Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Trumpstein - Stooge of Zionist Israel

Just porting-over the end of the Oumuamua post - so I can keep abreast of Trump's ongoing overt insanity.
Regular readers will KNOW that I predicted Trump's election win, and over a year in advance!
I did similar with the UK EU vote too (save the small wobble around the time of the faux assassination).
Results that the MSM said were unlikely, or nigh-on impossible. Ha!
That is now history - and now it's time to really evaluate Trump, and it's not pretty, far from it.

He's had his chance and "blown it" in spectacular style!
The "non-foreign interference" pledge - lies in tatters and is now exposed for the GROSS LIE that it was.
Is he hoping that the entire world is suffering from collective AMNESIA? We know what he said - and only 12 months ago!
Dec 2016. That would be Saudi "ISIS" Arabia then! So why is he doing deals with them and helping destroy Yemen?
His "nationalist" promise - another exposed lie. He is clearly a globalist stooge, and rapidly increasingly so.
So much for "America First". Trump has "bait and switched" his voter base - all for the typical and ongoing Zionist cause.
Trumpstein...Zionist Israel are the hand inside the Trump glove. The same Israel behind 9/11.
The Zionist puppet strings hove into full view.
Khazar/Ashke-NAZI Jews (in-league with US admin) caused 9/11 - you've been duped by these MONSTERS.
Israel makes you fight illegal wars - it's YOUR American sons and daughters who are sacrificed for all this!
Israel MURDERED US citizens in a giant false-flag - SWALLOW THAT! I've known this literally since day 1.
The JEW. S. of A.
If it were not for these "sick Khazar mind control agents" (below) the 9/11 LIE would've been busted years ago!
What you have in the US is a type of "mass media simulated reality" - one controlled and served-up by Khazar/Zionists.
Trump taking on the Khazar/Ashkenazi US MSM is nothing but a "dog and pony show" for useless eater digestion.
Israel OWNS the ENTIRE American mindset - it is indisputable. Not even the Khazars dispute it!
Pierce those Twin Towers...Hollywood aka JEW-wood.
US "mass mind control" through Khazar/Ashkenazi/Zionist Jew "mass media".
HELLYWOOD - the degenerate JEW shit hole that rapes children, sexualises the young, & brainwashes everyone else!
Home "WTC/911" Alone 2 - It's 'towering" Donald "Biff/Clamp" Trump.
Trump's also linked to Back to the '9/11-Struck Tower' Future, and Gremlins "9/11-WTC" 2 (see other posts).
Trump bought Back to the Future linked Delorean's Bedminster estate - & exactly 1 year after Sept. 11 2001.
Trump secured his presidency in the early hours on 9th November 2016 - Euro-style 9/11.
Let's take a New York bound flight. Foreshadowing for flight #175?
Culkin, takes American Airlines 767, flight #176 to New York. (as stated by the onboard flight attendant).
He stands on South Tower, the one that was struck by the United Airlines 767, flight #175 (see gif below).
It was American Airlines flight #11 (first strike) that allegedly struck the North Tower.
The Twin Tower scene segues to "airport security".
Who was the desk clerk who met Kevin in New York?
Ally "9/11 War Games" Sheedy (see pic inset).
Sheedy, who has recently made (abuse) claims of her own (see Franco). She is now seemingly on the industry fringes.
Home Alone 2. Somebody call - 911.
I have details of a "global crime syndicate" that brainwashed half the planet via Jew/Hollywood corporate media, and its related news channels. And of course, all in-league with the (SICK) US military-industrial complex. I didn't even mention John "Home Alone 2" Heard - 9/11 subliminals via the following - Awakenings, Big, and The Pelican Brief.
I doubt that (most) of the acting personnel involved even know of how they've been used/positioned etc.
It's Khazar Jew puppet, Trump and the sleeping (beds) 9-11 SHEEP/GOY - aka the US zombified by "mass media" Ovine herd.
Understand that I NEVER bought into the official 9/11 narrative, not even for one day! I honestly believe that the US public were MSM "primed" and "propagandised" prior to, during the event, and afterwards too, and as I've regularly described and demonstrated over the years. Since 2001, I've had to watch as the USA/Israel have made mincemeat out of literally the entire Middle East.
Home Alone 2/War Games, Sheedy's co-star, 9/11 Broderick. Picked-up by the FBI at 7-Eleven (7-11). Sept = 7.
Trump April 2016. I've ALWAYS said that "7-11" is a stylised form of "9-11". This is nothing new.
SEPT (seven), the original Roman calendar's 7th month. Trump, the walking tarot card - The 'struck' Tower trump card.
The Tower aka "Le Feu de Ciel" - The Fire of Heaven (the Sky). Back to the "Lightning-struck 9/11 Tower" Future.
Towering Trump/Clamp - the "World" (in a vice) "Trade Centre" . Gremlins "end of the world apocalypse" 2
All three films that seem to reference Trump, Dead Zone, Gremlins 2, and Back to the Future 2
- all have an end of the world and/or dystopian societal theme. Which is interesting in itself.
"Enough is Enough." Yeah, I think we've ALL had enough of this Illuminati clown!
Illuminati Cards and 9/11/2001. Game card from 1995.
As if all that isn't bad enough, but oh no - it gets worse.
War Games director, John Badham was attached to "The Dead (Stillson/Trump nuclear) Zone"
- released in the same year as War Games, 1983.
Walken - who featured as Mike (Mike-ro Soft/Microsoft) in The Stepford Wives remake -
with Matthew 'nuclear War Games, 9/11' Broderick, and Nicole 'satanic mkultra' Kidman.
Trump even wakes in the early hours of the morning with his epiphanies a la Stillson.
Stillson/Sheen who went on to play the POTUS in The West Wing.
Did they lift that from the 1979 novel? (The Dead Zone).

And now the 'marginalisation" of the USA's global influence slipping as each day passes.
A $20 trillion national debt sold as an economic miracle. What can possibly go wrong?
There is NO economic miracle - just Central Bank money printing, buy-backs, and other crimes!
Corporate USA - the folk who brought the world "sub-prime" HELL via (sick) Wall St.
China and Russia will kick your - fat, couch potato, Jew loving, uber indebted, degenerate, and poof-centric asses.
Threats of blackmail if the "JEW. S. of A" doesn't get its own way?
Awwwww....didums. Why don't you try blowing the fuck out of the entire middle east again - & on the back of another "big lie"?
You hit Syria (April), you're arming Saudi Arabia, running operations in Yemen, & destroying Palestine - etc, etc.
Oil rich Saudi - aka the most extreme Islamists! Trump's Secretary of State is Rex "Exxon" Tillerson.
Note, the UK (Jew K) is also heavily arming the Saudis, as I covered in a recent post.

"We will defund you..." Yawn!
Another US government Zionist SOCIOPATH. Just horrible, simply horrible. The spawn of "might is right" Lucifer.
Her barely concealed "passive-aggressive" manner is revolting. IT looks like a transsexual.
She's acting like the 'Borg queen" from Star Trek - "resistance is futile". :)

Trump made a lot of pre-election promises (as is typical of politicos) to his "America First" base, but he has already seemingly abandoned them. I was agreeable to some of his "anti-globalist, anti-foreign interference, and anti-immigration" message myself, but none of this has come to any appreciable fruition. It's been the polar opposite. Trump seems to be surrounding himself with the globalist cabal. This post is not meant as a slight against those that voted for Trump. It's Trump that has reneged on his base and their nationalist ideology - this is not the fault of the voter. A voter ultimately placed in the unenvious position of having the choice of Clinton or Trump. Forgive me for unloading my frustration - cos I don't hold back, but do try not to take it personally. 

