Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Release The Kraken...

My retirement currently lies in tatters. I should've guessed.
Am porting over the previous post updates - end of Oct. and covering Nov. It's all happening.

Updated 27th Oct. Back to the Future Beginning...9/11 Lightning-struck Towers:
Zionist/Illuminati Rothschild's NWO. It's Towering Donald 'Illuminati NWO' Trump.
 Illuminati MGM Black Pyramid (see Illuminati card-game box) false flag via Vegas was under Illuminati (Queens) Trump.
The Tower 'Trump card' and 9/11 (see tarot). And 'Towering Trump' the POTUS. Trump cards. The Devil & The Tower.
Devils Tower, 666 Spielberg/Zemeckis and their 9/11 predictive programming (and beyond) propaganda piece.
(9/11/2016 eurodate election) Back To The 2016 Presidency Future
Symbolic Zio-masonic Antichrist, 666 'Little Horn' Towering Trump. Parodied in Back to the (911 struck tower) Future II.
 See Trump's myriad of 9/11 & 11/9 elements (etc.) in the above link. Donald 'Biff/DeLorean' Trump. Phallic Towers.
'Shit biffing' via a Thomas. Even 'shit queen' King parodied Trump via his works. King's The Dead Zone, Armageddon Stillson.

Back to the (9/11 struck/biffed Tower) Future. Michael J Fox pops-up just to settle any lingering doubts. Ha, as if there were any!
The 2016 post-election fall-out. Soros, BLM, SJW. Fuelled by corporate-driven 'minority rule' MSM cheerleaders...

As I mentioned a few years ago - the films that parody Trump - all have a dystopian and/or 'end of the world' theme.
So much JEWISH programming. The dystopian future timeline (2015) via the (broken, worn-out) Twin Towers.
 9/11 & 666 Trump - who bought (film linked) DeLorean's Bedminster Estate - exactly 1 year after 9/11/01.
A few (Spielberg/Dante linked) 9/11 Gremlins - ghosts in the machine. Tower Trump/Clamp Trade Centre via 9 & 11 and FOX.
Why have Trumptards been absorbed by Fox? Fox were one of the biggest 9/11 programmers of all. Oops.
Trump is hawking the 'warped' vaccines (and involved with 666 Gates). There is no need for any vaccines.
'I can't breath' Co-vid 19 has impacted 19 years after 9/11. Masonic Floyd psy-op. Some claim the trash bin ciphered 666.
 'I can't breath' via 911 police - 'Twin Cities' Covid Floyd was allegedly choked for 8m 46s. First 9/11 plane hit at 8:46am.
2020 opened with the ritual Black Mamba Chopper crash (innuendo/mockery). See End of Days via 666/Corona Bryant.
T2 Firey 9/11 Terminator. 666 Hyams' End of 'Twin Tower' Days. Co-vid, 666 Trump has long had 9/11 mass media resonance.
I've covered it for many years. This coming US election date (Nov. 3) falls exactly 999 weeks after 9/11/01. Date inverse 11/9/20 (Nov. 9) - which is very soon after the US election day of reckoning - falls 6,999/7,000 days after 9/11/01. 2020 divided by Biden's 
- text vote # 30330 = 0.0666. I thought these numeric/date aspects warranted mention. What with the way things are unfolding.
Towering Trump and Twin Towers. Trump has had his own 'struck tower' issues as POTUS. Two that spring to mind.
Masonic twin pillars. Trump, in the 9/11 aftermath - promoted building back the NY Twin Towers. Democracy Philly:
Twin 'Liberty' Towers x2. "Bad things happen in Philadelphia" debate meme - went uber viral. News items, t-shirts, etc. 
Trump and other (financial) Twin Towers - see Trump-linked (destruction resonant) Deutsche 'Twin Towers' Bank.
 (German-Jew) Rothschild Park situated close by. Rothschild owned Zio-Drumpf is from German ancestry. World Trade Collapse.
Deutsche Bank whose NY offices overlooked the NY Twin Towers. Also linked to (foreknowledge) airline put-options pre-9/11.
 Masonic brother, Trump. Philly, the so-called city of (masonic) Brotherly Love. Philly is a masonic hell. Just look around.
William 'Pennsylvania' Penn - see towering Philly City Hall (near Twin Towers) - was born 1644 at Tower Hill. The curse.
A 'sport's curse' - like '2015' BTTF II (see The Cubbies, and 2016). I had to cover all these bases - pun intended.
Not so much prediction - more like due dilligence based on these apparent elements.
The last time the US had a contested election - it led to the Bush Jr. admin. and the soon to follow 9/11 event.

I've just realised I've written the above without the knowledge of the shooting death/riots in W. Philly (overnight).
Another police shooting. An armed and dangerous black man. Seemingly - bad things do happen in Philadelphia. Crazy days!
Mental health issues? Oh, they mean his free will in respect of opting for gangsta thuggery as a lifestyle choice.
I'm sure his retarded upbringing and immersion in degenerate rap/mass media has had absolutely no bearing. Ahem.

Update 8th Nov.
Well, well, well. Here we are on the eve of 9/11/20 (11/9/20).
"(Nov. 9) - which is very soon after the US election day of reckoning - falls 6,999/7,000 days after 9/11/01."
I last updated on 27th Oct. Nearly two weeks ago with my Philly/Pennsylvania stuff.
  From earlier in the post body:
"Get ready for Trump's re-election (save mass fraud) and more predictable 'mass riots/social breakdown' that will ensue.
This is all already 'baked-in'. The Marxist left will go beyond insane when Trump triumphs again."

Wow! We just saw the biggest election heist in US history. What a mess of an electoral system! I favour neither candidate, but it's as clear as day that the 2020 election was blatantly stolen by fraud. No question (see comments from 4th/5th, below). Dems waited for the Florida call (which went Rep) and then set to work. With the swing states largely trending with a healthy Trump lead - they then slowed/stopped the count in these key states - deliberately. A good deal of the required vote needed to edge-out narrow wins were then produced. This during the small hours overnight. Huge tranches of Biden votes (literally straight lines) added. Other votes thru other means: algo vote flipping (see pic), multiple mail-ins, filling-in ballots, dead votes, mail-in backdating, illegal counts, etc. This is how Biden got his record total. They had to pull-out all the stops to match Trump's huge gains/tally - and then fraud the rest.
Vote flipping Penn. - 40,000 vote swing. Likely via Dominion, hammer/scorecard software. Probably just one of many.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court (circa a week prior to the election) changed their voting rules - allowing late counts.
It remains to be seen as to whether this ruling will ultimately hold - in respect of the Constitution.
Recall 9/11 Bush and Gore from the (SCOTUS decided) 2000 contested election. Gore thought he'd won for nearly 40 days!
Philly/Penn (PA) was the main basis of my recent (9/11 - 11/9) update and now it appears as though -
 Trump's first election fraud legal case (via 911 Giuliani) will be launched 9/11 - 11/9 (Monday) and it's Philly, Penn.
Anyway, that said. I fear for the worst. The stage could be set for some sort of remedy in the SCOTUS. It can't be ruled-out yet.
Zionist (SC) Ginsberg's apparent death leading to the appointment of Trump picked ACB. This causing the SCOTUS balance to tip more favourably in respect of Trump. Very odd timing - wouldn't you say? Amy Coney Barrett worked on (9/11 POTUS) Bush's legal team - contested Florida, 2000. As did Justice Kavanaugh and Chief Justice Roberts. Trump unsuccessfully ran on the Reform Party ticket in 2000. Anyway, if this gets overturned and Biden is stripped or whatever - the 'leftist' melt-down will be more nuclear (imo). Trump wins, the (now robbed) left goes totally bonkers. Then comes civil war, leading to martial law - and finally to mandatory vaccines for those that survive. The way things are unfolding - I wouldn't put this devious plan/script beyond them (the elite). 
The SJW/Left are the ultimate trigger group - that needs to be appreciated.

If 'Little Horn/666' Trump is the symbolic Antichrist - could this be seen in the light of Rev. 13:3? The (healed) fatal wound?
That Revelation issue aside. If the blatant frauding of the 2020 election is not addressed and (fraud) Biden stays - then it's almost as equally troubling. A violent uprising from the beleagured 'right' could manifest. 'The left' has been heavily defined in recent years (it has a collective identity) and this situation unfolding would help define/harden 'the 'right'. Not only that. If the election is allowed to stand, then the entire integrity of the process is wrecked. Elections are then effectively dead. Even if future elections are secure - the Dems will do all in its power to import milllions, upon millions of illegals. Therefore expanding and expanding its base (with auto-Dem voting socialist imports) until no RNC can gain power again. Their permanent 'socialist-Commie' political utopia. This is what almost happened to the UK - after three Blair terms. The voters being imported en-mass. But New Labour Brown was ultimately defeated in 2010. 
Anyway, the (wider) US 2nd civil war that I've warned about for years - now seems almost inevitable at this point.
 Release the Kraken....Nov. 23
 Previous post (see above) I heavily referenced the pervasive meme: "Release the Kraken". On cue - it has seemingly arrived.
Released Krakens via Washington State (Seattle), and now Washington D.C. Kraken Lives Matter!
Circa 3rd week of November (and late November 2020). Yes, as usual I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. There's 9/11 Giuliani.
"Seattle IS the Kraken." Marxist, eco-fascist, hate whitey, LGBTQP+, no law and disorder, riot-central, Seattle? Hmmm?
I specifically mentioned the 'memetic value' and pervasiveness of this phraseology. Read the previous July post for more.
In light of the prior Revelation issue. It would be remiss not to mention the above. Revelations: 'It will be BIBLICAL'.
Also consider the DOD's supposed Kraken Cyber Warfare Program. There's chatter in respect of that.
Am just updating (23 Nov.) to add-in the latest 'Kraken' unfoldings. Time will tell - if there's anything to any of this.
Kraken-linked Medusa meme around the time of the election. The film has a Aug 4. 2021 general release (216th day, 6*6*6).
STONE Liberty- symbolic Medusa via (Perseus) Trump/Biden. See Clovefield. Cardi 'Medusa' B. She did the Biden interview.
Titan Rock Johnson (innuendo) & the (eye-meeting/meating) Snake 'Hard' Lady. Andromeda via the rock, Perseus, Medusa, & Kraken.

 'Go Greek' Johnsons and Snakes. One-eyed Snake Plissken via Escape From (9/11) New York. The 'icy chopper' Thing, Kurt.
Medusa aside, I wouldn't be surprised if election meddling/fraud claims eventually & conveniently point the finger at China.
Perhaps mass media primed/BLM brainwashed gimps (hate whitey club) acting as vote counters will be another conduit.
 The fruits of SOCIAL MEDIA brainwashing (aka mass retardation) - see Zionist Jew, Zuckerberg, Shabbos Goy, Twatter Dorsey.
Logic can take a hike. It's all about FEELS and induced VICTIMHOOD tourism - mainly via Zio-brainwashed feminists.
All this SHITE came by way of degenerate Frisco/Commie-fornia. Likewise with all the horrendous Zionist-Hollywood programming.

These are AMERICAN tech entities. American, geddit? I wonder why all these Zio-US platforms are going commie? (sarcasm)
The ones who filled your homes with ultra-violence, extreme porn, hate whitey, degenerating music, sodom worship, socialist media:
 Zionist Jew Zucker at CNN. A mass of sheep are corralled just under these three platforms! Not forgetting JEW-tube.
This Zionist political, mass media, and tech control freakery (of the Orwellian kind) must be a figment of my imagination. ;)
Update. It appears as though Jew-gle's Jew-tube is now about to censor any talk re: election fraud. Who'd have guessed. ;)
There were no 9/11 Muslim hijackers. They're not required for a Zio-US false flag/hoax. Save as 'blame attached' bogeymen.
Almost amusing that Talpiot Lewin's been used as a type of 9/11 hero - tackling those (non-existent) nasty, hi-jacking ragheads.
Maybe he wrestled Mohamed Atta's passport out of his hands and threw it out of the window for authorities to find? Ahem. :)
Post 9/11, Zio-US's fake 'war on terror' is the cause of the (NATO owned) EU's migrant crisis. They're breeding you out.
Europeans should HATE what the Zio-US has done via all their foreign policy foul play. Zionists promote 'hate whitey'.
Stasi/Commie Merkel. The EU is owned under the Zio-US's NATO pact. Hence all this Zio-interlinked skullduggery.
I've no idea why Zionist-Commie control freak Fuckerberg would be praising these actions and promoting anti-hate. (sarcasm)
 This IS what happens when ISRAEL (the force behind the 9/11 fraud) runs and dominates the entire US apparatus. (link)
When are we going to see the evil, racist, and degenerate Israel nation (behind the above) completey open its borders? Never.
Weishaupt chose the Egyptian pyramid as the Illuminati's symbol of power. See Vegas black pyramid false flag/hoax.
So confident are they of their full spectrum dominance of MSM/US apparatus - that the mockery has gone nuclear:
If America is being forced to HATE itself, its identity, and its very fabric - then an alien, foreign entity must be the source.
Keep looking for EXTERNAL foreign forces infecting your govt./media/tech systems - when Israel have already acheived it.
"(Rothschild) Illuminati was to be based upon the teachings of the Talmud, which is in turn, the teachings of Rabbinical Jews. It was to be called the Illuminati as this is a Luciferian term which means, keepers of the light." (Juri Lina's - Under the Sign of the Scorpion).
Damning words by their own mouths. Rancid, hate filled, racist texts via a so-called religion. The anti-Semitism LIE. 
This central text of rabbinical Judaism (Talmud) permits child sex against non-jews, theft from non jews, the killing of non jews.
The same god (Lucifer) as the Jewish Freemasons."For the good of Masonry generally, but the Jewish nation in particular."
The same filthy and disgusting Israel that manipulates USA into wars - and where your children are slaughtered on its altar.
The same Rothschild's Zionist Israel that also owns/controls your (evil usury-based) Federal Reserve. How's that going? (sarcasm)
These central banking forces are not owned/run by the CCP! These are Zionist owned/run monstrosities. Historically and today.
The level of National Debt is merely the ability the Zionist elite have in raping and plundering the programmed masses.
 From Sept./Oct. 2019. All via Rothschild's criminal Fed. Most will have no clue (by design) as to what I'm writing here.
MELT-UP COLLAPSE. If currency expansion (without economic production) is sound - why pay taxes, work in jobs, etc.? Why not just print it all? Currency dilution. This cannot end well. See Zimbabwe/Venezuela for comparable situations via currency expansion. Debt = Wealth. War = Peace. Sound familiar? The US peoples' appetite for WAR also knows no bounds. It's literally the only thing I've seen in my 50+ yrs on earth.
"Perhaps mass media primed/BLM brainwashed gimps (hate whitey club) acting as vote counters will be another conduit."
Updated Dec. 4. Freeman's daughter (Moss, with braids below) acted as supervisor of vote registration. See data drive pass-off.
Moss is the one who ordered the observers out. She also set-up the table that the cases of votes were later pulled from. Freeman & (my baby) Moss were 2 of 4 who stayed and counted these votes unobserved thru the night. Fulton is Georgia's largest county. (video)

If the above post is legit (likely, but we need confirmation) then any doubts regarding their guilt completely evaporate. Wow.
'No one would be this dumb' - they might cry? Four years of a (fake) Russia collusion narrative says otherwise.
Fake/parody account has since gone-up in its place. A feeble mind trick to placate and play the 'MSM narrative' sheep. (video)
She probably believes she's acted righteously. Social(ist) Media's made the majority uber dumb. Criminality is a virtue. (video)
Moss, Metro shot (Nov. 2, above): 'How votes are counted election night, beyond'. What followed? Beyond counts, and with her.
An earlier so-called water pipe burst (actually a toilet leak) as a pretext to delay the vote count (& Moss's table set-up, etc). Ahem.
When the Georgia video evidence was produced Sen. Elena Parent gave herself away. She appears implicated. Panicked. (video)
No Dem. voting zombie will want to believe the above. Their party is over if any of this fully outs. The repurcussions are serious.
I'm also hearing news that Dominion algos have been found weighting votes in Biden's favour. (Ware Cty, Georgia).
Freeman (allegedly) guaranteed to friends that Trump wouldn't win Georgia. Why was all talk re:Soros banned by Zionist MSM?
 You might recall that Zionist Jew Fuckerberg furnished the Dem. CTCL with $350m+. Zionist Bloomberg was $100m+.
 Well, they (Zionist MSM) certainly made them (the majority) blame white people, Mr Soros. When hating white people becomes the national sport (and all backed-up by Zionist mass media and so-called academia) then it's no wonder that these BLACK cretins (above) feel invincible and untouchable. These are the same (brainwashed) Blacks that have been degenerated by Zionist-Jew sponsored/owned hip-hop (listen to their base vocal drawl). The same ones who embrace gangster attitudes and thuggery as a badge of honour and a type of lifestyle choice. The same ones who twerk in public - laugh and clap as their (broken home) children copy/renact their (deviant mass media induced) sexual degeneracy. The ones with no accountabilty & whose own unchecked racism is now on full display. 
All the former is what I call a collective mental trap. Zionist Soros is correct. Perma-victimhood = a viable form of currency.
The Black community is the easiest to manipulate. Although it's more a 3-way tie between them, feminists, and SJW retards.
Soros and Zio-masonic social media primed BLACKS (Floyd videoing Frazier) caught red-handed involved in shadow constructing
12 days prior - the soon-to-come Zionist/masonic mass media driven 'George Floyd' PSY-OP (aka mass brainwashing). Kerrching!
They want 100% accountabilty for police - but ZERO accountability for their own (criminal) actions and behaviours. Madness!
 Zionist JEW owned/controlled CNN and staged 'minority' arrests. POS 'race agitator/brainwasher,' Zucker. Manufactured outrage.
This is the same Zionist mass media that couldn't pull the wool over my eyes for 9/11. Not even for a single day. :)
It's ZIONIST JEW, Fox. Oh, look. It's (9/11 Gremlins 2, Trade Centre) Zionist Fox's Eric 'I saw the 1st plane hit' Shawn.
Like 9/11 Bush Jnr. who claimed to have seen the 1st plane hit (live) via TV. As we know - that's an impossibilty.
Mossad/Zionist 9/11. Mossad/Zionist 'paedo traps' Epstein via (masonic S&B) Bush.
Hey, Eric! Did you see Zionist, Daniel '9/11 first victim' Lewin wrestling with hi-jackers as the plane flew past? :)
Maybe you should team-up with the 'first plane hit' Naudet Fraudet Bros. who also helped shape the false flag/hoax.
Marvin P. Bush, the president's younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom - 
that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport.
Nothing in the now bodes well for the future. The (engineered) polarisation is insane. Mass mind control has too many trapped.
MSM gaslighting is epic. If nothing happens with this blatant and open fraud (which is possible) the lid may blow-off. 

