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Bowie, Walk With Me. Let's Dance - Let's Rock via Oz

Bowie, Let's Dance, Lynch, Twin Peaks, Flash Gordon, Fire Walk With Me, Dune, Wild at Heart, Wizard of Oz, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, The Elephant Man, The Man Who Fell To Earth, True Detective, Labyrinth, Alan Partridge, 24 Hr Party People, Shutter Island, Minority Report, Crowley, Tree of Life.

Your understanding of this post will be somewhat dependent on your familiarity with the above media pieces. Do bear in mind that I've not even seen Lord of the Rings (none of them), or Labyrinth, but it certainly didn't stop me! :)

A big thanks go to the folks from my previous post, and the useful comments they provided.
Thank you, everyone. This post is very "graphics" heavy, there's flashing imagery too, but that goes with the territory.

 Video/music (here) is for blog post auto-play, turn it off if you prefer.

Let's Dance (Down Under) and Let's Rock (Under the Sycamore)
The Lightning Flash/Bolt

Flash Gordon - Masonic "Ring" Ming (Von Sydow) - played in Lynch's Dune.
Activate the lightning (pyramid) shield...Queen & (Lightning) Flash
 Flash...aaaahhhhaaa!!!  Ends with the Flash 'struck crown' (see Bowie/Cooper) :-)
Flash Gordon was played by Sam Jones. David "Davy Jones" Bowie.
Bowie and Mars. Mercury and Queen.
Jeffrey (Jeffries) name - is etymologically connected to "traveler". Masonic traveler is a common term.

The Man (Traveler) Who Fell To Earth...Ziggy-Zaggy from Mars.
Oh look...Candy "The Man Who Fell To Earth" Clark plays Sheriff Truman's wife in Season 3! :)
She's seemingly"well traveled" too!
Earth faller, Bowie aka a just visiting Phil-ly - Phillip "over-travelled" Jeffries (FWWM).

Von Sydow/Bowie (Children's Hospital)

Another link between these aspects is Dino De Laurentis - Dune/Flash Gordon were both his films.

Dune: "Travelling without moving" - like the Twin Peaks portals.
Jeffries/Bowie - "I've been to one of their meetings, it was above a convenience store"
Flash Gordon: "The ring, the ring, the ring." -  FWWM (Bowie): "The ring, the ring..."
(the very next line =) Flash Gordon: "Dale, what a damn shame."

Dale: Don't take the ring Laura, don't take the ring. (Twin Peaks).

  Don't take the ring Dale, don't take the ring. And literally! (Flash Gordon).

All happening inside Ming's Red (Palace) Room.

Dale "the ring" Cooper - "Gordon" is Lynch, as in Philly based Gordon Cole.
The 'struck crown' Tower, as a lightning struck tree (Belgian Tarot). Under the Sycamore/Plane Tree.
Surely you remember the Arborian "tree men" - from (Lightning) Flash Gordon?
Twin Peaks - "wheel and tree(s)" to the ziggy-zaggy lightning lodges...

"Wheel of Fortune" via a David (black star) Bowie man - news item a few weeks after Bowie's actual death. (link)

Bowie, is regularly referenced in the film "24 Hour Party People" - mainly via Ian "Hanged Man" Curtis.
WB Yeats - another of Bulwer 'dweller' Lytton's proteges (with Crowley etc) for the Isis/Urania Temple.

"24 Hour Party People" - The Wheel of Fortune. 

With Alan "AHA!" Partridge (Coogan), and Chris "Dr (Time Traveller) Who" Ecclestone.
Bowie had his own Crowley phase, it was Crowley who wrote the mystical poem "AHA!"

"Let's the song(s) they're playin' on the radio." (Pear Tree, Radio DJ)
Alan "ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing You" Partridge. ABBA -"the father" - Chokmah on tree the of life.
Partridge used "The Lightning Tree" (track, The Settlers) at the close of Welcome to the Places of My Life.

