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Bill "Monolith" Paxton - Synchronicity

Just a little oddity born out of the previous post...

Something weird just happened. I only just mentioned Bill Paxton (in my "Radio-Head 9.11" post), and on the day of his death - 25th Feb. It's right at the bottom of my lengthy previous post (having just recently added it). It's a bit similar to what happened in December, with my "Tsar (Star) Wars" post, and how I mentioned Star Wars, and then "Tataouine/Tatooine", which was as an aspect of the Berlin truck terror event. Very soon after (a few days), Carrie "Star Wars" Fisher was taken ill and then died.

Anyway...I've ported the latter part of the post, where I briefly mentioned Paxton (on the 25th Feb).
These first two pictures (below) immediately preceded my mentioning of Apollo 13 (Paxton/Hanks):
The 2001 Monolith...a literal prehistoric transformer

2001:ASO, Radio emitting TMA-1 (prehistoric) transforming Monolith - The 2001 Monolith Millenium Hotel
Radio-Heads 9.11 FM

Kubrick allegedly "hoaxing" the Apollo 11 moon landings is a classic conspiracy staple.

This (below) was added on the 25th, and late in the evening (UK time).
The command module for the Apollo 13 craft was named Odyssey, in honor of the film "2001: A Space Odyssey."
The Ron Howard movie features a scene where Paxton's character plays the song "Spirit In the Sky" while Lovell (Hanks) laments that it should have been the theme music from Kubrick's "2001" (Strauss). Ironically, that iconic piece of classical music was played during the actual Apollo 13 mission. Ron Howard's Splash (1984) - again with Hanks, and there's something "fishy" about the WTC.

How fucking weird is that!!!! 
I only wrote the paragraph above last night (25th Feb), the part about Paxton and Hanks (Apollo 13, music). 
Paxton just died, we were informed on the 26th, but he died on the 25th.
The song selection I mentioned in relation to him (Spirit In The Sky) is about "dying"!

That said, he delivered some of the most memorable lines in film history. Aliens, Weird Science etc.
"When I die and they lay me to rest/Gonna go to the place that's the best/When I lay me down to die/Goin' up to the spirit in the sky…"

Apollo 13 - Paxton, Bacon and Hanks. 
Apollo/Terminator Paxton and Apollo/Terminated Kennedy. Speech given one day after Sept 11, 1962.
Kevin 'JFK (1991)' Costner was Jim "Apollo 13" Lovell's original choice to play his role in the film.
Kevin "JFK/Apollo 13" Bacon, Tommy "JFK Apollo/Black Moon" Jones, & Joe "Home Alone (WTC/911) 2" Pesci.
Tommy Lee Jones also resonates 'WTC/911' via The Men in Black films (with Will "Independence 9/11 Day" Smith).
Written by John "Escape From (aircraft Twin Tower) New York" Carpenter, EFNY is set in 1997, but was made 1981.
A (Plymouth) 9/11 Flyer...
Radio Head Units - 9/11 Carpenter's "Christine" (1983) and 91.1 Carpenter's "In The Mouth of Madness" (1994). ITMOM - the 'radio head unit' shot is seen when the vehicle enters a type of 'twilight zone' to Hobb's End. The 91.1 is one of a very narrow range that is shown, I caught it while viewing, but blink and you'll miss it.
Kings of Horror - Carpenter and King. "Christine" (King's novel), and "ITMOM", the latter had Sutter Cane as an avatar for Stephen King. "In the Mouth of Madness" (title) pays homage to Lovecraft's "At The Mountain of Madness" (which directly links to Carpenter's 'antarctica alien invading' film "The Thing"). 

Hallowe'en 3 - "TV mass mind control" (a la 'alien' They Live). 911 "witchery" via Mountain Standard Time.
Carpenter wrote "Black (Twin Towers) Moon" (1986) - which starred Jones.
Men In (Black Moon) - Tommy Lee "JFK" Jones featured with Linda "Terminator 9/11 2" Hamilton.
Terminator Hamilton (Sarah Connor) featured in the film adaption of King's "Children of the Corn" (1984).
A nuclear GROUND ZERO via a (Manhattan like) city skyline.
Terminator 'Arnie' even married into the JFK/Kennedy clan via Shriver. His Running Man (film) was penned by King. 
King's "Maximum (Truck) Overdrive" (1986) was soundtracked by AC/DC, it's King's only directorial effort.
The Lightning-Struck Tower(s) via AC 'lightning' DC - a la "Back To The 9/11 Future".
AC/DC track "Shake Your (Twin Tower) Foundations" (see the official music video) featured on King's "Who Made Who/Maximum Overdrive" soundtrack. All these Hollywood people and personnel are basically CORPORATE SATANISTS, ones who subliminally (or otherwise) programme the masses. They have been doing so for decades, and all under the guise of corporate entertainment! Clearly, they think the masses are DUMB, and sometimes it's hard not to agree with them, much as it pains me to say so. Fame, adulation/worship and monetary overkill are their rewards for brainwashing and destroying the wider (and ignorant) sheep-like masses. See how simple it all is?
Bill "Apollo/Terminator/Aliens/Monolith" Paxton (centre, blue hair).
I did a little poking around and found this - Bill "Terminator/Aliens" Paxton and Monolith (1993). 
Two cops investigating the murder of a young boy become involved in a very secret project involving alien life.
Needless to say, the authorities don't want them to stick their noses into this.
"Look into my (masonic) eye"...with Bill "Hudson/Apollo13" Paxton, and Sgt. "masonic" Apone.

"Every meal's a banquet. Every pay check a fortune. Every full mason (formation) a parade." (it does sound like mason).

Masons in space...
"Kenneth S. Kleinknecht (now deceased), was the head of Operations at NASA at the time of the Apollo Space Program. A former 33rd Degree Freemason whose brother (C. Fred, deceased) was the former Sovereign Grand Commander of the Council of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction. It was his reward for pulling it off. All of the first astronauts were Freemasons. There is a photograph in the House of the Temple in Washington DC of (Apollo 11) Neil Armstrong on the surface of the Moon (supposedly) in his spacesuit holding his Masonic Apron in front of his groin. All of the senior officials of NASA have been, and are, members of the Illuminati, Marxists, or communists." 
(adapted from William Cooper, Majesty Twelve, 1997).

Buzz "Apollo 11" Aldrin...Ol' "masonic" Buzz, it looks like he's wearing a masonic square and compass ring.
"...visit the MOON of Mars, there's a MONOLITH there, a very unusual structure...
when people find that out they're going to ask who put that there?"
We mentioned "Monolith" Kubrick and Apollo 11 earlier. 
The first shots/scenes made for his '2001 A Space Odyssey' film (1968), was the uncovering of the moon's Monolith.

Well, here's the images just before I segue into Apollo 13! Another film about a very secret project involving alien life.

A radio emitting monolith and ear piercing sound. The 2001 Monolith...and 9/11/2001 Millenium Monolith Hotel.
The ending "rebirth" sequence of "2001:ASO" takes place in a "renaissance" (rebirth) HOTEL bedroom.

The following 2016 "X Files" episode referenced '2001:ASO' and 'Planet of the Apes' (film series).
Radio emitting monolith(s) - and an ear piercing sound. (like the 2001 monolith gif, above).
The 2001 monolith is specifically discussed (in fantasy flashback) between father (Mulder) and child (see video, below).
Founder’s Mutation (ep2 s10) begins with the investigation of a strange high-pitch sound that only a few can hear.
Mulder (David Duchovny) is affected by the sound at an apartment and also at the Gilligan farm.
Notice the monolith doorway and (levitating) William above the bed (a la 2001) in the clip, below.

