Saturday, 6 June 2020

A 'symbolic' Black Swan event? - Update

 Text from the ending of my Jan 2020 post.

"...We know that the virus spread is merely just beginning in the US, so we'll soon likely be seeing the wider effects of this."

 "MARTIAL LAW under Trump if things get out of hand." That's Donald 'FREEMASON' Trump, Mr 666.
The Trump supporting masonic Q-ANON psy-op/hoax. Masonic (Qabalist) "darkness to light."
Hey, folks! D'ya think they control both sides? (sarcasm).

 Update June 2020
Corona,/Covid P(l)andemic, Kobe/NBA, Freemasonry and George 'Corona/NBA' Floyd.

NBA's Stephen 'George Floyd' Jackson...a masonic spokesman for the Floyd family. Ahem.
 Be aware that some of the Larry Johnson stuff connects to Q-tards, etc. Trump/Q is another masonic psy-op.
Trayvon 'My father is a freemasonic Grand Master' Martin. Trayvon was posed as the symbolic tarot 'hanged man'.
Brothas in the 'G' Hood. Your fez looks familiar...
Ordo Ab Chao. Another HOAX - and ably assisted by JEW Zimmerman, the latter very likely another (JEW) Freemason.
 Trayvon 'The Hanged Masonic Man' Martin.
This is why Zionist mass media (aka US mass media) must be the ONLY storyteller. So simple.
If the public find out they're mass media driven masonic frauds - none of the deliberate chaos programming will stick!
33 (masonic) comments via NBA's Stephen 'Floyd' Jackson. 33 NBA Ewing - The BENT KNEE special:
'33' - ala NBA's Patrick 'I've now got Covid' Ewing. The Exorcist 3 'tarot man' (& particularly the hanged man).
33 Ewing, Mr Exorcist 3. The literal 'TWIN Tower' man via NBA twinning and Manhattan promos.
Floyd spokesman NBA 33 Jackson - claims to be 'twinned' with George Floyd. Ahem. We're currently in Gemini (the twins).
Minnesota - the twinned city.  Trump's a Gemini. Gemini, the killer via (33 Ewing's) Exorcist 3.
 A large aspect of my original post covered '33 Ewing' - and now he apparently has Covid/Corona. Ahem.
'33 NBA' linked George Floyd via Corona. Corona/Covid being a key aspect of the ongoing wider psy-op.
You might've noticed the covid mass surveillance issue. Which has involved masonic Google and masonic Apple.
 MASONIC JEW, FAECESBOOK. Zio-masonic mass media monopolies dominate the 'masonic' JEW S of A.
Masonic-Jew, Silly-Con Valley programming - has turned mass mind control of the sheep into a walk in the park.
Masonic mass mockery via 'masonic apron' referencing Freemason, Donald Trump.
Trump and congress's Venezuelan regime change 'masonic stooge' - Freemason, Guaido.
Re: P(L)an-demic. Masonic Trump declared a state of emergency on (masonic) Friday 13th. March.
Floyd tested positive for Covid in April and as an asymptomatic (corona light, and literally).
"I CAN'T BREATHE." - and all during the Covid virus spread. The virus that seriously hampers breathing.
How can a man that "can't beathe" - talk and communicate with those around him? Speech being dependent on breathing.
Irony bomb! Human sheep wearing masks that have: "I can't breathe" written on them!
A mockery based joke or psy-op(s) bleed-through? "...she is dying because she can’t breathe." (link)

