Saturday, 6 August 2016

David 'Zionist BBC Asset and Fraud' Icke

Nothing major, an 'ass on a plate' handing over exercise, in respect of Icke.

Just to give any Icke fans the low-down on this cretinous conman (who is still obviously a BBC asset) and coinciding with the recent knowledge that Icke (and team) have closed/disabled my Forum Account and for no particular reason! I think it might have been the comments that I was making about Mr (Fraud) Icke, and his erroneous claims of plagiarism that he made against me a few years ago!

That's me 'theroach'...locked-out/disabled, no warnings no mails just locked-out. It's not due to inactivity because I had logged in with no problem only a few weeks prior.
Example. I lurked from about 2003 onwards and joined the Forum in 2007, I was posting/commenting for years.

Voxfux 2002, just so you know my history, I've been like this for 15+ years, I'm not and have never been a bandwagon rider and/or troll.

I was writing like this before many were even online, full-stop!!! TheRoach was my original tag.
You know what I mean, back in those days when folk like me were considered to be totally crazy! lol.

I was posting like this before Icke's forum was even launched! Lol.

Amazing what I've found going back 14 years or so. I didn't think this stuff was still out there! :)

Here is my Icke Forum post attempting to get to the bottom of the plagiarism and troll claims!
The only proof you need, is that no Icke linked response ever materialised, no admin response, nothing!

Now, what could the above possibly mean, hmmm? Let me explain. It means that Icke's entire 'reptilian theory' is nothing but a model for selling bullshit to gullible people, hence business models! He thinks that he can somehow copyright the idea or something, as if it's his original theory, not one stolen directly from popular culture! Not just that, by associating everything with his reptilian schtick, he ensures that any real research into the elite and their crimes, is summarily dismissed as being crackpot! That's Icke torn to shreds and in mere seconds. His whole 'reptilian theory' is nothing but a badly rehashed version of Clarke's Childhood's End and/or V: The Visitors, yes nothing but a total rip-off of both those pieces. The cunt has literally made an entire career on the back of this obvious theft, yet he has the nerve to accuse me of plagiarism. You can't make it up, but Icke, clearly has been!

I got labelled a forum 'Troll' right out of the blue, from nowhere, no idea why? I had never been accused of 'trolling' on his forum in the extensive time that I had posted there!?
You see folks, Icke (and his lackeys) thinks he knows that I stole his content (which I didn't, I've never bought or read any of his fraudulent books or wares, which therefore, makes plagiarism impossible!), whereas I DEFINITELY KNOW WHERE HE SOURCED HIS REPTILIAN THEORY FROM!

The basis of Icke's entire 'reptilian conspiracy' career...
Someone from Clarke's estate should sue Icke for complete and total intellectual theft!

"I've got you bang to rights" - eh Dave. I wonder where he got this idea from? Wink, wink! :)
It even has 'Child' in the title and the stolen 'reptilian eye' image from Clarke's 70's work, lol.

FFS! It is this goddamn simple! The whole 'reptile/demonic alien' thing (from Clarke's novel and the series V) is simply just a childish veil (or type of euphemism) for the actual 'elite' and their activities. It's sold as fiction, but it actually operates as a form of real subversive literature/TV. That's it in the condensed and simplified form! Icke has plagiarised the concept and wrapped it up as some sort of bullshit cocktail, one with which to fleece the fans!

Clarke and the BBC
Icke's rip-off career was based on Clarke's Childhood's End, published a few years later in 1953. The BBC may have rejected The Sentinel (in the overt sense), but this is likely for public consumption purposes only. The Sentinel was literally the entire basis for Clarke/Kubrick's 2001, regardless of what official claims might state. The Sentinel/2001 piece would ultimately became the model for cinematic Sci-Fi, the 2001 (film) is symbolically linked to 9/11 via the ground zero monolith hotel. Soon after (The Sentinel), Clarke would start his fully fledged writing career. The 'paedo' BBC and 'paedo' Clarke! Ten Story Fantasy or a 110 Storey Reality? Crazy you say? Clarke references a Sept 11th date and a explosion which sinks Venice (made up of islands), in the opening of his Rendezvous With Rama (1973). WTC Manhattan also being an 'island'.

Ah yes, 'prior collapse knowledge' and mass programmers aka the BBC and via 9/11.

BBC mass mind control...
Once you're a BBC asset, you're ALWAYS a BBC asset! Icke, NEVER ONCE cited Savile in his printed works prior to Savile's death, not once. George Bush Snr, Ted Heath...yes, but nothing about Savile and rampant BBC paedophilia. Icke was at the BBC for 8 years and likely during (part of) the height of Savile's reign. Do sane people actually buy into this bullshit of his? Probably!