Trump thinks that by acting like an "ape" on the global stage, that it will somehow help the planet?
He says - let's completely annihilate North Korea? Does he think China/Russia will just sit idly by as the US sociopathic war machine wrecks nations thousands of miles away? If anything it's the USA's "interference" in respect of North and South Korea that is likely very much a part of the problem. What a clown he is, simply an agitator of the Korean situation. He actually claims that all his "shit talk" has helped secure the North/South meeting! Only a complete mind-bombed Trump automaton would buy-in to that LIE. Trump was "agitating" - not helping. US foreign policy since WW2 has been NOTHING but colossal and abject failure. Creating Israel, Vietnam, Gulf War I, Afghanistan, Iraq Gulf War 2, Libya, Syria etc, etc. I'm starting to think Trump might well be the last President that the USA ever has! The world CANNOT continue under the yoke of the USA - THIS OVERT INSANITY HAS TO END.

US/Israeli foreign policy in the Middle East 

If the fallout from all these insane wars was landing on American shores - this all would've been stopped years ago!
Many Americans couldn't even find the Middle East on a goddamn map - and with help!
Without (false flag) 9/11 none of what has transpired over the last 16+ years could've happened!


Drain the swamp?
How? By giving (sick) corporate America HUGE TAX BREAKS, putting Neo-Cons in his admin?
Tax breaks for Wall St etc, even though they are the wreckers of the masses?

Good luck with "swamp draining" - especially with a corporate junkie like Trump at the helm.
When will the deluded Trump fanboys wake-up? He's a puppet of Israel, and the banking oligarchy!

"10-13" Templar suppression date.

1st Jan - 3rd Jan 2018

Remember the US "Arab Spring"? Remember the (non) weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Same old, same old.
Wait for Trump to start circling and then the "REGIME CHANGE" agenda will soon hove fully into view.
Israel have wanted war with Iran for years - Trump could well be the one who gives it to them. The Saudis would welcome it too.
The way Trump is angling (and so soon), you'd think that he was expecting something to happen - wink, wink.
TRUMP - the man who condemns IRAN, but who supplies (EVIL) Saudi 'ISIS' Arabia with arms to destroy Yemen.
FUCK TRUMP, and FUCK THE CUNTS THAT SUPPORT HIM. He's George W Bush 2.0. Another PNAC neo-Con gopher.
U.S./Israeli PROVOCATEUR activity in Iran - that is very likely what is happening at the moment (last few days 2017).
The counter protest is by far, LARGER than the actual protest, but don't let that get in the way of these Trump lies!

Vive la France...
Sock-it to them, Francois!
Spot the warmongering, regime change superpower, and it's NOT Russia.

There's NO Rothschild controlled central bank in Iran, - isn't that correct Donald "Jew errand boy" Trump?
Is Trump talking about the USA? He might as well be. This is how I view the current US!
What errant fucking nonsense is this? The man is CLEARLY insane and a tool of the sick Khazar Jews!
REAL people of the world are getting WISE to US/Israeli interference (hegemony) & under the guise of "help and freedom" aka LIES.
The REAL world knows that the US and Israel were behind 9/11! USA/Israel = global terrorists!
This is the exact same M.O. that they've been using for the last near 20 years! It's actually embarrassing!
Human rights violations? Your sick Saudi friends are murdering Yemeni children and have been for years - you ginger POS.
It's called Saudi (with US help) led GENOCIDE of Yemen. Trump is a despicable and duplicitous POS.
The same sick Saudi regime that is doing arms deals with Trump's admin. This is low-grade Jew S of A propaganda.
Some of Iran's internal economic issues directly come from the imposed sanctions!

What "freedom" are you offering USA?
Freedom to buy and sell in the rigged corporate market place - the 1% free-for-all? A Jew owned federal reserve and corporate banking system (aka legitimate criminality) that fleeces the masses, and enacts mass debt slavery? Sick media that turns children into SEX OBJECTS? Hollywood/TV violence that is nothing but MASS DEGENERACY programming? A SODOMITE centric nation which treats the issue as though it's a virtue? US Intel owned socialist media that promotes dumb group think? Gangsta thuggery promoted as a lifestyle choice (neo-Uncle Toms etc). Mass shootings on a weekly basis? The worship of celebrity on a level not seen in ANY RELIGION? Sick mass plastic surgery for a society who've been entrained to self-loathe via sick media? War as a means for economic and hegemonic expansion? Huge disparities in wealth? The AMERICAN DREAM - is a sane man's NIGHTMARE. The west isn't free. Not in the way that it is "marketed" by the establishment, at least. Trump is only selling bullshit to the gullible.

I wonder if the following is one such example...likely employed by foreign intel to instigate violence etc:
Below - The "UK intel" couple. Their marriage is an obvious sham. She's very likely a double-agent.
They could've been involved in (Jew led) provocateur activity in respect of Iran. It is the Jew K (UK), after all.
The Jew K want their SPY back - how thoroughly predictable.

Hey, Trump - YOU DUMB ASS!
Thousands are protesting the Israeli government and linked corruption. You know, the Israel that Trump LOVES.
Benjamin "CRIMINAL" Netanyahu. Where is the US call for "regime change"? That was the FIFTH 'March of Shame'.
Only a DUMB ASS would not spot the way that the USA ignores Israeli transgressions, and its population's protest!

 Somehow, Trump and the US MSM fails to notice all the above? More American people protested against Trump's presidency than anything we've yet seen out of Iran. This stuff is just EMBARRASSING. I'm reading it as staged co-ordinated events using provocateurs, intel/Mossad/CIA etc, and all supported by complicit western MSM - fanning the flames and projecting their narrative. The UK and US were instrumental in shaping Iran in the C 20th. The UK and US (under the aegis of the CIA) backing the Shah in the 1953 coup and overthrow of PM Mosaddegh (see Operation Ajax). Then ultimately having the Shah taken-out in 1979, followed by installing the Ayatollahs etc.

"Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat..."
Servants of Israel
The United States IS controlled by a FOREIGN POWER! AIPAC dominates the US govt apparatus, as do Jew lobbyists.
The masses are so dumb - hey let's just run G W Bush's agenda - AGAIN!
When I was watching Bush's speech at ground zero on TV (a few days after 9/11) -
I was screaming at the screen for the American people not to fall for this US/Israeli inside job!

I'm not saying that Iran's ruling govt. is an ideal, not in the slightest. This is about ongoing typical and criminal intervention, and deliberately fomented destabilisation by USA/Israel. All to bring about the exact same type of "regime change" doctrine that was associated with the Bush neo-Cons. Russia "put paid to" the USA's disastrous activity inside Syria - now these sociopaths want another Mid East whipping boy. If Iran want "change" - then it comes through the BALLOT BOX - not via US/Israeli aggression! It has a democratically elected government, and that's whether any outsiders - like it or not.

The American/Israeli authorities (and criminal MSM) have made you fight numerous wars based on FAKERY.
Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc - THEY WILL JUST CONTINUE IN THIS SAME VEIN.
This will all be under the guise of U.S. HELP and FREEDOM - the same sort of help that saw Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya etc - turned into the utopias that they are now today (sarcasm).