 "The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that in the Russian Revolution, 
- the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism." - Rabbi Waton 
Isn't it strange that Zionist 9/11 has led to the destruction of Europe thru the related issue of mass muslim immigration? Ahem.
 Zionist-Illuminati Rothschild's agents of (masonic-Jew) Communism. Jew, Marx. Jew, Lenin. Crypto-Jew 'Illuminati' Weishaupt.
Zio-Masonic Agents of Global Communism. Jew World Order. The self-appointed chosenites. Which makes you inferior.
Masonic Herzel, father of modern political Zionism (aka evil). Zionist and WEF, 'end private property' (a la Baruch Levy/Marx) Schwab.
Promoting Masonic-Jew Marxist hell (abolish private property) for the useless eater/goyim. Who'd have guessed? Ahem.
Zionist POS, Kalergi. Commie-Marxist EU hell via Commie-Stasi 'mass muslim immigration' Merkel (et al). Zionist POS, Spectre.
The 'hate whitey' Jews. They have no spiritual aspect (save, evil). Lacking any typical human conscience. Pure sociopath.
 This IS how these SUPREMACIST Zionist-Jew demons destroy (primarily white) nations. See Europe, USA, etc. (link)
Bit of a giveaway, Babs! #endwhitepeople. Their ultimate goal. They don't even hide their sick/rancid opinions/behaviours!
Quick, go watch 'Swindler's Mist' on a loop - or you might start working-out that these Zionist demons ARE the problem.
For Jewish fomented Chinese Communuism see (control freak Jews) Rittenberg, Coe, Epstein, Shapiro and Adler.
It's these same sick, programming Jews who are behind 'hate crime' promotion - for what are obvious reasons.
The (Jewish) Bolsheviks released criminals from Tsarist prisons about a century ago to advance their communist coup.
I wonder if there's a comparable situation in the 'now'. You know, released criminals and more (leftist) demands for their release - and all backed by Jew-owned, mass political mind control entities (think Antifa and BLM)? All this then upheld and cemented by the (linked) Zionist Jew MSM. Hmmm? I wonder? (sarcasm). When (Zionist) brainwashed populations have no memory, no understanding of real history, and/or intellect - there is NO NEED to update old agenda programs. Just rinse and repeat.
Jewish Commie/Bolshevism via Russia. Immediate suppression of Bolshevism = the most pressing issue. They failed to stop it.

The JEW World Order - "NWO one-world Marxist agenda - NATION STATES ARE SCHEDULED FOR DESTRUCTION":
Sound familiar? Closed border (Rothschild's) Israel is the key force behind this. Breeding-out their Goyim slaves.

Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and 
explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.” - Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

 Illuminati-masonic Jew, '33 Marx/Levy' via Zionist-Jew '33 Soros', and Marxist-Jew BLM:
See Bolshevik-Jew Russia to find the key source of this globally unfolding, Zionist-Jew, globalist communist movement.
 Purple, Ruby 'obvious fraud' Freeman: "Special thanks to Stacy Abrams, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and Raphael Warnock."
2020 - year of Zionist-Masonic Psy-ops via Zio-masonic MSM. Luciferian Freemasonry IS Jewish. 'Ordo Ab Chao' via 33
33 Atlanta & Georgia. 33 'get to work' Freeman.The George Floyd psy-op absolutely STANK of masonic foul-play.
33 Bottoms' masonic 'Osiris' father. Who was busted for cocaine possession. Why do masonic Jews run US hip-hop?
Why do masonic Jews also own/control NBA? Why are ALL these people FREEMASONS or agents of them?
Move along, nothing to see. All the (Jewish) Freemasonry that coats all this - like a sick sauce - must be by chance? Ahem.
I wonder why FREEMASON (Jew slave) Crump represents for all these blatant and overt black-masonic charades? 
Seeing how blatant the Freeman stuff is - one might think that they're deliberately brewing (Zio-masonic) martial law/civil war 2.0.
Notice how images of Freeman/Moss circulated in the news/press - even before any of this skullduggery came out?  Ahem.
Oh, look. It's Shabbos Goy and Freemason slave, Al 'POS/Hate Whitey' Sharpton. Good little masonic doggie.
It's a Prince Hall, Lucifer Freemason party. Shitting on the masonic profane/goy. Their fezzes look very, very familiar.
Helping engineer political and racial strife (leading to civil war) for their Zio-Masonic masters via hoaxed events. Oh, yes.
Ordo Ab Chao. Just remember 'one thing'. ALL Zio-masonic mass media is psy-ops. That's (Zio-masonic) '33' Trump included.
Trump's master: "...nothing left but the world's biggest welfare state that we will create and control." It's now on the cusp of arrival.
Keep blaming China for the sold-out US industries. The same US industries that sold themselves out while you slept.
666 Trump's bailed-out the (neo-fascist/commie) corporations. The US economy is a total clusterfuck. Like 9/11, it's all lies.
There's the elite's typical M.O. It applies to literally everything - from 9/11 to Covid. It's called inducing the double-mind.
Greek Perseus (Medusa/Kraken-Cetus) & The Greek (Odysseus) Odyssey:
 Kraken linked 'Biblical Revelations' Powell and 9/11 Giuliani. The Seattle Kraken to the Seattle Monolith (2001)
Seattle Monolith was erected 'Jan 1. 2001' - and exactly 666 days after Stanley '2001' Kubrick died. The Struck Tower:
The Overlook Hotel - aka Hilton Monolith Hotel (Millennium, aka 2001). Overlooking Ground Zero, a Manhattan project.
Lucifer Clarke's The Sentinel. Built to the dimensions of the (radio-active & machine) Monolith(s) from Kubrick/Clarke's 2001.

A 2000 'Bush Baby' contested election (overlapping into 2001) and the Seattle monolith appearance at the year's opening.
A 2020 contested election (overlapping into 2021) and the Utah monolith appearance late November. 2001 = 21.
 A discovery made 18th November 2020 - the Utah Monolith. Near MOAB. Notice any similarities? :)
 Monolith placed circa Aug 2015-Oct 2016. Around that time, Westworld (likely S1) was filming in a nearby location (see July post)
S3 eps1. Jerry's smart home cuts-off his air (HAL via Bowman/Poole). Jerry (via Delores) ends up dead in the pool (dead Poole).
Of course, now that we observe/ponder about the origin of this Utah monolith - we ourselves become the inquisitive-like apes.

Air survey team find - who were 'counting sheep' (Big-Horn). A potential 'sleep sheep' reference? Revelation Little-Horn, 666 Trump.
 Counting Sheep via hotel beds. 9 & 11 Trump. Recall (9/11 BTTF) Delorean's Bed-minster bought by Trump (1yr after 9/11/01).
2001: A (9/11 Millennium Monolith Hotel) Space Odyssey - which climaxes with its core transition via a hotel bed (bedroom).
Trump's NY Plaza hotel featured in (two planes & Twin Tower resonant) Home Alone 2. He's briefly seen in the film.
Trinity Bomb shot, July 16. 1945. Apollo launch-shot July 16. 1969. Eyes Wide Shut (release) and JFK Jr's death, July 16. 1999.
 It was also July 16 (1994) for the first IMPACT of comet Shoemaker-Levy9 slamming into Jupiter (Zeus).
 Phobos & Deimos (Mars twins). Names related to fear & terror. Phobos monolith via Apollo 11 Aldrin. Revelations: 'It will be biblical'.
'Mark of the Beast' via Zio-masonic 666 NASA & 666 Zio-Trump. NASA (in Hebrew) means 'to deceive':
July 2019 saw Trump's homage to moon Apollo 11 (50th). Little Horn, 666 Trump/Trump-et (horn) and Revelation (Apollo) 9:11
Revelation-linked 'Little Horn' Daniel. See (Stormy) Daniel(s). Trump's ridden (Babylon) whore & harlot. Corporate-poltical antichrist.
666 Zio-Antichrist Trump = Return to Zion, Cyrus the Great. 'Turning man against his brother...' (see imminent wider civil war).
 Hence this resonant Cyrus/Trump (3rd Zionist-Masonic Temple) prophecy coin. Embassy moves via Zion Trump.
Update. This 'Zion Return' story popped-up just recently. Link. Judean Moloch-linked (child fire sacrifice) King Manasseh.
666 Omen birthing Fox have overtly supported Trump and his admin. Mass 9/11 predictive programming, 666 Fox.
 As if by demonic magic. At this current time and as I write (666 propaganda) Fox have 6.66 million subscribers.
As to why 9/11 mass mind control programming 666 Fox has any subscibers - is still a complete mystery? Likewise CNN
 The original Fox film (via Jews, Donner/Seltzer/Bernhard) released 6/6/76 - the same day (former richest man) JP Getty died.
Back to the '9/11 struck tower' Future. Fox & Biff (to strike) Tower, Trump. 'The Tower' theme, elder brother for the 'Planes' (pilot).
 More Zio-Masonic predictive programming/mockery. Tower Trump's 9/11 foreknowledge. The entire thing literally in a nutshell.
Abaddon (Apollyon) in Judaism was considered a place of destruction. In Christianity it centres on an individual entity (destroyer).
There was a type of (bottomless) pit in the aftermath (WTC complex). Mass media also referenced tower smoke devils.
 9/11 bottomless pools (pits) - the abyss. Zeus, who slayed (serpentine-beast) Typhon by thunderbolt and cast him into -
the abyss (Tartarus) à la Revelation. Tartarus, where the Zeus vanquished Titans were bound. Clash of the Titans
- the Kraken (Cetus) is the last Titan. 666 Trump, a walking Tower Trump card. The Devil and The (Zeus/God) Tower.
The Devil and The Tower. See 666 Spielberg's Devils Tower (Closet Encounters). Spielberg linked Nelson/Cullen (Poltergeist, Steven).
Not in Poltergeist 3 (via the beast & the struck tower), but his presence was. See Nancy 'Twin Tower' Allen (via Sept 11, DePalma).
 Some cite the height as being 203m (666 feet), others claim 202m (664 feet). I'd wager it's the former.
 The Devil's '666' (Trump Tower) Advocate - billionaire Cullen's (Trump) 66th floor penthouse. 666 'on-cue' right hand mark.
Trump is mentioned in this film via the Barzoon party (666 TV, Jones). And with New York Republican linked dialogue.
 Trump linked 666 Fifth. Former home of RFID chip (666 mark) Lucent. 666 NBA (see End of Days 666 Bryant) had a store there.
666 Fifth was constructed by (Jew) Tishman. The construction manager for the (trident) Twin Towers. (also see 666 Silverstein).
Original ground-breaking Aug. 5. The very day after the 216th day of the year (Aug. 4). 216 = 6*6*6 (six cubed).
666 Fifth involved the largest ever excavation on Fifth Ave. An additional pit/abyss via 'ritual' NYC. 666 Trump and 666 Tishman.
 Jew Clarke (Brimberg) made 666 Skyscraper (above right). She used to reside in a penthouse at kabbalist 222 Hotel Chelsea.
 Jew, Clarke-Brimberg was involved in LGBT promotion. Homosexual, Lucifer, Sept. 11 Rama, Monolith 2001; A.C. Clarke.
Jewish birthed satanic babies via 1968. 2001:ASO moon/starchild born 666 days after Rosemary's 666 due moonchild baby.
Mary & Christ linked 666 Trump. Donald was born on a full lunar eclipse (June 14. 1946). A lunar eclipse baby. Moon-child.
Mary Anne (Trump's mom). Mary Ann (tranny kids, Theron) as Kevin's (Reeves) wife. Linked via ovary removal & a fair-haired baby.
  Soon you'll understand that (Jew fomented) SATANISM is the primary way of Zionist-Masonic USA. I guarantee it.
Rosemary's Baby. The Mercatos descend from Scottish witches (aka maga) - ones heavily linked to show-business. Ahem.
 Trump's grandmother Liz Christ Trump died on this day, June 6/66. 666 days before the release of Kubrick/Clarke's 2001 on 4/2/68.
 1968. A masonic 33yrs. 666 Kubrick, died 666 days before Jan 1. 2001. First day of 2001 millennium. 2001 kabbalist Kubrick. 
The Church St. 9/11 Millennium Monolith (Overlook) Hotel also featured in timelapse (below right). All via 9/11/01 Neo, Reeves.
 Rosemary's Dakota Baby linked Lennon/The Beatles (via Sept 11 TV, Grade) whose recording career began Sept 11. 1962.
Do remember that the Devil's Advocate is concerned with the - perception, control and execution of LAW.
Trump's elder sister (Elizabeth) married Emmy winning producer James W Grau, who allegedly has strong ties to Hollywood.
Devil's Advocate book that the film was based on was also Jewish written -  (VC 'incest' Andrews linked) Andrew Neiderman.
"It (the real world) exists now only as part of a neural-interactive simulation that we call the Matrix (Zionist mass media)."
 Jewish Soderbergh's mass mind control and (Covid) sledgehammer predictive programming piece, Contagion. (see his 9/11 Traffic).
Babylon Tower(s). Nebuchadnezzar via The Sept. 11. 2001 Matrix. Trump's Babylon Tower via Devil's 'Twin Tower' Advocate.
 Simulation. The Jewish and transsexual 9/11/01 (Neo expiring passport) and destroyed Twin Tower, Wachowski Sisters.
9/11 Zionist Milchan (see Regency) and Sept 11. Zionist TV, Grade. Simulated a plane crash into a high rise (Jew built tower).
 The same Arnon 'mass 9/11 programmer', Milchan (via Sept 11 Grade) who funded (hate whitey/agitation) 12 Years A Slave Victim.
 Zionist Elite Technocracy and 9/11 predictive programming (brainwashing). SIMULATION. Vaccine '666 Luciferase' Gates.
When Zionist Jews have full spectrum MSM dominance - they are able to create, augment and control perceived reality.
Zionist 9/11 Murdoch's Fox. 9/11 Medusa Milchan's Regency and Fox have worked together (in the past) as a combination.
See Milchan's Fight 'collapsing Fox Plaza twin towers' Club (1999). His Sept 11. A Time to Kill, and Pushing 'Twin Tower' Tin.
 Space 'Odyssey' Oddity. David 'Fallen to Earth' Bow(ie)-man. Sept 11. via 9:11 Se7en Fincher. The Monolith. Lucifer Clarke & Bowie. Re: Arthur C. Clarke – a number of Bowie’s songs, 
- incl. ‘Oh! You Pretty Things‘, ‘Starman‘ and ‘Five Years‘, are thought to be based on his novel, Childhood’s 'Lucifer' End. (source)
Led Zepp's Houses of the Holy cover is based on Clarke's novel. Floyd's Childhood's End, is from the LP that preceded DSOTM.
NEO - initials for Near Earth Object (here). Worth considering in light of Clarke's Sept. 11. Rama. (see Deep 'twin tower' Impact).
2001 Clarke's 1973 Rama novel. See Oumuamua/Rama. Trump set-up Space Force (Dec. 2019) - 6th wing of US armed forces. 
Cruise's Monolith Oblivion, set in 2077. Earth ruined by war with E.T.'s causing humanity to relocate to earth-like Titan. (link).
With Morgan 'Rama/Deep 'twin tower' Impact' Freeman (see 9:11 Se7en). The Rama ship and Oblivion 'Tet' being comparable.
 Cruise is '2001 Monolith' linked via Magnolia - the bed-ridden old man segue to the Zarathustra scene. See Arma-9/11-geddon.
Armageddon (9/11) Bay is connected to 9/11 Fincher via Propaganda Films - who also made stacks of pop videos.
Utah Monolith. Dating to some time between August 2015 and October 2016, its origin remains unknown. (wiki)
The underlined text - that's a Dr. Floyd-like line from 2001 (film). The emergency Floyd broadcast via HAL's deactivation.
Utah Monolith has been compared to the work of John 'Monolith' McCracken, some claiming it to be a homage to his work.
MONOLITHS and (Mc)KRAKENS. Thanks to Anon (see comments, Nov. 27) for showing interest and mentioning this.
 An avid reader of science fiction, he believed in time travel and extraterrestrial life. He was a friend of the Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, a collector of McCracken’s work. Mr. Zwirner (who represented McCracken's art via his gallery) said confidently, “Of course the [Utah] piece is by McCracken! He’s come back to help us with the transition,” referring to events in Washington. (source NYT)
Co-VID epidemic. Mono-lith cinema screen. I'm reminded of vid-eoed Co-vid Floyd. 911 resonating George. Kneeling followers:
 'I can't breath' via 911 police - 'Twin Cities' Covid Floyd was allegedly choked for 8m 46s. First 9/11 plane hit at 8:46am.
Legions of (unaware) kneeling followers. Nyarlathotep enacts the will of the Outer Gods, and is their "messenger, heart and soul".
Old Ones - see Lovecraft (Kraken-like Cthulu) & (2001) Lucifer/NASA Clarke's Childhood's 'Returning Old Gods/Overlords' End.
Robert E Howard contributed to Lovecraft's Cthulu Mythos beginning with (monolith linked) The Black Stone.
'The Stone of Light'. The Meditation Room itself is now maintained by Lucis Trust, formerly known as Lucifer Trust.
Formerly, the Lucis (Lucifer) Trust office in New York was located at 666 United Nations Plaza. Also see 666 Gates/Lucis.
Rockefeller UN. Lennon's NY UFO via The 'Rosemary's Baby' Dakota. The '11 Sept (1962)' Beatles. See the 11/9 Pepper drum.
William 'ONI/Bluebeam' Cooper, who died (was shot/murdered) very soon after 9/11. I can still recall when it happened.
 See Sept 11 TV, Beatles Grade. Dr. Strangelove footage used in Sept. 11 commencing Magical Mystery Tour (film) on track Flying.
 See Yoko Ono and the (Jew initiated) 'Sept 11 art destruction' DIAS (1966). It ran from 9–11 September 1966. Ending on 11 Sept.
Homo Jew managed (Epstein), homo Jew record company head (EMI/Capitol, Lockwood), a Jewish drummer (Ring-O).
Closet, Peter 'Sodomy Song' Jackson, Lord of the (saturnic/satanic) Ass Ring - see The 'sodom' Beatles film, Get Back (ahem, here)
The Sodom, Masonic-Satanic, Jewish Religion. (At least they knew who they were working for. Ahem.)
The monolith (one stone) philosopher's stone. See Harry '911' Potter via Chris '911 Gremlins/Twin Tower Home Alone 2' Columbus.
Kraken-like, Charybdis via Potter Columbus's Percy Perseus 'Lightning' Jackson series. A Greek myth based Potter rip-off.
'Struck Tower' Potter (911) encode late 2000. 911/666 Trump (Clamp, 911 Gremlins 2) was in 'two planes/Twin Towers' Home Alone 2.
The same Zionist US entertainment media conglomerates that also run (so-called) US TV News media.
The US entertainment industry expanded several-fold over the last few decades - the sheep have been happy to furnish it all.
US programming is a mess of over-emotive (schmaltz) shite. Likewise with recent identity politics. All emotion, no logic.

