/Gay-tor) Drags/Drag...'drag'; type of cross-dressing, transvestism, man/woman 'drag queen', a potential kind of subliminal trigger phrase/twilight language etc. The dead boy was called Lane Graves.
Slang, 'drag' is listed under LGBT slang at wikipedia.

Mk-ultra isn't solely relevant to the 'perp(s)' or his/her/their extended circle, it is also directly related to the programming of the mass group mind (wider society) too! The latter aspect might be of most relevance here, and overall! Talking of which...

Economist 2016 (magazine) Full/Extended Cover...features the butterfly
The butterfly (project monarch), covered extensively in recent posts, mainly in respect of mind control
The Economist magazine features '0% interest Godfather' (and economist) Alan Greenspan, the architect of cheap money. His policies (mass debt) have led the planet to the economic precipice, which we currently find ourselves collectively in! Talking of finance and the elite...The Economist Group is owned by the Cadbury, Rothschild (Illuminati and Communism progenitors), Schroder, Agnelli and other family interests as well as a number of staff and former staff shareholders.

Thanks to a recent anon commenter. I recall looking at the 2015 cover, but not this one until now.
2015 contained a potential 'Paris 9/11' (masonic Friday 13th) reveal, in numbers (11.5 & 11.3).

A close-up...
The (wrong way positioned) 'rainbow/LGBT' US (false) flag, a (related selfie resonant) Arab terrorist (deceased Mullah Omar, possibly but am just guessing?) and a pointing gun/rifle! There is a baseball cap wearing youth (part concealed) who wears artificial reality type specs/glasses. The rifle is sitting on Cameron's shoulder, the UK leader who would resign very soon after Orlando and immediately after the EU vote.

Does the Economist's gun-toting Arab remind you of anyone? Someone who featured in The Big Fix...
Juxtaposed (selfie) phone...Omar Mateen, "say cheese"...wink, wink.
The (selfie connected, by imagery) Arab terrorist's rifle/gun aimed at the US LGBT rainbow flag
The shooter Omar as seen here in a sodomite ‘comedy’ called Love City Jalalabad
False Flags or False Fags? US 'wrong way' Rainbow (flag) and a red flag (golf) beneath. Red flag aka a warning/danger, it can also relate to socialism/communism, it's situated beneath  Red EU/Commie Merkel. The Olympic rings are situated beneath this flag, watch out Brazil! That isn't a 'golf ball' it looks like a virus carrying type cell!

The Woolf inspired 1992 film release with Tilda 'man/woman' Swinton, evokes Orlando androgyny.
It also had the 'male' raconteur Quentin Crisp playing Elizabeth I. Liz I has been compared to goddess Isis.

Orlando - Virginia Woolf, LGBT/transgender 'sex change' resonator. (thanks go to Jeffrey)
From the story background, I am at once reminded of Shakespeare and Francis (a favourite courtier of Queen Liz I) Bacon, he is often cited as being the true author of the Shakespearian canon. Shakespeare and Orlando also directly ties to "As You Like It", it features a male lead character called Orlando! There is also a 'fool/jester' called Touchstone, Disney being the parent of Touchstone Pictures (film). Touchstone (play) "a wise fool who acts as a kind of guide or point of reference throughout the play, putting everyone, including himself, to the comic test".
"All the world's a stage..." (Jacque, As You Like It)
Obviously bearing in mind the idea that the Orlando shooting was STAGED (hoax/fake).

All the world's a stage...and sometimes you can see the 'props and players' at work!
Evading Trueman doubles-back to an elevator, but part of the film set is already exposed.
Live the lie or expose it? On day 10,911 Tru(e)man sees that all is not right with this/his world!
Recall the (Orlando) exchange student rescuers, their story was Truman Show-esque, hence it similarly breaking down (like this clip above) when anyone goes beyond the surface (as we've already noted).

'The World is a Stage!' Is one of the film's taglines (wiki).

"We accept the reality of the world with which we're's as simple as that."
Note, I generally stopped accepting this 'presented reality' about 15 years ago! Although, even prior to that, there were many media aspects and instances that I summarily rejected. The presentation skills of the MSM (and related) are seemingly/deliberately getting worse, they are if Orlando is anything to go by!

Disney reference (Truman Show). 101 Dalmatian dog named Pluto and an owner who's a 'ringer' for an old 'masonic' Walt.  Jim 'Sirius/Illuminati' Carrey, the immediate scene that follows shows the 'Sirius (aka canis/dogstar)' studio light drop from the sky, 'masonic Sirius' aka the all seeing eye.

Truman's Seahaven Island/Town vs Disney's Celebration Town (near Orlando, Fl).

Truman's Seahaven was actually filmed at 'Seaside' in the state of Florida. The Truman Show seemed to predict the global obsession with 'reality TV' and before the 'genre' even got properly started.
We can only guess, as to the 'fantasy/reality perception damage' that has been wrought on the 'mass group mind' from the exponential increase and proliferation of so-called 'reality TV'.

'According to at least one legend, the character (Orlando) is the namesake for the city of Orlando, Fl.'
Orlando infused 'As You Like It', best known for the following quote, and given by character Jacque:
Scene 7 and 7 ages...7*7 (49)

"Exit stage left..."
The Grim(mie) Reaper & Before You Exit (purple again!)...cough, cough
The shooting of Christina 'The Voice' Grimmie (at an Orlando concert) a day or so prior, evokes shades of 'event foreshadowing' and I'm (obviously) very suspicious of the shooter, in respect of mk-ultra/mind control (but he could just be a media construct). This performance was literally given 'before she exited' this world. It was during the (post-performance) autograph signing session, that she was shot and killed. Grimmie and the group 'Before You Exit' featured on this tour. Somehow, the 'perp' was able to shoot himself dead in the aftermath, even though Grimmie's brother wrestled with him! There were only a handful of people at the scene of the incident.

Orlando based Grim(mie) Reaper (10th) and 'gator' Lane Graves (14th) the space of a few days.
Orlando, heavily relating to all things Disney. I mentioned this Disney castle (part based on Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria) in my late May post 'Tails/Tales of the Unexpected'. Written in respect of 'intel' Fleming & Dahl's (sexually loaded) "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang", clockwork (mind control) marionettes and trapped children etc. We mentioned Dahl and Disney's meeting too, as well as Dahl's 'purple Willy Wanka/Wonka' and the sodomy overtones etc.
Disney, who've recently taken over the Star Wars franchise.
Mateen's home. A (Disney) Star Wars theme was fairly evident, particularly Darth it seems. I recently mentioned (likely programmed) 'gay serial killer' Dahmer and his heavy links to Star Wars (and mind control), particularly via his obsession with The Emperor. (see The Exorcist posts).

We've done LGBT Pulse and the Oz rainbow...the Oz/Star Wars overlaps
Donald Trumbull who created visual effects for the 1939 movie (and gay resonant) The Wizard of Oz, as well as later movies including Star Wars. His son is modern FX pioneer Douglas 'Kubrick 2001' Trumbull.

In recent posts we highlighted Star Wars and the gay issue too! Note, Star Wars' director J J Gaybrams, debuted on film via a cameo in Six De'Gays of Separation. Yes folks, mass gay programming via Hellywood!

Another 'so called' victim and heavily referenced by MSM...more Star Wars (Dark Side) imagery.
(see Christine/Christopher Leinoen)

Soap opera special...none of these victims are injured! The only injuries going on here are ones to the 'mass mind' of the watching public, they are the TRUE victims!
Seeing as the Orlando shooting is a total hoax/fraud event, naturally these injured victims (that were conveniently paraded before the world) are also fakes and a part of the 'group mind' psy-op.
Emotive propaganda reinforcement, reinforcing and cementing the original hoax, maintaining and expanding the ongoing psy-op. These fakery actors ARE ENEMIES OF MANKIND...traitors of the worst kind. Anyway we slice it, they are 'cabal' OWNED...lock, stock and barrel.

Dr Lube (ha, ha), Dr Cheat-ham (cheat 'em), Dr Hav(r)on (have on, trick/deceive). The first injury victim pic (seen further above) is Angel Colon (colon, sphincter) and he was treated by Dr Lube, in relation to a gay shooting, "Hey this is not a drill"!

"Doc...are we gonna Cheat(h)am or Hav(r)on? Look, just 'drill' the Colon, but make sure you use the Lube, OK!"

Mockery on acid, as per! How many scripted 'double-entendre' based jokes can they get away with?
(I tried to locate Dr Gardener from Uphill, but he's nowhere to be found, sarcasm!)

Compare this with recent (supposedly murdered) MP Jo Cox:
 Jo Cox - JoC (h)o(a)x - Joke Hoax...Helen, is/was her real Christian name. (more on that later)

Also note (supposedly vanished) MH370, the (kabbalistic/mystery religion switch hitting) 777 jet whose last 'ping' was detected at 9.11 am.

'Joking (Ju Kun), a Jet Lie (Jet Li) with an Illusion (Il-y-ushin) and using an 'expendable(s) body double'.

A Jet LIE. Just like the Jet Li/Jet Lie 'body double' aka Ju Kun (Jukun/Joking) from flight MH370. He body doubled for Jet Li (Jet Lie) in The Expendables...huge wink, wink! Expendable, designed to be used only once and then abandoned or destroyed.  A (related) 'Chinese' plane was used in aiding the general search, the Il(y)ushin (Illusion). Orlando, has served up the 'camp comedy doctors', along with actor/panto villain Mateen, other acting linked (crisis-like) characters and all with a huge side-order of 'The Big Fix' and 'Fix It Here'! Omar Mateeen, shouldn't it be Omar Mateen(ee)/Matinee? "Don't make a crisis out of a drama", hell, this is more like "make a drama out of Crisis (actors)"!

