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Podesta - Clinton Emails, Satanism, Jeffrey Dahmer & The West Killings

A work still very much in progress.

Attention, please exercise caution as this post contains very severe and graphic content - relating to paedophilia, serial murder, torture, cannibalism etc.

Clinton linked Podesta

Potential child abuse, paedo codes, cult-like ritualistic behaviour, cannibalism and (occult) hand gestures. For the basis of the Podesta findings, please read Vigilant Citizen's following piece. There's no point in reproducing most of the aspects here. I want you to read it for background, and how it may tie-in to the rest of my content. Be warned, very disturbing content.

All very satanic and witchy - where have I seen that before, and heavily linked to child abuse/paedophilia and witchery?
Oh yes...
Rose "incest/paedo/serial killer/torture murderer" West - "Witches Hat" and the same occult hand gesture.
The West's (imo) belonged to a "cult/coven" - one involving his brother John (and others).
A shot (very likely) taken in the cellar and near the dead and buried bodies.

The House of Horror (1994) - Fred and Rose West

It really is the same hand gesture! Even the "little finger" aspects seem identical, as are arm/elbow positions.
I'll return to "the fingers" and the West's a bit later, there is much more related.

Is the Podesta gesture also a coded revelation in respect of his (potential) paedophilic activity?
Vesica Piscis and the "yonic" Vagina (Pisces, the fish). Slice of 'Pisces Pizza" anyone...with anchovies?
The pepperoni (meat sausage), of course, readily lending itself to symbolism of the phallus.

Recall - I authored an extensive two-part post on The Exorcist,
and one where I heavily mentioned Dahmer and his obsession with Exorcist III. (pt 1) (pt 2)
(above) John's brother Tony Podesta - and at his home with the Dahmer homage.
I was the (unique) discoverer of the link to Dahmer's victim and The Ancients of the Ancients imagery.
The reason the "Ancients" image is relevant is due to the fact, that Exorcist III is central to the Dahmer case, it always was. The above "arched figure" is taken from a larger image, as seen in Dr Temple's office (Exorcist III). The film is crammed full of "tarot" references too.
Dahmer was OBSESSED with The Exorcist III, and it was central to his murderous methods. Underneath the "ancients" image is Crowley's Liber Oz, the "do what thou wilt" mission statement.
There might be a symbolic link to Nuit/Nut, Egyptian goddess supporting the sky. As reflected in the Crowley Thoth tarot card "XX - The Aeon/Judgement". The Crowleyian Thelemic bible (Book of Law) was written as result of his "Great Pyramid" meditations, and via partner Rose Kelly and 666 Horus. Skywalking - a la the Ancients image below.
A "mystery religion" classic. It's an image seen in (masonic) Manly P Hall's Secret Teaching of All Ages. In the Kabbalah there is mention of the Ancient of Ancients, and the Holy Ancient One – Atika Kadisha, variably interpreted as synonymous with the En Sof, the unmanifested Godhead. The Ancient of Days is the manifestation of the Ancient of Ancients within Creation. It refers to the most primary ("ancient") source of Creation in the Divine Will Keter ("Crown"). It's possible that some of this also relates to the Lovecraftian "old ones" - which I raised in my previous post.

Ancient of Ancients...
"In the hollow of His skull is the aerial membrane of the supreme hidden Wisdom and His brain extends and goes forth by thirty-two paths." The 32 paths on the sephiroth/tree of life. The head aka Kether (the crown), the entrance point of Creation, or the Reception Point (aerial receiver).
Communing with the dead. Remember, Gemini's demonic spirit occupies the bodies of 'old people' at the hospital, he uses them to carryout the horrific murders, while he securely remains in his jail cell. Understand that I'm not referencing this example for the benefit of the film's accepted and typical plot/narrative. I'm suggesting to look at this more from a 'euphemism/4th wall' type perspective, in terms of potential mkultra - forms of (etheric) demonic possession and mind control, ones that might actually relate to Dahmer (and potentially via this very film itself!)

Written and directed by former US Airforce Psychological Warfare Policy Chief - Blatty.
Blatty - was even historically involved in mass propaganda campaigns in Vietnam, under the aegis of the CIA. He's certainly no typical author and/or filmmaker, as many have likely assumed. In fact, some might even view his original film to be a type of "mass psychological exercise".  His creation (The Exorcist) inspired the current Exorcist TV show launched earlier this year.

Also note the mention of the mythological "Griffin" (as part of his altar set-up) - a lion and eagle composite, these two creatures feature on one-side of the Ancient of Ancients (image). 

 Mind Control via film...the final (near) victim, who escaped
Dahmer then led him into the bedroom, where the two sat on the edge of the bed and watched the film "Exorcist III". Edwards said Dahmer seemed to go in a trance-like state "chanting . . . like a slow uuhhmmm". . . and rocking back and forth. Sometime later, Edwards said he hit Dahmer in the head and escaped. The serial killer in "Exorcist III' roughly parallels Dahmer. Both killed 17 people, both did their killing near a Catholic university, the "Exorcist" killer near Georgetown University in Washington D.C., and Dahmer near Milwaukee`s Marquette University. Dahmer told Detective Dennis Murphy, to whom he made his confession, that he had bought a videocassette of the film and watched it two to three times a week for six months. "He felt the character in the movie was driven by evil, and he felt he could relate to the character because he felt he was driven by evil," Murphy told jurors. (Chicago Tribune 1992)

Carpenter's - In The Mouth of Madness 
Hobbs End (hob, the devil) based Sutter Cane (Stephen King avatar) to John Trent (Sam '666' Neill): 

"When people begin to lose their ability to know the difference between fantasy and reality, the old ones (ancients) can begin their journey back."  

Are we seeing direct MKULTRA overlaps in plain view and that Dahmer himself was possibly a victim of this that used satanism, and one that might've employed Hollywood 'movie' mind control, perhaps as an aspect? Dahmer's father was a neuro-scientist, it was his son who was injecting victims via the skull with various chemicals, as a means of zombifying them. In Exorcist III, the killer Gemini injects his victims to incapacitate them, and for the purpose of carrying-out his ritual murders. People should also be aware of Dahmer and his claims of having access to the White House, a boast that was apparently backed-up in his teenage years - when it was tested!  In Fritz Springmeier's work, an element of MKULTRA programming is mentioned and makes reference to 'Legion' (ala The Exorcist 3) a system of putting in a series of 'demonic alters' into a victim. 

In January 1979, upon his father's urging, Dahmer enlisted in the U.S. Army, where he trained as a medical specialist at Fort Sam Houston before July 13, 1979, when he was deployed to Baumholder in West Germany where he served as a combat medic. According to published reports, in Dahmer's first year of service, he was an "average or slightly above average" soldier. Two soldiers attest to having been raped by Dahmer while in the army; one of whom stated in 2010 that while stationed at Baumholder, Dahmer had repeatedly raped him over a 17-month period, while another soldier believes he was drugged, then raped by Dahmer inside an armoured personnel carrier in 1979. Dahmer was discharged from the Army in March 1981, relating to alcohol abuse and deteriorating performance.

For Billy Joe Capshaw it was different; he was raped so many times over so many months it became one long brutal blur. He is, at least, alive. His assailant’s name was Jeffrey Dahmer. Capshaw, who was 17 when he was assigned to a room with Dahmer at Baumholder garrison in Germany in 1980, spent five years locked in his bedroom when he got back home to Arkansas, unable to speak of his experiences or socialise in any way. That was followed by 26 years in therapy.

The girl was taken to a therapist at Letterman Army Medical Center in February. In therapy, the girl talked about being sexually abused by Hambright and by a man named "Mikey" and a woman named "Shamby" whose identities were unknown. On Aug. 12, 1987, the Adams-Thompsons were shopping at the PX at the Presidio. Suddenly the girl ran to Larry Adams-Thompson and clutched his leg. He looked up and saw a man whom he knew as Lt Col. Michael Aquino. "Yes, that's Mikey," the 3-year-old told Adams-Thompson. After being taken outside, the girl added, "he's a bad man and I'm afraid." As they were leaving the parking lot, the Adams-Thompsons saw Aquino's wife, Lilith. Larry asked the child if she knew the woman. "Yes, that's Shamby," the girl said. The family went home and called the FBI.
We know that Satanism is an acceptable aspect of the US military apparatus, even at executive levels. Nazi fetishist - Michael "Temple of Set/Satan" Aquino is proof of this. Credentials - Lieutenant Colonel, Military Intelligence, U.S. Army, and is qualified as a Special-Forces officer, Civil Affairs officer, and Defense Attaché. He is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College, the National Defense University and the Defense Intelligence College, and the State Departments' Foreign Service Institute." He co-wrote "From Psy-op To Mind War" a military "mind control" brief, one even outlining electronic harassment and influence via electronic frequencies etc. Effectively we're talking about "overt" remote mind control. That being said, please bear in mind my reference to "radio control/demonic activity" in the body of The Exorcist series.

