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Mass Media Mind Control - Manson, Saturn and Bluebird

Manson, Saturn and Bluebird

Jan 4th - saw this "mass media trifecta". All in all, it's been a very eventful couple of weeks!

With so much current and ongoing "corporate mind control via mass media" (see Berlin truck, Reina shootings, Russian Ambassador shootings, fake news etc) - I thought I'd port the latest into a new post. It'll give me more room to expand, should events continue in this vein. This post is best read in conjunction with the previous "Tsar Wars" post.

**Warning - post contains very graphic images, do not view if easily offended etc.**

4th Jan
It's (Nazi) Mind Control Icon - Charles "swastika head" Manson.
He's now the Butcher of Bakersfield, just like political and movie "Running Man" - Arnie "Nazi" Schwarzenegger.

Pop Art via Wha(a)m, Jet Planes, and 1963 (geddit?). Christmas Day 2016, Wham and Sochi.
Pop Art - Tate Modern, literally, considering (former budding pop star) Manson has just popped-up.
Polanski's then pregnant wife, and Manson Family victim, Sharon Tate.
Did I mention "The Hanged Man?"
The Hanged (Suspended) 'Masonic' Man - The Ninth (Satanic) Gate (1999) - Roman Polanski
Cielo (Sky) Drive -  Polanski/Tate home.
Hanged via "Masonic Cable-tows".
La Bianca victim (Tate/La Bianca)
The Seal of Saturn (and its ruling spirits, as seen in typical grimoire). An aspect of a stylised version of the word "war" inscribed on the victim. It also evokes the masonic 'square and compass' - a 'hooded and hanged' victim (shown at Cielo Drive) is likely further masonic flavouring. The Cielo Drive events happened Aug 9 1969 (9.69 a la Saturn), and La Bianca the following day.
Polanski's Rosemary's Baby has a runtime of 2hrs 16 mins (216 = 6*6*6).
"Hex Poled and Reverse Ring" Saturn (Satan) - Death, The Reaper, The Black Cube.
Saturn, the magical equivalent of Satan. He is the old god who was worshiped in the Witches' Sabbath.

"All of them (hexing satanic/saturnic) witches" - Rosemary's Baby
The "hermit" Obi Wan switch - "That's no space station - it's a moon."
Star Wars - The 'Dark-side' Death Star and Saturn's moon - Mimas.
The moon was first spotted in 1979, two years or so after the original film release (wink, wink).
Baphomet - "the sabbatical goat" is heavily associated with Saturn. (Rosemary's Baby, 1968).

Well I never! It's SATURN - and in today's news via "Werner (Disney) Von Braun" Nasa/Nazis and Ca-SS-ini!
'Mind Control' Manson and Saturn "news" - and on the same day.

Helter Skelter - Manson, The "OTO" Beatles (9/11 Macca) and BLUEBIRDS.
Project Blue Bird was the first known codename for the narco-hypnosis-behaviourist-trauma mind control experimentation undertaken by US intel agencies in the immediate aftermath of WW2. Manson was/is a "STATE ASSET" - an FBI informant, and one (in-part) programmed via Scientology and the Process Church. Beatle McCartney has been linked to the Process Church magazine. Manson claimed that 'The Family" were receiving instructions from Beatles recordings (White Album etc).
The "military-industrial complex linked" EMI Beatles, would rise in the US, and primarily in the aftermath of Kennedy's ritual and public killing. Their initial global rise arguably began in Hamburg, Germany. The Beatles' American television debut was on 18 November 1963 on The Huntley-Brinkley Report, with a four-minute long piece. On 22 November 1963, the CBS Morning News ran a five-minute feature on Beatlemania in the UK, which heavily featured their then current UK hit "She Loves You." The evening's scheduled repeat was cancelled following the assassination of John F. Kennedy the same day. Beatle Lennon's death, ties-in with the whole Rosemary's Baby mythos, witchy (9/11 "destruction in art") Ono, and the 'stereotypical' mind control of Chapman. The "OTO" Beatles. Chapman, six weeks before Lennon's assassination, allegedly presented to filmmaker, Kenneth "OTO" Anger, a gift of 'live bullets' (they both met in Hawaii). Process Church connected Anger, was also very much linked to Manson (et al), note his work with (former lover) "Family member" Beausoleil. It's also possible that some of the Beatles visited Polanski/Tate Cielo Drive home.
On 10 December, Walter Cronkite decided to transmit the (Beatles' 22/11/63) piece again on the CBS Evening News, and the resulting interest led to the rush-release of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and—only weeks before the Beatles' arrival—a U.S. commercial breakthrough. The Beatles would fly into JFK airport, and arrive in the US for the first time on 7 February 1964, eleven weeks after JFK's assassination. On 9 February 1964, the Beatles made their first live U.S. television appearance. 73 million viewers—about two-fifths of the total American population—watched the group perform on The Ed Sullivan Show at 8 P.M. According to the Nielsen ratings audience measurement system, the show had the largest number of viewers that had been recorded for a U.S. television program. (source wiki)

Beatles - Yellow Submarine (1968). At the end of the movie, the Chief Blue Meanie says:
"My cousin is the Bluebird of Happiness'". It also shows bluebirds on his head when he says this.
The bluebird is also mentioned by David 'Berlin' Bowie in the song "Lazarus" - from his final album "Blackstar"

Chief Blue(bird) Meanie - Oswald (the lucky rabbit).
Like the majority of the Meanies in his army, the Chief is masked, has yellowed teeth with navy blue woollen body hair and massive, paw-like hands with six claws on each. "Common" Blue Meanies wear a hat reminiscent of Mickey Mouse's ears, (bluebird chief's) hat looks more like Oswald's (rabbit, below right).
Lee Harvey 'bluebird' Oswald was nicknamed Ozzie Rabbit - after the exact same cartoon character, this was during his military time, and Bluebird Cafe link. Chief 'bluebird' Meanie has an unpredictable, if not split-personality, (see Ross and Project Bluebird - multiple/split personalties, disassociation) which sends him from apparently effeminate and friendly to raging and malicious - though no less buffoonish in either. He has a sidekick, "Max", who is often the victim of his abuse, from being punched to being shot.