In the Mouth of Madness via They 'elite programming/mind control' Live, 9/11 Carpenter:
"lt'll make the world ready for the change. lt takes its power...from new readers and new believers. That's the point. Belief! 
When people begin to lose their ability to know the difference between fantasy and reality. The old ones can begin their journey back."
(Zionist MSM has literally acheived this, imo. Critical thinking is virtually extinct. People effectively wait for their programming instructions from central command in that typical Orwellian-like way. Most folk now have zero ability in distinguishing between fantasy/reality. See 9/11, Floyd psy-op, Covid, debt as wealth, fraud mass shootings, faux racism, gender confusion programming, etc. 
And all cemented by Zionist programming via MSM full spectrum dominance.)
Dr Floyd (2001). A trip to the 'deliberately buried' (in more ways than one) moon monolith via Pan-Am. Floyd and the epidemic.
"A 'cover story' created to give the the impression that there's an epidemic at the base (moon base where monolith was found)."
"Now I'm sure your'e all aware of the extremely grave potential for cultural shock & social disorientation, contained in this present situation, if the facts were prematurely and suddenly made public, without adequate preparation and conditioning (re: disclosure). Anyway, this is the view, of the Council." 'Moon Base Briefing' (excerpt). Note, with an earth gravity room setting, ahem (see film/clip).
And then there's this, of course. Launched Nov. 23rd. Covid China.
Then it goes and vanishes. Updating Nov. 29th. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM. Yes,another one) administers the area.
Although that hardly clears-up matters. The latest development arguably thickens the plot. Evoking 2001 monolith Clarke's Sentinel.
 Latest. This from Romania (here). A backwards Romani priest chant is used in Eyes Wide Shut, at the satanic Rothschild mansion.
Dacian religion (linked to Thrace) was considered by the classic sources as a key source of authority, 
- suggesting to some that Dacia was a predominantly theocratic state led by priest-kings. This monolith has now vanished.
A monolith popped-up and vanished/removed in Commiefornia. The Cubed Brick and the Cube of Space 'Cross'.
Perfect timing. (More Rama aspects below, posted late 2017).
Not forgetting...via the Solstice
"When Jupiter and Saturn Meet." Saturn (Cronos/Satan) and Jupiter (Zeus/God), the 2001:ASO planets.
In Aquarius. Closest visible conjunction in 800 years. The last great conjunction took place on 31st May 2000.
As referenced in Twin Peaks (S2) and the opening of the door to the 'masonic' (interdimensional) lodges. See black lodge.
There is a place called Monolith (formerly Aqueduct) in California. The name bestowed by William 'born Sept 11' Mulholland.
 2001 Lynch film that honours Monolith Mulholland's name uses the lightning-Stru(y)cken Tower Theater (a la Twin Peaks).
(A monolith popped-up and vanished/removed in Commiefornia. The Cubed Brick and the Cube of Space 'Cross'.)
Monolith and waterhole were key in 2001:ASO. The ape's monolith interaction leading to tools to dominate the water source.
Sept 11. Mulholland's water projects in Cali (L.A.) are the reason that (arid/desert) Los Angeles became the state's largest city.
Traffic accidents in Beverly Hills via Cops, Mulholland Drive (Beverly Hills) and 9/11. See '2GAT 123' (plates).
Contagion Soderbergh's 911 Traffic. Tony Scott's (9/11 flights) BHC2, see his Enemy of the 9/11 State (via collapsing buildings).
Worth considering the symbolic value of the conjunction event - as a type of marker in how (the obvious) NWO agenda is unfolding.

Talking of Hitmen and (Gat) traffic/automobiles a la Mulholland '9/11' Drive...
Satanyahu and Iran. Satanyahu: "Remember that name (Fakhrizadeh)."
Israel are clearly baiting Iran with their overt assassination of Fakhrizadeh. I'm sure most understand that.
The Trump regime's blatant and illegal killing of Soleimani (who was anti-ISIS) - just another part of the same.
I can't imagine why Israel (the USA's puppet master) are the ONLY suspects? Any ideas?
"Iran behind every problem"? And there's myself thinking it was Rothschild's filthy, stinking Synagogue of Satan (Israel).
Zionist Trump hasn't started any wars - they cry. If that's your starting point you're already morally/politically BANKRUPT.
This is where we've arrived at? If a POTUS doesn't start an (illegal) war - then they're the new God? WTF?
Trump pissed all-over the original Iran multi-lateral deal - to get us to this point. Which I addressed a few years back.
Oh, and I did tell you that Israel's recent moves to normalise relations with certain Arab states - were BULLSHIT.
Antichrist (Trump) has just done another deal re: Israel/Morocco (causing trouble). Working for Israel to the last.
Update Late Dec. US upping tensions with Iran. B52s over the Persiann Gulf in a show of force. False flag potential.

Latest - Dec. 10
Please see the previous post (excerpt below) - post election update from early Nov.
My current understanding is that the states that did change their voting rules (Penn., and the others) - did so in an arbitrary fashion. 
In respect of the Constitution - it can be argued that this is not permissable. The Constitution itself protects and enshrines the US's fundamental election rules. And for one state to change their particular election rules would technically require a change to the entire Constitution itself. The latter was never sought. These (suspect) swing states have seemingly (unconstitutionally) affected the outcome of the election - and for the entire nation. A weight of influence that is arguably unfair and crucial to the overall outcome. This will probably form the main basis of the Texas (et al) lawsuit. That's most likely. If the votes are deemed unconstitutional (if we get that far) then they will very likely be discounted. This could ultimately tip the marginal swing states back to Red. The USA is a Constitutional Representative Democratic Republic, not a 'democracy' per-se. That should never be forgotten. Things are certainly moving-along. (Update. Case was rejected and not heard. Likely on the grounds of how it was filed/presented. It could be refiled with augmented wording/coding - which could then lead to it being heard. It might require the state legislators [of each state] to act as the plaintiff(s) - and not the state itself as the entity. Conjecture, but time will tell)
Now that the Hunter Biden hoo-haa is finally being aired - one might think that moves are being made to install Harris.
 Masonic-Satanic 666 Apple and Siri(us). Friend of Dorothy, closet homo and freemason Wizard of Woz. Tim 'poof' Cook.
I wonder why homo, 'Ring-O lover' (f)Ass-bender played homo Big Jobs? Do they want to Camp-us via #2 & their O-Ring?
Guess who made these evil, sodom, masonic-corporate, MIC tech entities the masters of their reality? Please look in the mirror.
Move along...nothing to see. All this masonic-Jew coating of all things Zio-US tech must be all coincidence. Ahem.
 This IS NOT Chinese tech. Repeat NOT Chinese tech. It's ALL Zio/US-MIC. See masonic Gates/Jobs, Israel's Talpiot.
See my (Zio-masonic) 'Socialist Media' post from over 3 years ago: 2017/12/silly-con-alley-social-ist-media.html
Keep blaming China you dumb, fucking, brainwashed monkeys. Recognise your own role in empowering these US monsters!
In the last 20 years - I'm the only person I know who's understood and appreciated the double-edged sword of tech.
That is a tragedy in itself. Seemingly, the rest of you were too busy having fun or being programmed - to even care.
The (666) Apple I computer went on sale almost immediately on the back of the US release of (666 Jewish) The Omen.
666 Lucifer Apple, Sodom 'Big Jobs' (turds) & Satan/Saturn via the Black Cube (Cubed-Brick). Was homo Jobs HIV+?
It's the usual Masonic-Jew, Satanic/Saturnic suspects...the ones typical Americans think are 'holy'. Oh, dear!
Lucifer - the god of the Talmud/Babylonian Jews and (Jew) Freemasonry. The Golden Dawn of (hex-cubic) Lucifer.
Sabbatean Saturnists of Masonic Zion. 666 Sodom Pack(h)ard O-Men (O-Ring men). Satanic Jew heads for cube/hex Saturn.
We tried to inform re: sodomy and satanism, (which go hand-in-hand) but useless eaters opted for rainbow/unicorn LIES instead.
The Seal of '666 talents' Solomon (Jewish star) encodes the kabbalist '666' via its angles. Magic square of the sun.
Corporate globalist technocracy HELL. Black Cubes. Masonic Google, Amazon (a-mason), Nintendo (homo), 666 Gates (HE)X-Box
Hate Whitey, gangster role model, and middle-class, Ice Cube. Another Zionist puppet and satanist.
Another degenerate (c)rapper, masonic Jay Z (Gay Z), a puppet of Jew Def Jam's Rubin(stein) - released the 9/11/01 Blueprint.
Jew Rubin(stein)'s American Rec. also released satanic Slayer's 'God Hates Us All' on the same day - 9/11/01.
Project 'Predictive Programming' Runway (a mockery special). A show created by Weinstein/Miramax, Jew, Eli Holzman.
See the Sept 11. satanic cube (via Weinsteins) Hellraiser 3. Homo-masonic 'black cube' satanist, Kovid 'mask/lab' Kapoor. (video)
KovidLABS (Covid-Labs). The Black Hex-Cube. Masonic-homo POS, Kapoor. Mr Kovid Mask. "Can you breathe in there?"
All the people and companies involved - all Zionist-MIC 'masonic' fronts. Which is why you have this uniformity.
Zionist MIC. You know, as in the shit-house place called the Pentagon. A huge aspect of  the (Zonist sponsored) 9/11 HOAX.
Zio-US Tech and the Zio-US Military Industrial Complex. This IS American MIC, not Chinese. Satanic Pentagon/Zio-Facebook.
I'm having trouble recalling all the wars China have started last 50 years. Zio-US perpetual (lie based) warfare is the norm!
Just as US Congress is entirely Zionist owned - not Chinese owned. Show me the pledge? That's right, you can't.
Just as the Rothschild Fed. Res. and global banking is ZIONIST dominated - and NOT China dominated. This is basic stuff! 
The JEW dominated Fed. 'Rothschild' Reserve (see Jew chairs Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen). USURY and MASS DEBT as wealth?
The Jew S. of A. is the biggest debtor nation in the history of the world - and by absolute miles. No contest.
As I type USA has its highest Nat'l Debt to GDP ratio in its entire 230 year history. Surpassing the WWII era. (source)
They'll argue that Trump's been great for stocks. The tech stocks that typically hate him and deplatform his base. LOL.
CUBIC is owned by BLACKROCK (see Jew CEO, Fink) the world's largest asset manager which is ultimately controlled by the - 
(Satanic/Illuminati) modern Israel creating Rothschilds. BlackRock aka the world's largest shadow bank. See linked Black-stone
Talking of 666 vaccine/luciferase, Gavi Gates. Corporate/political Antichrist, 666 Trump. Mr (Warped Vaccine) Hex-Cube.
 Zionist/Mossad (not dead) Epstein and his Israel paedo-traps (via Mossad Maxwell). Trump, Gates, Dershowitz, etc. ALL complicit.

The next to useless PCR tests. Oh, dear. Much of the (case-led) scamdemic has been predicated on the back of those tests.
 A slice of Pizza-Gate? Secret meatings via pie involving minors? Mossad Jews Epstein/Maxwell & Rothschild 666 Windsor.
 Knowing that AG Barr's Jew father groomed Jew Epstein (via Dalton) - we knew the truth couldn't possibly come out. Ahem.
Warped - like Star 'Sodom/Cube' Trek. Warped worm-holes (assholes) via bridges, cling-ons, logs, ass-teroids, and Shat-ner.
Raised hex-cube hell, Sept 11 & Towers - will end on earth. Sodom Barker's Candy-ASS-Man, same 9/11/92 release (via TIFF).
Twin masonic pillars. Satanic/Zionist mass media's mother of them all. 666 Jew Kubrick's 9/11 Monolith (black hex cubed-brick).
Jupiter/Zeus-God in the film (see Zeus struck tower), but Hexxing Saturn (Cronus-Satan) in the novel. 9/11 Hex-Cube.
Sodom Kubrick, Mr 2001 via 666 & computer. No wonder that he was a SELF-LOATHING Jew. And we know why.
No wonder this Ashke-NAZI married into the Nazi propaganda Harlan dynasty. Playing-off sides for generations.
Don't forget, 666 Jew programmer, 9/11 Spielberg's father - was key in the advent of BASIC via GE (see Jobs/Gates).
I've never believed the official story. Some of us have known that satanic Israel were behind 9/11 - and for nearly 20 years.
At least I tried to notify and inform - how about you? Or did you just wallow and empower these forces even more?
Majority of this rancid programming came out of CALIFORNIA. The culture that the masses have worshipped and adored.
The JEW. S. of CORPORATE A. One nation under God? Which 'God' would that be? It looks as though it's Satan.
As I stated. Last 20 years - I'm the only person I know who's understood and appreciated the double-edged sword of tech.
ALL on the back of Zionist-US LIES. 800,000+ dead directly - more to add indirectly. You're already the beast.
How can you brainwashed American people live with yourselves? What a goddamn disgrace. EVIL PRESONIFIED.
Endless trillions available for ILLEGAL wars (decade in, decade out), endless trillions for complicit corporations. VOMIT.
That said, it's ALL OVER for the Jew S. of A - whatever happens. It's all rapid decline from here. Sorry.
Let's see how my predictions have faired over the last year - then compare them to the unfolded reality.
This was before the so-called virus was established in the US. Things are as written. My 'vaccine' call long in advance.
The nation has, and is imploding under this p(l)andemic. Martial law is certainly a possibility based on what I'm seeing.
 Also note this 2018 E.O. re: foreign election interference - active until Dec. 18. As well as the Insurretion Act. Latent options.
Above/below, June 2020 post. Compare to what's unfolded. How's small business? The nation raped by the 0.01% - as per.
 More bulls-eyes. Keep listening to Zionist MSM and Zionist owned politicians. It's served you well so far. Right?
The biggest tragedy of all? That the sheep never worked-out the left/right (Dem/Rep) scam. 101 stuff. Embarrassing.
Even down to the final hour - they still cling-on to this ridiculous fantasy. My own hell - is having to bear witness.
The other MAJOR error is in still viewing Zionist Israel as anything other than Rothschild's Synagogue of Satan. (link)
The JEWS who are NOT JEWS. These imposter Ashkenazic JEWS have nothing in common with historical Israelites.
It's POS Zionist-Masonic Trump (Cyrus) that is active in the rebuilding of the (FRAUD) 3rd 'Zio-masonic' Temple.
If the sick Zionists didn't have full spectrum MSM dominance (etc.) - then this would be common knowledge.
This is WHY they must effectively be the ONLY storyteller - and why their control freakery knows no bounds.

Zionist Trump has been crucial in keeping his flock ignorant re: Israel/Zionism. Watch them blame China. Guaranteed.
See what we're up against? A total and complete blindness in respect of the Synagogue of Satan (Rothschild's Israel).
80+ Zionist dual-nationals in Congress and they think the foreign threat is external? Howl, pmsl, lmao, etc.
All Hollywood, MSM, Universities, and socialist media owned/run by Zio-Jews, masonic Jews, and their shabbos goy.
All that (multi-decade/historic) Zionist fomented predictive programming and homo/gender-bender programming - is Chinese?
Do they think that China created JEWISH communism? It's almost comical to watch them effectively brainwash themselves.
It's easy to spot the SHEEP that have been totally flummoxed by Zionist mass media - they're a penny a pound.
You see, folks. Rather than address these monsters - most people prefer being brainwashed by them (Stockholm syndrome).
Controlled Zio-masonic opposition '666' Trump. Mocking the profane/Goyim:
Trump is hawking the 'warped' vaccines (and involved with 666 Gates). There is no need for any vaccines.
An mRNA vaccine that is actually gene editing bio-tech. All at 'warp speed' - and literally. No pharma liability.
Four years to do something about socialist media/tech and yet did nothing. Why did he also let these commies count the votes?
Why didn't he lockdown only the vulnerable? Trump gave indemnity to governors for the illegal lockdowns.
Did nothing to stop Antifa/BLM chaos - save pour more fuel on the fire. He let cities burn - empowering the rabid left.
He also appointed the three SCOTUS that went against the recent lawsuit. He appointed FBI Wray and AG Barr.
The latter whose JEW father groomed (not dead, Mossad) Epstein via Dalton. Is he really this naive? More's the point - are you?
At NO TIME did Zio Trump or Zionist mass media mention this obvious Barr/Epstein connect. You need to ask why?
 Folk who say: "Epstein didn't kill himself." Are the most lost of all. They think he was suicided. Dumb happens.
What happened to the JEWISH Epstein and JEWISH Maxwell paedo-trap case? The Jew paedo list is endless.
Trump hangs-out the back of Zionist Satanyahu's ass. Effeminate Kushner simply another Satanyahu lackey.
Trump is of the same Zio-masonic forces that also control the US political left. Only a zombie would think otherwise.
Talking of masonic-Jew mass mind controlled zombies. I give you Zio-masonic Q and the Q-Tard brigade.
Trust AG Sessions (lol). Trust AG Barr (bigger lol). Deep State in a Panic (yeah, sure). Patriots in control (d'oh!).
Let me guess. Barr's resignation is all part of a big plan involving optics that only Q & the followers understand? Yep.
An endless diet of hopium - and where every twist and turn (no matter good, bad, or indifferent) is ALWAYS a part of the plan.
Zionist Trump's mentor was paedophile and paedo blackmail trapping (Zionist Jew) Roy 'homoexual' Cohn.
Controlled opp. Ignoring the Synagogue of Satan (Israel) at every possible turn. That alone destroys the entire movement. Next.
What next (Jew owned) Trumpturds and Q-sheep? China were behind Zionist false-flag/hoax 9/11? Sadly, they'd buy that.
He's got his Yiddish brainwashed army blaming China/CCP. Who'd have guessed? Just about anyone not lobotomised.
He's got them begging for Martial Law (military rule) and wanting WWIII via Greg Stillson, erm I mean Zionist Trump.
Members of US Congress PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to ROTHSCHILD'S  Israel, not China. You dumb fuck.
That's both the shit-sucking DNC, and the poo-gargling RNC. Oh, dear. It's the synagogue of Satan -  JEW S. of A.
No wonder JEW-tube (via JEW-gle) let him keep a platform. The odd ban to keep-up appearances. LOL.
Fuck this sodium saturated, Zionist cause pied-piper and his Jew-infected puppets. Oy Vey! As lost as X22 report.
He wouldn't last 10 seonds in a face-off with my goodself. I would destroy him and his (Zionist gaslight) platform.
The Hebe who surrounds himself and his broadcast with (homo) Star Wars paraphenalia. A mental age of 9?
How about you SICK Jews explain your rotten, Goyim hate-filled, racist Babylonian texts - oh (self-appointed) chosen ones?
Hasbara POS. Zionist gatekeeper. He didn't even inform Trumpturds that Zionist Adelson funded Zio-Trump's 2016 run! (video)
Jones is simply another Zionist hack whom I could destroy in literally seconds. So, why does he have any followers?