In Babylon (ep5 s10), Carter suggests that the trumpets from Revelation are playing and that only certain people can hear them. Revelation makes reference to Babylon (via the whore). 2001 Kubrick, died (a la Revelation) 666 days before Jan 1 2001. The last X Files episode before 9/11/01 - was the 'Season 8 finale' (May 2001). It featured the birth of X Files' "baby William" and was crammed full of references to Revelation, and the baby being a type of anti-christ resonator. I don't think it's chance that baby William is named after Scully's father (played by 'star-gating' Don S Davis), who also appeared in 'Revelation evoking' Omen:IV. The very next episode after 9/11/01 (Nov 2001) was the 'Season 9 opener' that featured a 'crown of 12 stars' mobile (a la Revelation).
Both of these X Files episodes (that straddled the 9/11 event) would heavily feature 'John Doggett' aka Robert "T1000" Patrick, the 9-11 underpass crashing truck driver from "Terminator 2: Judgement Day". Revelation, of course, evokes the horns (trumpets) of judgement.

Both the 'Season 8 finale' and 'Season 9 opener' featured The Lone Gunmen.
The recent X Files 'Babylon' episode (Feb 2016) also featured the return of The Lone (Twin Tower 9/11) Gunmen.

The related and spin-off 'Lone Gunmen' pilot episode had the remote controlled jet (near-miss) Twin Towers scene.
X-Files D.P.O. (eps3 s3).

Joshing with 'Illuminati' (Apollo 13) Hanks and the Twin "9/11" Towers..."This is a (WTC) skyscraper..."
Mazes and Monsters (1982). Hanks as a 9/11 victim, in 'tower falling' resonant "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" (2011). 

Above, Tom "failed South Tower jumper" Hanks, the ending of Mazes and (Twin Tower) Monsters (1982).
On September 11, 2001, Oskar and his classmates are sent home from school early while his mother Linda (Bullock) is at work. When Oskar gets home, he finds five messages from his father Thomas (Hanks) on the answering machine saying he is in the World Trade Center, South Tower again, like Mazes and (South Tower jumping) Monsters. When Thomas calls for the sixth time, Oskar is too scared to answer. The machine records a sixth message which stops when the building collapses. Oskar knows his father has been killed and falls to the floor.

There are also suggestions that he might've been one of the "jumpers".
The last shot of this clip (above) is a South Tower falling Hanks (Thomas). 
Another shot from the film. Obviously this is a post-9/11 example, but the synch-programme is still operational.
Bullock (shown above) also featured in Schumacher's "A (9/11) Time To Kill.
Spielberg's "Minority Report" (2002), featured Cruise, and Max "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" Von Sydow aka "masonic Ming". Cruise is linked to Paxton via "Edge of Tomorrow", he's linked to 2001/Monolith via "Magnolia".
July 4th - Tom "Born 4th July" Cruise. Anderton's (Cruise) case number is  #1109 (11/09). See example, below.
Ironic, that ultimately we've been dealing with Hollywood mass propaganda/predictive programming based pre-crime!
Am I uncovering all this stuff due to the fact that I'm an EMPATH? Hey, just call me Agatha.
Talking of (9 and 11) clocks...Cruise, in Brian (Born 11th Sept) De Palma's - Mission Impossible (1996)
Free-falling Cruise "Vanilla (tower jumper/twin towers) Sky", and via Manhattan.
Cruise also featured with Colin Farrell in "9/11" Spielberg's "Minority 11/09 Report "(2002). Spielberg featured the 'Twin Towers' in his Kubrick-linked "A.I." (2001), and 'Black September' linked "Munich" (2005, digitally added).
Farrell starred in Joel "911" Schumacher's (Manhattan) "Phone (9/11) Booth", and released the same year (2002). Cruise/Farrell, both linked to "P K Dick" via Minority Report, Farrell also starred in the P K Dick linked Total Recall (remake).

Phone Booth, 2002, opening (see original script) - Narrator (Manhattan, New York):
"There are 237,911 pay telephones in the five boroughs of the city of New York.  Many of them are still in working order."
See also Schumacher's "The (911) Number 23" (2007), and his scripting of "The (Twin Tower) Wiz (1978).
His "A (9/11) Time To Kill" (1996, with Illuminati McConaughey) and "Bad (WTC) Company" (2002) are also implicated.
The Number 23, with Truman "10,911 awakening" Burbank - aka Jim 'Illuminati' Carrey. The world as a stage set.
Truman, begins to 'see' that all is not as it seems, this happens from Days 10,911 and 10,912 (DVD chapters 8-16).
Jim "Truman/Man in the Moon" Carrey's (moon based) overseer is none other than Ed "Apollo 13" Harris.
Liar Liar - Sara Paxton made her film debut in Liar Liar, her father is distantly related to actor (Apollo 13) Bill Paxton.
Tower Air and a "9 and 11" clock, and recall this Tower Air "ad" (below) from the previous post.
Israel/Hollywood - ELITE (chocolate ad) and Twin Towers (with antenna) and approaching TOWER Air jet.

This ad was before 9/11/01. Tower Air (linked to Liar Liar) ceased trading in 2000!

Back to Apollo 13's - Tom "911/Twin Towers" Hanks. Another recent example (thanks to JP, see comments).
Sully (2016) directed by Clint "Dirty Harry" Eastwood, Dirty Harry was directed by Don "Body Snatchers" Siegel.

"Sully" - Hanks dreams of flying into NY buildings, evoking 9/11.
Sully - which literally means to 'blacken', 'spoil', 'make dirty' etc.
See the shot at 1:17 - which seemingly evokes the 2nd plane 9/11 tower strike.
It's a (Manhattan Twin Tower/911 evoking) New York SPLASH-down. Sully/Hanks and the jet plane into the Hudson.

Below, Big (1988) co-written by '9/11' Spielberg's sister Anne.
He plays a NY linked character, one called Josh. There's a 'Josh' link in both - Big (1988) and Mazes and Monsters (1982).
"9 to 11 and tower". Hanks gets "transformed/goes missing" (Sept 12) after visiting Zoltar on Sept 11, 1987 (the night before).
The date clues are given immediately before this (9 to 11 toy tower) scene - segued via a '9/12/87' milk carton.
9 to 11, Skyscraper, Transformation (via Sept 11)...
Wrecked Buildings via a 2001 prehistoric transformer...
Robert "Big" Loggia features in (2001:ASO resonant) Independence "9/11" Day. Hanks is in Brian (born 9/11) De Palma's "Bonfire of the Vanities", opening has a prolonged shot/scene of the WTC basement (with Bruce "Die 9/11 Hard" Willis).
Penny "Big" Marshall, who also directed "9/11" Awakenings (1990), and 'back to back' with Big (1988).
9/11/44. Oh look, (right) it's John "Big 9/11 Transforming Skyscraper" Heard (with Williams).
Heard also features in Home '911/WTC' Alone 2, and The Pelican "9/11" Brief. Oh look, it's John "9/11/44 Awakenings" Heard, the exact same number reference in "The Pelican Brief". "No change here!"
This is the second John "CIA" Grisham "novel to film" - that references 9/11, see also "A (9/11) Time To Kill".
"I Heard it through the grapevine..." (Denzel Washington is 9/11 linked via The Bone Collector)
Home "WTC/911" Alone 2. Directed by Chris "Gremlins/Potter 911" Columbus, he also has a cameo.
John "Home Alone series" Hughes had Paxton in his 80s film Weird Science.
Hughes wrote and produced Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) with Back to the (911) Future's Lorraine (and Stoltz).
Columbus/Hughes - Home Alone 2. The Twin Towers - segued to "Airport Security".
Better call 911 (in a later scene).
From John "Home Alone/Pelican Brief" Heard - back to Pelican Brief's Julia "Pretty (9 and 11) Woman" Roberts.
Ralph "Trading WTC Places" Bellamy (a Duke brother) would act (in his final ever role) with Roberts in Pretty Woman.
The film has a running time of 119 minutes (119/911).
Pretty Woman was another release linked to Zionist programmer Arnon "9/11" Milchan (see The Medusa Touch, A Time To Kill, Fight Club etc) he acted as producer and his Regency were involved. Ex-Israeli PM Ehud Olmert (who has had recent spells in prison) claims that he is responsible for naming the film's title. Olmert was a friend of 9/11 Milchan. Roberts' "Ocean's 11" film had to redo the exploding/collapsing buildings in NY (due to 9/11 similarities), the film ran for 116 mins (a flipped 911).