Will there be a massive virus spike due to these elite induced protests? Masks can induce a false sense of security.
Most protocol re: the virus has literally been dropped to make way for this (linked) Floyd psy-op. Ahem.
Who'd be surprised if there was now a larger and wider virus spread as a direct result of this mass mind control op.?
 It's also believed that the first instances of riot/unrest in response to the killing began on East 33rd Street.
TWIN HEADED VIA MASONIC 33. See Floyd's twin, Stephen '33' Jackson. Order out of Chaos. Servants of Lucifer.
Hermetic Phoenix - masonic symbol of death and rebirth (also see Osiris/Hiram). Born out of the ashes of (destructive) fire.
Masonic deceivers NASA (via SpaceX) launched twin astronauts over the weekend - the phalllic ship docking with IS(i)S.
 Masonic Atlantis via shuttle mission = 33. NASA only do masonic space rituals. The End.
Isn't it interesting that the Floyd issue began with a counterfeit/forged note?
The usual MASONIC SEWAGE & GESTURES. Yawn. Surely you recall owned masonic industry puppet, Tupac?
They ALL suck masonic cock, sell-out the masses, and indoctrinate the followers. All for riches and fame.
All MASONIC EYES on me. A FAKED ritual killing (via masonic Fri. 13) for the programmed sheep to graze on.
“Men are so simple, and governed so absolutely by their present needs, that he who wishes to deceive 
- will never fail in finding willing dupes.” ― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince.
(k)Illuminati Pac. Tupac backwards is 'caput'. Caput - meaning to die/expire. Machiavelli faked his own death.
I told you aeons ago. All played-out crap for the idiocracy generation - AKA the dumb, hypnotised by mass media sheep.
Mr Covid. Old (k)Nick, masonic Ewing. The Devil. Not forgetting Mr 33 - 'symbolic black swan' NBA's '666' Bryant
 Masonic markers and mass mockery of the (programmed) profane. Masonic G. GEORGE-town via 33.
 "END OF DAYS".'s all looking very, very "End of Days" out there...and as I type.
Masonic shit-house - AKA the 666 NBA - was even an aspect of the (western induced) Hong Kong riots issue.
Anyone would think that the NBA is actually sponsoring this Floyd event. A total overbearing presence.
Kobe '666' Bryant - "I Can't Breathe" - from the Eric Garner issue. Wink, wink. George 'NBA' Floyd.
 2020. Started with NBA's Covid 'I can't breathe' Bryant, erm, Kobe Bryant, and 'problematic breathing' Corona/Covid virus.
The mind fuckery is strong! Kobe 'End of Days' Bryant laid to rest in Corona del Mar. (Thanks to Uncle 'the legend' Bingo.)
Jackson, Floyd's NBA TWIN. Floyd's body will be laid to rest in Pearland (Tx). PEAR-land, as in 'pears/pairs' (twinned).
Both Kobe/Covid Bryant and George 'Corona' Floyd also had a daughter named Gianna.
3rd degree Masons are symbolically raised (hoodwinked) into the (Lucifer) light - ala Hiram Abiff (Osiris-Horus).
Floyd - ORIGINALLY cited as (masonic) murder in the 3rd Degree (literally) - also see Freemasonry. Isis = the widow.
ALL sides are masonically OWNED. Both Dem. and Rep.
Politics, mass media, commentators, celebs, etc. It's all a masonic shell game with a diabolical philosophy.
Floyd spokesman, NBA's Stephen '33°' Jackson - exact same name as the man who created the ILLUMINATI card game!
See 'false flag' Vegas/911, etc. Monarch (crown/corona) Mind Control...Shots fired from the 32nd floor.
A level just beneath the symbolic missing capstone of the 'great work' - via 33° (see masonic pyramid $ bill).
 Vegas - one of the most blatant (masonic) Illuminati hits of all time. Literally no shame. An Illuminati cheese-fest.
 Master symbol of the satanic, sodomite, Zionist freemasons (illuminati) - the eye/pyramid.
Chosen by Jew, Illuminati Weishaupt, who formed the Illuminati under the aegis of Jew, Mayer Amschel Rothschild.
 Designed by Freemason Robert Mills. The Washington Monument is a Egyptian Obelisk or phallic (penis) symbol related to the Egyptian Sun god, Osiris (also see Vegas obelisk/penis, above). Masonic architect Hiram Abiff is simply an avatar for the masonic god(s), Osiris-Horus. The missing Osirian penis being a key part of masonic lore. The 4 sides of the Washington Monument are aligned with the cardinal directions (i.e., east, west, north, and south). Widow's son, Horus, being the god of the cardinal points. At the ground level each side of the monument measures 55.5 feet long, which is equal to 666 inches. The height of the obelisk is 555 feet high, which is equal to 6660 inches. If you add the height, width, and length together you get 666 feet. M.W. Benjamin B. French, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, laid the cornerstone of this famous Washington monument in a Masonic ceremony.
Cards from the 'Black Pyramid' Illuminati game 'predictive programming' Hall of Fame:
9/11 'false flag' via Jackson's Illuminati Card Game. Cards released in 1995.
Once the 9/11 govt./mass media FIX got swallowed by the masses - they now know that ANYTHING is possible.
 Zio-Masonic 9/11 via The Tower (tarot trump), masonic pillars, and the masonic-Jew tree of life. (see for hoax/agitation)
 Trayvon Martin 'masonic hoax/psy-op'. Jackson's Illuminati Card Game.
Masonic Purp-EL. Just like former Minneapolis based musician and mass mind control asset, masonic Prince.
 Note that so-called ethnic actor, Jussie Smollett, was caught hoaxing a racial hate crime in-league with US MSM.
Heath 'Joker' Ledger was overtly posed as the masonic hanged man (Dr Parnassus) - a homage to masonically hanged, Calvi.
Aurora shooting 'false flag/hoax' via Jackson's Illuminati deck. Sandy Hook fix was covered via Arlington (see previous post).
Recall that Sandy Hook was referenced in Batman:TDKR - the film directly linked to the Aurora shooting.
Batman via Warner '666' Bros...the same Zionist CNN/Warner that employ (mockingbird) Anderson '666' Cooper.
 Monarch Mind Control (see Vegas) via masonic Newtown. Sandy 'Monarch' Hook. CNN's Anderson '666' Cooper (below).
(Below) A calling card and type of elite mockery. How did (devilish) Arlington school know of the event before it happened?
Page created before the event transpired. It's called 'prepping' for a mass mind control event to come.
 A girl/woman playing two parts. Classmate of Lanza (as Israel), also see butterfly Hockleys who lived opposite Lanza.
A Hockley child was a supposed victim of Lanza. And playing Katie, sister of James Foley, allegedly beheaded by ISIS.
I'm not certain if the following is the same person (that's the pic maker), but the comparison is genuinely uncanny.
 Scripting the gun control narrative for their ACTORS in the Zionist/Masonic run MSM. The puppet strings are showing.
"USE THIS SCRIPT FOR GUN CONTROL". David 'shooting tourist' Hogg.
"At any time, at any place...our snipers can drop you." (Enough is Enough, card text)
 Trump (via snipers, see card text and pyramid Vegas) 'Enough is Enough' via Jackson's Illuminati Card Game.
Trumps and cards...Donny is a literal walking tarot card trump (see The Tower).
2020 happening under the Zio-masonic antichrist - AKA - Donald '666' Trump. And as I write. Ahem.
'666' resonance. Scene of the apparent death of George 'porn actor' Floyd. Monarch Boy, psy-op, or masonic sacrifice?
Bring-on a pallet of bricks (masonry) - wink, wink. Yes, the USA = Masonic Hell on Earth.
The female performer has a 'butterfly' tattoo in the porn scene (butterfly/monarch).
Linked Kobe/Covid-Corona Bryant allegedly killed aboard the 'mamba chopper' - a painfully obvious penis in-joke.
The sodomite and mockery-based elite. The masonic eye (in one aspect) is the anal sphincter (sphinx).
"All the world is a (Zionist masonic) stage..." (See, As You Like It, feat. Orlando). Orlando gay shooting - colon via lube.
 Dr. (W)Aynel Sex(ton), 2nd grade teacher story is complete BS. Drs. of Anal Sex - via Floyd event and Orlando gay shooting.
Dr Cheat 'Em. Orlando shooting fix was crammed with witnesses/victims linked to both acting and news services.
Recall that 'Orlando fix' shooter, Omar 'The Big Fix' Mateen, also had an acting background, his father was also active in TV.
Multiple videos of the Floyd event (varying angles). No videos of Epstein's (faked) death. Epstein is not dead. Monarch?
Jan 2020 & Dec. 2019. So-called Epstein victim, Giuffre, via butterfly Allred. MK, butterflies, and chains. Psy-op pointers?
Corona/crown/monarch. Implicated Prince Andrew. The Queen's cousin is head of the freemasons of the world via UGLE.
The same man who did autopsies on (masonic) JFK, MLK, and Epstein is the one who's supposedly analyzed Floyd's body.
There wasn't a body of (so-called neck injured) Epstein to do an autopsy on. Obviously repatriated back to Mossad Israel.
 Move along, nothing to see. Although I did tell you that 'mass media' IS the ultimate mind control issue!
San Bernadino was the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting,
- and the deadliest terrorist attack to occur in the U.S. since the September 11 attacks. ALL OF THEM MSM FIXES.
Lawyer for the Floyd family. It's FREEMASON Benjamin 'Trayvon Martin/AhmaudArbery/Michael Brown' Crump!
Florida, just like Tracy 'Florida Freemason' Martin. Florida's Bro. Martin who employed Florida Freemason, Bro. Crump.
All coincidence that he's been involved with Trayvon 'masonic' Martin, Michael Brown, Ahmaud Arbery, and Floyd cases!
SO MANY FREEMASONS. Isn't that right, folks? ALL of whom remain silent on that particular issue. Ahem.
Tracy 'masonic Grand Master' Martin. Oh, look. It's George Floyd's 'MASONIC TWIN' - Stephen 'Freemason' Jackson.
Le Bron '33' James, Mr Secret Society, has also been a feature of the Floyd event.
"Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson are reported to have been Boule members, among many other high profile, successful and moneyed Blacks such as Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton and Thurgood Marshall." (source)
Masonic Black Civil Rights - 'Hall of Famers' - spot their masonic fingerprints all-over the George Floyd psy-op.
Dr King was also very likely a Freemason. Hence the masonic ritual death via Memphis - seat of the masonic King (Osiris).
G-Unit. "Brothas in da (G) Hood" (brotherhood, aka freemasonry). Con-man Sharpton.
The father of Martin Luther King Jr Martin Luther King Sr (1900-84) – was a member of the 23rd lodge in Atlanta, Georgia. Medgar Evers, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) activist who was assassinated in 1963, was a 32nd-degree freemason, Scottish Rite. Alex Haley (1921-92), the writer of (racial agitator based, my emphasis) Roots and biographer of Malcolm X, was a 33° mason in the same order. Thurgood Marshall (1908-93), the first black member of the US Supreme Court, was supported by his Prince Hall lodge in Louisiana. (source)
Their 'masonic oaths' usurp ALL other oaths that they may have publicly taken - including govt. & legal ones, etc.
Bro. Sharpton has his masonic fingers in many masonic chaos based pies. Perhaps more pies than Bro. Crump. Ha, ha.
Still no MSM news on the whole thing being saturated with linked black freemasons. We're waiting.
Another of Hiram's Helpers - it's Freemason and gangster chic degenerate, Bro. Jay-Z. Minion of masonic god, Lucifer.
Jay-Z homaged The 'Masonic/OTO' Beatles via The Grey LP. "The all singing, all dancing CRAP OF THE WORLD."
 "Showbiz is an extension of the (masonic/satanic) Jewish religion." John 'Freemason' Lennon. All slaves to Zion.
 Freemason, Big Daddy (CAIN) Kane, who took Freemason Jay-Z under his wing - back in the day - as they say.
Masonically programming the DUMB and PROFANE masses - decade, after decade, after decade.
ALL of this MASONIC UNIFORMITY shot thru it all. And that folks - cannot be by chance.
 Move along, nothing to see. CRAFTY Mobb Deep.
The sick masonic/satanic fucks that have programmed the mass with gangster chic, degeneracy, and child sexualisation.
Their MASTERS are the Masonic/Zionist Jews that have always owned hip-hop/showbiz. From (Zionist) Def Jam onward.
Their SLAVES are the brainwashed by 'cult of celebrity' masses who are ritually processed via exposure.
 One of masonic Gay-Z's faces of Rocawear. Lucifer Golden Dawn (see 666 Crowley), Ciara. Is she white? ;-)
"Fuck Tha Police" - wow, what a surprise. Yawn, fucking yawn. Plastic, Masonic-Jew owned RETARDS.
 666. One Nation Under a (MASONIC-SATANIC) G Thang. 666 ROLL/ROLE Models for hypnotised sheep. Baa.
The black saturnic/satanic Cube. Ice Cube is another Jew-owned POS. ALL satanic sell-outs of the worst kind.
Masonic Golden 'Lucifer' Dawn being founded by top Freemasons. One being Liddell Mathers (see Eminem/Mathers).
The Masonic-Zionist Cult of Afro-American Celebrity - it's like shooting 'masonic fish' in a barrell.
Wow! It absolutely STINKS of satanic Freemasonry in here - totally reeks of it.
Masonic West donating to Freemason Bro. Crump, the Floyd family lawyer. Satanist, Anton '666' LaVey, was a Jew.
If 'leftist' Black Lives Matter - why are so many lost via 'leftist' Planned ParentAbortionhood? See 'Marxist' Steinem, below.
 Recall all the former predictive programming from these degenerates and their Zio-masonic owned industry?
Cult of celebrity 'masonic/satanic shepherds' who tend and influence their brainwashed and uber ignorant flock.
9/11/01 Blueprint - AKA 'a plan'. Kanye 'Freemason' West and (masonic) Eminem on the credits.
Masonic (tower) pillars joined at the base (see Al Qaeda, aka the base) via The 'struck' Tower path.
The masonic 'tree of life' that underpins Jewish/Cabalist Freemasonry. Degenerate Biggie linked to Freemason Tupac, etc.
Jewish, Death/Def '666' Jam via Rubin-stein. The Twin Towers built by Jew, John '666' Tishman (see 666 5th Ave.)
Hip-hop and mass media cabalism/satanism via 666...'ritually processing' the cult of celebrity masses:
(former post outing these masonic gimps from more than 6 years ago.) oto-hip-hop-hollywood-and-msm-masonic.html
It's called using Zio-masonic mass media to seed and enact mass satanism (via idol worship) to a programmed public.
Mr Minister of Hip-Hop - It's Freemason Louis '33°' Farrakhan. A legendary genre figure since hip-hop's inception.
The JEW-nited States of MASONIC America. Black Freemasons Rogues Gallery: "Let there be (lucifer) light."
Don't go making the mistake that this is all a 'Black Freemasonry' issue...only a dumb-ass would think that.
 'No matter who is President that person is still a freemason'. Yeah, and don't we just know it. I've known for decades.
666 Trump's Jewish 'tree of life' award, 33 years before becoming POTUS. The tree of life underpins Jewish Freemasonry.
 Freemason Obama. It's all masonically "in-hand" (wink, wink).
Bill 'Freemason/Rhodes' Clinton. Ol' Rockefeller Slick Willie.
Bro. Bushes. Quasi-Masonic 'Skull & Bones' - aka Russell Trust, (see Osiris) via sodomite Yale. Covid 322.
Bro. Gerald Ford...another masonic fez that looks familiar.
Yeah, it's kind of ENDLESS. Not forgetting 'original POTUS' George 'Freemason' Washington.
Masonic FDR was the POTUS that oversaw the inclusion of the 'masonic seal' (eye/pyramid) on the $ bill.
Joseph Kennedy (father of JFK, and Kathleen) repeated the theme many times:
"If Kathleen and her husband were living. I'd be the father of the (future) Duchess of Devonshire (1st Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen)
- and father-in-law of the son of the head of all the Masons in the world."