Dec. 18
LIES. LIES. LIES. See USA's puppet master ISRAEL & Talpiot. Corporate-masonic technocracy Zio-US = Hell on earth.
Filthy masonic-Jew tech via the brainwashed slave colony called the perpetual warmongering  Jew S. of A. or JEW-nited States.
Oh, look. It's eugenicist, useless eater population control, satanist and virus 666 'CDC' Gates via (backdoor) MicroSoft.
Trump, who handed the Pentagon cloud - one of the most important servers in the world, to (NWO) Microsoft! 
Oh, look. Zionist USA (via Zionist owned Biden) has just put a Jew in-charge of the (shit-house) CDC. Who'd have guessed?
A selection of some of the current, over-lapping, and ongoing Illuminati scripts. Ahem. Floyd was a masonic-Jew fix.
Another Freemason linked event, late Aug. The Osirian penis/obelisk. King, the black (apis bull Osiris King) sacrifice via Memphis.
Of course, none of these masses of people are Zio-MSM brainwashed - it's all by their own volition (uber sarcasm).
"When people begin to lose their ability to know the difference between fantasy & reality. The old ones can begin their journey back."
Linked racial agitation fraud via (Jew) Freemason hoodwinks. Prince Hall, District Grand Master, Tracy 'Trayvon' Martin.
Don't forget folks, 666 MicroSoft (see 9/11 flight sims) is nothing but a Zio-US MIC creation with Gates/Allen as the front.
What's this hacking? A pretext for taking-out energy grid(s), etc.? The: 'long, dark winter; we hear about. See Alzheimers Joe, etc.
Or a rehash of (9/11) War-backdoor-Games? An internal military hack which is blamed on Russia (Soviets).
 More like the worst case of self-inflicted deliberate harm to advance and ongoing (Zio-US) satanic agenda. Oh, yes.
The Zio-US HACK the entire world - and anyone with any sense already knows this. It's all standard.
It's HOMOSEXUAL (back-door tricks) 666 MS Gates (see his tranny wife) and MS Indianapolis Allen - avatars via the military.
9/11 Jew, nuclear Broderick. The film uses the Back to the 9/11 Future No.2's (pink surf via shit) time tunnel as the base entrance.
Back to the '9/11 Struck Tower' Future series' James Tolkan (Strickland) features. Dabney 'Towering Inferno' Coleman as McKittrick.
 Seattle/Vegas WarGames. With Home 'Two Flights/Twin Towers' Alone 2's Sheedy (flight attendent). Films linked to 666 Trump.
Hack Alert via Homeland '9/11' Security. Anything out of US military/Pentagon is LIES. Has been for decades.
Armageddon WarGames. We know the Zio-US is already expert in attacking itself - that's the typical M.O. See how easy this is?
 The sum of 3 times 6 squared gives 108. 6²+6²+6² = 108. 108° = the internal degress of a pentagon. Warmonger satanists.
Zio-US created/propagandised bogeymen (see bin Laden/Hussein, etc.) are the worst stand-ins ever formed (imo).
Start as you mean to go on. 9/11 was the opening salvo for (current paradigm) inside-job terror on its own population. (link)
2016 election claims of Russian intereference = one of the worst and saddest tales ever told. A rehashed cold war Bond script.
Will the Zio-US sociopaths further attack their own infrastructure and grid. Is it gonna be a long, dark winter?
A Very Dark Winter (Oct/Nov.)  Darkest Days (Dec. 23) and given in conjunction with the 'hack' story? Simulation. (here)
FireEye, SolarWinds, SUNBURST. Consider all those terms in respect of (power-outing) solar CMEs. Orion (masonic Osiris).
Goyim of Thrones/Game of Drones (TV dungeons/dragons crap) Jew-written pilot eps. is titled: 'Winter Is Coming'.
Just what have the 'small hatted' Illuminati satanists got planned for their sub-human, Stockholm Syndrome addled slaves?
Even WEF POS Schwab has talked of large scale cyber attacks. 'Dark Winter' is as pervasive as: '6uild 6ack 6etter'.
Year following Zionist 9/11. Oct 2002 - the Washington 'Death Card' Snipers. Patsy sleepers called-in by public command.
 Eyes Shut, (sleeper) Paddock. Top work, whoever created the above. I added the sniper/gun control & pyramid (click to enlarge).
Saturnists via the black sun (arm tattoo). A 666 SUNday Harvest. Ace of Spades = death. Suited 10/1 hand of death. Snap!
 Illuminate via Lux(or). Recall the 'monarch' link. And connect to 'Road to Mandalay' Zionist POS, homo UK PM, Johnson.
Note, POS Saudi 'Twitter' Waleed, and 666 virus, MS Gates are the owners of the Mandalay 'sniper' Bay top floors. Ahem.
Masonic Kipling & masonic terror events via Zio-Masonic scum. Eton homo and mason, Mandalay Johnson.
Rothschild's sponsored Illuminati via (crypto-Jew) Weishaupt, the latter chose the 'eye/pyramid' as their master symbol.
Eton, next-door to Windsor Castle. An 'O-scar' Wilde reference (below) - another Freemason and homosexual.
Zionists. A 'Trump' (fart) and a 'Johnson' (penis). Anyone for nut-nuts via Cummings. Caress A Dick? (see masonic Met. Police).
They like a Masonic-Jew EYE LODGE (sodomy). Brotherly Lovers. Freemasonry is Jewish kabbalism. The end. 
The masonic Queen's cousin, the Duke of Kent, is the titular head of (Jewish) regular craft (blue lodge) masonry.
Kate's mother, nee Goldsmith. "If these tidings are true Diana would be thoroughly Jewish with a Jewish mother (Frances Burke Roche aka Rothschild) and a Jewish father (Etonian, Sir James Goldsmith/Goldschmidt). In turn (Eton) William, the future King, would have deep Jewish roots." (here) Zach Goldsmith (Diana's step-brother) married Alice Rothschild, brother Ben married Kate Rothschild.
Kipling even joined the Jewish-driven Masonic Order before the age of 21. (1)911 title on-cue, (oil-linked) exploding plane.
A film made in the image of 007 Bond. It was Connery who played Kipling's The (masonic eye/pyramid) Man Who Would Be King.
Similar in Zionist-Jew Pollack's (WTC/CIA) Three Days of the Condor. A (1)911 revolver via the opening massacre. Zionist intel.
Masonic 007 (see Freemasonry, Dee) via monarch linked Jane Seymour. Big Apple NY, Twin Towers, CIA, Jet, & Struck Tower(s).
Also consider (masonic) Paul 'Live and Let Die' McCartney's Sept. 11. death date (urban legend). CIA'S Ono & 9-11 Sept. DIAS.
The sick, Zionist Jews used Great Britain to gain modern (satanic) Israel - they're now using USA to gain the entire world.
The Zionist Rothschild clan controlled GB for generations (see BofE). '666' Windsors = Rothschild owned lackeys.
The same type of Jews (Bolshevik/Zionist) who also destroyed Russia with their (Rothschild fomented) Communist takeover.
 Skyscraper '666 5th' film via Jew Shirley Clarke (Brimberg), about a Jew built 666 building (via WTC 1, 2, & 7, Tishman).
 Recall Jew '666' Clarke-Brimberg and her links to homosexual, Lucifer/Monolith 2001:ASO; A.C. Clarke via 222.
Location formerly occupied by the Vanderbilts - see POS homosexual, mockingbird media, CNN's Anderson 'CIA' Pooper.
 Virginia Vanderbilt soon sold her '666' maisonette - and to a director of (666 propaganda) Fox Films.
 Jew, Arthur Sackler lived there (666 maisonette) in the 80's - of sick and evil Purdue Pharma - see opioid culling.
With Sackler's help, pharma giant (vaccinePfizer, previously a chemical manufacturer, began its prescription drugs business.
 FF/hoax shooting (via crisis)  'devilish' Sandy 'monarch' Hook and the uber suspect anomalies mentioned in other posts. 
 Memorials/fundraisers, etc. uploaded in advance, nearby active-shooter drill, Sandy Hook. Heavy 2nd ammendment pressure.
Sandy 'Over the Rainbow' Hook. A Sandy Hook link to a record release -  Annie Get Your Gun by Garland (gun control mockery).
The JEW S. of A. - the world's largest nation that is dedicated to satanism and its expansion. I sincerely believe this. (link)
 Church of Satan via Anton 'JEW' LaVey. Baphomet markers via their pathetic false flag. No wonder these evil c**ts laugh.
Homo San Francisco and satan. See homo-satanic US tech hell. Sodomy and satanism - the two go hand-in-hand - always have.
Satanic mockery. Oh, look. Signing Connecticut. (aka Stepford-ville). Just like demonic signing Sandy Hook (Connecticut)
 Re: stamps: "The sign of the horns, the cuckold, the devil....that's the way they love you all right." James Shelby Downard
 Sodom Freemason, AT&T's A.G. Bell (Bel/Baal) was heavily linked to this sort of thing (above). Mr Deaf/Telephone.
666 Antichrist Trump and his (brainwashed) MAGA army.  MAGA witches via (top degree) Church of (Jew) Satan.
All of this, is, - and has been happening, due to US peoples love of all things satanic Judaism. It will be the death of them.
Stoneman (aka Mason). Sandy 'Masonic Hiram Lodge' Hook. Zionist-MSM FRAUDS - and verifiable ones. Check those DATES.
Gun control MSM scripts (see POS Hogg) for linked crisis actors who help execute these pathetic mass mind control events.
Getting your gun is the point. Pulse shooting, Orlando, another 'crisis actor' ridden FF/Hoax. As was the Batman shootings.
 Homo Buttman (US super-queeroes) via Nolan and (666 sodom Aleister linked) Nathan Crowley. Satanic-Jew Hollywood.
Illuminati Trump and (the sniper-linked) Enough is Enough. Illuminati MGM Vegas via snipers. Ahem. American sickness.
Hacking. Let's guess? Will it point to and be conveniently blamed on Russia, China, Iran? What will Armageddon Stillson/Trump do?
 Trumps and cards. It was decent of them to include the 'hot zone' for WWIII. Israel, Syria, Saudi, Iraq, Egypt, etc.
You might recall the Trump/US-led false flag attacks on Syria - Khan Shaykhun (Apr. 2017) and Douma (Apr. 2018).
Thanks to resident legend, Uncle Bingo, we know 'Lion King' Assad (Syria) was born Sept 11. 1965. 9.11(N) 01 WarGames.
Armageddon linked Damascus. Zio-US - only nation to drop nuclear bombs on civilians via MASONIC-JEW owned '33' Truman.
ALL filmic avatars for 666 Trump (T-horn, Stillson, Biff, & Clamp) linked to the 'end of the world' and/or 'dystopian' themes.
John 'WarGames' Badham was linked to (same year) The Dead 'Nuclear Stillson/Trump' Zone, an unrealised project.
War 'backdoor' Games. If Falken's role had been played by Men-Love Lennon (as planned) we'd have further Sept 11. markers.
John Wood played Falken. We get the 'Wood chopper' via Goose (to pinch the buttocks) Island. And a flying (terror) pteradactyl.
 Falken being based ultimately on Stephen 'Sept. 11' Hawking (Hawk/Falcon). Mr The Theory of Everything via Came-bridge.
Big-Banging hairy black-holes man, Hawking, played by (tranny-linked) poof Redmayne. Also see homo Turing (Cum-a-batch).
The WALLS of Jericho via Joshua (see WarGames). It's Trump who's the POTUS that's heavily linked to walls. Seven & Trumpets.
Trump-Pence (Trumpets) of Revelation via symbolic 666 Antichrist/Little Horn Trump. A Trumping elephant Republican.
Seven Trumpets. Just imagine the sounds of (666 Omen birthing) 20th Century Fox's intro. Composed by Jew, Alfred Newman.

More Kraken news...
I'm immediately struck by the Freudian potential. A proper Big 'f**k' Bang via hairy black holes. Globular spit or swallow?
Gaia (earth, ur-anus, one-eyed cyclops, Gayer) Sausage? Helmi streams? Crack-en, Wood, the progenitor Milky 'twister' Way.
Icy Moon via Ring Lord Saturn (sausage/Gaia) Enceladus. Medusa theme having potential sexual connotations. 
Led by the 'one-eye' (witches) to Snake Head via hardness, Medusa, and her 'go Greek' eye-meeting/meating
A Cosmic Cannibal (man-eater). Article concerns galaxy collisions. Pertinent Kraken timing. (Thanks to gr3gg, see comments).

Dec. 20 - The 'Live on TV' vaccination.
She (Tiffany Dover) fainted sometime after taking the shot. It's quite possible that it arguably led to her death.
There is allegedly a death record for a Tiffany Dover (Higdon, AL) and at aged 30. A nurse that regularly faints? Hmm?
The reliability of SearchQuarry is what needs to be ascertained here. It might not be reliable enough. All very odd.
The nurse is Tiffany Dover (of Higdon, AL) and her IG acc. (top right) references her 29th birthday (see pics).
A post referencing the transition from 28 to 29 years-old very late Nov. 2019. It certainly all fits. What to think?
 Dec. 23
Oh, dear. LYING Zionist mass media gets caught-out - and blatantly. Oops. This is what record hospitalisation looks like?
These are the same MSM entities that brought you 9/11 - one of the worst and most blatant con-jobs foisted upon the world.
 Cali. (L.A.) The shit-hole state that is responsible for so much Zionist-US (and beyond) filthy mind control programming.
Greatest nation on earth? American exceptionalism? Land of the free? WTF is this nonsense?
The land of murdering scum...say their names: Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Nicholas Slatten and Paul Slough:
WAR CRIME, Jew S. of A. They murdered innocent people (incl. two children) on the back of the 9/11 & WMD LIES.
How f**king dumb or degenerated do you have to be to murder on behalf of the Zio-US and it all propped-up on gross lies?
ANY American who served in Iraq/Afghanistan is (by default) complicit in this ongoing Zio-US global reign of terror.
Why would anyone be surprised and/or shocked. I'm not. This was to be expected from a shit-heel like Zio-Trumpstein.
Blackwater via (Jew) Eric 'SEAL' Prince, sister (Jew) Betsy - US Sec. of Education. Linked via marriage to pyramid scheme, Amway.
 Look and see who the REAL global terrorists are - I give you the Jew-nited States of Zion America.
"Lock her up?" Clinton, who is free. Wikileaks 'war crimes exposer' Assange (who Trump used) is still jailed?
Way to go, Trumpturds. This IS your legacy Zionist US. Imagine a world without these Zionist scum and their programmed slaves!
One-Armed Global Banditry...
The Rothschild linked Economist. Recall the reveal from the 2020 issue. 20-20 vision via the (med diagnostic) Snellen Chart.
Reel 2. Tik-Tok (like a clock), split USA, Biden, and a Nuclear Bomb. Tick-Tac-Tock-Toe. See Gates/WarGames.
Reel 2 is the only reel at rest. 1,3, & 4 are still in-motion (see blur/shadow). 4 quarters? Covid reel 1. Virus reel 4.
Insert Stimulus Funds = hyper-inflation and the dollar's destruction as the global reserve currency. Unfolding as I type.
The $ is situated next to a burning tree (paper). A collapsing $ will cause stocks to surge (chart above tree) a la Venezuela.
 USA's currency supply expansion (M1) the last year has been insane (see Jew Fed). None moreso than in the last few months.
The fact that few understand the implications of currency expansion (by design, see bogus MMT) underlines this peril.
The typical American (ego) mindset that cannot and will not cope when China usurp their global No.1 spot. It's already happened.
China have released record numbers from poverty. In Jew. S. of A. - the opposite is, and has been happening. Oops.
China is more culturally Communist (at this point), but its economy is more 'free capitalist' than anything in the USA.
Trump: "America will never be a socialist country." Erm, it already is - and has been for a long time.
You cannot describe your corporate OLIGARCHAL (and uber propped-up) economy as any form of 'free market'. The end.
You're a quasi-commie (without owning the means of production), fascist-corporatocratic, techno-totalitarian hell.

Dec. 25 & 26
Same old, same old. Staged FF events via drills. Noelle via Christmas? Ho, Ho, Ho! Mayor John Cooper (J.C.) 'Hooters' for the owl.
Happened between Church and Commerce streets. Web pages with details BEFORE Dec.25. Search parameters (1st to 24th).
 In front of the AT&T (Bell/Bel) building - horned tower - aka the Batman Building. 33 (masonic) floors and 333 (kabbalist) address.
 AT&T - now the world's largest media and entertainment company in terms of revenue.
Shades of a 'Dark Winter' already hoving into view? Outages via grids and communications (incl. internet), etc.
Scum AT&T (CNN parent) now own Warner 'former 666 5th' Bros. AT&T created RFID (666 5th) Lucent (lucifer/light-bearer).
See (sodom freemason) Alexander Graham Bell. Masonic researcher Downard alleged seeing Bell receive homo sex magick fellatio.
Homo Got-Ham Batman/Buttman via Warner. See Sandy Hook and Aurora FF's via Batman: The Dark (K)Night Rises (2012).
The film franchise that is linked to Nathan Crowley - a direct relative of 666 masonic-kabbalist beast, Aleister. Ahem.
TDKR US release was on the magical July 16. date. See July 16. Kubrick whose Eyes Wide Shut was first shown via 666 5th.
Nashville event is a bit Tim '33' McVeigh like...the 32° Freemason patsy who was (faux) executed at 33 (a la Christ).
It was McVeigh and Nichols (militia) that both claimed to have had electronic chips inserted into them via the US military (aka hell).
The Oklahoma bombs were inside the A.P. Murrah building - the fertiliser bomb (mockery) = useless eater consumption only.
I even saw a news report (very early 2000s) that had people mentioning the bombs inside. It's now Orwell memory holed. 
Note that (sick) Israel bombed both Syria and Gaza over 25th and 26th. Incl. a children's hospital. 
Nashville FF/Psy-op. Christ-mas via Noelle and Mayor J.C. - and the link to Greek Antioch (now in Turkey) and Christ/Christianity.
Warner - the AT&T link. Tech systems worker Anthony Quinn Warner - whose father formerly worked for AT&T.
War-time favourite Petula 'air raid' Clark's Downtown played as part of RV's warning. A US Warner Bros. release, Nov. 1964.
Antioch, Greek source of the Holy Spear/Lance that supposedly pierced Christ's side. Anthony 'Greek' Quinn:
 Anthony 'Zorba the Greek' Quinn. The symbolic hanged/crucified man (see imagery). A Chateau (Castle) RV for The Tower.
 A film produced/distributed by (666) C20th Fox. Explosion happened at 6:30 (6 & 3). The alleged suspect being aged 63.
Disaster and Catastrophe via Mayor J.C. and Nashville.
All rather quite reminiscent of 9/11...wouldn't you say?
There's chatter about AT&T  - links to Dominion - but it's ALL moot. There are no political choices. A Zionist shell game.
 Run Devil Run. FF Boston. Yes, Zio-American SATAN is alive and well - and has been for a very long time. (link)
Thank the satanic Jews - who in using the 'cult of celebrity' - have literally brainwashed (via cultural imperialism) the entire world.
The legendary Dave McGowan destroyed the Boston FF/Hoax bombing for the shit that it was. RIP, Dave.
 AT&T co-founder A.G. Bell (Bel/Baal):
See (sodom freemason) Alexander Graham Bell. Masonic researcher Downard alleged seeing Bell receive homo sex magick fellatio.
According to Downard: "Bell was represented as being the epitome of the elite and referred to as a 'prince among men', as well as the veritable 'prince of the world'. The Devil/Satan, is of course, said to be the 'Prince of This World'." 
This was all via Jekyll Island, the place where the (evil) elite's Federal Reserve scam originated (via Jolly Roger, J.P. Morgan).
More (Moloch) Cow-Bel? Lord of the FLIES. Sodom Jacobite Freemason, and 'oralist' (in more ways than one), Be(e)ll-zebub.
 Telephone horns and blowers. The Washington Monument (via 555) is a masonic 'o-BEL-isk' - representing the penis/phallus.
In January 1915, Bell made the first ceremonial transcontinental telephone call. Calling from the AT&T head office at 15 Dey Street in New York City, Bell was heard by Thomas Watson at 333 Grant Avenue in San Francisco (see 333 AT&T, Nashville).
Downard continues: "The only name that seemed to matter (at Jekyll Island) was Bell, and the old - 
telephone equipment from the first transcontinental telephone call (contained in the hotel at Jekyll Island)
was treated as a sacred fetish." (excerpts, The Carnivals of Life and Death - James Shelby Downard).
Bell was heavily linked to (electricity) Volta. See the Volta Lab/Bureau - which looks like (666 Solomon's) masonic temple
The Volta Prize (which Bell won) refers to Count Allesandro Volta (1745-1827) after whom the standard unit - 
of electromotive force (volt) was named. La Volta (Italian) is also a witch dance, long predating the Count.