That's what I added for the 25th Feb, save these (now numerous) additions and embellishments for this post.
Paxton was heavily involved with James Cameron, Cameron's "Terminator (9/11) 2" and "True (9/11) Lies", are both mentioned in the previous post's body.
True Lies having Paxton in the cast, he also featured (as a punk) in The Terminator (1984).
The Tower and 'penetrating' Jet Plane - with Art "1993 Twin Towers terror bomber" Malik
Don't forget, Jamie Lee "Trading 911/WTC Places" stars opposite Arnie in True Lies.
Schwarzenegger is tied-in to the "Mars alien mythos" via Total Recall.

Spielberg's - "Close (Alien) Encounters of the (9/11) Kind" and via Devils Tower.
Schwarzenegger's daughter (in True Lies) has a dog called Gizmo (see Spielberg/Dante's 9/11 Gremlins, below).
Gremlins (9/11) 2 - featured the (Clamp) Trade Centre Tower. Dante for the "devilish" thematics!

At the moment we see this "Gremlins" radio shot, the DJ mentions Orson "alien invasion/War of the Worlds" Welles.
Gremlins were originally connected to World War aircraft.

1938, Welles produced the (Wells) Hallowe'en episode radio broadcast with John "Carpenter's The Fog" Houseman.
Spielberg, would make a version of "War of the Worlds" (2005) featuring (Minority Report's) Tom "11/09" Cruise.
In The Terminator, Arnie (T101) obtains his weaponry (Uzi 9mm etc) from Dick "Gremlins" Miller.
Miller featured in (9/11 resonating films) - National Lampoon's Movie Madness (Godzilla wrecking the Twin Towers).
And Twilight Zone - Movie (see 9 and 11 clock).
Miller is in the third segment. The final 'jet plane' segment is based on "Gremlins" (Directed by George Miller).
Dick 'Gremlins' Miller was also in Gremlins 2 - a total 9/11 and (Clamp/Trump) Tower Trade Centre fest.
Gremlins (9/11) 2 featured the "Twins" from Arnie's Terminator (9/11) 2, Schwarzenegger featured in the Twins (film, 1988).
9/11 know, like Zemeckis/Spielberg's "Back to the (9/11 struck tower) Future"...via Twin Pines.
Bluebird/Monarch mind control has links to "twinning". Kubrick's "CRM 114" is used in the first film.
Dean "Back to the Future" Cundey - "The only one that ever scared me was "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", the very first one with Kevin McCarthy (see further below). That’s because it didn’t rely on slashers and monsters and giant crabs that have been mutated by atomic energy. It relied on psychology and I think it’s the psychology of fear that is really what does it."

There's a brain melting/alien invasion type scene in Back to the Future, as well as the Gray's (alien Greys) almanac.
An alien from the planet Vulcan, home of Mr Spock aka Leonard "Body Snatchers/Brain Eaters" Nimoy. George "Crispin Glover" McFly had issues with "mind controlling aliens" (as Jingle Dell) in David (Jimmy Stewart from Mars) Lynch's "Wild at Heart" (1990). The film featured Nic "911 Knowing via aliens/World Trade Center/911 Face/Off" Cage, and with Harry Dean "Alien/911 Christine/Escape From (Twin Towers) New York" Stanton.

Twin Peaks Lynch's Mulholland "Lightning Struck Tower" Drive (2001) also has 9/11 elements, William Mulholland (where the "drive" gets its name), was born on September 11, 1855. BTTF - don't forget "The Honey-MOONERS" and "The Man From Space" episode (1955), showing on the McFly/Baines TV. I don't call it "Back to the (9/11 struck tower) Future" for nothing!

Check this out for weirdness...(Twinning) Twilight Zone - Kevin 'Body Snatchers' McCarthy.
 Long Live Walter Jameson (1960). The diary date entry "Tuesday September 11, 1864" - was actually on a Sunday (in our reality). The episode's date reference is drawn from the historical record of Sherman, and the burning of Atlanta.
Kevin "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" McCarthy (the actor in this episode), he just happened to die September 11th, 2010.
Someone thinks that they're here already...and that you're next!

Body Snatchers director Don Siegel, also directed two Twilight Zone episodes -  "The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross" and "Uncle Simon".  Rod "Twilight Zone' Serling would also co-write the screenplay for 2001:ASO resonant - Planet of the Apes (1968)
McCarthy also featured in Twilight Zone - Movie (1983). The film had four segments directed (in order) by John Trading "911/WTC" Places Landis, Steven "9/11" Spielberg, Joe "Gremlins 9/11" Dante (above, Sept 11, McCarthy features in this segment, as does Dick 'Gremlins' Miller). Final segment from George "Mad Max" Miller, which features 2010's John "Pelican 9/1l Brief" (mono)Lith-gow - in a "gremlin ravaged" jet aircraft tale. The Twilight Zone (movie) also had Dan "Trading 911/WTC Places" Aykroyd, bookending the film with prologue and epilogue (both 1983 releases for Aykroyd/Landis). Landis uses Kubrick's 2001 phraseology "See You Next Wednesday" - it's also in his Twilight Zone segment, but in German.
Kathleen "Apollo 13" Quinlan - features in Dante's third segment, she plays Tom "911/WTC" Hanks wife in Apollo 13.
She also features in Independence Day (1983), not the 1996 release though. :)

Roland "911/WTC" Emmerich's Independence Day - with Will "Men In (WTC/911) Black" Smith.

July 4th (1921) - "Independence Day" photo is the final shot in Kubrick's The Shining.

It's "2001 HAL-9000" and Dave x2 - Jeff (David Levinson) Goldblum and Kier (David Bowman) Dullea
Invasion of the 2001 (Twin) Body Snatchers via PODS.
In Body Snatchers "pod based" twin copies replace humans. Dave Bowman (exits pod) meets his "old twin" - 2001 ending.

Below, the original 1956 Body Snatchers film with Kevin 'Sept 11' McCarthy. Goldblum in the remake.

 McCarthy did have a cameo in the 1978 remake, as did director Don Siegel, the latter as a "pod" taxi driver.
Donald "A 9/11 Time To Kill/The Puppet Masters" also Sutherland featured in the Body Snatchers remake.
Alien and Pod-linked - Stanley "9/11" Kubrick, Jeff "9/11" Goldblum, and Kevin "9/11" McCarthy.

The Body Snatchers film is set in Santa Mira, the same town name as Carpenter's setting for Hallowe'en (911) III.
Hallowe'en III has a 'body snatching' theme via replaced robot doubles in Santa Mira.
The "Sham-Rock" (geddit?) likely keys into the (demonic mind controlling) Stonehenge rock  monolith (word play).
Fragments of the monolith are used in every head mask chip - the ones worn for the mass TV mind control.
The alien fashioned monolith (machine) - 2001 A 9/11 Space Odyssey. The Monolith 'Overlook' Hotel, Ground Zero.

The 'Ground Zero' Millenium (2001) Monolith Hotel is a Hilton brand.
The exact same 'Hilton' that sponsored the 2001:ASO (moon) space-station 5, the base used to reach the moon monolith.