Well, well...what do you know? Patience (shit actress) Carter is an affiliated Fox News intern!
  Isis, Cry Sis(ter) or Cr(Isis)? Wanted for crimes against humanity! (and for crimes against acting). Mateen, wouldn't have likely used Arabic, he was Afghani and the Arabic language is barely spoken there!

Take a bow elite sponsored sell-out whore! How does it feel to sell-out your fellow citizens? "The (black) people have suffered enough.", don't you know? Media induced AGITATOR type nonsense, her Oscar is some way off, imo.

"There's no business like show business..." 
Casting call central...was it 'Latino night' or 'B-movie actor night' at Pulse?
Another with an acting background. This is the guy who said that he blocked the exit door at the club. Someone edited Burbano's IMDB page (after the shooting event) to include his presence in Spirit of Orlando: Shooting Up (2015 music video), but he is not in it. Strange that such a video exists though!
Backstage, casting calls, actress/singer, Fox News intern etc...all this reminds me of Eric 'Fox News/911' Shawn! A firsthand witness to 9/11 (wink, wink). Carter, mentions 911 (call) during the interview.

Allow me an excursion into 9/11, mass media (programming) and Hollywood mind control:
If you want to skip this aspect, whizz down to the Man In The High Castle image and read from there.

Fox News (again) and 9/11 predictive programming...Wanted: Eric 'Fox/Cameo Actor' Shawn!
Shawn (Fox News, 'terror/war' reporter) whose only cameo role was in (WTC and Tower resonant) Gremlins II (with a 9/11 cipher) and who (11 years later) directly reported for Fox News on the morning of 9/11! Shawn, also claimed to be one of the few that saw the first plane hit the WTC (see Naudet 'intel' Bros clip). 9/11 images above/below (we see it done twice), takes place in front of Clamp (Trump) Regency Trade Centre (Tower).
Regular readers will be aware of my opinion (and historic work) on Fox's Murdoch and his '9/11-WTC' cipher loaded' 20th Century Fox film/TV output.

Note I have since edited out the rest of this excursion into 9/11 etc, I will probably write it up in a separate post. Just notifying you of the update. If you want to continue on this line, go here:

These degenerates, individuals and corporations (whoever they might be or whatever their contribution) are 'seemingly' involved in playing and helping to play both sides (via programming), with the 'useless eaters' (us, the enthralled 'brainwashed' masses) in the middle, we being the ultimate victims. The mass audience subliminally and predictively programmed (using days/weeks/months and sometimes even years/decades of preparatory exposure) with mass entertainment aka MSM/Corporate propaganda. Propaganda fronting as entertainment. I hope that little excursion into Gremlins 2/Spielberg etc, has helped in your overall understanding of what we're up against!

If we assume that 9/11 (like Orlando) had elements of fakery/hoax/mass mind control etc, then we at least know that 'corporate entertainment and news' have some history in this regard. What I am saying is, the elite are not exactly novices when it comes to these types of mass mind games! If they can pull-off 9/11(with various forms of media manipulation), and right under the collective mass nose, Orlando would comparatively be a walk in the park!

Brian (Brain) O'Blivion...
"The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena: the Videodrome.
The television screen is the retina of the mind's eye. Therefore, the television screen is part of the physical structure of the brain. Therefore, whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those who watch it...therefore":
The elite's (potential) manifesto declaration through film...this is a (potential) 4th wall type example.
"Television is by nature the dominator drug par excellence. Control of content, uniformity of content, repeatability of content make it inevitably a tool of coersion, brainwashing, and manipulation."
— Jerry Mander, Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television (New York Quill, 1978) 

If you don't understand the message being implied here...there really is no hope for you!
Television IS (our) reality! A 'reality' that can be augmented, twisted and turned inside-out by those with the power and influence to do so! TV, the most powerful mind control device ever created!

No disrespect intended, but I literally loathe American TV and pretty much always have. We've had to tolerate its nefarious influence (usurping and replacing British TV culture) in the UK and increasingly so within the last 20-30 years. The 'cult of celebrity' is probably the most dangerous RELIGION that currently exists on planet earth! Degenerate Hollywood underpinning it all. That said, I fucking loathe (current) UK TV too, an absolute shit house of degeneracy and low vibrational mental candy-floss!

Saturday 18th at Daniel Clamp, erm I mean Donald Trump Rally...more shooter news!
The Brit apparently began his plan to do this as far back as a year. Crazy times people!

With MUSLIM and 'Isis cheerleader/apologist' Obama occupying the White House, I guess anything is possible! MSM 'poster boy' Obama can hardly help himself, as he hawks his (pre-event scripted) 'native' gun control agenda and at every opportunity. His address to the nation was an absolute outrage (imo). When the POTUS is an NWO lackey, and an enemy of the American people, it's not surprising that he 'middle fingers' the US population on the back of a national tragedy, hoax (as I believe) or otherwise. That aside, is Michelle a post op trans-sexual, inquiring minds want to know!?

I might come back to Orlando, but for now I'm going to address the UK EU Referendum.

The 'Saturnian' Hex and The Cube, which we've covered extensively in recent months, as regular readers know. The UK EU vote (23rd June) is taking place just after the Summer Solstice. Cox used to host Summer Solstice parties, one was scheduled for her birthday, the day before the referendum vote.

As for Birstall/Batley and the murdered MP, the one who was slaughtered on the day that many began to finally believe that 'Brexit' was destroying 'Remain'...I'll leave you to work that one out. Remain must've thought all their Christmases had come at once, especially with the 'perp' (conveniently cough, cough) linking to the far right and patriot ideals. The chosen 'perp' might as well have had 'Brexit' tattooed on his forehead...the 'nationalist/right wing' aspect was given literally minutes (cough, cough) after the news broke the initial story. I watched it unfold in realtime.

The original news that broke (yes I saw it break) was that Cox had got involved in a dispute between two men and had then attempted to intervene. The two men, perhaps being Mair and the 77 year old Bernard Kenny, an issue involving a car parking space was also mentioned, and likely given as the reason for the initial dispute. As a result of this altercation it was suggested that Cox was shot and stabbed. However, in the time since, very little (if anything) has been made in mentioning this initial 'two man scuffle' again! Subsequent reports have seemingly suggested that Cox was directly attacked by Mair, and that Kenny came to assist (sustaining injuries), that is the 'current' impression that has and is being given. At this point, the MSM are claiming that Kenny intervened in a scuffle between Mair and Cox. Without a doubt, the initial report is different to what is now claimed. This could, of course, change over time. I've yet to see any images of Kenny, he is currently in hospital under police guard.

The reason that the above is important is that in these types of events, the initial 'breaking news' is not usually subject to the same kind of control, that is later applied by those with influence. It's looser at this stage, the narrative is not yet fully set and (inconvenient) aspects may seep out. After the initial furore, nefarious establishment agents (many contained with in the intel-ridden MSM media) can get to work and shape things (eg. the narrative) to increasingly suit their needs. In this instance, it's an attempt to steer voters to the Remain camp, using this murder as the catalyst. Post-event propaganda, is likewise, equally crucial to the controllers in shaping opinion and fomenting aspects, including ones that can lead to forms of peer group pressure.

The Britain First representative...clearly having no idea how this stuff got linked to his organisation, he obviously doesn't realise that his group were selected (without his knowledge), for the purposes of a mass propaganda exercise!

This event is evocative of Anna Lindh, the Swedish foreign minister who was assassinated in Stockholm (stabbed on the 10th,  died Sept 11th 2003). In 2003, four days before the Swedish referendum on adopting the Euro (currency), Lindh, a pro-Euro advocate, was stabbed to death in a public place. The man convicted of the killing claimed to have no idea why he had acted in the way he had. It was suggested (at the time) that the killing might have a considerable effect on the result. However, this was not the case, and Sweden voted to reject. Cox's murder has the same sort of aspects, but with a more politically primed, drawn and more defined killer.

"Death to traitors, freedom for Britain"
The elite's 'on-cue' stooge: Thomas 'Manchurian candidate' Mair
Nice image, Mr Manchuria in military-type camouflage...wink, wink. It's not as if the MSM is trying to show this 'perp' as a right-wing/patriot (which in the current political climate, is anything that doesn't agree with EU communism) lunatic or anything! Mairs 'red hands' really jumped out of this image for is impossible not to notice them.

The Red Hand(s) and 'soil', Mair worked as a volunteer gardener (soil), the red gloves/hands image (above) likely relates to this. Violence against British politicians has been rare,  Jo Cox is the first serving politician to be killed since Conservative politician Ian Gow, was killed by an Irish Republican Army bomb in 1990.  Personally, I believe that the IRA were/are ultimately controlled by British Intelligence (MI6 etc).

Could this be a Zionist connection and a potential example of (insider) twilight language symbolism? The hidden hand and the red hand etc. Symbolism to ponder. Sociopathic and Zionist bankers Goldman Sachs, have their fingers (and agents) all over the EU project. Note, that the sociopathic EU Bilderberger's just had their recent annual meeting, it straddled the 9th  - 12th June, Dresden, Germany.

This event keys into the European Union and the Union of Jacob (Britain). Recent posts raised the issue of (Zionist sown) Communism and the (Zionist) Illuminati, who funded and fostered its creation. We've also previously and recently covered British Israelism,

With just a week to the vote (cough, cough) they couldn't have got a better outcome, if they had planned it all (which is clearly what they did, and with the backing of the degenerate MSM!). The funeral/memorial will likely be on a Princess (elite killed) Diana level, even though she was a virtual unknown, up until yesterday. According to the criminal MSM, an MP's life is clearly more important than the life of a lesser mortal aka useless eater.


They've even tried to link 'Manchurian Mair' to aspects of Nazism via the gutter press. The MSM (and deluded liberal lefties) like to portray the right, patriots and nationalists, as a something akin to the Nazi state of mind.  This could not be further from the truth and is yet another example of MSM-driven 'inverted reality' logic.

