Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Super Moon 108

Just porting over the latter part of my previous post.

Nov. 14th - we just passed through "Back To The Future's" Nov. 12th date - only two days prior.

Super Moon and 108
Nov. 14 2016 (last night) sees the closest Super Moon since January 26, 1948. We won't see it this close again until Nov. 2034.

The Super Moon follows the Full Hunter's Moon of October and the full Harvest Moon of September. November's full moon also has been referred to as the Full Frost Moon, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.  

108 + 108 = 216.  6*6*6 = 216. 2(0)16
At its closest point the Super Moon will be around 216,000 miles away, 216 again (108+108).
216(0) years is the length a zodiacal age. 666 is also known as the magic square number of the sun. Moon's diameter is about 2,160 miles (1080 mile radius). The Sun is roughly 400 times larger than the Moon, but it (sun) also happens to be 400 times further away. 
Each sign of the zodiac is composed of 30 degrees, each astrological age might be thought to last about 72 (years) × 30 (degrees) = about 2160 years. This means the Sun crosses the equator at the vernal equinox moving backwards against the fixed stars from one year to the next at the rate of one degree in 72 years, one constellation (on average) in about 2160 years, and the whole 12 signs in about 25,920 years, aka Great/Platonic Year.

The Old Farmer's Almanac (Marty crashed into an old farm when he first time-travelled) has been published continuously since 1792, making it the oldest continuously published periodical in North America. A reference book that contains weather forecasts, tide tables, planting charts, astronomical data, recipes, and articles on a number of topics, including gardening, sports, astronomy, and farming. The publication is predicting a very cold winter. 

Thanks go to Eugene and "anonymous from 10th Nov" (from comments) for the reminders on 108 and Lost. Some of this stuff was included in my 666 post a few years ago. I wrote a good deal about (related) 216 and Aronofsky's "Pi" film (1998) - 216 was the film's magic number, a film also involving Hasidic/Kabbalist Jews. Aspects of Lost are scattered in various posts. 

We've got a 108 linked Super Moon and an Old Farmer's Almanac. 
We've got a 108 linked Cubbies win - linked to a future predicting Sports Almanac.
There are 108 double stitches on a regulation baseball or 216 single stitches. 
They're also stitched using 88 inches of red wax thread. 
There's a stitched globe/ball image in the video below. The globe and baseball 'seemingly' having a related number pattern, as well as both being spherical. We had that magic number "42" and baseball film earlier.

The "lightning strike" dialogue is given at the moment when the "sports flash" screen is shown (above).
Let's play time-travel baseball via 88, the 44 "striking Angels" and 108 "lightning struck" Cubbies.
Time :)
"108" Cubs "Wrigley Field" their home. Strike-out Reggie (mind controlled) Jackson - 44 + 44 = 88. 
Angel Jackson, a bit like "777 arch-angel Michael", then?
1988 Neilsen - as the umpire. He even does a "moon walk" in the baseball scene. The 108 Moon.
Michael '777Jackson (like baseball '88 strike-out Reggie) released "rainbow resonant" Moonwalker in 1988
Neilsen wears the #50 - Moonwalker Jacko died at 50.
All linked by 42 - the rainbow (Jacko, BTTF2 and Lost)
The Cubs' win came in the 10th inning with 8 runs (10*8 = 108)
108 WON and LOST
108 Hindu - LOST 108 and DHARMA
777 Lost. We're in Jewish Year 5,777 and have been since early October. 