It seems that "psychological warfare duo" Aquino and Blatty (both who are, and have been preoccupied with "Satanism"), have much in common. We mentioned Blatty's "US Airforce Psychological Warfare Policy Chief" role just prior.
Legion - was the original book that the film was closely based on, author and director Blatty wanted to call it "Legion", but the studio wanted "Exorcist" in the title.

"When Fritz Springmeier began working with Programmed Multiples, he was told by several independent of one another that they had problems with spirits, called Legion, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Levi-athan and Behemoth. Occasionally Hanan was mentioned."  We saw Beelzebub, Levi-athan and Behemoth with (satanic serial killer) Son of Sam and Berkowitz, and via Levi's sigil. Berkowitz was heavily into black magic, and he makes mention of "unknown forces" urging/compelling him to act.

FFS, Satanism has become so NORMALISED in the USA (via mass Hollywood MSM programming/mind control and the "cult of celebrity"), that most folk no longer have any issues with this type of content (a satanic 'elite driven' mass desensitising process). In fact, many have totally immersed themselves and constantly wallow in the waters of Satanism (simulated or otherwise). What could possibly go wrong? (sarcasm).

Gemini - Exorcist III aka Legion. Note the "Sixes"
"The murders were like being in a movie - a horror movie. Gemini the puppet master was pulling the strings and I was the possessed leading actor." (Danny 'Gainsville Ripper' Rolling)

Rolling watched Exorcist III on the week of his murder spree, he even claims that a presence called Gemini (the film's actual serial killer, shown above) influenced and controlled him, and this is even before the film was produced/released. He claimed that he told his mother about his issues with Gemini. (see my full "The Exorcist" two-part post for more).

The Hand of Glory (necromantic black magick).
It's usually the "left hand" - likely signifying the "left hand path" (evil). If not, it's the (right) hand that did the deed (crime). 
Dahmer's other main film interest was Return of the Jedi, that dumb kids film which is not much more than "Dungeons and Dragons" in space, but with poorer dialogue. Dahmer was particularly obsessed with The (evil) Emperor.
He even used stylised contact lenses to achieve the "eye look" of the evil/dark characters. 
Effectively, Dahmer tried to channel these avatars of filmic evil.

Darth Vader/Da'ath Evader - losing the right-hand. Luke also loses a right-hand (by Vader), but it is replaced. Luke is also posed "inverted" as "the hanged man" - in some shots (see Empire Strikes Back). Jedi and (D)jed-i (see Egypt) the pillar/spine, and Djedi Snefru, a magician of Djed (see Westcar papyrus and Great pyramid Khufu). Vader is (imo) an avatar for Crowley. In Vader's case, is his right-hand severing, symbolism for following the (evil) left-hand path, the hand that remains? In kabbalah, "crossing the abyss via da'ath" (Da'ath, same phonetics as Darth) is a major working of the practitioner. 
Failure in this "magickal crossing" (working) supposedly leads to a type of ossification, making the adept "a brother of the left-hand path" (a black magician/evil) - the left-hand side of the tree/sephiroth.
A seven light lamp/menorah - seven lights and a black/white flooring (a la a masonic lodge?).
His lamp arrangement resembles a (Jewish) type of inverted Menorah. The tree/sephiroth is made up of 10 spheres/globes, Dahmer has 10 skulls on his altar. Freemasonry is a form of Judaic practice, based on the (Jewish mystical) Kabbalah, which seemingly underpins it. Freemasonry is also known as "the craft" (witch-craft). Dahmer's contemporary "Fred West" was allegedly a fellow of the Gloucestershire Round Table (Masonic) Lodge. Dunblane child killer (and paedophile) Thomas Hamilton, was also a masonic brother via Garrow Lodge.
Didn't anyone think to ask, how Dahmer acquired this knowledge and the employed methodology? The image above, is definitely a type of "Satanic" altar, of that there is no doubt. Lucas' Star Wars franchise is crammed with "kabbalistic and masonic" content. This is unbeknown to most viewers, who simply assume it's all just popular entertainment fun. In the last post, I made mention of Lost (TV series, which links to Star Wars/Abrams) and "Dharma" (phonetically the same), linking it to Hindu mysticism and potentially Freemasonry via the "33" overlaps.
"The Left Hand" and Exorcist III, and with further Crowley resonance, his Babalon Star. 
Don't forget, this film also features "The Hanged Man" (tarot), whose "left hand" is the literal "hand of glory". Gemini, of course, also a clear tie-in to the tarot via The Lovers (Twins). Crowley's Thoth tarot is reproduced below, this would be the "Gemini" relevant trump, relating to an 'arch of swords' (surrounding cupid). See my Exorcist posts for more on the tarot elements.
The film is like a homage to Crowley and his OTO - why does the film contain so much "mystery religion" content? No mention is made in respect of its presence, but it is crammed-full of it. 

OTO infiltration: "US govt and military - Hollywood" that's Blatty covered! (see below)

Blood On The Altar
Mr. Heimbichner has tracked the infiltration of OTO members into the US government and military, NASA, Hollywood, the FBI, Right-wing "patriot" groups and the New Age Movement.  He provides examples of how its wide-ranging influence on the elite has allowed it to transform the masses, "spreading the 'energy of Satan' across the planet." (pp. 17, 119-29). 

Corporate Hollywood/TV/Pop - is what is being described (in the main), that is the most effective and transformative 'elite tool' - in respect of the masses. I shouldn't have to state this very obvious fact, but as most are still asleep/zombified (preoccupied with 'cult of celebrity'), I thought it necessary.

The "Sex Magic" Beastles...

Sgt Kephera Crowley's Lonely Hearts Club OTO Band - Lennon and "do what thou wilst" (sic)
You can throw in The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin as other established Thelemic bands, today we see it via Gay-Z and Lady(boy) Gaga.
All We Are Saying: The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Crowley - Liber (77) Oz (OTO mission statement) via (Satanic) Japanese fashion and finger chopping.
Thanks goes to Tracy Wyman - for some of these links/finds.

Baphomet Benediction - aka Pan-tea. "Do What Thou Wilt"
Fred West recalled, in police interviews, that his father had said on many occasions "Do what you want, just don't get caught doing it". Yes, it sounds just like the Crowley "maxim"! Could Fred West have been from a dynastic family line of inter-generational paedo/satanists - literally born into it? It can't be ruled out. It's also possible that he had his own close local group (with wife, brother and others), and that he also possibly acted as a procurer/disposer for a wider and establishment based cult/coven.

If you want TV/filmic avatars for Fred and Rose - look no further than 'paedo/incest/satanists' Errol and Betty Childress. As base, troubled and retarded (in certain ways) as they were, they were still very much (bloodline) establishment connected - via the police and government.
Directions to the church of the BLACK minister. A subliminal reference to 'black magician' - 777 Crowley.

I don't for one moment buy into the idea that these Satanic rings/circles/groups and their affiliates are ONLY frequented by the respectable classes. It won't and cannot just be men and women - in position and influence, and who practice a strictly "no riff-raff" policy. This is a very naive position to adopt (imo). These cult/coven groups will reach into all strata of society, including labourers like Fred West, as we've seen. The services/connections that the (so-called) lower class types provide, will be invaluable, as is their disposability (fall guys), if and when required. This is something that is seen in (linked) Freemasonry and their own recruitment process.

So, - WTF is going on with Podesta's hands/fingers!?

The Left Hand (path)
 If there are finger (chopping/partial chopping) rituals going on - could there be an "occult tie-in" with serial killing, paedo rapists, incest practicing, snuff and torture porn aficionados - "The West pair" (Fred and Rose)? I'm not saying that Podesta is Fred West, but there appear to at least be some potential overlaps, including ritualistic ones. The fact that he is so closely linked to Hillary Clinton, virtually makes him a "sociopath" - and by default. I've looked through some of the Podesta details and his links to unsavoury characters - Marina Abramovic, James Alefantis (Comet) etc. Not forgetting potentially suspect "encoded menus", the same with certain "emails" (coded) and extremely concerning photographs of infants. With art pieces paying homage to a Dahmer victim, and others of an extreme and troubling nature, I think some comparisons are warranted.

Mr Fingers Obama and Maggie Nixon (very suspect goings-on).
Marina "Spirit Cooking/Podesta" Abramhovic
Marina with the dumb masses' favourite marionette satanists - OTO/Baphomet Gay-Z, Beyonce, and Lady 'Satanic' Gaga.
More Abramhovic, Gaga, Boning Bush x2, (masonic) Clinton, and Obama.
Because it all good, clean, healthy, non-satanic, and non-child abusing fun! (sarcasm).
Satanism (along with the 'Hollywood cult of celebrity') are the two most popular religions in the USA.

The West's satanic links have always been underplayed and not been thoroughly combed through by MSM. Issues pertaining to "black magic/satanism" and god knows how many missing body parts/bones (270+ can be established from interviews), notably dozens of finger and toe bones. Fred West would even reference "FINGERpost Hill/Field" - where he left the body of his former wife and another former lover (nearby). The location is given as the burial site of his (official) first victim, who would actually be last discovered - bookended via Fingerpost.

Black Magic (wooden sign above bar) - "serial killers" the West home, 25 Cromwell Street.