"Flash...AHA! He saved everyone of us." 
The "777" (tree of life) lightning flash and struck crown...Crowley wrote "777".
Sirius=seirios (Greek)"burning" "Under the moonlight, the serious (sirius) moonlight"
“Serious moonlight” - according to Nile (a river in Egypt, lol) Rodgers, was Bowie referencing Rodgers’ habit of calling a particularly good groove or track “serious.” Bowie once called the phrase as his attempt at an “Americanism.” Nicholas Pegg offered the mad and quite possibly accurate theory that Bowie was referencing an Aleister Crowley poem - Lyric of Love to Leah

Let's Dance via the moon, sirius (seirios) and Oz.
...whose lines include “let us dance beneath the palm/moving in the moonlight” and later 
come my love, let us dance/to the moon and Sirius!” I.e., the Sirius Moonlight. Aleister "moonchild" Crowley. 
The Loft on Sirius/XM had a David Bowie Channel recently, and in memory of him.

Compare Bowie's "DB" 90s symbol with Crowley's "A" (penis), above.
"Let's dance [via Oz] beneath the PALM" - in a summer suit and via the serious/sirius moonlight. (Palm-er).
"Kaph" (literally meaning - palm) is the hebrew letter for the wheel of fortune.
Argentina - Astrum Argent-um aka the Silver Star (Sirius). "Every man and every woman is a star." 
Liber Oz, Book 77 (666 in the logo), Below, the black lodge '666' message from space (Garland 'Oz' Briggs)

Mr "666" Crowley and "AHA!"

Hell Or Bust, 1996. Bowie artwork for the Prince's Trust.
Bowie's mask (#56) was unpainted, with the following handwritten remark -
"Your pretty face is going to hell", Bo '96" on the reverse, and 666 stencilled on the forehead.

Listen to the opening sounds of Let's Dance - "Ahhhh, haaaa, haaa, haaa!" (Aha!)

 Bowie in Oz. "Put on your red shoes..." - Let's Dance via The Nile (producer Rodgers) and in Oz/Aus.
The canicular 'hate and heat' aspect (a la dog days) perhaps accounted for, 'seirios = burning' 
The Let's Dance single 'b side' was Cat People (Putting Out Fire).
Let's Dance? 'Let's Rock' too! With Twin Peaks and via the ring and black lodge
 The 'Let's rock' - dancing dwarf man. Well, Bowie (Jeffries) did meet-up with him in the film.
Put on your 'red shoes' and mention 'Judy' (Garland, Oz). Garland 'Oz' Briggs also in Twin Peaks.
Corridor creeping with Labyrinth Bowie. TV series climax black lodge pre-cognition (via the film).
Bowie: "A dream, we live inside a dream" (a la dream journeying Dorothy, Oz) 
(Dorothy's) Red Shoes in Oz (Australia). (Jeffries) Red Shoes & Judy (Oz) TP
Toto is (Canis/Sirius) connecting to the Sirius Rainbow Bridge (Over The Rainbow) see Alice Bailey.
 Lynch...Wild At (Oz) Heart and the red shoes/over the rainbow. Laura Dern, who will be in the 3rd series.
Red Shoes Bowie...The (Sirius) Starman and Over The Rainbow
The Judy twins. Black Lodge linked Bowie and Briggs - stargating/portal star-men and over the rainbow via Oz.
 Briggs went thru the black lodge, Jeffries is also connected to it. "Can you hear me, Major Briggs (Tom)"
 Notice how the barren/dilapidated room in the Blackstar (video)
  ...also evokes the barren/dilapidated room (above convenience store, Twin Peaks FWWM).
Black (Lodge) Star - travelling via the ether and electricity. 
TP's Convenience Store "jumping man" is black (afro-american) - there's a black man in the Black Star room (above).
Blackstar/Black Lodge "shakers".
The Black (Sirius) Dog (Star?) Runs At Night...from Bowie's Fire Walk With Me 

Judy, also relates to the masked monkey (moon-key) - it's the last shot and word of FWWM.
Bowie's real name Davy Jones, which was also the name of one of The 'Day Dream Believer' Monkees.
Sirius (the scorcher) is the star of the masonic brotherhood - the star that hangs in all lodges.
Bowie - the (sirius moonlight) diamond dog (star). Sirius, the diamond dog star in the sky.