Is it me, or does the Floyd-linked '666 rubbish bin' resemble a pyramid minus the capstone? (Ala the great work). Ahem.
 Floyd. Is it ALL a GIANT MASONIC HOAX? A propaganda hoax to seed civil war and the implosion of the US.
Building the masonic 'great work'.  It all absolutely stinks of Freemasonry. Wink, wink.
Masonically laying the (symbolic) cornerstone in a public ritual:
"CORNERSTONE of a movement." Yeah, a masonic bowel movement. Oh, look. It's Freemason Sharpton.
 In the case of a courthouse, city hall, or other major government building, parades were often held,
- speeches were given, and the Freemasons would symbolically lay the cornerstone.
Well I never. Cornerstone laying and Funerals. Cornerstone for birth, and Funeral for death. (death/rebirth).
"What was once a cornerSTORE (Cup Foods) is now a cornerSTONE."
Imagine my surprise. George 'cornerstone' Floyd's son, Quincy MASON with Freemason Crump.
"The cornerstone is consecrated with corn (or grain), wine, and oil." All things available at Cup 'cornerSTONE' Foods.
Another of Floyd's children is called Connie Mason, sister of Quincy. Connie, as in con-like (a masonic con job).
And there you have it. The masonic ritual(s) and job done. Hence using the cornerstore as a location in this masonic psy-op.
In modern times, these events are barely noticed by the public, but in previous centuries, the laying of a cornerstone for a new building was a very big, festive celebration. In the case of a courthouse, city hall, or other major government building, parades were often held, speeches were given, and the Freemasons would symbolically lay the cornerstone. (source).