Black Magic - "serial killer" Dahmer's satanic altar (with skulls/skeletons, bones)
Dahmer was collecting bones (mainly decapitated skulls, but also two full skeletons) for use with his Satanic altar and the drawing of power from beyond (his words).
Artist's impression (below)
Dahmer stated: "If this [his arrest] had happened six months later, that's what they would have found." (meaning the finished altar).
The Bone Collector

Multiple dismembered body parts were found in Dahmer's apartment, including severed heads, muscle tissue, hearts and also a pair of "severed hands", the hands had been in the refrigerator for 5 months (I very much doubt they were removed for any cannibalistic purpose). They're shown on this sick LP cover? Why would anyone use these images as an LP cover? If these products are anything to go by, Satanism is already mainstream and has been for decades. That's why I believe corporate MSM, TV and film, to be the main catalyst for spreading "mass Satanism". Spreading it further and wider than any typical or traditional form of religious instruction and/or indoctrination could ever hope to achieve. Television is the ultimate propaganda machine, if those than run the industry are "Satanists' (which is clearly the case, imo), it looks like we're COLLECTIVELY FUCKED.
 Dahmer would also drug his victims to incapacitate them, usually via laced drinks, which is something Fred and Rose West also employed on some of their victims.

Like Dahmer, West was also a necrophile. Fred claimed to have engaged in acts of necrophilia with his victims' bodies, and that although he had extensively tortured the victims, he would only engage in intercourse with their bodies at or shortly after the point of death.

The Bone Collector
Fred West seemingly had little trouble describing how he (allegedly) murdered his own daughter (Heather), chopped up her body and then put it in a bin. However, ask him about what happened to dozens of missing bones (from the bodies), he completely shuts down and sobs. Is this reaction due to the fact, that the bones are used in rituals/ceremonies and for necromancy purposes, and the tears are his escape from such questioning? Very likely, imo.

The actual locations of almost all the burial sites of victims—both discovered and undiscovered—was symbolic to Fred, as each had been buried at or very close to the location he had lived in or worked at at the time of the victim's murder. (This claim was later supported by criminal psychologists).
Situated on a hill called 'The Fingerpost" - and burial site of (first official kill, but last official find) Anna McFall, former wife Costello was buried in nearby Letterbox Field. The "official" presented case began and ended with "Fingerpost". All the victims attributed to the West's had finger and toe bones missing - including Costello, McFall, and even Charmaine who was killed while Fred was in prison, the murder is attributed to Rose. In some interviews, Fred implied that the missing parts were the result of related torture (removal of fingers, hands, toes etc). While this seems like a reasonable explanation, it doesn't explain why they are missing, and why they weren't simply buried with the bodies. The removal of various parts involving torture, doesn't necessarily preclude their further use for ritual purposes.

SKELETON IN A TREE - The Hagley Wood Murder
In April 1943 four boys were playing in Hagley Wood, located at Lord Cobham's private estate near Birmingham (aka the Midlands - the Black Country). One of them climbed a large tree truck which proved to be hollow, inside he saw what he first thought was the skeleton of a dog. Upon closer examination he saw that the skull appeared human. The four boys ran and got help. So what has this got to do with Fred West?

"Murder By Witchcraft" (Hagley Wood) by Donald McCormack (Arrow, 1969):
'But the most bizarre feature of this crime was that some of the smaller bones of the skeleton, including those of the fingers of one hand, were found buried at some distance from the body. This fact not only complicated the police's enquiries, but it also suggested this was a most unusual crime.'
Professor Margaret Murray, an eminent Archaeologist and Professor of Egyptology, became involved.

Murray, was also the leading authority on witchcraft, not only in Britain, but also western Europe. McCormack says:

"I have no doubt at all that this clue [the missing finger bones] being buried separately (and near the tree) caused Dr. Murray to believe that the crime was linked with witchcraft. For in Devil worship the hand of an executed person was greatly coveted by devotees of the cult." Murray added that the most important detail relating to the occult, is that it is an old custom to put women thought to be witches in hollow logs after death, to insure they cannot rise from the dead to inflict harm on the living. McCormack emphasises that the history of Satanism is littered with mentions of the "magic hand" where finger bones are buried near the newly sacrificed victim for the purpose of enchantments, etc.

There is a "Nazi spy" link to this story, which followed after the discovery (via letters sent in 1943, revealed in 1953). I believe that story to be a form of fabrication to cloud what Murray actually discovered and concluded. In recent years, I've seen articles state that it was she that "clouded" things with her findings - a strange accusation considering her credentials.

The body was placed in the tree very soon after death, the hollow wouldn't have allowed space for a body under the state of 'rigor mortis'. That being the case, it was likely placed there by someone with local knowledge and for a specific reason, a burial by digging would've been easier to execute and what would be the chances of finding a "random" tree in which to deposit this said body.
In 1944 the first graffito message related to the mystery appeared on a wall in Upper Dean Street, Birmingham, reading Who put Bella down the Wych Elm - Hagley Wood. On 18 August 1999, the phrase "Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?" (sic) was daubed on the outward-facing side of the 200-year-old Wychbury Obelisk, in white paint. In early June 2016, a cardboard placard appeared next to a fence on the A456 near Hagley Woods. Although not as elaborate as the 1999 graffito, the 2016 sign bore the infamous words "Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?", rekindling the 73-year old question.

There's enough information in the public domain to view the Wests, as perhaps being a part of a wider COVEN/CULT, one which also involved his brother John (suicide/suicided, ten months after Fred) and other friends. Cannibalism is also suspected to be a factor of the West's activities. This gathering and collection of finger (toes and kneecaps) bones phenomenon, seems to be very, very secretive and very, very important. West loathed answering anything to do with them, "no comment" permanency, but was happy to tell the police how he chopped up his own daughter and other women/girls. I can only suspect (in respect of the dead ones) that a type of ritual necromancy is involved (I can only guess and suspect). Who's to say whether they were ALL actually killed at West's home, it might've been used as a dumping site, and not the killing location. It cannot be confirmed that they were killed there, due to passage of time etc. These bones were removed at the time of death, or around the time of death.

Yes, the "magic hand" is a complete removed hand, but it is also believed that "necromancy with fingers" may be a magickal practice that is employed (fingers buried separately from the body, this perhaps relates to a form of spirit communion). In respect of the latter, Fred West did describe that the spirits of his victims would psychically enter his persona, and at the burial locations. This was particularly in respect of McFall (Fingerpost Field) and Rena (Letterbox Field, Fingerpost Hill). Aside from that, spells involving the (crushed) bones of fingers (toes etc) have also been known to be used.

THE WEST'S - Caterers to a Coven?
Fred and Rose - The West Murders (2001 documentary)

The West's were serious sick abusers/murders/torturers, but also possibly helpers/members to a wider coven, procuring victims to one possibly linked to "well-to-do" types who held parties in Bristol etc (if you catch my meaning). West ultimately revealed how they went about selecting victims (although this is generally overlooked), Rena using the young Anna McFall as a type of intel gatherer on young runaways (and then finding out about their ties and familial links etc). Rena (his first wife, and all obviously before she is killed) would then take these (selected) girls to parties in Bristol and they'd never be seen again, most (if not all) would not even be noted as being missing (thanks to intel/info gathering method).

Fred West was a "known" Police informant (as discovered in 1969, via issues regarding ritual abortions that West had performed) and it was also alleged that many officers frequented the West home and partook of Rose's services. The latter was all eventually buried, of course.
 Based on this account, Fred was clearly involved in these circumstances long before he had even met Rose, likewise he had also murdered Anne McFall (which he admitted to his father). First official victim McFall, was missing many finger bones. So, the 'missing bones' phenomenon was from the first victim onward. Is it possible that McFall, in her role as "the mingler" - was always going to be a marked participant? McFall's young age (unlike Rena) made her an ideal candidate for this particular "info gathering" purpose, girls of her own age group. The fact that she publicly mingled/socialised with actual "soon-to-be" victims, makes her a very weak and sensitive link in the chain. The same could perhaps also be said of Rena Costello, who seemingly chaperoned young girls to these parties. However, It is likely that it was Costello's return to claim (already deceased) Charmaine, that was the likely catalyst for her murder.

After her arrest the police suggested to Rosemary West, that she had become fascinated by (Scottish) Lynda Gough's interest in black magic and satanism, which led them to want to torture and humiliate their victims as part of a ritual, in which other people who shared their views participated. (Extract from; An Evil Love by Geoffrey Wansall, 1996, updated 1997). That being said, it's clear that Fred was already familiar with these types of practices, he is much more likely to be the source of Rose's interests.

A satanic, paedo, torture-based cult/coven. Burning fingers/fingernails.
Fred West was allegedly a fellow of Gloucestershire Round Table (Masonic) Lodge.