The vaccine(s) are safe? I, and others beg to differ. It's giving people BELL'S PALSY. Bell's and via Nashville:
 Update Dec. 27. Jew-tube have REMOVED video of this affected nurse (Kalilah Mitchell). Lasted a few hours! (try here)
Apparently, Twitter (more sick mass mind control) is suspending accounts that upload this video. As expected.
Again, it's Tennessee, just as it was with Tiffany 'fainter' Dover. And there is still silence on the latter.
No wonder Big Pharma doesn't want ANY liability. The CDC are aware of this Bell's Palsy issue (see link, above).
At least avoid anything from Pfizer and/or Moderna (emergency vaxes, ahem). Gene editing tech (mRNA) & uber cold storage.
Clinical trials haven’t yet produced enough data (over-time) whereby you can rule-out this Bell's palsy issue.
So, if Zionist mass media rubbishes all this - then you already know they are LYING. The nurse has no reason to lie.
That said, we could do with confirmation that she is a registered nurse, as claimed. I've yet to find anything.
Over 5,000 health impactful events (via vax) in just a few days. And this is just the immediate reaction timeframe. (cdc)
I also think satanic 666 Gates' vax is causing current mutations. UK and S. Africa were Gates vax programs.
 If they're anything - then it's the fact that they're very predictable. They're currently having a wail of a time:
 Dec. 27. US Tech Hell Ireland. 666 fork-lift linked vax delivery via 666 Pfizer/BioNTech. Source, RTE.
999/666. The Irish Garda (Police) HQ telephone number (via masonic Pheonix Park) is +353 1 666 0000.
Because it's all just mere coincidence. Right, guys? 666 Sackler (Purdue), who helped launch 666 Pfizer's prescription arm.
Come on, folks. What do you think Revelation literally means? To reveal. And they're doing just that, as foretold.
 The Zionist/Masonic Elite - Playing God:
"According to said (masonic elite's) Master Plan, the mythology of Revelations will be followed like Tinker-Toy instructions (happening now). A time of tribulation will come first (see Covid), after which survivors will be made "one" via a post-tribulation "rapture" spawned by the technical sorcery of having their brain pleasure centers titilated magnetically (see: vaccine/5G/BlueBeam) so that we all will cum together. Those who are thus epiphanized will become nothing more than humanoid servo-mechanisms (automaton golems)."
The Carnivals of Life and Death (My Profane Youth, 1913-1935) - James Shelby Downard

The Anti-God Vax? Astrazeneca:
This Is How The World Will Worship The Beast (See video, certainly worth considering. VMAT2 god gene vax.)
A vax for the (Yinon plan) Mid East. To eradicate religious fundamentalism. Muslims didn't attack on Pentagon 9/11. Ahem.
And ALL via the EVIL US Military (Pentagon, aka hell). 666 Antichrist Trump's Warped Military Speed (Hex-Cube) Vax.
Why did Zionist Trump give 'big pharma' a complete pass on the issue of vaccine liability? This IS Trump's doing.
Trump provides the symbolic 666 'right-hand' mark - warped vax provides the forehead (forebrain, frontal lobe) mark/change.
Pentagon briefing: Removing the God gene (These people are pure sociopath, view it while it's still available.)
If legit, which I believe this is. It shows the motivation to release viruses/vaccines designed to alter genetics/behaviours. 
Joey Lambardi leaked the video (corroborated by his mother). It is NOT debunked. The Gates angle is a mental slide.
"Highly susceptible to mind control administered by these same forces" That's already par for the course (in Jew S of A).
TRUMP'S VACCINE SWITCH. 2016 - he formerly mentioned the vax and autism epidemic. My, how he's changed.
Whatever happens with 666 Trump, he's behind the US Gavi vaccines, not Biden. Has he already fulfilled his Antichrist role?
 Fat Men and Little Boys via Enola GAY and Bockscar (Willie). A se(a)men tube delivery (Indianapolis). Potential sodom markers?
"Now, I am become death" Trinity bomb. Now - 'I am' (Christ, the Trinity) - Become(s) Death (Dead). July 16.
I think it's certainly worth considering the potential double-nature of (satanic Jew) Oppenheimer's words via Trinity.
Nuclear, 9/11 (Christ/Antichrist) Trump. Military Warp Speed Vax compared with Manhattan Project. Ground Zero a la NY 9/11.
Trust the gods of science? The Manhattan Project first began in a building in Manhattan, NY. NY, aka modern satanic central.
Trinity exploded at Los Alamos (NM) near a place called The Road of Death which lies on the 33° parallel. (33 Christ overlaps)
All know what pure evil happened there via masonic 33°Truman (& masonic FDR), Jew Einstein, and Jew, 'Trinity' Oppenheimer.
Vax/depop. 666 homo Gates' MicroSoft has strong links to the atomic test area(s) via nearby Albuquerque NM. Indianapolis, Allen.
Atomic 666 Kubrick. Mr 2001 'Greeked one-eyed cyclops' computers. Recall the (phallic) ground zero Monolith Hotel (9/11).
'God is dead' Zarathustra via (Ecce HomoZionism Nietszche's The GAY Science. See his 1888 written book, The Antichrist.
Mystery religion sodomites - hence all the penis worship. The top degree OTO (Parsons/666 Crowley) is the anal sex rite.
Masonic third/turd eye - anatomically it's the 'anus', physiologically the 'pineal gland', and astronomically (masonic) 'sirius'.
Parsons was heavily involved with Israel's rocketry program. The (kabbalist-Jew) Golem, Parsons, and Trinity.
A useful overview comment (save a few spelling errors)  via abovetopsecret (from many years ago). Kabbalist (Rabbinic) golem.
The alchemy that they're really referring to is the alchemy of 'man/humanity' itself. A collective demonic transformation.
Deviant JPL/Trinity Parsons wanted Christianity destroyed. The Hollywood-linked, rocket man who slept with his own mother.
Post his death - it's alleged his magick box contained a film of himself fucking his mother, and film of her with a dog.
In Parsons' mind birthed Babalon was 'female' (see, the whore). Imo this keys into rancid (US-led) feminism that would follow.
Breakdown of the nuclear family - primarily acheived by exposure to degenerating and hypersexual core programming (mass media).
Note Twin 'incest' Peaks Trinity explosion (2017) was segued via Bang, Bang club (explosion/sex) and Nine Inch Nails
The latter containing both sexual suggestion (nailing via 9 inches), and (Trinity) Christ's nailed crucifixion.
(The Twin Peaks stuff was all via 'the whore' [female Babalon/Laura Palmer]. Linked mother, Sarah. Mother of harlots.)
JPL co-founders Parsons, Malina, and von Karman. JPL/Devil's Gate Parsons was a communist and would become one of the earliest consultants to Israel's rocket program. Linked Frank 'JPL/Parsons' Malina (believed to be Jewish) was also a communist. They worked under (Parsons and White Sands linked) Theodore von Karman (Jew), who also was suspected of spying for the Soviet Union and Israel. Von Karman was considered a giant in aeronautics/aerodynamics. Von Karman, whose ancestors included (Talmudic Babylon) Judah Loew ben Bezalel or Rabbi Loew (yes, he of the original Golem fame). Nuclear Trinity, 'potential Golem maker', and von (Rabbi Golem Loew) Karman linked, Babalon Jack 'JPL/Antichrist' Parsons.  M.A. Hoffman believes that (modern Freemasonry godfather) Dr. John Dee obtained his chaos (lucifer) magick from this same (Golem) Rabbi Loew. Allegedly the same magick employed by (sodom kabbalists) Antichrist OTO Parsons, and 666 OTO Crowley (et al). This stuff is crazy!

Anyway, the (666) Trump delusion is so very strong - but soon they will wake-up from their (own self-imposed) fantasy. Guaranteed.
I told you all along. The Masonic-Zionist USA released this entire program & coincided with the Military Games (Wuhan, 2019).
POS Zionist sociopath, BLM Soros. Linked to a 666 Wuhan lab. 888, kabbalist-sabbatean. The usual satanic-Jew markers.
Soros, whose name was banned from Zionist MSM during election build-up and around  the (agitation) Floyd/BLM psy-op.
Oops. Zionist 666 Antichrist Trump via Zionist 666 Soros. In 2008, Trump/Soros named co-defendants in a major lawsuit.
(link) Zio-Trump has been perfect for setting-up America for the full roll-out of the Zio-masonic, Jew World Order. Once the economy is gone (soon), vax shots in exchange for (faux) security - incl. debt foregivenes (in exchange for zero property rights), UBI (which will quickly become worthless), digital tracking, etc. will likely be the norm. A golem, literally.
 Back of the net! Debt as control. Quote: "The elite will be safe in a meltdown scenario - the masses won't be." Kerr...chhiinnng!
Talking of Gates, no not Gill Bates. Um, I mean Bill 'back-door homo' Gates, but homo/sodom Frisco:
Anyone for a Kubrickian camp climax via the one-eyed cyclops (homo HAL)? A homo/PC Frisco gingerbread monolith?
A Cruise via your Eye Wide Open? How about half of (666) Fifth Ave. lodged in your masonic eye via a rainbow-end & hanky code?
Ginger (beer/queer) Bread (BRED), so like most of sodom/tech SF, then? It's ICED, too. (thanks to gr3gg, see comments)
As Queer as a Cock-Work Orange with Milk. The Golden (Ass-Star) Gate (Rainbow) Bridge (perineum). Warp speed worm-holes.
A rainbow bridge to turd eye masonic Sirius. See any Cling-ons or Earth Probes via Hump-Back? Any 2001 Rain/Bow-men?
666 O-Men, Fox. (Here). The Fox and the Gingerbread Man, etc. Grim(m) Ginger man-eating fairy-tails via cottaging.
Loosely linked, but global seismic and volcanic activity is currently (and notably) very raised.

We'll have to see what transpires for Jan. 6. When the electoral college is due to be certified via Pence. (see link from earlier).
It looks as though Reps. will lose the senate via (fraud) Georgia. Dems have a minority black and a minority Jew running.
Nothing done (as forewarned) about Georgia 2020 election - so why not run the same scam again, and in-league with Zio-MSM?
Quote: "MSM gaslighting is epic. If nothing happens with this blatant and open fraud (which is possible) the lid may blow-off."  
Has Q-Anon, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell (etc.) been the ideal diffusers? Everyone waiting for the ultimate drop?
 DECLAS brings the house down? Trust the plan? Deep state in a panic? Where's the arrests? A 4 year brainfart. Legions duped.
Some of these Q platforms had hundreds of thousands, if not millions of (brainwashed) followers. Yes, Idiocracy is real.
White hats and black hats? How embarrassing. Infantile games. A dumb, Zio-masonic LARP and lemming cult.
If this isn't concrete proof of the Dunning-Kruger effect - I don't know what is! Q - the biggest nothingburger in history.
This dumb (Zionist) Q movement has now irreparably damaged and set-back the real truth movement. Slow clap!
Trump playing 173D chess? JFK Jnr alive? Gitmo? He couldn't even control Barr and/or Pence! The genius plan that never was.
Nesara/Gesara rebooted. The Zeta-Talk BS from the early 2000s. Another dumb psy-op and all  via Nancy LIE-der.
Read it and weep, suckers. We tried to tell you Zionist brainwashed monkeys, but induced fantasy usurps actual reality.
No drop ever materialises and you are softly put away - all your fight (thru these vicarious agents) is deliberately nullified?
All your rights gone, the party stripped bare - and ALL while you waited on a (Q) psy-op fantasy via (satanic Israel's) God?
A giant wind-up excercise to ensure that the right-wing lose control and go ballistic in the face of all this?
I still cannot rule-out that something could transpire, but it's looking uber unlikely. (Latest news via Italy. More hopium)
I only mentioned the potential for a result flip from the POV of elite foul-play agitation. Not for any positive reasons.
No Trumpturds have seemingly woken from their Zionist enslavement. Well, we'll just have to see what happens, if anything.
Are Trumpturds still erroneously blaming China while their Zionist-owned leader is being hollowed-out by Zionist establishment?
Do they still think that JEW Communist ideology was born in China? Dumb happens. Do you not have history books in USA?
MIGA Trump's key job - PROTECT satanic Israel (and 0.01%) throughout his tenure. USA = slave colony of Rothschild's Israel.
The progenitors of JEW COMMUNISM. Zionist Trump's supporters are as lost as anyone - perhaps even moreso.
Hell, the rabid programmed left did more to wreck agitator Zionist CNN - than the so-called right-wing. The shame.
Zionist POS, Antichrist Trump. Showing his allegiance to the Zionist Q psy-op. Played like a fiddle. Ahem.
Fiddled and DECEIVED/CHEATED (Trumped). Sent from God? Induced mass mental illness is so ugly to observe.

Anyway, the (666) Trump delusion is so very strong - but soon they will wake-up from their (own self-imposed) fantasy. Guaranteed.
Jan. 7
Zionist Trump has CONCEDED. It is over. You supporters are now being classed as enemies of the (neo-commie) state.
Psy-opped via your own MAGA march. Zionist legacy MSM has check-mated you. The Republican party is dead.
Led his supporters on a march to the Capitol? When did that happen? Trump went MIA. Stop the steal, but without me?
Trump pied-pipered his base to the Capitol, then later told them to go home? Biden was certified. You were left humiliated.
Latest: "Serving as your president has been the honour of my lifetime." Past tense. What a double-crossing POS.
There never was any serious intention of outing the fraud. All played-out theatre. Now he's served you up on a platter.
Trump's already throwing supporters under the bus (calling them criminals). Ones he lured to the Capitol set-up and abandoned.
His own supporters have defiled the seat of American Zionist democracy? Erm, what about the blatant DNC fraudsters?
What a difference a day makes. Come and stop the steal. When you get here I will abandon and then help frame you.
No big reveal and/or MOAB - so I'll just leave all my folk rudderless with their asses hanging in the wind. He rolled-over.
No fraud issues have been addressed - now it can all be buried under the fog of played-out insurrection & faux outrage.
Bury the steal. Trump's now parroting the same lines as the (Zionist control freak) MSM. Kowtowing to their agenda.
Trump/Q led you to believe that the deep state was going down? The reality as of now is that they've never been stronger.
Trump was taking-down the Fed? WTF? He's made them more dominant and more powerful than ever. Clueless Trumpturds.
We'll beat China on trade via tarrifs? The trade deficit has rapidly expanded - not reduced. Best economy ever? Pfft!
WWG1WGA? More like WANKA-1-&-ALL. Qtard cultists will still think he's POTUS even when Biden's inaugurated.
Update Dec. 13. Trump openly referencing the new BIDEN ADMIN. Many still think he hasn't. They're wrong.
The Q plan. Trump was put-up by the military to save the Republic? What military is this? They've all disowned him.
Goyim shepherds: X22 Report, Praying Medic Tragic, SerialBrain, IPOT, Salty Pretzel, etc. ALL will have to find new jobs.
Add this shit-heel Shapiro to the Zionist gatekeeper list. 2.5m followers? This Jew is a conservative? No voter fraud? Wow.
It NEVER mattered what proof/claims you had - there is no effective platform for any of it to be heard. (see Zionist govt./MSM, etc.)
The fact that virtually none of you understood the former - just shows how far behind the curve you really are.
Moves already underway to try to remove Trump via 25A/impeachment. There's only (deliberately Zionist fomented) trouble ahead.
Let's hope the Iran situation doesn't get used for typical purposes (and beyond) in these dying days.
Hell, I only wrote that Iran line in the last 36 hours. The matrix is very quick to deliver. Hopefully it's nothing. (link)
Fat-boy Zionist 'CIA' Dumbpeo (Pompeo) hawking ISIS fantasies. Sunnis and Shias are devout enemies. More US bullshit.
PACIFICATION HOAX. (Deep state/CIA sponsored) Iranian regime change - as I identified Oct. 2017 and early 2018.
 Please file "Release the Kraken" under psy-op command dogma. File it with "Trust the Plan" - "Deep State in a Panic" - 
"We Have It All" - "DECLASS Brings the House Down" - "Patriots in Control" - "Enjoy the Show" -  "Trust Sessions/Barr". Etc.
(If they knew the myth - then they'd have known that the Kraken/Cetus is vanquished - not triumphant.)

Condemning his (manipulated) own - and all while concurrently releasing CRIMINALS and JEWISH TRAITORS. (link)
Zionist, Chabad-Lubavitch Kushner's criminal father too. What luck for leaders - that their people cannot and do not think.
 Jan 9.
It's Zionist Murdoch's 666 Fox's Simpsons via masonic-Jew Groening. Oh, how they must laugh at the TV/film sheep.
Bart to the Future - ol' 9 & 11 (Twin Towers) Bart. 9/11 Biff/Trump via Zionist-Jew Back to the 9/11 (struck-tower) Future.
"I'd like to thank the Chosenites, the (Jewish) Academy, and Commiefornia. Without whom I'd not be here".
Some folk are so BRAINWASHED by the Trump 'cult of personality' - that he cannot do any wrong. Beyond criticism. Madness.
 Take a bow...DeLorean and 9&11 linked Towering Trump/Biff.
Trojan-horse actor Trump is now silenced by Zionist mass mind control platforms Twatter and Faecesbook. (socialist media)
I identified these platforms as socialist media years ago. So, why did Trump hold himself hostage to his 88m Twatter a/c?
Why have Trump and followers done nothing but help fatten the coffers of and widen the influence of these (Orwellian) Zio-masonic control freak platforms? 88m followers!? They've done nothing but empower the very thing that is now being used as a key tool to destroy them - and in league with the state! Hell, these masochists are still using these very platforms - even now! Faecesbook, Twatter, Instagram, Zionist Ewe-tube, Apple/Google, etc. ALL VIA FREE WILL. They will NEVER admit to their own roles in helping create and cement the unfolding techocratic/transhumanist NWO. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault (see: it's China, it's libby leftists etc.) They've also been EXPOSING themselves and their political beliefs/leanings, and beyond, etc. to these same platforms. Effectively giving them a giant centralised database of: potential enemies of the 'very soon to come' and fully operational neo technocratic and corp-fascist state. Trump had four long years to address these big tech behemoths, but did nothing. Four long years to 'drain the swamp' (the so-called deep state that was the threat to him) - how many you see in jail? He swam with the swamp - that's the reality. It's all been a cheap ruse. Q-anon - a masonic psy-op parlour game and LARP hoodwink. Zionist MSM has seized on recent events (thanks to Trump's Capitol bait and switch) and their unchallenged narrative is now in control. Their urgency to remove Trump isn't because they fear any 'drop' on themselves, etc. It's all to paint him and his followers as unhinged and dangerous lunatics - a narrative. It's Trumpturds and Qtards that should now be living in fear. You're now being framed as 'nationalist terrorists' and the like. America's Most Wanted is the new game in town. This all happening even before the Dems take office! The best you can now hope for is a bloody civil war. The cult of political personality has ruled, not political ideology - and it's been at the ultimate cost. Trump has played you all (especially via dumb evangelism), likewise have the RINOS, and Dems. It's all bullshit. Trumpturds and 'God bothering' Q-tards will go-down with their ship - hopium will keep them doped until the final hour. They are too far gone. Just as the brainwashed liberal-left are too far gone. The damage has long been done. It should have always been critical thinking and discerment before blind faith, but alas it wasn't. Qtards believed anything and everything their psy-op master told them - and blindly. Now you'll be lucky if they don't FF and psy-op MAGA supporters to hell and back, and until they are eliminated.
Just like Bolshevik-Jew, Commie Russia - the US comrades are now turning-in 'enemies of the state' (incl. parents, etc.)
"The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that in the Russian Revolution, 
- the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism." - Rabbi Waton
The Chosen One. The Zionist Antichrist...The King of (Satanic Rothschild's) Neo-Israel:
Meet the masters and designers of your reality. The ones you expanded and all via free will. No-one was forced, no-one.
You did exactly the same with Zionist Hollywood, TV, and pop entertainment. Extensions of the Jewish religion (showbiz/satanism).
Whether or not you understood any of the above - has had absolutely no bearing on what's been unfolding. Ignorance is not bliss.
20 years later...seems I was correct all along. How many can make such bold and accurate claims over decades? Virtually no-one.
Zio-Masonic Jew S. of A. Tech and MSM. Not a Chinaman in sight! Commie Zio-Jews - the masters of global victimhood.

