Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Silly-Con Valley, Social-ist Media, Google/Skynet, Masonic Apple Corps, Marxist BBC, Khazar Satanic/OTO - Hollywood/TV, & The Demonic Beatles/Stones...

A continuation from "Theresa May is a Piece of Shit"
This is very severe stuff - so be warned. Satanism, sodomy, abuse - but linked to popular culture etc.
I'm not one to generally worship so-called "celebrities" - so it's not too much of an issue for me.

Google, Apple Corps, Faecesbook, BBC - shit-house social media etc

I remember when the internet was largely free from typical "CORPORATE CONTROL".
The typical establishment recording industry conglomerates were way behind the curve with MP3 etc.
It didn't take the sheep very long to be corralled into making it the ultimate centre though - in terms of corporate power.
Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo etc...I've watched on as everyone was led down the same paths - peer pressure etc.
It's effectively ended the concept of "individualism" - what we're now left with is low denominator group think!

Intel Agency Inside...folk used to laugh when I said this more than a decade ago! Some are not laughing now.
Not wishing to blow my own trumpet. I cited these creations as giant "data mining/surveillance" fronts in the early/mid-2000s!
Google's Brin and Page - dumb cut-outs (aka a front) for masonic American corporate mass mind control.
Only a "dumb ass" would believe the Brin/Page fairytale, same for sodomite Apple, Faecesbook, and Microsoft too.
Facebook as a foil against "fake news"? THEY ARE FAKE NEWS! Most Western MSM = Fake Jews News.
The Facebook logo as masonic Tubal-Cain imagery - symbolic penis and two balls (tu-bals).
Faecesbook, masonic JEW Suckerberg - another front! All driven home via MSM propaganda, Hollywood and TV etc.
Platforms that turn human beings into "one-dimensional", pattern mould, group think, (masonic primed) SHEEP.
"The all singing, all dancing crap (shit/faeces) of the world"

Oh look...the Pentagon's "Lifelog Project" abandonment was announced on the same day that Faecesbook was launched!
A DARPA database/surveillance system tracking a person's entire existence? Sounds familiar, but quite place a finger on it. ;)
Why have a covert lifelog database when you can construct a (stealth) public one...and sell it as social media?
There's still a possibility that (cut-out) Zuckerberg is from Rothschild stock - he has the familial resemblance.
Update. Is this 'synagogue of satan' POS even human? Shot taken from the feed during his Congress questioning (Apr. 2018)
Masonic Jew DARPA/Lifelog. Faecesbook via masonic Jew, Suckerberg. Masonic eye and pyramid (Jew) tech.

“Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”
 - Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

Royal Arch Freemasonry: "For the good of Masonry generally, but the Jewish nation in particular."
"Masonic 'cock n balls' Tubal Cain" Faecesbook to the Apple Freemasons. I-Sheep/eye-Sheep please line-up!
The "Sirius" turd-eye (Masonic/Jew) "Brotherhood of Buggery" via Syrian, Jobs. Masonic Siri-us, like Apple's Siri.
Silicon/Silly Con Valley (gay San Francisco) and (homo) Hollywood need to be DESTROYED.
Nothing but filthy masonic/Jew mass mind control. Lennon spectacle wearing, rainbow Jobs.
Everybody loves "Ring-O", said (F)-Ass-bender, as Jobs. $666.66 Apple/Ring-O, don't forget Scottish Rite, Woz!
Ashton "Masonic/Kabbalah" Kutcher also played Jobs. Kutcher is just another mogul anal pincushion and fluffer!
Why else would he be in "Two and a Half Men" - men living together - Pretty Pink, Ducky Cryer (Duckies, queers)?
Demi Moore is a lesbian, Butch Willis is homosexual. Hollywood types ONLY know how to LIE!

Apple Corps
The "faeces" resonant Apple Beatles - the Jew managed, and Ashkenazi Jew (Grade) formerly owned back catalogue!
Via military/aristocratic elite linked corporation EMI. EMI's Lockwood bought-out Capitol leading to US releases.
EMI head Lockwood was a homosexual. The WWW/Internet was literally born via "666" CERN (Lee) and the US military!
The same SICK US military/deep state that regularly destroys entire nations - the same US military that created nuclear warfare!
If it weren't for sick Jew Einstein - the atom bomb would not have been built! His letters to the US made it happen!
Meat The OTO 'Dung' Beatles/Beetles. "Everybody loves, Ring-O."
Apple and the Pentagram/Pentacle - Sodomite Baphomet/Pan. Apple bottom (ass) stars.
Because it's nothing but a Masonic Jew, Satanic, Sodomite Agenda! "Hap-PENIS is a warm (phallic) gun."
AL-BUMS that spin at the "masonic" rate of 33 1/3. Or as they would say "33" and a "turd".
Apple(O)/Apoll-O (Greek) might have some resonance - Beatle Macca (a-Paul) utilised an Apollo C Vermouth pseudonym.

 Magic 'Homo Rainbow/Big Penis' Alex via Beatles Apple Corps. Apple Eletronics:
 I wonder where Steve 'faggot' Jobs got his (homo) Apple ideas from? Answers on a postacrd, please. :)
Apple Jobs (F-assbender): "Everybody loves Ring-O." (the "O" ring)

Multinational Corps. CEOS with their "god" - the Fallen Angel, Lucifer
CORPORATE FILTH - Destroyers of humanity and the entire planet, enabled by dosed 'materialist' automaton sheep.
If you think these SICK corporations are going to SAVE the planet, then you're CRAZIER than they are!
No one works the planet like its a giant "whore" - more than these degenerates. Note, "Thorn EMI" to the left of SCUM.

ANTI-HUMAN CORPORATE SCUM. You want to see the face of the "devil" - then look no further.
It's not some mythological bogeyman solely based in literature. It doesn't have a pointy tail and theatrical horns (a la Hollywood programming). It is a real and living entity that surrounds you. It is also powered and maintained by yourselves - you are the ones that give power to the beast, in fact you've done literally nothing but! Soulless corporations, yes - they sold theirs long, long ago.
Bit, by bit - you've also been selling yours - although I doubt you know it.
Planet Earth, brought to you in association with:
Google, Apple, Coke, Amazon,VISA, McDonald's, Viacom, Disney, Exxon, Kraft, Nestle, Unilever, Oligarchs, etc
Lucifer/Satan is the CEO of the ENTIRE corporate world. They tried to clue you in via Damien Omen 2.
The "anti-christ" as head of a massive globalist corporate multinational. The "crown of Thorns".
If you type "Thorn Industries" into a search engine these two Thorn companies are listed first and second.
Electric and Musical Industries or Electro-Magnetic Interference?  The latter also known as radio frequency interference.
Electro-Magnetic Interference. I've looked at "video" in a similar type of way before.
See "Videodrome: Long Live the Nu Flesh" post. "We're entering savage new times..."
Most people CANNOT deal with this type of mass media deception - which is something I appreciate.
Most are already too absorbed in it, living it, damaged by it etc, and are unable to posit or think about these concepts objectively.

20th C Anubis/Fox, Magnetic, & Thorn (Industries, EMI, and Thorn Electrical Industries)
See this. Some really strange "Magnetic Video/Thorn EMI Video and (Thorn linked) Omen video releases " overlaps/synchronicities:
The Demonic 'Thorn" and the "O"(Men). "O-Men" & Thorn Industries linked "Omen II" both on MAGNETIC Video.
Magnetic Video via Fox (chart enlarged below). Fox distributed the original 1976 Omen film. (Murdoch bought-in in 1984).
Magnetic Video, in 1977 it became the very first corporation to release theatrical motion pictures onto Betamax and VHS video for consumer use! The Thorn EMI Video division was also formed in 1977. Magnetic founder Andre Blay paid a flat fee of $300,000 -  plus $500,000 yearly to C20 Fox to license movies from their catalogue (initially 50 films), which he then duplicated and distributed, earning a royalty generated per video rented. Magnetic is notable for its contribution to the birth of the modern-day home video empire & the birth of video rental systems. Magnetic UK formed 1978. Thorn Electrical Industries & EMI actually fully merged in 1979.  Fox bought Magnetic Video in 1979 to form C20 Fox Video, with Blay as first CEO.

From its formation until the mid-1990s Thorn EMI was one of the United Kingdom's largest defence companies.
Timeline. Thorn Ind. doesn't feature in Omen (76). Firstly, Omen videotape distributing Magnetic Video forms (77), then Thorn EMI Video (77), and followed by (Thorn Ind.) linked Omen II (78). Finally, Thorn Electrical Ind/EMI fully merge to Thorn EMI (79). Omen III dropped (1981). Magnetic went defunct in 1982. It was "Thorn EMI" when Iron Maiden released the 1982 LP "Number of the (666) Beast" (EMI label). Harris allegedly inspired by Omen II. Videotape is "magnetic tape" - powdered magnetic iron/cobalt oxide particles on mylar tape, played-back using electro-magnets. Magnetic tape was invented in Germany, 1928.
Thorn EMI Video & Magnetic Omen. This was the first chart that I stumbled across when searching out "Magnetic". It's weird how 'Thorn EMI Video(s)' straddle Magnetic's (Thorn Industries linked) 'Omen II'. Damien: Omen (Thorn) II - actually "chart debuts" between those Thorn EMI releases. There's mention of the very 1st US Thorn EMI tape releases (via New York) on the same "Billboard magazine" page too.
It's New York where Yigael's Wall is transported to (see wall below). The Omen is at #16 on the same chart.
#1. Em-MAN-u-ELLE (male/female) & "Eden Lucifer Serpent with Apple-Ass" (see EMI/Apple Beast-les). EL, ring lord Saturn/Satan.
#5. "Polanski/incest" Nicholson - Randy hoop dunking, Juicy Fruit, Cuckoo, via Frisco Douglas. Baphomet 'Back Door to Hell' Jack.

Talking of Jack's Back. The founder of Magnetic Video (Blay) who literally created Home-video and rentals 'executive produced' Jack's (masonic ripper) Back (1988). Fox/Magnetic O-Men (Thorn) Blay, also exec. produced the highly resonant Carpenter films: They 'LA broadcasting elite' Live (88), Village of the 'demonic Cuckoos' Damned (95), and Prince of 'satanic' Darkness (87)!
 Number of the Beast  LP - "thorn" element comes from 22 Acacia Ave. Revelation in the title track, and Hallowed Be Thy Name.
Devilish Corporate/Globalist Electro-Magnetic (O-Men) TH-O-RNS.
EMI - Electric & Musical Industries or Electro-Magnetic Interference (Radio Frequency Interference)?
1978 also saw Thorn EMI's (animated) Lord of the (Saturnic) Rings. With a comparable hairy phallic/prick sword.
Ring lording tail/tale, and "earthing the middle" - (earth/dirt, electricity) via mounts, and Helms Deep (ahem).
Peter "Sodomy Song" Jackson made the films. I've never watched any of them, but caught very small snippets!
666 Kubrick & (Deliverance sodomy, 666 Exorcist II) Boor-man were both interested in adapting Tolkein's book into a film.
As well as the sexual "Thorn and O" symbolism - one is also reminded of the "stylus" on a record-player. Record producing EMI.
Tim 'sodomite' Burton (see Alice, Chocolate Factory) worked on the Lord of the Rings animated film. 911 Batman.
(The [sick] Rockefellers put those towers up - that's the essence of it. Put-up - to be knocked down.)
It also evokes a broadcast antenna mast - much like WTC North Tower's broadcast comms antenna (see Radio-Head 9.11FM, post)
9/11 scenes (with tower antenna) in The Omen remake (titles). Film released on 6/6/2006, at 06:06:06 in the morning.
There's something odd about watching the WTC 1 struck/on fire (via TV) & it also concurrently being the NY TV broadcast hub!
The O-Men via Get Back (satanic sodomy) and Sgt Devil's Pepper, The 'Sept 11' Beatles.
Fifth Beatle, Billy '666' Preston via 6-6-06 death & linked The O-Men (remake). Original via 6/6/76 & pointing weather vane(s).

