Saturday, 17 February 2018

One Million+ Page Views

Just a quick update.
The blog has just passed 1,000,000 page views (likely 3 days ago). Thanks to all who have visited and contributed.
Sorry, I've been off-line the last 6 days or so - with no access to a computer or the blog. Even I missed the 1 million views moment.
That said, I've lost everything that was on my laptop too. Not to worry - there wasn't that much on there anyway. :)


  1. Congratulations, this blog is great!

    1. Mito :)

      You absolute legend. Thank you for being the ONLY reader to congratulate.
      I thought readers might be interested, but it seems not. I've slogged tirelessly with this blog in recent years - and all for FREE. Only a complete disingenuous C**T would try to monetise something like this. :)

      Thanks for dropping by.

    2. You're awesome so is this blog.
      Don't give up.

  2. Sorry for coming later. I discover this blog recent. Best read at service. Congratulations, keep going.

    1. Thank you for the kind words...appreciate it.

    2. This relationship with movies, numbers, signs. How did you get this knowledge? I find these relationships fascinating and undeniable. I understood Twin Peaks thanks to the articles here. Any book or study you recommend to understand all this esoteric thing?

    3. Hi Marcelo,

      The short story version. It's all due to a type of pattern recognition. That is how I have managed to uncover these things. The catalyst was 9/11 - and the fact that I knew that I had, and was, being brainwashed etc. I noted things/patterns with that event that ultimately has led me to this point. I just ran with this stuff after 9/11 - and haven't stopped.

      Like yourself - I'd say it's undeniable too.

      I used to use pattern recognition in my employment - when I was involved in Horse Racing and gambling etc. Effectively by absorbing as much key information as I could and full immersion into the sport. My name "Horselover Phat" is in some way linked to all this. It's not solely a P K Dick and Valis reference. I managed to apply my own form of pattern recognition in this field to make predictions. Let's just say that I got very proficient at it and it yielded decent and surprising results.

      I took this skill that I'd fashioned in respect of the above - and then started to apply it to our own presented reality. That's the short version.

      I was very much influenced by Michael A Hoffman II in respect of decoding (elite/masonic) twilight language. The key info that is buried and sprinkled in our typical news etc. In terms of understanding the elite's mentality (base insanity) - Hoffman has few, if any peers. I suggest you seek-out his work and absorb it as much as you can.

      Michael A Hoffman (as described).
      Dave McGowan - a talented elite crime decoder (now deceased).
      Manly P Hall (a type of elite sage). You have to get inside their mindset too. Good for esoteric stuff.
      Christopher Bollyn - good stuff on Israel 9/11.
      I was a big fan of Sherman Skolnick too - great for political skullduggery. Another who is now deceased (but not forgotten).
      William M Cooper - (deceased) great for elite/masonic plans and background stuff.

      There's a few suggestions, but there are others.

      Thanks for the comment.

    4. Many thanks for the reply. I read every article in this blog, and every one here, is not found anywhere else on the internet. I was full of always reading the same superficial esoteric things. But here I could have a more comprehensive view of the occult elite, many questions answered, mostly about Twin Peaks. I'm sorry for keeping anonymous, just reading and not interacting. But I beg you to stay and continue your excellent work and unique vision of the hidden elite. Once again, congratulations on the excellent work and I hope it continues.