 Because it's all just random 'masonic-Jew' coincidence. Right, folks? I mean, they don't run Hollywood, either (sarcasm).
 Trump was bailed-out via the Rothschild demons. See his (Rothschild) Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross.
Console yourselves with the idea that at least Israelis get all their medical expenses paid for by the US taxpayer.
The Unabomber Manifesto = genius (I read it, early 2000s). "FUCK COMPUTERS" - will go-down in history.
See what yourselves and your fellow countrymen helped build - a giant, satanic, electronic Goyim prison.
I wonder why masonic and (kabbalist) tree of life Trump was uber soft on all these Zio-masonic mind control platforms? (sarcasm)
The Jews - aka the HATERS and DESTROYERS of Christ. They are the antichrist (as a race/religion) in human form.
Now that (Jew fomented) ATHEIST Communism cum corp-fascist neo-feudalism is here - they can finally finish the job.
Zio-masonic Jews - the synagogue of satan. Dark(ness) to Light via the Q(abbalist) masonic eye. See right pic, 666 Fox.
(((WE))). Tagged: "Q-anon on Fox and Friends? MAINSTREAM NEWS Pushes @Qanon76 Zionist Twitter Account."
It just gets worse for Zionist (Commie Jew Bolshevik) programmed Q-TURDS. "There is nothing new under the sun."
Operation Trust (the Plan). Oops:
A good piece (from Jan 2021), but aeons too late. The damage is done. I cracked this dumb psy-op 3+ years ago! Link.
Operation Trust also led to the arrest and imprisonment of its supporters. See Capitol/Q-Anon fall-out. History repeats.
When you have NO UNDERSTANDING of actual history (see typical US citizens) old psy-ops can be run again - as if new.
When you have a ZIONIST shit-heel POTUS who defends satanic Israel at all costs - it's no wonder followers are lost.

The Zionist-Masonic '666' Corporate/Political Antichrist. The Kew (Q) Con-man. Little Horn.
Oh, it's biblical, alright. It's just biblical in a completely different way to what Kraken Powell inferred. Ahem.
 What sort of 'plan' against a powerful 'deep state' succeeds by advertising itself & its strategy via the public domain? D'oh!
Just how many revolutions/movements have succeeded - via popcorn munching folk sitting around & watching a show?
Let this be a lesson to those COWARDS who still erroneously believe that external heroes will save them.
And don't we know it! The lesson that psy-op brainwashed Q-tards should learn. No quote is more fitting for them.

Dude, Where's My Laptop?
There's no Pelosi laptop from the Capitol via a military sting (see Hunter's laptop fail). No border arrest of Pelosi, either.
There is no military element that is fighting for Trump. No-one cares that (Zionist Soros') Antifa infiltrated the Capitol.
THEY control the narrative - and THEY make it so that it doesn't exist. There is no link to the (Zio-masonic owned) Vatican. The Pope and Italian PM have not been arrested. It's all just dumb and transparent psy-op mind control. Spun fantasies to keep you clutching at straws, blindside you on the continual Commie-Zionist threat - and all while you are being totally dismantled. The Left is not scared of any 'drop or reveal' - they have ALL the big MSM guns and Big Tech at their back. You folk think having the info and revealing it - is enough. It isn't and it never will be (see 9/11, etc.). This IS the control of perceived reality. You have literally nothing. And it's soon to be even less. There will be no mass arrests, no Gitmo, no deep state being taken-out - it's all complete shit and always was. (Hence why we've been warning you about the Zionist Q cult psy-op for years!) There is NO SAVIOUR (Israel) God coming to your rescue.
Israel got it all: embassy in Jerusalem, Golan Heights, illegal settlements, billion$ in aid, & Mossad Epstein to safety. 
The Zionists and Q-Anon have royally fucked your brains - as has 666 Antichrist and  trojan-horse, Trump. 
Likewise with the brainwashed and so-called conservative voices - ALL CLUELESS. "Where We Grift 1 We Grift All."
 Now watch them all twist and turn to cling-on to their tended (and brainwashed) flock. Their meal tickets. Oh, yes.
Grifting for $$$$ and 'likes' via low IQ and low-info programmed Q-tards, and lost conservatives via totalitarian, Zionist big tech.
See: Salty Pretzel, Ben Shapiro, ABL, homo Steven 'Mug' Crowder, Steve Turley, Tim Pool, etc...GRIFTERS one-and-all.
If these drones really gave an actual damn about their nation then they wouldn't be monetizing their platforms for $$$$.
Passive income generation. This (imo) has become a feature of modern USA. The 'dedicated hard work' ethic rapidly weakening.
$100 to join his 'mug club'. Sorry, guys. But America is so goddamn stupid that it's actually painful. It literally hurts.
Zionist Trump's reign completely blinded them to the immediate Zionist threat. They've all been using the tools and platforms of (conservative hating) Big Tech. Oops. They just simply told you what you wanted to hear. Narcissist, ego-driven side-shows via 'look at me' Jew-tube. All of these people's platforms skim for $$$$ - all of them. And they didn't even know what was really going-on! They still don't. JEW Salty Pretzel's Jew-tube a/c is still up (wink, wink). He's probably helping NWO Team Zion by keeping his followers onboard - you know for listing dissenters in the ongoing (Zionist fomented) purge. How many of them warned you of the Zionist satanists that own USA? Zero! What a joke. At least they made tidy sums of money out of their groomed and programmed sheep with (hollow) promises of a new conservative age and the demise of the Left. The American right has proved to be weak, very weak. The net result of Zionist Trump's four years and these (Zionist spiked) cheerleaders? Handing over ALL three levers of power to the DNC (admittedly via fraud). Check-mate. I end with a chess reference - how appropriate. You all thought Trump/Q were Grandmasters? Ha! Yet most don't even know that they're already beaten - and that their own man threw them to the wolves. Stick to tic-tac-toe and/or checkers. That's your level. 1A is already in peril, next comes 2A. Caravans of economic migrants will now quickly swell and enter. "Hate Whitey" - under the (Zionist owned) DNC and linked Zionist MSM is also about to go hyper-nuclear. Nationwide lockdowns are also likely incoming. If you're looking for real 'mass arrests' - then (ironically) look no further than the Q-tards and rabid Trump supporters. Don't be surprised if Trump pardons folk like Assange/Snowden, etc. - because now it's politically expedient for him to do so. I wouldn't bet on it, but a con-man down to the last - if this should transpire.
 Parler (via MIC-technocracy Amazon) just took another hit - courtesy of satanic Zion:
Who'd have guessed? US-Zionist Jew, anti-free speech, control freakery. Jews. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Hey, no Assange/Snowden pardons. But rest safe that he pardoned (c)rappers Lil' Wayne and Kodak. Way to go. :)
A fool and his money, etc. There never was any effective legal challenge. It was designed to fail. A played-out psy-op.
Idiocracy. What sort of twat thinks that a Zionist, paedophile billionaire (Trump) - has their best interests at heart?

Hopium is one helluva drug...
Yes, all that was uber harsh, but you didn't get to this point because you understand reality. Quite the opposite.
You see, folks. I have the authority to expose you all. I've been doing this for over 20 years - and largely correct.
Yes, that might sound conceited, but I am still a virtual unknown. If I don't blow my own trumpet - then no-one will.
Q-tards ARE mentally ill. Repeat, mentally ill. I can see a wave of Q-tard suicides when this psy-op is laid bare. Soon.
I've also noted the nonsense that surrounded Kim Clement prophecies. Absolute lunacy, but some people lap it up. 
The troops for Biden's inauguration were not called by Trump. There will be no swamp arrests. Mental illness reigns.
The US military to Trump's rescue? They'll blindly follow Zio-MIC orders. They murder children over lies. Total filth.
Still: "Enjoying the show"? Go get your popcorn and put your feet-up while the entire nation is stolen from under you!
Your greatest and only acheivement is helping to expand popcorn sales for an already obese and couch potato based nation.
A genius, 4 year, 'DO NOTHING' plan? What could possibly go wrong? "Emergency. Calling, Dr Dunning-Kruger." :)
Meet 'Q' - your psy-op master. The man behind the curtain. Think of all this as a type of Dr Phil 'catfish' expose.
That lover with millions in the bank - turns-out to be a Nigerian scammer sitting behind a PC. That sort of thing.
HOPE is not a strategy. HOPE is not a plan. Hopium addicted fools need a full detox.
Trust me, even after NOTHING happens - many will still continue with this psy-op delusion. Another guarantee.
Moving the goalposts is their speciality. Anything to avoid the ugly truth that they've (obviously) been brainwashed.
Oh, the irony of these Q drones thinking that they're awake and calling non-believers 'normies'. Sad really.

Close my Zionist-American social(ist) media accounts? Faecesbook, Twatter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.?
How can I close what I do not have - and never have had? And that readers is the difference. Can you say the same?
Delete those 'apps'? I have never downloaded and/or used any mobile phone based apps. Not one.
 Quote Dec. 27
"At least avoid anything from Pfizer and/or Moderna (emergency vaxes, ahem). Gene editing tech (mRNA) & uber cold storage."
Recent news, mid-January. It's almost as though I saw it coming. Now watch them all cover for these issues. Ahem.
It was nice of 666 Antichrist Trump to platform all these filthy (Gates/Fauci) Zio-US pharma vaxes. Cheers, Donny.
Jan. 2021
666 vaccine, pop. control Gill Bates and his tranny husband Melinda. Ol' FARMER BILL via Janus (Janu-ary).
Corporate multinationals (involved in vax/pop. control) spanning dozens of industries? Any ideas? (sarcasm)
JEW S of A ultimately created and cemented the model for modern, anti-human mass corporatism (aka satanism). See Omen II.

Janus vaccine via Utopia - and GMO foods. See Farmer GMO/Vax. Bill. Fictionally (ahem), it's a two-part depop. scam.
Control freak '666 vax' Gates just became the biggest farmland owner?  Oh, look. It's the HEX-CUBE via (Janus vax) Utopia.
It's 666 Trump aka Mr China Virus - and via WARPED (hex-cube) 666 vaxes & in-league with corp. multinational big pharma.
The Utopia series has since been removed from certain platforms. Scum Amazon removed it from Ireland, etc. 
Trumpturds and Q-anon zombies worship the US military? US military = complete filth. (see post WW2 era).
Jew S of A and (satanic) Israel have single-handedly and effectively destroyed planet earth in the last 70+ years.
Imagine being a die-hard fan of any politician? WTF? It's comical. I mean, that's what I call mental illness unchecked.
From the biggest Zio gaslighting shit-house and total reality inversion (so-called) news channel in existence? The audacity!
"More people get their news from CNN than any other news source." Twelve of the scariest words that you'll ever read!
 Many Trumpturds do need help, but who will deprogramme (Zionist gatekeeping) CNN uber-cult victims?
CNN needs to be eradicated completely. Fuck, it doesn't even pretend to be an impartial news service.
That said, these DUMB, FUCKING Q-tards are going to fuck-up free speech for EVERYONE if they carry-on with their (Zionist psy-op induced) bullshit. It could lead to tarring everyone with the same brush. A very real threat.
 If an Iran war, a (wider) civil war and/or Helter 'induced racial strife' Skelter doesn't get you - the following just might:
I'm concerned that the above sets a pretext for further (Zio-US sponsored inside job) terror attacks a la 9/11.
ISIS. The (useless eater propaganda) bogeyman network that was created via the Zio-US MIC and complicit Saudis. Just as Al CIA-da was a Zio-US creation. Biden admin's deliberate weakness on these issues (and all upheld via faux racism, the typical M.O.) potentially leading the Zio-US into even more destruction, chaos, and division. Zio-US inside job 9/11 was a breeze for these sociopaths. Time will tell. That said, the Zionist's destruction of USA (actual ongoing plan) is likely to rapidly speed-up from here - whatever shape it takes.
Biden's newly appointed TRANS-SEXUALS:
Samantha 'hands like a goal-keeper' Power & (Jew) Rachel 'fugly drag' Levine. LOL. Anyone think Jew Yellen is female?
Biden cramming-in as many MINORITY reps. as he can. Zionist enforced MINORITY RULE (the opposite of democracy). 
Hence, HATE WHITEY on acid via Zionist dominated US MSM, socialist media, etc. You will be forced to self loathe.
Former Rothschild Fed. chair. No way was this Jewish demon born a female. It looks like Bilbo Baggins in drag.
Don't forget, it was (sodom Yale) Steve 'homosexual' Mnuchin who preceded (sodom Yale) Yellen. Dune Entertainment (via deviant Jew, Ratner) Mnuchin, (see Mnuchin's Jacobite actress wife, aka beard). Producing multiple gender-bending, Jew Hollywood output (filth).
 The Financial Armageddon to come - as pedicted years in advance. This update Jan 2020 on the cusp of US Covid.
Financial MASS IGNORANCE - one of the Zio-US's biggest growth industries in the last 50 years. BY DESIGN.
 Trump: "Best economy ever." Compare with the unfolded reality. US economy was toast even before the virus. Tick-tock.
Trump LIED? Oh, yes. But what sort of low IQ idiots believed him? See the Zio-programmed MAGA cult.
Now watch the Reddit BS (stock market) unfold. An elite scam (posing as little people) which might be used to drop it all.
See Game-Stop (stopping the game) and millenials/Z's. Greed - badly dressed as elite bashing and benevolent action.
Reddit - the Great Awakening Q scam platform. Ahem. Zionist gatekeeping Reddit who banned all-talk re: Israel.
Zionist MSM wouldn't be oxygenating this thing (Game-Stop, et al) for no reason. Tick-tock. currently pre-occupied. I will try and catch-up with your comments soon. Hang-in there.
That all said, there is NO POINT in myself posting anymore content. It was ALL a waste of my time and effort.
Humanity is too retarded (by MSM design). What IS the point in myself doing this - when the rest of the world is zombified?
I only hung around the last two years to see the culmination of what I outlined 'to come' so clearly in advance.
I even warned you all to get to low density population areas a few years back. Tragic, but it is what it is.

Uncle Bingo
You are sorely missed. I know this stuff has been hard on you - just as it has been with myself.
If you are reading this then please drop-in a comment or two. Your efforts here will never be forgotten.
You're still horseloverphat's greatest inspiration. I wish you nothing but the best.


  1. Immortals Fenyx Rising release date 12/3/2020

    After an accident stranded Greek soldier Fenyx on the Golden Isle, they must rescue the Greek gods from the monster Typhon, who seeks revenge after he was banished by Zeus and the Greek gods to Tartaros.

  2. Hi.

    I don't really do computers games in the main. Just a few pieces here and there.
    I'm not a gamer at all. I have no interest. It's not my thing.
    So, it's handy to have folk come by and drop some details. I wouldn't have known otherwise.

    The title clearly rocking the immortal masonic phoenix aspect. The rebirth by self-immolation fire bird. It has hermetic/transient qualities. I've linked it to the 'sothic cycle' of Sirius before (the symbolic masonic eye). It was referenced in 2001 sequel, 2010. An aspect of (one-eyed cyclops) HAL 9000's repair/reboot program via SAL 9000. It was used as the file title.

    A timely game release in respect of my post. The same myth I outlined via the 9/11 struck Zeus/God Tower event and bottomless pit theme (Greek Tartarus, and Revelation). This game being a sort of 'Revenge of the Titans', or a broken-free Typhon's Comeback Special, if you like. Titan 'fire stealing' Prometheus is the game's main narrator. I've mentioned his Zeus eternal torment myth in respect of 9/11 too. The flying eagle bird crashing into his side - compared to the swooping flying bird/plane crashing into the side of the S. Tower. (see pic in link below)

    Thanks for the useful comment. Much appreciated. :)

  3. The tetrahedron (in the greek logic philosophy of platonic solids) is "fire". In eugene world it's specifically "micro fire". See here = As can see each platonic solid has a dioscuri/mirror twin when the sphere is made twin to tetrahedron. The micro as tetrahedron and sphere as macro fire are end poles of all creation, described by Buckminster Fuller (who devoted his mental unfolding to the truth of the ancients on platonic solids) this way: "“Within it (tetrahedron) lies the energy that holds all life together. The bonds that hold atoms, particles and molecules together, all the way down to nanoparticles and all the way up to macroparticles, are tetrahedral. Everything that exists as you conceive of it in a 3-dimensional world, is held together by these tetrahedral bonds”. As micro fire the tetrahedron is hydrogen being element 1, literally shaping to a tetrahedron in its atomic spin. Fuller says of "“Two Triangular Energy Events Make Tetrahedron: The open-ended triangular spiral can be considered one “energy event” consisting of an action, reaction and resultant. Two such events (one positive and one negative) combine to form the tetrahedron.” Cannot but note his description of the tetrahedron as the hegelian dialectic as of "problem, reaction, solution" aka "action, reaction, resultant". In matching this to the Book of Lies as being my "Presidential Primer" the 46th President is "Buttons and Rosettes" where "The cause of sorrow is the desire of the One to the Many, or of the Many to the One." thus a heroic One being of the Many and yet to sorrow. E Pluribus Unum. I think the "false breaks" of this dastardly lie leads to a breaking of fire at foundation of elements all the way to the ladder into the sky where very bad powers reside. Agent 666 was merely coding the Third War of Pike: “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the agents of the Illuminati between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other.” - One big Kraken.

  4. Hey phat I know you're not a big fan of rap but here are some lines from songs released in 2020:

    " the rona persona,
    to all that fell us,
    who say they got a cure,
    the petty-cure will nail us..."

    "...From day one at the hospital they target our children
    Say they gonna immunize 'em they somehow get autism..."

    "...I came to bang with the scholars
    And I bet you a Rothschild I get a bang for my dollar
    The synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar
    But all praise due to Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala..."