Floyd's so-called struggle lasted for 8mins 46secs. The first (inside job) 911 plane hit at 8:46am.
Twin Towers to Twin Cities. 8:46 is now their number for police brutality. 911 is the police/EMS number.
My comment/suspicions after 1 year of Trump being in office (Jan 2018). Sides set-off against each other - think civil war.
Also see this (link) for the Oakland riots that sparked immediately after Trump won the election. (Nov. 2016).
Oakland (2016) a type of mold for the reality we're now seeing in 2020? A microcosm of what was to come.
 "The black community is the easiest to manipulate." Zionist Jew, GEORGE '33' Soros.
Supporting evidence is the legacy of gangsterism, glamourised criminality, degeneracy, and hyper-sexualisation
- that's shot thru the Afro-American hip-hop genre. A genre that millions have empowered via free will.
MASONIC JEW OWNED MASS MEDIA - is the number 1 enemy - as I noted the day after (false flag) Zionist 9/11.
Have the programmed by masonic mass media SHEEP - fallen for all this? Hook, line, and sinker? YUP!
Just exactly as they did when 9/11 happened - literally all bought into the Zionist sponsored/controlled psy-op.
The people who have made (masonic Jew) MSM and 'the cult of celebrity' their 'functional' GOD.

Zionist MSM/PEDO-WOOD just did a HATE WHITEY nuclear reboot. Masonic TV - AKA the IDIOT LANTERN.
Just as Zionist Jews have promoted 'gangsta thuggery as a lifestyle choice' via degenerate and retarded hip-hop.
Recall that (agitator based) Roots was written by Alex '33° Freemason' Haley - an asset of Jewish Freemasonry.
Now go read my post (re: Zionist/MSM fomented HATE WHITEY programming) from a couple or more years go...
The puppet strings and lame agenda are showing...

Faking a racial hate crime using a Jewish, homosexual, third-rate, ethnic actor - and in-league with Zionist MSM. 
12 Years a Slave was funded and made by Zio-masonic Jews. Maiinly via (agitator) Arnon 'mass 911 programmer' Milchan.
Oh, look. It's 911 Milchan's 'Hate Whitey Special' - A (Sept 11) Time to Kill. Also see collapsing Twin Towers, Fight Club.
Zionist Jew, Milchan's A (Sept 11) Time to Kill, directed by homosexual paedophile and Zionist Jew, Joel Schumacher.
This is the same Milchan who's involved in an on-going Satanyahu corruption case. 9/11 = Israel (primarily).
It's no wonder the Floyd phenomenon is crawling with rotten 'zio-masonic cult of celebrity' stooges - incl. sports celebs.
 You can start by NOT sucking Zio-Jew, mogul cock...'Hate Whitey' Matt. Then get-out of psy-ops completely.
Do you still work for the Illuminati (Jew-luminati), Matt? See, Texas Chainsaw 4. I think we know the answer.


Look at ALL these filthy ZIO-MSM RACISTS. The generalisations are off the scale. Talmud-Vision vomit.
Do all Afro-Americans eat fried chicken and watermelon? They're very musical peoples, aren't they? (sarcasm).
What next? That ALL Police are filthy, racist scum and need destroying? Oh, hang-on.

Recall this? Advance knowledge of an event (false flag) to come...prior knowledge that shouldn't exist.

 Sandy Hook. Prior knowledge 4 days before the event actually (and supposedly) transpired. Move along, nothing to see.
Oh, look. A mass media JEW ACTRESS (ala crisis) playing two completely different people. Ahem.
Darnella 'Zapruder' Frazier.
(Jewish Freemasonry). "I worry there is an obstacle in Frazier joining the ranks of the late (Jew & Freemason) Abraham Zapruder,
- who filmed the 1963 assassination of (masonic elite linked) President JFK."
CRAFT-manship. Wink, wink. She is even compared to 32° Freemason, Zapruder. (source)
The Floyd 'Zapruder' film...why did Darnella Frazier (who took the infamous footage) reference this
- (uber related) post/meme 12 days before she supposedly filmed the (so-called) Floyd killing. (see left pic, below)
Storyboarding the false flag to come...Zapruder-Frazier responds to this (sledgehammer) meme 12 days prior to the killing.
12 days later she is filming IDENTICAL imagery via Floyd. Now read what the meme actually says:
 This is the picture that's gonna make white people say: "These cops have gone too far." (Yes, how prescient).
 "Open Your Eyes" - yes, quite. Masonic mass mockery. Wink, wink. Oh, look. The usual masonic signs and gestures.
The puppet ropes are showing, I said the puppet ropes are showing. I wonder if these 'false flag' cops are Freemasons too (sarcasm).
The masonic G-Force. Of course, it was Freemasonry that also gave birth to the KKK.
 Freemasons - AKA - Jewish owned footsoldiers in a very bad disguise.
The ultimate masters of racial victimhood (the Jews) - running a 'racial victim-based' psy-op? Who'd have guessed? ;)
Defund/abolish the police? That should make militarisation of the force a far more acheivable task.
You could also see UN forces on the streets as a result of these actions. You might if breakdown continues its path.
Trashing the entire police force and on the cusp of mass breakdown? Wow. Idiocracy really is real.

 JEWISH Freemasonry and "so-called" racially motivated killings:
"Beccause when you're programming the GOYIM/PROFANE SHEEP via engineered agitation -
it really helps if they don't know that it's ALL a satanic Jew, masonic FIX."

Just replace the UK with the USA - and see how this cultural Marxist (Hate Whitey) 'minority rule' phenomenon functions:
 Marx, another 33° JEW Freemason. I wrote this in my "Theresa May is a Piece of Shit" post...back in LATE-2017. (here)
I will not apologise for posting the above. I firmly believe every word that I've written. I've seen it in action.
I call the above: BEING AHEAD OF THE GAME.

I found this following post. How's this for a wider overview of recent developments?
You can have the following for free: "None of this is by random chance."
We're not just seeing the masonic elites pulling the strings - they're now pulling on fat ropes.
 Masonic Trump made a national address on Monday - he literally set out his 2020 campaign stall:
"I'm the President of LAW & ORDER..."
With the place that the manipulated mass group mind is currently at - particularly via over emotive elite string-pulling - and the ongoing issue with the virus spread. Trump's stance may, and over-time, bear much fruit. I can only see trouble ahead, at least to this point.
The fuse is already lit. With these masonic sociopaths pulling the strings on both (masonic) sides
- and being the only effective voice in MSM. I can't say I'm too hopeful about where this is headed.
Are we already 'In the Mouth of Madness'?

"Sporadic riots continue to hit Eastern cities & reports of violence from Boston and Philadelphia are now coming in." (ITMOM, script)

 Violence and EPIDEMICS.
 "What began locally has now broken out into a global epidemic. An epidemic of monumental proportions...
- of senseless, seemingly unmotivated acts of violence. (ITMOM, script)