Naked Gun "crashing Airplane!" Neilsen from 1988. Airplane! (1980) a parody of Airport (disaster films). Neilsen's Naked Gun sidekick - Ed (Kennedy), was the only actor to appear in all 4 Airport series films.
It was the "Mariners" who played in the ball game (Naked Gun).
Neilsen, Captained the stricken "SS Poseidon" in 1972 - and into the watery abyss. Note (mythic tarot) Poseidon's relationship to the "struck tarot tower". Trident/Neptune at Under the Sea dance ("struck tower and 88" BTTF).
Lost 777 - like the "oceanic lost" 777 MH370. I've done the "777 lightning flash of creation" to death (incl. Back To The Future) in many other posts, so I won't be repeating it all again, just these few pics and new additions. 
777 Oceanic 815 was brought down by a large electrical magnetic energy pulse (EMP)
Back To The Future - lightning struck - flux 777 "tree of life" capacitor - (kabbalah), Marty lives at 9303.
The capacitor is a very similar design to the bottom 4 spheres on the tree of life. The tree with the 777 summing pathway that lightning passes through, the sum of its Hebrew letters being 777
The "time circuitry" mechanism is electrically powered, not nuclear, the plutonium is needed for the 1.21 gigawatt charge. The next version of the Delorean, replaces the plutonium reactor and uses fusion (Mr Fusion) to generate power for this electrical charge. Both reactor versions are in the sequel, it revisits the events of the first film.
Note where the Moon is situated in both - that's where the light current converges/enters. 
There are 88 known star constellations.
Neptune (crown) featured at the Enchantment Under The Sea, just before the end. There's a 'Neptune' (crown) aspect to MH370 - 777 via Malaysia logo. 777 Malays-ia and Delor-ean. Malaise (unhappiness, ill feeling) and Dolor/Delor (pain, sorrow). Libyans and pluto-nium, pluto in da'ath - the veiled 11th sphere. Latest news is that Pluto has a "slushy ocean under the surface" - which sounds very much like the "slushy" (excessively sentimental) Enchantment Under the Sea. :)
BTTF/Naked Gun - They're already related by '88', 'striking' and '108 baseball' - with a Cubbies link.
Libyans, terrorists, nuclear (fallout symbol) - like Back To The (911 Struck Tower) Future via 88.
 The terrorist scene begins the movie. A wipe-out of "New York" and "Washington"...sound familiar?
Nuclear - Radio-active III (3) and 7 (777) via Plutonium
CRM 114 - radio receiver circuitry (see '777' Strangelove/atom bomb Kubrick) and BTTF amplifier
"Sieg Heil" (Dr Von Braun Strangelove, and Lolita)
German Doc Brown (von Braun). Nazi Doc - Werner von Braun (Brown). Radio(active)-receivers/amps. 
Kubrick's Strangelove (radio receiver) CRM 114 was Fri 13th linked. Mr CRM (O'Blivion/Creley) Nazi Strangelove and Nazi Videodrome. CR(A)M - is the radio station that Videodrome "Nikki Brand" worked for. 
The Cathode Ray Mission (CRM) will be similarly linked.
Same man in both films. There is a CRM 'button' on the Videodrome (mind control) helmet. 
John 1:14 - "And the word was made flesh." CRM Videodrome "I am the video word made flesh."
Nazi Hitler as he slips the 'mind bending' videodrome tape into the machine.
A mind control programmer called Harlan - connected to savage TV (ultra-violence)
CRM Kubrick was linked to the Harlan family by marriage, the Nazi propagandist linked family, see Harlan, Veit and (producer) Jan. Ultra-violence/savage cinema"Harlan-linked" Kubrick. Jan Harlan's first Kubrick work was on A Clockwork (Ultra-violence/Nazi mind control) Orange.
More German/Nazi resonance via Nazi/Nasa - the nuclear weapon (bone) ship.
The same type of Nazi scientists who possibly (in league with Zionists) have been designing US "corporate mass media". Mass media - of the very nefarious and diabolical kind, at least imo.
Apollo/Nasa SS Nazi - Werner von Braun - the basis of Doc "Back To The Future" Brown (von Braun). 
Saturn V, Apollo 11 - Von Braun. Nasa launched STS-108 after 9/11 (Dec 5th, 2001).
No wonder (Nazi propaganda linked) Kubrick said "Hitler was right about almost everything"! The moon landings as Nazi/Zionist propaganda...etc? Look at 9/11 and see the huge mass deception.
Nazi-based Ashke-nazi "mind control" - eyeball pod. Visual mind control (monolith as the screen) via 2001. The Space Odyssey - In Homer's Odyssey, 108 is the number of suitors coveting Penelope, wife of Odysseus.
'Moon monolith' 2001/777 Kubrick - 9/11 replica 'monolith hotel' at 'struck tower' ground zero.
Ashke-NAZI based - Cinema/TV mass mind control propagandists.
Zemeckis/Spielberg - Back To The Future's (strangely swastika/sun wheel resonant) Courthouse Sq. Set. 
Not forgetting, Dante/Spielberg's "Nazi" 9/11 and 'Tower heavy' Gremlins 2 - with "paperclip escapes". 
"Radio-active" Gremlins (1984) - Nazi/Hitler commissioned VW (9/11-Sept 11th) Beetle.
Much of Spielberg's work is linked to Nazis/Nazism. Kubrick used VW Beetle(s) in The (Nazi) Shining. It was Volkswagen/Porsche who created the 911 sports car model.
Tobe 'Poltergeist' Hooper featured several of them in Texas 'torture porn' Chainsaw (1974). The organised crime linked film via Bryanston Pictures. Chainsaw's 'skin masks' and 'furniture made from people' evocative of the Nazi death camps etc. The (Bavarian) Illuminati are referenced in the 4th instalment.
It looks like the USA is the new Nazi-land (when viewed in this way), much as it pains me to say it. All very Philip K Dick (my namesake) and The Man in the High Castle (Tower) with a side-order of Amazonian-based Nazism. The Gremlins concept originally connected to WW2 pilots.
88 Super Bowl "Poltergeist" (German). Ashke-nazi propaganda/mind control, home invasion via TV. A (Nazi) VW Beetle is seen outside the Freeling home when the psychic activity maxes out.
4th wall examples. The cognitive dissonance (with Nazis/Jews) will be tough for many to overcome, but that's how it is - imo. This is a form of (mockery laced) psychological warfare - a viewer-based subliminal trojan horse. Just as Sci-Fi based "alien schtick" has been ideal cover for intel-based nefarious mass media programming, it's likewise with the supernatural genre. In Zemeckis' Nazi Contact - the "alien plans" (a euphemism) are a "carrier signal" embedded in the Nazi Hitler TV broadcast.
"They're Here." Cable Networks (CCN/CNN) and Octopus (CIA) People - geddit? 
CCN is a parody of Turner's CNN. That's likely why Gremlins 2 - Clamp (Trump) had the CCN "end of the world" broadcast tape, like CNN. CCN Clamp/CNN Turner's "end of the world" broadcasts both employ "Nearer My God to Thee" (a la Titanic).

A "cable network" on the back of an "Octopus People" (reference) is sledge-hammer reveal.
The Octopus People and Television
The Depraved Spies and Moguls of the CIA's Operation Mockingbird (as in the BTTF square) A Constantine
The (media/intel) Octopus CNN, CBS, NBC, BBC, FOX (wink-wink).

If you go to my previous post you'll notice all the writing I did about Nigel 'Sex Olympics/Hallowe'en 3' Kneale - the prolific (mainly sci-fi) writer from the Isle of Man. The Godfather of "degenerate and humiliation based" Reality TV, and some 48 years ago.
I think there's a heavy "masonic" influence on the island too.
Plenty of Nazi flavour, it's claimed that the Nazis pulled of a propaganda coup (via the TT) in 1939. The 3 legs - the extra one likely symbolising a "penis" (third leg, slang) a la Jake (extra leg) the Peg, from "two little boys" Rolf "paedo' Harris. Let's not forget the Windsor (Saxe Coburg) closet Nazis - aka the British Royal family, and their (upper class) contemporaries the Astor/Cliveden (Nazi) Set. The Windsor's loved Jimmy 'BBC paedo' Savile - who was clearly one of their assets/enforcers. Edward VIII was a complete Nazi, another underclass/useless eater hater, like most of the sociopaths that you've been brainwashed to respect.

Kneale's - The Year of the Sex Olympics - (BBC 1968)
"The all-singing, all-dancing CRAP OF THE WORLD"
Yeah, it's OK though, it's not like most of the public are "strung-out" on this cultural poison, all while the corporate and political elite dismantle their lives, lower their living standards, and make them perma-debt slaves etc.  Oh, hang on a minute! It still blows my mind - that people actually watch this televisual vomit.
Lower classes - that's 99.99999999% of us. Yes, that means YOU too, the one reading this.
Didn't you know that you're a lower class "useless eater". Well, now you know how the establishment view you.
While in America, Kneale met the director Joe (Gremlins 9/11 and 9-11/Trump Trade Centre sequel) Dante, who invited him to script (Carpenter's) Halloween III, on which Dante was working. Dante was due to direct H3, but instead left for 9/11 Spielberg and 9/11 Landis' Twilight Zone (movie). Carpenter's Escape From LA (sequel) and Dante's Gremlins would both feature BTTF's "Courthouse Square", Gremlins also featuring the square's cinema. Small film world, eh folks!? 

Carpenter's (Kneale storied) Hallowe'en (TV mass mind control) III and 911
4th Wall example - mind fucking a nation via TV/Cinema.
Sex Olympics Kneale's writing for Carpenter's "Hallowe'en (TV mind control) III" - would form the basis of that 1982 film (although Kneale requested no credit). The film was also influenced by 'pod/cloning' Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). The latter likely being a metaphor for a form of (mass media led) mental homogenisation of society.
I found 9-11 number ciphering in Hallowe'en III - my own original find, (pic quality isn't great, but it's there), as was the Terminator 2 (9-11) underpass subliminal (early 2000s) and others. The masks contain an active chip, positioned at the back.
"WATCH!" TV (mind control) nationwide transmission test via national broadcast time zones.

Carpenter's - Escape From (Twin Towers, crashing planes and gliders) New York. 
They (Elite mass mind control) Live and Philadelphia (time-travelExperiment - Carpenter.