    "...Officer overseer gun kill nightstick choke hold ya
    Klan hero, Margaret Sanger, population controller
    Eugenicist globe-owner, You can buy shares
    Operation depopulation, the Bill Gates billionaires..."

    "...Until Sodom and Gomorrah's on America's turf
    The horror, it'll forever get worse
    Yet and still, it's like a gift at birth then you inherit a curse
    But the meek must inherit the Earth, it's Heaven's will..."

    1. Lyrically waxing what appears to be the actual truth.
      Yes, I'm quite impressed with that condensed take on the collective plight.

      Whoever's writing those words certainly knows their onions.
      Thanks for the info.

  5. And to elucidate on the monolith: a monolith, being the "one stone" ie the "philosophers stone", being "as above so below" is a stone arranged as a top point surmounting four points, thus forming a pyramid, being fire-mound, amounted on a column with four bottom points. 1 atop 4 atop 4 = 1:4:9 = 36. The monolith in 2001 and the UN building dimensions are 1 unit deep, 4 units wide, 9 units tall. 1 as origin of sky, 4 as mediating between, 9 as 1 made into many or all as the 9. 1:4:9 is the monolith equation and forms the 36 as 6x6 square as 1 thru 36 arranged as 6x6 square forming 111 x 6 = 666, the square of the sun. Or how light as origin, being 1, is cross divided, into plane of 4 becoming the matter of all things as 9. How light becomes matter or trapped light as darkness.


    How IVHH as 26 is added to ShMSh being Shamash the SUN as 640 = 26 + 640 = 666, see

    I synched that reference when Kate barred her paps via a pic of her taken on the 640 acre estate of French SUNking.

    I wrote this piece when Barry gained his 2nd term. It had the referenced pap exposure, ie milk to 666 babe, as well as when I first decoded AC's Book of Lies as "Presidential Primer", ie the logic is referenced therein.


    1. Many thanks for the contributions, Eugene.
      You clearly put in a lot of effort in making them.
      I'm trying to work some of these aspects into the post body - where I can.
      It's not easy because your comments are very dense.
      I mean that in the 'info and esoteric concentrated' sense - not the retarded type of dense. :)
      Anyway. Thanks for showing an interest during this colletively difficult time.
      All the best.

    2. You're welcome. And thank you for your work as well. My issue has always been .. everyone is basically so so ignorant of the reality and at heart ... cowards for comfort and conformity. So, here we are.

    3. eugene your comment is extremely synchronistic for me. thank you.

  6. So great to see you back, your research and being able to connect the dots are amazing, and over the last two years going through your entire blog has been eye opening for me personally. There is so much nefarious activity and synchronicity unfolding over the years via movies, music, TV, MSM, fashion, sport, celebrities, symbolism, signs, numerology, dates etc, that Imo it cannot be possible without demonic involvement and help from these entities to bring this about? For me as a Christian this is not a problem but in fact makes perfect sense. Mankind has always been in some type of contact with these very dangerous beings over the Centuries to further there knowledge in one form or Another, which of course never ends well! Anyway take care. Mike.

    1. Thanks, Mike. It's good you've taken something out of it all. One must never forget that this is all done under the cloak of silence. They have never openly admitted that they fill their content with this stealth-like masonic/kabbalistic cryptography. As well sodom and crypto-sodom psycho-sexual programming/affirmation, etc. Children's content, and all. We know they do it. There is no question. Workers in the (now exposed) dark.

      All the best.

  7. Glad you came out of retirement HP ;)

    1. Thanks for the support. I will check-out the links. Much appreciated, Yanus.

  8. I agreed with the connections but problem is bible isn't literal story and its' own pages admit the verses weren't meant to be taken serious. Communism is evil but religion and usa have killed far more ppl. Lucifer is just old Latin name for Morning Star while Satan just metaphor for ego. I think a joke is being played on christians.

    1. It matters not as to whether the verses weren't meant to be taken seriously. The point is that these Zionist, synagogue of Satan creatures are using the content like a type of virtual script. Particularly Revelation. I've said this for years. The USA is built on the back of the Christian Bible. Nothing I say or do will change that, That said, the Bible literalists and most have no clue that the Bible's framework is built on masonic Kabbalism. The real joke is the USA's self-imposed rule by Zionist Israel and all its wares. Most are so completely programmed by Zionist mass media/propaganda (and or damaged by it) - that I feel that there is less than zero hope for them. I've observed this Zionist take-over/dominance for circa 40 years.

      Jews are governed by the (kabbalist/Babylonian) Talmud and Zohar. Israel makes sacrifices to SATAN, morning star or otherwise. It's actually SATURN (Satan), always has been historically - always will be. Their real 'operative god' is Lucifer. The same god as Jewish Freemasonry - the sodom club.

      Doctrine of Rabbinic Kabbalah:
      "Israel MUST make sacrifices to Satan so that he will leave Israel unmolested" (Zohar 2:33a). "The EVIL impulse is GOOD, and without the evil impulse Israel cannot prevail in the world." (Zohar 1:61a).

      Evidence from their own filthy, evil texts. This is why they always seek to keep the GOYIM away from their disgusting tomes. If they don't - all is easily unveiled. This is also why they fill this world with EVIL FILTH via their unchecked mass media full spectrum dominance (aka control freakery).

    2. In circa 100 years JEWISH Bolshevism/Communism has killed more than 100 million. It's outstripping religion - in proportional terms over-time. Yes, the JEW S of A is a warmongering hell and global wrecker. The people seem content with it this way - they've done nothing to prevent it. We've see marches to stop so-called racism (faux racism) numbering into the tens of thousands. For global wrecking war outside their shores? Nothing. Perma-warfare is an aspect of their economic function and global $ imperialism. Quite why USA assumes itself to be held in high regard - is another mystery. Thanks for taking time to comment. Much appreciated.

    3. I think it matters when the bible says taking letter literal will get you death.

      2 Corinthians 3:6
      “Who also hath made us able ministers of the New Testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”

      Ok hand sign the 666 symbol everyone repeats is old yoga mantra that supposly help awaken spirit/kundanili.

      It is a fact Abraham religions are stolen wisdom of far older spiritual teachings. Kabbalah/the Flower Life came from old kingdom Egypt, a sacred geometry that based on woman's vagina.

      I think Khazars want yall believe there's a Satan which is other mantra Abraham religions twisted.

      Christians have killed far more than 100 millions before and after 1492. Even most famous founding fathers of USA bad mouthed the Christian religion. I do like alot modern Christians. I don't like racism towards whites, especially those came from slave ancestors. The past was fuck up but we're all Americans now. I believe your research is great and I've mad respect. But like i said on synchromystismforum 5 years ago. Yall ain't studying metaphysics of symbols and far older religions. Khazars, christian elites, ect know bible isn't literal.

      Thank you for replying. If my words come off rude. Iam sorry. Many blessings on your journey.

    4. or... is the women's vagina based on sacred geometry?

  9. haven't read this yet (I will)... just wanted to say your retirement bummed me out. checked here often in hopes of a return. of course you're free to do as you please. but I've always loved your blog. hope you're doing alright. take care.

    1. Thanks for the kind and generous words, tok. What a crazy time to be alive.
      All the best.

  10. Heyo. Work has really been taking it out of me these past couple of months. I've been putting in more hours than usual, and that combined with all the early preparations for Christmastide, I am flat out exhausted at the moment. After getting home today, I conked right out as soon as I got the chance to sit down. I get to take a fair stretch of time off for the holidays starting the end of next week, so if you can hang tight ‘till then, I’ll be back around to bring some items of interest to the table. There is so fecking much to go over, to be sure. Thank you abundantly for your patience.

    1. Bingers! So good to hear that your OK. I was starting to worry about ya.:)
      I myself have nothing but time and few demands - so I understand that you have responsilities.
      Thanks for dropping in. Am just acknowledging your response. I will be back.

  11. Great that you have unretired again !!
    Did you see the official seal for " Operation Warp Speed" ? A big Cube.

    1. Hey, Anon. Nice find. I never thought to check that out. Thanks.

      I am devastated today. I just had to spend the last 24hrs watching a puppy die.
      It must've swallowed something toxic/poisonous. Watching it bleed to death via its bowels was horrible. There was nothing we could do and we stayed-up all night. I had already nursed him from a problem a month or two back. Sorry, I just had to tell someone.

      All the best.

    2. Hoss, that is heart-wrenching and absolutely painful to hear. What you must be going through is unimaginable. It is difficult for me just thinking about selling off the chocolate Lab pups I once got to name and look after and herd, from the day they were whelped. That situation you mentioned where you nursed him back to health, I had to do the same thing with little Emma, and that only resulted in getting all the more attached. Even though they went to good homes, the heartbreak of having to say goodbye was bad enough to keep me from ever doing it again. I can't tell you what I'd feel if something like what you described happened to any of them. That has to be one of the worse circumstances to endure.

      I am so sorry you have to go through this. All of my condolences.

    3. Ah no way man! sorry to hear that is sad.
      A friend of mine went through something similar last year after her pup got vaccinated (funnily enough) a weird reaction to it.
      Best wishes

    4. Cheers, guys. (Bingo and D). Hey, these are Labrador pups too. This little 'pup' - who was named 'Pup' - went to a close neighbour. So we had given him to a new home too. Just like you Bingo. We found the mum and the seven pups in a hole under a bush (not far from home). I had to take them in. I wouldn't have it any other way after finding them. The Magnificent Seven - I called them. Wow, what hard work it was and has been, but worth it. Pup (the one who we had to help previously) and gave to a neighbour hobbled back to our place. So, we took him back in. Unfortunately the worst happened. I've never handled that sort of thing well - the aftermath. We've still got the mum and kept two other pups - named Max and Po. 'Po' because she looked just like a small polar bear - and still does. :)

      Thanks guys.

  12. A Lionking (Lin-coln) speaks of a Kraken (Crack'n)on CNN (Sea-in-in), stitching in OZ and the Killing of the King [Ozymandias].

    1. Ozymandias is the name of the villain in Alan Moore's most popular work of fiction, Watchmen. The character is a type of anti-villain, who aims to save humanity from itself by engineering a catastrophic event in NYC via a titanic monster, that he believes will unite a world convinced it is under an extra-terrestrial threat. As "Doctor Manhattan" (in reference to the Manhattan Project) and Laurie Juspeczyk (daughter of "Sally Jupiter") find out firsthand in the book's final chapter, Ozymandias' manufactured monster is an extra-dimensional squid creature, undoubtedly inspired by Lovecraft's Cthulhu.
      Ozymandias on the Watchmen TV show is played by Jeremy Irons, a "Triple Crown of Acting" who, along with James Earl Jones, lent voice to Disney's The Lion King. James Earl Jones, who was the king with a lion sash in Coming to America, recorded the most popular audio version of The Holy Bible, and is still considered to be the official voice of CNN. The Conan (CNN) the Barbarian film with Jones as the villain, based on works by Lovecraft Circle member Robert E. Howard, released 1982, the same year CNN the Barbarian fought the Kraken in Marvel's "KING-SIZED" annual.
      If any of this means something to you, I can confidently assume you can guess correctly what day in September the Syrian Lion King Bashar Hafez al-Assad (al Assad means "the Lion") was born.

    2. Thank you, gr3gg and Bingo. Have incorporated some of these aspects.
      I tend to think of Rameses II when I see the 'Ozymandias' tag.
      The most accomplished of Pharaohs - so they say.
      Also a Pharaoh that some link to the Exodus.

      Howard was a strange one, Bingo. Nice work on Assad. You always deliver.

      I couldn't ever justify watching 'Watchmen' (film). I'm aware that there's a NWO pizza-box thing and a shot of twin type towers, etc. I think I've posted bits about that before. Watchmen, just too long and overall I do find the comic-book stuff very, very tiresome. Like the super-hero stuff - I find it all to be completely awful. But that's just a personal opinion thing. I find literally ALL recent US film/tv etc. to be complete and utter shit.

      I've not even seen The Lion King, Bingo. I cannot abide Disney schmaltz, as you're no doubt aware. I just can't stomach the insipid nature of it all. Re: Conan. I've not ever watched any of those either. I've seen many Arnie films, but not those ones, again they never interested me (fantasy stuff). J.E. Jones is linked to (evil) 'Set' in Conan (I had a look). He's the possessed Kuomo in The '666 5th' Exorcist II, which I do recall. Sphinx Khem/Black Darth's a given, covered many times before. I didn't know he was a key CNN voice, though. Cumming to America, again I've covered before. Primarily in the 'homo' (Queens) sense. Randy 'sexual chocolate' via Queen's Blvd and buns, ARSE-nio, etc. The remake has some kid from 'Superior Donuts' playing Murphy's (Akeem's) son. Super-rear Donuts. Note, the Randy 'donut' Ring (exit) in homo Murphy's The Golden Child. The randy ring from Iron 'poof' Man. Jesus, wept. I almost forgot about IRONS (poofs and camp Jeremy). This stuff!!!

      Thanks guys.

  13. Limey imbecile. Your evil country is the source of everything your deranged brain blames on jews. Limeys and the germans who's boots you've licked for thousands of years. There is 75 years of programming for an attack on december 21 2020. The nazi attack blitz means lightning. The diamond is the norse/ german ing rune. Freyr's symbol is the ing, he is a human sacrifice god. And a yule god. The red and yellow are Jupiter and Saturn. The conjunction in 2020 is the same day as yule. The 20th tarot is judgment day. There is 75 years of programming for an attack on this day. The 88 is heil hitler. Iran means aryan. They changed their name because they loved and still love hitler. And they are currently close to Germany.Nazism is a religion that the financial owners of our world believe in. The jewish managers/ custodians of hollywood own these movies the way a manager of wall mart own wall mart. They are the perfect cover and with the extra perk of spreading antisemitic jealousy and paranoia. Saturn jupiter conjunction yule research 1. page 2 research. / Research 3 / page 4 research / page 5 research. / research page 6. / white flower gabriel symbol research. olive symbol research / If those links don't work here is somewhere else I've put my research. / olive symbol/

    1. There's a ZIONIST POS JEW in the comments section.
      Does he come across as PANICKED in his comment? :)
      An Ashke-NAZI trying to school me on (Zionist) Nazi Hitler.
      We know that Schicklgruber was your ultimate creation.
      Hence all the (Jew) masonic mystery religion that coated it all. Oy Vey!
      Maybe there's still some leftover paintings for sale? Ha, ha.

      Hitler is the TRUE FATHER OF (filthy) EVIL ISRAEL. A stinking socialist too.
      I wonder where he got that from?

      109+ NATIONS that expelled you dirty, sub-human, JEW PIGS.
      We know why. As do you, Hymie.

      There's always going to be a risk when the Zionist's main hobby is (badly) pre-programming mass society with their obvious and pathetic predictive programming via full spectrum mass media dominance. (And that's what my work is all about.) The latter (msm dominance) is something I began to notice even when I was a child and still in single figures. Your small hat tribe are not as smart as they believe. Insanity can be such a handicap in that regard. Stick your sad and dumb links up your Kosher twister.

      If your comment was meant as parody - it would be genius. A tragedy that it's not.
      Perhaps, this could be something for you to aim for. Going-forward?

    2. Quote: "There is 75 years of programming for an attack on december 21 2020."

      Slow-clap. Don't give-up that day job, Hymie.
      Your prediction skills certainly won't pay the bills.
      Do you always publicly embarass yourself like this?
      What do you do for an encore? :)

    3. I'm doing you a favour in not posting anymore of your insane ramblings.

  14. Welcome to the Game of Drones!

    6uild 6ack 6etter

    "There is 75 years of programming for an attack on december 21 2020."

    Good one Neo

    Uk gov doubling down again, It is not the gov that scare me but the agent smith types that hide their shame and inadequacy behind a mask.

    Happy holidays Horselover, may you dream of electric sheep!


    1. Thanks, Andy. Happy holidays back at ya.

      This resident Hebe (in the comments) needs no help embarrassing himself.
      He's already destroyed his own platform with that prediction.
      75 years of programming for Dec. 21? What a clutz (that's just for you, Hymie).

      Yule Never Walk Alone, Hymie. Oh, on second thoughts?
      You are on your own.

      This putz still accepts that the SICK ZIONISTS are the enablers.
      All he has left is that they're forced into it by the Nazi elite (lol). Hofjuden fantasies :)
      A professional perma-victim and 'til the very last. How Jewish of him.

  15. FOX reports another Golden State monolith makes a brief appearance in S.F.'s CORONA Heights Park just a hop, skip, and a hump from the GoldenGateBridge. No, not another Golden one... this phallus is phashioned from GinGerBread (queer-bred?); someone even "licked it"! Al(l)as(s), it 'crumbled' the next day.

    1. gr3gg pops-up with another great find. I hadn't seen this.

      "My name's Alice and I will take a dare." Frisco via MOUNT Davidson and: "My! That's a big one." (sting in the tail, scorpio). A school bus thru the rainbow tunnel. One for the DIRTY Harry fans. John 'Hardcore/Jaws' Milius - of Apocalypse 'asshole of the world' Now, Indianapolis se(a)men tube fame - was heavily involved in scripting the first two films. Close to Rosebud Spielberg. Both involved in Rose & Ass-eye(v), back-door Deezen and 'closet Sissy' Nancy's 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' (sodom, Fixing A-Hole, Beatles). :)

      Yes. The 'licked' phallic monolith. Ginger (beer, queer) Bread (BRED) via the Frisco Bridge (perineum). The Golden (Ass) (Star)Gate Rainbow Bridge to sodom. Gingerbread - of the cottaging linked 'man-eating' story (FAIRY tail/tale). ICED gingerbread so it says. Corona, as you noted too. No ginger is gonna last very long in those hills - at least in the being 'eaten' sense.

      Thanks for the great find. I will soon add it in. All the best.

    2. Interestingly, illuminaughty matrix posted about the Fox and GGB fairytale tale 2 days before the monolick appeared.

    3. Interesting location,

    4. Indeed. The Castro area is SF’s homo hotbed below Twin Peaks, just past the end of Masonic Ave. Too funny that the hill the park sits upon was once called ‘The Fist’.

      Tugging further on that wiki page thread reveals some interesting syncs. The Randall Museum is located there (formerly the Junior Museum). Originally founded by Josephine Dows Randall who “organized one of the first Girl Scout troops in the United States as well as one of the first Camp Fire Girls troop”. “During her tenure as the San Francisco Recreation Department Superintendent she secured hundreds of acres of open space for playgrounds and consequently, sports and artistic [predictive] programming for the children and families of San Francisco.” After the museum underwent renovations, music at the grand re-opening in 2018 was provided by [pedo] children’s performer Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer, a B.G. example) who’s [s]hits include: Seeds of Shalom, The Mitzvah Bus, and Mister Chubby Pants (sick, sick, sick!).

      Continuing on, “Corona Heights is prominently featured in the 1977 horror novel "Our Lady of Darkness" by Fritz Leiber.” In 1936, Leiber had a “brief yet intense correspondence with H. P. Lovecraft, who "encouraged and influenced [Leiber's] literary development"” (evident in a handful of his cthulhu mythos works). It’s a pastiche of the works of Clark Ashton Smith, H.P. Lovecraft, Jack London, Arthur Machen, Ambrose Bierce, Sax Rohmer and Dashiell Hammett, and M.R. James. Originally published in shorter form as "The Pale Brown Thing" (ahem…a pile of sh!t?)) O.L.D. is an urban fantasy novel “distinguished for three elements: the heavily autobiographical elements in the story, the use of Jungian psychology that informs the narrative, and its detailed description of "Megapolisomancy", a fictional occult science.”

