Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Radio-Head 9.11 FM

Understand that the UK Brexit and Trump's election are the BIGGEST current threats to the Globalist NWO sociopaths. Their dystopian multiculturalist hell - aka "one world" prison planet concept has recently, and for the first time in decades, taken ONE HELL OF A BEATING. The "nation state" - that they are so hellbent on destroying - is making a comeback.

The elite's MSM is now working OVERTIME to try and undo these results, this is what we are seeing and what is currently unfolding. Regular readers here will understand that I have, and for years, been trying to warn you of the issue of FAKE MEDIA, MSM, HOLLYWOOD, POP etc - and in terms of the mass (predictive) programming of wider society via corporate (full spectrum dominant) media. I've also mentioned the "degenerative" aspects of these forms of media - body fascism, gender programming, psycho-sexual violence etc.

Mass mind control via Zionist MSM is the ENTIRE BASIS OF THIS BLOG, and it has been for years!
FWIW, I started to think about the corporate MSM in this way around late 2001, very soon after 9/11. Please understand that I NEVER bought into the "official MSM 9/11" narrative, not even for one day (I was in my early 30's back then). So, when the news channel rolled, and for weeks on end. I was already being immersed in the "fake news" twilight zone. I've not really looked back since then. So yes, you could say that I've had a head start on most folk.With that said, it's been more of a curse, as opposed to a boon.

The same multinational corporate behemoths that make your 'entertainment' - also make/provide your NEWS.
I'm sure you're all aware of the issue of "fake news" in recent times, well, this will show you how deep the "FAKE MEDIA" issue really goes, and how many decades this programme has been running. The 9/11 event was "predictively programmed" into the watching masses (using corporate media as the catalyst), and decades in advance. The "elite" were the producers and executors  of 9/11, of that there is very little doubt. The elite's propaganda arm (aka MSM) was able to predictively programme the masses for 9/11, and equally, lead them by the hand in the aftermath (using similar collective and mind control based propaganda).  Hollywood has had a huge role in this programme, as has the music industry and TV. Buckle up Dorothy, 'cos Kansas is going bye-bye.

This one's for you Uncle Bingo, thanking you for all the comments/support over the years! :)
I've tried to incorporate some of the lesser known '9/11-Twin Towers' corporate subliminal propaganda (aka predictive programming), so let's rock.

"You're tuned in to Radio-Head 9.11 FM. 
Broadcasting live, and out to the synchro-sphere. Don't touch that dial!"

Bluebird Spielberg's - Sapphire "Radio Head 9/11" (Gremlins).
Sapphire (Sept birthstone) XI (11).
The Gremlins idea was always linked to "WW military intelligence" via Roald "Gremlins" Dahl.
Gremlins 2 is even more 'WTC/911' resonant, I've covered that extensively in other posts.
It's Radiohead's Thom (New) Yorke and Jonny Greenwood.
Radiohead and Bluebird, keep in mind bluebird's origins in Nazi mind control (paperclip etc).
(left) Amnesiac (June 2000) - "decline and fall" over "twin tower" evoking imagery (it's not the WTC).
Radiohead would play on Sept 11 2001, and in Berlin, Germany (right) - and evoking the same constellations.
A year earlier "Sept 11 2000" - people falling from skyscrapers!
"we are not scaremongering this is really happening--while you were asleep" (on sketch)
(very small print, top right)
SHELLSHOCK, PARALYSIS, SLEEPWALKING, any Child who is Backward in Study and BAD HABITS of any kind PERMANENTLY REMOVED, Etc. For a due appreciation of the above INCOMPREHENSIBLE MUSICAL COMBINATION much and a little more is depending on the Imagination of the Audience.

I am awake at 4AM to the terrifying undeniable truth that there is nothing I can do to stop the monster

"Next up on the Radio Head 9.11 playlist...the follow-up to 'Crime of the Century' (1974)

Thanks to "Anonymous" - 11 January 2017 at 20:26 (see comments)
Supertramp's 'Breakfast in America' - airplane window, Libby/Liberty's burning orange torch and 9/11 twin towers.
Back to the - "breakfast" cardboard/condiment constructed struck 9/11 tower - Future.
Saxaphone (see Doc) Supertramp (Super = Great, Tramp = Whore). Orange Juice or (masonic) Orange Jews?
Manhattan (Dutch), New Amsterdam/New York, Orange Men. Dutch KLM ad, below right. The group were backed by a Dutch millionaire 'sugar daddy' - Stanley 'Sam' August Miesegaes (likely a Masonic Jew).
"Take a jumbo across the water, like to see America" (Jet, Lady Orange Libby and WTC).
There are 4 examples of a jet flying near the twin towers within its artwork. The "Breakfast" album was recorded at "The Village" studio, LA. Built by the Freemasons in the 1920s, the building was originally a Masonic temple. It remained that way until the 1960s, during which the (Beatle resonant) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used it as his Los Angeles center for Transcendental Meditation. The Yogi lived in Dutch Holland from 1992 until his death in 2008.
This stream can be tied to Trading (Breakfast) Places - and the 'WTC-9/11' resonant 'orange juice crop report'. Trading Places, Clarence "Orange Report" Beeks (actor), was in The Breakfast Club film and Die "Tower/911" Hard. Eddie "Agent Orange" Murphy - coffee, wheat, pork bellies, orange juice and gold.
This Trading Places '9 and 11' clock is actually inside a part of the (real) WTC complex.
Zemeckis x2 "The WTC Walk" and "Back to the 9/11 Future". Bottle, wires, (struck) towers and 9/11
If you want to find BTTF's 'super tramp' - then look no further than 'Red the Bum'.
Supertramp's - 'Famous Last Words' LP (1982)

Yes, literally!

It's everyone favourite mumbling and bumbling depressive Jew:
"First we take Manhattan (via skyscrapers), then we take Berlin" - Leonard Cohen
Cohen, about this track: "I think it means exactly what it says. It is a terrorist song. I think it's a response to terrorism. There's something about terrorism that I've always admired. The fact that there are no alibis or no compromises. That position is always very attractive. I don't like it when it's manifested on the physical plane - I don't really enjoy the terrorist activities – but Psychic Terrorism.

Ashke-NAZI, Leonard "MKULTRA" Cohen...linked to the Rothschilds (as Hitler likely was too).
Podcast - Diamond talks about the art scene in Montreal in the 1960s and 70s and how closely tied it appears to have been to McGill University, the Allan Memorial Institute, and the MKULTRA program which Dr. Ewen Cameron was implementing there, involving possibly tens of thousands of children and adults. Diamond first met Cohen in 1979 and they had an intermittent affair for several years. Her testimony suggests that Leonard Cohen (like Diamond herself) was one of the many MKULTRA subjects. Others whom Diamond names are filmmaker Allan Moyle (Pump Up the Volume), actor Stephen Lack (Scanners), and Oscar-nominated film artists Arthur Lipsett and Ryan Larkin. Kubrick was a fan of Lipsett, and he was a big influence on George Lucas too. (We've also linked director William 'The Exorcist" Friedkin to MKULTRA circles in recent work, see The Exorcist posts.)

Fritz Springmeier:
"Cameron tended to work on the East coast and as you are familiar, the Rockefeller Foundation gave him $40,000 back in 1943 to create the Allan Memorial Institute. Even before (Nazi) Mengele came to this country, Cameron was already part of their Illuminati system." Menegele - aka "Monarch to the kingdom of the dead" (see 9/11 Slayer).

"Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer" - Super-9/11-tramp
Released 9/11/2001 (9/11) - Live Scenes From NY. A flaming "Big Apple" and burning "WTC".

"Lightning Struck 9/11 Tower" via 1985

Lightning Stuck - Electric AC/DC, piercing the Tower (2000) - and shaking the 'WTC foundations' to the floor - 1985
A collapsing bar/building that reveals the WTC...the drape and support (3:04) perhaps evoking number 9.

Last lines over the WTC: Shake it to the floor. Aye, aye, oh, shake your foundations. Make a sign [gesture].
"This is Radio-Head 9.11 - We'll be right back after these important corporate messages."

"General Electric" (May 2000)
Chill-out...with "General '9/11' Electric"

Kick-back and reach for a glass and some ice-cubes, preferably from the "GE Frigo 2000".
"It's Rum WTC Magic" - You prefer whisky?
The bloody WTC
Command and Conquer

"We're back 'partying' on Radio-Head 9.11 - one for the fly-girls and b-boys, I'll drink to that!"
Original (WTC) cover art from June 2001 - It's a corporate "coup d'tat".

Jet Blue (it's bluebird) - "2 WTC terminal pops in the air" - "2 WTC deathly plane hits in the air/sky".

Collapsing and disappearing - Bone Machine

Don't touch that dial, we'll be right back after these important corporate messages.

"Twin Tower" Bones - "Well, one day...osteoarthritis (Jet) collapses them"
Wheel Meet Again...
Tyred of this corporate shit...Pirelli 1997 & 1998 (below)

Pepsi and stamped Twin Towers. "Hi Story/Stories In The Manhattan Dust Clouds (Re)Mix". (1997)
"It's a real Thriller - Blood On The Manhattan 9/11 (Masonic) Dance Floor - here's King of Soda Pop Jacko".
It's the 'bent-leg' 9/11 special! Recall the 'bent-leg' falling inverted "Hanged Tower" man.
"Radio-Head 9.11 FM - it's over to Bob for the latest sports news." The Boy From Brazil.
Ronaldo as the (bent legged) Liberty Hanged Man. See Patrick "WTC" Ewing, one half of NBA's 'Twin Towers'.
Masonic 33, and 'devilish Nick' aka Mr Exorcist 3 - Patrick (Tarot/Angel of Death/Hanged Man) Ewing.
Exorcist 3 was also "radio" resonant. 'The New York skyline will never be the same.' 
"Slam-dunk those towers, Pat." - "Thanks Bob...that really was quite a game."

"That pain won't stop until the 'Twin Towers' come crumbling down..." (see below).

"Demolish the Twin Towers..." 

A rather 'prescient' piece of predictive programming, connecting to the tag-team Twin Towers (note the dialogue, terrorist attacks, twin towers destruction, crumbling down etc). I think that's WWE busted as yet another 'elite based' programming device.

Available in all good computer and gaming stores..."PC or not PC, that is the question?"
An "88" linked (9/11) simulator - see Back to the Future. Below, from 1995.
The Microsoft Gates to "WTC 9/11". Concorde piercing the WTC Towers.

Not so much "defense" - but a WTC attack.
It's the "Die (9/11-WTC) Hard" franchise.

Silly Con Alley

"This is Radio-Head 9.11 FM"
Here's the unmistakable sound of Roy Harper and his band...

Yo, check yo'self, we're spinning some phat dub plates - A Damager (Damaja) and burning WTC
Jeru (Jewish) and the 'Eastern Star' Jew Freemasons.

An ongoing "prog rock" Saga...

I hear the voice of elfin Jon's "prog rock" legends - YES
Going For The One (1977). Collapsing (Twin) Towers to One Trade Center.

For all you lovers of "synthpop" out there...
The WTC "out of the loop" via "11 September" (released 17 July, 2001)

Five-0 (Police 911) Squad...

Rescue 911 - It's a pinball wizard.

"Get 'punked' by The Bouncing Souls..."
A burning/crushed WTC Twin Towers. The final and 13th track is titled "GONE"

The WTC has literally - "Gone with the Wind"
It's flaming "WTC 9/11" - Jet and Man-flatten!
Godzilla (below, 1980)
A monster (Twin Towers) mash. Emmerich's Godzilla (1998) is very 9/11 resonant too, as is his Independence Day (1996).
Not forgetting Emmerich's "The Patriot" (year 2000) with Mel "Lethal 9/11 Weapon" Gibson.
Die "9/11" Hard 2 (mentioned later) - featured (Gibson's cop partner) Danny "Lethal 9/11 Weapon" Glover.

9 - 11, Jet Planes and Exploding Buildings. From (masonic satanist) Richard "Conspiracy Theory" Donner.

Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) - had exploding/collapsing buildings, courtesy of "Controlled Demolition Inc" (see 9/11).
Lethal Weapon 3 (yes, another 911 pinball) - light-up the 911 for 3 ball multiplay. A Porsche 911 in the film too.
Patriot 9/11 Gibson, to Emmerich's Godzilla - it featured 'Ferris Bueller' aka Matthew 'War Games' Broderick.
A struck WTC, '911' numerics and a '9 and 11' (hands) clock. After Godzilla appears in New York for the first time, a news reporter states that the Kaiju's attack on the city was "the worst thing to happen to the city since the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing". John 'Ferris Bueller' Hughes is implicated via Home 'WTC-911' Alone 2, which featured Broderick's 'War Games' co-star Ally 'Breakfast Club' Sheedy.
Oh look, it's Mrs Broderick (aka Sarah Jessica "WTC" Parker), titles changed for 2nd half of season 4 (Jan 2002) 

Broderick - War '9/11/01' Games..."let's play global-thermo nuclear war."
John Lennon was interested in playing programmer (A.I. linked) Falken, but was assassinated (by the Illuminati) during script development. The film also features Dabney "Towering Inferno" Coleman. 
The film with the "WOPR" computer, (BUGR overlaps aside) perhaps they meant "whopper" as in LIE!?
The hacked (by Broderick) WOPR, gets tied into the nuclear weapons control system and is unable to tell the difference between simulation and reality (wink, wink), and it attempts to start World War III.
"Remote controlled" flying and fixed wing pterodactyl/terror-dactyl.
It's no wonder that Broderick featured in The Stepford (mind control) Wives, a Frank 'Trading 911 Places' Oz film.
Early in this film, Broderick says "I had been in New York for 19 minutes and 11 seconds, and already I was ruined."
Matthew '9/11 Godzilla - 9/11/01 War Games' Broderick- his 'Freshman' passport expires 11 Sept (1994)
The Matrix (1999) - The Big '9/11/01' Wachowskis. Expires on 11th Sept, just like Broderick (The Freshman).
Coen Bros. Sept 11, 1991' check...exactly a decade before 9/11, he sees George H W Bush on TV (father of 9/11 POTUS).
The "9/11" Dudes. A prolonged time-lapse shot of the 'Twin Towers' is shown in (Reeve's) Devil's Advocate (1997)
An Arnon '9/11' Milchan (Regency) release. Zionist Milchan and his 'resonant' films feature heavily in this post, as you'll see. 
Devil's Advocate, the (ground zero) 2001 Monolith Millenium Hotel can be seen - above on the lower left.
Kubrick's 2001:ASO Monolith, the hotel (overlooking ground zero) is based on the dimensions of the film's monolith. 
Kubrick died a (devilish) 666 days before Jan 1st 2001 (technically the first day of the new millennium). 

Monster battles with 'twin towers' and 'aircraft'..."The Bridge(s) To WTC 9/11"
Where there is Godzilla, there is Kong...Ape(s) - just like 2001:ASO "monolith apes" (above).
The King Kong (1976) shot has planes attacking the building, they were not seen in the actual film, only helicopters.
It's Fisher '9/11-WTC' King (Kong) "shock-jock DJ" Jeff (9/11-WTC) Bridges. See also The Big-Lie-bowski.
King Kong (1976) director Guillermin - made the "9/11 prescient" The Towering Inferno (1974) before King Kong!
Bridges and 9/11 - The Fisher '9 and 11' King (clock), and The Big 'Sept 11' Lie-bowski.
The Fisher King with Robin "9/11 Awakenings" Williams. Lebowski with Steve '9/11 Armageddon' Buscemi.
Lie-bowski '9/11' Bridges was Carpenter's "Starman" - Carpenter's "Escape From (Twin 'aircraft' Towers) New York"
Film set in the year 1997 - but made in 1981.
Carpenter's Hallowe'en III (1982) is 9/11 resonant, via TV-linked mind control, starring Tom "Lethal Weapon 2" Atkins.
Hallowe'en 3 - Witchy TV Mass Mind Control - Mtn. Time 9:11 - Radio-active 'ground zero' New Mexico time. Santa "H'ween 3" Mira.
Kevin 'Body Snatchers/Santa Mira' McCarthy, died 11 Sept 2010, & had a "witchyTues. 11 Sept (1864) reference in Twilight Zone.
Dan 'warlock/wizard" O'Herlihy - Halloween III (TV mass mind control). Old Man, Robocop "911/Twin nuke Towers" 2.
$37,480,911 - Delta City as Manhattan "Twin Tower" Island - via Cops (911) and Nuke (drug/bomb).
Separate scenes, the OCP fund, and city island. More like "Delta Wave City" - the brain pattern relating to deep sleep.
When the machine rises on the city island - it smashes the tower to the immediate right of the (Delta) Twin Towers.
Directed by Irvin "Empire Strikes Back" Kershner - who (like Lew 'Sept 11' Grade) was of Ukrainian-Jewish descent.
Funnily enough, Kershner also directed "The Eyes of Laura Mars", which was written by John Carpenter.
 Illuminat (cards) Twin 'nuke terrorist' Towers.

Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness (1995) - Radio-Head 91.1 FM
One of a narrow range of number bands that's seen on spinning the dial. Tenuous, but I caught it by watching though. 
The film suggests that entertainment media (horror books) can augment reality and our perceptions of it.
They Live - the 'elite' as a barely hidden corporate power structure - control via corporate mass media.
They Live (1988), features Back To The '9/11' Future's - George 'Bum' Flower, that's him below.
He's showing the "awakened infiltrators" how reality is controlled via mass media.
(above) "They Live's" elite/corporate mind control signal via their "mass media networks" (the control of reality).
A media global dominance via Zionist/US cultural imperialism.
A bit like Videodrome's mind control signal - one that has made reality a type of induced fantasy.
What's the betting that Cronenberg is implicated in MK-ULTRA via Dr Ewen Cameron's Canada/Montreal?
From one 'bum' to the next - it's Eddie 'Bum' Murphy, with Dan 'New York, Ghost-tower-busters' Aykroyd.
Prescient dialogue in front of the Twin Towers...John Landis' "Trading (WTC) Places" (1983).
Aykroyd (back-to-back) - Trading Places, Twilight Zone (movie) and Ghostbusters - all 3 films are resonant!

Aykroyd - outlining tower buildings, superconductive antenna, psychic phenomena and concentrated spiritual turbulence.
Ghostbusters (1984), the year after Trading "WTC" Places...
Of course, the "Twin Towers" do get referenced (above). The film's "Tower" (building) is 55 Central Park West, NY.
Note, I'm obviously using this thematic in a way that is removed from the film's direct narrative.
Don't forget the "911 and Twin Tower" resonant (1989) sequel...mentioned/seen together in mere seconds.
The sequel's bad guy (Vigo) was played by Die '9/11 Tower' Hard's Wilhelm von Homburg.
With Sigourney "1988's Working (WTC) Girl" Weaver. The (Aykroyd) Tower Switch Project.
The "9 and 11" hands clock inside the WTC complex.
Carpenter, made Jamie Lee Curtis (above, who did voiceover for Hallowe'en III) a household name - she features in Trading '9/11-Twin Tower' Places. Eddie 'Trading Places' Murphy, see his Beverly Hills (911) Cop II, from Tony 'Enemy of the 9/11 State' Scott.
 The main action takes place on a 9/11 date. Aircraft tickets on 9/11/86. Talking of jet aircraft:

 Curtis and Arnie's 'True Lies' (from Terminator '9/11' 2, Cameron) is also resonant.
Robert Patrick (T1000) who crashes into the '9-11' underpass (below) also features in Die '9/11' Hard 2.
Art Malik as a terrorist (True Lies).
The same "Art Malik" - who 3 years later (1997) featured as a Jihad terrorist in TV movie 'Path To (WTC) Paradise'!
Twin Towers - "Next time we'll bring them both down." The TV movie is about the '93 WTC bombing.
Hercules, aka Arnie 'Twins/911' Schwarzenegger...A New York Twin Pillar Toppler/Destroyer.
Toppling Twins from Ivan 'Ghostbusters 911/Twin Towers' Reitman.

 Let's 'rock-out' with Carpenter's 1983 release - "Christ-ine" via Radio Head 9.11 (9/11)
The "carpenter" and "resurrecting Christ-(ine)"
"This is Stevie (Escape From New York) Wayne, on top of the world tonight and I'll be here right up until..."
Sorry...programme was interrupted by interference.
"She's crazy. There's no fog bank out there. There's no fog bank out there. Hey, there's a fog bank out there."

Carpenter's The Fog. They Live and Back to the '9/11' Future's "Red" (Flower) featured in The Fog, as did Curtis.
Flower (above) also featured in Carpenter's Starman, with '9/11' Bridges, and in his Escape From (Twin Towers) New York.
His roles in 'They Live' and 'Back To The (911 Struck Tower) Future 2' were back to back.
Flowers' last ever role was in 'Live Free or Die Hard' (2007) - the 9/11 and Tower resonant franchise.
Opening 'Die (Tower) Hard' - A New York cop flies on a jet aircraft into LA, and destined for the 'tower':
Business man: "I know, it sounds crazy. Trust me, I've been doing it for 9 years."
Wilis/McClane: "It's okay, I'm a cop. Trust me, I've been doing this for 11 years."

The 'Live Free or Die Hard' (2007) project was initially stalled due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The plot is based on an earlier script by David Marconi, screenwriter of the 1998 film 'Enemy of the (9/11) State'.
Opening scenes: "When buildings start blowing up, people's priorities tend to change." Later in the film, when the (above) '9/11' date is referenced, the building soon blows up. Scott also directed Beverly Hills (9/11) Cop 2

Die Hard Trilogy - "Game Over" Twin Towers (Playstation)
Sequels - Die Hard 2 with 'crashing jet aircraft' and 9-11-01(1). Willis with Danny "Lethal 9/11 Weapon" Glover.
Die 'WTC-911' Hard 3 aka 'with a Vengeance', with the same number combo. There are other examples (not shown).

With Samuel '911' Jackson - see A 'Sept 11' Time To Kill, and The Long '9/11' Kiss Goodnight.
Willis, see Bay's Arma-9/11-geddon, and (born on 9/11 De Palma's) Bonfire of the (WTC) Vanities opening scene.
9/11 Countdown. "Cos I'm leaving on a (9/11) jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..." (see below)
Jackson to Willis, Willis to Jackson...Armageddon also featured Steve "Big (Sept 11) Lie-bowski" Buscemi.

A Time To Kill - directed by Joel (9 &11 Phone Booth - WTC OZ - Bad WTC Company) Schumacher.

What can he mean, and with a WTC backdrop ? (wink-wink). "They bought it...hook, line and sinker"
Irons was formerly a BBC asset, the same BBC that reported the collapse of building 7, before it happened!
The Zeus Lightning-Struck Twin Tower(s) - Die Hard 3 (with a Vengeance).
Jackson is also linked to resonant Exorcist 3 (where he briefly features), and with Patrick "Twin Towers" Ewing.
Gruber's (Die '9/11' Hard) Tower fall..

Alan 'Snape' Rickman, who featured in the Harry Potter franchise (from late 2001).