Anyway Icke, the 'powers that be' don't let real researchers have Wemb-ley as a platform, which is why Icke is allowed to perform there and is able to remove sums of money from good people. So-called system enemies are allowed to utilise the systems stadia and in respect of bringing the elite system down? Pull the other one Icke! He is an elite gatekeeper and a CUNT of the highest order. In claiming to help humanity against this said elite, it actually makes him a worse kind of offender than the elite themselves!!!

"I am a BBC owned/controlled gatekeeper - Freemason"

Touche Mr Icke...

The horrific state-sanctioned abuse of children, many likely via his ex-employer the BBC (although you never leave Intel, right folks?), is a form of illusion! It's just 'the matrix' eh Dave? It's not even real, love will save the day and make it all magically vanish. This new age BS is embarrassing to witness and behold!

DO NOT BE CONNED BY THIS SHIT HEAP CALLED ICKE, YOUR MONEY WILL LIKELY HELP PROMOTE AND PROTECT ELITE PAEDOPHILES. The same sort of BBC paedos, as shown above, the ones that Icke ignored for years and years and years and years and then claimed ignorance on the back of it all! You cannot and will not have it both ways, Mr Icke.


Enjoy your prize Dave, hope you like it. You can use it when you're in-between counting your ill-gotten money! :)

I challenge anyone and everyone to prove me wrong about so-called 'truther' Icke, you're welcome to give it your best shot!


  1. All the more glad am I that I was never enticed by the charlatan and obvious agent. His schtick has always been divisive, turning many off from serious study into topics they now associate with the "lizard people guy." And for those that would take him seriously, if only just to hear him out: more unhelpful "all you need is love" nonsense, like any good court jester will tell you.

    1. Ha, ha Bingers...I'm not through just yet my friend. Yeah, I took a few knocks and my brain got a bit fried, but I'm over that now. I've been writing/posting like a Japanese prisoner of war (in the last 6 months), no wonder I got spent! The last 6 months have been easily the most productive of the entire blog, some cracking stuff, even if I say so myself.

      Pissface Icke needs exposing, I consider this post a gift to the wider public/civic service, and a chance to get that plagiarism shite off my chest, once and for all. I still don't know why or how that came about or what their aim was, very bizarre and it did piss me off, seeing as I was a decent contributing forum member! I always wondered why I never got any traction over at that shit-house forum, my posts would fall thru the forum faster than shit thru a goose! I'd been going over to Icke's for virtually 12 years, there are/were some good sorts over there though. They even removed some of my inoffensive comments/threads which were made in respect of Freemasonry and the Joos. Hell, those twats are not even subtle with their allegiances, they make it obvious! We all know 'Isle of PAEDO Wight' BBC Icke is a shit sucking Freemason, his whole post-BBC persona has been designed by the masonic-paedo BBC. The whole thing plays out like a bad panto or script from a farce! :)

      All you need is CASH! That's Icke's mantra, come to Wemb-ley, drop £30 or so a head and go around in conspiratainment circles with literally no blame attached, save calling them lizard people and applying Sunday Sport (a tacky Enquirer-like porn filled newspaper) type headlines.

      Hey, I'm not saying that I can change anything, but I'm not charging anyone for the privilege and that's the big difference. Icke can't even galvanise his huge membership, a membership that should and could make a difference, that's what makes him a gatekeeper and a type of herder. He acts as a focal point for this type of community, but it's a endless road to nowhere, he BLUNTS the truth movement 9if you want to call it that). Same with his shameless book peddling. As for that thing with masonic Brand and the whole People's Voice SCAM, how anyone could respect him after that, I've no clue. I'm sure people lost decent sums of money with that SCAM. :)

  2. Dear HP,

    Is it too late to be added to your future private viewership subscription? If not, how do I communicate my email information to you?

    I was delighted to discover your site about a year ago and have followed you since including catching up on some older posts. It was obvious to me that A LOT of work goes into these posts. It takes me a little longer to read through them and put together some of the references since so much hinges on what the media put out, and I have not watched television nor movies in about twenty years.

    Anyway, I hope to not be left out if you take your blog private. THANK YOU!!

    1. Hi Gwen,

      20 years? OMG, I commend your understanding if you're able to make any sense of it, based on that time span. Yeah, a lot of work does go in, too much probably and it is a labourious process. Even my mind gets pulled around/stretched reading back my own work, if you can believe that! Thank you for noticing my efforts and your kind appreciation.