The "mother" of conspiracy theory, the "Killing of the King" - Kennedy's assassination and Bluebird.
During Oswald's military career (marines), and while stationed in Yamoto, Japan (June, 1958) - Oswald would be involved in an incident at The Bluebird Cafe, this led to his 2nd court martial. Some have mentioned apparent changes in his behaviour around this time. The 'political mind control/assassin' film - "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962) is connected to all this. Sinatra's film is based on the 1959 book, the same Sinatra that was later briefly married to Mia 'Rosemary' Farrow.

JJ "Star Nazi Wars" Abrams recently produced "22.11.63", the 'time-travel' Kennedy serial, and based on Stephen "The Shining/Apt Nazi Pupil" King's book. Oh look, it's James 'abuser/suspected paedophile' Franco. They linked the series to Back to the Bluebird Future. Apt (Nazi mind control schooled) Pupil - would feature an 'injured blue jay' (a different species, but a literal blue bird). The injured blue jay motif/theme has appeared in other King works. Apt Pupil, with Brad 'industry abused' Renfro. The film has him in a subtle homoerotic relationship with (nazi) McKellen.
 "Carrie" - was 'nazi and blue jay bird' King's - first published novel, it was made into a 1976 feature by De Palma, and starring Sissy "Eraserhead" Spacek. Lucas would finish writing his Star Wars script in Mar 1976.
Carrie x2. Carrie was the first of over 100 film and TV productions adapted from, or based on, the works of Stephen King.
There's a long-standing (yet refuted) rumour that originally, Spacek was cast as Princess Leia, and Fisher as Carrie.
"Carrie" director De Palma, was born on Sept 11 (1940). On Sept 11, 1959, Lee Harvey 'bluebird' Oswald received a hardship discharge from active military service, claiming his mother needed care, and was put on reserve.

(Operation) Mockingbird 'Nazi' Square...Doc/Dr Brown/von Braun
It's 'nazi' and 'blue-bird' 50's resonant 'time-travel' film Back to the Future:
Back to the (9/11 lightning struck tower) Future. Spielberg, would meet (first wife) Amy "Carrie" Irving on the set of De Palma's film. Irving's mother Priscilla Pointer (who also played her mother in Carrie) featured in Lynch's Blue (Bird) Velvet (shown later). Lynch would have Billy 'Back to the (bluebird) Future' Zane in his Twin Peaks series.

Clock Tower Court, Lightning-struck "911" Potter, and via the bluebird. (Caged) Prisoner of Azkaban.
Harry "witch" Potter's (flipped) initials are a 'barely veiled' reference to 9/11 (with Towers, flight and wings).
Recent news, and in last few days...along with Bluebird Campbell's 50th anniversary (Jan 4th)
Robin "monarch" Williams (deceased) wanted to play the part of (bluebird linked) "Hagrid" - in Potter.
He sings about "bluebirds" in Patch Adams. Robin (9/11 Awakenings and Fisher 9/11 King) Williams.
"Blue Skies" - Irving Berlin (Germany link) is one of many popular songs whose lyrics use the "Bluebird of happiness".
'Monarch/Bluebird' (9/11) Williams - auditioned for the Jack Torrance (Monarch/Joker Nicholson) role - The Shining (1980).
King aka a monarch. We've tied (nazi) Kubrick's version of King's "The Shining" to 'Project Monarch' via the monarch twins.
Nolan's "Batman:TDKR" is linked to the 'Aurora/Sandy Hook' events. Aurora occurring on the day of the film's general release.
Project Bluebird
Bluebird (1950) and US 'Paperclip' Nazi-based Mind Control - anyone?
BLUEBIRD was approved by the CIA director on April 20, 1950 (on what would've been Hitler's 61st birthday).
See my "unique" (and regularly plagiarised) work on "Back To The (911) Future" - project bluebird, nazism, and operation mockingbird etc. The BTTF set - above. Lloyd - as "Nazi Doc von Braun" (Brown). Gregory "Mockingbird Killing Sq" Peck, would play 'cloning Nazi Mengele' in The Boys From Brazil.

The CIA and Reinhard "Nazi" Gehlen.
"Acting like Nazis!...anyone? Trumps dig at US Intel. What have we here...?
 On 9/10/2002
Biff 'Tower' Trump bought DeLorean's Bedminster estate/mansion, and exactly one year after 9/11. Back to The Future, below - All via (Operation) Mockingbird Square.
'Corporate Mass Media Mind Control". Elite, Blue-bird, 9/11, Military, Twinning, Struck Tower etc. Paperclip 'military/CIA' Nazis, the progenitors of US based "mass propaganda" mind control systems, corporate systems owned and fronted by Hollywood "Ashke-nazi" Zionist Jews (and their assets).