Well, well...if the sick Khazars/Ashkenazis didn't SIGNPOST what they were planning to do in advance, & very recently!
These ISRAELI MONSTERS need to be stopped!
With Khazar Jew lapdog Trump - there was never any chance of Israel "going it alone".
They even tried to get Obozo to attack them on their behalf! Is there no foil to this overt Jewish insanity?

Remember this from Jan, 2013. The Daily Mail story that was removed almost as quickly as it was posted!
I actually saw it on their site in "realtime" in 2013 - and noticed them pulling-it. A US/UK linked story.
I fished-out a version from the "google preview cache" - they rinsed the article off the internet!
For more, see the following: chemical-weapons-media-propaganda-in-us-uk-is-designed-to-hide-the-truth-in-syria/
There was a legal case over the article/emails etc, I leave it to the reader to make up their own minds.
We do know that Obama's admin was funding and supporting ISIS (aka rebels) in Syria, against Assad.

Lies come easy to the US government. She's another Khazar/Ashkenazi puppet, obviously!

And the overt AMERICAN MADNESS many wars are they trying to start?
Trump is like a smarted "child" - acting like a school playground bully, and on the global stage.
This PNAC/Neo-Con STOOGE is clearly UNHINGED and a threat to the planet. There is NO DOUBT.

In "The Dead Zone" - the climax has Johnny (Walken) attempting to assassinate (with rifle) 'Senate candidate' Greg Stillson.

The "BBC Robot Wars" and "hearing voices" youth from the UK. Shades of monarch/mkultra?
Similar shaped hotels in Vegas - linked by an 'attempted shooting' and a 'mass shooting'. Spooky, huh?
A "mass shooting" which occurred in Vegas on the exact same day as the UK MONARCH (airline) collapse!
Oct 1, 2017 - Vegas "mass shooting" via Mandalay & (Lux-Light) Lucifer Luxor Illuminati Black Pyramid.
Weishaupt chose the 'eye and pyramid' as the master symbol of the Rothschild sponsored (Zionist/Frankist) Illuminati.
A number of witnesses (multiple shooter referencers) have already turned-up dead and in mysterious ways - ahem!
A 'harvest' named event. The "shooter/patsy" (Paddock) aka Mr Eyes Wide Shut.
 As if (film linked via shooter) "The Big Fix" and "Fix It Here" Orlando LGBT shooting "FIX" wasn't bad enough!
Fraud 9/11, fraud Orlando Pulse shooting, fraud Vegas shooting...the list is endless. What a madhouse!
These events heavily involve 'processing' humanity (via mass mind exposure) and in a satanically inspired way.

(above, bottom left) Illuminati BLACK PYRAMID, anyone? Illuminati cards also key directly into the 9/11 event.

David "Videodrome/The Dead Zone" Cronenberg - BOTH released 1983.
The Khazar/Ashkenazi/Zionist "4th Wall" declaration/manifesto.
Mass societal mind control thru mass media induced "simulated reality".

Trump/Stillson and his "big button".
Donald "the missiles are flying" Trump.
Trump's nuclear button is only 'seemingly' bigger than Kim's - due to his very small hands! :)

The "not being Hillary" angle is ALL USED UP and is no longer relevant. That's what got him into power in the first place. Hell, as if that was any kind of defence to rely on anyway! A choice between Trump and Clinton - tells us all we need to know about the state of US politics. Quite simply, a madman now occupies the Oval office. Is this any better than having a madwoman in the POTUS chair? Nope! The left/right paradigm is yet again (but ultimately unsurprisingly) shown-up for the Zionist Hobson's choice that it seemingly always is! The US govt. apparatus is Zionist owned regardless of the hydra's head. The "cultural Marxist" liberal left way - is simply just another Zionist fix. Communism was fomented by the Rothschild Jew-luminati, Marx/Levy was their agent etc.

CHECK THIS GUY OUT - Youtube! What a C**T!
STEFAN MOLYNEUX (MolyJEW). A Khazar Jew provocateur/agitator/propagandist!
Trying to help the "Jew. S. of A." with their ILLEGAL "coup" attempt! He's a "narrative" criminal!

A sad go at brainwashing his readership with low-grade propaganda. The kind of propaganda that ONLY works on "low-info" type SHEEP! So, "FUCK YOU, MOLYJEW!" He completely IGNORES the US/UK CIA coup in 1953 etc! He doesn't seem to understand what happened with the disastrous "Arab Spring" either! No-one can be this wilfully ignorant, not unless they're a kind of FIX!
Posted on 30th Dec - so I know he is a PRE-EMPTIVE, ZIONIST POS! I've been leaving comments galore on that video -
I am going to DESTROY this JEW PNAC/NEO-CON POS! Not with bombs, but with words of truth! :)

He won't respond to any of my comments - it's because he knows I have him by his kosher balls!

I'm getting an INSANE amount of blog hits from France. I don't know how or why? :)
If any reader from France sees this - can you shed any light on all this traffic?
Who is reading all this in France? - "Je ne sais pas qui?" Kiss, kiss. :)

Emmanuel "Rothschild/Zionist" Macron.
I collared former leader Francois "Jewish Freemasonry" Hollande in my earlier posts - see JEWISH Hebdo etc.
Paris, (masonic) Friday 13th November, 2015. Bataclan terror venue sold by Israeli owner on Sept 11, 2015.

 The god of Israel is Lucifer/Satan...and ALWAYS has been.
"I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter (slave) and true friend (sycophant) of ROTHCHILD'S Satanic/Zionist Israel."

 Oy vey! Kosher Trump and the Kings of Zion. Donald 'Rothschild' Trump.
Son-in-law, Jared '666' Kushner is close to Satanyahu...very close, allegedly.

We've got Theresa "Zionist" May-er here in the UK/Jew K.
Only very recently Israel were implicated in fronting Pritti Patel as a Zionist funded challenger. Covering bases etc.
Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation. UK 7/7 just another Zionist mind fuck.

Jew-Nited States - US INTEL(ligence) Inside...Silly-Con Valley:
INTEL - in a recent post I was describing how tech companies like Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc -
are NOTHING but extensions of the American military-industrial-media complex. International tax dodge central!
Folk like Gates, Jobs, Suckerberg are/were merely "cut-out" front men for this said complex.
Their tech rise presented as organic, when it's simply just a MASS PR LIE. Look what has just popped out re: INTEL!

Note how virtually ALL these companies are AMERICAN! Not Russian or Chinese.
Net worth equivalent to that of reasonably sized nation's GDP. They're corporate slavers/exploiters, tax dodgers etc.
Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, sold off $24 million in company stock & knowing about the flaw!
Another US corporate criminal! Insider trading, dumping his shares before the drop. Note, (smart devices) ARM are a UK company.

