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Eminem - MKULTRA - Paedo Island - Occult Lineage?

Ported over for a separate post...
Should be read in conjunction with Q-Anon Trust The Plan

That said, it is very likely that Trump/Q is a psy-op (understatement). One designed to maintain the (Zionist sponsored) left/right US political paradigm fix, or perhaps something even worse. That doesn't make much of the content outlined herein null and void. (Regular readers will know of my longterm work in this type of field. The majority of it pre-dating anything Q, and over the long-term.) It does change the overall picture in respect of Trump/Q being some sort of establishment cure, though. The Trump/Q movement has gotten noticeably more 'cult-like' over time, and it all very much has a quasi-evangelical sort of dynamic to it. The latter being the most concerning aspect. OK, just wanted to make this clear. I do not espouse the generally recognised Trump/Q miracle. The following is still written from a pro-Q POV, if only to make sense of the drops and to attempt meaningful decodes, etc.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump is a SLAVE of Rothschild's satanic, Zionist Israel. Standard for USA.
The ENTIRE USA is a SLAVE COLONY of this same Israel. Rothschild's impostor Israel - the synagogue of Satan.
Zionist SLAVE, Trump...and Zionist Q PSY-OP - EXPOSED.

Britney, Timberlake, Gomez, Jackson, Barrymore, Feldman, Grande, Caulkin, the Fannings...etc. MK-Ultra/Monarch brainwashed?

Masonic "M" Hand Sign aka Triad Claw...Tupac. All (Masonic) Eyez On Me. Note fingers/eye.
Promoting gangsta thuggery as a lifestyle choice - what a f**king joke. A Zionist, sell-out, neo-Uncle Tom.
Just more degenerative cultural sewage aka "gangsta porn" posing as phoney progressive black empowerment.
Tupac died on a Masonic resonating Friday 13th date. Stayed at the Vegas Luxor (pyramid) at the time he was shot.
Rumours persist that not succumbing to an ass fucking from Quincy Jones (he dated his daughter) led to his demotion.
None of these artists at the time had any real power, they're simply industry owned toys of the corporate label powers.
Nothing can be effectively distributed unless you're on-board the corporate label train - they own all the channels.
As long as they go along with the elite's mass masonic occultization program and seed mass degeneracy - it's all good.

Oh look, Biggie '666' Smalls...who the f**k makes these degenerates famous and follows them?
"Yo, we got beef wid Pac." How f**king sad is all this? Acting and talking like retarded fools. Sell-out your race.
Linked to (homo/sodomite) Poof Daddy...crappers, not rappers. And you thought they were gangsta hard men? Lol.
Get Him to the Greek (sodomy) via the Lakers and hoop dunking..with Russell 'masonic' Brand.
Get Him Greek via the Ass. Baphomet horns, buggery from behind, and up Jonah's 'Hill'.

Talking of Brand-ing...
NXIVM Cult Bronfmans

Yes, pop-pickers, Tupac and Suge Knight's 'Death Row Records' was under Bronfman's (Seagram) Universal Music Group (via Interscope) at this particular time. Bronfman gangsters to hip-hop gangsters, and programming the sheep year after year. 
By the close of the decade (90's), Interscope sales accounted for nearly one-third of Bronfman Seagram's 27% share of the U.S. music market. Records by Eminem, Dre, Eve, Nine Inch Nails, Enrique Iglesias, Limp Bizkit, Blackstreet, Smash Mouth and others generated an estimated $40 million in profit during the final six months of 1999.

Poof Diddy and Ray/Rachel Chandler...allegedly at 14 years old.

The Bronfman family were educated at McGill University in Canada which has long been connected to the MK-Ultra experimentation.
Dr. Ewen Cameron was involved in mind control experiments there on witting and unwitting human subjects.
The former (Bronfman) Seagram HQ in Montreal now belongs to McGill University, under the name Martlet House.

"Follow the stars, It's everywhere." Q

Eminem (M&M) is the best-selling artist of the 2000's in the United States. He's also a big fan of 'Masonic' Tupac.

It's Eminem and (Zionist Bronfman) linked masonic Clinton...
Our names are, our names are, our names are...Shady and Clinton.
Bill has been to Epstein's island over 20 times, it's alleged that Hillary has been there at least 6 times.
Why is Eminem so vocal against POTUS? 
 "Those who are loudest..."
Well, according to the claims he's pictured with one of Epstein's (likely underage) girls - Rachel/Ray Chandler.

(Of course, if Q is an elite psy-op...then all this needle between factions is just played-out "masonic theatre".
Material for grazing sheep. A backdrop that helps maintain the [Zionist sponsored] left/right political paradigm fix.
Note, Trump was heavily backed by Zionist Adelson for his 2016 run.)

"Rachel graduated in June 2005 from Brentwood School, a pretty elite prep school on the Westside of LA. I attended the school with her. There were/are a lot of kids from prominent Hollywood/media families in attendance there. Jordan McGraw, Dr. Phil's son, was also Class of '05. Jimmy 'Interscope/Death Row' Iovine's son was Class of '06. Jimmy is the founder of Interscope Records, he brought Eminem and 50 Cent to prominence and is the brains behind the Beats headphones empire that Dr. Dre is the public face of."
(More at this link, some great connecting from someone who was familiar with her.)

Prior to the Apple acquisition of Beats in 2014, Iovine became chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M, an umbrella unit merged together by the Universal Music Group in 1999 (that's Bronfman!). Iovine was the one who signed Tupac to Interscope. He also co-produced Eminem's 8-Mile, and had Gaga on his label too. Iovine has Jewish ancestry and he's certainly a Zionist.

Re: Trump: “We better give Obama props, because what we got in [office] now is a kamikaze that will probably cause a nuclear holocaust. Any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his, I’m drawing in the sand a line: You’re either for or against. And if you can’t decide who you like more and you split on who you should stand beside, I’ll do it for you with this: Fuck you,” he said, middle finger raised. “The rest of America, stand up: We love our military and we love our country, but we fucking hate Trump.” Eminem (11 Oct. 2017).