TDK WTC - The Vision of the Future.
Neither here or there...well, not anymore at least.

North Tower (the first strike) - WTC 1 antenna was a 360 ft radio and TV transmission tower installed on the roof of the North Tower in 1978 (Omen/Thorn Industries year) and upgraded in 1999 to accommodate DTV broadcasts. The 110th floor of WTC 1 housed a large amount of radio and TV transmission equipment to control the hundreds of kilowatts of RF (Radio Frequency) output power beamed from the WTC 1 antenna. CBS, NBC, ABC, etc, in NYC all broadcast from the WTC 1 antenna.

The Magnetic (phallic/prick) Thorn and the O-Men. Egyptian aspects (Horus etc) are shown in Omen II (history museum).
Father of "Magnetic" Home Video (via Omen Fox) and in more ways than one.
Andre "St John's Apocalypse Carpenter" Blay - The "666 Apocalypse" O-Men.
If you looking into the idea of Blay potentially being a sort of "Hollywood mass mind control" agent/pioneer etc.
You don't really want to be finding him linked to films such as the following. But that is how it unfolded when I started looking!
Hall-O-Ween (1978) and via (magnetic) COMPASS International Pictures. Omen & Omen Thorn II (1978) via Magnetic Video!
Even "The Blob" has potential occult/sexual slang connotations - menstruation (blood) and the sacred whore etc. Blay's 'Braindamage' (1988) is also very resonant. Donald 'Halloween' Pleasance was in Magnetic Blay, & Carpenter's 2nd Apocalypse film, The Prince of (Atomic/Satanic) Darkness.
Omen (76), Omen II (78) both on Magnetic Video Corp. Original Hallowe'en (78) on (magnetic) Compass IP, their 1st release.
Compass, like Magnetic Video was founded in 1977.  Compass dropping-out in 1981, but re-emerging as Trancas IP,
and involved in Halloween 4, 5, & Thorn curse 6 etc - & the reboots! Related Thorn-EMI image for electro-magnetic reference.
Magnetic Video Corp, C20th Fox, Compass IP, Thorn EMI Video, (Omen, film based) Thorn Industries,
the birth of (iron/ferro tape) electro-magnetic home video - and all converging around the same time.
VCR started gaining mass market traction in 1975, gaining ground through the rest of that decade,
& it exponentially boomed through the 80s. (JVC VHS/Sony BETA formats. Beta, Greek, & waves). Ferguson was Thorn EMI made.

Magnetic, Omen Thorn, Apocalypse and (Compass) Carpenter linked - Andre "Home Video" Blay.

Magnetic (iron) & Compass (linked) O-Men/Hall-O-Ween (crown of) Thorns via the 'St John' 666 Apocalypse.
Omen 3 (1981), the same year as (St) John 'Apple' Lennon's Dakota killing. The nail/spike and the crown of thorns.
Hey Juden! The O-Men, by Dick 'one-eyed Willy' Donner aka Jew Schwartzberg, the Jews were accused of killing Christ.
The Beatles were managed by Jew Epstein, first appeared on TV via Jew Bernstein's Granada, and were Jew Grade linked too.
The Apocalypse of St John (Carpenter). The Boogey/Buggeryman is cumming via closet eye stabbing.
Halloween (1978). Annie "crucified" Brackett, like a 'support' (played by a Nancy). Father is Leigh Brackett, the same name as -
 the 'Queen of Space Opera' who wrote the first screenplay for The Empire Strikes Back. Curtis is the literal "Scream Queen".
In The (Cinematic, Apocalyptic, & Hellish) Mouth of Madness - via O-Men Thorn(s), & John Trent. It featured David "Omen" Warner.
Satanic Thorn/Neill - notice how the Christ is reverse mounted and he approaches from behind. "Get behind me, Satan" (Matt 16:23)
Damien TH-O-RN. Sam "In The Mouth of Madness" Neill. ITMOM, the final instalment of Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy.

Possession (1981, same year) Sam "God is a disease" Neill. It is related, an "It is finished..." phrase - Christ's dying words - are used at the close, and directed at Neill. PAN-DEMON-IUM via Pan-avision. The "Pan" term itself - an aspect of camera angling/tilting - also note Pan-orama, Pan-asonic etc.
The Bo(o)gey "Bogomil/Bougre/Buggery" Man - eye/closet sister stabbing (incest, pumpin' kin). Buggery, like Pan.
Halloween (Boogey) linked Compass IP produced Roller Boogie (1979) with Linda "Exorcist via Hollywood stars" Blair.
Halloween (1978) is heavily connected to Hitch-cock's (anal/faecally resonant) 'Psych-O' - see recent posts.

Anti-Christ, Aleister '666 Beast and 77 OZ' Crowley. Attitude of Pan, the penis. Hymn/Him to PAN:
“Give me the sign of the Open eye (sphincter), the token erect of THORN-y thigh (penis).”
THE EMI BEATLES - 'Love Me Do' or 'Love Me Doo' (shit)? See the 'penis' on Sgt Crowley Pepper (further below).
Magickal Mysteries. Crowley's "law of reversal": Let him practise speaking backwards; "I Am He" - let him say, "Eh Ma I".

Paper Back-writer. Men-love Ave, Lennon. Elite homo-sodomite 'god' PAN. Crowley's OTO originally formed out of Germany.
The (Beatles/Stones, Manson linked) Process Church were allegedly connected to the German Democratic Party.
It is known that Savile was in a longterm homosexual relationship with Peter "Scar-borough" Jaconelli.
Hamburg, Beatles compere Savile, heavily linked to 'Pan' via Pan's People.
"God is Dead" also known as The Death of God, is a widely quoted statement by German (Nazi minded) philosopher Nietzsche.
It first appeared in his 1882 collection The Gay Science. However, it is most associated with Nietzsche's work Thus/Also Spoke Zarathustra responsible for making the phrase popular (also see Nazi/Jew, paedo-chic, sodomite satanist, 2001 Kubrick).
EMI Bea(s)tles were linked to satanic Polanski. Lennon to the Rosemary's 'satanic Hollywood show biz' Baby, linked Dakota.
Levin also wrote "Boys from Brazil" - Nazi cloned demonic babies, with "Anti-Christ baby" adopting Omen Peck as Nazi Mengele.
A 1978 film produced by Beatle linked, Ashke-NAZI (Khazar) Lew 'Low' Grade's, 11th Sept connected, ITC (and Omen, Fox).

There was quite a stir over the (phallic) "77 Anti-Christ Anarchy" Sex Pistols and EMI in the seventies. Nazi elements too.
The Poof Punks (aka sodomised via jail). The Sex Nazi Pistols Boys From Brazil/Brasil (via jailbird Biggs in Rio).

EMI's "Killer Queen" - Eric "monster, monster poof" Hall arranged the infamous Pistols/Grundy TV interview - more played-out crap.
Jew Hall seemingly had the exact same "taste/style" as Savile, pure tackiness, but expensive etc. He started at EMI with Elton John.
Nazi Brazil, Illuminati Mengele with Mocking-birds (women), Moby Dicking, O-Men, Nazi Peck(er). 
The Bollocking (penis) Nazi Pistols. They were only around briefly, yet still managed to shoe-horn the references in. 
Brazil was just after Lydon/Vicious left. Cook/Jones played ALL the instruments anyway! Biggs' 'No One's Innocent' reached #7.
Belsen Was A Gas, Pistols/Biggs, & Nazi Bormann parodying. Masonic "chaos" McClaren a likely and typical well-to-do "queen".
Nazis in S. America, as many were. UK "pop culture" = a total satanic bag o' shite, and all under the guise of "hipster cool" (lol).
Obvious transparent/plastic and controlled corporate rebels - in hindsight. Nihilist, degenerating corporate mind control.
The goons who play-off the masses. "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" - ooh, aren't we clever.
A tubular/Exorcist Virgin (Branson) release. A track called "EMI" on the LP. Julian 'homo' Temple was heavily linked to the band.
Phoney, plastic rebel, elite owned, "Jubilee 77 Anti-Christ" Lydon married a German publishing heiress. Nazi Saxe-Coburgs.
Rosemary's 'Anti-Christ' Baby, Levi(n). It's everyone's favourite 'pop culture' rapist, abuser, necrophile etc - Jimmy 'Royal' Savile.
Uphill Love, Savile and "satanic royal paedo rings" - which "ring" are they really implying? Both? (note, I had to mention this).
We've tried to warn you that this shift is happening and would rapidly transpire, but were laughed at by the sheep.'
The appeal of the "cult of celebrity" (and related) seemingly knows no bounds for the zombie public.
Decades spent wearing you down with 'sodomy' (via sick MSM). Now they've moved onto wearing you down in respect of children!
The links between certain homosexual pressure groups and paedophila normalisation are strong.
It's called normalising ALL taboos until we have full-blown hell on earth.
Adults manipulating children, and the group mind via mass propaganda and Orwellian double-speak.
This is "mechanical, power-based sex abuse"  - not caring based love etc
What next? Rights for people who want to abuse the bodies of dead children? It's just "love" - right?

The real origin of the word "Punk". God Save the Queen (not the monarchy, but a Mary Queen/Poof).
Not forgetting "jail ass punking" - via a sodomite's sex slave or submissive.
UK (gay) Punk was followed by the UK New Wave/New Romantics - men in make-up, trannyism etc.
(Above) Berlin Bowie linked Blitz ladyboys. That's a Nazi term. UK popular culture, as we've seen with US pop culture, is largely homo-centric and has been for decades. All part of the ongoing mass sodomite processing of the sheep via MSM.
The sheep's self-induced 'peer pressure' factor also readily assists.

Penis Pistols, Blank Spunk (and together with) This Is Crap
"Gentlemen, are your pistols cocked?" Banging, and firing blank spunk, literally.
Phallic Pink Pistols' "Spunk" (bootleg) originally via a "blank" headed label. Produced by Dicker-son.

1976/77 - Anti-Christ, Sex Pistol Pink Teaming with Queers and Queens (Monarchs and poofs).

1976/77 was also the height of the (satanic linked) Son of Sam killings. David 'Rosemary's Baby' Berkowitz. Queens linked too.
The (likely) possessed/mind controlled killer/patsy - control via 'dogs' (see The Omen) and Dog-ma (see Levi).
"I, David Berkowitz, have been chosen since birth, to be one of the executioners for the cult"
Berkowitz said that Sam Carr’s black labrador dog, Harvey, was used by evil forces to transmit messages to him.
Jew, Harvey Bernhard was the producer on all the (hound of hell) Omen films. The dog uses mind control in the original film.
Bernhard worked on (resonant) Lost "OTO/Gay" Boys too, & the uber suspect "One-eyed Willy" Goonies, & both with 666 Donner.

The Son Of Sam(ael) killings began (29th July, 1976) just over a month after the release of The Omen (6/6/76).