      From O.L.D. review by Bryce Wilson “Unlike most horror fiction, we know subconsciously that Our Lady Of Darkness isn’t really fiction at all.”

      From O.L.D. review by Rosemary Pardoe "Megapolisomancy"… strictly speaking the prediction of the future by means of large cities”.

      From O.L.D. review at “megapolisomancy is the art of predicting and manipulating the future through the existence of large cities.” “Derived from the English megalopolis and Greek manteia ('prophecy')”

      From O.L.D. review The Great San Francisco Magical Realism Novel, By Ted Gioia: “The enormous metaphysical impact of the Transamerica Pyramid, a prepossessing monolith that sill looms over the San Francisco skyline, may have served as the tipping point that unleashed these deadly paramentals. Other seemingly innocent parts of the city—Sutro Tower, the eminence of Corona Heights Park—also contribute to the dark magic.”

      Apropos Leiber’s ‘megapoisomancy’, a quick look at Google maps reveals the Tranny Pyramid, Leiber’s apartment [in the Tenderlion (geddit?) district of SF], Corona Heights Park, and Sutro Tower all fall on a single straight line.

    5. Another interesting thread from Corona Heights Park. On the north side sits Peixotto Playground, named after Sidney S. Peixotto, son of Raphael Peixotto – [former] president of Congregation Emanu-El and is identified with a number of Jewish institutions in San Francisco. (

      Sidney S. Peixotto founded the Columbia Park Boys' Club in San Francisco in 1895. A nationally known advocate of boys' welfare in the first quarter of the twentieth century, Peixotto was also a member of the first San Francisco Playground Commission from 1907 to 1909, president of the Pacific Athletic Association, and founder of the Public Schools Athletic League. (;titlesAZ=s;idT=UCb112315082)

      Here are some nugget excerpts from the American Journal of Sociology, Victor L. O'Brien, Sept. 1901, on The Columbia Park Boys’ Club of San Francisco (just a few blocks from the park. (

      “There is the right kind of man at the head of it, who gets to know all the boys personally, makes the club his business, puts his life into it, and keeps personally in touch with all its departments of activity.”

      “The intercourse of the members with the workers in these business meetings is, of course, a great source of strength to the club. Hard knocks are given and taken here, and errors of judgment corrected”

      “Not the least interesting or important feature of these meetings, however, is the lingering of some of the boys and workers after the rest have gone. These after-receptions always attract some of the brightest boys and strongest club members.”

      “This bringing about a spirit of fellowship, and making the boys love one another, is the greatest thing accomplished in the club.”

      “One must not make the mistake of supposing that boys are not boys," says Mr. Peixotto.
      "They are unformed and unreasonable to a large degree, but are held by their love and respect for their advisers.”

      “The manager also takes bands of the boys out from time to time on picnics and excursions into the country. Here he finds an excellent opportunity to observe the individual character of the different boys. The last two summers he has been going with a large number of them on a camping trip to one of the big fruit ranches in California.”

      “The evening meetings with the older and working boys, and most of the other activities, as in the athletic department, are conducted almost entirely by men. The advantage of this preponderance of the male element in boys' work cannot be too strongly emphasized.”

      “I want to see the boys hold together as they grow older," says Mr. Peixotto, "and show them how they can make their living together, just as they have had their pleasures together.”

      “The whole problem is to keep hold of the boys in their larger and more manly interests as they grow older, just as you take hold of their boyish interests when they are boys." This plan, Mr. Peixotto thinks, " would be the realization of the settlement problem. A force of twenty trained boys would be irresistible in the neighborhood. It is impossible to establish such a thing, but it is possible to grow or raise one."

      Just how many boys lives were fucked up because of this satanic bastard?!? Seems like Sid played quite a role in seeding and shaping the future ‘culture’ of SF. (was he creating gingerbred boys?)

    6. Yes, interesting finds and thoughts.

      How could you have left-out Michael MORE-COCK? :) Sorry, I couldn't resist.
      The author who was linked to CAMP CLIMAX, Kubrick's 'A.I' (A-eye) via boys, bears, and male prostitutes.

      Is it true that Lovecraft's mother used to dress him up in girl's clothes?
      Now that I can believe.

      Josephine Dows Randall. A type of female version of Robert Baden-Powell. The CAMP fire cub-scout (wolf cub) man. Elements based around (his masonic friend) Kipling's Jungle 'wolf pack' Book. I bet they're all 'Kings of the Swingers' - via bears and little boys. Ahem. In the UK there is a BROWN-sea Island (eye-land) that is linked to 'CAMPING' Baden-Powell. His statue sits opposite the island via the harbour. The royalist/masonic Fleur De Lis is their emblem. The female troop via the BROWNIES. It's all very, very suggestive.

      Linked Fleur de Luce - flower of light. And connected to the 'Iris' (flower/eye) RAINBOW goddess.

      'Ging Gang Gooli' - the Baden-Powell written linked 'CAMP fire' song.
      Ging(e) Gang Goolie. Ginge/Ginger Gang via Goolies (goolies, UK slang - aka testicles). Note Powell's seminal (semen-al) book 'Scouting For Boys'. Which, of course, also suggestively sounds like looking for and playing the field for boys (scouting, on the look-out for in a sexual sense). If you catch my drift. Ahem.

      Jack 'wolf' London (of Frisco) was another author you cited.

      As for that verbiage via the Columbia Park Boys' Club - they don't even try to hide their rampant deviances. Which is entirely the point, I guess. A type of mockery that flies over the head of literally all. You really caught the essence of the double-meaning here.

      Here's an example re: A.G. (oralist) Bell and Helen Keller:

      While he was working as a private tutor, one of his pupils was Helen Keller, who came to him as a young child unable to see, hear, or speak. She was later to say that Bell dedicated his life to the PENETRATION of that "inhuman silence which separates and estranges". In 1893, Keller performed the SOD-BREAKING ceremony for the construction of Bell's new (Solomon's masonic Temple) Volta Bureau, dedicated to "the increase and diffusion of knowledge relating to the deaf".

      I can see what is being implied (via masonic/sodom) Bell, and so probably can you.

      Really good stuff, gr3gg. Thanks for the continued contributions.

  16. I am just getting around to playing the Fallout New Vegas game, tis an old one(2010), owned by Bethesda/zenimax and just bought out by micro(penis)soft(porn), anyways in that game there is a dlc that has you go to a Gala event but they pronounce it a gay-la, seems much more appropriate now that i have learn't how to read phonetically, or phoney-etiquette.

    They really are rubbing our noses in the shit with all the covid bollocks and the fake it to make it terrerpin-ism.

    Anyways if you need a little holiday from the stench of the eternal bog here is some alternative reading for you.

    Great site that i have been apart of for over three years and it got "pulled" earlier in the year but got put back together by it's loyal members.

    Many important subjects there and this site even gets a mention once or twice!

    And this one just for the images of the world they are trying to get us to forget.


    1. Sorry, Andy. So many angles and elements to follow. K
      eeping-up is certainly a challenge.
      I will have a look-see when I get the chance.
      Thanks for the contribution(s) and interest.

  17. Don't know if you know this already, but Paul (Faul) McCartney watched the twin towers burning from the window of his jet on the tarmac at JFK airport. Also Michael Jackson gave a concert at Madison Square Garden the night before (9/10) and watched the towers burning from his hotel room the next day. His concert the night before was apparently full of masonic imagery and themes - a kind of pre-event ritual if you will.

    Michael Jackson and all his brothers were replaced with imposters during the Destiny tour in 1979. The lifestyle and career of wacko jacko from that point on and until the present day has been an nothing but an attack on humanity.

    I still contend that all the Beatles were replaced on the solstice of 1964. Their last public appearance being their arrival at Wellington NZ airport.

    What happened to the real Beatles and Jacksons I shudder to think, but the cult behind these replacements and many more is behind 9/11 and coronavirus.

    1. You've got any links or other Infos about that replacement? Cheers

    2. Hi.

      Yes, Macca's presence at JFK airport on the morning of 9/11/01 - has been noted before. A couple or so times I've mentioned this. I cannot recall which posts though, off the top of my head.

      It's always good to be reminded of such, though. As aspects can and do get lost in the sea of info.

      I think I recall that Jacko did a concert on the 10th, but I've not really covered that too much via writing. Apparently a 30th anniversary shows for Sept. 7 and Sept. 10. 2001 - via MA(di)SON Square Gardens. I do not recall the mentioning of his seeing the burning towers from his hotel room, though. 30th anniversary show was via (Garland-linked) David 'homosexual' Guest. Choreography/COREY-ography via (resonant) Pack(h)ard and Thomas. Ahem. Brown GARY-ing, Pan/Hook FLYING boy, 'In the Closet' Mike. No wonder (homo) Marlon 'sodom' Brando did a humanitarian speech at the event. (Homo icon) Minnelli appeared via (Pan, jolly rogering) 'Never Never Land' and 'Over the (homo) Rainbow' (friends of Dorothy) songs.

      The concert is linked to his final studio LP 'Invincible'.
      Which was preceded by the (9/11 resonant) Blood on the Dance Floor.
      The two show Sept. event was opened by Samuel L (9/11) Jackson.

      You might recall that Jacko feat. with (Sept 11) Macca on 'Say, Say, Say.'
      Appropriately they play snake-oil conmen. Literally, and sexually.

      Via wiki: "On September 11, 2001, Jackson along with his personal assistant Frank Cascio were scheduled for a meeting at the World Trade Center, to return a "two million" dollar watch Jackson used for the concert, and a diamond necklace for Elizabeth Taylor, but overslept and did not make it." So, he was due at the towers on 9/11, but was of course fashionably and conveniently late. Both Macca and Jacko are linked to (key counter-culture programming Jew) Lew 'Sept 11 TV-9/11 Medusa Touch' Grade (Beatles' Northern Songs/Sony backcatalogue). Deviant Jew Grade was also key in (the homo) Muppet Show. See (sodom) Rainbow Connection via transient frogs and porked pigs, etc.

      I don't tend to get too bogged-down with replacements etc., (it's the programming that is really key, whoever fronts it), but I certainly believe that this happens. From popstars to Popes.

      Many thanks.

    3. Replacement Pauls. Papal Rome.

      Pope Paul VI (likely replaced) was the Pope that preceded John Paul I. The latter who reigned for just 33 (masonic) days. Then the Zionist Jews slipped-in JP II. See masonic-Jew Propaganda Due/2, etc.

      The Vatican has long been the preserve of the Jews. JEWS ARE the ONLY storyteller by design. The Pope even wears a type of skull-cap. This is why the informed laugh at folk who think The Vatican is the crux of it all. They are so lost and imprisoned in their Jewish fomented religious mind control - that they'd say and do anything to avoid the actual truth re: satanic Judaism. A tragedy of their own making.

  18. Hey, howdy, and merry New Year (Year of the Ox — my type of year). 2021 will be the Metal Ox year, and the metal part means a decline stage, associated with no other direction than the west. That has the potential to correspond with this being one of the most unlucky years of my life, since the Chinese God of Age supposedly doesn't much care for people in their Zodiac year, and is why those kinds of years are referred to as Threshold Years. Then again, this is the Chinese line of luck we're talking about here, and in China the number 666 is said to indicate good luck, so who knows.
    Horselover Phat, I have a sinking feeling you are on to something with what you pieced together regarding the Trinity. Like Eraserhead can read to you 'EraseRHEAd', Indianapolis now has to read 'InDIANApolis' to me, highlighting the Roman goddess Diana triformis. The triune of Diana is the virgin huntress, Hecate (the chthonic deity), and Luna. Because of her connection to the moon, one of her titles is Diana Lucifera, making her a fitting match for her consort, Lucifer. Her job as 'light-bearer' goes along with her chthonic form being a patroness of the crossroads (X), that place in darkness between two worlds where one meets the 'black man'.
    A revulsion like no other hits me thinking about whatever rough bête noire was devised by those bohemian creeps at the Parsonage. I can't exactly say what it is, but the feeling is getting stronger. I hope all is well with you and yours.

    1. A comment from Bingoland always makes my day.
      I've been suffering withdrawal symptoms, but I do understand you have a life. :)
      The best of New Year to you and your crew too.
      Am just acknowledging your comment for the moment.
      I will return.

      You're ever reliable and always hang-in there.
      Many thanks Bingo.

    2. For sure. Semper et ubique Fidelis.
      A lot of the information gathering work for the past couple of months, material that would normally be the makings for regular comments, has been going into a present I was putting together for you for Christmas, but thanks to a heavy accumulation of holiday hecticness, has now become one for the Epiphany season. I should have that for you by Candlemas at the latest.
      It was sort of a Murphy's Law Christmastide here, and I'm happy to report having made it out relatively unscathed more than anything. Epiphanytide is where it's at, which already is so much easier to handle on all fronts, knock on wood.

      Looking forward to your return. Bless the roof of your house and every heart the beats beneath it.

  19. Wouldn't it be lovely if I could tell you there is indeed a point to all of this, how none of your efforts have been in vain, and what exactly the supreme reason for putting in so much of your God-given time and developed intellectual ability is? As much as I wish that were possible, alls I got is whole lotta nothing. …Aside from a few Lovecraft quotes.

    “I am disillusioned enough to know that no man’s opinion on any subject is worth a damn unless backed up with enough genuine information to make him really know what he is talking about.”

    “I expect nothing of man, and disown the race. The only folly is expecting what is never attained; man is most contemptible when compared with his own pretensions. It is better to laugh at man from outside the universe, than to weep for him within.”

    “As human beings, our only sensible scale of values is one based on lessening the agony of existence.”

    “The population of [New York City] is a mongrel herd with repulsive Mongoloid Jews in the visible majority, and the coarse faces and bad manners eventually come to wear on one so unbearably that one feels like punching every god damn bastard in sight.”

    1. Hey, Bingo.

      I've been laying low. Sorry I've not responded.
      I am just pissed - as you can no doubt tell.
      People are more dense than even I could've imagined. The bar was already low.
      I read thousands of comments a week - thousands. All I see now is an infantile circus.

      I'd be lying if I said that I haven't seen this coming since childhood. And I mean single figures.
      That's not a boast. It's almost like a type of death sentence.

      All the best, Bingo. I will be back in-touch.
      I'm done writing new posts though. Although I've said that before. :)

  20. Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton in Purple gee whiz

    1. Yes. Masonic PURP-EL. A fitting way to close-out Zionist George 'Purple Revolution' Soros' US 2020 programme. It's a pity that folk do not understand masonic-Zionism and its place in destroying this world. Rather than help destroy it - most folk help cement and expand it.

  21. thanks for coming back phat!

    I can't agree with all your vitriol but I appreciate your insight! incite?

    was just the other day diving into saxe coburg goth and goldman Sachs connections.

    on thrones in Europe for thousand years plus and now in financial boardrooms around the world...

    these bloodlines seem to trace their lineages back to fallen angels and their mutated offspring... any thoughts on this brewing (surely unoriginal) theory of mine?

    1. Hi. Yeah, sure. No problem.

      Sorry. I never sugar-coat, but it's going to be even worse than I've written here.
      Yeah, that bloodlines stuff is old hat. 'Men of reknown' etc. (bible).
      Nephelim breeding with the daughters of men. Yada, yada.

      Monarchy IS bloodline and by default.
      Bloodlines or not - the monarchs are now beholden to the Rothschild coven.
      And have likely been for a few hundred years.
      That was always one of their key successes. Indebting the European monarchs.
      Debt and the control of currency/money is one of the key platforms.

      Just FYI. I am done writing new posts. I will not be blogging anymore.
      Thanks for the comment(s) and interest.

      Best wishes.

  22. Hey! Will one be able to see or read content from you somewhere else maybe?

    1. Hi.

      Sorry, but I'm DONE. I've been on this 20 years+. 10+ years via this blog. It's ALL been a complete waste of my own time and effort. That's how I feel. Rather than folk moving towards this type of content - they've actually gone the other way (See Q-anon, etc.). Most prefer to go backwards, rather than forwards (see exponential growth of corp. mass media). Too many already enjoy their slavery/servitude in that Huxleyian predicted (and medicated) way. At no time did I make a single cent and/or penny - and I never would.

      I will NOT be posting anymore content ANYWHERE, going-forward. Why would I continue to waste my time? I have decided to completely withdraw. It's the ONLY sane thing to do in the face of this collective and induced madness. There is NO learning curve in respect of the masses and their nefarious programming. None whatsoever. If this writing/research has taught me anything - then it's the former.

      From my own POV. I honestly do not believe that the human race is worth saving.
      That is an uber depressing statement, but I thoroughly believe it. I not going to lie about it. That said, I don't OWE anyone anything - quite the opposite.

      Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear.

      I wish you nothing but the best in your continued research. Thanks for the comment and interest.

  23. Very sad to hear that. Even if you only reached a handful of people with your gift to understand and pass on connections, it was totally worth it! Keep that in mind.
    Of course I respect your decision. Thank you. All the best for you!

  24. Not to bother you or nothing, but here is the gift I originally intended to present you with back in December. I figured you would be okay with the delay, since you don't really strike me as the Christmassy type. Still, it shouldn't have taken as long as it did, so please forgive the holdup. At one point the entire thing got erased when I tried to undo one small item and then auto-saved itself like that, leaving me with a completely blank post to start all over with... I know you understand the kind of frustration that comes with that kind of turn. It was probably a lot easier for me though, since very few words used in the post are my own. And maybe it was for the better, as there were some additions I got to make while reconstructing what was lost that I consider an improvement. This is likely the last one for me, even though there will surely be other connections that pop up right after I send this I could incorporate. I am just so sick of the names Leviathan and Lovecraft at present.

    Hope all is well with you in Phatsville. May you enjoy much success with whatever you got going on.

    1. Hello Bingo.

      I haven't looked at my blog for the past month. I have deliberately avoided it.
      I NEEDED to do this. I CANNOT do this stuff anymore - I just can't do it. Hell, I've avoided the entire 'internet' for a month, and going-foward I hope this becomes my new norm. Less on-line - is now my measure for a type of success. I HATE what the internet has become - primarily under the aegis of American corporatism etc.

      I've taken the time to ONLY respond to your comment here. I cannot return to blog writing and won't be doing so. That said. You put years into this blog too, so I have no issue responding. I will always have time for Uncle Bingo. One of life's few certanties. :)

      I am OK. As OK as can be expected. I am just trying to keep my sanity in the face of what's happening and been happening. Although that's no easy task. Time to concentrate on my own life (where I am) and time to put away ALL THINGS AMERICAN and GLOBAL, etc. As I often suspected - it's ALL just pissing in the wind.

      I WILL take the time to read your link, soon. I will even leave a comment as to what I think on your page. :)

      Anyway Bingo. Know that I miss our interaction and exhange of ideas. I have palpably felt the loss. You've been one of the rare lights in a world full of darkness, and no-one has helped me cope with this more than your goodself. I still would like to have some form of contact with you, but don't know how or under what format to continue to do this?

      All the best to you and everyone in Bingoland.