Independence "Alien" Day - "Good Morning, Dave..." Seth "tele-POD" Brundle - The Fly.
Jeff "Monolith" Goldblum. The 1989 sequel (The Fly II) would have Eric "Back to the Future" Stoltz, as Brundle's son.
There's a tower 'doubling' effect via the mirror windows. James (911) Cameron's - "Aliens" (same year, 1986)
Aliens - bodies are impregnated by pod-egg based aliens and cocooned. Stasis cryo-pods contained the soldiers.
Veronica "Alien(s)/Lambert" Cartwright, would also play Jeff Goldblum's wife in Body 'pod' Snatchers (remake, 1978).
Eggs/Cocoons/Pods - Alien (thanks to uncle Bingo).

Lambert was "gender altered at birth" (male to female) - it says so in the profile, these were shown in the opening scenes.
 Goldblum got a 'Candy Pink' transformation in "Earth Girls Are Easy", with The Fly's Davis.
Aliens "Butch Vasquez" with Paxton (Hudson) - she also featured in Cameron's Terminator (9/11) 2, and Titanic.
If you want a "monkey/ape" to go with Paxton's "Monolith", look no further than "Mighty Joe Young".

Recently deceased - John "Alien/Monolith" Hurt - Bill "Aliens/Monolith" Paxton.
Scott's Alien reboot - Prometheus (a 'mankind creating' Titan, "Titan-ic") links with 2001 - Old Man of Storr Monolith/Old Man Weyland, a David and computer etc. There are lots of other nods to Kubrick's 2001, not forgetting Prometheus's comparable aliens and mankind origins theme.
Alien Hurt was in Harry "9/11" Potter, and from the beginning. The lettering (flipped) was seen late 2000 onwards.
John Hurt, 1995. From Dutch corporate behemoth, Philips. Home Cinema.

I was just 'weirded out' due to mentioning him (Paxton), and the nature of the song involved (about death), and on the day/night of his death. Some have even compared "Apollo 13's" events with a type of death and rebirth ritual (see William Cooper).


  1. Bonjour, Horselover.

    "Some have even compared "Apollo 13's" events with a type of death and rebirth ritual" - maybe like in "Sully", with Tom "Ankh-s", again.

    1. Bonjour, back at you JP. :)

      Tom Ankhs, ha-ha. Hey, I've not seen "Sully" - that's a great find. It opens with his dream of flying his jet plane into a NY buildings. It clearly evokes the 9/11 WTC attacks. I just caught a clip of the opening due to your mentioning of the film. Thanks for the find JP, I'm going to add it in. I said the "synch programme" is still operational didn't I!? :)

    2. Bonjour.

      From one of my humble blogs:

      Still operational ? Frightening !

    3. Hey JP, I just went and viewed your link. I left you a message on the blog. Some very interesting ideas. Thanks for the hook-up. :)

  2. Synchronicity abounds with this post, at least for me.

    Synchroncity #1: My wife and I are planning a trip out to the Los Angeles area and I want to visit the Griffith Observatory while we are there. While looking up all the films that have been shot at Griffith, I stumbled across the fact that is where the Terminator first arrives and has his run-in with Bill Paxton's punks. I've seen that movie upwards of 20 times and never realized that it was shot at Griffith Observatory. The very next day after finding this out, Bill Paxton was announced dead.

    Synchronicity #2: My first name is Kevin and I was actually named after the actor Kevin McCarthy who my mother has had a crush on since the 1950s. I was in the middle of a 12-hour day at work yesterday and while reading your post at my desk, the 5-year-old daughter of a co-worker poked her head into my office and said "Hi, Kevin! Do you know who else is named Kevin? My uncle!" I smiled and told her it was a good name, and I'm glad my Mom gave it to me. I glanced back at the screen and there was Kevin McCarthy, the reason for my name. I thought that was strange. After my board meeting concluded and I finally made it home last night, I walked into our bedroom to find my wife snuggled up with the kids watching a movie on Netflix: InnerSpace, starring Kevin McCarthy.

    1. This synchro weirdness just never ends, Fist. For some reason Kevin McCarthy has always been locked away in my psyche, I think it's due to his manic performance in Body Snatchers (I think it's an iconic role, it has always stuck with me). That said, I've barely seen him act in anything, just bits here and there (over the decades). Images from that Body Snatchers film seeped into my childhood mind, and for some reason (as a youth) I always got him and Vic Morrow confused. Twilight Zone Morrow got killed by a helicopter on the film's set, the actor himself always claimed that he had a premonition of dying in a helicopter accident.

      A clip of McCarthy (below), sometimes I feel like his character in that film. Wanting to tell everyone what I see happening, but no one will listen. :)

      Thanks for your comment and personal synch experience, I find much interest and value in them.

    2. The 1950s Invasion of the Body Snatchers was my Mom's favorite movie. We had a VHS copy that I watched several times as a kid. I thought it was cool I was named after the main actor. Years later, once I started to see the sinister agenda behind all of pop culture, I thought it was more than a little ironic I was named after the lone voice of reason in a world gone to hell. Thankfully, the internet makes it not so alone. Just don't go to sleep and get replaced with a pod person, HP.

  3. We are not alone. Not when we have each other like this. The night Bill passed, me and a friend were watching the most recent Red Letter Media's Best of the Worst, which had as one of the worst, Roger Corman's obvious ALIENS ripoff, Carnosaur 2; so many of the same exact plot devices, scenes, and even the character Burke's clothes are used. The episode also ends with a 2001: ASO parody.

    Because of that we ended up watching Evil Dead II afterwards, simply because of the story I remember Bill Paxton always used to tell, about how James Cameron made sure he watch the horror comedy masterpiece when it had first come out.

    So my friend was then the first to tell me the news the following day, I think more uneasy than I was how we were just talking about him when it happened. Then she shares me this...

    I thought of you right away.

    1. Why is it impossible to not like Bill Paxton? I just don't understand it. I recall the first time I ever saw him properly (Terminator barely counts), it was Weird Science, and not long after it got released to video. It was one of those 80s video hits, not a cinema hit (this was the case in the UK). Ever since that viewing, Paxton has never failed to raise a smile in my internal psyche...I just don't know why? I think John Hughes' film made him. The only negative I can think of is his turn in Titanic, his cheese dialogue was so overdone, that it was like listening to him read a string of messages from a Hallmark sympathy card or something. Anyway, Cameron's Aliens is probably the most quotable film that has ever been made, much of it due to Bill's presence.

      Evil Dead II is one of the few films that I've seen at the cinema (as an adult) - I remember thinking it was genius back then, a rare combo of horror and humour that actually worked.

      Yes, yes, yes! The Paxton JFK photo...I saw this a couple of days ago too - via his "wiki" page. Naturally I did a Kennedy - I was literally blown away. I just thought about how insane that link was, I had no idea about this prior to his death. His Apollo 13 co-star Kevin "I am the link to all movies" Bacon - played Wllly 'ass wide-receiver" O'Keefe (who's a composite) in Stone's JFK. Funnily enough, it was Costner (Garrison) that was initially mentioned for the Hanks/Lovell role in Apollo 13. :)

      "Jim Lovell stated that before his book Lost Moon was even written, the movie rights were being shopped to potential buyers and that his first reaction was that actor Kevin Costner would be a good choice to play him." (Travolta declined the role apparently.) wiki

      Corman, I have previously mentioned. His Apollo 13 cameo is interesting considering the prescient nature of his lines (before the Apollo 13 mission) "If there's an Apollo 14...". Yes, it is presented as likely relating to a 'funding" issue, but as always there's potential ambiguity., especially when it's Corman that says it. Corman is Ron Howard's mentor, he's been a mentor to many.

      Thanks. :)

    2. I think what it was about Paxton was his source of inspiration. I was listening to one of the last interviews he gave, to a masonic fluffer named Marc Maron, and Bill was talking about how much of what he brought to his role in Weird Science ("If I do a thousand movies it'll be at the top of my obituary") was personality handed down to him by his father. The line "How about a nice greesy pork sandwich served in a dirty ash tray?" is verbatim something his dad would say to him and his brother on Sunday mornings when suspecting the two had been up drinking the night before. It was the authentic additions like that to the character that landed him the part, and what then kicked off his career. I think that's why he was such an endearing standout, because even when acting contemptible it all came from a real loving place. I'm still laughing from this one his old man had when having trouble getting the key into the car ignition: "I couldn't find this thing if it had hair around it."