The "INCEST" based stories of Ancient Egypt - Osiris/Isis (husband/wife and brother/sister). 
These stories are the underlying framework of Freemasonry/Mystery Religion. The West's sex life at home, literally followed these tales. Fred having sexual relations with his children, Fred (as a young boy/man) having sexual relations with his own younger sister and impregnating her. Fred having sexual relations with his own mother, and Rose having sexual relations with her own father (even when she married, which Fred would watch). Fred West's father having sexual relations with his own (female) children etc. Don't you see how these aspects actually kind of mirror the mythology!? Throw in the dismemberment and it also follows the mythology of Osiris' own death and dismemberment!
It's usually the "left hand" - likely signifying the "left hand path" (evil). If not, it's the hand that did the deed (crime).

Wicca (Wicker) and Witches (via Scotland). The hand when presented, would render those around it motionless or induce sleep (as referenced in the Wicker Man), it was also thought to open doors, but unlikely the "material" kind. Keltic tradition held that 'the Salmon of Knowledge was the oldest living thing, those who ate of him would enjoy all the wisdom of the ages'. 
Don't discount West's symbolic link to The Wicker Man. The people of Summerisle (and their beliefs and practices) have much in common with the people of Much Marcle, Glos - maypoles, nature worship, paganism etc. The old Welsh/Celt stories tell of the "Salmon of Knowledge' living in the Severn River.
Wicker/Wicca Man, Fishmonger: "It's the Salmon of Knowledge. It is said that it acquired mystical lore, through eating the nuts of the divine hazel trees which fell into a well beneath them. These nuts conveyed to the salmon knowledge of everything that was in the world; and by extension those who can catch and eat of its flesh acquire supernatural sight."

Putting the mythology and river aside for a moment, although this is "delta" related! I sense potential sexual allusions within this quote. Nuts (male) into a well (female) - swallowed by a fish. Perhaps even the eating of the (fish) flesh also contains a similar (but veiled) sexual allusion.

West, would also have distinct links to (Keltic/Celtic) Scotland, Glasgow, via his first wife Rena. She used to prostitute/strip there and connecting to a Jazz Club. A club where it has been alleged that she (and Fred) mingled with a type of celebrity. What West means by this is not elaborated on.
It's possible that West had buried victims while he lived in Scotland, an allotment he had use of was concreted over by a major road in the 70s. It is also alleged that he had a sexual interest in children, which was known to some of the locals.

Freemasonry and paedophilia (in Scotland) seem to go hand-in-hand. The Dunblane massacre is proof of that much. Hamilton was a mason, and Lord Cullen (who chaired the inquiry) was himself linked to a group of powerful and secretive "Super Masons" aka The Speculative Society. The bottom line is that establishment dignitaries were raping/abusing children connected to the school (see QVS). A housemaster who worked at the school, even claimed as much, he witnessed some of the activity (prior to Hamilton's rampage), but was (conveniently) ignored.

"...a dossier" containing names of senior establishment figures was later found to be a hoax." 
Where have I heard that before!? The UK's track record on this sort of thing is appalling. You've only got to look at the "so-called" Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), and the total deliberate farce that it has become, and that's before it's even started!

Talking of the "satanic" establishment - aka the people that the masses have been brainwashed to respect and fund (through establishment propaganda), even though they're degenerate satanists!
"The final element in the exhibition is an image of this demon, looking out over The Mall."

It was Blatty's original film that popularised the Assyrian "demon" Pazuzu (wind demon)  - now a familiar icon of popular culture. Did you know that back in 2008, the Queen of England (so-called Defender of Faith) gave permission for a statue of Pazuzu to be placed along The Mall?
The Mall is the literal road that leads to the palace. It was placed on the roof of ‘Nash House’ a building that was part of Carlton House Terrace (a type of replica temple), built by John Nash. The building being the home of the ICA (The Institute of Contemporary Arts). The replica was part of an art exhibition/sound installation, by Cuoghi. "Art" - aka the "ideal front" under which to perform such an overt form of public homage/ritual. It was under the aegis of "Art" - that saw the entire Exorcist phenomena get launched into public consciousness (along with all the masses of other satanic/mind control bilge, that is mistaken for film entertainment). Among Nash's other works are - Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, Trafalgar Square etc. The Windsors - who had a "special" kind of relationship with BBC Jimmy "paedophile rapist/necrophile/demon" Savile.

The Hanged (Witch) Man
West, found hanged on New Year's Day 1995. New beginnings and wiping the slate clean.
Let's send Fred West "to Coven-try".
West - Cromwell Street, Oliver Cromwell, Witches and "Sent to COVEN-try"

After "cult/coven witch" Fred West's prison death via hanging, Cromwell St (serial killer) West, was sent to (Cromwell linked via prison) Coventry, and to be cremated - the burning of a witch.
To send someone to Coventry is an English idiom meaning to deliberately ostracise someone. 

Witches and covens - (right) the room actually looks very, very similar to the West's basement.
Basements and cellars, ideal for ritual torture and murder, the benefits of containing sounds and keeping privacy etc.
Witch Covens

Silencing (ostracising/ignoring) West...via "Sent to Coventry"

Is this "coded elite chatter' for what really happened with West? That either he was deliberately suicided, or that he was given the option of suiciding himself (see above). His cremation and the scattering of his ashes, seems extremely "symbolically charged" and "occult related" (via forms of mystical toponomy and history) - and that's even AFTER West's death and cremation! These aspects would've likely be organised and arranged by the (Satanic) UK state/elite!

Yet another Horseloverphat UNIQUE find! No one else has discovered this, just as no one else discovered the Dahmer (arched victim) and the (mystery religion) link to The Ancient of Ancients image. Note, I have found other researchers recently using my discovered "Dahmer image link" and NOT CITING THE SOURCE! Why do people do this? Another person who did utilise it, was actually kind enough to cite me as the source. Standard citation practice for information going into the public domain, in respect of information that isn't your own source material.

I will say the following though (re: my findings on the West's), the ultimate catalyst for these findings came from another researcher. Worsley Paranormal Group (Erica Gregory, et al) and their own discoveries regarding child serial killers/torturers "Brady and Hindley" - events/aspects mystically linked/interwoven to Oliver Cromwell.

The "mass public ritual" of Fred West's  - 
Hanging, cremation and the scattering of his ashes.

"Sent To COVEN-try" and (Oliver) Cromwell
The origins of this phrase aren't known, although it is quite probable that events in Coventry in the English Civil War in the 1640s play a part. For those not familiar with the UK, Coventry is an industrial city in Warwickshire, England.  In the 17th century, when this phrase is supposed to have originated, Coventry was a small town. It has been suggested that the phrase, although we now use it in an allusory sense, originated from people being actually sent there.

Cromwell Street "witches", Cromwell (and witches) and Cromwell via "Sent To Coven-try"

"Sent to Coventry" (linked to Cromwell and Barry) and his ashes scattered on BARRY Island.
What I am saying is that Fred West death, cremation and scattering of ashes - was some sort of a publicly played-out "elite ritual". Am I supposed to believe that all of this seeming "pattern" - is the result of pure randomness? If it is an encoded "send-off" - who would have the wherewithal to arrange such activity? Imo, it could only be carried-out under the aegis of the UK State apparatus.

"The public have been trained… by two principle methods: direct “speaking” archetypal messages of pure terror (“psychic driving” as the CIA’s Dr. Ewan Cameron termed it), encoded in massively publicized “lone nut” mass murders, and the sinister flattery heaped upon them by their masters in the cult of civilization and progress."
Notes from Michael A. Hoffman II’s “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” (2001)

See this, which I just happened to find - another "Cromwell Street" and again tied-in with Witches.
(West's cousin William Hill, another suicide attempt)

Within the last few years or so (from 2013), the Wests entered public consciousness again via a couple from Devon - David and Pauline Williams.  It is believed that they were a part of the same satanic/child abuse circles and rings. David Williams also made boasts/claims to his victims that he knew the West pair, and he also boasted/claimed that he was able to commune with the dead (a la Fred West).

Cheshire "RING"
The Oct' 1990 postcard above, was sent by Rose to:
"The West/Williams Menagerie" 16 Belgrave Road, Gloucestershire.

No, the card was not sent from CHESHIRE (as you might assume), but posted from Gloucestershire!  It is clearly a coded communication about their related activities! The MSM has constantly insisted that Fred and Rose were simpletons (bordering on retarded). That picture does not hold-up, not when placed under any scrutiny. These types of communications (as seen here) are suggestive of a calculating mindset, an organised approach and the leading of a type of double-life.

Even the word "Bel-grave" has devilish/death resonance (Bel/Baal). These potentially "charged" place names shouldn't be overlooked or ignored. We saw something along those lines with Cromwell and witches.
Postcard text reads -
"Brilliant bit of canal, full of lagoons and things. Think Mae's nose would have frozen off by now, but weather actually very photographic. Colin says the "birds" are very friendly here. Loads of wildlife especially when the soup exploded all over the galley! Several fisherman have also lost their groundbait."

In police interviews, as outlined in Masters' book, Fred West told them that they now had a "vast amount of the truth." He further commented:

"And what I'm saying is, for God's sake put it together... My life means nothing to you, but it means a lot to me... and if the police sorts it out then I haven't said anything."

So despite his dire predicament he was frightened of the consequences if he named names. He told a journalist that he was covering for others. When asked who these others were, he said that it would all come out eventually.