"I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."

Yes, Nazism did contain aspects of both left and right, but I deem them to be primarily socialist (left) driven! It is the EU itself (ironically, under Hitler spawned Merkel) that promotes the socialist Nazi ideology (nazi, from National Socialist).

The Elite are trying to destroy the nationalist ideal...therefore they will lie and manipulate the agenda, anything to put nationalism/patriotism in the dock and condemn it. This is why they are attempting to link 'Manchurian Mair' to Nazism...a 101 type spoil tactic etc.

It was 'socialist' Hitler's dream to have a United States of Europe and with Germany at the helm (which is similar to what we have now!). A United States of Europe, which is effectively a type of former 'USSR' style construct. It is the 'socialist/left wing' EU juggernaut that is the 'more likely' Nazi-based aspect, within this entire argument! It is considerably more reasonable to associate nazism with the EU model. This is the same EU that wants to end democracy, accountability and insert a leadership system that cannot be challenged by a vote of the people! This is clearly BAREFACED POLITICAL INSANITY, at least from a citizen's perspective it is!

Jo Cox's husband, Brendan Cox...recent news (Nov 2015)
An insider said: ‘Some people were unhappy there was no proper internal investigation into the allegations. Brendan packed his bags and left suddenly.’ One individual who has worked with Save The Children said: ‘Several of the women complained about inappropriate behaviour by Brendan. When the charity did nothing about it they threatened to make a huge fuss. Shortly afterwards it was announced that Brendan was leaving. Then we heard Justin was going as well.’

Save The Children (Charity)

I wonder what the 'inappropriate allegations' relate to, it all seems so DELIBERATELY veiled, yet palpable! Of course, there's a type of irony in all this, in respect of charity, considering the cloud hanging over Mr Cox and Save The Children. A 'collective' charity fund is currently underway in relation to this murder.

Cox's husband has wasted no time 'politicising' this murder...and right from the outset!
He's seemingly spent all his spare time posting 'platitudes' on Twitter, when you'd think he'd be grieving!
Emotive propaganda (MSM induced mass psychosis) is used to usurp your reasoning and critical thinking they can manipulate the 'mass mind' and influence your (voting) behaviour. Only in the very short-term of course, but this is all that the elite require anyway!

The fallout (of Cox's death) is like watching the UK population going through a type of MSM-driven  'mass psychosis' and we're seeing it unfold in realtime! They're painting her as Saint Jo of Batley, have these sycophants ever cried for the loss of a British soldier and one sent on an illegal war mission, do they weep for the people that are killed/murdered everyday? Anyway, let's all watch the elite try to associate the Brexit campaign with their (programmed via psychiatry manchurian puppet) right-wing, nationalist/patriot stooge, in a giant and transparent example of tar-brushing!

The Selective Compassion of Jo Cox...

Strange, that hours after the death of this woman, an American company produced a "receipt" for a purchase that showed that, Mair, had bought a manual on how to make a gun over 17 YEARS AGO!

How did a US company spot the news of an English MP being killed (a likely minor story in respect of the USA) and within the space of mere hours (Mair, wasn't publicly named for quite a while, if I recall correctly!) , then conveniently find it and supply it to a press agency. I would suggest that this receipt is a fraud, for the purposes of propaganda reinforcement and one that ultimately connects to (mk-ultra/potential patsy) Mair, and the weapon used. If this receipt had come out a couple or so days later, I wouldn't even be writing this, but time is of the essence, isn't it folks!?

Jo Cox was shot and stabbed...event foreshadowing?
Knifed...this was in the local media (in respect of Jo Cox) and only last month!
Thanks to this commenter at the Daily Mail

It's the 'rainbows and unicorns' worldview brigade...with their 'Hate Whitey' overtones!
Get in there Max Morris!

This tonight (Sat 18th June) after I've written the main post body. Don't hang about do they!
The Nazi meme...fomenting (Brexit) guilt by association.
Another one added late Saturday night (the racist meme)...the blanket propaganda campaign is gathering speed. Soon they'll have Brexiters on a par (or if not worse) with Ku Klux Klan members! Of course, both these latest press reports from the Daily Mail (above) are not allowing any form of 'user comments', another overt way to control the narrative and the exchange of opinion, they're hoping you'll buy into it without question or reasoning etc.

JOB DONE! (see left). Alongside the Brexit Gunman headlines, Daily Star.

Hey folks, "DON'T LET HATE WIN" (vomit)...not when we've just launched a mass mind fuck, eh elite controllers? These kind of 'infantile and naive' platitudes are laughable, well they would be if this wasn't so serious! Clearly, the establishment are going to go FULL SPEED and HEAVY with this propaganda campaign.

Will all this fool the 'useless eater'...not all, but very many is my guess. The 'cognitive dissonance' of the elite (Remain) actually carrying out a murder to secure their EU dictatorship fantasy, will allow people to wallow in their typical (self induced) ignorance. These types of people are (imo) COWARDS in the face of elite hegemony and a big reason as to why the elite have been able to maintain and expanded their power base and their effective reach! Another danger, is that this event could potentially set the pretext for a rigging of the vote count. A narrow Remain win, which could then be justified on the back of Cox's death and a swing to Remain from the undecideds. All as a result of this induced 'mass psychosis!

Other than that, will we even see the Referendum vote next Thursday? There's potential for the vote to be postponed (in light of recent events), and I wouldn't be at all surprised if this happens. With tempers fraying and national temperatures rising, they might see this as a chance to pour water on the whole thing (cool it down, take the heat out) and claim it in the national interest. We'll see what happens over the next few days. Perhaps, after the elite have seen how their latest 'mass manipulation' agenda is progressing, they'll make the call. Of course, if this all has the desired effect on the group mind, they'll likely go ahead with the vote. The vote, which is one day after (what would've been) Jo Cox's birthday. Yes folks, Jo Cox's 42nd birthday would've been the day before the referendum vote, I wonder if they'll play up on it!?

Brexit/Leave 'Godfather' Nigel Farage has his own previous 'elite victim' form, it was when he was nearly killed in a plane crash on the morning of the 2010 UK general election.
Oh yes...imo, the elite tried to carryout a 'symbolic election day assassination' on UKIP Nigel!
The official version states that a promotional banner became entangled with the plane, hmmm?
Jan 2016, Farage claimed that his car wheel had been sabotaged in an assassination attempt.

Back to the plane crash. There are (imo) potentially strong mind control markers in relation to the pilot Justin Adams (since deceased, aged 48, Nov 2013) of the actual plane that crashed. Investigate this yourself and you'll understand what I mean, very strange behaviour in respect of the pilot, he actually made threats to kill Farage, after the plane crash!

See what I mean!? He even claimed to be a former SAS member.

Lucky To Be Alive
Lucky To Be Alive...Eyes Wide Shut (Elite/Illuminati murder and manipulation of the press)
Wink, wink...Bill: "The woman lying dead in the morgue was the woman at the party. Well, Victor, maybe I'm missing something here. You call it fake, a charade... Do you mind telling me what kind of fuckin' charade ends up with somebody turning up dead?"
Victor: "her door was locked from the inside, police are happy, end of story!" Except, these 'door' details are not an aspect of the newspaper printed story above! Wink, wink. Ziegler 'the masonic tyler' of the Illuminati (Somerton/Rothschild) lodge, Ziegler means 'tiler'...a masonic tyler/tiler guards the door etc.

Hotel Room...Michael Hutchence & Paula Geldof/Yates. Hutchence...Hanged/Suicided?
The death date resonates with the JFK assassination (Nov 22nd). He was apparently found just behind the hotel room door and hanging from the spring lever with his leather belt. No suicide note was found and he also supposedly had a broken hand (cough, cough).  The coroner ruled that it was suicide, but there is also a belief that it could have potentially been auto-erotic asphyxiation. What about being 'suicided' though?
Both Yates and Hutchence claimed that Geldof made threats against them:
Knighted (Elite) Geldof: “Don’t forget, I am above the law” (I'm inclined to believe him!)

Before the body was found, Michael had supposedly called Geldof twice, a call on the prior evening and one in the early hours of the morning, on the day of his death (Sat, 22nd Nov). On one call, Hutchence screamed abuse down the phone line. "Your f**king children hate you, man. I'm their father, little man. When are you going to realise that?"

There were custody issues with Yates and Geldof, following their break-up. Geldof had custody of Yates and Hutchence's daughter, which was apparently against Hutchence's parents wishes.
Yates refused to accept the verdict of suicide, she has since died (heroin overdose, 2000) and Geldof/Yates' daughter Peaches (heroin overdose, 2014), has also since passed.  Eyes Wide Shut's Mandy, 'reportedly' OD'ed on drugs (suicided). Not long before her death, Peaches had used social media to condemn mothers who had allowed paedophiles to abuse their children, Watkins etc etc.

Again this is true and verifiable (regular readers might even recall), back in 2014 and just before the time of her death, I had actually written about Peaches (and OTO), on this blog and for the first time. It was 1-2 weeks (something like that) before her death. I mention it in my MH370 post from around that time. Her death occurring about one month after MH370 disappeared, the story that gripped the world, the plane vanishing on 8th Mar 14. I actually panicked  a bit and deleted most of what I had written, I mentioned her OTO connection and stuff to do with the Tarot Hanged Man (self sacrifice). The original post body was an aspect of my 'OTO and Hip-Hop' piece, one which I wrote and posted in very late Feb '14, and edited and embellished through March. I was still writing/editing it alongside my MH370 piece. I do a lot of embellishing to my original posts and as I go along, it's something I've always done, usually across 1-2 months. The Peaches content was added and late on in the process. After her death was announced (given as 6th-7th Apr '14), I went back and deleted what I had written and then make the explanation in my 370 post (below, you can see the 8th Apr just after I mention Peaches.)