Carpenter executive-produced. Time-travelling from 1984 to 1943 and back. The Wendover, Utah air base used in the film's climactic fire sequence was where (nuclear 'Little Boy' dropping) the Enola Gay was outfitted for its historic flight in 1945. In the following "Enola Gay" link below, note The "Prince of Darkness" (another Carpenter film) and "Prince of the Air" references, these are appellations for Satan/Devil/Lucifer. 

Carpenter's Prince of Darkness (written under Carpenter's pseudonym - Martin Quatermass, in homage to Kneale) deals with these major theological concepts. POD was actually influenced by theoretical physics and atomic theory (and likely quantum theory too, matter/anti-matter). The Thing, Prince of Darkness and In The Mouth of Madness - are all kind of inter-related, Carpenter's Apocalyptic trilogy. 
The Thing - 'alien or angel' falls or is shot down to earth and buried (Satan/Lucifer) and awakens (the beginnings).
Prince of Darkness - 'satan/anti-christ matter' starts to spread to the localised urban people. (secondary stage).
In The Mouth of Madness - 'satan' is the literal "ink on the page" spreading his influence/power via media (final stage).

Quatermass and the Pit
"He plays the recording of Judd's mind as evidence: it shows hordes of Martians engaged in what he interprets as a racial purge, cleansing the Martian hives of weaker members of the race (sound familar? my emphasis). A disbelieving Breen (Star Wars' Nazi Empire - Admiral Veers) offers an alternative theory: the missile is a Nazi propaganda exercise designed to sow fear of an alien invasion among the populace." (Sex Olympics, Hallowe'en 3, The Road - Kneale).

John 'Ghost of Mars' Carpenter. The Thing (as I've previously stated) was heavily influenced by (Kneale written) Quatermass and the Pit (see above, Hobbs End - alien craft site, "hob" an old name for the Devil). The devil/alien ultimately uses a form of mass mind control on most of the population, but a tiny proportion are immune. The devil/alien's power is increased via drawing energy from TV broadcasting equipment (at a location press conference), maximising the mind control influence, the London masses erupt into a violent rampage. I think the connections to The Thing - including a spreading "epidemic control virus" are clear, as are the ancient buried craft/saucer aspects. The devil/alien is defeated by "iron and water", and its energy is discharged into the earth/ground (evoking the devil's biblical fate, buried/chained in the earth). Hobbs End is also a key location name in his "In The Mouth of Madness" (starring Damien '666/Devil' Thorne, Neill).
Interesting that Kneale chose "TV broadcasting equipment" as the "mind control" maximising agent, considering what we already know about the man! In respect of the above, I'm not really interested in the standard narrative, but the embedded and encoded message and/or resonance.

In The Mouth of Madness 
Hobbs End based Sutter Cane (U-Boat Nazi - Prochnow) to John Trent (Neill): 

"When people begin to lose their ability to know the difference between fantasy and reality, the old ones can begin their journey back."  

Is it real horror in the world that ultimately inspires these books and movies, or is it the books and movies that inspire horror in the real world? Through the creation of fictional worlds, the film suggests (imo) that the writer can influence/determine the state of the world to come (a type of predictive programming), this is what is implied. In the later stages of the film we see a demon literally attached to Sutter Cane (while he types) - a force that likely drives him. Sutter Cane books are shown to have an impact on the world, causing mass hysteria/violence/suicide etc, we're also informed that there's a movie coming out soon. The film ends with the protagonist in a cinema watching the film "In the Mouth of Madness" - it is Trent who is the film's main character. Sutter Cane is clearly intended to be a Stephen King/Lovecraft composite. King being one of the horror genres most successful authors, countless films and TV shows have been made and attributed to him. The film even features John (Clamp/Trump) Glover - from N4Z1 "9/11 Trade Centre Tower" resonant Gremlins 2 - playing the head of the sanitarium.

Poppy H W Bush was a former CIA director. 
Some have alleged that the CIA's own intel systems were heavily influenced by Nazi Gehlen
The Nazi-linked (Boner) Bush family were in political office (via George W) for 9/11/2001

There's a "777" fleeting reference (in the sequel) via the square - a blink and you'll miss it shot.
Some interesting patterns going on there, a few things I just happened to notice/link.
777 represents the three-fold "perfection" of the trinity.  7up - three (tree) pillars, three 7s.
Pepsi "perfect" - anyone? The 777 number relates to the Christ.

Spielberg linked JJ Abrams - Mr Lost/Star Wars. Star Wars 7 is very evocative of Nazis/Nazism.
Abrams, clearly taking the piss out of "useless eaters" - re: his Nazis comments, considering he's a 4th Reich cheerleader! If the Star Wars "Empire" is a metaphor for a type of global corporate/establishment hegemony, Abrams (and his corporate Hollywood cohorts) would be "dark side" lackeys. Many can likely see the innate "inhumanity" and "soullessness" that is rife throughout sociopathic corporate America, but show them a (nefarious) corporate media firm - they go all "gooey" inside.
Another lost/downed 777 and 108. Interlinked 777's - MH370 (8th March '14) and MH17 (17th July '14)
The 108 scientists were headed for Melbourne (Oz/Aus). Lost's Oceanic 777 left from Oz.
108 degrees F is the internal temperature at which the human body's vital organs begin to fail from overheating.
777 Back To The Future
108 minutes runtime.
Biffing (to hit/strike) and "Striking" - 108/88 baseball

From one "108 linked" struck Tower to the next - the Eiffel "108 stories" Tower
The BTTF sequel (which features the original tower strike) runtime = 108 minutes.
Struck (Clock) Towering via 9/11 and Fri 13th
BTTF's Glover (George) and Lloyd (Doc) - both featured in "Fri 13th" related film releases.

Oh La La!
Friday 13th (2015) - Paris (France) terror - the day before is Nov. 12th (day of Obama's Isis/Libya terror speech). 
Oh La La (French) and a 'future predicting' Almanac. No.29 (2+9 =) 11 and 4f.50 (4+5) = 9

Bozo Obama and the Back To The Future thematic...

Back To The Future '9/11 USA' - Back To The Future '9/11 France' (Fri Nov. 13, 2015)
Obama’s Nov. 12, 2015, ABC News interview was the day before (Eiffel Towering) Paris' 911 terror - Fri Nov. 13, 2015. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Libya (ISIL) claimed responsibility for these same attacks! ISIL forming 13th November 2014, exactly one year before the Paris terror event.
Yes - Libyan Terrorists. The Libyan branch of ISIS ultimately claiming responsibility for Paris.

Similarities in the (9/11 tower linked) capacitor and (9/11 compared) Fri 13th - Eiffel Tower, Paris logo?
The "108" - Friday 13th Nov. (Paris resonating) Eiffel Tower
The 'Terror Struck' (Clock/Eiffel) Tower Capacitor. 