This same (Rickman, Die Hard) tower fall is echoed in Dumbledore's lightning tower fall.
The above scene is from Ch. 27 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Lightning-Struck Tower.
See 'The Tower' (tarot). On the tree of life (sephiroth) 'The (Lightning-Struck) Tower' is path 27.
Mass Hollywood Witchery...a Saturnian (ring) flavour too.
Lightning Tower(s) 'pottering' (flipped logo) '9/11'...from "illuminist and corporate globalist sociopath" J K (C)Rowl(ey)ing.
The Philosopher's Stone (Nov. 2001) was released in the shadow of the 9/11 event. Some lettering 'flip combos' - below.
I see potential veiled encodes in these. The Potter 'lettering' was created prior to 9/11/01, see Dec. 2000 teaser poster. 
Potter film directed by Chris Columbus, the writer for '9/11' Gremlins (see above), and director of Home (9/11-WTC) Alone 2. Ashke-NAZI (Zionist) Steven '9/11' Spielberg, executive producer of Gremlins, and via his Amblin.
911. The purpose of the Nazi VW company was to manufacture the Volkswagen car, originally referred to as the Porsche Type 60, then the Volkswagen Type 1, and commonly called the Volkswagen Beetle.
Soon, you might start understanding why all these Hollywood CUNTS keep promoting liberal leftism,
and the NWO's "globalist one world" dystopian slave prison planet!
Agents of Hollywood "mass mind control" - FILTHY SOCIOPATHIC CORPORATE SCUM.
Have you noticed yet, as they wheel themselves out (like a one-dimensional force) to condemn (apparent anti-globalist) Trump?
I'm not saying Trump's any type of ideal choice, but he's a much better choice than Hitlery Clinton!
[Update. That said, it now seems that Trump is in the pocket of Israel (which is standard) and Saudi Arabia!]
The "Cult of Celebrity" (via the "we are not worthy" worshipping masses) is a mental illness, just as liberal/leftism is. Hollywood also does a great line in 'Hate Whitey" propaganda, the promotion of self-loathing and MSM induced guilt tripping. All part and parcel of the "multiculturalist/minority rule hell", that they wish to enforce on wider society. The forced homogenisation of people. Yes, it's quite simply corporate brainwashing.

Hollywood's "Hate Whitey" (agitator/provocateur) mass propaganda agenda to promote rule by minority (they're doing exactly the same with LGBT etc). The Eastern European Jews (who infiltrated the industry) created "blackface" cinema, the same Khazar/Ashkenazi's that still run Hollywood today! The self loathing and guilt tripped liberal/left eat it all up like candy, ensuring that the mass mind control programme functions. Yet all the while, they are oblivious to the corporate elite central powers that control their thought processes. A lot of "cultural Marxist" programming is being carried out in schools and universities, they've simply become mass indoctrination centres, not centres of learning.
Zionist 'mass media terrorist' Arnon '911' Milchan (see below, The Medusa Touch, 1978).
Med-USA the gorgon of terror. Jet aircraft crashing into a tower via tele-kinesis (tele/TV remote control).
A 747 Jet crashing into a tower - a rendering of the Centre Point building, West London.
Film's foreign rights were bought by Lew Grade, his ITC TV company was linked to the Sept 11 date. ITC date was twice linked to Sept 11, via 1954, and 1958. I saw them both. They've since altered them, so it's just as well I took a hard copy!
ITC was folded into Universal Studios, 1998 - which was then a Zionist Bronfman asset (a family fomented by the UK).
Grade was heavily linked to The Boys From Brazil (Nazi Mengele) and it was made via his production arm.
Milchan's Regency Pictures, was also behind (agitator based) 'hate Whitey' special - '12 Years A Slave'.
Do not buy into this Zionist Hollywood 'mass mind control' agenda!
Milchan executive produced - Fight "collapsing Twin Towers via Ground Zero" Club (1999).
That's Fox Plaza (Murdoch) in the building collapse scene, and Milchan is heavily involved with Fox/Sky Murdoch.
The same Fox Plaza (Nakatomi) that was seen in Die "9/11" Hard.
Norton with (Rothschild linked) Helena Bonham Carter. May as well throw in the 911 reference too.
Milchan's "Regency" was also Fight Club's main financial backers.
A Li(e). Art "Pushing WTC Tin" Linson, was also a producer on Fight Club (same year).
Beginning - a jet plane penetrates the Twin Towers. The End - a jet plane near the Twin Towers.
Arnon '9/11' Milchan (again) 'Regency Enterprises' - the production company for Pushing Tin.

 Milchan and Regency were involved in 'A (Sept 11) Time To Kill' (with cliched "hate Whitey" content), he acted as 'producer'.
Milchan and Regency also produced "Murder at 1600" (1997).
Wesley Snipes co-starring with Diane Lane. Lane featured in National Lampoon's Movie Madness.

The film which has Godzilla wrecking the Twin Towers in the opening credits.
National Lampoon's Movie Madness, also has Christopher "Back to the 9/11 Future" Lloyd in a role.
9/11, 1:19, Twinning, Struck Towers, Terrorists, and Bluebird (Ashke-NAZI mass mind control).
(Operation) Mockingbird Square (recent shot) - via Doc Brown (von Braun). Nazi/Ashken-NAZI/CIA mass mind control.
Mockingbird Square was also used as the main location in the original (9/11) Gremlins film.
Hey, no shit.
The TV (mass mind control) window (above and below). Back to the '9/11' Future's sequel is crammed too.
Zionist/Ashke-NAZI Spielberg's BTTF franchise to Spielberg's Gremlins seeded franchise:
N4Z1 = NAZI on this rental disc. Warner Bros. or Werner Bros?

There's even a (Gizmo) gremlin "paperclip" escape scene in this sequel film (see Operation Paperclip, USA, and Nazis).
Gremlins "Twin Towers/Clamp Trade Centre" 2

Murdoch's Fox News and 9/11 predictive programming...Wanted: Eric 'Fox/Cameo Actor' Shawn!
Shawn (Fox News, 'terror/war' reporter) whose only cameo role was in (WTC and Tower resonant) Gremlins II (with 9/11 ciphers), and who (11 years later) directly reported for Fox News on the morning of 9/11! Shawn, also claimed to be one of the few that saw the first plane hit the WTC (see Naudet 'intel' Bros clip). 9/11 images (above/below, we see it done twice) takes place in front of Clamp Regency Trade Centre (Tower).
Regular readers will be aware of my opinion (and work) on Fox's Murdoch and his '9/11-WTC' cipher loaded
- 20th Century Fox film/TV output. The (911/WTC') Simpsons, (911/WTC) X-Files & The Lone Gunman.
This "jet on WTC collision course" episode was shown 2 days before 9/11/01 in Australia (Murdoch's native land).
Bought to you by 'masonic' Chris Carter, the Pentagon, and US alphabet soup agencies.
Fox's Pushing Tin, Fight Club, Home Alone 2, Die Hard series, Big, Working Girl, and Wall St. are all covered here.

It's the Twin Towers via an "Air Raid Vehicle" - this is very probably the last music video filmed at the WTC.
On 6 September 2001 (5 days prior to 9/11) it won an MTV Video Award for ‘Best Rock Video’.
Fred "Wigger" Durst, who I suspect is Jewish (Durst is a Jewish name). A death skeleton on the South Tower.

He does a line in sodomy (they all do), hence "Chocolate Starfish (asshole) and the Hot Dog (penis) Flavored Water." A Bent-ley, perhaps that's why (Jew) Ben "Poo-lander/Gaylord Meating Fucker" Stiller, and his (queer) Orange "fruit" pal are in the video.

You can find (gay) Stiller's "chocolate (Jamaican) starfish and balls deep" reference in his (uber suspect) Dodgeball.
"Go balls deep into the (Jamaican brown) starfish." Take life by the ball(s). If anything, they're very predictable.
Programming the masses via (preselected) degenerating and degrading mass media is a full-time Zionist job.

"It's that time of year to be thinking about getting on that diet - here's DJ Fat Boy Slim"
"You're listening to 'The Rockafeller Skank'...this is Radio-Head 9.11 FM".
The Rockefeller's were key in getting the WTC Towers built.

New York Times (1968) - Twin Towers, aircraft safety issues, and Rockefeller
Zionist Rockefeller - a watch worn 'upside-down', with the hands set to 9 & 11 (8:55)
A fight based (Tareyton) ad on the back evokes the Twin Towers.
Shot taken several months after ground breaking began for the WTC.
Nelson and David "WTC" Rockefeller.

Fritz Springmeier:
"(MK-Ultra) Cameron tended to work on the East coast, the Rockefeller Foundation gave him $40,000 back in 1943 to create the Allan Memorial Institute. Even before (Nazi) Mengele came to this country, Cameron was already part of their Illuminati system."
Zionist David 'Illuminati Satanist' Rockefeller even had the audacity to be on the WTC Memorial Fund Board.
What was he doing? Remembering the inside job? Oh look, it's Bob 'POS' De Niro, a Zionist Milchan asset.

 Aaron Russo and (Nick) Rockefeller....9/11 tip-off 11 months in advance.

"Radio-Head 9.11 FM - we're back, and on a (neo Uncle Tom) hip-hop tip...
Roc-a-fella - it's Masonic/OTO "Zionist asset" - Jay-Z"
A "Sept 11 2001 and 9/11" Blueprint (plan). Blueprint 3 Tour from 9/11/09 - Ma(di)son Square Garden
He likes the taste of (Masonic Jew) WTC Rockefeller's (Roc-a-fella) cock!

From one Zionist 9/11 (Jay-Z) Carter to the next! 

Linda "Wonder Woman" Carter
Planes and a split tower (left). The 'lightning struck' WTC Towers via September (right)

The lightning struck 9/11 Tower (and with Libyan terrorists)
Back to the (von Braun/bluebird) 'Nazi' Future...

Nazi 9/11 - Marvel Comic (1983)

Terrorism, FEMA - 1997
Your tax dollars and used to brainwash can thank ISRAEL aka the "Jew S of A".

Talking of Israel - ELITE (chocolate ad) and Twin Towers (note the antenna) with approaching TOWER Air jet.
Not sure on the date, but it's virtually certain that it was before 9/11/01. Tower Air ceased in 2000!

2001 (and before 9/11)

"Lights, as in (burningManhattan) City Lights - it's Dr John"

"Bang yer heads - it's (crazy) Swedish death metal outfit Meshuggah"

The 10th Kingdom - somewhere between the 9th and 11th Kingdoms (imo). February 2000.

Collapsing towers and buildings, falling "Twin Towers" @ 52 seconds.

"The terror mounts..." - It's the "Nazi" Visitors via a 'literal' WTC East Coast Crisis.

Science Fiction or Science Fact? A struck WTC flaming Tower.

Nine Elevenski...Jew York and Bolshevism
"Renovations & Interior Decorating" published the week of 3-9 Sept, 2001

A floating slide pen - the jet travels thru the WTC Towers

Published Jan 2001 - Divided We Stand (United We Fall) - World Trade Center (bio)
WTC view from a wrecked building

With Fri-ENDS like this, who needs enemies!? "This is the (WTC) end, my only friend(s) the end"

"It ENDS now"..Disney's Gargoyles premiered 9/11/95 - via a Twin Towers star-gate and radio mast.

A whole lotta Hurt (John). 1995 again, and from Dutch corporate behemoth, Philips. Home Cinema.

TDK Video (Japan) - "The Vision of the Future"
TDK video Twin Tower skew

Double-Dutch. WTC Twin Towers and approaching jet aircraft.
Recall the Dutch KLM advert from earlier.

"Your listening to Radio-Head 9.11 - bring on the's the Zionist Beastie (Rubin) Boys"
Licensed To Ill-(uminati) 1986 to (post 9/11) 2004
"Lock up your daughters, it's BEAST-ie Boy buddies - the Satanic BEAST and Slayer on 9/11."
Angel of Death. Slayer and (Illuminati/Monarch) Mengele - "Monarch to the kingdom of the dead...sadist of the noblest blood."
All acts linked by Zionist Jew, Rubin's 'American/Def/Death Jam' and Slayer, see She Watch Channel Zero (Public Enemy).
OTO Jay Z's same day "September 11, 2001" release "Blue (9/11) Print" was a Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella label release.
With Dream Theater's (9/11/01) Live Scenes From (burning Twin Towers) NY, it was some day for 'resonant' releases.
 (opening lines) "Hit me. Going, going, gone"  - It's PE and 911 Is A (Bad) Joke. (Ignoring the police reference).

Ultra-Magnetic - magnetically warped "New York, Twin Towers & Antenna" - 1996 release from this hip-hop act.