A black lodge tear/rip in the fabric of space/time
Black Star - a dent/tear in space/time. A black hole is also a literal black star.
Under The Sycamore Tree (of Life). Kether to Malkuth - the '777' zig-zag, lightning tree of life pathway.
Kether to Malkuth - The lightning path passes thru 'da'ath/sirius/abyss' and the veil (Isis) - dweller on the threshold. 
Zig-zag, flash Bowie, also worked with Lynch in "Lost Highway" (Pathway) - he bookends the soundtrack.
Bulwer "dweller on the threshold" Lytton's proteges - Crowley et al - allegedly formed the Isis/Urania Hermetic group.
Crowley and Isis - Hathor/Isis, the sycamore tree queen. Sirius is also the star of Isis.
The last sentence is a in-joke, the Isis being inferred was (obviously) the "Egyptian goddess".
Lightning-struck crowns.
Laura's "zig-zag" heart - broken in two

It's a broken heart that dreams, it's a broken heart you left me. Only love can live in my dream.
I'll wish, and the thunder clouds will vanish.
Wish, and the storm will fade away. Wish again, and you will stand before me while the sky will paint an overture 
And trees will play the rhythm of my dream.
(Bowie - When I Live My Dream)

Lynch/Bowie - Elephant "Dream" Men from Mars. "Quite grey" - like the elephant and alien (greys).
Lynch would direct the 'Elephant Man' film, Bowie would feature in the Broadway play. When Lynch's film (which opens with a dream) was generally released on October 10 (10/10) 1980, Bowie was on his Broadway run as Merrick.  Bowie would also provide music for the opening/closing credits for Lynch's film 'Lost Highway' (1997). Bowie (Ziggy from Mars), Lynch (Jimmy Stewart from Mars). Alien resonant Bowie and Lynch, it was Alien star John Hurt who played 'The Elephant Man'.

“We were born upside down, born the wrong the way round...” (Bowie - Lazarus, Black Star)
The Upside-down Hanged (Suspended/Bent Legged) Bowie Man
The Upside-down, Suspended Cooper Man (see also Harold "Hanged Man/Electric Dreams" Smith).
Bowie - Upside-down
The sign of Osiris Risen. Death and rebirth - rising from the tomb a la Osiris. The sphinx of the wheel.
Twin "Thumbs Up" Peaks - Crowley was also an accomplished mountaineer.
Nox (nɒks ) noun. The Roman goddess of the night. Greek counterpart - Nyx. Egyptian - Nut.
The "thumbs up" theme likely ties-in to the Crowleyian NOX Vir sign.
Attitude of pan/baphomet/the beast (and the penis, one-eyed Jack).

First Method. Let the Exempt Adept first train himself to think backwards by external means, as set forth here following.

("d") Let him practise speaking backwards; thus for "I am He" let him say, "Eh ma I".
Crowley - Magick.

The "Eh Ma I" Beatles. I've done "The OTO Beatles" in other posts, see Sgt "Crowley, Winged Beetle" Pepper.

("b") Let him learn to walk backwards.

("c") Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural, and appreciable as a whole.

"There's always (backwards) music in the air..." Literally. :)
Let's dance, to the (backwards) songs they're playing on the radio..."