 Love-CRAFT. (Masonry aka 'the craft', and 'witch-craft'). "Lived any good books mass media lately?"
Carpenter's In The Mouth of Madness - based on H P Lovecraft and the 'Return of the (Great) Old Ones'.
Film plot. It's 'horror fiction' programming - coupled with the loss of distinction between 'fantasy and reality' (ahem).
 - that precipitates the return of the Lovecraftian Old Ones (and mass breakdown). Carpenter's final apocalypse trilogy film.
It details the masses: (quote) "infected by an epidemic of violence" (led by violent youth - who then infect the elders).
 The (Big) Black Man. Gathering legions of followers, who lose global awareness, with undertones of world collapse. (sound familiar?)
Nyarlathotep - a 'Messenger of the Old Ones' (Outer Gods) - a malign deity, perhaps comparable to a Black Hermes.
Love-craft, The Dreams in the Witch House (1933) - Nyarlathotep appears as 'the Black Man' linked to witch Keziah Mason.
Lovecraftian In The Mouth of Madness (below) - societal breakdown, reality skew, and a recurring scene of police brutality. Very topical.
I Can See (graffiti). We all saw George Floyd. "Reality 'aint what it used to be." A pertinent quote from the film for these times.
Carpenter gained recognition via Assault on Precint 13. Recall any police precincts (linked to police brutality) recently assaulted?
A WHITE-HOT night of hate. Carpenter's film details police brutality on a ghetto gang (leading to a riot on a police precinct).
"Lived any good books mass media lately?" (see In The Mouth of Madness)
Gang destroys the precinct and every cop in it. Yes, that about nails it. Also reads like a current BLM/leftist rally call.
His (linked) Prince of Darkness (Devil/Satan & Blackness). Nyarlathotep, a black malign deity, an avatar of the Devil.
John Carpenter made They Live - the elite programming the population via mass media. Also Lovecraftian The 'global virus' Thing.
 Sam '666' Neill played 'The Prince of Darkness' in 'St John's apocalypse based' Omen III, year before The 'apocalypse' Thing.
Halloween III (1983) outlines nefarious TV broadcast programming aimed at youth - coupled with microchip-based full head masks.
Interestingly the first 'PC computer virus' was written in 1982, Elk Cloner. The same year as the release of The 'cloning/virus' Thing.
If someone said the following: "Apple, Mac, Windows, and replicating/cloning type virus spread - would you think that they were talking about computers? ALL are also aspects of The Thing (film): Apple II & MAC (Apple-Mac), Windows (via communication, a character), and a replicating/cloning type virus spread. The first PC "in the wild" virus, Elk Cloner, was via Apple II (1982). Masonic 666 Apple.
Lead MacReady (aka MAC) is actually introduced by the (cloner/virus linked) Apple II chess PC/game scene. 

The Thing - Apple linked Mac (via Windows) fighting an "in the wild" virus type spread, one that replicates/clones (year 1982).
In some sense - virus/Apple-linked Mac (above) is playing Sargon x2. A bearded Sargon look-a-like playing Sargon chess.
Start: Mac (as White) defeats/stalemates the (electronic virus linked) Apple chess machine (as Black) by pouring-in whiskey and ice.
End: Mac (White) stalemates the (organic virus linked) Childs/Thing (Black) by pouring whiskey into him - to both ice freeze.
Below, the literal 'computer/virus' - a computer (based) virus image. The replicating/cloning 'Thing' virus (and spread).
Memes - a type of virus of the mind and contagiously transmitted. Meme derived from 'mimeme'. Greek, meaning 'imitated thing'.
 Dr Blair's cellular PC screen (above left). It's interesting that Brimley (Blair) is linked to a contagious meme via a (covid-linked) disease.
Anyway, Carpenter was also heavily involved in 'mass 9/11 predictive programming' via output. Covered in other posts.

"Many officers have been physically attacked...and more than three hundred eighty people...male and female, have been  
jailed in New York County. Two officers in Boston were hacked to death...amid jeering crowds in an attack last night.
What is this horrible, unexplainable madness...that is gripping our lives? What in the world is happening?" (ITMOM, script).
9/11. Carpenter's Escape From New York (with The Thing's MacReady, Russell) the most resonant.
A film concerning a locked-down Manhattan (as a giant security prison) which is rife with crime.
Yeah, overlaps with NY's Corona situation and recent widespread criminal outbreaks. (EFNY link). Lived any good mass media lately?
The 1%? Oh, they mean the bad guys from They Live. Kurt Russell & Carpenter have been very busy - haven't they? ;)
"Some people pick the damndest places to start a fight." Hong Kong, a literal 'Little China' with 'Big Trouble'.
Another Carpenter film. Uncle Bingo, I know you know a lot of this Carpenter/Lovecraft content and stuff. It's crazy!
I wonder if this post has the potential to go viral?

That's right folks, and as I noted very soon after the Zio-masonic '9/11 false-flag'. The Zionist MSM news services are all owned by the Zionist Hollywood (Pedo-wood) studios. The same people who make and influence your so-called 'News' - also make all of your degenerate and so-called fictional entertainment. A conflict of interest that has never been addressed - and it likely never will be. There's likely far more 'fact' - in (so-called) fictional entertainment - than there is in so-called 'factual' shows like news/current affairs. Bank this.

 My internet connection is now f**ked. I've been down for several days. That's why I've been unable to update and answer comments, etc. I'm using someone elses's connection to make this comment herein. Just wanted to let you know of the developments. I am trying to get the internet sorted my end over the next few days. Attempts to rectify the issue have so far failed.

 ATLANTA & the 33rd Degree (°)
The latest site for the on-going Zio-masonic, mass media driven 'psy-op(s)'. Atlanta via the (masonic) 33rd degree parallel.
 Ha, and you thought you were all "33'd out" via (masonic murder in the 3rd degree) GEORGE '33' Floyd.
Recall all the Freemasons from the George Floyd event - there's too many to list. A lot of 'George-ing' going-on.
 33° Atlanta, Georgia. Scene of the Brooks event. Georgia, the place linked to the infamous 'guidestones'.
The father of Martin Luther King Jr MLK Sr (1900-84) – was a member of the 23rd lodge in Atlanta, Georgia.
Masonic King, who allegedly died via (masonic) Memphis, the original seat of the (masonic god King) Osiris.
Freemason asset, Martin Luther (Osiris) King, was born on the 33° parallel via Atlanta (Georgia).
Cue '33°' Atlanta via Brooks. Lance Bottoms, the face and Mayor of 33° Atlanta:
 Major to Mayor. Major Lance (father) set up a new label, Osiris (via Memphis), with former drummer Al Jackson
Anyone for Kobe's mamba chopper? Major Lance's 7 inch via the Osiris (masonic) eye. His daughter, Lance Bottoms.
The masonic strings are showing, as per. Yawn. Might've known that he came thru via masonic entertainment.
Convicted for COCAINE possession (served 4 years) and a want-away father to another child. What a guy! Barf!
Lance Bottoms? That's what sodomite Freemasons (via the anal Osiris/Horus eye) so thoroughly enjoy - lancing bottoms.
Lance, a thrusting pole via mounting. Bottoms, the ass/buttocks (plural). Where's George 'porn star' Floyd?

Brooks/Floyd: Lance Bottoms & (w)AYNEL SEX(ton). Gay shootings via Colons treated with Lube. The US of GAY.
I wonder if there will be an attempt to make (masonic-sodom) Lance Bottoms, Biden's VP runner? Time will tell.

 33 Atlanta/Masonic 33 Atlantis
 “A Colombia(n) Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis… and all Challengers shall be destroyed.”