I wonder if Elton 'Brown Dirt Cowboy' John is a link regarding an Eminem friend? 
Eminem sent Elton a diamond encrusted cock-ring when he married Furnish. Elton (handler?) got him off drugs too.
Virgin/Isis Island
The Tubular '666' Bells - via (demonic) The 'mkultra' Exorcist - Virgin's 1st release and avenue to the big-time.
Bel, a term used to denote the devil. Tubular '666' Bells or Bellends? Bell ringing = CAMPanology.
Don't forget nearby Branson Virgin Island (Necker) and the NXIVM Cult links via Mack and the Bronfmans.
Allison "ISIS Foundation/NXIVM" Mack, Virgin Branson, and Sara 'NXIVM' Bronfman.
Isis (goddess) was also considered to be the Universal Virgin. Is there an Isis Cult (Golden Dawn) link to NXIVM?
XIV - in terms of the Golden Dawn philosophies is linked to tablets and talismans. NXIVM, Albany, NY.
Tablet - a flat slab of stone, clay, or wood, used especially for an inscription. Golden Dawn was co-founded by SLM Mathers.

Eminem (Marshall Mathers) and Ray 'Epstein' Chandler....note, she's likely a victim and (procuring) perp.
Chandler even makes mention of Interscope.

Handler/Chandler is a goddamn CHILD TRAFFICKER. Supplying children for abuse! Go see this link. It's CLEAR.
Luckily someone got shots from her Instagram - it is now DELETED. Wink, wink. The kids look drugged!
SICK FUCKING WHORE. She uses he fashion casting couch as a 'front' to obtain these children for sick abuse.

Alice & Wonderland (as well as Lewis Carroll) is quoted numerous times by Q in his drops.

This is where it gets all MK-ULTRA
Recall that mess with 8 Mile co-star Brittany Murphy, and Montjack (deceased)? The father thinks the mother poisoned her.
Murphy: "I feel more like Alice in Wonderland, having been dropped into an unknown world" - Spin, 2002, with Eminem cover.
He was heavily linked to Warren, MI. too (see link, notable people). Rabbits live in warrens.

We already did Def/Death "666" Jam...via Zionist and kabbalist/occultist Rubin.
666 Baphomet Poster Boy - Role/Roll Model. Mr Devil's (K)Night/ Gotta get those "wiggers" on the program...
Triple-split MK-ULTRA mind control victim? Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady, and Eminem.
He wasn't likely "Cleaning Out His Closet", but coming-out of the closet. A sodomite/homosexual? 
Is that why he was also known as "Rabbit". A "white rabbit" dirt holer?

Crowley's Ars Goetica co-author, S. Liddell Mathers, was related to Alice Liddell, aka Alice in  (white rabbit) Wonderland.
Mathers was also one of the co-founders of the Hermetic (Isis) Order of the Golden Dawn. Follow the white rabbit.
Alice-ster (Aleister) in Sodomy Wonderland. The 'Alice' term (slang) is already linked to homosexuality.
Mathers and Crowley were originally friends, but had a falling-out. Mathers' wife was the very first initiate of Golden Dawn.
Mathers was a polyglot. Not so much multi-faceted rhyming skills like Marshall, but multi-lingual. Mathers' translations of The Book of Abramelin (14thC.), The Kabbalah Unveiled (1684), Key of Solomon (anon. 14thC.), The Lesser Key of Solomon (anon. 17thC.), and the Grimoire of Armadel (17thC.), were responsible for making obscure and inaccessible material widely available to the non-academic English speaking world. They have had considerable influence on  the development of occult and esoteric thought since publication, as has his consolidation of the Enochian magical system of John Dee and Edward Kelley. (That is high-end serious stuff!)
'Shady' SL(i)M Mathers. I see some sort of potential familial resemblance in these two shots. Excerpt 'Satanism Today' by J.R Lewis. 
Mathers x2, Alice (and Liddell x2), and White Bunny Rabbits...
Liddell Mathers co-founds (Isis Cult) Golden Dawn. The related Alice Liddell, was the model for Alice. Alice's father Henry Liddell, was Dean of Christ Church (Oxford) and former Vice-Chancellor of Oxford. Henry Liddell was friends with John Ruskin (mentioned in the earlier Isis Cult text) a protege of Oxford linked Isis Cult godfather Bulwer-Lytton (who went to Cambridge, Trinity). Dodgson (aka Carroll) attended (Isis) Oxford, and knew Henry. Oxford Isis Cult/Hollywood Huxley was an Alice in Wonderland fiend. Phew!

The following, very unpleasant, but Carroll is somewhat of a paedophile avatar. See how this might be cryptically encoded.
Follow the (phallic) white rabbit - tumbledown the dirt hole - and wave goodbye to your pussy, Alice. (sodomy)
(I've written similar about A.A. Milne's Winnie the Poo-h, Fleming's The Wizard of Oz, & Dahl's Chocolate Factory.)
Nailing the ass (donkey) with tail via Poo(h). 'Penis' is derived from the Latin word for 'tail'.
Anyway, Liddell 'Isis Golden Dawn' Mathers, linked to Sodom Crowley, and related to Alice 'paedo Carroll' Liddell?
Marshall 'Eminem/Slim Shady' Mathers, linked to the name and the "white bunny rabbit". WTF?
If there is one thing I've said on this blog, it's how creepy Disney are. I noted this even as a child (1970's).
Bunnies are technically female (although it is widely used to describe any rabbit), so why call Eminem "bunny rabbit"? 
Why call Warner Bros.' male Bugs, a bunny? Archetypal gender bending? Don't forget Roger (as in to fuck) Rabbit.
I'm reminded of Warner Bros. and The Matrix's "white rabbit" and the transsexual Wachowski brothers, or is it sisters?
Neo touches the Alice mirror (in The Matrix) which leads to his disassociation phase.
White Rabbit via Alice - also see Jefferson 'MK-Ultra/LSD' Airplane. It's ALL coincidence, right? (sarcasm).
Oh look, it's Larry 'Gay Color Purple/Death Wish 2 sodomy rapist' Fishburne, as (sodomite) Morpheus/Baphomet.
The Apocalypse Now - ring cycler via choppers/Doors, Lancing Bottoms, helmet sitting, and Playboy choppers.
In other work I mentioned all this in respect of Marlon 'sodomite' Brand-O, the Tango sodomy/orange Godfather.
So, you still think the elite sodomite (gay) Illuminati mafia via satanic Hollywood is a figment of my imagination?
Still think there's no link between sodomy and satanism? Hmmm? Oh dear, what have you done you clueless sheep!?
All I've seen over the last 20-30 years is sheep empowering the very things (Hollywood etc) that are actually destroying them!