      I'm likely going to be thinking fondly of Bill for the next couple weeks or so thanks to his charming Evil Dead 2 story, as it got me revisiting the franchise to where I just found out there's an Evil Dead TV series a few days ago, and which I'm now trying to savor. I went into the thing with much trepidation thinking it'd be like all the other detritus cluttering the airwaves, figuring I'd be turning it off before the first episode was over, but *phew* what a relief to find a worthy installment to the Ash saga that I can actually recommend to friends and family.

      What's remarkable is that the show kept up the connection to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. It only hit me the week previous while watching the ending of Evil Dead II that that and moreover Army of Darkness both pay homage to Twain, but the new show has Ash known by his legend as "El Jefe," which is an undoubtedly a nod to the main character in Connecticut Yankee going by the title "the Boss."

  4. I forgot, that same Best of the Worst also had a Back to the Future edit that many agreed was "magical"

    1. And it was from one of your previous posts that I'm now realizing Roger Corman was in Apollo 13

    2. :)

      One of those guys just had to mention Clarke's quote about "technology and magic"! That was the biggest surprise for me. Clarke's "third law" - echoes a statement in a 1942 story by Leigh Brackett: "Witchcraft to the ignorant, … simple science to the learned".

      That's the author Leigh Brackett, Carpenter's Sheriff from Hallowe'en (Charles Cyphers) had the exact same name. (Author) Leigh "Empire Strikes Back" Brackett - the 2nd Star Wars film, that's very likely where Carpenter got his inspiration/idea for Hallowe'en 2, and Laurie/Michael being brother/SISTER. Empire provided the father/son (Vader/Luke) link, Jedi would then go on to cite Luke/Leia as twins. :)

      Thanks Bingers.

    3. I was hoping you'd catch that. Also, a couple minutes after the Clarke quote another of the guys ascribes the skateboard kid suddenly being portrayed by an adult to a portable Zoltar machine. The abounding synchronicity is wild. Both Clarke's and Brackett's take on "magic" is very much like the ideas Mark Twain reflected on in his novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

      I'm presently halfway through the book, and by more than the lightening struck tower connection to Back to the Future, the protagonist keeps saying "Great Scott!"

      Speaking of badass Brackett, I recently watched the movie version of The Big Sleep. Among the multiple parallels between that and The Big Lebowski
      in the film there is a shot that shows a check made out for Sept. 11th.

    4. One of the Red Letter Media guys guesses Heinlein for the third of the three laws, and it was Heinlein who wrote the first of a kind bodysnatcher invasion story with The Puppet Masters , and was ripped off by Roger Corman who made it into a B picture called "The Brain Eaters." Brain Eaters had Leonard Nimoy, who was in the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers with Donald Sutherland, who starred in the movie version of The Puppet Masters.
      Then there's Ridley Scott's original pod people concept for ALIEN shown in his director's cut, where the Necronomicon IV was transforming the Nostromo crew into Alien eggs and James Cameron's queen bitch idea has people being body snatched n replaced with Necronomicon IV bugs. Funny to think that it's thanks to Roger Corman we have James Cameron to thank for giving Paxton what should be his most memorable role. Bill Paxton's film debut happened to be for a Jonathan Demme picture, and again it's thanks to Roger Corman for getting Demme started. And again thanks to Corman we have Joe Dante, whose Gremlins movie was actually kind of like a pod people movie as explained here

      And now there's another track I ought to add to the radio head playlist

    5. The whole "Alien" mythos is heavily linked to Dan O'Bannon. The same O'Bannon, who with Carpenter made Dark Star. Carpenter's first 'Apocalypse Trilogy' film "The (body snatching/duplicating) Thing" is very, very comparable to "Alien" (as you know). Ultimately both "aliens" come from a crashed ship and hunt down the crew/camp team. Carpenter's "Hallowe'en 3" is linked to body snatching via (robot peopled) Santa "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" Mira, a town which is exactly like his Hobb's End, "In the Mouth of Madness". Hobb's End is from "Quatermass and the Pit" (Carpenter wrote "Prince of Darkness" under a Quatermass pseudonym). "Quatermass and the Pit" is just like Carpenter's "The Thing". Quatermass- a crashed demonic/alien craft, demonics/aliens, and ones that gain control over the masses via mind control. A control that is amplified via TV broadcasting equipment! "Hobb" being an old term for the "devil". "Hallowe'en 3" has TV mind control as a big element. It's popular fiction media that causes a "videodrome" type of effect on the readers of "In The Mouth of Madness", this is the media that "augments" reality. An augmentation that foments widespread ultra-violence and allows the old ones to return.

      Sam "Omen3/Event Horizon" Neill plays the protagonist (ITMOM), those two former films also have thematics that TOTALLY overlap. 666, David "The Omen" Warner stars with Sam "Omen3" Neill in "In the Mouth of Madness". Damien/Neill also uses "mind control" on his army of followers aka "disciples of the watch" - akin to mind snatched automatons. There's "celestial phenomena" involved in "Omen 3" and "Prince of Darkness" (both films heavily referencing satan/the devil). Carpenter has fused alien invasion and biblical (666) Revelation in his 'Apocalypse Trilogy' - these biblical elements are most apparent in "Prince of Darkness" - which quotes from Revelation. "The Thing" and the crash of the alien craft (in this context) might be viewed as a type of alien/demonic "fall from the heavens" (a la Revelation and Satan) and the subsequent one thousand year chaining/imprisoning of the entity, as per the biblical tale. Carpenter's "Village of the Damned" (possessed children) is also very relevant in this context. It was made just after (the similar) "In The Mouth of Madness" - which also had a town of possessed children, the ones who spread the problem to the adults.

      What's interesting is that in the "final phase" of Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy - it is "media" that becomes the ultimate catalyst for the takeover. It's the literal (liquid) "ink on the page" (and a writer being manipulated by the old ones) that is the agent of the final transformation. In "Prince of Darkness", a 'green liquid' is the catalyst for infection/possession (control), one that is squirted into the mouth. In the first of the trilogy (The Thing) we initially see the infected dog "squirting" liquid as a means of infection/possession/absorption. The whole "apocalypse trilogy" is really worth thinking about as a "whole", and I think there is something to this 'liquid' idea being a common aspect of the trilogy.

    6. Old Hob - Ho(b)b's End.

      In past ages it was the custom in Cheshire on All Souls' Day, November 2nd, for a construction known as 'Old Hob' to be carried about the streets. It consisted of a 'horse's head' (hobby horse), plausibly a skull, over which was draped a sheet which enveloped its bearer. (See The Wicker/Wicca Man). Old Hob and his helpers would go from house to house to the accompaniment of song and merriment, something that would continue right through until Christmas. The term Old Hob derives from the Middle English hob, meaning a 'goblin', or infernal spirit (hobgoblin), a familiar name for the devil, linked with the notion that he was also 'Old Nick', a shadow form of St Nicholas.

      Sam "Hobb's End" Neill actually mentions "Old Nick" (a lake fish) in Omen 3. Neill was mentored by James "King/Salem's Lot" Mason. Event (Hell) Horizon is sometimes compared to The Shining. Yes, original Gremlins makes reference to Invasion of the Body Snatchers (with a couple of interspersed clips and pod comparisons), Gremlins 2 actually references "Dr Quatermass" in a scene. John "Gremlins 2" Glover (Clamp/Trump) deals with an 'end of the world scenario' (with the CCN tape) in this film, he also deals with an 'end of the world' scenario in "In the Mouth of Madness", and he runs the asylum. Carpenter/Wallace's Hallowe'en 3 (Quatermass Kneale scripted), Kneale's Quatermass and the Pit, Dante's Gremlins (Dr Quatermass) 2, ALL have very similar types of ending.