DOG-ma. Berkowitz: "When I was growing up I watched countless horror and satanic movies, one of which was Rosemary's Baby.
[Levi(n), Levi, & LaVey, the latter technical advisor and likely Satan stand-in during Rosemary's ritual rape. My emphasis.]
That movie in particular totally captivated my mind."

It is a matter of public record that both Carr brothers died violently within two years of Berkowitz’s arrest.
John Carr, age 31, perished as the result of a rifle shot to the face in Minot, N. Dakota, in Feb 1978.
The number 666 was allegedly found carved into the drying blood on one of the dead man’s hands.

Blasphemous Rumours, p 212.
The last paragraph piques my interest, imo showing a profound understanding of the (satanic) elite and their type.
Berkaial - Berkowitz. Amasarac - A Sam, A Car(r). Eliphas/Elephas 'black magic/Rosemary's Baby' Levi.

Maury "The Ultimate Evil" Terry on the source of Berkowitz's satanic cult/group:
"I trace it back to a physician who was forced to flee England after World War Two. He arrived in Yonkers sometime around 1946 or ’47 and established a practice on North Broadway, not far from the neighbourhood where Berkowitz would eventually live. In addition to being a Nazi sympathiser, the doctor was also a self-proclaimed demonologist who utilised sex for occult purposes (a la Crowley). The man I’m talking about involved legal minors – boys – in his sexual activities. He eventually organised a group of like-minded people in Yonkers back in the 1950s. By 1970, this group had been absorbed by a branch of the (Nazi resonant)
Church of the Final Judgment (who were also linked to Manson, Beatles/Stones, and Savile!).
A nucleus of the local cadre probably still exists in some form, but it’s maintained a very low profile over the last 25 years.
More than 20 of the group’s original members eventually died under violent circumstances."

The Son Of Sam(ael) killings began (29th July, 1976) just over a month after the release of The Omen (6/6/76).

Sodomy and Satanism
Did you know that the alleged world's former richest private citizen 'J. Paul Getty' (a sodomite) -
died on the very day that Jew Superman, Donner's The '666' Omen premiered - 6/6/76?
Distributed by (what is now, Murdoch's) Fox. The Fox and the Jackal, the Anti-Christ is born of a Jackal (Anubis).
Getty died in Guildford, which is also where some of the film was shot. He was Nazi linked too.
He was invited to, and visited Nazi Germany (at their behest) in the late 30s. He helped them prior to WW2.
 Getty seemingly had an interest in "muscle boys" - if his presence at 'pumping iron' events is anything to go by.
 Digest the contents of this CDAN reveal. Elite, satanic paedophiles. They make and influence most of your entertainment!

In some kind of weird twist, (Nazi linked via father) Kevin 'gay Hollywood abuser' Spacey was playing sodomite Getty (in masonic Scott's film) "All the Money in the World" - when his abuse allegations first broke. Spacey was also in the Superman reboots (see Super-O-Men, Donner). Masonic Boyle is making a TV series linked to the Getty clan. Note, O-Men and 'female/bird mocking" Peck also played Nazi (Illuminati) Menegele. A Khazar Lew 'Low' Grade film!
O-Men to Lucifer - his son Getty Jnr was a major backer of the UK Tory Party furnishing them with millions.
The 80s Tory govt. (Thatcher) and the Royal family were close to (paedo/satanist) Savile.
I've written in previous posts about Getty's progeny (son, John Paul Getty Jnr) sponsoring various (occult) filmmakers and musicians. 
Some aspects linking to the (OTO) Beatles (their wider circle) and the Stones - via Indica gallery,
- Fraser, Dunbar, Lennon/Yoko 'bottoms' O-no etc) - including (gay filmmaker) Kenneth 'Lucifer Rising/OTO' Anger, etc.
 Where they converged. Indica (Mason's Yard) right on top of the Supreme Council 33rd Degree! Spitting distance.
OTO Anger being heavily linked to (luciferian) The Rolling Stones and their circle. (article below)
There was a related Anger "Scorpio Rising" film too - they like a "sting in the tail".
"I Cant Getty No Sat-ass-faction" - The Rolling "Star-Fucker/Devil Sympathising" Stones.
The Sympathy for the Devil/Satanic-Saturnic Majesties, Goat/Baphomet/Pan Head Soup, Stones.
O-Men writer Seltzer is linked to - abuse and lucifer/light resonant 'Lucas' (film), and the very, very suspect -
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - with Gene "What is sodomy" Wilder (ahem) via Woody 'paedo/Jew' Allen.
Lucifer Anger & Lucifer Getty - Lucifer Stones, OTO/Luci Beast-les, and 'Witch Women' Pallenberg, Faithfull, and Ono.
Luciferian/masonic Aristocrats, filmmakers, the Hippie movement, Beatles/Stones & Swinging London.
The mass worship of false idols via the degenerating and Dionysian-based 60's counter-culture.
Talking of the "aristocracy" - Yoko 'Lennon/Witch/Satanist' Ono was from a Japanese aristocratic family.
Yoko "Satanist/Hell/Witch/Bottoms" Ono. (Fruits aka queers)
The 'gripping' Sphinx (sphinc-ter) and "feeling the space" - Pyramid via Apple. Dakota dwelling witch, Ono.
Lennon/Ono's Dakota apartment(s) was on the 7th floor, the same floor as the filmic Castevets (Roman, pictured below).
Guy and Rosemary's apartment was previously owned by Mrs Gardenia. The Gardenia (Japan) is a flower linked to death.

Lennon/Ono owned 5 apartments in the building - including Studio One, her domain. A retreat with an immense Egyptian revival desk inlaid with large ivory reliefs of the ibis-headed Thoth (Hermes/Mercury), god of scribes, and the winged disk-and-cobra symbol of the sun. Yoko's commanding seat was an exact replica of the throne found in King Tutankhamen's tomb.
In the main apartment a gold-leafed sarcophagus studded with semiprecious stones - a piece from the twenty-sixth dynasty (about 3,000 years ago) - contained under unbroken seal the mummy of a woman.
"On 19 January 1979, Sam flew first to London, where he stopped to party with some friends. No sooner did he start having fun with the society people than he got an emergency call from Yoko. She told him that Charlie Swan had discovered through reading the cards that the only solution to the Egyptian problem was for Yoko to go to the secret dig herself. (Most likely, Yoko decided to go herself and then shifted the responsibility to the cards.)

As if this startling declaration were not bad enough, Yoko announced next that she intended to bring along Lennon! After rattling off some nonsense about their numbers being in harmony for once, she ordered Sam to obtain suitable accommodations for the royal couple in Cairo and then make all necessary preparations for a journey into the desert. At night Yoko would wait till John nodded off; then she would slip over to Sam's room to continue their plotting (likely meaning the ritual dig, and/or working etc). The more Sam procrastinated, the more Yoko fought to overcome his resistance. Just as he was lying about the difficulties of the situation, she started lying about the ease of the solution. She claimed that she was receiving instructions from her distant psychics through mental telepathy and even by possession. (again, very suspect stuff, my emphasis).

"Sam!" she cried. "This is not me talking; this is the supernatural! And the supernatural has always been right. This is the way we're going to do it!" Then she rattled off a scenario in which they bribed their way past a military checkpoint and went plunging into the wasteland guided by her voices.(Albert Goldman, The Lives of John Lennon)

Note, this is Crowley-ville - Egypt, near the Great Pyramid (and linked Aiwass, messenger of Horus) ultimately the source of his (likely spirit channelled) Thelemic Bible aka Book of Law! WTF was Ono up to? I think it was the Saqqara pyramid (near Giza) tombs that Lennon/Ono, & Sam Green gained entry to. The "dig" though was in another area. Could this potentially be something to do with magickal rituals linked to Lennon's death the following year? In a way - "workings" that might foreshadow it, perhaps like Polanski's Rosemary's Baby did - in respect of what happened to Tate? Worth considering. Ono is clearly a "masonic-type witch". It's alleged a man called John Green was some sort of magick/guru adviser to Ono (at this time). Another "Ono man" - Elliot Mintz appeared to be a type of "fix it contact" when things got out of control, it at least appeared that way.
Tannis, and Tanis (Egypt), via The 'satanic' Dakota and the 7th floor. Devil's PEPPER ritual fungus.
Kenneth "Lucifer/OTO/Getty/Lennon-Ono/Jagger-Richards" Anger
Bobby "Charles Manson Family/Polanski-Tate" Beausoleil

In 1977, Chapman (the shooter in the official orthodoxy) lost his religion. His fundamentalist indoctrination festered in a stew of self-loathing, devil-worship, and a killer’s fantasies. Months before the murder he visited satanist and filmmaker Kenneth Anger at a screening in Hawaii, shook hands and handed over two .38 caliber bullets. "These are for John Lennon," he explained to Anger. (Bill Landis, Anger: The Unauthorized Biography of Kenneth Anger)

Lennon/Ono/Green, Egypt 1979 cont...
The following appears to suggest the power of Ono's control over Lennon. Talking with the apathetic Lennon. (re: Egypt, dig/ritual working) "The little woman has it all planned," John assured the fuming Sam Green. "There's no point in not going along with her. I tried, and it doesn't work - believe me! And she's more often than not right. So I just sit back and wait for what the oracle says next." That was Lennon's basic rationalization. He could apply it to particular moments, like the present, or he could extend it to cover his whole life. "The big plan is that I do nothing for the next four years," John told Sam one afternoon. "Yoko says that everything I do is doomed to failure until the year 1982. That year, according to the numbers, I'll conquer the world again. Before that, if I try anything, I'll just fall on me face."
(Albert Goldman, The Lives of John Lennon)

A plot aspect of Polanski's Rosemary's Baby is the old story of (head witch, and showbiz linked) Adrian Marcato being attacked (and nearly killed) by a mob in the lobby of (Hutch version), and/or just outside of the Dakota/Bramford (Marcato book version). All very resonant in respect of Dakota Lennon's shooting (just outside) and after which he staggers up the steps into the office. This all supposedly at the hands of shooter -  'Catcher in the Rye' Chapman. A bloodied/crushed VW Beetle is also seen outside the Dakota during the opening scenes of the film - the death of the Castevet's female lodger.
Yoko "Dakota 7th floor witch/elf" Ono. "ELF SHOT LAME WITCH" - at the 7th floor Dakota, Rosemary's Baby.

The OTO Beastles were also linked to Polanski's Rosemary - aka Mia "Woody Allen/paedo Jew" Farrow. Chapman & CIA?
CIA/USAF Exorcist Blatty, CIA Chapman to CIA (linked) Ono?
CIA'S /DIAS & Witchy Ono. Beatle circle linked "Int. Times" publication.
Ono 1st came to Britain (via DIAS, see eye/pyramid) & via McCartney's Mason's Yard Indica - Asher, Dunbar and Barry "IT" Miles.

 First disc cut 11th Sept. 1962. Final recording on April FOOL'S Day, 1970. The North (Antenna) Tower completed by Dec. 1970.
  The 'Sept 11' Bea(s)tles.
 Live and Let (Twin Tower Destruction) Die via Paul 'Sept 11' McCartney of The 'Sept 11' Beatles.