War Games. 'Back Door' Geeks as Gates and Allen (avatars). Gates/Allen aka US MILITARY/INTEL cut-outs/fronts.
A likely deliberately built-in flaw courtesy of the US alphabet soup agencies - the real power behind these companies!
Apple (aka US intel) just got caught with their sick corporate hands in the cookie jar -
deliberately building-in obsolescence, and then LYING when caught-out. Typical US corporate LIES.
This is primarily why the USA is such a SHIT-HOUSE - sick, "anti-human" multinational corporations rule the roost.
The 1% have virtually all the wealth - the middle classes do not and will not benefit. Corporatism is a disease!
Baaaaaa! America - making corporate sheep out of human beings - day after day, after day, after day...
Faecesbook - Jewish/Masonic "mass sheep mind control" - group think dosed drones, low-info BASE INSANITY.
JEW Suckerberg aka the "cut-out/front" for this Zionist shithouse socialist media sewage. He's likely Rothschild bloodline!
Want to know why your children are "mentally ill"? There's your answer.
Go worship at the altar of corporatism - I mean, what could possibly go wrong? D'oh!
The Trump-Pence (Trumpets) of Revelation.
"When the (Khazar) Jews return to (1948 created) Zion."
1948, Israel. Thanks to the (Balfour) UK and Zionist America!
It's the "Corporate/Multi-national" Anti-Christ (a la Damien 'corporate/politics' Thorn) aka Donald "666" Trump.
The sort of monsters who put profit ahead of humanity! It's not, and has never been complicated!
Just like Luciferic/masonic serpent worshippers "666" CORPORATE Apple. Byte/Bite the 666 Lucifer Apple.
These sick Khazar/Ashkenazi kabbalists (and cut-outs) do like their "666" fun via medi.
That Apple $666.66 machine was unleashed in the months following the release of The 'political/corporate' Omen (6/6/76).
Khazar "666" Kabbalist, Kushner. Money laundering scum. Ooh, let's subliminally terrorise the GOYIM!
No wonder the USA is called "The Great Satan"! Sick kabbalist Khazars have run amok. Masonic Sirius and Satan.
 Kabbalistic '666/777' Sodom Crowley's satanic silver (sirius) star of the (sodomite) brotherhood. All seeing 'ass' eye.
'Lord of the Underworld' a la jackal Anubis. 666/O-Men, Damien, is born of a jackal (Anubis). Sirius (Anubis) dog of Orion.
Recall the "Back Door" Gates/Allen geeks (avatars) from War as double reference - sodomy.
Silly Con Valley in (homo/rainbow) San Francisco.

OMFG! Look at how dumb this Jew Yorker is - the ginger girl! See from 3 minutes onwards.

HOWL! "Make America DUMB Again" aka MADA! :)

The farce he wants to ban books that are critical of him. The man is already a global laughing stock.
Whether this book came out or not - is irrelevant. It is in terms of evaluating Trump, it doesn't really change anything.
All this noise over Russia though, when the elephant in the room is the nation of Israel,
and the longterm, vice-like grip that it exerts over the USA.

The book stuff has gone crazy! Is this a smokescreen for the FAILED Zionist Iranian coup attempt?
The drubbing at the UN via calling the emergency meeting? Russia, China, France etc - sent the US packing.
Far too much of a circus now. No-one is talking about the Trump/Zionist neo-Con stunt! I'm suspicious.
Trump groupies cannot deny that he is a Zionist - there is no longer any doubt. The USA is simply a 'colony' of Israel.

To the "right wingers" who think this is all a "left wing" fix to derail Trump - you are the MOST LOST OF ALL.
Trump IS NOT taking-on the (JEWISH) MSM - his attitude to Israel informs you of this much. Wake-up!
The "left wing" are not making Trump act and behave like an "alpha child APE"! He needs no assistance there.
Trump OWNS his performance on the world stage - no one but Trump is responsible for that!
For the record - I hate Clinton, and liberal/leftism, so I've no issue there! It's All a shit house!

There is NO ECONOMIC MIRACLE either - it is ALL corporate smoke and mirrors. The USA is on its last legs.
The US economic miracle - 0% money a la JEW USARY DEMON Greenspan - it's all been a 1% FIX.
This debt/timescale wasn't under Trump, I'm including for info purposes. He's adding to the debt pile though.
There's been a 25% increase in the DJII over the last 12 months. Perhaps we're in the "up phase" before a likely coming "bust" in the future. Corporate America is a gigantic criminal enterprise. These are the powers that brought you the 2007 housing collapse.
Stock market numbers and other instruments are not a reflection of the economic situation of the typical American citizen.

Zionist son-in-law - Kushner & Israeli criminals. Kushner didn't disclose his links to illegal settlement building either!
Some are claiming that he has substantial links to Zionist Soros. His father is a former convicted (witness tampering) criminal.
The book recounts President Donald Trump telling 'multiple people' that Kushner could solve the Middle East problem:
'because the Kushners knew all the crooks in Israel.'

Solve? A Zionist solving the Mid East problem? They were the goddamn ones that started it!
Solve - meaning move the embassy and create merry Hell.
WTF is Trump doing with these gimps around his government - the people didn't elect them. Oh dear.
There are allegations that Trump was looking to make Kushner Secretary of State!

Moderate Russia are seemingly wise to this "JEW S of A" blatant regime change attempt.
Trump caught with his tiny hands in the "Zionist regime change" cookie jar.
They embarrassed you over Syria (thank you, Russia) - they'll embarrass you over this too.

Update covering 2018/19
 Zionist Bolton...Mr (Illegal) War in Iraq. A sociopath, human excrement.
Trump is fighting the deep state? Anyone know any other jokes?

Donald 'We won't rush to topple foreign regimes' Trump. How's that working-out for ya? (sarcasm)
Trump's admin = A Bush 3rd term.

Update. Recall this in my post body from Jan 2018?
Remember the US "Arab Spring"? Remember the (non) weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Same old, same old.
Wait for Trump to start circling and then the "REGIME CHANGE" agenda will soon hove fully into view.

Mike 'CIA POS' Dumb-peo. Another blatant Neo-Con sociopath and transparent LIAR.
Fat boy thinks Saudi has a good record in respect of human rights. WTF? OMFG, how embarrassing. No shame, no shame!
As for the Kashoggi affair...the USA is out on its own with the Yemen destroying (evil) Saudis. Embarrassing.
Saudi (along with Jew S A and Israel) ARE the #1 sponsors of extremist global terror! The axis of evil!

Oh look, another agent of (satanic) Zion. Donald 'drain the swamp' Trump fills his admin with (criminal) swamp monsters?
On what planet does any of this make sense? Certainly not earth!
Venezuela was ALWAYS a target of the Bush Neo-Cons. Their Chavez (CIA) coup attempt circa 2002/3 went south!

The same (Bush NWO neo-con) agenda is still in operation under Jew errand boy, Trump (see Iran/Venezuela).
Listen to Aaron 'Rockefeller 9/11 warning' Russo and the regime change agenda of the NWO (incl. Venezuela).

Circa Nov. 2000: "We're going to invade Afghanistan...we're going to invade Iraq (make it a part of the NWO)...and we're going to go after Chavez in Venezuela."

Trump's admin IS the latest chapter in the ongoing (Zionist/Masonic sponsored) NWO roll-out. Oh yes.
Only those with short-term memories will be fooled by Trump - it's just as well my long-term memory is still intact.

 Masonic Psy-Op Q?
 Update. Trump (although Bolton calls the shots) and NWO Latin America regime change. CIA 101 stuff - YAWN.

 Trump/Q  - 'DARK TO LIGHT' - aka (masonic Jew propaganda 101) 'From Darkness to (Lucifer) Light'.
The masonic phrase is an aspect of 3rd degree raising - the candidate being raised into the Lucifer light.
Qabbalistic Masonic Q? Order of the Masonic (Lucifer) Q Serpent.
 Serpent Q and the Tower thematic - Donald 'Q/The Tower' Trump. Feat. David 'OTO/Crowley' Carradine.
Quetzalcoatal - a major Mexican angle (order founded there). Mexico is a big Trump resonator.
Apparently, Q/Trump is fighting the US deep state! (The same ones who want Venezuela.) Complete nonsense of course!
Juan 'FREEMASON' Guaido (left). Sodomite Freemasonry is JEWISH (LUCIFERIANISM). Doanld 'ISRAEL' Trumpstein.
The (masonic Jew) puppet strings are showing. (Below) The message is that it's a masonic hoodwink (fix)..