Ultramagnetic MCs linked MF911 (emergency) via Public '911 is a Joke' Enemy's Chuck D, and with Ant (ant-enna) Live.
No wonder Prof. Griff got booted-out of the group, and due to his comments about the Zionist Jews. It was B'Nai B'Rith (a Zionist/masonic front) that ultimately got him removed. Zionist Jews OWN hip hop.
(Public Enemy/Rubin linked) Slayer's lead singer was (Latino) Chilean. Nazi/Mengele resonant Slayer.

Latino and Spanish - break out the maracas.

Spain "Mort-adelo y Filemon" - 1993 (mort = death). Fin = End
Rebel 1984 (Spain)

Pakistan International Airline (1979)

American Airlines Jet flies towards the WTC (1998). Three years later, an American Airlines Jet hit one of the Twin Towers. Ending shot (see 54 seconds) has the Jet superimposed over (and near) the WTC.

It's Nazi/German "Adolf Mario" - take away Liberty's torch, and it's the "sieg heil" Nazi (Zelator) salute.

Ze Man in Ze High (US Tower) Castle - 9/11 Reichstag Fire
Koopa 'WTC' Towers with Dennis "OSS linked/Manson" Hopper

Magazines, comic books and cartoons.
(Below) A Towering (Sept) Inferno and Flying Arabs/Muslims over New York

Terminated via deathstroke...August 1994
A terminated nuclear 'twin tower' wasteland. "Let's play thermo-global nuclear war."
A (Zionist/Nazi) Judgement Day
'Twins' Arnie "Nazi-911" Schwarzenegger. T2 Furlong wears a "Public (911 Is A Joke) Enemy" shirt in this scene.
Even '9/11' G W Bush and his family had Nazi links. Below, Arnie - The 6th Day (double-cross, 9 and 11)
Cameron's True Lies (1994) is also resonant, an Islamic terror/jet scene and tower (shown earlier).
End of Days (apocalypse) from 1999.
Nazi resonant Arnie "Pumping Iron" Schwarzenegger to 'Iron Man' (cartoon, 1994)

Just like those Illuminati cards (Jackson)

(Masonic) Walt "von Braun" Disney, and Donald "Nazi" Duck.

Nazi Twin Towers. Marvel Comic, 1983. (from earlier)
WTC Deutsche Bank, same German bank that was linked to (pre-911 foreknowledge) "put options".
Deutsche Bank "Twin Towers" - Frankfurt, Germany. Building started in 1978, and completed in 1984.
A "monolith" link too!

German act Tele Trieste - June 2001 (CD, limited release)

Marvel - again. The Living "Twin Tower Wrecking" MONOLITH. (1985)

It's Stanley "Nazi propaganda" Kubrick...who married into the (Nazi propaganda) Harlan dynasty.
2001 author A.C. Clarke (a homosexual/paedophile) dropped a 'Sept 11' date with fiery destruction in Rendezvous with Rama.
The 9/11/2001 MONOLITH Overlook 'Ground Zero' (Millenium Hilton) Hotel.
2001 - An Ashke-NAZI Goyim Odyssey. (1968)

"I've gotta go home y'all...
I've gotta go back to America
I've gotta go get ready for the bomb
Osama Bin Laden getting ready to bomb
America... you better watch out... 2001"

Prince's "Bin Laden, bomb and 2001" reference - in concert, Utrecht, December 1998.
The groove was (in part) linked to "Also Sprach Zarathustra" - theme from Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Odyssey (film)!
After Prince's "prescient speech" the band launched into "Also Sprach Zarathustra".

Monarch (and incest) linked Kubrick and Prince. (see The Shining and Batman).
2001 : A WTC - 9/11 'ground zero' Goyim Odyssey

2001 - Kubrick and Prince. Both were heavily involved with (mass corporate programmers) WARNER BROS!

Prince, 9/11...Bin Laden, Bombs and 2001
The clip, supposedly recorded at his show in the Netherlands, Dec 23, 1998...
Prince wasn't revealing for our benefit...he was mind controlled (an elite marionette/slave) and this was likely an aspect of the wider (Zionist) processing/mind control (predictive programming) of the masses. Monarch mind control isn't just designed for these celebrities, it is also designed to manipulate the enthralled masses! Those folk who think Zionist MSM and Hollywood will save them (Prince as a truther etc), probably want locking up for their own (and our) safety. They are clueless and still thoroughly brainwashed by the 'cult of celebrity'.

It was Prince that soundtracked Warner Bros'. Batman (1989). 'Crushed Twin Towers/Batman 911' Keaton.
Tim Burton and Monarch Cinema (see Batman). Michael '911 Batman/WTC Squeeze' Keaton. 
Keaton played "Billy Caulfield" (see dialogue) in "The Dream Team" (1989, same year as 9/11 Batman).
(see the clip here)
The Dream Team - with "9/11 Batman-Squeezed Twin Towers" Keaton & Chris "Back to the 9/11 Future" Lloyd!
Doc 'BTTF' Brown was a German "von Braun" - Dr Strangelove (Sellers) was based on Nazi (Werner) "von Braun".

Fritz Springmeier:
Batman, Bewitched, Disney movies. One of the very important Disney movies was "Fantasia" and in my recent book, "Deeper Insights" I have eleven pages where I go through minute by minute, scene by scene, in the movie "Fantasia" and show how Fantasia was created and used to be a programming foundation. Star Wars movies, My Fair Lady which was used in the finishing schools for slaves, Stephen King horror movies are used, Star Trek, The Love Boat has been used for the mind control of their cruise prostitutes, E.T. - alien programming of their slaves, Alice in Wonderland.

"Even before (Nazi) Mengele came to this country, Ewen 'mk-ultra' Cameron was already part of their Illuminati system."
Menegele - aka "Monarch to the kingdom of the dead" (see 9/11 Slayer).

Stanley 'The Monarch Shining' Kubrick via King (a Monarch), and 3rd Reich (Nazi) Harlan.
Note, the monolith is related to RADIO. TMA-1 and TMA-2 both emit massive directional radio signals.
Nazi linked Kubrick's motif aka "CRM 114" - opens the film "Back to the 9/11 Future". CRM 114 also features in 2001:ASO.

The (struck) Clock Tower had an "antenna" - stopped at 10:04. "10-4" radio transmission = Affirmative, Copy.
Radio-active plutonium and the 9/11 signal "amplifier".

A "CRM 114" amplifier (below left) and radio receiver (below right)

And we're back where we started...Ghosts/Gremlins (electrical disturbances) in the Radio-Head Machine.

Gremlins (1984) Dante and Spielberg. Sapphire (Sept birthstone) XI (11). "Close (9/11) Encounters" via Devils Tower.
A "Rock n Roll" 9/11 Radio Head and a "Flaming (Plymouth) Fury" - Christ-ine, 1983.
I did find "Radiohead 9/11 via Plymouth".  9/11 Plymouth Rock, and literally. Crazy isn't it!
A-Head For Keeps. Karma "911" Police - Radiohead and John "Escape from New York" Carpenter's Christ-ine. :)

"Karma police. Arrest this man. He talks in maths. He buzzes like a fridge. He's like a detuned radio."
1997 Karma Police - was released 17 days before their 9/11/97 Plymouth gig.
Karma Police (1997). Carpenter's "police state resonant" 1981 release and set in 1997
(WTC) Escape From New (Thom) York(e). The car in the Karma Police video is a Chrysler New Yorker! :)
Radio 9/11 Christine, starred Keith Gordon, who featured in Brian (9/11) De Palma's "Dressed To WTC Kill"
North Tower, the location of 'Windows on the World' (floors 106/107). WTC 1 antenna was a 360 ft radio and TV transmission tower installed on the roof of the North Tower in 1978 and upgraded in 1999 to accommodate DTV broadcasts. The 110th floor of WTC 1 housed a large amount of radio and TV transmission equipment to control the hundreds of kilowatts of RF (Radio Frequency) output power beamed from the WTC 1 antenna. CBS, NBC, ABC, etc, in NYC all broadcast from the WTC 1 antenna.
There's something odd about watching the WTC 1 struck/on fire (via TV) & it also concurrently being the NY TV broadcast hub!
On 9/11, when the "radio head" North Tower (and antenna) came down, most TV networks lost their signals.
Most switched to use the Armstrong Alpine Tower, Armstrong, the very man that invented FM radio!
A De Palma double-bill. Dressed to (WTC) Kill's - Nancy 'North Tower' Allen, also featured in Brian (born Sept 11) De Palma's version of Stephen 'Christine' King's - Carrie (1976). The first King novel to be committed to film.
In fact, she was partnered with John 'Sept 11 - Face/Off' Travolta, in Carrie (above).
9/11 De Palma's Mission:Impossible (1996), Travolta's fellow Scientologist, Cruise, uses a verbal "9 and 11" reference.
Nic "World Trade Center/911 Knowing/Moonstruck Twin Towers" Cage.
Oliver Stone - his Wall "911" Street (1987) is very, very resonant. (shown elsewhere on this blog).
James 'Poltergeist' Karen (below) featured in Mulholland Drive. William Mulholland was born on a 9/11 date.
"World Trade Center" Stone's - Wall "9/11" Street. This film is also 'bookended' with the Twin Towers.
New York office hell at exactly 9:11. Charlie "911" Sheen. Charlie said that Stone kept looking at his watch during filming.
Stone and Cage - "Wall Street/World Trade Center" - to an 11th Sept "Face/Off"
Face/Off (1997) John "MI:2" Woo - with Travolta and Nic "World Trade Center/911 Knowing" Cage.
Travolta (above, as a 'face switched' Castor 'Nic Cage' Troy): [Reading Eve's diary]
"Date night fizzled again we hadn't made love in two months", what a loser.  Sept, 11, 1997 (again!).

Celestial close encounters via Devils Tower. Radiohead in Berlin, Germany - Sept 11, 2001 (tears/crying)
Jumping from towers/skyscrapers via Sept 11 2000. These ones are all new to me, I just searched and found them. 
Berlin 9/11 gig poster evokes "Paranoid Android".

(Paranoid Android). "That's it, sir, you're leaving. The crackle of pigskin. The dust and the screaming. The yuppies networking.
The panic, the vomit. The panic, the vomit. God loves his children. God loves his children, yeah!"

Below- Glastonbury 1997, Pyramid Stage - cover evokes 'twin tower' buildings and colliding jet aircraft.
It's a DVD bootleg type of thing (see here) and released "post-911" (2010?), interesting choice of imagery though.
Bluebird Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place" - was used in Vanilla Sky. Opening scenes linking to Times Sq. The track also featured in their Sept 11, 2001 - Berlin gig.
Manhattan, 2001. "(Manhattan) Eyes Wide Shut/Open Your Eyes" Cruise - connects to Kubrick's 2001:ASO via Magnolia. In Brian (born on 9/11) De Palma's 'Mission Impossible', Cruise uses a verbal "9 and 11" reference (shown earlier). In Vanilla "Monet" Sky (climax), Tom "bluebird" Cruise jumps from a tower with the WTC 'twin towers' in the background. This is the "last dream-state view" he sees before his real and actual death. Crowe intentionally left in shots of the World Trade Center after the September 11 attacks in 2001 as a tribute.

"Show me the Money/Monet" - Jerry Maguire - Tom "Radio-Head" Cruise - Free Fallin' (geddit?)

Crowe's films - "Jerry (Money) Maguire" and "Vanilla (Monet) Sky". Recall, one of Vanilla Sky's "main reveals" -
is that David's (Cruise) life is shown to be made up of references/imagery from 'pop culture' (see gifs).

Tom - Free (tower) Falling, Free Fallin' to Free-Wheelin'. Valkyrie Tom. Note, the (nazi) VW, left.