If we wanted to get really creative - we might compare West's own "iron work" signage, and note that the corners could possibly contain stylised renderings (encode) of groups of three sixes - 666. There was a "Black Magic" bar inside, so it's not much of a stretch, if at all.

I was always intrigued by the fact that some kind of "church" was located next to the West's property, but I never heard any mention of it, before or since. A church right next-door to the "House of Horrors". The church was built in the 1930s and rebuilt in the 1970s (red-brick).
 The former West home was demolished in 1996 and replaced with a path. The church (27 Cromwell Street) which is only a mere 8 feet away, is still there. It's a Seventh-day Adventist. Adventists do not believe that people go to Heaven or Hell when they die. They believe that the dead remain unconscious until the return of Christ in judgement. Considering Fred West's hobbies and necromancy, I find this a bit ironic. Yes, they do funerals - I checked.

The West case, Senior Investigating Officer - John Bennett.

"Looking down between the church and No. 25 there was a concrete path about 8ft wide that appeared to belong to No. 25, but did it Bennett wondered? It led from the address plate, down the side of the house to a glass-partitioned door painted white and set in white surrounds and above which were two oblong transom windows under a corrugated-iron roof. This effectively connected 25 Cromwell Street to the Seventh Day Adventist church and appeared to be the front part of the extension to No. 25 he had seen from the back. The detective doubted whether the door was anything to do with the church, whose red-brick front and architecture looked much younger than the houses in the road. Once again he questioned how West had gained permission to use the wall of the church as part of his home."
(The Cromwell Street Murders: The Detective's Story By John Bennett).

The church was rebuilt in the 1970s, it would clearly appear newer. That's not to say that all of the aspects were rebuilt from new, at this stage I don't actually know. Either way, there appeared to be a connection of sorts (as described).

When the police turned up at the West home with a warrant to examine the garden, Fred was not there. He was some 20-30 minutes away. It was Rose that called him, to inform him of the police's presence. It took Fred West over three hours to make his way home. What happened in that 3 hour + window. Was he away destroying evidence, tying-up loose ends and being briefed by (connected) senior cult members on how to proceed?


Sunday 27th Nov...

In some weird "synchronicity" - I previously mentioned "Cheshire", in respect of Fred and Rose West - the postcard with the "Cheshire Ring". Only in the last few days, the football (FA) child abuse story has blown-up, and via Cheshire. There is now even talk of 'paedophile rings" potentially being involved.

At least 20 former players, 7 clubs and 15 (sport's) coaches are already believed to be being investigated. Allegedly, a Premier League club made secret payments to a former footballer, preventing him from going public with allegations of rape at the hands of a youth team coach.

Bennell - the convicted paedophile/coach at the centre of the storm. His "officially" recorded abuse goes back to 1980 (the victim coming forward in 2013), as revealed by the case where he was was recently convicted (Apr 2015). This was his third conviction for such offences. He abused a 12 year old boy through a Youth Football Tournament (via a stay at a children's home where Bennell also worked). Bennel pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced at Chester Crown Court. I'm at once reminded of "Charlie Chester" aka "child molester" (slang).

Those familiar with the West's - will know of links to Gloucester Social Services and Jordan's Brook House children's home. 

Arrested in July 1994, and after his July 1995 trial, Bennell (then 40) was jailed for the first time in Florida, USA. He had repeatedly sexually assaulted one of the (visiting) British team for which he was responsible. He was released Sept 1997. He was subsequently arrested on his return to the UK, which led to his 1998 'nine year' sentence.  In this, Bennell, 44, admitted 19 offences of indecent assault against boys and four more charges of a serious sexual nature. The offences took place between 1978 and 1992, whilst Bennell was coaching in the North West and involved 9-14 year olds. Several offences only came to light after a channel Four Dispatches programme (broadcast 1997!).

Bennell was heavily connected to Crewe Alexandra - a club that has historically acted as a "feeder club" to the bigger teams and leagues. The FA investigated Crewe in 2001 (more on that soon). Bennell was the man with the "keys to the kingdom" - it's obvious what had to be done to have access to those keys. We see the exact same type of phenomenon in corporate TV and Hollywood film.

The following reads like Bennell's "confession".

 Ian Ackley (what a giant among men) tried to "out this" in 1997! Ackley, (now 48) says Bennell raped him more than 100 times between 1979 and 1983, when he was between the ages of 10 and 14.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the following (text) - posted on one of the 'Dispatches" youtube video descriptions.
In 2011 Gary Speed had just completed his autobiography before his death. In his autobiography he detailed the sexual abuse he encountered by a paedophile ring that operated in North Wales that also orchestrated and meticulously planned the sexual abuse of thousands of others spanning several decades. In 2012 a number of former premiership footballers donated money to fund a private investigation into Gary Speed' s suspicious death. His autobiography was never published. This Dispatches program was aired in 1997.

Speaking of North Wales and establishment paedophile rings...
The former Bryn Estyn, Wrexham, North Wales. Near to Cheshire/Chester and Crewe.
First thing to mention is William "Tory" Hague. Establishment "poster boy" Hague, he himself being a (poorly veiled) HOMOSEXUAL. Yes, William 'sodomite' Hague ordering the 1996 tribunal. 
Was Hague a political "RENT BOY" himself? One wonders whether a 16 year old at the Tory conference (1977) is a suitable place for such a young man/boy, particularly a GAY one. There he is with longterm Savile "groupie" - Margaret "PM" Thatcher (above).
 Didn't you know? Savile raped boys too. Establishment paedophiles frequenting children's charity NSPCC, nothing to worry about, move along. Savile's charity walk spanned the 31 days of October, ending on Hallowe'en.
2012 - On 6 November, Channel 4 News reported that Sir Peter Morrison, a former aide to Margaret Thatcher and MP for Chester, who died in 1995, had been 'seen' driving a boy away from the Bryn Estyn home.
Buggery aka anal sex - "uphill gardening/loving" The establishment "nose thumbing" the masses with their sick activities, but disguised as entertainment and/or public interest.
The Conservative Party said that they were investigating the claims.
Yeah, of course they were (sarcasm). The Tories can't wait to collectively tell the masses that their own party is literally crawling with paedophiles.
I wonder if this same Conservative Party investigated when Hague was sharing a room with his political aide (Myers). Bear in mind, that it was CONSERVATIVE Hague (a champion of gay rights), who ordered the earlier inquiry into hundreds of child abuse claims at (North Wales) care homes. Establishment sodomites, eh? We shouldn't be too surprised, the UK public school system was/is built on male sodomy. The ONE and ONLY success that the (degenerate) Conservative party have managed in the last few years - "gay marriage and gay equal rights". I wonder why that might be? (sarcasm). If it weren't for sledgehammer "gay rights and mass (establishment based) gay sympathy propaganda", these GAY ESTABLISHMENT SOCIOPATHS could've been stopped years ago.
The "paedo BBC" has done much in terms of aiding and abetting this "mass (gay) mind control programme". Too many HOMOSEXUALS like abusing and destroying male children, and many of them are establishment connected - that is the reality! I don't care how the LGBT view this - it's time that their "minority and low-info view" - was firmly put in its place.

Victims tell of horror inside North Wales care home where gang rape, strip searches and vicious canings were a way of life... and Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor
Victim Keith Gregory claims he knows 12 or 13 people who have killed themselves because of events that happened at Bryn Estyn in 70s and 80s. 'Everything was in-house, kept in secret within the walls of the home', says Mr Gregory who said he was whipped, beaten and caned during this stay.
Man named Ben, who was cared for at the home, says he had his trousers pulled down for Savile's 'entertainment' and so did other boys at the home. High-profile visitors to the home allegedly included 2 senior former Tories. 'Children whose parents had died in horrific circumstances were targeted more because they knew nothing could be done about it', says Mr Gregory.

Oh look, an establishment/authority figure (Freemason) abusing boys in North Wales. One victim was from Bryn Estyn!
(Only 3 weeks ago). The second victim lived at a children’s home called Bryn Estyn in Wrexham. He claimed he was taken from there to various addresses and passed around “like a handbag” to men including Anglesea.

Gordon Anglesea, 79, is the highest-profile offender brought to justice through the National Crime Agency’s Operation Pallial, which has been investigating allegations of widespread and organised child abuse in North Wales. Anglesea has faced claims for a quarter of a century that he preyed on young boys, and in the mid-90s was awarded £375,000 in damages after successfully suing news organisations including the Observer that had linked him to abuse. At that time he depicted himself as an old-fashioned north Wales officer who had been inspired by the fictional neighbourhood policeman Dixon of Dock Green. In victims’ impact statements put before Mold crown court in north Wales on Friday, one victim said: “Anglesea was the worst. He was the man I feared most.”A second said he had several times tried to kill himself because he couldn’t live with the memories of what “that man” had done to him.

A witness/victim death!!! £375,000 in damages!!! A £1m legal bill!!! WTF? There are no fucking words! Imagine the power boost that this guilty monster felt when he was cleared! These maggots think they can hide behind respectability and authority, but they're wrong! The righteous are coming after them!
"So mote it be" Brother Anglesea. What have I said about Freemasonry and child abuse going "hand-in-hand"? This old cunt better get tortured while inside - slowly tortured!