BUSTED. Jew-owned, (Jew) masonic code gesturing, Zionist loving...Brother Trump. So mote it be, Donny!
Freemasons = Satanic Jewish foot-soldiers in a very bad disguise. Apron, worn over the groin (penis).
The ONLY message Trump was delivering (above) was one directed at the masonic (Jew) bretheren!
Masonry IS symbolism - a central and key active function of their 'craft'. US masonic tech:
 Sodomite 666 Masonic G Males - Two Ball (phallic) Cain - Mr One-Eyed Willie (penis, see The 'paedo/homo' Goonies).
Current public face of (homo) Apple is Tim 'homo' Cook. (F)Ass=bender as Jobs: "Everybody loves Ring-O." (Apple Beatles).
Masonic Jobs & Woz. America = a colony of Zionist/Masonic (satanic) ISRAEL. THE JEW. S. OF (MASONIC) A.
Rosebud Spielberg. Jur-ASS-ic PARK Masonic Apron (left). Washington's Masonic 'homo rainbow arch' Apron (middle).
The masonic eye (blazing satanic sirius, see apron) which in one aspect is the anal sphincter.
 Recall Zionist Trump's (envelope) apron, and CIA puppet Guaido's from earlier. And all the masonic US tech companies.
Arnold Spielberg (father) designed mainframe computers for General Electric - which led to the BASIC programming language.
The same BASIC code that built the empires of Gates/Jobs etc. The code that would ultmately lead to personal computers.
Silicon/Silly Con Valley - homo/rainbow San Francisco.
Sodomite, satanic, programming Masons - Devilish '666' Spielberg and Devilish '666' Apple.

The Tree of Life, Kabbalah, Jews, and Trumpstein. It's demonic Kabbalah that underpins (Jewish) freemasonry.

Trump/Q - masonic 'dark to light', apron (envelope) hoodwinks, Top Jewish kabbalah/qabala awards? Ha!

Remember former 'masonic resonating' POTUS, Obama?
 Brother G Obama. Wink, wink.
Some symbolic handi-craft.

 Royal Arch Freemasonry: "For the good of Masonry generally, but the Jewish nation in particular."

"Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."
- Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

"At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found."
 - Benjamin Disraeli, Jew, Prime Minister of England

“The B’nai B’rith are but a makeshift. Everywhere that Freemasonry can admit that it is Jewish in its nature as well as in its aims, the ordinary lodges are sufficient for the task." - Rabbi Edgar Magnin

Forrest Trump...
Trump, a genius! "Mental stability, and being, like, really smart." (LOL).
"Like, really smart". That sounds like Kardashian valley girl talk! The Dunning-Kruger Effect! Lol.
What sort of GENIUS surrounds himself with a (so-called duplicitous) team - with many of them subsequently fired?
A dumb ass?

Trump: "I'm a genius. I'm a roaring success. I have never failed. I am GOD. I have the biggest penis..."
OMG, how f**king embarrassing - the man is an overt NARCISSIST. Such a "confirmed genius" that he hired Steve Bannon for his team - howl! What sort of idiot publicly does this kind of saddo "alpha male" type thing? MACA - "Make America CRINGE Again". America's enemies will be laughing their pants off! Trump has some sort of severe personality disorder - I truly believe this now. Perhaps like some sort of wizened version of Patrick 'American Psycho' Bateman.

I see the USA and Israel, soon backed into a global corner, and with NO ESCAPE. Let's hope so!
The Zionists will likely try and pin this all on Russia though - the readymade "scapegoat" for all things politically inconvenient. Do not fall for it. Kushner is the Zionist Jew mole at the heart of the Trump administration. The American population may be content to allow their warmongering governments, and giant lawless corporations to destroy this planet  - but I wouldn't say that this is the case with the "rest of the world". Sit on your apathetic "couch potato" asses and wallow in sick, degenerate and dysfunctional Zionist/American media, but it will come at a cost. It's longtime coming that the American people appreciated that there is a world beyond the USA - a world that is getting increasingly pissed off!


This American man understand this more than most - LISTEN TO HIM!

You know what - both sides of the American politic spectrum have seemingly been played to a tee!
It's almost as though the whole sorry "theatre of it all" is a deliberate ploy to set both sides off against each other. I am suspicious!
There was a type of "messiah complex" attached to Obama, Trump seems to have his own brand of devout cult followers.

Now watch the SCREAMS of "antisemitism" from the Khazars.
Without any shadow of any doubt - the Jewish people are the most defended of all peoples.
Their mentality seemingly built on a type of self-anointed "religious superiority".
I will not apologise for posting this - no one gets to define or design my experience of reality!
I do not, and will not ever be brainwashed with this "neo hate speech" mental slide. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct.
This is NOT about ALL Jews. This is about the impostor Khazar/Ashke-NAZI/Zionist SLAVS!
The "perpetual warmongering" synagogue of Satan.

8th Jan

The foul stench of JEW Hollywood. Rapists, child abusers, degeneracy programmers, agitators, body fascists etc.
We've had "Oscars so white" (via uncle Tom), but no "Oscars so ZIONIST"? Collective ignorance, anyone?

Golden Globes. They are ALL Jewish marionettes. Cucks for Israel, just like the US government.
Anyone that buys-in to their FAKE, apologist crap - NEEDS SECTIONING!
It doesn't get much more overtly EVIL than Hollywood, its personnel, and its output.
Fuck all you lying BITCHES. Most had to service Weinstein's cock, some probably still do.
Nicole "mkultra father" Kidman, Reece "treacle" Witherspoon - pass the sick bag!
These are what AMERICANS consider to be their heroes and idols. It's no wonder the nation is fucked!
Jew Hollywood and TV - the Khazar/Ashke-NAZI satanists who "predictively programmed" you for the 9/11 FIX!
The same (sodomite) Jew Hollywood that heavily promotes transgenders as a VIRTUE, when most see it for the
"mass media induced" mental illness that it really is!

"As if by MAGIC..." The symbolism. Trump Tower Jan 8th 2018. Trump's ideal for mystery religion based mind control.
Towering Trump Cards. Electrical fire at the apex/crown. The Electric Lightning Struck Tower/Fire of Heaven.
The Tower (tarot) is one of the major arcana trumps. The fire (and fury) of heaven. It's 9/11 Manhattan-ville.
Babel Towers and destruction via God or The Sun. Lucifer/Satan is the CEO of (sick and inhuman) "corporatism".

Back to the "9/11 lightning struck Clock Tower" Future, and the 1989 sequel. Striking and BIFFING the apex.
Trump bought (film franchise linked) DeLorean's Bedminster estate exactly one year after 9/11/01.
Back to the Future Spielberg's Gremlins franchise - also spawned "towering" Clamp (Trump) in Gremlins 2.
We get the Neptunian (devilish) "trident" in Back to the Future via the "Enchantment Under the Sea".
The Tower card follows the Devil card in all decks that include it. The Tower, "the fall of man" - lower world materialism etc.
Don't forget the Zionist destroyed (Babel) "World Trade Center" and its "devilish" trident/fork design!
Would go well with Zionist, Jared "Towering 666 Fifth Ave. via Manhattan" Kushner!