Bluebird - Dr. Ross describes unethical experiments conducted by psychiatrists to create amnesia, new identities, hypnotic access codes, and new memories in the minds of experimental subjects. (mind control project)
1950 launched - Project Bluebird. Oh look, it's another "Bluebird" Today (4th Jan) is the 50th anniversary.
There has even been a "project" to restore and rebirth the vessel - it's called, wait for it - Project Bluebird
Bluebird, Death and Donald Campbell (in the soup). At this rate, I'll be back to "pop art" and via War-hol.
Marilyn "Bluebird" Monroe - splits, alters and mind control. Monroe was linked to JFK, the latter also being involved with (CIA/Warren Commission) Allen "Project Bluebird/Artichoke" Dulles.
Bluebird Campbell's body was 'laid to rest' - ONE DAY after 9/11/2001!
The funeral was overshadowed in the media due to coverage of the 9/11 attacks in the United States.
Campbell's Bluebird (name) was lifted from the Maeterlinck play, it was made into a (1940) Shirley Temple film (which runs for 88 mins!) by Fox. Directed by Walter 'Nazi' Lang, it was Fox's answer to MGM's Wizard of Oz. Oz's "Over The Rainbow" features "bluebirds" in its lyrics.
Twin vessel and vehicle - there was a Campbell Bluebird car too.  Donald Malcolm Campbell.
Bluebird Campbell's (literal) "Enchantment Under The Coniston Water/Sea".
DMC - Back To The (9/11) Future - via Blue-bird
Bluebird - start and end points of Marty's (time-travel) journey - Back to the (9/11  Struck Twin Tower) Future
All via the kabbalistic  "Lightning Tree of Life - Flux Capacitor".
Corporate mass media mind control/predictive programming - MK-ULTRA, Bluebird and (Operation) Mockingbird Square.
The Mocking(bird) and (blue)Jay via Newtown Collins - The "Lightning Tree" Hunger Games.
Twinning and Blue-birds!
"There'll be (twin) blue-birds over the white cliffs of Dover..." (Jan 3rd)
'Bluebird' Lynn, closed-out Nazi Kubrick's "Dr Nazi Strangelove", he got Nietzschean (Übermensch/Superman) in 2001.

We've had (Monarch 9/11 Batman), here's Blue-Bird (red breast) Superman - "struck towers and 9/11"
Film directed by Richard "Lethal 9/11 Weapon" Donner - "Conspiracy (Mind Control) Theory" - Donner.
An associate of Steven "Back to the (Bluebird 9/11 Struck Tower) Future" Spielberg.
Sept 12, 2001 (edition). Struck and smoking (with aircraft) "Twin Towers" (left) - Burning "Twin Towers" (right)
Bluebird Superman II - A burning Manhattan with WTC, a "9 and 11" resonant clock.
The Nietzschean "Übermensch/Superman" overlaps for the "Nazi" flavour. 
I've included these 9/11 links (which I've covered elsewhere, and  extensively) to show how it 'ties-in' with Bluebird.

Bluebird Twitter - corporate "retardation" of media, reducing information to infantile "group think" soundbites.
Corporate induced pattern mould sheep...aka mass mind control/behavioural control..
All heavily promoted by MSM (aka MockingBIRD media) - just like all the other herders - Facebook, Apple, Google etc.

Zionist Jew Suckerberg (a front) heads-up masonic 'sheep mind control central' aka "Faeces-book" - Tubal Cain.
Reina Isis = Moon Queen Isis (goddess of the mysteries). Isis is also represented by 'Sirius' (Sept, Sothis, Sopdet) the star of the masonic brotherhood. It was via the magic of Thoth (Mercury) that allowed Isis to restore Osiris (Orion), producing Horus.

ISIS - aka "the daughter of Saturn". Hex-poled and cubed Saturn.
Oh look - the Muslims actually pay homage to SATURN (likewise with the Satanic Jews). They even perform the "reverse ring" walk! Obviously most have no idea that this is the case, it's called mass religious brainwashing.
2001 - A 9/11 Hilton-Monolith Odyssey. The black Saturn cubed-brick.
2001 Apes (goy humans) - the 9/11 MSM sheep/apes. The monolith was connected to Saturn in the novel.
Saturn's rings couldn't be reproduced for the film, so Jupiter was used as a replacement.
"Revenge of the Living MONOLITH" (destroyed Twin Towers)

From The Telegraph (from the earlier Saturn link) -
"Mercury appears to the left of Saturn on the morning of (Satur-n-day) Jan 7."
Mercury being the 'god of magic' - and Saturn being the 'magical equivalent' of Satan.
It could potentially be a "charged date" - but who knows, I only mention it due to my noticing?

From January 7th...
"Ancients saw this as a time of great fortune and a very opportune time."

5th Jan
We've had bluebirds, blue jays and mockingbirds - now we're back in 'poultry-bird' resonant Turkey, again!
In the previous post I mentioned (potential) 'FETÖ-linked Turkish TV' predictive programming elements. In respect of the Russian "hanged man" Ambassador shooting (at the art gallery) and the Santa Claus shooting 'meme', the latter being linked to the Reina nightclub shootings.

Dec 2014. Predictive Programming (a la 9/11), Turkish TV - Art Gallery Shooting (Russia/Turkey) Ambassador? (full details and links - on/to both videos). 
Check the links in the youtube description! Thanks go to 'The Alternative News & Info Report'."
(Since deleted, sorry. These were foreign TV clips and I have no way of re-upping them.)

"Reina Santa meme" - the exact same Turkish TV show - the very next episode (#90). See next video, below.
"The interior minister said the lone attacker was believed to have left the club wearing different clothing."

The shooting was also initially sold as being carried out by a terrorist dressed as Santa Claus, yet there is little evidence to support this belief? A white suit is not standard attire for Santa. Have they got folk believing in Santa Claus, wink-wink?

Predictive Programming - Turkish TV and a "Shooting Santa"! (Again, another one deleted.)
Jan 2015. Eps #90, same TV show that evoked (via eps #89) the Ambassador and "art gallery" slaying.