David lived at the Dakota. Which connects to Polanski, Rosemary's Baby, and the (bluebird) 9/11 VW Beatles.
"Abbey (masonic) Road" - and the Hamburg Beatles. UK/Euro dating, below.
See Yoko 'Dakota/CIA' Ono's - "9-11 September" (climaxing on 11th Sept, 1966) "Destruction in Art Symposium" (aka DIAS, like Cameron DIAZ in Vanilla "Dakota" Sky). See also the 9/11 (9th Nov, 1966) "Masons Yard" - (Dakota) Lennon/Ono meeting, and the "11/9" (11th Sept) OTO Pepper drum.
‘Paranoid (Tears) Android’ has been described by Colin Greenwood as “DJ Shadow meets the Beatles”.
The Paranoid (Sirius) Android. Voiced by Alan "Die (9/11 Tower) Hard/911 Potter" Rickman (Hitchhiker's film).
Radiohead/Hitchhiker's Guide - "OK Computer" is also from Hitchhiker's (Douglas '42' Adams). Adams died in 2001.
Sirius aka the celestial 9/11 Dog Star (Canis Major). See Jim "Sirius/Truman/911" Carrey (Radiohead, Creep cover).
Sirius - the star of the masonic Jews. Truman, who begins to see that all is not right in his world from day 10,911.
Richard Luke Rothschild worked on this film - I think he is very likely bloodline related.
Carrey was linked to 9/11/01, and Sirius, in Joel '9/11' Schumacher's 'The Number 23' - which was a post-9/11 release.
 The Masonic/Sirius Staged Set Show via 9/11 Truman and 9/11 Zionist BBC. All the world is a masonic/satanic Jew stage.
Note also the 'Sept 11' links to Sgt Pepper's (masonic German) Karl "Sirius/Sept 11 as art" Stockhausen.
Stockhausen's "9/11 as ART" press conference, was given in Hamburg (Germany) on 16 September 2001.
Sirius Black (Oldman) is an aspect of Harry "9/11" Potter. Yoko 'Dakota witch' Ono via 9-11 Sept DIAS.
Ended 11 September 1966. The DIAS "eye and pyramid". Radiohead Pyramid (an O for the eye).
On Sept 11 2001 (during Radiohead's Berlin gig) Yorke mentioned the "WTC 9/11' attacks between the tracks Pyramid Song and Paranoid Android. Radiohead also played Berlin exactly 15 years later - on 9/11/16.
"Road to the Abbey" via a Tor/Tour - Glastonbury. Recall my "Sgt OTO Pepper" pyramid (see below).
I hear that Radiohead are going to headline Glastonbury 2017 - The Pyramid Stage
EMI Radiohead and the pyramid. The original Glasto pyramid was based on a 1/10th scale version of Giza.
The entire mold for 'popular culture' - The (Crowley-Sodom) Beatles. The all singing, all dancing, crap of the world.
EMI Bea(s)tles. The Giza pyramid where (masonic/satanic) Crowley began receiving instruction for the thelemic Book of Law.
Mirrored shots - above Sgt 'Crowley' Pepper is mirrored along the diagonal. Mason's 'Indica' Yard, Macca:
 Sgt 'Crowley' Devil's Pepper. The LP cover concept was via Eton homosexual Indica Fraser, via Mason's Yard, 
- and the linked Supreme Council 33rd Degree. Ahem. LP cover also linked to Lucifer Rising, Haworth.
The core of Magical Mystery Tour (film) was shot between 11 September and 25 September 1967.
Indica was also where Lucifer Rising Anger (who was close to Fraser) and the satanic Gettys helped influence/sponsor UK artists.
Sgt "OTO" Pepper Pyramid/Penis - Crowley. Lennon: "Hap-penis is a warm (phallic) gun"
I ONE IX ~ 11-9.  "HE DIE" under McCartney. (if you want to read it that way).
"11th Sept 66" (same date as the 'Destruction In Art Symposium' climax) is given as a death date for the original Paul.
It's possible that the original was replaced, with the current Macca (possibly) being the son of "Winged Beetle" Aleister 'OTO' Crowley.
If not, he's a since augmented Manchurian candidate. Paul McCartney was sitting on a plane at (NY) JFK airport as 9/11 unfolded.
 First track cut on 11 Sept. 1962. Last recording is on 1 April 1970, The Fool (tarot).
Live and Let (Tarot) Die - via Paul 'Big Apple Wings/11 Sept' McCartney and (EMI's) George 'Beatles' Martin.
 Destruction In Art (DIA) - literally - via the (masonic/satanic) CIA/MI6 and Zionist-masonic inside job, 9/11.

Live and Let Voodoo Pepper Tarot. The High Priestess (Seymour) & her Twin Pillars (masonic Boaz/Jachin).

007 MI6/CIA Secret Agent(s). Jet 'McCartney/Bond' Wings, via the 'phallic' Struck Tower(s), & 'destructive' Twin Tower 9/11.
The Tower also symbolises an ejaculating penis. Note how the card reading starts. 'A man cums. He cums quickly.' Pan-Am.
007 Bond 'jets' into JFK, NY. Where 'Jet Wings/007/Spies Like Us' McCartney was on the very morning of 9/11/01.
 Zoom shot of CIA/South Tower is about 50 secs after card reading. 'Tarot of the witches' deck. DIA/9-11 Destruction in Art, Ono.
Readers will know of my writing re: NY Towering Trump, Donny. The walking tarot card. He likes swing states and Camp David.
Trump is linked to 9/11 predictive programming via Back to the Future, Home Alone 2, his advert for beds, etc.
Satanic Jew, Lord Grade owned the Beatles' back catalogue from 1969, Northern Songs. Media mogul, Lew 'ITC Sept. 11' Grade.
Grade's ATV and Sony merged and owned the catalogue. 1995, Macca-linked Peter 'Indica' Asher became VP of Sony Music.
Satanic Jew mason Grade literally created UK ITV, and was a key gateway for UK actors into (satanic) Hollywood.
Hollywood Zionist, 9/11 Milchan, who was originally bankrolled by Grade, see The (9/11) Med-USA Touch (inset above).
 Satanic 'Mystery Religion' OTO/Crowley Bea(s)tles. Sgt Devil's Pepper. OTO/HOGD/A.A. ritual elemental grade signs (HELLp).

Radio Sept 11. Beatles "compere" - Jimmy "BBC Paedo/Radio-Head" Savile. Satanic Savile started out at (Jew) Granada TV.
 John "Do what thou wilst" (sic) Lennon. The mantra of Liber Oz Crowley's satanic/masonic religion.
I'm sure some are aware of the meme (only from recent years), claiming Jesus was born 'Sept 11, 3 B.C'.
"Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea" - both heavily linked to (Holy Grail) Glastonbury.
Beatle Harrison worked on and helped fund (Holy Grail) Python's "Life of Brian" (Jesus parody).
Even rivals "The Rolling Stones" - evoke the stone rolled/removed from Jesus/Christ's tomb (after 3 days).
King Arthur and Guinevere's Glastonbury tomb was discovered in 1191 (11-9-01).
Are you getting those Sgt Pepper/Paul - Glastonbury/Jesus "burial" vibe overlaps?
"Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion." (Lennon, Aug. 1966).
I wonder if the Zionist Illuminati had him killed? I wonder if his 'handler' Yoko 'witch' Ono was involved?
I wonder if anyone will work-out that the "god" of the Zionist masonic Jews is actually Lucifer?

Jew Epstein managed, Zionist Lew 'Sept 11/TV Mogul' Grade owned the back catalogue via Northern Songs.
Sidney "Granada TV" Bernstein (UK masonic Jew) was the first to put The Beatles on TV.
Sid Bernstein (a different one) helped jump start the British Invasion as the first concert promoter to bring The Beatles over to the USA from Britain. He did likewise with The Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits, The Moody Blues, and The Kinks.
It's almost as though Jewish/Zionist mass media 'control freakery' knows no bounds! ;)

St John (Lennon) "Revolution #9" - St John (The Divine) "Revelation #9".
Lennon's Revolution #9 (White album) was inspired by a Karl (Sirius/911) Stockhausen piece.
Revelation 9-11. "And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit,
- whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, - but in Greek he has the name Apollyon (Destroyer)."
Steel is a form of 'refined iron' - you could perhaps call it a type of 'iron cross', depends how you look at it.
The cross is believed to have been a part of the North Tower building - WTC 1.
A "cross" can be folded to form the "cube of space". Below, imagery evokes the "sun cross".
The Kubrick 'black cubed-brick' - "hypnotic", "spell-bound" and "man-apes', he's likely also referring to the viewer.
The "black cube" evokes Saturn (Satan). Kubrick's death occurred (a la Revelation) 666 days before the first day of 2001.
The "real and actual" Millennium, happened in the year 2001, not 2000.

The 2001 Monolith...a literal prehistoric transformer

2001:ASO, Radio emitting TMA-1 (prehistoric) transforming Monolith - The 2001 Monolith Millenium Hotel

Radio-Heads 9.11 FM

The command module for the Apollo 13 craft was named Odyssey, in honor of the film "2001: A Space Odyssey."
The Ron Howard movie features a scene where Paxton's character plays the song "Spirit In the Sky" while Lovell (Hanks) laments that it should have been the theme music from (Kubrick's) "2001" (Strauss). Ironically, that iconic piece of classical music was played during the actual Apollo 13 mission. Ron Howard's Splash (1984) - again with Hanks, and there's something "fishy" about the WTC.

How fucking weird is that!!!!
I only wrote the paragraph above last night (25th Feb), the part about Paxton and Hanks (Apollo 13, music).
Paxton just died, we were informed on the 26th, but he died on the 25th.
The song selection I mentioned in relation to him (Spirit In The Sky) is about "dying"!
"When I die and they lay me to rest / Gonna go to the place that's the best / When I lay me down to die / Goin' up to the spirit in the sky…"

That said, he delivered some of the most memorable lines in film history. Aliens, Weird Science etc.
But it doesn't stop there! I just did a little poking around and found this - Bill Paxton and Monolith (1993).

Two cops investigating the murder of a young boy become involved in a very secret project involving alien life.
Needless to say, the authorities don't want them to stick their noses into this.

Well, these are the images just before I segue into Apollo 13!

2001 Monolith (Hilton Hotel)...overlooking the 9/11 ground zero pit. Prehistoric monolith ape/goyim transformer (below, top left).

Mazes, monsters, and Apollo were all aspects of Kubrick's Overlook Hotel based (see monolith hotel, above) The Shining.
Mazes and Monsters. Joshing with 'Illuminati' (Apollo 13) Hanks and the Twin "9/11" Towers..."This is a (WTC) skyscraper"
Hanks was a 9/11 victim in "tower falling" resonant - "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" (2011). Mazes and Monsters (1982).

Above, Tom "failed South Tower jumper" Hanks (1982). Below, Big (1988) co-written by '9/11' Spielberg's sister Anne.
Big. He plays a New York linked character called Josh. There is a "Josh" name-link and in both films (M&M).
"9 to 11 and tower". Hanks (Josh) gets "transformed" (Sept 12th) after visiting Zoltar on Sept 11, 1987.
Clues to the date are given immediately before this (9 to 11 tower) scene - segued via a "Missing" milk carton.

9 to 11, Skyscraper, Transformation (via Sept 11)...

Wrecked Buildings via a 2001 prehistoric transformer...
Penny "Big" Marshall, who also directed "9/11" Awakenings (1990) and 'back to back' with Big (1988).
9/11/44. Oh look, (right) it's John "Big 9/11 Transforming Skyscraper" Heard (with Williams).
Heard also features in Home '911/WTC' Alone 2, and The Pelican "9/11" Brief.
Oh look, it's John "9/11/44 Awakenings" Heard, the exact same numbers referenced in The Pelican Brief. "No change here!"
"I Heard it through the grapevine..." (Denzel Washington is 9/11 linked via The Bone Collector)
Home "WTC/911" Alone 2. Directed by Chris "Gremlins/Potter 911" Columbus, he also has a cameo.
The Twin Towers - segued to "Airport Security".
Culkin's father is the brother of Bonnie (Die '9/11 Tower' Hard) Bedelia aka Holly Gennero - what a small film world.
Foreshadowing for flight 175? Culkin, takes American Airlines 767, flight #176 to New York & stands on South Tower - the very one that was struck (see gif) by the United Airlines 767, flight #175.
Better call 911 (in a later scene)
'9/11' Hughes via Home Alone 2/Some Kind of Wonderful with Back to the (9/11) Future's Thompson, and (original McFly) Stoltz.
John Hughes got his major start via Shuler (Mr Mom), the wife of Dick '666/Lethal 911 Weapon/Conspiracy Theory' Donner.
Some Kind of "9/11-New World Order" Wonderful.
Masterson (above), her father played in The Stepford (mind control) Wives, and The (MK-Ultra) Exorcist.