Twin Peaks (Cafe)  - Let's Dance (Bar)
Electrical/utility pole - Let's Dance/FWWM. Is that a type of 'zig-zag' on the pole (above)?
Fat Trout - A black lodge "hotspot" - Carl (Stanton) has likely been to the black lodge. 
The 12 trout at the grove were an indicator (echo) from the series.
Harry Dean (FWWM) Stanton starred with Bowie in The Last Temptation of Christ. Alien Bowie and Alien Stanton. It also featured Wild at (Oz) Heart, Dafoe, as Christ. Dafoe, who starred opposite Cage, and with FWWM Isaak on the soundtrack. Chris "Agent Desmond" Isaak, also features on the Eyes Wide Shut (Dream Story) soundtrack.
Dancing Girl (Lil) - put on your red shoes and dance.
"Let's sway...sway through the crowd to an empty space
Let's 'sway' Dance - (in an empty space) on a chequered floor...Audrey.
Let's Dance - the song with the red shoes "dream" section...aboriginal dreamtime.
The dreamtime/vision section that happens in-between these two gifs. (above/below)
None of it is real...the restaurant, the road scene, factory etc - it is just imagined 'dreamtime'.
"Put on your red shoes"..."swaying" Audrey (again)
The good witch and the wicked witch (duality)
Laura (Lee), as the good witch, and dreams.
The Oz "red shoes" that transport between worlds - the dreamworld and the real world.
"There is no band. It's is all an illusion" (A dream a la Oz). Mulholland Drive. Red drapes/curtains.
"Let's dance. Put on your red Oz/Aus shoes and walk on blue..."
Anderson (MFAP) - it was Hans Christian Andersen who wrote The Red Shoes.
"Let's Roque (Rock)" - Red Dwarf and the Owl Ring. The black lodge "draped corridors" evoke the labyrinth.
Red Room (Greek) Labyrinth...
The Red (Oz) Goblin/Gnome King
Bowie, Labyrinth Wizard/Magician - Goblin/Gnome Kings
"The gnomes are ruled over by a king, whom they greatly love and revere. His name is Gob; hence his subjects are often called goblins. Mediæval mystics gave a corner of creation to each of the four kingdoms of Nature spirits, and because of their earthy character the gnomes were assigned to the North--the place recognised by the ancients as the source of darkness and death." (Manly P Hall, TSTOAA).
MFAP (red dwarf/gnome), and 'Mr Roque/Rock' (Roquat the Red), there's Oz related "Winkie's/Winkies" too.

Labyrinth - "The owls are not what they seem." Jareth (Bowie) bedroom based owl form to human form - like Bob, Twin Peaks.
Athena, from the cleft head of lightning Zeus. There's a character called Ambrosius (Ambrosia/Garmonbozia).

Labyrinth is influenced by The Wizard of Oz. Frank "Muppet" Oz puppeteers The Wiseman.
Sarah (Connelly) as a version of Kansas, Dorothy.

There's no (man from another) place like Gnome.
The laughing gnome (dwarf). The "red caps/hats" and "yellow caps/hats" (Tibet, Buddhism).
Well, he (Bowie) did witness this Convenience Store meeting!
Dugpa (Tibetan ’brug pa) is a word used by H. P. Blavatsky and the Masters of Wisdom as a synonym for a black magician or sorcerer, frequently referred to as "Brother of the Shadow." These are the non-reformed sects that did not follow Tsongkhapa’s new order, the Gelugpas (yellow caps).

The Emerald Table(t) to the Emerald City
Behind the (Oz) curtain (drapes)
 Oz and the man (from another place) behind the curtain.

There's no place like home...Palmer house
"The man under the fan is looking for the book with the pages torn-out."
Wild At (Oz) Heart...
It's Pete "Toto" Martell - discoverer of Laura's body. Nance, did also feature in Dune (Toto).