Also - two "timely" Zionist releases, wouldn't you say? "Bad Santa 2" and "Monster Truck(s)"
They're Reina Nightclub and recent Berlin (Monster) Truck resonant.
2016 - "Bad Santa 2" (released from 23rd Nov) and "Monster Trucks" (released from 21st Dec). Monster Trucks would first play in France, where the "Tunisian infused" Nice truck terror happened.

Sandy 'Over The Rainbow' Hook (Batman TDKR) and linked via (witchy) BANE aka "harm, ruin or death".
A Crowley descendent (Nathan) works as production designer on these Nolan films.

The "black-miller" monster truck at the Christmas market. Star Wars linked Anis 'Tataouine' Amri

Scania (cab/truck) - the name is possibly derived from the Germanic root Skaðin-awjã, which appears in Old Norse as Skáney. According to some scholars, the Germanic stem can be reconstructed as *Skaðan- meaning "danger" or "damage" (English scathing, German Schaden, Swedish skada).
Zionist asset Murdoch's The Sun - an "errand boy" - aka a disposable asset for mass mind control (wink-wink).
Brando/Kurtz is (imo) another avatar for Crowley.
"Epoch-collapse Now" - As I've been saying, there's plenty going on. You could almost compare it to a type of "quickening".

Back to 'Process Church' programmed (state asset) Manson, who's recently been in the news:

Charles Miller (sic) Manson...Dennis "Polanski/Manson" Hopper (Apocalypse Now)

Peter Levenda - Sinister Forces - The Manson Secret:
Both were visitors to Cielo Drive. FBI informant Manson, and Hopper's father worked for "intel" OSS (pre-CIA). 
Lynch's Blue Velvet - "after a series of sordid set pieces, the "bluebird of happiness" finally arrives, but it's an automaton (mechanical, wink-wink) with a real bug in its beak."
Dennis "Blue Beetle Velvet" Hopper - with Process Church, Manson and OTO-linked - Kenneth 'Lucifer Rising' Anger (far right). Anger associate, Donald "Crowley/Osiris/Brando" Cammell (far left). "Performance" Cammell, was linked to Jagger/Pallenberg et al. Pallenberg, best known for imprisoning Jane 'bluebird' Fonda in a birdcage during Barbarella. Donald Cammell's 1977 film "Demon Seed" - has been compared to Polanski's Rosemary's 'Satanic' Baby.
"Proteus" - was the name of the 'AI computer' in Cammell's film - it would eventually birth itself as a demonic child, later revealed to be an 'encased' clone. Proteus, a Greek sea god (first born) and given as a son of 'trident' Poseidon/Neptune (see BTTF, Enchantment Under The Trident Sea). I also sense similarities to Clarke's "Childhood's End" and "2001" - in Cammell's film. Proteus is an aspect of Homer's "Odyssey", Clarke's "2001 (star child) Odyssey" - features an 'AI computer'. It has been noted that Donald Cammell had dissociation issues (see Levenda), he suicided in 1996.
The alien character of Prot in the book trilogy by Gene Brewer, and played by Kevin Space-y in the movie K-PAX. K-PAX Prot, like Prot-eus, was said to embody a modernized "shape shifter" and magical type of advanced mystical ET who "walked in" to humanoid bodies, and shared wisdom and insights into the human condition.
Gene Brewer? Sounds ominously resonant - in the 'genetic sorcery' sense! Below - Twin 'shape-shifting' Peaks' Jerry Horne aka (K-Pax) David Patrick Kelly. Blue Rose and Project Blue Book (via Garland 'Oz' Briggs) related Twin Peaks. Lynch-linked David "Twin Peaks" Bowie - mentioned the "bluebird" in Lazarus (Black Star). "Commando" - with yellow (Nazi) Porsche 911 driving Sully (bluebird Kelly) - who gets 'ankle suspended' by Nazi Arnie 'Twins' Schwarzenegger, aka Mr 'Caution 9-11' Terminator 2.
 K-PAX - 'starman' Spacey and (Starman) Bridges are both "9/11 and Twin Tower" resonant, Spacey with Working Girl and Se7en, and Bridges with King Kong, Fisher King (blue kingfisher bird) and The Big Lebowski. Lynch resonates 9/11 via Mulholland Drive (William 'Sept 11' Mulholland) etc. Dan Hadeya featured in both Mullholland Drive and Commando. Anger, is cited as having been an influence on Lynch's work (also Scorcese, Cronenberg and others too). Note, Bluebird Spacey (who is also Nazi linked via his father) has now been outed for the degenerate abuser and paedophile that he's been, and likely been for quite some time.