Captain Fant-ass-stick and the Brown Dirt (ass riding) Cowboy - Elton 'sodomite/paedo' John.
Came through via military industrial complex EMI (like paedo/sodomite Jew, Cowell) along with Eric 'Jew poof Queen' Hall.
Oz, Friend of Dorothy. I've seen Elton John linked to the Fiona Barnett ring of paedophiles through Australia (Oz).
2001. Elton as Mr Blobby - the BBC character that liked Blobbing via Crinkly Bottom, and with Noel 'tranny' Edmonds.
Elton "All the Young Girls Love Alice/Oz Yellow Brick Road (friends of Dorothy)" John.
"Back to the howling old owl in the woods. Hunting the horny back toad (sexual euphemism).
Oh I've finally decided my future lies. Beyond the yellow brick road."

White Rabbit (Eminem)
MTV aka an 'Empty V' (gay programming).
The orange queer - and eye/moon (ass) stabber with milk - via a 'ring punching' reference (Great White Hope).
Orange Queers via Stanley 'sodomite/white rabbit/baphomet' Kubrick. MOLOK(o) Vellocet.
Moloch/Molokh etc...the Canaanite deity linked to Cronus (Saturn/Satan) and sacrificing/devouring children.
He's just some sick elite-primed retard (see cover). Next. It's MK-Ultra linked 'A Clockwork (666 Queer) Orange'.
Rainbow Queers and Homosexuals - Orange Fruits. Brown-eye stabbers with milk and bowler (bowel-er) hats.
The 'orange queer' idea is also relevant to programming like Orange is the New Black, and Oranges are Not the Only Fruit.
Cleanin' Comin' Out My Closet...
Are Purple Pills (purple/lavender/rainbow gay boys) and Shit On You - genre sodomite/scat classics?
Mathers linked Aleister '666' Crowley was known for his coprophagy and shit play.

Recall that Bill Clinton was on a Rhodes scholarship at Isis Oxford. Scholarship is under the aegis of the Rothschilds.
This potentially makes him an agent/asset of Rothschild, and their Zionist-centric empirical power structure. The Clintons have similar form with the Zionist Bronfmans. Island Epstein is another who is obviously Jewish. It's freemasonry that is wholly Jewish.

You'll have to read the larger post body to see the links between sodomy and Satanism.
Wonderland Club (Operation Cathedral) - added so you can see how the concept is sometimes utilised.

In 1945, shortly after the war ended, Disney once again revived Alice in Wonderland and assigned British author Aldous (Isis Cult Golden Dawn) Huxley to re-write the script (we mentioned some of this earlier). However, Walt felt that Huxley's version was too much of a literal adaptation of Carroll's book. The film was ultimately released in 1951. Purple Alice.
Carrol's (sic)? Maybe it's not a mistake at all. Could this be a giveaway that it was largely modelled on Huxley's treatment?
Masonic Disney's displeasure with his adaption perhaps being only intended for public consumption? 
Huxley and LSD, Alice and drugging. Lock/key/door (sexual symbolism) via the masonic tessellated floor. Worth considering. 
Alice series also relates to (potentially resonant) Humpty Dumpty (Hump Dump). I had to mention the potential wordplay.

I sense an almost palpable desperation in this Q respect of "dumps" - and Alice/Wonderland.
Text connects to Clinton linked paedo Podesta and BO (Obama).

Bill (homo Cruise) and the sodomite/gay abuse via Yale frat boys - the (ass) tapper and boner club (see Bush/Kerry).
Just prior to this scene (above) Cruise walks past a 'rose resonant' flower shop called 'Nipped in the (Rose)Bud'.
I could cycle this back to Kubrick's (Rothschild) 'Eyes Wide Shut' and (mkultra) Kidman/Alice...
She played (looking glass) "We're late/I'm late" Alice, in Stanley 'Lolita' Kubrick's film. (Warner Bros.)
The film opens with Alice on the toilet (dump/dirt hole). Kidman was also the lead in Rabbit Hole (film). 
In Eyes Wide Shut, I think it is heavily implied that Alice (Kidman) is a programmed, elite sex slave (see other posts).
Stepford Wife Kidman's father (Antony) was accused of being a paedophile programmer (see Fiona Barnett).
Eyes Wide Shut even featured a "Lolita" at the Rainbow Fashions store. One who was active.
It's NXIVM Raniere and the Bronfmans that link to Rainbow CULT-ural Garden.

Follow the 'Playgirl' White Rabbit...via Stanley "Lolita paedo-chic/Eyes Wide Shut", Kubrick. "What's up, Doc?"
Nazi-linked Jew, Kubrick's - The 'Monarch' Shining - incest and paedophilia. Based on King's story (a monarch).
Jack 'incest/Polanski' Nicholson. Chasing with his chopper: "I'm cumming Dan...I'm right behind you."
You have to start looking at this stuff in a symbolic and archetypal kind of programming way. 
The actual narrative is the front for for sheep to graze on, and obliviously.
Oh look, Jack posed as sodomy resonant '666' Baphomet/Pan at the close of satanist Kubrick's The 'monarch twins' Shining.
Kubrick who died 666 days before 2001, the year he made famous. The rendering of Baphomet is by Eliphas Levi (Levy).
Rainbow Rabbit Holers. Kubrick's Barry Lyndon, who was played by degenerate and child abusing Ryan O'Neal.
"Over the Rainbow" and "Alice in Wonderland" - cues for programming disassociation via sodomy.

This post from the "anons" was highlighted by Q last November, Playboy/Playgirl Hefner.