Recall we mentioned NASA/SpaceX's recent rocket launch via Gemini. The phallic ship docking with IS(i)S.
Twin astronauts launched @ 3:22 p.m. EDT, May 30. Hurley, one of the twin astronauts, was also aboard
- Atlantis' final (2011) mission (33rd, see above). This was NASA's first human launch since that 2011 mission.
It's - "we only do masonic space rituals" - 666 Masonic NASA - via Osiris and the (linked) Bennu (phoenix).
 Osiris Rex - King Osiris via the Bennu. Note, each wears the 'atef'. Launched by an ATLAS V (Atlas, Atlantean, etc.)
On 12 December 2019, NASA announced the chosen landing spot, known as Nightingale (a male night-song bird).
It is expected to return with its sample to Earth on 24 September 2023. (Note the pyramid mission patch
- and the probe's bird-like shape). If successful, OSIRIS-REx will be the first U.S. spacecraft to return samples from an asteroid.
Ha, (Osiris Rex) Bennu asteroid looks like two capstones joined at the base. (The masonic 'great work' & '3rd temple' etc.)
 The bird deity Bennu, which was probably the inspiration for the phoenix, was venerated at Heliopolis,
- where it was said to be living on the Benben stone or on the holy willow tree.
 The (primeval mound) Benben stone (also known as a pyramidion) is the top stone of the pyramid.
 The Benben is thought to have been the prototype for later obelisks and the capstones of the great pyramids were based on its design.
 33 Floyd. Above left. "Is that a pyramidal base - minus the capstone?" Above right. Is that the masonic phoenix (bennu)?
Quote: "The bird deity Bennu, which was probably the inspiration for the phoenix."
Other cities developed their own myths of the primeval mound (Benben). 33 Floyd to 33 Atlanta via Memphis:

 At Memphis, the god Tatenen (a Memphite deity), an earth god and the origin of "all things in the shape of food
- and viands, divine offers, all good things", was the personification of the primeval mound. (source)
Atlas, who supported the globe/world on his shoulders - acting as a column. 33 vertebra spinal column via Atlas.
ATLAS - the bone (vertebra) that supports the globe of the skull/head. The head/globe that contains the world.
 '33 masonic degrees' to the crown/temple of the head via the '33 vertebra' spinal column.

It was an Atlas launcher that sent OSIRIS REx on it's Bennu (33 phoenix) mission via masonic NASA.
OSIRIS REx (name) was chosen for this mission as asteroid Bennu is a threatening Earth impactor.
Perhaps they should've named it Tyrann-Osiris Rex? Osiris as the 'tyrant (green skinned) lizard/serpent king'. Ahem.
When Green Tyrant Lizard Kings Ruled The Earth:
The 'dinosaurs' getting wiped-out by asteroid/comet impact is a well-known theme - see Spielberg's Jurassic Masonic Park.
Deep Impact, Spielberg. Some researchers believed that Osiris (the dying god) was wiped-out similarly. See Comyns Beaumont.
Tyrannosaurus Rex 'masonic apron' (inverted) in the museum entrance. O-saurus/O-siris. Note the masonic eye of radiance.
Tyrann-Osiris Rex (aka masonic Hiram Abiff) in the bones coffin (bottom right). Tyrann-O-saurus Rex bones (see bottom left).
Atlantis, the (prehistoric/mythological) civilisation that was destroyed by flood/swallowed by the sea. (by impact?)
It's possible that the masonic apron 'rainbow' (in one aspect) might act as a reference to the biblical flood (Genesis).
 The masonic USA is even referred to as a type of 'New Atlantis' - see (masonic 33) Bacon, etc.

And the CHAOS continues...over the weekend:
 Atlanta Drive-by near the Brooks location.
 Minneapolis Mass Shooting
The brainwashed protesters preventing police from accessesing the victims.


  1. Good post as usual. Just a word of caution, be careful with Larry Johnson. He was a running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. Go look for video/images of his touchdown celebration, he uses the very same "Fire" triangle mudra you point out here. Now all these years later he just so happens to resurface and be working with Infowars to "expose" some of this stuff. If you read up on him, you will find this quote (and main reason why he was chosen for this role):

    "It’s worth mentioning that Johnson told Kent Babb of The Washington Post in 2017 that he believes he has brain disorder chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), that he has anxiety, paranoia, and occasional self-destructive impulses, that he’s considered violence towards himself and others, and that he has growing gaps in his memory. So, as with his August tweets, there’s maybe more going on here than just Johnson saying ridiculous things."

    Not saying he isn't revealing some things like all of these characters do in some form, again just be careful associating yourself with him absent disclaimer. There might be some plans for him to "go crazy" in the future after he reveals a lot of this stuff.

    1. Hat's tip for the heads up about Mr. Johnson. There are too many examples of that old tactic and its efficiency when it comes to keeping governed minds riding along to get along with the prescribed one-track narrative. Any chance of the hive-brained herded type asking or considering the right kinds of logical questions is more often than not dashed by triggered associations between certain kinds of talk and them crazy tinfoil-hatters they've been warned against, so deeply locked down in that self-policed way of thinking that they will constantly thwart themselves from ever discovering any significance in terms such as "tinfoil hat" and "the pill" originating with eugenicists like the Huxleys.

    2. Yes, agreed, Anon. Overall I would urge caution with this sort of thing. Thanks for the contribution.

    3. You're welcome. Simple comments are the least we can do to respect the time and effort that goes into work like this.

      To that end one thing I came across is that George Floyd had a sister and her name is "Connie Mason". LOL. In one of the television interviews Connie Mason is wearing a pinkish-red "Regal Living" t-shirt. Regal=Royalty=Crown=Corona. Mason Con. Regal is also one of the largest cinema chains in the USA. Theatre, etc. Can't make this stuff up.

    4. "Regal=Royalty=Crown=Corona"........It should be remembered,who the Head of Freemasonry is (The Duke of Kent)and WHO the person he reports to directly (his Cousin Queen Elizabeth 2nd) see the rabbit hole goes deeper than this post has....try thinking The Nephilim Crown and the "City of London" as well as Washington DC, and the Vatican which ALL have the Obelisk on display. What is their agenda and END GAME?......look on further than your own backyard for the answer (Georgia Guide Stones, Georgia USA)for your answer.

    5. Quote from the latest post body: "Corona/crown/monarch. Implicated Prince Andrew. The Queen's cousin is head of the freemasons of the world via UGLE."

      ALL COVERED (even in this latest post, see above) and covered many times before. Have you not read the entire post body and/or multiple previous posts? Sorry, but you should try reading THE ACTUAL POST BODY. This comment you've dropped is pointless.

      The Osirian penis (obelisk) has also been covered many, many times here. Georgia Guidestones (via Rosicrucianism) likewise and GG is VERY OLD HAT. I've been doing this 20 years. Pfft.

      I appreciate comments, but not this sort of CONDESCENDING CRAP. Thanks, but no thanks.

    6. Oh, and Anon. The Duke of Kent is ONLY the head of UGLE. Regular craft. That is NOT ALL of global Freemasonry. I take this as a given, so perhaps I should make that clearer. These details matter.

  2. I'll leave this here yet again:

    1. Thanks, will check-it out and get back to you.

  3. You said it. Especially with that close-ended question you close with, which I can't really answer in the negative. I keep quoting ITMOM with practically every discussion about how "things must be getting pretty bad out there", and it feels like I've been living more than one H.P. Lovecraft story ever since my trip to Providence, Rhode Island last October. Reading certain lines from the books while visiting the actual historical sites they describe cast a Hobb's End kind of shadow on everything that was still present when I got back home, like something punched a hole in the æther and has yet to lift from the atmosphere it currently dominates, y’know?