Like a 'Struck Clock(work) Tower' ...Nov 12, 1955 versus Nov 12, 2015. Wink-wink.
Back To The Struck White House Clock Tower Future
Look familiar? The White House (front), where Obama gave the November 122015 ISIL speech.
The Clock Tower as The White House - The White House as The Clock Tower.
Obama's 'ISIL/Libya' related terror speech (given the day before Paris terror), fell on the exact 60th anniversary of the 'BTTF' Clock Tower lightning strike. (a hypothetical 60 yr span)
BTTF 2 - 2015 timeline.  An important historical landmarkLightning striking and 60 years ago.

The Back To The Future '9/11 tower-linked' capacitor...which led to the Assembly of Christ
Christ and the cross - 2015's The Walk from BTTF Zemeckis, note the trident design (WTC).
The Paris Fri 13th "logo" evokes the cross, the cross of St Peter (Nero), the trident and the capacitor!
St Peter aka 'the assembler' of the Church of Christ.
Matthew 16:18
"And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build (assemble) my (Christ) church."

(Donald) John Trump vs Rev John Crump
(thanks to recent anonymous commenter)

It was Trump who purchased Delorean's former sprawling estate (Bedminster/Lamington) home in 2002. It wasn't just any old day from 2002 either, it was purchased on a very resonant date. "Back To The Future" containing heavy 9/11 ciphering elements, combined with "tower striking" themes.

Looks like the Clock Tower

Trump completed the Delorean estate purchase exactly one year after 9/11/2001 (incl. end date)
Like A Clockwork Tower
Delorean - 9/11 Struck Towers. Reverends (Crump) and Minsters (Trump/Delorean) via Beds and 9-11?

Anyone remember Towering Trump's "9 and 11 Sheep" advert for Beds (Bed-minster)? Wink-wink.
The Sleeping Sheep Masses and Shepherding

Nov. 16th

What do you know? Only days after writing about Hollywood propaganda and Nazi/Zionist collaboration - Spielberg/Kubrick etc. Look what popped up today! I wrote about this not long back (I've part reproduced, see below), but I honestly had no idea about the book release or anything of the sort.
I sourced this (years and years ago) from brilliant researcher/revisionist historian - Michael A Hoffman II, his pieces are from 1994 and 1997! (Hoffman/Critchley links further below).
Rudolph Kastner (sic) - Schindler's boss.

Zionists selling-out (what they'd call) "useless eater Jews". Hollywood corporate propagandists promoting, defending and upholding the same. Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are two distinctly different things - as the Zionists (themselves) know.


Right, that's me done for the time being. I need to take a break from this. 


  1. Erika married the Eiffel Tower, she has Objectum Sexualis or OS or OZ

    Isis had an iron dildo

    Hello world! Ding Dong! Wisdom calling...

    The 33rd was 'Harry Solomon Truman' or "Hairy/Esau by way of the sun/son becomes trueman". He was the 33rd President of the US and in his term built the prison edifice ruling the world. The illustrious temple has three parts: the outer court of gentiles/women, the inner court of prestcraft/israel, the holy of holies with pillar of fire. This ILL laden temple was crafted as Christy Bomb at Trinity Site, the pillar of fire, ie be very afraid, the United Nations, the court of gentiles and sex slave maker of women, and the state of Israel, fiat decree 'you shall recognize the zionist jews' like it or not.

    The entire thing is the fruit of the great Empire game of Phillip K Dick.

    "The Empire never died" and "to fight the Empire is to become infected with the Empire."

    Erika married Eiffel Tower. A female wedding a female. A female marrying an object otherwise known Objectum Sexualis aka OS. Isis used a dildo to make Horus. "Known" in the biblical sense is "uncover your feet", aka someone else does it to you with you.

    Erika is the fight song of the Waffen SS. Erika as name is same etymology as Katrina, Katherine, ie the great female destroyer, ie Kali, ShaKTi, heKaTe, KoRe, etc.. KTR is Keter or crown. sheKinah is the same great tower of fire over the Holy of Holies. "Houses of the Holy" is the bait/bayt or as IHVH says "Will you build me a house to dwell in?"

    IHVH adds as 10+5+6+5 = 26, 26 is the element Iron. Earth is a magnetic spinning bb. All the bb's spin in obedience to the great magnetic Dragon of 88 stars, ie the Swastika, Great Dipper.

    Druids didnt use iron .. until the Romans came. Druids considered it malevolent. We live in the Kingdom of Iron.

    Jim Poke, the 11th Goetic President solidified the ley line of the Crown Jewel, Canada over USA. Canada has two boundaries, this line and the waters edge. This line goes strait to Paris and the Tower.

    Subtle sublime subrosa still.

    Tug, pull, drag, karma.

    No one gets out until the fire removes all the iron, all the karma .. so says Dharma. Iron is evil. Every fence. Ever nail. Every gun. Every knife. Think about it. We dug it up and have now put the fire of our minds into it .. where it is coming to a point where it will .. live as doppleganger, sentient frankenstein, fuck me robot.

    108 steps to the gate of the water as water. 108 steps to the gate of fire as water.

  2. Radius of the Moon is 1080 miles.

    Diameter of the Earth times 108 = Sun’s diameter.

    Diameter of the Sun times 108 = distance Sun to Earth.

    Diameter of the Moon times 108 = distance Earth to Moon.

    Sanskrit has 54 letters and is the language of Shiva and Shakti as times 2 = 108

    Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey has to slay or overcome 108 suitors to regain his wife Penelope = clearly the same “magic” that filled the Greeks was known and came from India (which is 2nd generation Atlantis).

    Odysseus as Shiva, Penelope as Shakti.

    From above it would seem that the light of the Sun as Shiva is clouded or made “maya” by Shakti as the Moon .. down here in the Earthly road or Odyssey of you, I and everyone else.

    The math says we have to each solve these two into one to overcome our karma = dharma of the math.

  3. Hey HP,

    Where the DeLorean crashes into the cinema, Assembly of Christ, Rev John Crump

    A slight alliteration and that becomes John TRUMP. Donalds middle name is John too, I think that was likely what was being forecast.

    Nailed it again! :-)

    1. Never looked into that or considered the (John) Trump/Crump flavour. He bought Delorean's old sprawling palatial home too. I think its got a lot of potential and should be mentioned. Good one...and many thanks.

    2. You all probably saw this. John Trump, PhD in physics was part of the FBI team that went through Tesla's belongings after he died.

    3. That's great, totally missed it. It's a neat connection that his work was primarily focused on the generation of high voltage machinery, wonder if he ever got it up to 1.21 giggawatts!

      This guy would would be a better fit the reverend, given the electrical connection, but still indicates the Trump bloodline!

  4. Snowpiercer (July 2013)
    The world is frozen in ice, a train speeds around the world repeatedly. The protagonist (Chris Evans) must travel from the back of the train to the front, approaching enlightenment as he journeys, very much another "Dante's Inferno".