 Anyway, it was through these Indica links that led to Ono meeting Lennon (in Nov 1966).
Recall, Indica was right on top of the Supreme Council 33rd, SW1. Indica circle was full of OTO adepts.
Is this some sort of coded intel type deal?  There are multiple (London/US Embassy) CIA references above her advert!
The ad also mentions the DIAS (her debut exhibition), the inset photo is of Ono at that event. DIAS and CIAS - geddit!?
Is it me, or does the "IT-Girl" below (on Ono's page) look a lot like Sharon Tate!?
No name is given (page here). I'm not saying it's her, but it does look very much like her. Tate's father was a US Army Colonel. Colonel Tate was assistant chief of staff for intelligence at The Presidio/Fort Baker base when Sharon Tate purportedly died.
Family cult member Atkins was linked to LaVey.
The same Presidio base linked to Lavey's associate Temple of Set, Lt Col. Also see Presidio case, (also here). Aquino also has/had many Nazi links and contacts. Aquino's wife, Lilith, was former member of NY coven, leader of Church of Satan. Aquino with satanic Hollywood types - birds of a feather etc. US military intelligence seems to contain many of these occult linked assets. Aquino - aka Mr (electronic/psychotronic mass media control) via Psy-Op to Mind War.
Victim and friend of Tate, the coffee heiress Abigail Folger had a father (Peter Folger) who was a marines major/army intelligence ACIO. Note, likely US military/industrial complex OWNED (Scientology/Process Church linked) "Manson" very recently died.
They found dozens of "celebrity orgy" sex tapes in the attic of Polanski/Tate's Cielo home - see Hopper and Hal Lipset.
It's well known that Polanski carried-out the drugged anal rape of (French Teen Vogue linked) Geimer.

According to authors such as Craig Heimbichner (Blood on the Altar), Martin P. Starr (The Unknown God), and John Carter (Sex and Rockets), Dennis Hopper and John Carradine, were both members of the Parsons’ Agape Lodge of the OTO, alongside, actor Dean Stockwell, and science-fiction writer, Robert Heinlein. Scientology/sci-fi Hubbard was also linked, and likely Ray 'sci-fi' Bradbury too. According to Gregory Mank in Hollywood’s Hellfire Club, John Carradine and John Barrymore (grandfather of 'messed-up' Hollywood Drew) were also members of the so-called “Bundy Drive Boys,” who engaged in such practices as incest, rape and cannibalism. The book alleges that (son) John Drew Barrymore (father of Drew) had an incestuous relationship with his half-sister Diana. Actor Robert Carradine's brother was David Carradine of Kung Fu fame, who later died in what appeared to be a ritualistic murder. Robert Carradine also tried to kill both himself and his wife in 2015, via crashing his car.

Hollywood is SICK, the (nefarious) US Deep State is SICK, US Govt is SICK. Are you getting it yet? I doubt it.
You're ALL just mushrooms growing in the dark - you're ALL sold an MSM version of reality - aka LIES.
In a 1991 interview with Ronald Reagan’s son (of all people) Manson asserted that Polanski/Sharon Tate’s clique were the real “cult” (I concur, my emphasis). He refers to a video featuring Yul Brynner and Peter 'Strange-loving/Any Old Iron/Pink Cat" Sellers
-  “gobbling on each other’s nobs in a closet.” (very likely true).
 Recently added. Sellers and (Jew) Kubrick. Sick, satanic paedophiles. Rosemary's Baby was one of Kubrick's favourite films.
Both directors would launch media in 1968 with a (demonic/satanic) baby being produced at the close.
Masonic/Illuminati programmer, Levin. Tate, who briefly cameos in the "scared about losing the baby" scene - Rosemary's party.

CIA, and USAF psychological warfare policy chief (all very Aquino, my emphasis) - 'The Exorcist' Blatty. A longtime Polanski collaborator, Jack MacGowran, played the (child abuse resonant) Hollywood film director in Blatty's The Exorcist. MacGowran featured with Tate, (and Polanski) in Fearless Vampire Killers. I have previously posted about 'satanic mass mind control' via The Exorcist's Blatty, and its director 'mkultra' Friedkin - see Exorcist posts. Blatty linked to the CIA, and a former USAF psychological warfare policy chief. Blatty's Exorcist 3 also having strange (potential) mind control links to (serial killers) both Dahmer, and Rolling. Deliverance/sodomy, Boor-man's, Exorcist 2, used 666 Fifth Avenue (where Warner/Werner Bros. offices were then located).
Magickal Mysteries. The "golden phallus" and Macca "666" gesture, Lennon "horns". Yellow "sodomite" Submarine.

Michael, A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare
“The Manson killings were performed according to ancient ritual with hoodwinks and “cords of initiation” around the necks of the sacrifices. A line from a Beatles’ song was painted on the death house, “Helter Skelter” which was located appropriately on Cielo (Spanish for “sky”) Drive, Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s house. What we are witnessing in the wake of the public enactment of these alchemical psychodramas, whose spiritual consequences for mankind are far more momentous than most have thus far guessed, is a process of global occult initiation”.

Sgt Crowley's OTO Devil's Pepper Band

(Thorn linked) EMI. The Beastles.
There is actually a "starfish" called the "crown of thorns", I had to mention this for thoroughness.
Drum on the Jew Ring-O Star(r) - asshole. Sgt Sodom Coprophagic Crowley's - OTO Masonic Pepper Pyramid.
'Luci(fer) in the Sky', 'Fixing A-Hole' - via the Ring-O Starr. "All you need is is the law, love under will"
Digging dirt tunnels/holes. A 'horn blowing' Lonely Hearts (Dirt) Band/Ring.
'Mirrored' Sodom Crowley's homage. OTO Pepper flowerbed penis and OTO (sheriff's) badge/ass via the "Ring-O" drum.
This was one of MY original finds from 2007, along with "magickal grade signing" Help!
Fruits (queers). Lennon, with his Jap aristocratic wife Yoko "witch" Ono, & penis/banana bender Warhol.
Cum Together via Strange 'Apple' Fruits (Queers) and the Swinging Sixties. Big Apple based Menlove, John.
Roll-up/Role-up...for the Magickal (masonic/OTO) Mysteries Rainbow Tour.
The Thelemic "do what thou wilst" (sic) Beast-les. Revolution #9 or Revelation #9?
Crowley's "Pyramid '666' Book of Law" and messenger "Aiwass". 666 Apple "I-Woz" & Macca/Apple "I Was".
Crowley, Aiwass and Big Apple (New York). Also see Crowley's "psychedelic rotten apples" (Rites of Eleusis).
HELL-P. A.A./Golden Dawn (masonic OTO) linked ritual grade signs. The Beatles were puppets, imo they DIDN'T even write!
Dr (Liber) Oz, Oprah/Harpo (Harpocrates/Horus), OTO "Grey Al-bum" Gay-Z ("do what thou wilt"), The Devilish Stones.
The aristocrats. Getty linked OTO Beatles/Stones - and Rockefeller (Rocafella/Cock-a-fella) OTO Gay-Z.
HELL-p. "Show Business is an extension of the (Masonic Luciferian) Jewish Religion". John Lennon
Rump-Pole, Number Two (shit), O-Men, Kali Sacrificial Cult - 'Ring-O' Ring Chaser via Hell-P and Hell.

Knife-stabber Bugenhagen, McKern was also in O-Men II. Recall the "apple/ass and Lucifer Eden serpent" reference from earlier.
Ringo's Ring is also linked to purp-EL (Saturn). O-Men II, was linked to "Babylon/Babalon" via the 'apocalypse whore'.
"Go Greek" (anal) via Ringo-O "(Liber) 7/7" Starr - The 7 Pointed Babalon Star (Crowley) and Star(r) Pentagram.
(Ass) Park Life - Hellish Abbey Roading - Daemon/Damien, and Blur. (Cefalu Abbey, Crowley)
Abbey 'penis' Road, on the Mary (queen/poof) leyline. Ring-O = Apple in Japanese. Lennon originally lived on Men-love Ave!
"Get Back" (literally). Up Men-Love Avenue - via the Old Dirt Road and Ono's "Bottoms".
"Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall - I'd love to turn you on." (Albert's genital piercing).
Don't forGET(TY) about Mason's Yard - via Supreme Council 33. Indica, Macca/Dunbar, Lennon/Ono, Getty, OTO Anger.

Dr No. (number) 007 Dee, linked Sgt Pooper/Sodom Crowley, & 007 Fleming. Queens born Broccoli.
007 - 7/7/77 - Rogering Mo(o)re via the Ring-O BACH, Air on the G-String, Humped Back, & Pyramids/Gripping Sphinx.
Get Back/Bach. Air On A/The G-String via Bach. Bach & Dick 'Ring-O' Star-key. Would go well with "Ring Cycling" Dick Wagner!
'The Spy Who Loved Me' was released on (soon to be Bach linked) Ring-O's birthday (7/7/1977).
They met later, married 1981. She's from Queens, a Jewish father, and her 1st film was (Greek resonant) Homer's Odyssey.
Note, Macca did 'voodoo/tarot' 007 "Live and Let Die" - with Sheriff (not Sgt) J W Pepper.
The 007 twisting/blooded 'Revolver' barrel via Intel. The Rogering Mo(o)re Bond film with the heavy "submarine" thematic.
Yellow Submarine (Ring-O vocal) gay rainbow & the Jew-luminati Pyramid.
Lennon voiced by John  "Clockwork Orange queer " Clive. Stanley 'Camp Climax' Kubrick.

Orange/Odyssey Queer Kubrick worked on Spy Who Loved Me! Clarke/Kubrick's 2001 robots were, by their own admission, 'faggy'.
Hard-core hardware. Apple and Intel Internal Cores/Corps.
Bite/Byte that Corporate Luciferian (Sodomite Masonic Jew) Apple
"Don't you want to go where the (Cruising fruit) rainbow ends?" via Sonata J-AZZ (Saturnic Black Cube, Kubrick's EWS).

Apple of Sodom - Devil's (666) Apple - Naked Adam and the (phallic) Serpent. No Eve. Original (Use) Sin.
Homo-Frisco, satanic US '666' Tech. UK Alan/Anal Turing a sodomite intel asset - poison (Lucifer) apple chomping, Turing.
Ring-O, Apple in Japanese (see homo Apple/Crowley Beatles). An apple horizontally sliced reveals the pentagram (ass star).

 Homo (F)Ass-bender as rainbow Big Jobs: "Everybody loves Ring-O." The Ring-O (ass) Starr. Lucifer Apple camp-us #2 Bottoms.
Apple's 'Frisco Camp-us Ring-O' via Lord Foster. The Foster who designed the (phallic) Gherkin, St Mary's Axe (poof's chopper).
The Apple of my Eye. Masonic Boning, Jolly Rogering Queers - Steve "Homo" Jobs and Tim "Sodomite" Cook.
The masonic/Jew "third/turd eye" (sirius) IS the asshole. Sodomy is seemingly key in the Masonic/Jewish higher echelons.
Even "Jobs" has potential resonance - "big Jobs" (turds), & there certainly wasn't a bigger "Jobs" than Apple, Steve.
Above. like Kubrick's Saturn/Jupiter linked "black monolith" cubed-brick, 'faggy' sentinel/machine.
It's camp "one-eyed Cyclops" computer HAL that sings the IBM linked "Daisy, Daisy" love song to another man, Bowman.
IBM created FOR-TRAN(s). Sexual identity/computer language overlaps. Binary - suggestive (phallic/hole) 1 & 0?
666 Kubrick's (Homer/homo-erotic) 2001 'go Greek' Odyssey with a camp one-eyed cyclops (penis) computer & effeminate Bow-man.
Camp Climax, Jew Kubrick. 'Daisy, Daisy' via the seat and IBM? More like 'I-BUM'. Listen to the IBM 'Gay Song'. Yes, really.