Notable players brought through the Crewe youth system include former internationals Rob Jones, Neil Lennon, Danny Murphy, Seth Johnson and Dean Ashton. Other notable players to have made their name at Crewe in that time include Geoff Thomas, David Platt and Robbie Savage. By the summer of 2007, Crewe manager Gradi, was the longest-serving manager in English league football; he had completed 24 years in sole charge of the club (1983 - 2007).

In April 2001, he (Hamilton Smith, ex-board member at Crewe) says he arranged to meet Tony Pickerin, the FA’s head of education and child protection, at Lilleshall and requested a wide-reaching investigation into the care of children at Crewe's Gresty Road, as well as asking about possible compensation for Bennell’s abuse victims.
Three months later, having not had a response, he contacted the FA, believing the delay meant a long, complex inquiry must be under way. After requesting an update a three-line letter, seen by the Guardian, arrived in the next few days from Pickerin saying the FA had “investigated the issues and is satisfied that there is no case to answer.”

Were the FA not privy to the Dispatches programme that aired only 4 years earlier? A programme that actually uncovered some offences, ones that were previously unknown! By June 1998, Bennell had already been convicted twice, his second "nine year" sentence was linked to offences that occurred between 1978- 1992, and while coaching in the North West. Bennell was sacked by Crewe in 1992 (which falls inside the above dates), but the reasons for doing so are somewhat unclear.

Shock horror! FA finds "fuck all" investigating its own game. Never has "sweet FA" (slang) been so goddamn appropriate. Why do we tolerate this shit? I mean, the establishment investigating itself and finding nothing, it's just embarrassing for all concerned imo. This is, however, what passes for "civilisation" in the UK! Folk from the US might be reminded of the NFL Penn State (Sandusky) abuse case from a few years ago.
Ah yes, the FA and Freemasonry - wink, wink. Formed at the Freemasons' Tavern and right next door to the Grand masonic temple (London). England World Cup winning manager Alf Ramsey -  was a Freemason.
Who is the current "President" of this goddamn degenerate governing body? Why, it's William Windsor - Duke of Cambridge. The same William whose own father and grandfather were "well in" with prolific serial BBC paedophile - Jimmy Savile. I don't write this as specific proof of anything, merely just to demonstrate how all these "bodies" are ALWAYS frequented by the "same old, same old" establishment and their lackeys. The same (SICK) establishment that is paid for by the public purse.
Do you think that Savile was procuring "useless eater" children for the elite establishment? Even Mountbatten, the one that recruited Savile into the royal fold, was a "known" paedophile.

Yes, let's look at the establishment's recent they cover themselves in glory.
As you can see, all is well, nothing to see, we're safe in their hands. (sigh)
Three chair resignations, strange suspensions and a 600 victim abuse group withdrawal?
Keep up the good work...sociopaths!
I expect that the UK establishment are hopeful that he doesn't pull through, he'd clearly be a major problem for the "connected" - and for what are obvious reasons.

Who is it that really OWNS the UK establishment? Why, it's Rupert "Sky" Murdoch...the same Murdoch who now literally OWNS English football!

The same Murdoch organisation that hacked Milly "murdered/abused" Dowler's phone. They also didn't exactly widely publicise the fact that Dowler's father (Bob) was heavily into S & M (bondage and pornography, - you know like Fred West).
Nicely juxtaposed with Elton "gay paedophile" John.
It is believed that Milly Dowler discovered some of his secreted stash. It might be worth noting that this case was based in Walton on Thames. No, I don't think that Bellfield is guilty.
Walton on Thames, was the location of the 70s and 80s based Walton Hop - the underage disco that acted as a front for industry paedophiles, including convicted music producer and former BBC asset Jonathon King (see NOTW above). This is the same Jonathon King, who was professionally and privately involved with Simon "homosexual" Cowell, aka Mr X-Factor, Mr Britain's/America's Got Talent. He is fooling no one (other than his mother) with his transparent "George Clooney style" FAKE marriage!
It was Freemason 'Brother Cowell' - who paid for King's £50,000 bail in 2000. Cowell's former publicist Max Clifford, is currently serving jail time for child abuse related crimes. Cowell, will also very likely be a paedophile and I don't mind saying so. It's just a pity that he has most of the youth strung-out, and on low-grade homosexually charged industry propaganda. Will we have to wait 20-30 years for all the sordid stories from recent years and the now, very probably?

The same Murdoch, whose The Sun (daily newspaper) printed the (masonic) drawing by Sarah "abused/murdered by a paedophile" Payne - printed Wednesday 5th July 2000. It was 'allegedly' drawn by her, but I really doubt it actually was.
"Sarah cops search home of suspects". The home likely inferring the "masonic lodge" (wink, wink). The whole article is a publicly placed masonic calling card - a message to their brethren, one that many will understand! Payne was likely abused/murdered by establishment connected (Freemason) paedophiles (hence the masonic drawing aka calling card via Murdoch's The Sun). Roy Whiting was very likely "fitted up" by this same establishment - the forensics are very weak too. A "whiting" is also a type of fish - the masonic "red herring".
It was Murdoch's organisation that attempted to promote "Sarah's Law" - likely for the purposes of ignoring establishment based paedophilia (which he and his organisation is heavily involved in), and pointing the finger at the working classes (the dirty mac brigade).

If they want an accurate picture of child abusers living near us...take a photo of Parliament, take photos of the corporate mass media barons, take photos of dignitaries and the connected. That is your accurate picture, not this Murdoch mental slide!

The same "Sky and Murdoch" that first picked up on the disappearance of Madeline McCann.
That lovely upper-middle class couple - Kate and Gerry (vomit).
 The McCann's didn't phone the police as their first action (like normal human beings), they actually phoned Sky TV and via Esther "bitch" McVey. Gerry "Freemason/paedophile" McCann...wink, wink. The reason for making the Sky call is obvious, it was the beginnings of a giant mass media deception, a deception involving both the McCann's (and their circle) and the Murdoch media empire. In doing this (strange call action), I expect they were awaiting their orders on how to proceed.

It would be remiss if I didn't mention the "Podesta brothers" comparison. I saw pic references recently. Yes, there is a a very weird overlap here - it's undeniable! It is also alleged that the Podesta family have holidayed in Portugal. (wikileaks emails). 
The e-fits are two sketches given by an Irish family's sighting. It's been claimed that the McCann's suppressed these images.

The same Murdoch, whose The Sun defended the UK establishment during Hillsborough - again squarely placing the blame on the shoulders of the working class fan! Anyone spot a pattern here? Murdoch is a GIANT CUNT and wants and needs DESTROYING.
Oh look, it's the Keystone Cops aka Masonic Police. Murdoch has been turning the collective mind of the UK inside-out, and for decades.

The "missing architect" Joanna Yeates from 2010 (Bristol, again).

The "missing architect" is a huge aspect of Masonic lore...the architect being Hiram Abiff, the builder of Solomon's (masonic) Temple. It was Abiff that was murdered and his body concealed - hence "the missing architect". Hiram Abiff is an "stand-in" for Osiris (the masonic dying god), the Egyptian stories/belief being the real source of Freemasonry. Yeates' body was found (on Christmas Day) with a missing "a sock" and one of her breasts was also exposed - these also suggestively link to masonic lore. The whole affair was a public masonic-based mass ritual, even the discovery of the body on Christmas Day is likely an aspect of this ritual.

His (Abiff) murderers hid his body under a pile of rubble, returning at night to move the body outside the city, where they bury it in a shallow grave marked with a sprig of acacia. As the Master is missed the next day (a literal "missing architect" and a god of freemasonry!), Solomon sends out a group of fellowcraft masons to search for him.

What sort of man would wear a shirt/top emblazoned with an "electric chair based skeleton" and to a press conference about his missing (possibly abducted/murdered) girlfriend, and with her distraught parents?
I actually believe that her boyfriend 'Greg Reardon' (above left) was the real link to her (ritually symbolic) death, the neighbour Vincent Tabak has likely been stitched up - by you know who! Other various authorities would also have been involved in pulling this off. Masonic police etc. There was NO forensic evidence that ever placed Yeates inside the flat of Vincent Tabak, even though this is accepted as the scene of the crime/murder. Joanna was said to have bled at this location, but there was not one shred of forensic evidence in his flat. The only forensics that the authorities did have was so negligible, that it could've been carried by touch or breath. It was so weak, that it could've also been destroyed by touch or breath - this is clearly indicative of a form of cross-contamination.'s the "masons" calling. Wink - wink.
I know it forms an aspect of a media firm's name, but they never let a good opportunity go to waste. This is their calling card, and they made sure that it reached the public domain.

Reardon only ever appeared at one press conference with Yeates parents, this video appeal has since been rinsed out of the internet! I was always suspicious of Reardon form the get-go (his conference performance seemed very forced and fake), and I have yet to see anything to deviate from this belief. Reardon, also tended to talk about Joanna in a "past tense" sense and during this first conference.