OTO Anger has claimed that (as a child) he once danced with Shirley "Bluebird" Temple.
Temple and Oz Garland - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow bluebirds fly..." (caged bluebirds, and mind control).
Pleasure Doming (the penis) and Lucifer Rising, sodomite Anger.
Walter 'Nazi' Lang - US Paper-clip Nazis, Hollywood programming and mind control. 
Produced by Zanuck, whose son (Richard) was key to (mass programmer) Spielberg's career, Tim 'monarch' Burton, too.
Richard Zanuck also worked on Burton's (sodomy resonant pairing) 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'Alice in Wonderland'.
Wizard of Oz (imo) has been exposed for the MK-Ultra programming device that it has always been. It's also a (cryptic) device for promoting mass sexual transience and homosexuality (friends of Dorothy). 
Fairy-tailing a la (sodomite) H. C. Anderson. A spiralling Oz road, via a Woodsman's chopper, with the effeminate queer lion, and via the windy twister (sodomy). Blue Bird Temple, below.
Temple Black (Black Temple) the basis for the fantasies of so many paedophiles - industry and/or otherwise.
Caged Barbarella - Jane "Blue Bird" Fonda and Elizabeth "Blue Bird/International (Blue) Velvet" Taylor.
Carrie "Star Wars" Fisher's father Eddie, would leave her mother, Debbie Reynolds, and for Liz Taylor. In 2001, Reynolds co-starred with Elizabeth Taylor in These Old Broads, a TV movie written for her by her daughter, Carrie.
"Lazarus-Bluebird" - 'multi-persona' kabbalistic Bowie and The Blue Bird audition via Taylor.
Bluebird and Monroe resonator - kabbalistic crypto-Jew "Madonna"
Desperately "Twinning" Bluebird Susan.
ILLUMINATI Madonna, Arquette, and Monarch - via (adopted Malawian) 'butterfly' TWINS.
Fresh new monarch victims (see butterflies) for the 'masonic Jew' Whore of Babylon (added May 2017).
HATE WHITEY via Marxist Hollywood, anyone? Jew Arquette, and Kabbalist Jew, Madonna. Vomit.
A Hollywood insider informed me that many of these celebs are FORCED to adopt ethnic babies.
All for the (Zionist fomented) cultural Marxist/neo-liberal, globalist cause...aka MASS INDUCED INSANITY.
If they resist their Hollywood masters - then their careers are curtailed.
 Induced mass self loathing and white guilt via (sick) Zionist Hollywood programming (mind control).
Jew Hollywood HATES the goyim. Hence, their mass racial agitation and mass pro-discrimination (aka inverted racism).

Anger-y Bluebirds
Coppola's Nam film was originally a George "Star (Nazi) Wars" Lucas vehicle, Star Wars' Solo/Ford featured in Apocalypse Now (as Col. Lucas). Brando/Kurtz was named after Star Wars producer, Gary Kurtz. Lucas was also a (noobie) cameraman at the 'death resonant' Altamont concert (1969), this was during the Stones' Kenneth Anger years.
Coppola's "caged" nephew, Nic, was in Lynch's 'Wild at (Oz) Heart', with Laura "Blue Velvet bird" Dern. 
Twin Peaks Lynch - was at one time, actually approached (by Lucas) to direct Return of the Jedi.
"Star Wars" - franchise and merchandise via Bluebird. Project Bluebird - dissociated multiples/splits and clones!
Star "Nazi" Wars - bluebird, clones, Mengele. "Back to the (Nazi Blue-bird) Future" - Spielberg, mentioned below:
This formed an aspect of Dave "Laurel Canyon" McGowan's LC series - connecting to Manson/Beachboys.

Apocalypse, The Surfin' (bluebird) Beach Boys and Charlie "Beach Boys" Manson
Perhaps not, but he liked hanging around with "60's popular culture surfing icons".
Mind Control - Bluebird(s)
Manson's "Beach Boys" linked track, just happens to be on the B-side of their "Bluebird" single!
Brian 'Beach Boy' Wilson's (related) mental issues are also the stuff of legend.
That's "blue bird" connected to The Beatles and The Beach Boys, both who were linked to (mind control) Manson.
Sharon "Valley of the (programmed) Dolls" Tate: 
"I'd like to be a fairy princess, a little golden doll with gossamer wings, in a voile dress, adorned with bright, shiny things. I see that as something totally pure and beautiful. Everything that's realistic has some sort of ugliness in it." (programming, her father was military intel).

6th Jan

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport - MIND CONTROL!
Claims of being 'mind controlled' by the US Govt and CIA! An MK-ULTRA type, anyone?
Hollywood, a Star Wars t-shirt, an airport, military/psychiatric links and mind control!
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise! Was he looking for Carrie (Hollywood/Star Wars/Airport) Fisher?
Even DELTA (see Delta flight) symbolically resonates with 'mind states' and 'mind control'.
Regarding the Delta programming, Sullivan said: " was when I was used to do hits, kills, and also body guarding and hostage extraction. I had a great number of alter personalities that had specialised training and had different modes to do different things."

Oh look, the obligatory "second or multi-shooters" per Reina Nightclub.
Of course, it's now all been Orwell "memory holed" - just like all the others!
I know things have been unfolding quickly, but this is getting f**king ridiculous!

I've even found a (Sept 2015) popular culture 'bleubird/bluebird' and Lauderdale reference (with death resonance).
Fort Lauderdale born rapper "Bleubird" (Jacques Bruna). He's also associated with an act called "Gunporn".
Who's in charge...?
Update (2018). Well, well. If it isn't Sheriff - 13 Democrat of the Year Awards - Israel.
Mr Florida school shooting mess. The one that reeks of a cabal sponsored mind control/gun control false flag event!

Jan 7th

Bluebird and state/military/occult 'mind controlled' Manson. Zionist "Ashke-NAZI" mind control.
Ho, Ho, Ho...Hollywood MIND CONTROL.

Star 'Nazi' Wars - Fisher's mental issues all likely stem from being a victim of (direct) Hollywood mind control - Monarch/Bluebird/MK-ULTRA etc. She was BORN into it. The sheep can wallow in their "bi-polar" fantasies.
Don't forget the recent "Tataouine" (Star Wars linked) Berlin truck event, soon followed by Fisher's death.

"The Germans under the Nazi government began to do serious scientific research into trauma-based mind control," write Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler in their book, The Illuminati Formula used to create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. "Under the auspices of the Kaiser Wilhelm Medical Institute in Berlin, Josef Mengele conducted mind-control research on thousands of twins and thousands of other hapless victims."