My reaction is palpable, as you can probably tell.

During Hutchence's funeral ceremony, some type of 'serial event pest' (Peter Hore) did the following: From the balcony looking down at the congregation, he announced, "This is how he did it, Paula. This is how he died." Then he jumped off the balcony, attached to a 4 foot black cord around a dog collar attached to his neck. Many screamed and got upset, the Police got him and hauled him away.
(yup, stone cold crazy! WTF?)

Hore has interrupted a number of funeral services and memorials including (Nicole Kidman's father) Dr Antony Kidman (2014), even his death has weird aspects. Yes folks, Eyes Wide Shut Kidman's father, the one who I recently wrote about, in relation to sex abuse and mkultra-like activity, he has been accused of being a programmer (see post link above) . Hore, could also be a useful 'mkultra idiot' of sorts, maybe that is what he is! Could his stunt at Hutchence's and Kidman's funerals play also into these themes?

One thing that I did notice, on the day before the Cox murder, was the story concerning the Thames Floating Flotilla, both Leave and Remain, Nigel 'UKIP' Farage and Bob 'complete cunt' Geldof.
Jo Cox and family were involved in this event for the Remain campaign,  it attracted heavy criticism towards Remain, due to the condescending nature, use of expletives and obscene gestures aimed at Leave. Leave, were highlighting the plight of fisherman and their (EU) destroyed industry etc. Ha, and you wondered why I called Geldof a 'cunt'. You know, I've written about Geldof (and his deceased daughter 'OTO Peaches') in the past and actually directly in respect of 'mind control'! It was his (shooting murder inspired/mind control/mk-resonant) UK and global smash #1 hit, 'I Don't Like Mondays', which directly related to the shooting murders carried out by Brenda Ann Spencer (1979). Geldof's song opens with "The silicon chip inside her head was switched to overload"

Cleveland Elementary School Shootings and 'masonic/tessellated' Bob
Spencer, could also potentially fit the profile for mind control. In 2001, she mentioned 'beatings and sex abuse' at the hands of her father, but these claims were doubted at the time.

According to Geldof, he wrote the song after reading a telex report at Georgia State University's campus radio station, WRAS, on the shooting spree of 16-year-old Brenda Ann Spencer, who fired at children in a school playground at Grover Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California, US on 29 January 1979, killing two adults and injuring eight children and one police officer. Spencer showed no remorse for her crime and her full explanation for her actions was "I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day". The song was first performed less than a month later. (hmmm?)

"Death to traitors, freedom for Britain"

Daily Mail (15th June) I noticed this FINAL image...'IN' in front of 'TRAITORS' GATE'
The shot above is NOT Jo and her family (see them below)...but it was the shot that I noticed, due to the 'irony' of showing the 'In campaign' in front of the entrance. The entrance where 'traitors' would be led to the Tower of London, often for imprisonment and execution. 'In' are campaigning to ultimately end UK sovereignty, hence 'remainers' often being referred to by 'Brexiters' as 'traitors'.

Here's my comment from the Daily Mail the night before (15th), Jo Cox killed on the 16th
This comment is a reference to the 'traitors' gate' image seen just above...the final one in the article.
The final comment, which I've only just noticed (after retrieving this image today, on 18th) actually makes reference to 'an omen'...but perhaps that is meant in terms of the vote result, but it also works as a spooky kind of coincidence too!

This just in...Sunday 19th (a.m.)
Great timing there's almost as though someone told you what was coming!

Imo...Brendan Cox KNEW that this 'shooting event' was going to transpire. I'm not even sure if Jo Cox was really killed (psy-op, hoax, Gladio type stuff etc), as crazy as that sounds. Having watched the family members giving their speech from the scene on Saturday, I am very suspicious of THEIR behaviour, far too many smiles and little or no tears. BREAKING POINT (the sledgehammer headline) also smacks of a potential (pre-event) mind control type trigger phrase, but I'm reaching. Brendan Cox had to know, if only so he could then perform his designated 'psy-op' role via social media etc...and while his wife's body was barely cold! Mr Cox has been falling over himself politicising this murder/event, many via his 'Hallmark greeting card/rainbows and unicorns' style tweets. It's almost as if he is following a specific plan and playing a role!

Hate Whitey, seeding 'group mind' self-loathing through imperialist mass propaganda

2016, saw another 'Hate Whitey' (Zionist-based, agitators etc) Oscar's Special!
All part of the ongoing and longterm agenda to seed guilt and self-loathing within the white population. How many white artists won anything or hosted at the MOBO or BET awards, answers on a postcard please!? The odd 'token white' here or there, does not count.

Yes folks, the elite will flood your nations with illegal immigrants to destroy your way of life and then middle finger you (call you racist and xenophobic) while they do it! Hate Whitey (MSM induced self-loathing) has never had so much traction!

Mair gave his name as 'Death to traitors, freedom for Britain', stating only these words and twice.

No word of a lie, the night before the murder of Cox, I was never more convinced of a Brexit win, I was totally and utterly convinced of it. The 'momentum' factor at that point was unstoppable, 6 out of 7 (or 7 out of 8 ?) of the prior polls (before the likely Remainiac hit) had Brexit leading and pulling away. The Daily Mail comments section was Brexit heaven, with post after post of 'mass green arrows' versus 'zero red arrows'...I like to keep abreast of the 'mass group mind' responses, you understand. Remain's huge 'Project Fear' was falling on deaf I think the momentum was stopped in it's tracks, with a 'related shock incident' (acting like a powerful stopper) and an an entire 'new' narrative introduced, the one we're witnessing.

Sunday's UK press (19th June) is going to go to town with 'DEATH TO TRAITORS, FREEDOM FOR BRITAIN'

Let's have a round of applause, for the beloved elite and their latest successes!

This is what being 'jaded' by this research...does to you!!! All you can do is take the piss out of it, that's all I can do at this advanced stage, at least! Well, the elite 'mock' the masses on a regular basis, so likewise, and in my own way, I'm mocking them (the elite)!

Sunday, 19th June...update

Many readers over at The Daily Mail, are not buying into Brendan Cox's bullshit and his 'rainbows and unicorns' shtick. Many are questioning his behaviour! See the comments section, many 'subliminally' and 'overtly' know that something is UP!

A few examples
Make of it what you will.

Monday June 20th (a.m.)

Just to keep you updated, the latest manipulation is transpiring via finance and the stock markets in the UK, Europe and around the world. There are 3%+ positive swings occurring and this smacks of yet another 'globalist elite' move. Massive gains in a very short space of time, some of this is on the back of the latest (and likely spurious) polling figures in respect of Remain etc. UK, I haven't seen these kinds of daily huge positive swings for a very, very, very long time. I've seen 1-2% at times and in places in recent years, but nothing like 3%+. We'll have to see how they close. Similar is being seen with the £/$ exchanges.

"Don't upset that economic applecart " is the likely implied 'useless eater' message. "Look at the gains we've made, wouldn't want to lose that. It's all about the economy people, let's not damage the (fake) recovery etc."

All conveniently transpiring just before votes are due to be cast!

Monday June 20th (p.m.)

If we spin back to when I posted this on the 17th, you'll see where I mention the 'Princess Diana' factor in respect of Cox. I also used 'Saint Jo' as another comparison. Both these comparisons (and after 3 days have elapsed) are now typically more common in the public domain.

Re: Princess Diana funeral, from my own recollection of that event, I can distinctly remember a type of 'mass psychosis' that was apparent/induced back then. I didn't think too much of it, I just found it strange how people reacted and how 'over the top' it all seemed. I mentioned what would've been Cox's 42nd birthday too, the day before the vote, that aspect is also increasingly seeping into the 'mass mind'.

The recall to Parliament...
Purple Rain (tears)
It's the colour PURPLE...the colour of 'mind control', you know, the one I've literally bored you to tears with in very recent weeks. The Purple (gay) One aka Prince to the Purple Queen and beyond.
There's an MP with a purple tie sitting closely behind Cox's old seat...there are purple people everywhere!
It's a total PURPLE overload! Even the PM David Cameron wore a purple tie.

The 'elusive' Mr Kenny..."Looking smart in a dark grey three-piece suit with bright purple tie..."

"These are the first pictures (there are two, other below) to be published of Mr Kenny since his incredible efforts to save Mrs Cox. One shows him beaming as he celebrates his grandson's wedding. The joyful occasion at a luxury hotel just last month (poor quality pic isn't it? My emphasis) is in stark contrast to the horror which happened on the streets of his home town on Thursday. Mr Kenny can be seen smiling at the camera in the wedding shot at Tankersley Manor in Barnsley, West Yorkshire. Looking smart in a dark grey three-piece suit with bright purple tie and flower in his lapel, he grins with guests on the terrace."

Even U-KIP (U-Sleep) has a major purple branding aspect.

"The Tug of War"...and I don't mean that in the sporting game sense, you get me!? I'm more inclined to sense a potential 'military' type of overtone. I noticed the Cameron/Chamberlain comparison got another airing too (BBC, Question Time), I mentioned that (back in February) with the Adolf Merkel post. I had Boris Johnson, in the Churchill role in that scheme of things. A tug is also a boat, boats feature heavily from Cox's home to the UKIP flotilla. The same 'boat flotilla' that she was a part of, and on the night before her death.

Bernard Kenny (3rd from left) service for war dead. Kenny and his rescue 'helmet' and Cox and her 'White Helmets' (look it up!), there are two white helmets in this above image.

And there you go...Syria, White Helmets (Huffington Post). Their charitable-like status is somewhat of a lie.

I actually found a (Nov 2013) newspaper comment from Cox's 'have a go hero' Bernard 'miner' Kenny, and in respect of 'political assassination/shooting', the biggest example in fact, President Kennedy's!