I didn't even get around to Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman - I believe that they were murdered by the establishment too. This obviously means that Ian Huntley has been completely and totally framed.  I believe that people from the corporate media (in this case the Daily Mirror) were complicit in making sure that he became a suspect, and effectively to order. It was the Daily Mirror who first made suggestion of Huntley's involvement, but for no apparent or appreciable reason - the gutter media ran with it and they never looked back. The event occurred on 4th Aug 2002, this is the 216th day of the year (216 aka 6*6*6). This date resonance should not be overlooked - the two girls were also heavily linked to Manchester United (football), and whose nickname is The Red Devils.


  1. Reminds me of season 1 true detective. The jim henson produced film the witches (they liked eating children.) And the band phish is from.... Coven-try Vermont.

    1. Also thinking of the emphasis of the "lawnmower man" in true detective. He was the laborer with ties time the ring. Also a Stephen king tie in with the film (I'm not familiar with it tho)

    2. I'd also consider the (obvious) sexual allusion to the term "mowing the lawn". In True Detective it was Harrelson who had issues with his "lawn being mowed". It would be his own wife that later got "ploughed or her lawn mowed" by McConaughey. The sexually-linked phrase/term was also used in the Harrelson/Snipes film "White Men Don't Jump' (to jump aka fuck). Errol "True Detective" Childress - the "lawn mower man" (child fucker/incest practitioner/satanist).

  2. Just came across this... Nothing going on in this photo... Also Mike Gordon is bass player in phish. Lol also they have a song called it's ICE

  3. Pedophilia and murder seem to go hand in hand. I just want to know WTF this is all about. Are they a bunch of desperate drug addicts addicted to adrenochrome or do they think they have found the fountain of youth by drinking children's blood? I know that much of people's sexual preference or perversions are a product of conditioning. Pedophilia begets pedophilia and I guess murder and pedophilia begets murder and pedophilia. I've often suspected that there was a hidden subculture of people who were cannibals, but this is starting to feel like Soylent Green. Is this a psy-op? Are they revealing their perversions in order to trigger a desired response? Hegalian Dialectic?

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    1. I'm in the camp that feels it's a psyop and that nothing revelatory is ever "actually" revealed, or allowed to be. Just some snippets to maybe gauge our perception. And in general I doubt we have a great track record...

  5. Michelle and Tokugawa7 - this is NO psy-op. The respected classes, aristocracy etc - ARE SATANISTS. They always were historically, and it's no different today. The only difference now - is its public REVELATION. The USA/UK are "Satan central" - these people have shaped our lives, they have only ever been followed and emulated by those (apparently) beneath them. The fact that both of you are unable to recognise OVERT Satanism for what it is, is very disappointing - it effectively means that you've learned nothing from my work/research.

    Even if you were present at one of their elite ritual events - you'd walk away saying "it all must've been a charade". Learn to recognise things FOR WHAT THEY CLEARLY ARE, not for what you want to see, or like to imagine, or are told. It's been under your nose, and since birth. Get away from thinking about their practices in terms of "theatrical satanism" (some of the typical Hollywood cheese type of stuff). SATANISM is also a PHILOSOPHY - a way of living. There is also the related "man as a god" that is prevalent in their systems.

    Some researchers even claim that all this (what we're seeing) was "foretold".

    "One day when we have secured our victory we will confess our crimes to a ritually-bound public. The Confessio foretold this nearly 400 years ago: “… that which in… before times hath been unseen… shall be spoken forth and uttered… maketh manifest… innumerable secrets.”

    "The western masses enter thralldom and bestiality with enthusiasm. They cheer programming and suppression of dissent, they volunteer for digital surveillance, they idolize their executioners and exterminators, they celebrate their new, swinish identity."
    (This paragraph completely explains the role of mass media - it's exactly how I view the masses and their worship of mass media and its agents. It perfectly describes the mechanism that already exists).

    To process a population of “goyim” sufficiently depraved to devour unborn children for the benefit of the elderly, mix races and species and rebuild the Tower of Babel, it was necessary to immerse the people of the West in an era that would idolize the material world and deny the spiritual."
    (the complete denial of the spiritual over the material - again this completely describes our current modern material world).

    The above is Michael A Hoffman (one of the few researchers that I respect) from around the year 2000. I find little in his take to disagree with, if anything.

    The modern corporate owned world - particularly under the aegis of the USA and its mass cultural imperialism (Hollywood/TV), has ultimately created this "material world" worship - one denying the spiritual. ALL VALUES ARE GUAGED BY MATERIALISM. Unless you'd like to prove me wrong, of course. I'm all ears.

    I am in the same camp as Hoffman - it's always been a satanic hierarchy - what sort of people did you expect to find at the top of an extreme material system - altruists? They are SOCIOPATH by design and necessity, the same is reflected in the (sick) corporate world.

    I don't wish to be hard on you guys, but I see nothing in your comments that reflect any kind of appreciable understanding of what we're collectively up against.

    1. No.No.No. You misunderstood me. I am wondering if this could be a psychological operation using their perversions to trigger something else. I never said I thought their perversions weren't true. I've known for a long time that there is a world wide child trafficking ring. What’s so unbelievable is how careless they're being. It's almost as if they want people to know. Revelation of the Method? I figured out the pedo code a while back too. You have to be retarded or completely self absorbed to not notice it. Like when someone starts a thread called "Soccer Moms Make Terrible Pizza" (soccer moms make terrible child porn). I read the comments and they were kind of strange. So, I started paying attention to all the pizza threads. Pedophiles are everywhere. They use regular sites to to trade cp. You just have to read between the lines. Like this site for "motoring enthusiasts."

      I do understand what we're up against. I know people are evil. I don't understand why someone would want to eat another person. What are they gaining from it? Anyway, you're awesome Horselover Phat!

    2. Didn't read it all but misunderstood me, I'll just say they will let ya swim in the shallow water, never let you into the depths or full extent etc... I will read the comments when I get up later. Thx for your replies tho. And articles are great. I'm well aware of the symbolism and writing on the wall.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Michelle and Tokugawa7 - apologies if I misunderstood. At this moment in time, I am struggling with my tolerance of other people. The collective stupidity of he masses (who've helped the elite reach this juncture) is something that never ceases to amaze me, and I am TIRED of it, OVER TIRED. Haven't you ever noticed that there is no foil to their (the elite's) sickness - nothing is out of bounds, there are no taboos. People have been broken-down and IT REALLY IS "DO WHAT THOU WILT", and on a huge scale. Much of it through mass media programming/mind control.

      I truly believe that SNUFF TV will become a reality - just as predicted in The Year of the Sex Olympics. We will see Snuff TV, and yes - we will see the masses cheering from the sidelines.

      Again, sorry if I misunderstood. None of this is easy.

    5. To see the Satanists in context of the 100 years leading up to the Revolutionary War see the most excellent book "How The Nation Was Won" by Graham Lowery. He looks at Hellfire Club, Lord Walpole, Lord Marlborough, Isaac Newton, and host of other miscreants and their insidious evil. The Revolution had a long steady backdrop of despotism and evil that moral people wanted no part of. The heroic actions of many are described therein on enacting separation from the Satanists in high places. The evil is not just back rooms and bad men, no its banking, law making, control of science via "Royal" approval, funding, and control of literature via sanctioned gate keepers. All of these hues are in today's world in spades. Liebniz as enemy of Newton wasn't about who thought of math, it was about control and evil of the Crown. Newton being chief money minter for the Crown.

  6. Hoffman cont...

    The public have been trained… by two principle methods: direct “speaking” archetypal messages of pure terror (“psychic driving” as the CIA’s Dr. Ewan Cameron termed it), encoded in massively publicized “lone nut” mass murders, and the sinister flattery heaped upon them by their masters in the cult of civilization and progress.

    … Who then is the modern man? He is a mind-bombed patsy who gets his marching orders from “twilight language” key words sprinkled throughout “his” news and current events. Even as he dances to the tune of the elite managers of human behavior, he scoffs with great derision at the idea of the existence and operation of a technology of mass mind control emanating from the media and government. Modern man is much too smart to believe anything as superstitious as that?

    … Modern man is the ideal hypnotic subject: puffed up on the idea that he is the crown of creation, he vehemently denies the power of the hypnotist’s control over him, even as his head bobs up and down on a string.

    What we observe in the population today are the three destructive symptoms of persons whose minds are controlled by alien forces: 1) Amnesia, i.e., loss of memory. 2) Abulia, i.e., loss of will. 3. Apathy, i.e., loss of interest in events vital to one’s own health and survival. Amnesia, abulia, and apathy- are nearly universal among us today and gaining a greater foothold with each passing day.

  7. The Barry Island reference reminded me of Gavin and Stacey with its serial killer character names, Shipman, Sutcliffe and West. The West's lived in Barry Island;

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping in. Yes, I noticed that Gavin and Stacey was based there, never watched any episodes, but I noticed when I looked at Barry Island via Wiki. James "homosexual" Corden was the writer of that series. He also featured in The Lesbian Vampire Killers, he's just another run-of-the-mill satanist, an establishment asset. He's now plying his trade in the USA - moving-up in the satanic elite leagues. The BBC is a nest of paedophiles (and a paedo gatekeeper), so it's not surprising that they fund SHIT like this. Those old (gay) "Tango" ads (Corden did) are stomach churning and massively (homosexually) loaded. Sodomites and satanists, eh!