From "Home Alone/Pelican Brief" Heard - back to Julia "Pretty (9 and 11) Woman" Roberts.
Ralph "Trading WTC Places" Bellamy (a Duke brother) would act (in his final ever role) with Roberts in Pretty Woman.
The film has a running time of 119 minutes (119/911).
Pretty Woman was another release linked to Zionist programmer Arnon "9/11" Milchan, he acted as producer and his Regency were involved. Ex-Israeli PM Ehud Olmert (who has had recent spells in prison) claims that he is responsible for naming the film's title, Olmert was a friend of 9/11 Milchan. Roberts' Ocean's 11 film had to redo the exploding/collapsing buildings in NY (due to 9/11 similarities), the film ran for 116 mins (a flipped 911).

They've got it running like clockwork...
The Zionist dominated "mind control" corporate shit hole that has royally fucked so many brains!


11th Jan
It's IS Nazi Germany based!

Nazi CIA and Mockingbird Media (Fake News) Nazis
The CIA and Reinhard "Nazi" Gehlen.
Get your cognitive dissonance-centric heads that. High-level cooperation between Zionist Jews and Nazis!
That's what has been happening in the USA.

Update. Leftist media obviously hates Trump, but that doen't make him any kind of saviour.
Trump's rise is keeping the left/right paradigm intact - the same paradigm that has led everyone to the abyss.
Trump (now) looks like another stooge...Israel owned, etc. You can only go so far by not being Hillary.

Many of these media conglomerates were heavily involved in the "9/11 predictive programming" that I've outlined herein.

Fake Jews = Fake News
Zionist/Khazar/Ashkenazi - German/Eastern European/Slav descended.

Jews, Hollywood and MSM
"How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the L.A. Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad 'Weinstein' Grey (Jewish), Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production, but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah."

"The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles (Goy) in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC Pres. Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish." (Note, this was uttered by a Jew. A late 2008 article).

"I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. 
I just care that we get to keep running them." -  Joel Stein in "Who runs Hollywood? 

“There are no important media outlets in the U.S. that are not owned or controlled by Jews.”
 — Israel Shamir, Russian-Israeli journalist in his article “Midas Ears” 

Oscars So White JEWISH
Minority perma-victimhood Jews manipulating reality through mass media - decade after decade.
Guess who uses these LIES to guilt-trip the white majority. The Zionist Jews - the 'Hate Whitey' architects.

"Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. Just about every movie or TV show, whether it be 'Tropic Thunder' or 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' is rife with actors, directors, and writers who are Jewish. Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews? But that’s not all. We also control the ads that go on those TV shows. The time has come, though. We no longer have to change our names. We no longer have to blend in like chameleons. We own a whole freaking country." 
- Manny Friedman, Times of Israel, July 1, 2012

Zionist Jew - full spectrum, mass media dominance. A dominance that they goad and mock the goyim with.
Now you know why all anti-Jewish sentiment MUST be destroyed, and at every juncture and turn.
All in order to maintain the counterfeit world that they have constructed using their MSM monopoly. The same MSM monopoly that will (obviously) NEVER uncover this blatant and obvious form of minority-based FRAUD and mass mind control.



    Now they’re planning the crime of the century
    Well what will it be?
    Read all about their schemes and adventuring.
    It’s well worth a fee.
    So roll up and see
    How they rape the universe
    How they’ve gone from bad to worse.
    Who are these men of lust, greed and glory?
    Rip off the masks and let’s see.
    But that’s not right – oh no, what’s the story?
    Look, there’s you and there’s me.
    — “Crime of the Century,” Roger Hodgson and Richard Davies (Supertramp)
    — © Universal Music Publishing Group

    The sleeve for a popular record album from 1979 contains graphics elements that suggest foreknowledge of the tragic September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York City.

    The number one pop album during the summer of 1979, Supertramp’s Breakfast in America, the band’s sixth album, was released on March 29, 1979 (the Georgia Guidestones monument was completed 360 days later on March 22, 1980).

    Breakfast in America was recorded inside a Masonic temple in 1978.

    Next stop was Studio B at the Village Recorder in West LA, housed within a Masonic temple and featuring a 48-channel Harrison console, as well as two Ampex 1200 24-track machines. The band members all gathered there on the first day, yet Peter Henderson didn’t show — while driving to the studio from Topanga Canyon, he and his new wife were involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. Fortunately, nobody was too badly injured, and Peter eventually turned up at the Village Recorder with two enormous black eyes. “I looked like I’d been in the ring with Muhammad Ali,” he says. “It wasn’t the best of starts, but we were very lucky to get off so lightly.”

    The album’s cover received the 1980 Grammy Award for Best Recording Packaging. The front cover bears an aerial view of the New York City skyline as seen from an airliner passenger window above the Statue of Liberty; however, the buildings are recreated using kitchen items and Lady Liberty is a diner waitress named “Libby” holding a glass of orange juice on a platter in place of a torch. The cover can be seen below (image courtesy Wikipedia).

    Reflecting the image yield’s the following:

    С Рождеством Христовым!

    1. At last, a comment! I was thinking that I'd never get one! Comments are getting harder and harder to come by, they're like gold dust around here. The lack of appreciable comments is making me want to stop writing....yes, again!

      Thanks for the good additions on the Georgia Guidestones,the lyrics for Crime of the Century, and other details. Very much appreciated. :)

    2. trump quotes bane from dark knight rises verbatim in his inauguration speech.

      welp, i guess the same old game is being played huh...

  2. Just finished reading through your blog post, and I loved it--thank you! It's all fitting together, pointing in the same direction with what I've been studying, when it comes to all of this, since not long after 9/11. I saw some examples of foreknowledge concerning the Twin Towers not long after it happened, but I couldn't figure out what was behind it, or if it was nothing more than linking those examples together with the actual event in an erroneous way.

    There is probably quite a bit of revenge mixed in with what's going on, I'm sure, convincing their adherents that it's "Nazi" vengeance or something--anything to gin up the followers. I'm sort of amazed as how far back they planned it all, too, considering what it would have taken to keep it all going in the right direction, plus keeping their people on the right track every step of the way--almost as though it was all diabolically inspired, which I honestly believe it to have been.

    I believe that any and all information they allow out, via their own members, as to their 'once and future' plans, or about what they've already done, is not to enlighten the rest of us, but to tease us, and taunt us, while they sit back and have a good laugh at our expense. All the information on 9/11, both pre and post event, are there not to point us in the right direction--it's just to show us how clever they can be, how brilliant their machinations are, as well as how much power they wield. Yet, they are not showing us what their end game really is, probably because even most of them don't even know what it is. [If they did, I think most of them would bail before it's too late].

    Thanks, again!

  3. Horseloverphat just want to say I truly appreciate all your hard work. I've been following your blog for the last year. I also am a huge Valis fan and am myself starting to get into writing. Keep up the good work. Sending you positive energy from Xenia, Ohio!!! Keep going!!!

  4. Wow and aw shucks, truly. This piece you've put together is uber vundabar handiwork, Phat, and definitely right up my alley. I guess music has always been my preferred choice of mind kontrol, the sonic side of entertainment easily having seen the most of my time, passion, and money. It would be a big honor to have any of your numbers go out to me, but with this one it's perfect. Especially to get one of the heartier, more spirited ones is simply best. The delivery's great. Probably too soon to say, but it might be my favourite you've done yet. All you need to do is somehow incorporate Gorillaz or Mystery Science Theater 3000, and it's like a secret wish my heart made come true.
    I regret not being the first to comment here, but I've been a bit bedazzled. I unfortunately saw the post right before turning in last night, and then could not get to sleep with all the synapses firing on and on. Then all day today I'm putting together even more on top of what you've laid out and trying to map that out. It would be maddening if your work didn't help make so much sense of everything. :)
    You certainly succeeded in bringing out all the lesser known subliminal. While a lot of them I'm familiar with, so many I'm now seeing for the first time, and we both know there are plenty others just waiting to be pointed out. It's ridiculous all the angles used, but of course the architects would go all out for something so direly symbolic. Seeing the arrays of assault you've grouped together... I'm hit hard with that old feeling I used to get back when I first started finding out on learned helplessness and the precognitive conditioning of mass media. Heavy. Heavy as lead.
    Yup. Thank you for the informal mind fuck, no kidding. A firm but gentle and properly playful kind I didn't know I needed. I think from here on out you can bank on seeing plenty more comment and support from me. It's all too brilliant to keep from mulling over, and now I have way too much to add and tie in.
    2016 saw your strongest and probably most important stuff, but I'm glad to see 2017 is already off to a great start. I dare say I'm optimistic. Kudos, old boy.

    1. According to director David Fincher and Brad Pitt, Radiohead was the primary choice for doing Fight Club's music. Meaning they were likely wanted for something to play to the towers coming down at the film's close. The band declined the offer, so instead we hear a song from the Pixies' first full-length album, the first track off which is "Bone Machine". Fight Club also features a Tom Waits song, "Goin' Out West" from his album Bone Machine. Now after seeing that one album cover by the band Bone Machine… that name stands out.

    2. I'm still laughing at that Karma Police with Christine video, I'm glad you included it. I feel like I should have seen that before, or already thought of it it fits so well. Ties right in with that boggling Plymouth connection. And I'm glad you actually went for the "Escape from New (Thom) York" jest. Only reminds me the name Thom means "twin".
      Jonathan Glazer, whose movies Sexy Beast and Birth you've mentioned in other posts, directed the Karma Police music video. Looking at his wiki, I see 'In 2001, Glazer directed the "Odyssey" spot for Levi Strauss Jeans.' Having the Strauss in there really sells it, I think. Anyway, the music video Glazer did right after Karma Police was for a single by UNKLE ft. Twin Yorke that has samples from both Contact and Jacob's Ladder. The video kinda continues the theme of killer cars. "Killer Cars" is the name of an early Radiohead b-side btw

    3. Radiohead owe their namesake to a Talking Heads song from True Stories, a Talking Heads movie which has in it about 50 sets of real life twins. In the Talking Heads prior movie, Stop Making Sense, a concert film directed by Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme, you can see a shot of the WTC during the performance of "This Must Be the Place", a tune that was used by Oliver Stone for both his Wall Sreet movies. Stop Making Sense also has a couple of Strangelove references, including title design by Pablo Ferro, who worked on Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange, and Men In Black.

    4. There are multiple instrumental covers of Radiohead played in the new Westworld crap, twice by way of a player piano that's shown throughout the series. The piano itself is a reference to Player Piano, the debut novel by Kurt Vonnegut, a story about a futuristic dystopia where human life is a loop of pointless artificiality thanks to automation. The typical mechanical choiceness awareness malarky. Kurt's second novel involves Saturn's largest moon, Titan; now the moon where you can find the Arrakis Planitia.

      The same person who talked me into watching True Detective wanted me to give the new Westworld a chance. I said only if we watch the '73 movie beforehand, mostly in hopes that that would make it go away. It didn't, and I regret sitting through the entire episode; although a scalp labyrinth seen at the very end was one thing that interested me.
      Who knows? I have a hard time caring about the endless garbage pouring out these days, but it was nice getting to see Michael Crichton's first feature film again. I never noticed how much Yul Brynner was like the Terminator portraying the relentless Frankenstein robot character, years before Arnie. Or how they employ the same replicant eye effect used in Blade Runner.

