Thursday, 27 April 2017

Blog Closed

Blog is now closed. I will not be making anymore additions, but will leave the post archive up.
I am now officially retired from this type of writing. Thanks to all those that contributed and best wishes to you all.


  1. Feast or famine.

    Feast was nice. Famine is how I feel too.

  2. Love you, Boss. You changed my life for the amazing. May things never be the same for all the best to be. I'll do what I can to see the highly appreciable insight lives on. For everything, thank you. And rock on.

  3. Bonjour.

    "I am now officially retired from this type of writing"...gone for a new project ?

    Anyway, portez-vous bien.

  4. godspeed and thanks much.
    i only have to enter an s in my browser to get subliminalsynchrosphere...

    you are a visionary who has seen far too many (and far too much in) films.

    thanks again, for all the fish

  5. Best of luck to you friend, we will miss your writing!

  6. hey horse, I've been looking for an image you have here on one of your blog posts. It has to do with mystics or seers focusing energy at the cameras on the set of star wars. I've looked through and can't seem to find it again. If anybody can direct me to it I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

    By the way your work here has changed my life, how I look at the world, and even how my mind operates with regards to art, entertainment and the "great" work. I wish more people could experience some of your self-contained genius posts like Videodrome or Manhattan Working or Opening of the Mouth Redux 1&2 or TDK A shooting script literally. Thanks for everything I hope you find some peace, catharsis, and escape.


      Pages from Preston Nichols' book (Music of Time) - I think this might be what you refer to? The pages are in the early part of the post body. See the "page 102/103" (jpg) - that's the one you're likely looking for. :)

    2. THANK YOU!!

  7. Thanks for the implanted memories HL...

    Will you let us know if you start any other type of writing?

    The Antipodean

  8. its me weezus. i keep returning to see new posts even though youre done. lol

    be sure to post links to wherever you wind up next and what youre doing

    ive been reading and re-reading your blog for ages.

    it has certainly changed my life as well as quite a few other commentors it would seem.

  9. Really, really enjoy your blog. The day to day world has become more and more bizarre -- every day is like a mystical conspiracy theory unfolding before our eyes. Your blog was key to decode it.

  10. I dont get y u have retire, just write someth8ng up whenever u feel like it. Have u seen the connection between wizard of oz and ny car crash? Ruby color car lands on ny/oz the day after the books aniversary,