      I've heard that Heinlein was an OTO adept, and he also likely passed through OTO Parsons' Agape lodge too. His Stranger in a Strange Land (where "Old Ones" direct Martian society) is somewhat revered. Mars-linked racial memory also being a large aspect of Quatermass and the Pt, as well as P K Dick's Total (We Can Remember It For You Wholesale) Recall. Alien/Apocalypse Carpenter has also touched on Mars (Ghosts of Mars). Heinlein actually sued Corman (for The Brain Eaters), it was settled out of court. What I find interesting is that Corman's "The Brain Eaters" opens with a scene featuring (an uncredited) young Hampton "P K Dick/Blade Runner" Fancher, he carries the glass globe! Fancher has been involved with Blade Runner 2049 (as a writer) and it's due for release in late 2017. I find Donald Sutherland stuff intriguing too - Body Snatchers and The Puppet Masters (films), the latter (book) of which, seems to have likely inspired the Body Snatchers movie.

      I got some decent overlaps with Lynch and "In The Mouth of Madness" too. Prochnow and Frances Bay both featured in his Twin 'blue book' Peaks (Prochnow briefly in the TP:FWWM film, Bay in the series and film). Both also feature in the film's alternate reality resonating "people from another place/convenience store scene" with David "Alien/Life on Mars" Bowie (David "Jimmy Stewart from Mars" Lynch). Frances 'Twin Peaks' Bay in "In The Mouth Of Madness" is shot in a way that totally references The Thing (and the ending Blair monster scene). Prochnow has "Dune" overlaps that revolve around "dreams, sleepers and awakening" - Prince of Darkness has the "brotherhood of sleep" and "dreams".

      Lots to think about and consider.

    7. As for "The Big Sleep/The Big Lie-bowski/A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" - that's a "Sept 11" trifecta. That's a superb find on that check/cheque. So many Connecticut King Arthur overlaps with BTTF that it's actually stupid! Lebowski Bridges and King Arthur in "The Fisher (911) King", there's also a resonant "tower" theme (yet again). The re-released cut of "The Big Sleep" film now runs for 116 mins! Of course, "The Big Sleep" was from Howard "The Thing From Another World" Hawks. John "The Thing" Carpenter, we already covered his "Leigh (Big Sleep) Brackett" links and overlaps. Mind officially blown. :)

      I caught Gremlins again the other night, I noticed that at the moment the VW Sept 11 - 9/11 radio head unit is shown, the announcer makes reference to Orson "alien invasion from Mars" Welles. Welles and (H G) Wells - recall his 'infamous' War of the Worlds radio broadcast that was made on "Oct 30th 1938" - performed as part of a "HALLOWEEN" episode of the series! Hallowe'en, just like Carpenter. Welles would be involved with that "Hallowe'en" broadcast along with his regular sidekick 'Spivey Point' referencing - John "Carpenter's The Fog" Houseman! Hallowe'en Carpenter's alien and spaceship invading film "Dark Star" - had an alien critter that looked like a Hallowe'en pumpkin! Dark Star's O'Bannon would soon go on to make (pod/body snatching) Alien with Scott et al. It was Carpenter's Hallowe'en sheriff, actor Charles Cyphers (aka Leigh Brackett) who played a character called Dan O'Bannon in The Fog. The screenwriter and sci-fi author Leigh Brackett co-wrote "Rio Bravo" for Howard "The Thing" Hawks (The Thing, which features on TV in Carpenter's Halloween), the film "Rio Bravo" would also inspire Carpenter's "Assault on Precinct 13". :)

    8. I think you're onto something with that liquid/ ink theme. It's reminiscent of the "black oil" from the X-Files, and the "black goo" from Ridley Scott's Prometheus, the latter being especially connected to H.P. Lovecraft. That's largely due to Dan O'Bannon permanently tying it to the Lovecraft ancient astronaut mythos, pulled primarily from "At the Mountains of Madness." Dan the man even said "Alien was strongly inspired by Lovecraft ... You might say that the alien is a minor or less Old One."
      And it was Dan's idea for the Xenomorph's look to come from the creature designs by H.R. Giger's obviously Lovecraft-inspired "Necronom."

      Both H.P. Lovecraft and "At the Mountains of Madness" seem to be at the heart of Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy. ITMOM gets its title from ATMOM, and the titles for Sutter Cane's books are very similar to those of Lovecraft's stories. And ITMOM super charged the Lovecraft resonance for David Warner, he already starring in "Necronomicon: Book of Dead" the year before, and "Cast a Deadly Spell" (1991). Prince of Darkness borrows the name "Danforth" from ATMOM, and Carpenter claims Lovecraft was an influence on Nigel Kneale. The J.C. version of "The Thing", being a lot more faithful to the John W. Campbell novella than the Hawks version, also bears the same similarities to ATMOM as "Who Goes There?" It's quite likely John Campbell was familiar with the Lovecraft story, Campbell after all having been an editor for a pulp magazine like Astounding Science Fiction, one Lovecraft tried to sell his stories to and where friends of his worked. The biggest influence on Campbell for sure, as well as Kneale, was H.G. Wells. Him, and his promotion of man's insignificance in the face of the superweapon, has had as profound an effect on the science fiction genre as Lovecraft has had on the horror.

      The stuff you've been coming up with is great, but so tricky with how much of it winds around on itself, I had to make another playlist to help sort some of it out

    9. Great stuff Bingers, many thanks for the continued comments on this. :)

      The "black oil' thematic is also heavily used in (blue book) Twin Peaks, and via the Glastonberry "portal" to the underworld and the doppelgangers (doubles). The same underworld where "possession" of bodies (in the real world) is a major aspect. David "Dennis/Denise Bryson" Duchovny unites the "black oil" universes of Twin Peaks and X Files, by his presence in both (he's a trans-sexual in TP). Again, Twin Peaks (like X Files) is another example where alien and demonic aspects are fused. Please note, that I've barely watched any X Files content, I just pick-up bits here and there by nosing around etc. Same is true in respect of Lovecraft, I'm not overly familiar with his work, but I know bits and pieces etc.

      Anyway, we have Prochnow, Bay and Warner inside both Lynch's Twin Peaks and Carpenter's ITMOM mythos, and linked by "black oil" and "black ink". Recall that the only thing Neill/Trent wants in ITMOM is a "black crayon". It's also easy to forget that David "Omen/Tron/ITMOM/Titanic" Warner was in Twin Peaks (for a few episodes, 2nd season). As was his Titanic sidekick BTTF's Billy "Dead Calm" Zane (who co-starred with Neill). Twin Peaks' Warner/Eckhardt is the one who gets (Dan 'robocop' O'Herlihy) Andrew "Halloween 3/Warlock Cochran" Packard blown-up/killed. Warner really gets about and he straddles so much in respect of this sort of subject area. I will have to have a look at some of the pointers you've provided on Warner.

      X Files virtually followed Twin Peaks in terms of US TV programming...early 90s X Files was certainly influenced by the Twin Peaks format.

      Twin "black oil" Peaks is also linked to X "black oil" Files by 'star-gating' Don S Davis (Garland Briggs and William Scully). Davis links to UFO phenomena in both of the series' too. Davis/Briggs is also the one who delivers the (underworld/black lodge) "666" message from space to Cooper (the awakened sleeper from Dune). Twin Peaks' Davis/Briggs also keying into the "666" mythos via Omen IV, like Omen actors Neill and (Twin Peaks/Titanic) Warner.

      You're right about all this stuff winding around on itself, it's the main reason as to why I find it all so fascinating! From my own POV the real meat of anything is in the interconnectedness of what we call "stand alone" media. Much more is gained and told by the actual interconnectedness, and the relationships between various media (and personnel), than the stand alone by itself. There's a limited amount that can be learned (on a macro scale) from media in stand alone (isolation) form, at least imo.