White Rabbit Eminem was one of Bronfman UMG's biggest successes in the late 90's, as we noted.
The Bronfmans were ultimately made by the Zionist-centric UK elite.
Bronfman owned MGM from 1966-69, the company that made UK-based Kubrick/Clarke's 2001, the film with faggy robots.
Kubrick's connection to (Bronfman linked) Warner 'Bugs Bunny' Bros. is well known.
The Bronfman 'Seagram Co. Ltd' owned Universal Studios - getting on-board in the mid 90's, until the Vivendi buy-out.
This was under Edgar Bronfman Jnr, who was also CEO of Warner Music Group (2004-2011).

Home Alone (1990) was originally a Warner Bros. production until Fox took over.

Is this what happens if you leave a child 'Home Alone' for too long? You thought Eminem was bad, check this!
Just caught this. Macaulay 'Home Alone' Culkin, (sodomy) Baphomet/Pan and the (sodomy) Bunny.
You might recall that Catherine O'Hara played Culkin's mother in the Home Alone series.
Catherine 'Schitt's Creek' O'Hara - the Jew Levy (Baphomet/Levi) series about the ass/shit channel and with an incest link.
Literally up shit creek - the asshole. This is how these sick deviants encode all this degeneracy posing as entertainment!
Allison 'NXIVM' Mack is linked to Eugene 'Schitt's Creek/666 Crowley' Levy via Hiller and Diller (late 90's).
Culkin, channelling Baphomet Levi and Crowley via Enochian Keys. The carrot (penis) is the glittering sword.
O'Hara linked Schitt's Creek Levy (Levi), played Crowley in Peter 'Lucifer' Hyams' film Stay '666 TV channels' Tuned.
Hyams, Mr Lucifer "2010" (sequel to Kubrick's 2001) is an Enochian Jew! All these connected overlaps - it cannot be by random chance. It's programming and mass mockery! They think they're superior, too clever for this to be deconstructed, but they're wrong. Satanic Hollywood/TV etc have imo (clearly) constructed a giant satanic/sodomite affirming matrix in which the sheep are enveloped.
It's ALL satanic - from top to bottom, and likely was from inception.

Recall this from earlier via (Golden Dawn) polyglot and 'Alice in Wonderland' linked Mathers:
"They have had considerable influence on  the development of occult and esoteric thought since publication, as has his consolidation of the Enochian magical system of John Dee and Edward Kelley."
(As utilised by Baphomet/sodomite Crowley et al).

This kid DID NOT escape Hollywood abuse - he was likely initiated by it! Looks like we've got another Feldman on our hands.
This IS NOT PARODY. This is sickness and in plain sight. MK-Ultra programmed children.
Baphomet already represents sexual transience (man/woman) by having breasts - an androgynous character.

Legion, demonic multiples - see 'Exorcist 3' by 'psychological warfare/mk-ultra' Blatty, and miracle of the Gadarene swine (Bible).

Recall, that Culkin was involved with Michael 'Pan' Jackson. Home Alone 2 is a huge 9/11 resonator too!
Culkin's father is the brother of actress Bonnie 'Die 9/11 Hard' Bedelia/Culkin. Wow, what a small world.
Home Alone series was directed by Columbus, who's also 9/11 linked via Gremlins, and Harry Potter.
He wrote Donner/Spielberg's 'The Goonies' - One-eyed Willie (penis) and booty seeking boys, with a penis-shaped bone key.
John 'Pretty Pink' Hughes got a major start via (gender-bending) Mr Mom, linked to (Zionist sodomy programmers) Schuler/Donner.
Schuler and satanist/sodomite Dick '666' Donner are heavily involved in (paedophile) Singer's sodomite output.
They are programming in REAL-TIME under our very noses, and it's clearly ongoing. Even Batman (89) had a 9/11 cipher.
Monarch Theatre via Mr 'Battyman' Mom aka Keaton (and Got Hams) and purple programming.
"You sexy (incest) motherfucka." Warner 'sodomite' Bros. Tim 'sodomite/Alice/Chocolate Fuctory' Burton.
 With Shining/Baphomet/Monarch 'incest' Jack, aka the purple Joker, and music by purple Monarch 'incest' rainbow Prince.

Culkin's band 'The Pizza Undeground' - comes across as a sick in-joke. I'm really struggling to see this as a cry for help.
Warhol (see right) The Velvet Underground (like burrows) and the original (phallic) Banana Benders (sodomites).
Clearly nothing to be concerned about. WTF? " - What's your sleep number."
Fluids co-mingling with terra firma (aka dirt/soil) via pricks and bunnies - can you also spot another potential allusion?

In the following link/expose Culkin is clearly LYING. He isn't revealing for positive purposes, another Feldman.

It just gets worse! The (sodomy) Bunny and Pizza (pizza-gate). You can see the demonic face (top right) under the crust.
"Does that bunny look like a slice of pizza to you?" Extra Cheese. (These people are sick, creepy as F**K).
Pepperoni for the phallic symbolism, the slice for the yonic (female) symbolism.
Baphomet/Bunny transience. Check-out the (effeminate/poof/gender bending) videos that Culkin is making. (Link)

Dodge-Ball(s) - Hollywood Sodomy/Paedo Programming - Jew Stiller aka lavender boy Gaylord Focker (Fucker).
The following is an interesting linked scene - pepperoni (phallic sausage) pizza and Ben 'Poo-lander' Stiller's penis.
Dodgeball (above). Look where Stiller places the slice. The pizza triangle is also a yonic symbol.
He featured in (Jew) Limp 'Chocolate Starfish (asshole) and the Hot Dog (penis) Flavored Water' Bizkit's "Rollin" video.
"Go Balls Deep into the Brown (Jamaican) Starfish (Asshole)"
Limp 'sodomite' Bizkit release was via Jimmy 'Interscope' Iovine. The '8 Mile Rabbit' Eminem, Tupac, 50 Cent, etc. man.
You just never know?

Cheese toppings and Alefantis' Come-t. (stars/moon a la Baphomet).

Phallic sausage/pepperoni. Even the term "pizza-gate" is potentially sexually suggestive in the 'entrance' sense.
People that "Libtard SJWs" worship, the (paedo) Clintons! No wonder SJW's also support (satanic paedo) Hollywood and sodomites!