      Just drop your email in the "That's All Folks, message" thread, a couple of posts or so down. I won't publish the comment/mail (moderated) just post it and then I can see it. Just remember that your comment won't display publicly.


  3. Bonjour.

    Maybe are you wearing a human face mask; your blood ruins cold in your alien veins and you part the conspi' against D.I. !

    1. Icke is a FRAUD, a useful elite funded idiot. That's why he would never respond (or any admin) to any of my mails about his plagiarism claims. I never did anything to Icke, I merely made useful and on-point comments across a number of years via his forum. If you don't believe me, you can spend a few days going through my 2,000 + comment contributions at his shit hole forum.

      DAVID ICKE IS A FREEMASON. I showed him sitting on the Grand Masters throne (not long ago), only the ORDAINED can sit in that MASONIC CHAIR! His ex-wife is an Illuminist Witch.

      Fuck him and fuck his entire website and forum. It's a circus freak-show of conspiracy noise and he is detrimental to the fight against the elite.

  4. Icke saying you stole his work and "Reptilian business models" is all from this site which just seems to be a complete piss take. I can't find any source to that info, it's just a couple of pictures, and the stuff about the truth vibrations is just lame.

    It's a bit suspect that Icke would call his own forum aswell.

    I must admit though the forum is dreadful you do get banned/threads deleted for critisizing Icke, and i'm pretty sure he never mentioned Savile in The Biggest Secret, but as far as i can see there's no evidence he ever said any of that.

    1. Perhaps, nothing explains the disabling of my account though. Nothing explains the removal of posts outing Freemasons and Judaism either, but that is what the admin were doing! None of that relates to criticising Icke, not in any shape or form. I didn't use his forum to tear him down and/or criticise! How does anyone explain his seating on the Masonic Grandmaster's ordained throne/chair. Explain 'the people's voice' scam, explain his links with Masonic sodomite Brand etc, etc, etc.

      Icke is getting both barrels from me and he'll just have to live with it. This is what happens when you shit-can long standing members and contributors. This is what happens when any and all criticism is LOCKED DOWN, in a way that is similar to Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.

      The real point is, we shouldn't even be having to explain any of these things, the fact that they exist at all, is ALL WE NEED TO KNOW.

      Icke, NEVER mentioned Savile once in any of his printed works prior to his death, that is GOSPEL and can be safely banked. Icke has his permanent employers to protect, the BBC.

      This cunt had it coming and it's time that he was exposed for the elite shill that he really is. That is why I consider this post as a form of public service. I haven't been on this extensive and long played out journey, just to watch Icke take his herded sheep and point them in the wrong direction.

      Stand up Brother mote it be. :)

  5. Pure ironie.

    D.I. is nothing more than a "fire-back" among other ones, as you simply demonstrate it. Well done !

    1. Sorry JP, I got carried away hating on BBC Icke, it's comes so easy to me. :)

      You comment was meant as a joke, I see that now. Thanks for your comment. :)

  6. i love conspiracies, the weirder the better... and i like icke...

    but i think a certain amount of humor is necessary to process it properly and most of his followers are waaaay too serious about that shit. even if there were lizard people, you gotta take a step back and laugh...and the lizard people thing, im not saying i think thats true, but if you go back through any religion or fable anywhere in the world... they are pretty damn prevalent... but if they really existed im sure people would know by now. thats a pretty damn big secret. i dunno...

    but icke being a stooge for the conspiracy, yeah i dont doubt it. i feel the same way about alex jones... theres a reason people investigating hillary clinton have "accidents" but they are allowed to keep talking shit perpetually and get rich.

    1. Hey, how's it going Weez? Good to see you chime in. Let's put it this way re: the lizards. Even if there was an aspect it is irrelevant anyway, at least at this stage. We're dealing with the human face of something in the main, not some exposed scaly green entity! The lizard stuff is more counterproductive than productive. I would likely tend to view many of the ancient images relating to these things, as types of symbolic representations, as opposed to an actual true representation etc. That's in an overall sense, but that's just me though.

      The disabling of my account was the final straw. I just had to give that Icke a kicking, he thoroughly deserves it and I got some vicarious pleasure out of doing it. Yes, a little bit indulgent on my part, but I'm not perfect. Ahh, fuck him anyway! :)

      I concur in respect of Alex Jones, the same sort of useful idiot/gatekeeper, I reckon it's a nice little $$$ earner too.