'Cinema note told of shooting'
Kenny: "We thought a war was going to take place"

Kenny/Kenn(ed)y, underground messages, shooting/assassination, war...huge potential 'wink, wink'. Cox, Tug of War, shooting/assassination and linked to this very same 'former' underground miner, the one who tried to save her! (Update 22nd June, they share the same birthday date too! What are the chances?). You need to think laterally/cryptically on these things! Note, Kenny's newspaper comment is preceded by the words 'spooky' (spooks/intelligence), it is the last word of the previous and first posted comment. Many will have seen films or TV shows where the press are used for covert communication, personal ads etc. There is an ad embedded in the centre of the comment.

The image of miner Kenny (close-up)...War remembrance 'going underground' (road digging sign)
The George Cross award has now been suggested for 'hero' Bernard (purple) Kenny.
The GC is the highest gallantry award for civilians, as well as for members of the armed forces in actions for which purely military honours would not normally be granted. This is a 'high-end' honour in the scheme of things, very high.
Purple tie and purple handkerchief in the breast/heart pocket

I really don't know what to think (other than 'war' resonance) of this Kenny person and construct? Remember how I mentioned the change to the initial story and the intervention issue.  I know, I know...this stuff is f**king crazy! Recall my Adolf Merkel post and my mention of 'history repeating and no one noticing!' The killing of JFK is one of the staples of the entire 'conspiracy' field and the Vietnam War is also hugely related.  F**k me and I thought this was all just about the EU vote!!!

Note that the US has its 'military' Purple Heart (for wounded/killed). The National Hall of Honor is located in New Windsor. Purple is heavily linked to the Windsor British/German royal family.

Remember this from the overlapping/related Orlando event...D-Day (WW2)
D-Day, 6th June (6th month) 1944...mission launched during the 6th hour (666 kabbalism)
It's also a 'purple' based calendar, purple June and colour background. Disney made war propaganda films, Disney also links to (barely veiled) 666 kabbalism via Walt Disney's signature.
D-Day 1944, there was a resonant '4x4' (44) during the Orlando event, the car/vehicle. A car/vehicle (Cars, film) is situated alongside the calendar! D-Day involved forms of 'deception' against the German enemy. Mateen's calendar lists D-Day as the 7th, not the 6th.

Mickey Mouse...
 It's slang meaning "small-time," "amateurish" or "trivial" -- even "unbelievable." In the British Isles, "Mickey Mouse" has been around for ages (certainly a few years after the appearance of the cartoon character) to also mean bogus, fake or inferior quality. "A Mickey Mouse operation" being one example of its general use.

A notion has long been widespread that "Mickey Mouse" was the code name for the D-Day invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944.  Although this urban legend widely exists, the truth is somewhat different, as the following article reveals.
Yes, a 'password/codeword' of sorts and one relating to D-Day, naval officers (naval intelligence) etc. In short, an intelligence based codeword in respect of receiving orders. Naval intelligence is seemingly key in the scheme of things (it has been historically), that is what I have discovered.

Purple and Grimmie...shooting (a day or so before). Disney related Grimmie was discovered by Selena Gomez's mother, Mandy Teefey; Teefey and her husband Brian soon became Grimmie's managers. Gomez was actually performing nearby in Orlando and on the same night as the shooting. Grimmie's longtime friend and former tour-mate Selena Gomez wrote, "My heart is absolutely broken. I miss you, Christina."
Selena Gomez (circled bottom right) featured in the Barney children's series, the purple dinosaur.
Selena 'Purple Barney/Disney/Purple' Gomez
Over the rainbow to the colo(u)r purple...the purple crown chakra (mind control)

The most recent news in respect of Orlando, highlighted the lead girl in purple...(added 28th June). We earlier also mentioned the purple light hue (red/blue mixing lights).

Orlando and Purple (MLS/soccer)

Orlando shootings 'purple linked' Patience 'Fox intern/actress' Carter
This is listed under the '5 things you should know about her' article.

The Orlando Shooting and Jo Cox's killing are very likely both FAKED/HOAXED operations, or at least one's that involved very heavy fakery etc.

"We could be heroes just for one day" Shades of deja-vu?
Mr Stars & Stripes, Orlando hero Christopher 'actor' Hansen at Film festival...wink, wink.
It's all very Bernard 'bravery/gallantry award' Kenny, isn't it? 77 year old Kenny and Orlando's 49 (7*7) victims. Giving these two acting awards might be more appropriate. "I'd like to thank the Academy..." We've yet to see Kenny (update, I wrote this before his pics were published, now shown earlier) though, even his 'JFK' shooter related newspaper comment featured in an article titled 'Cinema Note Told Of Shooting'. Read the last part of the above text again, Sunday night? Sunday night is 'technically' after the event, it was a Latin Saturday night out. The shooting supposedly began just after 2am Sunday morning, you'd likely think of Sunday night as the following evening. Is this a type of media fnord, another tell or an innocent slip-up?

War resonant 'hero'  Kenny...

That bigger 'war' issue aside...
Going forward, the EU/Elite and its propaganda arm (the MSM) will keep smashing the 'group mind' and its emotional centre. It will also keep playing up on the idea that 'being proud of Britain' is akin to an extreme view and/or a type of mental disease. The 'racist/xenophobe' mantra will also likely be aired on a regular and repetitive basis, as will the economic paranoia angle. As I said previously, this Cox event has gatecrashed the entire EU vote arena. It is being used to manipulate the UK population's consciousness and ultimately their voting behaviour, especially undecideds, waverers and the 'suggestible'. Are we going to see things like "A vote for Remain, is a vote for Jo Cox" tributes, and "It's what she would've wanted" stuff like that? I'd be surprised if we didn't!

Earlier, I mentioned Trump and the British teen who apparently wanted to assassinated him on Saturday night (18th). For some reason that story only seems to be hitting the MSM now.
It's shooting and assassination month by the looks of there no end?

21st June
In the shadow of the Orlando and the Cox shooting(s) wildfires have broken out in Los Angeles, California (above shot from 16th). Other fires have also since erupted, two most recently in Azusa and Duarte. These latter fires apparently started on Monday 20th.

Remember my recent 'FUCK EU' post?
BTW, that's France not Palestine or Syria. Welcome to the hell that is the EU. Where's 'masonic fuck' Hollande, while his country is falling apart, planning another 'elite/masonic' sponsored French 911 or Charlie Hebdo?

"Peace and love maaaan, let's all live together in perfect racial harmony, don't let hate win, light a candle for love, let's sing Kumbayah My Lord and all hold hands, we must look after the children..." BARF!

According to the MSM, it's the Out/Leave group that are full of hatred, racism and xenophobia for wanting to stop this mess and control it? Those with independent thought (an increasing rarity) and a modicum of critical thinking, can see that it's these 'migrating monsters' that appear to be full of hate, strife and violence. More 'inverted reality' logic courtesy of the establishment and its propaganda organs.

Yeah...Fuck EU too! :)


Any folk that are reading this and linked from 'evilyoshida'...I just want to say that I tried to join your forum a while ago, but the admin never processed my membership (I tried 2 or 3 times). Not sure why this happened (never heard anything back), but I cannot join to post anything on there. Would've been good to cross-pollenate and share info, this was the reason why I looked to join. Just wanted you folks to know. Thanks.


22nd June
The Cult of Celebrity

Note, stay in for OUR children...they don't mean YOURS!
Your own children are being marginalised by all these elite moves and skullduggery!

Daniel '007 Bond' Craig, originally a BBC asset, I recall him featuring in their mid-90s drama, Our Friends In The North. Regular readers will know, that I view 'celebrity worship' as a type of serious mental disease or affliction. I often comment that it is also the most DANGEROUS religion that currently exists on planet earth. Yes, these people are good at pretending to be other people and in front of a camera. And? Beckham could kick an inflated leather ball around, and? Beckham's wife cannot sing (never could) and is 'media created' fashion designer, and? Like many of them, she sticks her name on things (the work of others) and calls them her own. Like I said, an awful mental affliction/disease! Seek help.

Some people are outraged that their heroes are advising that they send Britain down the river, for elite-driven EU hegemony. Why would anyone be even remotely surprised? These people are the 0.1%, the nouveau aristocracy...what else do you think they would advise?

Horseloverphat 1 vs. The Sheep 0

Recall this, which I wrote a few days ago...the 42nd birthday hoving into view:
Jo Cox - Jo-c(h)o(a)x - Joke Hoax...Helen, is/was her real Christian name.

Just like the Jet Li(e) 'body double' aka Ju Kun (Jukun/Joking) from flight MH370. Also Mr A-li(e) passports. One of the MH370 passengers who boarded with a stolen passport looked like Mario Balotelli, Abdul Rahman said Monday. A Mr Ali (A Li/A Lie), and Balotelli, Balo-tel-li, tell lie.

As if things couldn't get even more ridiculous...
Jo Cox and her 'have a go hero' Bernard Kenny, BOTH share the same birthday!

"A 'tug' is also a boat, boats feature heavily from Cox's home to the UKIP flotilla. The same 'boat flotilla' that she was a part of, and on the night before her death."

Phoney Brendan Cox...a man with no shame!

Boaty McBoat-fest...

Trafalgar Square Vigil...the Diana-fication and 'beatification' of Jo continues
More 'cult of celebrity' nonsense...most of Gillian 'X-Files' Anderson's career has been spent in CIA/FBI/Pentagon scripted and funded output. I'm not likely to forget 'masonic' Chris 'X-Files' Carter's contribution to the elite's 9/11 ritual!

I can find nothing more appropriate!
This can apply to both Brendan Cox (and team) and people involved in the Orlando 'hoax' event!
Broadcast News - Tears on cue (faked crying).
The brief moments where the News Anchor (William Hurt) tries to foment his fake tears (for increased emotional impact), are obviously edited out when the article is shown to the viewing public.