      The announcement teaser trailer for Blade Runner the sequel was released the same day as the Berlin "truck attack," and it starts off with a large vehicle reading CAUTION - KEEP CLEAR. What's crazy is the Schwarz-miller thing, when both of last year's incidents sounded to me like something from a Terminator movie. Most if not all those movies have big truck smash-up sequences. but the retarded term "truck attack" makes it more like Maximum Overdrive, the directorial debut of Stephen King, who himself was badly messed up by a vehicle while out walking, against traffic, in 1999.
      A real-life kind of tie in with John 237 Carpenter's Christine starring Harry Dean 237 'Bluebird' Stanton. Like King says in his Creepshow 2 cameo as a truck driver, "Somebody got creamed. Happens all the time." in response to someone asking about a hit and run involving a hitchhiker.

      Radiohead have a kind of 237 moment from the Sept. 11, 2001 concert they did, when Thom York announces the crime to the Berlin crowd. Talking about the number of jets, he says "2..? 3,7. I dunno. I lost count."
      and after the announcement the song they go into is Paranoid Android, which both quotes and gets its title from Marvin, the Paranoid Android from Douglas Adams' 42 popularizing Hitchhiker series.

    5. A little more on Paranoid Android, it's comprised of three incomplete songs very much in the fashion of The Beatles' Happiness is a Warm Gun, and appears second on the OK Computer album. On there, the song ends and the third, a track called "Subterranean Homesick Alien" in homage to Bob Dylan, begins at exactly the 666th second. That happens to be right when the album In Rainbows has the lyrics, "You'll go to HELL for what your dirty mind is thinking."

      Here Thom explains the process for Paranoid Android:
      "Basically an excuse to weld loads of half-finished songs together, Abbey Road-style. It's Radiohead, pissed and having a party. I wasn't there when it was all stuck together – I'd been sent to sleep it off. What's it all about? The fall of the Roman Empire."

      Plenty of reason for an android to be paranoid nowadays, what with the EU attempting to scare the kids with make-believe need for ripping off Asimov's rules for robots, as if somehow they disapprove of murderous programs. What's funny, a KTMA MST3K I recently watched for the first time, which uses Saul Bass' sole feature film, Phase IV. as the experiment, had the robot pals going over the 3 laws of robotics. This was after spotting a 42 in that awful I, Robot flick from 2004, and while keeping a look out for a 237 in Phase IV that Shawnfella had talked about on his Cryptokubrology site. Also on his site, Shawn points out a 237 in a mugshot for Jim Morrison; same guy Thom Yorke says he wants to be, on Radiohead's first album "Pablo Honey," a name that came from a call made by NYC prank artists, The Jerky Boys.

      Also, before the "2,3,7" announcement and Paranoid '42 'Android for the 9/11 Berlin concert, the song the Radioheads play is Pyramid Song, which you posted some related info on here. Originally titled "Egyptian Song," a name that that surely would have resulted in a Clear Channel ban, the inspiration behind it comes from cyclical time and the Egyptian underworld; the same old place where these sync studies are always bound to lead. The very place where the whole 42 principle comes from and into play, sandwiching a 237 in a 9/11 announcement of THE 9/11, between another solid 42 connection for my favorite band. And it's thanks to you and your kickass posts I'm keen enough to recognize this sort of thing.

    6. Here's an exclusive playlist for the blog, covering most of what I bring up in my comments.

    7. Good stuff Bingers, I've just seen the playlist. Opens with Talking Heads - FWIW, I always loved their "Road To Nowhere" song from the early/mid was one of my favourite music videos from that era too. I think it was due to the social comment it contained about material existence (a literal road to nowhere), and that was right in the middle of the rise of corporate mass consumerism.

      Thanks for putting that together, I will have a spin through. :)

    8. You're welcome. I figured it would be easier to follow my disorganized thoughts there, and better than cluttering things up here.
      I'm with you on "Road to Nowhere." It's always been a classic with me, and pertinent as ever given the subject matter. It came out, like you said, when the corporate Frankenstein monster was rising and incidently, right as I was making my way onto the physical universal scene.
      Talking Heads were def a great band, and most impressive live. I always loved the live version and studio cut of their tune "Heaven," up until I heard it was about a gay bar owned by Richard Bransen, which weirded things out a bit for me. Now I say I like it OK, just as a friend. Interesting fact with that one: it was featured diegetically in Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia, being sung at a party by Q Lazzarus, whose song "Goodbye Horses" was used in Demme's previous films, Married to the Mob, and most notably, Silence of the Lambs; tying those 3 pictures in with the Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense movie he directed in 1984.

      Enjoy browsing the playlist at your leisure. I'll be sure to add some more notes and any other song connection as they come to me.

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  6. A lot of this great info was on the great 9/11 synchs thread on the synchronysticism forum that has oddly gone offline...

  7. Another one I've seen lately is a wrestling clip from 1989 ,it consists of a tag team called the twin towers v the mega powers they use words like terrorist attack,demolition and the twin towers coming crumbling down.almost 6 years to the day I've been into this sort of stuff and this is the only sight I've ever commented on.i don't really trust much sites on the internet they're always looking for cash and not even asking nicely for it,you on the other hand just want a bit of recognition and I'm sorry I for one don't give you enough,truth is you and a lot of the commentators on here are very intelligent and sometimes it can be intimidating ecspecially for someone like me who can talk pretty good face to face but are pretty bad at conveying my thoughts through technology I even hate 40 next week and I've never written a fan letter to anyone and this is the closest Im ever gonna get so thanks again your a great writer and researcher and my gut feeling tells me your a great human being also.diolch yn fawr

  8. Another one missing here is Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Men #189 published in January of 1985 where the character Phoenix remembers her past, which is our future and it expressly states "The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center lie in ruins, thousands are dead, many more injured" as an airliner flies by the towers:

    Interestingly, Chris Claremont who wrote that comic is an occultist who was a member of the inner circle of people who gathered at the Magickal Childe bookstore in Chelsea, NY during the 70s and 80s where the Simon Necronomicon was produced. The bookstore run by Herman Slater, Christian Slater's uncle, the same bookstore where Peter Levenda used to hang out prior to his Sinister Forces books, the same bookstore that Dan Aykroyd modeled his fake bookstore after in Ghostbusters 2. Worth looking into that strange little group. The book Dead Names by Simon in particular is a good read.

  9. Readers...I am suffering from flu. It's a bloody nightmare. Sorry, I will be back when I've recovered.

    1. That's too bad to hear. You just rest up now and get better soon. In the meantime, I put together a playlist of tunes for you on gootube. I figure there should be something on there you'll like.

    2. Glad to see you back. Hope you get better soon.

    3. It's been a month since last hearing from you. I'd be fine thinking you're taking some deserved time off, if it weren't for the last thing you said being that you were dealing with a nasty bout of the flu. I've seen problems arise and complicate too often in those situations, so it would be good to know you're OK, or at least able to say you are.

    4. Hi Bingers, I'm OK and still here. I'm just a bit stunned at what I see unfolding. The liberal/left vs the centrist/right, Trump/Brexit (and the underlying will to overturn those results), MSM Fake News talking about "fake news", celebrities unabashedly and overtly acting like one world globalist borgs (and the people backlashing against it). Not forgetting the multicultural hell of the EU, which is now teetering on the brink of collapse. At the moment, all I can see is "civil war" breaking out in Europe and the USA. The heat coming down on Trump is absolutely insane, nothing of which I've ever seen the like of. I think these are unprecedented times.

      Tbh, I'm a bit "fatigued" by it all. Sorry that I've not been around, I just had to walk away from this stuff for a while.

      Thanks for the concern Bingers, all the best.

    5. Good. I was hoping that was the case, and not pneumonia or something like that. The reticence is totally understandable, the doubling down of the madness out there is pretty wild to watch melt in real time, and the spectacle quite hard to describe when there's more insubstantiality underneath it all than could ever be sanely kept up with. Social engineering on the grandest scale yet. For years and years the west world was being prepped for Herr Trump's presidency, to really fuck with the preconceived notions of reality, and now that the joke king program has gone live it's created a rift the likes of which no polarizing sports game has ever seen. Almost makes me feel ashamed for being a fan of performance art.

      There's little you can do for the successfully indoctrinated at this point, or their children, which is the most heartbreaking. Nothing but let the pumpkinhead thing take its course. It has to take a toll seeing the number being done on so many who would mistake the world stage for the real one, with irony rising to poisonous levels. I'm sure Israel is reveling on the roof right now, seeing how the ceiling is coming down.

      So I'm def right there with in the weariness of it, and that fatigue feeling I know only too well. I've been dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis for the past couple of years, and that's one of the symptoms.

    6. A great summation of the ongoing debacle, Bingo. I wish you the best in your battle against arthritis, it can't be easy. I particularly enjoyed this analogy - "it's created a rift the likes of which no polarizing sports game has ever seen." The tension is palpable, that much is certain. From a US and European perspective, the whole globalist one world ideal (NWO planetary prison) and its "fan club" - has recently taken one hell of a beating, but they'll not lie down though. Let's see what unfolds.

  10. Again, you nailed it! I can't imagine how much time is needed to get all pieces together but you deiver every single time. Kudos!

  11. Hey! I meant to write this on the last blog post you did with Bluebird etc, you had included the image of the Harry Potter logo with the 'Golden Snitch', there was a barely veiled 9/11 cipher - seeing this immediately reminded me of this video:

    I found it pretty compelling but you'll have to be the judge. I'm sure you must know about 'Die Glocke' the nazi bell, and the all of the alleged reports of 'advanced aircraft' of some sort made by Admiral Byrd after Operation Highjump.

    Also, I've been following for what is probably coming up to 3 years now, and it was only a few months ago I came across a copy of Valis, now I get it! Hope your flu clears up soon.

  12. I guess this should be here.
    Wild find:
    located here:

  13. Лошадник будь здоров!!!!

    Еще два нюанса:
    1. The Pentagon was designed by American architect George Bergstrom (1876–1955), and built by general contractor John McShain of Philadelphia.
    Ground was broken for construction on September 11, 1941, and the building was dedicated on January 15, 1943.
    On September 11, 2001, exactly 60 years after the building's construction began, American Airlines Flight 77 was hijacked and flown into the western side of the building....
    Great sync of President Elect Donald J Trump flying past the Twin Towers as the narrator says, if in power, Trump will negotiate nuclear disarmament with Russia! (circa 1987)

  14. Since all Masons place their hands on a Bible and promise not to reveal the passwords and grips of the degrees, several members of the Batavia lodge published an advertisement denouncing Morgan for breaking his word by authoring the book. An attempt also was allegedly made to set fire to Miller's newspaper office and print shop.[26] On September 11, 1826, Morgan was arrested for the alleged nonpayment of a loan and for stealing a shirt and a tie

  15. Just wanted to let you know that I check your blog daily for new posts. Keep up the great work, there are very few who shine like you do.


    the show began with Gaga hanging from her guide wires, in the dark.
    The opening portion of the show featured 300 specially built Intel drones known as Shooting Stars.
    All as one: The 72,000 crowd at the NRG Stadium in Houston all sway together as Lady Gaga sings her ballad a Million Reasons

  17. Grammy's stuff:

    Has anyone noticed that madonna adopted twins then beyonce announced twins then george clooney's wife announced twins all within days. signifigant? hmm

    1. Hi skinny. Yup, I duly noted it, but have written nothing. Monarch and "twinning" - "Queen" (monarch) Bee etc. We got Gay Z's number on his contribution to corporate mind control and the elite's illuminist religion, and long back, this is more grist for the mill though. Beyonce is a mind controlled marionette, she's virtually a zombie. "The American" aka monarch/butterfly assassin Clooney and "twinning", Clooney is a sodomite (homosexual), he's gone nowhere near Amal's parts. These two former examples will very likely be connected to IVF (a la Mengele) conception. ALL these celeb marriages (imo) are FAKE and arranged.