Apple Bum. 2001 author 'Lucifer Clarke' was a sodomite/paedophile and keen computer user, we should expect it.
Jew programmer, Steven Rosebud Spielberg's father designed mainframes for (666) G.E. Which led to PC Basic.
Gay Clarke, a PC user early on - exchanging script emails in the early 80s for 2001 sequel, 666 Hyams' Lucifer linked 2010.

 Oh, you all thought the 666 beast would solely be a type of biological form!? Oops!
  NCR - Super Mark It (geddit?) via beast number 666, and computerised cash registers. NCR/IBM the main players.
6-60-6. And via General '666' Electric. Suggestive For-Tran(s) and (phallic/hole) 1 & 0 linked Binary. 666 transactional barcode.
First trans-istor based computer. Transistors via Bel(l), Baal. Recall 666 'Rosebud' Spielberg's G.E. mainframe father.
"I saw Satan fall like (electrical) lightning from heaven." Luke 10:18.
Even RFID (mark of the beast) Lucent, formerly of 666 5th Ave., was a spin-off from AT&T's rebranded NCR.

Yes. I'm sure you do. Hardware and Software. Wang (penis). Would go well with 666 Pack(ing)Hard O-Men (Lap-top).

F-assbender was "Camp David" (a US Govt link), the android human computer in (Alien male birthing resonant linked) Prometheus.
Are we also to consider other potential broadcasting linked (double) terminology - like "trans-mission" - hmm?
Sodomite Brotherhood of Saturn/Satan. "Loving Ring-O" - via F-assbender/Jobs - and a "Ticket to Ride" via I-Woz:
Lennon said it described cards indicating a clean bill of health carried by Hamburg prostitutes in the 1960s.
The Beatles played in Hamburg (Germany) early in their musical career (which was key in their rise)
 and a "ride" was British slang for having sex. Germany is where Crowley's OTO was formed.
Apple completely STINKS of Jewish/Masonic Mystery Religion. $666.66 Apple.
Saturn "ring Lording". Didn't you ever wonder why the Jew MSM advertises ALL their products and FREE OF CHARGE?
Steve "Masonic" Jobs film was directed by (homosexual) Danny "Masonic Mysteries/Masonic O-lympic 2012" Boyle.
Masonic Morse - it had a heavy Mozart "Magic Flute" aspect - the ol'  masonic "magic flesh flute" penis.
Slow-clap for the Apple i-Sheep - those insane borgs who queue for days on end and spend $1,000+ on a plastic piece of "hipster/homo" SHIT. Made by slaves with insane profit mark-ups! VOMIT! Apple is now fronted by an overt homo.
These satanic Apple LOONS (Cook et al) actually think and feel - more like MACHINES do, not human beings!
'Poison Apple chomping' Turing was similar - a machine-like entity who seemingly thought like a machine.
In terms of hardcore Illuminati programming, direct victims are allegedly told that their brains are computers!

 "...electronic technology will soon render Western civilization on a human scale, impossible. 
The Faustian electronic bargain impinges on the very existence of what it means to be human. 
What we are observing with the growing dominance of the electronic machine and our eager interface with it, 
is the fabrication of Birkert’s terms, the electronic 'species-organism'..."
Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare - Michael A Hoffman.

 The same Hoffman who had contact with (alleged) Unabomber, Ted "FUCK COMPUTERS' Kaczynski.

The SICK Weinstein Bros. were behind 'The Imitation Game' - with uber faggot, (hate Whitey) Cum-a-batch, as Turing. 
Crying "Tranny" Game, and (Bender linked) Pulped '666' Ass Friction, from Jew Weinstein/Miramax homo programmers.
Benders - 666 Pulped Ass, Fruit "The Devils Rain/Reign" Travolta & Jackson (ass watching, Willis). 
Greece/Satur(n)-day Night Fever, Die Hard 3. Mr "queer Orange fruit, Roth/Ring-O" linked Tarantino.
It's Travolta that twists down Jack Rabbit's slim twisting (dirt) hole. Gay Paree "bun quarter/ass pounders" with cheese.
666 Dicky "Gooning one-eyed Willy" Donner. The Lethal Weapon/Omen/Twinky/Banana Splitter. Superman (1978).
Asshole of the world, Brand-O, God 'orange fruit' Father - he apparently wanted to play Jor El, as a "ring" bagel. 
Jor EL - "EL" aka Saturn. The Color Purp-EL.
It's likely an April 1st O Fool related Donner "piss-take". It could've been a private joke. Orange fruit Brand-O. Porked Beatty.
BrandO/Jor EL to Emmanu-(EL le). Last Tango Sodomy in Gay Paree. This film's success ultimately led to Emmanuelle being made.
1974 original film. Ars(e)-an (nom de plume)? Just Ja(e)ckin? Saturnic sitting Hoop-(h)er? "Cuny?" - lingers on screen, does he?
Might've known that 'ring lord' Saturn would get a look-in. Some've claimed that Ars-an's husband wrote the books. Bang-kok link too.

Emmanuelle Arsan claimed The Story of O inspired her to write her own erotic novel Emmanuelle (1967).
Elite sex slave cults and branding. French director Henri-Georges Clouzot wanted to adapt the novel to film for many years, which was eventually done by director Just Jaeckin in 1975 as Histoire d'O (Story of O). American director Kenneth "OTO/Lucifer Rising" Anger made a 20 minute short film version, l'Histoire d'O, in 1961.

It's not as though "LGBT" pressure groups (propaganda) have been using this sort imagery. Oh, hang on.
Tempted by the phallic serpent/snake...
Eden: "God created Adam and Eve - not Adam and Steve." Apple, phallic snake, and rainbow pyramid (see Newton).
Oohhh, scary poof men offering fruits (gay). Mmmm...Bite/Byte into the 666 Apple via (sodom) Lucifer & RAM.
'$666.66' model released on the heels of Jew "Gooning, one-eyed Willy, butt pirate" Donner's "666 O-men" film!
Lap-top Packing hard with O-Men Hewlett, & black cube "ring Lord" Saturn. I always preferred the Honey-well, myself. :)
Scottish Rite, 33rd Palladian Pike. Mr 'masonic' Lucifer. "Crowd" (see text) is believed to imply 'masses/goyim'.
Serpent Lucifer IS the "god" of the masonic Khazars. They are Lucifer's "chosen". That's what they likely mean by 'chosen'.
Original (use) Sin. Quasi-religious programming - mostly ignored by the mainstream! Newton was a hermeticist too.
Is that naked guy's cock inserted into a "Frisco rainbow" Apple II PC port? He likes hardware & software.
Even UK computer entrepreneur "Sinclair" (St Clair, Templars) launched a popular "rainbow" Spectrum PC.
Walt "666 Freemason" Disney. Disney, the corporation whose content always creeped me out, even as a child.
Eye (anus), Horns, and Hell. Perry, just another Illuminati (prism/pyramid) whore. These people ARE satanists.
The reason you might not appreciate this, is due to the fact that you DO NOT understand what actual and real satanism is!
Trans-Baphomet, Killer QUEEN via the seat/throne - linked to Go Greeking (masonic) Brand.
Big "pyramid eye" (masonic 33) Brother Brand. He likes phallic "gherkins" via his loud hailer mouth. Orange Queer, Kubrick.
The Shining's "Baphomet, Back Door to Hell, Cuckoo Juicy Fruit, As Gay As It Gets, Easy Riding Choppering Scatman" Jack.
Disney's overt child sexualisation/consumerist agenda via 'Princess programming' is (imo) vomit inducing.

Fairy-tailing - Hans "Queer" Christian Anderson's work was full of crypto homosexual programming - Ugly Duckling etc.
It seems the sheep learned nothing from Ridley "Freemason/Homo" Scott's 1984 Apple I-drone/I-slave advert.
Scott's former brother, Tony - directed one of the most "homosexual-based" propaganda films in history. Top "gay" Gun!
Ridley originally came through via the BBC. The Scotts were very accomplished directors of corporate commercials.
French President from 1981-1995, Francois 'masonic' Mitterand - commissioned the Louvre 'masonic 666/673 pyramid'.
 US Zionist/Khazar JEW tech is absolutely soaked in satanic/masonic symbolism. Illuminati Rothschild's eye and pyramid.
The "Masonic" Wizard of Woz.
Masonic one-eyed, pyramid Apple to Masonic "G" Google.
The Google "gay rainbow" and Masonic/Jew sexually resonant "G".
Masonic "G" - Mail. G Males.
(masonic cock worshipping sodomites)

Amazon and Jeff  'masonic' Bezos? Bezos is very likely another deep state cut-out. (Pic below, thanks to the Q chans).
That said, Q-Trump is a Zionist/Masonic psy-op fraud...Trump is a slave of (satanic) Israel.
Amazon or A-mazon/ A-mason. Is the Devil/Lucifer in the details?
Nazis in S. America (the Amazon). Bezos' father was Ted 'Danish' Jorgensen. Amazon did the Man in the High (Nazi/US) Castle.
 Bezos also now has the Washington Post under his umbrella (since Oct 2103). His propaganda arm.
In December (2017) William 'Washington Post' Graham blew his brains out (a bit like his father before him).
Amazon, corporate facism at its finest, is already deeply (and increasingly) involved with the MIC/US military. Dumb Amazon drones (customers) are busy enslaving themselves and those around them. Mass surveillance (a la Amazon) is a military program. How can any sane human being think that a vast internet monopoly like Amazon can be in anyone's interest - long term? Primed sheep madness. Alexa? OMFG!

Google and the US military complex/Pentagon. Google - aka the ultimate in terms of mass surveillance/control.
These satanic US MIC behemoths are beyond Orwellian. The US is already a giant fascist corporate/ tech feudal hell.

Don't Be Evil - we (Google) cornered that market (in evil) years ago...
Intel Google - G-007-le. SKYNET Pyramid. Note the "Y" - the male chromosome.
Arnie "Pumping Iron/Poof" Schwarzenegger was the "Chrome" Terminator: "Fuck you, asshole."
Total "Eye/Pyramid Mine" Recall - with "Banana Tailpipe Copping" Bogomil (buggery), Deliverance sodomy - Dick Jones, Cox.
 Robocop. Dick via Cox/Cocks. In the toilet. Iron Butt, Boner...Asshole. His 3 favourite things. He's the No.2 via the crapper.
K Dick-ing & mining via "We Can Remember It For You (W)Hole-sale" - woman to Arnie: "Fuck you, asshole."
"Ze 12-gauge auto-loader, ze .45 long-slide wiz laser sighting, a phased plasma rifle in ze 40 vatt range, ze Uzi 9mm."
Greek Iron Titan(ic), masonic Cameron - he put a fat 9/11 predictive scene (with Arnie) in Terminator 2: Fudgement Day.
My page is on 'Google Blogger' - oops. They won't let me use AdSense (never could, not that I'm bothered) or 'post sharing' now.
They could have this entire Eire operation run from a phone box. The rest of it is just simply window dressing!
I used to walk past the Google HQ in Ireland, on my way back from work. I virtually lived next door. :)
Regularly I would randomly shout-out the word "CUNTS" (a few times) as I walked by the office and its employees. :)
This is 100% the truth too. Ha, ha...that's the craic. Ireland have now got a "queen" for a Taoiseach (PM).
I mention the "rents" issue not out of personal suffering. Mine stayed the same the whole time, but by chance.
When out there I kept hearing numerous stories from colleagues whose rents had increased 200/300 Euros a month.
Google "rainbow staff" whose numbers kept increasing - putting pressure on the stock, and as the premises spread.