    It was in March, the Friday the 13th when the President declared the national emergency, that I had to stop reading Lovecraft, at least the poems and stories aloud like the way I had been doing. Something about reciting this one part from “The Last Test” while witnessing corresponding events parallel the text in real time really turned me off of the fiction.
    "Tent colonies sprang up, and improvised villages lined the crowded southward highways from Millbrae to San Jose. Many sought refuge with friends in Sacramento, while the fright-shaken residue forced by various causes to stay behind could do little more than maintain the basic necessities of a nearly dead city.
    Business, save for quack doctors with “sure cures” and “preventives” for use against the fever, fell rapidly to the vanishing-point. At first the saloons offered “medicated drinks”, but soon found that the populace preferred to be duped by charlatans of more professional aspect. In strangely noiseless streets persons peered into one another’s faces to glimpse possible plague symptoms, and shopkeepers began more and more to refuse admission to their clientele, each customer seeming to them a fresh fever menace. Legal and judicial machinery began to disintegrate as attorneys and county clerks succumbed one by one to the urge for flight. Even the doctors deserted in large numbers, many of them pleading the need of vacations among the mountains and the lakes in the northern part of the state. Schools and colleges, theatres and cafés, restaurants and saloons, all gradually closed their doors…"

    I forgot to say in the previous post that Kobe Bryant's final resting place is reportedly Corona del Mar, and along with Billy Goat Gates' patented 060606 there's the PPP loan and H.R.6666 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act, for that full bestial rub in the face of whoever is watching.

    Solid work as usual. Big ups for update.

    1. I gave you a shout-out in the Lovecraft section at the end of the post.
      I've been brainstorming this - so give me a little more time to respond back to you properly. Just wanted ypou to know that you've not been forgotten. Best Wishes.

    2. I am dumbfounded by your uncanny ability to communicate my affliction. You said it again. Nyarlathotep was something I had wanted to bring up back in 2018 when we were talking ant head and the singed woodsman in Twin Peaks, only at the time I thought I was overplaying the Lovecraft connections and held off mentioning it. I remember also wanting to discuss "The Dunwich Horror" for its shock ending, where after getting rid of the invisible enemy, the Arkham men tell the yokels that the thing they thought Wilbur Whateley called "out of the air" was actually his twin.
      Almost all of the John Carpenter movie themes provide a suitable soundtrack for the goings-on of 2020. Assault On Precinct 13 at the moment, Escape from New York last March, and They Live every time I go to the store. The Thing and Prince of Darkness both fitted with the house arrest vibe, but it's In the Mouth of Madness that keeps working for every occasion. The part of ITMOM's script that runs through my mind a lot is the talk about reality being just what we tell each other it is. "Sane and insane could easily switch places. If the insane were to become the majority you would find yourself locked in a padded cell wondering what happened to the world." When Trent asks if it is a disease that's spreading he's told "it's an addiction that people have at this time... fantasy-creating out of the written material."
      It seems too familiar to escape at present. So, no pressure following up. Looking forward to any sense you can make of things. Ta.

    3. Hey, Bingo. I am dropping in this 'emergency' comment. My internet connection is now f**ked. I've been down for several days. That's why I've been unable to respond/update etc. I'm using someone elses's connetion to make this comment herein. I wanted to let you know of the developments. I am trying to get the internet sorted my end over the next few days. Attempts to rectify the issue have so far failed. Hope you're doimg good and best wishes. Hang in there.

    4. No stress, compadre. If what you're dealing with is as relatable as it sounds, you have my deepest empathy. Don't you worry 'bout me none. I'm doing well and good as well hanging in there, here. There's plenty of a collective unconscious emerging as fate to keep me occupied. Here's hoping your internet situation gets sussed and sorted out sooner than later. All the best wishes right back atcha.

    5. Hey, Bingo. :)

      Things have now been rectified.

      Where to start? Just keeping tabs on all that's unfolding is virtually a full-time job! Let alone deciphering any meaning etc. There is so much going-on in the collective conscious right now. That Lovecraft/Carpenter stuff is as crazy as it is fascinating. I did try to tell you about my feelings after having watched ITMOM, which was some time ago now. I was very unsettled after watching that. Some of this ties-in with that Twin Peaks stuff (via 'Dune's sleeper awakening' Prochnow) that I wrote about. Awakening sleepers being a key aspect of Prince of Darkness, which came just before Prochnow's ITMOM (in the trilogy). The overlaps are simply mental. Atomic and sub-atomic matters being aspects of both Twin Peaks and (Quatermass linked) Prince of Darkness. I tied-in (Satan referencing) Quatermass to the S3 Twin Peaks ending too. I started making suggestions that 'television' was being used as a type of malevolent spirit device...blah, blah. Perhaps you might recall?

      Like I said at the beginning. Where to start?

      As for the way that US mass media (and related) currently has the group by the balls (re: masonic theatre and BLM, etc). I am almost lost for words. I've never seen anything like it. They remind me of the groups of possessed people in Prince of Darkness. Hell, and I didn't even mention the 'Black Church' aspect of both ITMOM and Prince of Darkness. :)

      What say you, Bingo?

    6. I say fhtagn, and other nonsense-sounding words like “Wza-Y’El”, “Dhon-Hna”, “Yr” and “Nhhngr”. I don’t have any real understanding what they mean, I doubt I’ll ever be able to pronounce them correctly, yet they are the first things that spring to mind. I suppose that’s what happens when one spends enough time perusing the complete fiction and collected essays of Lovecraft. They are the kind of words that seem to describe the experience a lot better than anything else I got at the moment.

      I would be getting back to you sooner, but the 90° degree weather here is actually kind of lovely and I want to enjoy it before becoming preoccupied with creeping cosmic terror again. With how much attention is required to keep up with the spectacle rolling out in the Qabbalistic mediasphere to captivate the mass imagination, you’re very right about it being like a full-time job. It is the overlaps that make it almost impossible to ignore, and they are spread so wide and deep that it’s a real chore to uproot. This stuff goes way back. Could be why it’s hard to find a starting point. It also doesn’t help when there doesn’t seem to be any end to it.

      I do remember you talking In the Mouth of Madness, about it being a mindfuck and all, because not long after that I discovered a comment PlasmaBurns left on an ITMOM video where he said, “The more you know, the crazier you sound. Depending on your perspective, this movie could be a documentary.” That stayed with me the same way ITMOM does.

      The movie that unsettled me like the way you’re talking about with ITMOM was Lifeforce. I watched the director’s cut last year and it gave me this sinking feeling of dread that is taking forever to shake off. That was another one of those instances where I'm picking up this Lovecraftian tone pretty much the whole time I’m watching the thing, but dismiss the notion thinking I am merely fancying a connection, then come to find out afterwards the screenplay was cowritten by Dan O’Bannon and based on a book deliberately written in the Lovecraft fashion. In the words of writer C.J. Henderson: “an obvious tribute to Nigel Kneale’s Quatermass, has deep roots in Lovecraft's mythos.”
      You can see the image for the book’s original cover looks a lot like the portal torn open by Jürgen Prochnow in ITMOM, which is a little like the screen rip from Dune or MANT!, the movie within the movie Matinee

      Matinee is very Joe Dante, the same Joe Dante who told John Carpenter to get Nigel Kneale to write what ended up being Halloween 3. For the longest time I was unaware Nigel Kneale had anything to do with Halloween 3, so I was a little confused when I heard Carpenter say “H.P. Lovecraft influenced Prince of Darkness as well as Nigel Kneale, and if you pay close attention you’ll notice that it is Kneale University in the movie, as well as the screenwriter of Prince of Darkness was Martin Quatermass.”