Pizzagate - Podestas/Clinton. Bill Clinton is all over (paedo) Epstein's Lolita Express flight lists, as is Hillary.
Trump is fairly well linked to Epstein too. He's flown on his plane and attended parties at his Manhattan townhouse.
The Rothschild Israel that Trump loves. It's thought that Alefantis might be linked to the (satanic) Rothschild bloodline.
A few years back I noted that a Rothschild worked on Damien Omen II, and The Truman Show.
Dahmer/Podesta/Ancient of Ancients (satanic mystery religion).
The Exorcist 3 - monarch/mkultra linked Hollywood mind control via USAF psychological warfare policy chief, Blatty.
The Ancients image (above) was seen in the film itself, as was Crowley's Liber Oz, and his 7 pointed Babalon star.

Dahmer was part 'state' programmed with Hollywood output - primarily (mk-ultra) Exorcist 3, and Return of the (masonic) Jedi.
The Exorcist 3 was playing when he was arrested, the film seemingly caused him to trance-out and disassociate.
Sodomite Dahmer also had access to the White House, see the claims from when he was a teenager (rent boy circle?).

Talking of the White House and Satanism...
A Rothschild (Richard Luke) worked on the films Omen II, The Truman Show, and Path to 9/11.
Not sure if he's actual bloodline, but he has the Rothschild familial look. I'd put money on it that he is.
O-Men and Thorns. Sodomy, Crow-ley: "Give me the sign of the open-eye (asshole), the token erect of Thorny thigh (penis)."
Forget the BS narrative, appreciate this on an archetypal/subliminal programming level, one being washed over you.
Of course, it was Mayer Amschel Rothschild that funded Weishaupt's Illuminati. Mockingbird media is The Truman Show!
Jim 'Sirius/Illuminati' Carrey, The Truman Show. Truman begins to see that all is not right in his world from Day 10,911.
The film where the masonic (Lucifer) star "Sirius" - falls to earth (a la Lucifer/Satan). Carrey is 9/11 linked in multiple films.
Sirius (dog star) is heavily connected to Isis, Anubis, and Hermes. Dog Anubis (Jackal) is referenced in the Omen series.
Path to 9/11? Well, I'm sure you can work that out for yourself. (Richard Luke Rothschild).
Makes you wonder if Truman being controlled via the moon is a potential Rothschild sodomy (ass) mind control reference!
Masonic Sirius (it hangs in all lodges) is considered by some researchers to be - on an anatomical level - the anus (eye).

Satanism and Sodomy.
Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual - S. K. Bain (no copyright infringement intended).

Crowley's '77' Babalon (Babylon) Sodomite Silver Star. The Whore of Babylon was an aspect of Omen II.

Lucifer/Satan is the CEO of Hollywood and TV. When are you sheep going to realise? Never, imo.
Popular culture is absolutely jam-packed with overt satanic entertainment and has been for decades.
This is how the energy of Satan has been magnified/spread across this planet - elite Hollywood, TV, cult of celebrity, and fame.
It may not be your fault that it was set-up this way from inception, but it's your fault if you continue to partake.

Aldous 'Alice in Wonderland' Huxley and Crowley via the Isis Golden Dawn
Dope, Inc (EIR)
Huxley is also believed to have been involved in Tavistock (mind control/behavioural control stuff).

The UK had it's 7/7 Terror Event in 2005, and via Trains, the Underground...and Tavistock Square!

Liddell Mathers' and Crowley linked Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn Isis Cult - NXIVM via Allison 'ISIS Foundation' Mack/Raniere.

Recall back in 2017 the Parsons Green tube bomb, London. Early morning attack and a couple of hours after dawn.

Parsons, Crowley, Hubbard, Lidl (Liddell), Isis, and Satan.

The Isis Babalon Cult - Golden Isis Dawn (co-founded by Liddell Mathers) formed out of Oxford, UK.
OTO Crowley, (rocket/tube man) OTO Parsons, and Hubbard. Scotland Yard's Mark Rowley (Mar KRowley) headed the case.
Crowley via pyrotechnic Parsons (above). Parsons via Hubbard (right). Carpet burns (a sex based in-joke).
 Liddell, Parsons, and (Isis) Mother of Satan. Red-headed woman (below, top left) playing the symbolic 'Scarlet Woman' (Babalon).
Liddell MacGregor 'ISIS' Mathers - LIDL/LIDDELL - ISIS - Alice (in Wonderland) Liddell.
Underground tube tunnelling like the Alice rabbit. And we're back where we started.

The Golden Dawn 'Isis Cult' was formed out of Oxford, where Bill 'Rhodes/Rothschild' Clinton schooled.
Hillary Rodham Clinton in Wonderland...Rodham or Rod Hams? Q specifically referenced this.
The dirt tunnel White Rabbit and the Mad (Mercury/Hermes) Brown Hatter.

I covered the Clinton/Bronfman connections in the previous post, and there's plenty of them. Edgar Snr, below.
We've also covered that Bill Clinton was a Rhodes (Rothschild/Rothschild sodomy) Scholar at Oxford.
Remember, it was Hillary Clinton who made that 'conspiracy theory' speech about Pizza-gate, Comet Ping Pong (Alefantis).
"As the World Turns. Marker. Everything has meaning. Everything." Q. "Maggie showed with Hussein." Q (below).
Agnes Nixon was a writer for the TV show 'As The World Turns' - she was known as the 'queen of the modern soap opera'.
Maggie Nixon was her granddaughter, that's Maggie's parents Robert and Sarah. Sarah seen with pizza man, Alefantis.
It's been alleged that the Obama picture below was taken at the Nixon's Beach Plum Inn restaurant  Martha's Vineyard.
Actress and so-called comedian Amy Schumer is linked to that restaurant - her husband is the chef there.
Amy Schumer's popularity has been typically engineered. Schumer's father was born to a Ukrainian Jewish family.
He is a first cousin of U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer. When Schumer's parents divorced she moved with her mother to Long Island!
Robert Nixon is an American film director, writer and conservationist. These are high-end entertainment levels.
It's implied that (cut middle finger) Obama is somehow involved with Maggie (Wendy).
I wonder if there might be a 'Plum Island' link? Which is opposite Martha's Vineyard? Beach Plum Inn?
I wrote heavily about trauma mind control, Montauk, and Plum Island within the last couple of years.