AMERICAN PSYCHOS/SOCIOPATHS via Silly CON Valley. What an absolute insane gimp Holmes is!

 Was she created in a Nazi lab? Some kind of borg experiment that went wrong? A Westworld employee gone rogue?
Does she suffer from some sort of genetic anomaly? Downs-syndrome? She's clearly mentally ill. Is it a transsexual?
She/he is EVERYTHING that is wrong with FRAUD USA and FRAUD Silly-Con Valley. FULL OF SHIT.
Her father was a VP at (fraud) ENRON! Who'd have guessed that she'd be a huge fraud too? ;)
Why was she always hanging around with very old and connected establishment men? Did she service their hardware?
Quoting Yoda? Howl. Ha, ha! OMFG! What a complete and utter TOOL. Star Wars is SHIT. Zen for the retarded.
Way to go, America. Zuckerberg, Gates, Jobs, Holmes, etc. All complete corporate fraud sociopaths/psychopaths. :)

Let's play global-thermo nuclear war...a nuclear judgement day.

Back Door Microsoft and the Military...War Games via Matthew "9/11" Broderick.

Gates, Allen, and Micro-soft were likely parodied in (nuclear) War Games (1983), the geeks. Also see Gates & "tic-tac-toe" etc.
Before the military print-out is taken to the geeks - Lightman says that they probably designed the program (wink, wink).
The computer used by David Lightman (Broderick) is an IMSAI 8080[2], a clone of the (Micro-soft linked) Altair 8080.

'Backdoor' Malvin & Jim STING. Malvin (Deezen) was in 'Grease/Greece' (Greek, anal) with 'Sept 11 Face/Off' Travolta.
Backdoors via tricks. "Satan's (Back) Alley" Travolta - the "Greased Lightning, Back Doors Crying via a Hot Rod" man!
Hardware vs Software. War Games, Badham directed (gay) Satur(n)day Night 'Odyssey' Fever! (I wish I was making this up!)
Greeced Deezen was in 'The Rosebud (sphincter) Beach Hotel', followed by 'A Polish Vampire in Burbank', as "Sphincter"!
War Games used the Back to the '9/11 Twin Tower' Future 2 "time tunnel" - for the base tunnel/entrance!
The pink surfing, rogering rabbit (dirt) tunnel, that literally leads to biffing the shitTurd (VLA) Contact, worm-holing, 9/11 Zemeckis.
Falken was based on "big banging, and probing hairy black holes" Hawking. Stephen W Falken (Falcon), Stephen W Hawk-ing.
(John 'Men-Love' Lennon was earmarked for the role of Falken, but was assassinated before that could transpire.)
Hawking, and the 'Sept 11/Twin Towers' Theory of Everything...
The Microsoft Gates to Flight Simulated 9/11...

Buzz those Twin Towers
Gates is also heavily involved in eugenics via vaccination programs that badly pose as altruism.

Steven 'Masonic/Room 666' Spielberg and his computing father, Arnold.
 Well, well, well...what a small mass media and computing world! The masonic/sodomite RAINBOW arch (below right).
Synagogue of Lucifer/Satan and the concealed (flipped) masonic apron in Brother Spielberg's Jurassic Masonic Park.
Sirius aka the masonic (ass eye) star and which hangs in all lodges. Lodges are based on demonic '666' Solomon's temple.

Homosexual mind control propaganda via Blue Oyster...Hawk-eye aka Horus. A Blue Oyster Cult.
"Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus (asshole) to the Mouth (vagina) of Isis!" Sodom Crowley.
Underground tube tunnelling, faggy rainbows, and Blue Oyster - via Trans-port for London and TranS-ys.
Sodomite Jew firm Saatchi & Saatchi (contracted by TranS-ys) brought in the man who chose this (Blue) Oyster name.
Saatchi's first famous ad - "Pregnant Man" for the UK's Health Education Council feat. a man who appeared to be pregnant.
Faaggot & Faaggot - Butt Kiss - same year as 'Pregnant Man' (1970).
C. Saatchi has majorly controlled the modern art market, promoting FAGS like Damien 'conman' Hirst, the latter linked to homo Koons.

Iron "POOF" Man
Ol' "gay sugar daddy" Arnie. Mr Mount "O" Olympia. He even played a pregnant man in Junior.
Plenty of "iron/poof" love muscle. Nazi Iron Cross, Arnie. Gay men and gay mogul fantasies made real.
Oh look. it's Emma "BBC Khazar" Thompson. Let's campaign to get a filthy foreign spy back from Iran, Thompson.
Miss Money Sterling. How's "gay" Stephen 'Jew' Fry, Ben 'Jew' Elton etc? I hear she quite likes Howard's End.
Don't forget Fry's "Peter's Friends" - schmaltzy mass sympathy programming - by, and for poofs!
Oxbridge Bum Boys - "what, what." They weren't acting - this is effectively their real selves!
A giant 'eclair' drops onto the set via Robbie "Tutti 'good booty' Frutti" Coltrane (Little 'gay' Richard).
BBC. Robbie "National Treasure/Ass Rosebud abusing/Tutti 'gay' Frutti" Coltrane. National Treasure (film) wasan  Illuminati fest.
QI, Fry. He's always "queuing" for some "eye" action. The show is complete SHITE too (like Fry's Turkish delight)
Fry was on the "original" show and representing Queens' - now there's a surprise. They did thrash Imperial though.
Even Mayall/Edmondson's "Bottom" (BBC) via the Bum Notes, and Noel GAY - is very, very suspect!
Edmondson (as Vyvyan, a girl's name) even got "quasi-pregnant" (via his ass) like Iron Arnie, in Young Ones.
QUEENS Parking Rangers (color purple) "Bottom". "Cottaging" Ful(l)-ham(s) is just around the corner.
Also West "Irons" Ham, & Wanger's Arse-anal. Murdoch runs the poofta Premiership. FA founded @Freemason's Tavern.
The recent gay "rainbow laces" event was launched from the Irons' (go Greek) O-lympic Stadium. I'd never have guessed.
Iron Maiden's Steve 'Arris is a big West Ham fan. 'Number of the 666 Beast' was allegedly born from O-Men 2.
Spinal "Electric BananaBig BottomHell Hole" Tap - see Ade "Bad News/Bottom/Electric Banana Bender" Edmondson.
Jamie Lee "Hall-O-Ween" Curtis (via Bogey/Bogomil/Buggery sandman Myers) is married to Spinal Tapping, Guest.
Three of The Young Ones actors also formed (Spinal 'ass' Tap resonant) spoof iron/metal band, Bad News.

Corporate heroes Metallica: S & M, Black Snake, and Enter Sandman - Metallica. Greeking "Up Your Ass" via the bolt.
It's Randy donut ring exit, Iron Man - "Greek lightning bolt 'up your ass' via Mt O, with Butch Willis & Irons"
Sam "Shafting/Quarter Pounding/Snake Planer/Black Snake Moaner/Dying Hard" Jackson. ACDC, swing both ways.
Rob "incest sodomy roast" Reiner, Spinal Tap (film) and Bad News (Comic Strip) were in production at the same time.
Stand By (Behind) Me. Chopper (cock) sik balls - dogging Feldman's ass via "Pop-eye" - dog Chopper's actual name!
Isle of Luci(fer), Tap - with "Aristocratic Little Lord Fauntleroy" aka Christopher "sodomite programmer" Guest.
Bottom Bum Notes via Mar-Keys (tents/camp) and Pop-Eye. Pop (brown) eye with "Hello, Sailor", Iron (spinach) and Oil.
BBC Little Sod (Sodomy), & Noel Gay's Full Bottom. (not half-arsed). A Khazar BBC "bum/sod holing" double.
Did Little Sod (voice), Mayall play Tory Alan B'stard, or was it Anal B'stard? From Ed "Young Ones, Bottom" Bye.
Homosexual programmer (Nazi/Jew) Stanley '666' Kubrick...2001: A Homer-erotic Odyssey via the rainbow eye.
Bottom 2001: An Arse Oddity...via Queer/Homo Orange, UK based Kubrick.
Kubrick's (sodomite) 2001 written by Lucifer Clarke, the BBC-linked homosexual and paedophile author/programmer.
(Jail ass) Punk Not Dead, Vyvyan, Banana Bender, Queens Parking Eddie "tranny/Elizabeth" Hitler, stars/pentagrams, 666 head.
'Young Ones/Bottom' Bye, married Ruby "obnoxious Jew" Wax, she was in (666) O-Men 3. His sister was married to Lord Garvagh.
Big "Gaiety" Banana Bent One, likes "Routing/Rooting" 66(6) with his chopper, and Rangers - like Jacobite fruit  Orange (gay) Willy.
Willy Connolly's BBC linked wife, Stephenson, was in "Super-O-Man 3" with masonic (sodomite) Pryor.
Masonic Pryor, partner of Gene - Willy 'Chocolate Tunnel' Wanka, "What is Sodomy?" - Wilder. Squaring the circle.
He played Brown with "piercing" Albert's wife, via Queen Victoria. Connolly is often in Royal circles. (pun not intended).
Gay-ety Banana Billy, Noel 'Tranny' Edmonds, and Young Ones, Neil. Brit Awards 1985 (below). 
The Brits began in 1977. A complete "gayfest" in hindsight. Frankie Goes To Hollywood (2 awards), Wham - 
Lavender Boy Prince (2 awards, inc. Purple Reign/Rain), Alison 'dyke' Moyet. The OTO/CIA 'Police' too - with a Sting in the tail. 
Another UK 80s staple, Banana-rama (rammer). Shy Boy? Coco-nut? No, not a Brit win for them. 
It's another earlier example, but they may have been there. The devilish, Greeking, vampire "Venus" girls. 
Shy 'Banana' Boy: "Just sitting in the back seat...I'm gonna give him all my love. Each & every night." (suspect video too, with rear gesturing, and a glam man). Anyway, Banana Billy uses the "gender bender" term in this Brit awards clip! (see it here, 2m 50s).
Up for the award - Jew Yankovic, and (Wilder linked) Jew 'Fag!" Brooks, Jew written Young Ones, Alexei 'Jew' Sayle. 
I'm all 'Jewed-out'. Roland Rat should've won. :)  Noel 'BBC Multi-rainbow-coloured Swapping Shop' Edmonds. 
He likes Blobbing 'Crinkly Bottom' via dingly/dangly (berry) dell, and Gotcha "O-scars". He also likes the "Brown Sauce" - 
rumours of trannyism too. BBC Radio 1, Noel. The radio used to be called the 'tranny/trannie' (transistor).
The "Beeb" gave us 'meddling/medalling with kids' via (Radio 1) satanic Fix-It Savile - who knows what they're capable of!
Above, 2005. We can only 'guess' the extent of their overall 'individual awareness' in the overall mind control programme.
We cannot even rule-out that it could be a form of "goading" - faux outrage, but I don't know. I'm covering bases.
BBC 'cultural Marxists' (aka insanity) at work, Rik. It'll soon be "ethnic gays only". He did die rather mysteriously.
Fry was linked to Mayall, when he fled to (paedo) Belgium. Some have claimed that the real reason Fry quit the play
was due to a 13 year-old boy making a complaint against him in Norwich.
Queens' Fry and Queen Elton
I saw your 9/11 'predictive programming' in BBC's The Young Ones  (11/9 pilot) - you sick fucking Kike, Elton! :)
Anyone would think that Khazar Jews are mass media control freaks...sarcasm.
Of course they hate the 'Goyim' - that's just standard for these Luciferian, masonic/sodomite Khazars!
They think this is all fair game - "might is right" - that's why they propagandise you with mass terror/sodomy programming.
Fry, narrowly missed-out on Dick Wagnerian "one-eyed ring cycling" via (gay) Singer's Valkyrie, and with Cruising Tom.
BBC's Young Ones worshipped 'Shadowy" Cliff "homo/paedo" Richard. A Lord Boothby cock rider/fluffer.
The Young Ones was also full of (Jew) MARXIST/Bolshevik/Socialist propaganda too - now there's a surprise, eh BBC!?
The KGB slide when Richard was working for Khazar (infiltrated) UK entertainment/intelligence - all along.
That BBC/Police 'dog and pony show' only fooled the sheep! Showering with the "young ones" at Elm Guest House.
O Twist. Tory homo/paedo linked Elm Guest House - linked to Spartacus, Capital Gay, and TORY literature.
Nightmare on Elm Guest House. "I'm Spartacus...I like gay cock up my ass, and man/boy love via elite protection.".
The Spartacus Club was run by Catholic Priest John Stamford from (Orange Jew) Amsterdam. Stamford masqueraded as a gay rights champion (a familiar modus operandi) but was secretly a leading member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (it has been linked to Labour aspects too via CHE). The venue was advertised in the Press including Capital Gay magazine and Conservative Party literature. American Harry Hay - a key early gay rights (man/boy love) champion was also a member of (ritual sodomy) OTO, he played the "organ" at his lodge. (no comment).