 When 'Exorcist II' was shot, Warner Bros.' HQ was located at 666 5th Ave, as seen in the Warner Bros. film.
Most Americans have NO CONCEPT of how innately satanic they are, or how they've been satanically programmed.
They are seemingly blind to this obvious reality! Here he comes...the Jewish King of Filmic Corporatism:
America's Zionist "golden boy" - 9/11 predictive programmer, agitator, and Jew satanist - Steven "666" Spielberg.
Spielberg is linked to 9/11 programmer, Dick "666 O-men" Donner (Schwartzberg) via The (paedo/sodomite) Goonies.
Terrorising/mocking the "GOYIM SHEEP" for decades with his sick/degenerate Zionist output.
Devilish (phallic) rainbow coloured towering via turd (third) contact. Steven 'Rosebud/Sphincter' Spielberg.
The top degree in (masonic) 666 Crowley's OTO centres on ritual homosexual anal sex, that has to be appreciated.
Anyone seen Swindler's Mist? Spielberg's schmaltz-ridden, filthy, lie filled propaganda piece (see link).
Mass holocaust guilt programming and mass sympathy programming - mainly via subjective schmaltz.

9/11 - Sapphire (September birthstone) XI (11). Gremlins used Back to the '9/11' Future's courtyard square! Radio-Active (plutonium).
Rosebud Spielberg (via Jew 'Twin Towers" Zemeckis) - Mr Back to the "9/11 Struck Twin Tower" Future.

9/11 - JEW. S. of A. - Lightning Struck (tarot trump) Tower(s). Sequel 'Twin Towers scene' set in 2015.
Quite simply Zionist, predictive programming and kabbalistic sorcery via mainstream Hollywood/TV output.

Oh look - a ZIONIST CRIMINAL posing as a member of the human race.

Meryl "Jew Weinstein is God - standing ovation for Jew child rapist Polanski" Streep.
She thinks LESBIAN (see Gayle King), satanist (JEW owned) Oprah should run for POTUS?
HOWL! :)
Oprah, Golden Globes auto-cue, script reading, Winfrey? OMFG! American dumbness knows no limits!
Winfrey's star was launched by Zionist "666" Spielberg and via The (GAY) Color Purple!
With Whoopi "it wasn't rape, rape" JEWberg! No, Whoopi - it was child drugged sodomy rape via satanic Polanski!
The (Gay) Color Purple. That HETERO-HATING pile of shit (sodomite) propaganda from Zionist Spielberg.
And folk wonder why the SANE think that most Americans have been - completely and utterly dumbed-down!?
The Usual Hollywood Suspects. Kevin "faggot/abuser" Spacey - via faggot Bryan "Twink pool parties/paedo" Singer!
One of my "anonymous commenters" actually thought Spacey was exposing the elite! LOL!
Don't give up the day job, anon.
The global kings of the "cult of celebrity" and "dumbing-down".
All you have to do to qualify to run for POTUS is to be able to read a speech written by someone else?
All at a SICK 'cover-up' awards show - "Golden Globes" - ALL of them are SCUM.
The fact that 'Oprah 2020' gained any traction at all, shows you just how INSANE America is!
What next? Spongebob Square Pants for POTUS? No wonder I'm mocking America, there's nothing else you can do.
Oprah "P.O.S" Winfrey. Winfrey is a RACIAL AGITATOR, just like her "mentor and promoter" Spielberg.
The Khazar/Ashkenazi Jew "synagogue of saturn/satan". You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist!
Oprah is COMPLETELY a product of Hollywood Zionist Jews. "Law of reversal" Harpo = Harpo-crates (Horus).
She is linked to (sick homo) mogul Geffen. Spielberg and Geffen are business partners - see Dreamworks, etc.
"12 Years A Slave" was made by AGITATOR JEWS!!! One of them was Mossad "9/11 Milchan" via his Regency Co.
The same sort of AGITATOR Khazar/Zionist/Slav(e) Jews who created and promoted BLACK FACE cinema! Oh yes.
Milchan, next to Fight "ground zero, collapsing Twin Towers" Club, Pitt. 9/11 Milchan's Regency co-produced Fight Club!
Milchan's Med-USA Touch was in association with UK based (showbiz) Zionist/Khazar Lew "ITC Sept 11" Grade.

The Hollywood "HATE WHITEY/TERROR" Zionist Club.  The promoters of "mass victimhood" and "white guilt".
The same "JEWS" who promote degenerate hip-hop and "gangsta thuggery" as a lifestyle choice.
Commercial Jew fomented hip-hop = neo-Uncle Toms. 'Black Lives Matter' is heavily funded by Zionist Soros.
It's alleged that Zionist Soros spent tens of millions bankrolling the Ferguson demonstrators.
Hip-hop - a low vibrational & transparent form of "Afro-American" mass mind control. Hi-jacked by Zionists decades ago.
Uncle "Jay 9/11 Z" Tom - a Zionist pawn. Def (Death) Jam was formed by Jew Rubin(stein).
Soros thinks that the "black population" is one of the easiest groups to program and propagandise - I tend to agree.
Most "afro-Americans" have embraced this uber degenerate genre - and with both hands! Same with "victimhood" too.
Black intelligentsia - where are you? Professor Griff (Public Enemy) is one of the very few who've outed Zionist hip-hop!
Much as it pains me to say it - the Zionists are master propaganda programmers. They have it down to an art form.


When will Americans wake-up to the fact that they are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY
'mind controlled' by Khazar/Ashkenazi Jew 'mass media full spectrum dominance'? NEVER - is the likely answer.

They still see media as "entertainment" (not mass mind control), and they treat the players like gods!
Oh yes...the "cult of celebrity" is the USA's most adhered to and destructive religion - because that's what it really is!
The majority of the American masses don't ultimately care whether their 'star heroes' are paedophiles, rapists, or satanists.
They don't care if corporate Jew Hollywood programs them with terror, sodomy, ultra-violence, and child sexualisation.
Just so long as they can continue to sup on the teat of Zionist Hollywood, and carry-on being sheep-like fame junkies.
All the former is the ultimate tragedy of it all. Effectively a Stockholm Syndrome affliction seemingly persists & nationwide.

The US population may be BLINDED (via hysterical worship) to the Zionist criminals and their assets in Hollywood -
but I don't think this applies, or will apply to the "rest of the world". Not for much longer.
What I believe, is that it wouldn't have been set-up this way - if it wasn't intended to eventually be discovered.

10th Jan

Oh dear, France - what have you done! Judge a person by the company they keep.
Why is this bitch comparing "dating issues" with "industry rape"? What a water muddying WHORE.
Catherine "ROMAN POLANSKI" Deneuve! What an evil BITCH!

She is so closely associated with "child drugged sodomy rape" Polanski - that anything she has to say IS LESS THAN WORTHLESS.
Do you think women like her are suitable persons for addressing this issue? NO, is the obvious answer.
"And Satan Calls the Turns" - "And Satan Leads the Ball".
Satanic Jew Polanski is a "mentor" of her's  - always has been. Both are abuse apologists, predators, and satanists.
She did her part for "lesbian propaganda" via Tony "homosexual/911 programmer" Scott in vampirical "The Hunger".
Roman "Fearless Vampire Killers" Polanski - his film with the "paedo film director" (MacGowran) -
from The Exorcist - and via US psychological warfare, Blatty.
Such esteemed company you keep, Catherine!
Cannes - Canaanites - Canis. The Jewish/Masonic Sirius/Dog Brotherhood.
Jews pull her strings - they put all that food and all those awards on her table too!
The film industry CANNOT be allowed to regulate or evaluate itself - it is too far gone - hence these types of apologist cover-ups.
October 2017. California artist Marianne Barnard has come forward with new accusations against director and convicted child rapist Roman Polanski, alleging that he sexually assaulted her when she was just 10 years old.
March 2017

This was never about "hitting on women" - it's about institutionalised film industry abuse and abuse of power!
If finding this sort of abuse is considered "puritanical" - then I'm the biggest puritan in the world!
Deneuve is just SICK, and a Zionist Jew industry pawn. Obviously Hollywood's "Me Too" club is also unsuitable for addressing these issues, I do understand that. They're hypocrites too. I'm calling-out HYPOCRITE Denueve, and her overt defence of paedo rapists, and her (industry backed) water-muddying. She is one of the least qualified to make statements in respect of this issue.