Look at those palm trees (plural) - on the back of it. Q's response to a question about Florida, but learn to read the comms.
There's a lot of "JFK Jr." stuff floating around in the Q community. The idea that he's still alive.
Regardless of that the Kennedys are/were certainly no saints. Max Kennedy, son of RFK, was actually involved in Robert 'Maggie' Nixon's film Sea of Hope, which is also linked to Obama! Max Kennedy was the film's narrator. Max also helped Obama get elected by campaigning in over 200 swing states (2008). None of this computes - not in terms of what Q is providing.

Anyway, add to the mix John Podesta, former Clinton Chief of Staff, and Hillary's election campaign manager, and not forgetting brother Tony. There's also Marina Abramovic mixed-up with it all. Left-hand path = evil.
The Weiner laptop with "insurance" - the partner of Abedin, and the latter who's been Hillary's closest advisor for 20 years.

Speaking of the "insurance file" (which implies damning footage) - recent Q drop relating to the NYPD.
"Did they view the insurance file?" - "Threats are real." - 187 (people have died).
And on this same day POTUS attends the Officers' Memorial and honours Familia, who's posthumously made a detective.
Was Familia killed because she saw (Clinton linked) Weiner's insurance file?
Good work by whoever put this particular graphic together (above).
That's Q's confirmation.

26th May...
(All credit to TheSharpEdge at Twitter, link)
This was on the back of the recent arrest of Weinstein for rape and sex abuse.
Flynn is no stranger in releasing these sorts of sordid details - ones that connect to D.C. and Hollywood.
The Weiner laptop is believed to contain the "insurance file" - which some are positing is the Hillary/Huma video.
His son has mentioned likewise.

Mack - naming names and in both Hollywood and Govt.
Could NXIVM Mack have named recently arrested Weinstein? Or other big entertainment names and political names.
"Singing" Mack was arrested on 20th April 2018.
"Watch NYC". New York Attorney General, Schneiderman. Resigns 8th May. Alleged abuse of multiple women.
"Who will be next?" Weinstein just got arrested in NYC too. Did (Bronfman/Raniere linked) NXIVM Mack name both?
Schneiderman's possibly been an obstruction in the Weiner laptop case, NXIVM case, and giving a pass to the Clinton Foundation.
With the former New York AG Schneiderman out of the way, this can surely only assist with any future developments.

"Stage being set?"
Laptop insurance file is alleged to feature Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, and Hillary Clinton, (below, pictured with Weinstein.)
Flynn's CODE. The tweet was dropped on the same day as Weinstein's arrest.
Planned Parenthood Gala (pic above) - is this another type of potential reveal in respect of children?
David Geffen (entertainment mogul)? FFF (Found Film Footage)? CF (Clinton Foundation)?
That's what is suggested by the person that put this together. All well worth considering.

Disney - who bought out the Weinstein's Miramax for $80 million, after the success of 'The Crying (Tranny) Game'.
Another big film for Queens (queers) Weinstein was 'Pulp(ed) Ass F(r)iction' - effectively 2+hrs of overt/covert anal sex.

It's Jimmy 'Interscope' Iovine who was Chairman of IGA until 2014. Tupac, Eminem, Gaga, Death Row, Dre Dre etc.
I can tell that they're sodomites (like most male entertainment personnel) - as are most of the hip-hop artists that they front.
What do you suppose folk like Eminem had to do to secure their fame? I'll leave you to work it out.
This was ALL under the Bronfman umbrella (even at Vivendi), primarily Edgar Jnr. Half-sisters are NXIVM Sara, and Clare.
In 1998, Def [Death] Jam became the centre of a music entertainment corporate monopoly. PolyGram was purchased
- by Bronfman's Seagram and merged with the MCA family of labels, which became Universal Music Group (UMG).
It then purchased the remaining interest of Def Jam Recordings for a reported $100 million.

UMG merged 14+ record labels incl.: Def Jam, Island Records, and Mercury Records to form Island Def Jam Music Group.

See how they're all ultimately connected. Def  '666' Jam was also under Universal (UMG). Edgar Jr also linked to Warner MG.

Rubin produced Satanic/Nazi Slayer's 'Sept 11 2001' released God Hates Us All. (Jay-Z's Blueprint released same day).
These degenerates have been programming for years. Rubin also produced Slayer's groundbreaking Reign in Blood (1986).
The LP with the opening track about Nazi 'Illuminati' Mengele - who was likely involved in the Monarch program (twinning).
(Mengele) Angel of Death: "Monarch to the kingdom of the dead. Sadistic, surgeon of demise. Sadist of the noblest blood."
Aryan race, Mengele, lived in South America after WW2, the lead singer (Araya) coming from Chile (Araya/Aryan).

 Another take on the Flynn code...just guesses you  understand.
DG= David Glasser (President of Weinstein Co.) FFF= 666 CF=Clinton Foundation.
Leads to...
"Over the Target." A Q related phrase...the Harvey Weinstein sub-link contains the Flynn "dgfffcf" code.
Over the target - a likely reference to Q feeling the enemy's kickback after hitting their target. It's palpable.

"They made many current/former enslaved children famous. Hollywood is filled w/ them.
Models. Find the loudest voices. Brainwashed. Who was adopted? Who was born in?
They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS." Q (10th March).

Note, the 'sheep' HAVE followed the stars. They've literally done nothing but!
Q's post makes no sense. The dumbed-down masses worship the cult of celebrity, and have done for decades.
Fame worship went nuclear. It's this very type of degenerate worship that has seen USA go to the brink.
You worship the very (satanic) people who brainwash you with terror (see 9/11), sodomy, trannyism, and hate Whitey, etc.