The Star Wars franchise is simply just more masonic-linked mass mind control posing as entertainment.
Luciferian George Lucas and (satanist) Levi's Jota/Yoda aka (demonic) Mephistopheles - ceremonial masonic magic. Yawn.
Summoning Jota/Yoda via (sodomite) Baphomet and the magick goetic circle. (Darth evokes Da'ath, kabbalistic tree of life)
The name Mephistopheles is associated with the Faust legend of a scholar, based on the historical Johann Georg Faust.
In the legend, Faust wagers his soul with Mephistopheles.
The people that run Satanic Hollywood don't think you're dumb lost sheep, they know that most of you are!

I think one of the Columbine shooters (Harris) was on Luvox (a prozac-like drug) and Zoloft.
The event occurred on the anniversary of (Nazi) Hitler's birth, just like the launch of Project Bluebird.
Colum-bine is 'bird' related, Latin "colum" - meaning "dove".
These types of drugs have been linked to mass shooting events (and mind control).

Dave Cullen, author of the 2009 book Columbine, cites evidence that Harris did revere the Nazis. He praised them often in his journal, and some of his friends grew irritated at his frequent Nazi salutes and quotations in the months leading up to the shooting. At a certain point, Harris realised he needed to reduce this behaviour, for fear of revealing his plans. (wiki)

"Eric Harris had deep military connections. His father was an air force transport pilot who had been linked to covert AF intelligence projects going back nearly 20 years. The Harris's lived at Plattsburgh Air Force Base, which is rumoured to have a secret facility deep under the runway. John Quinn of NewsHawk reports that they have received testimony from someone who worked in Plattsburgh Air Force Base, who said that Eric Harris was a subject of MK-ULTRA experiments there."

Fort "Hollywood/Military mind control" Lauderdale - I just mentioned "Israel" and "false flag terror"

8th Jan

The SICK ZIONISTS clearly did this to themselves - it's a useless eater "get back on message" type of event!

This is the EXACT SAME ISIS - that the US, UK and Israel have been FUNDING!
This will get the sheep hating on Palestinians again, even though they are the TRULY OPPRESSED!
The Zionist Jews have felt the recent HATE directed at them, so they have (predictably) acted accordingly!

The MSM SHEEP will buy into the Zionist elite narrative, just like all the others. All happening, as and when Netanyahu is under investigation, wink-wink.

9th Jan
It's GOY mockery time...Jewish Meryl Streep
Hollywood WHORES - they're a "penny a pound".
Here come the 0.00000000001% - the IDEAL candidates for telling the masses on how to think and feel!
Get lectured by non-elected (diva) multi-millionaires on the issues effecting everyday people - BARF!
Wasn't this cow partying with Obarmy the other night? Probably getting her 'Globes' script (with instructions), and celebrating that 'special achievement' of more than doubling the US national debt, while concurrently destroying "race" and "international" relations! Lefty-liberal loons who were trying to start WW3 with moderate Russia, and who've also been championing sociopath 'Benghazi/Pizza-Gate' Hillary.

Jew Streep, is related to Jewish director Mike Nichols.
Mike "Working WTC/911 Girl" Nichols - another Zionist mass media brainwasher.

Award show, after award show, after award show.....repeat. All the industry does, is congratulate itself, even though it is nothing but sociopathic DEGENERATING SHIT. I'm just happy that NO ONE (other than their brainwashing victims) are listening to them. The "cult of celebrity" - one of the world's most destructive and dangerous religions.
Why would anyone listen? Their 'so-called' skill is in pretending to be someone else, helping to brainwash lost sheep (aka the masses) with mindless psycho-sexual based consumerism, and helping to assist the Israeli government in terrorising US citizenry (and the world) - via their corporate cultural imperialism (as I've already proved, and have done for years). These sociopaths have been "mentally disabling" the US population for far too long.

Hey Meryl, if you're such a great actor, why don't you try-out for the role of a human being? :)
She was historically connected to (Zionist lover) De Niro. The same POS Robert "monarch" De Niro (recall his Trump rant) who has worked for Arnon "Zionist-Israel 9/11" Milchan.

Roll-up, roll-up...for the Zionist Academy worship of a drugging, sodomising, Zionist Jew paedophile.
A Hollywood SODOMITE-FEST. Read out by Indiana "paedo" Jones - aka Harrison "Jew" Ford.
I just mentioned Streep and Nichols, Ford was the lead male in Nichols' - Working "WTC/911" Girl!
That's right Streep - we can all see you, giving a STANDING OVATION.
I have never stood-up and applauded a sick satanic child rapist, but Meryl and her peers have!
Are you sure you should all be taking political advice and/or instruction from a 'paedo apologist'?

Meryl "Maggie paedo Thatcher" Streep
I don't recall these details in the Streep/Thatcher film? That's because her film is propaganda!
Mery'll Fix 
Useful propaganda released in and around the aftermath of Savile. Iron Lady and Iron Hoof (poof/gay) Savile.
Paedo BBC - The Young Ones (episode 'Cash')
Jeffrey Dickens (although overtly 'Charles' is implied) - Geoffrey "elite paedo dossier" Dickens, MP!
The 'anti-paedophile' campaigner (Tory MP) who tried to tackle the problem.
The "Dickens dossier" - that (Home Secretary and paedo) Leon "Thatcher" Brittan conveniently lost/shredded!