News Anchor, Howard Beale. Mass mind control of the sheep via Corporate TV.
"Television is reality, and reality is less than television"

"Woe is us, if it (TV) ever falls into the hands of the wrong people...who knows what shit will be peddled for truth on this network...we'll tell you any shit that you want to hear, we deal in illusions man, none of it is true."

23rd June

More 'virtual' theatre posing as politics..."It was an act of political theatre" (quote, Sky News)
Congress: In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, Demo(n)crats stage a 'sit in' to demand a vote on gun control. This all on the back of a 'mega-transparent' FAKED/HOAXED shooting!!!

The UK EU vote goes ahead today, after all the shenanigans of the last week or so. The stage is set for a narrow Remain win, as I mentioned a number of days ago.  I expect this is to be the result, but I could of course be wrong. If the 'elite establishment' are able to pull-off a faked/hoaxed murder of one of its MPs, I doubt they'll find getting the result they want to be too troublesome. Otherwise, why go to all this trouble, right folks? I was always concerned that the 'Cox event' would set up the pretext for a Remain win and this looks like the case here. Only other possibilities are they're looking for a big short and it's a giant double-bluff, unlikely but we saw something comparable with the last UK general election result or it was a failed propaganda campaign (people not buying it etc). Rothschild pawn George Soros who took the UK money markets apart over the ERM debacle, they say he broke the Bank of England on Black Wednesday, Sept '92.

That said, this is/was the most twisted, duplicitous, circus-like, fraud ridden, elite/msm/intel manipulated, reality bending voting event, that I've ever had the misfortune to witness. Truly a new low.


Well, I have just recently called this month shooting and assassinations month!!!

I made reference to the Aurora cinema shootings within this post, news of a German based shooting (at a cinema complex) is just breaking, latest is there's some wounded and gunman has barricaded himself in.

Posting @ 4:00pm. The cinema incident has now ended. It was first reported that the police had overwhelmed and arrested the gunman, but subsequent reports now say that he's been shot dead.

Reports now suggest that the injured are a result of the 'tear gas' employed and not related to any shooting.

Voting has closed in the UK EU referendum.

All I've seen so far, is the MSM busy writing the narrative for a Remain win (after about 10 minutes), even though no one knows jack shit!? Oh, how predictable most of this campaign has been and some of it proofed (in realtime) via this blog. The masses have yet to appreciate that the MSM ARE the goddamn elite cabal (their propaganda arm), there is very little (if any) independent journalism and hasn't been for decades! The MSM is riddled with Intel, masonic assets and EU borgs.


Early indications show a decent start for Brexit, but there is a very long way to go yet.
With 20 or so results in so far things are looking fairly good for Brexit, better than expected. We'll have to see how some of the larger population areas fare, they will have a large influence on the vote. Overall, London (largely Remain), big cities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be of import. I still think it will be a narrow Remain win, maybe 2-3% at a guess.


It's neck and neck, virtually nothing in it as I type. Leave/Out holding up so far and it has got the markets jittery, huge currency swings. This is going to be interesting! Either way this goes the country is going to be a political mess after this is over, the divisions are only too clear.


Brexit pulling away, the Cox psy-op and 'project fear' have seemingly not had the desired effect, now it looks like it's all they had (no rig or meaningful rig). It looks like my flip-flop from Brexit to Remain, on the back of the Cox event have been proved wrong (at least I'm hoping so!). I really thought they'd fooled everyone with their sleight of hand and racist/nazi slurs etc.

My original thoughts the night before the Cox shooting...the event had an appreciable effect but not quite enough...YES! A good deal of people still didn't buy into it:)

A Brexit is on the cards now, will have to see what the final result shows! The currency markets are in free fall on the £. If it's an out vote, Cameron and company will be gone! The times they are a changin' least by the look of things!


Kick on Brexit...smash the 4th Reich and its filthy UK agents! The finishing line is in sight! :)
The luvvies and the PC lefty/liberal types are in meltdown, the elite political classes just took a beating!

Unbreakable Nigel is already a national hero whatever happens and don't forget Boris Churchill, we'll have to see how things pan out. :)


As I mentioned here in the comments: Horselover Phat - 27 June 2016 at 13:00
"Yes, totally agree, re: Democracy. This is just the beginning, they will not take this lying down. Ever since the (Out/Leave) result, the MSM has been writing a "how do we reverse this?" narrative. As I have tried to say, the media are the biggest criminal aspect in most of these ongoing frauds. How could they not be, it is 'they' that (knowingly) deliver the criminal elite's propaganda, plans and messages etc.
Best wishes."

Quick update on Brexit...Sat 2nd July:
Johnson and Gove (Brexiters) have played their roles and they both deliberately torpedoed their own positions. This is played out (faux) drama, the Tories are all owned. Johnson and Gove in a soap opera script and a (deliberately) leaked email. The usual embarrassing stuff passing for reality!
They deliberately sabotaged themselves (it is ALL FAKE), so that a Remain-based MP like May, could slip into the Prime Ministers job (both main Brexit champions are now dust!). This is deliberate subversion of democracy, but was somewhat expected. All the usual MSM 'bells and whistles' are busy furthering the 'script/narrative' for a reversal of the (democratically elected) Out vote. They'll never likely invoke article 50.

Of course, should May be installed as PM, the Tories will be WIPED OUT in the next election, Labour will too...leaving the way clear for UKIP. That's if we get that far!

May is one of the worst politicians that I've ever had the displeasure to witness, simply hopeless in every regard and governmental job that she has ever come into contact with. This makes her the ideal 'puppet' choice. Her husband is a massive player within security firm G4S, the same firm that Omar 'fake shooter' Mateen worked for!


  1. I know it's not about the money, it's about sending a message or whatever; but if you would be so kind as to re-up the archive, I'd gladly pay you for it. Not for myself, of course, but for a friend.

    1. Horselover, look what I made for you!

      It's probably the only post coherent enough that you could call it a post. I was gonna get around to fleshin' out the rest of the bloggings by September as a surprise for your birthday, but perhaps it's better I share it now. It's just too bad I'm not there in person to give you a hug along with it. The whole thing was supposed to work as a kind of complement to your work, I thought maybe as a way to help share the burden of a load of... but I guess none of it matters anymore, righ?

      You know, I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you...

    2. Please refrain from pressing me on these issues...they are not warranted or appreciated. I will add the archive back soon...just hang in there.

      I've just had a recent comment (which I've naturally deleted), whereby it was deemed THAT I OWE THEM SOMETHING and that this work is NO LONGER MINE.

      If things continue down this route...I will either remove everything and forever or I'll remove the ability to leave any comments. I owe people nothing, most cannot even be bothered to give a word of thanks! WTF is going on...did manners suddenly become an alien concept?


    3. Ok, the posts are now available.

    4. I love you, Phat. It's a involuntary response. You're the real article.

    5. Your not so bad yourself Bingers :) You've been around here for a long time, I know that and you know that I wouldn't forget it either!

      Have a good one bud. :)

  2. Please please please keep doing what you're doing. Your insight and analysis is spot-on. You are truly amazing and I know that over time your views will go way up. I love your narrative and the way that seemingly unrelated events, articles and people seem to match up by the end of your posts. It's amazing. Your knowledge is superior and seemingly never ending.

    I am having withdrawals already. It took days to read through just one of your posts. The amount of intelligence and information contained took a long time to interpret and digest but it was always believable and utterly worthwhile. Who else can disect a film as thoroughly as you can and completely flip its message on its head? I can't take anything for granted now. You see things that the average person doesn't and we need truth tellers like you. How else do we progress from 'useless eaters' to the enlightened? If not you then who? ...

    Btw, even though I am not rich (yet :) ) I would happily pay a monthly subscription if it would help.

    1. Sorry, pressed for time at the moment...I will get back to you. Thanks.

    2. Bonjour, Sue.

      How you're lucky, you people speaking english: nothing like this blog and some others in french language. Imagine how it could be hard for me to share articles like mr HP writes !

      You too can do researches and publish it, with your own style, thru' your own senses.
      Mr HP's blog is a great "source d'inspiration" !
      (The subscription is not a wrong idea...)

    3. Thanks for all your kind words Sue, very decent of you. I doubt I'll go the subscription route though, but appreciate the suggestion. I just need a little break from this for a while, that will probably help. :)

      Thanks again

    4. Thanks for responding!! I hope my first comment on your 'goodbye' post wasn't the one you referred to as being abhorrent. If it was I was being facetious when I stated it was selfish of you to stop blogging. No offence intended. Anyway great news to see that you have picked up your pen again and have blessed us with your superior knowledge once again. What do you make of the recent "Kitty" / "Gladys" situation? I know you must know something about that nasty old creep.

      Thank you JP. Yes we are blessed to have Monsieur HP looking out for us.

    5. I have no ill feeling towards you Sue, it wasn't your comment that offended in that regard. Kitty/Gladys is untouchable, at least alive he is.

      Thanks and best wishes.

  3. Thank u for the insight, can u believe the worst mass shooting in america is a effin hoax? Why arent people protesting? Is any of our history real? What is real? The elite control us, most sheeple dont even know it. He laws are bs, all we see on tv are lies lies and more lies, where do the elite get their power from?

    1. Yes, I can believe it. The biggest terror event on USA soil aka '911' was a massive form of hoax too. People are not protesting because most people are COWARDS, cowards in the face of elite hegemony and dominance. They will take the 'pre-defined' narrative that the (elite mouthpiece) MSM presents to them instead...they generally always do. Life is more bearable if you buy into the 'move along, nothing to see here' concept. A lot of people cannot even 'think' these kinds of 'reality possiblities', let alone voice or discuss them.

      "Where do the elite get their power from?"


      Thanks for the comment.