      Wiki - Gavin and Stacey
      The use of the surnames of known English serial killers for some of the main characters – Shipman, West and Sutcliffe — was condemned by some victims and their relatives.[3][4] Ruth Jones said the choice was deliberate: "I suppose we were hoping that people wouldn't realise and then when it does come to light, it's even more delicious...."

      FFS - and I've got two commenters here who don't think that these CUNTS ARE SATANISTS!

      "More delicious" - that's the exact sort of sociopathic thing that I would expect a satanist to say! Fuck the victims, eh? It's TV and film that seems to have this "sick touch' of being able to turn, even the most hideous of events - into something to amuse and mock others by. The victims only exist to promote the glory of the killer(s) - all available evidence shows this. The masses are pretty much only interested in the gruesome details and imbibing the killer with a warped "god-like" status. Hollywood and corporate TV have seen to that via forms of fetishisation. The masses have been entrained to 'quasi-worship' these beasts. Unfortunately, most are too dumb to appreciate this very obvious fact!

      Thanks for the contribution. I will look into a bit more.

    2. Gavin and Stacey was a Baby Cow production - Normal/Coogan. It's Coogan who plays Alan Partridge aka Mr "AHA!" - and who dwelt in room 216 (6*6*6) at the Linton Travel Tavern. AHA! (Liber CCXLII) is a mystical poem written by Aleister '666' Crowley. BBC's Partridge's exclamation is linked from (pop group) ABBA. ABBA - aka Chokmah/Father (kabbalah/tree of life, see Crowley).

      Aha experience, (from German Aha-Erlebnis) an insight that manifests itself suddenly
      a-ha, Norwegian pop music band
      Aha (god), in ancient Egyptian theology
      Aha (spirit), a female spirit in Yakut myth who is the guardian of rivers
      One of two figures in the Book of Mormon:
      Aha (Book of Mormon), a Nephite soldier
      Ahah (Book of Mormon), a Jaredite
      Hor-Aha, Egyptian Pharaoh
      Aha ha, a species of wasp
      "Aha", an Egyptian phrase found on the Rhind Papyrus (used to indicate an unknown quantity
      a substitute for the variable letter x)
      Aha !, poetry by Aleister Crowley
      AHA!, an information and education program in the Philippines
      Aha!, a 2007 Bangladeshi film
      "Aha!", a song by British singer Imogen Heap

  8. Thanks for a wonderful share. Your article has proved your hard work and experience you have got in this field. Brilliant .i love it reading.

  9. Excerpt - "As the leading scientist and philosopher of his day, Leibniz was widely known throughout Europe, and among such republican leaders of New England as the Winthrops and Mathers, later extending to include, most significantly, Benjamin Franklin. From the 1690s onward, Leibniz's leading ally within England, Scotland, and Ireland, was the brilliant anti-Venetian polemicist Jonathan Swift, who directed a cultural onslaught against the bestial notions of Bacon, Hobbes, René Descartes, Newton, and Locke, for more than 40 years.

    From the standpoint of reason, the Aristotelian empiricism of the likes of Descartes and Locke reduces the notion of man to the level of a mere beast, which, of course, is the prerequisite for imposing an empire of the sort the Venetians sought, then and now. When Jonathan Swift took up his cudgels on behalf of Leibniz's refutation of empiricism, he ridiculed their enemies' ideas for what they were: insane. Swift's ``A Digression on Madness,'' in his 1696 work A Tale of a Tub, examines ``the great introducers of new schemes in philosophy,'' both ancient and modern. They were usually mistaken by all but their own followers, Swift says, ``to have been persons crazed, or out of their wits;|... agreeing for the most part in their several models, with their present undoubted successors in the academy of modern Bedlam.''" - END, Emphasis mine. - Graham Lowry. You would gain perspective on the long historical train of madness that has us at the caboose point if you will. Not that you don't already see it if you will from Hoffman, Downard, Heimbichner, but to see it in how the founding of America was EXACTLY related to getting away from the Satanists/Bankers/Venetians/House of Orange/the Crown and their lodges/rituals/orgies/pedophilia/murder, etc.

    Our Founding Fathers were well aware of the nature of these persons. To see Leibniz and Swift and Franklin (a heroic man, trained in spy craft who went into the belly of the beast) in context by Lowry is most enlightening. It gives resolve to us who live today seeing the tentacles that others do not see.

    Having spent inordinate amounts of time in these things .. guard your life and soul as though the same magic that is evil .. can be good as well. There is a truth of the power of these things from the ancient world before the Europeans came along and subsumed them to Venetian history rewriters/gatekeepers. Having found such a truth, I sharpen my self, to be worthy to one day make it plain. The black spell of the Corybanterer's (Banksterism from Anatolia to Rome to Venice to Amsterdam to London to .. the world) must not conquer the world entirely. Again to Lowry...


  10. "Britain, however, began a rapid descent into hell, under the new regime of George I. Previously secret Satan-worshipping societies such as the Hell-Fire Club now surfaced, heralded by the publication in 1714 of Bernard Mandeville's Fable of the Bees, or Private Vices, Public Benefits. Very simply, Mandeville argued that the interests of the state were nothing more than the maximum fulfillment of its individuals' hedonistic pleasures: The more private vices, the more public benefits. Therefore, the state thrives most upon the corruption of its subjects. Inevitably, Britain was soon locked into a Venetian orgy of corruption and new heights of financial speculation, leading to the massive blowout of the South Sea Bubble in 1720. Appropriately, the government which emerged in 1721 from this devastating collapse, was headed by Prime Minister Robert Walpole, who held that post in the service of evil for the next 20 years.

    The Hell-Fire Clubs not only proliferated; they became the inner sanctum of Britain's degenerate elite. The most prominent one, founded in 1720 by Lord Wharton, included on its dining-room menu ``Hell-Fire Punch,'' ``Holy Ghost Pie,'' ``Devil's Loins,'' and ``Breast of Venus'' (garnished with cherries for nipples). By the 1760s, when the American colonies began to openly break with Britain, most of the king's cabinet were members of the Hell-Fire Club. When Benjamin Franklin served as our colonial postmaster general, for example, his official superior, Sir Francis Dashwood, was the head of the Hell-Fire Club!

    The murderous toll of such a regime upon the British population is expressed by the following statistics: From 1738 to 1758, there were only 297,000 births recorded--against 486,000 deaths. Typifying the bestiality of the emerging British Empire, was the phrase smugly coined by Robert Walpole, ``Every man has his price.''

    We must not pay it." End excerpt, emphasis mine.

    Lowry died not getting to write Part II which would have detailed the fruit of the Revolution which grew from the seeds of Swift, Liebniz, Franklin, Mathers, etc.. LaRouche, Schiller Institute and others know full well the modern arrangements from these times. You are not alone. Eleeth D, Celtic Rebel and lots of others, drawn by the power of "cut and paste wisdom" ie Baphometis, must sharpen selflessness and transmute evil to good, magic which is good from magic which is evil. Magic is real and a tool like none other. The subtle threads that you see can serve mankind IF we know that there is a chain that binds all to the ONE AND ONLY GOOD. Do not give up, or despair.

  11. Great work as usual,I found it strange that this weekend they chose to bring out rainbow laces and the usual shite about LGBT bollocks after all what's come out just days before,wasn't it gay men perpetuating these acts,another way of rubbing our faces in it.

  12. HP, such awesome work. You have a great eye/memory for detail. I opened this last night and then decided I'd have more time to read today. Then when I had time I wondered if I really want to read all this. Well, here I am. Over the past couple of years I've "made" myself read the best researchers and that would be you, Mr. Hoffman and the late Mr. McGowan, et al. It's difficult to read which means it's difficult to put together which is why I appreciate your work so much.

  13. From a comment at vigilantcitzen:
    perpetrator was named James Alefantis (french: J’aime l’enfants = I love children, spoken by a p*******e). I assume Altıntaş is not a common name, perhaps not even a real name, then? So that it’s as clearly a faked, chosen name same as how Alefantis’ name was, picked specifically for the occasion? This reminds me of the screenwriter Boaz Yakin (named after the Masonic pillars, Boaz and Jachin), the man behind the infamous, obvious Illuminati movie ‘Now You See Me’

    Also in mcgowans programmedtokill he talks about how ann rule and jeffrey dahmer worked together and sent letters back and forth and yet shes supposed to be the trusted source and author of bestseller books about him

    PS are there others like michael hoffman and david mcgowan who you can reccommend?


    The invisible red thread that ties them all together?

    The red string of kabbalah?

  15. I looked at the map surrounding Presidio on Google and noticed some interesting place names in the vicinity: Twin Peaks, Dolores Heights, Mission Dolores, The Painted Ladies, The Castro, Cole Valley, Legion of Honor, Inner Sunset, all names relating to themes and media productions you have been discussing.

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