Move aside Deneuve - you have ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIBILITY. You are the OLD GUARD.
Time to clear away these COMPLICIT industry LIARS. These crimes ARE NOT sex crimes, as many erroneously believe! They are crimes of VIOLENCE.

11th & 12th Jan

Franco Zeffirelli is NOW implicated, allegations of being a persistent ABUSER. (link)
Are those "adopted Zeffirelli men" - adopted as children or lovers?
That's who Bruce Robinson parodied in his film "Withnail and I" - via Uncle "Zeffirelli" Monty (Griffiths).
Bruce Robinson's film has scenes (with Marlowe, the "I" character) that sound EXACTLY like what happened to Schaech.
"Burglary" - as in forced anal sex (effectively rape).
Zeffirelli - another SODOMITE/HOMOSEXUAL and abuser - wow, what a surprise! With "Nail" and "Eye".

Talking of HOMOSEXUALITY and ABUSE - it's Stan "mass homo programmer" Lee.
X-Men "gender bending" mass propaganda via JEW Hollywood, Iron "POOF" Man etc.
You may think this output is entertainment - but I tend to see it as a form of 'barely veiled/coded' deviancy programming.

Hot-dogging with the pink weiner/wiener.
I recently mentioned him (Lee) in respect of (paedo) Brian Peck, & linked suspected gay paedophile Bryan "Spacey" Singer.
Paedo Peck who was employed by (paedo) Charlie Sheen on Anger Management.

When not abusing people, they're  programming the "dumb mass and children" with homosexual/gender bending propaganda!
IRONS (poofs), QUEENS (queers) & ACDC (swing both ways). Gay "Iceman" for a frosty (cum) finish.
The (sexually) Randy "donut" (asshole) exiting - Iron "POOF" Men. Iron = Poof/Gay. Jackson aka the "quarter(s) pounding" man.
Iron "poof" Man & "Trying ring-O and real hard."
He's a "bad mother fucker", literally - maybe he had more success with fucking his father!?
Pulped Ass Friction's - Ring-O is Mr Orange (Fruit/Queer), Roth. Mr Tin "Sheriff's badge" Star (the asshole).
Not forgetting - Jack Rabbit's Slim "twisting dirt hole" - via gay "Greased, Back Doors Crying" Travolta -
& the clockwork "ass watchersButch/Capt Koons/Cheeks. :)
"As "queer" as a Clockwork Orange." Mr Orange Fruit Queer & Pump-Kin via The Ring-O (Ass) Starr.

From 'Ring-O' to the 'Sheriff's Badge'. It's Orange Queer, Sheriff Roth. "Coming Soon" into his "rusty Sheriff's badge".
Hollywood - The JEW. S. of GAY.
FRUIT cellar, hollow-eyed mother/bird stuffer, Psych-O. Perkins and his Tin Star 'Sheriff's Badge''.
You can call me "Hitch" but hold the "Cock". Gouging eyes, peeper holes and overdrawn climaxes (See Hitch-cock, 2012).
The "eye" stabber/gouger/striker and plugger via "ANL trading", plated Crane. Chocolate/blood, plugged eye holing.
The plugged "twisting black (sphincter/eye) hole" - via PECKERS (birds-women/cocks) & BOTTOMS (ass).
OTO Gay-Z protoge, Rihanna, as the symbolic stabbed (ass-fucked) ANL trading Crane..."Screw this shit."
Bates Motel. Chocolate Factory, Highmore, as Master 'pecker' Bates.
"Hairy Black Holing" just like Stephen "pecker" Hawk-ing - the "Big Banging" and "probing hairy holes" man.
Psych-O stabber "peeper holes" Perkins, probing The Black Hole & via Bottoms.
He wouldn't hurt a "fly" - but he might just unzip them - ahem!

Political Psych-O, Donald "phallic Towering" Trump - and Shit-Holes.
Trumping (to fart) via the Shit-Hole.

Hollywood - The Cinema (Sin-ema) of Sodomy.
The US of GAY.

Hairy Black Holing with "pecker" Hawk-ing - the "Big Banging" and "probing hairy holes" man.

Look what else popped-out today! Stephen "probing hairy black holes" Hawking.
I wonder if his favourite planet is Ur-anus, or does he prefer the "rings" of Saturn/Satan?

Anal-lise This! What ideas could they be? Hawking (selling) sodomy as science?

So, why does the same Hawking article also drop a reference to the "Twin Towers"?
It's the "11th September" - Theory of Everything:
Choo, Choo. Cambridge "bum boys" - what, what. Stephen "cheek twitcher" Hawking.
Top comment - LOL.

From Hawking "Big Banging via Hairy Black Holes, and 11th Sept" to "9/11 Tower Trumping & Shit-Holes":

Baaaaaaaaa!!! The sleeping, zombie public, 9/11 programmed sheep. An advert for beds.
Trump's election win was announced 9th Nov. 2016 in Europe...9/11 Euro dating.
He wore the same outfit (as seen above) during his election win acceptance speech, and on that date.


  1. CROCODILE TEARS, the work!

    1. Thanks for the response, feedback and interest...appreciate it.
      That Molyneux really pissed me off - does it show? :)

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  4. In this "ghost" comment I said: "I can't help !".
    And...bonne année, monsieur Horselover !

    Here in France, I don't know a lot of people interested by the sync' stuff. Maybe thru' my humble blog, where there's a link to "watching the watchmen" or yours, some readers discovered and shared all that.
    Anyway, be sure more and more people(silent)are starting to open their eyes.

    1. The numbers are crazy! I've had about 20,000+ hits from France in the last 2 weeks. Just France alone. :)

      A lot of it was my Twin Peaks stuff, but not only. Vive la France. :)

      I think people are waking-up too, it's a madhouse out there. Good to see you here again, thanks for responding.

  5. Hey idk if u follow youtube controversies,


    1. It looks like the videos were made by Zionists. Usual piss-taking stuff. Thanks.

  7. didn't read all of this yet... my personal opinion though is that he's just an actor... doing a great job getting the idiots all worked up... intelligence and the military industrial complex run the show... pull the real strings... I pay very little attention to any of it... it's all brain rot.

  8. RIP Kevin Spacey after exposing the elite

    1. This exposes NOTHING. The SICK JEW elite dose you like this DELIBERATELY. It's called THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE SATANIC HIERARCHY. The making manifest of all that (was formerly) hidden. All part of advanced, and ongoing mass mind control.

      Most of the people commenting on that video are just pissed that they can't continue to worship sick, paedophile Spacey. It's as clear as day.

      I've heard it all now. Spacey as a TRUTHER. No wonder the USA has a dumb-ass for a POTUS if this is the general belief. I'm literally amazed by this stupidity! Hollywood is SICK. The End.