  4. "I'm not even sure if Jo Cox was really killed" - Joe Cox/Joke Hoax.
    France, Magnanville, two cops (really) killed at home by LaROSSi (red) AbBALLa (Europe FootBALL Contest), mister "docteur good food" (swandwiches delivery): what a great killer's mask/covert, isn't it ? A guy condemned by the past. "More Europe, more security", they say...we're a poupulation to be replaced.
    All of that on the same week.

    1. Hi JP, yes I mentioned as much (her death as a potential hoax) somewhere in the post body. Jo Cox/Joke Hoax. It is all rather reminiscent of the 'Jet Li' (Jet Lie) body double from flight MH370, his name was Ju Kun (joking)! Ju Kun played Jet Li's (Jet Lie) body double in THE EXPENDABLES (cough, cough)!

      The 'smiling' family and (particularly) the husband's behaviours are very, very suspect. Brendan Cox seemingly lives on social media, you'd think he'd be looking after his own children, the ones who just (supposedly) lost a mother and in the last couple of days! Brendan, is so busy running the elite's agenda, that he hardly cares what he looks like to the onlooking public! These really are crazy times, that's much is certain!

      These days poor old France, now looks like something out of a war zone. :(

      Bon chance.

  5. Thank you so much for the work you do and for putting the archive back up. Speaking as someone who is just trying to understand how our fabricated reality is manufactured, the dots you are able to connect are invaluable.

    I'm sure Jo Cox is just fine and has been reassigned to a new project with a new identity. They were always going to manipulate the vote on the EU referendum. Now they have an excuse as to why Remain will suddenly defeat Brexit despite obvious popular opinion. Dupes will continue to dupe in the European (soviet) Union.

    All of that is somewhat depressing if not predictable, but the fact you've decided to come back is great news. All I can do is offer my thanks. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

    1. No worries. Yes, it seems entirely feasible that Cox is not actually dead. She may very well have performed a role in a huge 'sleight of hand' production for the elite. As soon as this broke I thought this could set an ideal pretext for a Remain win and one that they can fudge past the British public. The emotional punch and subsequent fall-out has every chance in achieving its very short-term aim.

      Thanks for the support and comment. Best wishes.

    2. is under a constant barrage of fake bots attempting to sign up for membership. Mods can't even begin to sift through them all to determine which might be real membership requests. I have info for you on an account but I can't figure out how to PM you.

  6. So glad you're still around. Thank you.

    1. Thanks. I'm still here, but that 'war' stuff (near the end of the post body) is freaking me out! There is definitely something palpable about it. I have to say so, otherwise I'd be lying to my readers! I'm sure you understand. I certainly wasn't expecting things to go this way, but they have in the 'subliminal' sense.

  7. Dear sir, i'm really sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention by any means. I deeply appreciate your work and that's what i wanted to emphasize by saying that your work belongs to the public just like a Goya painting would or an Oscar wilde poem, in other words just like masterpieces do. I consider your work a masterpiece, thank you for all the beautiful gems you've given us so far, take care stay strong.

    1. No hard feelings aLion, I've calmed down now. Very decent of you to come back and say so (this says a lot, imo) and I apologise for ranting at you. Testing times are these and thanks for your comment. Best wishes.

  8. As you said, no hard feelings. Testing times indeed for all of us. I share your anger against EU since I live in Greece, unemployed and totally broke ...Strength and wellbeing to all of us brother...

    1. Sorry to hear that aLion, breaks my heart to see what the EU has done to Greece. I wish you nothing but the best and hope things work out for you. I had my best ever holiday in Tolo, Greece in 1995 and loved it. Power to you and the Greek people.

    2. We did it aLion, at least we voted out!!! :) Symbolically that really means a lot! What a great night. I hope that Greece will soon be free! The EU needs to either change very, very rapidly or die. :)

    3. Yes you did it mate, my fear though is that they're not going to respect the outcome of the referendum as they did with us.They hate democracy, we know that very well, just look at their reactions,full of hate.But for sure it was a slap in their ugly face and I read that there are movements in other countries asking for referendum too. Let's hope this is the begining of something great!

    4. Yes, totally agree, re: Democracy. This is just the beginning, they will not take this lying down. Ever since the result, the MSM has been writing a "how do we reverse this?" narrative. As I have tried to say, the media are the biggest criminal aspect in most of these ongoing frauds. How could they not be, it is 'they' that (knowingly) deliver the criminal elite's propaganda, plans and messages etc.

      Best wishes.

    5. It's interesting to know that the next referendum taking place in EU is in Italy this October. It's not about EU, it's about a series of constitutional reformations. The Italian PM said that he will quit if he loses - just like Cameron did. It's very possible the Italian people will use this referendum to show their dissapoitment against the corrupted Italian government and the politics of the EU. It wouldn't be such a big deal if Brexit didn't exist,but now everything is different. If Renzi looses and forces to quit, Italy will dive into political and economic instability in an extremely critical period. As an old greek dude used to say, everything flows...

  9. sort of unrelated, but you might find it interesting... "animotions obsession" is one of my favorite songs, and its really dark... its definitely about sex abuse and has the (like a butterfly) bit in it... so i wiki-ed it and found out a band called "silverhead" originally did it (and an even better version!) but they did three albums "16 and ravaged" , "live at the rainbow" and "show me everything"... all of which have some pretty overt sex abuse/ rainbow things going on. haha... and the song obsession was for a film soundtrack, the movie was called "a night in heaven" with a dude doing the splits making a pyramid with his hand where the eye should be... in space... on the cover hahaha...

    man, i tell people about this kind of shit and people think im crazy but since reading your blog constantly, i dunno, its practically everywhere i look. and nobody gives a shit. its pretty frustrating haha... but yeah is it me just seeing patterns where you suggested them or not... well at this point i dont think im just imagining it. the more i look the more of it i find... also i have a crowley book "the book of lies" and after being suggested that its mostly about ass-sex, LMAOOOO almost all of it can be taken that way haha... its way more funny to read from that context in any case.

  10. Wooo hoooo....Horse is back!! And in good spirits too....I'll check this page out reaaaal soon. Just excited that you're back.

    Will comment on it real soon! Keep that good vibe going Phillip!

    Cheers man!

    Jeffrey (eXtintpunk)

  11. Alright...just went through your post. As always an amazing plethora of insightful connections. :-D

    One thing I find that the place where the shooting took place, Orlando. Isnt Orlando the character in Virginia Wolf's Orlando: A Biography, "The book describes the adventures of a poet who changes sex from man to woman and lives for centuries, meeting the key figures of English literary history. Considered a feminist clathe book has been written about extensively by scholars of women's writing and gender and transgender studies."

    Also wasn't Orlando a key character in Shakespeare's play 'As You Like It'. The play features some of the most memorable lines from the bard from an interesting character called Jacques. (such as "All the world's a stage" and "A fool! A fool! I met a fool in the forest"). The play is a whirlwind of cross romances between disguised individuals impersonating alternate genders. It also features the court clown named Touchstone. Touchstone pictures is a subsidiary of Disney, their main drivers right now seems to be George Lucas and Spielberg. George Lucas penned the story to CGI movie called 'Sacred Magic' for the studio, while Spielberg made Bridge of Spies under them. Days later an Alligator would drag a 2 year old to his death. Again outpouring of all sorts of sentiment around the world.

    So the gay club shootings just happens to occur in a place named after Orlando, a LGBT hero of sorts in fiction. Yes, Mateen is a paid actor, his few seconds of verbage in The Big Fix was as obvious as it gets. Duh.

    Interestingly there are only two hotlines listed on the FDLE page, they are the 'Sexual Predator 1-888-FL PREDATOR' hotline and the 'Missing Children Information Clearinghouse 1-888-FL MISSING' hotline. The mayor of Florida has been mayor for 13 years now. Ballot controversy aside, he has a clean rap sheet. That's too coincidental to me...

    There's a more than weird correlation between the alligator incident and Disney's controversial The Rescuers, I don't know where I left my notes on that. I'll get back to ya (check out the release dates of this movie and "that" scandal) let me know if ya want me to share it. Also includes Ben Ali Gator and the 'Dance of the Hours' in Fantasia (1940).

    Also you mentioning the Geldofs murders reminded me of the tragic deaths of Whitney Houston and her daughter, both died in bath tubs. Whitney Houston died 11/2/2012. Her boyfriend at the time was Ray J. That same Ray J in Kim K's sex video. Ray J is also Brandy's brother. Whitney died on Brandy's 33rd birthday and a few days before she died, Whitney crashed a live talk show with Brandy and Clive Davis and handed Brandy a note. No one knows what was said in it. Bobbi Kristina would die, 26/7/2015, aged 22, Whitney's only child. The day her mother died, Bobbi was allegedly also in distress when she was found unconscious in her bath tub but survived the ordeal only to find out her mother had passed. More interestingly, Joan Rivers would die on Beyonce's 33rd bday.

    Well, sorry for long af comment. Just a few things I thought I would highlight for you. I usually make notes on this stuff and post them in sections on FB. But you have a wonderful way of presenting your findings while connecting your dots convincingly. So much respect on that Phillip :-)

    Am real happy you are back, sure I understand you need time off. Everybody does. Take all the time you need my man. Just glad to know you are doing well and don't feel obligated to always post something, you don't need that pressure. Free your mind and let the pieces sink in on its own. Balance my friend. It's all about that gawddamned balance haha.... take care Phillip, hope to hear from you soon.


    Jeffrey (eXtintpunk le' surrealiste)

  12. *sorry Strange Magic not Sacred Magic ...released on January 23rd 2015. story by George Lucas. Starring Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming, how weird is that?


    1. Trust you to bring in Shakespeare! I've just spent the last few days thinking...THE WORLD"S A STAGE! It's been my over-riding thought! :)

      Will read your replies fully later. A cinema based shooting in Germany is breaking. Like I said, the world's a stage (and screen).