      I am really interested in Carpenter's "Apocalypse Trilogy" as an entire piece, I might even do a separate post on it. Thanks again for this brainstorming on this subject area, much has been (and will continue to be) gleaned. :)

    10. Now that you mention Scott's (Titan) Prometheus, I can't believe that I didn't pick-up on the "black oil" substance thematic from that film! The engineer drinking this said substance (which instigated a deathly biological change) is an opening aspect of the film itself. The scientist that ultimately gets dosed (father of the soon to be born offspring) occurs via A.I. (David). Again, this "black oil" theme is all potentially keying into Carpenter apocalypse trilogy, X Files and Twin Peaks type territory.

      Yes, Carpenter's "The Thing" was much more like Campbell's "Who Goes There?", although it was likely his exposure to Hawks' film that ultimately inspired Carpenter's film remake. There's a possibility (but we've no way of knowing) that Lovecraft's "At The Mouth Of Madness" influenced Campbell's piece, his "Who Goes There?" came two years after Lovecraft's ATMOM. This following piece claims that The Thing is one of the most Lovecraftian films ever made.

      I've noted a Carpenter-The Thing/Metallica link. On their 1984 album "Ride The Lightning" (title taken from Lovecraft-loving King's The Stand) the b-side is listed as follows:

      5. "Trapped Under Ice"
      6. "Escape"
      7. "Creeping Death"
      8. "The Call of Ktulu (sic)"

      Now apply the storyline of Carpenter's "Lovecraftian icy Antarctica based" The Thing, to the b-side track list! It is virtually impossible not to notice the similarities! The a-side ends with "Fade to Black" a filmmaking concept etc. It was Carpenter who re-popularised "The Sandman" (Chordettes) via Halloween 2 - it was Metallica that made it big with "Enter Sandman". :)

      Also note that Scott's (replicant) "Blade Runner" was released on the EXACT same day as Carpenter's (replicating) "The Thing".

      Prometheus - the human/alien hybrid born creature that fights the engineer (near the end), actually looks very much like a Lovecraftian old one (Cthulhu, octopus-like). I think a similar Lovecraftian idea is infused into "The Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise via Davy Jones. A Cthulhu link to Pirates, and Davy Jones via Dead Man's Chest - this is where "The Thing" and Norris comes in - via the "dead (norris) man's chest". The man whose head will sprout spider/octopus type legs. Davy "Pirates" Jones would last appear in "At The World's End", and we're back to apocalypse/world ending "The Thing" again!

      Careful, or I will segue into alien/spider-octopus resonator David "Davy Jones" Bowie, and Monkee Davy Jones, and all the overlaps that go with it!

      I noted Lovecraftian aspects in True Detective (season 1) and via the "Yellow King" links to Bierce/Chambers/Lovecraft and "Carcosa" (Yellow Sign etc). This same "Carcosa" theme also found its way into the Twin Peaks universe via Blue Book Briggs. (see link below, and go to bottom of the 2nd page), see my Bowie: Kether to Malkuth post for more.


    11. One more thing Bingers, and it's your fault too. This post was brought about by Apollo/Aliens Paxton's death and the link to the "Spirit in the Sky" track via Odyssey. One of your (Scott, Alien linked) playlist videos popped out a trailer for a new film release - Life (2017). It's PODS from MARS (a la Body Snatchers - yes, again!) and the alien creature (from what I've seen) does look (Lovecraft) octopus-like! "Is there Life on Mars." Bowie
      That's what I call real synchronicity! I hadn't even heard of the film before today!

      I noticed Ryan "Dead-pool(e)' Reynolds in the trailer, notice how they catch the probe/pod using hydraulic arms, just like "dead Poole" and his hydraulic POD arm rescue in 2001:ASO. Gyllenhaal was in Duncan Jones' "Source Code". Jones being David 'Mars/Alien' Bowie's son. The Alien/Aliens/Prometheus overlaps in Life (2017), are clear to see too. Maybe they should sue, as it looks like a total copy. :)

    12. It's amazing, the synchronicity seems to be self-replicating. I built that playlist as a type of containment and already it's starting to buldge at the middle. I'm going to have to add that trailer for Life (2017) now. Too funny how it came up for you, then and there. I have an adblocker to keep that kind of thing at bay, but what better way to find out about it. It does look like yet more of the same Promethean alien bag, but will probably get away with the mimicry when called out on it, saying it's emulation and not imitation.

      What really makes that find so incredible for me is the use of "Spirit in the Sky" again. That song became something of an anthem at the end of last year after this video got it stuck in my head so deep I ended up buying a download . Understand at the time I was closer to death than ever before because of my rheumatic disease, and then I get to hear Bill Paxton in that one interview reveal how he had a rheumatic disease as a kid, which in a way was what led to his career in show business... The story just makes it more sad to hear him talk about how the illness affected his heart, knowing it was complications from heart surgery that lead to his death. And now that song is stuck in my head again...

    13. That Metallica link with Carpenter / Lovecraft is too much, and that's not even counting the album that came out after "Ride the Lightning" was "Master of Puppets", with a few fitting track titles of its own:

      2. Master of Puppets
      3. THE THING That Should Not Be
      7. Orion

      Not only does it evoke the brain eaters of Heinlein's Puppet Masters, but it cracks me up at how my mind keeps going to "PULL THE STRINGS!" from Bela Lugosi in "Glen or Glenda". Pirate of the Caribbean Depp not only got to imitate crossdresser Wood, but recreate the octopus scene from Bride of the Monster in Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" biopic, and Martin Landau ("Paint it Black" 1989) got the pleasure of saying "PULL THE STRINGS!" that time. It comes off more significant when "In the Mouth of Madness" has that one line Trent repeats: "Nobody pulls my strings."

      I hope you'll try to make something out of all this. Y'know, if you do make a post for this you might as well go deep and start off with the Davy Jones' Locker odds and ends just to get them out of the way. You could work off of David Bowiman's "Black Star" album and Carpenter and O'Bannon's "Dark Star", from Space Oddity to "the spaced out odyssey", the five-pointed star also being a recurring motif of the star-headed Elder Things. Plus there's a Radiohead song "Black Star" from their 2nd album, "The Bends" (diver's disease).

      I even had to start my own post as an attempt at straightening some of this Slinky. It's a work in progress, but aren't they all?

    14. Bingers, I really like that recent playlist thing that you put together, I particularly like the little comments that you've written alongside some of them. You mentioned Del "mimic bug" Toro, he wanted to make ATMOM, but thought Scott's Prometheus had already stolen his thunder, I think its now on hold, or been shit canned! Del Toro is seemingly correct, Prometheus is a version of ATMOM.

      I really liked some of the playlist choices too, I enjoyed the O'Bannon ones in particular. Carpenters ITMOM is completely underrated, I rate it very highly indeed. It's a really complex piece and a total mind fuck of a film, one that has been generally overlooked. I don't think there is a comparable film like it, not that I've seen, at least.

      Re: Spirit in the Sky. I'm aware of the song mainly through the mid/later 80s and Dr and the Medics, it was a big cover hit for them. Out of all the songs that could've been on that youtube advert, it had to be this one, and linked to space too (like Apollo 13, and Bill).

      I send you a thousand good wishes for your health, I hope you've made some progress since you bad turn. Thanks again.

    15. In response to your comment from 14:55. I found this yesterday. :)

      [Heavy metal band Metallica released an instrumental track called "The Call of Ktulu" on their album, Ride the Lightning. Their song, "The Thing That Should Not Be", on the album Master of Puppets, was inspired by the short story "The Shadow over Innsmouth". They also recorded a song on the album Death Magnetic called "All Nightmare Long" that was also inspired by Lovecraft. The song "Dream No More" from their 2016 album, Hardwired... to Self-Destruct, depicts the monster itself.]