      Cheers Weez. :)

    2. if youre looking for a forum with a "no ban - no deletion" policy, you can go wild at this site, its the only place i post daily, lol

      the lizard people thing, its in so much pop culture, i got banned from collative learning when i first joined because i posted about the david icke conspiracy and its correlation to childrens programming and how he basically ripped off he-man, gi joe, etc etc etc. the lizard people living in caves thing is just endless. if icke thinks he has that market cornered hes a fucking retard.

      but yeah rob banned me for posting that despite not agreeing with icke, it was mostly just a comparison of the different media, but anyway ive been an admin on his forum for like 7 years anyway hahahaha :D

      but yeah, there might even be a conspiracy subforum on , i dont remember, but i can have one made if theres not, but be warned, its a site for trolls due to the refusal of bannings, so its best not to take any replies to anything too seriously... but if you need a place to post anything where it will get a lot of views, they get a ton of traffic.

  7. I personally don't know anything about the man, but I have heard him say repeatedly that the small Isle of Wight on which he lives, is a "cesspit" of pedophilia. For a man that is so vocal about raising awareness to this issue, I always found it strange that he didn't just move away.

  8. dude - i'm so happy you're back! i've sent you some messages on reddit in the past - would love to be included in any sort of private continuation if it comes to it.

  9. I remember the first time i started my own critical investigation of the banks and how they more or less own us through fractional reserve lending, and this was many many years ago, i ended up reading into some d(.)icke site (or some fan page based on dickes theories).

    It started with really fantastic info about the banks and the rothschilds and a lot of the relevant history, beginner level stuff, the “gateway drugs” of seeing through the systemic lies. The way the site was set up it drew you in... Youd have to click next page, next page and each page would have a crazier revelation, and i remember my mind being blown. And then, id gotten pretty deep at this point,i went to the next page and all the sudden it was all alien fucking reptile Bullshit... I was disgusted with myself for having let the site reel me in that far. I could talk about banking conspiracies with other people,discuss the importance and seriousness with grandparents, bartenders, inlaws etc with anyone, but i couldnt very well go around claiming reptile motherfucking aliens were behind it all and speak with any measure of self respect.

    That literally turned me off investigating the truth and the lies for years. I didnt even bother. Couldnt even bother.

    Ive come a long way since then, id say, but that bogus nonsense, and the conviction with which it was being peddaled, that definitely set me back years.

    Id like to blame dicke for stifling my progress and growth, but in retrospect it is just as well that i learned to see through his bullshit (and the bullshit of others like him) in my own time.

    Much more recently i believed I helped open the eyes of my father my brother and sister and my wife to the possibilities of some of what is discussed here... The systems of control we are conditioned to obey. The depths of depravity of thebpuppets and the puppeteers.

    But i now think this is something that couldnt be avoided, now matter how many dicke disinformation mules spatter the information highways with their confusion tactics. Ppl are starting to see and think about things that were once off limits according to conditioning.

    The next step... Thats why i like reading your stuff so much hlp. It is more entertaining than the actual entertainment prescribed to the masses. Talent and passion make your work a body of art that strikes the soul. Dicke and his like dont have souls worth striking. Theyre lost and to me that inspires confidence in continuing the search for higher and higher levels of truth

    1. "Talent and passion make your work a body of art that strikes the soul"
      Exact, monsieur Renzi.
      That's why I'ld hope mr HLP is working on something different than a blogspot's site, as a book...but there's a time for fishing and a a time for repairing the nets.
      Time will tell !

  10. I always thought that I AM ME I AM FREE cover looked like Icke had just taken a shit. I think someone told him it was a Kundalini snake, the guy's and idiot buffoon. Taken for a ride by everyone. The guy wouldn't know the truth if it anally probed him.

  11. hello

    i like the fact that people are starting to wake up to David icke being a conman that he is ! , When i get the time i will set up a website and finish him off for the evil that he is . Every one of his books has the same symbols as all the other elite companys of the world !!! , i would also like to see david icke in prison for the Peoples voice scam !! .

  12. Here's a great clip of Jessie Ventura grilling Icke on his "Conspiracy Theory" series. Icke can't keep up.


  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. I think part of the reason I got banned from the Icke forum was that I kept going on about the 'elite' fucking each other up the arse. I later found out that the forum was run by a gay man who 'married' another man in a 'civil partnership', lol.

  15. He is financed by Rochshilds, he plagiarized Alex collier and fritz springmeiers, he was framed and sent to jail

  16. That's All Folks - Hi HP

    Is it too late to be added to your private viewership list?

  17. David Icke is an Internet Stalker and Vicious troll. The evil shit has stalked and defamed Gorilla199 from Youtube for years for exposing the cunt as a Freemason