      It's happening again. All the synapses are starting to fire off, which means plenty of additions where this is coming from. A flood of ideas is on the horizon. I'll be getting back to you with more soon. I hope you had a good weekend, Phat.


    1. Thanks foe the link. Good stuff from a good blog. I've always had respect for secret sun. Thanks again.

  5. Interesting stuff ,Thank you for your hard work.

    1. No problem. Thanks for taking time to comment.

  6. thank you, as always, ace work. Was wondering if youve caught season 3 of Westworld and if so, noticed how it foreshadows some of whats going on. Again thank you for your research, Im a huge follower.

    1. Many thanks.

      Since your comment I've expanded on viruses and The Thing. Both organic and computer based cloning viruses. The Elk Virus that I make mention of in respect of The Thing is a 'boot virus'. When I was looking on the main 'computer virus' page at wiki (link given below, a redirect for boot virus) I noticed mention made of 'Westworld' (the film). A film I've seen a few time over the years Androids running amok due to a computer virus outbreak. Comparisons made to both electronic machinery and disease. Of course, this takes-on another layer of meaning if we treat the 'android' concept as a metaphor for actual human people. Again approaching it from both an organic virus spread and an electronic machine based virus spread. Programming (using direct and metaphorical means) right under the very public nose - as it were. I'm finding the overlaps very interesting.

      Quote: "The 1973 Michael Crichton sci-fi movie Westworld made an early mention of the concept of a computer virus, being a central plot theme that causes androids to run amok. Alan Oppenheimer's character summarizes the problem by stating that "...there's a clear pattern here which suggests an analogy to an infectious disease process, spreading from one...area to the next." To which the replies are stated: "Perhaps there are superficial similarities to disease" and, 'I must confess I find it difficult to believe in a disease of machinery.'"

      To answer your question. No I haven't seen any Westworld series. I find TV unbearable in the main. The series' that are typically made (and I might class Westworld as one of those) are seemingly endless - so I don't tend to bother. Perhaps I will look-over a summary of the episodes or something.

      Thanks for the useful comment and support.

    2. Theres a very interesting synch I wanted to share with you. In Season 3 of Westworld, there is this AI that these 2 brothers develop that basically controls the entire world and everyone on it, except the "outliers" whom they hunt diligently. Anyway the synch is that the name of the AI is Janus. In the British TV show Utopia, the "virus" that is going to wipe out humanity is named Janus. Thought this nugget may or may not add to your digging.


      RRather than truly touching its mirror image, however, the host’s finger reaches a liquid surface. The mirror image is revealed to be a reflection, which only becomes clear when the host’s hand passes through the surface and distorts the reflected image.
      As the host’s face approaches the surface, the reflection returns. A subtle but powerful camera trick occurs here: while the rising face ascends, the camera is below the liquid surface, angled up. It depicts the rising face touching the surface from below. In the exact moment the face and its reflection pass through the surface, however, the camera rises above the dividing line and moves to the other side of the surface. It’s now above the liquid surface, angled down.
      With the perspective now flipped, the faces pull back from each other. Since the camera now resides above the dividing surface, the face on the top half of the screen (previously the reflection) has now become the subject. The face on the bottom half of the screen (previously the subject) has now become the reflection. The showrunners cleverly use this perspective shift to add ambiguity to this meeting of faces.
      This perspective shift and two-faced imagery allude to Janus, the Roman God of all Beginnings and all Ends.
      To the Romans, Janus’s two faces represented the past and the future, the beginning and the end, and the two directions inherent in any passageway. Westworld’s depiction of a face piercing a liquid surface, then un-piercing it on the other side, is a perfect representation of the ambiguity of passageways. Are we entering or are we exiting? Are we moving forward or moving backwards?
      By considering the references to “Creation of Man” and Janus together, we reach a dilemma: who is the creator and who is created?
      Once again, Janus provides an answer rooted in the idea of duality. If we factor in Janus’s other alias as dios dioum (“god of gods”), we realise that a picture with only humans and hosts is incomplete. There’s also a God above humans. Since humans are the creators of hosts, and God is the creator of humans, God functions as the God of Gods (just like Janus).
      This interpretation also complicates the idea of “closing the gap” between Creator and Created. On one level, the gap is closed between hosts and humans as hosts have gained sentience and free will. On a second level, the gap is closed between humans and God: humans have gained the ability to create life in their own image, just as God created Adam in His.

      The plot centres around a graphic novel called The Utopia Experiments. It is rumoured to have predicted some disastrous epidemics (like BSE) in the past. There is an unpublished sequel which contains even more pertinent information for the survival of humankind. Various groups and people want this manuscript, some to find out the hidden truths in it, others to cover up conspiracies and secret identities.

      On their search for the manuscript, two hitmen kill anyone who is in their way, children and adults alike, always also asking "Where is Jessica Hyde?". In an online forum for fans of The Utopia Experiment, five people decide to meet in real life and to discuss the manuscript. Only three of them – post-grad student Becky, IT consultant Ian and Wilson Wilson – actually find their way to the pub. Meanwhile, at the Ministry, civil servant Michael Dugdale is blackmailed because of his affair with a Russian prostitute. And there are discussions about an order for a vaccine against Russian flu.

      Gradually, it becomes clear that an organisation called The Network is behind the killings and the hunt for the manuscript. Jessica Hyde tracks down the comic fans and teaches them how to hide efficiently and professionally. She and 11-year old Grant manage to get hold of the manuscript. The group tries to find its hidden secrets: about a research project called Janus and about the identity of Mr. Rabbit, the head of The Network. While putting more and more pieces of this giant jigsaw puzzle of mysteries and conspiracies together, they meet Dugdale and MI5 agent Milner, not sure whether they can trust them.

      It turns out that Jessica is the daughter of the author of the graphic novel and the manuscript, Philip Carvel. Carvel was a scientist who developed the protein "Janus" that would sterilise the human race – his solution to avoid the problems associated with overpopulation. The code for Janus is hidden in the manuscript. The Network wants to fulfil Carvel's plan and sterilise 90–95% of the world population. They have created a similar protein, but it is not certain whether it works. Anyway, they put the sterilising protein in a vaccine for the Russian flu whose epidemic outbreak is gripping the nation in fear and panic. When the department of health orders the vaccine for the British population at large, Jessica Hyde and the group of four must try to stop the Network before Janus is released. But is this really beneficial to humanity?

  7. Fantastic work and glad you're back in the saddle!

  8. Hi. I've been reading your blog for years. Man is it ever relevant today! I just wanted to point out that the number 322 is all over the news today. I probably don't need to tell you of the skull and bones connections.

    1. Appreciate you making comment. I've now squeezed-in the memetic 'Covid 322' aspect. It's in the post body. Yes, the S&B connection is well known (the pic and number appear in this post), but it doesn't hurt to mention it. Thanks.