The "Dunny-on-the-Wold" by-election, anyone? :)
Another millionaire lefty at the Golden Globes....Hugh "Paedo BBC" Laurie - likely a sodomite.
Oh look, it's his fellow sodomite - Zionist Stephen "Paedo BBC" Fry
Yup...he's very likely another paedophile. Oh "the Goyim" - aka the (non-Jewish) underclass.
It's all a big joke isn't, Mr "BBC Zionist" Fry? Publicising your own paedo fantasies.
Thanks for confirming the links between homosexuals and paedophilia (a la PIE).
No, it's not "love" - as these SICK (gay) paedos and apologists like to imply. These are the sorts of words they likely direct at youngsters (to brainwash them), those without the capacity to understand, and/or consent.

Judge a man by the company he keeps. Oh look, it's Fry at (Zionist MP) Clement "paedophile" Freud's funeral.
The SICK Zionist UK establishment. How's your lover, the one who is young enough to be your son?

"Zionist/Corporate 'Mass Media' Terrorism and Programming"
It's 'paedo' Cliff Richard and (Zionist/Paedo BBC's) The Young Ones
The Beeb think they've fooled everyone with their (deliberately planned) Cliff "get out of jail" event!
BBC's Ben "Zionist" Elton - the show was the cornerstone/flagship of UK 80's alternative comedy.
Oxbridge sodomites and sociopaths. Fry and Laurie (Lord Snot and Lord Monty). Elton, far left.
The series was written by (Jewish) Elton, (Jewish) Mayer and Mayall (Jewish married).

Not forgetting, Alexei "Jewish" Sayle - as Mr Balowski.

Demolition (pilot)

The PILOT episode of BBC's The Young Ones, was released on 9/11/1982 (9th Nov, 1982).
The pilot episode was called "Demolition" - the show featured a band called "Nine Below Zero" (9 Below Zero) - performing a track called "11 + 11".
9 Below Zero's "11 + 11" - is from their (Jewish/Masonic) Third Degree, LP.

Rick: (Pilot episode) - "Which is why I go over people's heads! A bit like an aeroplane! You think I'm an aeroplane, don't you, Mike? Well, I'm not."

The "Demolition" pilot episode ends with an (offscreen) aeroplane crashing into a building.

 Ending of the "9/11/1982" pilot...see video above.

--EXT: OUTSIDE HOUSE. RICK: Oh no! That plane is going to crash on us!  [KA-BOOOOM!] - [Cut to black.]

Controlled DEMOLITION Inc. were responsible for clearing the WTC site.
The BBC Jews, not News! Wink, wink.
That awkward moment when you realise that "TV reality" - is controlled by (SICK) Zionist Jews.
"Television is reality, and reality is less than television"

Masonic/Jacobite/Scottish Witchery - J K (C)Rowl(ey)ing
Mayall, as Peeves aka the "poltergeist" (cut scenes)

It's Phoebe "Gremlins 9/11" Cates, BBC Rik "Demolition 9/11" Mayall, and Carrie "Star Wars" Fisher.
9/11/82 - Demolition (pilot) - Rik Mayall: "Oh no! That plane is going to crash on us!"
"Drop Dead and Havoc" via Manhattan - that's the WTC Twin Towers.
Robin "9/11, monarch/bluebird" Williams was offered the role of Drop Dead Fred (1991), but instead chose to feature in Steven "9/11 programmer" Spielberg's film 'Hook'. Batman's Tim (Monarch 9/11) Burton was originally approached to direct.
Phoebe "Gremlins 9/11" Cates - Carrie "Star Nazi Wars" Fisher (right) - with Mayall.
How's that for a Zionist US/UK "special relationship"! I can connect both Zionist sides of the Atlantic! Cates is the daughter of Lily and Joseph Cates, who was a Broadway producer and television pioneer. Her uncle was director/producer Gilbert Cates. Phoebe is of Russian Jewish, and one quarter Chinese, descent.
Exact same cinema and locations in both (9/11) films - Gremlins/BTTF - Mockingbird Square (with Bluebird).
Zionist "foreshadowing terror programmer" Spielberg. Gremlins - "Watch The Skies" - ho, ho, ho.

 The sequel had "Bombers in the Sky" (soundtrack, Thompson Twins). Cates - also featured in Gremlins 2
Outside Trump/Clamp - (World) "Trade Center" - linked to Murdoch's Fox, who financed/distributed Star Wars.
Other Gremlins 2 (9/11-WTC) "predictive programming/nazi paperclip" elements have been raised in other posts.

They've been FUCKING YOU OVER with their "sick media" - and for decade, after decade!
Knowingly or otherwise, they all get paid (and worshipped) for doing this to the "masses" (Goyim).
They're still doing the same, and in the HERE and NOW.

Bluebird Spielberg's - Sapphire "Radio Head 9/11" (Gremlins).
Tune in to "Radio-Head 9/11". This one is down to Uncle "Radiohead" Bingo. Cheers Bingers! :)
The Gremlins idea was always linked to "WW military intelligence" via Roald "Gremlins" Dahl.
Radiohead and Bluebird, keep in mind bluebird's origins in Nazi mind control (paperclip etc).
(left) Amnesiac (June 2000) - "decline and fall" over "twin tower" evoking imagery (it's not the WTC).
Radiohead would play on Sept 11 2001, and in Berlin, Germany (right) - and evoking the same constellations.

A year earlier "Sept 11 2000" - people falling from skyscrapers!
"we are not scaremongering this is really happening--while you were asleep" (on sketch)
(very small print, top right)
SHELLSHOCK, PARALYSIS, SLEEPWALKING, any Child who is Backward in Study and BAD HABITS of any kind PERMANENTLY REMOVED, Etc. For a due appreciation of the above INCOMPREHENSIBLE MUSICAL COMBINATION much and a little more is depending on the Imagination of the Audience.

I am awake at 4AM to the terrifying undeniable truth that there is nothing I can do to stop the monster.