DUMBleby...1% Lackey.
You can sing for your license fee - I haven't paid it for years. Please drop around and I'll tell you why.
This just in. Get the fuck out of here! No wonder the old media guard is FAILING.
I give you - The "JEW-LUMINATI/PAEDO" BBC. Children In Need with Savile, the one-eyed pyramid.
Love is an Uphill (Gardening) Thing - Jimmy 'Israel' Savile. With "Red Devil" - Bobby 'comb-over' Charlton.
Jimmy, of course, is not really the exception at the Khazar Jew, Marxist BBC - he seems more like the rule.
The "Jew-luminati" Beatles, Jewish Bolshevism, not Russian communism.
Communism was fomented by the Khazar Rothschild's Illuminati, and Jew agent Marx/Levy. Jimmy "Beatles Compere" Savile.
Maggie 'Iron Lady' Thatcher linked, Savile handed Iron Arnie his first NABBA Mr Universe trophy in 1967.
Jemima and Jocasta's favourite masonic "toff"  playground. "Ya, Glast-O is just so 'de rigueur', darrhhlling."
Like this one. The one symbolised via the "elite sponsored and signposted" recent Vegas mass shooting event (ahem).
The sodomite Jew-luminati "eye and pyramid" via (sodomite) Sin City.
The event that happened in the same time-frame as the UK "Monarch" collapse (see Monarch mind control). Monarch mind control via the agents (micro) and monarch mind control via the masses (macro). Boris Johnson dropped a Mandalay clanger on Trump's inauguration date. Johnson's Mandalay gaffe wasn't aired until the day before the Vegas shooting!
The "Illuminati" master symbol, obelisk (cock), and sphinx (sphinc-ter), - a pyramidal Giza (geezer).
Vegas, home of the "666" wheel/ring of fortune - roulette.

 M 'eye' 5 & M 'eye' 6 - UK (eye)SIS.
 British Intel and Masonic Mystery Religion. The 'pyramid' - the master symbol of Weishaupt/Rothschild's Illuminati.
Victor Rothschild was a major mover in UK intelligence - even connecting to the (homo) Cambridge Spy Ring.
The masonic 'eye' is (in-part) a euphemism for the anatomical anus. Sphinx is derived from sphincter.
UK 2017 Parsons Green tube bomb is heavily linked to 'mystery religion' agents - Parsons, Crowley, Hubbard, and Liddel (Lidl).
UK based 'rainbow' Kubrick. Ram sphinxes (sphincters), nailing troops, and literal donut drilling.
Masonic sodomite programing via the Brotherhood of Buggery.

Big Little Lies - you betcha!
Jennifer "can't act" Lawrence is still trying to get the taste of Weinstein cum out of her mouth - that's her occupied for years.
As for Kidman - WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. Nicole "my father was an MKULTRA child abuser /programmer" Kidman.

How's "rosebud" Cruising Tom?
Ninth Circle, Nicole. DO NOT be taken-in by these complicit HOLLYWOOD SATANISTS.
Nicole "Stepford Wife, Illuminati Eyes Wide Shut (sex with children)' Kidman.
Well, she did have her major screen debut in Dead Calm with (Kiwi) satanic Sam "Omen/Thorn" Neil.
Victim Fiona Barnett was called Star-Child (by Dr Kidman) the name of (paedo) Kubrick's 2001 baby.
The Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult could easily hide crimes of their global elite members. They were well trained by Hitler’s mind control experts from Nazi Germany. Barnett’s Nazi grandfather’s pedophile network was said to include clinical psychologists Kidman and John W. Gittinger who developed a popular test among psychiatric professionals known as the Personality Assessment System. In the Independent Australia News Barnett stated that as a young child, “Gittinger abused and raped me.”

Stanley "Clockwork MKULTRA Orange/Child Sex/Sodomite/Ashke-NAZI/Nazi Harlan" Kubrick.
Vicitm Fiona 'Star-Child' Barnett mentions Nazi doctors in Australia being at the centre of her abuse programming!
Ashke-NAZI Khazar Jews - Illuminati Pyramid Kubrick. Don't forget the CDAN paedo reveal of Kubrick/Sellers.
Jan Harlan started on Kubrick's A (Queer) Clockwork Orange - which features Nazi cinema mind control!
The book was based on MK-Ultra experiments and CIA ops. and linked to Fort Meade and Bliss.
The (Illuminati) Eye and Pyramid - the stabbed queer brown-eye.

 "Don't you want to go where the (homo) rainbow ends?" (Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, via gay Cruise)
The 2001 Rainbow (Asshole) Eye via probing the STAR-gate. Orange Queer Kubrick's 'going Greek' Homer-erotic Odyssey.
 Friedrich Nietzsche wrote The Gay Science - it was followed by Thus Spoke Zarathustra - linked to Kubrick's (homo) 2001.
Satanic Sodomite Rainbow (ass eye) OTO. The sequel to Kubrick's 2001 - 2010 - was about birthing LUCIFER!
  The Father of the Gay Rights movement - Harry 'Nambla man/boy love' Hay - was also a member of Crowley's OTO.
Sydney - where a large part of Barnett's issues stem from - is the SODOMITE capital of the world.
The IRON (Poof) Man contest in (Crowleyian) Oz is yet another subliminal sodomite fix.

Fiona "Dr Anthony Kidman" Barnett:
I was also raped by actor BRUCE SPENCE (see Mad Max films etc), at Bathurst City Hall when I was 15. I met an apprentice carpet layer who laid carpet in Spence’s Sydney flat. He said Spence’s lounge room walls were covered in kiddie porn. I was also raped by Shakespearean actor JOHN BELL, in the company of Dr Kidman, on the eve of my 15th birthday, after a Nimrod Theatre post production party held at Kidman’s house that was attended by the well-known cast. The following morning, Kidman tied me to a chair and beat me in front of his daughter NICOLE KIDMAN who stood there and smirked at me, with her arms crossed.

Mockery in plain sight via Bruce 'OTO' Spence...

I witnessed actress JACKI WEAVER, playwright David WILLIAMSON, and author of Puberty Blues KATHY LETTE at pedo ritual gatherings in Sydney. Kathy was based at Regina Coeli cathedral in Beverly Hills. Other victims have identified Jacki Weaver to Dr Reina Michaelson, on whom the Australian Government placed a D-Section gagging order, on the grounds that her disclosure of the government’s involvement in child trafficking, etc would undermine the Australian public’s confidence in the Australian government.

Programming the masses with SATANIC media and globally. Oz, Rupert 'film/TV' Murdoch was friend of (paedo) 2001 Clake!
Full earth coverage (via broadcasting satellites) was first seriously posited by (homo paedophile) A.C. Clarke, 1945.
Terminator "Tech Noir" (Black Magic). Mass media IS a form of (nefarious black) magic - that's what is being implied!
Another of MY original finds in respect of 9/11 predictive programming (along with dozens of others) - circa 2003.
Lucifer Clarke's First Law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Clarke dropped a 11th Sept 2077 (cipher) in book 'Rendezvous with Rama', via fireballs and 'sinking' island Venice.
Clarke/Kubrick's "2001:ASO" sequel, 2010. Kubrick, who died 666 days before the first day of 2001. Apocalyptic Judgement.
666 TV Channels via 2010 Lucifer, and Apocalyptic "End of (666 WTC) Days". JEW - Peter "666/2010 Lucifer" Hyams.
Hyams made (Apollo resonant) "space hoax" Capri-corn One - via Lew "ITC-Sept 11th/Medusa 9/11 Touch/Milchan" Grade!
Most TV stations moved their primary transmitters to the WTC's N Tower in 1975. The huge MSM broadcasting antenna added 1978.
The 'magnetic' Omen/Omen 2, 'Corporate Thorn Industries' year - 1978. The Christ resonating WTC 9/11 (Iron) Cross.
9/11 Radio-Heads 2001. Corporate MSM broadcasting antenna (overlaps).
On and around the (antenna) North Tower's collapse, media corps switched to the FM radio-linked Alpine Tower for back-up. CBS were able to switch to their equipment at Empire State. The 360ft WTC mast was upgraded in 1999 to accommodate "Digital TV" broadcasts. The 110th floor of North/WTC 1 housed a large amount of radio and TV transmission equipment to control the hundreds of kilowatts of RF (Radio Frequency) output power beamed from the WTC 1 antenna. CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. in NYC -
all broadcast from the WTC 1 antenna.
Devil's faces were also noted in the smoke. Christ Cross & Devil Trident(s) (fork, tuning forks). The World Trident Center, literally. 2001 Clarke compared the (radio-magnetic) monolith to the UN Building, NY. 11th Sept. 2001, was the UN's International Day of Peace! Also see Clarke's "Childhood's End" for the 'demonic overlords'.
2001 - Tycho RADIO/MAGNETIC monolith anomaly (it was originally a black pyramid shape).
EMI - electro-magnetic interference. 'Lith' a type of photographic film. Above, (Heywood) Floyd - 'photo & monolith radio/magnetic interference' on the 'Dark-Side of the Moon'. (Pink)Floyd's 'pyramid/rainbow' DSOTM, an EMI release, 'Brain Damage' was a track. Ashke-NAZI/Khazar, Kubrick, Mr 9/11 2001 (ground zero, grounding) Monolith Man. 9/11 Bush's family were linked to the Nazis.
Even 2001 Bowman's star-gating (rainbow/eye) pod is decorated with the Nazi iron cross.
Floyd's daughter asks for a "bush-baby" (gift). George W, & birthing "Anti-Christ" (star-babies), like Rosemary, same year 1968.

Apocalypse Martin's son - Wall '9/11' St. Charlie (Fox). World Trade Center Stone's father worked on actual Wall St.
Charlie, is in the 2017 release "9/11". Jew Stone who feverishly kept an eye on his watch - during the filming Wall St.,
at least according to Charlie. I wonder why, hmmm? There are other clock examples.
NY corporate office "Hell" - at exactly 9:11
 With Kirk Douglas's son Michael. It was (sick) Kirk 'homo' Douglas that got Kubrick the key Spartacus job.