Paul Atreides - Travelling without moving (a la Jeffries/Bowie)
In Greek mythology, Atreus - "tremble", "fearless", Greek: was a king of Mycenae in the Peloponnese, the son of Pelops and Hippodamia, and father of Agamemnon and Menelaus. Collectively, his descendants are known as Atreidai or Atreidae. In a later Herbert prequel, it is revealed that the Atreides in the Dune series are directly linked to the mythological Atreides.
Let's Dance - contains lyrics for both "fear" and "love".
Twin Dunes

The 4H Club - Where Jupiter and Saturn meet.
Symbol for "tin" (as in the "tin man'). Bowie was recording for "Tin Machine" during his FWWM phase.
The Aleister "666" Crowley linked Brotherhood of Saturn.
Saturn/Cronos - death, time and "cereal/serial" reaping/killing (a la the sickle), - and you are reborn, but into the same life that you've always been born into (sickl-ical  rebirth). He played a Saturn-linked 'Cooper' in Interstellar. Related "Nathan Crowley" does art production for Nolan.
Liber Oz (Book 77) Crowley and Oz. 777 (another Crowley title) is "the lightning flash of creation"
777 - the lightning flash. Bowie - "One magical (777) movement from Kether to Malkuth".

Where (Lightning) Jupiter and (Ring Lord) Saturn Meet...
Lightning Bolt Zeus/Jupiter...see Twin "Mt Olympus" Greaks. Oz Red Shoes, Bowie tried-out for Gandalf.
A vanishing ring and In Dreams (see soundtrack).

Jeffrey/Cooper, with (Oz) Dorothy 'red shoes' Valens (Rossellini) - In Dreams, Blue Velvet.
I don't care what Lynch thinks about his film "Dune" - I absolutely love it! :)
Sat(urn)/(Kait)an - The Emperor/Lord of the Rings.
Rust "Dreams" Cohle - Interstellar's Saturn-linked, Cooper. He also played a Palmer (Joss) in Contact.
Cooper/Jeffrey, sent to (Red Room) Hell - In Dreams (literally).
(Fire) I Walk With You - In Dreams. (Blue Velvet)
Candy-coloured Clown (lipstick) 
Dune - a Desert Planet with (Fremen) Sandmen. (like Mu'adib/Paul)
Under the (second) moonlight, the serious moonlight.
Dune - The Ring, The Dream. 
Cooper/Paul - a waking dream and the hawk ring (Ducal signet ring)
Laura - a waking dream and the owl ring (via Cooper/Paul)

Von Sydow (Ming the 'ring' Merciless) featured in Dune.
The Hawk was the symbol of the House of Atreides. Hawkmen were an aspect of Flash Gordon.
From one Emperor (Shaddam) to the next - Emperor Ming
The Ring. Dale and Ming's wedding is officiated by Philip "The Shining - Delbert Grady" Stone.
Bridal Chorus (Ring cycling, Wagner), Wedding March, Mendelssohn's piece linked to 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.
A ring for travelling via the ether.

Dune - Astral dream travelling is likely being implied (as well as physical), this from Paul's dream.
Literally, travelling without physical movement. Like "ring" Jeffries.
Let's Dance - Let's Rock. The desert (Oz) sleeper must awaken.
It's DB Cooper (geddit?)

Travelling without moving...recall that Jeffrey (name) is etymologically linked to "traveller".
Lightning-bolt Bowie...who got "flashed" to Gordon in Phila-delphi-a (Delphi, dreams/oracle).

Lightning Flash Gordon (1980)

 Ben from Blue "In Dreams" Velvet (Dean Stockwell)
Imperial "3rd Eye" Conditioning - Dune, Flash Gordon, and Twin Peaks (Imperial/Royalty). 
The owl cave diamond that leads to the grove (and Queen Annie). 
Diamond Audrey being "conditioned" for services at One-eyed Jacks.
Dune: It's Dr Yueh - aka Ben (Blue "In Dreams" Velvet).
Flash Gordon (1980)
The Monkey, and the Owls are not what they seem.

The Owl and Ming Ring
A magic ring that seduces and controls women.
Von Sydow - Shutter "Dream/Traum" Island, the film also had a Red Shoes homage. (see spiral staircase).
DiCaprio does "dream theme" overkill in "Inception", a film that I've still not yet seen.
He also featured with Cruise, in Minority "dream/precog" Report, with Total"Dream" Recall, Farrell.