The Scottsdale, AZ. (West Hollywood linked) plane crash was on 9th April. Mariah Sunshine Coogan.
Coogan had a large social media following, with over 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Sunshine. Her last post was a photo of her and her dog eating brunch at The Montauk, a restaurant in Scottsdale.
Montauk (Long Island) Mind Control. I wrote about this in recent years primarily via Shutter 'Nazi Plum' Island.
It's Dog Star/Sirius - Jim 'Meet/Meat me in Montuak' Carrey, and spotless, eternal mind control via Sunshine.
Montauk Lighthouse Point is seemingly evoked in (butterfly) Carrey's Eternal 'MK-Ultra/Monarch' Sunshine.
Mariah and Carrey via Sunshine? I'm sure Mariah 'butterfly' Carey is a victim of industry Monarch mind control, it's obvious.
Your entertainment and its personnel are PRE-SELECTED, even though it's sold on talent/demand - and this is the proof!
They control your entertainment and its personnel - so ultimately they can CONTROL YOU (the 'cult of celebrity' sheep).
Don't forget the (NXIVM) Bronfman links to MK-Ultra McGill University (Canada) and Dr Ewen 'MK-Ultra' Cameron.
Jim 'Sirius/Illuminati' Carrey was born in Ontario, Canada. He was also recently linked to a girl who suicided.
Carrey's major break-out was arguably via The Mask, and with Cameron Diaz. The Prison of Becoming.
Jim 'Monarched' Carrey - multiple splits, monarch butterfly art, and he covers Bullets with (monarch) Butterfly Wings.
Montauk Monarchs - see (mass programmer) Scorsese's "chasing butterflies" Shutter 'Montauk/Plum' Island.
Allison 'Isis/NXIVM' Mack was born in Germany, and moved to Long Beach with her family at 2 years-old.
Long Beach and Nazi mind control was a major aspect of my previous work (see 'Cinema of Sodomy' post, 2016).
She is actually married to a female, Nicki Clyne, and has been since Feb. 2017 (sexual/gender mind control.)
Dr Brand-on has recently been implicated in some type of torture/ultra-violence based programming via NXIVM.

I wonder if there might be a 'Plum Island' link? Which is opposite Martha's Vineyard? Beach Plum Inn?
Also recall that (Hollywood asset) Amy Schumer is also linked to this Plum Inn via her husband who is the chef there.
Chuck Schumer's daughter wed Shapiro, who was an economic-policy adviser for Hillary's presidential campaign.
Schumer/Lawrence are BFF. Harrelson's father was one of the three 'masonic' (Juwes) tramps arrested after JFK's shooting.
You might recall his turn in 'True Detective' that involved ritual cults and satanism, and up to the Senate level.
Schumer/Lawrence's #metoo - an industry FIX. They're desperately trying to salvage their industry, but don't fall for it.

Follow the stars. It's everywhere. Q

So many JEWS, isn't that right folks? If they were Chinese, I'd be saying: "so many Chinese."
Bronfmans, Schumers, Weinsteins, Weiner, Schneiderman, Rothschilds, Kubrick, Spielberg, Geffen, Interscope Iovine, etc.

Montauk, Martha's Vineyard, and Plum Island (Plum Inn Restaurant)...
Hannibal 'butterfly/moth' Lector: "Plum Island animal human disease (mind control) research center, sounds charming."
And who owns a (linked) restaurant on Martha's Vineyard that connects to Obama? From earlier in the post:
It's been alleged that the picture (below) was taken at Robert/Sarah Nixon's Beach Plum Inn restaurant  Martha's Vineyard.
Hollywood linked Robert, and Sarah Nixon - parents of  Maggie/Wendy. Right, Sarah with Alefantis aka Pizza-man.

It's implied that (cut middle finger) Obama is/was somehow involved with Maggie (Wendy). Nixon's restaurant.
Tenuous, but I seen potential in the numbering - 6459 & 9456. The first and last numbers (6 & 9) rotated.
'945' is sequentially common to both. East to West Coast, but we've been told to watch NY (East) and AZ/CA (West).
1950 - in and around the MK-Ultra/Monarch/Bluebird windows and Operation Paperclip.
Allan 'JFK/Warren Commission' Dulles was linked to Operation Paperclip.

And who can forget what happened to JFK Jnr and his (very likely) sabotaged plane - via Martha's Vineyard!
It's alleged that a bomb may have been concealed in the tail section, the tail was found to have detached.
"As the World Turns" (Agnes Nixon and JFK, Dallas).

Steven 'Jaws/mass programmer' Spielberg is heavily linked to Montauk and Martha's Vineyard, as was 'Great White Grey' Jaws.
The Montauk Chair via Greys (Sharks/Aliens). The Alien shtick is likely only for mind control purposes.
Spielberg is linked to 'The Butterfly Effect' via (dialogue) Jurassic 'Masonic' Park.
His Jurassic 'Nublar Island' was modelled on Cocos Island (off Costa Rica).

Maggie 'Guadelupe' Nixon - Virgin Mary linked - 'lupe' from lupus (wolf). It's not that far from the Virgin Islands.

Maggie 'Martha's V. Island/Guadelupe' Nixon. Allison 'Bronfman/NXIVM/Isis/Branson/Virgin-linked' Mack.
Is there potentially butterfly (Monarch) type imagery in the shape of this island? Yup.
Its nickname, "The Butterfly Island," comes from the shape of its two main islands, separated by a narrow channel.
Butterfly Branson - who released the (jail ass sodomised punks) Sex Pistols "Bollocks" LP.
He's linked to The 'MK-Ultra/Child Abuse' Exorcist via his very first Virgin record release. A sodomite industry asset.
Queen Elton 'butterfly/Oz' John: "Prima donna Lord you really should have been there.
Sitting like a princess perched in her electric chair. You nearly had me roped and tied.
Altar-bound, hypnotized. Sweet freedom whispered in my ear. You're a butterfly.
And butterflies are free to fly. Fly away, high away bye bye" (Someone Saved My Life Tonight). Programming resonant?

Mack is linked to Eric 'The Butterfly (paedo/mind control) Effect' Stoltz via My Horrible Year! (2001).
The Butterfly and Pelvis. The butterfly's elongated body possibly representing the phallus (cock/coccyx).
The same sort of Butterfly 'paedo/mind control' Effect that was heavily connected to Sandy 'Monarch' Hook.
Sandy Hook (Connecticut, aka mind control-ville) was also tied to 'Over the Rainbow' - Oz programming.
Oh look, it's Anderson 'Mockingbird' Cooper and the butterfly via Sandy 'Monarch/Gun Control' Hook.