This Clockwork 'mkultra' Orange scene (below) is nothing but "MOCKERY", elite mockery. That's YOU in the nazi cinema chair.
Most of the film is "sodomite propaganda" disguised as art. Fruit, queer orange, brown-eye stabbing with milk, etc.
A Clockwork Orange was a result of MK-Ultra linked experiments (Fort Meade/Bliss) - CIA Howard Roman allegedly wrote it.

Radio-Head 9/11/2001, Berlin. Radio-Head the very year before, 9/11/2000. The Abingdon "bum boys" - aristocratic fringes etc.
Formerly EMI linked. Below, centre image from 'Amnesiac' released 98 days before 9/11/01. Paranoid Androids.
"We are not scaremongering this is really happening--while you were asleep" (below left, text with tower fallers) 11/9 Euro dating.
Falling from "Towers" - one gig linked to this tour and imagery was held at Tower Hamlets - "fear stalks the land".
Corporate WHORES. "Rainbows and Pyramids" - Radiohead. They played the (elite) BBC pyramid stage at Glastonbury 2017.
Sept 11 2001 gig was in (Nazi) Germany, Berlin. The band mentioned the so-called terror attack (an obvious inside job to anyone with a brain, my emphasis) at the 9/11/01 concert, during 'Paranoid Android' (wink, wink). They have a "Bluebird" link too, a potential Nazi mind control programme indicator. Predictive elements were seen with former corporate whore/pawn "pyramid/rainbows/eyes" (gay) Prince, in Utrecht, Dec. 1998. Prince - Bin Laden, (a Kubrick linked) 2001 "hit me", and bombing. (See Radio-Head 9.11FM post.)

 Project Bluebird - which was instigated on the anniversary of Hitler's birth - April 20th (1950).
It is interesting that Twitter have utilised the imagery. Bluebird Twitter - mass mind control via soundbites and GROUP THINK.
 Likely military mind controlled JFK patsy (via Camp Street) Oswald was linked to Bluebird (see the cafe), as was Manson.
Back to the (von Braun, 9/11) Future used Bluebird (motel) and via Mockingbird Square (Bluebird and Operation Mockingbird).
The Spielberg/Zemeckis franchise that opened with (Nazi-linked Kubrick's motif) CRM-114 via the amplifier.

Veit "Nazi 3rd Reich" Harlan's son, Kristian (below). Veit's nephew, Jan was Kubrick's producer. Veit's niece was Kubrick's wife.
(Jud Suss, image above). Kubrick, the Strange-loving, orange fruit queer,'s all coincidence. (yeah, right!)

Nazi Harlan & Ashke-NAZI Kubrick - LUXOR.
(Nazi) MONARCH (mind control) linked Illuminati Kubrick. Illuminati Vegas - on the same day as the UK airline MONARCH collapse.
 A portion of the top floors being co-owned by (Saudi) Al-Waleed and (Microsoft's) Bill 'Lucifer' Gates.
We picked-up "Illuminati pyramiding poof" Kubrick's "Luxor" (Egypt) homage in Full Metal Jacket in a recent post.
Paddock aka the literal "Eyes Wide Shut" shooter. "Move along, nothing to see...move it along."
The usual embarrassing stuff being passed-off as somekind of plausible reality. What a joke, an insult really.
No point in getting bogged down in the minutiae of these things - it's complete shit from the get-go.

"(Go) West-life"
Syco/Psycho "Thorn EMI" Cowell. Jonathan "EMI/Thorn EMI" King.
Everyone's Gone to the Moon (ass) King via (man/boy love) Apollo. Mass mockery of the goyim.
Boot Camp, Masonic Jew, "So Macho" - Simon "Thorn EMI" Cowell worked as a runner on Stanley Kubrick's The 'monarch' Shining - polishing Jack's chopper (cock). But he did not get along well with colleagues and bosses, until his father, who was an executive at EMI Music Publishing, managed to get him a job in the mail room. However, after failing to get a promotion, he left to try out other jobs before returning to EMI. In the early 1980s, he left EMI to form E&S Music with his former boss at EMI, but quit in 1983.
That means that he likely joined Thorn EMI around the time of the major 1979 merger.
Child abusing King was also at EMI (A&R etc), and at the time of his arrest had (allegedly) agreed terms to become Chief Executive of EMI. Jew, King also seemingly has a bit of a "Nazi" fetish too, that is what has been alleged.

Thorn EMI de-merged in 1996, EMI becoming EMI Group Plc. Financial woes led to a Citigroup buyout in 2011. At the time of its break-up in 2012, it was the fourth-largest business group and family of record labels in the recording industry and was one of the big four record companies (now the big three). Its EMI Records Ltd. group of record labels included EMI Records, Parlophone, Virgin, and Capitol Records. EMI also had a major publishing arm, EMI Music Publishing—also based in London with offices globally.
Of course, Simon's former publicist, the convicted Max Clifford has just died. He was serving time for child abuse charges.
Clifford, was linked to Diana 'masonic' Dors, and her celeb sex parties and likely involving blackmail trapping aspects etc.
Diana Dors' father was the Worshipful Grand Master of his lodge.

Bryan "QUEENING" Singer - Apt "Nazi" Pupil, Bryan.
Bryan "paedo/Twink pool parties" Singer is being investigated now too. He's been a known child abuser for YEARS.
Donner-linked Singer is also a "gender-bending" programmer (see gay X-Men etc) - as we've already thoroughly identified.

Clockwork Queer Orange Reporting - Dem/Dumb Senator, Al "Trading Places" Franken.
The Rob 'spinal tapping' Reiner - sodomy roast man.
Note, I only just previously wrote about this degenerate and now he's been busted!
Al "Banana Bender/Ass Fucked Gorilla Man/Poof Ghostbusting" Franken - he's bitten the dust too!
Toilet Trading Places, Franken. Another poorly veiled homosexual and female abuser.

Update 29 Dec. 2017

Corporate Criminal Apple:
As if by magic! In the weeks following this post - Luciferic/sodomite Apple have been collared! :)
I didn't spend my time tearing them apart (via this post) for the fun of it!
Allez, France!

They've been fleecing the isheep by making the earlier iphones obsolete - all to force upgrades.
 Apple are 'control freaks' and always have been. They've also been selling this 'slowdown' issue as ALL being for customer benefit. These blatant American corporate lies are embarrassing for anyone with a functioning brain. No-one in these quarters is the least bit surprised by these developments.
I hope this shit-hole, American "corporate criminal monster" gets what's coming to them.
Oh, and can you "dumb fucking sheep" stop helping the sick Illuminati in every goddamn venture that they unleash. Thanks.

In other news it has been established that Faecesbook is influencing outcomes of elections. Hey, no shit.
Socialist Media - creating a world of corporate dosed drones. Homogenising humanity, and en masse. Mass surveillance chic.
2 billion + users says that I'm correct that they're a type of "sheep" - a very dangerous type imo.
Note how ALL these companies are AMERICAN. They're not "supra-national" - as many commentators keep erroneously trying to point out. These are US entities. Facebook fronted by Jew 'cut-out' Suckerberg.
 The fact that they seem to be able to function in a "quasi supra-national" sense - is simply because they've BEEN ALLOWED TO.
It's the (nefarious) US military/industrial/media complex that has ultimately created these internet 'group think' behemoths.
The same complex that bought us 9/11, and all the global chaos that has followed on the back of it.


  1. Hey HP,

    On your comments re the computing/gay/rainbow aspects, I think the ZX emblem of the SINclair models could be alluding to a change to the XX/XY and gender binaries. Also regarding the "Intel Inside", remember that this is the CORE of the computer, as in Apple core.

    It all seems clearly linked.

    Great article BTW.

    1. Hi, thanks for replying. I've added the "core/corp" thing, thanks for the pointer. Yes, of course, "binary" and all that LGBT "binary" hoo-haa. It's the exact same word - suggestive and digital 1's and 0's etc. Hey, wasn't FOR-TRAN a type of programming language to? This is f**king mad.

      Thanks for being brave enough to comment - I really appreciate it and it speaks volumes about your character. Thanks again.

  2. Hi there. I am finally up to date with your work. It took quite a while, so a lot of the comments I have posted along the way were too late for you to pay attention to, I think.

    Good to see new work. It is difficult to see the world around me without looking for evidence of this knowledge that you have exposed, and I live on a continent you don't write much about. I am not sure that with our clown of a president we are better or worse off than you guys.

    Oh well, damn that Confucious when he determined, we live in interesting times.

    Bring on a time when I would be proud to call myself a member of the human race. I mean, I get totally disgusted just by the compulsive need to throw litter everywhere, let alone by the stuff you are informing me of.

    Take care of you.

    1. Sorry I took so long to reply.

      Thanks for your comments and support, IIona. I hear you in respect of "mass entropic decay" - I entirely agree with you. I'm disgusted by it too.

  3. From watching one of the You Tube links you posted above, the one about the sexualisation of children I came across this guy's account, and he also seems to notice some of the things you do. This one about the Superbowl resonates somewhat with your observations, not as in depth as yours of course.

    1. i watched some of that clip too, and couldnt help my eyebrows raising when it started.talking about the good old days of family oriented tv programs, like full house with the olsens, will smith and cosby etc... get the fuck out of here with that family oriented bullshit. cant remember his name but the main comedian from full house has some nasty accusations following him and an even more despicable sense of humour.

      just letting you know im tuned in hlp!

    2. N. Renzi...Yes, indeed I hear you. They were NOT the good old days of TV. He's just comparing "overt uber shit" (from the now) with "covert shit" from the past. Shit, is simply just shit. I think Hollywood/TV has ALWAYS been degenerate. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. I'm proud to be part of the human race knowing there's at least one lionheart amongst us like Phat, out there unreservedly telling it like it is, and shining some real light on all the gay ass vampiric degeneracy with such smashing breakbowns like the latest. What developed from your piece on the abominable Theresa May has turned into a well-ordered exposé that definitely pulls no punches with the evidence and soundness. So good of you to channel that umbrage into something so edifying, Hoss. I'm learning a lot, and am confident the tide will turn whenever I see sanity like yours take a stand. Thank you.

    1. Bingers :)

      If anyone has kept me sane throughout all this - it's YOU. There's no denying it.

      It's been tough going over the last few months - unfolding events and my writing etc. That said, I'll never stop thinking or believing what I do. I don't have an issue with my position, quite the opposite. I'm strong and solid like that. I really appreciate you dropping this comment though, Bingers - and in such a trying post as this one. It's certainly the "boost" I was looking for, and that's the straight-up truth. Can't thank you enough for this and all the other numerous occasions. Thank you.

      What a fucking mess it is out there though. If people are yet to realise that something is afoot - then they truly are the lost. I'm not sure how much of my writing is coming from the "gut/psychic" feelings that I've been having. I just feel like something is imminent - another really major event of some kind.

      Anyway, thanks again Bingers. Best wishes to you.

    2. Glad to be of service. I can't think of any blogger more deserving.

      You've been right about a great deal, far ahead of the game over the years - a President Donald Trump, nazi propaganda, Sodom and Gomorrah-wood, etc. - that your gut feeling is an opinion I very much value, especially when it comes to these matters. With the likely unpleasant something sinister looming large, it's commendable on you as it is advantageous to me you continue to listen and take note.

      Indeed, it is pretty messy out there and getting worse in a lot of little ways. All the more do I appreciate seeing your enduring presence. It's always a relief to talk to someone who doesn't get snakecharmed by the endless glam glitz and doom.

      Keep it real, Hoss.