Back to Flash Gordon, Ming Von Sydow and Klytus - "The Bore Worms". 

Dune - the literal "desert boring sand-worm"

Dune - Sting (another Crowley/Thelema disciple)
Flash Gordon - Sting, literally, the spaceship of Klytus (who heads the secret police).
Sting and The (Secret) Police
Talking of torturing and executing the police...

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, who was also in attendance (Cannes, where FWWM was booed), said in a 1992 interview, "After I saw 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me' at Cannes, David Lynch had disappeared so far up his own ass that I have no desire to see another David Lynch movie until I hear something different. And you know, I loved him. I loved him."

Tarantino - wouldn't know a good movie if it bit him on his ass! He's stolen most of his career from Lynch, he should be thanking the man! Where do you think he got the idea for the "cut-off" ear in Reservoir Dogs? It was Blue Velvet - a cut off ear, and scissors cutting police tape.
The Blue Velvet shots below are sequential - ear to police and cutting scissors.
The "clowns and jokers" (song track) element has been lifted too (candy coloured clown).
Tarantino has tried to copy Lynch for much of his career, you see the influence in his fetishised depictions of violence, but it's mainly all pointless and empty "hipster" violence - with no deep or profound meaning (hence it being fetish). Lynch is an artist, Tarantino is a corporate film-maker.

Lynch disappeared up his own ass? That's it - I'm shutting Tarantino's butt down! :)


Twin Peaks (Original series esoteric overview) - 
Under The Sycamore Tree - Redux

Twin Peaks - The Return - Season 3 
(Early thoughts on the new series and the first 5 or 6 episodes)

The Cooper Switch Project
(Explains Cooper's return to Twin Peaks and the switch)

Bowie - From Kether to Malkuth
(A general esoteric piece written soon after Bowie's death)


  1. Great post, as expected! More puzzle pieces are here and getting connected.

    Regarding mask #56, Bowie from "hours...": "Pretty things are going to hell". That album interestingly has "If I'm Dreaming My Life", "Something in the Air", "Thursday's Child". "Thursday" in French is "Jeudi", and when pronounced could sound very much like "Judy"! "We will not talk about Judy" or "We will not talk about Jupiter"? Hey Jude or Hey Judy? Does Judy have a child in new TP perhaps, a "Thursday's child?"?

    By the way, I found "Hallo Spaceboy" video I was talking about, it is on, there is a lot going on there as well.

  2. HP, epic as usual! Not sure if you covered this before, but as I was reading this piece and the repeated "Red Room" references, I kept hearing in my head "REDRUM", "REDRUM", I wonder if that was the subliminal meaning from The Shining?!

    1. He brought it up in the last post, but now that you've highlighted it, looks the more likely to be a shared meaning layered in there to me, especially with the Stephen King novel originally having Jack chasing after Danny and Wendy with a ROQUE mallet.

  3. Thanks for yet another great post HLP. With the Bowie/ Lynch connection, Dale Cooper was named after a 'man who fell to earth' an airplane hijacker who baled out with a lot of money. In his album Outside Bowie eerily speaks of a 'room above my shop' (room above a convenience store? Though he makes it sound like 'moon') More will probably come in time.

    1. Regarding D.B. Cooper story, yes, if you do an image search you will see an uncanny resemblance to an aged Cooper. Now, what would B initial stand for? Bob? Recently MacLachan had a Twitter Q and A, and when somebody asked him how would he name his rock band (or similar) if he had one, he responded "The Parachutes". Go figure. Everything there is tied to U.S. North-West. I read recently somewhere that even Dale is a play on words: Dale, Dalai, leading to Tibet and Red Hats I suppose.

  4. Just thought about in ghostbusters when the stay puft marshmallow man appears it is said "the TRAVELLER has arrived..." by some demon or whatever.