      Then there's "twinning" luciferian Madge, aka the mother mould for modern celebrity monarch victims. A Hollywood insider told me that some of the stars are FORCED to adopt these children, and some are also FORCED into mixed marriages. They either accept it, or will be destroyed by the industry. Make of that what you will, the source (based in Hollywood) came at me out of the blue, but I tend to believe them. Also noted at the 2017 Grammy show was (luciferian) Gaga with Metallica, and "the moth" (butterfly/monarch), Gaga had one tattooed on her back (a bit like Clooney in The American). Metallica's "Moth Into Flame" was inspired by Amy "monarch victim" Winehouse (a monarch that broke down). It all seems connected. BBC and Brit School linked, Winehouse, did 'Back To Black'. Metallica did 'The Black Album' - Metallica lost Burton several years before (is this an aspect/linked of the Faustian deal?). 'Back To Black' Winehouse lost her life, 'swinging both ways' AC/DC and Bon Scott, who lost his life, which was followed by their seminal 'Back In Black' release. Gay OTO Z also released a title called 'The Black Album' (2003), the one with the "Lucifer" track. I used to be a bit of Metallica fan back in the later 1980s. Interestingly, I was out of Metallica by the time they dropped The Black Album in the early 90s. Metallica are nothing but CORPORATE lackeys, the Napster issue was more than enough for me to understand that much.

      Yes, there was plenty going on at the 2017 Grammys. Thanks for the comment, good to see you here.

    2. Note the TV show "Lucifer" - featured a piano rendition of Metallica's "The Unforgiven" (from The Black Album). It was a late 2016, episode called "Monster" and aired on Hallowe'en. Gaga did a track called "Monster". Little monsters - the name for (luciferian) Gaga fans!

      'Gaga' - (definition) "no longer in possession of all one's mental faculties." Yes, very appropriate for a mind control victim.

    3. Re: "twinning" luciferian Madge - I forgot to segue into "Desperately Twinning Susan" (via bluebird). The film where masonic Madge wears the "master symbol of the Illuminati" - the eye and pyramid. :)

      I mentioned "twinning" Mengele and IVF was Mengele in South America who created all those "twins" and likely utilising forms of IVF. Some dispute the Mengele South America "twins town" claim, but it's very likely true. Monarch linked Mengele was also believed to have been Illuminati and born of the nobility, so this is all very much connected.

  18. I don't know how much you kept up the Oroville Dam(Tallest Dam,770 feet in US,it is an earthen Dam) east of Sacramento,Ca.This dam or spillways could fail due to large amounts rain and wind arriving there tonight,here is a comment from God light Productions I thought was interesting.
    I have been following this thread from GLP from the start.I like this comment.

    In no way do I want to derail this amazing thread, but I can’t help but notice that the language the media has been using this past week to describe what’s going on within the Trump Administration re: Gen. Flynn has eerily dam-related verbiage. They’ve been talking a whole lot about “erosion” within the admin, for instance, and we’ve been hearing about all the “leaks” and “failures” that are supposedly taking place. Has anyone noticed this? Not to mention Beyonce’s golden sacrilege and her “water about to break” during the Grammy’s performance, which was taking place at the exact same time as this dam disaster started picking up speed. Just strange how world events are all tying together symbolically, verbally, and physically. Anyone else notice this?
    Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73588975

    Yes, most certainly.
    But it’s not strange knowing what media is, a religious pulpit pumping out its false gospel 24/7.
    It’s all reifious ritual, making concerts to religion
    Beyonce was the spill gate – her wooden chair tipped back
    The table was the chute
    Being pregnant those waters will break
    The logo of those award is even our two pyramids formed of the dam and section next to it
    Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74057117

    I didn’t even think about the chair falling back, good point. And also everyone bowing in response. I have this eerie feeling that the dam breaking will be both a symbolic and literal “baptism” to usher in a new age. Chaos, then a new order, then everyone expected to bow down and submit? This is all way too creepy.

    1. We had a dose of "The Dam Busters" - UK Jan 2017. 200,000+ signed a petition for a war hero and honours. The last surviving WW2 British dambuster, Johnny Johnson.

      Anyway, I can see what is being implied by those at GLP (the overlaps), there might perhaps be something to it.

      Re: Beyonce, I saw it more as a tip to biblical Revelation.

      'Pregnant' and clothed in 'gold' (symbolic of the sun) with a 'crown' - Beyonce.
      The Grammy awards also evoke the trumpet horn. I didn't watch the Grammy's, just seen a few reports.

      Rev 12 i) Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun (gold), with the moon under her feet, and on her head a "crown" of twelve stars. ii) Then being with child (pregnant), she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth.

      We'll have to see what transpires.

    2. ORO (prefix, as in Oro-ville) can relate to both "mountains" and "gold". Oroville is known as the 'City of Gold'. Sacramento/Sacrament - the holy sacrament, baptism, confirmation etc.

    3. Rev 12:2 Then being with child (pregnant), she **cried out** in labor and in pain to give birth.

      See Adele and pregnant, sun crowned, gold/sun clothed Beyonce's (vomit inducing) 'award' moment, and the subsequent Beyonce tears (cried out).

      As seen in reports: "Beyoncé was "moved to tears" as Adele dedicated her Album of the Year win to the singer."

      In respect of Oroville and flooding...this is the most resonant:

      Rev 12:15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

    4. HP and Skinny., good points but here's another thought: foreshadowing the destruction (accompanied by huge number of deaths) of the Tabqua dam.

    5. Hi, yes the Syrian Taqba Dam and the ISIS threat has been mentioned (in the MSM) through 2016. I have noted the story, I think I saw it in the Daily Fail/Mail. Thanks.

  19. Euphrates (Tabqua) Dam, in Syria, at Risk of Failure- Oroville Dam Karma?
    Syria is SAR............

    The Midmar Dam 29°30′S 30°11′E
    Midmar Dam is a combined gravity & earth-fill type dam and recreation area located near Howick and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa: .......SAR
    code MM=water
    The Midmar Mile is a swimming race held annually in February at the Midmar Dam north of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Each year, it draws thousands of competitors, from serious international athletes and Olympic medallists[1][2] to purely recreational swimmers.
    charlene jacques gabriella GEMINI

  20. Lady Gaga plays “Lucifer” at Super Bowl 2017.....

    Beyoncé Grammy 2017 Ritual *Re-Upload* Beyonce Channels Goddess of Water while Oroville Dam Floods
    synchronously African goddess of water ....SAR!!!!!
    Oshun (known as Ochún or Oxúm in Latin America)
    ecumenical mix: the goddess of water, the woman clothed with the sun-ritual dams!

    GEMINI and DAM

    1. Gaga will be "luciferic" wherever she goes, I think that's a given. We already live with the "anti-christ" current, that is something I've tried to make people understand. It's not something I'm waiting on, it's already here. That doesn't rule out the issue of other elite symbolic charades been played out, such as these ones, of course. I noted that the MSM did an idiot's guide to Oshun a day or so after the event. The timing/overlaps of these events does pique the interest though.

      I will have a look at what you've written. Thanks for the contributions.

  21. Lady Gaga plays “Lucifer” at Super Bowl!!!!
    Gaga will be "luciferic".......

    Major Storm Lucifer Impacts Southern California On Friday!!!!!!

    1. Let's hope it washes away "commie" Hollywood and all the sociopathic scum that reside there. :)

      There's a Lucifer idea tied into Saturn/Jupiter from the 2001 and 2010 films/books. Project Lucifer (and in some way linked to NASA). Cassini (Saturn) has been in the news recently, as has Jupiter's Europa (NASA, searching for alien life). Europa was the specific place that was to be AVOIDED from human contact - that is what Clarke's 2010 stated.

      I wrote this recently in the public domain...

      This is a NASA "symbolic code" for something else (imo). Anyone remember "AI and Aliens" in Clarke's 2001 and 2010? --- "The monoliths increase Jupiter's density until the planet achieves nuclear fusion, becoming a small star. In the novel, this obliterates the [primitive life forms] inhabiting the Jovian atmosphere, which the Monoliths' controllers had deemed very unlikely to ever achieve intelligence unlike the [aquatic life of Europa]. As Jupiter is about to transform, Bowman returns to Discovery to give HAL a last order to carry out. HAL begins repeatedly broadcasting the message: --- ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS - [EXCEPT EUROPA]. ATTEMPT NO LANDINGS THERE. --- The creation of the new star, which Earth eventually names Lucifer, destroys Discovery." This is the ending of the 2010 film. Like I said, this is a type of occult Nasa symbolic code.

      And this too...on the same thread.

      Clarke's novel "2001" was published 1968, "2010" was published in 1982. Clarke had dealings with NASA, and even in relation to Jovian activity, including a rumoured "Lucifer Project". Quote - "What's of great interest and extremely significant is that in the acknowledgements of Clarke's 2010, he alludes to a communication he got from NASAs Dr. Walter Jastrow who openly admitted that his Lucifer Thesis was of great interest to the Agency - with regards to the Galileo Mission which was then a proposed exploration of Jupiter. To be exact. This brilliant concept has been taken seriously, and may provide one of the best motives for the projected Galileo Mission. This was five years before (circa 1984) NASA launched Galileo." - 2001/2010 (film and books) used both Saturn and Jupiter (wink, wink).

      I wrote the above comments about 8 days or so ago.

  22. the 2017 World Government Summit in Dubai was held under the shadow of a “replica of a Roman arch that once stood in front of the pagan Temple of Ba’al,”

    SAR: end of sun eclipse 26/2/2017
    where that pagan idols:

  23. This is brilliant as ever HP

    Please do not stop!

    Many comments now.

    I tweet ur articles
    People love...

    The Antipodean

  24. Hey horse,

    Could you explain to me clear the link between radiohead 911, and what their name means, karma police and the hanged man..? Thanks in advance, I'm aware of all the conspiracies b.t.w. :)


  26. I read "Silent weapons, Quiet wars" for the first time when I was 8 years parents were Patriots and had weekly meetings, I remember them trying to warn people about the very first HAARP. I knew what 9/11 was as I was watching it happen. I spread truth daily, I've already had Facebook lock one of my profiles because I refused to heed their warnings about the content of my posts...people are slowly waking up, but I worry that it may not be enough when the veils completely fall, which I know is coming very soon.

  27. Hi Horse,

    Just saw you on reddit/GA and read this blog. Great work. Have you seen this one?

    1. Hi GA anon...good to see you commenting here.

      Homo Spinal 'ass' Tap. Yeah, an 11-11-11 kabbalistic encode from Little Lord 'sodomy' Fauntleroy.

      Thanks for commenting. Appreciate it. Have a look at my latest post for more Q stuff. What a mind f**k.

  28. To this day I still make the mistake of calling the twin tower resonant picture from the Amnesiac album the WTC. Just the other day, in fact. I also do the same thing pretty much ever Christmas with the Fox Plaza in Die Hard. I've been way too conditioned over the years...

    To update things a little: Radiohead played Berlin on 9/11 AGAIN in 2016. As witchy a choice to make as Thom Yorke doing the music for the Suspiria remake. And all the while pushing more pro-Israeli/ Marxist crap.

  29. What a ton of evidence there is on this truly disgusting,genocidal,Zionist event that sadly most people simply cannot, and will not believe even when you show them the truth,and that for me is very disturbing because it shows the depth of the deceit and propaganda that the world has swallowed over many decades and has had the desired effect! And even more amazing is how this was pulled off and planned before the first brick was laid,BTW from construction to demolition was 33 years(Masonic/ O.T.O./occult Number)I tip my hat to these people,they really do a job don't they? I think also as you said somewhere there must be a supernatural element to this involving dark forces,namely satanic! Take care.....

    1. Quite a mind f**k, isn't it? Understand that I wss never fooled by 9/11 and the official orthodoxy. Not even for one moment. I viewed it as an 'inside job' (with mass media conditioning) as it unfolded. Yes, a type of talmudic/kabbalistic magick is employed.

      Thank you for the kind words. Much apprecoated.