Continued in "Radio-Head 9/11 FM" post



    1. Hi Dave...thanks for the drop, looks like you've been busy. I will have to have a look in more detail. I've got no idea what you "synch guys" have been up to. I'm very much detached from all that, although I was never really a part of it anyway. I know you're one of the (rare) original BTTF purveyors - I've recently noted that my BTTF "bluebird" and "operation mockingbird" discoveries have (since) been plagiarised, obviously not by your good self...tubers etc. I've also been doing plenty (in the last year or so) with BTTF2 etc...tying it to Paris (911) Fri 13th - blah, blah.

      Have you seen any of my recent stuff on (Beetling/Beatling Dakota witch) Yoko "9/11 Destruction In Art" Ono - via 9/11 Macca?

      I think we're on a similar wavelength (re:911) - it ALL seems to connect to that - and in respect to the past, present and future.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Saturn is the anchor of the lower 1/3rd of the Navagraha (Saturn Square) temple pattern.

    Mercury is the anchor of the upper 2/3rds of the Navagraha temple pattern.

    Platonic solids plus sphere analyzed thru their faces, edges, and vertices add to 191.

    How the "distance" of 191 forms the rise of out of the fish, ie yoni, sets the stage for the RAYSH as head, as Mercury comes as master the lower 2/3rd, ie .40 plus .2666.

    How the arms show themselves as active agents of all things above the event horizon.

    This was divined from the last verse of the Sepher Yetsira which says "10 and not 9" and "10 and not 11" and that the covenant of the tongue is related to the division in our hands and the covenant of the penis/vagina is related to the non-division of our toes. The exclusion of 9 and 11 becomes obvious how it functions as break point of B'RAYSHIT. The stability that is 10 ie 5 and 5 as the time in between break point to break point is what we live in.

    How the entire fools game is layed out as a "quincunx" on the Navagraha Square

    Simple Simon key 1 and Simple Simon Key 2

    All that could ever be said about the 1/3 v 2/3 and why it matters. It means we, in our heart if pure, are the event horizon. Everything that is not pure, ie able to balance the feather of Maat, are only dust/food for Adamah which is the black stone under your feet.

  3. Wow every time I come here there are ten more postings.I love it.All this seems to be connected to the military and Hollywood with jews up to their eye balls involved.
    Great thread Horselover.

  4. Howdy hey, Phat. Here's a short little Bukowski poem for you, read by Escape from New York's own Harry Dean Stanton.

    Figures why the Beatles were interested in Buk, enough to set up a recording session for him in 1969. Hard for me to mention that year without thinking of the BOC tune and also that 969 is ever 237 + 732, in and out, like a name like "Allah".
    9/11 resonant Radiohead are also hip to the bluebird meme with a Trumpton-style one featured at the beginning and end of a music video from last May and with a single from 2003 that has two B-sides, one called "Where Bluebirds Fly" and another called "Paperbag Writer"
    I almost started to go into this for one of my 31 unfinished posts of Halloween last October

    I agree with skinnylegs, it is exciting seeing the bloggings develop upon revisit. Your stuff stays the best when it comes to keeping in check the culturing interconnectivity, and the lining up of mucho info I pick up elsewhere. Even the little things, like how mason Benjamin Franklin never wanted the bald eagle as America's national symbolic bird, as much as he wanted the turkey.

  5. Bonsoir.

    Noir désir (black desire), a french rock band, released the album "des visages des figures" on the 9/11/2001. There's a song called "le grand incendie", meaning "the great burning" (or arson ?). Thus it starts: "here we are, the great burning/fire everywhere/Babylone, Paris are collapsing/NEW-YORK city..."

  6. Jonny greenwood does the music for all of paul thomas andersons movies. The latest being a pynchon novel. The one before was called the master. Both with joaquin and in the master he reshot this scene at 2:40 word for word

  7. Hey man great post as per.
    just wanted to point out
    Cheif meanie oz rabbit donnie darko the peace sign the hook n horns when people throw up ears behind you photo bombing the critter danial johnston drew (devil n danial), dave lynch rabbit flick it all represents the same shit. Its demonic. (Gremlins hosts entities) It is all the same worship.
    the compass and square you see alot in what (a cube) its the "same" cycle.
    its us all phoenician. Thats what ya missing. Look at their ships and money.
    same seal same worship.
    (times square) space and time
    the radio head is the machinehead.(the locust) The machine is saturn. The black sun the dark star.

    The twin refs are the pillars.

    Big up your friend eye know.

  8. Enjoyable and informative as usual. Glad to see you back. It is just a bless that the elite continue to do what they think they are getting away with. As long as they do, I know that it will be hard for you to stay gone for too long.

  9. I know I'm over a year late, but I thought I should put in the minor correction regarding Rosemary's Baby's runtime. It's 2 hours and 16 minutes, not 216 minutes. I know, because that also happens to be Clockwork Orange's runtime. I used to watch them together using two televisions set up next to each other. You can take it from me, ACO was edited in that special kabalistic way, same as Rosemary's Baby, where one can discover the two pictures synch up when played concurrently; from a well-timed beginning to an alchemical kind of unified ending. Simply play the opening themes simultaneously to get a gist of what I mean.
    969, BTW, is 237 plus its mirror 732. I figure that's relevant enough, since looking glasses come into play plenty when dealing with those pushing the meme of 42, and the 6 variations of its factorization.

    1. Cheers Bingers...accuracy is important to me, so appreciate that "error" spot. It was probably a kind of typo I made when transposing the runtime of 2hrs 16 minutes. Good spot and linkage on 969/(237+732) 969 too.

      I've never thought about playing those two films together, interesting stuff. Many thanks.