  5. Great post as always, HP.

    This might be of interest to you: David Bowie once wrote some songs for a video game, called OMIKRON- THE NOMAD SOUL (1999) and he was featured as one of the characters in the game. Apparently he even suggested some story changes.It's worth checking out the Wikipedeapage :

    And the lyrics to the song OMIKRON

  6. One of Michael jordans nicknames is JUMPMAN.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Going back to this subject one more time (I know there is a newer post on MJ).

    The album cover of "Heathen" has the title upside-down, and more importantly, we see what to appears to be a doppelganger Bowie. "5.15 The Angels Have Gone", or as Laura says in FWWM "the angels wouldn't help you, because they would all have gone away". And there is also a cover of "I've Been Waiting for You" as well.

    The Japanese 2007 reissue also has a "Shadow Man" on it. The album also has "Slow burn" (another Laura FWWM reference "burst into fire, forever") and "Afraid". It is almost like the order of the songs on the album follows the conversation between Laura and Donna in FWWM. The "5.15" might be cryptic. Was Laura murdered at 5.15 in the morning?

    I think I will have to listen to all of this one as well now.

  9. Just an interesting occurrence last night. Jimmy Fallon hosted Saturday Night Live and opened the show with a performance of Let's Dance. Very next sketch after that musical number was called Time Travel Family Feud.

    1. You can watch the performance in its entirety here:

      Nile Rodgers plays guitar, Masonic checkerboards are everywhere and the lighting is very reminiscent of the Red Room. Interesting.

  10. And here is Jack as Joker in Batman, holding and smashing a mask, then asking about dancing with devil in the pale moonlight:

  11. Lastly, after Tremond ("terre monde") and Judy ("jeudi"), I felt that perhaps Chad Desmond would be another name that is a sort of cryptogram, it is not a character name that one would pick unless there is a deeper meaning to it I think. Having looked at a few leads, I settled on "chat dix mondes". "dix mondes" would be an obvious allusion to ten worlds, or ten sephirots, "chat" is from french verb "chatter" or "to converse", or simply english for "chat" as in chatter, so it could mean the one that converses between ten sephirots. Now this is just a guess, perhaps there is a more apt meaning, I am not a native francophone.

  12. Well, I overlooked that Chet is Desmond's nickname, the actual name being Chester. Chester could be an obvious allusion to jester, or a fool, as in the card (either Fool or Joker). And Chris Isaac was the trump card for Kyle for FWWM when the latter could not initially film the movie and joined the cast much later. I'll stop here.

  13. Such the enkindling development on some fascinating ideas last week, I thought I should share the latest playlist capturing some of the themes I've been following up on

    1. Great playlist. My first real exposure to Bowie (aside from Labyrinth as a kid) was when he toured with Nine Inch Nails in the 90s. There is something about Reznor, Bowie and Lynch teaming up on Lost Highway (not to mention Lou Reed and Marilyn Manson) that makes me wonder how it relates to this whole Twin Peaks/Let's Dance stuff. That film is definitely an occult working.

    2. Hi Bingers, I will check it out, thanks. That said, I've had enough of this sort of thing now, time to bow out and retire. I'm now going to start concentrating on getting out of Europe, and forever. I've already seen more than enough, I should've gone years ago, but issues beyond my control have delayed my parting.

      Sorry if this isn't what you want to hear, but it's time to start looking-out for myself now. Best wishes, and thanks for all your support.

    3. No apologies needed, Hoss. That's exactly what I wanted to hear you say. It's springtime (time to spring) and all this death worship, cult study is not what a body needs the mind focusing on right now. Can't think of anyone else on the internet more welcome. If you want to run and never come back to this mess, more power to you. You would be leaving on a good note, too, having done what you set out to do in exposing so, so, so much and through what all now seems like too obvious connections, the ever-incoming new details serving little to prove anything further at this point. It's a trick on those who don't understand the symbols, and some kind of literary in-joke we take part in once we know how to read the architecture. Anyways, it was beginning to feel tedious thanking you all the time. Find a way to help yourself the way you patently helped others on and around this blog. I understand the leave is overdue, but all the more meaningful the stepping stones you have left behind for us will be. The Egyptian Underworld media, its spinning tarot language, the laughs and the crimes will become apparent to anyone who fatefully stumbles on this blog and takes the time to earn some truth. It's a decent legacy.