      Thanks for commenting, though.

    2. That YouTube account is closed already.

      Hey Horselover, thanks for keeping us informed and our eyes open. It is still sadly very difficult to find other people to share this with. Even in the so-called critical thinkers group I go to in the hopes of finding other non-programmed people, if I mention any of this I immediately get shot down as quoting conspiracy theories.

      Sorry I am reading this so late, I have been out and about doing walkabouts and things like that.

      Take care of you

  9. "Juwes who say they are not the Synagogue of Satan but they are!" are indeed covered in the blood of the scapegoat lamb chops as cloaking device of the ages.

    Nothing as Nuit or the Ayn Soph (ayn soph as ayn/Devil soph/Wisdom) and the blaming of Rashith! Every meaning in this last referrence is loaded with the "devil wisdom". There will be the remnant left over in the kingdom of malkootian madness and the remnant that is in the light .. and nothing left unturned or unrooted. Its the Henadic one promise that can be known .. all is one, there is nothing destroyed and nothing created, all is merely changing form.

    The apron cutting was the sympathy for the devil pin cushion for the dawn of the 20th Century.

    Big changes ahead regardless of the waking or wisdom of the lamb chops. Such is the eye in the mouth of the shark. Ooooops there it is. The trauma of exiting ones mother means your mother has become your prison. Such is the Black Iron Kali Yuga, an escape trauma MOMent.

    Water as the MOMbrane holding the light in down here hell point, a Malkooter, does lead to a ladder of process or chain of being.

    I rest in that the ONE cannot be outladdered by the intelligence in the mud not matter what gate the mud butters can force open, no matter what spell they think they can force on the ONE. The light cannot be forced to obey the daemonic idiocy in the mud. The daemonic idiocy in the mud IS the power of the Henadic one to return the light back out of the mud.

    Is the Henadic One insane, the Demiurge, the sick adversarial thing. You bet it is. All things come from the adversarial nature .. even the wisdom you see in collecting these slivers of darkness, comparing, wondering, aghast awe and whyism.

    Even in this ocean of daemonic sound there is making the daemons obey and serve to the uplifting river of return of the one to the One. And another seer beyond the daemonic mud ...

    My opinion, in sum, is that all existing things are differentiated from the same thing, and are the same thing. And this is manifest: for if the things that exist at present in this world-order—earth and water and air and fire and all the other things apparent in this world-order—if any of these were different from the other (different, that is, in its own proper nature), and did not retain an essential identity while undergoing many changes and differentiations, it would be in no way possible for them to mix with each other, or for one to help or harm the other, or for a growing plant to grow out of the earth or for a living creature or anything else to come into being, unless they were so composed as to be the same thing. But all these things, being differentiated from the same thing, become different kinds at different times and return into the same thing. (Fr. 2) - Diogenes

    All is still one no matter how insane or daemonic the wetter matters.

  10. Thanks, Eugene.

    Just give me time to process what you've written. It's not easy to digest, but I'm getting some vague sense of what you're saying.

    Thanks for making this effort, I can see that a lot of thought has gone into it.

  11. I think you would find Kenneth grants typhonian trilogies up your alley... I'm currently reading beyond the mauve zone...there's no doubt in my mind that mark frost from twin peaks has read him.

    1. Thanks for the info. I've not been exposed to that literature. I kind of look at that part of the 3rd series as being the "between worlds" aspect. Frost is one of the main sources for esoteric content within the show - he does go deep. Those "dossiers" he writes are stuffed full. Lynch obviously does similar too. It was he that ultimately shaped the last two episodes of the original run - episodes which were very much removed from what had been scripted.

  12. 7-11 in 17, 17 outta 50 is colel 1/3rd, this all being broadcast speech. TV everywhere and not a soul or two to know the "program".

    Since you noted 911 and 711 playing a game of tower language, ie being hey look up here, see, behold and wonder in shock and awe. 711 and 911 are broadcast speech .. the masses think were free, theres no conspiracy, number games are for idiots and dupes. Meanwhile in the circles of Cosa Nostra .. we hear you loud and clear master, we obey. Springing up the Knights of Misrule carry out the Kings orders. The peons and peasants cry dilly dilly as the escapee brings back beer to ease their chains.

    Our appetite makes the chain possible. I solved my own personal long quest to grasp the haunting devil in the details of appetite. If you want to see .. see.

    What you call the Externalization of the Hierarchy, being Downard? or Hoffman? I forget, is merely the idols aanswer once man gave over his internal ladder of metaphor "I am a creative power", to an external enforced "do not seek internal ladders" by the history of "Jesus is the only God" and you will kneel to it. ISO v. EXO. Once the theurgy of this was lost, ie the internal ladder, the true soul of the world began to work against man in service to its promise before this happened.

    IHVH in the OT says if you make an idol I will answer you through it.
    Krishna says in the way that men worship Him He will answer you through it.
    Theurgy used to be about living the metaphor of being God, a creative power.
    The nails on the cross are Akhenaton, Constantine, Francis of Assissi, Aquanis. There are of course lessers who helped this flow gain its inescapable physical dominance. The door or internal escape still exists .. but of course the ability to see or realize what it is has grown dimmer.

    In the way that you worship me I answer you = Kaboom. Its eventually how Kali Yuga reverts back to nadir in a future Golden Age.

    1. Your comments. Although they're kind of tough to breakdown they are crammed full with a type of wisdom. The type that I can readily relate to. I can't thank you enough for these, Eugene. I think this is EXACTLY what I needed, and at this exact and difficult time. It's not easy to describe any of this from my POV - but just know that you have been of great assistance.

      Many thanks.

    2. The tension of wanting to physically kill the bastards and tear down TPTB are very very real. I am filled at times with the want to bleed em out. Then PKD's gnostica tractate #6 springs to mind "to fight the Empire is to become infected with the Empire". Malkut is always Malkut, there is no other foundation on which the entire thing rests.

      This begs the lesson of the interior ladder. Our physical bodies are but the ground of which we can grow an interior ladder and door to what is hidden, hologramatically so, right over the Malkutian foundation. As per QRST the "kingdom of heavens is right here but you cannot see it". Yep just like in Constantine.

      I was perusing your previous pieces on kundalini, pineal, etc. that was made in homage to Hoffman, good stuff by the way.

      The ladder and the interior magic is real. TPTB have gained a TEMPORARY leverage against what happens on the Event Horizon pubic hair space ontop of Malkut/Adamah/Agdistys, it will not last. It is only the dead wood pile fuel to a return to bronze, silver and gold of the Yugas. Its is a necessary but temporary moment of escape from mother.

      The interior conquering our personal flesh, our personal appetites, and choosing wisely for this must be our focus. I too get drawn into wanting to fight TPTB in a real way, to shout, to say hey lets fight em words, in bullets, in knives, dig em up and burn their ancestors even. Its not like they dont deserve it.

      Then the words of perennial wisdom call me away from the me that wants to kill, to hate, to fight. It is extremely hard, I know perfectly well what you struggle with.

      Must work on personal ritual, personal magic, personal interiorness that cannot be destroyed by even the death of your flesh at the hands of TPTB, even our friends, our family members, etc.

      MUST. There is really nothing else to do.

  13. Glad to see your back and blogging heavy! Congrats. Can't say I'm much of a believer in Trump either I've become too jaded over the years and lost any small amount of faith I may have had in this two party system.

  14. Hello. I'm french and I found your very interesting blog reading notes on (very accurate too). I will read your entire content. More later. Take care.