Interesting content in this Rothschild "Butterfly Effect" piece, including 'sexual habits and rape' in respect of butterflies.

It's the Illuminati progenitors aka the Rothschilds, and "The Butterfly Effect" via Project Monarch.
Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut used the Rothschild mansion, and where Bill (Cruise) wears the butterfly inlaid mask.
"But there is little romance involved with a good love dusting; male butterflies display a sexual ardour rarely met in the insect world and rape is a known feature of butterfly behaviour."

I think I was hitting some 'mind control' bulls-eyes with that Montauk stuff I previously wrote about (see link).

Senate Republicans, air transport, and the NXIVM Bronfmans.

A link to Republican Adam Schiff (AS) too, The Standard Hotel case (West Hollywood), and the 31st Jan, helicopter crash.
The hotel is in Schiff's district. All the people killed were linked to the hotel. Tena's holding company had Standard on its books. The GM of the Standard, Kimberly Lynne Watzman, also died in the crash. The owner, Andre Balazs, is friends with Marina Abramovic. Andre 'Uma Thurman/Chelsea Handler' Balazs. The Standard has been linked to celeb types, murders. and strange goings-on.

Q is telling us that (helicopter crash) Watzman, and (plane crash) Coogan - both West Hollywood linked - are 'victims'.
Watzman, GM of Standard West Hollywood, and West Hollywood based, Coogan.
Mack is implicated (as are Raniere/Bronfmans), Schneiderman, Schiff, Weinstein, and Watzman/Coogan as victims.
Could Long Beach Port be used as access to/from Mexico via the coast - perhaps eliminating the usual land border routes?

"Tick TOCK (LLC)."
Could Q be inferring The Weinstein Company LLC (Limited Liability Company)?
Flynn posted the "Dgfffcf" linked Clinton/Abedin/Weinstein tweet. "Dgfffcf" on the Weinstein 'Over the Target' link.

"They made many current/former enslaved children famous. Hollywood is filled w/ them." Q (Mar. 10th).

DG, what if it's David 'Weinstein' Glasser, the Weinstein Co. former Chief Operating Officer?
Did you know that there is a direct link between David Glasser and Allison 'NXIVM' Mack?

Not just any old link, they were both in a two-part mini-series about child kidnap and pederast rape/abuse.
I Know My First Name Is Steven. Steven Stayner's kidnap/abuse. He died 4 months after its release (motorcycle accident).
At the time of his death, Stayner was living in Merced, California and working at Pizza Hut. Arliss 'butterfly' Howard played kidnapper/pederast (Parnell) in an uncredited role. Pvt. Cowboy from Stanley 'butterfly/Lolita' Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket.
Steven's older brother Cary Stayner (serial killer) was convicted of murdering 4 woman from Feb-July 1999.
Cary even alleged that he was abused by his Uncle when he was 11.
Steven's grandfather lived a few hundred feet away from the scene of where he was held. Were the Stayners part of a program?
Stephen Dorff and Bryan Cranston also featured in this mini-series. Mack arrested 20th April, Weinstein 25th May.
What a small world. 1989, Mack would've been about 7 years-old (one of her first roles), Glasser about 17/18 years-old.
David 'Weinstein' Glasser and Allison 'NXIVM/Sex Trafficking' Mack, and in a product about child abuse, rape, and kidnap!

"cf" - Clinton Foundation? Are there links between CF, Weinstein, Glasser (Dg), and Mack?
Is the "fff" - found film footage? Flynn's tweet gave us the Weinstein with Hillary/Abedin shot on the day of Weinstein's arrest.
Flynn's 'Dg' code is on the Weinstein sub-link at where you'll also find Mack, Weiner, etc.

We know that the Bronfman clan were close to the Clintons. Sara/Clare Bronfman being the NXIVM backers.
NXIVM Group Pres. Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters – are members of Bill’s charitable org., Clinton Global Initiative.
Membership is by invitation only and requires at least a $15,000 donation per person for one year.

The Standard Hotels are a group of five boutique hotels in Los Angeles (Hollywood and Downtown LA), New York City (Meatpacking District and East Village) and Miami Beach. The hotels are operated by Standard International Management. Original investors in the Hollywood hotel were Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Benicio del Toro, D'arcy Wretzky and James Iha.
(Note, "meatpacking" - I think of that in both the morbid sense and the sexual sex, as I'm sure they do too.)

The Standard Hotel (chain) is also where (Crisis Actor) David 'FBI linked' Hogg
- got his guidebook for the (sick and complicit) MSM gun control narrative.
Lights, camera, action: "Sob-sob, blub-blub, no guns, sob-sob."
How about SHUTTING-DOWN degenerate Hollywood. corporate music, and TV?
All of which fetishise guns, gangster thuggery as a lifestyle choice, drugs, child sex, rape, and ultra-violence!

Follow the stars. It's everywhere. Q

That was quoted in respect of John 'Haiti' Legend and Chrissy Teigen.
Is the Clinton Foundation, Geffen or Glasser, Legend (and various others) linked to Haiti child trafficking?

Oh, and Roseanne 'Q' Barr...another MK-Ultra mind control victim.
That's ANCIENT news, Springmeier/Wheeler cited her as a monarch victim in 1996.
That needs to be appreciated. It's not intended as a slight against her - just so you understand.

 Next post...

Bear in mind that ALL this Q stuff is just mere conjecture on my part.
I am NOT endorsing "Q-Anon's trust the plan". 
I've applied a distinct BIAS to demonstrate the phenomenon.
I think Trump is owned by Zionist Israel, as is typical. 
And that is never a good thing. Not from my POV.


  1. Another great post. The people who run around screaming that Q is a LARP need to have their heads examined. One could argue that the Q drops are perhaps working on behalf of Israeli interests, but one cannot argue with the veracity of their claims and the relevence of their meaning. The Bronfman-led Clinton/Obama/Podesta regime is in fact going down in flames. Anyone with a couple neurons to rub together should be overjoyed.

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    I previously read that Chandler might be related to Jordy Chandler (infamous Michael Jackson), but that doesn't seem to line up with the Voat post linked in this blog.

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