    Inception (JUly 2010)
    Start with a quote "You're waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don't know for sure. Yet it doesn't matter, because we'll be together." Mal and Cobb leave the other realm by suiciding under a train. In level one of Inception things start going wrong when a train spectacularly crashes into the streets of New York, in level two, where the inception is planted the character are in an ICY world. Saito wakes up on the train (reality).

    Source Code (2011)
    Time travel, trains and bombs. The protagonist relives the same 8, yes 8 minutes, over and over again on a train, ending with an an explosion which kills him, then resets and he does it again. The train is "heading into the city" again with a terrorist bomb aboard and he must "stop it from exploding". In reality he is in a computer simulation, entombed in an "ICY COLD time machine".

    Broken Arrow (1996)
    Nukes on a train heading for the city again.

    Atomic Train (1999)
    Guess what this is about... main female character is another Megan

    You've covered Unstoppable (2010) heavily already, the 777's of the movie and the 8888's of the real world event are evident. Runaway train, toxic chemicals, imminent doom, etc., and its also a central plot device in Batman Begins, and numerous others which you've covered. There's also many other references in Harry Potter, The Polar Express (Hanks again), Monsters inc. (the ice realm, doors between worlds and doors "on rails"), Cassandra Crossing, and probably a myriad of others.

    I hate the idea of predicting, but BTTF 1 & 2 have materialised, I think you've made that case clearly. BTTF3 hasn't, but there are many inidicators to it in popular media. Is something involving a train on the horizon? Who knows, but just to close the loop on BTTF3's sub plots:

    - The James Webb telescope will be launched next year to replace the broken Hubble.
    - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Jules Verne) is currently in production to be released in 2017, by that A**hole Bryan Singer.

    Keep off the rails!

  5. Frozen in Time (2014)
    Check the picture of the movie, the clock has been "designed" to look like a train, even though a train doesn't feature in the story (which is about kids stuck in a time loop)

  6. In the original earliest drafts of the first Back To The Future, rather than being in a car, the time machine was built into a FRIDGE (ice). And the climax of the film would have seen Marty’s return home powered by an explosion at a NUCLEAR test site. The idea of the fridge was dropped when the concern was raised that kids might copy the film and get locked inside those old-style heavy refrigerators.



    2. The test site that Indiana was at in this is also indicative of an old western town, and his hat completes the "cowboy" visual, and the "crystal" skulls again invokes Clara/Ice. Plus, right before we see the bomb in this scene, Indy is standing next to an ice-cream truck.

    3. Aye, Indy's hat...and he's also in a 50s setting, like BTTF original, two for the price of one. :)
      I just recalled the jet powered rocket TRAIN-like vehicle on tracks - it travels at an insane speed, he's onboard with a Nazi. Perhaps another von Braun reference, seeing as it a rocket-train. Indy even says he was in the OSS (pre-CIA) in the film, the same OSS that were responsible for Paperclip, the programme von Braun came in under.

      2001 author A C Clarke was big on those "crystal skulls". I kind of see it as a coded reference to the literal human head/skull, the brain having a crystal-type aspect (pineal calcite/magnetite etc) and crystal also being related to radio. There's a key "magnetic based" scene in the Crystal Skull.

      The fridge scene I have written about before. Seeing as Indy is an Osiris/Orion related avatar (see Raiders and Egypt), I wrote about it in that context. The fridge scene is like an impossible escape, certain death should occur, but it doesn't. The fridge is like a coffin metaphor - (certain) symbolic death to rebirth (masonic lore) - darkness to light, he goes from total darkness and emerges from the (ritual) coffin a la Osiris (hiram abiff). In some Osiris legends after his being sealed in a wooden box/tree/coffin (by Set) lead is poured over it before it is cast into the river. It's just one particular symbolic telling of that scene. Spielberg put an upside-down "masonic apron' into Jurassic Park's visitor's center entrance - so he's got form. (sorry it's longwinded, but I thought it needed explaining.)

      Fuck me! You keep going on about ICE! Now I just recalled Harrison Ford in Mosquito Coast building a fuck-off (lol) sized fridge/freezer - it was half the goddamn film! The bloody freezer explodes in a big explosion too! In the trailer, when ice pops out he says "the future". WTF? River "young Indy" Phoenix played his son! Doc von Braun builds his own fridge in BTTF 3 for making ICE for his drinks! It all gets discussed after he finds out about Clara - Clara and Ice. Double WTF? :)
      The Delorean gets covered in Ice when it time travels, I remember now from the first film. You're right about the original film involving a nuke and fridge too.

      Check-out the Mosquito Coast trailer.

      Clara and Ice - well, it sounds like Clarice - as in Starling from skull n bones (moth) Silence of the (Nazi) Lambs. Other than that I haven't given that aspect much thought.

      This is good stuff - thanks and keep it coming. :)

    4. Nuclear and ice (in one sense) is perhaps suggestive of (nuclear) cold fusion or something.

    5. Also, the first scene with young Indy (and the last crusade) takes place onboard a train. I'm definitely going to have to watch Mosquito Coast, don't think I've ever seen it, but that "the future" scene is gold!

    6. Ha, ha...the family in "blown up massive fridge" Mosquito Coast are called Fox. The fridge/freezer is called, wait for it - FAT BOY. Ford is an inventor (like Doc) with a US nuclear death wish (sick of the way of life etc). The tale seems to be suggestive of a technically advanced white man (like a god, I guess or 3PO in Ewok land, lol), dropped into a primitive situation and with primitive people...early success to begin with, but it soon turns to dystopia. Jeronimo (sic) is the village name, see Geronimo - a skull reference. :)

    7. What's weird, is that the Mosquito Coast crew don't seem connected in any other way, other than it being Harrison Ford (he's ultimately got nothing to do with BTTF). MQ was directed by Weir and written by Schrader, based on a book by Paul Theroux. Theroux is BBC Louis "Jimmy Savile" Theroux's father, uncle to "Iron Man 2/American Psycho/M Drive" Justin.

    8. The "fat boy" fridge syncs specifically to (Clive) Oppenheimer from "Into the Inferno", and "Encounters at the end of the world", and again is a short hop to Dante.

      And Dante is again in the news with a guy who fell into an acidic hot spring at yellowstone, and dissolved away to nothing within 24hrs.

      This exact thing happens in Dante's Peak, but as far as I am aware has never happened in real life until now. And just to labour my point about Dante, the event actually happened in June, but is only now being circulated on all the news sites - I'm certain there is a deliberate push to keep Dante's Inferno in the syncrosphere, subliminally or otherwise ;-)

      BTW, when you're up for it, you really should check out Werner Herzog, but it'll be a chore, there are many, many threads there to pick on.

  7. Hey HP, posting again with the links obfuscated, it wouldn't post for some reason!?

    You've shown that Back To the Future is a predictive medium. BTTF-1 was largely about 9/11, BTTF-2 was largely about Trump, so where does BTTF-3 fit in, has it played out yet?