      Before you go, I should share with you a post in your honor, something I was saving for a kind of time like this one, or your birthday or whatever. It's a list showcasing the most popular animal when it comes to wordplay, something that stemmed off the etymology work I was doing for the beast of my North By Northwest analysis. Plus a picture of your influence on my bookshelf, and a couple shots of the Rider-Waite deck I had ordered off Amazon, that just so happened to come with twin Chariot cards! Two number 7s, plus I'm a Cancer, which probably makes it the luckiest card for me, but as the horse card, it will always remind me of the reason I purchased the deck to begin with, this ol' site here, the Subliminal Synchrosphere of one Horselover Phat. One thing that still bothers me, though. If I have this freak deck of 79 cards, does that mean some unfortunate ended up with an unlucky deck of 77, missing its number 7?

      When I first discovered the bonus card, a friend poked fun saying I must not have read the cover of the box, and that it says "Comes With Extra Chariot Card!" right there on the front. I laughed, but not as hard as she did when I finally gave in to double-checking to make sure it didn't really say that. Nope, simply chance...

      Stay sharp and steady, old boy, and feel free to let us know how things go out there. You keep that good head about you and you'll do fine. And remember should you need us, for any reason at all, likely somebody will be around tending the fire.

      Good luck!

    4. I've been waiting for your response. I've been away on a break for the past week, so I've not been around.

      Briefly...The day I saw 9/11 was the day that made me want to abandon "the west". I've been trying to escape since then, my latest cut-off point for leaving was supposed to be 2010 (a decision I made in 2006). It never happened, stuff went wrong etc - I've had to regroup and relaunch. It's not easy arranging a life outside Europe. I want to be out of here before the end of 2017. I'm never going to look back.

      I wanted you to be the first to know about my withdrawal, as you've supported me so heavily over the years. I will read and digest the rest of your comment and respond about that soon. Thanks again Bingers, all your contributions are very much appreciated. Will get back to you. :)

  14. Well. Seems I'm "doing" fine then. Awesome post. I really don't know much about Crowley but I could link some of it with some ideas I have of Lovecraft and King for a story. You could use some Cronenberg here too. Another David.

  15. This blog is awesome and very informative keep Sharing this type of blog.


  16. Very cool place, my boy Uncle Bingo sent me here. Twin Peaks + True Detective = fantastic.

  17. As always a great post,i'm slowly getting through them all! There is so much weirdness in pop culture world(understatement)that my head hurts..Today as i'm writing this its the 18th anniversary of the deep state vermin murdering 3000 people on behalf of our Zionist friends(yuk yuk)and i was looking at photos in the Daily mail of the event,and low and behold all the photos were bathed in a purple hue! I couldn't believe my eyes,more mockery and no one in the comment section picked up on it? What a bloody nightmare....Take care!

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Re: Halloween Pleasence. I always recall a 70s horror film that featured both Donald and his daughter (Angela). From Beyond the Grave. They have to be the creepiest father/daughter couple that I've ever seen on screen. Angela still gives me the creeps today - and just from that segment of the anthology film.

    I've written mad stuff about Poltergeist, and sone time ago. One of my earlier efforts exposing Spielberg et al. I cover O'Rourke and that resonant 1988 poster, as well as the 42-10 score-line. I link some of it with Kubrick's The Shining, etc.

    I know that Coogan is a masonic POS, but I've always like Alan Partridge. Yes, he rose-up through Spitting Image, as you describe.

    You mention Freddie Jones. Another actor that I've always rated, if only for his intensity. Lynch clearly rated him too, hence his use in some of his films.

    Link to the Spielberg/Poltergeist post. It's the most read post on the entire blog.

    Thanks for the interesting additions.