    2. I've often used that phrase...I have often said:

      "All the world's a stage...although it's a shame that I've been cast in such a shitty role." :)

  13. Yeah, just saw the news. What the hell, the shooter "was in a state on confusion" and yet he hissed to his hostages to stay there if they valued their lives....more and more anomalies that's just too hard to ignore.

    Yeah I mentioned Shakespeare because of the correlations, also Touchstone, the whacky jester is always drenched in occult symbology head to toe in the play. Shakespeare's jesters referred to as the Shakespearean Fool are characters that are highly underappreciated or overlooked. So far the Brexit polls are too close to call...somewhere behind the scenes are 12 pompous old men who are placing bets as the news unfolds...sigh

  14. Thanks for those pointers on Orlando (Woolf), I really think there is something to it. I think Woolf was actually referencing Bacon with that character. The boy being dragged (transexual slang, drags/drag) has some merit too, I think.

    The vote. Not sure what's going on. Still quite some way to go though and some big swing regions including London, Scotland, N Ireland etc.

  15. I've been up all night watching it, didn't realise you were live blogging.

    fucking YES!!!!!!

    I've been a silent admirer for ages, and me never commenting's just a reflection of my lack of confidence in communicating well through a comment, but I had to come by and say something tonight.

    you're not alone HP, just keep the head. we're not dead yet.

    I'm up in Ayrshire btw and scotland's totally bottled it. Though newspaceman's got a thought this was the plan for Scottish independence all along. Wait and see

    I'm just letting my heart ride this out tonight and taking it at face value, it's fun seeing every presenter on the bbc say the public don't give a fuck about experts.


    1. Hi, a great night imo. No way I was gonna miss this! I really thought they'd screwed everyone over with that murder, I just couldn't believe it. I did notice a lot of people weren't 'buying it' but it has turned out better than I even expected. The establishment threw everything at Remain, they had all the corporate type backing etc. The plan all along looked like being Remain, yet it only just failed. I don't think the Scottish issue really has much to do with it.

      They're still going to have to drive this result through...I don't trust them, tbh! So let's hope that all goes well.

      Thanks for dropping by and the comment. :)

  16. No problemo HP, just wanted to point those few things...almost everyone overlooked it. I found it jarring. The character was featured extensively in Alan Moore's LXG series. And yeah, Francis Bacon haha, ya know in GOTG, when Star Lord mentioned him, I thought he was referring to Francis and then in the climax when Gamora remarks "just like Kevin Bacon" as they ride into certain death and the look that Star Lord gives her...haha..I knew I as certain.

    Have you seen 3 Days of the Condor (1975)? Check out the movie and check out how Norman Rockefeller got 124 congressmen to sign 'The declaration of interdependence' in '76. Crazy!

    Hey, congrats on the results :-)

    And thanks for you enthusiast response. Have a great night HP.


    Jeffrey (eXtintpunk)

    1. Hi, I wrote about Eyes Wide Shut Pollack's '3 Days of the Condor' in a recent post. Rogue CIA group based in the WTC. A (1)911 gun linked to the opening massacre and 'nightingale', a name that featured in relation to Pollack in EWS. This is in The Eyes Wide shut post I think. Re: the results, it's not looking good, they're trying to find anyway to reverse the result and/or backtrack etc. It's not looking good, they don't want to let this go by the look of things, sigh.

      Thanks Jeff...all the best.

  17. Ummm sir. No you may not stop writing. Clearly it is your purpose. Why does everything I love get discontinued??? You can't do this. You are leaving us in the hands of the media to sort out truth. Come on now. Okay, you can have a break, but my no means can you put your work away. I have been an avid reader for 3 years. You are a bad mamma jamma. I am a so called Christian and you give me more truth than 2/3 of our teachers. Thank you for opening my eyes. Your blog gives revelation. Please keep on writing!

  18. With all of this stuff the PTB are doing and how its appearing more and more in your face now like a slowly lifting veil. it's as if they are purposely wanting a 'revolution' to happen? It seems to me its quickly getting to a level were more and more people are going to start seeing and questioning which would inevitably lead to it? which I've seen to some degree in my circles where I have refrained from discussing and people are saying 'thats odd' not fully connecting yet, but its getting there.


    1. Hi SV, I know exactly what you mean. Like we're being goaded into pulling back the 'faux reality curtain' etc. The deliberate sloppiness plays into this idea. I've often thought about that, I see more and more waking up to some things.

      Crazy times. Thanks for the comment.

  19. What a surprise to find your blog back! PLEASE CHECK the cover of The Economist magazine "The World in 2016" where you'll find and arab shooting an american flag with rainbow colour... And if you think thats suspicious, then check "The World in 2015" cover. There 2 arrows have written some numbers, if you try to convert them into a date for 2015, then it results in the Paris 13/11 attacks!

    1. Hi anon. A very useful comment and one that you can know doubt see, that has had an impact on the overall post body. The accompanying 'selfie' element is something I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere, but it is SO on point! Many thanks for the extremely useful assist, appreciate it. :)

  20. Great stuff mate!

    Please leave your other stuff up so I can spend the next month or two getting eddified

  21. Alright! So glad you've put the archive back up and you're back to writing again! With so much happening out there I was hoping I'd revisit this site to find you at it again! Great one as usual!

    1. Hi anon, happy to not disappoint. Things are certainly in a state of 'flux' at the moment, that's for sure. Too much going on I'd say! Thanks for the support and comment.

  22. haha dude now brexit happened and the turkish shooting...

    it never ends. also trump behind that big wall of trash during his speech.

    for the line of writing you do, holy shit... this is your time!

    1. Hi never seemingly ends! Dose, after dose, after much of it incredulous. What can you do?

  23. another genius post, THANK YOU SO MUCH for re-posting your hard work, I am a huge fan of it, believe me. I stopped doing my radio show, Always Record, awhile back due to my life situation, but it has continued due to a bizaro group of fans who have been producing their own episodes renegade style; the point is this is why I haven't contacted you to join us for a talk as I have fallen off the map a bit. I'd LOVE to have you on for a discussion soon. please contact me at mkultrasound723@gmail to schedule a time as I hope you are still interested; it would be a lot of fun. I don't know if you have checked out what we do there but it is not a standard interview like most podcasts, rather it is a dialogue that goes on as long as it wants to, I think you'd approve of our free-style format.

    1. Hello David :)

      Good of you to drop by. Your name is already familiar to me, as is Always Record. I never went anywhere with the Always Record crowd, I was supposed to appear, but I never felt comfortable with it in the end. I passed. I can't recall exactly want your angle was in that regard, but I certainly remember your name and in relation to Always Record. A name that has stuck in my mind for some reason, maybe it's the 'plate' thing. :)

      Sorry David, what's your podcast show called, is it still Always Record (which I think you were implying), or are your now under a different banner? You mentioned me checking out what you do there? I have listened to a couple of AR episodes, but that was some time ago. You might already be aware that I got a little bit pissed off with the whole 'synchro mystic' thing, I probably have said as much here. :) Anyway, if you can just clear up that little confusion of mine, we can likely proceed. I'm not saying 100% 'yes', but I'll give it some thought and maybe this time we can make something happen. I'll need to know if 'swearing' is allowed, I'm rather good at it. :)

      Thanks for the compliment and comment, a pleasant surprise that you dropped by too. :)

  24. Re dave mcgowans laurel canyon series (with the chillingly abrupt ending)

    Interesting links and directions in this forum... Just thought id throw this in the mix for anyone who dove into mcgowans stuff thanks to hp`s breadcrumbs

    Original laurel canyon stuff can be read

  25. Forgot to add the forum link

  26. Listen.. I told u ten times over the past ten years.. Please watch a refn film. He's the most symbolic director since kubrick (kubrick reincarnated)
    His new one is peak...
    Not to say it isn't terrible!!!!!
    Neon Demon..... Playing in theatres now.
    I'm telling you not as an order... But as a friend

    1. Hi anon. I don't go to the cinema, I haven't seen a film in a theatre since 'Beavis And Butt Do America'. If you can believe that!

      I have seen one Refn film, Bronson. That one, was a kind of homage to Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, I noticed many similarities. Refn strikes me as being a Kubrick/Lynch/Von Trier type copycat, but with even less substance. I notice his Father has worked on many Von Trier films.

      Anyway, Neon Demon. With Just 5 minutes perusal of the net, I note it has Elle Fanning in the lead. I recently mentioned her sister Dakota and all the 'Lolita' links (Taxi Driver photo shoot, Jodie 'monarch' Foster etc). Dakota did that with Elle's co-star Reeves! Reeves apparently mentions 'Lolita' in Neon Demon.

      Unfortunately, I recently had the displeasure to view one of Reeves' more recent releases 'Knock, Knock', someone forced me to watch it (I haven't forgiven them yet!). It had a HUGE paedophilia thematic and some scenes that left me virtually speechless.. Sick, would be more appropriate. Oh, and Reeves still cannot act.

      Neon Demon, I already see the 'pyramid' (and mirror overlaps), the 'colo(u)r purple', 'paedophilia', 'kitten/beta type programming allusions' etc. The usual degenerate shit posed as art or art-house. Is it his homage to Eyes Wide Shut?

      If I watch it, thats's 90 mins to 2 hrs of my life that, I won't be able to get back! :)

  27. Merci à vous, monsieur Horselover, pour tout ce boulot !
    ...You're now free to create something different.
    Courage à vous !

  28. HP please don't take down your blog ever!

  29. HP please never take your blog down!

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  31. In the 'Cinema note told of shooting' article you captioned above, about the JFK shooting, it was not a message that Kenny received down the mines, but a massage...

    'A telephone massage was sent underground informing us of what had taken place.'

  32. Awesome article!