    BTTF-3 has a major theme centered around the train, and sub themes around an 'Docs ice making machine', Clara & her 'broken' telescope, Jules Verne and the duel & tombstone. The train is especially interesting because it replaces the petrol power of the delorean engine, but not the nuclear/electrical power of the time machine components - Doc spells this out quite deliberately in one of the early scenes. It also becomes the ending where the train itself becomes the time machine

    So we have a train pushing a nuclear device, The theme is "trains, nukes and ice", the ice is looser in this context, but stick with me ;-) lets see what patterns this fits in the "current" timeline:

    September 2016 - 108 people injured when train crashes into Hoboken station on the Hudson. This also has the victims being treated at the "Clara" Maass medical center. Clara means bright/clear (ice?)

    http://www.f o x n e w

    T2 - Trainspotting 2 (trailer released October 2016)
    You MUST watch the trailer for this, there is a shot in it (1:14) where a car almost literally turns into the DeLorean as it hits 88mph. This also resonates (in fact references) T2 Judgement day which is also about time travel and nukes, and features Linda Hamilton of, again, "Dantes" peak. In T2JD they protagonists use DRY ICE to stop the terminator. But watch the vid for Trainspotting 2 for the BTTF reference, its great!

    https://www.y o u t u b

    The Girl On The Train (October 2016)
    This one is being heavily hyped/promoted. New York train story again, and again with the main character figuratively "repeating" her day, not time travel directly but reflective of it. The lead is played by Emily Blunt, who recently featured in the time travel movie Edge of Tomorrow where she literally repeated her day. The main two characters of this movie are Rachel & Megan - this is pointing at another pattern relating to "Rachel Meghan" Markle & Prince Harry which is coming up a LOT at the moment.

    1. Hi, many thanks for the contributions, always welcome if they're relevant. I haven't gone through all your comment yet, but the first thing that popped (after a cursory read) - was the Scott film Unstoppable. The 777 train that relates to a nuclear payload (nuclear symbol on the train front in some promos). I tied this to (Pollack produced) Sliding Doors and the 777 "electric tube train". Some Scott elements tie-in to 9/11 aspects too, he suicided himself (we've been told) after making Unstoppable.

      Will get back to you...when I've gone through this more thoroughly. Thanks again.

    2. Ewan McGregor - quite an interesting chap. I recall his first proper TV appearance (via my favourite writer) in Dennis Potter's Lipstick On Your Collar. This was before his huge popularity via Trainspotting. (Obi Wan) McGregor's uncle was X-Wing pilot (Wedge) in the Star Wars films. The Star Wars franchise is something I've tied to kabbalah (777 tol) via Da'ath/Darth etc - trench/abyss, X-Wing (crossing). Nazism in both BTTF and Star Wars too.

      Yes, I saw that 1:14 minute (BTTF) car transmutation in the T2 trailer. CRM 114 :). I did know that they made a sequel, but haven't given it any thought. Interesting that they use T2. T2JD aka the 9/11 (time travelling/nuclear) exploding truck/underpass film. The opening of the T2 (Trainspotting) trailer evokes BBTF3 (in some way) - a train and (what looks like) an old-style remote bar, almost like like sparse wild west. I've noted Boyle's "masonic" credentials in the past - from Inspector 'Masonic Mysteries/Magic Flesh Flute' Morse (90s TV series, which featured Emperor Palpatine!) to London Olympics 2012. It makes total sense that he'd use "Underworld" for the music in Trainspotting.

      Strange that the numbers for the Hoboken train crash are given as both "108" and "114".
      Hoboken crash looks like that tube train crash/bomb scene - from Die (WTC/911) Hard With A Vengeance! The suitcase bomb (DHWAV) likely evoking the nuclear variety.

      I can see you want to push that Dante's Peak idea too (Inferno Dante), I've not seen it, but I will give it a look-over.

      Will be back again, as and when. :)

    3. Gale Ann Hurd is a link (along with Hamilton) from Terminator to Dante's Peak. She used to work under Roger Corman. She's been involved in Terminator (writer/producer), T2, Aliens, The Abyss, Armageddon - and now The Walking Dead etc. She was previously married to Cameron and De Palma. Some very, very resonant films there.

    4. I always get an intuitive, "that was weird" moment whenever a particular actor is cast in a movie, or a certain motif is used in film. The "composite" character of an actor is almost always more interesting than the part.

      T2 Trainspotting did this to me. When the original came out, the drugs scene in Scotland was topical, there was a point to it right, but the sequel? WTF, it makes no sense, nobody gives a rats ass about that any more.

      So to write, produce, create a sequel to this now was a major WTF moment. And specifically to release it NOW, with the many other media references to trains, and the evident links to T2JD, the opening scenes like a western and the delorean, etc.

      The WTF moment is there because it is so contrived, so deliberate yet lacking in any context other than to resonate with BTTF3...

  8. HP, to me the opportunity, with what you've started to unveil here with BTTF, is amazingly unique.

    BTTF 1 & 2 have demonstrably proven to be prescient and predictive. That BTTF3 hasn't yet revealed itself is quite powerful from our perspective; and with the (I think) very strong precursor indicators that are appearing along the train/ice/nuclear motif, and also the telescope/Jules Verne, and all around a moment in time, is suggesting that we might see it reveal over the coming months.

    Very, very intriguing.

  9. Also want to start wrapping in WestWorld. Haven't watched a bit of it, but again its a deliberately contrived attempt to apply into the consciousness the "Western", and I think specifically BTTF3. Why?

    Because its set in the future, but portrayed as the past. The visitors to the "park" in WestWorld are all brought in on an old train, number 5. The train number in BTTF3 is 131 or 5.

    Also need to consider the terrible Wild Wild West movie (more WW's). According to wiki, it was "The combination of the Victorian era time-frame and the use of VERNE-esque technology", adn the pilot episode was called "The Night of the INFERNO". Haven't had time to consider it yet, but it is clearly connected.

    1. The train in Wild Wild West the TV show, was also Number 5

    2. Will get back to you. I need to take a break for a little while, I'm sure you understand. Thanks.

    3. "The ice is gonna break"

      One last thing. The Dead Zone (1983). You've seen the Cronenberg content here (mass media mind control, Videodrome, see also Scanners), this has been on my mind for a few weeks. GREG 'nuclear WW3' STILLSON and TRUMP. Carpenter-linked Debra Hill was producer of The Dead (psychic) Zone. Videodrome's 'mind control programmer' Harlan (Dvorksy) also features in The Dead Zone. Dvorsky only has a few film credits to his name. Most of the films are very resonant - Videodrome, The Dead Zone and Twins. Twins film (Arnie movie) - also features the "twins" from Gremlins 2, the same ones also feature in Arnie's (nuclear) T2JD. They're also the same "twins" from Clamp/Trump (9/11-Tower Trade Centre) Gremlins 2.