      It's a mad, but visible and an appreciable connection though. Too many aspects fit and too conveniently for it to be all random, at least imo. Metallica was easy for me, I was a big fan for a few years (1986 - 1990). I even saw them perform a few times (in my teens) before they got really big. Some of Carpenter's "The Thing" promos have an "ice crack" motif that evokes "lightning" - like the "Ride the Lightning" cover. It was through RTL album that I got into liking the band. I guess even "Garry" (The Thing), strapped into that couch/chair could be related to the RTL theme - the title track is "electric chair" based, and where you're literally strapped in. :)

      Did I ever mention that I sneaked backstage at Hammersmith (London) on the "And Justice For All" Tour (1988, I think)? This was in the early afternoon and the gig was due to start around 7. Anyway, got backstage with a friend through an open side-door, and just waltzed in. We just acted natural inside the auditorium, only a few people about etc. We had a look behind stage and found Jason Newstead, just wondering around (he hadn't been in the band that long, after Burton's death) and approached him. Anyway, we quickly got on his good side and he kind of took us under his wing and made sure we got looked after - free merchandise and stuff, and tickets for the next night too.

      Now here's the maddest thing. Six months to a year before this (probably 1987), I had made this video - a mash-up of 2001:ASO and Metallica's Orion track. I used two video recorders and fed-in a tape deck (for Metallica's track). I sort of "synched/overlayed" the instrumental with the star-gate sequence and got a combined copy, and it worked really well. I didn't need to edit, it just sort of naturally fitted, at least for the most part. I did have a copy on my youtube channel, but they blocked it :(. I had a videotape of that synch on me at that gig, and handed it to them, a VHS copy. This sounds mad in hindsight (even to me), but it's what happened and what I did. :)

      Newstead was so generous with his time, and both myself and my friend were taken to the band's dressing room, stayed 30 minutes or so. They were all in there, Lars, Kirk and James. Kirk was very decent, James was indifferent, but Lars was a bit defensive - asking who we were etc. :)

      After that we ran a few errands for the Tour Manager and watched the show. We saw them again afterwards for signing etc (in a side-room), again treated really well. I think I was 18 or so at the time, but that was a great day.

      Not sure if I told you this above story, but there it is anyway (sorry, if it's a repeat). I thought I had to bring it up, what with that kind of "random" one-off synch that I did all those years ago, and it relating to them, and Kubrick's film! :)

    16. You're welcome for all of it, and thank you for the kind wishes. Good to know you're getting use out of the playlist, too. The comments have been a fun way of keeping interest while indexing, so I'm pleased they go over OK. It's mostly how I've been detecting a lot of old yet new threads. Like how Mimic and the perpetually delayed ATMOM project are both penned by del Toro and and a fellow named Matthew Robbins, who took part in making THX-1138 and writing Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He also made Dragonslayer (1981), a film most memorable for some marvelously enduring visual FX by Dennis Muren, whose first feature "Equinox" was an Evil Dead prototype, bringing things back to the Lovecraft angle with the fabled dark book.

      As for my RA, I'm confident I can reverse it as long as I avoid all the usual inflammatory triggers. Raw green vegetables seem to be the most remedial, and 5 months in with a more compassionate diet I am gladly noticing a reduction in pain. Plus I'm pretty good with enthusiasm. Or self-deception. One of the two.

    17. Hey Bingers, check this out! I mentioned Metallica and the 1988 "...And Justice For All" Tour (aka Damaged Justice), sneaking backstage and giving them that "synch" video. The video was their Orion (track) and 2001:ASO. "...And Justice For All" Tour officially began on "Sept 11 1988". WTF? Isn't that just a little bit crazy, seeing as you're aware of my Sept 11 take on Kubrick's 2001:ASO. I only just noticed 'cos I was checking the year I went to the gigs, Hammersmith was Oct' 88. The "Justice" tour main prop and LP cover had a symbolic collapsing/crumbling Statue of Liberty theme. I've related "Orion" constellation to 9/11 in earlier work too, good ol' Orion/Osiris. 2001:ASO - an "Orion clipper ship" takes Floyd to the moon. (Also recall that Metallica's fellow metal contemporaries 'Slayer" did release "God Hates Us All" on 9/11/2001). :)

      Bingers, I really liked your Metallica/Heinlein assist on "Master of Puppets and Puppet Masters" - seems obvious now, but thats a really good connect and one I hadn't thought about. Metallica also clearly have a heavy Lovecraft influence and it's scattered thru their work, as we've seen.

      I just happened to catch one of those Pirates of the Caribbean films the other day, I'd never seen one before. It was "Dead Man's Chest" - the one I was connecting to "The Thing" and dead man Norris' chest. It had Cthulhu Davy Jones, and also I noted the Cthulhu linked Kraken/Octopus (evoking 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). Some have claimed that Lovecraft may have got inspiration from the mythology of the Kraken. Cthulhu Mythos scholar Robert M. Price claims the irregular sonnet The Kraken, written in 1830 by Alfred Tennyson, was a major inspiration for Lovecraft's story, as both reference a huge aquatic creature sleeping for an eternity at the bottom of the ocean and destined to emerge from its slumber in an apocalyptic age. The Norwegian Kraken, there's Norwegians in The Thing - the name Norris (the dead and 'open chest' man, The Thing) etymologically speaking relates to the Norse. (I noted a huge tarot "wheel of fortune" scene in Pirates "Dead Man's Chest" too).

      The Thing's (dead chest man) Norris had a dodgy heart, Davy Jones' heart is in the dead man's chest. I do think though that Carpenter's "thing monster" is more related to Lovecraft's Cthulhu related "shoggoth" monster. The kennel scene in "The Thing" gives us the monster that is closest to a shoggoth (a mass with multiple eyes), they're creatures that can sprout limbs, which is what happens in that kennel scene. :)

  5. More great stuff HLP

    Vazquez from Aliens also appeared beside Paxton in Near Dark- ironically that time they were the creatures in the darkness!

    Also Heard was also in Cat People which I think you have mentioned here before

    1. Thanks for the comment anon, appreciate it. Yeah, Heard was in Cat People with Nastassja "mind controlled" Kinski, a very suspect film.

  6. Hi. Great blog. I've returned to it a few times over the years and am still amazed at all these connections and the time span for which they cover.

    I discovered this movie image a few months back and I don't believe I have ever seen it mentioned on any 9/11 programming websites:

    The poster (or at least the DVD cover) seems to depict one of the World Trade buildings (at least subliminally). The release date puts it just before Christmas of 2001 a few months after the big day. I imagine the title 'Say Nothing' warns the subconscious about speaking aloud or perhaps even thinking about the 'atrocities' committed, at least critically.

    The movie also gives us another rare appearance of Hart Bochner, the yuppie who tries to 'help' out John McLean in the original Die Hard. (Die Hart Bochner? I'm sure you've got a name for him). You have mentioned him at least once before for his appearance in Supergirl.

    I thank you and look forward to the next post.

    1. I will check it out (Say Nothing), trying to get a decent image. Oh yes, Bochner - "coke head" Ellis from Die Hard, and Supergirl. Yes, I recall writing about him. Thanks for the comment. :)

  7. Good stuff HLP!

    Hope you're well.

    Love the Metallica segue with UB in the comments.

    1. Thanks Eugene, hope you're good. Yes, I liked that part too. Aspects had been seeping into my mind previously, but I never got around to writing/discussing it. After a bit more thought it just came together. I really did provide that Metallica band with my first ever "synch" adventure (video), although I obviously never heard anything back. The maddest thing is that all this happened in 1988, nearly 30 years ago. :)


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  9. Hey there,

    Great article. Put together wonderfully. I hope your are still updating it? Here are a few more I have documented. 1998 - Enemy of the State ---> Also the SDI Video Game --->