      I haven't seen the Dead Zone film in quite a while, but if one thing sticks, it's the brashness and rhetoric of Sheen's portrayal as Stillson - it is VERY TRUMPESQUE, at least imo.


      'The ice is gonna break' scene(s) are interwoven with the later developing Stillson narrative and his campaign. The ice-breaking scene always reminds me of Omen 2 and its own ice breaking scene, this film also being linked to politics etc.

      Final thing, at least for now. Walken (the psychic) knowing of the implications of Stillson's election as US president leads him to (a failed) assassination attempt (via a rifle/gun). In recent reality (within the last year), there was a teenager from the UK who went on a mission to assassinate Trump (via a gun).

      Had to mention this, as I've ignored it for too long and it needed saying. I will have to add this somehow. Shit, and iI'm supposed to be taking a break!

      This is ALL SO FUCKED UP (understatement).

    4. In summary...

      Trump/Clamp (Gremlins2) has his "end of the world" broadcast. Stillson/Trump (Dead Zone) would have had their WW3 world ending event (but for Walken's intervention). Tannen/Trump in BTTF 2, has the 2015 Hill Valley timeline as a kind of post-apocalyptic society breakdown.

      That's "three" film based Trump avatars that sort of relate to an end times scenario. The Dead Zone (1983), Back To The Future 2 (1989) and Gremlins 2 (1990).

    5. The latest WestWorld episode is title "TROMPE L’OIEL", which means 'deceived eye', so we had the inferno episode "contrapasso" which paraphrased in the context of Dante means to "give the people what they want/deserve", immediately followed by the "trump/deceived" episode. Can't wait for the next one!

    6. If you count Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot trying to blow up all of Gotham (N.Y.) in Batman Returns as a type of end time, then Christopher Walken as Max Shreck would be a fourth film-based Trump avatar relating to an end of days scenario. It's funny Anonymous brings up "Trompe l'Oiel" because the first entry I did for my 31 posts of October this year deals with the Trump avatars in movies, and its title is a play on the French phrase.

      What's funnier is the next entry I did covering labyrinths, where WestWorld gets mentioned, has a title that's a play on "The Internal Inferno"; a phony book from Hellraiser 2. I had included a pic of it in the post only because of the Rene Magritte painting, but the inferno aspect is what makes it stand out most now.

  10. Hey HP, I DO understand man, take whatever time you need! I'd like to keep posting related info here if I find it though, that OK?

    1. The Dead Zone - The Trump/Stillson assassin at the rally.

      "The US Secret Service said Mr Sandford told police he had planned to kill Mr Trump for more than a year, during which time he lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, where he reportedly overstayed his visa and was living out of his car."

      There's train crash 108/114 "HOBOKEN", AGAIN! This time a direct key in to Trump.

    2. Hoboken Sandford was a "ROBOT Wars" obsessive. BBC Robot Wars. Mental health issues and ROBOTS! Even his own father has said that he must've been brainwashed by an outside party. Anyone want to read between the lines on this one. Wink-wink.

  11. Wow, I missed that Hoboken reference originally! This also took place in the Mystere theatre, which is a Cirque de Soleil production.

    Treasure Island is also a massive sync to San Francisco's Treasure Island. I dug a little around this with Scott Onstott a while back when he exposed Treasure Islands esoteric secrets. Treasure Island (SF) is laden with "magical references" hence the "Mystere" in CdS at Treasure Island in Vegas.

    For example, at the dead center of Treasure Island is a baseball pitch, which syncs again to the start of this post! Treasure Island is a man-made island, 0.9 square miles, that forms a perfect nine-sided nonagon around the bay with the san fran pyramid at one of its points. The causeway out to the island is 270m (=9), and you have the 9 players, 9 innings of baseball, laid out in a masonic compass and square. The island itself is also oriented perfectly to a museum in Berlin where the Gates of Nineva were moved to when they were plundered from Iraq (think Golden "Gate" of the bridge), and the Nineva gate (Berlin) to the pitcher plate on Treasure Island was a perfect 9,999,999 yards. You couldn't make it up!

    Looking on Google earth now, it looks like the layout of the island has changed a little since, but it was there, spooked me big time when I first researched it, so to see it sync into this story is weird!

    The story also says he was living in his car, so he was in effect a "Hobo", and Hobo's are "Tramps", so again with a little alliteration, all this "hobo-" business is really just more TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!!

    1. Hobo's are also most popularly identified with trains and rail carriages. Just saying ;-)

    2. In Man of Steel (2013), Clark Kent was depicted as a hobo before taking the mantle of Superman and finding work as a reporter at the Daily Planet.

      This is "super" interesting to me, because I've been tracking the "strange underwater pinging sounds" story from a couple of weeks back, which happened around the location that the Kryptonian ship was buried under the ice, haven't got all the pieces on this yet, but I'm certain its related.

    3. Hi, before I answer more fully, I just want to say what a pleasure it is to have a sounding board, and fellow researcher to bounce ideas off. It really is quite refreshing and I sincerely thank you for making and taking the time and effort to contribute in this way.

      Truth be told, I know very little about baseball. :) It took me a moment or two to understand what you meant by "Treasure Island" (the actual SF island) and that there's a baseball field in the middle. I don't know if you're from the US, but I'm in Europe, so my exposure is limited. I've never been aware of either the island or field. It's totally masonic (as you mentioned), and I've noted the masonic essence of baseball in the past. Similar is seen with UK football (soccer), the FA was founded at the Freemasons Tavern, where the rules were also drawn up.

      Interesting find though (Treasure Island), and in a few ways. The whole pirate thing being something else that seems mason flavoured (skull and bones, sodomy etc), historically speaking too. I couldn't help but notice that the Island was used for a scene from The Matrix, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Copycat. The Matrix is of interest for obvious reasons, Last Crusade for the Templar flavour (baphomet sodomites/skull and bones a la 'jolly rogering' pirates). The last one really caught my eye "Copycat' - Arnon Milchan (under his Regency Pictures) and as producer, he is close with Murdoch. It's also interesting because I know SF has been a serial killer hotbed, and was from the 70s onwards (Dave McGowan outlined this). Copycat - is all about serial killers (you might know it), lots of them from the 'classic" archive and their crimes being "copied' etc. I wonder if the film was getting at something by having the "private compound" as a setting based on the island? I'm not sure what they specifically mean by that term (private compound), maybe where Hudson (Weaver) lives or something.

      I got a 'double-take' moment when "Hoboken" popped out again and in such close proximity to each other. I don't want to get too carried away, with trying to break done every word Hobo-ken etc. Not that it isn't viable, I just find the resonance is more relevant to the "twinning" of the location name, the events that transpire, and their direct or quasi-direct relationship to each other (if any). Hope that makes sense. Saying that though and in respect of trams/trains - there was a TRAM crash here in the UK, and quite a serious one. It happened on the Euro 9/11 (9th Nov) and 7 people killed, 50+ injured.


    4. I will have to give BTTF3 another look-over again though. I know we got reasonable results (I'm underplaying it) on the 1989 sequel, so "part 3" does need consideration. Who knows how relevant it may be "going-forward"? I'm keeping an open mind on it all, but I don't want to get too anchored down either. Part 2 and Part 3 were made back-to-back and released 6 months apart. So - after what's happened very recently with Part 2, and as we've seen with the first film - the franchise now has to prove THAT IT"S NOT ACTUALLY RELATED TO (FUTURE) REALITY! That would be a first! :)

      I'm still a bit zoned over that "Ice and Nuclear" thing, it just seems over-forced and silly even - to keep playing out the same thing over and over. The Dead Zone one totally freaked me though - with Stillson/Trump and the big "ice breaking' and "nuclear" crossover stuff. Later I recall that the film begins with a roller coaster ride, which is a train-like vehicle (tracks, train cars). It's a train car with the "winged globe/sun disc" motif (Egyptian), it's here where he gets his first psychic-type episode. The Stillson thing bugs me though, played by Sheen, who would play the Pres. (in the future) in the West Wing. Sheen's Stillson WAS Trump, even before Trump was Trump. He embodied many of the same qualities as we've since seen with Donald, but long before Donald. This one still bothers me, perhaps due to some extent in not looking at it.

      Thanks again.

    5. Just realised this about Last Crusade. They use the island for the BERLIN airport scene! That's another direct Treasure Island/Berlin link just like the pitcher plate and that museum. The "Nazi" airport (external scenes) aka "Treasure Island" follows immediately after Hitler signs Indy's Grail diary, Indy dressed as a Nazi. It's almost like they're trying to tell us something about a US/German (Nazi) link between these location points...wouldn't you say? Let's hope it's the Nazi gold and we get a share. :)

      Airport building, it's a rainbow (masonic royal arch of heaven) shaped Admin building.

    6. Likewise on the sounding board ;-) BTW, you got my email when you were looking to make this a closed blog a while back, it was the aussie email, first initial C. Feel free to PM!

    7. I just remembered one of the other plot points from BTTF-3, and that was the chap selling barbed wire.

      "I have peddled this barbed wire all across the country, and it has taught me
      one thing for certain. It's that you never know what the future might

      Barbed-wire is just another way of saying fenced or "walled", probably another deliberate Trump indicator.

    8. This is getting weirder and weirder. So Fukushima just got hit by a 7.3 again, 2 days after the GOES-R is launched (which is Gozer BTW, more on that and Ghostbusters later if you're up for it ;-).

      Fukushima translates as FUKU (Fortune) SHIMA (Island), or Treasure Island...

    9. Treasure Island pitchers plate to center of Fukushima Prefecture is 8,888,888 yards (99.95% accurate), and shares a loose physical alignment to the wave breaker on the power station. Fukushima to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin where Ishtar's Gate (Gate of Nineva) is 8,808 kilometers.

    10. Hi, sorry been busy, am just dropping in. Re: earthquakes - Japan, New Zealand and Argentina within the last 24hrs or so - I think? I read of a tsunami warning on Japan. Big train crash in India, bus crash in Chattanooga (high train related resonance). Plenty happening!

    11. Seriously man, WTF, do you remember what surrounds Fukushima, the "remedy" that was to keep the RADIATION locked in?

      Only a flipping ICE WALL!! ICE, TRUMP/WALLS, RADIATION, insane; not to mention Ishtars Gate which was the gate to a WALLED city. I think its early days yet, not expecting anything to materialize until next year but these pattern syncs are getting ridiculous.

      I've been looking at the LEGO movie and Ghostbusters lately too as TRUMP & BTTF3 feature heavily in both of them, and there are still more news media indicators...

    12. I find it incredible that we have the "gate" connections between these two treasure islands. We have Ishtar and the silver gate representing birth (through fertility/moon) and the golden gate bridge representing death (think about how many "disaster/death" movies feature the destruction of the golden gate bridge). We have the pope carrying the emblem of the silver and golden keys to unlock these gates. The keys to the symbolic gates of birth and death? We have a supermoon (birth) in this same time window, and a 280 day (gestation cycle?) through to next year when we'll have the total solar eclipse or "death" of the sun.

      This is a bizarre window!

  12. Don't forget the ICE WALL that features prominently in game of thrones... Also heavy ICE theme from the white walkers.

    1. Have to also add.. I'm currently playing a videogame called the witcher 3. "Bad guys" are called the wild hunt and they're some evil legion from another dimension. Their appearances are signified by a ICE theme. Prolly more to it but I just sort of started the game. It won a bunch of game of the year awards, so it's being pushed/backed by someone etc

    2. Phone loves to butcher my grammar if I don't proofread... Just meant the location they visit has various cold elements employed: temperature drop, ice all around etc..

    3. WestWorld also depicts the world surrounded by a large rock wall, but visually it is rendered to look like an "ice" wall. Wayward Pines was also surrounded by a large wall, and also shared the same motif of the protagonist needing to "get through" the wall. This is all Dante's Inferno, Truman Show, ... hahaha, its even why I'm here every day, I want to find my way through that wall too!

  13. Replies
    1. Hey HP, check this, 108 meters tall arch(on) has just been placed over Chernobyl:

    2. And this, WestWorld S1E8 or 1:08 - titled "Trace DECAY" (radioactive decay). Featuring Dark Stars and Demons...

  14. How King Kong (gematria of 88) is held captive by code (the 11) as OPEL LOPE POLE

    OPEL LOPE POLE is the watermark egg riddle released on the $10 dollar bill released with 911 and Patriot Act. The egg plays on the head of Alexander HAMILTON. Hamilton was the first Founding Father to get whacked by Temple Banksters, post Revolution, for control of Bank Charter. The watermark egg plays as divisor to PE - OPLE. Pe as in mouth is cut off by the smaller egg inside the larger signifying "no voice" or "no logos" of the People to say or create. Instead the PE (as the 808 or 88) is made as a Joker King ie the pantalooned Koreybanterer around the 808 stone. 808 + 191 = 999.

    Moonkey Business 191

    OPEL = Car by GM as OZ, made news during .. 911 cycle and Patriot Act.
    LOPE = to run
    POLE = the stone at the center, command CRM 114

    114 are the number of suras/books in the Koran.
    66 are the number of books in the Protestant canonical bible.
    These are the two codes that enliven the two factions created by Temple Banksters, being the OPEL LOPE POLE.

    Odysseus covers himself in SEAL skin to gain access to watery information and this is the key to how the great war, he thought of the Trojan Horse, which was over an advertised Helen, becomes the war in his own house to regain Penelope. Its a game of 114 V. 66. Men in listening to "make war for this lady" are led by advertisement/patriotism/preaching. When the great war is over men try to come back to their own places and find that others have taken over in order to woo the forgetful wives of the never coming home warriors.

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